Generation 1, Chapter 12

Attention: Picture heavy and kind of a lot of text.. Trying to make up for the last chapter. Sorry that I’m moving rather quickly in the story, too, I just want them to have a son already.. And to a certain commenter, I decided against using the apple trick for their third child and decided the keep it a girl, but I used apples during her fourth pregnancy. ;) Enjoy, everyone!


g1c12 p1

Marrick had been wondering where the time had gone to. In less than ten years, he got married and had three children with his fourth along the way; he couldn’t believe it. It could be any day now that the whole family would welcome the fourth child and Marrick was actually really excited. Julia Marie was their third child born, a beautiful baby girl with eyes and hair as brown as Marrick’s and he loved how she looked so much like him. Hitomi was in elementary school, going into the 1st grade, Anya was soon going to preschool and Julia was still too young for schooling. After Julia was born, the moment Sadie was able to get pregnant again, she did, even despite their agreement on keeping the kids apart in age by two years. Julia was only a little over one year old and Sadie was about to pop any minute with their fourth baby; Julia and the new baby would most likely get along great since they’re so close in age.

It had taken some time for Hitomi to get used to Anya, but she eventually warmed up to her. Julia, however, was a different story. When she was first born, Hitomi couldn’t stand her. She hated how much Marrick showed his love for her and she hated how he paid most of his recent attention to her just because she was the youngest and she was a spitting image of him. Hitomi was the only child so far that looked up to their father as an idol and she wanted nothing more than to please him and make him proud of her; but with her two little sisters taking his attention, not to mention a fourth on the way any minute, she was starting to feel more lonely the less attention she received. But, Hitomi was slowly getting used to it.. Being a genius meant that she often saw the logical side to things, and although she hated it, she understood why her parents spent so much time with the littler ones..

Hitomi entered the kitchen and noticed Marrick by the sink finishing up washing the bowl and spoon he used for his morning cereal. “Hey, Dad,” Hitomi said with a calm tone, Marrick looking over his shoulder and smiling at his eldest daughter.

“Morning, beautiful,” he replied and she smiled warmly, “Want breakfast? I’ll get you cereal,” he insisted and Hitomi took a seat at the table, soon Marrick brought her her breakfast and she began eating it as Marrick continued to finished up washing the dishes.

g1c12 p2
g1c12 p3

“Ready for your first day of 1st grade?” Marrick asked, joining Hitomi at the table and wanting to talk to her before school, it had been a while since he could remember when Hitomi and him talked or did anything together. This made Marrick feel guilty and he wanted to do something special for Hitomi, but when would he have the time with two other little girls and yet another addition to their family coming soon? It made him want to make her take school off, but he couldn’t do that for her first day..

“Yeah, I guess. I feel like I should be going into 3rd,” she replied and Marrick smiled, watching her lazily eat her cereal.

“I agree, you’re too smart for this grade, but maybe if you work really hard this year, you’ll be able to skip 2nd and go straight to 3rd?” Marrick added and he could tell she was thinking hard, contemplating his words and slowly beginning to nod her head in agreement.

“That’s true.. That’ll be my goal for this year,” she said with a smile and Marrick kept his, gazing at his first born with adoration and being incredibly proud of how hard of a worker and achiever she was.

g1c12 p4

“Do you want a ride to school?” Marrick asked, watching as Hitomi shook her head ‘no’ and smiled.

“Nah, John’s mom is picking me and a few others up and taking us, thank though,” she replied and Marrick lost his smile slightly, wondering who this John kid was since Hitomi had never mentioned him before. Hitomi knew the look in Marrick’s eyes when he gave an intimidating vibe and she smirked nervously, “It’s one of Sara’s friends, I met him over Summer break and he’s really nice, Sara seems to like him a lot,” Hitomi continued and Marrick still didn’t look satisfied, nor pleased. He knew she was pushing Sara into the story, but he could tell that Hitomi liked this boy.

“That’s alright, I suppose,” he replied with a bland tone, causing Hitomi to grow a little discouraged and she stood from the table, going to wash her bowl and spoon at the sink to avoid any more of the conversation. Marrick watched her and spoke up once more, “Don’t worry about it, I got it.. Just go get dressed and ready for school, you don’t want to make John’s mom wait for you,” he added and Hitomi shut off the water and left her dishes in the sink, giving Marrick an uneasy smile before leaving the kitchen and going to her room.

g1c12 p5
g1c12 p6

Hitomi made her way upstairs to the new third floor addition to their house; the new baby’s room at the top of the stairs, then the bathroom, and Hitomi’s room was furthest down the hall. She thought to herself as she made her way to her room, Jeez, Dad, it’s only a boy.. He never acted like that whenever I mentioned Sara or any of my other friends.. She thought to herself, wondering what could be bothering him and she wanted to go back and ask, but the look in her fathers eyes told her that he didn’t want to hear about John again, so she continued to her room..

g1c12 p7
g1c12 p8
g1c12 p9

Hitomi’s new room was the largest and most spacious of the children’s, I guess being the first born does have some benefits.. She thought to herself, looking around to her favorite color that was on almost everything. Sadie had even taken the time to get her a complete art set of her own for Hitomi’s last birthday and there was a large corner of her room dedicated to her art. Sadie had also insisted that she try learning the guitar; Sadie had tried her hardest to learn the Cello, but she never could. Hitomi though, showed potential when they were at a superstore the other day and Hitomi found a keyboard and began playing it as if she was made to make music as well as art. Hitomi was now also a Virtuoso and she couldn’t wait until she learned more of the guitar.

g1c12 p10
g1c12 p11

After washing Hitomi’s dishes, Marrick went upstairs to the second floor and found Sadie in the living area with Anya and Julia, causing him to smile instantly as he looked to almost all of his girls. Sadie caught his attention when she spoke, “Hey, I have another doctor’s appointment in a little bit. I don’t need a ride, I called a cab so you could stay with the girls. I should be home in a few hours,” she said with a joyous tone, Marrick losing his smile a little and not wanting her to go out by herself, especially since she was so close to having the baby.. But, he knew she would already be at the hospital just in case anything happened, so he felt a little more at ease then.

“I could call a sitter, are you sure you don’t want me to come?” Marrick asked, stepping closer and putting his hands to either side of her waist and looking from Sadie to Anya, combing down Anya’s blonde hair and getting a few strays hairs out of her face. Anya giggled and butted in before Sadie could give him an answer.

“If Daddy goes, me and Julia go, too!” Anya said with a smile and Marrick sighed, knowing that the girls were a huge handful whenever bringing them anywhere, especially when he would be the only one watching them since Sadie would be at her appointment and Hitomi needed to go to school.

“Julia and I,” Marrick corrected Anya with a smile, looking to Sadie then and they both knew and agreed without saying a word that Marrick needed to stay home with them.

“Alright, I’ll see you later then,” Sadie said softly, kissing Marrick’s lips and then kissing Anya’s cheek before handing her off for him to hold. Marrick smiled and accepted Anya, watching Sadie then go to Julia and picked her up to kiss the top of her head and set her back down. A beep from a car came from outside and Hitomi ran downstairs, Marrick assuming her ride was here and he didn’t like the excitement that was on her face, wondering if it was a pleased smile knowing that ‘John’ was there to get her.

“Hey,” he demanded, Hitomi stopping and looking to him with a slightly worried face, “Don’t run in the house.. Help your mother down the stairs before you knock her over,” he said somewhat intimidatingly and Hitomi didn’t contest, slowing her pace and helping Sadie down the stairs. “Have a good first day,” he added, though Hitomi didn’t look back or acknowledge his last words.

g1c12 p12

Marrick set down Anya and Julia was already wanting his attention before he was even finished leaning over, causing him to chuckle. He walked over to Julia and her emotional tears soon stopped and she smiled, giggling as Marrick took her hands within his own and stood her up. “Is she gunna walk?” Anya asked, Marrick glancing over to her and smiling.

“Yeah, hopefully today will be the day, huh?” He replied excitedly, watching as Anya clapped for joy. “Come on, baby doll, I know you can do it,” Marrick encouraged to Julia, taking a few steps back and holding out his arms for her to come into, “Come on, Julia,” he added, motioning with his fingers for her to start walking and he then watched her fall back on her rump.

Marrick let out a defeated chuckle and Anya let out a happy laugh, “You can do it Julia!” Anya called out, walking up behind her sister and wrapping her arms around her waist, helping her back to her feet like Marrick had done earlier and wanting her to try again. Marrick smiled wide at the sight of Anya’s kindness; she was such a sweetheart, her Good trait always shining through and always wanting to help people and make others smile.

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g1c12 p15

It took a few hours worth of trying and trying more, but Julia was eventually walking sooner than they expected. Anya helped Julia the best that she could and it really paid off; Julia loved Anya and she also was the only one out of the three girls that wanted Marrick’s attention the most. Even Hitomi when she was younger never held Marrick as high in her mind as Julia did, she loved her father with every ounce of her being and everyone knew that Julia was the new ‘daddy’s girl’.

g1c12 p16

Once Hitomi was old enough for her own room, they built an addition to the home and added another floor, Anya and Julia seemed to get along too well to be separated yet, so Marrick and Sadie simply took Hitomi’s old room and made it for both girls to share. Since Anya and Julia got along so well and they always liked to do everything together, it saved them money by not adding another room to the already crowded house. It was now a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home and if they had any more children, Marrick and Sadie were worried that they would have to buy a new house before adding more to this one. Although the property was large enough, they didn’t want to make it four stories; it would look terrible from the outside, not to mention they didn’t have anywhere else to go but up because of the foundation and they certainly didn’t want one of their kids sleeping in the top of the barn if they decided to add on to the stable..

As the day went on, the girls needed more entertainment and Marrick mentioned a book, realizing it had been a while since he had read to Anya and also he had never read once to Julia yet. The girls picked out a book from their room and ran back into the living area, giving the book to Marrick and sitting around him, waiting for him to begin reading.

g1c12 p17
g1c12 p18

It was around 3 in the afternoon when Hitomi got home from school, coming upstairs and greeting the two girls before saying anything to Marrick. “How was your first day?” He asked, watching as Hitomi still didn’t look at him and hugged Anya.

“It was fine, someone at lunch ate worms on their peanut butter and jelly today, it was so gross..” She finally replied to Marrick and he soon smiled, letting out a chuckle and she soon laughed as well. “That’s about it though.”

“Did you get homework on the first day?” Marrick asked, continuing to watch her pay attention to Anya and he gave a certain look in his eyes at Hitomi, noticing she wasn’t really paying attention to Julia at all. Marrick was slightly aware of Hitomi’s lack of interest towards Julia, but he didn’t know why. He assumed it was because Julia was the youngest, and he hoped she would warm up to Julia eventually when the new baby was born like she had done with Anya.

g1c12 p19
g1c12 p20
g1c12 p21

Hitomi noticed the look Marrick gave her and sighed, going to Julia and giving her attention then as well, “Yeah, I have homework,” she replied. She sat on the ground and played peek-a-boo with her, secretly wishing to herself that whenever her hands would come away from her face, Julia would actually be gone and not sitting in front of her anymore. Marrick watched in silence, a smile soon returning back to his lips as he looked to his daughters, wondering if he was going to soon be the father of four girls or if he was going to have a son. Sadie and Marrick never wanted to know the baby’s gender, they always wanted it to be a surprise, although Marrick was getting a little too curious and he wished the baby was born already so he would finally know if they were done or if Sadie wanted to continue to have more children. Marrick had to admit, he was getting a little exhausted with the pressure of three girls around to take care of, but thank goodness he had Sadie or he would’ve been at a complete loss. She was his angel, his everything and she had taught him everything he should know about dealing with the girls.

g1c12 p22

Hitomi was quickly done playing with Julia, and Julia began to play with Anya again as Hitomi went to a chair within the living area and sat down. “Nothing else happened today?” Marrick asked, trying to make conversation with her and Hitomi smirked and shrugged.

