Generation 3, Chapter 8

     Gibson’s POV     


The sound of my alarm rang at 8:00 am and I stirred in my bed, I had set it two hours later than I normally do to get as much relaxed sleep that I could now that I had the opportunity to bask in the serene silence that settled over the house. I reached back and shut the alarm off, pulling my arm back under the blanket and clasping it to bring it closer to me and I laid there comfortably as I tried to work up the willpower to get out of bed. Gareth left yesterday evening and he hadn’t come home, at least I didn’t think he was here. I felt like I would know; I’d either hear him playing with Jess, still drunk from his night out, or I’d hear his music blaring from the basement but he’d be passed out on his bed, sound asleep. It was so nice to finally have a good nights sleep without hearing any of that.


I stayed in bed for roughly twelve more minutes and finally decided it was time to get up. I got out of bed and turned around to make up the blankets and keep my bed looking untouched, taking a moment then to stretch my arms over my head and I perched up on my toes to stretch my back and legs as well. I love that sensation. I looked over to my back balcony through my tall windows and admired the scenery, walking over to the sliding door to get a better view. The change to Lucky Palms from Bridgeport was a vast difference and it was still hard to get used to when I took the time to think about it, but I always came back to the same conclusion; we came here for a change, and the change was good for me. I wasn’t sure about everyone else, though..


“Tsk..” I let out softly, displeased as my mind went to Gareth and how he had stormed out. What a dramatic display that was. I admit, I was getting pretty angry with him for how he assumes that nothing bad will come his way when he does bad things, he’s completely delusional. How could he not understand the danger in what he does? The audacity he had to say that I was the cause of Candace’s death was just preposterous. She was just weak, and my words just so happened to hit her a little harder to her core. He should know I would never go to my full potential, especially with a coworker and especially after making that promise. He’s the one that physically takes their lives and watches the life drain from their eyes, which was never quite my style. But, now was not the time to think about him.. I had to focus. I had a lot planned for today, that is, after breakfast of course.

Screenshot-40 (2)

I went downstairs to the first floor and walked towards the living room, seeing it nice and neat, just how I had left it after Gareth left. Silence. I could never be so sure, though.. I walked to the basement steps, stopping at the top of them and listening for a moment, not hearing any life coming from downstairs besides Jess locked in her crate. “Gareth? You home?” I called down, listening for a few seconds, but all I heard was Jess scratching in her crate and whimpering a little to be let out. “Shut up, Jess.. I’ll let you out after I eat,” I called back, but she still whimpered and let out high-pitched, questioning barks as if saying ‘please’. “Stupid dog..” I said to myself and walked away from the stairs, going towards the kitchen.


I was pleased to see that there was still food in the fridge and it hadn’t been raided from the drunken lunatic that I lived with.. I pulled out eggs, shredded cheese, mushrooms and even some leftover ham, dicing up the mushrooms and ham first, preparing them for when I needed to add them to the stirred eggs in the frying pan. I began the scrambled eggs first, pouring the stirred thick whites and yolks into the pan and cooking it until it was just right, adding the shredded cheese, diced ham and mushrooms into the mixture and flipping one side over the other to create the generously packed omelette. It was nice having all of the ingredients to myself and not having to make another share, I finally get to taste all of the elements that I included in every bite instead of only a slight few. I couldn’t wait. I always cherished the days I had off of work and plus with Gareth being gone, it made the time by myself that much more enjoyable. 


Finally, I had gotten to eat my creation for all that it was worth and it came out perfect, I couldn’t be happier and more prepared for anything now that I had had the most important meal of the day, and a good one at that. I arose from my chair and walked to the kitchen sink with my cleared plate, taking my time with washing it as I enjoyed the warm water over the air-conditioned skin on my hands. As much as I utterly enjoyed the silence in all it’s entirety, it still felt a little off without constantly hearing some form of life coming from the basement. I hated that no matter how hard I tried to not think of Gareth, he still managed to weasel his way into my mind, but then again, he was someone that was impossible to forget completely, especially in my stance with living with him my entire life. But, as I finished washing my plate, I shut my eyes as I turned the water off, focusing and trying to free myself from thoughts of Gareth as I worked up the courage for my next plan.


I walked into the living room, looking out the windows in the back of the house and seeing the same view from my bedroom upstairs. Looking out at the scenery gave me courage that I couldn’t describe, a new town for a new beginning, and with Gareth gone at the moment, I could start anew once more with something I wanted to hide from him.. I grabbed my phone from the coffee table where I had forgotten it last night, going to the contacts and hesitating as I looked at Hannah’s number like I had been doing for the past three days, waiting for the right time and moment to call her. I didn’t want to call her too soon as to come off as desperate, though I didn’t want to wait too long to seem disinterested.. I was forced to acknowledge that Gareth and I’s argument couldn’t have come at a better time so I could leave him out of this completely. Even though I forgave him for what he had done to my relationship in the past, I was still worried about showing any interest in someone without wondering how he might be able to ruin it.. Now was my chance. I finally pressed the bright green ‘send’ button and pulled the phone slowly to my ear, hearing it ring once, twice, and three times, feeling my heart rate increase as each ring filled my ear.


Hello?” Hannah had answered and I stood there a few quick seconds, unable to remember what I had told myself I would do once she answered. But, luckily, I was able to grab my wits just in time to not make a fool of myself during our second encounter.

“Hi, Hannah.. It’s Gibson. I met you a few days ago in the pavilion? I gave you my umbrella to take home..?” I somewhat questioned, wondering if she even remembered me.

“Oh, hi!” She replied joyously, which only added more nerves to my overwhelming excitement, “I was wondering when you’d call me,” she replied. She was.. Looking forward to it?

I chuckled lightly, “Yeah.. I was wondering if you were free today to grab that coffee I had offered?” I questioned once more, waiting for her response as I could feel my chest shaking from the harsh beat of my heart.

“Actually, it’s kinda funny because you called me on my day off.. How convenient,” her tone sounded somewhat sultry and I almost lost it from her voice alone, but I kept my composure.

“Well, then I’m hoping that’s a yes in seeing one another?” I questioned again with a sly tone, hearing another gentle ‘hum’ of a laugh from her.

Yeah, sounds good, where do you wanna meet?” She asked. I took a deep, joyfully slow breath so she wouldn’t hear a gasp of excitement that my body wanted to subconsciously announce.


I thought for a few moments, “Let me think.. Hmm..” I contemplated. Out of nowhere, I could hear Jess whimpering and barking from the basement, wishing instantly that she would shut her trap, but I heard something from the other line that I didn’t expect.

Oh! Do you have a dog? I can hear it! I have a dog, too. Boy or girl?” She wondered and I sighed away from the phone, realizing just from her excitement that she was a dog lover like Gareth. God dammit. Stupid fucking dog! 

“Oh, yeah, that’s my Collie, Jessica, or Jess. What do you have?” I asked in return, seemingly interested, though I couldn’t stand dogs. 

I have a German Sheppard! His name is Klaus,” she replied.

I laughed happily, “That’s a very fitting name for a German,” I replied and I heard her laugh in return. 

I thought so, too,” she laughed softly once more, “Hey, why not meet up at the dog park instead of coffee? Klaus needs a good playtime with another dog, anyways.. I haven’t taken him there in a long time,” she offered. I pulled the phone away from my mouth again so I could sigh harder, wanting to hang out with her badly, yet I didn’t want to do it when it involved dealing with Jess.

“Stupid.. Fucking.. Dog..” I repeated in the whisper from before but with more harshness this time.

What?” I heard her question.

“Oh, no, nothing.. Yeah, that’s a great idea. She could use a new friend to play with,” I said into the phone.


Great! Let’s me there in.. Twenty minutes?” She questioned.

“Yeah, sounds good,” I confirmed.

Awesome.. Oh, and be sure to dress light, today is supposed to be really hot,” she added and I agreed, saying our goodbyes. I pulled my phone away from my ear, looking at it as I watched the time of our call stop and flash, signifying that she had ended the call and I wanted to throw my phone against the wall, but I squeezed it tightly instead as I struggled to regain my composure. 

“Dammit, Jess..” I said softly to myself, hating that I had to involve that dense canine in on my date. I clenched my phone within my hand as I went upstairs, getting changed for the occasion.


I finished getting ready and went downstairs again, this time going to the basement in search of Jess’s leash so I could walk her to the park. I opened Gareth’s door and saw the room dark and in a complete mess, beer bottles scattered all over the place and the small of alcohol and his musk filled my nostrils. “Uck.Disgusting..” I voiced softly to myself, looking around his room in search of what I had came for, though I couldn’t help but critique the conditions in which he lived and slept in. I was surprised to see a single surviving plant withing his room in the corner, and that’s when I noticed Jess’s leash lying on top of his computer desk in which I grabbed in a hurry and got out of there as quick as I could.


I closed up the house and brought Jess outside with me, putting on her collar as she tapped her paws excitedly upon the wooden deck, “Stand still, stupid.. Jeez,” I said softly, trying to secure it around her neck. The moment I secured her collar, she broke away from me and ran around the front of the house in her excitement, barking and becoming playful. I let out a pained sigh, “Get back here or we’re not going!” I called out angrily, watching her calm down a little as she waited by the front gate. I shook my head in annoyance, walking to the gate and opening it and she ran around the other deck as well until I yelled for her to come back to me, “Jess, get over here!” She came back over to me and her paws danced enthusiastically, her claws tapping on the wooden planks and I was finally able to secure her to the leash so we could begin our walk. “If you’re not a good girl today, I’m locking you in the crate until whenever Gareth decides to come back and he can let you out,” I threatened, but she was too excited to care about my tone, turning around and ready for the walk as she pulled me and urged me to follow.


Hannah was right, it was pretty hot today already, even with it being only a little passed 10:00, glad that I had wore light clothing that breathed easily. The walk wasn’t that bad, Jess was a little too excited when we had finally reached grass on our walk, sniffing everything that she possibly could, yet she began to calm down and simply enjoy it when we reached about half way to the park. “You’re actually succeeding at not pissing me off for once, Jess, I never thought I’d see the day,” I said to her somewhat surprised, seeing her wag her tail from me saying her name as she kept walking. As much as I didn’t care for dogs, this was actually going a lot easier than I thought. I was convinced that Jess would be a crazy handful and she’d be a terrible dog while on a leash, but she actually was behaving herself.. I wonder if it was because I was the one walking her instead of Gareth, since I showed her more discipline than he did..?


Jess and I soon reached the dog park a little passed the time we were supposed to get there, probably because Jess wouldn’t stand still and it took me forever to put on her collar and then leash. I noticed from afar that Hannah was already there with her dog, Klaus, playing fetch with him while they waited for us to arrive. I admired her from where I was while I could before she noticed, my eyes instantly drawn to her long, exposed legs and I could see from where I was walking how smooth they were, gently glistening in the sun from most likely a lotion she had used on them before coming here. I could picture her perfectly, sitting on the edge of her bed or the tub after showering, her hands sliding down her thighs and over her knees all the way to her ankles and back up. I felt my heart quicken slightly at the thought of her in any less clothing than she was wearing now, shaking my head briefly to get rid of these kinds of notions as I approached her with Jess.

Screenshot-84 (2)
Screenshot-88 (2)

“Oh, hey! You finally made it,” she teased a little and I smirked, reaching forward to remove Jess from the leash and Hannah and I watched as both Jess and Klaus noticed one another. The two went to investigate each other, ears perked up, sniffing excitedly and tails wagging happily. “Seems like they like each other,” Hannah added and I nodded.

“Yeah, sure does.” I confirmed.

“Jess is so beautiful, is she a pure bread?” Hannah wondered and I honestly wasn’t sure.

