Generation 3, Chapter 12

Attention: This chapter picks up where the twins separated at their house from last chapter. Chapter 11 described what Gareth did after leaving, and this one describes what Gibson did after Gareth stormed out. Just wanted to clear that up as to not cause any potential confusion.

This chapter is also pretty long, so heads up. Enjoy <3


    Gibson’s POV     


Gareth left about half an hour ago and I’ve been sulking on the couch within the living room since. I had never spoken so harshly to him before and I regretted everything I said, but there was no going back now.. I don’t know what came over me, I just couldn’t get over the fact that he’s betrayed me before when it’s come to a relationship of mine and Hannah means more to me already than my ex did throughout our whole dating period.. Maybe that’s why I blew up at him. But there’s still no excuse for the other things I said, about Mom and Bennu and all the girls he sleeps with.. It’s none of my business what he does between the sheets, like I would even want to know in the first place anyways, but I went overboard bringing up Mom. Why did that even come out? 


I didn’t hate her as much as Gareth did, she wasn’t mean to me or do anything to me in order for me to feel any sort of resentment towards her, but I can feel a sense of resentment within me that is held in regards to Gareth.. He still never admitted to killing Mom, but he never denied it either, or even felt the slightest bit bad about it if it were just an accident. Knowing him now, growing up with him and seeing what he’s turned into, there’s no doubt in my mind that Gareth did it on purpose. I remembered that night to the T, how Gareth and Sherri were arguing and he was being rather cruel to her, but Mom stepped in and sent Gareth to our room without dinner and he was up there all night. That was the first time he had ever conspired against someone without me. Maybe he knew I wouldn’t approve, so he was forced to keep me out of it. Though, would I have wanted to if he had asked me..? Or was he protecting me by leaving me out of it? I remembered the detective that eventually caught Dad came over to ask him some questions.. If he had involved me with Mom’s murder, we’d both be asked questions and interrogated, and at my age back then, I didn’t know how to talk to the cops.. I probably would’ve given us up without realizing it had I killed her with him. He knew I was weak back then and he was the strong one, but I wondered when in our lives had our rolls been switched..?


For as cruel as Gareth can be, he doesn’t deserve the cruelty that I gave him. I lashed out because I’m insecure, I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep Hannah now that I have her, and I’m worried I’ll end up not being good enough. All of my rude words earlier to him were not a result of anything he said, but they were a result of my insecurities and lack of confidence in myself. I couldn’t just simply share with him little things that made me like Hannah so much, I didn’t have it in me to be forgiving and kind when I had these feelings of inhibition within me and the moment he asked about her, those doubts and diffident thoughts came rushing back and I felt as I was having an out of body experience.. I could hear what I was saying, I could feel the anger, yet I felt as if I wasn’t the one saying it.. I felt as if I was standing invisible within the living room, watching us fight and there was nothing I could say to stop it.. When I came back into my body, I realized what was just said and what I had said, and I tried to make it better by telling him about Hannah, but it was too late. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that before.


I let out a heavy sigh, not wanting to sulk anymore, yet I couldn’t figure out a way I could help myself. I needed help from someone else, but without Gareth here and him being the one I needed help with, I contemplated what I should do. Should I go looking for him and make sure he understands how truly sorry I was, or do I sit here and wait for him to return? No, I couldn’t wait here, he left for a week when we were on good terms, how long would he be gone on bad ones? I felt even worse now knowing he got back today and we talked for less than fifteen minutes and already he was back out the door. I wondered where he had gone to, what he might do when I know sometimes his anger gets the best of him, but how would I be able to stop it now since I had no idea where to find him? After all that’s been said, I wasn’t sure if he was going to continue to try and keep our promise or if he might break it again.. 


I rose to my feet, unable to sit here any longer knowing he might do something irrational and I felt I might need help if I was going to find him. Normally I could do it myself, but when too frazzled like this, it was actually a little tiresome and difficult to think straight. I went upstairs and changed, then ran downstairs to check on Jess and she was sleeping on Gareth’s bed, still having food and water and I knew I could leave her alone for a little while. I locked up the house behind me and walked off the dock, in search for a cab and luckily one pulled around the corner after I had taken a short walk to it. 


I told the cabby where I was headed and we arrived quicker than I imagined, I must’ve been too deep in thought to notice the drive. I decided to go to Bennu’s, wondering if I could maybe get her opinion on a few things.. I rang the doorbell and Bennu answered eventually, smiling warmly at the sight of me, “Gibson, vhat a good surprise this is, come in, come!” She said joyfully and I smiled and I came inside, shutting the door behind me and hugging her tightly.

“You changed your hair, it looks nice,” I noticed and she gave an appreciative smile. She looked a lot younger with this hairstyle, I even noticed she still wore the necklace I had given her on her birthday which proved to me she truly did like it.

Screenshot-16 (2)

“Thank you, Gibson,” she replied, bringing one of her hands up and taking some of the hair out of my eye and touching my face with a proud look in her eyes, “You boys get more handsome every time I zee you.. You both look so much like your father,” she continued and I smiled more, seeing her then look around me in question, “Speaking of, is Gareth not with you?” She asked as her hand draped down my chin still in an observing manner.

“No, he’s.. Out somewhere. I came by to see how you were, and to see if I could talk to you about something,” I replied and I watched her nod and her warming hand finally dropped.

“Oh, of course. Please, come to the kitchen, I’ll make us some tea,” she gestured and I nodded in acceptance, following her into the kitchen.

Screenshot-16 (3)

I sat at the small dining table between the kitchen and living room, waiting for her as she made us tea and sitting there in silence. I didn’t know where to begin, I thought maybe I could talk to Bahiti instead, but I felt Bennu might be a better person to talk to about this, seeing as she raised us with Dad and she sometimes knew how we worked. Mother’s intuition, I suppose. “So, tell me.. What brings you here? Vhat is troubling you?” She asked and I smirked softly at how her English was getting better, yet every now and then she still let her accent peak out in her words.

“Well, uhm.. Ahh man..” I said softly, still not knowing how to start and trying to watch my words as well so I didn’t give away too much of anything. “Gareth and I are.. Well-”

“Fighting?” She guessed and I sighed.

“Yeah, I guess.. To say the least.. How’d you know?” I wondered.

Screenshot-21 (2)

“You show up without him, the first sign,” she said with a soft chuckle and I smirked, yet it faded quickly, “And you do not come here without him unless there iz something you do not want him to hear, or maybe he’s not here because you do not know where he is, yes?” She suggested and I looked to her with a slight sense of amazement, seeing now that she did know us better than I thought.

Bennu brought over the tea and set the cups down, taking a seat at the table with me as I answered her, “..Yeah.. I don’t know where he is.. We fought over something that happened between us in the past and I said some things that hit him pretty hard. I want to find him so I can apologize and fix things,” I replied, watching her nod in understanding.

Screenshot-31 (2)

“Vhat did you fight about exactly?” She asked and it took me a moment to answer.. I didn’t want to rat on him, let alone coming to our Mom and it felt like taddling on him like we were children at this point. Bennu noticed my hesitation, “Gibson, I know that this is not your nature to go to others for help, you always seem to make the right choices and you are a strong man, but everyone needs help every once is a while, do not be ashamed that you are here to ask for it.. I am more than happy to help you two,” she continued and I was warmed by her sincerity. 

“Well, it’s a very, very long story with a long history, but I guess I could tell you the recent things that have been building up,” I began and she nodded, giving me her full attention and I explained, delicately, about Gareth and my ex and my relationship now with Hannah and how I felt about everything. It felt good talking to someone about this rather than keeping it to myself or attempting to discuss it with Gareth. 

“I always knew Gareth to be a little deviant at times, but he was still such a good boy. It surprises and troubles me to hear that he would do something like that to you. For being twins, you two are the most opposite ones I’ve come to know,” she replied with a gentle smile and I shrugged.

“I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing anymore,” I add and I hear her sigh softly.


“Have you ever considered that maybe he did it on purpose?” She suggested and my eyes widened a little.

“No, no I’ve never considered that..” I replied with a somewhat stern tone, “Why would you imply that?”

“Forgive me, maybe I am out of my bounds and I do not mean to make you upset or cause you to hold any more ill will towards Gareth.. But, knowing you two and how you’re always together, and you always have been, is it not something to consider because he is worried about losing you after 23 years?” She continued and my expression grew softer, somewhat understanding a little better now, though it still seemed hard to believe. Or at least, I didn’t want to believe it. “You two have a bond like I’ve never seen, you two are one and to him, losing you is like losing a half of himself,” she continued and the more she went on the more it started to make sense. “Maybe he did it so you’d break up with her and so that he could have you to himself again. Of course, I could be wrong, and I do not mean to sound like I do not love him, but he can be selfish at times. This may or may not be one of those occasions.” 

“I’ve never thought about that before,” I admitted, lowering my head and thinking to myself a moment.

Screenshot-36 (2)

“I feel like that’s not your only reason in being here though, is there something else on your mind?” She asked and I looked back up to her, knowing she was right and she knew she was right, too. But, it was something I wasn’t going to even begin talking to her about. I couldn’t, and can’t.

“Yes, there is.. But, I don’t believe it’s something you can do anything about,” I replied with a defeated tone.

“Well, who could help you with it?” She asked and I shrugged.

“Maybe Gareth, if I could find him and if he actually talked to me without it resulting in a fight,” I add and she chuckles.

“I think I know what you might need. If it is about Gareth, you can’t talk to him about it. You’re right, he would get angry and your troubles would never end,” I looked to her with a raised brow, curious as to what she was thinking, “You should go and see your father,” she finished and my eyes widened a little.

Screenshot-38 (2)

“No, I couldn’t do that.. Not without Gareth. We’ve never went to see him without one another,” I contested and she smiled, chuckling slightly once more.

“Your father has a lot to say, believe it or not. You two together makes him feel like he can’t discover who you two have become as separate people. He wants to experience you both now that you are grown men, but he cannot do it properly if both of you are always together, feeding off one another,” she replied and I was shocked.

“Is that why he hasn’t said a word to us this whole time?” I asked.

“He has his reasons, you should go and talk to him.. Now is a good time since Gareth isn’t with you,” she gave another suggestion and my heart started beating faster. Seeing my father was like seeing someone that wasn’t there. Whenever Gareth and I went to see him, he never talked, let alone look at us together and I began to wonder if what Bennu said was true. She’s been the only one he’s spoken to this whole time, so it doesn’t seem too unbelievable that he would tell her something like that, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to see him on my own.  


“Will you come with me?” I asked, looking to her with worried eyes and she gave me a welcoming expression.

“I would love to go see your father with you,” she replied and I let out a relieved sigh, glad that I was going with at least one person instead of risking this on my own. I had to admit, I was a little worried and nervous to see my father, it had been seven months since Gareth and I saw him last, but this was the first time I was going to see him alone. I hope Bennu was right, I hoped that Dad would talk to me after all this time, but I still could never be too sure. I was nervous and a little hesitant still, but maybe talking to him would help me a little.


I stood up and Bennu joined me, uncertainty filling me as we walked out of the house and to Bennu’s car and she was still driving my Dad’s old black coupe, similar to Gareth and I’s car now yet ours was a dark red instead of black. The smell inside of it still reminded me of Dad, even though Bennu’s had it this whole time and he had even lent it to Lucy when she went to college.. It still smelled like him, even after all this time.. I didn’t know what to do as Bennu drove us to the hospital, trying to think of things to get my mind off worrying about seeing me father, “So, where’s Bahiti? Was she home? I forgot to ask,” I brought up.

“No, she’s out, I think at a movie with her friend and then grabbing dinner with her,” she replied pleasantly.

“Oh, do I know her?”

“No, she met her recently, and don’t worry, nothing that Gareth would be interested in,” she replied with a light laugh and I looked to her with concern.


“I.. I didn’t know you’d notice something like that.. I’m sorry for the way he acted on your birthday,” I replied.

“It doesn’t bother me, I know how he is.. Just the fact that you both showed up kept me very happy.. I know I am not your boys’ biological mother, and I do not mean to make me sound better than her in any vay, simply because she never was lucky to live long enough to see you two wonderful boys grown up, but you are my sons.. I know more about you two than you realize,” she replied with a smile and I smirked as well. I loved my mother, yet I had never felt a connection with her like I had with Bennu.. Maybe that was my fathers doing for driving her away to be with Bennu, but I didn’t blame him. Bennu was an amazing woman, and I had to acknowledge the fact that I did see her more as my mother than my own mom, even for the short time I had been raised by her. Bennu just seemed to care more.

Screenshot-9 (2)

We arrived at the mental hospital and my heart was pounding as we got out of the car and approached the doors, trying to keep my whits about me and trying to stay as calm and collected as I could. We went in and approached the front desk, the clerk seeing Bennu and smiling, “Here to see Mr. Dubois, ma’am?” She guessed correctly and Bennu nodded happily, “Please sign in like you usually do,” she requested and I saw her look to me, “It’s been a while, Mr. Dubois, your father will be pleased to see you, I’m sure,” she comforted and I didn’t know how to react, so I said nothing as I signed in as well after Bennu. 

Bennu looked to me and smiled, “Don’t be nervous, he’s still the same man he was before all of this,” she comforted and I nodded softly.

“Okay, follow me please,” the woman behind the counter said, Bennu walking ahead of me and I reluctantly followed.

Screenshot-16 (4)

We walked up a flight of stairs and came through a door that we needed to be buzzed in first before we entered, just like I remembered, but it still felt different when I looked behind me and didn’t see Gareth following. Bennu stepped through another door and I slowly followed, coming into the open room where most of the patients spent their ‘fun time’, seeing a person playing chess and arguing with themselves, a woman painting in the corner and a few others that didn’t fit Dad’s description. 