“No.. Not really,” she answered and Marrick could tell she was hiding something.

“Mmhmm..” He let out a unconvinced humming noise, Hitomi knowing that he didn’t believe her but she didn’t continue.

g1c12 p23
g1c12 p24

“I said it was nothing, nothing else happened,”  she continued, clearly not wanting to talk to him about something and Marrick began to grow a little frustrated, wondering if it had anything to do with the ‘John’ boy she mentioned that morning.

“What’s this ‘it‘ then that you’re talking about?” Marrick replied, catching her at her own words and Hitomi froze, not realizing she gad given herself away and she somewhat pouted.

“Nothingggg!” Hitomi pressured with an annoying exaggeration.

Marrick then smiled and chuckled, “Fine, fine, if it’s that much of a secret, I’ll stop,” he replied raising his hands briefly and letting her know he was backing off. Marrick and Sadie had a system together; if one of the girls was bothered by something and didn’t tell one of the parents what it was, the other parent was always the one that the child talked to in the end. In this situation, Hitomi was hiding something from Marrick, but he knew that Sadie would eventually get it out of her, so he gave up, knowing he would find out eventually from Sadie.

g1c12 p25
g1c12 p26

“I’m going to do my homework, I’ll be upstairs,” Hitomi announced, standing from the seat and walking upstairs.

“Alright, I’ll let you know when dinner is ready. Your mom should be back from the doctor anytime now,” Marrick replied and Hitomi nodded, making her way up the stairs more.

Man.. Why is he always so pushy? He always wants to know everything, it’s so annoying! Hitomi began to think as she walked to her room, glancing over to the baby’s new, unfinished room and sighing. Now there’s going to be another kid walking around, taking up their time and attention? Are they ever going to stop having kids? She continued, wondering if she would eventually be going off to college and Marrick and Sadie would each be holding a baby or another toddler as they waved her goodbye. I hope they stop… Soon.

g1c12 p27
g1c12 p28
g1c12 p29
g1c12 p30

While Hitomi went to her room to begin her homework, Marrick got up from the couch and went to Anya and Julia, spending a little more time with them before needing to put them down for a nap. He heard the front door open and close from downstairs and judging by Archor’s excited barks full of joy, he assumed Sadie and just gotten home and he smiled. “Sadie?” He called out and he heard her greet him in return.

“Yeah, it’s me! Everything went great, the doctor said I had maybe only a week left before the baby comes, isn’t that exciting!?” Sadie called back and he laughed, always loving her enthusiasm.

“Wonderful,” he answered back, hearing her then asking what he wanted for dinner and he didn’t know, deciding to ask Hitomi what she wanted first before he gave Sadie an answer. He tickled Anya in his arms, “Your new baby brother or sister is almost here,” he said proudly, watching as Anya laughed and he looked down to Julia, seeing tears already building up in her eyes at his lack of attention towards her first and he only laughed more. “Julia, sweetie,” he said with a worried tone though holding his smile, bending down to pick her up as well and she clung to him as he walked them to their bedroom.

g1c12 p31

Julia and Anya yawned the entire time he changed them into pajamas, wanting them to take a nap while Marrick, Sadie and Hitomi ate dinner. Julia was in her crib first,  almost instantly falling asleep since she hadn’t been old enough yet like Anya to train herself to stay up a little longer than she should. Anya yawned, but she was still awake as Marrick bid her a good sleep, “I’m so proud of you, you helped me so much today with Julia. Thank you,” he said with a soft tone, laying her down and she smiled at him in return.

“It was fun. Hitomi helped teach me, so, I wanted to help Julia,” she said with another yawn and a smile, Marrick nodding and covering her with her blanket.

“You’re such a big help and such a good girl. Now, go to sleep, maybe we’ll watch a movie later or something together,” Marrick said quietly, not wanting to wake Julia since she was such a light sleeper; the moment she would hear Marrick’s voice while she was sleeping, if he was close enough, she would always wake up and demand and cry for him. Anya soon drifted to sleep and Marrick silently made his way out of their room successfully without waking Julia.

g1c12 p32
g1c12 p33

Marrick went upstairs, deciding to check on Hitomi and also to see what she wanted for dinner. He knocked lightly on her door, but Hitomi always could tell the difference on which parent was at the door just by how they knocked. “Come in,” she called out, her tone not filled with any certain emotion as Marrick walked in and looked around her room, soon noticing her on the bed. His first glance always went to her art corner; she was almost always there painting whenever he would pay her room a visit.

“Did you finish your homework?” Marrick asked first, seeing her rolls her eyes gently and she sighed.

“Yeesss, Daaaad,” she dragged out and he smirked slightly at her sarcasm.

“Have anything in mind you want for dinner? And before you ask, no, your Mom’s making something, so no pizza again,” he added and Hitomi went sarcastically discouraged as if that was exactly what she was going to ask for, joking now with her father.

g1c12 p34

“Oh, I don’t care.. Whatever Mom wants to make, she’s the one that’s so picky when she’s pregnant,” she said with a giggle, causing Marrick to reluctantly agree with her.

“Well, yeah.. Can’t argue with you. I just thought I’d ask,” he said with a smirk, Hitomi now giving him a look as if saying, ‘uhh, is that it or is there more you want?’ Marrick caught on to her expression rather quickly, feeling slightly awkward now but still remaining within the room, “I just.. Wanted to let you know that you can talk to me, about anything, anything at all. If anything is ever bothering you, I’ll always help you, if you need it..” He said with a pathetic smirk, watching as Hitomi smiled and nodded.

“I know, Dad.. Thanks,” she replied, Marrick now at ease that he had finally said what he had been wanting to tell her for a while now.

g1c12 p35
g1c12 p36

“Marrick! Marrick!” Sadie called throughout the house, her tone sounding quick but excited. Marrick instantly looked to the door when he heard her, but before he could leave Hitomi’s room, Sadie was already walking in with a huge smile on her face, “It’s kicking so much! Feel, feel!” She said, grabbing his hand and placing it on her large tummy, watching as his expression lit up and smiled, causing her to let out an excited giggle. “They can’t wait to get here!” She continued. Sadie looked to Hitomi and continued her glowing, happy expression, “Come here, hurry!” She said quickly, watching as Hitomi ran from off her bed and put her hand on her mother’s tummy just in time, feeling the baby kick against her hand only a couple times before stopping.

“Whooaa,” Hitomi let out, Sadie giggling more and Marrick put his arm around her, pulling her in for a triumphant kiss and Hitomi backed off instantly, “Come onnn, not in my room!” She said with slight irritation, causing Marrick and Sadie to smile during the kiss.

g1c12 p37

Sadie suddenly pulled away from Marrick and he looked to her quickly, his expression changing to worried in an instant, “Are you alright?” He asked, watching as Sadie’s face went pained and her hands went among her stomach.

Sadie let out a pained moan and Marrick’s eyes widened, “What great timing, I leave the hospital and the baby decides to come out when I get home!” Sadie said through her pain, letting out more aching moans and Marrick began to panic.

g1c12 p38
g1c12 p39

“It’s coming now? Like, right now?” He asked in a panic, watching then Sadie’s water break and his question was answered, “Holy shit!” He called out, “What do I do? Tell me what to do!”

“Yes it’s coming now! I’m going to the car.. You need to grab that bag that’s in the baby’s room and bring it with you,” Sadie continued through her pain, Marrick going to her and helping her our of Hitomi’s room but stopping to talk to Hitomi quickly.

g1c12 p40

“Hitomi! Watch your sisters, we have to go right now!” Marrick said, still in a slight panic and Hitomi grew nervous.

“What!? I can’t watch them, they can’t be tamed if they’re awake without you guys there to greet them!” She replied quickly, panicking as well.

Marrick bent to his knee and took her hands within his, “Hitomi, they won’t wake up, they’re sound asleep and should be for another hour or two.. I need you to stay here right now and just make sure they’re okay. If we’re not there when they wake up, they’ll live! We’ll be back soon, okay? I need you to take over for a little bit, you’re a strong girl,” he said hurriedly, worry in his eyes and Hitomi’s expression soon went brave and she nodded, agreeing to his request. “Don’t worry, if you need anything, there’s my number along with other emergency numbers on the fridge. I’ll come straight back the first chance I get,” he assured her and pecked her cheek and quickly making it to the stairs.

“Dad, the bag!” Hitomi reminded Marrick’s scattered mind of Sadie’s words and Marrick nodded and ran to the baby’s room to grab the bag and rushed back downstairs. Hitomi sighed heavily and followed downstairs, going to the living area not far at all from Anya and Julia’s room so she could hear if they woke up or not and needed her, hoping for her parents to return soon.

g1c12 p41
g1c12 p42

Marrick helped Sadie in the car and threw the bag in, rushing to the hospital and speeding the entire way, breaking through yellow lights that were about to turn red at every intersection. Within minutes they reached the hospital and there were residents there to greet them, Marrick pulling the car up and the residents rushed to the car, “She’s in labor!” He called out and they quickly helped her out of the car. “I’ll be right behind you,” Marrick assured Sadie with a smile and she weakly smiled in return, breathing heavily as she was assisted into a wheelchair and rushed inside. Marrick parked the car like a maniac, taking up almost three spots and he rushed into the hospital, the receptionist pointing where they had just taken Sadie judging by his fatherly panic of a mother in labor and he continued to rush to catch up with Sadie and the doctors in the birthing room.

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Generation 1, Chapter 11

Attention: When am I going to get this Patriarchy started!? >_< Sorry this chapter is rather lacking in text.


g1c11 p1

“Daddy, daddy! I have a sistew!” Hitomi’s voice was like music to my ears, both at her not running out on me with Sadie and also the fact that I had a daughter; another, beautiful daughter. Hitomi ran into my arms and I scooped her up instantly and hugged her tightly as a doctor soon approached us.

Marrick Dubois?” He questioned and I nodded hastily and he continued, “Congratulations, you have a new baby girl,” he continued and my heart stopped, relief falling all around me and I smiled, holding Hitomi tight and asking him if Sadie and the baby were alright, getting lost in my thoughts on the fact that I wanted to ring his neck for seeing a part of Sadie that was solely mine since I assumed he was the one that birthed my new daughter, without me.. He assured me she was okay and I walked into the room and saw Sadie’s glowing face along with a hint of sweat as she looked down to a baby within her arms. 

