Generation 4, Chapter 11, Pt 2/3


I quickly left the balcony and towards the front door, grabbing my keys before racing downstairs and I burst into the coffee shop. My heart was pounding and I was beginning to panic, quickly walking through the coffee shop, through the bookstore it was connected to, and out the back doors towards the courtyard.


I stopped in my tracks when I stood roughly fifty feet from the blonde woman, taking a deep breath before I continued my stride and all I could do was hope it wasn’t Jody, though in the back of my mind, I knew it was.. It had to be.


I continued my steps as slow as I could, my heart racing faster and faster and once I was roughly ten feet behind her, I heard her voice and I stopped again, “I was wondering when you’d finally notice and come down,” Jody spoke and at first I was too nervous to continue my steps, but soon enough, a small burst of anger I felt from seeing her caused me to continue and I stopped next to the empty chair in front of her.


I watched as her sunhat lifted and revealed her empty blue eyes, looking up at me with a pleased grin on her lips and she then motioned with her hand to the seat in front of her, “Sit down,” she invited.


I quickly looked around the courtyard, no one resembling her brother or his minions, nor were there any other people and it was just Jody and I. I looked back to her then and slowly pulled out the chair, taking a seat in front of her and she continued to hold her happy grin. My heart was still racing as I looked to her, my hands shaking the slightest bit but I kept them occupied with themselves so it would go unnoticed. 

“It’s been a long time,” she began and my eyes went anywhere else but on her.

“Not long enough,” I replied and I heard her chuckle just slightly.


“You know what today is, right?” She asked next and I nodded, “Well, it doesn’t seem like it, since I called you this morning and you had your phone off.. You practically forced me to come here, I had no choice,” she taunted slightly.

“How did you know where I lived?” I asked, still keeping my eyes off of her.

“You think that after our deal of me leaving you alone that I’d not at least keep track of you? Your the father of my child, Oliver, you can’t get away from me that easily..”

“Can’t blame me for trying,” I replied, shifting in my seat uncomfortably, “So, this whole time you’ve still been stalking me? Keeping track of anything and everything I do?” I asked.

“I don’t stalk, Oliver, I simply ‘watch from afar’.. I’m sure, too, that I know a lot more than you think I do.. I came because I needed to discuss a few things with you, I don’t want anymore trouble between us.. For the baby,” she answered and I looked over towards her, more nerves flowing through me and my hands still shook.


“What do you plan on doing when the baby is born? Are you going to keep me from them?” I asked, seeing her grin grow wider.

“That all depends, sweetheart.. You’ve had a lot of time to think about this, are you interested in being a part of their life now?” She asked and I hesitated a moment, not wanting to jump into the answer too quickly before I thought about it a little more.. But, if there was the possibility of avoiding her until the baby was born, I needed to discuss this with her now instead of being forced to see her more and more until it could be talked about.


“Are you willing to share custody?” I asked and I watched as she couldn’t hold back, letting out a soft laugh to my question and it made me angrier.

“Well, you sure have gotten better at jokes since I last saw you, I’ll give you that,” she taunted and I let out an aggravated sigh.

“Just answer the damn question,” I demanded.

“No.. No sharing custody. Either you be with me and be a part of the baby’s life, too, or you don’t. It’s that simple.. If you choose not to be, then you can forget ever seeing them, or knowing their gender, even their name.. Let’s just say that’s not the only thing you’ll miss, too,” she threatened and I swallowed hard from what she could mean by her words. However, I noticed she was a little different tonight.. She always loved touching me, almost needing to do so, but it seemed like she was trying to avoid it.


“So, it’s a win-win situation for you and no matter what I decide, it’s a lose-lose for me..” I said with a sense of realization and she seemed a little bothered by my words.

“It would be a loss for me, too, if you don’t choose us.. And, well.. I wouldn’t say it’s completely lose-lose for you.. You’ll have me and of course our little one, shouldn’t that be enough to make you happy?” She asked and I scoffed.

“And what if I say no? What else could you possibly take away from me?” I asked with slight desperation and the look in her eyes told me that what she said was true, that she really did know more than I had thought.


“To my understanding, you don’t live in this cute little nook of a condo all by yourself, hmm?” She questioned and my eyes widened just slightly, holding my breath and she smiled, “I can tell by the look on your face that I’m not wrong.. You’ve always been astonishingly easy to read,” she continued and I quickly looked away from her, trying to hide my face and I tried to play off her assumption.

“I only wanted to be a little closer to town, I’m renting a room. I have a roommate, that’s all,” I lied, wanting Isaiah to be the last thing she would bring into this mess of ours. There was a long silence between us, the hum of the nightlife the only noise around us, barista’s clearing and cleaning tables, chatter from inside the coffee shop, crickets and the gentle roar of traffic just outside of the courtyard.. What normally would help me relax now seemed like painful white noise as I waited for her to say something.


“What’s his name?” She wondered finally after the long silence and a slight relief rushed over me, glad that she didn’t know as much as I hoped she didn’t, but I lied again just in case.

“Michael,” I replied, still refusing to face her.

“Even after all this time, you think I don’t know when you’re lying to me?” She questioned and I chuckled sarcastically.

“You don’t know anything about me,” I hissed quietly in return and I heard her giggle softly.


“Does Isaiah know you kissed ‘Michael’ this morning?” She asked, calling out my bluff and I quickly looked towards her, still seeing the same grin on her face that I had seen when I had first sat down, “Oh, please.. Don’t act so surprised. I told you that I know more than you think,” she taunted and I grew angered the more I looked at her.


I stood from the chair, facing her and placing my hands down on the table as I glared at her threateningly, “Stay away from my home, stay away from him.. This is between us, no one else, do you hear me?” I asked with a demanding tone and she didn’t respond.


I stepped away from the table, beginning to walk away from her and she spoke up again, “You’re ending this conversation quite early, in my opinion..” She coaxed and I slowly came to a stop.. What else could she possibly want from me? I heard her standing from the chair behind me, walking up to me slowly and she soon came into my view again, standing in front of me and I scowled towards her.

“What..?” I asked with irritation. 

“I’m not done discussing things with you and unless you want to see me again, I suggest talking about it now,” she offered an ultimatum, her lips no longer carrying her devious smile and I grew the slightest bit intimidated, though I still thought I should stand my ground.

“I have nothing more to say to you. Unless you agree to shared custody right now, we’re going to have a lot more problems,” I replied harshly.


“You’re right, we are, but that’s only if you continue this nonsense and insist on fucking that queer you live wi-” I stopped her from talking by grabbing her wrist, dragging her into a corner of the courtyard where no one could see us and I tossed her into the wall, her back hitting it abruptly and my hand slammed on the brick near her head.


“Keep talking about him like that and I’ll cut out that fucking tongue of yours,” I threatened before I could even think of the words and saying them out loud even caused me to wonder where the hell that had come from. Why did I say that? 

“Mmmm.. Well, isn’t this a different side of you,” she said with intrigue, “I kinda like it.”

“Stop,” I demanded, pulling my hand away from next to her head against the wall and I stepped away, putting my back towards her.


“It really would be a shame is anything were to happen to him.. It would be better if you could learn to let go of the things you don’t need and focus on what’s important.. Like me, our child, the life you want with us.. Wouldn’t it?”