“Yeah, I believe so,” I replied, remembering the high price that Gareth had told me he had got her for and I assumed by the large amount that she was pure, “Is Klaus?”

“Yup, isn’t he so handsome? I picked him from the litter because he had the biggest ears of the bunch.. So cute when he was a puppy, I just had to get him,” she replied and I chuckled. 


I admired her face when we had approached one another, but was a little displeased to notice that she hid her eyes with a pair of designer sunglasses. It was my favorite feature about her aside from her smooth, endless legs. “You’re wearing a bathing suit, did you plan to go swimming today before I called?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, sort of, but I figured this would be more fun,” she replied and I smiled, “I might still go later, maybe some night swimming, who knows,” she continued.

“Even with a crazed killer roaming along the beaches? I hear he likes beautiful young women, you should be careful..” I added with a slightly worried tone as I watched her smirk when she picked up on my compliment.

“Oh, that.. Well, I don’t think I’d go to the beach, at least not at night.. I’ll probably just hop the fence at the community pool after closing,” she thought of the alternative and I nodded, unsure of how to take her lack of worry when it came to the news of a murderer on the loose. “Let’s sit down and get out of the sun, hmm? Come on,” she added, walking with her over to a table with chairs under a canopy near us.


I sat down with her and I watched as she finally removed her sunglasses when she wasn’t blinded by the sun anymore, holding my breath for a moment as she looked at me with a warm smile. I snapped out of my quick trance and tried to think of something to talk about, “So, tell me a little about yourself,” I began, “You moved here a year ago, I remembered you saying.. Did you find work easily here?” I wondered.

“Actually, yeah, I did. I’ve been a babysitter since I was 16 and I saved up a ton of money since then. I opened my own small daycare when I moved here, and since I’m experienced, I’ve been able to get some pretty good clients out of it. There’s these two kids, brother and sister, that I usually watch every weekday, their parents are pretty wealthy and they pay me hourly, sometimes leaving the kids in my care all day long. But, I don’t mind. I love children. I have another child I watch, too, usually during the weekdays as well, but I only watch her for about half of the day most of the time.. I’d like to eventually become a chef though, maybe open my own restaurant someday. I still need to save up a little more for schooling and training before Ido that,” she replied and I was a little surprised. 

“So you can cook?” I asked with a slightly impressed tone.

“Yup,” she answered confidently, “At least my mom and brother think I can,” she added with a soft laugh.

“Forgive me for saying this, but I never really pictured you to have a soft spot for children,” I replied and she chuckled.

“What makes you say that?” She wondered.


“Well, I don’t mean to come off as rude, but I’ve noticed your sense of style, and I must admit, it seems a little bit lavish, almost a little too much to be wearing it around children.. With how careless and unknowing they can be about expensive or fragile things,” I replied. 

She laughed a little and didn’t take my remark as if she was offended, “It seems you have a keen eye for details.. The children never touch my stuff, they know better, and besides, the place I bought has two separate stories. You can only get into my living area from an outside stairwell and I never bring the kids up there. The first floor is dedicated to the daycare, I keep my things away from them all the time, I usually wear more comfortable and cheap clothes when around them, just in case anything gets ripped, stretched out or spit up on,” she replied with a chuckle.


Jess and Klaus ran around the whole park, keeping one another company as Hannah and I enjoyed ourselves. A few times, Jess would try to run off, but Klaus was catch her attention and keep her within the park, as if herding her like a sheep to keep her where she’s supposed to be, yet in a playful manner. I was surprised at his behavior, he had much better manners and control than Jess did, I was a little jealous that she had a better dog than we did and I had to put up with that stupid, untrained mutt. 

“What about you? Do you work?” She asked and I looked to her after watching the dogs.

“Yeah, I work at the bookstore across the street and a few doors down from the community pool,” I answered.

“Ohh, I know that place.. I’ve never been in there yet, do they have a good children’s section? I’ve been meaning to get some new books for the kids,” she wondered and I nodded.

“Yeah, there’s a great selection, I’ll let you know the next time I’m working and I can pick you out some good ones,” I replied and I watched as she smiled warmly.

“That’d be great, thanks!” She retorted with excitement and appreciation. 


Everything seemed to be going great so far; there were hardly any awkward silences, just like the first night we had met, and I was soon getting pretty comfortable around her. My heart wasn’t beating nearly as fast as it was the first twenty minutes of being with her today, being able to relax a little the more we talked and joked. I couldn’t help but notice how some of the smiles she held came of as slightly lustrous and I only hoped she was having as good of a time as I was. We must’ve sat there for a few hours, the sun that cast a shadow on me before had moved a lot since I had sat down and I could feel the suns rays beginning to warm my already hot skin. The dogs seemed to be getting tired, noticing them both panting and their movements were getting slower, yet they still refused to stop playing together. I think it’s safe to say that Jess has a boyfriend now.


“Wow, it’s already almost 4:00?!” Hannah announced after she glanced at her phone and returned it to her pocket, “Do you, uhm.. Wanna keep hanging out, or do you have to get going?” She wondered and I smiled, enjoying that her tone seemed as if she still wanted to be with me.

“Well, I don’t mind either way.. If you’re not sick of me yet, we can do something else..?” I teased and she chuckled.

I watched her think for a moment, “How long has it been since you’ve been bowling?” She wondered, “We could drop the dogs off at my place and go?”

“I’m.. Not very good at bowling,” I said with a nervous laugh.

“Oh come on, it’ll be fun, I promise,” she encouraged and I shrugged. I wasn’t much for sports except football, Gareth and I played that a lot with our friends after some school days and it was the only sport that I wasn’t that bad at. But bowling, let alone any other sport? That was different.. 

“Uhm.. Okay, sure.. Why not,” I agreed and she smiled happily. I guess I could give it another try.

“Awesome! I drove here actually, so we don’t have to walk that long way.. Ready to go?” She asked and I nodded, joining her in standing and we gathered Klaus and Jess so we could go drop them off before bowling. 


Hannah drove us to the other side of town, over the highway and to a small, remote area where I had never been before. It was a very rural place and it was only just outside of town.. I wondered how I had never even known it was here? We pulled into her driveway and I admired her home, it was well kept and flourishing with foliage, the doghouse was outside and I liked that Klaus was an outdoor dog; finally, someplace to hopefully come to in the future and not have it reek like a mutt. Hannah and I got out of her car and let the dogs out, Hannah then walking over to the doghouse and filling the food bowl for them. 

“You’re house is very nice, Hannah,” I pointed out, following her and so did the dogs.

“Oh, thanks! The style kind of reminded me of my house in Florida, plus the layout was perfect for what I wanted to do here,” she replied, turning to face me, “We could leave the dogs out here, Klaus won’t run away. Is Jess okay without a leash?” She asked.

“No, tying her up would probably be best,” I answered. Hannah understood and walked to the doghouse, grabbing a thin rope and calling Jess over to her and Jess listened the very first time, to my surprise. Hannah tied a good knot around her collar, keeping her within the yard and we went back to her car to leave.

Screenshot-140 (2)

Arriving at the bowling alley not far from her home, we went in and I pulled out my wallet naturally, opening it but her hand met my wrist which made my heart jump a little, “Stop, I’m buying,” she said with a tone that implied I had no other choice in the matter.

I furrowed my brows, “Just let me, I want it to be my treat,” I contested even despite her ‘no arguing’ tone.

“It was my idea anyways, you can take me out to dinner next time and then I’ll let you buy,” she hinted with a coaxing smile and I sighed softly.

“Fine..” I succumbed, something I don’t normally do. Ever. I didn’t like not paying, even with her offer at another chance to see her. I had always paid for things when taking a woman out, it made me feel generous and I liked treating whoever I was with, no matter what the occasion or the price of anything. I enjoyed giving them the reason to believe that I enjoyed their company enough to let them do and have anything they wanted, because.. Well, most of the time it was true, I enjoyed them enough to do so. I suppose another reason I try to get Gareth in line is because we’re twins and most people think that makes us the same person, which then makes some think that I act the same as Gareth when it comes to women and I never want to be anything like him in that aspect. I’m no womanizer, I’ve never been with a prostitute, and I’ve never even been to a gentleman’s club, either. But, not paying now bothered me more this time around, simply because even in the short time of knowing Hannah, I feel this attraction to her that I haven’t felt with anyone else, and treating her to anything I possibly could would make me happy. I wasn’t pleased to learn that she was stubborn like me, but I suppose it was better than being with someone that was weak and submissive.


We began our game and I was a little nervous, the last time I went bowling was when I was fifteen with Gareth and a few of our friends, but I only bowled one game because I scored less, way less than everyone else. I ended up just sitting there the rest of the night, not playing. I was a little intimidated, too, by how Hannah’s first roll knocked down every pin but one. Dammit.. I’m going to make a fool of myself. 


We stayed at the bowling alley for a few hours, playing 3 games so far and she had won all of them. I was a little upset after every game, but she had the ability to keep me from getting too angry about losing when she sometimes ran her hand down my arm or giving me sultry eyes that were irresistible, not to mention how she flirted sometimes threatened to push me over the edge and it was hard to keep this date from getting too heated. Hannah was last to throw the ball for the game to be over and she won by 25 points, frowning as I watched her throw her hands up victoriously, but her victory dance at the end of her turn gave me a chance to fully appreciate the movement of her body. I was eager to get back into bed with someone, but I wasn’t Gareth, I’d keep these thoughts deep down in my mind and save them for a more appropriate time. Unlike him, I thought getting to know someone made the attraction more intense and it made love making that much more worth it. Instead of just diving in and doing what I wanted without consideration, it was more important and much more enjoyable to me to get someone on the same level of ecstasy that I wanted to feel. I liked the challenge.

Screenshot-158 (2)
Screenshot-174 (2)

“Yesss! I won!” She called out, now winning all four games and she came towards me, surprised when she had jumped into my arms victoriously but I caught her and held her without a second thought. “Are you sure you didn’t just let me win?” She asked with a tone that made me body ache and I slowly let her go, yet still kept my hands around her waist.

“I told you I was terrible at this stuff, you won fair and square,” I confirmed and I watched her smile appreciatively. 

“I’m having a lot of fun, Gibson. I hope you’re not mad at me for winning every game,” she said with a conniving grin, rubbing it in my face a little and I smirked, amused by her ability to tease me about things that normally would make me angry, but I guess the anger didn’t even bother to show it’s face as I felt her fingertips play with the hair by my right ear. At that very moment, I felt the need to kiss her and it was hard not to, but I still withheld from doing so. As much as I knew she wanted it, too, it was fun for me to hold back and wait for the right moment, even if the chance had already presented itself a few times throughout the night. 

“I can’t be mad about losing something I’m already bad at,” I replied and she snickered softly.

“Well, it’s getting late, would you like to go pick up Jess and I can take you home?” She offered and I nodded.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” I replied, walking with Hannah away from the lanes and outside to her car.

Screenshot-10 (2)

Driving to Hannah’s place was pretty enjoyable, I loved how our conversations were turning more and more into flirtatious banter and I was able to tell without a doubt now that she was liking the time she was spending with me just as I enjoyed it with her. We picked up Jess, who was hard to coax into the car and get away from Klaus, whining and whimpering softly almost the entire drive home. Hannah found it more sweet and amusing than I did.. I thought it was utterly annoying and pathetic.. “Here we are,” Hannah announced, “Which one’s yours?” She asked.

“The only one on the left at the end of the dock,” I replied.

“Oh, it’s cute. You’ll have to give me a tour sometime.. The view must be great when the sun rises, living on the water like that,” she said with a soft tone, noticing her look to me from the driver’s seat and I smirked, looking to her and nodding in agreement.