I stopped when Bennu did and she turned to me, “Wait here, sweetheart,” she cooed softly and I nodded, standing by the door as I watched Bennu with a keen eye. I knew these people were more unstable than my father, causing me to put my protective mannerism on and I watched Bennu closely while also watching the rest of the room and making sure no one approached her that I knew she didn’t know. 

Screenshot-21 (3)

I watched her approach a man sitting in a chair watching television by himself in the corner of the room and she placed a hand on his shoulder, me taking a few steps closer towards her but when I saw the side of my fathers face when his head turned towards her, I let down my guard on her and I watched them casually instead. I watched him quickly get up and he pulled her as close as he could, hugging her tightly and I knew he was surprised and thrilled to see her, seeing as I brought her here with me unexpectedly. They pulled away from one another and they kissed passionately, though I didn’t look away as I watched their love. It never grew old to me, I loved seeing Bennu and my father together, I loved seeing him still so excited to see her, and I loved seeing their love fill the entire room with just a simple welcoming kiss. I was jealous of their love, I wondered if I could ever have the same thing as them with Hannah. They were my inspiration. I had never seen that kind of love involving my father and my mother, but it made me that more acknowledged to what love truly was, and I knew my father never loved my mother like he did Bennu. Maybe my Dad did make the right choice when choosing who he wanted to be with and who he wanted to help raise us. I smirked softly to myself when I even thought back on how we had found out he murdered two people, yet Bennu still stuck by his side.. But, so did Gareth and I.

Screenshot-23 (2)
Screenshot-28 (2)
Screenshot-24 (2)

When they had finally parted from their kiss, I saw her speaking to my father and the expressions he made were troubled, yet he didn’t react negatively. I saw him then look towards me when Bennu pointed me out and I thought my heart stopped when his eyes met mine. He didn’t talk to Gareth and I when we were together, and that also went with the fact than he never bothered to look us in the eye, either. Him looking at me now made me feel like I was eighteen again and I could see his disheveled, sapphire eyes from where I stood as if I had just been caught getting in trouble. I didn’t know what to do while he looked at me, so I did nothing but stand there, helpless in his presence as I had known I would be before I even got here.

Screenshot-29 (2)
Screenshot-28 (3)

His hair had grown out so much since I had last seen him, yet he still held the same clean but stubbly look to his facial hair. He looked to Bennu and I watched him smile, something I hadn’t seen in a long, long time and soon Bennu was walking towards me with a smile on her lips as well. I stood there still distraught and a little frozen, watching her approach me and she gave me a warm, welcoming grin, “Go to him, he’s waiting to talk to you. I’ll be over here if you need anything at all, sweetheart,” she said in a motherly tone, causing me to unconsciously smile towards her, but it disappeared a moment after.

“Are you sure he’s ready to talk to me?” I asked her before she left, looking to her with a nervous expression.

“Of course.. He’s been waiting to see you alone for a long time. Please believe me when I say that he can help you and your brother out more than you think. He knows you boys. You are his son, he will be able to help you through anything,” she continued, placing her hand on my bicep momentarily in a comforting manner and she walked off to sit in a chair, away from my father so him and I could talk. I watched as she sat in a single chair, occupying herself and I looked back to my father, sitting and facing the television in front of him and my stomach was turning into small knots. I was nervous to approach him, but I heard Bennu clear her throat obviously and she egged me on, motioning with her eyes for me to go to him and I finally did.

Screenshot-36 (3)

I walked slowly away from Bennu and towards my father, each step feeling like I was in slow motion, but I arrived at a chair that faced him sooner than I thought, taking a deep breath and sitting down so I could finally face him. I kept my eyes down, still unable to look at him as I could see from my peripherals that he was still watching whatever was on the television instead of me. This made me feel a little more uncomfortable.. Here I had taken the time to come here alone and all he could do was still pay attention to only Bennu and the TV instead of me, just as if Gareth was here. At this point now, I didn’t feel comfortable saying anything, wondering whether he’d hear it or not like the last times I’ve seen him, and I also didn’t know what to say anyways.. 


I was beginning to get frustrated now, realizing this was a big waste of time the longer we sat here in silence and I stood back up so I could leave, “Sit down,” my father said and I looked to him in somewhat shock. Hearing his voice after five years of nothing felt as if I was hearing it for the first time again and I was both surprised and nervous.

“Yes, sir,” I replied and cleared my throat, sitting back down in his now heavy presence and I hated that my voice broke when I said two simple words.

“Where’s your brother?” He asked in his deep tone and I was still too much in awe to even respond. He was the one that Bennu thought I could talk to about my troubles even if she had no idea what I was dealing with, but now that I was face to face with him, I admit I was at a complete loss for words. It was so foreign to me hearing his voice here in Lucky Palms since we all transferred with him, but at the same time it made me immensely happy to the point I almost wanted to cry. Bennu was right, he wouldn’t talk to us unless we were alone.. He was actually talking to me. “Well, are you going to tell me where Gareth is or are you just going to sit there?” He continued and his eyes finally met mine. 


There it was, that look in his eyes that I remembered before he had been taken in, the stern, yet concerned and caring father I knew him to be. I couldn’t describe what I felt, though I knew that it was hard to talk as he continued to look at me. “Gibson?” He questioned and I broke from his gaze, gathering myself and realizing how good it felt to hear him say my name again.

“Sorry, uhm.. Wha’d you ask?” I questioned and looked back to him, seeing him smirk and hearing him chuckle softly.

“Where – is – Gareth?” He spoke slowly as if mocking me, but more laughing with me than at me.

“I, uh.. I don’t know.. But, how have you been?” I asked and I watched him shrug.


He looked around the room, “As good as anyone can be when in a shit heap like this place,” he replied with a soft smirk and looked back to me. I loved hearing his voice again, he spoke a little like Gareth, yet a lot less vulgar, keeping his formality to a minimum yet it was still there.. A little bit of both of us.. “I’m okay, Gibson. Heavily medicated during the nights, but I’m easing off of those as I continue to have less nightmares. I’ve been known to sleep walk sometimes, but I haven’t done that in about a year, so no more restraints,” he added, chuckling at his own expense. “Other than that, there’s progress, but still not enough to get outta here,” he finished, looking away from me and back to the television, his expression trying to hide his disappointment. I was happy there was progress, but I was saddened as well when I knew he hated it here and he’d probably do anything to get out, but we all knew his healing would take time. 

“Does.. Do you, uhm.. Are you still.. Seeing things?” I asked, seeing him look back over to me and I know he knew who I was referring to.

“Stop worrying about me. How are you, son?” He asked in return and I sighed, seeing that that was one thing he didn’t want to talk about. “Do you still have that job at the bookstore?”


I was surprised he remembered from the last time I visited with Gareth, it was both of us talking to him without a single one word reply, but then again, what else did he have to think of while locked up here? “Yes, I still work there..”

“Do you still enjoy it?”

I shook my head and averted my eyes elsewhere, “No, not really.. I could use a change,” I replied.

“I do pay attention whenever you two visit.. I saw on the news a little while ago that someone from there committed suicide, you wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?” He wondered and I looked back up to his eyes, hesitating longer than I should, but I could already see in his eyes that if I denied it, he wouldn’t believe me. I swallowed hard and when I opened my mouth slowly to answer him, I watched him blink slowly and turn his attention away from me, disappointment written all over his face. The look in his eyes shook me more than I could handle and I hated myself for a moment, “What about the girl they found on the shore?” He questioned next and looked back to me, “Gareth?” He continued and I hung my head, nodding softly and hearing him sigh heavily.


“How did you know?” I asked quietly, looking back up to him and he gave me a stern expression as if it was a stupid question.

“I’ve known ever since you two were ten,” he replied and my eyes widened, “You think I don’t know you two? Don’t be so naive. You’re the brains and he’s the brawn, right? The perfect team,” he continued and I momentarily grew angry at how stupid I’ve been. He was right, I was naive, and foolish, why did I think that he would have no idea when we come from the same blood? Like his father before him that I’ve read about, he was a danger to not only himself, but to others as well, and Gareth and I were no different. But this couldn’t be who I become, I wouldn’t let it, and I wouldn’t let Gareth either.

“Dad.. We made a pact to not hurt anyone else when we arrived here, we wanted a new life and we were set on not ending up like y-” I stopped, catching myself before continuing but I heard him chuckle.

“Like me?” He finished my sentence and I looked away from him, “Don’t be ashamed, I don’t want you to be like me, either..” He added and I looked back to him, “Listen, I’ve noticed. It’s not like I’m completely secluded from the world, there’s only a few channels here but the news is one of them,” he gave me a stern expression, “I know you haven’t done anything since you’ve been here except for that little slip up with your coworker, I just wish I could say the same for Gareth.. There needs to be a way that you can get him to stop before he does anything else. The last place I want to see you two is on the news, in jail, or in here with me. You’re not going to let that happen though, right?” He pushed, his expression growing more intimidating and I nodded quickly.

“Yeah, right..” I agreed.


“Do you know.. About Mom?” I asked and I watched him nod.

“She’s one that Gareth could’ve left alone, but he was just a child, an angry brat who wasn’t getting his way I presume.. Right?” He asked in return and I nod back as well, “That’s why you need to be the one to look out for him, I gave him that responsibility, but he’s proved that he can’t uphold to it any longer.. Looks like you’re the bigger brother now.”

“I have been this whole time already, even when we lived back in Bridgeport. But, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t let myself be dragged down with him and I have more important things to worry about now,” I replied.

“Better things than looking out for your family?” He asked and I sighed.

“I want to start my own, I don’t want him to come along for the ride and be a grown child I need to take care of.”

“You know he’s not the type to do the same as you, that thought will never cross his mind. Since I’m unable to be his father figure from in here, it’s only appropriate that you take over until I get out, you’re the only one who can,” he replied and I grew a little angry.

“What if you don’t get out, what then? Why do I have to take up your responsibilities?!” I asked somewhat harshly.


I watched him turn towards me quickly and my anger instantly turned into fear, “You don’t get to talk to me like that,” he threatened and I looked away from his eyes. “Stop being so goddamn selfish and do what you have to to keep him out of trouble, do you understand me?” He questioned sternly and I nodded in agreement, “Your his brother, you’ve always been there for him and him for you. Just do me this one favor and watch out for him, will you?”

“I will.. I promise,” I reply and I look up to him, watching his expression grow less angered and he seemed calmer now. I was never scared of him in the way most people would be if they didn’t know him like I did, I was just intimidated because he was still my father, and I still wanted to make him proud after all of this time failing.

“You don’t do this shit anymore, either, understand? I don’t care what you feel or what you want to do, whenever you’re put into another situation like that, be strong. Don’t give in, got it?” He continued.

“Yes, sir,” I agreed.


“So you don’t know where he is, huh?” He brought up again from earlier and I shook my head ‘no’. I watched as he brought his fingers to his face as he thought to himself. It seemed as if he knew more than I did, yet I couldn’t see how it was possible, knowing that he didn’t know how Gareth had been acting ever since we had gotten to Lucky Palms.. Gareth was good at putting on fronts, but now, I felt as if he still couldn’t fool our father as I watched the determination of his face. “Does he have a girlfriend? Anything?” He asked and I nodded, but then made a weary expression.

“Yes, but.. I guess it’s more safe to say that everyone else thinks they’re together and Gareth is the only one who doesn’t believe that.. He’s rather.. Promiscuous,” I replied and I heard him chuckle.

“You don’t have to tell me that.. I was like him at your guys’ age, but there’s still a difference in the outcomes. I found someone to love, whereas I doubt he’ll ever feel that way towards anyone..” He retorted and I couldn’t help but agree, nodding towards him. “Either way, this is the first place I’d look.. That, or the bars,” he added and although I should be surprised by how he knew that since it was more than logical when talking about Gareth, it still surprised me that even with being locked away in here and barely ever seeing us, he really did know us well. “Go to her place,” he instructed, coming to a conclusion and I nodded again.

“I will. Thank you, Dad.. He just.. He throws me off sometimes and I can’t think straight, I was-”


“Go there.. Now.” He somewhat demanded, cutting me off and I reacted slower than he would’ve wanted, “Now, Gibson, before anything happens,” he stressed and I looked away from him briefly while nodding. What was he getting at? Did he know something I didn’t? Intuition, maybe? I felt slightly stupid for coming here now, why didn’t I go to Nina’s in the first place? I didn’t know where she lived, but I knew the general area, I was bound to see our car in one of the driveways, but I didn’t realize how easy it was to find him earlier when I was frazzled and my mind was scattered.


My father rose to his feet and so did I without question, looking to him with a concerned expression but it went slightly shocked when he came towards me and pulled me into his arms. What normally would take me a few moments to realize I was being hugged by Gareth, Dad was so much different.. The moment he threw his arms around me, I did the same without a second thought, hugging him tightly and I had missed this so much.. My eyes shut in both pain and anxiousness to the feel of him and it was different than when he used to hug me when I was younger.. He’s never hugged me like this, I felt pathetic when I felt my eyes watering underneath my eyelids, but I shut my eyes tighter to keep the drops from falling down my cheeks and he released me, putting his hands to my shoulders and I looked to him, my eyes and mind searching for guidance from him even though I already knew where to go. “Be strong for him, don’t let him fall to a darker side like I did,” he preached and I averted my eyes, unable to look at him anymore, yet nodding at his request. “I love you boys.. Make me proud,” he continued and I couldn’t hold back anymore, breaking away from him before he could witness me being weak when I needed to be strong for Gareth.

“I will,” I said softly as I walked away.


I went towards Bennu and she looked up at me with a smile, yet when she saw me wipe away a single tear that I had let fall, her expression changed instantly, “Gibson, are you alright?” She asked, standing and walking towards me with worry but I walked passed her.