Sadie looked to me and I didn’t have words for the look in her eyes as she looked to the excited expressions both Hitomi and I gave her. “Anya,” She cooed softly and I kissed Hitomi’s cheek, soon walking up to Sadie and looking down at my new daughter.

g1c11 p2

It was now the third happiest moment of my life, and I smiled happily as I played with Anya in our room, remembering back on the time at the hospital two years ago when she was born. Hitomi was getting older and I didn’t want her to grow up any more, I wanted her to stay the same small size she was. Anya was already growing up so fast and today was her 2nd birthday; I remembered back to Hitomi’s second birthday and she was just as cute then as she was now, I didn’t want either of my girls to grow up. What’s more exciting is that Sadie is pregnant again, about a month in, too. I’ve grown more comfortable with the thought of having a son, I simply just kept telling myself that the girls turned out so much like Sadie, why wouldn’t the boy do the same?

g1c11 p3
g1c11 p4

Sadie joined Marrick in their room holding Hitomi and Marrick walked over to them, planting a kiss on Sadie’s lips and they watched as Hitomi touched Anya’s hand and greeting her. Sadie was glowing with happiness as she held Hitomi and made baby faces towards Anya, making her laugh and Marrick was unable to wipe the smile off his lips. “The cake is ready, is Anya?” Sadie asked eventually. Marrick nodded his head ‘yes’ and kept his smile, watching Sadie begin to leave the room and he instinctively followed her.

g1c11 p5
g1c11 p6

Sadie was always so excited when the girls aged up, always the first one to break out the noise makers and the balloons. Sadie brought Hitomi to her high chair and set her inside, Marrick joining them and bringing Anya to her birthday cake so she could blow out the candles. “Yay! Yay!” Hitomi called out while clapping and Sadie gave excited giggles as Marrick lit the candles, leaning over and helping Anya blow them out.

g1c11 p7
g1c11 p8
g1c11 p9

Anya turned out perfect, Marrick looking her over and noticing that she got Sadie’s long blonde hair, but her face was long like his with the same nose, lips and eyes. “Wow, she looks just like you,” Sadie said to Marrick with a warm smile and Marrick chuckled.

“Yeah, she really does. She has your beautiful golden hair, though,” he replied and she blushed slightly, going to Hitomi and lifting her within her arms from the high chair.

“Now that she’s getting older, she’s going to be going to school with you, and with you being the big sister, you need to look out for her,” Sadie said to Hitomi and Hitomi made a determined expression, understanding her duty and taking it with pride as Marrick chuckled to her behavior.

g1c11 p10

Sadie brought Hitomi over to Marrick and Anya, “Would you mind taking her? I don’t feel too well,” Sadie began and Marrick grew concerned for her but understood, finally aware of her pregnancy the third time around and beginning to understand how it made her feel and act. He took Hitomi with a smile and watched Sadie leave the room, going to the restroom and Marrick made his way upstairs with the two girls.

g1c11 p11
g1c11 p12

Hitomi and Anya played with blocks and colored together, getting along instantly and Marrick watched them play, wondering to himself if he was destined to only have girls and he hated admitting to himself that he was starting to want a boy just as much as Sadie did. It took a long time for Sadie to get Marrick comfortable with the idea of having more children with her, and slowly but surely she was able to get him to like the idea. Sadie even compromised for Marrick, saying that the day they have a son is the day they stop having kids, causing Marrick to be a little weary still, but he soon gave in and agreed. Sadie then insisted they try for more after Anya had reached Hitomi’s age, wanting to keep the children roughly two years apart from one another so they could focus on aging their children up properly in their early years.

Marrick kept his smile as he watched the girls, Hitomi’s genius side coming through and wanting to teach Anya everything correctly with the blocks, showing her which ones went into which slots. Her artistic side came through as well, assisting Anya in telling her about colors and which ones went best to color each picture. But, with Anya being a genius as well, she took Hitomi’s words and absorbed them instantly, catching on and understanding all that her big sister was teaching her.

g1c11 p13

Sadie soon eventually joined in with the family and Marrick was happy to see that she was okay, watching her walk over to the girls and they looked to her with big wondrous eyes. “It’s time for bed, girls,” she announced and they grew discouraged, contesting to Sadie’s word and not really listening. They began to make a fuss, and when Hitomi did, Anya copied her and didn’t want to go to bed as well.

Sadie was getting frustrated and looked to Marrick for assistance and him being happy to help, “What did your mother just say?” He more so demanded than asked, their fathers deep and somewhat scary tone caused them to stop pouting and he walked over to them, picking up Hitomi and then Anya. Sadie took Anya to assist him and tickled her, trying to cheer them up after getting scolded by their father and it began to work.

“We’ll play all day tomorrow, Mommy doesn’t have a thing to do and we can do whatever you girls want,” Sadie added and they soon grew happy, now welcoming their slumber and they couldn’t wait to get to bed.

g1c11 p14
g1c11 p15

The full moon shined brightly into the girls room from behind the clouds as Marrick and Sadie got them ready for bed, deciding to combine their rooms into one and not really wanting Anya to sleep in their room anymore now that she was older. Hitomi didn’t agree at first, wanting her own room and not wanting to share, but Marrick made it clear that that what was happening, so Hitomi just had to get used to it. Sadie changed Anya first into her pajamas and wished her goodnight as Marrick changed Hitomi into hers. “Goodnight, Birthday girl,” Sadie cooed sweetly.

g1c11 p16
g1c11 p17

Marrick brought Hitomi to her crib and said goodnight to her, Sadie and him then exchanging cribs and saying goodnight to the other and exiting the girls’ room, turning the light off and walking to their own.

g1c11 p18
g1c11 p19

The moment they got into their room, Marrick shut the door and brought Sadie into his arms, kissing her passionately and she melted within his grasp. He still enjoyed the occasional forced kiss he put her through simply because of how she always reacted to it, as if it was their first kiss each time and she was still able to make him weak in the knees. Marrick barely ever said those three little words the Sadie adored so much, and he felt as if this was a good time to say it to her, but as he pulled away from the kiss and looked to her, the connection their eyes made said it without him needing to utter a word.

He didn’t mind all daughters, the ones he had now were simply amazing and he was perfectly fine with having more girls just like Hitomi and Anya. Marrick couldn’t wait for their new baby to be born, mostly hoping it was a boy so they could stop having kids, but also wanting it to be a girl and he couldn’t make up his mind; but there was something in the back of his head still constantly screaming at him that once he would have a son, it would be the death of them all.

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Generation 1, Chapter 10

g1c10 p1

Marrick was still asleep when I woke up and I had managed to slip out of bed without waking him.. He looked so peaceful and sound, I tried my hardest not to wake him; he was such a light sleeper and always knew the instant I woke up, always there to greet me and kiss me good morning. But today was different, he seemed so content, relaxed, his play date with Hitomi and a few of her other little friends from preschool must’ve really worn him out. Sadie chuckled at the thought of Marrick with all the children, watching Hitomi like a hawk and making sure none of the other kids did anything to her. He played with her whenever she wanted her fathers attention and played with the other kids as well, but Hitomi was always within his sights, his protective nature for her causing him to exhaust himself. 

g1c10 p2

Ever since our awful argument six months ago, things have gotten better, his actions have surprised me and he actually seemed happy the first time he felt the baby kick within my tummy. I made him, really.. I had to force his hand on my stomach and he seemed to freeze, seeing a gentle glint in his eye that told me he was.. Excited. Happy.. I wanted to know the gender, but he was adamant on it being a surprise, he almost refused to know. Was he worried? What for..? Today I wanted to take Hitomi out for a girls day; Marrick seemed to have been hoarding her from me, but not intentionally. Still, as happy as it made me seeing his undying love for her, I wanted a day with her as well and I brushed my teeth after my shower, getting ready to have a girls day with my only child before a new life and new responsibility was brought into our growing family. Even being pregnant now, I still wanted more kids, I loved the idea of them, especially knowing that Marrick would be the one to give me all of them. I hoped more than ever that he would warm up to the idea of a big family..

g1c10 p3

Marrick woke up in a panic, sitting up straight and looking to his left, not seeing Sadie and seeing her side of the bed made up nicely. He instantly thought the worst, quickly getting up and throwing the blanket effortlessly into its place neatly, getting dressed and walking throughout the house.

g1c10 p4
g1c10 p5
g1c10 p6
g1c10 p7
g1c10 p8
g1c10 p9
g1c10 p10

Marrick searched the entire house over and under, finally ending up in the kitchen and he let out a sigh of relief as he read a note Sadie had left him on the fridge secured by a magnet.

On a girls-day with Hitomi! You looked so peaceful sleeping I didn’t want to wake you.. We’ll be back later, we love you!

    –  Sadie and hItoMi

Sadie wrote, signing her name and looking to the edge of the paper where Hitomi attempted to spell her name as well, but you could tell it was with the help of Sadie. A gentle smirk went across his lips and he was soon at ease, but worry soon went over him as he thought about them out in the city, alone, just the two of them, just the two girls.. She’s pregnant, Marrick thought to himself, thinking of how Sadie had the possibility of going into labor within the next two weeks, that’s what the doctor said a week agoMarrick continued his worried thoughts. What is she thinking? She shouldn’t have gone out without me, I should be with her right now. What if she has the baby and I’m not there? Marrick continued, his hands beginning to shake as he sat in the kitchen for hours. Marrick’s stomach growled, causing him to make a quick dinner, but he had no appetite, causing the dinner to go cold as he went without eating.

g1c10 p11

His worry for where Sadie and Hitomi were was overwhelming, and it grew late. It was almost 7:00pm and he had been without his wife and daughter the entire day, something that wasn’t like Sadie, not as of late; not since they had fixed things after their argument six months ago. Marrick grew irritable and went onto the computer, blindly browsing the internet in hopes of easing his constant thoughts and worries of where they were, still angry with himself that he didn’t accompany them to wherever they went.

g1c10 p12

Archor laid in his bed in front of of the computer desk, “She probably left you,” Archor began and Marrick grew enraged instantly, the thoughts in the back of his head the entire time, but refusing to admit it. But, Archor brought it to light and he hated him for bringing it up.

“Shut up,” Marrick demanded through his ground together teeth, clenching his jaw in anger.

g1c10 p13
g1c10 p14

“Yup, she’s gone, adios,” Archor continued, getting up from his bed and claiming Marrick and Sadie’s as if to prove a point, “You knew it would always end like this, just us, alone. No one else can love us, no one can understand what we are,” Archor continued, cleaning himself with as much pride as his words sounded. Marrick clenched his fists and shut his eyes tightly as Archor continued, “She left you that note to make you believe she was coming back. She had all the money, really.. She can do whatever she wants with it.. Leave you, buy a whole new life for her and Hitomi. She left everything behind to make you believe she was.. Actually coming back,” Archor said in a slightly humorous tone.

“Shut.. Up!” Marrick yelled.

Archor went to continue but the phone rang, causing Archor to stop cleaning himself and Marrick looked immediately to it and in the blink of an eye he was at the phone.

g1c10 p15
g1c10 p16
g1c10 p17

Marrick answered it after three rings, wondering if it was Sadie or wondering if it was a false hope.. He shook off his hesitation and answered it, “H-Hello?” He asked, soon hearing a woman’s voice he didn’t recognize, causing him to want to hang up since it wasn’t Sadie, but the moment she mentioned her name to him, his attention was caught and she explained how she had gone into labor about 10 minutes ago and they were finally able to get her to give her a number to call through her pain. Marrick didn’t reply a single word, hearing her ask ‘hello?’ a few times as he was in shock when he realized his fears had come true. I wasn’t with her.. If I miss this, I’ll never forgive myself, he thought to himself, soon dashing out of the home in an instant and making his way to the hospital.

g1c10 p18
g1c10 p19

Marrick got to the hospital as fast as he could, but stopped before he entered..

