Generation 2, Chapter 19

Lucy’s POV


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The alarm within my dorm room went off and it was almost 6:00am, stirring me awake and I nudged my boyfriend, Lewis, in bed with me, “Time for practice, babe..” I said softly with a still tired tone. It’s my senior year of college and I’ve been working hard to get my Science and Medicine Degree for the past four years. I only have a few weeks left until graduation, but I’m not staying until the year runs out, I’m headed home today to see my family for the weekend, then coming back for all of my finals. 

Lewis and I met our Freshman year and have been inseparable since, we’re the most well known couple in the entire campus with me being popular and him the star quarterback on the college football team. Lewis is my first serious relationship and for how well things have been going, there’s no doubt in my mind that I want to marry him. But, he’s never met any of my family, and I’m not sure I want him to.

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I got out from under the covers after him and sat up, needing to get ready for my last class in an hour before I head home later. Things have been severely rocky at home and I don’t particularly like going there too much anymore, but I have to. The twins are always getting in trouble with being Seniors in High School now and acting like they’re the top dogs, I always tell them to put their rulers away and start acting like young men, but it’s hard to get through to them with their huge egos. Bahiti is as sweet and gentle as ever, still a beautifully shy girl and a Senior like the twins, yet she’s grown a little more reserved and wants to be alone most of the time. Bennu has been nothing less than a strong mother to care for all of us since Faline has passed and she’s been working extra hard on trying to keep the boys in line. Even though they never really did listen to Faline, they listen to Bennu more and you can tell that even she struggles sometimes. I look up to Bennu, she’s never once given me a reason to believe that she wouldn’t try her absolute hardest to make this family stay together, but sometimes there’s things that even the kind-hearted and strong-willed can’t handle.

Dad.. He’s.. Different. He started acting weird after I had been accepted into the college that he went to, and I knew a little why now. Freshman year when I first started was a little hard, a lot of the same teachers that taught my Dad were still here and they had nothing but bad things to say about him, though not to my face. I heard everything little by little through the grapevine and it seems that my Dad was, for lack of a better word, a slut around campus. He hardly ever did his school work either, most of the professors here were astonished when they found out he was graduating; finding out he had a daughter now, too, convinced them that I was going to be no different, but over the years I’ve managed to prove to them that I’m really nothing like my Dad, so things have gotten way better for me here. At first, I thought my acceptance into here and knowing I would hear rumors about him scared him and he didn’t want me to go here for college, but still even after I showed him how well I was doing and lying to him about not hearing anything regarding him, he’ still not the same and has been getting worse.

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“Come here,” Lewis said softly; I’m sure he could tell I was bothered by how long I was sitting on the bed doing nothing. I stood from the bed and went over to him and he pulled me into a tight, warm hug, “It’ll be okay today. Just try not to think about it so much and it’ll go a lot easier..” He tried to comfort, but him saying that only made me think about it more. I’ve told him a little bit about my family, he knows more about my siblings and Bennu than he does about my Dad, and my Dad is the one who Lewis knows makes the trip more difficult for me, even if he has no idea why. 

“I know.. It’s just hard to go back there all the time, it’s like I’m entering a completely different world and I can’t do anything to make it better,” I replied.

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“Whenever you want me to finally come with you, I’d be more than happy to. You know I still want to meet everyone, I’d especially love to meet your Dad and tell him what a perfect and beautiful daughter he’s raised,” Lewis answered and I couldn’t hold back a smile.

“I know.. Just.. Not yet,” I replied, seeing Lewis nod in understanding and he pulled me into a long kiss. 

“Are we still meeting up later before you leave?” He wondered and I nodded.

“Yeah, have fun at practice. I’ll see you later,” I answered with another smile and he smirked, kissing my lips once more and gathering his belongings to go to football practice.

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I walked into my bathroom after Lewis had gone and shut the door behind me, going straight to the tub and turning the water on so I could bathe before class. As the tub filled with hot water that soon caused my mirrors to steam over, I got out of my nightgown and tied my hair up, turning the water off as the tub grew full and I stepped in with anticipation. Baths were one of my favorite things in the world, they helped me relax when nothing else could and the warmth that surrounded me always calmed my scattered and troubled mind. There was always something for me to think about, whether it was Lewis, my grades, my friends, my siblings or my Dad, a bath usually was able to help me let it all go, at least for the duration I would be able to relax in it; the moment the plug was pulled from the drain, it all would come rushing back.

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Dad let me borrow his car while I’m here because he is convinced that keeping mine at the house would keep it in good shape for whenever I wouldn’t be at college anymore, though I think the real reason he gave his car to me was so that I had a reason to come home. I wish he hadn’t, this car is what I take so many times in one day and it smells like him; even if I needed to go somewhere to get away from it all, he’d still always be implanted in my mind wherever I went. 

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I always excelled in my classes and I always passed them with flying colors. When I’m in class, it’s the only real time I feel like I can get peace because my mind is focused on learning and challenging myself. Yet, of course, my luck runs out in the last class I have before I go home; the teacher is Mr. Dill, a friend of my dad’s from his old college days and now all I can think about is Dad again. His first name is Auturo I think, he’s talked to me before about my Dad and he was surprised just like everyone else to know that the notorious Jason Dubois had a daughter. But, he was a nice man, strict, but nice, and sometimes he favored me over everyone else.

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My eyebrows began to furrow and my bottom lip tried to quiver as the threat of tears formed in my eyes, but I shut my eyelids quickly to keep them in and took a deep breath. “Lucille, still with me?” Mr. Dill asked of me and I slowly opened my eyes, looking to him and nodding gently in response and he then continued his teachings. I took a few more deep breathes, trying to ignore everything but what was being taught so I could make it through this class without needing to be excused.

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After my class, I went to the nearest cafe and ordered something sweet for my late breakfast. Key Lime pie helped calm me a little from all of my nerves today, it reminded me of Bennu since her Key Lime pies were amazing and her cooking had now became one of my favorites next to Dad’s cooking, but he doesn’t do that too much anymore; he doesn’t like to be anywhere near the stove now-a-days, I don’t know why.. 

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After my slice of a brief heaven and before I got the chance to leave the cafe, my cell phone went off and Bennu was calling me. I smirked softly and answered, “Hey, how’s it going?”

Good, good.. How are your classes?” She wondered.

“Going well, just got out of my last class and I’m about to head back to my dorm to get ready and come visit.”

Vonderful! I can’t wait to see you, Lucy, your father is very excited as well,” she said happily and I kinda needed that, it made me feel a little better about going there.

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“How is Dad? Is he doing any better?” I asked, hearing a silence over the phone.

He.. He’s okay. He’s in our room right now resting.. Don’t worry about him, though, you just enjoy your last few hours at college and we’ll see you around 9:00pm. You’re still coming around that time, yes?” She answered.

“Yeah, I’ll leave around 6:00 so I can get home around that time.” I replied, then hearing commotion in the background and it was the boys by Bennu, both of them wanting the phone from her so they could talk to me. I let out a sigh at how childish they were despite how they constantly acted like suave little assholes. One of the boys had gotten the phone from Bennu and I listened to see who it was.

Lucy, bring Cara home with you,” Gareth demanded and I then heard Gibson in the background, “Bring her home for me, not Gareth!” “Shut up, I called dibs on her first!”

“You guys are idiots..” I began, “What makes you think Cara wants either of you?” I asked.

Please, Luce? Just put in a good word for me then,” Gareth tried to compromise and I rolled my eyes.

“Goodbye guys, see you later!” I added, pulling the phone away from my ear though I could hear them both trying to stop me from hanging up, but I hung up on them anyways. “Morons..” I said with a smirk, sighing softly as I left the cafe to go back to my dorm.

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When I had gotten back and walked through the door, I looked upstairs where I noticed one of my roommates, Paris, walking around and I called up to her, “Paris, what are you up to?” I asked, seeing her stop and smile at me as I made my way up the stairs to her.

“Not much, honey, I was just about to get ready for Darrell to take me out. You and that fine man of yours should come on with, it’ll be a double date or somethin’,” she suggested, but I sighed softly, needing to turn the offer down.

“No, I can’t, sorry.. Lewis is at practice for a few more hours still and I need to get ready to go home for the weekend to see my family,” I replied and she nodded in understanding.

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“Well, all right.. How’s your dad doin’?” She asked next.

“He’s doing good..  I’m excited to see him,” I replied, though some of that sentence was a bit exaggerated. 

“You sure? Last time you got back from visiting them you didn’t talk to any of us for a few days.”

I looked to the ground briefly, looking back up to her and keeping a small smile, “Every family has their issues, I just try not to bring those problems back with me to school,” I answered.

“I hear ya.. Well, have fun at your folk’s, I’ll see you when you get back before finals,” Paris said with a smile.

“Thanks.. See ya,” I replied, watching her turn to go back into her room and I turn around as well to head into mine.

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After about a two hour nap, I was up and ready at around 4:00 to meet up with Lewis before I went home. I stood in front of my body mirror, making any other minor adjustments to my outfit, hair or makeup that I needed to before I left. I liked to wear more conservative and professional clothing around my family, especially my Dad. I didn’t want to be anything like my Mom. I didn’t want to act like her, look and dress like her, and I especially didn’t want to do anything she ever did when she was alive and my age out of spite. I loved my Mom, but she wasn’t a very nice person, nor did she ever even really want me around, especially when she had friends over. I remember when I was super young and the only time she would somewhat show a little love towards me was in front of my Dad.. I figured out a while ago why.

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I looked at the family portrait of a few years ago when we had all gone to the Summer Festival together, I knew back then as well that Jason wasn’t my real father. About once every year to two years, my Mom’s old friend Matt would come over to Dad’s place when Faline and him were still together and Matt would spend a little time with me and leave for a long time. The older I got, the more my eyes opened and I started realizing things about him and I that seemed just too similar to ignore. When I had reached my teen years, I started to question things more and ponder what was going on; I knew Matt liked me whenever he would stop by my moms place when I was little, but every time he visited me after Mom died and I was living with Jason, Matt seemed to come by less and less as the years passed and he began acting more and more like it was a chore to come and visit me. The day that I turned 18, Matt didn’t come over anymore at all. I’m not stupid or oblivious, I put two and two together and figured it all out myself. From what I knew of my Mom, she was an evil person, and now knowing that Jason isn’t my real father, I’ve always known Jason to have a lot of money and I knew my Mom took advantage of him every chance she could get.. Always buying new things for me, the condo, and especially herself; all that money was from Jason, too. I figured she lied to him, told him I was his daughter, and did it all just to get his money. I knew Matt was my real father, but Jason is the only man in my eyes that has treated me like the Princess he always calls me. I’ll never not be proud of my Dad for taking charge and taking care of what’s his, even if it was all a lie. I smiled at the photo, then turned around to leave my room and go meet up with Lewis.

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I came out of my room and noticed Cara, my other roommate and best friend since I was in grade school, had just came out of her room as well, wearing a dress she had borrowed from me a while ago I still never seemed to get back. “Damn, you look hot.. Where you headed?” I asked, walking over towards her with a smile on my face still. 

She let out a happy chuckle, “Thanks! Paris asked if I wanted to go out with her and Darrell so I’m meeting them at the bowling alley for drinks in a little bit. I know, I know, she left like, an hour or two ago, but I like to make a fashionably late entrance,” Cara replied and I laughed as she flipped her hair over her shoulder jokingly.

“That you do.. Going with anyone else? You seem a little too dolled up to just be the third wheel for bowling,” I hinted.

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“Just going like this to maybe catch a few glancing eyes, no harm in trying to meet someone while I’m there,” she replied with a wink. “Speaking of, how are those cute little brothers of yours?”

“Ugh, swooning over you like always.. They wanted you to come with me back home for whatever reason. Well, I know the reason, but uhh, gross..”

“Mm.. A little twin Dubois action? I’m all for it,” she answered with a laugh and my expression grew a little weary.

“Again.. Gross, Cara.. They’re my brothers, and you’re not coming with me,” I stated.

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“Aww, but they’re so cuuuttee! I wanna make a Dubois sandwich with those two,” She whined, but I rolled my eyes, showing her how annoyed I was.

“Wow.. Even more gross, Cara..”

Okay, okay, I’ll  stop..” She replied, then taking a moment to look at my outfit, “Where are you headed to wearing that?”

“Going out with Lewis for a little bit and then back to my house in Bridgeport to see everyone for the weekend. Try to have fun without me while I’m gone,” I teased her and she giggled.

“Don’t worry, I’m always the one that finds the fun for us when we go out anyways,” she teased back and I chuckled, watching her walk to the bathroom and I heard the front door opening downstairs, going to see who it was.

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I looked down the stairs to see Lewis, looking up at me with his charming smile and I walked downstairs to greet him, “Wow, babe.. You look very pretty,” he said with a smile and I blushed a little as I continued to walk down the stairs, throwing my arms around him in a hug and he pulled me down the few steps I had left to help me join him.

“Thanks.. How was practice?” I wondered, pecking his lips lightly and letting him go from the hug.

“Fine.. Boring, repetitive. Glad to be outta there and with you now,” he replied and I hummed a soft giggle. “Ready for some grub before your long drive?”

“Of course,” I answered, watching as he opened the front door for me and I exited before him to go to my car.

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Lewis and I got dinner together at the campus diner, staying there until it grew dark outside and it was passed 6:00. I was late to leaving, but Lewis and I were enjoying ourselves and I wasn’t ready to go home yet. He took hold of my hands and intertwined our fingers, pulling me closer to him, “You should get going, don’t you think? You don’t want to get there too late at night,” he suggested and I let out a soft sigh.

“You’re right.. Even though my Dad would stay up waiting for me until who knows what time,” I said with a light chuckle.

“Still, you shouldn’t make him wait. He’s going to think less of me and think I’m the one who made you late. I don’t want a bad impression with the guy when I haven’t even met him yet,” Lewis added with a smile and I sighed; he was thinking into it too much, my Dad doesn’t like anyone I date regardless.. Lewis moved in closer and kissed me for a few long seconds and I knew it was the kiss goodbye that I was trying to avoid. “I love you, Lucille.. Call me tomorrow or something, let me know how you’re doing,” Lewis continued and I smiled, nodding in agreement to his request and he kissed me one last time before I went back to my car.

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After grabbing a few things from my place before leaving, I was on the road and headed back home. I drove passed the campus one last time before pulling off, knowing that I’ll be back soon, but just wanting to get one more last look. The drive was nice and a little relaxing despite my Dad’s car smell all around me, continuously thinking about him every now and then whenever my mind got off track and unfocused. I wondered how things have changed back at home, or if they even have. Dad’s been mostly staying within the confines of his room, only coming out every so often to either go to work for a few hours only or to get something to eat. He’s never really been like this and as much as I hate to wonder, I can’t help but feel like this strange nature took hold of him after I left for college. The weird things he’s been doing and the way he’s been acting makes me wonder, too, if this has been going on for a while before that, none of us happened to notice it though. I admit I probably could’ve been a little oblivious to it, Dad and I were always close, but once I got into high school, I tended to drift more towards my friends than spending time with him; maybe that’s why I never noticed until the passed few years..

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Music helped drown out my thoughts as I drove, yet it was still hard to focus on anything but the family as I got closer and closer. There were so many stars out by the college, the air was crisp and I left my windows open to enjoy the breeze as I drove away from it, but the closer I got to the city, the worse it got. The atmosphere was thick and toxic, the familiar smell of public transportation and pollution from a cluttered city leaked into the car. The stars began to get harder and harder to see, and soon when I couldn’t see any, I knew I was close. The sky was lit but not by the sun; the city lights polluted the air and it still felt like it was around 6:00 instead of the car clock telling me a quarter to 10:00. As I drove down the bridge, I was only a minute or two away from getting home. I didn’t want to be there yet, I wanted to go back and see Lewis, finish my classes, graduate without anything negative on my mind, but, my family wanted to see me; what’s more important than family, anyways?

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When I got home, the first to greet me was Bahiti. She had grown into such a beautiful young woman and I can see so much of both Jason and Bennu in her. I envied her in a way, I envied that she was the actual daughter of him and I wasn’t; but, I never showed it or ever made her feel uncomfortable about it, I don’t think anyone really has a clue that I know I’m not Jason’s. “Hey! How have you been?” She greeted excitedly to me and I went straight to her for a hug.

“I’ve been good, and you?” I asked in return.

“Pretty good, I guess. The guys are driving me crazy like always,” she replied with a giggle and I gave one back with a sarcastic eye roll.

“Of course they are.. Where are those two anyway?”

“In the living room playing a game, which is surprising considering all they ever do is go out and drink.. It still boggles my mind on how they get it,” she replied and I let out an aggravated sigh.

“Those little..” I began, but stopped myself, “Whatever.. I’ll talk to them about that later..”

g2c19 p44

“How’s your Mom?” I asked, giving a warm smile and wanting to get details before I saw my Dad.

Bahiti shrugged and sighed, though keeping a light smile, “She’s okay. She’s been with Dad all day, he didn’t go to work today. He hasn’t gone in a while, actually. I overheard them talking and I think Dad’s going to sell the bar,” she replied and my brows raised in curiosity. 

“Really..? Well, that’s good, right? That’s a good amount of money that’ll probably go towards your guys’ college educations. It’ll give him more time to be home, too.”

“Well, yeah.. But what’s the point of him being home if he’s just locked away in his room all day?” Bahiti asked in return and I suppose she had a point. But, despite him being home more and confining himself, they could all easily go to college anywhere they wanted, and I knew that’s what they all needed.

“Maybe he needs more time at home, maybe then he’ll come out of his room more often. Maybe he just wants to be home.. You’ll love college, too, I know you’ll do well,” I replied and she smiled, soon nodding in agreement.

“Which reminds me, I still have homework to do. Welcome home, Luce,” she said joyfully, smiling wide and I nodded in thanks as she ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

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Without me even needing to go to the living room to see the boys, they walked out from it and Gareth waved to me as Gibson followed him, “Hey, Lucy!” Gareth said happily and I smiled.

“Hey guys, how’s school going?”

“Good, though I noticed you forgot to bring someone with you,” Gareth replied, referring to Cara from our phone conversation earlier.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you, Luce?” Gibson added and I scoffed.

“You two are so pathetic. Whatever happened to you guys going out and just having fun rather than just looking for tail?” I asked in a teasing tone.

“Searching for tail is fun, Luce. Sorry we’re not in serious relationships like you and Lewis,” Gareth rebutted and I didn’t want to argue with the subject anymore. As much as they were responsible young men sometimes, the childish nature always came back every now and then and they were horny little teenagers all over again with a one track mind.

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“Anywayyssss..” I stressed, “How’s Dad?” I asked, already getting one opinion, yet wanting everyone’s.

“Who knows..” Gibson replied softly.

“Exactly.. Who the fuck knows,” Gareth added, “He talks to everyone but us, really.. I feel like he’s been avoiding us for a long time. I don’t know what’s up his ass.. I seriously think I heard him talking to himself again a few days ago, too. What the hell’s going on with him?” He asked.

“I.. I don’t know.. I’m sure he’s not avoiding you guys. He probably is just realizing that we’re all growing up now and we’ll be leaving soon. He might just not want to face it.”

“And that makes him feel the need to talk to himself instead of us?” Gibson asked, unconvinced by my reasoning and I sighed softly.

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“Listen.. Dad’s had a hard life, okay? He had me when he was your guys’ age. He was going to college and supporting my mom with me and then you two came while he was still in college. My mom died, your guy’s mom died.. Those are two people he’s been close with and had children with. Then Bahiti came along with Bennu.. He’s had a lot going on his in life ever since he was little, too.. Now he has that bar to stress over and all of his kids are almost to the age where they’re going to be leaving and moving out. He’s probably worried, too, that he’s never going to see any of us again for whatever reason. That would make anyone act a little weird.. Don’t you think?” I replied and neither of the boys said anything then. “He’s not ignoring anyone.. He’s probably just trying to cope with everything now so it all doesn’t happen out of nowhere all at once. I plan on moving out after I graduate. You guys and Bahiti are all the same age pretty much and you all are probably going to move out around the same time, too.. It’s a family of 6 being cut down to 2 just like that. Just give Dad some space, whatever he needs. He’ll come around, I’m sure,” I finished and Gibson nodded in understanding as Gareth looked to him and shrugged.

“Whatever you say, Luce,” Gareth replied.

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“Well, it’s good to have you home, Lucy.. Maybe you can get through to him since we can’t,” Gibson added with a brief smirk, turning around then and going back to the living room and Gareth followed behind him. 

“What the hell is going on with you, Dad..?” I asked myself quietly aloud, watching the boys leave the foyer. I looked up to Dad’s bedroom door upstairs from where I was and grew a little nervous again, trying to find things to say to him and ask him but in ways that I won’t make him upset. I didn’t acknowledge the boys when they mentioned hearing Dad talking to himself in his room because I had heard it too before, but I never wanted to admit it to myself. It’s one thing to talk to yourself when doing a task or trying to figure where you left your keys, but it’s another thing to get angry. I came home early one time to surprise them but only Dad was home and I know I heard him arguing with someone, yet when I walked into his room, he was alone and his phone wasn’t even on him. I’ve been wanting to figure out for a while now who’s he been talking to and I haven’t told anyone else, but I think everyone might feel the same way and aren’t saying anything just like I’m not.

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Before I reached his bedroom door, I could hear Bennu talking to my Dad inside of their room, but before I could make out anything they were discussing, the door opened and Bennu walked out. I smiled when I saw her and she smiled warmly in return, walking towards one another and we hugged briefly, “It’s good to see you, Lucy, how has school been?” Bennu wondered as she let me go.

“It’s going really well, actually. I’m excited to be graduating soon,” I replied and she nodded.

“How’s Lewis? You two are still together, yes?” She asked next and I could feel my cheeks getting a little flushed.

“Yeah, we’re doing good, too..” I replied with a smile, “How are you and Dad?” I asked and I noticed the excitement in her eyes begin to lessen.

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g2c19 p59

“We’re.. Okay. It’s hard to get him out of the house or even spend a little time with him outside of the bedroom, he’s not telling me something and it’s beginning to worry me,” she answered.

“Bennu, I’m sure he’s okay.. I feel like he might be acting like this because almost all of us are grown up and ready to move out and do things for ourselves. I told the boys the same thing. Dad just doesn’t want to face the facts. He’s going to miss us a lot, but he’ll still always have you by his side, so know that I’m sure whatever he’s trying to deal with, it has nothing to do with you,” I tried to comfort her but she kept her worried expression.

“I just.. Don’t really know what to do anymore, Lucy.. He’s gotten more secretive and quiet around us, around me, too. He hasn’t been going to work at all really, I’m scared to ask him about it,” she continued.

“Scared? Why..?”

She held her tongue for a moment, trying to find the words, “I haven’t had a decent, normal conversation with your father in a while. I don’t know what’s going on with him anymore, and when I ask, he gets angry.. I find him getting harder and harder to deal with.”

g2c19 p60

“Bennu.. Has he ever, umm.. Hurt you?” I asked, seeing her eyes widen a little.

“Oh, no, no.. He’s not violent now. I guess I’m more so worried if he will become that way if this keeps up,” she replied and I was a little shocked. “Sometimes his anger can get the best of him.. That’s usually when I give up and give him space. I hate fighting with him,” she continued.

“Yeah.. He can be a little overwhelming when he’s angry.. But, what do you think he’s angry about?” I asked, seeing her think for a moment and she soon shook her head.

“Honestly, I don’t know.”

“Have you ever heard him, um.. Talk to himself?” I wondered.

“A few times, yes. But I just assumed he was thinking out loud. Go see him, Lucy.. Maybe you can get him out of this weird funk he’s been in for a while,” Bennu suggested and I nodded in agreement. “I’ll be right downstairs if you need anything.. Welcome home, dear,” she continued and I smirked, nodding in thanks and she walked passed me and downstairs.

g2c19 p61

I walked towards their bedroom door and already I could hear my Dad talking to himself which only worried me more. He seemed to only do it when he was alone and I noticed he tries to hide it from all of us, but I wanted to know why. I put my ear closer to the door and his voice was muffled, I couldn’t make out the words he was saying, but it sounded like he was arguing with someone.. Was he on the phone? I was a little nervous to knock or even see him at all because of the things that everyone’s been saying, but at the same time, him seeing me might make things better.. At least I hope it will.


Jason’s POV


g2c19 p62

Lucy’s coming home today from college to spend the weekend with us and then going straight back to take her finals before she graduates. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Although I hated her going to the same school I went to, she has been doing very well and I’m glad that I didn’t take her out of there and make her go to a different school. I’ve been having a hard time ever since Lucy went to college, the boys and Bahiti have barely been home as well since they like to go out a lot by themselves or with friends. I’m beginning to worry a little because Lucy was supposed to be here an hour ago and she usually isn’t late, but I don’t want to call her and be a bother. But, it’s not like I can even focus clearly about that anyways with my father always glaring at me. I can feel his eyes on the back of my head and it’s becoming a problem that I’ve been trying to keep under control for a few years now. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t see or hear from him at least once.

g2c19 p63

“I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to accomplish by telling me stuff like this.. Why can’t you just leave? Never come back? I thought I was done with you the day you blew up the house. I was ready for you to be gone, yet here you are, continuing to make my life miserable..” I was so sick of my father constantly being with me, it was driving me nuts. 

“I can feel your frustration..”

“Wow, you think? I’m laying it on pretty fuckin’ thick here,” I rebutted.

“If you would just do as I ask, like a good son, then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore,” he replied and I turned around to face him.

g2c19 p64

“You’ve got to be joking, right? You’re one sick, twisted person, you know that? I don’t even know why I fucking talk to you.”

“That’s really what you believe? That I’m the twisted one? How many times do I have to repeat myself, Jason, before you finally figure it out..?”

“What the hell are you talking about? All that you’ve been doing is telling me to leave my family, or worse, off them like you did Mom! Why the hell would I do that? Why did you do it!?” I had to have asked that question a million times now to him, yet he still never gives me a straight answer, he always dances around the truth just to piss me off.

“You’ve read the newspapers.. You’ve watched the news channels. Bodies keep piling up higher and higher and you’re too ignorant to realize who’s doing it.”

“I..” I stopped, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, “The boys aren’t responsible for all of them. I’ve been keeping track, reading and watching the news, you’re right.. But, not every missing person or body found is them, I know it.”

g2c19 p65

“So, instead of stopping them like you should, you’re ignoring it. Even though all of them may not be a kill under the boys’ belts, that doesn’t disregard the fact that they already have killed. It doesn’t matter if they’re done, or have stopped, what matters is that they’ve already done it. Get rid of them, Jason. You know it’s for everyone’s benefit,” my Dad replied and I let out a scoff.

“I’m not doing a damn thing to them.” I stated strongly.