“I said stop,” I demanded again, “There won’t be an us if anything happens to him, that you can count on,” I warned.

“There’s still time to fix all of this, to make it how it used to be.. How it should be..”

“And how should it be..? You being in my life ruins everything..” I replied, still unable to face her.

“Did you ever think that me being in your life could be the way to make things work? You never really gave it a chance, anyhow.. You really did like me when we first went out together, don’t you remember? I could tell how much you wanted to kiss me, to not go home and get nothing out of it, to feel something.. Didn’t I do that for you?” She questioned.

“Yeah, but the next day everything changed.. You weren’t you anymore, you were something entirely different, something that I wasn’t ready for and I thought I had made that very clear to you,” I answered, turning to face her again and her expression surprisingly seemed sincere.


“Oliver, all I did was speed up the process.. I liked you from the moment I saw you, I knew there was something special about you and I wasn’t going to stop until I got the chance to know you. Can’t we just look back on all of this and accept that this all was probably going to happen anyways..?” She asked and I shook my head softly as I tried to understand what the hell she was trying to tell me, what she was trying to get out of all of this. 

“Of course not.. It never would’ve happened like this.. If I had a say in any of it, it would’ve never been like this..” I confirmed back.


I then watched as she dropped her view to the ground, toying with her fingers and she seemed nervous about something, “What is it..?” I asked.

“Actually.. I wanted you to know that I heard you..”

“Heard me how..?”


“When you had told me to stop, that time in your room..” She replied and my expression changed from angry to somewhat shocked, “I was just caught up in the moment.. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but.. I’m a bit of a masochist,” she said quietly, hearing her chuckle nervously, “It’s no excuse, but.. I never apologized for what I had done to you, so.. I’m sorry,” she continued, seeing her look up to me and my breath hitched a little, never thinking that those words would ever be spoken to me from her and at first I didn’t know how to react or even what I should say. She had proven to me that she couldn’t be trusted, time and time over, but why did I believe that she meant that apology?


“I think it’s a little late for sorry’s, Jody.. That doesn’t account for all of the other times you threatened me, followed me, how you’ve been trying to do nothing but ruin my life if I wasn’t with you and I don’t think I can forgive that,” I answered and I watched her nod softly.

“It’s understandable.. You weren’t ready, you were fragile, I did force you into all of this and I see that now. I guess I was just hoping that we could put all of that behind us.. Start fresh..?”

“This doesn’t change anything between us,” I said as if my words were etched in stone.

“There’s absolutely nothing that I can do?” She asked, her tone seeming hopeful, as if I might give her something in return that I knew she would do in order to be with me, but I was with Isaiah.. Jody and I have no common ground, no spark, no excitement, no love.. But, as I looked at her, listening to her words, she reminded me of the girl I had known when I met her the first time. Maybe it was just a phase, or maybe it was some sick game that she liked playing but it grew old to her when she realized I wouldn’t come back to her, or it could be that she’s thinking about the baby and nothing more and all she wants is to make amends with me for our child’s sake.. Whatever it was, I liked this side of her way more than constantly being belittled or played with. 


I let my gaze from her drop to the ground, letting out a heavy sigh as I wondered if I could trust her or not. Part of me was screaming, telling me to never believe a word she says, to walk away and never give her the benefit of the doubt and to never look back.. But, the other part of me wanted to believe that her words were sincere, that she wanted my forgiveness and she wanted to make things work, if not together, then at least with no hard feelings attached. Our baby was due in less than two months and if we couldn’t come to some kind of compromise or understanding, there wasn’t much hope for our baby’s future and they were going to be juggled around in this battle between mother and father.. I only thought about what was best for my child, not us..


“Oliver..?” Jody inquired, hearing her step a little closer to me, my eyes looking up and her expression showed worry, “Are you thinking?” She asked and I nodded, “Tell me what you’re thinking about.. Maybe I can help,” she offered.

“Help me understand then.. I get the masochism, I do.. We all have our kinks.. But, the threats? Ultimatums? Making me do things that I don’t want to, things that make me exceedingly uncomfortable?” I began, watching as she dropped her gaze, “This whole time I’ve been convinced that you’re just twisted, sick in the head or something.. You make me scared to go out because if I turn a corner, you could be there, just standing there waiting for me, waiting for me to mess up and I wait to see what kind of price I’m going to pay for simply trying to live out my life.. I don’t understand why,” I answered.


“We’re all a little twisted, Oliver.. Aren’t you?” She asked, watching as she looked back up to me, “You keep saying that you want nothing to do with me, that you want me to leave you alone and I keep to my word, but whenever I come back, you’re the one that stays. You’ve had every chance to leave me here and go back upstairs to your place, but you’re still here, you’re still hearing me out and you know what? I really love that, I love seeing you want to stay, because that’s just the type of person you are.. It also kinda makes me think that you like being jerked around, too,” she replied and my brows furrowed in anger, but I was only mad at myself, “I only asked for simple things in return. Like that kiss before, that’s all I wanted and I gave you five good, long months without me, but they were five exhausting and grueling months without you.. I love you so much that it makes me sick to my stomach sometimes and you know what? I kind of like it sometimes, too..” She pointed out and I heard her chuckle softly, “Makes me think that I really am sick in the head, you know?” She asked, noticing her eyes were getting glossy but she turned her head away from me for a moment.


Why did I suddenly feel sorry for her? She was talking to me like she was a human being and I honestly never thought we’d be having a conversation that didn’t involve threats or heated words. What was worse was that I still couldn’t tell for sure if she was full of shit and just stringing me along more, or if she really did mean all of what she was saying, if she actually meant the sincerity she was trying to put forth. It was so unlike her. Granted, the majority of the time that I’ve known her, it’s been bad more than it’s been good, so maybe it was just hard to believe because I hadn’t seen the good side as often.. But.. Was this her good side, or just more lies?


Why was I even trying to see the good side of this? This was the first conversation we’ve had that’s been on the better side ever since I realized who she really was, but I wasn’t thinking that it was a good thing.. What if she finally realized that she’s not getting me back, so her last resort is to try and reason with me, to apologize and get on my good side? She knows about Isaiah, she already expressed her anger towards him to me and she owned up to being twisted, to being a masochist, to being someone who’s unstable and unpredictable enough to do something to him and I couldn’t let her do that.. I couldn’t let her have the chance of walking away from me thinking that we were okay and the next thing I know, Isaiah doesn’t come home from work one night because she sent her brother to do her dirty work.. I couldn’t give her the chance to do anything to him, I wouldn’t let her. I loved him too much to even risk it..


I slowly stepped closer to Jody, looking down at her and she looked up to my eyes, my lips forming a soft smirk and her expression seemed relieved. My eyes then went down, my hand reaching up and for the first time, I willingly touched her growing belly and for a moment, I forgot where I was, who I was with, all of what was around me and I could feel my child. What was the answer here? Without them even being in this world yet, I knew I wanted the best for them, I knew I wanted to do everything within my power to protect them, to ensure nothing but good would come to them, and once I felt Jody’s cold hand slowly slide over mine as I felt her stomach, I was brought back into reality and I knew what I needed to do.


“Do you wanna get out of here?” I asked, seeing her face light up.