“I’m going to take a cab home.. Thanks for everything, Bennu,” I replied, leaving the room and going outside to hail a taxi.


I stood outside on the sidewalk, waiting for a cab to pass by as the sun had swept over the sky while I had been inside talking with my father and it would be dark very soon. I started to wonder if I was too late, I started to worry that maybe he had already done something foolish, and I started to fear that I was going to walk in on a bloodbath. Poor little Nina never stood a chance against him, even if she tried.. I just hoped he hadn’t done anything to her or anyone else since he’s left the house. I was finally able to calm down a little from seeing my father, though my nerves were still shot now that I was thinking of Gareth and I grew impatient as I still waited for a taxi to pass. I noticed the moon peaking out behind the mountains and I tapped my foot in frustration, taking a strong look at my surroundings and I realized I was only a few blocks away from Nina’s neighborhood, deciding to walk towards the general area that I knew she lived and hoping I’d come across a cab on my way there.


As I walked towards Nina’s neighborhood, I tried to think of what I would say to Gareth when I would see him.. Of course I was going to apologize once more, but who knew if he’d forgive me so soon. I tried to keep my father’s words in my head, repeating ‘make me proud’ over and over and I nodded subconsciously to myself as I continued walking. I needed to try and get through to Gareth on the first try and I needed to remember to keep calm and not antagonize him to the point where we’d just end up fighting again.. I convinced myself to not tell him that I had seen Dad without him, knowing that that would probably only piss him off more, but I would tell him eventually when the time was right.. I’d tell him, too, that if he goes without me, Dad will talk to him like he talked to me, but I was worried for what Dad might say to him and if Gareth would be able to handle it without overreacting. I let out a sigh, realizing how much I had on my plate to deal with and I wasn’t looking forward to any of it, but I needed to start somewhere, and making up with Gareth seemed like the first thing I needed to do.


I hadn’t even been bothering to watch out for a taxi as I walked for a while, but I saw a house in the distance with the porch lights on at the corner of the street, recognizing our car in the driveway and another which I assumed was Nina’s. I grew tense once more, my pace growing slower as I approached the driveway and I kept my eyes to the lit windows in the front of the house that I had guessed was the living room. When I approached the car, I stopped and I could see Gareth through the windows, staring out a different window that faced the other side of the house and I watched him with patience. I saw him look over his shoulder and I assumed he was talking to Nina, but I noticed the look in his expression from where I stood and I grew worried, but I continued watching before I did anything.. 


I then heard him start yelling and I watched him flip over a coffee table as he yelled, though I couldn’t make out his words. He was dramatic, his arms being thrown around as he yelled and I grew worried for Nina, though I still didn’t act on anything until I knew she was in trouble. I knew it didn’t take much for him to get angry, but there was usually a build up to any violent action he’d make and I knew I had time before he acted on anything he might have planned for her in any violent manner.. I heard more heated yelling coming from the house and I looked to the front door, seeing it being opened by Gareth and I didn’t hide behind the car, but more so kept my presence unknown as I watched without giving any clue that I was there. Nina followed behind him and I listened to their heated conversation as I seemed to remain unknown to them.. “Fuck you, Nina! I don’t want this! I don’t want anything to do with this and don’t fucking follow me!” Gareth voiced as I watched him leave her home, but Nina followed him relentlessly.

“Gareth, please..! Don’t go.. We need to talk about this, please!” She pleaded with all her strength, following him out of her house and down her deck stairs to her front lawn.


I watched as Nina grabbed his bicep to stop Gareth, but he flung his arm and hand back so hard and so suddenly that his hand had connected with her face, causing her to fall down onto her sandy sidewalk and she let out a harsh cry when he did so. “Back the fuck off, Nina! I told you I want nothing to fucking do with this! Either get the fuck rid of it or I’ll take care of it myself,” he replied in hostile anger and I was enraged when I saw him hit her and the wording he used bothered me as well.. I figured now would be the best time to jump in before anything else happened.

“Gareth!” I voiced angrily and I noticed him look towards me in shock. “What the hell is wrong with you?!” I yelled, walking passed our car and going to Nina to help her up, “Are you okay?” I asked, seeing her crying though she nodded ‘yes’ to my question when I knew it was a lie.


“Gibson.. I.. What are you doing here..?” Gareth began but I ignored him, helping Nina to her feet from the sand and I held her close to me, looking to Gareth then.

“What the fuck is your problem!? You don’t ever hit a woman, especially on the front lawn, you moron!” I said quietly in a harsh manner as I held Nina and I could tell by his expression that he was jealous by how I was tending to her. I knew it would make him angry, seeing as how any girl in Nina’s situation he treated like his own property, but I didn’t do it with the intention of making him mad.

“Don’t fucking touch her,” he warned, approaching us slowly and I pushed Nina behind me, her following my guidance in obvious fright and I stood in front of her like a strong wall, blocking her from Gareth.

“Go inside, Nina,” I said softly, gently pushing her towards the house and she quickly turned around and went inside, knowing that I could handle this better than she could.

Screenshot-106 (2)

“I should never hit a woman, huh? That’s rich coming from you, killer,” he replied with a grin and I furrowed my brow.

“Don’t call me that,” I warned, watching him step up closer as he still held his grin.

“So, now your a super hero for damsel’s in distress? How unorthodox,” he continued to tease and I ignored his petty jabs at trying to make me angry.

What was that all about?” I asked, watching him shrug as if he had no clue and ignoring my question.

“Why are you here?” He asked, his expression finally growing softer and I could tell he was beginning to calm down from the argument he was having with Nina. Good, it’s better that I had his full attention now instead of her.


I let out a sigh, walking passed him and away from the house, leaning against the car and putting my hands into my pockets, “I came to apologize, alright? I know that some of the things I said were wrong and I didn’t mean them, so I’m sorry..” I replied and looked up to him, watching as he avoided looking at me, “Come on.. What were you two fighting about? What did you mean when you said you’d take care of it if she didn’t?” I asked.

“What, just because you apologized means that you have a right to know my business again?” He asked sarcastically and I sighed.

“I just want to see if there’s anything I can do to help, that’s all.. And knowing you, hearing you say ‘i’ll take care of it’ can mean so much more than any normal person would think.. What did you mean by that, anyways?” I questioned again, watching him turn around and take a few steps away from me.


“Whatever.. If you wanna know so fuckin’ bad, then fine.. Nina’s pregnant,” he finally confessed and my eyes widened in shock, “She says she wants to keep it, but I don’t fuckin’ want it.. Why would I? I never wanted kids, I can’t fuckin’ stand ’em, and I don’t want her to have it,” he continued, hearing him sigh heavily and look up towards the sky. 

“Wow.. I, uh.. Wasn’t expecting that..” I replied with a somewhat saddened tone and he chuckled. I admit, that news hit me a little harder than I would’ve liked, I was jealous.. He doesn’t want kids, hates them, yet his girlfriend is pregnant and I stand here wishing I had such news to boast about.. 

“I thought the same thing when she told me.. I don’t know what the fuck to do, man.. It’s not like I can ask what you would do in my situation, cause you want this kinda thing..” He paused for a moment and I watched him, standing in a pool of his own confusion and uncertainty, “To be honest, I got pretty pissed when I was inside.. I wrecked her living room a little, I even contemplated going to the kitchen and grabbing a steak knife.. Why not kill two birds with one stone, right?” He asked rhetorically, turning around and looking to me and I didn’t like the look in his eyes. It made me a little queezy to hear him say such a thing, how open and totally okay he was with killing his child and Nina, despising him a little for it.. “But, I decided to leave instead. I didn’t want to give you any more reason to hate me, and I don’t think I’d be able to get away with it this time, either,” he replied, looking away from me.


“I’m glad you didn’t do anything extreme, that’s kind of why I came looking for you, too, not only to apologize, but just to make sure that I’d be there to stop anything irrational you might do. I don’t want you to end up in prison or in the electric chair or even with Dad, I’ll help you through anything to make sure you stay far away from those places,” I reply and he looked back to me, “If she’s not willing to get rid of it, then I’ll help you with that, too.. Just promise me that you won’t treat her like that again,” I requested and I heard him sigh, “Gareth, she’s carrying a baby, your baby, if she’s not going to get rid of it then at least don’t let her get hurt to the point where something happens before it’s born,” I finish and he chuckles.

“Meaning what, you think I’m going to be tripping her on purpose or something?” He asked humorously and I gave him a stern expression.

“That’s exactly what I think,” I replied and I watched him lose his cocky smirk, “You’re just.. You’re selfish and irresponsible, and in my opinion you don’t deserve for something like this to happen to you, meaning both you don’t need this kind of thing in your life, and also that you don’t deserve to raise a child when you don’t even want it,” I continue and he scoffs.


“Tsk.. What’re you, jealous?” He asked with a cocky tone and I look down to the sand, “Jesus.. You are jealous, aren’t you?”

“Just drop it.. My point is.. I know you don’t want this, but Nina obviously does. It’s not like the kid’s going to be in your care one hundred percent of the time, you should just be happy that you’re bringing life into this world, it should be an amazing feeling, not a bad one. Just be open minded to it. I told you I’d help, I’d be more than happy to.. Wouldn’t mind being an Uncle anyways,” I said with a smirk and looked back up to him.

“Oh no, don’t get all fuckin’ sappy with me and this bullshit, I’m not in the mood to be happy about any of this shit right now,” he threatened and I chuckled when I saw him smirk after his words. 


What are you going to do now?” I asked, watching him shrug.

“I can’t talk to her again, not tonight.. Do you wanna go home? Help me sort some of this shit out, grab some food?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, of course.. I’ll drive,” I reply and he nods, removing the keys from his pocket and tossing them to me, catching them and we both got into the car, pulling out of Nina’s driveway and making our way back home.

Generation 3, Chapter 11

    Gareth’s POV     


“Ahhh, fuck..” I let out softly when I had finally woken up, my eyes opening slowly and I needed to blink a few times before I could see straight. I was more groggy than normal, a slight pain in my skull and a headache helped wake me up more. As I looked up at the ceiling, I could tell I wasn’t in my room, nor was I at Nina’s, but I didn’t care much anyways.. I had woken up in stranger places than this before, at least there was a roof over my head this time. 


I went to reach for my pack of smokes but I couldn’t move my arm, looking to my right and saw blonde hair, my eyes following down a female frame sleeping next to me and all she wore was a pair of panties. “Damn,” I complimented. I let out another groan and shut my eyes, debating on whether or not to fall back asleep but something else kept me from doing so. The bed moved on my left and I opened my eyes once more, seeing a second girl with strawberry blonde hair adjusting herself to get comfortable and her hand ran over my torso as well as putting one of her legs around mine. I chuckled under my breath and grinned devilishly, “Looks like I had fun last night,” I said quietly.


My arm was already around the strawberry blonde and my other arm pulled at the normal blonde, watching as she still kept her eyes shut as she rolled to her other side to do the same as the girl to my left. I let out a relaxed sigh, both girls now holding me and I shut my eyes, attempting to try and remember last night as best I could. There were only a few things I could remember; going to the bar, finding these girls and drinking a shit ton with them, then coming back to their place, but after that it’s pretty fuzzy.. Of course, I just had to black out all of the stuff that I actually did want to remember.. I gave my mind a break on trying to think too hard and I decided I needed a little more sleep before I could even think about doing anything else.


I slept for about two more hours, the sound of my ringtone filled my ears and my eyes opened, looking down at my chest and I was still being held tightly by each of the girls’ sleeping grip. I still didn’t want to get up, contemplating whether or not I should see who’s calling me, but I finally decided I should probably get up anyways and get the hell outta here. I slowly pulled my arms out from underneath their necks and sat up, scooting to the foot of the bed and sitting at the edge. I leaned over to my pants that were lying on the floor and removed my phone from my pocket, looking to the ID and Nina was calling me. “Great..” I said sarcastically, wondering now why the hell I got up.. 


“Hello..?” I answered my phone, wanting to get this over with.

“Hey, it’s me..” Nina began and I rolled my eyes, no shit it’s you, I thought with frustration.

“What do you want, baby?” I asked with little interest, rubbing the bridge of my nose as I felt my headache coming back.

“Are you at home right now?” She wondered.

“Yeah, just lying in my bed,” I lied, looking over my shoulder and smirking to myself when I saw the sleeping eye candy that laid in the bed.

“I was, uhm.. Just wondering if you were going to come over later?” She asked and I let out a deep sigh, not caring that she could hear it as well.

“I don’t know, babe, I got a terrible headache right now and I’m not in the mood to really do anything tonight,” I reply.


I could feel the bed moving behind me as I talked to Nina, soon feeling a hand caressing my back in a messaging manner and I shut my eyes as I indulged at the comforting touch. Nina kept talking, which kept me from fully enjoying a calming back rub from one of the girls, “Well, actually.. I was going to see if you want to take it easy tonight and watch a movie or something?” She wondered and I almost forgot to answer her when I felt parted knees on either side of my hips, a pair of hands messaging my shoulders.

“I don’t know if I’m in a mood for a movie, either..” I replied and I could almost feel her disappointment through the phone.

“Well, I just.. I want to talk to you, it’s been a few days.. I’ll make you dinner, too, if you’d like? Whatever you want,” She continued to persist and this was getting a little pathetic at this point. A thought ran through my head and I completely ignored Nina as I thought of Gibson, how long have I not been at the house? A whole week now?


“I don’t know, I got some stuff I need to do,” I replied.

Then come by when your done..?” She asked with her sweet, mousy voice and I forgot to reply to her again as I felt a pair of soft lips beginning to kiss the back of my neck and the set of hands that were massaging my shoulders slid over my waist to the front of my torso. “..Gareth..?”

