Generation 2, Chapter 8

ATTENTION: This chapter is super long and a lot happens.. It’s the longest one I’ve written yet, I hope it makes up for me being on a random hiatus. XD Enjoy.


g2c8 p1

The summer is over, and I’m going back to the college dorm tonight so I can continue my education. Faline and I are still dating, I suppose it’s safe to say that we’re an item now, though it still kind of feels weird saying ‘I have a girlfriend’ out loud. I didn’t mind saying it, I actually liked to, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve said those words, or even if I ever have; I guess that’s why it feels weird. I didn’t want to go back to college, I wanted to stay with Faline and be there for her through her pregnancy like I was for Lana, but she insisted that one of us goes back, and seeing as how I only had one year left and she had two, it was me that was going. I was going to miss her, I was already convinced that I was going to travel back and forth as much as I could, probably every weekend or every other weekend to see her and see how the baby is doing; she moved in with me finally about a week ago. This year was going to be the most difficult for me, but Faline gave me confidence that I could pull it off, and she said she’d even help me with school work if she could whenever I would come home to visit since I’m so lazy and bad when it comes to school. But, I also had confidence in myself, Faline and the baby fueled me to want to try harder; also, I had forgotten until today that Auturo said he wasn’t going to help me this year, so I’d have to try my hardest on my own to pass.


The night before . . .

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Yesterday was hard for us both. My heart hurt it was pounding so hard last night since I had finally told my sisters about Lana, Lucy and Faline. Faline finally convinced me that I needed to tell them what was going on before they found out themselves and then I would be in a huge mess of trouble. I felt like the confession wasn’t going to go smoothly, and it didn’t. I’ve somehow managed to keep everything from them over the summer until last night when I told them everything. Faline was beginning to get upset as well, I was beginning to make her feel like I was ashamed of her since I hadn’t told my family yet about her pregnancy, so to prove to her that I wasn’t, I caved in to finally telling them. Since she was going to start a family with me, she wanted to meet my sisters, and since I’ve already met her parents and her twin brother, she thought it was only fair for her to meet my siblings and to let them know they were going to be Aunt’s; well, they already were for Lucy, but they didn’t know that at the time. Plus, I also wanted to tell my sisters so that Faline wouldn’t be alone while I was gone; she did have her parents and brother, but they lived far away and my sisters didn’t, and I felt like my sisters deserved this chance to get to know the woman I was having a baby with since they didn’t get a chance to with Lana. I haven’t spoken a word to Lana since the night we had that fight and Faline was here; we’ve grown more and more apart ever since that night and it’s been hard to visit Lucy. 

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To say the least, my sisters were in complete awe and shock when I introduced them to Faline and Lucy. At first, they didn’t know what to think, or say, or do, they just stood there, all of their eyes going between Faline, Lucy and I for what seemed like long grueling minutes. Eventually I explained everything to them; how I’ve been hooking up with my psychiatrists daughter since I was 15, how I got her pregnant with Lucy, why I hid it from them, why I’m going to college, when I got Faline pregnant, everything. Faline took Lucy out of the room for a little bit as I explained to my sisters why I kept her from them, I didn’t want Lucy to hear my words and get sad or think that she was an accident; well, even though she technically was, but I didn’t think of her like that after I had first saw her when she was born because I fell in love with her immediately. I told my sisters that Lana and I don’t get along, and I knew they wouldn’t get along with her either, let alone like her even the tiniest bit, so I saved them from a lot of drama that I knew none of them needed in their lives. Plus, with how Lana’s been using my money, I wouldn’t put it passed her if she sunk as low as to ask my sisters for money, too.

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Hitomi and Julia took the news the easiest. Julia was happy for me from the beginning and I knew instantly that she liked Faline and Lucy; you could tell she was happy that I was having another baby, too. Hitomi acted as the mother of us all, and although she was disappointed that I had gotten two different girls pregnant that I technically wasn’t involved with at the time, she quickly warmed up to Lucy when she held her and she loved that Lucy and her daughter Helena could be play mates since they were so close in age. Anya, however, wasn’t pleased in the slightest. As I was explaining everything to them all, Anya decided to get up and leave, she couldn’t handle it for whatever reason and I had chased her out of the house to find out what was wrong. She wouldn’t say anything to me, so I just let her leave. She hasn’t talked to me at all today, either, not even to call and wish me luck at my last year of college, like she usually does before I’ve gone every year. Hopefully she’ll come around soon and talk to me..


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It was around noon and it was passed the time that I should have left, but Faline and I have been standing in the foyer for fifteen minutes already, unable to separate from one another. I kept beginning to say goodbye, then end up kissing her for a few minutes, then trying to leave again; it was an ongoing cycle that I wasn’t really against at all. Her baby bump hits my stomach every time I pulled her in and it only compelled me to call all of this college stuff off and stay home with her, but I knew she wouldn’t let me. For only being four months along, Faline’s stomach is larger than Lana’s was when she was around this far into her pregnancy with Lucy, but then again Faline is a lot shorter and smaller than Lana, maybe her stomach just looks bigger because she’s smaller?

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Three hours away is way too far, I don’t want to leave; I wish I had transferred to a closer school before this new year popped up seemingly out of nowhere. The summer was over too soon and I felt as if I had just gotten back yesterday; time was flying by with Faline around to make my days a lot smoother. Faline and I have finally made it outside, yet still can’t separate from one another. Every year so far, I’ve never had anyone to say goodbye to really, I didn’t think it would be this hard. Hitomi, Anya and Julia usually always call me and wish me luck and tell me to be safe on the drive, to call them every now and then to tell them how I’m doing, but I’ve never had someone like Faline to put the thoughts into my head that I shouldn’t go at all and I should stay home. Every second with her on the driveway gets me that much closer to blowing everything off and staying home, but finally, as she gives me one last kiss and throws her arms around me, I know she’s about to finally let me go.

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I can barely pay attention to the road as I slowly pull out of the driveway and begin my 3 hour drive to college. Faline and the house are in my rear view mirror and she doesn’t make a movement to go inside until I can’t see her anymore; I already want to turn around and say that I forgot something, just so I could say goodbye to her once more. What’s gotten into me? Why the hell am I acting like such a dog? I’m always happy and excited to be around her, willing to fetch for anything she should ask for or need, I even put my tail between my legs when I make her upset and what’s weird is that I actually feel bad and want to apologize; I’ve never felt like any girl has ever deserved an apology from me, ever. It’s only Thursday and I don’t have my first class until Monday, but Faline wanted me to go early so I could get used to being back there, and also so I could focus and get my mind into ‘college mode’ so I wasn’t scrambled on Sunday night or Monday morning to get there. I was already planning to come visit her the weekend after this one; I missed her already and I wasn’t even a mile away yet.