“You’re still no better than they are. You have a kill under your belt, as well.. Or have you forgotten about Lana?” The moment he mentioned her name, my chest felt as if it was caving in and it was a little hard to breath. “How about you just get rid of the threats? Gareth and Gibson need to realize that the things they’ve done is unacceptable, and so do you. Kill them before they have any time to reproduce, then off yourself. Do the whole world a favor and get rid of this family name once and for all!” His voice raised a little and my blood was beginning to boil with rage, yet a knock at the door made my nerves outweigh the anger.

g2c19 p66
g2c19 p67

I looked towards the door and watched it open slowly, seeing Lucy walk in and shut the door behind her. I felt as if I had been saved from the conversation with my father and I was grateful that she came when she did. “Lucy..” I said softly, my lips beginning to smile and she seemed happy to see me, though I could tell there was something bothering her.

“Hi, Dad.” She replied, both of us walking towards one another and I hugged her tightly, holding her for a few long seconds. I was overjoyed to see her, she was the only person that could change my mood entirely and help me think clearly. Perfect timing, too. “Where you on the phone with someone a minute ago?” She asked and I froze a little, releasing her from the hug and eventually nodding.

“Uh.. Yeah, I was talking to a buyer.. I’m thinking about selling the bar,” I replied. I lied to her about who I was talking to, but I wasn’t lying about selling the bar.

g2c19 p68
g2c19 p69

“Oh, well that’s exciting, right? Are you glad to be selling it so you’ll be home more?” She asked and I nodded again.

“Yeah, it definitely is. I’ll be home more and have more money to give you all whatever you need. But, we can talk about that later.. How’s school going? How’s that boyfriend of yours..?” I asked.

“You know his name, Dad.. It’s Lewis, and yeah, we’re doing pretty good. School is fine, too. I can’t wait to be done with it.” She replied and I smiled while nodding, but my smile faded as I continued to observe her face. There was something bothering her and I wanted to know what it was.

“Are you sure you’re doing okay? You look.. Bothered by something,” I asked, concerned that she was holding something back from me.

g2c19 p70
g2c19 p71

Lucy grew quiet and she hesitated, but she was a very opinionated young woman and I knew that she would say whatever she needed to when she was ready. I waited for a few long seconds and Lucy finally decided to speak up. “Dad.. I don’t know what’s been going on with you, but whatever it is needs to stop. Gareth and Gibson, Bahiti, Bennu, we’re all worried about you. Why have you been locking yourself away in here? Why are you suddenly ignoring your own family? ..Why do you talk to yourself?” She finally asked and her last question is the only one I really paid attention to. 

“W-What? Where are you getting these ideas?” I asked, getting a little irritated already by this conversation that I most definitely didn’t want to have.

“Dad, don’t play dumb. Everyone on at least one occasion has heard you and we know you’re not on the phone.. Who are you talking to? Why?”

“That’s enough, Lucille. I’m not crazy. I don’t talk to myself.” I stated harshly.

g2c19 p72
g2c19 p73

“Then what the hell is your problem?!” She raised her voice.

“You watch your mouth, Luce,” I warned, yet she continued.

“No, no more of this! What is wrong with you? You can’t just hide up here and hope we won’t figure anything out! The boys think you’re ignoring them! Same with Bahiti! Even Bennu thinks you need help! Just do us all a favor and talk to us more.. We’re worried, that’s all.. If you need someone to talk to, there’s all of us, not just yourself. Whatever’s the cause of this, you don’t need to be dealing with it by yourself..” She argued in return and I heard my father chuckle.

“She has a point. Though I don’t think it’s wise to tell her your plan,” he added and I looked towards him for a brief second.

“I don’t have a plan!” I replied to him, though I didn’t mean to.

“What? What does that mean?” Lucy asked and I sighed heavily, looking over to my father once more for a split second, “Who the hell are you looking at?”

“Nothing, no one! I just.. I don’t have a plan for anything that’s going on. There is no motive, I’m not ignoring anyone! Now drop it, Lucy.” I warned once more, though I knew Lana’s stubbornness ran through her veins and she wasn’t done yet.

g2c19 p74
g2c19 p75

“I want you to get help, Dad! I want you to go see Grandma again. You saw her when you were a kid, right? You got help before,” Lucy pressed and my eyes widened in slight shock.

“Things like that are supposed to be confidential,” I replied, but Lucy continued.

“I asked Grandma how you and Mom met, how she knew who you were.. She didn’t tell me about any of your sessions with her, just that you had seen her before and you and Mom became close after you started seeing Grandma.. Can I ask why you went there for help in the first place? Please?” She tried to pry, but I was in no mood to tell her why I went to a psychiatrist.. I haven’t talked to Lana’s mother in ages, I didn’t even know she was still alive.

“No, you can’t ask that. My mother made me go, and I went to make her happy. That’s it.”

“Dad, that’s not it..” Lucy continued.

g2c19 p76
g2c19 p77
g2c19 p78

“Man, she can read you pretty damn well without even being blood,” my father butted in with a slightly impressed tone and I turned away from the both of them, not wanting to have any part of this conversation anymore.

“This discussion is over. Go to bed, Lucy, get some rest,” I suggested strongly, unable to look at her still, knowing that her expression would bother me.

“But, Dad, plea-”

“Lucille..” I said her name sternly, stopping her from continuing more and I heard her let out a sigh of defeat.

“Goodnight..” She said just above a whisper, but I didn’t reply as I listened to her leave my room.

g2c19 p79

“Well.. That was entertaining,” my father continued.

“Shut up.” I hissed, though I knew he wouldn’t listen.

“Maybe you should go back to the psychiatrist. Maybe she’ll be able to knock some sense into you and get you to do what’s right.”

“Do you even listen to yourself?” I asked, “These are your grandchildren.. My children. I’m not going to make the same choices you did. I’m a better father than you ever were and I don’t plan to let that change,” I concluded, hearing him let out a chuckle to my words. “Is there something you find funny?” I asked with frustration.

g2c19 p80

“Well, yes. Look at you. You’re a mess. You don’t even realize that the path you’re already going down isn’t going to be an easy one. You’re deteriorating. Losing it. You’re trying so hard to ignore what you are that now everything you don’t want to happen is going to. If you ask me, that is pretty amusing,” he replied. What does he know? Nothing is going to go wrong, I’m not going to harm my boys let alone anyone else in the family. As much as I hated to admit it, Mrs.Hughes did help me a little when I was younger, but I stopped going to her after I met her daughter, Lana, which was then the new person that listened to my troubles and worries. I stopped seeing Mrs.Hughes and as the years went by, things did end up getting worse and worse; now things are worse than ever. My mind is telling me to do unimaginable things.. When I look at the boys when they’re swimming in our pool, I have the urge to hold their heads under water. Thoughts of cutting their throats while making dinner in the kitchen is the reason why I stopped going in there. What’s strange is that I don’t have these thoughts for Bennu or my girls, just the twins. Lucy was right, I have been avoiding the boys, but avoiding them is the best thing I can do right now as I fight the strange, horrific urges I have when I see them doing anything. I hate that I can’t look at them without wanting to dig my thumbs into their eyes, and the thing that kills me the most is why in the hell do I have these thoughts and urges. Maybe my father is right about one thing, maybe I should just off myself, that way I won’t have to worry about acting on my ideas and I can finally be rid of the torment he causes. Maybe I should just give up?

Generation 2, Chapter 18

g2c18 p1
g2c18 p1-2

I haven’t been to the graveyard in a long time, I didn’t have a reason to come here anymore; my Father followed me around everywhere I went and even if I did go to the cemetery, it’s not like anything else would change.. I still wouldn’t see my Mother. But, it felt so weird being here now, seeing the freshly dug grave of my buried ex-girlfriend and Mother to my twins no more than one hundred feet from where I sat.

g2c18 p2

Not many were here; Hitomi and her daughter Helena, Gareth and Gibson, Lucy, Anya, and Faline’s husband and their daughter Sherri. Faline’s parents and her brother were here earlier, but left before anyone else after Faline had been buried. None of them even bothered to make eye contact with me or the boy’s, they didn’t say a single word to us. Julia didn’t come along because she wasn’t very fond of Faline, Bennu and Bahiti waited at home, too, having no desire to be here for Faline either, but I don’t blame them.

g2c18 p3

I looked to my sisters along with Lucy and Helena, seeing them with sad faces as they mourned my ex, some crying, some not. Helena had grown into such a beautiful young woman just like my gorgeous Lucy, looking at my daughter last out of the bunch and I could see her crying as Helena tried to console her. My adopted daughter of my long dead best friend was crying over a Mother that wasn’t even hers, and here I sat without a tear in my eye. I didn’t even know why.. It wasn’t remorse, I wasn’t unhappy per say, I wasn’t crying or even really all that sad.. I guess I was just indifferent and only here for the twins’ sake.. Gareth and Gibson were behind me by my mother and father’s graves and I sat alone on a bench that my father had sat on 8 years ago, the night I first saw him. 

g2c18 p4

“Didn’t I warn you something like this would happen?” I jumped a little in fright as I heard my father’s voice ringing in my ear out of nowhere, looking over and seeing him standing in the grass, looking down at Faline’s grave where the last of the grievers stood that I failed to mention; Faline’s husband and daughter.. I didn’t reply, looking to them as well and soon my gaze went to the ground once more. “She was so pretty.. So young.. Is this catastrophic enough for you yet? That’s two on their list now.. Do you really think that she died from just falling down t-”

“Shut up.. Just, please.. Shut the fuck up for once.. The Mother of my son’s, my ex is dead and you really want to question that? Right now?”

“What? It’s not like you had even an ounce of care for her in your entire body..”

“You can’t just leave me alone.. Can you?” I asked.

“You ask such funny questions all the time.. I’m here because you need someone to talk to.. You can’t talk to your wife, your children, your sisters.. No one is here to listen but me,” he replied. I sat there in silence for a few more moments, not knowing what to say to him.

g2c18 p7

“Your sisters..” He began again, my attention going to my father briefly and noticing he was looking at them with a small smirk on his lips.

“What about them..?” I wondered.

“Just.. Look at them..” He continued and I kept my eyes on my father instead, seeing his expression calmed, happy, content, admiring his daughters and I finally looked to them as he had requested.

“Yeah.. They’re all grown up.. What the fuck about it?”

g2c18 p5
g2c18 p6

“Wow.. Hitomi has such a beautiful girl.. Anya looks just like Mom, doesn’t she?” He asked with a chuckle, looking to me with a smile and I scoffed.

“Shut up…”

“They’re all so pretty..” He continued.

“Yeah.. Don’t you wish you could tell them that yourself you fucking asshole?” I asked, looking to my father then with a smirk and he still kept his smile.

“It’s fun to see you try and torment someone. You’re only tormenting yourself,” he replied, but I was confused.

“What does that mean?”

“Again, with the funny questions.. Don’t you ever get tired of asking them?” He wondered with a smile and I turned away, losing my smirk instantly and focusing on the ground again.

g2c18 p8

I sat there in a short silence, trying to ignore my father, but he still refused to go away, “Have they ever wondered about me?” He asked.


“The boys.. They’re by your Mother and I’s graves.. Have they ever asked about us?” He repeated.

“Yeah, I told them that their Grandmother was a saint and that their Grandfather was someone they should never waste their time thinking about..” I replied, looking to my father then with another smirk and he was the one with the serious face this time.

“They should know their history.. Why are you depriving them?”

“Maybe because you’re nothing to be proud of..” I retaliated, looking to him with a serious expression filled with anger and he then smirked, mocking me almost. 

“Heads up..” He replied, nodding his head towards Faline’s grave and I looked to where he motioned, seeing Faline’s husband walking my direction, though his eyes were set on the boy’s behind me.

g2c18 p9
g2c18 p10

I stood to my feet, ready to talk to him if he needed to but his eyes were filled with grief and hate as he continued to stare at my sons the closer he got. The expression he carried with him didn’t please me at all and it seemed as if he wanted to do something to the boy’s, so I stepped in front of him and stood like a brick wall, keeping him from going any further and he looked to me then, “I need to talk with Gareth..” He more so demanded than asked.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” I questioned.

“Jason.. If you were ever going to be a decent human being in your entire life, you’d let me go talk to him and get what I need to say off my chest,” he rebutted but I held my ground.

I chuckled a little, “You don’t know shit about me. Now tell me why you’re giving my sons the stink eye at their mother’s funeral,” I requested sternly, still not letting him pass me.

g2c18 p11

“You know why.. That boy is nothing short of being the Devil himself and it makes me pity you on how you don’t see that,” he replied and a tingle went up my spine full of rage at his words.

You pitying me? That has to be the joke of the day..” I replied with a pathetic chuckle, seeing as how he was at his wife’s funeral claiming I was the one he pitied when really he should only feel sorry for himself and his daughter. The moment he implied an insult towards my son was when I knew for sure that he wasn’t just going to ‘talk’ to Gareth..

Let me pass or I swear I’ll-”

“You’ll what, exactly..?” I questioned, stepping up closer to him in an intimidating manner and he adjusted himself within his dark suit.

g2c18 p12

“He..” Faline’s husband continued, yet stopped to gather his next words, “Gareth did this to Faline, I’m sure of it..” He continued, “I was downstairs, watching television with her and she went upstairs to get something.. I heard another voice, his voice.. The next thing I knew, she screamed and I watched her fall down the stairs myself.. I watched my wife die before my very eyes..” He struggled to say, tears forming in his eyes and I noticed his body begin to shake. “The noise.. The sound of her neck breaking on the way down the stairs will forever be in my mind and it’s all because your son did it.. It’s all his fault my wife is gone..” He replied with a dead serious tone and expression. I could tell he wasn’t going to stop trying to get passed me, but one thing was for sure, there was no way I would let him.

g2c18 p14
g2c18 p15

You really want this to happen..? He just lost his mother.. What do you plan on doing exactly? Teach him a lesson as if he doesn’t already know how terrible he feels about her accident?” I asked, hearing him then chuckle to my words.

“Yeah.. Accident.. That’s exactly what it was..” He replied sarcastically.

I was done with this arguing, this pathetic attempt on blaming my boy for Faline’s death and I waited for an opportunity to put him into his place and get him to walk away. “Hey, whatever you were going to do or say to him, how about you say and do to me instead? I’ll be sure to give him the message” I offered an ultimatum.

“No.. Now let me by, Jason..” He refused.

“What is it? Are you going to beat up a little kid? Tell him that he’s the Devil in disguise? Tell him lies like Faline never loved him just to make him feel more like shit? Just get out of here, asshole.. You’re not getting any closer to my son and I guarantee this is the last you’ll see of him,” I threatened and I watched his face grow in rage.

g2c18 p13

“Do you know what I see when I look at him?” He asked me and I shrugged.

“I don’t give a shit what you see,” I replied but he continued anyway.

“I see a soulless, evil, conniving boy that got away with murder and I want to teach him a lesson for killing his own Mother.. My wife.. The Mother of my daughter!” He replied and I clenched my fists in anger.

“You want to teach my son a lesson? I would absolutely love to see you try,” I somewhat threatened.

“He’s like a miniature version of you, only more hollow and pathetic inside. What’s that old saying? ..Like Father, like Son?”

“Keep talking, bud, and I promise you’ll find yourself six feet under just as your precious wife is,” I threatened more and his eyes widened in both horror and rage.

“You piece of shit!” He called out and took a swing at me, though I expected it coming and I moved my body back and out of the way of his fist. 

g2c18 p17
g2c18 p18

I swung back, hitting him straight in the jaw as hard as I could and I watched him fall to the ground before me. I climbed on top of him and shoved my fist into his face again and again, making sure he would regret ever talking ill of my son and I could hear voices around me, though I couldn’t make out what they were saying; all I wanted to do was see this man pay for what he had said and make sure that he would never so much as think to come near my boy again.

g2c18 p19
g2c18 p20

I felt the strength of Anya and Hitomi, pulling me off of him with all of their strength and my sisters voices soon entered my ears, yelling at me to stop. Hitomi and Anya held me back as Faline’s husband stood to his feet and I yelled out threats as he staggered away from me, bleeding from his nose and lip, “Is this how you imagined spending your wife’s funeral!? Huh!? Taking out your grief on my boy, you fucking piece of shit!? If you ever talk about my son like that again I’ll fucking kill you, do you understand me!?” I yelled, trying to break free from Anya and Hitomi but they refused to let me go as I watched Faline’s husband walking away from me quickly.

g2c18 p21

Faline’s husband and daughter went passed the gates and left, I then jerked myself from Hitomi and Anya’s grip, “Get the fuck off me!” I demanded, feeling them release my arms and I could feel how hot and enraged my body was from what just happened. 

“Jason.. Don’t you think that was a little inappropriate timing?” Anya wondered.

“What the hell is up with you? He just lost his wife.. Calm down, alright?” Hitomi tried to compromise and I shook my head.

“Just leave me alone.. Thanks for coming, but just go home now,” I more so demanded, walking towards the twin’s who were looking to me in shock by my parents graves, ignoring everyone else that was there.

g2c18 p22

I went to the boys and looked to their faces, noticing Gibson was more worried than Gareth was. “Dad.. Are you okay?” He wondered. I looked to his emerald eyes for a moment and tried to calm my still quickened, anger filled breaths. 

“Yeah.. I’m fine, son..” I encouraged, placing my hand on top of his head and tousling his hair gently. Never did I think that Faline’s husband would try and start trouble with me or the boy’s at her funeral, I imagined him too weak to move and grieving too much to even come up with the conclusions that he did. What if I had decided not to come? What would he have said to Gareth? ..Would he have done anything to him..? I felt my heart beat beginning to race again at the thought of him hurting one of my boys, but I tried to put it passed me, more than happy that I had decided to come with Gareth and Gibson now knowing that Faline’s husband might’ve done something drastic. I was glad I was here to protect them. 

“That was awesome,” Gareth said with enthusiasm, a smile on his lips when I looked to him and I chuckled lightly.

“No, it was wasn’t.. Forget what you just saw,” I replied, looking down at my pants and noticing the they had scuffs in the knees, “Dammit.. These pants are ruined now,” I let out softly, sighing and looking back to the boys.

g2c18 p23
g2c18 p24

“Dad!” Lucy called out behind me and I sighed even heavier this time, knowing she wasn’t going to like what she had just witnessed me doing. I turned around and I could see in Lucy’s face how bothered she felt, “What the hell was that?” She asked.

“Nothing, baby girl.. I’m sorry, I just.. Lost my temper with him,” I tried to reason and calm her, but she refused; she was furious with me and it was written all over her face.

“What did he even say for you to do something like that? Faline loved that man and you got into a fight with him at her funeral for Christ sakes!” She spat back.

“Luce.. It’s a long story, I’ll explain to you later,” I replied, giving a glance back at the twins, trying to let her know I didn’t want to discuss it in front of them and Lucy let out an aggravated sigh, though catching my drift.

g2c18 p25
g2c18 p26

“Are you coming home for dinner?” I asked next, seeing her expression still holding a grudge against me and it made me regret everything that had happened with Faline’s husband.

Lucy shook her head, “I already talked to Aunt Hitomi and she said I could sleep over. Helena’s going to stay home with me tomorrow, I don’t want to go back to school yet..” She made fact without even asking me, but I decided not to contest it.

“Oh.. Yeah, I guess that’s okay.. Are you headed over there now?”

“Helena and I are going to go and hangout somewhere, then go back to Aunt Hitomi’s.”

“All right.. Will you call me tomorrow? Let me know how you’re doing?” I requested, Lucy pausing a moment before answering.

“Yeah, whatever, Dad..” She replied, not convincing me at all and she looked towards the twins, “Bye, guys..” She said softly, turning around then and leaving the cemetery.

g2c18 p27

The boys said bye to Lucy and I looked to them after she was out of our sights, “I bet Bennu is making dinner, are you two ready to head back now?” I wondered.

“Yeah, I’m hungry,” Gareth replied, yet Gibson didn’t say anything.

“Hey, why don’t you go wait in the car, bud? We’ll be right there,” I said to Gareth and he nodded, handing him the keys to my car and he left Gibson and I alone.

I looked to Gibson who’s expression was sad and unsure, furrowing my brows in worry and I knelt down in front of him, “Hey.. What is it?” I asked, seeing Gibson look to the grass before he looked back up to me.

“I just..” He stopped, looking to the ground again, “I miss Mom.. I just never thought anything like this would happen, or could happen.. Why does she have to be gone?” He asked, the moon showing a small glint in his eyes as they began to tear up a little.

“Hey, hey.. It’s okay. Accidents happen like this all the time. Why it had to happen to your Mother, I don’t know.. But, just remember that she’s in a better place now,” I replied.

“A better place than with us?” He questioned after, sighing under my breath and realizing that that might’ve not have been the best thing to say, but I didn’t know what else to tell him.

g2c18 p28

“Listen Gibs.. No place is better for her than to be with you guys, but she can’t now. The next best thing is in heaven, right?” I asked.

“What if I don’t believe in that kind of thing?”

“Well.. Even if you don’t believe it, that’s where she is. She misses you guys just as much, but she’s happy still, I’m sure of it.. Your grief will pass, but she’ll always be with you,” I replied, still trying to cheer him up, and for how bad I thought I was doing, he seemed to become more understanding.

“Are Grandma and Grandpa with you?” He asked, looking to me with curiosity and I let out another sigh.

“Yup, they sure are..” I replied, seeing him smirk softly and I bent down after standing, hugging Gibson and he returned it, “Believe me when I say things will get better, okay buddy?” I continued.

“Okay,” he replied, releasing me from the hug and I tousled his blonde hair, putting my hand to his shoulder then and leading him out of the cemetery to head home.

g2c18 p29

The car ride home was quiet.. Gareth played a game on his phone, laying in the back seat while Gibson rest his head against his window next to me in the passenger seat, staring blankly out it as we drove through the city to get home. I glanced in his direction a few times while driving, seeing his expression the same almost the entire time. I pulled out my phone, tapping his leg with it and he looked to me as if confused at first, taking the phone and looking to me questionably, “Text Bennu and tell her we’re on our way home, okay?” I asked and he nodded, doing as I had asked.

“She already sent you something, want me to read it?” He wondered and I nodded, waiting as he read the message, “Uh oh.. She wants to know why you got into a fight,” he said quietly and I let out an irritated sigh.

“Dammit, Lucy..” I said under my breath, knowing already that she had told Bennu, “Just ignore it, I’ll talk to her when we get home.. Tell her we’re almost there,” I replied and he nodded. Great, now I have to explain to her what had happened and I was in no mood to explain anything, I just wanted to go home, eat dinner and sleep after this long day.

g2c18 p30
g2c18 p31
g2c18 p32

The boys hopped out of the car before me and I followed, “Go straight upstairs and wash up for dinner.. You can change out of those clothes, too, if you want,” I told them after they walked into the house.

“Thank Godddd,” Gareth wined, glad that he could get out of the proper and formal attire he wasn’t used to nor very fond of in the first place. The boys went up to their room and I took in a huge whiff through my nose, smelling Bennu’s cooking coming from the kitchen that now filled the entire house. It smelled of her famous Egyptian Shawarma dish and I could also smell a pumpkin pie that had been made, the smells getting stronger as I made my way towards the kitchen and saw Bennu by the sink. 

I let out a soft sigh, preparing for whatever she was going to say, “We’re home,” I spoke softly, seeing her dry off her hands then and turn to look at me.

g2c18 p34
g2c18 p35

Bennu stepped up closer, “How are the boy’s doing? And Lucy?” She wondered, surprising me a little on how she didn’t mention the fight yet.

“They seem to be doing pretty okay.. How are you and Bahiti?” I wondered.

“We’re fine..” She paused, her eyes looking down to my tie briefly and letting out a sigh, “Why did you hit that man?” She finally asked, “Lucy called to tell me she wasn’t going to be home for dinner and she was already crying though that didn’t surprise me, but she was more than upset about the funeral.. She was upset about you.. So, why?” She continued, making eye contact with me again and worry was written on her face.

“The guy just wasn’t hittin’ the right buttons, he didn’t know when to shut his mouth, so I did it for him,” I replied.

“Jazon.. You are a grown man, what are you trying to teach the boy’s by acting like that?”

“Bennu, you should’ve heard the things he was saying to me, I couldn’t take it anymore.. I’m sorry I let it get out of hand, but I wasn’t going to just let him get away with what he was saying,” I answered, letting out a heavy sigh and I watched as her gaze fell to the floor. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

g2c18 p36
g2c18 p37

“You don’t.. You didn’t still have feelings for her, did you? Were you jealous of that man?” She asked, my jaw dropping a little in surprise and I wasn’t expecting that question.

“Bennu, no.. Of course not. Is that why you’re so upset about this?” I asked and she paused a moment, then nodding as she looked up to me. I was warmed by the thought of her being jealous, I had always liked when women would get jealous of others that were involved with me, but Bennu never has anything worry about. I stepped up closer to her and cupped her cheek within my palm, caressing her face with my thumb, “He was talking about Gareth.. He insulted him and me right to my face and I wasn’t going to stand for it, so I hit him.. Not because of Faline or because I was jealous of him,” I explained, “He should be more than jealous of me instead,” I cooed quietly with a flirtatious tone, seeing the tiniest smirk form on her lips.

“What did he say about Gareth?” She wondered, but I didn’t want to explain it all right now.

g2c18 p38

“I’ll tell you later,” I assured her, continuing to caress her cheek with my thumb. Even through the homey and strong smells of freshly made food within the kitchen, her scent still managed to overpower it all and it made me fall hard for her each and every time. “Do you love me?” I asked, seeing her then smile and nod.

“Of course I do,” she replied and I smile in return.

“And I love you.. Don’t you ever forget that, got me?” I joked softly and she chuckled, pulling me into a long kiss that I more than welcomed and I wrapped my arms around her.

g2c18 p39
g2c18 p40

Gareth, Gibson and Bahiti came downstairs from their rooms and we all sat for dinner, though it felt a little empty without Lucy there as I looked to the empty seat next to me where she usually sat; I imagined she was still out with Helena, probably eating at a diner somewhere that the two loved to do so much. Seeing how upset she was earlier made me want to go back and change the outcome of what had happened with Faline’s husband and I, but at the same time, I was proud of myself for sticking up for my boys; I wasn’t about to let him get away with the things he said just because his grief drove him to crazy assumptions. I felt he needed to blame her death on someone, and Gareth was it. I didn’t talk much through dinner and neither did Gibson, I mostly listened to everyone else’s conversations.. I wasn’t feeling very social right now for whatever reason.

g2c18 p42
g2c18 p43

After dinner, the kids all went into the living room to play a video game together while Bennu cleaned up and I stayed with her for company. “So, vhat did that man say about Garth? Now knowing why you hit him, I probably would’ve hit him as well,” Bennu said as she washed the dishes.