“Yeah! I want to keep discussing stuff with you somewhere else, maybe even a little more than that,” she implied with a smile, feeling her grip my hand tighter.

“I have somewhere we can be alone. We can stay there together as long as you’d like,” I offered and she seemed excited.

“Great! I brought my car and you can drive, so we can take that instead of a cab. Can we stop by my place before we go so I can get a few things?” She asked and I thought for a moment, wishing we didn’t have to stop anywhere, but I agreed anyhow.

“Sure.. Let’s go,” I replied, offering her my hand to hold and she seemed shocked that I had offered it, but without a second thought, her hand gripped mine and I escorted her out of the courtyard, through the bookstore, the coffee shop and then out towards the parking lot where her car was. 


After letting Jody pick up a few things from her place, I drove for roughly an hour, letting Jody hold my hand the entire time we drove together and every time I noticed her look at me, I looked over and gave her a reassuring smirk, rubbing my thumb over the top of her hand. I didn’t bring my phone with me, nor did I ever turn it on from when I had shut it off last night, so I knew Isaiah couldn’t reach me. But, I didn’t care about that right now, I had one goal in mind and that was to take Jody somewhere where we could finally be alone together. I needed to be alone with her. 

“Where are we going? I hope it’s somewhere where we can be alone for days and just stay in bed together,” she cooed sweetly and I smiled.

“It’s a bit of a drive.. My family has a cabin up in the woods. I used to come up here all the time to get away from school for a while to study and what-not,” I somewhat lied, seeing her lean her head back in the seat and she seemed as happy as she could be.


“What were the things you needed to grab at your place?” I asked curiously, feeling her fingers from the hand that I held playing with mine and from the corner of my eye, I could see her other hand gently rubbing her belly.

“Just a couple things.. Some clothes, hairbrush, toothbrush, my prenatal vitamins, that’s about it, my favorite mug to have coffee in the morning,” she replied and I nodded, “You didn’t need to get anything before we came up here?”

“Nah.. We all keep some stuff up here whenever we need it, kind of like for random occasions such as this one,” I answered, looking over to her with a smile and I could tell by her expression that she believed me. She looked so relaxed, her breathing calm and steady and she seemed so content with me as her lips still held the slightest smile. I was glad that I was getting her out of town, away from Isaiah and away from my life, but living a double life was out of the question. I still contemplated what the hell I was doing, why I had abandoned Isaiah for the night and was running away with Jody, of all people, but I still felt in my gut that this was all for the greater good.


After a drive that took roughly two hours altogether, I pulled into a long, dark driveway that would eventually lead to the cabin at the end of the road, but I stopped the car before we reached it. I shut off the headlights as I parked Jody’s car a short walking distance from the cabin itself and I sat there for a moment, staring at the dirt road as I pulled my hand away from Jody’s and I shut the car off, though I left the keys within the ignition and I then looked over towards Jody, seeing that same relaxed smile on her lips.

“So, we’re finally here, huh?” She wondered and I nodded.

“Yeah.. It’s just up the road..”

You have a key to get in, right?” She questioned next and I nodded once more. I continued to sit there, my eyes going back towards the road and I quickly tried to think if this was really the best idea, if taking her here was a mistake, but now that we were already here and I knew she was beginning to wonder why I hadn’t moved yet, I committed to the choice I had made and I opened my door, getting out of the car and shutting the door as softly as I could before then coming around to the other side to let Jody out.


I helped her out of the car and she stood there with concerned eyes looking at me, removing her sunhat and tossing it in the back of the car, “Is something wrong?” Jody asked and I looked to her through the darkness.

“N-No.. Nothing’s wrong..” I said quietly and she giggled softly.

“Well, come on, then.. I want to change into something more comfortable, my back’s been killing me and I think a little massage might make me feel better,” she flirted softly and I smirked.

“Sure.. Let me just get your bag for you,” I replied, seeing her smile and she took a few steps away from the car, looking up the dark, dirt road. 


I reached in the back of the car behind her seat, grabbing her bag and I then shut her door just as softly as I had shut mine. My view turned and I looked up the road, seeing Jody standing there looking back at me, waiting for me, and once I started to walk, she continued as well and I followed roughly ten feet behind her. I stared at the ground as I walked, still trying to wrap my head around what the hell I was doing and why I had went out of my way to show her some sort of hospitality.. Or comfort.. I didn’t know what to call it, really.. She didn’t deserve it, she didn’t deserve anything from me, but why did I lead us here? Here, of all places..


“How much further up the road?” She asked after about a two minute walk.

“Not far..”

“Why’d you park all the way back here, anyways? Why didn’t you just pull up to the cabin itself?” She asked next and I kept silent for a moment. 

“Are you worried about someone stealing your car? Because my family owns everything you see around you.. Your car will be fine,” I replied as my view still remained on the dirt road.

“I’m not worried about that, I’m worried about my feet.. A pregnant woman walking up a dirt road in these shoes? Yeah.. Not fun,” she pointed out with a soft giggle, but I failed to pay close enough attention to care.


My mind was racing more and more with each step that I took and I felt that I could barely contain it all without my head exploding. The smell that radiated off of her as I trailed behind was both sweet as well as nauseating and the more I tried to not let it bother me, I couldn’t get passed it. My eyes looked up as I continued my slow pace, staring at the back of her head and I began to feel a headache come on the more and more I wished I could psycho-kinetically make her head burst like a needle to a water balloon and I wanted to feel the mist of her blood spray over me.


The more I looked at the back of her head, the more angered I became and even now, I thought of the words she said before.. Not the ones she tried so desperately to pass off as sincere or genuine, but all of her words prior to that. How at first she was still menacing, threatening.. Even how she knew of Isaiah made my skin crawl and the grip I had on the handles of her bag clenched harder and I could hear as well as feel the leather being forced to rub together. I hated her.. I hated her so much. She was the epitome of a nightmare and honestly, I don’t even know how I was able to be even the slightest bit fooled by her behavior before.. Why did I give her even a minimal amount of kindness?


My pace quickened a little, beginning to catch up to her and I wanted to do something, I felt the need to, but what would I do once I reached her? I began questioning myself, questioning why I felt this kind of rage for the first time in my life and I felt as if my body was beginning to move on it’s own.. A shadow of myself was coaxing me forward, pulling and tugging for me to catch up to her and finally do something about this once and for all. I felt my own hands on my back, pushing me more and more, wheedling me forward, forcing me to do what I wanted to, what I had come here to do..


Once I reached her, my hand that didn’t hold her bag raised over my head and the next thing I knew, my hand swung down as hard as it could, a strength I had never felt before coursing through my arm and a loud crack filled my ears, watching as Jody’s body instantly went limp and she fell down, landing on her side and I didn’t blink for a long moment as I stared down at her. 


I looked towards my hand that I had believed was unoccupied, seeing Jody’s favorite mug being clenched tightly within it’s grip that I didn’t even know I had taken out of her bag and a small part of the mug glistened from a wet substance upon it.. Was that.. Blood? I couldn’t tell for sure through the darkness.. I felt the mug crack in many places from the contact of it meeting her skull, though to my surprise, it didn’t break. When did I take it out of her bag? Why did I hit her? Did I kill her?