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g2c8 p16

The entire drive to college, all three hours of it, was unpleasant. My stomach felt sick the entire time and all I wanted to do was turn back and go home. Only when I finally got to the dorm did I start feeling a little better, the sight of it calmed my nerves a little as I reminded myself that I wasn’t going to be alone at least while I was away from Faline; Auturo, Sabastian and Dean were all supposed to be here, and I admit that I was a little excited to see them again. I walked into the dorm and listened for a few long seconds, trying to see if I could tell if anyone was home without needing to venture through the entire house.

“Dean?” I called out, not hearing anything in return, “Auturo? Ian?” I called for the others, not hearing anything still and I wondered if they weren’t back from summer break yet. 

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I took this opportunity to call Faline and let her know that I had gotten here okay, I missed hearing her voice, anyways. She picked up after two rings and I smiled when I heard how upbeat and happy her tone was.

Hey, did you make it okay?” She wondered first.

“Yeah, I just got here. How are you?” 

Good, Julia and Hitomi came over to say goodbye to you, but you had just missed them. Hitomi had to leave to get Helena from daycare, but Julia’s been here since, she’s such awesome company,” Faline added with a giggle and I only smiled more.

“Oh, well tell her thanks, I’m happy she stopped by to keep you company already,” I replied.

Yeah, me too, and I’ll tell her.. Call me whenever you want, um.. I’ll see you next weekend though, yeah?” She wondered and her voice sounded a little bashful.

“Yeah, same goes for you.. I’ll see you soon,” I answered and she said okay, but hesitated a moment and I grew a little nervous wondering if she was waiting for me to say anything else. But, she eventually ended the silence and said goodbye to me and we hung up. I stood there for a moment, wondering what that silence was between us and why my stomach was beginning to turn into knots. 

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g2c8 p20

After I put my phone away, I made my way into the kitchen where the fridge had fresh food inside that wasn’t there from last year, thank goodness; Auturo was always the one to keep track of the food, so he must be here already, just not at the dorm. Despite how much he had gone grocery shopping, I just ended up eating a plain bowl of cereal as I sat by my self, alone in the house and wondering what the hell I should do until the other guys get back. After eating, I was a little exhausted from the trip still and decided to take a nap, going back into the living room and dropping myself on the couch lazily. 

g2c8 p22
g2c8 p23

I woke up alone, but within about 5 minutes of waking up, Dean walked in through the door and he shook my hand as I sat on the couch, “Pleasure to see ‘ya, friend, how was your summer?” Dean asked, taking a seat on the couch opposite from mine. 

“It was good, really good. What about you?” I asked in return with a smile on my lips.

“Same, it was pretty awesome. Sucks we’re back, though, I could’a used another month or so off,” Dean replied with a chuckle and I laughed; I coudn’t agree with him more.

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g2c8 p25

“Where’s Auturo and Sabastian? Are they back yet?” I questioned, though I already knew Auturo was here.

“Yeah, we all got here today I think except Auturo, he got back on Monday for whatever reason. He’s such a freak about school stuff,” Dean said with a chuckle. “But, we gotta start off the school year right and go out like tradition. What about if we went to Barefoot?” Dean suggested with a huge smile and my expression went blank. Barefoot was a strip club we usually always go to a few times out of the school year to get away from the stress of college stuff, but I, for the first time ever, didn’t really want to go there; I tend to go a little crazy with the guys there.

“I don’t know.. What about just a regular bar? Maybe one in town or something,” I replied and I noticed Dean give me an expression that confused me a little; I couldn’t tell if he was shocked by my answer or if he was contemplating just going to the bar like I wanted.

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g2c8 p27

“Aw, come on now. We haven’t been to Barefoot in months. Besides, it’s usually you who’s the one suggesting we all go out together first thing, you don’t seem as enthused as you usually are. I thought that was your favorite place, anyways,” he pondered and I sighed. It was my favorite place, it’s really expensive and uptight, but fun; plus, almost all of the girls were gorgeous and even better yet, clean. But, I didn’t feel like changing and looking nice, I was still tired from the drive and I missed Faline, I didn’t want so much excitement on my first night back.

“Well, I’m still tired from the drive. I was just thinking we’d go to a close bar, get wrecked, and walk home or something. At least that’s all I really have in me to do tonight,” I replied and I hear Dean sigh in disappointment, but he continued to press on.

“Come on, man, let’s just go, stop bein’ such a pussy. If you wanted to go and didn’t, you’d hound me until I finally said yes, so come on,” Dean continued to try and sway my answer, and sadly it was beginning to work. “I met someone before I left  for the summer, too. Now, I know we said no datin’ any of the girls from Barefoot, but we started dating before I even bothered to ask where she worked, and she works there, so it ain’t against the rules this time, and don’t you tell me otherwise, neither,” Dean continued and I sighed, finally hearing the real reason on why he wanted to go there tonight. 

g2c8 p29

I finally agree in going to Barefoot with Dean and he calls up Auturo and Sabastian to tell them to meet us there and I go to my room to change and get ready. I could care less that Dean’s dating someone from Barefoot, I wasn’t even a part of that deal that he’s talking about, either, I just happened to be in the same room when they discussed it. I’d still never date someone from there, but that’s only because I don’t date strippers in general, I don’t really know the real reason why. There’s a woman there who absolutely adores me, and I adore her more than anything, but she wouldn’t give up her job to be with me, so I still see her only every now and then. Though, whenever we do see one another, things always tend to get a little hot and heavy quickly.

g2c8 p30
g2c8 p31

A half an hour later, the guys and I all meet up there and we walk in together, the distinct smell of booze and perfume exciting all of our senses and we all grew more alive and ready for the night that was ahead of us. We’re greeted at the door by Auturo and Sabastian’s favorite girls, Avery and Noelle; Avery was the best bartender in town, and the blonde French bombshell was the best at lap dances, but her private dances are what every guy needs to experience at least once in his lifetime. Barefoot was a club with very little rules, but what little rules there were, they take them very seriously; You can’t touch the girls unless they do it first or tell you it’s okay, and absolutely no sex, though everything else is allowed just so long as you pay upfront. 

“Welcome, gentlemen,” Avery began in a sultry tone.