W-What.. What if it’s.. A boy? What if I have a son? Marrick began to worry, wondering what he had gotten Sadie in to, wondering what kind of doom he would eventually cause her to come to and he wondered if he should stop and turn around.. Leave. Take Archor and go. Anywhere. Back to their old house, back to how things were before he met her maybe?

g1c10 p20

“No,” Marrick said out loud to himself, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly and looking to the glowing doors of the hospital, reminding him of how beautiful and glowing Sadie looked through her entire pregnancy, both with the new child and the last six months he experienced with her pregnant with Hitomi. Every time she gets pregnant, it’s always about three months in until I realize how stunning she looks that way, he wanted to see the glow in her eyes when he would walk into the room. He wanted to know what her expression would be when he walked in to be with her to have their second child, wanting to do better this time and not walk out like he had done when she was birthing Hitomi. Marrick admitted to himself that he was a coward when that happened, he wanted to be there more than anything, but his fear consumed him and he let it take over. He abandoned her. Marrick soon felt ashamed when he had begun to believe Archor’s words when he sat on Marrick’s bed, such hurtful words, but I believed them.. He thought to himself, hating that he had believed such terrible lies. Marrick took to his feet, wanting to prove Archor wrong and Sadie didn’t leave him, she had just gone into labor and couldn’t call. He dashed through the doors, demanding to know where Sadie Dubois was and the receptionist seemed scared, frantically looking through files and through the computer.

The receptionist didn’t bother asking if he was the father as she looked up that Sadie was in the labor room, not to mention the look in his eyes threatened to kill her if she wasted anymore of his time. “Room 16 C, third floor!” She replied quickly, watching as the strange, frightening man dashed away and went to his wife in labor, praying for once in his life that he would make it in time.

Generation 1, Chapter 9

g1c9 p1
g1c9 p2

Two months without intimacy. Two months since the argument.. Marrick thought to himself as he got Hitomi ready for the morning, giving Hitomi a fake smile as he listened to her ramble about unimportant things. He got her changed after a bath and brought her into his room where Sadie was, losing his fake smile instantly when he looked to Sadie. Marrick had noticed over the past couple months, her attire had been changing and she had been wearing shirts and sweaters that helped hide her body, causing Marrick to worry more if she was trying to hide it from him.

“Mommy, look-it! We’re all wearing a type of yellow today! Well, Daddy’s thing is more orange, but close enough!” She said excitedly, Marrick chuckling and holding her closer and she giggled when he kissed her cheek, both of them looking to Sadie and watching as she barely cared. Marrick furrowed his brow and cleared his throat, finally grabbing Sadie’s attention.

She looked over her shoulder and looked only to Hitomi, “You look beautiful in yellow,” she replied and continued painting. Marrick looked to Sadie and he was displeased with how Sadie had changed. Over the past couple months that have gone by ever since their argument, Sadie hadn’t given him the time of day, practically ignoring him and not caring if she did it or not in front of Hitomi. Which, also, Marrick hated because Hitomi had been asking what he did wrong to get Sadie mad at him and he hated how Sadie was twisting her against him in a way.

g1c9 p3

Marrick walked over more towards Sadie and he noticed her look to them out of the corner of her eye, knowingly ignoring them and Marrick only grew more angered by this. “Are you just going to paint all day?” He asked with an uninterested tone, almost slightly sarcastic and she stopped her strokes briefly, but soon continued to brush over the canvas. Sadie finally washed her brush off and set it down, looking to Hitomi and smiling big as she took her from Marrick.

“Let’s go play in your room, huh?” She asked and Hitomi agreed.

“Daddy, come on!” Hitomi called out and Marrick wanted to come, but Sadie’s words stopped him.

“Daddy’s got things to do. Do you want to color, or play with your dollhouse? What do you want to do?” Sadie asked as she took Hitomi out of their room and shut the door behind her, leaving Marrick alone in the room. Marrick was at a loss for words as he stood there within the silent room, looking around frantically for anything he could grab and throw against the wall from the rage he needed to let out, but he decided against it and gripped his hair instead, pulling at it roughly as he wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

g1c9 p4

Sadie played with Hitomi for a few hours and soon put her down for a nap, never once hearing Marrick come out of their bedroom and she wondered what he was doing that entire time. She left Hitomi’s room and went outside, deciding to spend some time with Arnica and wanting to get out of the house before Marrick would know Hitomi was napping.  The first thing that Arnica did was nuzzle and sniff at Sadie’s stomach, Sadie smiling but soon losing it when she thought of what she was hiding, knowing she couldn’t hide it from them forever and she grew worried for what might happen.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said quietly to Arnica, hearing her give out a gentle snort and Arnica put her nose to Sadie’s face as if kissing her cheek and Sadie giggled.

g1c9 p5

Arnica’s ears soon perked up when she heard the house door open and shut, Arnica looking to Marrick and her ears flew back in disapproval. Sadie knew by Arnica’s reaction that Marrick was on the deck looking at her and she didn’t turn around, grabbing Arnica’s mane and pulling her head down to touch foreheads with her.

“Sadie?” Marrick called out, his tone sounding sorrowful and Sadie looked to the ground, not answering him or looking back at him. Her eyes went to her bedroom window and back to the ground, realizing he had probably seen her out there and she wished she hadn’t been so in the open now.

g1c9 p6

“Sadie, please,” Marrick called to her once more, both Sadie and Arnica hearing the gate open and Marrick walked towards Sadie. Arnica took off passed her, her ears back as she angrily charged at him to protect Sadie.

“Arnica!” She called out, but the entire back yard was Arnica’s bedroom, and never once still did she ever let Marrick come beyond the gate.

Marrick grew nervous and stepped back, soon running out from behind the gate and losing his footing, landing on his bottom and Arnica stopped at the gate’s opening, neighing at him angrily, “Fuck off, you stupid mule!” He hissed at her and she neighed angrily at him once more, warning him to never try that again. Marrick stood from the ground and brushed himself off, frustrated and starring into Arnica’s eyes and she soon walked away to go back to Sadie’s side.

g1c9 p7
g1c9 p8

Sadie watched as Arnica came back over to her and stood at her side, soon looking to Marrick and his expression soon went from angered to defeated, “Can you just.. Come out here, so I can talk to you,” he asked, avoiding eye contact with her as he tried to hide the fact that he was a little intimidated by Arnica, knowing she wouldn’t let him anywhere near Sadie as long as she was within Arnica’s fenced room. Sadie didn’t answer but looked to the ground, Marrick sighing and rubbing his neck in slight frustration, “..Okay.. I’ll just.. Be inside, I guess,” he said with a rather sad tone and slowly walked back into the home.

g1c9 p9

Sadie finally decided to come in, he’s my husband.. I can’t avoid him forever.. She thought to herself and she saw Marrick standing and waiting for her in the living room. Marrick didn’t say anything at first, avoiding eye contact with her and Sadie soon grew remorseful as she looked to his sad face.

g1c9 p10
g1c9 p11

Marrick walked up to her slowly and hesitated, but his hand gently wrapped around her waist and he pulled her into his arms, holding her close and nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck. Sadie eventually gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding the back of his head and both of them seemed as if they had missed one another, acting as if they hadn’t been in contact for years. “Do you still love me?” Marrick asked just above a whisper, beginning to hold her tighter and Sadie felt as if she wanted to cry but she held it in, hesitating before she answered.

“Yes,” she replied with the same, sad, quiet tone, hearing Marrick take a large breath of air through his nose and let it out, sounding relieved by her answer.

“Then where’s this?” He asked, taking her left hand within his and feeling her empty ring finger, feeling Sadie pulling away from him in slight intimidation on how he could react to her answer.

“I just.. Haven’t put it on yet, since I showered,” she replied, trying to make it seem like she didn’t do it on purpose.

“Well.. You’ve been very forgetful on putting it on for a while now, I was just wondering if it was a coincidence or not,” Marrick replied, soon making eye contact with her and Sadie grew nervous by the look he gave her.

g1c9 p12
g1c9 p13

Marrick moved his hands over her arms and pulled her closer, slightly intimidating Sadie and she put her hands up in hopes for him to stop before anything started. “What’s wrong? Why won’t you talk to me, look at me, anything?” He asked, looking her over and realizing that he was beginning to make her uneasy but he didn’t let up. “Are you pregnant?” He asked and Sadie looked instantly to his eyes, her expression frightened and she didn’t want to give him the exact answer she knew he didn’t want. Marrick shut his eyes and let out a heady sigh, continuing to hold on to her arms and he looked to her face, Sadie looking away from him in shame as if she were a puppy being scolded, “How long now?” He demanded to know.

Sadie kept quiet, her tone in a whisper, “I-I don’t know.. A-A month and a half.. Maybe more?” She replied and felt his grip on her only tighten and she let out a gentle moan, “Marrick, please let go,” she requested and he eventually loosened his grip and removed his hands from her.

Marrick looked to the ground, his expression showing that he was thinking hard, “That’s fine, it’ll be okay,” he said out loud while thinking, Sadie getting slight hope, Marrick continuing, “We still have time. We’ll just go to the clinic and-”

g1c9 p13-2

A loud crack filled the silence of the entire home as Sadie hit Marrick’s face with her palm as hard as she could, “You.. Monster!” She yelled and ran to the bathroom close to them, crying as she slammed the door and locked it behind her.

g1c9 p14

Marrick had no words. He stood there for a few long seconds, hearing Sadie crying hysterically in the bathroom as his head remained forced left, starring at the couches and feeling his cheek getting hot and begin to pulsate from the pain she had inflicted upon it. A monster? ..Me? He thought to himself, soon looking to the bathroom and walking up to it, knocking on it and trying to turn the knob but failing to enter. Sadie put her hands to the door, acting as if that would help keep him out even though he could easily break the glass if he wanted to. “Go away! You’re.. I can’t even look at you!” She called out to him, causing Marrick to panic and his hands began to shake, soon his entire body was a rattled mess and all he wanted to do was take back his words.

“S-Sadie.. I,” he began but stopped, convincing himself that he couldn’t say anything that would give her justice in how sorry he was.

g1c9 p15
g1c9 p16

“I don’t care what you say, I’m keeping this baby!” She yelled angrily through tears, “Just go away!” Sadie yelled, causing Marrick to lean against the door and hang his head in shame.

“Sadie.. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, I don’t mean it, I..” Marrick started but stopped, still hearing her crying and it made him weak, hurting him more than anything he could ever remember feeling and he didn’t know what to do. Marrick thought of the first day he saw her, how Archor pointed her out, how the look in her eyes instantly told him that she wanted to know him, but he never expected it to go this far. He never expected for her to be his girlfriend, he never expected a wife, a child, a whole new life that was placed before him so perfectly and he hated that he had possibly messed everything up, not to mention there was another child on the way. “Sadie, please, I’m so sorry,” he continued.

“P-Please, Marrick, not now..” Sadie said back, her words blurred by the door and also the frog in her throat from crying, “Just.. Go,” she finished, Marrick reluctantly pulling himself from the door and starring at it, hating himself and knowing he had caused her so much pain that she didn’t deserve.

