Generation 1, Chapter 5

g1c5 p1

It had been 4 days since Marrick had seen his grandmother, each day harder to get passed the more and more he thought of Sadie. Marrick had jury duty early that morning and when he got home, he decided against changing his outfit and brought Archor outside, grabbing a random stick and coaxing Archor into playing fetch. They played for roughly twenty minutes, Archor not getting as tired of the game as Marrick had, following the retrieve-throw-wait-retrieve-throw-wait pattern he had accustomed himself to as he got lost in his thoughts. Marrick was beginning to lose hope in ever seeing Sadie again, figuring that she had taken his warning seriously and kept her distance; after all, I did warn her that she shouldn’t get involved with me, he thought to himself. Marrick popped out of his trance when Archor failed to bring the stick back, barking towards the street and Marrick soon saw a car pulling up in his driveway.

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Marrick looked inside of the car but the windows were tinted and it hindered his vision, starring menacingly at the vehicle and wanting it to leave his property. “Archor,” he called towards him to get away from the car but he ignored Marrick, wagging his tail and barking happily towards it. The car door opened and Marrick’s face went relieved when he saw the long, gleaming blonde hair that he liked so much. Sadie was greeted by Archor first and she bent down slightly to pet him, talking to him and Marrick watched as Archor whimpered in excitement, licking her hands. Marrick’s eyes widened when he then noticed that his assumptions were correct as he looked to her growing tummy. Sadie looked towards Marrick and her smile faded to a smirk, standing to her feet and looking back to Archor.

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Marrick stepped up closer towards her and stopped a few feet from her, watching as Sadie looked to the ground as she walked closer as well and put her hand over her stomach, “I came to get my pocket watch back.. I-I realized I had left it here.. A while ago..” She spoke softly and he looked to her face, Sadie soon looking up to him as well and keeping her uneasy expression.

“Is that all you came here for?” Marrick asked, Sadie watching as he looked to her stomach and back up to her eyes.

Sadie was reluctant to speak, but she soon realized she had to come clean, “I’ve only been with you, so..” She finally gave in, looking towards the ground once more as Marrick walked closer and stood before her. Sadie looked up, watching then as he hesitantly brought his hand up and felt her tiny baby bump, causing his mouth to twitch into a smirk and he looked to her, Sadie soon smiling in return and relieved by his expression.

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Marrick was.. Happy. He pulled her into his arms slowly as to not frighten her like he had done once before and Sadie let him hold her, relaxing within his arms, “Why didn’t you come to me sooner?” He asked, feeling her rest her head against his collar bone.

“I.. I don’t know, I thought you didn’t want to see me again.. But, I wanted you to know, so here I am.. I guess I just waited until I was ready, and whenever I felt you would be ready, too..” She replied, Marrick feeling her pull away from him and he withdrew to look to her face, “Are you ready?” She asked, pausing a few moments before continuing, “I’d, like to keep it,” she finished and Sadie witnessed for the first time Marrick giving her a genuine smile, causing her to do the same.

Marrick brought her back into his arms and nodded against the side of her head, “Yeah, I think I am,” he answered and he felt her wrap her arms around him now and hold him tightly against her. “Come inside,” Marrick requested and he pulled away from Sadie, placing one of his hands upon her back and escorting her inside as Archor followed excitedly.

g1c5 p5

They entered the home and Marrick wrapped an arm around the front of her and pulled her back against his chest, placing his hand over hers upon her stomach and she looked up to him curiously, “How do we.. How are we going to do this?” She asked, slightly worried about their future and Marrick gripped her wrist gently with his other unoccupied hand, bringing it up and putting her palm against his face.

“We just have to be strong. I’ll try my hardest to give it a better life than I had,” he replied with a serious tone and she smiled, Marrick looking to her, “Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to,” he concluded, holding her tighter against him as she placed her forehead against the side of his jaw.

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Sadie soon felt slightly faint and she brought her hand up to her face, feeling how warm she was and Marrick felt as if her knees grew weak by how she sank gently within his grasp. He quickly scooped her up within his arms and looked to her with a serious expression, “You’re dehydrated, you need to drink more water, a lot more, especially when you’re not just caring for yourself now.. When did you last eat?” he asked sternly.

“I know.. I’m sorry, I’ve been rather busy recently, I must’ve been losing track of things.. The last thing I ate was dinner last night around six,” she replied and Marrick walked her over to his bedroom, opening the door and bringing her inside.

“You should get some rest, I’ll make you something to eat later when you’re better,” he answered her and he felt Sadie’s grip upon him tighten slightly.

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Marrick laid her upon his bed and brushed the hair from her face, “There’s nothing wrong with the baby though, right? I’m just stupid and am forgetting to feed myself?” She asked with a worried tone and looked to Marrick, him giving her a slight smirk.

“You’re not stupid, and the baby’s fine,” he replied, placing his hand over hers in a comforting manner. Marrick was overjoyed that his grandmother was correct with her judgement, Sadie had came back, even though it was solely because she was pregnant, would she have came back if she wasn’t? Marrick thought to himself, questioning why he began to grow angry with her.

“Are you sure?” She asked, Marrick sighing but keeping his slight smirk.

“Yes, now get some rest,” he requested once more.

“W-Will you lay with me? Just for a little while,” Sadie wondered and he thought for a moment, soon nodding and walking around to the other side of the bed and joining her upon it.

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Marrick laid with her for more than half an hour, adoring the fact that she had came back, convincing himself this entire time that she would never lay within his bed again, but he was proven wrong. He hoped that as their new forced life together went on, other things would prove him wrong as well, like his thoughts of him becoming insane and harming her or his unborn child. Marrick had known that she fell asleep only a few minutes after laying with her, but he couldn’t seem to drag himself away the longer he laid there and the more he caressed her stomach. Marrick lost track of time as he laid with her, soon dozing off himself and waking up to the sun beginning to go down when he looked to the window. Marrick slowly pulled away from Sadie as to not wake her and he successfully made his way off of the bed, walking to his door and looking back at her before he exited his room. Marrick looked to her stomach and hoped more than anything that it wasn’t a boy, he wished to anyone and anything that he could think of and hoped he would have a daughter, hoping to finally put an end to the genes passed down in males. Marrick made his way out of his room and Archor greeted him, Marrick putting his finger to his lips as a means to make sure Archor stayed quiet and he seemed to understand fully, not making a sound as he curiously looked into Marrick’s bedroom, wagging his tail as he shut the door.

g1c5 p12

Marrick made dinner for them and he soon heard Sadie waking up within his room, Archor hearing as well and walking up to the door to wait for her to open it, still wagging his tail. Sadie soon opened the door, looking to Marrick and smiling, “It smelled so good that it woke me up,” she said with a slight giggle, causing Marrick to smirk as he brought what he had prepared to the table.

“I’ll make fish when I’m more prepared, it’s probably what I’m best at,” he replied and sat at the table, watching as she joined him and he loved finally having someone to look at across from him.

“You want to cook me dinner one night, and good fish, something you’re best at none the less..? Does that mean it’s a date?” She teased and he kept his smirk as he began eating, remembering her slightly flirty behavior towards him but ignoring her question and hearing her answer, “Mmhmm..” She teased more, accepting his informal request and beginning to eat as well.

g1c5 p13

“What do you want it to be?” Sadie questioned, Marrick somewhat not wanting to answer her knowing that the infamous question as to ‘why’ soon followed after the first answer.

“What do you want it to be?” He repeated the question back to her, hearing her giggle and she smiled happily.

“I wouldn’t mind either way.. A girl would be wonderful, but a boy would be fun as well, I don’t know..” She replied excitedly and Marrick nodded to her response.

“I wouldn’t mind a girl.. My family is notorious for having boys.. A change would be nice,” he replied and she only smiled more, Marrick only smirking in return as he looked away from her, finishing his meal and soon Sadie as well.

g1c5 p14

Sadie took it upon herself without hesitation to get up and grab the dishes, clearing the table and walking to the sink to clean them. “You don’t have to do that, you should get more rest, anyways,” Marrick said with a serious tone, Sadie shaking her head and continuing to clean.

“It’s not a problem, I want to be useful at least if I’m going to be around more,” she replied and looked over her shoulder, smiling towards Marrick and looking back to the sink.

g1c5 p15

Marrick stood from the chair and walked over towards her, Sadie finishing up cleaning the plates and soon feeling Marrick’s hands wrap around to the front of her, holding her stomach gently. Sadie brought her hands over his and shut her eyes, happy to be in his arms once again, missing him over the past few months. “Are you staying tonight?” Marrick asked and she shook her head lightly.

“No.. I have to go to the stables in the morning and I have to tend to my horse before I go to bed, I gotta go back home soon,” she replied quietly, though wishing she didn’t have to leave.

g1c5 p16

Marrick turned her around and pulled her closer, surprising her slightly and he felt the need to kiss her after all this time of not seeing her, “Please be careful around those things, they’re unpredictable,” he said with a concerned tone and she smiled sweetly.