“Bonjour, boys!” Noelle welcomed us with her hard French accent.

“You guys going upstairs like usual?” Avery then asked and Dean nodded with a triumphant smile.

“You know it, doll,” he replied and the girls looked to one another and smiled, giggling as they turned around and lead us passed the red rope that sectioned off the club; upstairs was where the better girls were, though it was a lot more expensive. Luckily, no one ever gets stuck with the bill, we always try to keep our own tabs because we may do things with the girls that isn’t within the group, and the private visits are what makes these girls so much money.

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g2c8 p33

We all followed the girls passed the red rope and I looked to Dean who was looking at his jacket and picking off little specs of lint, trying to look his best and I rolled my eyes, “She’s not going to care if you have some shit on you, you look fine, you can’t even notice the crap you’re pulling off of yourself, anyways,” I berate him a little and he scoffs.

“Fuck off, I’m just tryin’ to look nice for ‘er.. Not everyone has $900 suits for no God damn reason like you just lyin’ ’round,” Dean rebutted and I chuckled.

“Hey, this place is reason enough to own a suit like this, I don’t want to look like a schmuck like you guys,” I teased in return and adjust myself in my attire, fixing the buttons if need be, “Why do you think Bennu doesn’t charge me for the private room visits?” I add quietly as I look around the room and Dean looks to me with a rather impressed expression.

“She doesn’t charge you? ..Have you guys ever, you know.. Broken the rules?” Dean wonders and I can’t help the smile that stretches across my lips.

“Hey man, whatever happens in those rooms, stays in those rooms, yeah?” I ask with a threatening tone but keep my smile, watching as he nodded and understood that we shouldn’t talk about it anymore, though he catches my drift.

g2c8 p36
g2c8 p37

Dean and I continue on to catch up with Auturo and Sabastian and his question echoes in my mind, along with my answer that followed it; Faline would leave me in an instant if she knew what I was about to do tonight, what I do every time I come here, but, she won’t find out, ever. I’ve grown accustom to keeping my Bridgeport life separate from my College life, and so far it’s been easy to do since none of my friends know about Lucy still, and I haven’t said anything about Faline being pregnant either. I admit, I felt a small amount of guilt as I walked up the stairs to the best part of the club, but after I get a lot of drinks in me, I’ll feel better about it all.

g2c8 p38
g2c8 p39

We get upstairs and Sabastian is already talking to Noelle, his favorite lady there. I’ve had private dances from every girl here, but Noelle made the whole dance look like an art form for how perfectly her hips can move. I like a girl who let’s me be the one in control, but Noelle is the exact opposite when it comes to her private room sessions, so after the first time I was with her, I moved on and haven’t had a private room with her since. Don’t get me wrong, she’s one girl I wish I had gotten the chance to break the rules with, but she was a little too dominating for me, she fit better with Sabastian. 

We walked passed Sabastian and Dean stopped Avery, her then looking to him with a sweet smile, “Hey, is um, Bunny workin’ tonight?” Dean asked and I let out a gentle snicker and Auturo kept himself from laughing as well; Auturo and I hated when girls gave themselves pet names.

Avery looked to us as if we were being children, but she kept her seductive grin anyways, “Eyes to the stage, tiger,” Avery replied and we all looked simultaneously to the stage in the middle of the room.

g2c8 p40
g2c8 p41

Avery went to the bar and we walked around to get a better view of the stage that Bunny was entertaining on. Auturo and I thought it would be funny to mess with Dean a little, both looking to one another with the same conniving grins and we both put on personas as if we were analyzing a test subject, and overall just being cruel just because of her silly name.

“Don’t talk to loud, we’ll spook the wildlife.”

“Do you think she travels by hareplane?”

How many carrots do you think she can fit in her mouth?”

“I think I ran over her cousin with the lawnmower the other day.”

“How often do you think she cuts the grass?”

“Do you think she’d freeze up while crossing the street looking into the headlights of a car?”

“Guys, come on, shut the fuck up,” Dean finally chimed in and I let out a chuckle I couldn’t hold back anymore at Auturo’s final comment, this was too fun, and just too funny. I wasn’t very impressed, her pole skills were lacking, she looked like a little girl, and the worse thing about it, she belonged to Dean. If I wanted to take Noelle from Sabastian, I could, because she’s not his girlfriend, but I couldn’t do that with Bunny and Dean; I disliked that a little.

g2c8 p42
g2c8 p43

The music pulsated throughout the room and Auturo and I were just glad that she didn’t hear anything we had said. “Seriously though, Dean, Bunny isn’t her real name, right?” Auturo asked, nudging Dean’s arm and he looked to us.

“What ‘re you, dumb? Course that ain’t her name,” Dean answered, looking back to the stage and not continuing.

Auturo and I looked to each other questionably, then back to Dean, “If Bunny isn’t her name, than what is it?” I asked, both of us starring him down a little until we realized something that made us both start laughing, “You don’t even know her name, do you!” I continued and Auturo joined in laughing with me.

“Yeah I do! It’s just harder to pronounce. It’s in Polish and it means ‘Bunny’. Shit, get off my ass already,” Dean added and as we calmed down our laughing, we could tell he was getting tired of this quickly. Auturo sighed and looked to me, rolling his eyes at Dean not being able to handle our jokes tonight and I shrugged at him in return, not really knowing what else to do.

Bunny’s dance was over and the first person she saw was Dean, a wide smile forming on her red lips and we all eyed her up and down. 

g2c8 p44
g2c8 p45

“Dean! You came!” Bunny called out and jumped off the little stage into his arms, her voice very bubbly and her slight accent intrigued me a little, sounding almost if she was from Mississippi or Alabama. That’s probably why Dean liked her so much, Dean was straight from Texas, and although their accents were somewhat the same, her’s was still a little different; both were from the more Southern states, though. After Bunny had greeted Dean with a huge hug and a few pecks on the cheek, she looked over to Auturo and I, though her eyes ran over me much more than they did to him. “Who’re your handsome friends, Dean?” She wondered, her tone curious and slightly seductive.

Dean looked over to the two of us as he still held Bunny, “That there’s Auturo, and that’s Jason,” Dean answered her and Auturo smirked at her and that was it, looking away and around the club again, but my eyes traveled over her a little longer. I watched as Bunny bit the bottom of her lip just slightly by her lip ring as she looked at me, and she didn’t stop looking at me until Dean had caught her attention again. 