“He, umm..” I began, checking over my shoulder and still seeing the kids in the living room, looking to Bennu again, “He actually called him the Devil.. He’s blaming him for her death,” I said with a chuckle following it, anger building up again a little, but I managed to stay calm. However, Bennu didn’t.

“Uck! The nerve of that man! Calling a sweet little boy such cruel things.. You should’ve gave him a new face,” she hissed and I chuckled again.

“Yeah, well.. I would’ve but my sisters pulled me off of him before I could,” I replied, hearing her ‘hmph’ under her breath.

“Is he all right? Did he hear anything he said to you?” She asked, looking to me after the dishes were done and I shrugged.

“I don’t think so.. He didn’t act like he did, nor did Gibson..”

“Well, that’s good at least.. I couldn’t imagine how he would feel if he had,” she replied, letting out a soft sigh.

g2c18 p44
g2c18 p45

“Don’t let it bother you.. Come here,” I requested, seeing her smile and walk up to me. I turned her around and let my hands run up and down her torso slowly, feeling her lean back against me and shut her eyes in a relaxed manner.

“Mmm.. Let’s just go upstairs to the bedroom and not come out for days,” she said quietly, her tone filled with ecstasy as my hands rubbed softly just under her chest.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I replied, chuckling as I leaned down and kissed her neck. She continued to let out soft moans in pleasure, my hands then continuing upward and they ran up to her breasts, though before I would indulge on her body and make her ache for me, a noise rang in our ears and it was the sound of the front gate being buzzed. “Fuckin’ figures..” I said with a groan following it and Bennu joins me in letting out a displeased moan.

“Make them go away,” she said with a wanting tone, giggling after and I smirked, kissing her neck again.

“I’ll be back in no time,” I replied, feeling her leave my grip and I hopped off the counter, heading towards the door and already hating whoever was there for cock blocking me from my own wife.

g2c18 p46

I got to the front door and pressed the button to talk, “Yeah?” I asked, wanting to make this quick so Bennu and I could retreat upstairs for some much needed time alone.

“Hello, Mr. Duboys.. This is Detective Grander from the Bridgeport Police Department, you may remember me from some years ago?” A man replied and I tried to think back.. Oh.. Shit. It was the detective that came by after Lana had died.. Or rather, been killed by me. I paused a moment, then held my finger on the talk button.

“Um.. Can I help you with something?”

“Well, if you wouldn’t mind letting me in, that would be great.. It’s getting rather cold out at nights now,” he replied with a chuckle. I hesitated once again, but soon pressed the button to unlock the gate and let him in; what could this be about..?

g2c18 p47

I grew a little nervous, wanting to know what the detective could be doing here at this time of night and for what reason. I opened the door for him and he came in, shivering a little, “Man.. You can sure tell winter’s coming,” he joked and I smirked, though I lost it just as fast as it had been formed.

“So, what brings you over on such a night?” I wondered, looking to him curiously.

“Straight to the point then, huh? All right.. Well, to be honest, I’m investigating the cause of death for Faline Hubbard, married now with the name Faline Ruttin.. I assume you know her, seeing as she was the mother of your twin boys, am I right?” He replied and I furrowed my brow in confusion.

“Yeah.. Knew her.. I still don’t understand why you’re here in my house, though,” I answered, seeing his face turn a little more serious now.

“Well, as you know, the autopsy shows that she broke her neck when she fell, which is what killed her.. But I’m just trying to put the pieces together on why she fell.. That’s all.. If it’s not too much to ask, I’d like to ask your son a couple of routine questions..?” He wondered, my expression then turning a little sour.


“Gareth. I’ve already recieved a statement from Faline’s husband and their daughter, Sherri.. I understand though that Sherri and Gibson were in bed sleeping when it all happened, so I would just like to ask Gareth if he happened to’ve seen what happened. Just a few minor questions, Jason, and I’m out of your hair,” he encouraged. I didn’t like where this was going, I could tell that he was lying to me, but I couldn’t figure out what was a lie and what was truth. I thought for a moment, then looked to the detective and nodded.

“Okay.. He’s in the living room,” I agreed, telling myself there was nothing to worry about, but I couldn’t help in feeling a little nervous about all of this.

g2c18 p49
g2c18 p50
g2c18 p51

I escorted Detective Grander towards the living room, walking in through the open doorway and the loud game along with their laughter and harmless bickering filled our ears. I stopped by the doorway and the detective stopped behind me, “Gareth, come here a moment, will you?” I asked, seeing him ignore me for a few brief seconds and I asked once more, “Gareth.. Come over here,” I repeated.

“Dad, I’m winning! I’m right in the middle of th-”

Gareth.. Now,” I asserted more and I heard him let out an aggravated groan, putting his controller down and walking over to us.

g2c18 p53

“Gareth, this is Detective Reed Grander, he just wants to ask you a few questions,” I introduced them and Gareth seemed to freeze a little after I had introduced them.

“Hey there, Gareth.. I just wanna get some information from you, that’s all.. I’m very sorry for your loss, you must be a little overwhelmed by today a little.. I understand it was your mother’s funeral..” The detective began, his tone filled with remorse.

“Uh.. Yeah.. It was a little hard,” Gareth replied, looking down to the floor briefly before looking back up to the detective.

“I can imagine you miss her a lot, huh?” He continued.

“Um, yeah.. I do,” Gareth answered, looking to me as if asking for help but I gave him a comforting expression back, letting him know it was okay and Grander continued.

g2c18 p55
g2c18 p56

I understand you were awake when your mother, um.. Fell.. Am I correct?” He asked and I looked to him, wondering if this was the best time to be talking about this, but Gareth seemed to reply without it letting it overwhelm him.

“Yeah, I was.. I was using the bathroom,” he replied.

“The upstairs one, or the one downstairs?”

“Upstairs.. There was a door to it in the hallway and through Mom’s room, but none of us are allowed in there,” Gareth answered. 

“Did you ever hear your mother conversing with anyone? Did you talk to her at all when you went to or came out of the bathroom?”

“No.. I was in the bathroom and I heard her scream, so I came out and saw her at the bottom of the stairs.”

“Oh…” Grander answered with an unconvinced tone, causing me to grow a little more nervous, but he continued anyways.

g2c18 p57

Sherri claims that you were at the top of the stairs when she came out of her room.”

“Yeah, I kinda just said that.” Gareth replied instantly; I couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth or just an amazing liar.

“I guess what I mean is, when she came out, she saw you and she remembers you saying the words ‘I didn’t mean to’, do you remember this?”

“I didn’t say anything like that.. I said ‘I don’t know what happened’.. She just probably got confused.”

“Ah.. I see.. Well, I suppose that’s all I need.. Thank you for your time, Gareth.. And again, I’m sorry for your loss,” Detective Grander replied and Gareth nodded, looking to me then.

“You can go now,” I confirmed his nonverbal question and he walked back over to the couches with his brother and sister.

g2c18 p58

Is something the matter?” The detective wondered as I stared at my children.

“No.. It just.. Brings back bad memories of you being here the last time.”

“Well, my apologies then. I’m sure after this visit, you won’t see me for a while, of course unless you give me a reason to come back,” he joked, seeing him smile out of the corner of my eye and hearing him chuckle lightly. I joined him in the chuckle, but only to humor him.

g2c18 p59
g2c18 p60

Bennu then joined us and cleared her throat, catching both of our attention and I smiled towards her, hearing a quiet whistle coming from Detective Grander’s lips that peeved me a little, but I was glad that his attention wasn’t on my boy anymore. “Sorry, this is my wife, Bennu.. Bennu, this is Detective Reed Grander from the Bridgeport Police Department,” I introduced them.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” Bennu said with a smile.

“Pleasure is mine, I’m sure,” the detective answered with a smile, “Interesting accent, where are you from?”

“I moved here from Egypt a little under 15 years ago,” Bennu answered proudly, “Please, can I offer you anything? Perhaps a cup of coffee?” She asked and he nodded.

“That would be wonderful, thank you, Mrs. Dubois,” he replied, finally getting my last name right for once..

“Would you like some, baby?” She asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, thanks,” I replied, watching as she then smiled towards me and walked to the kitchen, the detective accompanying her as I hung back a moment.

g2c18 p61
g2c18 p62

I hung back and stood near the doorway like I had been, looking over to the couches where my children were and my eyes went fixed on Gareth. I didn’t know what to think anymore.. Accidents happen like this all the time, but for some reason this whole situation just wasn’t sitting right. What am I doing? I couldn’t tell if I believed my son or believed what the voice in my gut was telling me.. Was I in complete denial of what my son was capable of doing? He was so young, too young to be doing things like this to other people, whether he cared for them or not. 

g2c18 p63
g2c18 p64

I joined Bennu and the detective in the kitchen who were already enjoying the coffee that was made, seeing my cup in a spot next to Bennu and I joined them, trying to shake off everything I was just thinking and composing myself. 

g2c18 p65
g2c18 p66

So, what brings you to our home tonight, Detective?” Bennu wondered, taking a sip of her coffee.

“Oh, I just needed to ask Gareth a few questions.. Just tying up a few loose ends, that’s all..” He replied and I took a nervous sip of my coffee.

“Well, have they been tied up?” She asked.

“Not yet,” he replied, giving a quick glance over at Bennu that I assumed he thought I wouldn’t notice, continuing then, “But, it’ll he ruled an accident when I leave here.”

g2c18 p67
g2c18 p68

Just curious..” I decided to add something in, “What would compel someone to think a child would be capable of doing something like this, let alone to his own mother?” I wondered.

“Well, you’d be surprised to know that kids are just as capable of killing as much as adults are, but.. Given the grief he seems to show, even despite him playing his video games happily.. Mentioning his mother seemed to make him get very reserved and a little hurt by what we were discussing, as it should’ve.. If he was involved in any way, he would’ve most likely acted different. Playing video games is a good way to ignore, or even cope with loss, too.”

“And if he had showed any other signs than that?” I asked.

“Let’s just be glad we don’t need to be discussing that matter right now,” he replied, giving me a slightly comforting smirk and I nodded.

g2c18 p69

After finishing his cup of coffee with us and staying a little bit longer than he had intended, he stood from his chair and smiled, “Well, thank you for the coffee, I should be getting home now, though”

“Yeah, thanks for coming by..” I replied.

“Sure, just doing my job,” he added, looking to Bennu then and keeping his smile, “It was lovely meeting you.”

“Likewise,” she replied. I stood up to walk him out, but he put his hands up, gesturing for me not to bother.

“Don’t worry, I can see myself out.. Good seeing you again, Jason.. Despite the circumstances,” he said with a genuine tone, yet he was slightly apologetic with it as well and we watched him leave.

g2c18 p70
g2c18 p71

Bennu went upstairs to get ready for bed and I went to the living room to round up the kids and send them to bed as well, seeing them still playing the same racing game for the passed hour now. “Alright, time for bed, come on..” I announced, hearing them all groan and I let out a chuckle, “Come onnnn, turn it off.. It’ll be there when you get back from school tomorrow,” I encouraged, seeing them all then reluctantly get up and shut everything down. I followed them going to the stairs and watched as they all ascended up them, “Brush your teeth, change your clothes and all that.. Goodnight,” I added, watching the boys go to their room and Bahiti to hers. 

g2c18 p72
g2c18 p72-2

I got to my room and noticed a single light on in the corner, then over to the bed where I saw Bennu lying down with her leg propped up. “You still awake?” I wondered, shutting the bedroom door behind me and I pulled off my suit jacket to toss it over the chair near me.

I heard Bennu let out a relaxed sigh, “Yes,” she answered softly, “Are you coming to bed now?” She wondered.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec, I’m gunna shower really quick,” I replied, going to the bathroom as I removed my tie and began undoing my shirt.

g2c18 p73
g2c18 p74

I took about a ten minute shower, though I spent even more time at the sink starring at myself. My father’s words were all that I could think about at the moment;

     “Is this catastrophic enough for you?”

          “That’s two on their list now..”

I hated how I was starting to think he was right, but even if he was, there was no way I could stop them the way he wants me to. I refused to stood down to his level and off my own children like he attempted. My children are my life, and my boys were not monsters; they’re the ones that will keep our legacy going, and I was going to change our name so our pasts would not be only know for bloodshed anymore. I convinced myself I’d be the beginning to a new, better, less violent generation of the Dubois name.. I hope I could pull it off.

g2c18 p75

When I finally got out of the bathroom, I walked to the bed and crawled in, noticing Bennu had fallen asleep waiting for me. I propped myself up with one hand as the other found its way to the side of her face, running my fingertips down her cheek. I couldn’t imagine what was going through my fathers mind that one fateful night that compelled him to take such actions; from how I saw things, he was extremely controlling over us and my mother, yet I had never caught on once that he would one day be labeled a murder. As monotone, boring and strict as he was, he had always seemed to be in love with her.. I couldn’t imagine doing anything harmful to my wife as he had done to his.. Who would ever want to hurt the one they loved most in the world?

Generation 2, Chapter 16

g2c16 p1

I can’t believe how fast time flies.. Eight years ago when Faline moved out was when my life finally started to get better and things didn’t seem so difficult anymore. The day she left, I couldn’t wait to get her out the door. We had been getting more on each others nerves and less involved with one another’s needs, but she didn’t have what I wanted. Ever since I met Bennu, I knew I wanted to be with her, I wanted to try, yet she did nothing but deny me because of her career, or job, whatever stripping can be labeled. But, then something amazing happened and she came to my office as jaw-dropping as ever and then the fourth best thing happened in my life; our daughter, Bahiti. Everything changed then, this was the sign I was waiting for from Bennu and to be honest, the moment she stepped through my office doors was when I knew deep down is that that would be what led to the demise of Faline and I. Bennu never asked me to leave Faline, nor did she give me any ultimatum, but she couldn’t be with me knowing I was with Faline and I felt as if I’d never be happy unless I was with Bennu; so, Faline was out of the picture, just like that.

g2c16 p2

Faline and I talked less and less, but that’s a given; she hates me more than anything, but I could care less. She married someone a few years back and they had a kid together; I only know because Gareth won’t stop complaining about it. Gareth doesn’t like her husband, who’s name always escapes me, nor the idea of not getting much attention from her anymore, but it’s understandable at that age. No one wants to be forgotten about. He’s grow away from Faline, too, ever since we split up; he enjoys being around Gibson, Lucy and I more so than Faline, but, I’m not complaining. I love spending time with my children. Gibson has grown into a pretty happy kid, nothing really bothers him and he doesn’t let a lot get him down, or at least he doesn’t let it show. His vision has gotten a little worse and I had to get him glasses not too long ago; he takes after Faline way more than me, he does have her eyes, after all.

g2c16 p3

Gareth, Gibson and Bahiti are all 12 now and Lucy just turned 16. Lucy’s grown into a beautiful young woman and it bothers me whenever I see boys her age googly-eyed over her, but I try my hardest not to get involved. She’s a strong, capable, determined girl, and I trust her judgment; she hardly gets into trouble, either.. Well, at least she’s never gotten caught doing anything bad that I had to hear about.. She’s growing up to be a lot like Lana as far as not taking shit from anyone, yet she’s nothing like her at the same time. It’s hard to describe, but either way, I’m proud of how she turned out despite everything she’s been through her whole life. We’re still as close as ever and we got through all of the bullshit together; she’s helped me get passed things more than she knows.

g2c16 p4
g2c16 p5
g2c16 p6

The summer festival was in town and we all came together to have fun and let go a little. Things at the bar were going well; I got rid of my secretary, Miss Chu, a little after Faline and I had split up and hired an older woman in her 40’s who knew how to do the job better. I hired a manager for the bar so I could have more time at home with my family, someone who could watch it without me needing to be there the whole time and they could even help me with my work in the office should I ever need them to. All of the kids have been doing so well in school, working hard to keep their grades up and I decided they all deserved a treat and I’m letting them do whatever they want today. Gareth, Gibson and Bahiti wanted to come to the festival, Lucy wanted to stay home or even go out with her friends, but since three of the four wanted to do the same thing, I made it into a family day and made her come with us all. But, Lucy doesn’t seem to mind now since she ran into some of her friends at the festival and I let her go off to hang out with them; just so long as she stays at the festival..

g2c16 p7
g2c16 p8

I heard quick footsteps approaching me and I looked to the source, seeing my pretty little Bahiti running towards me and I smiled. 

Daddy, look! I’ve won so many tickets!” She called out joyfully and I chuckled, checking out how much she had earned and I’d guess she was holding about 35 tickets.

“Wow, that’s great, baby. Where’s your mom at?” I wondered and she looked around.

“Hmm.. Last time I saw her she was skating, do you want me to find her?” She questioned, looking back to me with a warm smile.

“No, that’s alright.. I’ll find her eventually.”

g2c16 p9

“Can I get a snow cone?” She questioned next excitedly and I smiled more.

You can’t buy one with your tickets?” I joked and Bahiti laughed.

No, Dad! I need monneeyyy,” she pleaded sweetly and I chuckled, shifting where I sat and I pulled out my wallet, handing her a twenty dollar bill and putting my wallet back into my back shorts pocket, “Awesome, thank you!” She added as she turned on her heel and ran off and I watched her, letting out a soft sigh.


“She’s grown into quite the young lady, huh?” Asked a deeper, more intimidating voice than my own; my body quivering a little in discomfort. I didn’t respond, leaning forward angrily and trying to ignore the voice of my father. “She looks a lot like both you and Bennu.. Who do you think she’ll resemble more when she gets older?” He wondered, trying to make idle conversation and as much as it seemed genuine, his words always started out that way, yet he always eventually turned into the asshole I knew.

“Why the fuck are you wearing a suit? It’s 85 degrees outside,” I spat back, hating that he was still haunting me ever since I visited the cemetery 8 years ago. I saw my father from time to time throughout the years, but he had been coming back around more often now and I found it hard sometimes to get rid of him.

“Well, that’s a funny question,” he replied.

“Why,” I asked bluntly.

“Gareth seems happy, Gibson seems like a good boy,” he ignored my question.

“Don’t even taint them by looking at them,” I answered.


“What are you going to do when Bahiti gets to be Lucy’s age?” He questioned curiously.

“What does that mean..”

“Well, Lucy obviously has filled out. She’s a beautiful young woman just waiting to be tainted by boys like you when you were that age.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I demanded. I refused to listen to his words and refused to think of my Lucy being described in such ways.

“What? She’s not yours, don’t get so worked up.” He replied. There it was, the negative thoughts and everything that I hated thinking about, all popping into my head now that my father had showed up. My body shook with anger, yet I shut my eyes and repeated to myself in my head that he wasn’t really there, but no matter how many times I thought it, I could still see him sitting next to me out of the corner of my eye.


“You know..” He continued, making my skin crawl with rage even more, “Gareth is going to be quite the little handful, not like he isn’t already, but he’ll be.. Different. He’ll be like the both of us in no time.. Worse, maybe,” he continued, my vision going to Gareth as he had a water balloon fight with Gibson. I saw him smiling, laughing, enjoying the company of his brother playing with him and I in the background watching, yet, I noticed my father was right; I could see pain behind his eyes no matter what expression Gareth took and I wondered what my father knew about him that I didn’t.

“Don’t talk about him like you know him.. He’ll be fine. There’s nothing wrong with me and there won’t be anything wrong with him. You, on the other hand, I can’t vouch for,” I replied and I heard him chuckle lightly in amusement. 

“I’m not asking you to, I’m only telling you the truth. I’ve been telling you the same thing over and over again for the passed 8 years and you still refuse to believe it,” he replied, “Even the boys themselves have given you clues that something’s not right with them, why do you withdraw yourself whenever these signs are apparent?” He wondered.

My anger lessened as my curiosity grew, turning my attention towards my father slowly and as much as I hated looking at any part of him, we finally connected eyes and I watched him smirk, “It’s been a while since you’ve had enough balls to look at me,” he said softly in his deep tone and I sighed heavily. I was worried for Gareth and Gibson despite how much I tried to hide it. “Look, I’m the only one you know who understands this best, there’s no point in lying to yourself and telling yourself that your children aren’t weird in the head. They may not show it fully now, but whenever that time comes, it’ll be something catastrophic. What’s worse here is that they seem to feed off one another, a good and an evil duo, yet both of them have the same twitch in their brain that makes them want to do bad things,” he continued and I turned my attention back to the boys.

“Is there a point to what you’re saying?”

“What I’m saying, Jason, is that it’s already started. Two is worse than one, especially if the two work together,” he continued and I looked back over to him, raising a brow.


“What are you talking about? They haven’t done anything ‘catastrophic’ yet and they won’t,” I added, getting angry again by his words.

“Do you recall about two winters ago when Bahiti had come home crying, her nose bleeding, her face pale, her body shaking from being white-washed in the snow and tormented by a boy after school? He had called her names, very terrible names, and he even said terrible things about you and Bennu, probably thanks to his gossiping parents,” my fists balled in anger, remembering how scared and helpless she felt when she had gotten home. I could care less what the parents from the school said about us, all I cared about was that my youngest was getting bullied and no one seemed to be doing anything about it. Bahiti didn’t want to go back to school for a whole week, she refused, and I stayed home with her a few of the days that Bennu couldn’t, watching movies together and I held her as she sobbed on and off from what she had been put through. 

“Yeah.. I remember.”

“So, then you remember the boy being in the paper about two weeks after what happened to Bahiti?” He continued and I shook my head ‘no’, “Oh, you must’ve skipped over that section somehow.. He went missing, his parents thought he was kidnapped. But, they found his body when the snow melted in spring, he was bludgeoned to death with a bat and he had been buried under the snow the whole time,” he added and I looked to him with a somewhat worried expression.

“What does this have to do with anything?” I asked, trying to see his point.

“He was a big kid.. No one found out who did it, yet by the trajectory in which the bat had hit his skull, they said that someone his size or even smaller did it. Another child,” he continued.

“So? What, are you implying that one of the boys did it?”

“No, I’m implying that both worked together in order to get the job done in defending their sister since one of them alone probably would’ve ended up the same way Bahiti did. It only makes sense to have a partner in crime when you can’t get it done by yourself.”

“Are you seriously trying to convince me that Gareth and Gibson killed that little boy when they were only 10?” I asked, my expression growing worried, yet I tried to keep my cool as to not cause a scene; it would only look like I’m arguing with myself, anyhow..


I watched as my father looked to the boys, “I’m not trying anything, I can sense that you don’t not believe it.. I’m telling you that it’s already begun and there’s no stopping it now.. Well, unless you do something like I attempted, but I failed, and so might you,” he added and I caught him smiling towards Gareth.

“No, I would never do anything to hurt my family.. I don’t understand.. If all of that is true, how were they able to do it? How do they hide it?”

“Maybe they don’t know they did it. Maybe they do know but have a fine understanding of it to know it’s wrong, but they don’t care. Maybe they enjoyed it, maybe they didn’t feel like it was wrong because it felt right,” he continued.

“What felt right..? Defending their sister, or just killing him in general?” I questioned, joining my father in looking at the two boys.

“Only they know, ask them if you’d like.. See if they grow scared of you in thinking they’ll be punished, or see if they’re excited about it.”

“No, I can’t do that.. I can’t lump them into the same category as murderers.”

“Why? You’re one,” he threw back. Over the years that have passed, bits and pieces of the night that Lana died came back into my mind and I realized only about a year or two ago that I was the one that pushed her over the edge. I went through a little rough patch in my life when I had finally realized it, but I was able to get passed it quicker that I had imagined I would.

“And so are you,” I replied.

“Then who’s to rule out that they aren’t?”

“Just stop, Dad.. Please.. Just let me enjoy this day with my family. I’m getting tired of talking to you,” I requested, unable to handle the conversation anymore and he didn’t say anything for a few long seconds.


I leaned forward again and took a moment to breathe, calming my mind and continuing to watch the boys. I didn’t know what to say.. When I looked at them, all’s I saw was two happy kids who have had a life with its up’s and down’s, but now that my father had opened my eyes a little more, I wasn’t sure what to think now when I looked at them. They looked so innocent. Gibson looked up to Gareth and Gareth has always looked out for his siblings, but it was still hard for me to believe that they could’ve done something so cruel already at such a young age.. Killing someone.. Gareth liked to pull his pranks and taunt his siblings, he was the one I had to punish the most out of all my children, but he’s never been that evil. Well, to my knowledge, at least..


I stood from the bench, still watching the boys as I heard my father behind me, “Off to be with the family now?” He wondered.

“Yeah.. I’ve spent enough time just sitting here doing nothing,” I replied.

“You haven’t been doing nothing, you’ve been realizing and coming to terms with what happens to boys that are born in this family. It’s quite alright, you’ll come to understand it better soon.”

“I understand it just fine.. We’re crazy, we try to do things that we think is helping our loved ones, we try our hardest to make sure everything is the way it should be. But, what’s happened to everyone? What happens to the ones that try?” I wondered.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“What happened to your Dad? What happened to your grandfather? Great grandfather? ..Is there no one left to these families besides the ones that are here with me now?”

“My father killed my sisters and my mother, my grandfather killed himself, and my great grandfather experimented on his wife which eventually killed her. Happy now?”

“Not even close..” I replied, sighing heavily to myself.


“So.. You tried to stop it all by getting rid of the only known Dubois’ to be alive, which I’ll remind you again that it was your own children and your wife, just to stop anything else bad from happening?”

“More or less, yes.”

“Well, like you’ve said a million times already, you failed. I’m here, my son’s and daughter’s are here, my sisters are here and their husbands, their children.. Looks like it’s never going to stop because I sure as hell am never going to be the one to lay a single violent finger on my family. So, with that being said, I’d appreciate it if you never showed up like this again. I’ve had hope that one day it would be mom instead of you, but it’s always you, wearing the same goddamn thing, saying the same stupid shit over and over. If you want us to live, if you’re worried that I might fall off the handle and do something to them, then leave me alone. You’re the only thing that shows me how right you are about us, that I’m nuts because you’re obviously dead, yet here you are.. Feeding me all of this information as if you want me to do something about it and I won’t. I’ll never stoop down to your level, I’ll never hurt anyone again.. Just leave me and what’s mine alone.”

“I’m sorry, Jason, our minds just don’t work that way. You’re the one that wants advice, guidance, some kind of understanding, so here I am. We’ll see each other again, I’m sure of it..” He replied.


I shut my eyes and took a deep breath in, letting it out slowly and I checked out of the corner of my eye to see if my father was still sitting on the bench, but he was gone.. Good. I didn’t really have any plans on what I would do about my father, I wasn’t sure how much more I could take, listening to him repeat himself over and over about how he had failed at killing all of us the night that he tried. I could tell he had regret, but it wasn’t for trying to kill his family, it was failing at doing so. To think that if he had succeeded, it made me sick to think about how none of my children would be here, Lana would still be alive, Faline would’ve never met me and we never would have had that one night at college and I wouldn’t have my twins, I wouldn’t have Bahiti, Hitomi would’ve never married John and had Helena, Anya would’ve never met her husband.. So many lives other than our own would be so different had my father succeeded; whether they’re better or worse, with or without us, I’ll never know. 