Suddenly, a gentle gust of wind hit me and it seemed as if I was back within my own body, normal again, looking around me in every direction and I looked back down at the mug once more. I quickly jumped from the sight of it and dropped it to the ground, my other hand then dropping her bag and I felt the earth pulling me to my knees. What had just come over me? I brought my hands forward, palms up, looking down at them and I couldn’t account for what I had just done. Was it really me that just did that..? Who else would’ve?


I looked up slowly, seeing Jody lying in the dirt road, “J-Jody..?” I questioned, reaching forward and touching her ankle, shaking her gently, but no response came from her. I crawled through the dirt road to her side, my hands shaking and I could barely keep them steady as I brought my index and middle finger of my right hand towards her throat, checking her pulse. I counted to ten in my head, eventually calculating a somewhat steady heartbeat from her and I knew she wasn’t dead, but the blow to the head she took had taken a lot of out her.


Her pulse was faint, but it was still there and I let out a relived sigh, tears filling my eyes immediately and I was so happy that she was still breathing, still able to incubate the baby and I fell forward, resting my hands and my forehead against her growing belly and I was so happy that the baby was unharmed. Why had this happened? The rage I felt growing inside of me just seconds before was completely gone and remorse filled me instantly, too many emotions hitting me all at once and I couldn’t contain it all by myself.

I sobbed softly as I knelt there, “I’m so sorry.. I’m so sorry Mommy got hurt.. T-Thank God.. Thank God you’re okay.. I-I.. I don’t.. I don’t know what happened.. I’m so sorry..” I spoke, my voice unstable and quiet, my breathing hitched and staggered as I let the relief consume me and I was just so happy that Jody wasn’t dead or that would’ve meant the death of my baby. 


I couldn’t take this.. What the hell was happening to me? I was a mess.. I was weeping over the mother of my child that was lying unconscious in the middle of a dirt road, out in the middle of practically nowhere and it was my fault.. But, I don’t even remember taking the mug out of her bag.. How the hell did it get into my hand? I knew I had hit her hard enough to draw blood, but I didn’t dare check the wound and look at it.. I couldn’t do it.. One moment I felt invincible, stronger than I’ve ever felt before in my life and the next moment I was on my knees, crying in the middle of a lonely dirt road and that’s all that I felt now.. Alone.. I wanted Isaiah.. I needed his help, I needed him to tell me everything was going to be okay and I needed to feel his arms around me, hugging me as tightly as he possibly could, but it was too much to ask for.. I couldn’t have that and it only made me feel worse.


As I knelt there, tears still coursing down my cheeks and soaking into Jody’s sundress, I thought I had heard footsteps in the distance and instantly I held my breath, stopping my sobbing and I lifted my head, looking up the road towards the cabin and I saw a dark figure in the distance approaching me, though I didn’t stand, nor did I show too much panic.. I knew who it was.

“Who the fuck is there?” The voice demanded and I didn’t say a word as I let them approach more.


“Well, I’ll be a goddamn monkey’s Uncle,” my Uncle Gareth said with a chuckle as he continued his hobbled steps and he came to a stop about ten feet from Jody’s body, “The hell you doin’ here, boy?” He asked with a less than welcoming tone.

“I-I..” I began but stopped, my view then going down to Jody and my tears started again, “I-I don’t know what happened..” I managed to say through a whisper and silence fell over us.


I heard him approach us again, watching as he struggled to bend down with his bad knee and he touched Jody’s face, turning her to get a better look at her head and I looked over towards him, watching his brow raise in curiosity as he observed the back of her skull. 

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” his tongue clicked, “Looks like somethin’ fell on this poor girls head, wouldn’t you say so?” He asked, though the tone of his voice seemed more like a statement rather than a question and his eyes told me that I needed to agree with him. 

“Y-Yeah..” I replied weakly.


My view then went back up to my Uncle as he stood straight once again, the only person that I could turn to for something like this and now I knew why I had led Jody here.. I needed help and he was the only one I knew that could do just that.. He’s the only father figure I knew anymore and I knew him to be a rather sick man, though he was the only one I had ever witnessed get away scot-free for so many things he should be behind bars for.. Maybe I did it subconsciously, just like I had taken Jody’s mug out of her bag? But, what made me even think that I should come here, assuming I’d do something as bad as this..? Nothing made any sense anymore.


“I-I need help..” I managed to say through my tears, watching him stare at me for a long moment and the look in his eyes always made me cringe. He eventually blinked and turned around, hearing him letting out a heavy sigh as he thought for a moment, “Please..” I pleaded.

“You look like shit. Wipe those fucking tears off your face and bring her inside.. And stop crying, for fuck’s sake.. Pick up that mug and give me her bag,” he advised, quickly doing as he said and I gave him her bag and watched as he began walking back up the road towards his cabin.


I used the sleeves of my shirt to wipe away my tears, looking down at Jody and I carefully slipped one of my arms under her back and the other under the backs of her knees, picking her up within my arms and I held her close to me as I slowly followed my Uncle and brought her to his cabin. 

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Generation 4, Chapter 11, Pt 1/3

Attention: Briefly NSFW.



Springtime.. The first week of May, to be more accurate. Yesterday was the last day of class for everyone at the campus and summer break had officially started today. Jody had surprisingly kept to her word about keeping her distance from me until the end of the school year, but today I woke up nervous, knowing that she’d call me today since our time apart had came to an end and it was only a matter of time before she’d try to contact me. Lucky for me, I remembered to turn off my phone last night before going to bed so any of her calls or texts this morning wouldn’t wake either Isaiah or I. I felt a little bad about still trying to keep Jody a secret from him even though he knew about her, but I just didn’t want to burden him.


Isaiah and I have been doing amazing. His bar was doing well, bringing in more and more money each month and we bought our own condo together a few weeks ago. Well, more like he bought the condo, I just kind of tagged along.. He asked if I wanted to live together and I agreed, even offering to move into his old place with him so he could save his money, but he insisted that we get something together, something new and a little bigger than what he had. I felt guilty that he had spent so much money for us, but I guess it wasn’t too bad since he’d make the money back whenever he sold the old condo. He told me he’s been wanting a bigger place, anyways, but I think he was just saying that so I’d feel better about him paying for it.


We chose a two-level condo closer to the center of town that resided over a coffee shop and every morning I would get up before Isaiah, throw on some clothes and go downstairs to get coffee for the both of us. I had become such a regular customer that the barista’s knew exactly who I was and what two kinds of coffee I always got, making the brews fresh without me even needing to tell them my order and just seeing my face walk through the doors told them exactly what I wanted.


I wasn’t much of a decorator, I mostly let Isaiah do what he wanted with the whole place, but he coaxed me into doing the hallway when you first enter, as well as the living room to the left of that hallway. Every other room I let him do whatever he wanted, I was just happy to be living with him and getting the chance to see him whenever I got home from school or whenever he got home from work. It took some getting used to, but moving in together really gave us a chance to get a lot closer to one another and I was happy where I was at with my life. Well, I guess it wasn’t too hard to get used to, seeing as I slept over at his old place a lot before officially moving in together.. I was still deciding what to do about my Residency, too, starting in late August, but I wasn’t going to think about that too much today.