“We’re going in here,” Auturo said and I looked over to him when he motioned his head to another area with a stage that was blocked off a little by the main stage, in a more secluded area most likely for larger party groups. But, the place seemed a little dead tonight surprisingly, so we felt we could sit wherever. I followed Auturo into the other area and Dean stayed with Bunny to talk with her more, or go to a private room, I don’t know. Don’t really care, either.

g2c8 p46
g2c8 p48

Auturo and I sat down and Avery dropped off a few beers to get us started off with. I watched as Auturo eyed her the most out of any other girl there and I could tell he wanted to do things with her, but he often didn’t ask for it. If the girl were to come up to him and ask him, then yeah, he would, but I don’t know if it’s his pride, or just a little weird twitch that he can’t handle and he can’t ask a woman for anything. Maybe girls like that about him though, he’s a mysterious man and even though we’ve been friends for four years now, I still feel like I know nothing about him.

I downed three beers and so did Auturo as we talked and watched a few different girls dance on the pole in front of us, but there was still one girl I hadn’t seen yet, and it was starting to upset me a little. Is she even working tonight? A few girls had come over to me and ask if I wanted a dance, a private dance, and even a private room, but I politely denied them all and they just looked at me as if I was weird for saying no, but as they walked away, I could tell on their faces they knew why I was saying no, and it was because they weren’t the girl I was looking and waiting for.

g2c8 p47
g2c8 p49

But, after 3 girls had came and went on the pole, not satisfying my eyes nearly enough as they needed to be, my caramel-skinned Egyptian walked up onto the stage and my heart began to race a little from her hot pink attire and transparent pink stockings. Her stage name was Cleopatra, for obvious reasons, but Bennu was all that I knew her by and I liked that better anyways. There wasn’t anything about her that I didn’t like; her hair was so dark and long and she threw it around every chance she could, her body was perfect and even her breasts were real which was a huge plus, I wasn’t a big fan of fake ones.

g2c8 p50
g2c8 p51
g2c8 p52

Auturo looked over to me and he could tell that I had found what I wanted, “Still choosing her this time?” He wondered, even though he already knew the answer; I think his way of asking that was a way to see if he could even be with her tonight, but no, I never shared. None of them could touch her, for the reason of me calling dibs on her for the rest of our lives as long as she works there, and also by the fact that she more than likely wouldn’t want to do anything with them anyways if I’m around, which I always was around these guys. 

“Yeah, like always,” I say rather proudly as I tilt my head while watching her, trying to get better views of certain areas as she danced. 

“None of us have been with her in a private room except you, what’s she like? How do you afford that every time?” Auturo asked and I smirked.

“She lets me come for free sometimes,” I reply with a quick wink in his direction and his expression turns to surprise, then eventually turns into complete and utter jealousy as he looks back to her. I lied, but only to not make him more jealous than he already was.. After the first time I was with Bennu, I didn’t have to pay for anything else just so long as she was the one doing it; I do turn down all of the other girls, but it isn’t for the money, I just have the most fun when I’m in the company of my beautiful Egyptian.

g2c8 p53
g2c8 p54

When Bennu was done dancing, her eyes locked with mine and her entire face lit up, “Jazon!” She called out softly and ran over to me, dropping herself into my lap and she put her hand to the back of my head to bring me into a deep kiss. She soon ended the kiss and instantly her lips found my neck, licking and biting at me while slowly grinding her warmth into my lap to excite me more, and of course it worked instantly. Just her scent alone and watching her dance got me excited beyond belief, but now that she was in my lap, I couldn’t wait a second longer for us to go into a private room.

g2c8 p55

Perfect timing, Avery.. She came back over to see how we were doing on drinks, but noticed Auturo wasn’t getting any attention like the rest of us were, setting down his beer for him and I watched Avery as Bennu continued to kiss at my neck and even moving the collar of my shirt and suit to get at my collarbone. Avery leaned over more towards Auturo and I watched as his lips quickly smiled at her, she leaned in more and whispered something into his ear and it was funny to watch his cheeks blush and his mouth seemed to be battling itself on whether to be excited, shocked, intrigued, or all of the above. Avery then took his hand and led him away from the area we were in and I assumed they were going to a private room, which is exactly what I wanted to do this instant or Bennu was going to leave marks all over my neck and I didn’t need that.

g2c8 p56
g2c8 p56-2

I leaned my lips into Bennu’s ear and suggested we go to her room and she finally pulls away from my neck, nodding excitedly and she hops off my lap. She takes my hand and I stand as she then pulls me along, eyeing her body up and down and I already want to start undoing the back of her outfit. Bennu was the only one I broke the rules with, and she’s told me before that she doesn’t do that with anyone else. Even though it seems a little hard to believe, I like to think she’s telling the truth, at least she makes it believable enough for me to not think otherwise. 

g2c8 p57
g2c8 p58
g2c8 p59

We walk out of the area and back into the main room where I see Dean is still talking with Bunny and Sabastian is eyeing Noelle like his life depended on it while she dances around the pole. As Bennu and I approach the others, I only notice Bunny look my direction and she quickly eyes me up and down, then her expression went to slight jealousy when she looked to Bennu pulling me along. I look back to Bennu and smile, seeing her look back at me with wanting eyes and I can hardly wait until we get to her room. 

g2c8 p60
g2c8 p61

We eventually get to Bennu’s room and she looks back at me with another excited smile as she opens the door and I eagerly follow her inside, shutting the door behind me and I can finally relax now that I’m in a room without a security camera on me. 

“Zo, I aven’t zeen you in a vhile,” Bennu begins and her Egyptian accent makes my entire being quake with desire; the best way I can describe it is a cross between Russian and Indian but more soft spoken, often finding her replacing the ‘s’ with ‘z’ in certain words, and even the ‘b’ is sometimes replaced with the sound of a ‘p’. But, I can’t get enough of it.