“You’re right, the mornings really are amazing to see. I’d be happy to show it to you someday,” I confirmed. I wondered if now was the time that I should attempt to kiss her, I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wouldn’t deny me if I tried, but something was still telling me to wait. So, I did. “Is that offer still open to take you out to dinner next time?” I asked, watching her smile more and nod.

“Yeah, it definitely is,” she confirmed and I grinned, getting out of the car then and Jess hopped into the front seat and ran out of the car, surprising both Hannah and I and we watched as she ran down the dock towards the house.

I frowned at her behavior, “Jesus, Jess, you psycho!” I called out and Hannah laughed, turning my attention back to her and smiling once more, “Thank you for a great time, call me on a day that you’re free and I’ll take you out somewhere nice, anywhere you want to go,” I offered, seeing her nod with a shy smile, “Goodnight, Hannah.”

“Night,” she replied sweetly and I shut the car door, trying to wipe the stupid love-struck grin off my face as I walked down the dock and towards the house.

Screenshot-28 (2)

The first thing I did when I went inside is take Jess downstairs, feeding her and giving her water before putting her into her crate. I went to Gareth’s room and looked through the glass on his door, seeing his room empty and I went inside to put back Jess’s leash on his computer desk. I took a moment to look around his room.. Not knowing where he was or what he was doing was beginning to bother me, and just when I thought I could end tonight on a good note, too, I’m stuck here.. Still worrying about him. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, he didn’t even have the urge to check on Jess since he probably would’ve called me, asking me where she was if he had even bothered to come home.. Wherever he was, I hoped he wasn’t doing anything that could get him in trouble.

Screenshot-28 (3)
Screenshot-37 (2)

I went upstairs and got ready for bed, changing out of my clothes, placing my glasses upon the dresser and turning off the light before climbing onto my bed. I laid there awake for a while, I couldn’t sleep, my mind was too active with thoughts of both Gareth and Hannah. I tried to balance out my brain with the good and the bad, but I couldn’t help always ending up thinking of the bad. Where did Gareth stay last night, and where is he staying tonight? Why was he so goddamn adamant about all of this? He’s acting like a child and he needs to come home and own up to what he’s done.. I need to try and get through to him and try to get him to find a better – well, ‘activity’.. Something more productive. Maybe a job to keep him occupied would help set him straight..?

“Tsk.. Yeah right..” I spoke in a whisper, finding it almost impossible to believe that Gareth would be open to getting a job in almost the same second that I thought he could. I sighed heavily before trying to shut my eyes and get some sleep, trying not to think of Gareth anymore and I tried my hardest to focus on Hannah.. Her smile, how intoxicating the scent of her perfume was, the way she moved when she walked.. To hell with Gareth, he can find his own way without me. He still has a home here, but I’m not taking care of him anymore. I needed to start focusing on myself and my own life, and to start it off right.. And my new, fresh start begins with Hannah. I won’t let him ruin this, I won’t let anything ruin this.

Generation 3, Chapter 7

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I wonder where it will be another year from now?


    Gareth’s POV     


It’s been pretty calm around the house now that Gibson and I are talking again.. No more tension or angry, awkward silences when we’d cross each others paths in the living room or kitchen. It was nice not needing to tip-toe around him anymore and no more constantly trying to figure out if he’s left the house yet by staying in my room in silence and waiting to hear him leave through the front door. But, some things still caught my eye about him. We acknowledged one another two days ago, yet he still isn’t the same.. Well, we’re back to normal for the most part, but he seems distracted. I saw him last night as I made myself some dinner and he sat on the couch with a book in his lap, but he wasn’t really reading it, he was just starring at his phone but his fingers didn’t do anything as if he was texting or searching the web and he never once called anyone, so what was he looking at? 

Screenshot-88 (2)

Today was no different. I sat on the couch with the television on, flipping through the channels lazily and I half paid attention to it, being too distracted by Gibson in the kitchen making lunch for both of us. When the grilled cheese didn’t need to be flipped and they could be left to cook, I still noticed him looking at something on his phone and my curiosity was beginning to reach its peak. “What are you doing?” I wondered, seeing him snap out of his trance and he blackened the screen of his phone quickly before returning it to his pocket.

He looked up to me briefly, then went back to preparing more sandwiches, “Nothing, I’m making lunch,” he replied simply.


“Whatcha lookin’ at on your phone? Since when do you not share nudes?” I asked with a chuckle, seeing him shake his head gently in irritation.

“I don’t have any nudes on my phone anymore. They were of my ex, anyways, and looking at them only reminded me of you, so I deleted them,” he replied with a devilish smirk and a matter-of-fact tone.

“Fuck you, dude. Even if you say you forgive me, you still keep throwing that shit in my face,” I replied and looked back to the television, continuing to flip through channels.

He let out a chuckle, “Sorry.. You just set yourself up for this stuff, it’s hard to resist.”

“Well, stop. It’s starting to piss me off and I just got over being pissed,” I replied, my thumb pressing harder into the remote.

“All right, all right..” He answered and I looked to him again and watched as he put the food onto plates for both of us, “Come get it. Stop eating in the living room, too, you get crumbs everywhere and it’s disgusting,” he said somewhat sternly and I scoffed.

“No I don’t..” I said softly under my breath, standing up and going to the kitchen to eat with him.


After eating a pretty late lunch, we both decided to watch some television for a few hours, seeing as we hadn’t spent much time together lately. There were a few shows we liked that we needed to catch up on, both of us having avoided watching TV in the living room for the long time we weren’t talking, but watching shows with him now made things a little more normal. We often criticized the shows we only liked and didn’t love, going back and forth during mediocre crime shows and pointing out the flaws each of the criminals did when the show explained them poorly.

“Who the hell would do it during that time of day?”

“Wow.. There’s no way I’d forget that and leave it behind.. What a Jackass..”

“Of course you got caught, idiot! You left so many fingerprints behind!”

“Jesus.. You’d think with how many murders he’s gotten away with, he wouldn’t drop his wallet and forget to check his fucking pants for it before he left..”


It was always fun talking about something we both could relate to, at least that’s what kept us so close. I liked having moments like this, it reminded me of how well we complimented one another when we were doing unspeakable things like on this show as a team, yet it also made me a little discouraged to think that he had given up on spending that kind of time together when we moved here.. I missed being partners. He didn’t know this and there was no way I’d ever tell him, but when he had brought up years ago that he wanted to quit what we had grown to love doing together, I was a little lost at first. I hated that we weren’t tormenting lives anymore since we did it artistically. We complimented one another and it was so much more fun combining ideas, ultimately making the most out of the gruesome situations, which made them more enticing and exciting. I’ll never understand why he wanted to give up something so glorious and invigorating. 


Gibson requested the remote to switch over to the news quickly before our next show started in ten minutes; the best news that you were most interested in was always the last few segments. I sat there lazily, waiting patiently until the news was over so we could start our next show, but my attention was caught immediately when a ‘Breaking News’ report came next. The news reporter spoke frantically with a sorrowful tone, “Breaking News! A woman in her mid twenties was found dead tonight, floating nude along the coast here in Lucky Palms. A jogger found her washed up on shore, white as a ghost with her throat slit and we still have yet to find out the identity of this young woman. She has short, platinum blonde hair and it seems that the condition of her body shows that she’s been in the water for roughly a week.. There are no leads or suspects at this time, but we will have more information regarding this story about this Jane Doe within the hour, stay tuned..” I heard Gibson let out a whispered gasp and my heart began to race. The reporter described Katherine, and what I had done to her when I was with her that night on the beach.. 


I looked over to Gibson and I watched as his face went from shocked to questionable, “Wow.. Who could’ve done that?” He asked with slight sarcasm.

“No idea.. Sucks for her..” I voiced softly. I looked back to the television and tried to ignore him, but I noticed out of the corner of my eye him look towards me.

“Weird.. I feel like I’ve seen something to that extent in the past, such lack of care and brutality seems to ring a bell.. Do you know anything about this, Gareth?” He asked and my heart raced even faster.

“What!? You think did this? I agreed to being done with that kind of shit when we moved here, Gibs.. Come on..”

Screenshot-112 (4)

“Gareth.. This points to you completely, do you really think I don’t know how you work after all these years? Wha’d you do, fuck her, kill her and dump her?” Gibson questioned, his expression full of rage and so was his tone.

“Dude.. Seriously? You think I’d break my promise?!” I questioned with anger in return.

“Stop lying! I don’t know why you constantly think I’m stupider than I am, but I know you, Gareth.. We talked about this! What the hell is wrong with you!?” He raised his voice and I let out a sigh of exasperation.

“We quit that shit 5 years ago and I never did the same thing twice! How the fuck could it be me?”

“Because.. You did do the same thing to the girl you met back in Bridgeport when we were 16! Or did you forget already!?” He asked with continued rage.

I was at a loss for words.. Shit, I had done the same thing before to another girl like I had to Katherine and the police were loosely on to me, but Gibson helped me and I got off scot-free because of him and how he was able to talk his way out of situations.. He convinced them that I was with him the entire night at a party; we had gone to so many parties to the point where everyone there, too, couldn’t remember if I was there or not, but assumed I was because Gibson was.

But only he knew the truth.. Fuck..

Screenshot-112 (3)

Gibson stood to his feet aggressively as if wanting to take a swing at me and I stood right after him, already ready to accept his argument that I knew was coming and he stepped closer to me without hesitation, “Do you honestly think you can keep this stuff up!? We agreed to stop together because we’ve gotten away with so much before, it was good to quit while we were ahead.. This isn’t progress, Gareth!” He voiced angrily.

“Fine! It was me, all right!? What the fuck is it going to change now? She’s dead and they have no leads, it just shows that I’m still on my game!”

“It’s still too early to tell!” He yelled back, “Gareth.. You do realize that I wanted to quit in the first place because I never wanted to be caught, right? The sooner you stop this, the better.. We stopped because we didn’t want to end up like our Father! Why are you continuing this!?” He asked, still yelling and Jess came over towards me, whimpering whenever we fought and trying to check if I was okay.

I didn’t acknowledge her, keeping up this battle with Gibson, “Like you’re one to talk! Explain to me just how the girl at your work killed herself! Why did she!? Despite how much you know me, do know you, too, Gibson! Don’t think for a second that I wasn’t listening to you whenever you complained about her, or told me how utterly annoying she was, or even how angry you got just from mentioning her in the first place! You manipulated her into doing it! Didn’t you!?” I asked angrily in return, seeing him calm a little and his expression went resentful.


There was a short silence between us as we exchanged harsh glares, me speaking up first, “I’m done with this.. I’m done being the bad guy when you’re constantly doing the wrong thing, too.. I’m done being blamed for everything! Get your head out of your ass and stop acting like all of what we’ve done and want to do can just be forgotten or easily ignored!” I announced, stepping passed him and hitting his shoulder with mine aggressively to get him out of my way and I walked towards the door.

“Where the hell are you going?” He asked with little patience.

Out..” I replied with a short tone, walking towards the door and putting my shoes on before I left, hearing him call out to me before leaving.

“We’re not done talking about this, Gareth!” He yelled and I slammed the sliding door to the point where it closed yet it bounced back open a little from the force I gave it.


I walked to the shore parking lot and got in our car, driving away with a squeal of the tires and already knowing I needed a drink to hopefully forget everything that happened. How the fuck could he say those things? I knew he knew how I worked, but I knew him, too! He caused that girl from his work to commit suicide, I know he did.. But, that’s how we worked. He would torment them, manipulate their minds and cause them to feel such guilt and depression to the point where they wanted to die, begging him to give them that release. He would break their resolve while empowering his own.. Then I would come in, causing them the physical pain that they wanted to do to themselves in order to die, yet I’d hold off on fulfilling their pleads as I tortured their bodies so they wouldn’t die like they wanted, but they would suffer without question. We’d flip a coin to see who finally got to finish them off. No one had the luxury of experiencing the taste of freedom or solace when dealing with us. We just.. We worked so well together, and it seems like we’ve been doing nothing but fighting ever since he proposed making that stupid fucking promise.