“I’ll call you back,” I dismissed her and hung up, tossing my phone onto my pants and I turned around to see the arousal in both of the their eyes as they were both awake now.

“Come back to beddd,” the blonde coaxed and I smirked, turning around completely and crawling back into bed with them.

“Alright.. One more time, then I gotta get going,” I reply and they both giggle in excitement.


After getting to relive and remind myself what had happened last night, the girls were sad to see me go, but I got the blonde’s cell number first and only acted like I had added the strawberry blonde into my contacts, though of course I didn’t. I usually always picked the hotter of the two whenever this rarely happened, knowing that they are willing to do threesomes and then I’m able to mix and match the hot ones whenever I’m in the mood for this kind of thing again. As I drove home, I wondered what Gibson might say when I get there, poor bastard has probably been lonely as shit this entire time and I felt a little bad for abandoning him for two weeks. But, hopefully he’s kept busy, what with his job and his books and him doing other stuff.. What else does he do for fun when he isn’t at work or reading? I shrug to myself as I can’t seem to remember what else he does and I pull into the parking lot, seeing all the regular cars there, but I parked next to a purple jeep that I’d never seen before.


I walked down the large dock and reached the house, unlocking the door and coming in slowly and quietly. The house was dead silent which seemed a little odd to me, usually whenever I came home I’d always hear Gibson in the kitchen making food, Jess making noises, Gibson’s music, or even at least the laundry machines running downstairs, but there was nothing. I came into the living room and realized something had changed, “Where the hell are my smokes?” I asked myself, also noticing my ashtray was gone as well and they were replaced with a bottle of wine and two glasses with still remnants of the alcohol left behind inside each one. “Two glasses..?” I asked myself, but it took me only a second to figure out that Gibson must’ve had someone over last night..


I walked away from the living room and went to the bottom of Gibson’s stairs, stopping myself from going up and I thought for a moment. He couldn’t already have a girl over, could he? Even though he’s been saying he’s over his ex, he always still seems a little bothered whenever any talk of girls comes up, it always made me think he still wasn’t over her. But now, it makes me wonder if he was just being a dick that whole time and was playing games with me, bringing up his ex only to make me feel bad.. That asshole.. I sighed softly to myself, “I gotta check it out..” I finally decided.


I slowly made my way up his stairs as quietly as I could, being grateful to whoever had built this place right before we moved here and how the stairs didn’t even creak once when I was walking up. I came up to his half wall and finally to the last step, looking around his room and I came to a sudden halt when I saw Gibson lying in his bed with a bombshell, Gibson wearing athletic shorts and the woman wore her panties and a sweater I recognized was Gibs’, my brow rising in surprise. Sadly, Gibson’s sweater just barely covered her breasts and I couldn’t even have a nice show as I was snooping. I should’ve popped my head in and left already, but my eyes stayed glued on the woman he was with and they traveled from her face down every curve of her body and all the way down to her feet, letting out a quiet “phew” of a whistle subconsciously. Gibson began to show some signs of life as he moved himself a little and I took that as my cue to leave, heading back downstairs just as quietly as I had came up and I went back into the living room. 


I felt my headache coming back and I decided to give myself some ‘hair of the dog’, picking up one of their glasses they had left behind and drinking the warm wine that had been sitting out all night. The taste was terrible, picking up the bottle and looking at the label where I then saw the price tag still stuck on it, “$400 for shitty wine? You’re a fuckin’ idiot, Gibs,” I insulted, putting the bottle back on the coffee table and still continuing to drink it.. It was kind of working, though I wished we had beer somewhere in the house since that’s all I drank last night and it would make me feel a lot better rather than this crappy wine. But, the bottle gave me clues; for how expensive it was, it told me that Gibson would only open it on a special occasion, and he’d never waste what he thinks is ‘good wine’ on a hooker, so the girl in his bed is obviously a date, or even his girlfriend. “Hmm..” I let out softly, beginning to wonder how long he had been seeing her as I sat there alone in silence.


I heard movement upstairs about ten minutes after I had first sat down in the living room, putting down the wine glass and trying to listen to what was happening upstairs. I could hear Gibson’s low voice but couldn’t make out any words, the woman laughing softly every now and then to whatever he was saying. I eventually heard her heals and his heavy footsteps coming down the staircase and I could hear more of their conversation when I got up and moved stealthily closer.


“I had fun, we gotta do this again really soon,” the woman suggested with a joyful tone.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Gibson replied, escorting her to the front door and she turned around to face him, wrapping her arms around his waist, “Call me when you’re free again,” Gibson suggested and she smiled.

“I will, hopefully someone will cancel during the week so I don’t have to wait until next Saturday to see you again,” she replied and I heard Gibson chuckle, putting an arm around her to pull her closer and bringing his other hand up to her face. He pulled her into a kiss and it lasted only a few seconds, but after a moment of standing there after it, they both obviously wanted more, kissing again and this time it lasted longer and was a bit more passionate than the last. I didn’t feel right staring at my brother making out with his girlfriend so I averted my eyes until they were done, looking back to them when I heard the sliding door open and close and I knew she had left then.


Gibson walked away from the door and stopped at his staircase with wide eyes as he looked to me, “Gareth!” He said softly in surprise, “When did you get here?” He asked as if he was nervous about something and I raised one of my brows.

“Jesus, calm the hell down.. I still live here you know, it shouldn’t be that surprising to see me,” I replied and I could tell by the way his expression fluctuated that he was still nervous about something.

“Where have you been the last week?” He asked, and judging by his tone I could tell he didn’t care, he was probably still thinking about the woman that just left.

“Oh, here and there.. Sometimes at Nina’s, sometimes elsewhere.. I woke up today in a random house with two girls in the bed, so I honestly don’t really care, it was a good morning..” I reply and I watch as he rolled his eyes from hearing my whereabouts.


“Soooo.. Got yourself a new girlfriend, huh?” I asked, watching his expression grow somewhat stiff yet his eyes held suspicion and a hint of anger.

“And what if I do?” He replied with a short tone, noticing I was right and he still got this certain defensive demeanor about him whenever I mentioned his romantic interests.

“Why are you always so confrontational about this? It’s just a simple observation,” I replied.

“Stop talking like that, you just sound like a moron when you try to sound smart,” he retorted and I chuckled at how angry he was getting without me really needing to do anything.


“What’s your deal? I’m just asking questions.. Just curious is all,” Gibson walked passed me and towards the living room, taking his bottle of wine and placing it back within the rack he had hanging by the kitchen.

“About what, exactly?” He asked, though his tone sounded bored.

“That little fox that just left our house, how’d you meet her?” I questioned, seeing him then walking to the wine glasses and bringing them into the kitchen and beginning to wash them.

“Gareth, please don’t start this..” Gibson pleaded and I gave him a confused expression, “Don’t even look at me like that, it’s what you do.. You get to know a girl without even getting to know her yourself so it’s an easy in. But no, I’m not going to let you do that with this one, I’d rather she just continue to believe that you don’t exist,” he replied with an irritated tone.

“Wait.. You haven’t told her about me?” I asked, wondering if I had heard him correctly.

Screenshot-80 (2)

“..No, I haven’t,” he replied with a bland voice, seemingly unwavered by his own words as I looked to him, somewhat in shock.

“What the fuck?! Why not? You’d be in more deep shit if she had seen me here, wondering who the fuck I was when she’s under the impression that you live alone! What would you have said then?” I retorted with anger, waiting a few long moments for a response.

“Maybe I’m a little embarrassed of you, ever thought about that? Maybe even a little intimidated, though I can’t stand admitting it. I don’t want to have to relive you stealing a girlfriend right out from under me.. This one’s different,” he replied.

“And what the hell makes you think I’d do it again?  I already feel bad enough about all that..” I replied with a somewhat defensive tone.

“Gareth, spare me! It’s something I can forgive you for, but I’ll be damned if I forget it.. You have a reputation about you that isn’t something to parade around with and be proud of, you woke up in a bed with two girls that I’m sure you can’t remember the names of and you’re cheating on Nina constantly! You killed off our mother, but Bennu still isn’t good enough for you to take over the role, so you look for solace in every possible girl you can find to fill the hole you have that you made yourself.. I don’t want her to become another one of your victims, whether it’s flirting or worse, and I don’t want her to know I’m related to someone so deranged and unstable,” he replied and I stood there in disbelief. 


“..Jesus, Gibs.. Talk about uncalled for..” I finally reply, seeing him look towards me with remorse now in his eyes.

“Gareth, I’m sorry.. I don’t know why I said all that,” he said, his tone now matching what he held in his eyes, but all I could do was glare at him in anger.

“Well, there’s gotta be truth in some of it, right..? I guess I’ll go and continue to act as if I don’t exist,” I reply harshly, walking away from the kitchen towards the door.

“Gareth, wait!” He stressed, but I still kept walking, “Her name is Hannah!” Gibson began and I slowly came to a stop, wondering if this was some sort of apology, “I met her a couple weeks ago on my way home from work.. She runs her own daycare because she loves kids, she has a dog named Klaus and even Jess likes him. She wants to become a chef, but I think she should open her own bakery because she says making desserts are her favorite part of it all. Her favorite color is lilac, she’s sweet and funny, confident.. And I really, really like her,” he continued and I turned around, “Please, just.. Forget what I said before..”

“I’m happy for you,” I reply with more sarcasm than I intended, “I’m your twin for fucks sake, you can at least acknowledge my existence, asshole..” I finish, turning back around and leaving the house.


I slam the sliding door behind me and I can’t contain the rage that’s building up inside as I make my way back to the car. “There’s literally nothing I can fucking say anymore without this shit happening, why can’t he just fucking talk to me without getting defensive over the littlest fucking things!?” I asked myself aloud as I walked to the car. I got into the car and started hitting the steering wheel and dashboard while simultaneously continuing to yell, “So – Fucking – Stupid!”

I stopped punching everything when I noticed I was beginning to warp the steering wheel a little, panting heavily as I sat there. I leaned forward to rest my arms on the wheel and I placed my forehead against my wrists, trying to take slow, deep breaths as I sat there. “I’m an embarrassment, huh? A big fucking disappointment and that’s all I am to you. I’m not even your fucking brother anymore, and to you I don’t even exist,” I continue, shutting my eyes as I sat there in my own rage and sorrow, still breathing heavily from my anger as I was unable to fully calm myself. How was he able to do that? At the flip of a switch he can go from being my brother to my captor and he makes me feel like one of his victims. He is good at what he does, I’ve missed being a team and his words hit harder than anyone else’s.. I just never expected he’d be driven to do that to me. The moment I noticed my bottom lip quiver was the same moment I lifted my head and took a huge, deep breath, refusing to let him get to me enough to the point where I couldn’t live with myself knowing I wasn’t strong enough to hold back a few goddamn tears. I composed myself within seconds though my anger still remained, starting the car and I clenched the wheel as I drove off.


I stopped by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of whiskey, driving then to the park and I got out of the car, making sure to bring the bottle with me. I sat down heavily onto a park bench and uncapped the bottle, taking a large swig of it and placing it down next to me on the bench. I was in a somewhat secluded area, though I was in no way hidden from anyone. I didn’t have anywhere to go, at least no where I wanted to be.. There’s no way I was going back to the house, and I didn’t want to go to Nina’s yet, it was still early, but never too early for a drink. I sat there for a while, maybe about an hour or two while occasionally taking a swig off the whiskey and gradually getting drunker as I sat there deep in thought. 


No matter how hard Gibson explained himself and no matter how hard I tried to understand, I still couldn’t get passed the fact that we’ve been growing apart ever since we moved here. We weren’t the same anymore, we don’t enjoy the same things and our trust in one another has been dwindling from the very moment we bought the house together. What once was an unbreakable bond and friendship was now nothing but selfishness and deception, on both our parts. What made it all change? I can understand him wanting a family, he’d be a good dad, and I understand him wanting to share his life with someone, he’s a good guy.. But, I never expected this to go as far as him replacing me again. Why couldn’t he just have both? Was he really that ashamed to call me his brother? I was losing him when he was with his ex, I slept with her so they’d break up knowing full well that Gibson despised cheaters, but.. What do I do now? Do I attempt at it again and break them up, or do I simply remain a ghost?


It was about three in the afternoon when someone kicked my foot rather harshly and my head bobbed a little, though keeping my eyes shut and continuing to try and pass out on the bench. “Hey, buddy, get up,” a voice demanded and I let out a groan, reaching for my bottle of whiskey but it was ripped from my hands and I heard the cap being twisted back onto it.


“Hey, I was fucking drinking that, asshole,” I said harshly, finally opening my eyes and my vision was a little blurred, but I could tell there were two cops in front of me by the blindingly shiny badge that I despised, pinned to both of their uniforms. 

“Come on, move it, bud.. You can’t drink in the park, that’s what bars are for. It’s a little early to be drinking anyways, isn’t it?” The cop that held my bottle mocked.

“Just leave me alone you fucking pigs, and gimme my fucking bottle back,” I demand but the other cop continues to hold onto it.


“Public intoxication and insulting an officer of the law.. You might as well quit while your ahead, bud,” the first cop threatened.

“I’m not your fucking buddy, pig, now gimme my damn bottle back and leave me the fuck alone,” I repeated myself, standing from the bench and both cops placed a hand upon their guns and I chuckled, biting my tongue and I knew where this was going if I continued..

“We can either arrest you now and take you in for public intoxication, or you can continue to be a smart ass and we’ll take you in for that as well as resisting arrest. Go ahead, take a swing at me, might as well throw assault and battery charges on there, too, huh?” he continued to threaten and stepped up closer to me to show he wasn’t intimidated.

