Generation 4, Chapter 16


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My eyelids slowly lifted, blinking a couple of times to focus my vision and I noticed I was still at my uncle’s cabin, lying on the couch as I looked up at the ceiling. I couldn’t move just yet, feeling my phone buzz in my pocket and I knew from how the buzz felt that I had missed calls and text messages waiting to be read, more than likely from Isaiah, but I didn’t bother looking at them quite yet. I had a headache that seemed as if it wasn’t ever going to go away, picking up my arms slowly and I looked at my hands, noticing they were clean with no traces of blood and I looked down at myself, noticing I was wearing a clean shirt, too.. Why was I able to handle seeing blood so well last night? What had come over me? What happened last night wasn’t just a dream, or rather, a nightmare, was it? 


I heard soft, gentle cooing of an infant and I sat up quickly, looking around towards the kitchen and I saw my Aunt Nina holding a baby, knowing now that last night wasn’t a nightmare anymore. I didn’t remember much, but I remember enough to the point where it made my stomach turn and I still had a hard time convincing myself that whatever I remembered actually happened, but for now, I’ll try to ignore it. I smiled as I looked at my son in her arms, seeing Aunt Nina then look towards me and she smiled when she saw that I was awake.


“Hey, you’re finally up,” she pointed out.

“What time is it?” I asked with a groggy tone.

“Almost six.”

“In the evening?

“Yeah, you’ve been out cold since last night.. You must’ve been really exhausted,” she replied and I sighed heavily.. Shit.. I knew Isaiah was probably worried about me, or at least wondering where the hell I was and wanting to know when I’d be home.. I need to call him and let him know I’m okay and that I’ll be coming home tonight, like I had promised him.


I slowly brought my feet off the couch and placed them on the ground, taking my time as I sat up and I could feel how sore and exhausted I still was from last night, still trying to completely grasp what had happened, all the while wanting to completely forget about it.. I eventually stood up and stepped over towards my aunt, noticing her keeping her smile as she watched me come closer and I gazed down at my son within her arms. 

“How is he?” I asked.

“Pretty perfect, actually.. Very healthy..” She replied and I was pleased to hear it, “It’s been a while, you’ve gotten quite handsome over the years,” she complimented and I smirked.

“Thanks,” I replied, “It’s good to see you again.”

“You, too,” she answered, my hand reaching up and I caressed my little boys face with the back of my index finger. He was so, so soft.


“Do you know what you want to name him?” My Aunt Nina wondered and I shook my head.

“No, haven’t given it much thought.. I didn’t know if it was going to be a boy or a girl, so I wanted to wait until they were born to try and decide on something.. I think I’ll wait and discuss it with my partner, I’m sure he’d like to help me think of something,” I replied and she smiled more with a nod.

“That’s nice of you, I’m sure he’d like that, too.. You’re uncle mentioned him briefly, how long have you two been together?”

“Uhm.. About seven months, I think.”

“Oh, so it’s still new and exciting, huh?” She questioned and I chuckled, nodding in response.

“Yeah.. Very exciting,” I replied, though my meaning of ‘excitement’ leaned a little more towards ‘hectic’ from what we’ve been through together.

“Well, you seem very happy.. This is actually the happiest I’ve seen you in a very long time,” she pointed out.

“Yeah.. It’s been hard and I’ve had a lot to deal with, so has he, but he’s helped me a lot.. I don’t know where I’d be without him,” I replied and she smiled warmly.


“Do you mind?” I asked, implying that I wanted to hold my little man and Aunt Nina nodded happily.

“Of course.. Congratulations, by the way,” she answered, handing me my son and this was the first time I was able to properly hold him in my arms. He was so small and fragile, as light as a feather, not to mention completely beautiful and I didn’t even want to blink so I could stare are him for as long as I wanted. I was finally a father, something that I hadn’t ever imagined would happen in all my life before I had met Isaiah.. It felt invigorating.


“Do you mind me asking how the mother is?” My aunt wondered and I froze for a moment.

“She, uhm.. Died.. During childbirth..” I replied, not knowing what else to tell her, let alone what my uncle had told her.. If he had told her anything, however, I automatically assumed he would say something similar, if not the same.

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that..” She replied with remorse and I nodded.. I guess my uncle didn’t really tell her anything at all about what happened..

“It’s all right, we were never really that close, or even on good terms..” I replied, hesitating a moment, “Are you staying here?” I asked my aunt, changing the subject and still looking at my son as I chatted with her.

“Yeah.. You’re uncle is going to go out and get a new bed so we can sleep tonight before the stores close and I brought plenty of things with me to care for your little one until you’re ready to bring him home. I already fed him, changed him.. He’s just been trying to nap now.. I promise while you’re gone that I won’t ever leave his side,” she answered and I looked up towards her, smiling appreciatively.


“I wish I didn’t have to go,” I answered, “Thank you for doing this, though, for watching over him for me.. I know we don’t see one another often and this is so out of the blue, but thank you for helping.”

“No thanks needed.. We’re family, Ollie, this is just what we do,” she replied and I nodded with a smile on my lips.

“So.. Are you and Uncle Gareth..? You know..” I implied, wanting to know if she still held a grudge against him for what happened between him and my mother, and it was the first time I had seen my aunt without a smile on her lips ever since I had woken up, though her cheeks turned a gentle pink, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry..”

“It’s all right.. And I never really know what we are, so it’s hard to say,” she answered.

“Do you still love him?” I asked and she giggled softly.