“I’ve known my Arnica since she was born, she would never hurt me, we have the same relationship as you and Archor do,” she replied, trying to ease him of his worry and Marrick pulled her into his lips. Sadie gave into him instantly and welcomed the kiss, missing it as much as Marrick had and she was happy with how things had turned out.

g1c5 p18

Sadie soon left and Marrick walked her to her car as Archor followed, wanting to say goodbye to her as well. Marrick gave her a long kiss goodbye, helping her into her car and Archor put his paws upon her lap, “Archor, watch it,” Marrick demanded, fearing that Archor would paw her stomach unknowingly. Sadie simply smiled at Marrick’s protective behavior and said her goodbyes to Archor as well, Marrick pulling him out of her car and shutting the door for her. Marrick watched her pull out of the driveway and leave, soon bringing Archor inside and Marrick went out the back, taking a seat at his picnic table and pondering his thoughts. He looked up towards the bridge and then towards the city, now getting warmed up to the fact that he wanted to visit her at her home that was within it. Marrick wanted to know more about her, he wanted to do everything within his will to keep her from harm and he wanted to know what frightened her most so he would be sure to never do it. He wanted to be strong, he wanted to hold on to the hope of never succumbing to his insanity; that, and he hoped even more that he would eventually be holding a baby girl within his arms..

Generation 1, Chapter 4

Attention: Long chapter and picture heavy.


g1c4 p1

Marrick had never had a better nights sleep, it was the first time his mind was calm and his mind wasn’t flooded with horrible memories. He sat upon his bed, sitting there in silence and thinking to himself, pondering when she had slipped off without him knowing. Marrick was a light sleeper and he wondered how he didn’t wake up when she had left, growing slightly angry with Sadie. But, Marrick thought about her actions and was beginning to feel it was for the best; he had never gotten so close to someone so quickly, but he didn’t want it to continue any further still knowing she could be at risk with him. Marrick heard Archor barking happily in the living room but he didn’t know at what, Marrick assumed he would be begging to come into the bedroom, scratching at the door, but he wasn’t. Marrick then heard a sound on the other side of his wall coming from the bathroom and he somewhat hoped it wasn’t just Archor playing tricks on him to get him to come out of his bedroom. Marrick then heard the faucet within the bathroom running and he surprisingly grew excited, but he disliked how happy he was knowing now that Sadie was still within the house. Marrick stood from his bed and went to his dresser, quickly putting on a pair of boxers and leaving his room.

g1c4 p2
g1c4 p3

Marrick walked out into the kitchen and looked around, seeing Archor standing within it and wagging his tail happily when he saw Marrick, but continuing then to stare at the bathroom door. Marrick walked around the corner and Sadie walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her and she smiled when she saw Marrick, her cheeks blushing slightly at the sight of him and Marrick couldn’t help his excitement in seeing her. He kept his expression blank but let out a relieved sigh, watching as she walked up to him and put one of her hands to his face. “Good morning,” she said quietly and he couldn’t help the smirk that was barely visible. Marrick was at a loss for words, he didn’t know if he should kiss her or make her leave, the voices within his head returning and yelling for him to kick her out and save her while he still could. It seemed like he would never be able to make up his mind, constantly switching his decisions between wanting her to stay or go, but it was her that threw off his ability to think clearly and he kept silent as he pressed his lips to her gently.

g1c4 p4
g1c4 p5

Archor barked softly and walked away from them, almost as if giving them privacy as Marrick deepened the kiss roughly. Sadie was caught off guard slightly and she let out a surprised moan the harder he kissed her, feeling his hand hold the back of her head and she wasn’t sure how to react, feeling as if she had nowhere else to go. The stubble that grew upon his face was beginning to scratch and burn around her lips the harder he kissed her, but she almost felt as if she knew why he seemed so relieved when he saw her. She had just gotten out of the bed to use the bathroom, and it took him less than two minutes to wake up and realize she was gone from his side, it made her smile slightly and she felt the kiss beginning to end.

g1c4 p6

To Sadie’s surprise, Marrick soon lifted her within his arms and brought her over to his kitchen table, setting her down upon it and Sadie wrapped her legs around his hips the moment he began kissing her neck. Marrick couldn’t help his actions and he felt as if he wasn’t even in control of his body as he pulled her tightly against him and began softly biting and sucking on her neck. Sadie began to let out soft cries of both somewhat pain and slight pleasure at his behavior, wanting to continue but also wanting him to calm down on how rough he was being. Sadie put one of her hands to his chest to try and push him off from her and get him to stop, Marrick soon getting the hint and withdrawing himself. Marrick stood there, breathing heavily as he read her actions and he knew that he had made her uncomfortable. It had already begun, Marrick wasn’t sure when he had lost it, but she was already making him crazy and he hated that he almost enjoyed being rough with her.

g1c4 p7
g1c4 p8

Marrick withdrew from her more and grabbed her arms, pulling her towards him and making her stand on her feet again, “I need you to leave,” he demanded and Sadie looked to him as if she was appalled by his words, “Now,” he continued and he flinched when he had said it.

“What..? B-But.. Why? What did I do?” She asked with a worried expression, putting both of her hands to his chest delicately and the grip Marrick had on her arms tightened and he pulled her hands off of him.

“I’m only going to hurt you. Now leave,” he demanded once more and somewhat tossed her towards his bedroom door and she stumbled but caught her footing, looking to him in shock as tears welled up in her eyes. Archor barked angrily towards Marrick at his actions towards Sadie, but Marrick ignored it, “Get your things and go,” he added harshly, keeping his eyes upon the kitchen table and ignoring her.

g1c4 p9

Sadie was in complete shock by his words, deciding not to argue and make things any worse, she was slightly frightened when he had thrown her and she didn’t want to invoke him into doing anything else rash. She didn’t reply to him, walking into his room and getting her jacket and vest, a single tear falling from her face as she looked around the room for a moment, somewhat taking her time and wanting him to change his mind.

“I-I don’t understand,” Sadie said quietly, not hearing a response from Marrick and she only tightened her grip on the clothes she was holding, “I don’t-” She stopped, Marrick cutting her off.

“You don’t need to. Leave,” he demanded once more.

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g1c4 p11

Sadie’s tears fell from her face and quickly put her pants on, walking out of his room with her other clothes in her hand and Marrick looked to her as she left, watching her walk out of his bedroom and he hated that he made her cry, she was already this involved with me to cry over it? Marrick held his tongue as he watched her leave out the front door and Archor went to follow but Sadie had slammed the door behind her before he could go with her. Marrick hated that she had slammed the door, but he understood her frustration with his lack of explaining anything. Archor came by him and sat at his feet, looking up to him as if to give him the explanation since Marrick didn’t give one to Sadie.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’ve told you about my family history, I would only..” Marrick began to say to Archor but he stopped; he refused to admit to himself that he would eventually cave in to his insanity and eventually kill her. “Don’t act like I’m not doing the right thing, even if I don’t want to..” Marrick continued and he watched as Archor bowed his head and walked away from him, laying by the door in hopes of Sadie walking back through it and Marrick sighed heavily in defeat. He felt terrible after noticing she was crying from the corner of his eye as she left, wanting to stop her and change his mind, but his decision was final and he didn’t want to immediately go back on his words. Marrick believed he was saving her from a life she didn’t deserve, let alone a life she may not survive long in, and for that reason alone, he let her leave.


. . . Three Months Later . . .


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g1c4 p13

Three months without seeing Sadie, Marrick thought to himself, wondering if he had scared her away for good or if she was just keeping her distance until he somehow found her and made amends. If he ever wanted to, he would probably use Archor to do it; Marrick had been taking the time to teach Archor how to hunt and track and Archor was getting very good at it. Sadie had left behind her pocket watch that she wore on her vest the last time he saw her, he found it on the floor under his bed after the morning she left three months ago. Marrick had no idea what to do, he knew that he was unable to stop thinking about her and he knew it would take a much longer time to forget her. Marrick wondered to himself what he should do, soon coming up with the idea to visit his Grandmother that he hadn’t seen since he was 11 years old. He knew that she would never move out of the house she had been living in, so he assumed she would still be there. His thoughts of Sadie were driving him more mad each day and he acted not from his own will more often than he used to, causing him to go to great lengths in seeking advice from the one person who knew of their family’s gruesome history.

g1c4 p14
g1c4 p15

Marrick got into his car and brought Archor with him, driving back towards his home town that was a 3 hours drive away. The very thought of going back to his old neighborhood worried him, memories forcing their way back into his head and he shook them off as often as possible, succumbing to thinking more of Sadie rather than his family’s past. Marrick surprised himself when he knew how to get to his grandmothers house solely off his memory the moment he entered the town. He pulled into the driveway and his heart was beating faster, reminding him of how hard it was beating when he had spent the night with Sadie. He was drowned by the thoughts of her as he shut his eyes and sat within the drivers seat for a moment, Archor soon barking and he looked to the home, seeing an old woman coming out and not noticing his car in the driveway. She’s still here, he thought to himself, taking a few deep breathes as he got out of the car and Archor followed close behind, observing the woman and staying at Marrick’s heels as he observed her.

g1c4 p16
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“Um.. Mrs. Dubois?” Marrick asked softly, seeing the woman soon turn her head and she looked to Marrick, standing to her feet and wiping her hands free of dirt.