“Be good, boys,” I said sternly as I walked passed Gareth and Gibson to go inside and search for everyone else.


I walked into the complex and I loved that we had the place to ourselves mostly. Bahiti stood by the edge of the skating rink, watching Bennu skate by herself and I joined her by the edge, watching her skate as well. After Faline and I had split up and she moved out, it didn’t take me long to get back in touch with Bennu and catch her up on everything that’s been happening. I told her about Faline and how she wasn’t involved in my life anymore and I told her about how I gained custody of Lucy and everything involving Faline and the boys. We started dating then and eventually I introduced Bennu and Bahiti to Lucy, Gareth and Gibson. Bennu and Lucy became friends quickly and Lucy absolutely loved the idea of a little sister more than her little troublesome brothers, Lucy and Bahiti liked to spend time with one another and play together. The boys loved to have someone younger than them around to tease and torment, but at the same time they loved playing with Bahiti and showing her new things; they’ve almost become more protective over Bahiti than I already was. The twins took a few years to accept Bennu being around more, but they seem to like her just fine now.


Bennu and I got married around 5 years ago and were even thinking about having another baby together, but it just never really happened; my life was hectic enough as it was, and although I would’ve been ecstatic if she were to get pregnant again, I knew I’d have to sacrifice a lot more than I already was to deal with the baby; not to mention a mountain of more stress and responsibility that I wasn’t stable enough for. I smirked softly as I watched Bennu struggle to keep her balance as she strolled around in skates for the first time in her life, admiring how well she was doing. I looked to the opposite side of the rink and noticed Lucy by herself now and I guessed that her friends had left, watching Bennu like I was and she gave Bennu encouraging words to keep her going without falling.


“I hope she doesn’t fall,” Bahiti said softly and I looked over towards her with a smile.

“She won’t, look at her.. She’s a natural,” I replied and I looked to Bennu who was already smiling at me  before she passed us in the rink. “Why aren’t you out there with her?” I wondered.

“I don’t know.. It looks hard, and I don’t wanna fall.. I know I’m going to,” she replied with a sigh.

“No you wouldn’t, you’re strong and confident just like your mother. Look at how well she’s doing and it’s her first time. You know how to ride a bike, don’t you?”

“Yeah.. You taught me how,” she confirmed.

“Well, then of course you can skate. It’s a little harder than a bike, but not impossible. You can do it, baby,” I replied with a warm smile.


Bennu came out from the rink and I watched her as she removed her skates, admiring her slender legs and she looked up to me and smiled as she put on her sandals. Every chance I could get, I’d check her out and lust after her, I couldn’t help it. I’m proud of myself for being faithful to Bennu, even despite than many tempting opportunities that still come my way, but I have no reason to stray any further; Bennu is what I’ve always wanted, all I’ve ever wanted since the day I met her. I looked to Bahiti for a moment, “Why don’t you go over to Lucy and see if she’ll skate with you?” I suggested, looking back over to Bennu and noticing an inviting smile on her lips.

“Okay,” she agreed, running off then to go to Lucy as I made my way over to Bennu.


I walked up to her slyly, “And where do you think you’re going, huh?” I teased, putting my hands around her waist and pulling her against me as she let out a gentle giggle.

“Looking for my handsome husband,” she replied with a gentle bite of her bottom lip.

“Well, we haven’t spent time together yet here at the fest, how about you meet me in that photo booth behind you and we can take some dirty pictures,” I suggested, hearing her let out another gentle giggle as I leaned in and pecked her lips softly, “Come, on.”


I looked around to see what Lucy and Bahiti were doing, but they weren’t looking towards us and I motioned with my head for Bennu to follow me. I walked towards the photo booth and stepped in and she joined me in the booth with no time to spare. I watched as she entered the money needed to get the picture taking started and I sat on the bench, running my hands up and down her legs as she faced the screen. She faced me quickly when she was done and pressed her lips to mine harshly, deepening the kiss instantly and she disconnected after the first flash as her lips were like a waterfall down my chin, neck, over my clavicle, pulling my shirt up to kiss my chest and her lips soon danced just above the rim of my shorts. Another camera flash and she undid my pants, looking down at her as she looked up to me, my lips parted and panting softly with anticipation. No matter where we were, Bennu and I constantly kept things entertaining and new, whether our moods were good or bad, it always ended in a loving or rough way that involved little to no clothing. We talked about things, we understood one another, we kept each other in line and we still haven’t had any type of discrepancy that would threaten what we had or make either of us think of leaving the other. It just.. Worked. 


After a joyous, spent-too-long-in-the-photo-booth time, I buckled my pants and she laughed excitedly, my eyes wandering up and down her as she walked out wiping her thumb over her bottom lip. I gathered myself quickly and followed her out of the booth, seeing her eyeing the pictures that were taken and she giggled. Bennu looked to me with a seductive grin and handed off the photos to me, “You should get rid of that before one of the kids see.” I smirked flirtatiously and watched her begin to walk away from me and I looked at the photos, seeing most of them were of me making pleasure-filled smiles and the back of Bennu’s head at the bottom. I felt my face grow warm and I folded the pictures, tearing it up then and shoving the pieces into my pocket.


I watched Lucy skate with Bahiti for a little while, seeing her teaching Bahiti how to keep her balance and how to stop. Lucy soon left Bahiti in the rink and came out, undoing her skates and putting her normal shoes on and she walked over to me. “Dad, can I go out with my friends now? I’ve been here for like a million hours already.”

“Oh, come on.. Is it that bad to spend time with your siblings?” I asked.

“Well.. No, that’s not what I mean.. I just, wanna go out.. You know.. Without my little siblings?” She added and I chuckled.

“Where are you going and who with?”

“Dad, it’s always with Cara. You know that, she’s my best friend.”

“Any guys?”

“Daaaaaaaad.. Come on, we just wanna go to the movies or something.”

“Or something..?” I questioned a little more sternly.


“Dad, it’s Cara.. She’s as prude as they come. No guys, just a movie. Okay?” She asked sweetly, though it was still hard for me to say yes right away.

“Well, true.. But there’s guys at the movies, so who are you meeting there?”

“Oh my god.. Dad.. Plleeaasseee? Please stop being so protective and let me go! It’s just a movie, Cara’s Mom is going to pick us up, its fineeee,” she continued to stress with a smile.


“So.. If I call Cara’s Mom, she’ll know you two are at the movies together not meeting anyone else?” I questioned sternly still.

Lucy put on a huge smile and batted her long, beautiful eyelashes, “Please, Dad? Cara needs to get out more and I’m fun, I’m her best friend and I wanna take her out and be there for her. Pleeeeeaaase?”

“Only if you start dolling yourself down. You’re too pretty, Princess. I’m not worried about you, I’m just worried about everyone else,” I say with a smirk and she only smiles more.

“I’ll be fine, Dad, you know me. I even still have that knife you gave me in my purse and I have pepper spray on my key ring. I’ll be fine,” she stressed more and I sighed, soon nodding.

“Alright, but be home before 11:00.”

“12:00.” She compromised.





“Midnight.” My final offer.

“Okay, midnight.” Lucy confirmed and I leaned in to peck her forehead.


Lucy took home Gareth before she went out with Cara and was driving in front of me as I drove Bahiti, Bennu and Gibson home. “Did you guys have fun?” I asked.

“Yeah! It was so fun,” Bahiti replied.

“Yeah, Gareth and I had a waterballoon fight, it was awesome!” Gibson added.

“Who won?” I asked.

“Gareth… But I got him a lot, too!”

“I bet you did, he’s hard to beat though. You’ll get him next time, Gibs,” I added and I heard him chuckle.

“Damn right I will!”

Language, Gibson..” Bennu warned him and I saw in my rear view mirror him make an embarrassed expression and he smiled towards her.

“Sorry..” He apologized and I smirked, seeing Lucy pull into our driveway then and I pulled in after her.


“Alright, time for bed, everyone,” Bennu announced once we all got inside.

“Whyyyyyyyy, I’m not tired!” Gareth contested as he walked the slowest up the stairs to his room.

Now, young man,” Bennu added sternly and I looked to her briefly with lust as she always took such good control over them all. Despite Bennu not being Gareth and Gibson’s mother, they listened to her as if she were Faline and I was grateful that they were so compliant to her words just as they were to mine. ” Goodnight,” she added and the three of them replied just the same.


I looked back over to Bennu when I heard the boys and Bahiti’s bedroom doors close, seeing her still smiling from whatever was on her mind and I tightened my grip around her waist a little more. “Did you enjoy yourself today?” I wondered.

“Yes, very much. I never thought I’d ever roller skate before, it was quite the experience,” she replied with a light chuckle.

“You didn’t even fall once, either. You’re a natural,” I complimented and she looked up to me with a soft smirk. 

“Were you all right today? You sat on the bench outside watching the boys for quite some time. You seemed like you were thinking very hard,” she asked and I lost some of the happiness to my smile.

“Yeah.. I’m fine. I was just.. Thinking about work,” I replied, lying.


Bennu turned towards me and frowned softly, “Today was a relaxing day, you shouldn’t have worried about work at all,” she replied with a quieter tone and I could tell she felt sorry for me.

“I know, I’m sorry..  There was just a lot on my mind today that I couldn’t seem to shake,” I answered.

“Well, let me help you forget it even more,” she suggested, pushing herself up taller and pressing her lips to mine softly, bringing my hands up to the sides of her neck and returning the kiss without contest.

After a few long passionate seconds, I disconnected our lips and hoisted her into my arms effortlessly and she let out a giddy laugh, “You’re comin’ upstairs with me now, my gorgeous wife,” I added, Bennu holding on as her fingers played with the hair on the back of my head and I brought her quickly up the stairs and into our room.


It never ceases to amaze me on how I got so lucky. Despite my life seeming like a terrible roller caster ride with more downs than ups and loopholes even I myself have a hard time getting passed, things have smoothed out and I feel as if I’ve finally got my life in control. My children are amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome to the mistakes I’ve made. Lucy, Gareth, Gibson, Bahiti; they’re all what keeps me sane in this fucked up life of mine and now I have Bennu to thank for making me into the decent man I am today. She keeps me level, honest, and out of trouble; I don’t know what I would do without her.

Generation 2, Chapter 15

g2c15 p1

I’ve known for a while now that Jason and I weren’t going to work out.. When it would all come down onto us, who knew, but I for one didn’t except it so soon. We’ve only been together for 4 years and already things are rocky, but I should’ve known better than to think he had the potential of changing. I knew deep, deep down that he’d always be the same guy, unable to stick with one person and I wasn’t even sure if he was capable of love. Gareth and Gibson bring me so much joy and happiness, but deep down I still wish they never happened, at least not with Jason..

g2c15 p2

It was a goal of mine the whole time in college before I knew Jason to avoid him, never hearing anything good about him and knowing that he got around the most out of anyone I knew. Why couldn’t I have just resisted that one night by the bonfire? If I didn’t have that liquid courage coursing through me I would’ve been smart enough to say no, to tell him to get away from me and that there was no chance in hell.. Yet, I didn’t. The way he acted that night when we were in his room, he was gentle but fun, rough yet loving; he was a whole different person in bed. I knew why now that every girl wanted to be with him, the way he treated a girl when he was with them in bed made you 100% convinced that he had feelings for you, that you meant something to him, that he cared; a true Romancer.. But, you learned the awful truth only after everything had played out according to his needs. 

g2c15 p3

I couldn’t believe the day had finally come, the day we were done with. Here I thought that I was the last one he’d ever be with, it made me feel amazing that he had chosen me out of every other girl out there, but it all meant nothing now. I sat in the park after I had gotten off work, not ready to go home yet though I knew I would have to since I had a few things waiting for me to pick up still. It’s been about two weeks since I had asked Anya and Julia for advice and since then, Jason and I have been a complete mess. I can’t bare to look at him and he can’t stand me not talking to him.. We had already worked out the hard details of when each of us would get the boy’s, but there was nothing else that needed to be discussed, so I refuse to talk to him anymore. Jason is officially dead to me.

g2c15 p4

Breaking the news to Lucy made her upset, she cares for me a lot and I know that she considers me a motherly figure, but I won’t abandon her. I’ve talked to her about everything and have told her she’s still welcome to come to my new place with the twins if she ever wants to; I’ve grown fond of Lucy and if she still wants to see me and spend time with me, Jason is going to have to respect that and let her. Gareth and Gibson don’t really understand why I’m not going to be living with Jason and them anymore, and they don’t understand why  they need to be separated from at least one of us at a time, but they’ll grow to figure it and hopefully they’ll accept it soon.

g2c15 p5

I finally raised myself from the park fountain slowly, looking around and still not wanting to go home, but Jason had to go to work soon and I needed to pick up the last of my things and the boys; we agreed that I would get them weekdays and he gets them on the weekends, and seeing how it was only Monday, I’ll take the boys with me to my new apartment in the city tonight. I’ve been on the edge of tears all day and it was nearly impossible to keep from crying at work when my friends at the lab wouldn’t stop asking what’s wrong, but somehow I managed. My pocket buzzed and I pulled out my cell phone, seeing Jason calling me and I hit the ignore button, walking out of the park then to make my way back to the house.

g2c15 p6

The entire drive home I couldn’t get the sadness I felt out of the pit of my stomach, it had been there for a while now though and I knew it still wouldn’t be gone for an even longer while no matter how much I tried to ignore it. I was stupid to believe that we’d stay together forever, I was stupid to think that he loved me even the slightest bit, and I was stupid to let it go on this long and acting like he was a saint when deep down I knew he wasn’t faithful from the beginning. A car honking behind me snapped me back into reality and I saw that the light was green for me to go and I did, continuing to drive to the house and I could feel my insides beginning to tense up from nerves. All I wanted to do was pick up my stuff and the twins and leave, but I knew Jason wasn’t going to make it that easy for me.

g2c15 p7
g2c15 p8

I took a deep breath and got out of the car, walking to the front door and looking in through the large windows to see if anyone was in the foyer and I noticed Lucy sitting on the couch reading a book. I stood there for a moment, watching her and almost savoring seeing her so calm, yet I knew she was doing reading in the foyer because she was waiting for me. I continued to the door and walked into the house, watching Lucy perk up instantly and she dropped her book on the couch to come over to me.

g2c15 p9

Are you going now? I wish you didn’t have to leave, I liked having you around,” Lucy said softly and I couldn’t help but smile; she was such a sweet girl. 

“I don’t have to leave, I just need to. We’ve been over this, your Dad and I, just.. Want to be friends,” I repeated; we’ve been over this so many times within the past few weeks.

But, if you just want to be friends then why not just stay for my brothers?” She questioned for the hundredth time.

“Lucy..” I began, but I was cut off by a deeper voice.

g2c15 p10
g2c15 p11

Luce.. Go to your room, please,” Jason told Lucy and she looked to him as he made his way downstairs to join us.

Dad, can I go with Gareth and Gibson to Faline’s? Pleeassee?” Lucy asked excitedly and my expression went surprised, not knowing she was going to put him on the spot like this and I looked to Jason as he reached the bottom of the stairs and walked over to join us.

No.. Don’t you think Faline wants to get settled into her new place? The boys are a handful as it is, I don’t think she-” He stopped when I cut him off.

“Sure, I don’t mind, I could use an extra pair of hands to help me unpack, huh, Lucy?” I asked her with a smile and she nodded happily towards me, looking back up to Jason then.

“See? She doesn’t care.. I wanna go, can I?” She asked again and I watched as Jason looked to me with a displeased expression. I wasn’t trying to make him angry, but I had to admit, it felt good seeing that annoyed look in his eyes after everything he’s done to me. Lucy obviously wanted to be with me more than him right now, and I knew that made him upset. I gave him a soft smirk, waiting for his answer with Lucy and I could see in his face that he wanted to say no again.

“Fine.. Go pack a bag while I help Faline with her things,” Jason replied and I was surprised by his answer. I watched Lucy excitedly run past Jason and upstairs to go to her room, though I was unhappy that it had led to him helping me with my stuff; I almost wanted to call Lucy back just to stay in the room with us so things didn’t get heated or out of hand. 

g2c15 p12
g2c15 p13

Nothing good ever came to us when we were alone; ever since the night I had talk to his sisters about him, him and I have been cruel to one another and our fighting seemed to never stop. Once I had finally gotten him to confess everything, though I still felt he left some things out, my hatred almost instantly outweighed what I had thought was love and he’s seen how angry I can be. But, one thing that always bothered me and kept me wondering was when he was going to show me his true side.. I knew he was still keeping something from me, yet, despite how much I wanted to know what it was, I was scared at the same time. I was scared of him. Never have I seen him treat me like how he’d treated all of the girls before me in college, it was as if he’d done a 180 and nothing mattered between us anymore.. I knew now he was trying to hurt me, trying to bring me down like he had done to all of the others; I was curious on when that time would finally come.. But, the look in his eyes now told me I was about to experience a piece of it..

I looked to the last of my things near the door and Jason began to walk towards me, but I walked towards my things, not wanting to look at him anymore already and before I could begin bringing my stuff outside, Jason turned me forcefully to face him and I removed my arm from his grip, “Don’t touch me, you never get to touch me again. Are we clear?” I warned, but he barely backed down.

g2c15 p14

He drew closer to me and I cowered slightly, taking a step away from him but my back hit the window. I could feel the heat of rage coming off of him and his face was inches from mine now. I averted my eyes from his and shut them, beginning to grow a little frightened by how successful his intimidation technique was. “Let me make something clear to YOU.. The moment we decided to end this and you decided to leave, you gave up the authority you held in this house. You will not pin Lucy against me, she will never be in the middle of this, and your word will never, ever, come first before mine when it comes to her. If I say no, then what’s the answer?” He asked me, though I thought it was rhetorical, so I didn’t respond. “What’s the answer?” I jumped gently in fear from his raised voice and harsher tone.

“No,” I replied in a whisper, trying my best to make sure he knew that I understood him so he would back off a little.

g2c15 p16

I opened my eyes slowly and he was still standing his ground closer to me than I would like. “I’m glad we understand one another,” Jason said softly, “I’ll take this stuff to your car.. You get the boys ready,” he continued, reaching up to touch my face and I winced as he cupped my cheek into his palm. I watched him smirk out of the corner of my eye, leaning in then and kissing my cheek. My skin crawled and the only thing I could do was shut my eyes again to make this less painful, less uncomfortable. Was he trying to prove that I was powerless when it came to him? I couldn’t do anything, wouldn’t do anything, and he knew it. God, I hate this man. Even at the end of everything, my final few minutes of being in this house for the last time, he made sure that I knew who was in control, who had always been, and who would always remain in control; he had drained me completely. Even through all of this emotional pain and torment he had put me through, I could tell that this was him only making things worse, but with a smile on his face this time now that I was aware of everything he had been hiding. Now that I knew, there was nothing to hide and there was nothing to go back on; I could tell he enjoyed making me feeling like this now.. As if he hasn’t punished me enough already when I’ve done nothing wrong..

g2c15 p17

Jason’s hand slipped away from my face and he finally backed off, stepping over to my belongings and grabbing it all for me to take to my car. When the front door shut behind him, I couldn’t hold back anymore, feeling a few tears escape my eyes and I covered my mouth to hush my crying. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I was relieved that I could breathe now without Jason in my face, trying my hardest to get my crying out as quick as possible so neither Jason nor the kids knew I wasn’t happy.

g2c15 p18
g2c15 p19

After calming down the best that I could, I quickly went upstairs and to the boy’s room, wanting to hurry and leave faster. I saw the two playing in their pen, a forced smile running across my lips when Gibson looked over to me, “You guys ready to go to Mommy’s place?” I wondered.

“Yeah, I guess so..” Gibson replied, but nothing came from Gareth.

“Gareth, you ready?” I asked him, but he still didn’t reply; he hasn’t talked to me much since we told them everything that was going on.

g2c15 p20

I walked over to the playpen and picked up Gibson, fixing his shirt a little and brushing down his hair in back in a soft manner, “I know this is tough and my place is going to be a little smaller and hard to get used to, but it’ll be fun. I’m on the very highest floor and you can see the city lights, it’s very pretty,” I told them both, yet Gareth still didn’t bother to acknowledge me within the room. Gibson was the same as Gareth at first, scared and unsure, but he came around quicker than I thought and he seemed excited about living here and also in the city at times.

g2c15 p21
g2c15 p22

I heard the door open behind me and I knew it was Jason, not bothering to turn around and acknowledge him and I continued to pay attention to Gibson. “Car’s all ready, how are my little men doing?” Jason wondered, but I couldn’t tell if he was talking to me or asking them, so I didn’t say anything.

“I don’t wanna go,” Gareth said softly, sighing to myself and watching Jason walk over to him and lift him into his arms.

“Sure you do, it’ll be fine, big guy,” Jason comforted. Normally I would find all of this comforting, too, but now I just find it more heartbreaking that this man in front of me has many faces; though I am glad that none of the kids have ever seen the bad face that I know.

g2c15 p23

“I wanna stay here,” Gareth continued and we both could tell he was about to start one of his notorious fits, but Jason tried to stop it before it started.

Remember what I told you a few weeks ago? That you need to watch out for Gibson?” Jason began quietly and I averted my eyes as they talked, holding Gibson closer and gathering a few things around the room for them. I couldn’t look at them, I couldn’t get over the fact that Jason was such a conniving, disgusting person, and yet I had children with him that he treated like precious gifts. It was weird and heartbreaking at the same time to watch him with either of the boys, but, if there was anything left to Jason that I could find comfort in, it was that I knew he was an good father; that’s all I can really ask for now, I guess..

g2c15 p24
g2c15 p25

After Jason’s pep talk to Gareth, we left their room and walked towards the stairs, the hairs on the back of my neck standing, I could feel Jason looking at me and I hated it. I looked to the front door and saw Lucy by it, standing there and waiting for us. “All ready to go?” I asked, seeing her look to us and smile. 

Yup, all ready!” She replied happily, “I already put my bag in the car, are we going now?” She wondered and I nodded.

“Yeah, we’re going now. Did you remember everything? You still have school tomorrow, did you bring your school stuff, clothes, toothbrush?” I asked.

Yes, I have everything,” she answered and I nodded again. I would’ve taken a moment to bask in the house, try to remember more of the good than the bad, but there wasn’t much that I’d miss about this place. I decided against standing there for a moment and looking at everything, the bad memories outweighed the good and I didn’t want to bask in something I wasn’t going to miss.

g2c15 p26
g2c15 p27

When we all walked out to the car, I got Gibson ready in his car seat as Jason talked to Lucy, but I couldn’t hear them too clearly; I only assumed he was telling her the basics, like get to bed on time, be sure to brush your teeth, watch out for your brothers.. I never imagined a goodbye like this would be so easy, it was almost as if I was going on vacation with the kids and I’d be back soon, but only the kids would be coming back in the end and I was refreshingly okay with never seeing Jason again though I knew I had to sometimes.. All I wanted now was a calm life, maybe get a raise at my work or even promoted, meet someone who actually cares about me, get married.. But, who knows.

g2c15 p28
g2c15 p29

Gareth seemed to warm up to my new place, then again it could just be Lucy making him feel better about being here. Gibson loved the condo, loved the view, love the new scenery; he was excited about all of it. Gareth pouted the whole way here, saying he wanted to go back home, saying that he wanted to see Jason, but Lucy was a huge help in convincing him to give this place a chance; the boys loved Lucy so much, I was thankful that she had wanted to come with or I don’t think I could’ve calmed down Gareth myself, not in the condition I was in.

g2c15 p33
g2c15 p31
g2c15 p30
g2c15 p32

I made dinner for Lucy and I as she played with the boys in the living room, I was finally able to calm down a little after everything that had happened today and I was glad that the hard part was over with. I made a stew that my mother used to make for me whenever I was feeling down in the dumps, the smell filling the condo and it helped me realized how much I needed this. I couldn’t straighten things out with Jason, I couldn’t let him get away with everything that he’s done to me, and I couldn’t be with him or near him anymore now knowing he could care less about me. This new place is just the thing I needed, it saved me from letting myself rot away in that house and I had to admit that I was a lot happier now than I’ve been in years. 

g2c15 p34
g2c15 p35

When dinner was almost ready, I got the kid’s attention, “Alright, boys, time for bed. Lucy, could you grab Gareth for me?” I requested as I walked away from the stove to let the stew simmer. I picked up Gibson and watched as Lucy got Gareth for me like I had asked.

Wow, you guys are getting so heavy!” Lucy said with a gentle laugh, struggling only a little as she lifted Gareth up and into her arms.

“Yeah, they sure are,” I said with both a smile and a sigh, knowing that they were growing up quickly but I wished they would stay this small and sweet forever. They already looked so much like Jason, inheriting almost everything from him and the only thing that remotely resembled me was Gibson’s green eyes. I wished they had gotten a little more from me now, watching them grow up and resemble Jason more and more was going to be tough to get over.

g2c15 p36
g2c15 p37

I changed both of them out of their clothes and Lucy put Gareth to bed for me while I said goodnight to Gibson, “I home you sleep well, my little prince,” I said softly, watching his eyelids getting heavier as I rubbed the top of his hand with my thumb. 

Goodnight, Gareth,” Lucy said softly, yet it didn’t sound like it was going well.

“I don’t wanna go to bed!” He said angrily and I sighed to myself, part of me already knew that he was going to make this difficult for me.

g2c15 p38
g2c15 p39
g2c15 p40

I stepped away from Gibson’s crib when he had laid down to shut his eyes and I walked over to Lucy by Gareth’s crib, “What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked him, “You know that it’s your bedtime, you need to sleep,” I tried to convince, yet he still had a fussing expression. 

“This room is stupid! It’s small! I wanna be in my other room!” He demanded.

It’ll be okay, you’ll get used to it.. You’re going to be in your old room this weekend,” Lucy tried to comfort him as well.

“I don’t care! I wanna go home! I want Daddy!” He yelled louder now and started to rattle his crib.

“Gareth, that’s enough.. You heard Lucy, you’ll be home with Daddy this weekend, only a few more days here, that’s all..” I added, but it was no use.

“I hate it here! I want Daddy!” He continued, repeating over and over that he wanted Jason and I had had enough.. I knew he wasn’t going to stop and the best thing I could do right now if just ignore his behavior and hope he wears himself out.

g2c15 p42
g2c15 p43
g2c15 p44

I put my hand on Lucy’s shoulder and led her out of the boy’s room, both of us continuing to hear Gareth screaming and rattling his crib as hard as he could. I shut the light off and wished him goodnight even though he couldn’t hear me over his own screaming, but I shut the door anyhow and led Lucy downstairs.

He’s not always going to be like this, is he?” She wondered.