“Well.. I guess I always will.. He gave me my beautiful Katalina, after all.. How could I not just for that one reason?” She asked rhetorically and I smiled, “I doubt we’ll ever be together again, but he’ll always have a place in my heart,” she continued, “Do you love the one your with?” She asked in return. 

“Yeah, he means everything to me.. And now, so does this one,” I replied, looking down at my little boy and watching him sleep in my arms, Speaking of, I should probably call him.. He’s probably wondering where I am,” I continued, stepping closer to my aunt and she took my son from me.


“We’ll give you some privacy. Me and the little one will be outside with the others by the bonfire,” she answered and I raised my brow.

“Others?” I questioned and she simply nodded, not going into any more detail like I had expected her to and I watched as she went out the back door with my son.. I’ll just see for myself what she meant after I call Isaiah.


I removed my phone from my pocket, catching up on what I had missed and I noticed that Isaiah had called me twice, leaving me a text message, as well, asking when I would be home. I called him back, slowly pacing around the kitchen as it rang and he picked up only after a few moments.

“Hey, I tried calling a few times. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.. I’m sorry.. It was a long, exhausting night.. I actually woke up only a few minutes ago,” I replied.

“Oh, damn.. Well, it’s good that my light-sleeper got plenty of rest.. How’s your uncle?” He questioned and I smiled to his words.

“He’ll be fine.. How are you, though? Are you doing okay?”

“As good as I can be, been in bed all day.. Are you still coming home tonight? You promised me you would be,” he implied and I could tell from his tone that he was smiling on the other end, no doubt wanting to pick up where we had left off the last time we saw one another.

“I know, I know.. I’ll be home tonight, I’m still keeping my promise.. I just need to finish up a few things here. I’ll text you and let you know when I’m leaving.. I can’t wait to be back home with you,” I answered.

“I can’t wait, either. I’ll see you soon, then. I love you, Oliver.”

“I love you, too.. Bye,” I replied, hanging up and sliding my phone back into my pocket.


After my phone call, the bedroom door caught my eye, contemplating going over and looking inside, but I didn’t know if I should.. Would there still be blood all over the floor? Is the bed still struggling to soak up the amount of blood there was? ..Was Jody still in there? I had too many questions that I wanted answers to, my heart beginning to race a little as I stepped over towards the bedroom door and reached for the handle, turning the knob and slowly pushing it open. 


There was.. Nothing.. Nothing but the strong smell of cleaning products and my nose stung from how powerful it was. There wasn’t a single drop of blood on the floor, the bed was gone, Jody was gone.. It just looked like a normal, empty room that was missing its bed.. Had my uncle done all of this by himself? Surely he wouldn’t have made my Aunt Nina clean up anything in the bedroom, she’d ask too many questions, but he couldn’t have done this all by himself, especially with that bad knee of his.. Seeing the room like this gave me answers to the questions I had asked myself in the living room, but it also arose more questions now that I had seen it for myself.. What did he do with the bed..? And what did he do with Jody’s body?


I heard the back door open and close, then footsteps approaching the bedroom, knowing just by the sound of them that it was my uncle and I turned to face the door, “Hey, kid..”

“Hey..” I replied quietly, “What the hell happened last night?” I asked and he seemed confused.

“You don’t remember any of it?”

“No, no.. I mean.. I remember bits and pieces, or maybe I’m just blocking out what I don’t want to remember..” I replied, looking back towards the floor of the bedroom, “I killed Jody, didn’t I?” I asked and there was a long pause before my uncle answered.

“Yeah.. You did,” he confirmed and I shut my eyes, letting it sink in for a moment before reopening them and asking more questions. 


“And.. Where is she? ..Her body?”

“Ezra and I took care of it. You don’t need to know any more than that,” he answered and I understood. 

“The knife?”

“Disassembled and burning.”

“The bed?”

“Same.. Being burned outside.”

“What about the floor? How did you clean all of that up?”

“Ezra has his own concoction of cleaning shit that got rid of it.. But, I’m still going to have to replace the floorboards. He just cleaned it up for now so Nina wouldn’t freak out, but when she leaves, I’ll replace them and burn the old ones.. Ezra is going to take care of her car, as well, when he leaves. I had to burn my rug in the living room because of you, too.. I loved that thing,” he replied. He really did have an answer for everything, but there was one thing I still needed to know..


I looked back at my uncle once again, “What happened to my clothes? I.. I fainted after all of it, didn’t I? And how the hell do I not have a drop of blood on me anymore? You and Ezra didn’t bathe me, did you?” I asked and he chuckled.

“No, that wasn’t our doing..”


“After you had fainted, Ezra got here shortly after and he helped me bring you into the bathroom. We put you in the tub, needing to deal with everything else before dealing with you, so that’s what we did.


When Nina got here around two in the morning, I still had that room checked out at the motel I was staying at while you and the girl were here, so I told her to go there and take care of the baby until I said it was okay to come back.. I didn’t want the baby to be breathing in all the cleaning fumes, anyhow..


After she was gone, we got to work. We dealt with Jody first, or rather, Ezra did.. I’ll skip the details on that.. Then we took care of the rug in the living room, the bed, then the floor. It took us about eight hours to get everything cleaned up.. Burning everything and then getting rid of the car are the last steps.”


He had finished explaining, but he still left out how someone had bathed and changed me like my own infant son needed to be, “But.. That still doesn’t explain how I wound up like this,” I pointed out, seeing my uncle look to me and he smirked.