After putting Isaiah’s coffee down onto the nightstand next to his side of the bed, I went to the balcony outside of our bedroom, basking in the perfect weather to drink coffee to in the morning. The sun was bright, but it hadn’t hit the balcony yet, my eyes going from the clear sky to the small courtyard below where people drank coffee and ate their breakfast pastries before going to class or going to work, or even just enjoying the morning on a day off. A blonde woman in a sundress and sunhat sat at one of the tables I could see best, watching her read to herself with her coffee and pastry sitting upon her table and I’m sure she was enjoying today just as much as I was.


I shut my eyes as I enjoyed the outside, smelling the air that came up from below me and the scent of fresh pastries and ground coffee beans filled my nose and it all made me feel a little euphoric every time I inhaled. I had never mentioned this to Isaiah when we were first looking at the condo with the Realtor, but once I could smell the scent of sweet pastries hit me when I opened the door to the balcony, I was sold on it. The smell brought me back to when I was a little boy, always smelling the sweet delights within my mother’s bakery and I never got tired of the wholesome, sugary scent. Maybe that was the reason for my new fixation with coffee and loving to stand on the balcony every morning drinking it, as well as drinking in the smell of cinnamon buns, croissants and fresh pies being baked directly below me. 


I heard the door to the balcony being opened and I knew Isaiah was coming out to join me, hearing his footsteps and feeling his hands gently wrapping around my waist from behind, “Good morning,” he spoke softly against my neck and I could feel the hair at my nape standing on end. 

“Morning..” I replied.

I’ll never get tired of waking up to the smell of coffee and seeing you out here on the balcony every morning,” he continued with the same soft tone and a smile ran across my lips as he held me, “Though one of these mornings I’d like to wake up with you still in bed,” he somewhat joked.

“I’m a light sleeper.. Once the sun starts coming out, it lights up the room and wakes me up, so I can’t sleep anymore,” I pointed out.

“Then we should get thicker curtains,” he added and I chuckled softly, turning around within his grasp and facing him.


Isaiah slowly leaned in, kissing my lips for a long moment before pulling away and I knew the look in his eyes, squinting mine suspiciously towards him.

“..What?” I asked and he grinned.

“Nothing.. I’m just wondering if it’s wrong of me to ask for morning sex on the balcony..?” He questioned innocently and I felt my face get warm. 


“It’s broad daylight and there’s people outside down there,” I pointed out in a shy manner, but that only seemed to get him to retract half of his statement and I watched as he reached for my cup, taking it out of my hand.

“Fine, then come back to bed.. Let your coffee get cold,” he implied, setting down my coffee on the railing and I couldn’t help but smile more, feeling him then pulling me eagerly back inside to our bedroom.


We kissed passionately as he undressed me and soon fell onto our bed, Isaiah climbing over me and I adored every length he went to to make me feel comfortable with him every single time. Our first time was when we had first moved in together and as much as that took some getting used to as well as getting used to living together, it soon became an almost-every-day activity, or whenever we had time. But, with it now being summer break for me with classes, we had all morning and all afternoon together before he would leave to open the bar and we practically jumped at each chance we got to spend time together in bed.


I knew this wasn’t like me, I knew I had moved fast with Isaiah, but I was okay with it.. I wasn’t forced into anything, I chose to do everything that I’ve done with him and he still has never pressured me in any of my decisions. I knew I was different and had changed, but I also knew it was a good thing and I never ignored an opportunity that I felt would only make things better for me.. For us.. In the short morning I had been awake, it had only gotten gradually better with the help of my coffee, the smell of the cafe, the pleasure from Isaiah.. I grew less anxious, less worried and way less tense as I basked in what I had and I learned to let myself get lost in moments like this.. To enjoy them to the fullest extent and Isaiah always helped clear my head whenever I felt like that without him ever even needing to know I was troubled. It felt a little less like lying, at least I didn’t think I was, it felt more like just withholding information that I didn’t want him to worry about.


After we had forgotten the world around us for a long while, we stayed in bed for a good portion of the morning, relaxing together and we talked about what the day ahead of us held.

“When are James and Katalina coming over?” Isaiah wondered.

“Around two.”

“I have someone coming to see my old place around two-thirty, so I have at least fifteen minutes to hang out before I need to leave, show them the condo, and be on time to open the bar by three,” he answered and I smiled.

“Great, hopefully you can get an offer today,” I hesitated a moment before continuing, “I hope you and Kat get along, too.. She’s hard to deal with at first and I’m sure she’s going to ask you a million questions before you leave, but just bare with it.. If it’s too much and you want to leave earlier than you need to, I’ll understand.. I can cover for you,” I somewhat joked and he laughed softly.

“No need.. I’ll just put on my charm and answer every question she has,” he replied simply and I liked the attitude he had towards meeting someone as difficult as Kat.. He was right though, his charm alone is what drew me to him in the first place, I didn’t see how anyone wouldn’t be able to like him.


I had told James about Isaiah a few weeks before we had moved in together and he was a little shocked at first, but he got used to the idea and even rejoiced in the fact that I had found someone I could get this close with despite my circumstances with Jody. Isaiah and James had already met once before without Kat, but I knew he would understand and be more accepting than she would at first and they actually hit it off right away.. James was everything I could wish for in a best friend and he was excited to come over to see our place for the first time, but I wasn’t quite sure how Kat would react.. Ever since New Year’s, leaving Kat and James alone together to spend the night with Isaiah paid off and that night James had finally told Kat how he felt about her. They’ve been dating ever since and I was incredibly happy for them, but now that they were a lot closer, I admitted that I took advantage of that fact..


I asked James to tell Kat about Isaiah for me before she came over.. I knew he would be able to convince her to he nice, maybe even convince her to be open minded for once before she arrived and met the man I was dating and although I was nervous about them coming over, I had faith in James and I knew he would properly prep Kat for this introduction I knew would be awkward.. James, however, understood why I was reluctant to tell Kat and he told me he would try his best to keep her from being rude if she ever felt the need to be.. But, I still couldn’t help but feel nervous, even with James’ help.


Isaiah’s POV



Two o-clock came faster than we thought and Oliver and I waited in the hallway together, watching him pace around anxiously as I sat within the small couch.

“Relax, Oliver, I’m sure it’s going to be fine.. From what you’ve told me, I know exactly how to handle her potential criticism.. I’ve dealt with criticism ever since I came out, so I’m ready.. Stop being so nervous,” I tried to calm him down, but it didn’t seem to be much help.

“You don’t know her.. You only know what I’ve told you, but she’s completely different in person.. She’s exactly like my Uncle and.. It’s just.. I don’t know.. That’s not really a good thing.. And I just can’t help it, I’m sorry..” He stressed.


“Hey,” I called out, but he continued pacing, “Oliver!” I called out louder and he stopped, looking towards me and I smirked slightly as I motioned with my fingers for him to come towards me, “Come here.”


Oliver slowly stepped up to me, standing between my knees and I slid my hands up to his hips, holding him gingerly as he panicked a little, “It’s going to be fine,” I expressed soothingly as he looked down at me, “She’s going to love me.. Every question she has, I’ll answer with complete honesty and if she doesn’t like it, then we can talk about it roughly in bed later when I get home, so either way, tonight is going to end good,” I implied flirtatiously and I noticed him smile shyly, “So.. Stop being so nervous..” I repeated again and he nodded, watching him take a gentle, deep breath and I could tell he was finally beginning to loosen up a little.