“No, he’ll get used to it soon enough.. It’ll take time, but he’ll adjust,” I replied with a smirk and Lucy nodded, both of us continuing on our way to the kitchen so we could eat dinner together.

g2c15 p45
g2c15 p46

We sat at the table together and as much as I wanted to avoid talking about Jason with her, she couldn’t help but bring it up, “So, do you and Dad just.. Like.. Not love each other or something? I feel like all of this came out of nowhere still,” she began and I sighed, but covered up my frustration as I blew at the stew to cool it down.

“Lucy.. We’ve been over this, we just want to be friends. We want each other to be happy,” I replied softly.

But you’re not happy together? Why not? I thought you and Dad loved each other.. I mean, that’s why people have kids together, right?”

I hated this conversation, I couldn’t admit to her that Gareth and Gibson were mistakes from a drunk one night stand back in our college days, but I couldn’t not answer her either.. “Your Dad and I do love each other, just not in that way, I suppose.. More as friends.”

Then why’d you both have Gareth and Gibson together?”

“Can we talk about something else, please? We’ve been over this, Lucy, I don’t want to have to repeat myself for the millionth time,” I replied, slightly frustrated now and I noticed her expression turn somewhat sad, “I’m sorry, I know this is a lot to take in and it’s hard to understand.. It’s just a little tough for me to discuss it,” I continued with a slight smirk, watching her nod in understanding.

g2c15 p47
g2c15 p48

There was a silence at the table now, but it wasn’t awkward and it didn’t last long, though the next thing that Lucy thought of to talk about threw me off a little, “Did you know my mom?” She asked and I stopped chewing for a brief second.

“Um.. I’ve only met her a handful of times, I don’t know nearly as much as your Father does.. Why do you ask?”

No reason.. I remember her a little, but she died when I was super young, you know. The only thing I really remember is that she drank a lot, she had a lot of friends, and she didn’t like my Dad too much,” she replied and I was surprised a little.

“What do you mean?” I wondered and I watched her shrug.

I don’t know, she was just never happy when he was around. They fought all the time, I knew they didn’t love each other.. Not to be mean, but I was happier around you than my mom, I knew you cared for my Dad. But, now, since you don’t love him like that either, he’s changed a lot. I just want him to love someone and be happy,” she answered and I didn’t quite know what to say. She’s been with Jason her whole life and she’s witnessed his losses, I just never imagined she’d understand him so well. 

“Well, he loves you. He loves Gareth and Gibson, too.. Even though I’m gone and we don’t love one another like that, just know that he’ll never stop loving you guys,” I reply and I watch her smirk and nod in agreement.

g2c15 p49
g2c15 p50

After our meal, Lucy grabbed the bowls before I could and she went to the sink, washing them for me, “Luce, you don’t have to do that.. Let me,” I said.

It’s okay, it’s not like I’ve never done it before, but I’ve never done it here. I don’t mind helping you,” she replied and continued washing them and I smiled.

“Well, thank you for all of your help today.. With the dishes, the boys, helping me with my things. It’s a lot of help,” I answered, appreciating everything she’s done with me today.

You’re welcome,” she replied, finishing up the dishes as I put away the leftovers of the stew, “Can I watch TV before bed?” She asked next and I looked to her.

“Yeah, of course. Let’s go watch something,” I replied and she smiled, running excitedly over to the television.

g2c15 p53
g2c15 p52
g2c15 p51

We watched Kid Zone for a while, talking and laughing back and forth as we watched one of Lucy’s favorite shows that had came on. The longer we were at my place, the more comfortable I felt and I could tell I was slowly starting to forget about Jason. All I wanted to do was start new, forget him and move on. But, I soon realized the more I purposely tried to forget him instead of just letting it happen on it’s own, bad thoughts ran through my mind again and I thought about earlier when he had pinned me against the wall and threatened me. My bottom lip quivered a little at the threat of getting emotional, but I took a few deep breathes and focused on the show with Lucy once again. 

g2c15 p54

I heard a buzzing noise, then a ringtone I didn’t recognize coming from the couch. I was surprised when Lucy stood to her feet and pulled put a cell phone from her pocket, “Where did you get that?” I asked, worried she may have found it and kept it or even stole it, but then again, I couldn’t see her doing something like that.

Dad bought it for me last week, it’s him calling, too,” she replied and I raised a brow, not thinking once that he’d ever get her a phone, especially at her young age. “Hey, Dad,” she answered, and although I wanted to give her privacy with Jason, I couldn’t help but listen in on the conversation and guessing what he was saying to her judging by her replies. “I’m good, just watching TV with Faline,” there was a short silence, “Yeah, did you wanna talk to her?” She asked next and I froze up, hoping that he didn’t, “Oh, okay,” she replied, not handing me the phone and I let out a sigh of relief. 

g2c15 p55

She walked over to the hallway and continued, “They were okay when they first got here and I played with them. Gareth got really fussy when being put to bed, though. He didn’t seem tired and he wanted you..”

“No, he’s asleep now I think, I haven’t heard him upstairs..”

“Yeah, it’s two stories, Faline’s room and the boys’ room is upstairs. There’s even a jacuzzi outside on the balcony, it’s awesome! I wish I brought my bathing suit!” She continued and I smiled, enjoying her enthusiasm in being here, though a little irritated that it seemed like Jason wanted to know what the place was like; if he wanted to know, he can come here himself and see, or he can mind his own business.

g2c15 p56

Well, my show is on and I was going to watch it and then go to bed..”

No, that’s okay, I’ll take the bus home tomorrow..”

I know, Dad, I won’t..”

Okay.. I love you, too, goodnight,” she finished on the phone and hung up, walking back over to me and sitting on the couch again to finish her show before bed.

g2c15 p57

When Lucy’s show was over, I turned the TV off and she wined a little, “Oh stop, you knew it was bed time,” I said with a motherly smirk. I stood up and she joined me, “So, you can sleep here on the couch, I have plenty of pillows and blankets, or you can sleep in my room in the bed with me, doesn’t matter,” I gave her some options and she thought for a moment.

I’ll just sleep with you, if that’s okay,” she replied.

“Of course.. My room is the opposite of the boys’ and there’s a bathroom in my room, too, you can get ready in there or there’s a bathroom by the front door,” I gave her more options and she nodded, going to her bag and going upstairs to change and get ready for bed.

g2c15 p58

I soon followed behind Lucy after shutting all the lights off downstairs and she was ready and in bed in a flash. I enjoyed seeing her wear the pajamas I had gotten her for her birthday last year, smiling as I watched her tuck herself in, “All set?”

Yeah,” she replied with a smile and I changed out of my work clothes finally and joined her in my bed, climbing under the covers with her and turning the light off.

“Goodnight, Luce..” I said softly, but she turned towards me and forced a smile.

I want my Dad to be happy, but I want you to be happy, too.. I’m sorry I didn’t say that earlier, but I guess I get it now,” she replied and I smiled warmly.

“It’s okay, Luce, I know. Don’t worry about us, we’ll be truly happy in no time at all.. Goodnight,” I answered, seeing her smile and nod.


Generation 2, Chapter 14 Pt1

Attention: Heads up, loooonngg chapter :D


g2c14 p1
g2c14 p2

The sun woke me, peaking his nosy face into Bennu’s room and I tousled a little before my eyes slowly opened. I looked to the spot next to me and noticed it was empty, then looking around the room to take in my foreign surroundings. I took a deep breath in and never wanted to get up, basking in the scent within the room and my insides fluttered at the familiar smell of the woman I loved. The smell eventually became too familiar to my senses for me to distinguish between anything else, finally convincing myself that it was time to get up. I sat up and swung my feet off the bed, sitting on the edge for a moment and I stopped, listening carefully and I could hear the faint sound of Bahiti on the other side of the wall, assuming she was playing with her toys and a wide smile formed on my lips; I couldn’t wait to meet her and see what she was like. After a few seconds of listening to her, I stood up from the bed and walked around Bennu’s room, picking up all of my clothes off the floor, though I had failed to find my orange sweater. Hmm..

g2c14 p3
g2c14 p4

I gave up on looking for it, going to the door and stepping out into the hallway where I could hear Bahiti a little clearer with her door shut and I smiled once more. I looked left and saw Bennu in the kitchen, coming out of her room and walking towards her and she glanced at me with a flirtatious grin.

“How did you sleep?” She wondered, continuing to prepare whatever she was making, and I guessed waffles by the ingredients I saw.

“Haven’t had that good of sleep in years,” I replied, watching as she didn’t look at me but smiled more to my answer.

“Well, good.. Would you like to stay for breakfast?” She asked, glancing over at me once again and I nodded.

“Yeah, I’d love to,” I answered, reaching the outside of the kitchen and continuing to watch her prepare the meal.

g2c14 p5

“How did you sleep?” I asked in return.

“Wonderfully,” she replied, seeing how nostalgic and relaxed she looked as she continued to prepare the meal.

“How’s Bahiti? Is she going to be eating with us?” I wondered, a little spark of excitement tousling my stomach.

“She is very well, and no, she won’t be joining us. She already ate. She gets to play for a little while longer and then its bath time and a nap after that, whether she likes it or not,” she answered, letting out a hummed chuckle and I smiled; I’ll have to remember that if I’m going to be around here more often.

g2c14 p6

After she had put all that she had prepared into the oven, I slipped my way into the kitchen and wrapped my arm around her neck, pulling her closer and kissing her cheek and making my way up to her ear. Bennu let out ticklish giggles and it only compelled me to continue, nibbling on her earlobe, “Jazon, stop it,” she said in between her laughter.

“You wearing anything under this?” I whispered softly, running my left hand over her waist and slipping it under the closed flap of the robe she wore, soon feeling skin under the soft material.

“Stop ittt, you can’t distract me in the mornings, I have too much to do,” she teased, turning her head to look up at me and I sighed but smiled.

“Fiiiine,” I replied, seeing her lift her head and she kissed me briefly before going to the oven and checking on the food.

g2c14 p9
g2c14 p10

After eating breakfast together, I gathered up the plates and utensils, “Oh, Jazon.. You don’t have to do that, really,” Bennu tried to stop me but I walked towards the kitchen anyways.

“It’s not a problem, I gotta thank you for the meal somehow since you won’t let me into that robe with you,” I replied with a grin and she smiled appreciatively. As I washed the dishes for her, all I could think about was Bahiti. Was she going to like me? What if she doesn’t want anything to do with me? I missed out on a lot of things with her already, but I knew that I didn’t want to miss out on anything else. “Has she ever asked about me? Well.. I mean, about who her father is or anything?” I asked as I cleaned one of the plates.

“Yes.. Recently I had gone over to a friends house who has a a kid of her own, too, and Bahiti wondered who the man was her friend was calling ‘Dad’. She started asking if she had one, too,” she replied.

“And what did you say?”

“I said she did, he just wasn’t with us at the moment. I promised her I’d let her meet him one day. I told her this morning that you were here and she was going to meet you; she seemed excited. But, Bahiti is a very shy girl, it takes her a little to warm up to people, don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t run into your arms right away,” Bennu added, smiling warmly and I nodded, finishing up the dishes.

g2c14 p11
g2c14 p12

Bennu came into the kitchen and I watched as she wrapped up the rest of the waffles we didn’t eat and saved them for leftovers, “Do you think she’ll ever warm up to me?” I asked.

“Of course.. With time, she’ll grow to love you, don’t worry. She’ll eventually start to ask for things and ask you to play with her, that’s when you know she likes you,” Bennu comforted and I smiled, watching her step up to me and she put her arms around me, pushing herself up to kiss me, “I know realizing you have a child might be a little overwhelming, but I know you’ll be a great father,” she added, calming my nerves more. “Ready?” She wondered.

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied, Bennu then talking my hand as she led me towards Bahiti’s room.

g2c14 p14

Bennu walked in first while I stayed out of view for a  moment and listening to them converse. A tiny, soft voice spoke before Bennu, “Mommy, I made their bedroom different colors! I put stripes on the walls with my crayons! Come see!” Bahiti said excitedly and I smiled to myself, hearing her dainty voice for the first time filled me with such joy.

“It’s beautiful, my amisi, I’m sure they love it,” Bennu replied, “Do you remember what we talked about this morning, about you meeting Daddy?” Bennu asked and I peaked into the room without Bahiti noticing. I saw her nod to Bennu and she continued, “Well, he’s outside the room, do you still want to say hi?” Bennu asked next, but Bahiti didn’t say or do anything, “Don’t be such a shy girl, he wants to meet you, too,” Bennu continued, running her fingers through Bahiti’s bangs and brushing the strands out of her face.

g2c14 p15
g2c14 p16

Bennu stood up straight again and came to the door, looking to me and smiling as she took my hand and led me into Bahiti’s room. The moment I was within her sight, I watched as her bright eyes widened when she looked up at me; I could tell she wasn’t ready for someone so much taller than her mother to step in and for a moment I thought she was scared of me. Our sapphire eyes stayed connected for a few moments and I soon stepped in slowly a little more, stopping in front of her and bending down closer to her level. I smiled warmly, wanting to do what Bennu had done and touch her hair or even hold her, but I didn’t want to rush things, “Hi, Bahiti, I’m glad I finally get to meet you.. You’re very beautiful, did you know that?” I asked, watching as she averted her eyes from mine briefly and I couldn’t tell if she was just being shy or if she liked the compliment. I noticed that her eyes had found something else to stare at, looking at my arms and I smirked, “I’m pretty colorful, aren’t I?” I asked with a gentle chuckle, “Do you wanna see?” I asked, holding out my arm a little more and she looked at the designs with curiosity, yet she was still a little weary to get closer for a better look.

g2c14 p17

I don’t know what I did, if I even did anything, but Bahiti suddenly ran around me and over to Bennu and I stood turning around and my expression went discouraged as I watched her tug on Bennu’s robe. I thought it was going well even for how little we talked, she seemed very interested in me, but what did I do to scare her away? She began to whine a little when Bennu wouldn’t pick her up.

g2c14 p19
g2c14 p18

Bennu looked down at her and sighed, “What’s wrong with you, huh?” She wondered, picking up Bahiti and she hugged Bennu close, “Don’t be such a scaredy-cat,” she said softly, “He only wants to get to know you, you want to know him, too, don’t you?” She asked and Bahiti didn’t answer, hiding her face in Bennu’s shoulder. Bennu looked to me and smirked, her expression trying to reassure me that I didn’t do anything for her to be feeling this way, yet I still didn’t like seeing her get away from me. But, no matter how long it takes, I was going to get her to open up to me eventually.

g2c14 p20
g2c14 p22

I stepped up to Bennu and Bahiti and smiled down at her before beginning, looking back up to Bennu, “It’s okay.. I should get going anyways,” I said softly, looking down at Bahiti again, “It was great meeting you, beautiful, I’m sure I’ll see you again very soon,” I said with another smile. I looked back up to Bennu, “Wanna walk me out?” I asked, seeing her smile and nod and she walked back over to Bahiti’s dollhouse, putting her down onto the floor again.

“I’ll be right back and then you’re getting a bath.. Can you say bye to him?” Bennu wondered and I stopped from leaving the room, looking back at her. Although she still didn’t use words, she lifted her hand and danced her fingers hesitantly, waving at me for a few seconds and I smiled wide. I waved back at her and watched as Bennu kissed the top of her head and stood straight, walking over towards me and we walked out of her room to go into the living room.

g2c14 p24

When we got into the living room, I faced Bennu and smiled, “Well, I can see it’s going to take her a little while to get used to me, but I’d love to come back soon, anytime actually.”

“Well, what are you doing tonight? I could make us dinner,” Bennu suggested and I kept my smile.

“Yeah, I can figure something out for work.. What time?”

“Hmm.. How about I have it ready around 8:00? Bahiti goes to bed around then, but you’re welcome to stop by earlier and spend time with her if you want,” she continued. 

“Yeah, I’ll definitely be here earlier than eight,” I reply with a grin, watching her smile and I reached my hand up to run it down her arm.

g2c14 p25
g2c14 p26

Bennu slowly wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her, connecting our lips and my hands wrapped around her as well, pulling her against me even more and deepening the kiss. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay all day and spend all of my time with them, but I needed to get home despite knowing I’d have to face Faline eventually. The quiet moans she hummed during our kiss only compelled me to forget about going home, wanting to disrobe her this instant and repeat everything we did last night. But, somehow I was finally able to pull from her lips and she looked at me with a gentle panting breath, her eyes telling me to stay, “I’ll see you tonight,” I said quietly, watching her nod and smile, slowly letting me go and I backed up towards the door, turning around when I reached it and walking out to go home.

g2c14 p27

On my drive home, I started thinking of Faline and what I would say to her; she’ll probably be wondering where I was last night and why I never came home. I wondered what she would have to say to me now after having some time to think without me around. I thought about Bennu as well, unable to stand I was lying to her and I was debating on telling her about the family I had, even knowing the risk of making her upset. I couldn’t hide this from her, it would eventually turn into a huge problem and the sooner I told her, the better were my chances of keeping her. I was growing nervous as I got closer to home, but I knew Faline was at work by now and she probably dropped the twins off at Anya’s place; that’s what she usually did if I was ever unable to watch them. Anya had been helping out a lot ever since the twins were born; she fell in love with them and adores babysitting whenever she can. Her and Dwight broke up, but she found someone else at the hospital to date. A patient, actually, that had been rushed into the ER and she was his doctor during his recovery. I was happy for her and thankful that she had found someone that didn’t care if they had kids or not, he loved her and I could tell, that’s all that mattered.

g2c14 p29

I parked the car and didn’t see Faline’s car there and the toddler seats were gone; good, she did take the boys, and Lucy was at school. I walked into the house without a care, glad that I could take a shower and have some time to myself in the house rather than just sleeping through the day. I went to sleep at a good time last night rather than around 4 or 5:00 in the morning, so I was less tired than I’d normally be during this time of the day. I walked through the foyer and up the stairs, walking towards my room to use the bathroom and clean myself up a bit.

g2c14 p30
g2c14 p31

I showered for a long time, getting out after about 45 minutes of only reminding myself of last night over and over and I couldn’t wait to do it again. I found it so odd that this whole time I was never able to understand why I didn’t like Faline as much as I should, and that was because I loved someone else that I never had realized before until now. I walked up to the mirror and wiped my hand over it, clearing it from fog and checking myself out. I grabbed my toothbrush and filled it with toothpaste, brushing my teeth and mouth clean of everything I could still taste from being with Bennu. 

g2c14 p32

After finishing up in the bathroom, I came out into my room and put a new set of clothes on, shutting the drawer to the dresser and taking a deep breath as I stood there, trying to calm my building nerves from thinking about what I needed to say to Bennu later. I was nervous, really nervous.. I knew she was going to be angry, but just how angry? I had always spent time with Bennu back at college, but we’ve never fought before, there was no need to, it was only normal, flirtatious yet loving conversations; there was obviously something there that she never cared to acknowledge like I wanted to every time I saw her. At this point, she seemed to finally succumb to her feelings for me once she had left the club like I’ve asked her to so many times, I guess a child needed to be her realization; though I wished she had realized it way, way sooner. 

g2c14 p33
g2c14 p34

I knew it was early, it was almost 10:00 am but I went downstairs and grabbed a beer from the fridge; I wasn’t planning on drinking a lot, I only wanted one for now to help calm my nerves. My thoughts were beginning to give me a headache as my worry continued to grow, fearing that once I finally tell Bennu everything that was already going on, she would disappear from my life again and I couldn’t have that; especially not after knowing we have a beautiful baby girl together. This is everything that I’ve wanted with her, to be with her and have a family; but, it was so much more complicated than that now. 

g2c14 p35

After my beer, I threw it out and pulled out my phone, calling Miss Chu to check up on how the rest of last night went without me at the bar. 

Hello..?” She answered after about five rings.

“Hey, it’s me.. How was work after I left? Did everything go okay?” I asked and I heard her yawn on the other end.

Jason.. It’s only a little passed 10:00, you woke me upppp,” she whined and I sighed.

“I’m sorry, but I left you in charge, I need to know that everything went okay,” I said sternly.

Yes, everything went fine.. Let now me go back to bed.”

“I need a favor,” I continued quickly, keeping her from hanging up and there was a silence over the phone.

What do you need?” She wondered, catching her attention.

g2c14 p36

“I need to take another night off, I need you to be in charge again,” I demanded.

Jason, I can’t do your work, you know that.”

“I know, I’ll do it.. I’m not asking you to go in my office and do my work, I just need you to open, watch the place and close.. I might even come by before 10:00 pm,” I said with hesitation, planning ahead on Bennu kicking me out after I confess everything, “But just in case I don’t I need to know that you’re capable of watching the place,” I continued, hearing her sigh lightly over the other line.

Fine, but you owe me,” she teased and I scoffed.

“I don’t owe you shit, I’m your boss, do as I ask or you’re gone,” I retorted, hanging up after my words and putting the phone back into my pocket.

g2c14 p37

I went back upstairs and into my room, not bothering to turn on the lights since the sun was still doing a great job of lighting every room I was in. I collapsed onto the bed, shutting my eyes and trying to relax and I tried to think of something better involving Bennu and how she might react to the news I was going to tell her. She was so beautiful, we had made such a gorgeous little girl and I couldn’t deny the fact that I also wanted to tell her that I loved her, but how would I do that? If I told her before my confession, she might think of it as a lie in the end, but if I told her afterward, she would think I was being desperate again, trying to keep her in my life like I constantly did back at the club when she worked there. But, what if she felt the same? If I was able to explain myself correctly, she might have more sympathy than anger, at least I hoped she would.

g2c14 p38

I heard rustling and my eyes opened, lifting my head and the sun was less in the windows than it was two seconds ago; did I fall asleep? I checked my watch and it read 3:30 pm, I fell asleep for about 5 hours and had no idea I was going to. I looked towards the dresser where I heard the noise and saw Faline, changing out of her work clothes and into something more comfortable for around the house like she did after she got off work; yet, it was too early for her to be home still.. “You’re home early,” I voiced softly, seeing her expression change slightly, but she didn’t look at me, watching her throw on a shirt. 

“And you’re home late,” she replied blankly; I knew this was coming.

“Where are the boys? And Lucy?” I wondered, sitting up on the bed and rubbing my face, trying to wake myself up more.

“Still at Anya’s.. Lucy went over to Cara’s to do her homework.. I thought it might give us a chance to talk if I got off early, and if you were here,” she replied.

“Faline..” I began, standing to my feet and facing her, “I.. I’m sorry for the things I said, but-”

“Where were you all night?” She asked, cutting me off and my heartbeat increased slightly.

“At work.. I slept there.. I’m sorry,” I answered, taking a few steps closer to her.

g2c14 p39
g2c14 p40

Faline faced me as she continued, “Don’t be sorry.. I’m the one who should be,” she finished.

I took a deep breath in and stepped closer, looking down at her as she stood there, seemingly ashamed of herself, “No, I was out of line.. I should be paying more attention to you, to the boys.. I get so caught up with work I forget what’s important,” I reply, walking up to her and lifting my hand, caressing her cheek, “Let me make it up to you.. Anything you want,” I retorted, seeing her look up to me and I noticed the quick glance at her looking to my lips. If I was going to keep the boys close to me without the threat of her leaving with them, I needed to do this. I could tell she was dying for me, I’ve seen this angst in her before and it was only after we wouldn’t be intimate for a long time; I understood her pent up energy and there was only one way to help her release it. 

g2c14 p41

Honestly, I didn’t feel right with what I was about to do. Faline was in need and so was I, for her for feel release and for me to feel safe that she wouldn’t leave me and take the boys for what I’ve done. I slid my hand around her and lifted her chin with the other, taking a deep look into her eyes and regret consumed me as I thought of Bennu once more, knowing this wasn’t what I wanted, yet I knew I needed to take action to keep Faline happy and close. I leaned forward and kept my lips centimeters from hers, still unable to kiss her as I thought of something else, “Take off your clothes,” I demanded softly, watching as her eyes looked to mine and I knew her heart skipped a beat as I planted a few gentle pecks under her bottom lip along her chin.

g2c14 p42

As I kissed her jawline and brushed her hair away from her neck to continue my way down, I felt her reach to the bottom of her shirt and she began pulling it over her head, separating my lips from her skin briefly as she removed it and I reached behind her to remove her bra. She slipped it off after the shirt and I continued my lips down, going over her clavicle and she pushed her chest against me in excitement and I knew she was on the brink of begging me for it. As I kissed her upper chest, I ran my fingers under the rim of her panties and pulled them down slowly, letting them fall to the floor and I gripped the back of her thighs, hoisting her up and she wrapped her legs around me as I brought her towards the window.

g2c14 p43
g2c14 p44

I knelt down and gripped her thighs harder, managing to put them over my arms and her legs rested over my shoulders, her thighs hugging my cheeks and I pushed her bottom up gently, running my tongue below her belly button and eventually finding the warmth of her sex and my tongue began it’s torture. Her moans started instantly and within minutes I could feel her legs shaking against my shoulders, glancing up at her and seeing her eyes shut and mouth open in ecstasy and I continued even more. Her thighs eventually started to grip a little harder around my neck and I knew she was getting closer to the brink, only compelling me to continue harder and she whispered for me to stop repetitively at her own regret of not being able to hold out longer, but I didn’t quit. After a few more minutes, she let out moans I had never heard before that drove me mad, Faline quickly succumbing to my touch and she eventually let out gentle hums of relief. I slowly came to a stop and began kissing her lower stomach once more as she calmed and collected herself, her thighs still quaking against my shoulders and face.

g2c14 p45
g2c14 p46

After giving her what she so desperately wanted, wiping my mouth and watching her get dressed yet again, she glanced over at me with a small grin and I smirked, “What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she said softly, and although I wanted to question it more, I realized why she was happy; it was because she was convinced I still felt for her.. Good, that’s exactly the reassurance that I needed from her. I stepped closer to her as she pulled up and fastened a pair of pants she had pulled from the dresser, hugging her from behind and she laid her head against the front of my shoulder. “Did you shower already? You have work in a few hours,” she wondered as I kissed her cheek gently and let her go.

g2c14 p47
g2c14 p48

I walked towards the bed again, “I already took a shower, I was just relaxing while I was here,” I hesitated, “I’m sorry I didn’t come back, but I figured you needed your space and time to think.. So I stayed away,” I said softly, laying back down on the bed.

I heard her over by the dresser as I looked out the window, “It’s all right.. I’m sorry for.. Well, being mean and accusing you of things just because I haven’t had you in a while.. I admit I was just getting pent up.. I know you work hard and you rarely see us, but I know why you do it..” She replied and I smirked as I lie there.

“Don’t worry, I understand,” I replied, shutting my eyes as I continued to hear her within the room.

Well, I’m going to get the boys from Anya’s place, will you be here when I get back?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’ll be here,” I replied, hearing her then exit the room. 

g2c14 p49

After about 20 minutes, Faline returned with the boys and I went downstairs to see them, seeing Faline holding them both and I picked up my pace a little to help her. “There’s my boys!” I said warmly.