“Summer break, it’s my first day back though. Had to pay you a little visit of course,” I reply with a soft grin and I can tell her by her expression that she missed me, “Now get over here,” I demand and keep my grin.

g2c8 p62
g2c8 p63

When Bennu got close enough, I wrapped my arms around her and put my hands on her ass, gripping it tightly and pulling her pelvis against mine to show her how happy I was to be with her. She giggled at my actions, “Happy to zee me, huh?” She questioned teasingly and I brought one of my hands up to run my fingers through her hair on the back of her head. I gripped her hair gently and tilted her head back, forcing her lips to meet mine and I kissed her hard, soon hearing her begin to hum moans and her hands ran down my torso to the brim of my pants. 

g2c8 p64
g2c8 p65

I lifted Bennu into my arms and she wrapped her legs around me instinctively as I brought her over to the bed and crawled over her, continuing our locked lips and I grew to hate the fabric that kept me from touching every inch of her skin. I couldn’t remember why I didn’t want to come here earlier, I was actually a little mad at myself that I had even thought that, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else, all I wanted to do was stay in her room until they closed at six in the morning. It even started to bother me that she wouldn’t leave her job for me like I’ve asked her so many times before, wondering what it was about it here that kept her from wanting to leave. Ever since I met her I’ve wanted to make her mine, maybe that’s why I always come back here, even though I know her answer is always going to be the same.

g2c8 p66
g2c8 p67
g2c8 p68

I parted my lips from hers after a while and we both caught our breath and I looked into her bright brown eyes; I don’t know what came over me, “Marry me,” I said first and she widened her eyes and smiled, then laughed as I then put rough kisses on her clavicle.

“Jazon, not zis again.. A zouzand times, no,” she replied through her soft laughter and I gripped her breast somewhat roughly, continuing my lips further down and I did the same thing to the tops of her breasts that she was doing to my neck earlier. 

“Why not?” I asked next, continuing my kissing and my hand then ran over her shoulder and I pulled down the strap of her lingerie, beginning to expose more and more of her breast and my lips followed the fabric as it uncovered her.

“Pecause,” she answered simply, laying her head back and then letting out a soft gasp when my mouth found her nipple.

g2c8 p69

It didn’t take me long to get rid of the fabric she wore that I hated so much, it always looked a lot better laying on the ground, anyways. I was never a fan of taking my clothes off with her here at the club, but only out of fear that we would get caught. It makes more sense for her to be completely naked than me be, but Bennu always convinced me that no one would bother us, insisting I at least take off my jacket and pants, so eventually I worked up the courage to do so.

g2c8 p69-2
g2c8 p70

We got off of the bed to try and make less noise and to try and hide the potentially loud evidence we’d give away to any passerby; if we stayed on the bed it would be to obvious that we were breaking the rules. One thing about Bennu that I especially loved during our private room sessions was that she was, indeed, a rather vocal lover, and I loved needing to cover her mouth or bury his face into a pillow to hide her moans and cries due to what I would do to her. I also loved that her walls in the room were lined with nothing but mirrors; no paintings, artifacts, or even a light switch, just mirrors so I could see from every angle what I was doing to her. One of my favorite things to do was to put my hand to the front of her neck, just under her jaw, forcing her to keep her chin up so I could look at her face.

g2c8 p71
g2c8 p71-2
g2c8 p72

Being against the bed even began to cause noise and the strength of every thrust was causing me to make her begin to push it a little, so I quickly pulled her away from the bed and laid her on the ground, effortlessly continuing my pace and I had to cover her mouth again from her cries, feeling each strong breath escape her nose against the side of my hand made it more intense along with the muffled humming moans she let out. She eventually tried to tell me something, but I kept my hand over her mouth and didn’t let her speak, holding her in place as I soon felt her body quake beneath me and once I knew she was satisfied, I reached my breaking point as well.

g2c8 p72-2
g2c8 p72-3

Bennu had no words, like usual, after we were done and I curled myself around her to lay with her on the ground, wrapping my arm around her waist and pressing the front of her against me. We sat there and caught our breath, not needing to say a word, but once Bennu felt well enough to move, she positioned herself in between my legs and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me for a few long seconds and I never wanted it to stop. 

“Jesus.. What time is it?” I ask after our long kiss.

“Umm.. Ve’ve only peen here for about an hour,” Bennu replies with a gentle giggle following it, “Longer zan uzual. You must’ve mizzed me,” she adds and I chuckled, our fingers then intertwining and my chest felt weak when she then kissed me once more, but less rough and more so savoring it. 

g2c8 p73
g2c8 p74

I realized it was about that time when I should leave before causing any suspicion, so I quickly get dressed and button up my suit, examining my clothes and making sure I still didn’t get anything on them that would leave any evidence. Bennu stood behind me, watching me adjust my attire and I smirked slightly, turning around and reaching for her to pull her back into my arms. “Get dressed and I’ll meet you back out there soon,” I tell her and she nods gently, kissing me once more and I still don’t want to leave her room, but I really need to to avoid getting in trouble. 

g2c8 p75
g2c8 p76

I leave Bennu’s room and shut the door quickly behind me to hide anyone’s eyes from her naked body, but just as I close the door, my eyes meet a set of a darker blue shade than mine and Bunny is standing outside of what I assume is her room next to Bennu’s. “Reeks like sex out in this hallway,” she begins and I looked passed her and behind me as well, hoping no one else heard her comment. 

“Welcome to the strip club business, youngin. What’s the matter? Haven’t even been asked for your first blow job yet, have you?” I slightly insulted back and she raised a brow in frustration.

“I don’t suppose you wanna be my first, do you, sug?” She questioned back and even though I had already had my fill from Bennu, I was intrigued none the less.

g2c8 p77
g2c8 p78
g2c8 p79

I stepped up closer and I watched as her eyes went over me nervously, “I guess I could see what you have to offer,” I replied to her comment with a bored tone and I could tell I was only making her more angered, her expression said it all, and yet, just as I thought I would be forced to bail on her, she gently reached her hand forward and took mine, pulling me into her room and not speaking another word.

g2c8 p80
g2c8 p81

I shut the door behind me and looked around her room, not nearly as impressed as I would be since I had been to Bennu’s, giving her another bored expression. “You can tell that you’re new, you have a shitty set up. It’s not nearly as established,” I critiqued and she took it with a grain of salt.

“Why’d you come in here with me then, sugar?” She asked in return and I scoffed at her.

“Just wanted to get to know the girl Dean’s dating, and obviously she’s a slut,” I insult once more and look down at my suit, adjusting it accordingly and being a slight prick about it.

“Sug, I’m a stripper.. You came here to get entertainment, and I’m here to serve. Yeah, Dean’s my guy, but he knows what comes with this job, and he seems to find a way to accept it. I’d think if he was okay with it, than his best friend should be, too,” she replied.

g2c8 p82
g2c8 p83

“One key difference, Bunny, I’m not paying for shit. If you want to break the rules or give out freebies, get Dean,” I answered with a blunt tone. I watched as Bunny then slipped herself gently onto the bed and I chuckled lightly at the thought that she could get me into bed that easily; I had preferences and needs, but they’ve already been satisfied, I thought it was a pathetic attempt to get me to sleep with her. I watched as she then brought her fingers to the edge of her panties and began to pull them down playfully, yet I still had no interest. “You don’t get things from me that easily, I don’t come here like the rest of them to just throw money at any girl that pays attention to me,” I pointed out her attempt to seduce me, knowing I wouldn’t pay for anything she had to offer, yet I knew by her body language that she wanted exactly what Bennu had received; her room was next door, did she hear everything that was going on?