I drove for a while, ending up on the other side of town at a bar that I didn’t often bother with simply because it was a shitty dive, but I hadn’t come here often for a reason.. I needed someplace to go seldomly where I knew I wouldn’t come into contact with anyone I know. I wasn’t in the mood at all to make idle small talk and to pretend that I care when all I could focus on was the anger inside of me that refused to cease. 


I arrived at the bar and this place was dead, just like I had both expected and hoped and I took a seat in front of the bartender. She was decent, I guess. Her face wasn’t anything to rave about, but she had a pretty nice body, taking a moment to look it over a few times before she asked what I’d like to drink. I really didn’t care, anything at this point would do and I told her just that, watching then as she nodded in acceptance and began making me a random drink.


I was still pissed off beyond belief at the argument I had with Gibson, but the more I tried to ignore it, the more it kept me mad. I couldn’t forget it so easily when I didn’t have anyone to vent to, and I wasn’t one of those poor, pathetic bastards that would stoop so low as to bore the bartender if they weren’t interested. But I’m sick of him treating me like a child and acting as if he constantly has to keep an eye on me or the next thing he knows, I’ll break a vase or the television or some stupid shit.. He just makes me so angry sometimes with how condescending and hypocritical he is, not to mention he always, always refuses to admit defeat when we fight.


The bartender eventually gave me my drink and my first sip stung going down my throat. It was fruity, it tasted like strawberries and limes with rum and it was pretty damn strong, but I didn’t complain or show any signs of a struggle while drinking it. My foot tapped in slight aggravation as I didn’t waste any time trying to finish the drink I had. The sooner I had a few more, the better. “What’s on your mind?” The bartender spoke up unexpectedly, “I can hear you tapping your foot as fast as a racing heartbeat,” she added with a soft chuckle.

“Nothing..” I replied dryly, not comfortable discussing anything that happened between Gibson and I with a stranger, especially since we were discussing something that would make her immediately call the police.

“Doesn’t seem like nothing,” she answered.

“Maybe I just don’t feel like talking about it,” I replied, still refusing to take up her offer to listen to my troubles.

“Well, if it’s about a girl, I’d be more than happy to help.. My friends tell me I give pretty good advice where it’s needed,” she still encouraged and I sighed softly. Maybe talking about it would help..


I finished my drink and she began making me another as I tried to think of a different yet similar scenario to tell her. “Well, my girlfriend got pissed because she caught me, uhm.. Smoking, again.. We got into this huge fight because we both agreed to quit together, and I wasn’t going to say anything about me catching her smoking, too, but I did anyways because I didn’t think she was being fair. She got even more pissed but didn’t deny it, and I couldn’t look at her anymore so I stormed out,” I explained the situation somewhat and she brought my drink over to me.

“Ahh, I see.. So she’s mad that she caught you smoking and she’s mad because you caught her, too?”

“Yeah, pretty much.” I replied, taking a few large gulps of my beverage; this one tasted like vodka, raspberries and pink lemonade, just as strong as the first one.


“Well, that’s not very fair.. I’m not siding with her and I’m not siding with you, either.. But, you did both agree to quit together, so why do it again when there’s even a chance of getting caught?” She wondered.

“Because I love it, and I know she loves it, too.. I don’t even know why she wanted to quit in the first place.. But why get mad at me about it when she’s done it as well? She’s just so hypocritical sometimes, it drives me nuts..”

“I can understand not wanting to give up a habit that you happen to enjoy, but giving it up together is something you both need to be strong about. Even if you slip up, be honest and tell her you did, and when she slips up, too, she needs to be honest and come clean. Things will end better if you’re both just truthful about it, it’s a good way to avoid getting caught and fighting, too, which is what happened,” she continued. As much as she was trying to help me, it just wasn’t that great of advice still; he friends were fucking morons to call her a good advice giver.. There was no way I could be honest to Gibson about this stuff, and there was no way I could tell him that I’ve been breaking our promise and I haven’t even tried to stop..


After putting in her two cents and I pretty much completely dismissed her advice, I finished my second drink and requested a third and final one before I would leave here. The strong taste of Gin and mango’s poured over my palette and this was my favorite one yet. As I took my time with this drink, I tried to ponder on what I should do tonight. There was no way in hell I was going back home, but I didn’t want to stay at a motel, either.. My three favorite things to do always came to mind when I was feeling this angry and wanted release. Drinking was one of them, but I was going to be done with that soon. I wasn’t in the mood to take anyone’s life tonight because of Gibson, so that only leaves one last thing..


I paid my tab and hung my head as I left the bar, my vision a little blurred but I wasn’t nearly as drunk as I could be; I could still drive without being suspicious and without getting pulled over. I searched my glove box and found some gum, popping a piece in my mouth to help get the taste of fruit and liquor off my tongue as I drove away from the bar. I wasn’t sure where to go, there was no one at the bar that I wanted to pick up and I couldn’t really focus enough to be on my game and successfully bring a stranger home so I could rub it in Gibson’s face and force him to listen to me getting some. I knew he hated that, and I knew he hated it more when I did it on purpose just to spite him.


I drove around until it was about 9:00 and I was sobering up now, my mind racing the entire time and I couldn’t get it to stop. Gibson was on my mind and it bothered me too much to even think of anything else. How could he have the tenacity to question me when he was the cause of his coworker’s death? He had broken his promise, too. Maybe the bartender had a point, what if he liked it just as much as me and wasn’t able to stop, but we just haven’t been honest with one another? Had he been doing it this whole time without me like I have been without him? It angered me to think about.. The thought of him leaving me out of such fun when he was the one that wanted to stop everything.. My hands balled into tight fists at the thought.

I found myself pulling into a driveway that I hadn’t pulled into in a few weeks, though I was a little mad at myself now that I had decided to stoop so low. I hardly ever saw the same girl twice.. When it came to someone like me, it was almost unthinkable that I’d do this since it was boring for me if I slept with the same girl again, but I suppose I could be man enough to admit I was a little desperate and, well.. Lonely. I let out a heavy sigh and got out of the car, spitting out my gum onto the sand and walking towards the house, realizing something else that only made me more irritated.. Gibson would have a field day if he knew where and who I pathetically ran back to since I only did it because it was a sure thing.. God, this is so humiliating.


With my last shred of dignity, I slowly walked up the steps and onto the porch, remembering this place a little too well now and already I contemplated turning around and rushing back to my car, but I couldn’t. My heart began to beat a little faster than normal, I hated doing shit like this and it made me a little nervous at the thought of potentially being let down.. It’s never happened before.. I’d be even more pissed off if this didn’t end up working in my favor. But it had to work, I don’t know what I would do with myself if it didn’t. The wooden floorboards sunk in a little with each step I took upon the old porch, soft creeks escaping through the cracks and I raised my hand to knock on the door, but I hesitated a moment..

Am I really about to do this? Now, even if things did end up working out, I’ll never be able to forget that Gibson had the power to infuriate me enough to drive me to do something this degrading, in my opinion. I felt like a little boy running home to his Mom after scraping his knee while playing, wanting her to tend to it and kiss it to make it feel better.. I let out a defeated ‘hmph’, succumbing to my primal needs to be with someone and I knocked on the door lightly. 


I waited roughly a minute until finally the door opened and Nina and I made immediate eye contact. I could tell in her face that seeing me again brought up emotions that she’s probably been forcing herself to forget and I felt as if she was going to start crying. Why the hell did I come here again? Pathetic, Gareth, reeeaaally pathetic.. Why did I choose her to come back to, anyways? Well, I suppose she was the one I had probably hurt the least out of all my past flings.. I guess I still saw the most potential in her to be the most forgiving.. “W-What are you doing here?” She asked with her soft, mousy voice, “I haven’t talked to you in weeks, Gareth.. Where have you been?” She asked with a worried and wobbly tone.


I stepped into her home without being invited, causing her to take a few steps back and I shut the door behind me, “Nina, I’m so sorry..” I began, bringing my hands up and holding her arms gently.

I watched as she brought her hands up to my chest, trying to get me to back off a little, but I didn’t, “I thought you were ignoring me! What happened? Where have you been this whole time?” She asked again and I quickly thought up some random lie.

Nina, listen to me before you think of throwing me out..” I began and she stopped trying to push me away, but she avoided looking me in the eye, “I got a call from a relative in Egypt about my Step-Mom, she was getting pretty sick and we had to rush to go visit her.. It took me until I was on the plane to realize that I had packed in such a hurry that I forgot my phone and I don’t have your number memorized, so I couldn’t call. We stayed until she showed improvement, but I didn’t think it would take so long. I came back as soon as I thought I could,” I said convincingly. She knew about Bennu and her origin, but I had never gone into enough detail about her to even say she lived right here in town..

Nina finally looked up to me, “..Really..?” She asked with a hopeful shine in her eyes instead of the shine of tears and I nodded, “I’m so glad..” She hesitated a moment, her eyes turning shocked by her own words momentarily and her eyes went sorrowful once more, “Oh..I’m s-sorry.. To hear about your Step-Mom.. Is she all right?” She asked with concern and I smirked, knowing now that she believed me.

Screenshot-162 (2)

I slid my hands down her smooth arms and wrapped them around her, pulling her into me more, “Yeah.. She’s doing a lot better,” I replied and I saw her lips curl into a relieved smile.

Nina brought her hands up and her fingers began to play with my hair, “I’m so happy that I was wrong.. I tried calling and texting you, but now knowing you didn’t have your phone.. I’m sorry, I began to think the worst and.. I-I thought I did something that made you hate me..” She added and I smirked.

“Oh, Nina.. I could never hate you. You’re the most beautiful girl I know, I couldn’t stop thinking about you while I was away, hoping you didn’t hate me.. I never meant to make you worry so much.”

“I don’t care.. I’m just happy you’re here now, Gareth,” she replied and my smirk turned into a wide grin. Perfect.. This couldn’t have gone any better, yet I was still pretty mad at myself for being here in the first place.. 


“Com’ere, babe.. I’ve missed those lips so much,” I cooed softly and sweetly, seeing her cheeks turn a gentle pink and I pulled her to me, watching her arms drop as my lips rushed to hers and I kissed her roughly, yet with slight compassion behind it. Human contact usually always helped in these kinds of situations where I needed to forget things, if only for a little while, but for some reason this stuck in my head a lot longer than I thought it would.. If Gibson ever found out about this, he’d make fun of me for years to come and I never wanted him to have any reason to believe I could be this weak..


I’m supposed to be the big brother, the stronger one. Dad told me to protect him and not let anything come between us.. But, it’s Gibson who’s been doing that.. He’s been protecting me since day one. He protected me back in Bridgeport countless times, he tried to protect me when we moved here by stopping our ‘activities’, and he tried to protect me tonight when he had found out what I had done to Katherine. Wow.. Even if he did find out about what I’m doing tonight, I don’t think his view of me would change at all even despite my assumptions. I was already weak in his eyes..


I was able to flawlessly show my interest in Nina and bring her to her bedroom as I thought back on Gibson and I’s argument.. Now that I had a chance to think about it, how was I supposed to know if what he did to his coworker was purposeful or not when he neither denied nor admitted to doing it..? Had I messed up big this time? Was it right for me to accuse him for what happened to her? Maybe I should’ve apologized instead of storming off.. I never realized until now that he’s been nothing but good to me, and then I do nothing but break promises, steal his girlfriends and not care at all about the conditions of the house we live in together. How has he put up with me for so long? What sucks the most is that we’ve managed to remain close, but I feel like we barely know each other anymore..