“Okay, Sadie.. Whatever you want,” Marrick replied, surprising even himself at his own words. I don’t care if it’s a girl or boy, just please don’t hate me, Marrick thought to himself, calling Archor and making his way out of the home as Archor followed.

g1c9 p18
g1c9 p19

Marrick drove around with Archor for hours, not knowing where to go or where to stop, he didn’t know what to do. Archor was talking to him but Marrick wasn’t hearing a single word, Marrick’s own words repeating in his head at what he had told Sadie, or was about to tell her before he was scolded himself. He had never felt that way before, ever since he had gotten away from his father and his past, he lived by his own choices, rules, restrictions.. This was going against all that he believed and the fact that his love was having another child.. And possibly a boy? He was worried.. Marrick brought Archor to the dog park and Archor played in the pond, still trying to talk to Marrick but he still wasn’t listening.

g1c9 p20
g1c9 p21

Archor got out of the water after having his fun and looked to Marrick, noticing an expression he had never seen before upon his face and Archor tilted his head in worry, “She’ll come around,” he said softly.

“Shut up,” Marrick replied, “Let’s go somewhere else,” he added, ignoring Archor and walking back to the car. Archor looked to Marrick with sad eyes, wondering what was so special about this woman even though Archor loved her as well, but he simply thought, why get so upset when there are so many others? Archor was unable to understand the love between humans, constantly curious as to why Marrick liked these people more than him; who had been with him already longer than both Sadie and Hitomi combined.

g1c9 p23
g1c9 p24

“Remember this?” Marrick asked when they got to a small park close to their old home, Archor recognizing the last lit up building that always stood to the right of their horizon at their old back yard to look down on the small lake they were at; about a 20 minutes walk away was their old home..

“Yes,” Archor replied, wagging his tail and looking to the lake and then to Marrick, “It still hasn’t changed, though a lot else has,” he continued, causing Marrick to sigh heavily. “What’s wrong? Sadie was.. So sad, and so were you,” he asked, looking to Marrick.

“I’ve already told you this.. You know my history, I can’t risk having a son,” Marrick added.

“But, you’re the son of someone,” Archor added, Marrick growing discouraged, “Marrick, you’re talking to a dog, how can you explain that?” Archor asked, Marrick’s expression staying the same.

“It always seemed like the type of thing where an owner knows their pet so well as if they know what they’re saying, that’s what you’re talking about.. I know that you’re just looking at me and I’m hearing what I want you to say in my head, that’s all,” Marrick replied, looking back to the lake. “..I’m not crazy.”

“I believe you,” Archor replied, wagging his tail and his expression seemed happy.

g1c9 p25

Marrick soon took Archor home and when he walked in the door, he saw Sadie. Marrick’s heart was in pain instantly, but he soon realized that she did this when he went on fishing trips, always sleeping in the living room for when he would eventually come home. Marrick shut the front door and locked it, setting the alarm and walking over to the couch that Sadie was sleeping on. He bent down to his knees and looked her over, seeing that she was sound asleep and he looked to her growing tummy. Marrick lifted her shirt a little and looked to her stomach, seeing as it was only a little smaller than when he had first seen her pregnant with Hitomi, unconsciously smirking and leaning in to kiss her stomach. He brushed the hair from her face, soon scooping her up within his arms and holding her tightly as he brought her upstairs to sleep in their room.

g1c9 p26
g1c9 p27

Sadie unconsciously wrapped her arm around him and held onto him as he carried her upstairs, laying her in the bed and watching as she instantly cuddled herself under the blanket and her hand searched for him next to her upon the bed, causing him to smirk slightly. Marrick didn’t change his clothes, nor took off his watch or cared to do anything else. He crawled over her while she was under the covers and laid before her, propping his head up as he watched her sleep and her hand eventually secured itself upon his chest, her dreaming mind now knowing he was next to her and her dreaming body was now at rest, making him feel slightly good about himself and knowing she still loved him. She was looking for him, even despite how he had treated her and what he had said. Marrick knew that he had made the right choice in making her his own and he was beginning to welcome the thought of a new baby, caressing her stomach under her shirt as he watched her sleep, and soon, falling asleep himself.

Generation 1, Chapter 8

g1c8 p1

Marrick sat on the floor with Hitomi and chatted with her as Sadie sat calmly upon the couch in the living area upstairs, watching them conversing and she loved watching them together. It had been a week since their argument and Sadie had become seemingly depressed since then, Marrick taking notice to her lack of normal excitement and happiness that emitted from her every day and he hated seeing her that way.. It wasn’t the Sadie that he knew and loved. Since their argument, Sadie had been spending a lot more time with Hitomi and giving her every ounce of her attention whenever she could, Marrick wondering now if all the love she had within her was now all going to be directed to only Hitomi rather than both her and him. She wanted more children, but Marrick said no, and he assumed her growing love for Hitomi through the past week and her lack of love towards him was a result of his words and actions. He began to wonder if Sadie hated him or if she even wanted to be with him anymore, causing him to worry and even wondering if he should reconsider his decision.

Hitomi was turning out more and more like Marrick, taking his views on things and almost idolizing him, trying to take after him to make him happy; she agreed with most of his views and teachings anyways. Sadie wasn’t feeling too good that morning, so she mostly just took it easy and watched them play and have fun without her. Marrick was worried for her, giving his attention to Hitomi but continuously taking a break to look over to Sadie and making sure she was alright.

g1c8 p2
g1c8 p3

After a little while, Sadie began to grow ill and she stood up, holding her stomach and Marrick looked to her quickly with a worried face, “You okay?” He asked, watching as she held out her hand and waved it, telling him to stay where he was with Hitomi.

“I’m alright, I just don’t feel good,” she replied, putting her hand to her mouth and feeling the inside of her mouth begin to salivate as if she was going to be sick. “I’ll be right back, I’m okay,” Sadie added and gave him a fake, weak smile with a pale face, only causing him to worry more and he watched as she walked past them and towards the bathroom.

g1c8 p4

Sadie shut the door quietly behind her and Hitomi’s expression grew worried, Marrick now hating that both of his girls were in turmoil, “Is she going to be okay?” She asked and Marrick gave her a fake smile, wanting to comfort her.

“Of course. Do you remember when you were sick a month ago and you didn’t feel good?” He asked and he watched as she nodded, “Well, you got over it, so will Mommy. You’re all fine now, right?” He asked, bringing his hands to her sides and tickling her and she fell back as she squirmed and laughed. Archor walked over to them, calmly staring at Hitomi and soon losing interest, looking towards the stairs as he stood by Marrick.

g1c8 p5

“Stay there, baby girl,” Marrick said softly and leaned in to kiss her forehead, getting up from the ground and walking over to the bathroom door and softly knocking on it, “Sadie? Are you alright?” He asked quietly as to not worry Hitomi, looking back at her and seeing that she was playing with Archor.

Marrick’s attention went back to the door when he heard Sadie’s voice, “Yes, I’m fine, just give me a minute,” she replied and Marrick sighed, not believing her as he then heard her getting sick.

g1c8 p6
g1c8 p7

Marrick decided to give her a little more time alone and he turned around, looking back to Hitomi and seeing that she was about to follow Archor going downstairs. His eyes widened and his heart stopped, “Hitomi!” He called out and rushed to her, picking her up before she could reach the first step down and holding her tightly against him. Marrick looked to Archor as he stood half way down the stairs, looking back at him as if his expression was happy. Marrick’s lips twisted with rage, “Bad dog! You know she likes to follow you, now git!” Marrick demanded and Archor cowered  in fear, his tail going between his legs and his ears falling as he quickly went downstairs and ran to a spot in the house where he could hide. Marrick’s heart was beating hard in fear and he hated how it felt, especially knowing that his fear was caused by Hitomi almost getting seriously hurt, and from Archor’s doings.

g1c8 p8
g1c8 p9

Sadie soon opened the door and came over to them with worry written all over her face, “What happened? Is she alright?” She asked frantically, putting her hands upon Hitomi and brushing her hair lovingly.

Marrick could barely form a smile, “Yeah, she’s okay. She tried following Archor downstairs, but I caught her,” he replied and kissed the side of Hitomi’s head.

“Thank goodness.. Hitomi, you know you need one of us to take you up and down the stairs,” Sadie said with a concerned tone and Hitomi frowned, knowing what she did was wrong, but Marrick was more so mad with Archor than Hitomi. What was he thinking? Marrick thought to himself.

g1c8 p10

Marrick brought Hitomi into her bedroom and Sadie came to the door and stood by it as he set Hitomi on the floor, “Be good and play with your toys, I need to talk to Mommy, okay?” he said calmly and smirked at her.

Hitomi frowned and Marrick brushed a few stray hairs out of her face, “I’m sorry,” she said quietly and Marrick grew slightly confused, “For twying to go downstaiws,” she continued as tears began to well up in her eyes and Marrick gave her a pleased smile to try and get her to do that same.

“It’s not your fault, don’t be sorry. I was just nervous you’d get hurt, and Mommy and I want to always prevent that from happening. Don’t follow him around anymore, okay?” He requested and picked her up briefly to kiss her cheek and he set her down again, watching as she nodded and began to calm herself down.

g1c8 p11
g1c8 p12

Marrick left Hitomi to play and came out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him and going to Sadie, bringing her into his arms and holding her against him. Sadie was surprised slightly, Marrick bringing her lips into his and kissing her passionately for seemingly no reason at all. She returned the kiss, but only because she felt like she had no choice and she felt as if he was holding onto her a little tighter than normal, causing her to wonder if something was bothering him. Marrick didn’t know why he felt the fear he did, he was set on not having any more children and the thought of losing Hitomi frightened him. He didn’t want kids, hated the thought of having them, worried about having a son and passing down the insanity that was within them all. But, if he were to ever lose Hitomi for any reason, he hated that he would consider trying for another child but hoping within his whole heart that it would be another baby girl. He hated their kiss, there was nothing to it; no love, no passion, nothing, at least that’s what he felt from Sadie.

g1c8 p13

Marrick soon withdrew from the kiss and Sadie’s blushing rosy cheeks along with the subtle look in her eyes told him that she loved him without her needing to use words, but he still felt as if she still felt off, pained, even perhaps losing her love for him. He pulled her close and brought his other hand to her face, brushing his fingers down her cheek and soon dragging a finger over her lips, getting lost as he looked at her. Marrick’s expression grew slightly angered, causing Sadie to lose the shine in her eyes and she curiously waited to see what he was doing. Marrick thought about how she had been feeling and he feared the worst, his mind beginning to wonder if she could be pregnant again, but he still wasn’t sure. He had no idea how Sadie reacted to being pregnant with Hitomi since she wasn’t with him at the time to experience it and know, soon connecting eyes with her and Sadie felt as if she had done something wrong without her knowing what. “I-I’m going to go.. Lie down,” she said softly, almost in a requesting manner as she gently put her hand to his arm that was reaching to her face and he eventually broke their eye contact, looking to her hand that was placed on him and he soon let her go. Sadie almost skittishly backed away from him, slowly walking over to their bedroom door and entering it, closing the door quietly behind her without a sound.

g1c8 p14
g1c8 p15

Sadie had been in the bedroom for hours, Marrick didn’t see her for the rest of the day and soon the sun had begun its descent, falling over the horizon and he actually felt lonely without her. They saw one another every day, every hour, he felt as if he was lost without her next to him, even with Hitomi in the kitchen with him upon the ground. Marrick sat at the kitchen table, keeping silent to himself as Archor came up to him and nudged Marrick’s hand with his nose, whimpering and watching as Marrick ignored him unknowingly and unaware that anything had touched him. “I’m sorry,” Archor said softly and Marrick just stared into his mug, looking at the tea he had made and watching as it changed red and the steam that rose from it smelled of blood. His mind was playing tricks on him, but he casually stared at the liquid, putting it to his lips and taking a quick sip.