“Yes?” The old woman asked, her eyes then widening and she froze when she looked to Marrick. He swallowed hard and looked around the grass, soon looking back up to her when she walked slowly closer, “M-Mar..Rick?” She asked and he smiled for the first time in a long while, nodding and watching as the woman smiled happily and tears instantly fell from her eyes, “My, goodness..” She continued, walking out from her fenced garden, making her way up to him and instantly throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly and he was slightly thrown off, but soon hugged her in return and he held his grandmother for a few long seconds.

g1c4 p19

“I-I.. Everyone.. Thought you were dead,” she continued, tightening her grip upon his clothing and he let out a gentle chuckle.

“Well, I’m still here..” Marrick replied and his grandmother withdrew from him, looking to his face and touching his cheeks lovingly as she observed what kind of man he had grown into since she had last seen him as a boy.

g1c4 p20

“Well thank the heavens.. You’ve grown up to be so handsome, Marrick. You look just like your grandfather,” she said with a warm smile, Marrick somewhat taking it as a compliment since he was the only man he knew of within his family that didn’t murder his wife or family members; he had outsmarted his insanity in order to save his family, the proof standing right in front of him, “Come, come inside! Please,” she suggested happily, holding his arm and escorting him into the small home and Archor following, already taking a liking to Marrick’s grandmother.

g1c4 p21
g1c4 p22

Marrick looked around the home and then watched as his grandmother let go of him and walked towards the kitchen, “I’ll make us something to drink, make yourself at home, dear,” she said sweetly. Marrick smirked and walked into the home more, taking his time to look around the room as old memories of when him and his sisters would play here. He watched Archor walk around and sniff everything that he could, Marrick soon venturing into the living room and seeing that nothing had changed since he was a little boy, Archor soon following behind.

g1c4 p23
g1c4 p24

g1c4 p25

Marrick looked around and soaked everything in; the run down television, the antique furniture, a clean and nature-like smell with the plants around the room.. He looked over to his right and noticed Archor already found something to be fascinated with, a rather large Cockatoo cleaning its wings. “You got a bird?” Marrick said above his normal tone, looking at the bird with a slightly irritated raised brow.

“Yes, isn’t she lovely? Her name is Angel. I got her about.. 15 years ago,” she called out in return, Marrick looking to it unimpressed.

“Leave it alone,” Marrick demanded towards Archor and he eventually looked away from the bird and walked around the room, continuing to smell everything and Marrick walked around as well.

g1c4 p26
g1c4 p27
g1c4 p28
g1c4 p29

Marrick’s eyes went to a part of the wall where his grandmother had pictures, Marrick walking up to it and his heart sank when he saw nothing but pictures of their family. His mother, holding his baby sister Andrea, pictures of him and his little sister Bionca, even a picture of his father and him together. He looked to his mothers face and a quick flash went before his eyes, covering the three girls faces in blood and then in a flash they were back to normal, memories flowing through his head from the last time he had seen them. Marrick looked to the picture of his father, remembering how much he hated getting his picture taken and his scowl gave Marrick goose bumps. He despised how he looked so much like him, but he soon remembered his grandmothers words and looked to the picture upon the small table under the rest, realizing the man in the picture looked identical to Marrick, only if his hair was shorter. Marrick smirked slightly, assuming that it was his grandfather and seeing that in his picture, he was at least smirking, unlike his father.

g1c4 p30

Marrick heard his grandmother call him from the kitchen and Marrick snapped out of his trance, walking towards the kitchen and Archor following him. Marrick walked into the kitchen and Archor went to his grandmother, introducing himself and she laughed at Archor’s good behavior, “Oh my, what a beautiful creature,” she said happily but somewhat nervously.

“Archor, leave her alone,” Marrick said calmly and Archor calmed down his excited nature towards her and she giggled, looking to Marrick and coming back over to him to hug him once more. Marrick smiled again and hugged her in return.

“It is good to see you. After all this time.. I’m so happy that you’re here,” she said quietly and withdrew from him, brushing stray hairs from his face and putting her hands to his face kindly. She withdrew from him and sat in one of her chairs at the kitchen table, motioning with her hand for Marrick to join her and he did so, losing his smile and knowing now that they were going to talk about serious things.

g1c4 p31

“I.. I came to see if you still lived here, and if you did, I wanted to get advice,” Marrick began, getting straight to the point and she smiled towards him.

“You’re father asked me for advice once as well with the same look that you have..” She began and Marrick grew discouraged, wondering now if her advice was what drove him to his insanity or not. “Have you met someone, dear?” She asked and Marrick’s eyes widened slightly, looking to the mug that was placed before him and not giving any sign of an answer. She did the same as him, looking to her mug when she knew by his silence that he had met someone, and she smiled.

g1c4 p32

“I’m very aware of the history of our family and I can tell you’re worried about what might become of you if you get involved with someone..” She began, looking to Marrick and he looked to her as well, “I have no advice for you, dear.. If I knew what cured insanity, then I would’ve help your grandfather and your father long ago,” she replied, watching as Marrick’s face grew discouraged and he looked towards his lap in defeat. “My only advice is to do what your heart tells you, nothing else, and especially no one else,” she emphasized, referring to the voices within their heads and he looked to her with a serious expression. She smiled warmly towards him and reached out over the table, Marrick bringing his hand up and placing it within her hands as she requested without words, “Tell me of her, what is her name?” She asked and Marrick shied his eyes away, looking to Archor and smirking slightly.

“Sadie,” he replied and Archor let out a soft bark at her name, Marrick’s grandmother letting out a pleased giggle at their behavior towards her.

She nodded and tightened her grip upon his hand, “And?” She pressured, watching as Marrick smiled more and looked to her, happy that he wasn’t completely alone in the world now that he had chased off Sadie.

g1c4 p33

“It doesn’t matter,” he soon replied, losing his smile and so did his grandmother, “I made it clear that nothing would become of us, she’s caused me to lose control once and I don’t want it to happen again,” he replied and she withdrew her hands from his, shocked by his words and he soon corrected himself, “No, I didn’t hurt her.. I just.. I made her leave and I pushed her gently away from me after I noticed that I was already began to lose control a little, she’s alright..” He comforted and his grandmother was pleased by his words, though still a little worried by his actions of throwing her, even if it was gently. “What’s worse though.. Is..” He continued but stopped, hesitating with his words and she gave him a soft smile, coaxing him to continue, “..There’s a possibility she could be pregnant, though I haven’t talked to her since I saw her last, about three months ago,” he said quietly, fully aware now since he had so much time to think without her that he realized they didn’t use protection, he was too caught up in the moment to even remember to.

g1c4 p34

“And what will you do if she is?” She asked with a serious tone, glaring into Marrick’s eyes and hoping for the answer she wanted.

“I.. I don’t know,” he answered.

“Wrong,” she answered quickly in return and he looked to her curiously, “Despite what you may think, and despite what has happened in the past, there is always room for happiness and love.. I know that this can sound selfish coming from someone who knows our history well, but your grandfather found a way around it.. You still can fight it, fight the urges, be strong, Marrick. You shouldn’t have to spend your days alone when you don’t even know what will happen for sure until you give her a chance.. I know you can fight it, and I know you will do nothing to her that will cause her any physical harm, you’re stronger than that. Look at how far you have made it already.. You’re love for this dog alone proves that you are capable of loving another human being. Please believe me when I say that you will not be the one to end her life, no one will,” she said sternly and gripped his hand once more, tears returning to her eyes and he looked to her with remorse. Marrick hated to admit it, but she was right; how could he know that he was incapable of beating this dangerous trait? “I believe that when she comes back, and she will, you should give her the chance to change you, give her a chance and prove to yourself that you are stronger than this,” she paused, “And I want great grandchildren before I die,” she added and he smiled as she chuckled lightly through her tears.

g1c4 p35

Marrick avoided eye contact with her as she looked to him lovingly, knowing that she probably couldn’t help how she stared at him, but how could she not when he resembled his grandfather so much? But, to his relief, she soon looked down at the table and continued her words, “Where have you been? Where did you go the day you..” She began but stopped, thinking of Marrick’s father, her son, and Marrick could tell by the expression upon her face that she was still horrified by what he had done to their family.