Was it wrong of me to love how nervous he was? He was so cute as I watched him pace around the condo, but once he felt my hands upon him and I had tried to talk him down from being anxious, he seemed better.. At least a little bit. I had heard a lot about his cousin Katalina from Oliver himself, but I still had yet to meet her and as much as I was a little reluctant to introduce myself solely based on how he portrayed her being difficult, I knew I could persuade her into accepting me as part of his life.


After a few more minutes, the clock reading just passed two, there was a knock on our door and I kept the optimistic grin on my lips as he nervously approached the door and opened it for his family. From what I had gathered about him and from what little he talked about with me, I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to meet his Uncle and I knew for a fact I’d never meet his parents, so his cousin and his best friend were his only family in my eyes. I had seen his beautiful sister, Camilla, in my bar before and she was nothing but nice to me as far as letting Oliver and I get closer.. I had never formally met her, but, the fact that Oliver had felt strong enough to introduce me to what family he did have meant more than I could express and I was actually excited to put forth a good impression towards his cousin.


I stood from the small sofa in the hallway and let my hands slide over my outfit, making sure it laid correctly so I appeared acceptable and I watched the door reveal who stood behind it.

James came in first with all smiles as he greeted Oliver, “Hey! This place is great! It’s right over a cafe, I can smell the croissants from here,” he expressed happily and he then noticed me after he had greeted Oliver, “Hey, great to see you again,” he expressed and I nodded in agreement as his stuck out his hand for me to shake and I obliged respectively. 


“Likewise, my friend. Glad you could come,” I replied and I looked passed James to see a gorgeous blonde woman following him inside, “Wow.. Good job, Jimmy..” I complimented and James couldn’t help but smile uncontrollably. 

“Tell me about it..” He joked to me quietly and I chuckled as I approached whom I could assume was Katalina.


Oliver shut the door behind her and I watched as his blue eyes met mine, telling me without words that he was crossing his fingers and I smiled at him as I then approached his cousin. Katalina looked around the condo at first, her vibrant green eyes then looking to me and she still had yet to put even a slight smirk on her lips. She wore a beautiful dress that complimented her body in all the right ways, though a little too revealing for my taste, knowing she was a woman with high standards, seemingly to me the type of girl who always wants to ‘dress to impress’, as well as a sense of egotistical grace in her judgmental stare, yet I knew exactly how to treat her.

“This is Isaiah..” Oliver introduced me and I picked up her hand, kissing the top of it and she seemed rather baffled at how I had already treated her.

“The pleasure is completely mine, I’m sure.. You are absolutely stunning, Katalina, it’s great to meet you finally,” I complimented and already she seemed a little swayed by me, yet I could still feel the vibe from her that she wasn’t one hundred percent sold. 


“It’s nice to meet you, as well,” she expressed, though I could see her unimpressed green eyes looking to James that stood behind me as if saying ‘now what?’, but I helped in deciding that for her. 


“Oliver, why don’t you show James around the place? I’m sure he’d love to see it,” I expressed and I could tell just by the expression Oliver gave me that he knew Katalina was in good hands, watching as he nodded and the two of them walked more into the condo towards the living room as Kat and I stayed within the opening hallway, “Can I get you anything? Water, juice, wine, beer?” I asked and she smirked only slightly, but I caught on to it as hard as she tried to hide it.

“James told me you were a bartender, but I never expected you to be doing your job at home,” she replied and I chuckled softly.

“I only wait on people outside of my job that I desperately want to impress, so you should take up my offer while I’m off the clock,” I replied and I watched her grin a little more.

“Wine suits me just fine,” she replied and I nodded, motioning her towards the kitchen and she followed me.


I pulled out my most expensive wine from our hanging rack and as I uncorked it, Katalina spoke softly behind me as I poured her a glass, “So.. You and Oliver are together, huh?” She questioned and I smirked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied simply.

“Are you in love with him?” She asked next and I stood there for a moment, but I then continued on and corked the bottle, placing it back within the rack and I turned towards her, handing Katalina her drink and she took it with a skeptical expression.


“I am,” I answered, watching her take a sip of her wine and smirk, thinking that she liked my answer, but I was far from correct.

“Doesn’t quite answer my question,” she continued, her expression then falling into a bored and unimpressed way and I grew nervous for the first time tonight, “You can give me a better answer than that, can’t you?” She wondered. I knew now that my charm wasn’t going to suffice when it came to Katalina, she was much more difficult to please, but I would still make an effort to try and persuade her the best I could. 

“Yes, I love him.. He’s my everything, he has been since I met him and I can’t fully express into words how much he means to me. I actually told him on New Year’s Eve that I loved him.. Still do, always will, and if he was by my side for the rest of my life, I’d be perfectly fine with that,” I continued and her expression slowly grew less intimidating, “Now, have I answered your question good enough?” I asked and she smiled genuinely for the first time.

“You have. Thank you for being so specific,” she replied and I bowed my head just slightly towards her as to say ‘you’re welcome’.


I watched her step closer to me, setting her glass down on the counter and the expression she gave me still made it seem as if she wasn’t done with me yet, “So.. How do you feel about Oliver having a baby with someone else?” She asked and my expression went a little reluctant towards the subject, “He has told you about that, yes?” She asked.

“Yeah.. He has. I’m letting him deal with it however he wants to and whether he decides if he wants it or not, I’m going to support whatever he chooses,” I answered and she seemed pleased enough.

“So, if he ends up wanting the baby, sharing custody, or whatever the case, you’ll help him raise it?” She questioned next and I nodded.

“Yes, ma’am,” I confirmed.


“Would you marry him?”

“I’d love nothing more.”

“Then why haven’t you?”

“I don’t think Oliver’s quite ready for that..”

“Do you want kids, perhaps a little later on down the road with him?” She questioned next and I chuckled softly.

“I still have yet to discuss that with him, but.. I don’t see why not,” I replied and her expression seemed as if she was out of questions to ask me.


“Have I met your expectations?”

“You pass.. I’m sure this goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyways just to be clear. I love Oliver, he’s my family and if you ever hurt him, I’ll cut you open in your sleep and use your intestines for garland over my fireplace,” she spoke with determination and a rather unpleasant look in her eyes. I definitely knew she wasn’t joking..

“You don’t have a fireplace,” I attempted to joke and she stepped up closer towards me, my smirk leaving my lips quickly.

“I’ll install one just for that occasion,” she threatened and I swallowed roughly, regaining a little of my composure and I nodded.

“Point taken,” I replied and she seemed pleased with how our first meeting went. Katalina had proved to be an intimidating, powerful young woman and although I didn’t spook easily, she actually made me a little nervous. Oliver was right, she was difficult to deal with, but now that we had gotten passed the hard part, I felt it was nothing but smooth sailing from here on out. 


Oliver’s POV



After I had shown James around the condo, we ended up coming back downstairs and I noticed Isaiah and Kat walking out from the kitchen, assuming they were done talking and I looked to Isaiah anxiously, though I was glad to see that he seemed happy. 

“Well..?” I wondered and Isaiah smiled.