“Daddy!” They both said simultaneously, causing me to chuckle and I kissed Gibson on the forehead and took Gareth into my arms.

I tossed Gareth into the air and he giggled and flailed gently within my grasp, “How was seeing Auntie Anya and Simon?” I asked.

g2c14 p50
g2c14 p51

“It was fun!” Gareth replied, “We watched Harry Potter with Simon and Auntie Anya made cupcakes and she let us eat the batter before she made them!” He replied excitedly and I chuckled again now that I realized his sugar rush. Anya always spoiled them rotten, they’ve never once came back from her place and said they had anything less of a great time.

“Well good, I’m glad. Daddy’s gotta get ready and go to work soon, let’s go upstairs for a little bit and play before I need to leave,” I suggested, bringing Gareth upstairs and Faline followed with Gibson.

g2c14 p52
g2c14 p53
g2c14 p54
g2c14 p55

I played with the boys for a little while and soon put them in their playpen, needing to leave and get ready to go to Bennu’s and I wanted to be there around 7:00 like I normally would be leaving to go to work. I went over to Faline who was reading in the rocking chair and she looked up to my briefly and smiled, “Work?” She assumed, looking back down to her book.

“Yeah, I’ll uhh.. See you when I see you I guess,” I said with a faint chuckle and I watched her nod, turning around then and walking towards the door. I looked over towards the boys as I left, “Be good, I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” I said softly, watching them wave goodbye and I left the room to get ready.

g2c14 p56
g2c14 p57
g2c14 p58

I pulled out a new suit I bought a few days ago; Faline wanted me to look more professional and this outfit said it all, I even got new dress shoes. I fastened my tie that also happened to be a gift from Lucy and adjusted the suit, buttoning one of the two buttons, then running my hands over my hair to straighten out any kinks I may have missed. I left the house and got into my car, taking the bridge into the city and the sight of the lights made me more excited and also extremely nervous to see Bennu. I remember whenever I ran away when I was little I would come to the city for peace; I loved the lights and the nightlife, the statues and strange personalities walking around town. But, everything was in the city; the place where my house burned down and I lost my parents, the cemetery, the death of Lana, my sisters, my work, and now Bennu. So many things tied me to this city, and although the bad outweighed the good, I still went to the city every day regardless for so many different reasons.

g2c14 p59
g2c14 p60

I got to Bennu’s and went upstairs, knocking on her door and she greeted me almost instantly, shutting the door and going to her, “My God, you look beautiful,” was the first thing I said, reaching up and caressing the back of my hand down her cheek.

She smiled bashfully, bringing her hand up to lay over mine and she then stepped closer, putting her hands to either side of my face, “You look very handsome, I’m a very lucky woman,” she replied and I leaned in quickly to kiss her lips.

“Where’s Bahiti?” I wondered, feeling her arms then wrap around my neck in a relaxed manner.

“In her room, go say hi to her, she hasn’t stopped talking about you all day,” Bennu answered happily and I was overjoyed at the fact that she had already taken a liking to me despite what happened earlier this morning.

g2c14 p61

“Go, I told her you were coming and I’m sure she’s been anxiously waiting,” Bennu continued with a smile and I pecked her on the lips once more, “I’ll start dinner.”

“Okay,” I replied warmly, watching Bennu go towards the kitchen and get out the ingredients, “What are you making?” I wondered, not recognizing anything that I’ve ever seen and she smiled.

“It’s recipes from my homeland and it’s a surprise,” she said teasingly and I chuckled, turning around and making my way towards Bahiti’s room.

g2c14 p62
g2c14 p63

I slowly opened the door to Bahiti’s room and saw her on the ground playing with one of her toys. She looked up at me and smiled, then continued to play, “Hi, Bahiti,” I began.

“Hi,” she said quietly, jumping the toy around and making it walk along the ground.

I smiled warmly at her response, “That’s a cute toy you have there.”

“Yeah, he’s my favorite,” she replied quietly again.

“Does it have a name?” I wondered, stepping a few feet closer and she held it up, looking at it questionably.

“A name?” She asked.

“Yeah, you always need to name your favorite toy. What name do you think he’d have? ..Harry?” I joked, hearing her giggle softly and she continued to look at her doll. I remembered back to when Lucy was a toddler and I was on college summer break; I had bought her a bear and she thought of naming it all by herself, every new toy I got her was her favorite.. I still remembered that she named it May and Bahiti reminded me so much of Lucy.

g2c14 p64
g2c14 p65

“Um.. I’ll.. I’ll name him Azizi,” she answered.

“Oh, that’s a wonderful name.. How’d you think of that?” I asked, acting over-exaggerated and excited to make her happy.

“It means pre-precious,” she replied, struggling slightly to say the word and my heart melted at how precious she was; I was in love already.

“That’s a great name! Do you know what amisi means? Your Mommy called you that earlier when I was here, ” I wondered, remembering her call Bahiti that and she continued to play with Azizi.

“It means flower. I-It’s my middle name, too,” she said with a smile, looking up at me briefly and I held my smirk; she was so smart for her age, Bennu has taught her so well and she was already growing up to be an amazing little girl. 

g2c14 p66

“D-Do.. You wanna play?” She asked with her gentle tone and I nodded without question.

“Yes, of course.. What do you wanna do?” I asked.

“Do you know, um.. Hide and go seek?” She wondered, standing to her feet and I nodded happily.

“Yeah, I love that game.. What do you want me to count to?”

“Um.. Count to 10.. B-But slowly,” she replied excitedly and I couldn’t even describe the happiness I felt with her.

“Alright, I’ll go over here.. I’m warning you though, I’m pretty good at this game,” I answered and she giggled. 

g2c14 p67
g2c14 p67-2

I walked towards an empty corner and stared at the cream colored wall, “One… Two… Three…” I began counting, hearing her scramble around behind me and her running footsteps were a dead giveaway on where she would be without her knowing. As I continued counting slowly like she had asked, still trying to calm my anxious nerves and I hoped playing with Bahiti took forever; I didn’t want to put Bahiti to bed, eat dinner and get to the must needed confession to Bennu.. I was nervous beyond belief. I heard the toy box lid open and I heard her jump inside and shut it somewhat quietly, already knowing where she was. “Eight… Nine… Ten, ready or not, here I come,” I said softly.

g2c14 p68
g2c14 p69
g2c14 p70

I turned around and didn’t look at the toy box, seeing it cracked open a little in my peripherals and knowing for sure now that she was in there. Yet, I walked around the room, dumbfounded and confused, “W-Where did she go? The door didn’t open, yet she’s nowhere in sight! Where did she go??” I exaggerated again playfully. I walked towards the window and checked behind her dollhouse, out the window for kicks, along the side of her crib, but nothing. I turned around again, walking slowly towards the computer table, checking under it and around it. “Wow, she’s really good at this game.. I can’t find her at all!” I continued, standing up straight and hearing a soft giggle come from within the toy box behind me.

g2c14 p71
g2c14 p72

“Well…” I continued, “There’s only one other place she could be!” I turned around and walked towards the toy box, seeing the lid close and my smile grew wider. I put my fingers to the lid and lifted it, seeing her inside and she laughed. “There she is!” I said happily, grabbing her up and tossing her in the air as she continued to giggle uncontrollably. I loved every second of this, I loved that so soon after meeting her she was so willing to let me play with her and she even let me hold her within the short time of knowing her. I pulled her close then and kissed the top of her head, seeing her look up at me with the same eyes as myself made my insides only melt more at how adorable this little girl was. Lucy will always be my daughter, always.. Yet, Bahiti was my actual first daughter, one that’s completely mine and better yet, with the woman I adored most in this world.

g2c14 p72-2
g2c14 p73

“I get to look for you now!” She said excitedly and I was happy that this was continuing.

“Alright, but I need to go through the whole place! This room is too small for me to hide!” I requested and she thought for a moment.

“Okay, but no Mommy’s room, I can’t get in!”

“Okay, not Mommy’s room.. But here, the living room and kitchen!” I replied and she nodded.

“Yeah!” She confirmed and I set her down.

“Now go in the corner and count to ten, slowly,” I repeated her words back to her and she agreed, running over to the corner and covering her eyes as she began to count.

g2c14 p74
g2c14 p75

As she counted, I went to the door and opened it quickly but slowly, trying to stay quiet and I quickly walked down the hallway and into the living room. Bennu looked to me with a questionable expression as she continued to cook and I put my index finger over my lips, telling her to stay hushed and she smiled warmly, nodding and continuing what she was doing. I went into the living room and hid behind a chair, hearing Bahiti’s voice faintly still in her room and she had finally reached ten.

g2c14 p76
g2c14 p77
g2c14 p79

I heard her quickened footsteps coming down the hall and she went straight to Bennu, searching the kitchen for me and I listened as she questioned her, “Did you see him? Did he come out here?” She wondered and I held back a quiet laugh.

“No, who are you talking about? I have seen no one, Bahiti,” Bennu replied and I smiled, keeping my location a secret and I then heard Bahiti’s footsteps beginning to search the living room area. I saw her then walk into the dining room, looking around the chairs and under the table.

g2c14 p80
g2c14 p81
g2c14 p82

But, before I could move, she looked over to where I was behind the chair and smiled, “Found you, found you!” She called out triumphantly and quickly walked towards me.

I stood up and acted shocked, “Wow, you’re way better at this game than I am!” I replied, reaching down and picking her up and tickling her as she laughed more.

g2c14 p83
g2c14 p84

We played for a while longer, but Bennu eventually put a stop to it when she came into Bahiti’s room where we had wound up again playing. We looked to her and she smiled, “Bedtime, little one,” she cooed sweetly and I looked to Bahiti who pouted and looked to me as if to say she could stay up longer.

“Okay, you heard Mommy, time for bed,” I agreed, standing to my feet and Bennu came over towards us and picked up Bahiti.

“You’ll see him again, don’t worry,” Bennu said warmly, combing Bahiti’s hair softly with a gentle smile, “Say goodnight to Daddy,” she continued, looking at me and I smiled back at her in return.

g2c14 p85

“Night,” Bahiti said somewhat sadly.

“Goodnight, beautiful,” I replied, seeing her smirk softly and I exited the room so Bennu could put her to bed.

g2c14 p86
g2c14 p87

As I walked into the living room, the entire room smelled wonderful and I couldn’t wait to try whatever she had made. I noticed the hot meal laid out on the table and I smirked, walking around the living room then and waiting for Bennu.

g2c14 p88
g2c14 p89

Within about 5 short minutes, Bahiti’s door closed and I looked down the hall, seeing Bennu walking towards me and my eyes trailed down her body and back up before she reached me. She threw her arms around me and pulled me into her lips, surprising me slightly but I barely hesitated as I kissed her passionately in return.

g2c14 p89-2

Bennu soon released me from the kiss and I smirked slightly, feeling her let me go slowly, “I was thinking about you all day, too,” she said quietly and I noticed the gentle lust in her eyes as she looked to me. But, before I could say anything, she pulled away and walked towards the dining table and I checked her out as she walked away from me. “I made some traditional Egyptian dishes, Falafel and Shawarma, I hope you like them. And then just Key Lime pie for something sweet,” she continued and put her hands along the back of one of the dining chairs, looking at me with her same sweet smile. I smirked and made my way towards the dining table, taking the seat at the end opposite of hers and she served us both equal portions before beginning.

g2c14 p90
g2c14 p91

We ate dinner together and I had to admit, with something so foreign in front of me, it tasted amazing and I enjoyed every bit of it, “Bennu, this is phenomenal, thank you,” I said during the meal, seeing her look over at me and smile warmly.

“I’m very happy you like it. I adore frog legs, but I thought this might be more appetizing,” she replied. 

I raised my brow and grinned, “I’ve had frog legs, actually.. They’re very good, maybe I’ll make them for you sometime,” I answered, watching as she looked back to the meal in front of her instead of at me, loving whenever I noticed she was smitten by something I had said.

g2c14 p92
g2c14 p93
g2c14 p94

After dinner, I washed the dishes for her once more and she put away all of the leftovers like we had done in the morning. I finished the dishes and dried my hands, turning around and seeing Bennu already looking at me with a sweet smile and my heart skipped a beat, “What is it?” I wondered.

“You’re amazing with her, it almost seems like you’ve done this a thousand times before.. She’s never warmed up to someone so quickly, but it makes me very happy,” she replied.

I stepped up closer to her, running my hands down her soft arms and resting my forehead against hers, “Maybe she’s been waiting for this, so she’s happy that it’s finally happened.. I know I am,” I answered, seeing her look to my lips and she pushed herself up and kissed me suddenly.

g2c14 p95

Our kiss only grew deeper and I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer and already regretting needing to stop her. If this continued, I’d never get to say what I came here to.. I reluctantly pulled from her lips and she looked at me with desperation,  “What’s wrong?” She asked, searching my expression for an explanation.

I looked down at her and gazed into her eyes, unable to speak at the moment and I eventually calmed myself and took her hand within mine, “Come to the couch with me,” I requested and she nodded, taking my lead and we sat together in a short silence.

g2c14 p96
g2c14 p97

“Jazon, talk to me,” she said softly, able to tell in my eyes that something was wrong and I took a deep breath in, exhaling it slowly and looking towards the ground.

“I haven’t been honest with you, but, that’s why I’m here,” I began and I looked up to her briefly, seeing her expression turned slightly worried and I looked back down to the floor. “I know this is.. Going to be hard, but.. I want you to know now that I love Bahiti more than anything, even in the short time I’ve been with her.. I love her,” I looked to Bennu who continued the same expression, “I-I love you more than anything, too.. I have ever since our first night together,” I continued, my eyes going to the floor once again. “But, I should’ve told you sooner, yesterday when you came to my office.. I.. I-I have a.. I have 3 children already, Bennu.. A little girl who’s 8 and twin boys who are 4. My girlfriend and I aren’t on the best terms, but-” I stopped, seeing her stand from the couch suddenly and I looked up, worry written all over me.

g2c14 p98

“You.. You’re with someone? Right now?” She asked and I averted my eyes from her, “And you have.. You have children with her,” she continued and I hung my head even lower.

“Bennu, it’s not what you think, honestly.. I was so caught up in seeing you after so long, it all escaped my mind the moment I saw you! I’m sorry for not telling you, but I couldn’t.. It all happened so fast and then finding out about Bahiti!? I couldn’t tell you.. But, it’s been only 24 hours, but dammit! I’m saying it now! I didn’t want to keep this a secret from you, so I’m telling you now before it gets any worse!” I watched as she walked away from me a few steps, keeping silent so I continued, “Bennu, I don’t love her.. I love You.. I’m only with her so she doesn’t take my boys away from me.. If she knew I was seeing you or if she ever found out about Bahiti, I’d never see my sons again,” I finished. 

g2c14 p99

“Last night..” She began to reply quietly, “Last night you could’ve said something.. And you could’ve said something this morning when I said I knew you were going to be a good father.. You should’ve told me then, seeing as you already are a father!”

“I know, I know.. But Bennu, please.. You have to know that I’ve cared for you every single time we were together. You treated me differently than the rest and I did the same to you. It’s been a long time.. I’m not trying to sound rude, but me keeping this secret for 24 hours is better than you keeping Bahiti from me for 4 years,” I answered. 

g2c14 p100

I reached for her as I sat on the couch, grabbing the bottom of her dress gently and beginning to pull her to face me. Once she turned around, I took her hand within mine and looked up to her, “Bennu, I love you, I should’ve told you that a long time ago, but after what I’ve been through.. I can’t lose you, I can’t lose Bahiti, I won’t allow it. I want to know that girl and love her even more than I already do, will you continue to give me that chance?” I asked, pleading with my eyes and I could see the discomfort in her expression.

g2c14 p101

I pulled at her hand and brought her closer, putting my hands around her waist and continuing to look up at her, “Please, I already had one of my children threatened to be taken away from me, don’t take Bahiti from me,” I begged.

Bennu stood there silent, looking down at me with a saddened face, “Jazon.. I can’t be with you if you’re with someone else,” she replied and I sighed heavily.

“I know.. But, I can’t not be with you, I need you now. You’re my everything, you always were.. If she ever found out about you, I’d never see them again, but I’m willing to risk it. Please, say that you won’t leave me again, not this time,” I continued, a frog forming in my throat and I watched as she averted her eyes from mine.

“Look at what I’ve done already.. Jesus, you’re still with her and we.. I made you unfaithful to her..” She said regretfully.

“You didn’t make me do anything! I chose it all! I could’ve stopped you or myself and told you everything on the spot, but I didn’t. It’s my fault, not yours. I needed you, I was desperate to be with you again. I’m sorry for making you think I was available, I should’ve told you everything last night at my office or when I came over. But I’m telling you now, does that count for nothing?”

g2c14 p102
g2c14 p103

“I need you to go,” she answered, my heart dropping into the bottom of my stomach and she pulled away from me, turning her back to me once again. “You said yourself that she’ll take them away from you if she found out about me or Bahiti, but I will not stand here and let that happen, nor will I be kept a dirty secret while you continue to get everything that you want. I won’t keep you from Bahiti, but we are nothing now, do you understand?”


“No,” she cut me off, turning around to face me with angry eyes, “You need to decide, Jazon.. Bahiti is already head over heels for you, but I will not be your side woman while you continue to be with her!”

“I’d lose them, I know, she’d never let me see them again, but I cannot lose you again, not when you’re back in my life now,” I retorted, standing to my feet but she held her ground.

“Then it only makes sense for us not to be together if you have a chance at losing them! What do I do while you sit back and continue to be with her while Bahiti and I stand around waiting for you to show up at the door whenever you please, just because you already have a family! I will not be your thing on the side.. Never.. I’m sorry, Jazon, but in this case, you cannot have both of us,” she finished.

“And if I leave her?” I asked with hope.

“We’ll see if you do,” she rebutted, giving me another enraged expression and I sighed heavily, looking to the floor in defeat.

g2c14 p104
g2c14 p105

I walked towards Bennu and put my arms around her, watching her look up to me suddenly and I pressed my lips hard against hers. She struggled for a short while, but eventually stopped and stood there, accepting it. I released her from the kiss slowly and she looked up at me with softly pained eyes, “I love you, and I won’t lose you again, believe me,” I said softly, soon releasing her and walking towards the door, grabbing the knob forcefully and opening the it, shutting it sternly behind me.

g2c14 p106

Generation 2, Chapter 12

g2c12 p1

It’s been a few years since Detective Grander was here with his wife; Janelle came by about three times within the first year of me getting Lucy and she eventually granted me complete custody. Lucy is 8 now and the twins just turned 4, Faline had graduated and was already doing great at her job; she was a lad assistant and working her way up quickly. I opened a bar in town a while ago and it was doing really well, there were always people there no matter what day of the week and it was a nice little getaway whenever the kids or Faline would be a little too much to handle; not that I didn’t love seeing them and spending time with them, but everyone needs alone time every now and then, and running the bar was perfect for that.

I feel like I’ve changed so much, I feel good, better than I’ve been even despite living with Faline. Ever since she came home from college after she graduated and got this job, she’s been a little more arrogant than I’m used to. She’s always had strong opinions and she tells me what she thinks and whenever anything is wrong, yet she berates me a little more in the process.

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“Your haircut looks really nice, it’s better than what you had at least.. It looks more like you’re the boss instead of just an employee,” Faline says softly with a chuckle following it.

“Yeah, I’m glad I got it. I think I’m going to keep the scruff though,” I replied, turning around to face her taking a bath in the tub. She was still so beautiful, I still loved her bright emerald eyes mixed with her bright red hair.

“You’d look even better without it, but whatever,” she answered and I gave a slight grimace, “What? I’m just saying you’d look more professional and they might take you more seriously.”

“I think that they respect me enough.. They haven’t treated me in a way that’s anything less than their superior, so it’s fine,” I retorted.

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“Why don’t you get better dress shoes?” She questioned next.

“What’s wrong with these?” I wondered, beginning to get a little irritated and wanting leave so I could go to the bar a little earlier than usual..

“Those are so old, they look so plain, too.. You should get new ones.”

“I like these.. They’re comfortable and I don’t have to worry about scuffing them. They look nice enough.. I run a bar, Faline, it’s not like I’m running a five star restaurant,” I replied with a short tone.

“..Still..” She continued to persist and I rolled my eyes gently without her noticing. “Have you fired that secretary yet?” She asked next, throwing me off completely.

“What? No, why would I? She’s perfectly qualified, that’s why I hired her,” I replied in a slightly defensive manner.

“Jason, she’s what, 20? 21? The most she would have is a high school diploma. Not to mention she dresses slutty, always wearing those stupid tights,” Faline continued, but I couldn’t tell if the girl herself actually bothered Faline or if she was slightly jealous.

“Faline, I’m 27 with a girlfriend and 3 kids to look after, I doubt she would ever try anything,” I attempted to comfort.

“Oh please.. She’s not the one I’m worried about,” she said with a blunt tone, glancing up at me and I stared at her as my anger grew.

“I’m gunna go now, I’ll see you later,” I said, turning and leaving the bathroom before she could say anything else.

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I walked to the boys room and heard struggling from Gibson behind the door, stepping in quickly and seeing what was wrong. Gareth was chasing Gibson around the room making dinosaur noises and scaring him, and although I wanted to scold him for being mean to his twin brother, I couldn’t help but smile at the both of them. They were the best part of my life, my real sons, something that I’ve made; I’d do anything in the world for them.

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“Rawwrrr rarrr!” Gareth called out at he chased Gibson.

“Gareth, quit it! I said I give up! Stooppppp!” Gibson cried out as Gareth chased him.

They both brought so much joy to my life. They got their blonde hair from my mother and I loved looking at them. Gareth got my fathers eyes and he was still the little firecracker I knew him to be since he was a baby, still so fussy and now he’s become rambunctious and almost a little evil towards his brother constantly. Gibson got Faline’s beautiful emerald eyes and her sweet and innocent mannerisms, always becoming a target for Gareth and he loved to pick on Gibson. 

Gibson noticed me as he ran from Gareth, “Daddy! Make him stop! Make him stopppp!” He whined and I chuckled, running up behind Gareth and assisting Gibson.

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“Hey, hey, hey,” I voiced towards Gareth as I picked him up into my arms, “Stop picking on him, how many times have I told you that, huh?” I questioned.

“I just wanted to play, and, and he has to be such.. Such a baby about it!” He contested and I gave him a slightly warning expression.

“I’ve told you before that he doesn’t like how you play, you need to be more nice and be gentle with your brother, alright?”

“But I’m a dinosaur! H-He needs to capture me! I broke loose!” He continued to argue.

I brought him over to the playpen and put him into it, “I know, but stop when he asks you to, okay? He doesn’t like to play the way you do.. Find something else you can both do without scaring him, please,” I requested, kissing his forehead and he ignored me as he sat in the playpen, knowing that this was his ‘time out’.

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I walked over to Gibson after putting Gareth in the playpen and picked him up, feeling him wrap his tiny arms around my neck quickly and he sobbed gently on my shoulder, “I told him to stop! I told him..” He began and I smirked, holding him tightly and rubbing his back.

“I knowww, I know.. It’s okay, stop your tears, huh? He’s not chasing you anymore,” I tried to settle him down as he hugged me. “Don’t let him get to you.. He’s just trying to have fun and doesn’t know when to stop.”

“B-But I told him! He.. He shoud’ve-”

“Shhh shh sshhhh, stooooppp, you’re fine,” I continued to comfort, a smile forming on my lips as I continued to rub his back and calm him down.

“Baby!” Gareth voiced from the playpen and I looked to him.

“Knock it off,” I said with a short tone and he pouted, then turned away from us and I brought Gibson to the other side of the room.

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I set Gibson down and tousled his hair, waiting for him to smile and he soon did when he had finally calmed down. “I’m going to work now, alright? You two be good for Mommy and your sister and no more fighting, understand?” I said sternly, looking over my shoulder towards Gareth and my words were mostly for him since Gibson didn’t act out as much as he did.

Gibson smiled and nodded, “Okay, bye Daddy,” he said with an excited tone.

I stood slowly and smirked towards Gibson, then looked over to Gareth as I made my way to the door, “You stay in there until Mommy lets you out,” I say with warning and Gareth ignores me, acting like he didn’t hear me and I sighed as I left the room and shut the door behind me.

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I walked downstairs and noticed Lucy sitting on the couch by herself, fiddling with her thumbs and it seemed like she was thinking. It’s been a rough journey for us these past few years after Lana died, but somehow we managed to get through it together. Faline tried to help all that she could, but it was only me that could ever comfort Lucy whenever she would throw a fit yelling for her mother or just acting out in general because she wanted to see her, but as she grew older, she was able to understand it better and better, and Lana doesn’t seem to cross her mind too much anymore. It was a little harder for me, considering every single time I looked at Lucy, I couldn’t help but see Lana in her as well; even with her being gone, she’ll still always haunt me.

Lucy looked up to me when she heard me coming down and she quickly stood up with a smile on her lips; she definitely was waiting for me. “Hey, princess,” I said with a warm smile.

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“Hey, Daddy!” She said happily and made her way hastily over to me, “Um, I have a question,” she said with a gentle nerve in her tone.

“Oh yeah? What is it, baby girl?” I asked, keeping my smile as I looked down to the only girl in my life that I could truly say that I loved.

“Um.. Well, I know it’s a school day, but Cara needs help with her homework and she wants me to come over to help. It might take us a while, so I was wondering if I could just sleep over? We won’t stay up late at all, I promise!” She asked and almost begged. Cara was Lucy’s best friend since she had first entered school a few years ago, Cara also helped more than she even knew with helping Lucy get her mind off of Lana. I thought for a moment and Lucy watched me and waited impatiently for my answer.

“Did you ask Faline?” I wondered.

“Yeah, but she said no because I have school tomorrow, but I already said we’d get to bed on time and we’d get all of our homework done! It’ll be fine, I swear,” she replied, her tone beginning to get a little winy.

“Promise me you’ll call me before you go to bed, and you’d better have all the homework done, no going there just to fool around and what not,” I answered and I watched her nod quickly to my request with a smile.

“Yeah, I promise! Please, Daddy?”

“Alright, fine.. Go pack an overnight bag and I’ll drop you off on my way to work, okay?” I finally agreed and her smile grew even wider, squealing a little to my answer and I let out a gentle chuckle.

“Yay! Thank you, thank you!” She replied and ran passed me and upstairs to her room.

“I’ll be in the car!” I called up to her and I wasn’t sure if she heard me or not, but I continued on and went outside.

