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Hello all, and welcome to the first WordPress blog for TIDL where the legacy begins! Thank you for taking the time to check out my legacy!

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Family Trait Rule – When creating your founder in CAS, choose one of the founder’s 5 traits to become the ‘family trait’ for your legacy family. There after, every sim born to the legacy family must possess this trait by the time they reach young adulthood. If they do not inherit it at birth, you must choose that trait the moment you are given the option to. The remaining traits still must be rolled for. 

Matriarchy/Patriarchy Rule– Whatever gender your founder was, this must be the gender of every heir. Meaning if you started with a female founder, only female children may become the heir to bring in the next generation. Children of the other gender are still counted as part of the family bloodline and may still earn the family points, they simply may not bring in the next generation. A male dominant family is called a Patriarchy, a female dominant family is a Matriarchy. 

Story Teller Rule – A popular practice is to write a story for your Legacy family and upload it in chapters. If you feel the creative energy, why not try uploading your own story? There is no in-game bonus for doing this, but the addition to the community is always welcome!

– Pinstar1161 on Sims3.com


  • Permanent Family Trait – Insane
  • Patriarchy (I want to try and keep the “Dubois” name throughout all generations; if the Dubois heir does not marry but has children, the children’s last names are Dubois by default)
  • Story Legacy


This Legacy Story is intended for mature readers and it does contain things unsuitable for readers under the age of 18. Triggering subjects of many varieties apply and you should read at your own risk.

Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Main Themes Song(s)

Generation One:
MUSE – “Madness

Generation Two:

Generation Three:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Red Right Hand

Generation Four:
Billie Holiday – “Crazy In Love

Generation Five:
X Ambassadors – “Unsteady”
Passenger – “Let Her Go”


If you have any questions regarding the legacy, its characters, or even have any questions for me, please feel free to comment below and ask!

24 thoughts on “Legacy Rules

  1. Just started reading this blog yesterday and I literally couldn’t get away from it until I am now at the newest chapter for Gareth and Gibbson. All your sims have awesome personalities and i’m really looking forward to reading new updates!

    1. Oh wow! You caught up in a flash! O_O I’m really glad that you like this legacy and that you want updates! A new chapter will be coming out very soon for the boys, so stay tuned! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :D <3

  2. I’m actually really confused by this comment. You know that this is a Sim story and “Dubois” is just the last name that I randomly chose for them, right..? I’m not acquiring information from anywhere. :)

  3. Hello!

    A fellow simmer (Livvielove) and I have joined forces to create a masterlist of exclusively sims stories! We wanted to make a blog that was easy to navigate if you wanted to find new stories as well as new publicizing platform for authors.

    We’re currently building the list in question and we’ve taken the liberty of adding your legacy to it on this blog: https://simsmasterlist.blogspot.com/

    If you’d rather not be featured on the list, or if you have any modifications you’d like to make to your entry, please contact us!

    Happy simming!

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