“Oh.. Must’ve forgot about that part,” he teased, knowing full well that he hadn’t forgotten about it like he claimed.

So?” I asked more in demand, “Why are you avoiding the subject?”

“I’m not really avoiding it, just wondering if I should tell you or not.”

“Why? ..Did I do something embarrassing while I was passed out?” I asked and he chuckled.


“Then tell me!” I demanded.


“It was your old man,” he finally answered and my eyes widened in surprise, “He showed up as we were cleaning the floor.. Had no idea he was coming.. While we cleaned up the house, he cleaned up you.. Must’ve sat next to you lying in that tub for hours, making sure not a single drop of red was on ‘ya.. Cleaned your hair, face, everything about you. Took a shirt of mine and changed you out of the bloody ones, then we brought you to the couch and he cleaned the bathroom.. Threw your clothes in the fire, too.. I was pretty surprised to see him, so was Ezra, though he hasn’t said all that much since he’s gotten here. He kind of just.. Showed up, and started cleaning you up like he was meant to be be here and be doin’ it the whole time.. Been pretty quiet, but I think it’s because he’s around me, and of course, the initial shock of seeing you all grown up and stuff,” he continued and I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking, nor the rest of my body.

“Is.. Is he still here?”

“Mm-hm.. He’s out back by the fire. I’m surprised he stayed this long, so you better get out there now if you wanna see him before he disappears again,” he answered.


I watched as my uncle stepped out of the way and at first, I took slow steps towards the door, leaving the bedroom and I then quickened my pace, going straight for the back door and I ran outside, clearing the stairs completely with one jump and when I got about more than half way towards the bonfire, I slowed my run to a sudden halt, seeing Aunt Nina standing in between two men with black hair, one paying attention to the fire as the other looked at my son as my aunt held him.


At first, I was confused, not recognizing either one of the men and assuming that my uncle had just played a trick on me.. But, when Aunt Nina looked up at me and smiled, I noticed the man standing in front of her look up to her face, growing curious as to what she was looking at and once he looked over his shoulder towards me, I thought my heart stopped beating when our eyes met. His hair was completely different, but his eyes were the same as when I had last saw him..


“Hey, Ollie,” my father said softly, his voice sounding of relief and content towards seeing me and I could feel water beginning to build in my eyes just from the sound of his voice..


I couldn’t even fathom how to describe how I felt, I couldn’t even move.. I could barely breathe.. I haven’t seen him or heard his voice in over a decade and a half and I was a stone statue with the act of shaking being my only sign of being alive.

“What are you waitin’ for, kid? Go on,” my uncle encouraged as he stood behind me on the deck. 


Eventually, as my father stared at me, I didn’t know what came over me and rage was the first thing I felt.. I knew my expression showed exactly what I was feeling and my father seemed to notice right away.


“Take him inside, Nina,” my father instructed, getting her and my son away from him and I assumed he knew what was about to happen. I had the immense urge to punch the shit out of him, and surprisingly, that’s exactly what I let my body do.


I started walking quickly, then running straight for my father within a second and I brought my fist back when I reached him, “You son of a bitch!” I yelled and I hit him so hard in the jaw that I was convinced I had fractured my hand, my knuckles instantly throbbing and watching as he took the hit without a struggle or even so much as putting up his hand to block my attack.. I watched as he fell onto the grass and his glasses flew off and through the air, my little boy crying and he was most likely woken up from my loud voice, hearing my aunt trying to calm him as she brought him inside.

“Oh, shit!” Ezra expressed the moment my father went down to the ground.


“Ollie!” I heard my Uncle Gareth call out, knowing he had been watching and I heard him and Ezra quickly run up behind me and they grabbed me tightly, holding me back as I stared at my father and I tried my hardest to get out of their grip so I could hit him more.

“Let me go! ..This..! This fucking bastard! He..! He left me!” I spoke angrily towards my uncle in a way to convince him that my punch was just and completely necessary, but I then spoke to my father as I continued to yell, “Let me beat the fucking shit out of you for leaving me and Camilla! What the fuck do you have to say for that, huh!?” I continued to yell as my uncle and Ezra managed to continue to hold me back and my father simply just stared at me, watching him wipe the back of his hand over his lip and he looked at the small amount of blood on his hand from the cut I had caused from my knuckles.

“Calm the fuck down!” My Uncle Gareth stressed as him and Ezra held me, and soon, I couldn’t contain the anger I felt and tears streamed down my face as I stared at my father on the ground, hating him as I looked at him, continuing to try and pull myself out of their grip.


“Let him go,” my father casually requested to my Uncle Gareth and Ezra.

“Are you serious?” Ezra wondered in a baffling tone.

“He’s pretty fucking pissed! You sure?” My uncle questioned with worry and I watched as my father nodded as he slowly stood to his feet and regained his composure, picking up his glasses and putting them back on his face.

“Just do it,” he confirmed and I was happy that they had let me go, running straight up to my father and gripping his black clothes.


“Who the fuck are you to show up now, of all times!? You’re a piece of shit for leaving me! ..For leaving Camilla! I don’t even fucking want you here, I’m better off without you, so why?! Why are you here!?” I yelled, continuing to hold his clothing tightly, yet my tears got the best of me. I stood there, crying hysterically as I held him while trying to be persuasive and intimidating, but once my father’s arms wrapped around me and pulled me against him, I felt myself collapsing into his chest, eventually resting my forehead against his shoulder.