Generation 3, Chapter 6

     Gibson’s POV     


I let out a long, heavy sigh as I starred at the large shelf filled of books before me, unable to choose anything to read as I worked my shift at the bookstore. It made me angry that Gareth has been such a nuisance lately, but at the same time, I missed talking to him a little. It isn’t like us to go now two weeks without talking.. I admit I was a little over excited at Bennu’s house on her birthday when I yelled at him, I meant a hell of a lot of what I had said to him, but I just wished I didn’t say all of it.. It bothered me that he drove me to question my own actions towards him, but who else was going to watch out for him? He’s completely wreckless and inconsiderate. I just wish he’d be more appropriate when certain situations arose. 


Though, one thing that I have noticed about Gareth since we had our fight, was that he took a little better care of Jess and I didn’t have to constantly be the one responsible for her anymore. I noticed I was tripping over her chew toys a lot less and he’s been locking her in the crate more like I’ve asked him to do when no one’s watching her. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to tell him to get rid of her since I seemed to be the only one taking care of her and I could spend my time doing much more productive things besides cleaning up after her and giving her attention I didn’t want to give, but he’s been getting better, I guess.. So, I’ll still withhold my suggestion from him, but if it doesn’t continue to get any better or he refuses to get rid of her should I mention it.. Well, maybe I really should move out then..


“Wasting time while on the clock, I see..” A feminine voice rang in my ears and I stopped starring at the bookshelf, looking to my right briefly to see my young coworker standing next to me. My expression didn’t waver, giving her a blank stare and looking back to the bookshelf. I began to rearrange the books alphabetically according to the author’s last name, “Why do you just space out all the time? You’re useless, really.. All you do is sit around and read books and you couldn’t give a crap about helping customers..” She continued and I could see her smirk from the corner of my eye.

“Shut it, Candace.. What the hell are you doing anyways? Talking to me and not working.. Now leave,” I spat back at her, continuing my task.

Screenshot-20 (2)

“And that’s another thing, you’re constantly such a jerk. Do you hate your life or something?” She continued and I let out another sigh, though this time it was filled with irritation instead of my indecisiveness on choosing reading material. 

“I’m not nice to people whom I know have no idea what the word accolade means,” I replied.

“..What..? See, what’s your problem? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? I bet even if you woke up on the right side of the bed, you’d still be this mean and droll,” she answered.

“Get out of my face and go bother someone else,” I continued to try and get her away from me. I hated this girl, she was a Senior in High School and I could tell she was one of those cynical, bitchy broads that liked picking on others at her school who were less fortunate. I suppose she enjoyed doing it to her coworkers as well. But I saw passed the berating she did all the time and I knew that in her case, she was a girl who often got ‘anger’ and ‘affection’ mixed up in her small head, often thinking that whenever I said something mean to her, she took it as if I wanted to get with her..

Screenshot-21 (2)

Her voice grew quieter, “There’s no one in the bathroom right now.. We can both not work at the same time but still be productive,” she voiced suggestively and I looked to her again.

“That’s disgusting. I’d never touch you like that anyways,” I replied with a short tone and continued rearranging the books.

“What? Why?” She asked quickly, “What’s wrong with me?”

“Where do I start..” I asked rhetorically, hearing her gasp a little.

“Oh my God, Gibson.. You’re gay? That has to be it,” she said a little louder than I woud’ve liked, but I assumed she did it on purpose to make me angrier.

“I’m not gay.. Just because someone doesn’t want to do anything sexual with you doesn’t make them a homosexual. Just go away, Candace, go do some work for a change..”


“So, that guy that comes in every now and then to pick you up after your shift isn’t your boyfriend?” She continued to ask and I shut my eyes, taking a deep breath and trying my hardest not to bash a book over her head.

“That’s my brother.. Twin brother. We look incredibly alike, I’d think you’d at least be smart enough to have noticed that, but of course, you’re still just as dense as I always knew you to be,” I replied, opening my eyes after calming down a little and I walked away from the bookshelf I was working on, going around the corner to another to rearrange but my anger returned when I heard her following me. 

“Wait, so he’s your brother? You’re not together? ..Is he single?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, he’s single, but he has a new girl every few days. He’d do the exact same thing to you, too. Just spare yourself and don’t even bother with the likes of him,” I add.

“Aww, Gibby, is that you looking out for me?” She asked, seemingly smitten at the moment and I wanted this to all be over with already. She was so painfully annoying. I wasn’t ‘looking out’ for her, I was more so trying to keep Gareth from having his millionth fuck while I hadn’t gotten any in over a month.

“Do not call me that,” I demanded harshly.


“See? You’re always so mean.. Grumpy Gibby doesn’t like making friends, does he?” She began to tease more and I had had about enough. 

I turned towards her and stepped closer until I was about a half foot from her face, “Listen closely you worthless, laughable little girl.. I have no interest in you, I have no interest knowing you, I have no interest in getting to know you, and I literally cannot imagine who else doesn’t feel the same as I do.. It’s literally that hard to believe that anyone would want to get to know someone like you at all. Lemme guess, you’re popular at school but you don’t know why. Is it because of your looks? Or is it only because you’ll open your legs to any man – excuse me – boy that gives you even the slightest bit of attention? Did you used to be fat and ugly but once you matured, you took advantage of the stares that boys gave you? Lost weight, or actually went bulimic because of it just to fit in? Daddy must’ve been so disappointed as he watched you grow up, hell, maybe he even did a few inappropriate things to you when you were younger that made you into the girl you are now who wants any attention from boys that don’t resemble your own father?” I watched as her expression twisted from shocked to immense disbelief at what she was hearing, though I could tell that most of what I had said was true to some extent.


Why don’t you just do the rest of the world a favor and save us from the trash that you are and stop wasting your time trying to find happiness or something that will fill that pathetic void in your life that nothing and no one wants to have the displeasure of being responsible for,” I continued, starring into her eyes and I watched as tears began to form and fall down her cheeks. I gave her a tiny smirk before she ran off, sobbing and not even bothering to tell anyone she was leaving work, hearing the front door burst open and the familiar ‘ding’ the door made every time it was opened. “Well that was easy.. Why didn’t I do that sooner?” I asked myself in anger, though I then brushed it off and looked towards the bookshelf, rearranging a few books I had noticed that were out of place and I was finally able to go about my day normally again.


I read a few books here and there for the next hour of work, but I couldn’t find anything to keep my interest for very long. I had already read most of what I was infatuated with within my first few weeks of working here and I was running out of books. I wondered if I should quit here and work at a library, there was so much more to choose from, but the closest library was an hour away.. Sometimes I hated how remote and small this town was.

I started to remember our lives back in Bridgeport, remembering how calm the town was despite the roaring city and I even wondered how my Father felt now without living within the confines of his birth town.. He’s lived there all his life, just like we had up until 5 years ago.. I questioned whether or not he was happy here knowing he was so far away from anything normal. He lived within the confines of the Mental Hospital and was surrounded by supportive staff and others that were experiencing similar disorders, yet I couldn’t help but wonder if he felt alone now more than ever.. 


I started wondering how he could even do the things he had done, what drove him to be this way? From all of our views, he seemed like he was happy, a proud husband and father of four.. What could’ve drove him to do such things to his ex-lover and her mother? Did he have something against them or did he just lose his mind in their presence? I then began to wonder if it went back even further, when my Father was but a teen or child.. How did he live? I admit, the curiosity of it all was eating at me and I remembered that he had never really mentioned our Grandfather even once without a glint of hatred in his eyes. Why had I never thought to look into this more until now?


I rose from the chair I was sitting in and put the book I was reading away in its proper spot, going to the spiral staircase near the front of the store and ascending up the steps with slight haste to my feet. The upstairs was small and was more of an area where you could look up archives on paper or on the few computers that we provided for use. I snagged up one of the empty seats and began a search through all of the information we had within our database, as well as browsing through the internet to see if anything would pop up about the ‘Dubois’ last name that involved both Bridgeport and Lucky Palms.


After roughly an hour of searching and digging and digging even further, I finally found something that eventually lead back to my Father’s trial, along with why and how he was sentenced. Reading the words from the article made me a little angered, reading phrases within the report that made my Father seem as if he was some crazed murder and they over-exaggerated a lot. Reading the article and even seeing an attachment of a picture of my Father’s mug shot from when he was first arrested unsettled me a little, starring into his bottomless sapphire eyes that were both filled with regret and sadness, the skin around them red in irritation from either crying or getting no sleep at all. I began to miss him a little, thinking that Gareth and I should pay another visit to him whenever we got over this ‘no-talking’ phase of ours, but at the same time, he hasn’t said a word to us the passed few times we’ve visited him when it was just the two of us. When visiting with Bennu though, I mostly just heard his voice faintly when he talked to her away from Gareth and I, but I just couldn’t understand why he chose us to not share anything with. It hurt slightly when he did that.. I hated going there and trying to talk to him, only to watch his eyes avoiding ours and keeping his lips locked shut.


I tried to focus again and I began digging deeper into his past, trying to find out anything I could about his parents or where he lived or something that could help me better understand him. Finally, after about twenty more minutes of searching, I found a link that read ‘Gas leak leads to a gruesome explosion, two dead’. With a hesitant click, I opened the link and the first thing my eyes were drawn to was a photo of two people I had never met, though the man and woman pictured both looked so much like my Father that I knew this story had to involve him somehow. I read the article, finding out the names of the couple and we shared the same last name, my eyes flashing over the screen as I read as fast as I could to take in all of the information quickly. “Are these my grandparents..?” I asked myself in a whisper, taking in more and more information and my eyes had finally read the one name I both feared and hoped to find.. “Marrick and Sadie Dubois, the only ones to parish by an accidental fire caused by a gas leak. Their three daughters, Hitomi, Anya, and Julia Dubois,” my Aunts? “..Along with son, Jason Dubois, were not within the home when the explosion took place..” My heart was racing and I erased my history before completely shutting the computer down, sitting there and resting my chin on the back of my propped up hand. His parents died in an accidental gas leak? Was it true..? I couldn’t read any more information about the whole thing, there wasn’t much else to read, but it made me begin to wonder immediately if my Father may have caused that fire given now knowing his capability of taking a life. But.. No. How could he have done that to his parents? “Why am I jumping to conclusions..” I asked myself quietly, “It was an accident, nothing more.”


I got up from the chair and pushed it back into the desk, standing there a moment in silence as I reminded myself again about what I had just read and unable to be sure what to think. I looked up to a clock on the wall, seeing it was a little passed 5:00 pm and it was passed the time I needed to have clocked out. I sighed softly and made my way downstairs, going to the front of the store and behind the counter so I could fill out my time card and leave. Before I walked out of the store, I remembered it was still raining and just before I walked outside, I reached into an umbrella bin and took a black one without being noticed. I opened the umbrella and held it up to block the rain, walking down the steps and standing on the sidewalk as I contemplated how to get home. I didn’t want to call Gareth, no way in hell would I succumb to him and admit defeat just because I didn’t want to walk in a little rain.. I could call Bennu or Bahiti for a ride, but I didn’t want to be a bother to Bennu and I knew Bahiti didn’t really like leaving the house anyways, so I tossed that idea out.. Ezra was too busy of a man for me to call and for him to actually answer and have the time to pick me up and drop me off, so I crossed him off of my mental list, too.. Well, looks like I’m walking home.