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As I drove Lucy to her friends place, listening to her talk about her and Cara, the city, the stars, all I could think about was Faline. I had never gotten around to asking her if she ever wanted to get married, it just never came to mind ever since that one night I found out about Lana. She’s changed a little, and I don’t even think I loved her in the first place, it was just this.. This weird feeling I was having that I can’t describe, but I can’t label it love. Maybe I just cared for her more knowing she was carrying my boys, she was the mother of my children, but there weren’t any other feelings for her besides that. Butterflies in my stomach and weak knees and legs didn’t happen that much anymore, only occasionally; pretty much only when we were intimate, but even that seemed forced sometimes instead of us lusting after one another. There wasn’t really that spark anymore, at least not for me. I still found her extremely attractive, our relationship, however, had turned into this awkward friendship with benefits to me. I can’t even figure out what we are anymore.. Maybe that’s why I still haven’t asked how she felt about getting married, it just never seemed right. One thing I did know though was that she didn’t use me for anything like Lana had. Faline had her own job, benefits, a great paycheck every two weeks, she had no reason to take anything from me, yet she stayed in the house for the boys. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of what I went through with Lana; driving back and forth to pick up and drop off Lucy, it was always such a pain. But, unlike with Lana, Faline and I were on good terms, there’d just be no point in her moving out, even if we don’t love one another. I want us to stay together for Gareth and Gibson’s sake.

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After dropping Lucy off at her friends, I drove to the bar and there were only a few cars in the lot. It was a little after 7:00 pm and we had just opened, so people wouldn’t get here for a little while still; most of the people I knew that came here to drink and party often came later, the bar was usually always this dead when it opened every night.

“Hey, Mr. Dubois!” A voice I recognized called over to me from across the room and I looked to the bartender behind the bar and I gave a gentle wave as I walked towards my office.

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I need to go through my secretary’s office in order to get to mine and when I walked in, she started talking before I even shut the door, “Hey, Mr. Dubois, I was going over sales and I noticed that ever since you added the outdoor bar and deck, the income has gone up by 15%, at this rate it should even go up 25-30% by the end of this month. That’s really exciting!” She said happily and looked up from her computer to me. “Whoa, big shot walkin’ in with a nice new haircut.. You look hot,” she said with a devious smile and I chuckled.

“Miss Chu, may I see you in my office for a moment?” I asked, continuing on and walking towards my door.

“Ooooh, of course, Mr. Dubois,” she said softly with a hint of excitement. 

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She followed me into my office and shut the door behind her, locking it quietly as if trying to hide it even though I heard her do it. I walked over to my desk and she began first again, “How are the boys doing?” She wondered, a smirk going over my lips as I pulled out my chair and took a seat in front of my computer.

“They’re doing great, thank you Miss Chu,” I replied and I heard her let out a bored sigh.

“For the billionth time, you can call me Synthia, it’s really not that big of a deal,” she pressured.

“A first name basis is better left alone, I don’t want to get used to it and have Faline stop by or whatever and hear me call you that, she’ll think there’s something going on,” I replied.

She let out a giggle, “Like there isn’t anything going on?” She said somewhat sarcastically and I looked up to her briefly.

“No, there isn’t.. Now, would you please..?” I asked, motioning with my hand for her to take a seat and she smiled as she rolled her eyes, walking over to a chair then and sitting like I had asked.

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g2c12 p29

“If you had to get rid of someone, who would you pick?” I asked first.

Miss Chu didn’t know what to say at first, somewhat put off by the question, “Um.. I didn’t know you were planning on getting rid of someone, so I haven’t really thought about it..”

“Who’s the first one to come to your mind, then?”

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Well.. There’s always Larry, he’s kind of a dick to the male customers and favors the girls, whereas the others don’t do that. I’ve been getting complaints about him actually from customers and other employees,” she hesitated once again, “He has kids though and a wife.. Him being a convicted felon, too, would make it hard for him to find any other job. You were the only one to cut him some slack.”

I thought for a moment, “True.. Have we warned him at all about his behavior? I don’t recall.”

“No, I don’t think so..”

“Well, talk to him about it tonight, I guess that’ll be his first warning.. Who else can you think of?”

“I’m sorry, Jason, I just don’t really see the point in getting rid of someone when profits are obviously increasing.. You just hired someone, too, for the outside bar, why would you get rid of someone?” She wondered.

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“Do you like working here?” I asked her next, watching as her expression grew a little offended.

“Of course I do.. Wait, are you firing me?” She asked quickly.

“No, no, I’m not firing you..”

“Then what the hell is this about?” She asked, and by my lack of response, she continued, “This is about Faline, isn’t it? She still wants you to get rid of me, huh? What the hell is up her ass?”

“Miss Chu..” I said with a slightly angered tone, “Please don’t get upset, I’m not firing you,” I continued to try and keep her calm.

“Then what the fuck is her problem with me, huh?”

“I don’t appreciate the tone, and if anything, you should take all of this as a compliment,” I replied with a gentle smirk. She looked at me as if she was confused at what I was trying to say, so I continued, “She doesn’t like you working under me because she thinks you’re too pretty to be my secretary, she pictures a woman in her 50’s wearing glasses with wrinkles and a raspy voice that doesn’t like to come into my office as often as she pleases.. Like you do. Locking the door is never a good idea, either, especially when you’re not out there.. Where else would you be?” I pointed out. 

Her expression grew less irritated and she looked at me with wanting eyes, her lips curling into a soft smirk, “Well, I’d be more than happy to work on you than under you, if you think that would be better,” she hinted as I watched her bite in the inside of her bottom lip.

g2c12 p32

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” I replied, raising one of my brows slightly. 

I watched as she slowly stood to her feet, keeping her sultry eyes on mine as she took her time walking around my desk, her index finger dragging softly over the glass surface that lay over the wood. My eyes trailed down her body as she moved closer to me and I couldn’t stop looking at her legs once they came into view, darkened and smooth from the thigh high stockings I knew she always wore.

g2c12 p33

My heart started to race a little as she grew closer, her hand going to the back of my chair and swiveling me around to face her. “You seem a little stressed out, sir.. You don’t mind me helping you loosen up a bit, do you?” She asked, parting my legs with hers and she placed her hands upon the armrests of the chair, leaning down and she planted a few light pecks on my jawline and neck.

“Not at all,” I replied between breathes. I watched her hands lift from the armrests and she traced her fingers along the brim of my pants, beginning then to undo my belt, button and zipper.

g2c12 p34
g2c12 p35

She separated her lips from my neck and I watched as she bent down, going onto her knees and she untucked my shirt a little, pulling down the front of my pants gently and pulling all of me out from underneath. I felt her mouth consume me and I let out a soft gasp of air, shutting my eyes and leaning back in my chair as she started out slow. Synthia didn’t get this job solely on her looks and what she could do perfectly with her mouth, it was only after I hired her off of her experience that I realized her full potential and generosity, and although Faline didn’t like her, I didn’t care. I felt awful when I cheated on her at college with Bennu, but something had changed with Faline and I over the years, and the more I thought about it, the less I regretted seeing Bennu. I felt the slightest bit of guilt, yes, but everyone has needs, and Faline wasn’t doing it for me. I loved the thrill with Synthia, just as I did with Bennu the night I had gotten back to my last year of college. Ever since Bennu had left me with nothing, no explanation, no note, no phone call, I felt a slight emptiness in me, something that was gone and I needed to fill it with something else; Sythia’s mouth was a pretty good example.

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g2c12 p36

The more she did the closer I got, her pace quickening and she eventually brought in the help of her hand to get me more excited. I sat up, putting my hands to the back of her head and assisting her even more, pushing her head and pulling her hair accordingly, letting out soft moans and not wanting her to stop even despite my body refusing me to hold out any longer. Her pace quickened even more and I felt my body light on fire, the sensation flowing through me and I let out one more gasp of air as she sucked the life out of me.

g2c12 p38

I leaned back once again and panted softly through my parted lips, watching Synthia release me and smile devilishly as she stood to her feet and I put myself back into my pants. I secured them as I watched her walk towards the door and she turned to face me as she opened it, “Yes, Mr. Dubois, I’ll get those papers to you right away,” she teased and faked to anyone who may be in her office waiting for her. I smirked softly as she shut the door behind her and I shook my head, standing and fixing my pants the exact way I had left them when I left the house. I opened a drawer to my desk and pulled out a tiny bottle of cologne, spritzing myself a few times and trying to cover anything that might cause suspicion. I sat down in my chair again, sitting there and relaxing before starting any of my work.

g2c12 p39

Synthia and I weren’t anything special, I didn’t love her or have a sweet spot for her or anything like that, we just simply loved to fool around. Synthia and Faline hated one another, I’m sure doing things with me behind Faline’s back only made her more willing to do them just to get at Faline; even if she didn’t know about it, I could tell it gave Synthia this sense of satisfaction and power. Though after Bennu, I haven’t slept with anyone else besides Faline, there just wasn’t anyone else besides those two that I found as interesting or worthy. But, Faline was right to be worried about me, Synthia had this attraction about her that I couldn’t resist. Maybe I just never lost my old habits back when I started college. Maybe it was even deeper than that, but I was in no mood to acknowledge it.

g2c12 p40

I was in my office for a while doing work on the computer and paperwork, hearing the music faintly coming through the walls and looked to the time on my computer; it was almost ten and I still hadn’t heard from Lucy. It didn’t worry me, I was sure that she was safe at Cara’s, but maybe she just forgot and went to bed? Either way, I didn’t like that she didn’t call me. I decide to call Cara’s mother before it gets too late and I end up sitting here until closing still waiting for Lucy to call.

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g2c12 p42

I stood up to stretch my legs from sitting at the computer for so long, pulling out my cell from my pocket and I looked through my contacts as I paced around the room. I found Cara’s mother and called her, listening to it ring a few times before she finally answered.


“Hi, Mrs. Jones?” I replied; I always felt as if I needed to address her like that because she was a little older than me, though she called me by my first name all the time.

Oh, Jason.. How are you?” She wondered, her tone sounding a little happy to hear from me and I was surprised that she recognized my voice so easily.

“I’m good, I’m good.. I’m just sitting here at work, but I had asked Lucy to call me before she went to bed and she didn’t, are the girls sleeping already?” I asked.

Yeah, they fell asleep about half an hour ago.. I’m sorry, had I known she was supposed to call, I would’ve made her do so.

“Oh no, it’s fine.. It’s not your fault, I’m not mad. Just checking in is all,” I reassured her.

g2c12 p43

There was a short silence that went over the phone, but I quickly thought of something to say, “I’m sorry, how are you? I just noticed I didn’t ask like you had, I feel like a jerk now,” I said with a slightly nervous chuckle.

No no, it’s fine, I’m doing okay.. Doug is on a business trip for a few days; with him gone and Cara at school or over at a friend’s house all the time, it gets a little quiet around here..” She replied, referring to her husband and her tone having a hint of sadness. 

“Ahh, well you’re lucky that it’s quiet. Enjoy it.. My house is far from that, I almost look forward to coming to work sometimes,” I retorted, hearing her giggle over the phone made my lips smile slightly.

Of course, the twins.. Last time I saw them they were just beginning to talk, they must be chatting up a storm by now.. How are those little ones?” She wondered and my smile grew wider as I thought of them.

“They’re wonderful, thanks for asking.. They seem inseparable, yet they fight all the time.. I don’t know what’s going on with them,” I replied and we both let out simultaneous soft laughter.

Well, that’s great, I’m glad they’re doing well..” There was another short silence over the phone, but she broke the silence this time, “If you get done early enough, you should stop by for a glass of wine,” she offered, raising my brow in slight surprise as I paced more around the room.

g2c12 p44

“Um..” I let out softly, hesitating a few short moments as I contemplated my answer, “You know, I’m not going to getting out of here any time soon, I’m here until 3:00 am actually,” I said with a gentle chuckle.

Oh come on.. You’re the boss, right? Don’t you make the hours?” She teased. As sexy as I thought she was, and this being the first opportunity she’s presented to me, there was no way I’d go over there, especially with Lucy there having a sleepover with her best friend; what if Cara or Lucy woke up like they sometimes do for a glass of water and saw me there with her? What if Doug came home early? No, no way, it was way too risky.

“Nah, sorry, Mrs. Jones.. As tempting as it sounds, I’ll have to decline. I still have a lot of work to do here, and the employees are looking forward to getting their hours in. I’d hate to cut them short, so..” I finally replied, hearing a dainty sigh on the other line.

Well, alright.. Rain check, then?” She offered an alternative, and as much as I wanted to drop everything and go over there, I sighed softly in defeat as well.

“Yeah, we’ll see.. Would you mind telling Lucy to call me before she goes to school tomorrow morning?” I asked, trying to change the subject before she could coax me anymore.

Of course, Jason.. Let me know when you wanna take me up on that offer, okay?” She said with a sensual tone that made me regret turning her down even more.

“Yeah, I will.. Have a good night,” I replied, hearing her say the same thing in return and I hung up. I looked to my phone and read the time, it was almost 10:30 pm now and I still had a lot more work to do before I went home for the night.

g2c12 p45
g2c12 p46

The night went by faster than I had expected it to, looking to the corner of my screen and seeing it was 3:15 am; I wondered if I was the last person there. I shut the lights off to my office and went back to the computer to make a few last minute adjustments, then shut that off as well. I made my way out and looked to Miss Chu’s desk as I shut the door, noticing she was still here for some reason. “Why haven’t you gone home yet?” I asked.

“I felt like waiting for you,” she replied with a soft smile and I looked around her office briefly before going back to her.

“Did you talk to Larry like I asked before?”

“Yeah, I gave him a warning, he said it wouldn’t happen again, but we’ll see I guess..” She answered with a shrug.

“Good.. Is anyone else here or did everyone leave?”

“No one here but us, babe,” she replied with a giggle as her eyes danced over me.

“Don’t call me that, it’s weird,” I said with a short tone.

g2c12 p47

“Aww, is someone grumpy?” She teased and my annoyed expression didn’t change.

“You look tired, you should go home and get some sleep,” I retorted with a bland tone. She only waited for me on occasion, but those were the nights she would always try to get me to come home with her.

“Oh, I’m not tired yet..” She answered with a devious grin, “Besides, I got dropped off, I need a ride home.. Would you mind?” She asked, sighing to myself.

“You didn’t ask them to pick you back up when you got off?”

“Well, no, because I haven’t yet,” she said with another lustrous look.

“Call a cab,” I suggested with a harsh tone and her smile faded.

g2c12 p48
g2c12 p49

Miss Chu stood to her feet and my eyes couldn’t help but travel over her as she approached me, “Pleeeeaase?” She persisted, putting her arm around me and bringing her right hand to the side of my face. As much as I’ve tried to turn her down before, she always knew how to coax me into doing what she wanted; well, minor things.. She pressed her body against me and I could feel the stockings on her legs tracing over the fabric of my pants, glancing down at her legs and I watched then as her smile returned, “Don’t you want to take those off with your teeth again? I love it when you do that,” she spoke just above a whisper, making my body respond with a soft quiver at the thought of it. But, I wanted to get home, I was tired, I wanted to see the twins and tell them goodnight even if they were asleep, and I wanted Miss Chu to stop pressuring me.

“Fine, I’ll give you a ride home, but that’s it. Now go wait by the car as I close up,” I finally agreed and she smiled more, letting out an excited giggle as I gripped her bottom and pushed her towards the door. 

g2c12 p50
g2c12 p52

I turned off all the lights and locked the doors, seeing Miss Chu closer to the deck and not by the car like I had told her. I walked up to her and she waited until I had passed her to wrap her arms around the front of my neck playfully, giggling as she did so and I tried to get her free from me. “Come on, get off.. What is someone were to see?” I asked, finally able to loosen her grip and she let go and trailed behind me at my heels.

“What? I’m just having fun.. It’s not like we’re screwing on the pavement,” she retorted and I sighed heavily.

“First of all, we’d never do that here, let alone anywhere else, and second, shut up and keep your voice down,” I replied harshly.

“Jeez, you really are grumpy tonight.. What’s wrong?” She asked as we reached the car and both got in.

I started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, “Nothing, I just wish you’d be more discreet.. I have a lot more to lose than you do,” I said softly with a hint of worry, but I don’t think she caught on to it.

g2c12 p53
g2c12 p54

After dropping off Miss Chu and turning her down at least five times in going up to her place, I managed to get home a little before 4:00 am. I locked the outside gate and the house, looking around the foyer and leaving one light on by the door. I looked upstairs to the second floor and it seemed like the darkest part of the house, giving me slight chills as I walked up. I went to Gareth and Gibson’s room, opening the door as quietly as I could and I peaked in, not seeing Gibson in his crib and my eyebrow raised in curiosity, stepping in more and going to Gareth’s crib then.

g2c12 p55
g2c12 p56

As I walked over to Gareth’s crib, I adored the sight that came before me; Gibson was with him in his crib, sleeping soundly with one another and I couldn’t hold back the sudden smile on my lips, even if my life depended on it. It was always so foreign to see them so calm, let alone sleeping together; I wonder what happened while I was gone for them to want to do that..? As I looked down at them, nothing else was on my mind, and nothing in the world could take away the happiness I felt at this moment. I reached down and brushed Gareth’s hair out of his eyes and he let out an unconscious moan, seemingly irritated that I was touching him and I hummed a quiet chuckle. I did the same to Gibson then, brushing the hair from his eyes as well and cupping his small head into my palm. I traced my thumb over his cheek and he turned his head more, seemingly enjoying the warmth of my hand against his face and I let out a loving sigh. After a few moments of bliss, I slowly pulled my hand away from Gibson and watched as he turned his head back towards Gareth for the warmth that was just taken away from him. I grabbed one of their blankets and covered them, tucking them in on their sides and quietly leaving the room without waking them.

g2c12 p57
g2c12 p58

I walked away from their room and loosened my tie, taking a deep breath in and sighing heavily as I made my way into my bedroom. I tossed my tie on top of the dresser and unbuttoned my shirt, throwing it aimlessly within the room. Faline was sleeping over the covers wearing a pair of white panties and a matching white bra, my eyes traveling from her shoulders slowly down to her feet, admiring her body as she laid. 

g2c12 p59

I quietly walked over to the bed and undo my belt along with my pants in the process, pulling them down and sitting on the bed. I removed my shoes and socks and pulled each pant leg off slowly, slumping over from exhaustion and I sat there for a moment as I relaxed. I brought my hand up to the bridge of my nose and I rubbed the inner corner of my eyes with my index finger and thumb, helping myself relax more and Faline shifted gently behind me.

“How was work?” She spoke quietly, woken up by my presence.

“Fine, busy.. How were the boys tonight?” I asked in return.

“At each others throats, but they got better and then wanted to sleep together, so I let them,” she replied with the same quiet tone, still half asleep.

g2c12 p60
g2c12 p61

I leaned back and laid on the bed, facing Faline’s back and pressing the front of my body against her warm skin. My arm wrapped around her torso and she lifted her head slightly to let my other arm be her new pillow, feeling her scoot her body even closer to me. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent of her hair and I relaxed completely, happy to be home after this long night. As much as I loved my college days and seeing my bed full of different woman every week, I had to admit that it was nice to always have someone there waiting for me, and not just any someone; knowing I’d never be alone was a great feeling. Faline’s scent had become all too familiar to me and I felt as if I wouldn’t be able to sleep without her there to hold on to. I lifted my head for a moment and kissed her shoulder a few times, “Are you still awake?” I wondered, listening to her heavy breathing with no response. I let out a soft sigh, kissing her shoulder once more before laying my head back down and slowly drifting off to sleep.

Generation 2, Chapter 11

g2c11 p1

I got up and showered, my mind and body awake and ready for the day ahead of me. I woke up today feeling refreshed, relaxed, and content, something I was normally never used to. I don’t remember going to bed last night, I woke up in my clothes from yesterday and that didn’t really seem normal for me, considering I only woke up in my clothes from the night before when I was at college and too drunk off my ass to care to change before bed. I remembered putting the boys to bed, going into my room after I had called the club with the intent to talk to Bennu, but she wasn’t there. I remember being on the computer and also Lana calling me, but I couldn’t remember what we had talked about.. Sometimes, though a little rare, she would call me and let me say goodnight to Lucy, but only because Lucy would make her. Did Lana call because Lucy wanted to talk to me? Did I tell her goodnight? I don’t know why I couldn’t focus enough to remember though.. I held Gareth in the rocking chair, trying to get him to sleep for his nap like Gibson was, but he was being fussy as usual. 

g2c11 p2
g2c11 p3

I stood from the rocking chair and walked over to his crib, looking to Gareth and he was still pretty awake and deciding against putting him in his crib since I knew he would only cry the moment I put him down. I heard the doorbell ring and I wondered who it could be; everyone I knew that was close to me knew the combination to the gate and could get in, so it had to be someone trying to sell something.. I sighed and looked to Gareth again, “Wanna see who’s at the door with me?” I asked and Gareth wiggled in my arms, “I’ll fix you a bottle while we’re downstairs too, maybe that will get you to sleep, huh?” I coaxed and walked towards the door, exiting out and going downstairs.

g2c11 p4
g2c11 p5

The bell rang once more and I was growing just as impatient as they were, “Alrighttttt, alright..” I said out loud, getting to the intercom and pressing the button to talk, “Sorry, whatever you’re selling I’m not interested,” I say into the panel, then holding down the listening button.

“Oh, I’m not selling anything, Mr. Duboys.. My name is Reed Grander, I’m a detective at the Bridgeport Police Department. Do you mind if I come in and ask you a few questions?” The man asked and I grew confused, wondering what he could be doing here.

I pressed the talk button once more, “Oh.. Um, sure.. I’ll open the gate and you can park your car,” I replied and pressed the button to open the gate for him. 

g2c11 p6

I peaked out one of the large windows in the foyer and saw a well built man walking towards the door, though he didn’t wear the typical black or blue uniforms I was so used to seeing on cops. As he grew closer to the door, I unlocked it and opened it, ready for him to come in and for whatever reason he was here, I wanted to come off as polite as possible; I was never a fan of cops, hated them, actually.

g2c11 p8
g2c11 p7

He reached the door and came in, shutting it behind him and giving me a warm smile as he removed his sunglasses. He was an older man, I’d guess maybe in his mid to late 30’s, “Hello, Mr. Duboys.. Again, I’m Detective Reed Grander from the department and I was wondering if I could get a minute of your time,” he introduced himself once more and I grew a little irritated by how he was pronouncing my name.

“It’s pronounced Doobwah, actually..” I corrected him.

“Ahh, a Frenchman, my apologies.”

“Don’t worry about it.. Just curious, do you mind if I see your badge?” I asked, wanting to make sure I didn’t just let a random stranger into my home claiming to be someone else.

“Oh, of course, of course..” Reed answers, reaching into his back pocket and flashing me his credentials. Seeing the badge in the flesh made my nerves increase a bit, the golden emblem shining at me and even through all of my wild college days, you’d think I’d be used to seeing it by now, but no.. It still made me cringe at his authority.

“Thank you.. Now, what can I help you with?” I wondered.

g2c11 p9
g2c11 p10

“Cute kid,” he replied, not answering my question and I looked down to Gareth.

“Thanks..” I answered, looking back up to him.

“He yours or are you baby sitting for someone?” He asked next and I raised my brow.

“He’s mine,” I replied somewhat protectively.

“Hmm, how old are you?” His next question came and I gave a gentle grimace.


“So young still to be having children, but congrats. What’s this little ones name?” He asked next and I was already growing tired of him wanting to know my life story; why was he so interested in me in particular?

“His name’s Gareth, his twin brother Gibson is sleeping upstairs,” I answered, my patience growing thin for this man already.

“Wow, twins? Must be a handful,” he added. 

“Well, yeah, any newborn is. They’re only a few months old, too,” I continued and I watched him keep him smile the whole time and he then nodded. 

“Wonderful.. I have a few kids as well. Though, it’s a pretty big age gap,” he replied. I didn’t like this small talk, it seemed forced with him and for some reason I felt like he was lying that he had children, I don’t know why.. Was he stalling until I did something about Gareth? Why is he even here?

g2c11 p11

“I’m sorry, but I’m trying to get this little guy to nap. I’m going to make him a bottle and put him upstairs, you can make yourself at home if you’d like,” I offered and turned around, making my way towards the kitchen.

“Thank you, I will,” he replied with a polite tone and I heard his footsteps slowly walking behind me as I went to the kitchen. 

g2c11 p12
g2c11 p13

I made Gareth his bottle and fed him, watching as his eyes wandered around the room as he drank and this was always my favorite time with Gareth; he was awake, but not fussing since he couldn’t with his mouth full. I chuckled a little as he hiccuped when the bottle was almost done and his eyelids were getting heavy as well, just what I wanted to happen. I had to admit, it was a little difficult being with the boys alone for weeks at a time like this without Faline, she was so good with them and especially Gareth; if he needed to sleep but was being stubborn, all I would usually need to do was give him to Faline and she could get him to sleep in no time. I had more luck with Gibson. Gibson loved both of us, but Gareth tended to be more calm and ‘alive’ when Faline was around.

g2c11 p14
g2c11 p15
g2c11 p16

I brought Gareth upstairs after feeding him and he went right to sleep, then making my way back downstairs and I approached Reed and stood just passed the doorway, standing in the small library Faline had established over the short period of time she had been here; in one year she had almost filled every single shelf with books that she’s had her whole life, as well as plenty of new additions to her collection. Personally, I hate books, it always reminded me of school, and of course I hated school, but having this library to walk through every day to get to the kitchen or the living room was nice; I liked the smell of all the leather bounds and paper, as weird as it may sound. 

“Nice library.. Yours?” He asked.

“No, my girlfriend’s.” I answered, hating that we were back to small talk once more when I was extremely curious as to why he was even here in the first place.

“She the mother of the twins?” I scowled at his question, trying to figure out if there was any hidden meaning behind it, but I answered regardless.

“..Not that it should matter, nor is it any of your business, but yes, she is,” I said confidently, which is more than I could say for Lana. 

“And where is she?”


“Do you plan on marrying her anytime soon? Maybe when she graduates?” Reed asked and I grew a little nervous.. I never really thought about marrying Faline, at least it had never crossed my mind until now. I wasn’t really the marrying type, but then again, I had asked Bennu out of the blue before, so maybe I was? I don’t even know..

“Maybe,” is all I could say and I watched him nod at my response, but still didn’t look towards me.

g2c11 p17
g2c11 p18

“Do you always keep pictures of your ex’s in the books?” Reed asked and it caught me off guard.


“This book, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, great book by the way.. There’s a picture of you and Lana Hughes. You look around the age of your late teens, you looked happy,” he added and my eyes widened in surprise, yet I glared at him quickly with a grimace.

It astonished me that out of all the books in the entire collection, he had picked the one book where I had put a picture of Lana and I together. He was right, I was 18 and she was 17 in the picture he mentioned, it was just after she had told me she was pregnant with Lucy. Was he that good, or just that lucky to find that photo? “What about it,” I said with a short tone.