Why are you here..” I expressed just above a whisper as my sobs continued.. I was lying. I wanted him here with me, I wanted him here fifteen years ago, but I had no idea why I said I didn’t.. I’m beyond frustrated, beyond angry with him, but most of all, I’m beyond happy that he was finally here with me and I was a complete wreck as he held me.. I eventually let go of the front of his clothes, bringing my arms out from between us and I wrapped them around him, gripping the back of his jacket as if I dare to let go, I’d fall straight of the Earth.


“He’s okay, just give us a minute,” my father expressed in a somewhat demanding manner towards my uncle and Ezra and without a word, they left us alone and I heard them go inside the house. 


I felt him hug me tighter, knowing he was holding me and giving me the time I needed to gather myself and I felt he knew how much time I needed.. He probably needed just as much time as I did.. I never thought I’d ever get to do this again and I didn’t want to let go, fearing that he’d be gone again the moment I would.

“Ahh, shit..” My dad expressed in defeat and I was surprised when I had heard my dad’s nose running and him sniffling softly, though he tried to hide his emotions from being so obvious. He didn’t know how obvious they truly were, and how much I loved hearing it.

“I’m sorry, Oliver.. I’m so sorry,” he finally apologized, something I had waited for for fifteen years, though never expected to get, “I know I can’t make it up to you.. I can’t give you back the years you had to spend without me and I can’t give you back the life you were supposed to have with me.. With your mother.. But, this is where you do everything better than me, you’re already such a bigger and better man than me. I know it seemed like you were out of options, but this is the one and only time you’re going to take a life.. That ends right here, right now, do you understand me? No matter what you did, I’m proud of you. I’m so proud of you, son,” he spoke quietly as his head rested against mine, his words like a beautiful symphony to my ears. Eventually, I was able to calm down my sobbing to the point where only my nose was running, but he still held me until I’d give him a sign that he could let go and I took that opportunity to hold on for as long as I wanted.


After a few long minutes, I was finally able to gather myself and we pulled away from one another, reaching up to wipe my tears away and dry my cheeks and I could barely make eye contact with him. It was almost too surreal, I still had a hard time believing it.. I was also a little embarrassed by how much I had cried.

“How did you know to come here?” I asked through my weathered tone, my view towards the ground, though I could feel him looking at me and it only made me not want to look up even more. 

“I know a lot about a lot of things.. Believe it or not, I’ve been keeping an eye on you, making sure you’ve been doing okay. I wasn’t around a lot when you were younger, I tried to stay as far away as I could in the beginning, but I managed to be able to get closer in the past couple years since the heat had died down on my case. With the help of your uncle, too, I’ve been pretty in tune with what you’ve been up to.. He’s told me all the details, I knew about the plan the day you brought her to the cabin.. I’ve been waiting for her to get what she deserved, though I hate that you were driven to do such a thing,” he explained and I finally looked up at him.


“You knew?” I asked and he nodded, “W-Why didn’t you show up sooner? I even asked Uncle Gareth if there was a way to get in touch with you that night and he said no!”

“Because he was right, there wasn’t any way. I called him after he had left the cabin and went to a motel a couple miles away.. And I didn’t show up sooner because I knew her brother was a problem for you and would be a problem later on.. Had I shown up any sooner at the cabin, I might’ve not been able to be at the bar the night Isaiah got jumped by him,” he answered and a sense of calm and gratitude rushed over me over everything else I was feeling.

“So, it was you that helped him..?” I asked with hope and he nodded, my tears instantly coming back and I rushed to wrap my arms around his neck, hearing him laugh softly as I did so.


“T-Thank you.. Thank you so much.. I-I.. I don’t know what I’d do without him..” I expressed, feeling a few tears falling down my cheeks and I really wished I was strong enough to keep my emotions in check, but with everything that’s happened in less than twenty four hours, I was a complete mess and everything seemed to be an emotional trigger, even the little things that didn’t matter.

“I know, I know..” He comforted, hugging me tightly in return, “He’s a good person, I can tell.”

“The best person,” I corrected him and I heard him hum a warm chuckle, “There’s so much I want to tell you about, so much I want to show you, but I feel like I’ll never get to,” I continued and I felt him let go of me. I let go of him, as well, and my view went down, but his hands came up and pulled my view up towards him, making me look at him.


“I already know so much, Oliver.. I know of Isaiah and I’ve met him.. Granted, in a bad circumstance, but I do know him.. I know you live happily together above a coffee shop, I know all about your schooling, and I even got to meet my grandson. Best of all, I finally got a chance to see you again and apologize, like I’ve been wanting to do this whole time.. You’ve already shown me so much without even knowing it, Oliver,” he answered and now the tears that formed in my eyes were happy ones, but I refused to let these ones fall.


“..I’m sorry for hitting you,” I apologized and he smiled, letting go of holding my head in place and I wiped away the new set of tears in my eyes before they fell.

“It’s all right. I knew it was coming.. I didn’t expect you to be able to hit that hard, though.. Almost had me seeing stars, son,” he joked and I laughed weakly, liking the word ‘son’ coming from his lips, “It was really great being able to see you again, Oliver.. You’ve grown up to be such a strong, passionate, humble young man and I’m so proud of you. You deserve nothing but the best in this world. You know that, don’t you?” He asked and it took me a moment to answer him, but eventually, I nodded as my view met the ground momentarily. 