Maybe this was a good thing, maybe I needed even more alone time, especially now after what I had discovered today at work about my Father. Whenever Gareth and I would be talking again, I wondered if I should share with him the information I learned about our grandparents.. Would he even care at all? I thought back on the picture I had seen of them and I remembered my Grandmother being such a beauty, realizing now that she’s where Gareth and I had gotten our blonde hair and I recognized the same sapphire eyes she had that she bestowed upon my Father. Her eyes were gentle and even just looking at her face for the short amount of time that I had, I could already tell that she was a kind person and I wish I had the honor of meeting her. My Grandfather, on the other hand, looked a little more menacing, even more than my Father could at his worst moments, like when he was yelling at us for something we did wrong. This man wore that expression permanently I could tell, and I was safe to assume that it was probably rare to see him smile, almost as if the man didn’t have any emotions to begin with. His eyes are what I didn’t enjoy the most, they reminded me of Gareth’s eyes, but even Gareth had more life in his sadistic glares than this man.. My Grandfather just seemed so.. Disconnected with the world, unloving and uncaring though he was pictured with his loving wife.. Now that I thought about it once more, it was wrong of me to question my Father and I wondered if my Grandfather was the one to maybe start that fire, it didn’t dawn on me until now how much more likely it was to be my Grandfather’s fault after thinking about his picture once more and remembering how my Father seemed to despise the man. Was that the reason he hated him so much, or was there more to this than I know now?


There was still about twenty minutes left to my walk home, but thinking about all of this new information made the time go faster. For how hard it was just to find the little information that I had today, I figured there wouldn’t be much else I could find over the internet that I either hadn’t read yet or didn’t already know from experience, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I was still extremely curious about it all.. I contemplated asking my Father about it the next time I saw him, but.. Would he be open to talking about it..? I wasn’t sure. The only sure thing I knew about all of this was my Father hated his, so maybe it wasn’t a good idea to bring something like that up.. What if he flew off the handle again? I’ve heard from Bennu that he’s getting better, though there’s obviously still something wrong if he still lives within the Mental Hospital. I sighed heavily, the thoughts of my Father weighing me down a little and I decided to stop at a pavilion to rest a little and get my mind off of the things I’ve learned today about our family’s history.


I stepped up the stairs and walked into the pavilion, looking to my left quickly when I noticed I wasn’t alone. My eyes began on a pair of dainty black cat-shoes, following up a woman’s legs that were covered in black high stockings that stopped just under her thighs and a comfortable-looking burgundy dress with a small denim vest over her shoulders. Her hair was an extremely dark brown that came close to being pitch black, though subtle shines from the pavilion light told me it was her true color, uncolored and untainted. It was slightly curled and wispy as it laid over her shoulders and the majority of it was pulled in front of her right shoulder. Her face was speckled with cute freckles and her unique turquoise eyes stood out the most to me. Her Monroe was pierced and I’m ashamed to admit I stared at her a little longer than I should’ve, enough to let her notice and I grew slightly embarrassed, averting my eyes then and walking over to an empty bench across from her and taking a seat.


I closed my umbrella and set it next to me upon the bench, still avoiding looking at the woman across from me, but it was hard to accomplish such a task when I heard her speak up, “Let me guess, you’re not used to seeing rain like this,” She made small talk and our eyes met again. 

“Oh, uhm.. Yeah. It’s odd seeing rain in such a hot, dry climate,” I replied and I watched her nod.

“The climate is actually weirder to me.. I moved here only about a year ago and this is only the second time I’ve seen rain,” she added with a cute chuckle that made my insides twist a little.

“Where did you live before here?” I wondered.

“Twinbrook, Florida. It rains like crazy there and I’ve actually been kind of missing it.. But, I enjoy this weather, now that I think about it. Kind of reminds me of home,” she replied with anther hum of a chuckle and I smirked.

“What compelled you to leave it all and move here?”

“Well, my Dad died a little under a year ago and my Mom went a little bonkers. She turned into this huge control freak and I just couldn’t live with her anymore, so I left. It was time I moved out, anyways,” she retorted and I lost the little smirk I held.

“Oh.. My condolences,” I said with a slightly remorseful tone, but she waved her hand gently in the air to brush it off.

“It’s okay.. I’ve had time to get over it, he wasn’t that great of a guy, at any rate,” she added and I nodded in understanding.

Screenshot-148 (2)

“So, have you been enjoying it here in Arizona, despite missing this rain?” I wondered, trying to find reasons on why I was so interested, yet the more I looked at her, how could I not be? She was utterly beautiful and I found it hard not to keep my eyes on her, especially now that we’ve engaged in conversation. 

“Yeah, I’ve always been a fan of warm climates, it was hard getting used to such dry air, though, when I first got here. Florida is so much more humid, but I found I sweat a lot more there just because of the air than I do here,” she replied with a humorous laugh at her own words and I couldn’t hold back a quiet chuckle. She wasn’t afraid to mock herself, she seemed like a pretty confident woman with her head on straight. I had a different view of her from when I first saw her. I’ve seen her shoes in a catalog I glanced through that came in the mail and I remembered seeing them worth over $250, knowing they were the designer pair just by the gold trim they had that all the knock off’s couldn’t pull off nearly as well. She had expensive taste which made me wonder earlier if she was a snob, but after engaging in a little conversation, I grew to like her the more she proved my first thought of her wrong.


The more we talked about unimportant things, the more I thanked myself for choosing to walk home today and take this route to go home. “Mind if I ask your name?” I wondered as I then watched her smile.

“I’m Hannah, and you are?” She wondered in return and it warmed me that she seemed just as curious to know my name as well.


“Ooohh, unique.. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that name before.. Well, as a first name, at least,” she added with a light giggle, “Do you have any siblings, Gibson? Any family here in town?” She wondered next and I froze a little. I took a quick moment to think of something, I wasn’t comfortable enough yet to fill her in on my Father, and I even took it upon myself to not mention another key detail.

“My Step-Mother and Step-Sister live here, my Father has passed as well.. The two of them are the only family I have, really. What about you?” I don’t know why all of those words were the first thing to come out of my mouth, but I didn’t regret anything I had left out of the conversation, nor did I regret what lied about.

“I have a younger brother, but he still lives back in Twinbrook with my Mom. He wanted to move here with me, but there was no way in hell,” she laughed softly, “He’s such an ass and a huge brat. It’s like he always needs to get what he wants or he throws a tantrum.. He’s 20 years old and he still acts like a child,” she continued with a smirk, shaking her head at the thought of him. It was weird seeing how much we had in common, even odder that I could relate to her having an unbearable brother, but I still kept Gareth as far away from our conversation as I possibly could.

Screenshot-152 (2)

The rain continued, listening to the raindrops hitting the roof of the pavilion calmly together and I then watched as she smiled warmly towards me and patted the seat next to her, “I’m waiting for the rain to stop before I head back home, might as well come a little closer so we’re not shouting across the pavilion anymore,” she suggested with a charming chuckle and I nodded in agreement. I picked up my umbrella and walked over to her bench, taking the seat next to her and we continued to engage in a conversation that helped us pass the time as well as learn a little more about one another. Sitting much closer now, I could finally fully appreciate her features and now I found it even harder to keep my eyes off of her. She was someone I could get used to looking at and talking to, I wanted to spend more time with her and get to know her even more than I did now, but it seemed our evening would be cut short when we heard her phone chime, watching her then taking it out from her denim vest pocket and she gasped softly when she had read what I assumed was a text.


“Oh, man.. I wish I could stay longer, but it seems that I need to work tonight.. Just when I thought I had the night off, too, something comes up,” she sighs softly and I could tell by her expression that she genuinely didn’t want to leave just yet. I watched her stand from the bench and put her phone away, “It was nice meeting you, Gibson,” she said with a sweet smile.

I stood as well and without knowing fully what I was doing, I reached out and grabbed her hand gently, “Wait, Hannah..” I voiced softly, watching her turn around and I let go of her hand quickly and grabbed my umbrella off the floor, “Here, take it.”

“Ohh.. No, I couldn’t do that,” she denied it politely and I shook my head.

“Please, you need it more, you wanted to wait for the rain to stop, but you can’t now.. So use it, keep dry,” I offered humbly and I saw her smile turn more appreciative, taking the offered umbrella.

“Thanks a lot, Gibson.”

“Not a problem..” There was then a knot in my throat as I pondered my next words, “Uhm.. Is there any way I could get you to go out for coffee with me sometime?”

“Hmm..” She thought for a moment which made me a little nervous, I couldn’t help but wonder if she was trying to think of a way to let me down easy or not.. “I suppose so.. I’ll need to give you back your umbrella sometime, right?” She asked in returned and relief washed over me, nodding to her question and taking my phone out so I could add her into my contacts. 


“Call me,” She confirmed sweetly before she left and I nodded with a smile. watching her leave the pavilion and she stood by the street for a few moments before being lucky enough to wave down a passing taxi. She pulled away in the cab and her fingers danced towards me as if waving goodbye and I continued to stand there smiling. I then made the realization that I’d be the one who would have to initiate everything, seeing as the only numbers exchanged were hers to me. This made me a little nervous, yet at the same time, it made me excited to get back into the grueling game of Dating. I wanted, no, needed to get back into it and I was happy to finally have someone else to focus on besides my brother, my family, or my ex. Well, I guess I wasn’t off to a good start though, seeing as I’ve lied to her twice already, but keeping my Father and Gareth as far away from her knowledge as I possibly could was my best choice at the moment to make sure nothing could possibly ruin a potentially good thing.


I sat at the pavilion a little while longer, waiting until the rain died down more before continuing my short journey home. A lot has happened already today and it was more information I’ve taken in in such a short day that wasn’t from reading a book. Telling my coworker to kill herself, finding out a lot more of my family history, meeting a new, beautiful woman.. More pros than cons, at least. My house came into view and I remembered all over again that Gareth and I still weren’t talking.. I wondered if he was even still mad at me from two weeks ago, I was somewhat over it, seeing as he’s been getting slightly better, but there was still some anger within me that I couldn’t quite let go of yet.


I got inside to the cool, dry house and walked towards the living room, hearing Jess growling playfully and I walked passed the wooden screen that acted as a wall to separate kitchen from living room, seeing Gareth playing tug-of-war with her. I was surprised.. The house didn’t smell like dog piss, there wasn’t anything on the floors and the house was actually just as clean as I remembered leaving it. I hate to admit it, but I was impressed. I watched as Gareth glanced up at me quickly before returning to play with Jess, “Why are you all wet?” He asked and I was a little surprised to hear him say anything. Was he not angry anymore? 

“It’s.. Raining out.”

“You walked? Why? You could’ve called me,” he retorted, still playing with Jess.

“It’s okay, I’m glad I walked home,” I replied.

“Oh, why’s that?”

“No reason..”


Gareth let go of Jess’s tug rope and we watched as she jerked at it at the wrong time, causing herself to fly away from Gareth with the toy still in her mouth and she fell down playfully on her back. Gareth laughed at her as I continued to stand there without so much as a smirk, “Oh yeah, some girl killed herself today.. Her name was, uhh.. Cammy? Caroline..?”

“Candace?” I corrected him and he nodded.

“Ah, yeah! So you heard already? Well, you must’ve.. Didn’t she work with you or something?” He wondered and my lips twitched into a smirk, but it quickly disappeared.

“Yeah, she did.. That’s too bad.” I answered. Huh.. I guess she actually took my advice.

“Yeah..” Gareth replied, a moment of silence between us before he spoke up again. “Uh.. Are we cool, bro?” He wondered and I stood there a moment, briefly breaking eye contact. I suppose through us not talking, my words may have finally sunk in and it did seem as if he was trying to get better, at least at some things..

“Sure.. We’re okay.” I confirmed.


“I need a shower..” I voiced heavily, the entire day catching up with me now and I was suddenly exhausted.