“I.. Had just come home from school. I noticed blood on the ground and made my way into the library where I saw Bionca, Andria, and my mother. My mother was still alive, but barely, so I rushed to her side and all she told me was that she loved me and that I needed to leave, my father was still within the house. I heard him upstairs, and after I had stayed with her until she passed, I did as she asked and left. I ran away. I probably ran for 3 or 4 days.. I eventually wound up at an orphanage and they took me in, living there until I was 18 and I moved into my own place across the river from Bridgeport City,” Marrick replied and looked to her, watching as her expression went even more sad to his words and he sighed, “I’ve lived by myself since.. I never have noticed my behavior out of the ordinary however, until I met Sadie.. That’s why I’m here, I guess.. I want her, but I don’t want to hurt her,” Marrick finished and didn’t want to discuss anything more, he was getting a little overwhelmed with being there and he wanted to get out of the house. But, he had to admit, there were still a few things he wanted to know about..

g1c4 p36

Marrick’s grandmother could tell he wanted to know more by the expression on his face and she sighed, “What else did you want to know?” She reluctantly asked.

He looked to her and continued, “Is he still out there?” He asked, referring to his father and he watched as she shook her head ‘no’.

“They caught him almost immediately, he’s been placed in a psyche ward,” she paused, “He’s still there to this day. I haven’t seen him since his birthday.. About 10 years ago. It was the first time he had acted violently towards me, but he was subdued before he could hurt me,” she replied, Marrick’s fists balling in rage on how he still wanted to hurt their family, or whatever was left of it..

g1c4 p37

“Where is he being held?” Marrick more so demanded than asked, his grandmother growing worried.

“You shouldn’t go there, Marrick, judging by how he acted towards me, I can’t even imagine what he might try with you,” she said with fear in her tone, worried to lose the last heir of their family that wasn’t locked away. “Please, don’t do anything foolish, I couldn’t stand knowing this family would never live on, despite what our past has been,” she finished, Marrick keeping his blank expression as he looked to her pleading eyes.

g1c4 p38
g1c4 p39

Marrick had barely toughed the tea she had made for him when he had already decided to leave, standing from the chair and she looked to him with a confused expression, “Do you have to go so soon?” She asked, looking to Marrick’s eyes and knowing he wasn’t changing his mind.

“..It was really great seeing you again,” he said softly and she bowed her head, standing to her feet and coming into his arms for another hug.

“Please, don’t be a stranger and visit me more, I would love to meet Sadie some day, as well,” she added and withdrew from the hug, looking to Marrick and smiling.

Marrick nodded, “Thank you,” he replied and kissed her cheek, calling Archor to follow him and he left the home that flooded him with memories. Marrick walked to his car and let Archor in, getting in after him and pulling out of the driveway to leave his grandmothers home and his old neighborhood.

g1c4 p40
g1c4 p41

Marrick got home around seven at night and made dinner after he had fed Archor, sitting at his kitchen table and he thought of Sadie as he sat there in silence to himself, looking at the empty seat in front of him and wishing she was sitting there. Marrick began to think over his decision on making her leave now, wishing he hadn’t done what he did and hoping she would come around again eventually as he looked to the back door, wanting to see her walking up to it with another pizza in her hands even though he had just eaten dinner.. He began to wonder if he had truly scared her away by how he had acted towards her, he was ashamed of his actions and his hope soon dwindled when he realized once more that it had been three months, she’s not coming back, he thought to himself. He crossed his arms over the table, soon bringing his head down and laying it over them, shutting his eyes and wondering what he should do. Archor walked over to him and sat next to him, laying his chin down on his lap and laying a paw over his leg as if knowing his pain, missing Sadie as much as Marrick did.

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Generation 1, Chapter 3

Warning: Chapter contains mild nudity and sexual scenes and may not be suitable for readers under the age of 18. 


g1c3 p1
g1c3 p2

It had been three days since he had seen the blonde woman, Marrick couldn’t seem to get his mind off of her and it only got worse as the days went on. He had spent the days fishing and today was the last time he needed to do it for money before he could take a few days off again; the quiet, lonely minutes that went by spent out by the water was grueling and he needed the break from his thoughts of the woman.. He watched television for the majority of the morning, he woke up around four in the morning and had gotten ready long before he needed to. He didn’t dream, he didn’t have nightmares, there was nothing going on in his mind but his memories of the past as he slept, almost as if he was laying down with his eyes shut, wide awake, simply thinking all night. The sun soon came up and lit the living room up as Marrick watched television, grabbing the remote and changing the channel to the morning news. He listened to the weather, hearing it was going to be a sunny, warm day and Marrick was pleased with this news. He shut the television off and got his fishing gear together, loading up his car and leaving for the city with Archor.

g1c3 p3

Marrick despised needing to go into the city, but the only grocery store around was on the other side of it completely, the only way to get to it was having to drive through the city. He passed the sports stadium and it reminded him of the sports games him and his father used to watch together on the television when he was a boy, he had never actually been to an arena as large as that and he wondered what it would be like to go inside. Marrick hated the city, but he couldn’t help but admit to himself that he wanted to explore some of the places within it, everything looked so lively and up beat; he began to wonder then if he didn’t like the city just because it seemed so much louder and obnoxious when he wasn’t in it.

g1c3 p4

Marrick heard Archor whimpering in the back seat, knowing that Archor hated the city more than he did, “I know, bud,” Marrick said softly and looked back at him briefly, reaching his hand back and Archor placed his snout within Marrick’s palm for comfort. They soon reached the grocery store and Marrick rolled a window down for Archor before going inside. He picked up an apple, some cheese, worms and a small bag of doggie treats to give Archor as he fished. He wasn’t gone long and Archor barked and did circles in the car when he saw Marrick returning from the store, Marrick soon getting in the car and returning to the same position he was in with Archor before they had gotten there, holding his snout.

g1c3 p5

Marrick and Archor soon arrived to a small river they enjoyed coming to that was near the stables. Most of the time while Marrick fished there, Archor would always watch the horses for hours in curiosity and amazement, but Marrick had never let him get close to one. Archor decided to stay close to Marrick this time though, the horses weren’t outside today and not many people were at the stables for Archor to be curious enough to observe them. Marrick listened to the sound of the gentle waterfall that fell not to far from him, thinking of the blonde yet again and by his own shock, he was hoping to see her again.

g1c3 p6

Archor eventually grew bored of simply lying around so he stood and began walking away from Marrick, “Don’t go far,” Marrick said softly, looking over his shoulder as he watched Archor beginning to sniff around, continuing his slow pace as he walked away from Marrick. Archor pawed at a few areas, beginning to dig holes but deciding not to go too deep each time and moving onto the next thing that caught his eye. Marrick continuously looked over his shoulder at Archor, making sure that he didn’t go too far like he had requested of him and seeing that he was obeying him. He thought about the day they had gone to the forest preserve and the way Archor pointed out the blonde for Marrick, he had never seen him act nicely towards anyone but him and seeing how much he liked the blonde surprised Marrick. He didn’t care for Archor’s disobedience that day too much, but he was somewhat happy that Archor had done what he had did.

g1c3 p7

Marrick reeled his line in and began walking down the edge of the water, moving to a different spot when he noticed Archor had found something. As he walked, he focused his eyes more on what Archor was looking at and he realized it was a snake, one with red and blue colors, “Leave it,” he demanded, watching as Archor looked to him and furrowed his brow in sadness, dropping his ears low and walking away from the snake back towards Marrick. He threw out his line to the water and began fishing now at a different spot, hearing Archor coming up behind him and then to the water to get a drink. Marrick pulled the doggie treats he had gotten for him from his pocket and Archor’s ears perked up instantly, excitedly waiting for one and Marrick tossed a few over his shoulder and Archor ran for each one frantically.

g1c3 p8

Marrick had caught a few fish and soon decided to leave when the sun had started to go down, driving home and dropping off Archor before he went back to the market to sell what fish he had caught. When Marrick got home, he noticed that Archor had made a mess with his chew toys, always going into a frantic state whenever Marrick left him by himself at home. Marrick sighed, walking around the room and tidying up the home. He walked over to the fridge and looked in, trying to decide what to make for dinner when he then heard Archor barking excitedly at the back door.

g1c3 p9

Marrick slowly closed the fridge door and looked to see the blonde stranger from the forest preserve a few days ago, watching as she smiled happily when she saw him and carrying a pizza box with her. Marrick’s brow raised in slight confusion but he couldn’t deny the fact that he liked seeing her again, she was more beautiful than he realized now that she was this close to him when he greeted her at his back door.

“Hey, are you hungry?” She asked, Marrick not really knowing what to say.

“Um.. What are you doing here?” He asked, looking her over and down at the pizza.

“Oh, well, I just wanted to apologize for keeping your dog from you for so long the other day, I should’ve made him go with you or brought him home sooner. But I’m a huge dog person, so I didn’t mind his company.. I was sure that I made you worry though, so, I’m sorry,” she said simply, throwing Marrick off slightly and he shrugged gently back towards her.

“There’s no reason so apologize, he should’ve known better,” Marrick replied coldly and he watched as she lost her soft smile slightly.

“I bought a pizza.. Are you hungry?” She repeated her first question, Marrick looking to her eyes and could tell she didn’t want to leave yet.

