Did You Know?

I thought it would be fun to make a page where I explain a few things that you may not know just from reading the story, such as where some names came from, some things involving the characters, other story lines I decided not to go with, etc..

At the bottom of this page, you can find all of the trivia challenges I’ve made for each generation so you can test your knowledge! This list of trivia challenges will be updated regularly as each generation comes to an end.

Enjoy <3

Did You Know?

Generation 1

  • Marrick’s name came from the movie “Top Gun,” with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, is the Ton Gun of the students in the Navy’s elite fighter weapons school in fighter jets, and seeing as Marrick was the founder, the role seemed to fit him as ‘Top Gun’. Maverick, however, was changed to Marrick, because Maverick just seemed  a little too.. Nick-name-ish.
  • Sadie is named after a dog that I used to have that lived to be about 15. She was the best, kindest, sweetest dog I’ve ever had, and the name ‘Sadie’ seemed to fit Sadie’s personality perfectly.
  • The Border Collie in the story is named after the main character, Sterling Archer, in the animated television series on FX, “Archer“, who is a highly-trained international raunchy and egotistical spy.
  • Hitomi is named after the character ‘Hitomi‘ in the Dead or Alive video game series who is a karate black belt. Her daughter’s name, Helena, came from the same game. 
  • Anya is named after ‘Lieutenant Anya Stroud‘, a Gear officer in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army from the game series Gears Of War.
  • Just because I love the story of Romeo and Juliet, I tweaked Juliet’s name and just came up with Julia for Marrick’s third daughter.
  • Jason is named after ‘Jacen Solo’ from The Star Wars Expanded Universe (the books after the movies), the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. He is a Sith Lord known as Darth Caedus.
  • Spoiler Alert: Archor is never an evil dog, nor is he ever “talking” to Marrick or has any of the evil thoughts Marrick thinks he does. It’s all in Marrick’s head. In Gen 1, Chapter 13, when Marrick kills Archor, Archor actually notices that Marrick is acting strange, and when Marrick thinks Archor is “provoking” him, Archor is actually standing his ground in front of Jason’s bedroom door, trying to protect him from Marrick.

Generation 2

  • Faline, Jason’s first actual infatuation, was named after ‘Faline’ from the Disney movie, Bambias she explains in Generation 2 Chapter 3. (idk why I even put a link.. You BETTER know what Bambi is.. LOL)
  • Lana, first mentioned in Generation 2 Chapter 3 as well, is also named after a character in the series “Archer”, Lana Kane, who is also an international, sexy African-American spy.
  • Bennu is a Sim that I made for a generation heir challenge made by simswhen to be the wife of his generation 3 heir of The Coleman Legacy, some of which is posted on wordpress, but mostly on tumblr. She won second place, so she didn’t win, but I loved her too much not to use her for something, so she made an appearance here in my own legacy.
  • Bennu means “eagle” and her middle name, Banafrit, means “beautiful soul”. Her last name, Chione, means “Mythical daughter of the Nile”.
  • Lucy’s name came from thinking of Lucy Liu and the role she played in the movie Kill Bill.
  • Detective Reed Grander pulls one book out of Jason’s library, American Psycho, which is one of my all time favorite books. The book seemed relevant and appropriate, too, for the genre of this story.
  • Gareth’s name didn’t really come from anything, but Gibson’s first name came from Mel Gibson.
  • Bahiti means “fortune” and her middle name, Amisi, means “flower”.

Generation 3

  • Nina from Chapter 1 is named after a little girl, Nina Tucker, from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. 
  • Bahiti’s friend in Chapter 4 is in another one of my stories. I used her as a base, but just changed her hair style and color. Her name is Koella Apora from “What Happens At Night“.
  • Gareth and Gibson are extremely similar, being twins.. If you give Gibson a five o’clock shadow, take away his glasses, and mess up his hair, he’s Gareth. If you tame Gareth’s hair, add glasses and shave him, he look just like Gibson. Of course, despite the eye color difference, Gibson, the younger brother, ended up being slightly taller than Gareth by about an inch and a half to two inches (thanks to cmar height slider randomness hahaha a ‘bigger’ little brother XD)
  • Hannah, Gibson’s first love, is named after Hannah McKay from the television series Dexter.
  • Ezra, Gareth’s employer in the beginning of the Generation, is named after Ezra Fitz from the show Pretty Little Liars.