“I got the stamp of approval,” he replied and I let out a relieved sigh, happy now that both James and Kat liked Isaiah, I wish I could stay longer, but sadly, I need to leave and go show someone around my old place, as well as get to the bar by three, so..” Isaiah continued.

“Well, it was great meeting you,” Kat began and Isaiah smiled.

“Likewise, my dear,” he replied, Kat and James then left the hallway to give Isaiah and I some privacy.


I stepped up to Isaiah after James and Kat had gone into the living room and he still seemed happy, “So..? What kind of questions did she ask you? I hope nothing too personal..” I asked with worry and he shook his head.

“Nothing bad, she just pretty much asked how serious I was about you, then threatened me if I ever hurt you.. Typical protective behavior from a family member, nothing I can’t handle,” he assured me, feeling his arms slowly wrap around my waist, “I gotta go, though.. Have fun with them tonight, I should be home around nine-thirty or so. I love you,” he added and I smiled, feeling him then pull me closer and he kissed me for a long moment before pulling away and leaving.


Even after all that we’ve been through, I still had never repeated those three words back to him.. I do love him, more than I could ever show, yet I had no idea why I hadn’t said it yet. Maybe I was waiting for the right time, or maybe I was just scared to because once I say it, I can’t ever take it back, but why would I want to do such a thing, anyways? I knew that just before he left, if I had said it then, it wouldn’t mean much and I would most likely completely blindside him, so maybe I really was just waiting for the right moment.. Whenever I got around to doing it, I wanted it to be special and I wanted him to be home and done with work for the day, not right before he left to go somewhere when we wouldn’t see one another for hours.. After I would say it, I’d want to spend the rest of the night in bed with him, maybe I even wanted a little liquid courage in me first, too, just to calm my nerves.. But, either way, it wasn’t the right time yet.


I eventually walked out of the hallway and into the living room to see Kat standing and James sitting on the couch in front of the television, noticing Kat look at me first, “He’s handsome, he’s very sweet, too, I can see why you like him… He seems pretty serious about you,” Kat began and I was glad that she was already complimenting Isaiah.

“He really is great.. I’m glad you both like him,” I replied.

“See? I knew you would,” James pointed out to Kat and I kept my smile as I watched her roll her eyes.


“So,” Kat began again, “What’s the whole situation with Jody if you and Isaiah are together?” She brought up and I grew a little nervous, “Since I haven’t been able to talk to you and all the information I’ve been getting is from James, I want to hear what you have to say about it.. How did she take it?” She wondered and I sighed.

“She didn’t..” I replied quietly.

“As in.. You haven’t told her?” Kat asked and I nodded, “Oliver.. To this day, she still thinks you two are as good as can be,” Kat pointed out and James spoke before I could.


“Because she’s fuckin’ psychotic..” He said under his breath, though both Kat and I heard it.

“What?” Kat demanded and James acted as if he hadn’t said anything.

“N-Nothing..” James replied and I watched as he gave me an expression that told me he was nervous for me.


I looked to Kat who now faced me, wanting answers, “She doesn’t know because I haven’t told her.. I feel like she would try to ruin whatever Isaiah and I have so I haven’t said anything..”

“Why the hell would she do that? I’m sure she would understand just fine,” Kat argued a little.

“Kat, she’s obsessed with me.. She has been ever since we met and I’ve told her many times already to leave me the hell alone, that I don’t want anything to do with her, but she won’t stop..” I replied.

“Wow, I wonder why, Oliver..” Kat answered sarcastically, “Maybe it’s because she’s carrying your fucking child?”


“All I wanted was for you to meet Isaiah, to spend time with you two and I wanted tonight to go well, I don’t want to argue about any of this.. It’s no one else’s business but mine, so just back off, all right?” I expressed, turning around and walking towards the kitchen, “I’ll get you two a drink..” I continued, leaving the living room and walking into the kitchen alone. While I stood by the counters, trying to calm down my slight anger towards Kat, I could hear them both harshly whispering in the living room, arguing without me, probably about me, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I knew James was on my side solely because he knew everything about Jody and I’s situation, but I didn’t want to tell Kat in fear that she would overreact or baby me more than she already does. As much as I wouldn’t mind if Kat told Jody off or even beat the shit out of her for what she had done to me, knowing she would if Jody wasn’t pregnant, I wanted to keep Kat away from Jody in fear that she might convince Kat otherwise on what actually happened.. I couldn’t have anyone close to me be on her side through any of this. 


I poured a fresh glass of wine for Kat and grabbed a beer from the fridge, going back towards the living room and I noticed their whispering had finally come to a stop when I came back. I handed them their drinks and James seemed to hold a remorseful expression while Kat stared at me as I stood in front of them.

“..What is it, Kat?” I finally asked, noticing she was dying to say something and I knew this argument wasn’t going to be over with until she was done with it. 

“Can I please just say one thing before you blow me off like that and we never talk about this again? I barely know anything about this situation and I’m tired of being out of the loop, I want to try and understand all of this, Oliver..” She replied.

“Fine.. Just make it quick,” I answered.


“What about Jody? Does she have absolutely no say in this? Why did you leave her? You two are having a child together and the first thing you do is leave her side when she needs you now more than ever..? For what, Isaiah..? Did he convince you to do all of this or something?”

“No, of course not!” I got angry right away from her questions, knowing that she didn’t want to put the blame on me and the next person to blame was Isaiah who she knew nothing about.

“Kat, come on..” James tried to butt in, too.

“What? I’m just trying to understand.. I feel like I barely know you anymore! And you haven’t exactly made the best decisions in your life, you usually need help, so I’m just asking if you think you’re doing the right thing by leaving the girl you impregnated for some guy that you just met,” she continued and her words only made me angrier.


“Just met..?” I repeated with frustration, “And what the hell say in it do you have, Kat? You said that you feel like you barely know me anymore, but did you ever stop and think that maybe I’ve changed? Maybe even for the better? Maybe even the fact that Isaiah has helped me be able to do that? He’s not brainwashing me or anything, so don’t you dare put any of this on him, because that’s not how it is!” I argued back.

“What the fuck are you going to do about Jody? She’s due in two months, how is that going to work out when you’re living with someone else?”

“I don’t give a shit what Jody wants, she forced me into this situation and there was nothing I could do about it. She’s two-faced, Kat! Why do you think I’ve been avoiding her practically since the day we met? I don’t want to be with her, but she’s psychotic and won’t let me go, even after all of this time, and-”

“How could you blame her?! She’s carrying your child!”

“It’s more complicated than that! Why can’t you just be happy for me instead of jumping down my fucking throat about every little thing that I do that you don’t approve of? How many times do I have to tell you that your not my mother, so stop acting like it?!” I yelled back and Kat held her tongue for a moment. I could tell James didn’t want to be in the room with us arguing, but I knew he was only staying so it didn’t get too out of hand.


“For once, why can’t you just be on my side?” I asked and Kat didn’t say anything, “You know what..? Maybe it’s a good thing that I moved out.. I won’t have to deal with you anymore and you won’t feel like you have to baby me every Goddamn second of the day.. How about you just let me worry about my life and you can just get on with yours? I invited you guys over to show you where I’m choosing to take my life and who I’m choosing to spend it with, why can’t you accept it?”