“You only give Cleopatra over there attention and no one else.. That don’t seem that fair,” she replied with a fake pouting face and I was still bored of her.

“I’ve been a loyal customer to her for years now, of course I’d favor her more of the rest of you,” I point out.

“I’d say so.. You’re the first customer I know of since I’ve been workin’ here that’s stupid enough to break the rules,” she softly threatens and I don’t say anything. I couldn’t tell if she was blackmailing me to get what she wanted, or was just having a weird conversation with me. Either way, I didn’t want to risk her telling her boss anything about Bennu and I, so I complied with her and did the only thing I could think of to get her to keep her mouth shut without having to go to the extent of she wanted me to. I didn’t want to do this to Dean, but I didn’t want her to get Bennu and I in trouble; she’d lose her job here, and even though that’s exactly what I want her to do so she’d finally be with me, I couldn’t do that to her, either.

“Stand up,” I demand  and her eyes get a glint of excitement in them as she quickly stands to her feet again and brushes her fingers through her hair a couple of times as if it would make her any more appealing.

g2c8 p86
g2c8 p87

I could tell she was a little nervous as I walked over to her and I kept walking towards her until she had backed into the wall and I looked down at her, gliding my finger over her skin from hip to hip. I move my head closer and our lips are about to touch, but I don’t connect them, my fingertips then finding their way underneath the fabric of her panties, “You won’t tell on me, right?” I more so demand than ask her not to and just as she was about to answer me, I knew it wasn’t going to be a simple ‘yes’ like I wanted, causing me to then roughly insert two of my fingers and she gasped at my sudden actions. She went to put her hands through my hair but I grabbed them both with my free hand and positioned them over her head, refusing her the ability to touch me at all. I kept up the rough pace with my fingers and her eyes shut and she couldn’t focus too easily, “You’re not going to tell anyone, isn’t that right,” I confirm once more with a stern tone and I watch as her lips then struggle to speak, “Louder,” I demand and she finally says what I want to hear.

“Y-Yes.. Yes!” She says loud enough for me to confirm and my fingers don’t stop their pleasurable torture in her until I feel her release; I think that might’ve been a new record time for me in getting a girl to cum like that, too.

g2c8 p88
g2c8 p89

I soon pulled myself away from her and walked to her nightstand that had a box of tissues and I took one for myself to wipe off my hand, sticking the dirty tissue then into my suit pocket to dispose of when I went to the bathroom after this. I walked towards the door and she spoke up, “W-Wait, that’s it? You don’t want nothin’?” She wondered and it was obvious in her tone that she wanted me to stay, she even seemed a little insulted that I didn’t want anything from her. 

“Nope,” I answer simply, looking over my shoulder at her and my expression was blank as I waited to see if there was anything else.

g2c8 p90
g2c8 p91
g2c8 p92

I turned around when I noticed her eyes look to the ground and she seemed almost ashamed of what she had done, but then again her face read something else that I couldn’t quite pin point. I sighed softly, “I’m not going to tell him anything. He’d get mad at you, but I’d probably lose him completely. Just keep your mouth shut about what you heard, and I’ll do the same with what happened in here,” I answered simply and she looked up to me, then nodded and I could tell she was still dying to touch me, but I walked out of her room without another word.

g2c8 p93
g2c8 p95
g2c8 p96

After using the restroom and washing my hands, I came back out and went to the area we were before, seeing the guys all there with Noelle and Avery. I’m glad they were all having a good time, I knew I was now that I had seen the only girl I came here for. Sabastian seemed drunk by the way he handled Noelle, Auturo seemed drunk as well, but he had an easier way of hiding it. I stood in the entrance of the area and looked over to the chairs, seeing Dean by himself but the smile on his face told me he was still having a good time despite sitting alone. You could barely have a conversation due to how loud the music always was, Dean looking over to me and he mouthed the words “Have you seen Bunny?” to me and I shook my head with a confused expression, mouthing the words, “No, I was with Bennu” back to him. Dean shrugged and accepted my answer, looking back to Avery on the stage and I did as well, happy that I could still keep a straight face. 

g2c8 p98
g2c8 p99

I then felt a pair of delicate hands wrap around me from behind and a smile spreads across my lips, knowing it was Bennu. I quickly reached behind me and switched our positions, wrapping my arms around the front of her and she giggled playfully. I began kissing and teasing her ear while inhaling as deep as I could, still being able to smell the remnants of myself on her skin and it excited me all over again. She looked back at me and I could tell she was ready for me again, but we never did anything in her private room more than once in a night to avoid even more suspicion; we both got a huge rush out of being secret about what we did. 

g2c8 p100
g2c8 p101

I can feel someone looking at me but I don’t look around, I’m too preoccupied with what I have in my grip and I also hate that I wanted to call it a night soon; we’d been here for almost 4 hours already and I was getting tired. Bunny walked passed Bennu and I and I noticed her look to us briefly, but continue on towards Dean and the first thing she did was lean over to pick up the empty beer bottles that were on the table. Dean stood to his feet and he was excited to see her and I looked at her ass that she was obviously wanting me to, wondering to myself what she was up to in trying to seduce me still when she had seemed bothered by what we did in her room no more than 10 minutes ago. As Bunny talked with Dean, I kept noticing out of the corner of my eye that she kept glancing over at us and all I did was have the urge to rub it in her face more that she couldn’t have what Bennu and I do. Bennu leaned her head back on my shoulder in a relaxing manner and I whispered sweet nothings into her ear all while tracing my index finger back and forth over the hills of her breasts, glancing over at Bunny only once and I liked that her face oozed with jealousy.

g2c8 p102
g2c8 p103

The club is almost completely empty even though it doesn’t close for a few more hours, and it only makes me want to stay longer since I know I’ll have Bennu all to myself, but my need for sleep after this long and crazy day forces me to call it a night. The guys are getting pretty drunk, anyways, and I don’t want them to be stupid enough to drive home. I round up the guys and they say goodbye to their ladies and I come back over to Bennu and pull her against me, “Until next time, gorgeous,” I say to her and lift her chin, kissing her lips a few more times.