“Don’t tempt me,” I replied with a sly grin. As much as I wanted to take the gun from his holster and hold it in his mouth as I listen to him beg me not to do it before I blew his fucking brains out, even if I am drunk, I still know better.. 

“Turn around and put your hands behind you back, smartass,” He replied.


“Whatever you say, piggy,” I reply, turning around slowly and putting my hands behind my back. I smirked as I bit the inside of my lip, trying my hardest to hold in my anger as he roughly put the cuffs on me and shoved me towards the direction of their patrol car, losing my balance from still being slightly drunk and I fell to the ground, feeling my eyebrow scrape on the sidewalk. “Fuckin’ asshole!” I called out angrily as I heard them both chuckling and I wanted to kick back and break their knees, but before I could act on it, they had me back up on my feet and were escorting me to their car. 

Screenshot-126 (2)

The drive to the station was short and I was thrown into a drunk tank, alone, to hopefully sober up so I could get the fuck out of here faster. I wish they would’ve let me have one last drink before taking me in.. I laid there bored but still angry, knowing none of what was on my mind was going to leave anytime soon, but I hated thinking about it when I didn’t have a drink I could drown it out with. I decided to sleep, trying to relax in the uncomfortable bed and staring at the bland ceiling and soon my eyelids grew heavy, shutting my eyes and I drifted off to sleep with ease thanks to half the bottle of whiskey I still had in my system.


A loud rattling noise clanged between the cell bars, my eyes rushing open and being pulled out of my slumber instantly and looking to the cell door. “Rise and shine, asshole,” one of the cops from earlier said as he banged his nightstick in between the bars.

Shut the fuck up! I’m awake! Jesus..” I said harshly as I rubbed my head, the sound giving me a slight headache that was worse than the one from this morning.

“Your bail has been paid,” he answered disappointingly and I looked to him, my eyes narrowing in suspicion, hoping that they didn’t contact Gibson; he’s the last person I wanted to see right now.

“..Who paid it..?” I asked with a short tone. 


My expression softened when Nina stepped out from behind the officer, standing there giving me a worried expression. I sighed softly, standing from the bed and walking to the door of the cell, “Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Open the fucking door,” I taunted and he gave me a harsh glare for a few long seconds before finally opening up the cell.


It was obvious Nina wanted to hug me but I walked passed her quickly and I could hear her feet shuffling across the floor as she struggled to keep up, “What happened to your face?” She asked with concern.

How the hell did you bail me out? Wasn’t it a thousand bucks?” I questioned, ignoring her question and touching my wound with my fingers, feeling it still stinging me but the pain wasn’t too much of a bother.

“Oh, uhm.. Y-Yeah, but I had some money in my savings..” She replied.

“Don’t you have to pay a big fee to do that? You just wasted a shit ton of money,” I replied with frustration.

“It wasn’t a waste.. I couldn’t leave you there..” She answered with sympathy.


“And how’d you know I was in there, anyways?” I continued to question.

“I-I was driving around running errands and I saw them putting you into the police car.. I came to the station to see if there was a way to get you out and they told me your bail amount.. I-I was having trouble with the bank for a while which is why it took so long, but I finally got it and came straight here..”

“How long have I been here already?” I asked next.

“Well, it’s about 7:00 now, so 4 hours?” I sighed heavily at the time, wishing that she had never noticed me when she was driving around and I was left here now rather than obligated to go to Nina’s.. 


We walked through the lobby and before we could leave, one of the officers from before stood at the front desk grabbed my attention, “Had to call your lady to bail you out, huh? Does she change your diapers, too, boy?” He taunted and I stopped, turning around and walking back up to the desk. 

“For the record, I didn’t fucking call her because none of you pigs gave me my one phone call, and for another record, why don’t you take that pretty little doughnut eating mouth of yours and suck my fucking co-” Nina’s hand went over my mouth and she pulled me away from the desk as the officer straightened out his back more threateningly.


“I’m so sorry! ..Please don’t listen to him! We’re leaving!” She pleaded, continuing to pull me away and keeping me from saying anything else and I lifted my hands before walking out the door, flipping them off before leaving and Nina attempt to keep my hands down as well.


We got to Nina’s and I sat on the couch within her large living room, letting out a heavy sigh as I shut my eyes and tried to relax after this terribly eventful day. I was somewhat sober again, yet there was still a tiny trace of the whiskey within me and I looked to Nina who was already glaring at me like a disappointed mother, “Do you have any beer, or what?” I asked harshly, Nina popping out of her trance on me and she jumped to my request.

“Y-Yeah, of course! H-Hold on,” she replied, rushing to the kitchen and grabbing what I had asked for. She came back with a beer in hand with the top already popped off and handing it to me, which I took quickly and chugged about half of.


I looked up to Nina who still stood in the same spot as she had when we first arrived and I was wondering why she wasn’t on the couch with me yet so I could attempt to get her in the mood. I tried to avert my eyes from her constant stare, but it was making me angry the more and more she just simply stared and didn’t do anything, “What the hell are you looking at?” I asked, causing her to finally give way and she looked away from me.

“N-Nothing.. It’s nothing..” She replied and I squinted my eyes in suspicion, taking another swig of my beer.

“Then what the hell is wrong with you? Sit down already..” I added harshly and she nodded, taking the seat next to me and I turned on the television.

Screenshot-7 (2)

Well, this was awkward.. I could obviously tell that something was on Nina’s mind, yet she wasn’t telling me what it was and I knew it wouldn’t be out of her thoughts unless I either asked her or distracted her.. There was no curiosity within me that wanted to ask her what it was, anyways, so I resorted to my second option.. I turned towards her and grabbed her hip with my right hand, pulling her closer to me and I kissed her lips harshly without her having a choice. One thing I could always be sure of was when she wasn’t in the mood, the way she kissed bothered me so much and her mouth was always so stiff. It took work getting her to relax and I wasn’t really in the best mindset to even talk to her as if she even mattered, resulting in me forcing myself upon her, but it was starting to be less fun the more she barely responded to me kissing her.

Screenshot-7 (3)

After making out with her for a few long minutes, which was awful anyhow, I broke away from her mouth and gripped the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head and tossing it on the ground, then grabbing her legs to pull her closer and I draped them over mine. My lips then went to her neck to try and coax her into showing me at least one sign that her body was enjoying it as my right hand went straight to her chest and I messaged her breast with my hand over her bra, beginning to hear her breathing heavier but it still wasn’t good enough for me. My fingers pulled the cup of her bra slightly and my thumb began caressing her nipple, and although her body reacted perfectly to my touch, Nina still wasn’t making any noises like I was used to and I got frustrated all over again.


I stopped, pulling my hand away from her chest and pulling my lips away from her neck as well, looking to her face and seeing her discomfort. “What the hell’s wrong?” I asked with little patience and she looked away from me as she shook her head.

“N-Nothing.. I told you..”

“Well, I don’t fuckin’ believe you. Either like it or tell me to stop and I’ll just fuckin’ go,” I replied angrily.

“No! I-I.. I don’t want you to go..” She pleaded softly, looking to me and I couldn’t take this, pushing her legs off of me and standing to my feet with frustration.

Screenshot-16 (2)

“Then what the hell is it?” I asked, though I could care less, crossing my arms in anger and walking over to the window. 

“I..” She began, but stopped. God, this was so annoying, I wanted her to either let me get some or I was just going to go to sleep without her. She sat there for a few long seconds before finally replying again. “I just.. I wish you wouldn’t go looking for trouble.. Don’t you think that you might.. I don’t know.. Have some responsibilities?” She questioned and I chuckled.

“Looking for trouble? I wasn’t looking for shit, those fuckin’ cops brought me in for just sitting on a bench.”

“Gareth.. I could smell the whiskey on you when I picked you up, and one of the cops was holding a half drunken bottle when they put you into the car..” She called out my bluff and it only made me angrier.

“So what, now you’re going to tell me I should stop drinking, right? Is that one of the responsibilities you’re implying?” I add sarcastically.


“Well, it couldn’t hurt..” She replied and I shook my head slightly as I tried to comprehend where all of this was even coming from.

“And why the fuck are you acting like my Mom right now? It’s like out of nowhere you have a problem with me and how I act when you know damn well that this is how I am,” I pointed out strongly.

“W-Well.. There’s always room for improvement.. Whenever you get the strength to change..”

“Now you’re calling me weak? You’re walking on some pretty fuckin’ thin ice, Nina, you should watch what you fucking say to me,” I threaten and she only replies after a long silence.

“..I-I’m not calling you weak.. I-I’m just concerned.. Do you always want to be like this?”

“If I’m happy, then why the hell not?” I ask harshly.

“Well.. Are you happy?” She wondered in return and I fell silent. Any other day I could answer’yes’ proudly, but after what Gibson said earlier, I wondered myself if I was happy, or even if I ever was. I shook off my doubt and grew angry once more, getting sick and tired of this back and forth conversation that seemed to be going nowhere and I wanted it to be over with.

“Look Nina, either get to the fucking point and tell me what’s wrong with you or I’m leaving and not coming back,” I threaten her again and finally, she gets to her damn point.


“I-I’m.. Pregnant,” she replied quietly and I sensed the joy in her tone.

I turned around and gave a threatening gaze, “What the fuck did you just say to me?” I question with my anger rising, seeing the motherly glow in her eyes quickly disappearing from the mere sight of my expression. She was right to be scared.

Generation 3, Chapter 10

Attention: Heads up, NSFW chapter. A little lengthy as well.


    Gibson’s POV     


It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this relaxed and content. Gareth hasn’t been home in a week since we last saw one another, but we weren’t ignoring each other, he just hadn’t come home yet. It was weird having a somewhat loving moment with him before he left, it was weird of me to act so vulnerable and to let down one of my many walls in order to show him how I really felt, but I was glad I had let myself be that weak. Maybe he’s finally able to understand me a little better now. Everything I said was true though, I never wanted to see Gareth locked up and I never wanted him to live out his life in a place where I can’t be with him whenever I wanted to be. A place like that would change him, and not for the better.. I can’t let him throw his life away.. I know I was being selfish by coming out and saying I didn’t want to be alone, but that’s the thing, even if I wasn’t alone and I was surrounded by everyone I loved, I still would be if he wasn’t there.


I sit on my bed for a few hours, browsing the internet and reading random articles to keep up on current news and stories. However, browsing soon turned into searching, trying to find anything I could on deaths that have occurred within Lucky Palms from the date we moved here until now. There were over one hundred results within the last 5 years, but most of them seemed to be of either natural causes or accidents that even Gareth couldn’t pull off. But, there was roughly twenty deaths that I wasn’t sure about, all of them seemed to be something that Gareth could do, but of course, there was no other information for me to go on in order to be sure it was him.. He is pretty good at what he does.. That, or he hasn’t been killing as much as I had thought he was. I looked up the most recent murder and nothing has happened since that Katherine girl turned up on the shore, and still no leads.. She was last seen at the Spring festival a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t the night that Gareth got involved with her.. “Hmm.. At least he hasn’t done anything since her.

Screenshot-18 (2)

A knock on the front door made me jump, thinking it was Gareth and I closed out of every tab I had open and shut my laptop in a hurry. I stood from my bed and thought for a moment.. It couldn’t be Gareth, he’d just barge right in.. So who was it? I walked down the steps cautiously and peaked towards the door without coming all the way downstairs, seeing Hannah waiting on the other side for someone to answer the door. “Shit..” I panicked a little. I didn’t look presentable at all, but I couldn’t make her wait while I went to change and I didn’t want to ignore her and act as if I wasn’t here.. I guess I had to answer it.


I walked downstairs to the door and smirked when we made eye contact through the glass, sliding it open and coming out of the house to greet her. “What are you doing here?” I asked, looking around the dock and towards the parking lot, trying to see if Gareth was anywhere nearby in case he was planning on coming home at all today, but luckily he wasn’t around.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to barge in like this, I hope I didn’t interrupt anything..?” She said with a sorrowful tone and I shook my head.

“No, no.. It’s fine, I just.. Wasn’t expecting company,” I replied.

“Well, I was in town getting a few things and I thought I’d stop by.. I’m sorry I haven’t called you. I’ve been really busy lately with work.. Today’s been my first day off since we last saw each other,” she answered my first question.

“It’s okay, I figured you were busy. I’m glad you’re here, actually,” I answered and she smiles more.

“Do you mind if I come in? It’s.. Kinda hot out,” she said with a giggle and I froze for a moment, not wanting to be rude and wanting to let her in, though I wasn’t sure if any of Gareth’s stuff was lying around..

“Not at all.. Please,” I said reluctantly, but added a smirk afterwards, gesturing her to come inside and she did so as I followed behind her.


I walked in after her, but I walked faster than her so I could get into the living room first, scanning the room quickly to see if I could find anything of Gareth’s and hide it before she notices. “Oh, is your room upstairs?” She wondered and I was thankful that she hadn’t come this far yet, seeing one of Gareth’s many half packs of cigarettes sitting on the coffee table along with his ashtray and I brought them into the kitchen to shove into a drawer and hide.

“Yeah, feel free to check it out if you want,” I add, seeing yet another pack of cigarettes lying on the counter and I shoved those into a random drawer as well. 


“Cool,” she replied happily and I could hear her going upstairs, letting out a relived sigh now that I had more time to check the whole place for his things without worrying if she’d find something that I couldn’t explain. Jess started barking and my eyes widened momentarily, wanting to let her out of her crate in hopes that Hannah wouldn’t assume that I just lock her up all day, even though I do. I rushed downstairs and to Jess’s crate, letting her out and she bolted passed me to run upstairs and investigate who else was here.