“Sure,” he replied with a slightly defeated tone, the blonde handing the pizza to him with a smile and he brought it inside.

g1c3 p10

Marrick heard her enter his house with him but she stayed by the back door, “I’m Sadie, by the way,” she said sweetly, Marrick flipping the lid of the box open and setting it upon the counter. He looked over to her briefly and back to the pizza.

“Marrick,” he replied simply, grabbing two slices of the pizza and walking back over to her to hand her one of them.

“Thanks,” she said softly, accepting the slice and watching as Marrick walked out the back door to eat outside. She followed after him, continuing to try and engage with him more, “I haven’t seen you around ever, did you just move here?” She asked, Marrick sitting down at his picnic table and Sadie joining him, both beginning to eat their pizza.

g1c3 p11

Marrick liked her company, but he still felt uncomfortable around her; every time the males within his family showed interest in someone or fell in love, their insane sides began to show more and it always ended badly.. But Marrick thought she was almost irresistible, even after only seeing her for his second time. Archor sat in front of them, Marrick tossing him a few of the toppings that were on the top of the pizza. “No, I’ve lived here for 7 years,” he replied simply and she looked towards him in slight surprise.

“Oh.. Do you.. Not go to the city often?” She asked.

Marrick shook his head ‘no’ towards her, “I hate the city,” he answered and continued eating his pizza, keeping his answers rather short.

“Well, you should go there more often, once you have just one good night there, you’ll be hooked,” she said with a smile and a soft giggle, looking to him before continuing to eat her slice.

g1c3 p12

Marrick looked to her after she spoke, admiring her face and wanting to reach out and touch her hair. “What do you do?” He asked, getting close to finishing his pizza.

“I’m a painter, I breed horses, too,” she replied with a smile, finishing her slice of pizza and looking to Archor who was begging to eat the crust.

Marrick noticed the look of desperation on Archor’s face and he looked to Sadie, “He can have it,” Marrick told Sadie and she smiled, giving it to Archor and he took it from her gently, wagging his tail and eating it. “I read about you in the paper a few days ago, you donate your paintings, right?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m donating them and also trying to raise money to give to a charity. I really enjoy helping others,” she replied and he gave the slightest hint of a smirk.

g1c3 p13

Marrick finished his pizza and stood up, giving Archor the remainder of his crust as well and petting him when he finished it quickly. Sadie watched Marrick and kept her sweet smile the entire time, admiring him as she already was feeling more interest in him. “What do you do? Do you live alone here, just you and Archor?” She questioned and he looked to the ground briefly, then back up to Archor.

“Yeah, just me and him. And I’m a fisherman,” he answered calmly, looking to her, “I’m warning you now not to get too involved with me, Archor and I aren’t really fond of people. We like our privacy,” he said rather bluntly, watching her lose her smile, but it soon came back and he was surprised by it.

“I’d like to change that,” she replied and he looked back to Archor as his face grew warm, Archor wagging his tail more and licking Marrick’s scruffy chin, “You should come to the city with me sometime, give it a chance,” she continued and Marrick looked to her as she stood up and began walking away from his home towards the city that stood proudly before her.

g1c3 p14

Archor followed her excitedly and ignored Marrick’s petting when Sadie walked away from them, growing slightly jealous of Sadie as she seemed to always be stealing Archor’s attention. He stood and looked to the two of them, admiring her long blonde hair that fell down her back and the light from the city and the moon helped it gleam even more. “I could show you around, I’ve been to most of the buildings within the city, I’ve donated at least one painting to all of them, too. I know my way around, I bet I could even get us into a good Lounge or maybe even a game at the stadium.. Would you want to?” She asked, bending down to pet Archor and she looked towards Marrick with a warm smile.

Marrick placed his hands within his front pockets and looked to the ground, pondering her question and not wanting to go along with it. Judging by how much Archor loved her, she had to be a good person, convincing him that she was too good for himself. If the burden of his gruesome family history happens to him, he would hate to hurt her and not only emotionally.. He liked her, he felt a connection the moment he laid eyes on her, but he couldn’t, didn’t, want her to be a part of his life; it would only end badly.. “I don’t think so,” he replied softly, watching as the smile left her face.

g1c3 p15

Marrick heard as Archor barked at him, giving Archor a rather confused look and wanting him to stop, “Quiet,” he demanded and Archor stopped his loud barks and gave out low barks that sounded like sad yelps. “Stop! I said no and I’m not changing my mind,” Marrick demanded again and Archor stopped then, Sadie feeling sorry for him and she was surprised how Archor seemed to know exactly what Marrick was saying. She looked back to Archor and petted him more, Archor whimpering softly as she did so and Sadie smiled.

“I don’t think he agrees with your answer,” she replied softly and Marrick sighed, looking to the ground again and ignoring her gaze. He heard her walking through the grass and back towards him, causing Marrick to look up to her and he grew slightly nervous. She stopped in front of him with the same smile, “One night, that’s all I want. The city’s really not such a bad place, it’s just noisy. But, it’s a good thing, there’s a lot of people, a lot more people in the city that out here in the suburbs. They obviously have plenty of reasons for liking it since so many of us around here live there,” she added and Marrick continued to contemplate his answer towards her, wanting to say no again but he hesitated as he looked to her. “Do you mind if I use your bathroom? I just want to wash my hands, they smell like pizza and Archor, it’ll give you a few minutes to change your mind, too” she said with a gentle giggle and Marrick enjoyed hearing her laugh.

“Um.. Yeah, sure.. Just go in and it’s the door straight ahead of you,” he replied and she nodded in thanks, walking passed him and inside.

g1c3 p16

Sadie walked into his bathroom ad he followed after her into his home along with Archor, Marrick shutting the back door and sighing; he didn’t want her to be inside too much longer and he wondered when she would leave. He walked over and put the leftover pizza in the fridge to save it for her, tossing Archor a few of the toppings upon the pizza once more before he put it all away. Marrick washed his hands in the kitchen sink and dried them, walking over to couch then and turning the television on, assuming that this was the end of the night and somewhat wanting it to be so.

g1c3 p17
g1c3 p18

Marrick heard her come out of the bathroom and he watched as Archor rushed over to greet her, walking with her as she came into the living room, “Do you mind if I watch with you?” She asked and Marrick looked to her with a reluctant expression.

“I guess,” he replied and she happily sat with him, Marrick watching as Archor laid down by her feet instead of his and he grew jealous once more, wondering what it was that Archor liked about her so much. His mind was running wild and he wanted to know why she hung around him for this long, wondering when she would eventually see who he really was and make a run for it. “I saved the pizza, you can take it home with you whenever you leave,” he said softly, continuing to shift his eyes between the television and Archor.

“Oh, you keep it. I brought it for you as an apology. Thanks for accepting it,” she replied and he looked to her briefly, seeing her still smiling and he nodded to her request.

g1c3 p19

“So, what’s your answer?” She asked, referring to her inviting him to the city and she hoped he had changed his mind.

Marrick hesitated a little, focusing his attention around the room as he thought of his response. There was something within him that was telling him that he should take her invite and go to her into the city, he wanted to be around her more, but was it him that wanted to, or was it his dark side coming to life now that he was showing interest in her? He was worried about saying yes, but he decided to stick with his first response. “No.. Well, at least it’s a no for now,” he replied and looked to her, watching as she kept her smile and nodded, finally accepting his answer and he was happy that she understood.

g1c3 p20

“That’s fine, whenever you’re ready, let me know,” she replied and he looked away from her back to the television, letting out a calm sigh and not minding her company too much anymore. Sadie spoke up again, “Well, unless you’re saying no because you have a girlfriend already,” she added, Marrick looking to her and seeing her expression go slightly worried.

“No, I don’t.. Just, need to get used to the idea of actually going to the city for by my own will,” he replied and looked to her, watching as her smile went pleased by his answer and he quickly looked back to the television. Marrick felt as if it wasn’t going to be easy to get rid of her, somewhat not wanting her to leave and also feeling as if she didn’t want to either.

“Well, then you could now take my invitation earlier as me asking you on a date,” she corrected herself and Marrick looked to her, smirking slightly but soon losing it from his lips.

“I barely know you,” he replied simply, hearing her chuckle softly and he took his attention away from her eyes.

“That’s the point of a date, to get to know the other person,” she answered, “And I want to do that,” she continued and grabbed Marrick’s attention, watching as he sighed softly to himself. He didn’t want this to happen, he didn’t want to get involved with anyone in the fear of hurting them in the end, but it was something he had always thought about since he’s been on his own; he wondered what kind of things he would do to her should he ever snap, and the thoughts he came up with scared him.

g1c3 p21

Sadie shifted within her spot and looked to him with inviting eyes, Marrick wondering why she was looking at him like that. “The truth is,” Sadie began, “There’s just something about you that I like, you seem quiet, but the quiet ones are always the most interesting,” she continued and he tried to keep his attention off of her. Marrick had been infatuated with her scent and subtle perfume ever since she had gotten there, the thoughts in the back of his mind of how he wanted her to leave now escaping his thoughts the more time that went by with her. Sadie propped herself up slightly more and looked to Marrick with a seductive grin, Marrick now unable to look away from her gaze as he watched her every move with curiosity.