Generation 4

  • The name “Oliver” came from the character Dr. Oliver Thredson from the television series American Horror Story: Asylum.
  • Katalina was named after a place, or more so, an event, from the movie Step Brothers; the “Catalina Wine Mixer”. However, I changed the C to a K because I wanted her to have the nickname “Kat”, so her nickname wasn’t that of an animal. XD
  • James’ first name didn’t come from anyone in particular, but I chose his last name, LeBeau, because I love Gambit, who’s name is Remy LeBeau.
  • Fellow Simmer/Story teller, LateKnightSimmer, helped me come up with the bartender’s name; Isaiah. His last name, Yamato, comes from a character within a manga that I really enjoy called Say I Love You. Isaiah is half Irish and half Japanese. His middle name, Kenji, which means “Strong”.
  • Isaiah was originally written to be Oliver and James’ Anatomy teacher, as well as Oliver’s interest when it came to his “online profile”, but I’m impatient and explaining their relationship would’ve taken a lot more chapters than I wanted to write, as well as it would be obvious that Oliver liked him when I wanted to do a much more subtle approach. I also apologize for completely getting rid of the concept of the “online profile”, because when I had written and posted that chapter, Isaiah being his Anatomy Teacher he’d meet online was still relevant, which is why it eventually fell short and ended up not being used at all, since I had changed my original story line.
  • Oliver and Jody’s son, August, is named after the character August Marks from Sons of Anarchy, played by Billy Brown.
  • In the last chapter of Generation 4, the babies in the nursery at the hospital that Isaiah and Anastasia at admiring are actually Oliver and Isaiah’s kids, Luca and Petra (even though she isn’t born yet in the story XD )
  • Oliver and Isaiah’s first daughter, Petra Dora Dubois, is named after the character Petra Ral from Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).
  • Isaiah got his first tattoo after Oliver got out of the hospital in the last chapter. It’s the same anchor tattoo that Oliver has on the back of his neck, though Isaiah put his anchor on the front of his left ankle.

Generation 5

  • The town Maycomb County, Alabama, where AnneMarie and her childhood friend, Riley, are from, is the same town where To Kill a Mockingbird took place.

TIDL In General (Gen 1 – present)

  • So, apparently my game doesn’t do such a good job at randomizing sometimes. Marrick, Jason, Gareth and Gibson all have the zodiac sign of Taurus, Oliver and Nikolai are Aquarius’, and August, Luca and Petra are Gemini’s. Also, Marrick, Jason, August and Niko all like some variation of the color green. There’s too many choices for the game apparently that it needs to repeat itself lots and lots of times. *rolls eyes*
  • After August was born, I realized that according to a few of the chapters in Gen 4, the month of August has a lot to do with him, even though that wasn’t my intent. In Chapter 3, Jody mentions to Oliver that when she saw him for the first time attending the college, it was the beginning of the school year in early August. Also, according to the time line in the story, August was born in the month of?? You guessed it. August. XD

Trivia Challenges

  • Generation 1 (17 questions, true or false)
  • Generation 2 (21 questions, multiple choice)
  • Generation 3 (20 questions, multiple choice)
  • Generation 4 Pt1 (10 questions, multiple choice, chapters 1 through 11.2)
    Generation 4 Pt2 (_questions, _, chapters 11 pt 3 though chapter 20.2)

4 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Oooh! Cool idea. I wondered where you came up with those names. I’ve never seen Archer, but I’ve seen previews for it on TV a lot. I thought Archer was a border collie, as my puppy roscoe is a border collie/lab mix, and I love them, such good dogs, and smart too!

    1. Yeah, I love border collie’s! They ARE smart, so I thought it was a good breed to portray as the “talking dog”.
      Glad you were curious to see where the names came from. I’ll be updating this a lot I think throughout the chapters.. I’m gunna go through gen1, too, and see if I need to point anything else worthy out, haha. <3

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