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Thank you everyone for all your kind words! I’ll be adding to this page more and more with every beautiful thing you lovely people say so come back every now and then! <3

“This story has captivated me from the start and I find myself searching for new updates every single week, LOL. I love the storytelling and you can really sense how the main characters are feeling in each generation. Definitely one of my favorite stories!”


“I love this blog so much that it deserves all the accolades that it could possibly receive. It is a legacy (a patriarchy to be specific) with a bit of a twist: Each and every heir inherits the “insane” trait. Now, I don’t mean insane as in “I’m wearing my formal wear to bed,” but rather “I’ve gone off the handle and murdered people” insane. This blog has made me cry. This blog has made me laugh. This blog has made me literally jump out of my seat and run around crazily because I am so overwhelmed by all the FEELINGS it gives me. It is amazing. <3”


“A mature story about an insane gene passed on from father to son! Each heir has the capacity to suddenly have their personnality flip around…it’s a wonderful story containing the most text I’ve seen so far in a sims 3 legacy. The characters are all brilliantly portrayed to us and the story has a breath taking plot.”


“FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC updates. You should make a television series outta this story! Lol. I anticipate your updates as much as I anticipate the next season of The Walking Dead (I’m addicted by the way).”


“Even though I’m not that far in yet, I feel like you are leading up to something great, and possibly heartbreaking…This is an awesome story!”


“Eeeeh so much suspense… You’re good!”

Rose Eaton

“Great story!”


“I’ve read this entire story over the past four days and I love it!! I was a bit upset when I scrolled to the bottom and it didn’t have a button that said ‘next’.”


“Let me tell you, I love starting up my day with your story. It’s just so damn good.”


“Story is addicting!”


“It’s amazing how many pictures you provide for us to really visualize the scene while reading. It’s almost like some intense T.V. show that I’m watching and I have to wait for the next episode. The suspense is agonizing. Haha. Always a pleasure to read! :D”


“Amazing amazing job!!! Wow. Mind blown.”


“As always this story is a pure gem to read, and you are one very talented chick! Thanks for entertaining me! <3”


“Okay can I just say you are an AMAZING WRITER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I could NOT read on! I love your story! It’s one of my faves xx”


“Oh my God. This chapter gave me chills.”


“I really enjoy your style and storytelling. Thank you for all the work you put into this!”


“I think I read this with my mouth hanging open in disbelief the whole time.”


Amazing…in every sense of the word. So glad I’ve been taking the time to catch up with this blog. It’s seriously SO worth it!”


“Just discovered this legacy recently and read through the first three generations. You have done a wonderful job with the story.”


“I found your legacy a while ago and I’ve finnaly been able to start reading. Must say this is one of the best stories I’ve read, and I can’t wait to read more and see what happens next.”


“Without a doubt this is by far the most interesting legacy I’ve ever come across. No family compares to the Dubois’s. I’m blown away by both your writing skills and your ability to make beautiful as well as handsome sims! It’s a wonderful experience reading every chapter.”


It’s really amazing the way you make the plot perfect, how everything fits in place. I just love it so much. From the beginning of the legacy, I was trapped by the story.”


I love this legacy so much!”


“Seriously, almost in tears right now. No joke. I can feel them swelling up and I’m fighting them back. You had me up and down and all over the place with my emotions.”


“Holy I don’t know what… That was intense… I loved it!”


“Amazing work Mrs. Oogie. Once again you prove why you’re one of my favorite authors. :D”


“Wow. Just wow. I just spent the past 2 days reading your story and the story is so amazing. Even though each heir does something despicable (sometimes marginally understandable), I still feel for them when the shit hits the fan from it.”


Possibly one of the best stories I have ever read. To be perfectly honest I think that she could actually be a bestseller author if she wanted to, her legacy is far better than some of the published books I have read. But other than her incredible skills, The story deals with some…disturbing things which are quite hard to portray in sims as it is meant to be such a lovely happy game and she portrays them perfectly. Her characters are very realistic and if you start it then you will most definitely be sucked into the plot.”


No wonder this chapter took so long to make – having to furnish so many places. You did an absolutely beautiful job though. I absolutely adore staring at the screenshots to pick out little details of the lots. I swear every time I look at the pictures there I find something new that I love. It’s amazing how varied they all are! And each one is impressive! There’s no tossing side characters in a bland base lot for you is there! Even venues! This is the second generation where you had to build businesses as well as houses for each of the parents, and I swear you don’t even HAVE a cheat lot like I have (where you build disposable scenes). I mean – heck, you didn’t even have to build a lounge – you could have just SAID it was there, but no – beautiful and complete venue. I bet there’s even bathrooms. lmfao.

(ps. there IS fully furnished/decorated bathrooms XD)

Holy I don’t know what… That was intense… I loved it! This chapter was AMAZING. You capture (name withheld)’s insanity towards the end in a way that makes it totally understandable, but crazy at the same time, and the ending with (name withheld) was so powerful I was even starting to feel nauseous from the blood… *deep breathes* … I need to keep remembering they are only sims but I can’t because their characters are just too believable.


This is like the best happy ending ever, MrsOB. Like. Seriously. You did good. So good. Hahaa, and this is a perfect example of why TIDL continues to be the one story that I pounce on when I see an update. ♥


I absolutely love this legacy. The suspense is real with every chapter! I hope you continue making this and that you are having fun!

(ps. don’t worry, I will, and I definitely am!)

“In a word; AWESOME. I think this is probably the longest chapter I have ever read, like ever! But it has been brilliant! Your writing is so full of emotion, I really feel everything they’re feeling, experience it all with them! So well written, I’ve really enjoyed myself.”


Again, thank you to everyone for such kind, kind words and for reading my legacy.. Your words always inspire me to write more and be greater than what I’ve been previously. I thrive to get better, and I do because of you all. Even during hard times when I’m doubting myself or lose focus or feel like giving up, I come to this page and read your guys’ words and feel better within seconds <3

if anyone does not want their quote featured for any reason, please let me know and I’ll take it down.

if you would like to write your own review and see it here on this page, or, if you would like to redo the review I have used, comment below and I will add/change it. 

*some quotes are taken from my Liebster Award nominations, but most of the rest are taken from comments after the reader has read a specific chapter.

4 thoughts on “* Reviews *

  1. Fantasy_Gaming

    For my review I would like it to say:
    I absolutely love this legacy. The suspense is real with every chapter, I hope you continue making this and that you are having fun.

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