“Go away,” Marrick said in a whisper to Archor, keeping it from Hitomi’s ears and Archor bowed his head in shame, walking back over to Hitomi and she pet him and combed at his fur.

g1c8 p16

Marrick finished his tea as he listened to Hitomi humming happily as she tried to braid Archor’s hair, soon yawning and Marrick looked back, standing and cleaning his glass within the sink. He walked over to Hitomi and picked her up, the same boring, blank expression on his face, “Ready for bed?” He asked her with no emotion, Hitomi nodding as her eyelids grew heavy. Marrick looked down to Archor, his eyes empty and Archor withdrew from him a little, “Come,” Marrick said, walking out of the kitchen and hearing Archor’s claws tapping on the tile close behind him as they walked upstairs.

g1c8 p17

Marrick went into his room first, stopping as he looked to Sadie within their bed with the lights off and their were tissues filled with tears next to the bed on the nightstand. Marrick grew ashamed of himself at the fact that he had brought her to the point of tears, wondering if the way he looked at her earlier was solely the reason for her crying. Why did I look at her like that.. Like I hated her? He thought to himself, growing nervous by his thoughts and decided to leave the room, bringing Hitomi into her room that was next to her parents.

g1c8 p19
g1c8 p18

Archor followed and went to one of Hitomi’s window’s to look out of it, Marrick wanted to take her to her crib, but Hitomi was still awake and she wanted to be with him longer, “Nooo, not yetttt,” she pleaded and gripped his shirt more, not wanting to let go and Marrick sighed. He walked over to the rocking chair instead, sitting down gently and rubbing her back to help coo her to sleep. Hitomi looked up to him with tired eyes, observing his face and noticing that he hadn’t been his normal self since he had ‘talked’ with her mother earlier, wondering what happened. “Are you and Mommy fighting?” She asked and Marrick didn’t move an inch besides to rock the chair.

“No,” he answered simply and stared at Hitomi’s wall, pulling her a little closer and feeling Hitomi wrap her arms around his neck. Marrick sighed for a few long seconds, soon feeling Hitomi fall asleep within his arms and he then looked to Archor who was already looking at him. “Why?” He asked simply.

“Why, what?” Archor asked in return, seeming to raise his brow in confusion and Marrick squinted his eyes slightly towards him.

“You know that she likes to follow you.. So why?” He asked again, watching as Archor stared into his eyes.

“I didn’t know she would follow, you told her to stay and she didn’t. I listen better than she does,” he replied.

“You bite your tongue you liar,” Marrick said, his tone filled with rage as he clenched his teeth, “First and final warning.. If you ever put her in danger again, I’ll kill you with my own hands, don’t you ever dare to forget that.” he warned, watching as Archor wasn’t phased by the threat as he continuing to stare into his eyes eerily.

g1c8 p20

Marrick stood to his feet and held Hitomi close as she continued to sleep in his arms, bringing her to her crib and setting her gently within it. He covered her with her blanket and gave her the stuffed bunny he had won her on her birthday, watching as she pulled it close into her arms as she still thought she was holding on to Marrick. He watched her sleeping, tracing his finger down her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear, so fragile, so beautiful.. How could anyone even dream of hurting you? Marrick thought to himself, shaking the terrible thought from his mind and making his way out of her room, “Get out,” he said to Archor, watching as he calmly walked passed Marrick and he shut the door behind him and Archor. Archor made his way for Marrick’s room, “No, go sleep downstairs,” Marrick demanded and Archor looked back at him, his expression growing sad but he didn’t protest, bowing his head as he slowly walked downstairs and Marrick watched his every step until he heard Archor reach the bottom of the steps and Marrick continued to his room to go to sleep.

Generation 1, Chapter 7

g1c7 p1

Marrick and Sadie got ready for the day and Marrick soon came into Hitomi’s room, her eyes lighting up when she saw him and she wiggled within her crib happily. Marrick smiled and let out a pleased laugh at her behavior, “Hey birthday girl, are you ready to turn 2 today?” Marrick asked as he picked her up within his arms, holding her close and kissing her forehead as he brought her out of her room and made his way downstairs with her. He couldn’t believe it had already been two years, the time was flying by and it seemed as if he had just moved in yesterday. Sadie and him had a private wedding, only inviting over Sadie’s parents, her older brother that didn’t care much for Marrick, and Marrick’s grandmother. Marrick didn’t take too kindly to any of Sadie’s family since none of them really got along or liked that she was marrying Marrick, but his grandmother and Sadie got along wonderfully. He didn’t care one bit if he never saw any of those people again, convincing himself that he only needed Sadie, Archor, Hitomi and his grandmother in his life to make him happy.

g1c7 p2
g1c7 p3

Marrick brought Hitomi into the kitchen and Sadie came up to them, kissing Marrick and bending down slightly to kiss Hitomi’s cheeks a few times, “Are you excited? I am! I’m so happy to see our baby turning two, she’s already growing up to fast,” Sadie’s tone was first excited, then it grew slightly worried and she didn’t like where the time had magically slipped off to. Marrick snickered at her behavior and put his hand to her face, pulling her into another soft kiss and as he pulled away he noticed the lack of a ring upon her finger, “Where is it?” Marrick somewhat demanded rather than asked.

Sadie took a moment to think about what he was talking about and she noticed him look to her hand, soon making a rather displeased expression with herself, “Oh.. It must still be in the bathroom after the shower, I’ve been distracted since it’s her birthday, not to mention you were distracting me in there, as well,” she said flirtatiously and Marrick couldn’t help but give a coy grin in return.

“Well, it’s a good idea to leave it off anyways, I’ll do it too. I wouldn’t want to risk losing it at the carnival today,” Marrick replied and Sadie smiled and nodded in agreement. Marrick looked down to Hitomi, admiring her bright blue eyes, “She is growing up fast, looking more beautiful each day, too, just like her Mom,” Marrick replied with a smirk, looking to Sadie and watching as she gave a shy smile towards him. Archor came into the kitchen and ran around in circles, excited for Hitomi’s birthday as well and Sadie stopped his excitement by calling him to her and petting his side to calm him down a little. “Ready?” Marrick asked Sadie, watching her nod ecstatically with a huge smile and walked over to the table to light the candles standing up in the cake. Marrick held Hitomi in front of it and instructed her to blow out the candle, watching as she couldn’t and he blew it out for her just behind her shoulder so she could feel as if she had done it herself.

g1c7 p4
g1c7 p5
g1c7 p6
g1c7 p7

Hitomi aged up beautifully and she looked more like Sadie than she did Marrick, Marrick somewhat wishing she at least got his eyes or hair or nose. But, he soon warmed up to the fact that she looked like Sadie, knowing she was going to grow up to be a stunning young lady and he was proud of their creation. Over the past two years, Hitomi was already showing signs of how much of a genius she was by how fast she had learned to talk. Learning to go to the bathroom on her own and also walking, however, were still something she needed to work on. She crawled for the most part; there was even one time she somehow got out of her crib and crawled all the way to their bedroom looking for them when they had thought she was sleeping. Sadie had even been reading her art books and they always colored and finger painted together and Hitomi was turning out to be a real artist just like Sadie.

g1c7 p8

“My beautiful baby girl! Happy Birthday,” Sadie said happily when Marrick handed Hitomi off to her, watching as Hitomi giggled and bobbed up and down in excitement as well. Sadie cuddled her close and kissed her cheek a few times to make her laugh, Marrick unable to wipe the smile from his lips as he looked at the two things he loved most in his life. “How old are you, count it out for me!” Sadie requested of her.

Hitomi brought her hand up and put up her index finger, then her middle finger, “One.. Two!” She replied happily.

“That’s right!” Sadie said excitedly and kissed Hitomi’s cheek once more.

g1c7 p9

Marrick couldn’t have been happier with how everything had been turning out; he still was convinced that he was normal, never acting out of the ordinary and keeping his sanity for the most part. Marrick’s relationship with Sadie had only gotten better the past years and he was beginning to feel as if he had a chance at beating the insanity that he knowingly held within him; hoping it would stay hidden from Sadie and hoping she would never become a corpse at his feet as he looked to his own blood stained hands like so many of his ancestors before him.

g1c7 p10

“I’ll be right back,” Sadie said softly, walking over to Archor and setting Hitomi down in front of him, “Isn’t she such a pretty lady, Archor?” Sadie asked him and he wagged his tail happily. Marrick watched as Sadie gave him a kind smile before leaving the kitchen, him then looking over to Archor and watching as Hitomi touched his nose and tugged lightly on his fur, Archor sniffing her hair and licking her ear. Hitomi let out a loud giggle at Archor tickling her and Marrick couldn’t help but smile.

“I like her, she smells like flowers,” Archor said softly and Marrick came over to them, picking up Hitomi and kissing her cheek and she let out another giggle at the feeling of his scruffy beard on her skin. “She is you?” He asked, Marrick looking to him and trying to understand his question.

“No.. Well, she’s half me, half Sadie,” he replied.

“Are you tawking to Archor, Daddy?” She asked with an excited smile.

Marrick looked to her with a blank expression, looking to Archor then and he wagged his tail, barking softly and putting his nose up to smell Hitomi’s feet that hung as Marrick held her. He didn’t really know what to say back as he continued to hear Archor letting out dog noises instead, “He just probably wanted to know where you came from, at least that’s what it looked like he wanted to know,” Marrick replied and she laughed as he gently rubbed his scruffy face against her skin.

g1c7 p11
g1c7 p12
g1c7 p13

Marrick brought Hitomi to her high chair and set her down, giving her a tiny slice of cake and getting a fork for her. He sat down next to her and just as Hitomi was about to grab at the cake, Marrick stopped her by pulling the plate back, “Nope, you’re not getting all messy, you should start using utensils now,” he said softly and dipped the fork into the cake, getting a small amount and feeding it to her. Marrick then offered it to her, pointing the handle towards her and she gripped it within her whole fist, stabbing at the cake first to try and redo what he had showed her and Marrick only chuckled as her first attempt sent the piece she had gotten over and onto the table. Hitomi’s face went sad and Marrick hated it, instantly taking her hand and showing her how to hold it, then guiding it into her mouth for her as she held it as well. “See?” He asked, soon seeing her smile and he let out a relieved sigh.

By the time Sadie had come back to the kitchen, Hitomi had finished her cake and so had Marrick. She joined them at the table and Marrick put his hand to her back, “You okay?” He wondered and she gave him a warm smile.

“Yes, just fine,” she answered confidently and he smirked, watching as she ate her slice quietly with a smile glued to her face. He wondered what was on her mind, why she looked so happy, but then again he thought it was stupid to question something like that. Sadie looked to Hitomi and smiled, “Are you excited for the carnival, Hitomi?” She asked.

Hitomi bounced excitedly in her chair, “Yes, yes! I wanna win a stuffed animal!” She called out and both Marrick and Sadie let out a pleased chuckle.

g1c7 p14
g1c7 p15

Around 4:00pm they made their way to the small carnival that had came to the city for the weekend, luckily for Hitomi’s birthday, too. Hitomi cheered on Sadie as she tried her luck at whack-a-gnome, but she only scored 2,000 points, not enough to make it on the leader boards. She sighed and Marrick chuckled at her determination, Hitomi then squirming within his arms and clenching his shirt as she looked to something. Marrick looked to her and noticed she was looking at a claw machine, smiling softly as he knew what she wanted.

g1c7 p16
g1c7 p17
g1c7 p18

Marrick gave Hitomi to Sadie and they both watched in excitement as Marrick attempted to get what Hitomi wanted, he wanted to give her everything she wanted today and he wasn’t going to stop until she was perfectly content. “Which one?” Marrick asked Hitomi and she looked around at the stuffed animals within the glass cube and took her time, trying to decide which one she wanted most.