“Come back zoon, yeah?” She asked with a hint of hope and I nod in agreement, kissing her once more before pulling myself from her grip and the guys followed me out; laughing, staggering, and reeking of expensive perfume and booze.

g2c8 p104
g2c8 p105

There wasn’t much to do now but take these guys home and go to sleep, I’ll drive Auturo back here tomorrow to pick up his car. I’m intoxicated, but not by alcohol. My red shirt under my jacket spills the scent Bennu and the breeze outside constantly wafts it up and unto my nose as we walk to my car. Sabastian was laughing and stumbling behind me as Auturo struggled to help him. “Jesus, how much did ya’ll drink tonight?” Dean asked, though he had no room to talk as he almost lost his balance but I caught his sleeve fluently and kept him from falling.

Sabastian continued his light laughter, “Noelle and A.. Avery kept making us do shots,” he struggled to say and Dean and I chuckled.

“Ya’ll should stick to beer. Liquor just makes ya a bunch of assholes,” Dean suggested.

“Shut it, Dean, at least none of us are dating a rodent,” Auturo retorted and all of us except Dean started laughing.

“My point exactly,” Dean said with a sour tone.

g2c8 p106
g2c8 p107

We got home and the guys stayed up, having a few more beers while I went to my room to change and go to bed. I got out of my suit and hung it back up to get it cleaned tomorrow, searching the pockets to get my things out and I find the rest of my money, my ID and my phone. I looked through my phone since I hadn’t looked at it in hours and I see that Faline had texted me, telling me about the rest of her day with Julia, and another text hours later telling me how much she missed me already and bidding me goodnight. Everything then rushed back into my head, everything that I had carelessly forgotten at the club; Lucy, Faline, the baby, everything back at Bridgeport that I never wanted to lose. Jesus, what had gotten into me tonight? I knew it.. I knew I was going to go overboard. 

g2c8 p108
g2c8 p109
g2c8 p110

I haven’t even been away from home for more than twelve hours and already I had proved to Faline that I haven’t changed at all. I sat on my bed and just thinking about what I had done to her caused me to feel terrible, the thought of her carrying my unborn child as well and even how great everything was with her caused my lip to quiver. The breaking point to the fall of my tears was when I had glanced at one of my mother’s paintings and I knew she would be so disappointed in me. I was so ashamed, I turn into a completely different person for any and every situation, only thinking for myself and I just didn’t give a fuck about the consequences. Here I thought I had changed, thought I would be good and graduate and things with Faline had made me a better person, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong. 


Guest Starring: Noelle Saint James by LateKnightSimmer

20 thoughts on “Generation 2, Chapter 8

  1. OMG Jason’s so adorable listening to the baby bump. Hmm I kind of wonder what’s up with Anya. *shrugs* *stares at Jason in a suit* Holy hell. I love the black and red color combo. So fucking much. Haha Noelle, l’amour. :D I’m glad she worked well for you. LMAO I laughed with Jason and Auturo when they were making fun of Bunny, and then I laughed more when Dean said her real name actually meant Bunny. Auturo’s mysteriousness makes him even more like 007, cause his suit already did. Cleopatra, how sexy. LOL. Awww, Jason’s romanticness coming out in a weird way when he asked her to marry him. LOL. Uhhhhh Jason with no pants, I think you know what that means for me. *faints* I should just read this on the floor, I always end up there anyway. I got a cool American Psycho vibe from Jason. *dies* It’s no wonder he didn’t want Bunny to touch him, I wouldn’t want a forest animal touching me either. ROFL! So you’d think the half pictures of just the bottom part of his face wouldn’t be as sexy… hmmm, wrong, Still dying. LOL. Ugh, he’s so cuuuute!! omg. *cries with Jason at the end after dying because he’s in his underwear* *snuggles Jason for the rest of the night*

    1. – I love that pic of him listening to the baby bump! Hahaha
      – Anya’s beef will poke its head out soon enough.
      – Jason looks SO good in a suit! *fans self*
      – LOL Jason and Auturo having fun.. Simple asshole guy attitude. Hahahaha Bunny’s name in Polish is Krolik, morbid sounding, I know LOL I felt Bunny was more suitable than that, especially for a stage name, but clearly Jason and Auturo still hated it. No exceptions there. XD
      – I <3 Auturo.
      – Omg Jason is SUCH a mess right now! Him asking her to marry him is just, wow, he's confused. LOL His Hopeless Romantic trait shows through in EVERY girl he meets.
      – LOLLL Always ending up on the floor when reading it..! LOL Don't worry, I'm always that way while writing it while looking at him. XD And yes, thank you for noticing the American Psycho-ness. *in the mirrors shots* hahaha Jason *choking* Bennu is definitely something to acknowledge.
      – Ugh. He's such a confused man, still a little boy. Misses his mommy, looks for comfort in whomever he encounters wherever he goes. His past is what makes him such a sad and confused man these days. :/
      Thanks for reading!

  2. :sigh: Finished just in time to leave for work.

    Jason is just adorable, and for some reason I can’t be mad at him. That’s just Jason, and I know he doesn’t mean to hurt anybody really – he just wouldn’t be Jason if he wasn’t seducing the masses. :P

    1. LOL I’m glad you’re not mad at him, and you’re right, he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, he just can’t help himself. He’s extremely weak when alone and he constantly needs to feel wanted. His mind is so clouded and absent at the same time, he never knows what he’s doing. :/
      hahaha you’re right again, too, it just wouldn’t be like him if he wasn’t seducing like crazy XD
      Thanks for reading!!