“All right, do you wanna have a drink with me later?” Gareth wondered and I shook my head, turning around and walking towards the bathroom.

“Sorry, too tired.. Maybe tomorrow night,” I replied, not hearing anything else come from him and I entered the bathroom.


I started the shower and made it a little warmer than anyone in their right mind would start it as, stripping down and stepping in, feeling the slight sting of the temperature hitting my skin. I refused to get out of the hot, standing there as I felt my body struggling to keep up with the pace I wanted it to run at. My skin started to turn a darker shade of pink as the water hit the same spots, a few minutes later and my body had gotten used to the water to the point where it was still hot but now completely enjoyable without the stinging. My mind was incapable of wandering, my body was the most calm it had been all day and I didn’t want to bother myself with thinking, which sometimes turned into worrying over nothing. All I wanted now was to have a calm night compared to my already enriched afternoon. For the first time ever, I felt as if forgetting everything I had learned, even just for a few minutes, would benefit me more than being aware of it all at once.

Generation 3, Chapter 5

Attention: This chapter is kinda dark, since it takes place at night. It might be hard to make out the pictures unless read in a dark environment XD
NSFW, too. Otherwise, enjoy. <3


    Gareth’s POV     


I haven’t talked to Gibson in a little over a week. I’ve been going out a lot to try and avoid him and he’s been working more to stay out of the house to avoid me. But I don’t know what he wants me to do. He complains all the time about pointless shit that no one should care about, yet I’m constantly being yelled at for those pointless things. He cares too much about appearances and first impressions, changing himself to fit every situation like a shape-shifter and he expects me to be able to do that same. Pah! Yeah, right.. How could I control myself around Bahiti’s friend? She was so cute and I couldn’t help that she gave me seductive looks before I gave her any. I also can’t believe that he had the balls to say that I still act like a high schooler. I sure as hell don’t, I’m way more experienced now than when I was in high school.. In my opinion, I was worse back then compared to now. We both were..

Whatever.. Fuck him.. He’s the only person that’s able to get so under my skin and it’s almost impossible to get this anger out of me, but I always have a solution for situations like this; just get my mind off of it and do something I love. Better yet, something he would disapprove of. 


I haven’t been able to forget the smell of her perfume since I ‘accidentally’ bumped into her when I had walked into the bar. She came with no one, I’ve been watching her ever since I first saw her at the Spring Festival a few days ago, picking flowers by herself and smelling them, savoring every sweet scented pollen that entered her tiny nostrils. She enjoyed the finer things in life, that I could tell without a doubt and she actually did take time to ‘stop and smell the roses’. I even noticed the slight twitch in the left corner of her mouth she did unknowingly when she genuinely enjoyed something, yet didn’t want to draw attention to herself so she tried to hide it. But.. Oh, she grabbed my attention the moment I saw her. She was a real beauty.


Her eyes were so bright and full of life, a beautiful shade of green. Making eye contact with her when I had bumped into her was fun, seeing her face in shock and I put on a charming smile, apologizing politely and I had caught her attention from that moment forth. The anticipation of knowing how she was in bed ate at me more than I thought it would. I noticed the early-bird creases on the edge of her mid-20 eyes every time she smiled even the slightest and it told me she smiled often throughout her life. She was a happy, pretty young woman. Perfect for me. 


She’s been sitting at the bar for about twenty minutes, already being approached on two different occasions by men asking to buy her a drink, but she politely told that she was waiting for someone and they left her alone. I was the only one in the whole bar who knew she was lying. After those men left, I’d notice out of the corner of my eye her looking my way and then back to the bar, I could tell she wanted me to be the next one to approach her, but I didn’t move. Within the passed few days of watching her, I could tell she didn’t have many friends and her relatives most likely didn’t live around here, giving me reason to believe that she just came for a quick drink and was going to be on her way soon.. Alone.


A waitress came by and asked if I wanted to order anything, but I only bought a beer which I didn’t plan on finishing so it wouldn’t cause suspicion. I wanted to avoid loitering, especially when I was in the mood to chase and my prey was so close to being in my grasp I could even guess the flavor of her skin that I knew I’d taste later. I occupied myself by browsing through my phone, occasionally glancing up to see the angel I had chosen still sitting on the bar stool, taking her time finishing her drink as she watched the television, though I knew she wasn’t paying attention to it. I wondered why she even came here.. I learned she wasn’t much for sports, nor did she watch television that often. She enjoyed keeping her tiny house clean and pristine and she liked to read with a cup of tea to sip on next to her on a small coffee table in front of her white sofa. I’ve had fun watching her, it kept me occupied and my mind went to Gibson less and less the more I observed. But, tonight would be different, I’d actually let out all of my frustrations on her and it was going to be nothing less than a glorious ending.


When I noticed her drink was almost empty, only needing one more swallow until it was all gone, I put my phone away and took another quick sip of my half empty beer. The bartender asked if she wanted another, but she politely shook her head ‘no’ and paid her low tab. I stood from my chair as she was leaving, watching her in my peripherals as I went to the bar and put my beer on the counter, paying my tab as well and bidding the bartender a good night. Fiddling around in my pocket, my fingertips played with a lighter and my pack of smokes as I casually made my way out of the bar. 


Pulling the pack out and removing a cigarette to place between my lips, I glanced from the corner of my eye and noticed the young woman leaning against the wall of the bar, going through the contacts of her phone and I listened in on her conversation, “Yeah, hi.. I need a cab,” she began, listening to her soft, sweet voice as she talked and I smirked a little, lighting my cigarette and I could see I had gotten her attention just from that action alone, seeing her look to me out of my peripherals. “Oh, uhm.. Sorry.. My name’s Katherine and I’m on Silver St. at the, uhm..”


“Steele Bar,” I answered for her, glancing over at her with a tiny smirk and she gave one in return.

“Steele Bar,” she repeated my words into the phone, “Thanks,” she said softly towards me and I nodded, looking back forward and continuing to smoke my cigarette. “What?! Thirty minute wait? Ugh.. Yeah, yeah.. That’s fine, only very inconvenient,” she complained to the cab service, finishing up the conversation and hanging up.


A few long seconds passed and I continued to ignore her, looking towards the street and watching cars pass, looking up at the stars, spacing out in general. It was a fun game to play, but only if you had the right girl to play it with. Ignoring her completely seemed to be working, I could see her glancing towards me quite a bit as I faced forward. I loved waiting to see how long it took for them to strike up a conversation instead of me doing it, the sooner they spoke up, the more desperate to be noticed they were. This girl didn’t seem too desperate, but she caved at about thirty seconds of silence. “Hey, would you mind if I took a drag of that?” She wondered.


I looked over towards her and back to my cigarette between my lips, taking it with my fingers and blowing smoke out of my mouth and nose, “Do you just want your own? I have more,” I replied.

“No, I don’t want a whole one, I only smoke occasionally,” she answered and I shrugged, handing it off to her and she stepped closer so she could accept it.


I watched with anxiousness as she put my cigarette to her plump lips and breathed in, watching her then pull it away from her mouth and exhale the smoke smoothly. Watching a woman smoke was one of the sexiest things I thought they could do, especially when using my own cigarette,”Mmmm.. I haven’t had a smoke in about a week, I shouldn’t be doing this since I’ve been trying to quit altogether, but it’s just so tasty. Tempting, too, whenever I see someone else doing it,” she continued, looking up at me with smiling eyes as she took another drag and I couldn’t help but watch her lips once more. She was flirting, that much was obvious, and I loved it. There was something unique about her, something that made my heart race and my body hot.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear, your name is Katherine, yes..? I’m Gareth,” I made introductions and she smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you, Gareth,” she replied. I liked how she said my name, although she said it correctly, there was a certain way that she pronounced it that flowed so nicely off of her tongue.


“Likewise,” I replied, “So, do you live here in Lucky Palms?” I asked, acting as if I didn’t already know the answer.

“Yeah, about a fifteen minute drive from here.. I felt like walking a lot today, but since I sat down at the bar, I realized how tired I was and I don’t want to walk all the way home now,” she replied, letting out a tiny giggle that made me smirk, “But I called the cab service, even if it’s going to take them forever to get here,” she continued, letting out a soft sigh as she then took another drag of my cigarette. “What about you?”

“Yeah, I live in one of the houses on the big dock,” I replied and she nodded.

“Ohh, I’ve driven passed there a few times, those are nice houses, right out on the water,” she replied and I nodded, seeing her hold a gentle smile and I kept my smirk as well.


“Oh! Here, thanks,” she added, handing my cigarette back and I accepted it, seeing traces of pink left behind circled around the filter from her lipstick and it made my heart race a little faster. I took a drag of it and I could taste the lipstick as I inhaled, pulling the cigarette from my lips and watching the smoke as it left my lungs.


I then watched in surprise as Katherine reached up to my mouth and her thumb wiped my lips, “It seems I left lipstick on your cigarette, your lips are all glittery now,” she said softly with a charming giggle. I could see her cheeks turning a gentle pink even with the lack of light and I felt my face get warm as my heart raced the most it has since I talked to her. She was so beautiful and I couldn’t choose between starring at her eyes or her lips, I didn’t know which I liked better. I could even smell the subtle, sweet perfume I had watched her put on her wrists this morning before leaving her house, only making me more excited and I couldn’t help myself.

Screenshot-48 (2)

I leaned forward suddenly, pressing my lips to hers with a somewhat gentle force, but it didn’t last very long at all. The moment I had done it, almost in that same moment did I pull away just as fast, “I.. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” I said with remorse.


I turned my head away from her and finished my cigarette, flicking it out into the street and I put my hands into my pockets, “I just learned your name a minute ago for Christ’s sake,” I belittled myself in front of her, made a fool of myself and I was expecting a slap any minute now, but I never felt one. “You’re just.. So gorgeous, and I.. It was, uhm.. Nice meeting you, Katherine,” I added, turning away from her as I felt my cheeks get warm with embarrassment and I began to walk away when I felt her hand grip my shirt, stopping me in my tracks. Good, I’m so glad she stopped me.


“Wait.. It’s okay,” she replied with a quiet tone and I looked back at her, “I was..” She laughed softly, “I was flirting anyways,” she laughed softly once more, “I just, don’t usually come on so strong, I’m not usually like this..” She was embarrassed, more than I was. I turned around to face her and I bowed my head, looking at the ground and her chest in a sly manner.

“Well, would you be open to starting over?” I asked in a shy manner, my eyes finally meeting hers.

“Yeah, sure..” She welcomed with a smile.

“You wanna.. Go to the beach or something where it’s a little cooler? I drove here, so.. I could just take you home afterwards..?” I suggested and her smile grew warmer.

“Yeah, that sounds nice,” she replied and I let out a soft sigh, showing her the way to my car in the bar parking lot.


We arrived at the beach and walked along the shoreline for roughly twenty minutes, chatting back and forth about one another and I had learned some pretty boring things, but I couldn’t afford to lose her interest now so I continued to try and pay attention. I’ve spent too much time on her already to not get what I want. She was a waitress at a small restaurant but she was on vacation at the moment, choosing to enjoy it out and about and I was lucky to have found such a great woman for tonight. She seemed humble and pretty smart, something that Gibson would appreciate more than me. She was definitely more of Gibson’s type which made being with her that much more rewarding for a reason I couldn’t quite pinpoint. Maybe I felt like getting back at him, even if he had no idea what I was up to.

Screenshot-72 (2)

Eventually, when there was a short silence, she had reached out to hold my hand and I smiled when I looked to her. I could feel my face get hot again and I turned my attention away, my eyes scanning the sand as we still walked and I heard her let out a quiet giggle, “Why are you so shy?” She questioned.