“You’re leaving already, huh?” I asked, looking back up to him, “Even if you know everything already, I still want to talk.. I have so many questions, I still need to say so much and-”

“And I’m sorry, Oliver.. You and I both know how much you deserve answers to those questions, but now isn’t the time. It was worth staying here so long so I could hold my grandson, probably the only time I’ll ever get to hold any of your children.. And it was worth it so I could hold my own child again.. But, it’s safest for me to travel at night and I’ve been here for too long already..” He tried to persuade, but I hated his words.


“We’re out in the middle of nowhere! You can’t stay for just a few more days? Please, just stay.. My little boy is going to be here for a couple of days with Aunt Nina and Uncle Gareth, you can spend even more time with him.. I could come back with Isaiah, too, so you two can formally meet, and I know that he’ll want to thank you for what you did for him, as well.. Just stay,” I tried to convince him, trying to think of every excuse I could to get him to remain here a little bit longer, but I could tell by his expression that I wasn’t being very persuasive. 

“As much as I would love that, as much as I would love to spend more time with you and the family you’re making, I just can’t.. Me being here isn’t safe for anyone. If the cops ever knew I was here, any one of you could be charged with Harboring a Fugitive. I don’t give a shit about your uncle, but I can’t risk letting that happen to you or your aunt, even Isaiah, if you were to bring him here. I can’t let that happen to anyone.. I’ve done enough to this family already,” he replied and I hung my head, “You understand, don’t you?” He questioned and I nodded as I looked down at the grass. 


“Good.. You take care of yourself, Oliver, and you take good care of the family your making. Never let anything happen to them and never abandon then, you got it?” He asked next and I nodded, watching then as his hand came to my chin and he lifted it so I would look at him, “You got it?” He repeated.

“Yes, sir..” I replied, seeing him smile and he then pulled me into his arms, wrapping my arms around him, as well.

“I love you, Oliver. Always remember that, okay?” He said softly as he held me and I shut my eyes tightly, remembering him saying those exact words to me before he had left fifteen years ago and now he was doing it again..


“Am I going to have to wait another fifteen years before I see you again?” I asked, feeling my dad pull away from me and he looked at me with the same smile he had before he hugged me.

“I doubt it, but it won’t be anytime soon,” he answered and I nodded in understanding. 

“Call me from now on..”

“What do you mean?”

“You always call Uncle Gareth to check up on how I’m doing.. But.. Just call me directly from now on,” I requested and I watched him nod.

“I will.. I’ll call your uncle to see how everything’s doing in a few days, and I’ll get your number from him then,” he agreed and I smiled softly.


“Take care of yourself, son,” he bid me farewell, grabbing the back of my head and pulling my temple to his lips, kissing me softly before he stepped around me and began walking away.

“Yeah.. You, too, Dad,” I answered, looking over my shoulder and I watched him walk passed the house towards the front, keeping my eyes on him until I couldn’t see him anymore through the dark of the evening that crept over us as we were reunited, and now, separated once again.


I looked back towards the fire, taking a seat within the grass and I watched the flames that warmed my skin dance, calming me in an odd way and I started thinking about how I could ever have thought before that I had no one, that I was alone in the world, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I finally saw that now. My uncle, my aunt, Ezra, a guy that I barely knew, and my father.. They had all been here for me when I thought I had no one.. I really wasn’t alone. My aunt, whom I haven’t seen in so long, came without question to help me and my son.. The man named Ezra, who had known my family for years, probably even before I was born, came along to help, though I mostly believed he was just doing my uncle a favor and my uncle was cashing in.. My father, who had been watching over me ever since he left.. That meant more to me than anything, however, I felt like my uncle was the real hero in all of this. He’s been looking out for me ever since my father had left.. He’s done so, so much for me in the last few months, as well, I really owed him. Without him and his support, without his strength and his ability to keep me on track and focused, I’d have no idea where I’d be without him. Everything had been taken care of, everything had all worked out in the end, and I owed it all to him. 


I heard the back door of the house open, looking back over my shoulder and I saw my uncle coming back outside, standing to my feet as he approached, “You staying or leaving?” He asked, choosing not to even ask about where my dad was, but I assumed he knew he’d leave after speaking with me.

“Leaving.. I need to get home..”

“All right. What are you going to tell him about the little one?” He asked next, talking about Isaiah and I sighed softly.

“I don’t know yet..” I answered and I watched as my uncle thought for a moment.

“Well, I’ll figure something out as far as the documents you need to make sure he’s a citizen and all that, birth certificate and whatnot.. I think Ezra might know someone that can slip it into the database without being noticed.. In the mean time, while I’m getting that together, you should think of something to tell your partner.. Shouldn’t take me more than a couple days to get it all worked out,” he answered and I nodded.

“Well, what about the certificate? Wouldn’t my name on it as the father and Jody as the mother be suspicious?”

“I was thinking we’d put the baby in Nina’s name and then me as the father. After a little while, maybe a few years, we can have you sign some adoption papers, adopting the baby from us so then he officially becomes yours and you won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

“Wait, he’s going to be living here?”

“No, he’s going to be living with you and your partner. You’re his dad, dumbass, I’m not taking care of him for you. He’s just going to be listed as Nina and I’s son so it doesn’t arouse any suspicion towards your part, it’d be stupid to name you his father when Jody is now missing, it’s all a little too convenient, don’t you think?” He asked rhetorically and I nodded in understanding. 


“Hey, how about in a few days, you tell your partner that Jody went into labor and you want to be there when the baby is born. Make sure he doesn’t come with you. Then, just come here, stay the night, then take your son and bring him home the next day. We’ll say he died while giving birth, leaving you to be his guardian,” he suggested and that didn’t sound like a bad idea.