  3. Awesome chapter! Loved it as always. Even though Jason was a bad boy in this chapter, I ended up feeling bad for him anyways. But boy oh boy did it look like he enjoyed himself! He was elbows deep in girls *wow that sounded awful* I wonder whats going to happen next. Gah! So many questions I have now!! Sorry it took me so long to comment. I’ve been MIA from the game cause the latest patch borked my game bad and I’ve been to grumpy to read stories. But its good to be back, and even better to see Jason again!! <3

    1. Thank you! Very glad you enjoyed the chapter.
      Yes, he was a very bad boy, he just couldn’t help himself.
      LOLL “elbows deep” XD hahahaha
      Don’t worry about late commenting, I don’t care XD I wouldn’t be mad at you even if you never did again. Though, I’d miss you. LOL
      Sorry to hear that your game is giving you troubles, too :(
      Thanks so much for reading! :D

      1. lol yup. Elbows deep. Its fitting. (eew) I forgot to comment about this earlier cause I was on my kindle and I hate typing comments on those. It was great seeing Bennu, and Noelle again, even if they are strippers. They are both hot though, I can see why Jason was tempted. I do feel for Faline though, I know if I was pregnant and at home, and I found out my boyfriend was sexing it up with strippers i’d probably cut something of his off. But you need more heirs, so I guess Jason has to keep his equipment. It does seem like there is something there though with Bennu. I hope she doesn’t get knocked up. That’s a lot of baby mama drama. LMAO

  4. @ amandralynn
    LMAO can’t stop rereading what you wrote with elbows deep, I still laugh really hard. XD
    Glad you liked seeing Bennu and Noelle again! And yes, I had the same thought, “even though they’re strippers” LOL They were both in the competition though and didn’t get to be in the story, so I wanted to use Bennu for something at least, I love her too much not to use her. LKS was nice enough to let me use Noelle, too.
    Oh, and I agree, I’d wanna cut something off too if I was lugging around someone kid and they were out and about experimenting with others. haha
    LOLL! *Jason has to keep his equipment* You make me laugh so hard!
    And yeah, there is something there with Jason and Bennu, but she’s one woman that has turned him down, probably the reason why Jason is so infatuated with her because he can’t have her. Yes, that would be a LOT of baby momma drama is she got pregnant! Hahaha

  5. Jason started out the chapter being so sweet with Faline. Then he gets back to college, and his buddies immediately try to corrupt him. They assume he’s the same old party animal / womanizer he’s always been. Of course, they don’t know Jason actually settled down with a girlfriend and that she’s pregnant. Once he’s back in the club and sees Bennu, all bets are off. Wow — I was not expecting to hear him say, “Marry me” to Bennu. Jason was thinking with his “other” head then, that’s for sure. I was glad to see him in tears at the end when he realized what an idiot he had been.

    Can I just say how happy I am to have a husband who insisted on NOT going to a strip club for his bachelor party? ♥ Yep, it’s just not his kind of place. Gotta love that.

    1. Yeah, he’s sweet to the girl he’s currently involved with, but once they’re not around, there’s no telling how Jason’s going to act. And it wasn’t really his buddies who corrupted him, Jason chose to go to the strip club himself because he chose not to tell his friends he was involved with Faline. :/
      Jason really is a mess and whenever he makes decisions, they seem like good ones at the time, but he never really thinks in the long run.
      LOL my hubs didn’t want to go to a strip club either for his bachelor party XD <3
      Thanks for reading!

  6. Hi! As you can see, I’m back to reading :D. I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting, I could read quicker that way.

    Wow, Jason’s love/sex life is a mess.

    Going back a little, I was surprised to learn that he has a daughter, and it’s heart-warming to see him doting on her, being all sweet and kind for once. I thought, with the arrival of a new baby he’d settle down a bit, but after what has happened with that/those stripper(s) I seriuosly doubt it…

    Faline is so good for him, let’s hope the remorse he was feeling in that last scene will stir his conscience for a while at least. But with this insane family, there’s no telling, I guess…

    1. Hey! Aww, it’s okay, I don’t mind if you don’t comment on every chapter hahaha comment whenever you want if you feel like it.
      Yeah, it is pretty messed up haha sometimes he just can’t control himself.
      Aww, yeah, Jason’s a good Dad, he strives to be a better father than Marrick was, even though Jason was the one who never gave him the time of day, but he had his reasons. He doesn’t want Lucy or his future children to hate him like he hated Marrick.
      Hahaha true, you never know what they’ll do one moment and then a next, Jason’s overemotional trait makes him regret things at times and he tends to shed tears over both little and big things, but not until after he’s already done something to the point where it’s too late to go back haha
      Thanks for reading!

  7. It’s like he’s a totally different guy when he’s away at college…Like a split personality thing going on. At least he has a conscious now! LOL. Now I will continue on reading…

    1. Hahaha yeah, Jason tends to stray fairly easily, he definitely shows signs of a split personality. Though, yes, he still has a conscious haha it’s as if an entirely different side of him kicks in when he’s tempted by other women, even when he always has someone, but everything catches back up with him when re realizes what he’s done.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. jazen

    Well where to start??? I’m glad he finally told his sisters although he was damn near backed into a corner to do so! I mean damn it took Faline telling him she felt like he was ashamed of her before he took action. He’s an ass! I don’t blame Anya for being pissed at him. For 3 years he’s hidden the fact he has a child from them. 3 years is a long time. He would have done the same with this one too if not for Faline. :( He’s so wrapped up in himself he can’t probably comprehend why Anya is pissed.

    Him being with his shrink’s daughter is a problem. Does the doctor know or did Lana lie about who the father was to her parents? That just feels like one huge conflict to me.

    Well…I’d like to say I was disappointed in Jason for what he did, but sadly I’m not. He is a whore plain and simple. He only cares about what he wants and forgets about everything and everyone else. I guess it was nice he wouldn’t sleep with that Bunny chick but hell he had thoughts of taking the Noelle one from the other guy just because he could!!! Seriously that was a fucked up thought! He asked that other girl to marry him???? WTF!!!! Wow…yeah he’s been seeing a shrink but I don’t think she’s helping at all. He has some major issues.

    (I’ve been reading before on my tablet so it was harder to comment today I’m on the laptop so hence the longer comments.)

    1. Jason isn’t as close to his sisters as he was when he was younger, so keeping his personal life away from his family seemed like a good idea at the time, for whatever reason. Not good :/ Yeah, Anya actually has a good head on her shoulders and is a genuinely good person, so seeing Jason act this way and finally being told he has children with multiple women didn’t sit well with her. There’s another reason why she’s upset, too, but that’s explained in a later chapter.

      Everyone believes that Jason is the father, but only Lana truly knows who it is and Jason just has a suspicion.

      Yeah, it isn’t too surprising that he did what he did, that’s just the type of person Jason is, or appears to be. He’s pretty full of himself and thinks he can get literally any woman he wants, but then again, no one has ever really proved him wrong, so he has this higher complex about himself than he should and doesn’t realize how much he messes with people. And actually, he hasn’t been seeing his shrink.. He told Hitomi that he was seeing Miss Hughes, not Mrs. Hughes, and Hitomi didn’t notice the difference when he had said it.. So there’s another lie he told. This is why he seems so messed up still because he really hasn’t been getting the treatment he needs like everyone believes he is.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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