“That one, that one! The bunny, Daddy!” She finally decided and pointed to a pink bunny within the machine. Marrick smiled and nodded, putting a few coins in and the machine started up. Hitomi pressed her hands against the glass, helping her father from the side as he looked to it from the front and with both of their minds were put together, not to mention Hitomi’s genius mind, they were able to maneuver the claw right over the bunny and got it on the first try. They all watched in anticipation as the claw brought it over to the slot, the bunny shifting within it and they all held their breath as it luckily stayed within the claw and dropped it into the slot. Hitomi through her arms up and Sadie spun her around, “Yay!” Hitomi let out and Marrick smiled, pulling it from the machine and giving it to her. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said with a kind tone, taking it from him and holding it close between her and Sadie.

g1c7 p19
g1c7 p20

The three of them walked around a little more, the sun soon going down and Marrick and Sadie thought it was time to go soon. Marrick bought Sadie a few souvenirs and elixirs she wanted to try out since all that Hitomi’s things were won and he wanted to treat Sadie as well. They had come on the last day of the tiny carnival and no one else seemed to be there, but Marrick knew it wasn’t anything special and they barely had anything to do there despite the few games, fortune tellers and a shop.

g1c7 p21
g1c7 p22

“Daddy, a fortune teller!” Hitomi called out and Marrick was shocked she even knew what that was. “Please?” She asked and he shook his head.

“No, not tonight, it’s late,” he replied and she grew displeased, causing Marrick to regret his answer but he still didn’t want her to do it.

“B-But why?” She asked and Marrick could tell she wanted to cry and it pained his heart.

“Because, they’re people that tell you your so called ‘future’ for money and that’s nonsense. No one knows your future but you, your own future is what you make it, not what someone else tells you. You need to find your own path, you need to be strong and know that you’ll find your own way without the help of a stranger putting it before you. Understand?” He questioned and Hitomi simply tightened her grip upon him as he held her on his shoulders, knowing by her silence that she understood but she didn’t like it, though she didn’t want to tell Marrick that she disagreed. Marrick knew that even though she was only two, she was smart beyond what he could put into words, and although her childish manner came through in her personality from her age alone, he knew she was wiser beyond her years.

g1c7 p23
g1c7 p24

They soon left before it got too dark out and went home, eating dinner and soon spending some time together within the living room. Marrick watched Hitomi as she played with the stuffed animal he had won her, they seemed to be inseparable and he smiled at the sight of her being so happy. Sadie soon laid upon the floor with Marrick after washing the dishes and watched Hitomi play as well, Marrick hearing Sadie giggle every now and then as Hitomi played with her stuffed animal and Archor soon came in to try to play with her as well; or, he more so wanted to chew up her toy and she struggled to keep it from him.

“Archor,” Marrick said demandingly and Archor grew discouraged, bowing his head as he walked away from Hitomi in defeat. Marrick looked down to Sadie and she looked up, smiling at him and he couldn’t comprehend where he would be right now without them. He realized that him and Archor haven’t been spending a lot of time together anymore and he was turning more into a pet than a friend, but he was still happy that Archor was with him still.

g1c7 p25

It was soon Hitomi’s bed time and Sadie and Marrick stood up from sitting on the floor, Marrick picking up Hitomi while she was playing and she laughed as he flew her through the air like an airplane. Sadie giggled happily at their behavior  and Marrick soon brought Hitomi into his arms, walking over to Sadie and kissing her cheek, “Say goodnight to Mommy,” Marrick said softly, Hitomi and Sadie putting both of their hands to the others face and they simoutaniously kissed each others cheeks.

“Goodnight, Hitomi,” Sadie said happily and Marrick smiled, Hitomi wishing her goodnight as well and Marrick walked her upstairs to her room.

g1c7 p26
g1c7 p27

“Did you have fun today, Hitomi?” Marrick asked and put her into her crib.

“Yes! It was so much fun!” She replied and he chuckled, bending down and kissing the top of her head.

“Goodnight, birthday girl,” Marrick said with a smile and she only smiled back as she yawned.

“Night, Daddy,” she replied and she laid down, Marrick covering her with her blanket and walking towards the door, shutting her lights off and closing her door softly.

g1c7 p28

Marrick came into his room and noticed Sadie looking at herself in the mirror, still wondering how he had gotten so lucky to have her, and what was even better was that they now had Hitomi. Sadie looked over to him and smiled, then looked back to the mirror and playing with her hair, “What should we do when she turns three? Should we get her an actual bunny or something? We could try and take her to a different carnival, this one was lacking and I felt as if it could’ve been better. But she seemed like she had fun, right?” Sadie asked, Marrick continuing to look at her with a smirk on his lips and she looked to him.

“Yeah, she had fun,” he replied simply, watching as Sadie’s smile only grew happier and he could tell her mind was at work on how to make her next birthday even better. Sadie then moved her neck around a little, bringing her hand to her shoulder and rubbing it softly as she shut her eyes.

g1c7 p29

Marrick thought she looked tense, his smile fading and he walked over to her and placed his hands were hers was, beginning to message her neck and shoulders. Sadie stood there and enjoyed the treatment, being sore from carrying around Hitomi all day and she was a little exhausted after the carnival. Sadie let out a gentle sigh of relaxation and Marrick smiled, kissing her bare shoulders lovingly and she seemed to melt within his grasp. Marrick continued to message her as she spoke, “She’s so tiny and wonderful, I want her to stay this size forever,” she said with a concerned tone, not wanting Hitomi to be growing up so fast and Marrick chuckled lightly.

“It’ll be nice watching her grow into a lady, I’m looking forward to it,” he replied softly and Sadie smiled, turning around and looking into Marrick’s eyes with an adoring expression, “What is it?” He asked, his hand traveling down her arms as he waited for her to speak.

“I want more,” she said with a shy tone, Marrick raising his brow in confusion and Sadie continued, “Let’s give her a sister, or a brother.. I want at least two or three more.. Don’t you?” She continued excitedly, beginning to play with the buttons on his shirt and beginning to undo them to try and coax him to get started on making another baby that moment.

g1c7 p30
g1c7 p31

Marrick instantly let her go and got her hands off of him, Sadie flinching and withdrawing herself as he walked away from her a few feet, “No, no more,” he demanded and he heard her gasp slightly.

“Marrick.. B-But why? Don’t you want to-” Marrick cut her off.

“I said no,” he added again as his tone grew deeper and more intimidating, tears beginning to well up in Sadie’s eyes and she grew angry with him.

g1c7 p32
g1c7 p33

Sadie turned her attention away from him and he turned around as well after her, hearing her beginning to cry and although she tried to hide it, he saw it in the mirror, “I-I don’t understand. I don’t understand how you could be so selfish,” she said as if she was at a loss on what to do and Marrick didn’t feel regret for saying no, but he felt terrible for making her cry.

“Selfish? Me? Isn’t Hitomi enough for you?” He asked and she only cried harder.

“Of course she is, but I just thought.. I just wanted more. Don’t make it seem as if I don’t love her and want to try again.. She’s not a mistake in my eyes, I’ve wanted her the moment I found out I was pregnant. And I wanted you, too. I wanted you to want her and I thought that you’d eventually want more, like I do.. I love her more than anything, I just.. Why don’t I get a say in this? Why can’t we try for more?” She asked.

“She’s not a mistake in my eyes either, Sadie, I just don’t want any more children. She’s perfect, I can’t imagine making anything better than her, why do you want more?” He asked in return, beginning to get frustrated with the conversation.

“Why not?” Sadie rebutted, turning around and her cheeks were wet from tears but her expression was angered, “We have the money, we have the room, and if we don’t we can make room. I’m sure she would love someone to play with.. What if we just.. What if we had a boy next? He’ll be just as handsome as you! Just a boy and a girl, I want to reason with you! Just please reconsider, Marrick.. I want a family with you, a bigger one,” she finished and cried softly to herself.

g1c7 p34

Marrick couldn’t take it, the fact that she wanted a boy broke his heart and he walked out of the room, “Marrick, where are y-” Sadie began but he shut the door before she could finish, walking slowly into the living area just outside of their room and sitting on the couch. Marrick didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t think of a way to sway her mind, she has too much love to give, he thought to himself and sighed heavily. Marrick was happy that she wanted to have a family with him, but he considered him, Sadie, and Hitomi the family already and he didn’t want anything more. He had struck gold when Hitomi was born, he didn’t want to risk getting coal the next time around..

g1c7 p35

Marrick soon laid down on the sofa, refusing to see Sadie for the rest of the night since he didn’t want to get into another argument again over more children. Honestly.. I wouldn’t mind having another little girl, but it’s a 50/50 chance.. Those odds are too against me, he thought to himself, not caring for the family name and not caring if it didn’t live one; he hated being a Dubois, he was ashamed to call himself one and he knew that any future son of his would eventually feel the same way, and possibly go through something that no man ever should; Marrick even began to think when his time would come, but he shook the thoughts from his head and remained positive that he would never hurt his family in the end. He began to think of his grandfather as he shut his eyes, making a deal with himself that if he ever noticed his insanity beginning to make his way into the family, he would take after his grandfather and rid himself from their lives in order to keep them safe.

Generation 1, Chapter 6

Attention: *Ahem*.. Seeing as this is a Patriarchy, I was -slightly- displeased with them having a girl, making the story harder for me. >_< But, as my Sims goes on, so do I. I hope you enjoy how I put my own twist on things to make it all add up eventually. Plus, heads up for a very mild sexual scene.


g1c6 p1


Hitomi Lee Dubois is what Sadie named her; I made sure to let her know that I left the naming up to her depending on what gender it was.. A few weeks ago, I had driven her to the hospital and I couldn’t be in the room, walking out of the room and resting my back against the wall next to the door and pulling down my sanitary mask, taking a huge breath and regaining my composure as curious onlookers watched me as I fidgeted with my hands in anticipation. Sadie was in the birthing room and hearing her cries of pain and exhaustion made me sick to my stomach for what I had done to her. I couldn’t be with her; I wanted to be, but I couldn’t be there when and if they would tell me it was a boy.. I don’t know what I might’ve done.. Our beautiful baby girl had been brought into this world, though, and I loved every inch of her. The doctor came out and told me I had a daughter and asked me to come in, Sadie was sweating and out of breath as she held our daughter and she looked to me with a warm smile she could barely muster.. Sadie looked the most beautiful she ever had and I couldn’t explain how happy I was. A daughter.. Something I wanted so badly.. She was finally born. I kissed Sadie’s cheek and forehead and neck, everything I could and hearing her giggle with a short breath, both of us looking down to our little girl, “Hitomi,” is that she whispered to me. Sadie was now my life, my love, the mother of my child; I had to protect her from everything and knowing that I didn’t have a son brought me great courage and strength to do so.. Even though if Hitomi married and our family name would never live on, I wanted her to be happy and live a perfect life. I almost didn’t want our name to live on.. Sadie made Hitomi’s last name the same as mine, but I strangely wanted to do the same to Sadie, my fingertips playing with the ring I wanted her to wear within my pocket.. I wanted to marry her so badly, but it went against everything I had taught myself to stay away from. But, with Hitomi now keeping us bound together, would this ring even make a difference to our connecting with one another, or was it just the governments way of claiming her as my own? She was already mine, and so was Hitomi, nothing could keep me from them now; why did a simple ring matter so much? But, despite what I thought, I wanted her to be fully mine and despite what I thought about a simple piece of jewelry, I knew that she thought of it as so much more, which is what made me so nervous about asking her..