Screenshot-32 (2)

I went back upstairs quickly and noticed Hannah still wasn’t on the first floor.. She was probably still within my room, which meant Jess was up there now as well and I hated whenever she was up there.. I could hear Hannah talking to Jess, but I couldn’t make out the words, walking to the bottom of my stairs and making my ascent up to join them and see what they were up to. I came up to find Hannah rubbing Jess’s belly and I scoffed, seeing the mutt begging for attention like she usually did and rubbing her disgusting dog fur all over my clean wooden floor.


Hannah stood up from petting Jess when she noticed me and she looked around my room once more before making eye contact again, “I like your room, it’s so clean,” she added with a chuckle, “The view is amazing, too, just like I thought it would be.”

I smiled at Hannah, “Thanks,” I reply, looking to Jess and I pointed towards the stairs; first things first.. “Go downstairs,” I demanded and she put her ears down, but did as she was told and left. I looked up to Hannah, “Sorry, I don’t like her in my room, she has the tendency to chew on my stuff,” I add.

“Oh.. Sorry, I didn’t know,” she replied with an innocent smile.

“I know, it’s alright, she just wanted to see who was here.. I’m glad you like my room, though,” I reply with a smirk and she walks around my room, seeing her admire it as I watched her.


“Oh yeah.. Well, I have off today, which is another reason why I stopped by. I was wondering if you’d be up for taking me out to dinner tonight like we had talked about?” She asked, facing me from across the room as her fingers dragged over my pile of books and I nodded.

“Yeah, I’d love to. I remember telling you to choose anywhere you wanted to go, as well.. Any idea on where I can take you?” I wondered, walking around my room and making my way towards her slowly.


“Hmm..” She thought for a moment, turning her attention towards my back sliding door and admiring the view, “Do you like seafood? Would The Blue Horizon work? It’s one of my favorite spots,” she replied, looking towards me with a smile and then returning her gaze to the large back porch. 

“Of course, we can go there,” I replied, soon reaching her side and looking out the back with her.


“When do you want to go?” I asked, looking down towards her and we connected eyes. I could barely contain myself, staring at her elegant blue-green orbs and the faint smell of her perfume made my heart beat faster, but she turned away shyly and I watched her shrug.

“Whenever.. You could get dressed now and we could go to my place so I could change, by the time we get to the restaurant, it’ll be around 6:00, perfect time for dinner.. Sound good?” She asked, looking back to me as I still hadn’t taken my eyes off of her.

I noticed her glance at my lips and back to my eyes before I answered her, “Yeah, sounds good,” I confirmed softly, glancing to her lips as well before returning to her eyes and I didn’t want to wait any longer before I could kiss her.. Even without going on a romantic date to set the mood, it seemed appropriate timing now, yet I still didn’t know if I should.

“Well, get dressed.. I’ll wait for you downstairs,” she added with a tone that made my hair stand on end, watching as she then walked passed me and she gave me a flirtatious smirk as she made her descent down the staircase.


I let out a breath of air through my lips, taking a moment to calm myself so I could try and focus on what I should wear. I looked through all of my clothes, focusing mostly on my black attire since this was a formal occasion and I was aiming to highly impress. I ended up picking a black pair of pants as well as a black suit, a white undershirt, and I was tousling between different colors of ties I could wear. I pondered for a moment, looking towards the stairs and calling out to Hannah, “What’s your favorite color?” I called down.

“Umm…” She said loudly, “I like the color lilac a lot, anything really that’s some shade of purple,” she replied, searching through my ties again and soon finding a tie that matched her favorite color.

“It’s already 5:30, are you sure you only need a half hour to get ready?” I call down the stairs as I throw the tie around my neck and begin securing it so it laid nicely.

“Yeah, don’t worry about me,” she replied and I shrugged to myself as I finished my tie, taking a moment to look in the reflection of the glass on the front sliding door at how I looked. Not bad, it’ll have to do for such short notice. 


I dabbed some cologne on my neck and wrists before walking downstairs and going towards the living room in search for Hannah, seeing her standing by the back door, “Ready?” I asked, adjusting my tie a little as she turned around. She stared at me for a few seconds, looking up to her from my tie and I raised my brow, “What is it?” I wondered, a little nervous by how she wasn’t saying anything.

Hannah shook her head slowly, “Nothing.. You just look really handsome,” she replied, surprising me slightly and a smirk formed on the edge of my lips. I was more than happy that she was pleased with how I looked, I could feel my chest constricting from slight nerves and it didn’t help that the look in her eyes said that she wanted me. I was feeling pretty damn good about myself right now.


I grew a little more on edge as she walked towards me and her hands reached up, her fingertips beginning to straighten out my tie. I found it hard to form words at the moment, all I could stare at was the smile on her lips as she adjusted my tie to lay nicer, “I like your tie, it goes well with your eyes..” She said softly, a light giggle following after, “I was wondering why you were asking my favorite color,” she added, the tie in between her index finger and thumb and she dragged her hand down it slowly. I nearly keeled over when her eyes met mine with my tie still in her grip, wanting her to pull on it and kiss me like I know both of us have been wanting to do, yet that wish was shattered when she finally let go of my tie and gave a flirtatious grin. “Let’s get going, yeah?” She recommended. I didn’t like how hard she was to read, though one thing I knew for sure was she loved to tease, and I wasn’t sure if I liked that now, either. It was fun at first and I even played along, but now whenever she did such subtle yet erotic implications, it was hard not to act on my inner thoughts wanting me to throw her on the couch and take her right at this very moment. But, I had a good amount of self control and a reputation to uphold that only I cared about, and that was to be a gentleman until the very end. Besides, if I were lucky enough to go home with her tonight, I had plans for her that I knew she’d more than appreciate and I could wait until then.


Hannah went out to her car to wait for me as I locked Jess in Gareth’s room and locked up the house. Driving to her place was a little quiet, but not as awkward as I thought, the sooner our dinner date came the more my nerves began to spike. We arrived at her home and she looked to me in the car, “Come on in, I can’t let you wait in the car the whole time,” she gestured and I agreed, getting out of the car and following her upstairs to the living quarters above her work. I didn’t have time to look around before the smell of sugar cookies and fruity baked goods entered my nose, believing now judging by only the smell that she was a good cook like has said she wanted to become. Hannah faced me and smirked, “The place isn’t as clean as I’d like it, but make yourself at home anyways. I’ll go get ready,” she said in a welcoming manner and I nodded, watching her go into her room and shut the door. 

Screenshot-91 (2)

Hannah had a very tiny home, but it inhabited a very homey feeling and I liked how she had decorated it; it reminded me of a quaint cottage with unique art that went well with the feel of it. I noticed a bunch of cook books stacked on a small coffee table next to her television, looking recently used which is more than I could say for her TV with the amount of dust that clouded the screen and the remote nowhere to be found. I enjoyed knowing she would rather stick her nose in a book than laze around on the couch. I walked around her small home with one hand in my jacket pocket, taking in all that there was to her living room and moving into the kitchen. The counter tops were pristine and nothing was on the floor, though I don’t know why I thought it would be otherwise. I enjoyed it here already, hoping I’d get to return here with her on another night that we didn’t have dinner plans.

Screenshot-99 (2)

Even though I didn’t much care for television myself, I came back into the living room and turned it on, not knowing what else to do. I would’ve read one of the many books that she had, but they were all cook books and I didn’t have near enough patience to force myself to read one of those. It was hard enough already trying to keep my active mind occupied, what with knowing that Hannah was undressing behind a door that was no more than ten feet from where I sat, but I tried to focus on whatever the hell I was watching.. Something about robots and a mad scientist..


I heard Hannah’s door open, “Okay, ready to go,” she announced and I stood up in a hurry, turning the television off and turning to face her. I stopped, frozen in my tracks as I looked to her, make up done and she was neatly dolled up in a halter dress that came down to her mid thigh and off-white pumps that made my Adam’s apple hurt I swallowed so roughly. “Gibson?” She wondered with a chuckle following it.

“Oh, uhm.. Sorry. I’m not used to my breath being taken away,” I replied with a soft tone, witnessing her cheeks turn a light pink and I finally regained my motor functions enough to smile in return. I was excited by the dress she had worn, it was as if she already knew how spectacular her legs were and she had every right to show them off. I’m glad she did. 


I stepped closer to her and I watched her lips lose their smile, yet her eyes still contained anticipation as she watched me approach. My left hand reached for her right, picking it up gently and pulling her fingers to my lips, kissing them softly as I was unable to hold back putting my lips on her somewhere at least once before going to dinner. “You look exquisite, Hannah,” I voiced with a charming smirk, watching as she broke eye contact and her cheeks flushed a little more. “Shall we?” I gestured towards the door with my right hand, letting go of her hand with my left and placing it on her lower back, escorting her out of her house and to her car.


After a short drive, we arrived at the restaurant and Hannah took the opportunity to put her hand around my arm and I happily escorted her. Coming into the restaurant together with her on my arm made me feel accomplished and proud, happy to have such a catch accompanying me to such a privileged establishment and it made me feel above everyone else. A man in his early fifties greeted us at the door, “Table for two?” He asked and I nodded in agreement, “Wonderful. I’m Branden, I’ll take you to your table and I’ll also be your waiter tonight.. Inside or on our outside deck?” He wondered.

“Outside, please,” Hannah replied, Branden nodded with a smirk and escorted us to the outside part of the restaurant. 

Screenshot-10 (2)
Screenshot-27 (2)
Screenshot-19 (2)

We were seated outside like Hannah had requested and the view was incredible. I had never been here before and as much as it was hard to take my eyes off of Hannah, her in the foreground of such a beautiful background made her so much more glorious in my eyes. Branden asked what we could like to order and I had chosen a shrimp dish while Hannah had ordered grilled salmon and he walked away to put our order in as we talked. I always liked the conversations Hannah and I had, it was never something I couldn’t deal with or was bored talking about, I was surprised when she was so much like me to the point where we’d agree on a lot of the same views about subjects that most would conflict with, but it made me that much more interested in her.

Screenshot-21 (2)

It was only about a half an hour wait before Branden had brought us our food, “Can I get you anything else?” He had asked and neither of us could think of anything that we needed and he left us alone to enjoy our meals and each other. We spent about two to three hours at the restaurant, I had ordered a few glasses of wine for us after eating and we continued to talk and flirt as the night went on. There even came a time where Hannah began sliding her ankle up and down my calf and I couldn’t help my self, needing to touch her skin and she let me caress her knee and upper thigh with my fingertips. After finishing our second glass of wine, my thumb circled her knee softly as I worked up the courage to invite her over, though judging on how the night was already going, I assumed she wouldn’t have a problem with it. “I have a new bottle of wine sitting at home that I still haven’t opened, would you like to go back to my place and help me drink it?” I asked, seeing the corners of her lips curling up into a soft smile.

“Yeah, I’d love to,” she agreed and I grew excited, but also nervous. The easier part of the date was over now as we both stood up and I escorted her out of the restaurant, but the harder part was still to come and I hoped she’d be open to any advance I’d make. It was safe for me to assume that tonight wouldn’t end without finally getting to kiss her, though in the back of my mind, I hoped there would be so much more to come as all of my pent up energy began to rear its head the longer I was with her.


Gareth still wasn’t home and I didn’t expect him to be for a few more days, at least with how long he’s been gone already, knowing that tonight I could enjoy the house alone with Hannah. I got out a bottle of the best wine I had and poured us each a glass, taking a seat on the couch and Hannah took the seat directly next to me. I watched as she crossed her magnificent legs and rested her hand on the inside of my thigh, making my whole body heat up and I took a few sips of my wine so the glass could hide a smile I couldn’t hold back. It was hard to focus on anything she was saying as my eyes constantly glanced at her hand upon my leg, but I did the best that I could, able to reply with short answers yet just long enough to prove I was still paying attention.. Well, slightly paying attention. What was amusing though was how much more talkative and giggly she got after she had finished two more glasses at my place, now four down and I knew she was getting a bit buzzed, but I didn’t like that. I didn’t want her to have anymore, another glass and in my mind I’d then be taking advantage of her, and I wasn’t Gareth. But, there’s no way I could be as bad as him, she’d be tanked if he was the one giving her drinks.

Screenshot-77 (2)
Screenshot-79 (2)

When there was a break in our conversation, I reached for her glass and took it, getting up momentarily to place both mine and hers on the coffee table and I came back to where I was. I put my arm back around her and my hand cupped her shoulder, Hannah giving me a questionable look. I didn’t want to wait anymore, I couldn’t, her presence was overwhelming and I couldn’t keep looking at her lips when she talked knowing I haven’t tasted them yet. “I’ve enjoyed tonight, it’s been a lot of fun, wouldn’t you agree?” I asked.

“Yeah, definitely,” she replied, “I’ve been worried, though.. I didn’t feel like you felt the same, I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me practically all day,” she replied and I was a little surprised, feeling slightly bad now that I had caused her to worry if I had liked her or not.

A small grin formed on my lips, “I’m sorry for making you think that, I’ll make it up to you now,” I replied.

Screenshot-80 (2)

I brought my right hand up to her face, dragging it back to the nape of her neck and I pulled her towards me, bringing her lips to mine and a rush of excitement coursed through me. I could taste the excellent wine on her lips and as the kiss grew deeper, I could taste it more on her tongue. At last, I had finally kissed her, she was finally mine. I’ve known her for such a short time, yet I felt like I’ve known her for years, but either way the payoff was just as sweet and as selfish as this was, I already wanted more.