“I just..” She began, but stopped, bowing her head more and I heard her let out a heavy sigh, “I’ve just felt.. I don’t know.. Responsible for you. I consider myself an older sister to you and I’ve been watching out for you all of our lives. I just don’t want you to not be happy, I don’t ever want you to go through what we had to when we were little and I want you to do better for your child than both our Dad’s did. I want you to have a good education, get a good career, have a stable life for your kid to be raised around, and-”

“And you don’t think I can do that with Isaiah?”

“I’m just saying I think it might be hard on the child.”

“Well, I don’t want joint custody or whatever.. She can have it, so why does it matter so much to you..?”


“It?” She asked with slight anger, “You’re just calling the baby an it? A baby isn’t just some object you can dump on someone and have it sit in their living room gathering dust until you decide one day you might want it back. What are you going to do if you ever change your mind? Do you really think Jody would be open to that when you pretty much have told her to fuck off already?”

“I don’t think that my decision will change..”

“But you don’t know that.. What if Isaiah, even down the road, would want to be involved in some way with the child of his.. Partner..?”

“I don’t think he would unless would.. It’s not his responsibility to worry about it, nor is it yours, it’s mine,” I replied.


“Exactly.. It’s your responsibility.. What are you going to tell them when they’re eleven, or sixteen, whenever they might want to know who you are? Are you going to tell them that you didn’t want them?” She asked, her eyes reading as if she was completely shocked by my behavior, “Whenever they show up on your doorstep, are you going to tell them to leave? If you ever found your dad again, would you want to hear that come from his mouth?” She continued and all of her questions hit me harder than I had thought.. I never even thought about the possibilities in the future of what could happen..


I looked to James and I knew he was more uncomfortable than ever, not looking at either of us and I shied my eyes away towards the ground, “My dad wanted me, this is entirely different..”

“Is it?” She challenged, “Because, from the way I see it.. Your dad left when you were still in grade school, but you’re leaving your child before it’s even born.. What’s worse, Oliver..?” She asked and I didn’t have an answer for her. “What if.. One day, you and Isaiah want a child together, and what if you two decide to have one? Then, later on, your child with Jody wants to get to know their father, so they go in search for him and they come across a happy family with a child of their own. How do you think that’s going to make them feel, seeing their father so happy with someone else that isn’t their mother, happy with a child that isn’t them? Did you ever even think of that..?” Kat continued and every question she was asking was impossible to avoid thinking about.


I hated to admit it, but she was right.. This whole time I’ve been so focused on trying to find happiness for myself that I wasn’t even thinking of Jody and the fact that she was pregnant.. With my baby.. My responsibility.. I wouldn’t say that I was totally convinced just by what she had said, but I knew now that I had a lot more thinking to do, as well as a lot of things to discuss with Isaiah. I even wondered what my parents would say in this situation I’ve put myself in and I wouldn’t think that abandoning my child, no matter how much I hated the mother, would go well with them.. I guess it wasn’t the kids fault that they’re being forced into a situation like this, but.. That’s just it. Why would I force them into something? Jody was the forceful one, Jody was the one that wanted this type of leverage over me, but I didn’t want to juggle around a child like that.. An innocent child.. I realized that by wanting nothing to do with it’s future, I was already determining their future for myself, and I wasn’t that selfish of a person.. Was I?


“Just think about it, okay..? I know it might seem to you like I’m just nagging or I’m parenting you or whatever, but I hope you can see why I do this for you. I’m not trying to run your life and I’m not trying to ruin it, either, I’m only looking out for you, and just by the look on your face right now, you haven’t thought about any of what I had said yourself before today, have you?” She asked and I shook my head.

“No..” I admitted.

“Oliver..” She said to get my attention and I looked up to her, “I like Isaiah, okay? Hearing you defend him right off the bat tells me that you care about him deeply and I understand that. I’m sorry if I hit the wrong button with what I had said before, but I wanted to make sure that you felt strongly about the decision you had made.. Promise me, though, that you’ll think about the baby more. I don’t care if you still want nothing to do with Jody, but just be a good dad to your child, okay? Be a better dad than what we had,” she encouraged.

“All right.. I’ll think about it more,” I replied and she gave me a smile as if she was proud of me.


“So.. Is the arguing all over and done with?” James wondered and both Kat and I looked towards him.

“Yeah, I think we’re all good now,” Kat answered and James let out a relieved sigh.

“Thank God. Let’s forget about all of this for now and start having fun. We still have to celebrate you moving out and into your own place,” he pointed out, watching him stand with us, “I know we didn’t get you a housewarming gift, but our magnificent presence will have to make due for now,” James joked and I couldn’t help but chuckle, “Anyways, congrats on your new home and I wish Isaiah was here to celebrate with us,” he continued, watching as Kat nodded in agreement to James’ statement.

“Thanks, guys,” I replied genuinely.


James and Kat had dinner with me and after that, we watched a few different shows together on the television, but they left a little after eight and called themselves a cab home. I was left alone to clean up, clearing away the empty beer bottles and tossing them all in the recycling, then cleaning up after dinner and tossing out the bottle of wine that Kat had drank herself. Overall, it was a pretty successful night and I was happy with how it had turned out, even after getting into a heated argument with Kat..


But, she opened my eyes to a lot of things I had never even considered before.. After hearing what she had to say about my baby, I had to admit that she got me wanting to be in the baby’s life more than I had planned to be, or rather, planned to not be.. I already didn’t consider the baby an ‘it’ anymore and even without talking about the baby with Isaiah, I kind of wanted to at least meet him or her when they’re born.. I wondered, too, if Jody would share custody with me..? However, knowing her, it was going to take a lot of persuading to make her reach that type of agreement with me and I wasn’t sure if I would be up for whatever she wanted in return.


I walked out of the kitchen when I was done cleaning and walked through the living room, going out onto the balcony and relaxing in the warm, late-spring air and I could still smell the last batch of baked goods being made below me in the coffee shop before it closed. I anxiously waited for Isaiah to get home, knowing he wouldn’t be home for another hour or so, but I still always looked forward to seeing him again. I even planned on perhaps talking with him about my baby with Jody, hoping that he would be okay with me trying to put forth the effort in raising it now that Kat had persuaded me a little.. 


The more I thought about it, the more I then began to wonder if Isaiah even wanted children.. Would he be open to helping me raise my child with me? Would he want more with me eventually if things between us got more serious? I also had to ask myself those same questions, too.. Would want more after I would try to raise the one I was having with Jody, or would it make me want the exact opposite..? I guess I’d have to wait and see before I could answer that question.


I put those thoughts on the back-burner for now, my mind going blank and I looked around below me, still seeing the small courtyard lit and there were a few customers from the coffee shop sitting at the tables. My eyes then went to a woman sitting closest to my view, but my brows furrowed a little when I had noticed it was the same woman from this morning, wearing a sundress and sunhat, a book on the table, no coffee or pastry like she had this morning, but just sitting. 

“What the hell..?” I asked myself in a calm whisper.. Had she really been sitting there all day long..?


My eyes then widened suddenly, looking at her golden hair and now that I could see clearer from this balcony instead of the one from our bedroom, I noticed she was pregnant and my heart sank abruptly. 



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