“Why are you looking at me like that,” he more demanded an answer than asked a question, Sadie biting her bottom lip and giggling at his seriousness.

g1c3 p22

“Because I like looking at you,” she replied simply and his eyes widened a little. Marrick adored the look in her sapphire eyes, watching as she shifted herself and somewhat crawled over him, causing him to draw back slightly and move his arm up to across the back of the couch.

“Throwing yourself at me won’t change my mind,” he answered, though he had already done so the moment she asked him the second time, though staying strong as to not giving in.

“Say that you’ll go on a date with me,” she said playfully and Marrick grew slightly nervous at the locations of her hands.

“No,” he replied coldly but Sadie somehow knew he didn’t mean it.

“What are you afraid of?” She asked, continuing to smile as she only leaned in closer and he shifted within his seat somewhat uncomfortably, looking at both her eyes and lips repeatedly. Marrick didn’t know how to answer her, hesitating and refusing to answer her question, knowing he could scare her away eventually regardless of the answer he gave her.

g1c3 p23

Marrick watched in surprise as Sadie leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, Marrick incapable of bringing himself to stop her and he returned the kiss without hesitation. It was everything he had hoped it would be, her lips were as soft as silk and he brought his right hand to the side of her face and pulled her in more, kissing her deeper and soon moving his hand to the back of her head through her hair. Sadie shifted her body and sat within his lap facing him continuing the kiss, Marrick running his hands through her long hair as his hand traced down her back. Sadie wrapped her arms around his neck and Marrick kissed her for as long as could, soon pulling her head back and hearing her let out a gentle cry in pleasure and he began kissing roughly down her neck and over her clavicle. Without so much as giving her a say in his actions, he connected their lips again and stood up with her still over him, carrying her weight with ease and she wrapped her legs around him as he carried her towards his bedroom.

g1c3 p24
g1c3 p25

Marrick opened the door, still holding her securely and shutting it behind him before Archor could come into the room as well, hearing him paw at the bottom of it and begin to whimper. He ignored Archor as he brought Sadie to his bed and laid her down, watching as she removed her jacket and vest and laid under him beautifully and Marrick then continuing to their kiss instantly. Marrick ignored the voices in the back of his head, telling him to stop and to save her while he still could, but the look in her eyes convinced him otherwise rather easily. Before continuing any further, he disconnected the kiss briefly and looked to her, giving himself one last chance to turn back while he could, Sadie’s eyes asking why he had stopped as she ran her fingers through his soft brown hair. Before he had the chance to make up his mind however, she pulled him back in and continued their kiss, Marrick instantaneously forgetting why he had stopped and caving into her wishes.

g1c3 p27

Marrick didn’t know why, but he couldn’t help himself; what he wanted at the time was her, even despite his conscious telling him that it would all end badly and him wondering then if it actually would. Marrick had never noticed himself acting out of the ordinary as far as the insanity that had been accustomed to his family, but he had never let anyone close enough for it to take over. He was worried for her, but he also wanted to see if he could subdue his frightening trait and beat it so he never would have to worry about hurting her..

Generation 1, Chapter 2

g1c2 p1

Marrick woke up to Archor licking his face, soon pushing his hairy snout away from him when he had woken up enough to do so. “Knock it off,” Marrick said softly.

Archor let out a soft bark, continuing to lay upon the bed as he watched Marrick sit up within it and rub his face to help wake up more. Marrick made his way towards his dresser and chose clothes to change into after his shower and made his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. He came back into his room a short while later to Archor still laying upon the bed and he finally jumped down after he noticed Marrick making his bed, now knowing that Marrick wasn’t going to come back to this particular room for a while so he got up and jumped down, following Marrick around as usual.

g1c2 p2
g1c2 p3

As the two entered the kitchen together, Archor went straight for a chew toy instead of straight to his bowl to wait for Marrick to feed him, causing Marrick to raise his brow is slight confusion towards Archor. He shrugged it off and made himself toast for breakfast, sitting at the table and all he could hear were the sounds of the chew toy being bit my Archor and the crunching of the toast within his mouth. His chewing soon slowed as he stared at the empty seat still in front of him, taunting him as it remained empty the longer he stared. His frustration got the best of him and he threw down the remainder of the toast he had left down onto the plate and stood up hastily, walking to the garbage and throwing out what he hadn’t finished and washing his plate within the sink. His actions caused more sound to fill the silent void; the empty garbage bag was crinkling still as the rest of his uneaten toast slid down to the bottom of it, the sound of the water on full blast as he washed his plate and hands, the chair he pushed back into the table roughly to get it out of his way.. He was looking for noise, any kind of sound, any kind of life, but he realized that no matter how much louder he made every sound, it still didn’t make him feel as if he wasn’t the one doing it..

g1c2 p4

Marrick’s frustration soon calmed as he filled Archor’s food dish and he watched him drop his chew toy instantly to come and eat. Marrick walked around the living room then, picking up all of Archor’s chew toys from the ground and cleaning up the place. As he tidied up, he looked to the finished product and everything was pristine, clean, in place and looked as if it had been untouched for years, only adding to how much he grew to hate it there ‘alone’. Before his father had gone mad, he remembered that their home was always filled with laughter or just simple noises that Marrick now missed immensely; the sound of his mother washing dishes, the sounds of his sisters fighting over a toy, how his father would call up to him from the bottom of their stairs.. Marrick even missed how his father always let him slide all the way down the railing and his father would always be there to catch him. His frustration was beginning to turn to depression, causing him to completely erase his thoughts and go about his day as normally as he could.

g1c2 p5

Marrick walked out of the house and Archor followed, running passed him and around the yard playfully as Marrick got the mail and paid the few bills that he had. As he shut his mailbox door, the squeak noise it let out from the somewhat rusty hinges made him think back to when he had left his home 14 years ago..

He flung the fence gate open that made the same noise the mailbox had, Marrick fleeing from the scene as tears streamed down his face at the thought of his mother in the library. He ran as fast as he could, ignoring everyone and everything in his way, his school bag eventually falling from his shoulders and he got rid of it only to be able to run faster. He had ran until his legs gave out a few towns over, collapsing under his exhaustion. Marrick only woke up to begin running for as long as he could and again collapsed under his exhaustion until he finally wound up waking up at the orphanage several towns over. He claimed to have no parents and his clothes had been beat up enough from his journey that it seemed as if he was homeless, being accepted into the orphanage almost instantly..

Archor began barking angrily and protectively at someone jogging passed the house and snapped Marrick from his thoughts, calling Archor to come back into the house and walking in before Archor.

g1c2 p6

Marrick left the door open as Archor came in behind him, stopping and he reminded himself of something, “Archor, get the paper,” he requested calmly and Archor did a 180 degree turn instantly and rushed out the door. He came back in quickly, hitting the door and causing it to bounce off of the wall and close behind Archor, walking proudly over to Marrick and submitting it to him. Marrick took the paper from Archor’s mouth and patted him upon the top of his head, “Good,” he said softly and Archor wagged his tail and looked to Marrick, panting and the expression on his face looked at if he was smiling at Marrick.

g1c2 p7

Marrick made his way into the kitchen and pulled out a chair, taking a seat and opening the newspaper as he heard Archor going back over to his bowl to eat more of his food. Marrick read the paper and it told him of a few robberies within the city, as well as a murder, two homes were consumed in flames, and one bomb threat. Marrick scoffed at the seemingly nothing-but-bad-news section and flipped the page, reading a small section on the next page of a woman who had been auctioning her prized paintings to places around the city for a fundraiser; fighting an illness of some kind. She had also been coming into classes at schools and giving art projects and guest speaking; she was widely known and seemed to be a genuine person. There were a few more sections he read, including the contests section, sports, and weather, but soon Marrick folded the paper up and threw it out when he decided to go back outside and do something with Archor.

g1c2 p8

Marrick decided to take Archor for a walk, needing to get out of the house and beginning their journey in the opposite direction of the city. The further Marrick got from the city the more comfortable and relaxed he began to feel, adoring the sights before him and admiring the mountain tops that spread across the horizon. Archor pulled at the leash when he noticed a squirrel in the distance, perking up his ears and one of his front legs bent up as if pointing towards it for Marrick. He whimpered a little and Marrick looked to him and let out a snicker without so much as a smirk, releasing Archor from his leash and watching as he lunged forward but crouched down as low as he could. Archor’s stomach barely grazed over the grass and he stopped roughly thirty feet from the squirrel, his paws shaking as he waited in anticipation for Marrick to give him the ‘go ahead’.