I finally pulled away from our kiss, panting softly as I tried to contain myself, though as I looked to Hannah, I could easily read she didn’t want me to stop. After the extremely short silence after the kiss, I was surprised when Hannah rose from her seat and threw her leg over me, straddling me and her lips crashed back into mine. This was it, we both felt it and I knew it, already I was crazy about her and I still hung on to the promise I had made myself; nothing was going to ruin this. My hands gripped her thighs in my need for her and they slowly ran up underneath her dress, I could feel her pantie line barely grazing my fingertips and I felt my heart begin to race faster. She pulled away from me momentarily and looked me in the eye, “Take me upstairs,” she softly demanded and I had no reason to contest.


Hannah’s lips pushed back into mine and I lifted her up within my grasp, her legs wrapping around my waist as we continued our passionate kiss and I made sure not to trip as I brought her up to my room. I set down Hannah when we reached my bedroom and she broke the kiss to take off my jacket, tossing it aside and she undid my tie next and threw that aside as well. Neither of us wanted to stop kissing, continuing it and I then felt her fingertips beginning to unbutton my undershirt. I reached behind her and felt the hanging straps from her haulter dress, grabbing hold of one and pulling it so her dress would fall off of her and it slid slowly down her slender body until it hit the floor.


After removing her dress and tossing it aside along with my glasses and shirt, there was something I needed and wanted to do since this morning when I had seen her in my room. “Lie down,” I requested softly and I watched as she smiled seductively, wondering what I was up to though I know she knew exactly what I wanted to do. Eyeing her incredible body up and down before my knees met the floor, I took in just how much more beautiful she was as she laid there, half naked on my bed and I couldn’t explain how much I anticipated and hoped for this. My hands ran up and down her smooth, endless legs, pulling her left thigh to my lips and softly kissing her knee and slowly moving my lips up to her thigh with every sensual peck I gave. I heard her letting out quiet, whispered giggles as my lips tickled the inside of her thigh.

“Gibson..” She let out quietly, her saying my name only compelled me to continue.

“Your legs so are perfect..” I added softly in between a kiss, my lips getting closer to her pantie line and as much as I wanted to keep worshiping her legs, my fingers acted on their own, sliding underneath the only thing that kept me from indulging on her womanhood and slipping them all the way down her endless lower limbs.


I slipped my hands underneath her and gripped her bottom, forcibly pulling her towards the edge of the bed more and she fell back onto my sheets as she let out a gasp of anticipation. Securing both of her legs over both of my shoulders on either side, I kissed the insides of her thighs roughly as I made my way up and up until my lips finally met the warmth of her. I’ve been dying to make her toes curl, make her ache for me, but only when the time was right. I admit it had been longer than I wanted to get another girl worthy enough to grace the soft sheets of my bed, but I’m glad that I had waited until Hannah; she was more than worth the wait. 

“Ohh, God, Gibson.. Don’t stop,” she pleaded softly through her pleasure and I felt her fingers run through my hair and grip it tightly within her balled fist. She made my pulse race, gripping her thighs harder and I loved feeling her legs softly squeezing the sides of my face as I then put more effort into it and my tongue was relentless. This was one of my top favorite things to do when it came to, well.. Anything, really.. Legs were my weakness, but having the privilege to be let in in between the legs of the woman I favored was so much more satisfying. The taste alone sent myself to feel the ecstasy that I knew she felt, I could do this for days on end if she would let me, but there was only so much I knew she could take before she’d want all of me entirely. I knew what I was doing, I had had enough practice and I knew she would beg for me within minutes of this. Every second of her pleasure accompanied by pleasureful moans and cries that filled my ears built me up and although I wanted to do this all night, she finally spoke up like I knew she would, “Please.. Ahh! ..Stop.. I-I need you.. Now,” she pleaded with a raspy tone, her voice already exhausted from what I had been doing to her, but I wasted no time at her request, letting go of her legs and wiping my mouth before unbuckling my pants and getting rid of the last shreds of clothes that hugged my body.


I crawled on top of her and I could see the exhaustion in her eyes already, but I wasn’t about to let her be done with me yet even when she had asked for me. I guided myself inside of her and she let out a large gasp of air that I thought would send her over the edge alone, but as I began thrusting, she struggled to get used to the sudden change from my tongue to my member and her eyes pinched shut as I took her at first. I had been waiting for this ever since I met her, just as I did with any potential girlfriend, but finally getting the chance to experience her for all that she could give was more than I could take and as much as I could usually control myself in these situations, I found myself more attracted to her than normal, growing close to my breaking point even when I wanted to do this until the sun rose. I kept up for as long as I could, but as I heard her continue to let out loud cries and moans of gratification, as well as her panting heavily and saying my name more and more throughout our satisfying activity, I soon felt her insides tighten and at that same moment, I reached my max potential and I held inside of her for a long, sensual moment. I let myself indulge completely in between her quivering hips and I couldn’t hold back, the sight of the tops of her breasts almost hitting her chin made me climax and I watched as she clenched the sheets of my bed and I listened to her let out the last of her moans and pleasureful whimpers. I remained over her for a long moment, catching my breath as she caught hers and I looked down at her below me with a satisfied, small grin, watching as her eyes gleamed with pleasure from the moonlight that snuck into my room and at this very moment, I couldn’t think of anything else but her, nor did I want to. She had now become my everything and I wanted nothing more than to make sure that I’d always see a smile on her face like the one she was making at me now.

Generation 3, Chapter 9

    Gareth’s POV     


I had a pretty bad headache this morning when I woke up in Nina’s bed.. I’ve been staying here for the past three nights and I still hadn’t heard anything from Gibson, but then again, I never really expected him to call me anyways.. I’ve been having this weird dream ever since I’ve been staying here; something always happens to Gibson and I’m either never able to reach him in time, never able to keep him from being killed, or never being able to do anything in general to give him any kind of help. It’s like whenever I get closer, he only gets further away and I wake up after every time I fail. This sucks. I can’t do shit right in real life or my dreams..


I smoke a cigarette at Nina’s kitchen table as I watch her cook in her pajamas at the stove, making us a late breakfast since we woke up around 11:30 and I begin to wonder why I’m still here. I see Nina look over her shoulder at me, giving me a quick and barely visible smile before going back to cooking, “You’re hungry, right?” She asks and I nod even though she can’t see me doing it.


Nina set down breakfast in front of me and I starred at it as I continued my cigarette, Nina then joining me at the table and I could feel her eyes on me. I looked up from my plate and took another drag of my smoke, “What?” I asked blandly.

“..Nothing,” she replied quietly, seemingly a little glum now when she saw that I was.

“What is it, Nina?” I pressured a little, seeing her poking at her food on her plate with her fork and I finished my cigarette, starring at her as I put it out.

Screenshot-15 (2)

“I just.. I just feel like you haven’t been happy since you got here, like something has been on your mind. Are you still worried about your step-mom?” She wondered and I completely forgot about the lie I had told her until she brought it up now.

“No.. I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” I reassured her.

“But.. What’s wrong then, if it’s not about your mom?”

“Just drop it, Nina..” I recommended highly, watching her break eye contact first and she began taking small bites of her food the fork had been playing with.


I ate my food quicker than Nina, but then again I wasn’t taking small bites as if feeding a fucking mouse, which annoyed me a little as I sat there, plate cleared and she still had more than half of hers left. I grabbed my pack of smokes and pulled out another cigarette, my palette already in need of another to help try and get rid of some of this stress I was carrying around with me.

Are you sure you’re okay?” Nina asked again and I grew angry, “I-I mean.. You’ve been chain smoking since you got here and-” I slammed the pack back down onto the table with more force than needed and Nina flinched, dropping her fork onto her plate.

“Dammit, Nina.. If I wanna fuckin’ talk about it, then I will, alright?” I stressed angrily and I watched her nod quickly in understanding. There was a short silence between us, taking this time to light my cigarette.


“I’m sorry,” she added quietly and I sighed, taking a long drag of my smoke before answering her, trying to calm myself down a little.

“It’s okay, beautiful.. Just stop asking, it only pisses me off more,” I replied and I could see her out of the corner of my eye nodding once more.

“Alright..” She retorted, picking up her fork again, “Are you going to stay tonight? You can, if you want to again,” she offered and I shrugged.

“Sure.. I’m gunna go to the house and pick up some clothes and run some errands in a few minutes..” I replied and she nodded.


I finished my cigarette before she finished eating and stood up, going up to her room to put my clothes back on that I had worn there a few days ago, clean from Nina washing them. I looked around her room, searching for my keys and I found them on the floor next to the bed, picking them up and putting them into one of my pockets. I stood in her room for a moment, looking around and for the first time, I actually noticed some of the things she does when she’s alone, things I never learned because, well, I didn’t care. She had a large cup on a drawing table filled with paint brushes and remnants of dried paint, a sketch pad lying upon it and she even had a blank mannequin standing next to an easel. I guess that’s why she wanted to go to the art museum that one day, she liked painting and anything that had to do with being creative on a canvas, no matter what the canvas was. “Hmm..” I let out softly, never noticing any of her interests until now.

Screenshot-23 (2)

I came back down, seeing her at the bottom of the stairs and she smiled slightly as she held my pack of cigarettes I had left in the kitchen. I reached her and she handed them off to me, taking them and putting them within another pocket, “Thanks, beautiful.. I’ll be back later,” I said with a smirk and she nodded. I leaned in and kissed her cheek softly, seeing her smile more and I walked out, closing the door behind me and making my way to the car. I remembered that I had taken it from Gibs, giving him nothing to use for transport and I began wondering if he was able to get to work on time or get anywhere easily without it.. It had slipped my mind completely that I had left him with nothing, I felt a little bad about that, but I shrugged it off as I got into the car and drove back to the house to pick up some things of mine. ..Hopefully Gibson wasn’t home.


I got to our house and parked the car, walking down the dock and when I approached the gate, Jess jumped up and put her paws on the fence. She let out a high-pitched bark of excitement and I rushed for the gate, petting her and trying to calm her down, “Sshhh! Daddy’s gotta get in and out undetected, okay?” I cooed softly, feeling her lick my hand before jumping down and I looked towards the house; if Jess was outside and not in her crate, that meant Gibson’s home. Or, maybe he just stepped out for a quick moment and this was my window of opportunity. 


I walked up to the door and checked it, noticing it was locked and I was lucky enough to know then that Gibson wasn’t here right now, taking out my keys from my pocket quickly and unlocking it to go inside. I rushed passed Gibson’s stairs and the living area, going down to my bedroom and opening the door to see it how I left it; a mess. Sometimes Gibson would clean it up for me when I’ve been gone for a few days, but I guess not this time; the only thing he did was make my bed, but it still smelled of old beer from the bottles left in here. I grabbed a bag from under my bed and began packing a few t-shirts and pants and other essentials within the dresser and around my room.. I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to change out of the clothes I was wearing, too. I didn’t bring a whole lot, but enough to last me a few more days before I came home to what I hoped would be a more normal state, hoping Gibson would just forget about all of this so I didn’t have to deal with his criticism. 


 I hear Jess’s claws tapping on the floorboards above me and then down the stairs in a hurry, barging into my room and she danced around me excitedly. Did I leave the door open? I must’ve.. I bent down and took a moment to give her some attention that I was sure she needed from me, “Hey, girl.. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. Gibs seems like he’s still takin’ good care of you, you can last a few more days without me, right?” I questioned and she licked my arms and attempted at my chin as well but I pulled away in time, chuckling softly at her affectionate behavior. “Be good, Jess,” I told her with a smile and I stood up, grabbing my bag and leaving my room to go back upstairs and leave.

Screenshot-52 (2)

I reached the top of the stairs and went to walk passed the living area when I was forced to stop in my tracks, “You’re a stealthy mother fucker, I’ll give you that..” I said softly, looking over my shoulder and seeing Gibson sitting on the couch in the living room.

“I would say the same, but you left the door unlocked and open, plus I noticed your car in the parking lot.. For someone who hasn’t gotten caught yet, you’d think you’d use the same tactics as to not get caught by me,” Gibson replied, mocking me with an emotionless expression. “Where are you off to?” He asked.


“I don’t have time for this bullshit, Gibs,” I replied.

“Where did you stay the last few nights? Over at a friends? A motel?” He continued to question.

“None of your fuckin’ business,” I returned harshly.

“Gareth, can you just drop the tough guy act and take the time to talk to me? We both know you’re not good at it, anyways,” He asked, a hint of frustration in his tone.


I drop my bag with anger and face him, walking towards the living room, “What the hell’s that supposed to mean? It’s not an act, asshole, I’m still a little pissed off if you haven’t noticed,” I retorted.

“And what are you so mad about, exactly? Aren’t I the one you betrayed and broke our agreement? If anything, I should have been the one to fly off the handle and run away for three days,” he replied, still mocking me.

“Fuck you, dude, I didn’t run away! I just didn’t want to deal with your shit, and I still don’t, hence the bag.”


“You’re pathetic, look at you.. Running away just because you’re scared to face what you did wrong,” Gibson added and I grew angered, watching him hesitate a moment as he studied my face, which made me the slightest bit nervous..

“What..?” I asked with little patience.

“Who was it Gareth?” He asked and I gave him a questioning expression, not knowing what he was talking about, “Who’d you run to to help you deal with this? Who’s other pathetic arms did you run into in order to avoid this.. Confrontation?” He wondered, noticing a menacing smirk form on his lips as he stood and began to approach me.


“Fuck you, what the hell are you talking about..” I brushed off, turning around and walking to my bag to pick it up.

“Come on, just tell me.. Who was it? It’s not like you to run to Bennu or Bahiti.. What about that girl down the road a little ways; Angie, right? What about the girl that lives in that apartment complex by the diner?” He continued to play his stupid guessing game and I clutched the handle my bag angrily, walking towards the door. 

“Shut up, Gibson, before I fucking deck you,” I warned, feeling him at my heals as I continued towards the door.