“Just an interesting book to choose to hide a picture,” he replied and I was confused; exactly what is he trying to get at? What is he trying to figure out?

“Who said I was hiding it?” I retorted, though it sounded stupid coming out of my mouth. I was hiding it, but only so Faline wouldn’t see it and I could keep it to remember a time in my life where Lana and I actually got along. I can’t even remember the last time I was happy with her like I was in that picture.

g2c11 p19
g2c11 p20

Uh-huh.. Shall we sit?” He continued, ignoring my question once again and we made our way to the lounge area Faline had set up when she decorated her library. 

“So, Mr. Duboys-”

“It’s Doobwah, and just call me Jason..” I answered, cutting him off before he could continue. Was he saying my name like that on purpose to piss me off or something? Because it was working.

“Well, Jason.. How many children do you have?”

“There’s just Gareth and Gibson, my boys.”

“No others?” He questioned as if he didn’t believe me.

“Well, I was led to believe that Lana had a daughter with me, Lucille, but I actually found out a little while ago that she wasn’t mine, so.. It’s.. Just the boys,” I repeated myself, hating that it seemed as if he was trying to stir up some kind of emotion from me by asking such questions.

“I have a boy and a girl.. Ryan is almost 11 now, and Jayda is 8,” he added. Why did this feel so weird? So.. Familiar? It took a moment for me to realize that he was talking to me exactly how Lana’s mom used to talk to me when I was a kid and I first started going to her for help, yet his way was more.. Intimidating. “You’re a good father, Jason, at least from all that I’ve seen and heard,” he added.

g2c11 p22
g2c11 p23

“..What do you mean, heard?”

“You and Lana Hughes were close, yes?” He asked, once again, ignoring my question to him; it was starting to really irk me.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at.. You obviously know who Lana is, and it seems you know more about me than I’m comfortable with.. Though, I don’t think you’re grasping our relationship.. You’re guessing that we were close, knowing full well that we had-” I paused, catching myself at my own words and stopping when I was about to say that Lucy was mine, “Well, it seems to me that you know about Lucy, too, but to answer your question regardless, yes.. We were close.. Ever since we were kids, actually.”

g2c11 p24
g2c11 p25

“Do you have any reason to believe that someone would want to cause harm to her?” He asked and I raised a brow in more confusion.

“Well.. No, not really.. I mean, she might be a little hard to get along with sometimes, but I don’t think anyone ‘has it out for her’ or anything like that. She’s a difficult woman, to say the least, but no..”

“Not even you?” He continued and I glared at him, “Finding out that Lucy wasn’t yours must’ve really made you resent her.”

I was beginning to get worried a little, and also very angered at the way he worded things, what was he getting at? From the way he was making everything sound, it seemed like something happened to her, that or she was just being stubborn again and I then began to feel as if he came here to give me a restraining order. Does she really not want me around Lucy to the point she would go this far though? I haven’t done anything bad to her that I could recall that would make her take such wild actions. “Of course I resent her a little, anyone would.. Wouldn’t you resent your wife if she told you Ryan and Jayda weren’t yours after you put in all the time, effort and money? Hearing them call you ‘dad’ ever since they could talk? Giving them everything and sacrificing so much just to see them happy?” I asked in return and his expression didn’t seem to waver. “But no, I wouldn’t do anything to her.. It would only risk me completely losing Lucy, she’d take her away from me and I don’t want that to happen, so thankfully we’re still on good terms.. Well, the best terms that we can be, I suppose, after hearing news such as that..” I reply. Reed didn’t say anything for a few long seconds, his expression barely changed and he hardly blinked as he stared at me after my answer.

g2c11 p26
g2c11 p27

Reed then went back on the subject of Lucy, something I was finding somewhat hard to talk about, “Lucy is a very beautiful girl, she has a lot of her mother’s features.. I’ve also met with Matthew Hamming today, she looks a lot like him as well,” my heart sank to his words and I sighed.

“Would you mind telling me why you’re here, Detective Grander? I’d like to know that instead of you reminding me over and over that the daughter I thought was mine isn’t.. It’s beginning to upset me,” I suggested strongly and he leaned back a little in the chair, relaxing more.

“Of course, my apologies, Jason.. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he said with a smile, changing the subject once more, “Well, under better circumstances, I’d be happy to be meeting all of you today, but I will get to the point, like you’ve asked,” he replied and I was thankful that he finally stopped prying into my business.

g2c11 p28
g2c11 p29

“Jason.. There’s been an incident. Lana Hughes was found dead early this morning.. It appears that she had fell off of her balcony over the railing,” he continued and I was shocked and in disbelief.

“W-w-what?! H-how?” I asked in a panic.

“Well.. We found alcohol in her system and there was a radio that was still on blasting music upon the balcony. We’ve come to believe that she was drunk, maybe dancing, and judging by the heels she was wearing, she might’ve lost her footing and she fell over the railing, landing 30 stories down on the road below.. The surveillance video shows us nothing because the building was being worked on, and the cameras within the lobby and elevator weren’t working, so we have no evidence if someone had come up there and pushed her off and there was no sign of a struggle, thus ruling it as just an accidental fall. The neighbors, too, couldn’t tell us anything, they were either asleep or could only hear her music outside from their windows being open, but nothing more, Lucy was asleep as well.. I’m.. Sorry, for your loss,” he concluded and I was at a loss for words.. I didn’t know what to say.

g2c11 p30
g2c11 p31
g2c11 p32

I slowly stood to my feet, avoiding eye contact with him as I held my twisting emotions inside, “Please excuse me for a moment..”

“Of course, take all the time you need, Jason,” Reed answered and I could tell in his tone he was genuinely sorry for me. I nodded gently and walked towards the kitchen, not knowing how I was going to express myself from the news once I got out of the sight of the detective. 

g2c11 p33

I entered the kitchen and tears began to fall instantly. I couldn’t think. I could barely breathe as I thought of Lana, gone, dead, I’m never going to see her again. I’m never going to touch the warmth of her skin again or see the fire of anger and lust in her eyes when she looks at me.. Ever. The mother of my illegitimate child was now dead, a friend since I was a little kid, someone who’s been in my life for so, so long; gone.. 

g2c11 p34

I staggered over to the counter and put my hand upon it to catch myself from losing balance. I turned around and my knees finally buckled, dragging my back down the side of the counter and I sat on the floor, crossing my foot over the other as I continued to weep. As rough as Lana was towards me, and as much as I didn’t want her to be in my life anymore, I was so torn that she was gone.. I had gotten what I wanted. But, now with it being real, she was actually gone.. I didn’t know what to feel anymore. Now, all I could think about then was Lucy. Jesus.. Does she know? Did they tell her? Where was she, who was she with right now? Was I going to have to tell her what happened to Lana? Do I have to tell my baby girl that her mother is dead..? How will I be able to do that.. 

g2c11 p35

I was in the kitchen for about ten minutes to myself, forgetting completely that Detective Grander was there and I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. I could see out of the corner of my eye him entering the room and he stopped by the doorway, “Are you alright?” He asked.

I shut my eyes and sat there silent for a moment, not knowing how to respond to him. How could I? He gave me only ten minutes to grieve and I still had so much to think about, to miss, to let everything out, but I suppose now was not the time.

“I’m sorry.. I don’t mean to interrupt your mourning, but there are still a few matters we must discuss, Jason,” he continued, my sobbing beginning to let up and I eventually nodded. 

g2c11 p36
g2c11 p37

I was able to get back to my feet, but it was still hard to stand. I didn’t face the detective, I wanted my tears to get until control before I could actually talk to him. It was like an ongoing cycle that I was afraid wouldn’t stop; one tear fell, I would wipe it away, another would fall, again, I’d wipe it away. It seemed to never want to stop.

“I’m sorry, I wish I could leave and give you time to yourself and leave you with your sons, but we need to talk about Lucille,” he continued and caught my attention. Was Matt going to take her, or were they going to let Lucy decide who she wanted to be with?

g2c11 p38
g2c11 p39

I finally managed to control my tears, wanting to discuss Lucy as well and I eventually turned around and walked closer to Reed, “Well.. Does she know what happened to Lana?” I asked.

“Yeah, she knows.. Matt actually told her, because she wouldn’t talk to the social worker. We felt it was better to tell her sooner rather than later.. She would only get scared or worried for Lana,” he replied and I was a little angered that they had made that call, but also relieved that I didn’t have to tell her.

“How did she react? Is she alright?”

“Well, at first she didn’t quite understand, but once Matt finally arrived, someone she knew and was comfortable with, he was able to explain it and she grasped it better. She cried for a long time, wouldn’t really talk to anyone, demanded for Lana even when she knew she couldn’t see her, but.. I’d like to believe that she’s a little better now. Still emotional, yes, but she’s finally stopped crying.. She asked for her dad, which we assumed was Matt, but even after he came she still demanded for him, I can only assume she was referring to you now,” he answered and I wanted to tear up all over again but I managed to hold it in.

“W-Where is she now?” I asked after that, wanting to see her now more than ever.

“She’s outside actually, with the social worker, who also happens to be my wife, Janelle,” he replied and I went to go outside, but he put his hand to my chest, pushing me back to my place, “Please, there’s still something I need to discuss,” he insisted and I stopped, waiting for him to continue.

g2c11 p40
g2c11 p41

“I need to ask where you stand on Lucy’s housing situation.. I’ve talked with Matt and he said he would be open to taking Lucy.. He does have the right to take her from you, since he is her biological father,” I felt my body go numb and I didn’t know what to think.. I wanted Lucy so bad, I don’t know what I would do if Matt took over custody. “However, with him being married, he mentioned that his wife wouldn’t be too happy bringing home a child that wasn’t hers. He’s trying to keep his and Lana’s relationship secret, so he told me to offer you custody. If you agree, then you may have full custody, if you don’t, then Matt will still take her. Either way, she will have a home. So, should I tell Matt that he needs to take her? Or-”

“No, no, no! I want her, please! I want her, I want custody..” I answered quickly, cutting him off from saying anything else.

g2c11 p42
g2c11 p43

I watched as Reed soon smiled and nodded, “I’d expect no other answer from you than that.. Lucy clearly prefers you and cares for you, and you’ve been there for her. I’m sure she would be a lot happier here, too,” he replied and I let out a huge sigh of relief. I was so happy, even despite learning of Lana’s demise. I had always wanted Lucy, I’ve always wanted this, and although I wish Lana was still alive but me have custody of Lucy instead, I was still happy that she was finally all mine. “Well, she’s outside, let’s go get her, huh?” He continued and I nodded, following him out of the house and I couldn’t wait to see Lucy, but at the same time, I knew she was going to cry again over Lana once she saw me, and I hated seeing her cry. It was going to take the both of us a long time to get over this. 

g2c11 p44

As we walked outside, I felt so nervous for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve never needed to comfort Lucy this much, I wasn’t ready for her to be so upset.. What was it going to be like now for her knowing she would never see her mother again? Reed knocked me out of my thoughts as I followed him outside, “We’re going to need you to sign some papers before we leave, they’re just papers saying that you’re taking responsibility for Lucy, and Matt has requested that you let him still be able to visit Lucy every once in a while.. Also, my wife will need to come back here a few times, just to make sure she’s being taken care of. I know you won’t disappoint her whenever she needs to visit, but it’s just mandatory.. You’re technically adopting her, so her visits will most likely only be a few times within the next year, then if she passes you, you have her officially.”

His words confused me a little and I grew more nervous, “Wait, so even after signing these papers, there’s still a risk of her getting taken away from me?” I asked.

“Well, yes, there’s a possibility.. But, if my wife comes over and sees that Lucy isn’t being taken care of, which is something I doubt will happen, considering your background, income, and good housing, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Oh, of course.. Yes, she’ll be well taken care of, I can promise that,” I replied with determinatin and he looked to me.

“I know that,” he reassured me and I appreciated his confidence in me.

g2c11 p45
g2c11 p46

We walk to the driveway and I see a blonde woman, around the same age as the detective and I assumed it was his wife he had been referring to. She held Lucy and she turned around to face us when she heard us coming, Lucy then lifting her head from the woman’s shoulder and looking to me. I was so happy to see her, though the moment she looked at me, her eyes watered within mere seconds and so did mine. She struggled to find words as she reached for me and I went to her, pulling her into my arms as quick as I could and she sobbed into my neck. There wasn’t anything that I could think of to say to her at that moment; she had just found out she had lost her mother, and I my childhood friend.. I wanted to tell her it would be okay, to stop crying, to let her know that we’ll get passed it eventually and things will be better, but I couldn’t; she wouldn’t understand, and I also didn’t want to lie to her.

g2c11 p47
g2c11 p48

Reed and his wife gave us both a moment to reunite and to calm down and I soon looked to them after wiping the rest of my tears away that I wasn’t able to hold in from seeing Lucy so upset. Reed’s wife reminded me of my mother a little, except my mother’s hair was longer and more vibrant, and she had blue eyes instead of Mrs. Grander’s teal green. I sighed softly as I thought of her for a moment, but Reed caught my attention once more, “This is my wife, Janelle, the social worker I mentioned, she’ll be visiting you a few times within the next year, like I had told you.. And this is Jason,” Reed introduced us both.

“It’s wonderful to meet you Jason.. Although my check-up’s may seem like a bother or a waist of time, I still need to do it, though I think I’ll have nothing to worry about every time I visit,” she said with a smile as she looked to Lucy. 

I was happy by her words, nodding and accepting the conditions. 

g2c11 p49
g2c11 p50
g2c11 p51

After signing the necessary papers outside with Reed, they left and we came inside. I checked on the boys before taking Lucy to her room and I spent the whole rest of the day with her. As much as I had done it before, it felt different this time, I felt more at ease with the situation since I didn’t have to worry about getting her home in time to Lana, nor did I have to worry about getting into another fight with her when I drop Lucy off.. I’d never have to worry about something like that again. It felt so.. Weird and wrong to think that way, to think positively of the situation, but then again, I was happy Lucy was all mine now.

It was rough handling 3 children now, especially on my own.. I couldn’t wait for Faline to come visit this weekend, maybe then I could get a breather and stop having to be on my toes going back and forth between the three of them. I fed the twins and Lucy and managed to put them all to bed when it was getting late. The twins were a little hard to handle tonight, since I was juggling with giving them attention now that Lucy was there and I wanted to pay a little more attention to her, just from what she’s been through all day. I wanted to make her day as easy as possible. I let out a long, lazy sigh as I waited for Lucy to fall asleep before leaving her room.

g2c11 p52

I was so exhausted from today, my eyes burned from crying and wiping away the tears so much. After coming downstairs from Lucy’s room, I checked on the boys one last time before going to my room where I laid down lazily on the sofa. I started to think of Faline and I wondered how she would react to all of this. I felt as if how I pictured her response was pretty accurate; first she would probably be happy that I got Lucy after all of this time, she’d probably be happy that Lana was out of my life for good, too, but she would also show me sympathy that she was dead instead of simply ‘gone’. I wished she was only gone; packing her bags and moving away.. I still wasn’t that ready to accept that she was gone forever, just knowing I’d never see her alive again only made me want to see her more, talk to her, call her, hold her..

g2c11 p53
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g2c11 p55

I sat up slowly upon the couch, crossing my arms and holding myself as my core became weak and fragile. Tears formed in my eyes for what seemed like the millionth time today but I didn’t bother stopping them, feeling them trickle down my cheeks and landing on my knees. I needed comfort, I needed someone to tell me everything was going to be okay. I missed Faline so much, I hated and dreaded the nights that I had to sleep alone and with no one to hold on to and no one to hold on to me. But, I couldn’t call Faline just yet, I didn’t want her to be distracted while she was at college and if I had told her what happened and told her how upset I was, she would probably skip school and come home, but I couldn’t let her do that. Detective Grander’s question ran through my mind once more; “Do you plan on marrying her anytime soon?” Saying ‘maybe’ to his question had gotten me thinking though, and I wondered if it was the right time for this..? I couldn’t take losing anyone else, being married to Faline instead of her being just my girlfriend would probably make her think twice if she ever did want to leave me.. I knew Bennu always turned me down, but she was the only other woman I’d marry before Faline and she had already said no to that question; I didn’t even know where the hell she was.. But, I had children with Faline, I lived with her, I knew she loved me without ever needing to say it, but would I be marrying her for the same reasons? I let out a gentle chuckle as I thought of a few times in our relationship where I knew she wanted to hear those three little words, but I could never bring myself to do it. She never did either, which made me wonder if she was waiting for me to say them first and I wondered if she would even agree to marrying me without either of us ever saying those words.. I guess that’s something I’m just going to need to find out for myself.

Generation 2, Chapter 10

Attention: I have two potential heirs! *screams* This chapter is a little shorter than past chapters as well. Enjoy!


g2c10 p1

It’s been almost a year and a half since Faline and I’s fight that I didn’t even know we had.. I was so drunk, I had blacked out that night and the last thing that I had remembered was grabbing another beer from the fridge when I got home. Faline told me what had happened the next day and I felt terrible.. I apologized profusely; I’ve been trying to make it up to her ever since, too. Not that she was holding it against me or anything, but I didn’t want to lose her, especially when we had just gotten used to one another and have been pretty much inseparable ever since I went to college.. I didn’t want to lose all that we had created for ourselves, everything that we had created together. I’ve graduated college with my business degree, thankfully; Auturo said he wouldn’t help me, but I actually studied and he noticed, so when it came to test time, we would study together and I’d passed every test with at least a ‘B’ every time. I’m so thankful for Auturo and I’m glad I know him, he’s helped me and my family more than he even realizes.

g2c10 p2

But.. I was unconditionally happy. Faline gave birth right before I graduated to twin boys and we named them Gareth and Gibson. Gareth is a little firecracker already, his personality was so different from Gibson. Gareth was always crying for attention; the moment I put him down, I swear he would notice when I would play with Gibson, and he would get jealous and cry instantly when I held his twin brother.. Gibson was so laid back though, only wanting attention when needed and he didn’t care if I held Gareth more than him; he just sat in his crib and starred at me whenever I would circle their cribs trying to calm down Gareth. So, that’s why while Faline was pregnant she looked bigger than Lana when Lana was pregnant.. Faline was carrying twins, just like Faline and her brother were twins.

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After I had graduated and decided to take over caring for the kids, Faline wanted to go back to school and continue her education as well, so she could get a job, too. I tried telling her that she didn’t need to, I still had plenty of money left over from inheriting it from my parents, and I would be working soon anyways to continue the income, but she insisted. Her mindset seemed to always be circling around school and a career, but who was I to stop her from doing what she wanted? I was planning on starting my own business, maybe even opening my own bar in town since that seemed to be the only thing that interested me in owning, or maybe even opening my own restaurant.. I still couldn’t decide. I loved alcohol, but I also loved food, and I had gotten quite good at cooking since I had always watched my mother cook. I still had some of her own recipes in a cabinet in the kitchen. 

After I had successfully gotten Gareth to sleep finally, I picked up Gibson who was still awake. I played with him for a little bit, poking his nose and watching it twitch and he giggled after every time I did it. I chuckled at Gibson, admiring his eyes and how much more excitement and life they had in them than Gareth’s. He yawned in my arms and I smiled, pulling him close to me and rubbing his back, “Don’t worry.. Momma will be back real soon to visit,” I said softly as I hugged him to me, then placed him in his crib and I watched as his eyes shut.

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I quietly walked out of the twins’ room, shutting the light off and closing the door silently. I let out a sigh of relaxation, glad that tonight the boy’s were exhausted enough to not fuss too much when putting them to bed and I gazed out of the windows in the foyer. The lights from the city illuminated the house even more than my own lights were and I wanted to go out for a little bit, but then the boys would be left alone, and I couldn’t do that.. My mind began to wander as I stared at the city lights, feeling somewhat alone and I didn’t like it too much.. Before, I would usually be around my sisters 24/7, then I got closer with Lana and soon Lucy was my muse. Faline then kept me company, and if she didn’t, it was my college friends and Bennu.. But with Faline gone now, and the boys now asleep, I didn’t like not knowing what to do with myself and having no one to keep my mind at ease. I sighed once more, but with more of a sense of grief than relief. I haven’t seen Bennu since I had went to the club with the guys the night I went back to college for my last year. I had to admit, I missed her, a lot; I’ve given her my number, telling her to call me if she ever changes her mind about being with me, but she’s never called once in the entire time I’ve known her since my freshman year of college..

g2c10 p8

I grew desperate, taking advantage of Faline not being here and she wasn’t going to be home until a week from now, pulling out my phone and I scrolled through my endless list of contacts. I hoped that by chance Bennu added her number in, but the more I scrolled, the more discouraged I grew. An idea ran through my head as I looked at the number for Barefoot, wondering if I should call the club and ask if I can talk to her.. A pinch of excitement ran through my body, wanting desperately to hear her voice and I caved in to calling the club.

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g2c10 p10

I heard the phone ring and I recognized who answered, it was Avery, the black haired girl that Auturo liked, “Hello, thank you for calling Barefoot,” she began and I heard loud music behind her slightly shouting voice.

“Avery? It’s Jason, um.. Dubois.. Is Bennu there?” I asked.

“Jason? Man, you haven’t been in here in a while, that’s not at all like you, sweetheart,” she replied and I sighed.

“Yeah, I got.. Caught up in something.. But, uh, is Bennu there? Working tonight?” I asked once more.

“No, sweetie, you didn’t hear? She quit.. Maybe about a month after you were last here,” she answered and my eyes widened.

“Did she sa.. D-Do you know why?” I asked in a slight panic, wondering why she hasn’t called me at all since then like I had told her to so many times if she left..

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I don’t know why.. She just said she was done and hasn’t came back.”

“Did she tell you to say anything to me? Leave a note or a number?” I asked.

Nah, she didn’t leave anything like that,” she replied, her tone beginning to sound bored, “If that’s all Jason, I gotta get back to work, hun, so..”

“Wait.. Do you know her number?”

Even if I did, Jason, she never told me to give it to you if you just so happened to call, and you’re not getting it, I’m not allowed to give out information like that to guys who have pathetically fallen in love with a stripper.. Bye, Jason,” she retorted with an irritated tone and hung up.

I was beyond angry by her words, “I’m not in love with her..” I said softly to no one, putting my phone back into my pocket and letting out a heave of a sigh. 

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g2c10 p15

I went to my room and left the light off, sitting on my sofa as my mind raced and the waves I watched from the ocean out my window couldn’t even calm my nerves. I sat there for roughly two hours, just thinking, trying to find an explanation on why Bennu wouldn’t – didn’t call me like I had told her to so many times. Did she really not want to be with me? Every time we were together, it always seemed as if we were feeling all the same things without needing to speak of them, always having the greatest time together and it only made me wonder more why she didn’t want to be with me.

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g2c10 p17

To distract me from my constant thoughts, I went online and browsed the internet for a while, looking for places around town for sale and trying to figure out if any were a good place to start my own business. I was browsing for a few hours, noticing the time in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and it was almost 11:30pm. I looked to the baby monitor, knowing Gareth too well already and he always made a tiny fuss around now, waiting a few long moments and I eventually heard him beginning to cry, but right after that I heard him making gentle noises again and then I heard nothing. I smiled at his behavior; I always would jump straight to my feet and run to their room, but I’d only wake him from his fake cries and then he’d be up for hours with me, just to trick us in giving him attention. But, eventually I realized what he was doing, and I stopped going to his room every time he did it, he always went back to sleep after crying for about half a minute. Such a fussy boy..

g2c10 p18

My cell rang and I x’ed out what I was doing, looking to my phone and sighing when I saw Lana’s name on the ID. I stood from the chair and let it ring a few times.. I haven’t spoken more than 5 words to Lana ever since her ‘friend’ Matt came over while I was picking up Lucy..

“Hello…?” I answered with a bored tone.

“Hi..” Lana replied.

“Is anything wrong? Are you and Lucy okay?” I wondered, trying to figure out why she would call me out of the blue and late at night. 

No, we’re okay,” she added with the same bored tone that I had answered with.

“Then, why’d you call..?” I asked.

g2c10 p20
g2c10 p19

I’m moving in with Matt, and I’m taking Lucy with me.. He got a job somewhere else,” she continued her bland tone and my eyes widened in horror.


Um.. I’m – taking – Lucy – and – leaving.. Stupid. Did you not hear me?” She questions angrily, and even through the phone I can tell she’s drunk; she has Lucy, too, which only made me more furious that she was drinking while Lucy was asleep.. What if Lucy woke up and needed her, and she was plastered? What if she dropped her? What if she.. Just.. I was furious once again.

g2c10 p21

“What the fuck Lana!? You can’t just up and leave! What would Lucy say!? She would miss me like crazy! But I know for a fact you’d probably just lie to her and tell her some bullshit to make me look bad! Hoping she would just forget me! Am I fucking wrong!? What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was so tired of all these surprises she’s been springing on me lately. “You can’t take my daughter away from me!”

I heard her give a gentle chuckle from her drunken behavior to my words, my blood boiling and I felt as if I was going to crush my cell phone as I held it, “Yeah.. Well, I don’t even know why you still label her as that..” She replied and I was at a loss for words.. I.. I couldn’t speak.. Even though she had never admitted it, it hurt me more than ever now finally confirming her words, and confirming my constant assumptions ever since Lucy was born, “Good luck winning her in a court hearing, but, anyways.. You can come by tomorrow and say goodbye, that’s all I’m giving you.”

Wh..What the fuck was happening right now? Have I lost my mind? Did I hear her correctly?? 

g2c10 p22

“Lana.. Baby.. Please.. Don’t do this to me.. I.. I-I know she’s not mine.. But please, I’ve been her father for 4 years.. 4 fucking years! And it was all because of you! Even though we’ve never talked about, I know.. But, that still doesn’t mean I don’t have every right to try and keep her close to me! You’ve tricked me this entire time! I.. I love that girl so much, so fucking much.. Please.. Please don’t take her from me,” I beg her, like I always find myself doing..

g2c10 p24

Tomorrow, 11:00am.. Any later and we’re not going to be here,” she replied and that’s the second person that has hung up on me tonight. I looked at my phone and it shook in my nervous hand as I watched the call end and go to the home screen, my heart racing and I turned on my heal, my entire body hot with rage and I raced towards my bedroom door, running out and I nearly fell down the stairs I was racing so quickly to get to my car outside to go to Lana’s. 

g2c10 p25
g2c10 p26

I drove to Lana’s, though I don’t really remember driving there; one second I was in my room, the next, I had typed in Lana’s code to get buzzed in that she didn’t know I knew and I was on her floor, attempting to unlock the door using one of my credit cards. I was having a hard time thinking, it was almost as if my body knew what to do for me and I felt that even if I didn’t want to be doing this, I was. I finally managed to slip the credit card in at just the right angle and I hear the door make a ‘click’ sound, letting me know that it was unlocked and I place my credit card back into pocket.