Marrick waited a few long seconds, “You sure?” He asked Archor, watching as he continued to point towards the squirrel and finally letting Archor go with a reluctant tone, “Get it,” he said just above a whisper and Archor took off as fast as he could, chasing the squirrel frantically for a few seconds as Marrick watched calmly. Archor caught the squirrel quickly and Marrick heard it squeal in slight pain and Archor brought it back to him, laying it upon the grass, maimed, Archor looking for praise, “You can’t have it, kill it,” he said and Archor looked to him as if he understood fully, Archor’s eyes pleading for an explanation as to why. “You know better than to hunt on our way out, I can’t carry it with me in anything and it’ll go bad before we get home. Finish it and lets go,” Marrick demanded and he watched as Archor gave him an ashamed look in his eyes, hanging his head and quickly biting the squirrel’s neck to put it out of its misery. “Go bury it,” Marrick demanded again and he watched as Archor picked up the squirrel gently and brought it back to where he had first noticed it, digging a hole, burying it, and coming back to Marrick. He secured Archor within the leash again, “Let this be a lesson, you can’t always have what you want. Be smart about your actions.. You know better.. Now let’s go,” Marrick said softly and Archor then walked behind Marrick, following at his footsteps.

g1c2 p9

Marrick and Archor soon reached a small forest preserve up the mountain from their home, Marrick releasing Archor once again and watching as he ran away from him and playfully ran around the area, circling trees and digging inch deep holes a few times out of excitement for coming to this spot; they always came here at least once a month together and it was Archor’s favorite place to go. The first thing he always did was run away from Marrick and Marrick always had to come and find him. Marrick knew he was playing hide and go seek, but it felt less childish playing it with a dog rather than children so Marrick never contested to Archor’s wishes. He picked up his pace and jogged slightly, looking around for Archor and not finding him as soon as he usually did, wondering where he couldve gotten to.

g1c2 p10

Marrick slowed his pace to a walk, realizing that Archor had probably gotten distracted by something and forgot he was playing his seemingly mandatory childish game with his master. Marrick sighed, stopping and looking around at the trees and the brush, smelling the air for a few seconds and admiring the smell of nature, at peace finally now that he couldn’t hear a sound coming from the obnoxious city. He looked over to a tree that had low branches that a child could reach, his mind playing tricks on him and he saw the middle born, his little sister Bionca, climbing the branches and getting higher and higher before his eyes. He grew worried and walked quickly to the tree, looking up and panicking as Bionca scaled the tree higher and higher, “Catch me if you can, Marrick!” She called out and he shook his head at her in disagreement, watching as the next branch she stepped upon broke and she fell from the tree. He dashed forward and held out his arms to catch her. The moment that he would’ve caught her safely, he looked down to his arms held out and he had caught nothing, only looking to the empty palms of his hands and he shut his eyes, shaking his head and ridding himself of his thoughts. Marrick heard Archor barking and he looked towards the sound, walking away from the tree and towards the noise.

g1c2 p11

Marrick soon walked passed a few large bushes and his eyes fell upon Archor who was getting extremely friendly with a stranger, something he hadn’t ever witnessed himself since he had known Archor. He scowled at Archor’s behavior, hating that he was giving so much affection to someone else and now also hating that he had probably noticed this stranger as Marrick was childishly looking for him during their ‘game’ of hide and seek. Archor’s expression seemed content and in love with whomever he had just met, causing Marrick to get slightly jealous towards his behavior..

g1c2 p12

Marrick walked closer, “Archor,” he called out softly and Archor ignored him as the stranger looked over and gave Marrick a warm smile. He grew confused by the expression upon her face and ignored it, “Come,” he said, demanding towards Archor to obey and he ignored Marrick once more, watching as the stranger stood from petting his best friend as Archor continued to sniff her legs and wag his tail happily.

“So it’s Archor? What a neat name.. He’s really beautiful. Sweet, too,” the stranger said with a smile towards Marrick and he ignored her gaze. He looked to her sweater and admired it, it was his favorite color and she looked well in it. The blonde hair that fell down over the dark color illuminated in the morning sun and her sapphire eyes weakened him slightly when he glanced at them, but he ignored the primal urges he felt just like every other woman he came in contact with.

g1c2 p13

“Archor,” Marrick said a little more sternly, watching as Archor’s ears fell in shame, but he continued to remain by the strangers side. Marrick grew angry as he watched his best friend betraying him before his eyes, wanting to leave instantly, with or without him now..

“He’s Archor.. But do you have name?” The stranger asked and Marrick looked to her with a blank expression, not answering her question and continuing the look back at Archor. Marrick wasn’t sure why, but he was hurt by Archor’s actions.. He felt alone all over again and abandoned, causing him to only grow more angry.

g1c2 p14

“Hey, wait!” The stranger called out as she watched Marrick begin to leave his friend behind, “Where are you going? Don’t you want him to follow?” She asked, Marrick continuing to walk away from the both of them.

“You should wear brighter colors when you go out into the forest or woods.. It’s hunting season,” Marrick said back to her, unsure of why he said it but continuing on his way and abandoning Archor as he had done to Marrick the moment he disobeyed him.

“Wait! ..Your dog..” She called out again nervously.

“He’ll come home whenever he wants to,” Marrick answered and continued on his way.

g1c2 p15

Marrick left Archor behind, leaving him with this.. Stranger.. Archor had done to him as Marrick had done to his mother and sisters, completely abandoning them and showing no sign of hesitation about his decision. He grew angry with Archor. Marrick felt uncomfortable and uneasy; the stranger was his father, Archor was his mother and sisters, and Marrick was Marrick, running away once again.. The thoughts that went through his mind infuriated him, wanting to go back for Archor but refusing to acknowledge the stranger in order to get back Archor, he’d have to engage with the woman and he refused it. She was everything that he had convinced himself he never wanted; long, glorious blonde hair, a heart-stopping smile, piercing eyes that he felt as if could take control of his entire being..

g1c2 p16
g1c2 p17

The day went on and hours passed as Marrick waited for Archor to come home.. He was angry with Archor, the loneliness he felt now overpowered what he felt when he had him, causing Marrick to fidget within the kitchen chair constantly as he thought of losing his only friend. The woman he had encountered was beautiful, causing him to think of unholy thoughts about her and the loneliness he had felt consumed him, his mind begging him to let it think of her more. Marrick soon shook her out of his brain, refusing it’s request and he thought of Archor once more, wondering when he would return and hoping that he even would. Marrick’s leg grew restless and bobbed up and down frantically as he stretched his fingers and cracked his knuckles as often as he could as his worry consumed him.

g1c2 p18
g1c2 p19

Marrick looked to his watch and it read a quarter after six at night and the sun was beginning to go down. He had been without Archor for 8 hours and his nerves were beginning to get the best of him. Archor’s red food bowl began to bleed it’s color and the red paint that melted off of the bowl pooled upon the floor. Archor’s hot dog chew toy melted and sank between the cracks of the wooden floor and his box full of toys began to melt away as well.

Archor’s bark soon poured into Marrick’s ears faintly and he perked his head up, blinking suddenly and every one of Archor’s things had returned to normal, Marrick standing to his feet and looking to the back door where his eyes laid upon the female stranger and Archor. Marrick went outside and bent down, greeting Archor and grabbing the fur on either side of his cheeks, pulling his forehead into his own. Marrick still refused to smile, but he was relived to have been reunited once again with his only friend.

g1c2 p20

Marrick stood and looked to the woman that was already smiling at him, “I didn’t know where you lived, so I didn’t know where to bring him back to.. He does’t have a collar, either, so.. I assumed I would just play until he wanted to go home, and he kind of lead me here. Sorry to come to the back door, too.. Archor somewhat insisted, though,” she said with a sweet chuckle, looking to Archor and keeping her smile.

Marrick observed her face and it took him a moment to realize he was staring, soon looking to Archor and back to her briefly, “Thanks,” he replied, walking towards the back door and nodding his head towards the home at Archor, his reunited companion catching the hint and going inside.

g1c2 p21
g1c2 p22

“I’m.. Sorry I didn’t bring him back sooner, he didn’t want to leave until it got dark, I felt as if he knew you were worried, though,” she said with a gentle giggle. She lost her smiled instantly, however, when she saw the calm, lonely exression upon Marrick’s face.

“It’s fine,” he paused, looking over his shoulder but not looking at her, “Like I said, thanks,” he replied and went inside, leaving her with nothing more but the sound of the back door shutting harshly and Marrick locking it behind him.

g1c2 p23
g1c2 p24

Marrick kept silent until he had known she was off of his property, turning around and looking to Archor who was already shamefully looking to the floor. “You..! Y-You, worried me.. I thought I..” Marrick began but stopped, refusing to say anything more as he looked to Archor who had already known he had done something wrong, deciding it was pointless to scold him any more. “First the squirrel, now this..” He added, sighing as he walked towards his bedroom and shutting the door, refusing Archor to sleep with him that night.

g1c2 p25

Marrick changed into his sleep wear and laid in his bed, hearing Archor whimpering outside of the door and feeling regret already. He shut the light off and soon heard scratching at the bottom of the door, Archor attempting to coax him into opening it but Marrick simply shifted within his bed and put his back to the door. After a few more minutes of pawing at the door and even more minutes spent whimpering, Archor eventually realized he wasn’t getting in and laid upon the floor in the kitchen, starring anxiously at the door, barely getting a wink of sleep.