“Okay.. But, what about a birth certificate?”

“I’ll have a fake one drawn up for you to show him, but I’ll have the real one with mine and Nina’s name here. A few years from now, we’ll do the adoption paper process under the table so then he officially becomes yours without anyone asking any questions. That’ll be the last thing you lie to him about, I suppose. Just make sure you keep up with this secret and don’t ever let yourself slip up. I can help you with things like this, but I can’t help you with your relationship.. You need to make sure, on your own, that you don’t screw that one up,” he advised and I nodded.

“I understand..”


“Good. Well, Ezra is going to stay here, watch the fire and all and make sure everything is taken care of. Nina’s staying here, too, to look after your son, but I’m borrowing Ezra’s truck and going to get a new bed and stuff.. You leaving now?

“Yeah, I should..”

“Are you doing okay?” He asked, knowing now he was asking about how it went with my dad and I smiled softly.

“Yeah.. I’m good, actually,” I replied and he nodded.

“Good, good.. Congrats, by the way, if I didn’t say it already..” He continued and I nodded back in thank, “All right, well, see you in a few days, huh, kid?” He questioned with a smirk and I nodded again, keeping my soft smile and for the first time in my life, I actually felt like hugging my uncle, so I did.


“Thank you so much, for everything. I couldn’t have done any of this without you,” I replied and I felt him patting my back, knowing he was a little uncomfortable with me hugging him, seeing as we never have before, but I was glad that he let it happen.

“Not a problem, just don’t fuck it up, got it?” He asked and I nodded, pulling away from him and watching as he walked away and around the house towards the front like my father had done. 


After hearing Ezra’s truck start and seeing it pull down the road, my uncle leaving, I decided to go back inside and say goodbye to Nina and my son, walking back towards the house and going inside. I noticed Ezra standing in the kitchen, watching me come inside and I stepped up to him, “I know we never formally met, but, I’m Oliver,” I said, sticking out my hand for him to shake and he shook it happily.

“Nice meeting you, Oliver, and I’m sure you know by now that I’m Ezra,” he replied, removing our hands from one another’s and I nodded.

“Yeah. You’ve known my uncle and my dad for a long time, huh?”

“Yup, too long,” he joked and I chuckled.


“Well, thank you for everything. I just wanted to say that before I left.”

“You’re welcome, don’t worry about it.. I owed your uncle a few favors, anyways,” he replied and I nodded in understanding, “Well, I’m going to go watch the fire. Nice meeting you, Ollie.”

“Yeah, likewise,” I replied, watching as he left and I then looked over towards Nina still holding my son.


“Leaving already?” She asked and I nodded.

“Yeah, I need to get home to Isaiah before he starts to worry. Thank you again for watching him for a few days, I know it must be hard being around my uncle again, but thank you for putting up with him for me,” I replied and she smiled warmly.

“Well, it’s not all that bad,” she answered and I smirked, knowing she still loved my uncle and I was glad that they could be civil around one another when taking care of my son. 

I leaned down, kissing my son on his forehead for a long moment before pulling away, “I’ll see you in a few days, buddy,” I spoke softly, then looked up to my aunt and I kissed her cheek,” Thanks again, I’ll see you soon.”

“Sounds good. Drive safe, sweetheart,” she replied and I smiled, looking at my son one last time for a long moment before leaving the house and making my way back home to Isaiah.


When I got home, I was still exhausted.. It was nearly eleven at night when I had finally gotten here and I stood alone in the quiet hallway for a minute when I knew Isaiah wasn’t on the first floor of our place, taking that time to gather myself as best as I could now that I had a moment to think without being in the car. I leaned my back against the door, resting, taking a moment.. I was dwelling on what I had done, how much blood had cursed my hands, but I tried my best to not think about it.. I didn’t want to get dizzy and faint at the front door, forcing Isaiah to find me like that.. There was so much more better things to think about than what I had to do to get to where I am now.. Isaiah was alive and well, my baby boy was finally part of this world and under great care until I could bring him home, I had finally reunited with my father, even though it was brief, and Jody was no longer an issue in my life.. I’d say that I felt pretty damn good in the end.. I felt amazing, actually.. Why did I even bother dwelling on what I had done? It was all for the greater good, it was all for Isaiah and I knew he was waiting for me upstairs in our bedroom.. I felt like there was nothing standing in our way now, we could do whatever we wanted and be happy.. I then though I might as well go greet the one person in my life that has given it any meaning, maybe even celebrate a little if he was still awake..


I eventually hoisted myself up and off the door, walking upstairs and I opened the door to our bedroom, seeing Isaiah sleeping in our bed, dressed in comfortable sweatpants and I had believed him, I knew he had been in bed all day resting like he had said he was and I wished that I had been here to cater to his every need.. But, now that I was finally home and finally at a great high in my life, I knew I’d actually be able to be here for him completely instead of needing to run off to deal with other things behind his back.. I was here for him, and he had been here the whole time, waiting for me.. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to come into my life.


I made my way towards the dresser, removing my pants and my uncle’s shirt he had lent me, changing into sweatpants like Isaiah was wearing before I arrived to the bed and I crawled cautiously and slowly onto it, lying down and looking at Isaiah as he slept.. I brought my hand forward, touching the side of his face gently and I let my thumb caress his soft cheek, finally feeling at ease for the first time in my life as I looked at him. It felt.. Weird.. It felt so weird to not have to worry about anything anymore.. I was finally free.. We were finally free..