“I-I don’t know.. You’re just so pretty an all.. I can’t really seem to fully believe how lucky I am to have met you tonight,” I reply with a smooth tone, looking over to her briefly and I watched her smile get warmer.

“You know..” She began, slowing her pace until she stopped and I had stopped as well, looking to her questionably, “You can kiss me again, only if you want to..” She said in a quiet tone, looking up to me with sweet eyes and a smile slowly flowed over my lips.


“Good, I’ve been dying to do it again ever since the bar,” I replied, hearing her laugh softly and I stepped forward, letting go of her hand. I brought my hands up to either side of her face, leaning in slowly and kissing her lips in a gentle manner. She had such a great body, my hands choosing to explore it a little as I continued to kiss her and I ended up dropping my arms and wrapping them around her to pull her closer to me. Soft kissing took place for a few long seconds, eventually pulling away and I looked questionably at her lips, asking her without words if I could make our kissing a little deeper and the look in her eyes told me she wanted the same thing. I pulled her back and closer to me once more, kissing her with more force than before and I separated her lips with my tongue to deepen the kiss.


The more heated things got, the more excited I became, one of my hands going down her side and my fingers eventually found her upper thigh just passed the short length of her skirt. My hand then went back behind her and traveled up a little, cupping the bottom of her ass with my palm under her skirt and I felt her jump slightly. I took a gamble and decided to pull away, ending our kiss and turning around to take a few steps away, “I’m.. I’m sorry, I just.. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a woman, I got a little too excited..” I said with a shameful tone, “I’m sorry, Katherine.. God.. I’m so embarrassed.. I’ll just take you home..” I continued with an even more pathetic, defeated voice.


“No, no.. It’s okay.. I’m sorry I flinched,” she let out an amused chuckle, “I was having fun with it.. You just did that so fast that I didn’t really know how to react..” She paused, hearing her approach me from behind and I felt her place her hand on my back, “You don’t have to take me home just yet.. How long has it been since you’ve been with someone..? If you don’t mind me asking..”

“A few years maybe.. I had a bad breakup and just never met anyone since that I thought would like me, but then you came along, and..” I stopped, letting out a depressed sigh.

“Really, it’s fine, Gareth.. Despite how I reacted, I did like it,” she replied and I smirked slightly.


“Oh.. You did?” I asked, slowly turning around to face her again and I watched her nod.

“Yeah..” She replied, seeing her then look around the beach and her eyes lit up as if she had found something she was looking for, “Here, follow me,” she continued, the flirtatious smirk on her lips was inviting and I smiled when she grabbed my hand, leading me away from the shore.


Katherine led me to a small area that was a little more private, more trees and bushes surrounded us and I kept my smile as I listened to her quiet, lustrous giggle. I looked around, checking the area and I didn’t see anyone else in sight. “Katherine, what are we doi-” I was cut off as she pulled me into the brush more and kissed me hard, my heart beginning to race and I returned the kiss with as much excitement as her. My back rested up against a tree as we continued to lock lips and I felt her hands playing around with my pants, pulling away from her in shock, “Katherine!” I said her name with strain but still kept quiet, “I-I don’t know if I can.. What if someone sees us?” I asked with worry in my voice.

“No one will.. Even if we’ve been hanging out for only a few hours, I like you, Gareth.. You’re sweet and you make me act funny,” she replied, giggling softly, “It makes me want to get to know about all of you.” 


I felt her undoing my pants and I gave her an uneasy expression which she caught onto right away, “If you don’t want to we don’t have to..” She began and I shook my head.

“No, no.. I want to, I just.. I don’t know if I’ll be any good..” I replied with a defeated tone, breaking eye contact with her.

“Don’t let it bother you, I’m sure you’ll be fine, it’s not like you’ve completely forgotten.. Besides, you don’t have to do anything,” she replied coyly. Her fingers continued to undo the buttons on my pants and she undid the zipper, leaning forward again towards me and she pressed her lips to mine as her hand dropped down underneath my underwear and into my pants.


This was hot, no question. Taking up the role of the dominated was something I rarely ever let happen in these types of situations, but it was cute to try and see how dominant the girl could be. Katherine seemed to be quite good at this, which surprised me since she seemed like the kind of girl to not have sex on the first date. It seemed that she was most intrigued by the lie I told about not being with a woman in so long that peaked her dominant curiosity. I stopped our kiss and my lips went to her neck, letting out a few pants between each kiss I gave her to reassure her that she was doing a great job at this. Finally I had gotten the chance to taste her skin like I’ve been dying to do. I had a weakness for necks. If a girl has a slender, long neck and I can see her fragile collar bones, I was entranced. Her other hand that wasn’t occupied rose up and gripped the hair on the back of my head, pulling me in more and my kisses grew a little rougher upon her neck, hearing her begin to let out quiet moans and already I wanted to take her this moment.


Katherine apparently had the same idea, pulling at my hair to pull my lips from her neck and she removed her hand from inside my pants, reaching up and removing my blazer. I tossed it aside after taking it off with her and I removed my shirt within seconds after that, watching as she removed hers then as well and her lips crashed back into mine. As we shared a rough kiss, I put my hands to her hips and pushed down her skirt, Katherine then kicking it aside and she pulled away for a moment, “Lay down,” she quietly commanded and I didn’t waste any time, going to a small open area surrounded by the foliage and laying down. 


She reached behind her and I watched her dark silhouette as she unclasped her bra and let the straps fall down her shoulders. I could feel my heart racing and even without her touching anymore, I could feel myself getting more and more excited as I watched her. She dropped her bra on the ground by the large palm tree and I couldn’t make out every detail of her breasts, but I could see enough to the point where I was still enjoying myself. I then watched as her delicate hands slid down her sides and she hooked her panties, pulling them down as well and I watched as they dropped down passed her long legs and she kicked that aside near her other clothes. Katherine then bent down, kneeling on either side of my thighs and she grabbed the rim of both my pants and underwear, pulling them down and exposing my growing excitement. 


After hastily removing my shoes, pants and underwear, she climbed over me and I looked up to her. The view I had was incredible, the moon and the bright stars shined behind her and Katherine herself was a sight to behold. My hands explored her hips and thighs as I watched her smile, “Don’t be nervous,” she whispered softly and I grinned in return. I wasn’t nervous, not at all. All I was feeling was excitement and I waited in anticipation for her to start fucking me. Her hand went behind her and I felt her gently grip my shaft, maneuvering me directly under her and I felt her tease my tip against her moist warmth. My anxiousness in starting this was getting so high to the point where I wasn’t going to wait any longer and plunge into her as hard as I could, yet as I was seriously considering it, she slowly sat down and took all of me and I watched her wince as she struggled slightly to take me in.


At first she took things slow, moaning softly as she bobbed herself up and down repeatedly and I took hold of her hips, assisting her a little and pulling her down harder when I wanted to. Finally, I’ve been able to pull off what I had been wanting to for days now, it never ceased to amaze how me easy this was sometimes. After a few minutes of build up, she quickened her pace and she became a little more vocal, her moans growing a little louder though I could tell she was trying to stay hushed as to not draw any attention from anyone. My breathing grew heavy and I could tell by her trembling legs that she was getting a little tired from doing the work herself for so long, Katherine then leaning forward and resting her hands on the ground to either side of me and I began thrusting into her to help her reach a release before me. I felt her insides tighten around me and she let out a long, gentle moan into my ear and I knew she had finally came.


I didn’t want to stop, I wasn’t done yet and I wasn’t about to leave here unsatisfied. Before she could collect herself, I sat up and put my arm around her, remaining inside of her and she wrapped her legs around me as I brought her over by the large palm tree. Putting my hand upon it for support, I began pumping into her roughly and she hummed moans while breathing heavily and I began panting as I tried to reach my breaking point. Katherine began saying my name in a pleasured whisper and it helped me get closer and closer, going just a little harder and I pushed into her as deep as I could, reaching my climax and I filled her completely as I felt her tighten around me once more, reaching her own climax again.


Was.. That okay?” I asked, sitting upon the ground and Katherine sat with me between my legs, leaning her back against my chest and I wrapped my right arm around her torso just under her breasts.

“Yeah, that was really good.. It’s hard to believe that you haven’t had practice in a few years,” she replied with a gentle giggle, letting out a relaxed and calm sigh.

I smiled, looking at the side of her face that I could see, occasionally looking down at her breasts that were still exposed and I chucked slightly, “I’m glad,” I answered softly, my fingertips dancing over her skin. She relaxed herself completely and shut her eyes, feeling her now steady breathing under the gentle weight of my hand and I sat there calmly, inhaling slowly to catch the scent of her hair. 

“Gareth.. Even though we kinda went a little fast, do you maybe.. Want to do this again? We can exchange numbers if you want..” She suggested and I kept my grin.

“Yeah, tha’d be nice.. I’ll actually take you out to dinner next time first before having this kind of fun,” I replied and she giggled again.


“I guess I haven’t been totally honest,” she began which didn’t really peak my interest, but I listened anyways, “It’s.. Been a while for me, too.. About 9 months since I broke up with my ex,” she continued.

“Oh.. It’s okay. You were amazing none the less,” I replied.

Katherine continued, “It’s just.. I don’t want you to think I’m dishonest or I sleep with everyone I meet.. I just liked you. There was something about you that made me want to know more,” she went on and I hummed a few ‘uh huh’s as she spoke to let her know I was still paying attention, even if I wasn’t. I leaned my head back a little, looking to my right and seeing my clothes lying in a pile within my reach. “I’m glad I took a chance on you, you seem really genuine and someone I’d love to get to know and spend time with,” she still continued and I removed my right hand slowly from touching her. I reached slowly towards my pants, gripping the very edge of them and pulling them closer to me so I could reach one of my pockets. “What are you up to?” She wondered.

“Just, uhm.. Looking for my phone. I thought I heard it go off a little while ago,” I replied.


My fingertips played with something within my pocket, pulling it out and taking it within my hand. My left hand that was supporting myself reached forward and my palm cupped over her mouth quickly, flipping open my large butterfly knife with my right hand and putting the sharpness to her neck, sliding the blade over her throat quickly with a heavy hand.


A gruesome, deep slash opened her neck and blood began to pour out rapidly from the wound, letting go of the knife and holding one of her arms down to keep her from struggling so much. I kept her in place with immense force, giving her no room to get free and I looked down at her chest, seeing blood pour down her collar bones and cleavage and her legs began to kick and twitch.


Wasn’t that a wonderful performance I made?” I asked her, knowing she wouldn’t reply, nor would I let her. “I always wondered how I’d be with an acting career, I think after this performance, though, I could land a good roll in a horror movie, don’t you?” I continued to ask her quiet questions into her ear as she continued to try and flail to get away from me. I continued to cover her mouth, pulling a little harder and opening her gash more so the blood from her carotid arteries flowed out faster. Her struggle began to lessen and her body became to involuntarily twitch more, looking to her face and I watched as her eyes slowly lost their shine and soon she didn’t struggle at all. “Goodbye, my beautiful lucky lady. I had fun tonight,” I whispered into her ear just before I heard her last breath.

Screenshot-122 (2)

As she lie limp against my chest, I slowly let go of covering her mouth and I reached back again, holding myself up once more and my right hand came up to the front of her, gripping her breast as I continued to watch the blood flow out slowly and drip down her chest. I played with her nipple teasingly and it still naturally stiffened under my touch, “This is the most beautiful you’ve looked all night, Katherine,” I continued but my whisper fell on deaf ears. I’ll lay here for a little while longer, eventually choosing to leave and I’d make sure to collect my knife as well as her clothes, putting her into the ocean to sink and although the blood within the grass would still remain, no other trace of her would be left behind. All in all, it was a successful night and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. This is definitely what I needed to get my mind off of my troubles.