Generation 1, Chapter 1


It had been so long since Marrick had last seen his father. His family history was something he hated to think about and every one of the males within the family were nothing short of being on the edge of insanity. He often thought of what exactly made him crazy, curious as to when his final moments were going to come when he would finally succumb to it like all of the males within his family before him. His great-grandfather was a mad scientist, creating and cloning and even testing his experiments on people. His grandfather was born before his great-grandfather finally succumbed to his insane experiments and tested them on his wife. His grandfather saw everything, witness to his fathers unforgivable crimes and he was taken from him after others had found out that he had murdered his wife using his science. Marrick’s father was born when his grandfather was in his early twenties, but his wife left him while she was pregnant with him, his grandfather making them leave when he began to notice signs of his insanity starting to blossom. He didn’t want his family there in fear of doing what his father before him had done to his wife, his insanity causing him to take his own life, instead, years later.. When Marrick’s father was in his late teens, he met Marrick’s mother and they were madly in love, oblivious to his family history and never once assuming it could happen to him, as well, but with a woman as special as she was, he was sure to never go to the dark side of his thoughts, but it was never out of the realm of possibility.

Marrick ‘s father was the first man within his family to live past his twenties before completely succumbing to his insanity, causing Marrick to wonder if he would be so lucky for it to hit him sooner than later before he could possibly hurt anyone he cared about. Marrick ran away when he was 11 years old after walking in on his fathers heinous acts.. Marrick had walked into the library of his home after he had gotten home early from school one day and his eyes fell upon the corpses of his two little sisters, his mother gasping for air in the corner as her wounds were about to take her but with her last few breaths as Marrick came to her and knelt at her side, she told Marrick that his father was still there in the house and that he should leave immediately and to not be afraid. Marrick didn’t know what to do but cry, hugging her tightly as she lay limp within his arms. He heard his father’s footsteps above him on the second story of the house and Marrick reluctantly followed his mothers words and left the house before his father knew he was there. Marrick was found many towns over, refusing to tell anyone who he was in fear that he would be returned to the custody of his father and he was taken to an orphanage where he lived quietly and kept mostly to himself until he turned 18 and went out on his own; he hasn’t seen his father since.


g1c1 p1

Marrick has been living a lonely, uneventful life for the past 7 years, keeping to himself and only traveling to the city when he needed essential groceries. He made money by catching fish for markets and selling them at high prices, only catching the best that he could find and the rarest of fish brought him the most money. He woke up one morning to his every day routine; waking up around six in the morning and making breakfast, giving his dog Archor breakfast as well and eating it quietly within his eerily silent home. Archor had been his only friend for the past 5 years, finding him when he was a puppy and taking him in to care for him. Archor adored Marrick, watching him do everything at any time within the day, always following him around the house.

g1c1 p2

As Marrick made his breakfast, a small fire had started and he simply watched as it consumed his food. It soon burnt all the contents within the pan and he continued to stare at the flames, his face beginning to glisten with sweat as his face was warmed by the slowly growing fire before him. His expression was blank and it seemed as if his mind had been sent to a different time in space, Archor’s barks were quiet within his ears but as he began to regain his composure, Archor’s barks were grew loud and he snapped out of his trace. His eyes widened in shock as flames began to consume his counter top and he yelled for Archor to run outside and he did so out the open back door. Marrick quickly went underneath the sink within his kitchen and grabbed the fire extinguisher, pointing it to the flames and calming them within a few minutes. He returned the extinguisher under the sink and stood there staring at his now burnt counter top and the smell of the burnt food filled the entire house.

g1c1 p3

Marrick scrubbed the counter top and attempted to clean the frying pan as well but not before opening every window and door within the house to get the lingering burnt smell out of the air. Archor stayed outside, hating the smell and Marrick had given up on cooking and caved in to preparing a simple bowl of cereal instead. When he had finished his breakfast, he remained within his chair and stared at the bowl now filled with nothing but milk and he scooped it up within his spoon then letting it dribble off from it and back within the bowl repeatedly. He did this for a long minute before snapping out of yet another trance and bringing his bowl to the sink and washing it, drying it and putting it back within the cupboard. He looked around as he stood within the kitchen, seeing no one, hearing nothing but the faint sounds of Archor playing in the backyard, somewhat wishing that something, anything to fill this void in his home. But, he soon kicked these thoughts from his mind, soon reminding himself why he chose to live alone and making his way out the back door where Archor was.

g1c1 p4

Archor was the only being Marrick had spoken more than a few words to ever since he was 11, they were best friends and Marrick took him everywhere that he could. He decided to take a day to himself and Archor, playing with him the rest of the day and giving him all of his attention. Marrick believed that animals were easier to talk to than people; they hardly talked back or gave you a hard time, they were always sorry for the bad things they had done, they were trustworthy.. Archor had never let him down, never killed someone, never judged him or held any ill-will towards him. He was a good dog, his only family now.

g1c1 p5

Marrick had always been a boy of few words and he stayed that way throughout his whole life as he became a man. He was popular with girls when he was forced into school by the orphanage, but he never gave them the time of day that they all had so badly wanted whenever they approached him. He never grew close to anyone, refusing them the chance to learn who he was and what fucked up family he was a part of. He often thought of if he could beat the insanity that waited patiently within him for its chance to come to life; he had lasted this long without acting too much out of the ordinary, but was he always going to remain this way?

g1c1 p6

Marrick loved living right on the river for his means to make money, but he hated that the city was so close. At the time, he wasn’t able to afford the home he had originally wanted in the forest a few more miles away from the city, but it also wasn’t close to a source of water like this home was, so his decision wasn’t too hard to make. He often thought about saving his money better to move, both him and Archor were light sleepers and there were many times were he or Archor would be awoken by the noise pollution the city gave off from time to time. He looked over to the city as the sounds filled his ears, waiting for Archor to bring back the stick he had retrieved, scowling at the sounds of cars beeping and the squealing of impatient citizens tires.

g1c1 p7

The day went on as Marrick and Archor spent time together, playing fetch and many rounds of tug-of-war before Marrick soon grew tired and exhausted from the day finally catching up to him. He watched as Archor paced around the backyard, sniffing for treasures to find and possibly chew on or maybe even bring inside as a souvenir from his long and exciting day with his master. The only time that Marrick ever showed a single hint of a smirk, it was only towards Archor and Marrick still found it hard to muster the rare smirks he ever did dare let grace his lips; he never found a reason to smile before, he simply never felt the need or want to do so.

g1c1 p8

Marrick called Archor to come inside and he gave Archor food for dinner and made himself dinner as well. He often looked across the table at the empty chair that stared back at him, biting the inside of his bottom lip and he began to feel his loneliness creeping up to greet him again like it did every single night when he ate dinner. Marrick finished his meal and sat at the table, losing track of time as he stared at the chair, his eyes pleading in a way for anyone to suddenly appear before him and fill the void. He soon felt Archor resting his chin upon his leg and Marrick looked down, snapping him back to reality and he patted Archor on the top of his head and rubbed just behind his ear, giving Marrick the comfort that he seemingly always unconsciously felt desperate for. He stood from the chair and walked to the sink, rinsing his plate and cleaning it, putting the dishes away into the cupboard and wanting to get rest now.

g1c1 p9

Marrick walked away from the cupboard and his steps soon slowed and he eventually came to a stop as he stared into the silent, vacant living room. His mind began to wander and he thought of his two little sisters, imagining them playing on the ground in front of the television as his mother sat on the couch; everyone seemed so happy.. His littlest sister, Andria, stood up and ran around the living room, circling the kitchen table in front of Marrick as he watched her play.

Chase me, Marrick!” She called out to him as she continued to run around the room and soon hiding behind the back of the couch.

Marrick’s heart sank as she said his name, bringing his hand up and messaging the bridge of his nose as he shut his eyes and got rid of the haunting thoughts of his family’s past. He soon heard nothing again, the room falling silent and he opened his eyes, looking to the once again vacant living room and hearing Archor barking from his bedroom, calling him to bed. He let out a gentle sigh and shut the lights off and made his way towards his room.

g1c1 p10

Marrick entered his bedroom and shut the door, walking to his dresser and changing into his sleep wear  before heading to the bed.

“Where you sleepin’?” He asked Archor with his stern, deep voice, watching as Archor stared at him for a few moments before making a decision and crawling underneath the bed.

Marrick let out more of a scoff than a chuckle, his expression still never changing once throughout the entire day and he made his way towards his bed to sit upon it. He looked around the room, hating how his bedroom had more of an eerie silence than the rest of the house and his gaze soon fell upon the empty side of the bed next to him. He let out a gentle sigh, soon ignoring his lonesome thoughts and leaning towards his light to shut it off, laying down after his room had fell into darkness and he eventually drifted off to sleep.