As I looked at him, feeling his delicate breath on my wrist and glancing down briefly at his bare chest to watch him breathe, I couldn’t help myself, bringing my lips to his skin and kissing him sensually over and over. His body began to squirm as he slept, knowing I was waking him up and by the time my lips reached up to his clavicle, he took a large breath through his nose and woke up.

“Damn.. What an amazing thing to wake up to,” he spoke softly with a groggy, sleepy tone and I smiled as I continued to kiss down his chest.


“I promised I’d be home tonight,” I said between long, passionate kisses on his skin.

“Yeah, you promised a lot of other things, too,” he implied and I chuckled softly. I removed my lips from his chest, climbing over him, making sure to keep myself from touching his injured ribs and his eyes seemed to grow wider, waking up instantly from me sitting on his lap and he looked at me with a raised brow, “Frisky?” He asked with a hopeful grin and I smirked.

“In love,” I corrected him and his expression went softer, able to see the adoration he had for me in his eyes.

“Get over here and kiss me already,” he instructed and I leaned forward, meeting his lips with my own and I kissed him for a long moment before pulling away.


As I looked down at him, I let my expression fall to a slight melancholy as I sat up again and Isaiah seemed to take immediate notice, “Hey.. What’s wrong?” He wondered with worry, reaching up to brush my hair away from my eyes to get a better look at me.

“Why didn’t you tell me my dad was the one that saved you? Why did you keep that from me?” I asked and he took his hand away from my face, averting his eyes from mine.

“I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know for sure.. You never talk about him, the only time you did was at the hospital. I’ve never even seen a picture of him, I just.. Wasn’t positive,” he replied, looking back up to me, “I didn’t want to tell you and give you any false hope just in case it wasn’t him.. I’m sorry, Oliver..” He expressed in remorse, but I understood his logic.

“It’s okay, I’m not mad..” I answered and he seemed relieved.

“Good.. How did you find out it was?” He asked and I smirked as I looked down at him.


“He showed up at my uncle’s place when I was there,” I replied and his eyes widened, “After I got off the phone with you, my uncle wanted me to come outside because he had a bonfire going and when I went outside, my dad was just.. Standing there..” I continued and Isaiah seemed speechless.

“Oliver, that’s.. That’s crazy!” He replied excitedly and I chuckled, but I then noticed his expression go concerned, “Are you okay?” He asked and I nodded slowly.

“Yeah, I’m great, actually.. I, uh..” I laughed softly, “I hit him,” I added and I saw him smile, then laugh as well.

“Oh, shit. How’d he take it? How’s your hand?” He asked, taking hold of my hand and looking at it before he kissed my knuckles.

“It’s fine, just a little sore.. And he took it better than I thought.. He just stood there.. He saw it coming the whole time and could’ve moved, but he just took it..”

“Damn.. I bet he thought he deserved it,” he replied and I nodded.

“Yeah, he did, he said he knew it was coming, too,” I said with a soft chuckle.

“Oliver, this is crazy.. Help me sit up and tell me more.. Stay on my lap, though, I like you there,” he replied and I smiled, sitting up for a moment and I helped him sit up like he wanted.


Isaiah then continued with the questions, “What did you two talk about? How long was he there?”

“I only talked to him for about fifteen minutes.. I’m embarrassed to say it, but I must’ve spent at least seven of those fifteen minutes crying like a baby while hugging him after I hit him,” I admitted, letting my gaze drop to his chest. 

“Oh, Oliver.. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You told me the last time you saw him was, what..? Now fifteen years ago? You had every right to hit him and then cry from happiness when you saw him again.”

“Yeah, you’re right.. He even apologized to me for leaving, something I’ve been waiting to hear ever since he left..” I replied, watching as Isaiah reached up and caressed my cheek lovingly.

“I’m really happy for you, Oliver. Do you think you got all the closure you need?” He asked and I thought for a moment.

“Well, there’s still a million questions I wanted to ask him and I wanted him to stay at my uncle’s, I wanted him to stay for at least a few more days, just so I could bring you up there and you two could formally meet and so that I could have that time to talk to him about everything.. I got some closure, but not completely.. He’s been calling my uncle every few years or so to see how I was doing, but I convinced him to just call me from now on. I don’t really ever know exactly when he’ll call, but I feel better knowing he can ask how I’m doing himself when he calls me instead,” I replied and he smiled.

“That’s really great, Oliver. I’m really am happy for you,” he answered and I smirked, “Do you mind me asking why he left? You never really talked about that, either..” He asked cautiously and I contemplated on whether or not now was the time to talk about something like that. 

“Maybe another time.. It’ll only make the mood bad and I don’t want to ruin it,” I said with a apologetic expression, but he kept his smile and nodded.

“I understand, take as much time as you need. I’ll always be here for whenever you want to talk about it,” he answered and I smiled.

“Thank you for always understanding,” I replied, leaning in towards him and I kissed his lips for a long, long moment.


After I had pulled away, I looked at him in a rather bashful manner and he grew curious with a smile on his lips, “What’s on your mind now?

“Do you still want to marry me?” I asked and I watched his eyes grew excited..

“Of course, Oliver. Nothing would make me happier,” he replied and I smirked.

“Then ask me again,” I encouraged and Isaiah’s smile left his lips, his expression turning serious.

“Really?” He asked and I nodded, “O-Okay, uhm.. Should I, uh.. Get up and get on one knee, or..?”

“You don’t have to..”

“I don’t have a ring or anything, though..”