“Oh.. Oh man. No way..” Gibson added, acting as if he had it all figured out. “You ran to Nina, didn’t you? Poor little thing is powerless over the likes of you.. What kind of excuse did you give her?” He continued, surprised and angry that he had gotten it right, but I knew he’d eventually figure it out; it is Gibson, after all.. I should’ve gotten the hell outta here while I had the chance. “Wow, Gareth.. Just when I thought you couldn’t sink any lower..”

Screenshot-72 (2)

I dropped my bag and turned around, grabbing him by the front of his pampered shirt and pushed him against the sliding door, “I told you to shut the fuck up! It doesn’t matter where the hell I go, just so long as it isn’t here where I’m forced to listen to you parenting me!” I yelled, seeing his expression unwavered and hardly intimidated. 

We stared one another down for a few moments before Gibson finally spoke up, “I’m not parenting you, Gareth, I’m looking out for you. Why is it so hard for you to see that?” He asked, my anger fading from my expression as I continued to hold him there, “We stopped for a reason.. We stopped because we didn’t want to end up in Dad’s position or worse.. Let me go and just talk to me for ten minutes, that’s all I want,” he requested. I held him in place for a few more moments, sighing heavily as my grip loosened upon his shirt and I let him go, watching him fixing his attire before walking passed me and back into the living room. I sighed once more and turned around, slowly walking towards the living room as well to join him and to get this shit over with.

Screenshot-74 (2)

When we both sat down, it took a long moment for Gibson to begin, at least that’s what I wanted, for him to start.. But both of us seemed reluctant to begin anything. We avoided eye contact, but eventually, Gibson spoke first and I was relived at the fact. “Gareth.. I simply just want to ask you why.. Why are you still doing this stuff?” He asked.

I let out a heavy sigh for the hundredth time, looking down at the ground momentarily before making eye contact with him once more, “Gibs, come on.. You can answer that question yourself. I don’t understand why you even have to ask it..” I replied, hearing him sigh as well and his eyes went everywhere but at mine.

“Look.. I know what we used to do was great, I can at least admit that much.. It was exhilarating, fun, and we were able to just be ourselves..” He stalled a little before continuing, “But that’s changed.. I’ve changed..” He replied.


“How, exactly?” I wondered.

“Gareth.. I’m almost 24, I’m not saying I’m old but I’m not getting any younger, either.. I..” He stopped, gathering his thoughts before speaking again, “I hate to bring this up again, but.. My ex was a sure thing, at least she was then.. I’m looking for someone, to.. You know.. Settle down with.. Maybe.. And you kind of ruined that. I want a family, Gareth, and I can’t have one when I’m sneaking around taking people’s lives when I’m trying to have one of my own.. What kind of example would I be giving if I were sneaking out every other night, abandoning my family that I want to take care of in order to ‘take care’ of other people.. I am saying that what we do is wrong, but I’m not denying the fact that I still think about what we used to do every day.. All the time. You’re right, I did push my coworker a little too much.. I can admit that now that I’ve had time to think it over, and I’m sorry for not confessing it the other day.. But she just pushed me too far and I lost it a little, I had no idea she would be so weak and do what she did..” He continued. I was angered by his words, but I didn’t speak up, trying not to interrupt him for once and he went on, “I’m sorry.. Even though I didn’t say as much as I would normally in those kinds of situations, she was just weak.. I didn’t know she would do such a thing, I didn’t think I’d break our promise as well if I just simply told her off, but I guess I might’ve overstepped my boundaries.. I’m sorry, Gareth..” He added, surprised a little that he had actually said an apology. 


I was at a loss for words for a few moments, not quite knowing how to take this information and unsure of what he would want me to say.. I had no idea he wanted to settle down, it’s weird to think of him with a wife, let alone.. Uck, kids.. “It’s okay.. I might’ve jumped the gun when calling you out on that, but it just seemed like your type of doing.. Yeah, I was pissed when I first heard about it, because I knew it was you from the start, but when I brought it up, you didn’t admit to it, so I got mad when you were blaming me for shit when you did something yourself.. I guess I just feel betrayed, too, even if you didn’t mean to do it. I try to control my urges, but come on, Gibs.. You know best out of anyone that I can’t help myself.. The promise was a good idea, but I just.. I can’t seem to follow it once I’m in the moment..” I reply. 

“How about not putting yourself in the moment? It’s not that hard to just grasp reality over fantasy before you get in over your head,” he retorted.

Screenshot-80 (2)

I stood from the chair and walked around the room, eventually stopping in the middle and Gibson gave me a questioning expression, “It’s easier said than done,” I replied, crossing my arms over my chest.

“And it’s easier to get caught if you don’t stop now,” he replied with slight anger in his tone, rolling my eyes at his response, “Gareth.. Think about it for one second, do you really want to keep putting yourself into situations like this where you could get caught? I’m not saying you’re going to, but there’s always the chance of it happening, even you can agree to that..”

“Fine.. Let’s make another promise then,” I offer and he squints his eyes slightly, I could tell already he wasn’t going to like my idea. “One more time. One last time, you and me. Let’s go out with a bang! Maybe that’s why I can’t stop, our last time didn’t feel like the last time.”

“Gareth, that’s stupid.. It goes against everything that I’m trying to tell you now, which is to stop this! There’s no way I can do something like that again, not after this long,” he replied with a short tone. I could tell I was making him more mad, but I didn’t care.

“Come on, Gibs, don’t even fucking act like you still don’t have the potential to be yourself.. Think about it, it would be great for the both of us.. We get one last kill out of our system and then we stop! This time, I promise, but you have to do it with me. It’s so much more fun if you’re there..”

Screenshot-108 (2)
Screenshot-112 (2)

“Absolutely not,” he replied, standing as well and walking over to me slowly, “You really do think this is a game, don’t you? Where if you get caught by the police or die, you can just load from the last save point and try again.. It doesn’t work like that, Gareth! Stop treating our lives as if they’re disposable and for once stop thinking about yourself!” His voice began to yell as he reached the last of his words.

“Then what do you think we should do, genius?” I mocked slightly.

“We..? No, no, no.. You need to get your shit together and forget about ever doing this again! What need to do is hope that one day you’ll finally come to your senses and knock this shit off! Grow up, dammit! Think about your future, will you? What the hell are you going to do the rest of your life, huh? Why don’t you get a job or something? Occupy yourself, force yourself to forget all of this and just.. Move on, Gareth.. Please..” Gibson added with a serious tone and expression. 


“Any other suggestions?” I asked, letting him know I wasn’t sold on his advice and Gibson sighed heavily, reaching up with one of his hands and rubbing his temple as he walked towards the back door, looking out of it and I watched him within the now silent room. Only about half a minute passed, but it felt like hours as I continued to watch the back of his head, waiting for an answer.

“Let’s go see Dad,” he finally spoke up and my eyes widened.

“Seriously..? That’s your suggestion? We haven’t seen him in six-”


“Whatever, seven months.. He hasn’t talked to us since he was transferred here, what in the hell makes you think he’ll act any different now?” I asked in frustration.

“He’ll talk if we tell him the predicament we’re in,” Gibson replied and my expression went a little baffled as I watched him face me again.

“..You can’t be serious..” I somewhat stated and questioned.


“Yeah, I’m serious,” he replied and I didn’t know what to say.. Coming from Gibs, it didn’t sound like it was a bad idea, but when I thought about it myself, I couldn’t imagine it going well at all..

“I think you’ve finally lost it, Gibs..” I joked slightly, but his expression didn’t change, remaining serious and I sighed softly. “..What is telling him everything going to solve?”

“I’m sure he’ll say something like how you should stop these charades while you’re ahead, maybe he can talk some sense into you since I can’t,” Gibson replied.

“You really think after five years of him not saying a word to us, he’s going to want to say something now?”

“Well, we’re going to be giving him a reason to say something.. There’s no way he can ignore this and not help us,” he added, slowly beginning to convince me, but I still wasn’t completely on board with it.

“And how do you know he’ll be the same guy he’s always been?” I asked, seeing Gibson hesitate and he dropped his gaze momentarily.

“I don’t,” he replied simply, “But it’s worth a try, isn’t it? Don’t you want someone else’s opinion other than my own? Dad’s the only one that we can maybe talk to about this and he’s the only one that can relate,” he continued to try and persuade me.  


I turned away from him to think for a moment, pacing around the room slowly, “Jesus.. I don’t know, man.. Something’s telling me we shouldn’t fill him in on what we’ve been doing.. Just think, he’s been getting better, at least that’s what Bennu believes, what if bringing this stuff up could make him, like.. Relapse or something..?” I mentioned, facing him again.

“Relapse to what exactly?” Gibson asked, though his expression read as if he thought I was stupid for thinking such a thing.

“Fuck.. I don’t know, dude.. Killing, maybe? That’s why he’s there in the fucking first place, isn’t it?” I asked sarcastically and with slight anger.

“And what’s he going to do, Gareth.. Kill his own kids? With what, too? They don’t let the patients have anything in their possession, and they won’t leave us alone with him, so we don’t have to fend for ourselves should he even do anything.. It’s not going to be as bad as you’re making it sound. It’s Dad, Gareth.. He’s never hurt us, and I feel like he never would.. Don’t you?” He asked and I sighed.


“I want to believe he wouldn’t, but..” I stopped, my gaze dropping to the floor. I heard Gibson let out a light chuckle, causing me to look back up to him in a confused manner, “What is it?”

“I was just trying to think where you could’ve left your balls.. I mean, you obviously left them here before you went to Nina’s, and yet, now that you’re here, you still don’t have them. Wherever could they be?” He taunted and my expression went livid.

“You’re such a fucking dick, you know that? I’m trying to find a good reason in your logic as to why the fuck we need to go to the damn hospital and tell Dad everything when it’s none of his business anyways, and who knows what kind of reaction we’re going to get! What if he freaks the fuck out? What if he tells me I should just do what I love and continue my work, huh!? I know that you have to be right all the time, Gibson, but for once in your life, listen to what you’re fucking saying.. You want to go there, pretty much tell him that I’m still killing people, and then ask what should do? It’s easy for you to say all of this because you’re not going to be the one who either gets punishment or praise! You have nothing to fucking worry about! You know what? Now that I said all of this, I made my decision.. Fuck you, fuck Dad, fuck the hospital and whatever else I can’t think of at the moment but I’m sure needs to be said can fuck off, too! ..I’m outta here,” I state with anger, turning around and walking towards the door to get my bag and leave.


“Where are you going?” He asked again like he had the other day, yet this time I answered him.

I stopped and turned around angrily, “To Nina’s, Gibson, alright? I’m going to fucking Nina’s. So, if you need me, I’ll be there! Have anything to say now? Go the fuck ahead! Cause you know what? I don’t give a shit anymore.. Every time we try to work things out, which doesn’t happen often, you have to have it your way because you think I’m mentally incapable of thinking of a good plan, or outcome, or resolution or whatever! As much as you make it seem like I have an opinion on anything, I don’t! We always end up doing what you want to, but not this time. I refuse to go see Dad if that’s what we’re going to be telling him! I’ll see him with you for a visit, sure, but I’m not going if we’re just gunna lay everything out on the table for that maniac, only to see him react badly! And I’m not putting myself in the position to get ridiculed anymore!” I yelled, my tone filled with rage and I felt like my body was on fire for how mad I was.

Screenshot-140 (2)

I turned around once more and grabbed my bag, leaving out the front door, but before I could leave the property, I heard Gibson behind me, “Gareth, wait! ..Please..” He called out and I stopped before I could leave through the gate.

What..” I asked harshly.

“Listen..” He began, but lowered his voice to just above a whisper now that we weren’t in the privacy of our house, “I’m sorry, alright? It’s just.. I don’t know why I do that. It’s like a defense mechanism or something I do when we don’t see eye to eye, but I’m sorry, okay? That’s now the fourth or fifth time I’ve said it today without you even saying it once or you needing to ask for an apology! Doesn’t that count for anything? I want to make things better, and I understand that sometimes the.. Urges.. Become a little too much for you to handle and you act on them, but I just.. I need you to understand that I’m only looking out for you. I don’t want you to go to jail or to the hospital that Dad’s at. I..” He stopped.


Gibson hesitated, his eyes dropping from mine as if he couldn’t look at me before he continued, walking away from me as if to get space, “I don’t want to be alone.. I don’t want you to be locked away somewhere and I have to come visit you like we do with Dad.. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew you were in a place like that, you don’t belong behind bars or behind a locked, padded door,” he finished.

Wow.. I had never witnessed Gibson at such a loss. He always had answers for everything, he always kept his chin up and barely ever showed signs of weakness, but this, right here, is something I never thought I’d see. My little brother was stronger than I was, at least that’s what I had thought, but I guess he proved that he’d be nothing without me, he has occasions where he himself feels weak and I could tell he hated it.. I was his crutch, his shoulder to lean on, his other half, and I’d destroy all of that if I continue to take these risks.. 


“You won’t be alone, Gibs. Earlier you told me you wanted something, you thought of that promise so you could have a normal life. Go and do that, then.. You won’t be alone when you have a family,” I reply.

You’re part of my family, Gareth,” he replied harshly, facing me again and I could see the seriousness in his eyes.

“I’m your family no matter what happens to me, Gibs.. Stop worrying so much about me and start worrying about yourself, alright?” I walked towards him and threw my one arm around him, Gibson taking a moment to realize what I was doing, “How often do I hug you, asshole? Come on..” I added and he let out a quick chuckle, throwing one of his arms around me finally and we hugged briefly.


I pulled away from him and put my hand on his shoulder, “I’ll be back in a few days, there’s some shit I wanna think about. You do the same while I’m gone,” I encouraged, patting his shoulder and walking out through the gate and walking to my car to return to Nina’s.

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