g1c6 p2

The brisk morning air caressed Marrick’s cheeks and he looked to the city that was still lit, even at 5:00 am as he waited for the sun to rise. Sadie and Marrick fought through most of her pregnancy; Sadie wanting him to move in with her and Marrick hating the thought of Sadie being the provider for their new family. His father had always taught him to be and stay strong, take control, and most importantly, take responsibility for your actions; not to mention do whatever you possibly can to make sure you’re family is provided for. But, Marrick hated his father, beside the fact that he agreed with the lessons he had taught him and he wanted to keep Sadie safe; he would do anything for her now and if keeping her safe was to live with her, then so be it. Sadie was wealthy, Marrick had learned that Sadie donated a lot of her paintings because she had already made so much money selling them first. Marrick made a good amount of money whenever he sold the fish he caught, but it didn’t even compare to even one of her paintings value, blowing the money he made on his fish right out of the water.

g1c6 p3

Marrick and Sadie had been fighting about living together, Sadie always giving him the reason that their lives were one now and there was no room for her and the baby at his place and there was especially no room for Sadie’s horse. Marrick hated the thought of succumbing to her and having her be the support for the family.. But, the more she brought it up, the more it convinced him. Sadie mentioned that she lived near the port, the water was close and there was always good fishing, not to mention the grocery store he always went to and sold his fish to was no more than a 10 minute walk away. Marrick would have.. Everything. A good fishing spot, close to a place that loved to buy his catches, the woman he loved, and the baby daughter that he had just had no more than three weeks ago coaxing him into selling all of his furniture and selling his house, finally okay with the fact that he was going to move in with her and their new baby girl. The best thing about it was Sadie had let Marrick build and decorate Hitomi’s room while her crib was in Sadie’s room, seeing as the entire house was designed by Sadie, she gave him that room to make his own for Hitomi and she also let him make changes within the rest of the house to make him more comfortable, not to mention he took the time to upgrade their security system..

g1c6 p4

Marrick took the time to wash the counters and the oven, making the home presentable for the people who bought it from him before they moved in. Marrick spaced out as he thought about his new family; he had never wanted children, he hated the idea of having them and only continuing his despicable genes, but the moment he saw Hitomi, all of those thoughts were instantly washed away and now he couldn’t imagine what his life would be liked without her, or Sadie.. Marrick’s lips twitched into a smirk when he thought of the first day he saw Sadie, standing before the huge city that he hated looking as glorious as ever and at that moment he had never thought he would see her again, let alone even getting her pregnant.. As he thought more, he realized that she had completely changed who he was, even if it wasn’t her intention to. Marrick was a completely different person now and it made him somewhat uneasy as he stood there cleaning; I have a girlfriend, a daughter, and I’m going to be living in the city? What the hell is going on..?

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g1c6 p6

Marrick had finished cleaning the kitchen and he turned around, the emptiness of his home finally sinking in and he grew slightly sad that he was leaving it all. The moment he bought this house, he planned on living in it until he grew old and he thought he was going to die in it as well, but he was also somewhat glad that that plan had changed. Archor came in from outside and looked around as well, letting everything sink in, too.

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g1c6 p8

“It’s going to be weird not coming in through that door anymore,” Marrick said softly and looked down towards Archor, watching as Archor’s blue eyes soon met his, both of their expressions slightly defeated. Marrick bent down and patted Archor’s head and Archor soon put his paws up in an attempt to hug Marrick. He was slightly thrown off by Archor’s actions, but he soon put his arms around him and returned the hug with a gentle smirk on his lips. Archor withdrew from the hug and Marrick looked to him, “You ready for this?” Marrick asked, seeing as Archor’s expression seemed to go happy.

“Yeah,” Archor replied..

g1c6 p9

Marrick hadn’t started coming to Sadie’s place until the last few months of her pregnancy to work on the baby’s room, seeing as how he didn’t know the gender he made Hitomi’s room rather bland at first, but once she was born, he and Sadie had made some final touches to make it appear more feminine. Sadie’s house was rather large, same with the barn and also her yard, but Marrick actually really liked it there. Sadie gave the tiny pond she had to him to put any fish he wanted to into it and Marrick loved it, realizing he could take his catches and put them in there, fatten them up more, and even sell them for larger prices.

Marrick and Archor soon arrived to Sadie’s with the last of their things, realizing that this was now their home and Marrick grew slightly nervous as he looked to it all, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. They got out of the car and Marrick looked to Hitomi’s room, seeing Sadie holding her and waving at him with a wide smile on her face. Marrick could’t help by smile at the two of them, seeing Sadie then making her way out of Hitomi’s room and he assumed she was going downstairs to greet him.

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Marrick walked towards the door and Archor stayed at his heels, his tail between his legs as he growled at Arnica, Sadie’s horse. Marrick and Archor hated that horse more than anything and he knew that she hated them as well. The first time they were introduced, she had tried to kick and even stomp on Marrick, causing Archor to retaliate and he bit her ankles to help protect Marrick.. They starred at Arnica and she did the same, her ears soon pointing back and she let out an annoyed snort as if she was better than them, hating that they were moving in with Sadie. Marrick felt as if Arnica knew what kind of person he was and the day they their eyes met for the first time, they both knew they would never get along.

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Sadie soon came to the door and walked outside, Marrick looking away from Arnica and at the two of them as a smile began to form on his lips. Archor ran to Sadie on the deck and ran in circles around her, yelping excitedly to greet them and Sadie giggled at his behavior, “Hey, Archor,” she said sweetly, greeting him in return. Marrick walked up to join them on the deck and he kissed Sadie, soon looking down to Hitomi within her arms and Marrick only smiled more. Sadie handed Hitomi to him and he happily took her, lifting her up and playing with her and she always reached for his face in an attempt to touch the stubble on his chin. Marrick chuckled under his breath at her and kissed her cheek, hearing her giggle at the feel on his beard on her skin.

g1c6 p15

Marrick pulled Hitomi close and looked at her, trying to understand how he could’ve made something so perfect and he soon looked to Sadie who was smiling warmly at the sight of them. “Welcome home,” Sadie said sweetly and Archor barked happily, Marrick soon smiling more and looking back to Hitomi. “Come inside, I’ll make lunch. Would you mind putting her down for a nap, too?” She requested and Marrick nodded, continuing to look at his little creation.

g1c6 p16

“Not at all,” he replied and followed Sadie and Archor inside. Sadie went to the kitchen and began making lunch, Marrick slowly making his way towards the stairs to go up to Hitomi’s room.

“Can I come?” Archor asked, Marrick looking to him and nodding.

“Yeah.. Sure,” Marrick replied and continued to make his way upstairs with Archor to put Hitomi to rest.

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Marrick brought Hitomi into her room and laid her down within the crib, watching as she looked up at him doe eyed and Marrick couldn’t help but adore her. “Go to sleep now, baby girl,” Marrick said softly and he soon noticed as Hitomi’s eye lids grew heavy and she soon drifted off to sleep as Marrick continued to gaze down at her. He quietly made his way away from her crib and looked around her room, taking everything in and soon looking down to Archor who was already looking at him. “What is it?” Marrick asked.

“I like it here, I like her,” Archor replied, wagging his tail and Marrick chuckled lightly.

“Yeah, me too,” he said quietly, smirking towards Archor and they exited Hitomi’s room, Marrick making sure to leave the door open a little in case she were to cry and need them.

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Marrick played with the ring in his pocket as he looked to Sadie, finishing up preparing their lunch. He was silent as he stood there, wondering and hoping her answer to his request would be a positive one. Sadie looked over shoulder and she jumped slightly at Marrick, scarring her a little and she let out a nervous laugh, “Whoa! You scared me,” she began, looking back to the lunch she made and continuing to finish, “Did she go right to sleep?” She questioned, Archor barking softly and happily.

Marrick smirked, “Yeah,” he replied simply, his eyes traveling over her body.

“We have such a good girl,” Sadie cooed quietly and Marrick only smiled more, looking to the back of her head.

Sadie put the ready lunch into a large bowl and set it down, reaching to grab the wooden spoon as Marrick continued, “Marry me,” Marrick said simply and Sadie froze, looking over her shoulder slowly and seeing as his expression was blank yet serious.

“W-Wha..” She began but stopped.

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“Will you?” Marrick asked and she starred into his eyes for a few long seconds. Sadie’s cheeks turned a deep pink and she avoided eye contact with him as she soon smiled. Sadie watched as he bent down on one knee and reached into his pocket, soon removing the ring and showing her. “Do I have to beg?” He asked somewhat seriously, not sure how much longer he could wait for her answer, hearing her giggle in excitement and she nodded frantically.

“Of course I will,” she said with a shy smile, looking to him and holding out her hand for him to put the ring on her finger. Marrick let out a gentle sigh of relief and smirked, taking her hand and sliding the ring down her slender finger. She took a moment to look at the ring she now wore, continuing to let out a quiet excited giggle and Marrick chuckled slightly at her giddy behavior. Marrick soon pulled her to him and brought her into a rough and passionate kiss, Sadie let out a surprised moan as he scooped her up in his arms and brought her upstairs.

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The lunch that Sadie had prepared got cold the longer they were within their bedroom and losing track of time. Marrick couldn’t understand how he could feel so strongly for someone, but he couldn’t be happier at the luck that was following him ever since he had met her. Marrick began to warm up quickly to the new life that had been put before him as he gazed into the only sapphire eyes that he loved so much and that held so much power over him.

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The gentle cry that went into their ears from Hitomi in the next room over forced them to finally put an end to their love and fun, Marrick making Sadie stay within their bed as he volunteered to go, “Stay that way, I’ll be back shortly,” he demanded and he heard her let out a sinful giggle. They soon heard Archor scratching at the door to get their attention for Hitomi, “I know, I know,” Marrick called to Archor and he stopped, Marrick walking around the room to gather his clothing. He threw his clothes back on and walked to her room, Archor leading the way proudly and Hitomi’s crying beginning to quiet when she saw Marrick at the side of the crib. “Are you hungry, Hitomi?” He asked sweetly and she wiggled around uncomfortably, Marrick smirking and lifting her within his arms. He walked with her downstairs and made her a bottle, feeding her the whole way back to her room and she soon finished all of the milk within it. “Hungry girl,” he said surprisingly with a smile as he pulled the bottle from her and she cuddled up more in his arms, gazing up at him and smiling when Marrick chuckled towards her. Marrick brought Hitomi to the window and she joined him in looking out of it, Archor then joining them and sitting next to Marrick. “It’s a cruel world out there, but I’m going to teach you how to keep the bad away. No one will ever hurt you, I’ll make sure of it,” Marrick said softly, looking down at Hitomi and caressing her cheek with his index finger, watching as she reached up and gripped his finger within her tiny hands and instinctively putting it into her mouth. Marrick snickered lightly and walked over to her dresser, opening it and selecting one of the many pacifiers that she had and he gave her that instead of his finger. Her eyes soon shut as she sucked on the pacifier, Marrick continuing to caress her cheek and adore every inch of his fragile daughter.