“And you didn’t at the hospital.. Either time,” I pointed out and he removed his hands from touching my thighs, shaking them lightly.

“Well, this is, uh.. Kind of throwing me off a little, I’m all nervous now. My palms are getting sweaty,” he answered and I laughed softly.

“Would you just ask already before I change my mind?” I threatened a little and he nodded quickly, taking a deep breath before he spoke and he let it out slowly.


“Oliver, will you do me the honor in becoming my husband and remaining by my side for the rest of our lives?” He asked, and although I was sure he knew what my answer would be, I could tell he was nervous all the same which only made me want to agree to it more.

“Yes.. I’ll marry you,” I answered and his face lit up with a sense a joy that I had never seen before.

“Well, you’ve officially made me the happiest man alive,” he replied and I smiled, feeling his hands grasp my hips a little tighter, “Come here,” he implied, knowing he wanted to kiss me and I leaned in towards him, letting our lips meet passionately. I thought I was at the happiest point in my life when my son was born, but now, being engaged to Isaiah, my happiness was inexplicable.


I pulled away for a moment from Isaiah, looking to his eyes and without a single word, our lips crashed back into one another’s and the situation grew more passionate than it was before. I could feel myself getting more and more excited as I kissed him harder and I quivered to the feel of his hands running over my skin near my hips. Finally, we were alone together after being apart for longer than expected and I’ve been so anxious to get back in our own bed and spend as much time with him as I could, knowing that we wouldn’t get any interruptions, but I still didn’t waste any time when it came to being with him now. Even if my phone were to go off right this second, I’d ignore it completely.. I wasn’t about to ruin another chance at getting closer to him, especially now knowing we were engaged.


As I straddled him, I felt his hands trying to pull down my sweatpants as we kissed and I knelt before him, picking myself up from his lap and his hands pulled them down my hips. Knowing full well what he wanted, I assisted him as quickly as I could and I took off my own bottoms as we continued to kiss passionately, tossing them aside quickly and before I came back onto his lap, I broke the kiss to get rid of his pajama pants, too, tossing those aside, as well. After we had removed everything, I felt his hands quickly clench my bottom and be gripped it tightly, forcing me to sit up again and his fingers then found their way to my sweet spot and within a second of being naked, he was already getting me ready for him.. I didn’t oppose what-so-ever, I was just as excited for us to make love as he was and as he touched me, I hummed moans as I felt his lips kissing my chest over and over with a subtle roughness behind each one.


After he teased me for a while, he finally guided himself into me and I couldn’t help but go a little rough, something that I wasn’t used to, something that I didn’t often do, but on this occasion of celebration, if only to myself on the inside, I wanted to explore so much more than I ever had.. I wanted to be exciting for him, I wanted to be irresistible and I wanted him to get as high as I was, but, I kept myself from doing so.. I couldn’t let myself loose because I knew he was in pain, so I tried to go softer than I wanted to..


When I looked down at him, his face read that he needed more, so much more, and he eventually told me so, Don’t worry about me, do whatever the hell you want,” Isaiah demanded, causing me to go completely flush red in the face and waste no more time at all, putting my hands to the backboard of the bed and gripping tightly as I rode him as hard as I wanted, as hard as he wanted.. I ignored his injury like he had told me so and I was convinced he was impervious to discomfort and pain as long as pleasure was involved.. I had never had sex with him like this before, it was so much more intimate, so much more rough and exciting.. I don’t know what came over us. 


I still tried my hardest to keep my anxious hand from gripping his left ribs, but it was so hard when all I wanted to do was touch every inch of him.. I kept my hands on the backboard, gripping it as hard as I could. 

“Fuck yes, Oliver.. K-keep going,” he let out in pleasure and it only made me want more, continuing to do what he loved, and what I loved, for as long as I could, hoping to God that my legs had a stamina for this. He said my name so many times that it made me feel as if I couldn’t hold back anymore, I thought I was going to explode and I could barely contain myself, but we managed to keep going at it for the longest time that we ever had before.. Eventually, after a long, long while, the moment he put his hands on my hips and pushed me down on him as hard as he could, I reached my max in that split second and I felt an immense warmth ignite inside of me as he reached his max, too, and from that moment, I was in complete ecstasy.


“Jesus Christ..” Isaiah eventually let out through heavy pants and I was just as winded as he was, trying hard to catch my breath as I lazily fell off of him and lie in the bed, “That was.. I-I don’t even know,” he continued and I chuckled softly.

“Amazing?” I asked, looking over towards him and I watched him shut his eyes and nod indefinitely, agreeing with me wholeheartedly and I smiled and laughed softly again. 


I eventually propped myself up, leaning over and looking down at him with nothing but adoration in my eyes and he looked up at me with the same expression, “Well, we’re engaged.. You sure you’re not sick of me yet? There’s still time to back out,” he joked and I smiled.

“Jerk.. Sorry, but you’re stuck with me,” I replied back humorously, watching him smile back and I leaned down, putting my lips to his own. I think it’s safe to say that it’s official now.. I’m a father, a soon-to-be husband, and the happiest I had ever been in all of my life. I had finally found my muse, feeling for the first time like this was the correct path that I was meant to go down and I couldn’t be more excited to see where this road would take me. I had finally found someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, someone that wanted to take this journey with me just as much as I did and I was the luckiest person in the world at this very moment. This was the beginning to my new life.. A life without torment and bad luck, a life without doubt and fear, and most importantly, a life without wondering if I’d ever be happy again..

It’s official.. I’m happy.

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