Generation 2, Chapter 6

Attention: Jason had a burglar before I could get these shots, so I’m sorry if there’s a few things that are different looking, I couldn’t find the same pattern to make everything let alone even remember what everything looked like. But, yeah, as you can see now, I have installed an alarm system.. -_- lol. Anyways, enjoy your read.


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“Are you excited to see the new house today?” I asked Lucy. I was getting sick and tired of this place, I don’t even know why I bought it.. I had a lot of money from my parents, so why did I buy this place, and never even upgrade it at all? The water in the shower was always cold, the toilet always broke, the fridge made all of my leftovers taste bad and the stairs were about to give out any day now; I thought it was time for a change, so I bought a new house. I told Lana and she could care less, and Lucy hasn’t seen it yet, but I was surprising her and taking her to it today. I’ve had Lucy at my place for a month now and I’m taking her back to Lana tonight after I show Lucy the new house.

“Yeah! Do I get to pick out my own room?” She asked with excitement and I smiled.

“Of course you do! You get first pick, angel,” I replied and she smiled happily.

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“Is Mommy going to live there, too?” Lucy wondered and I wasn’t sure how to answer her; I didn’t want to make her upset, but I didn’t know which answer would give her that reaction so I could try and avoid it. But, I just decided to ask her a question instead.

“Do you want Mommy to live there with us?” I asked back. I watched as she thought for a few moments, then shrugged.

“No, not really.. I don’t like the friends she invites over. I like it here, with you,” she answered and my heart melted; I could just hold this girl and never let her go. I was happy with her answer since I didn’t want to invite Lana to live with us, I don’t want to be with her.. But then, other things that Lucy mentioned made me a little weary.

“Who are Mommy’s friends that you don’t like? Why don’t you like them?” I asked, wondering if anyone at Lana’s has treated Lucy badly at all and I started to get angry at the thought.

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Before Lucy could answer me, there was a knock on the door and I hoped it wasn’t Lana. After what Lucy had told me, I never wanted her to go over there again and I wanted to keep Lucy with me. I was starting to get thankful as well that Lana never seemed to want Lucy back whenever she dumped her on me, I loved having her and there were even times when I could swear that Lana would forget that we had her; there was one summer that for all of my 3 month break from college, I had Lucy without ever hearing once from Lana, not even to check up on her. I had to avoid my sisters that whole time, too. Either Lana had full confidence in my parenting skills, or she just didn’t care at all.

“We’ll talk about what I asked you later, okay? Let’s go see who’s at the door!” I say with an excited expression and she giggles as I pick her up and walk to the door.

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Holy shit was my first thought when I opened the door and I was starring at Faline, my heart sank and I grew nervous, why was she here? “Oh.. Faline, hi,” I began, not really knowing what to say.

“..Hey..” She said softly and I watched as her eyes went straight to Lucy.

“Who’s she? She has pretty hair,” Lucy said and it snapped me out of my trance from starring at Faline. Faline smirked to Lucy’s comment and I looked to Lucy.

“Yeah, she sure does.. Why don’t you go inside and play while I talk to my friend, okay?” I asked as I walked Lucy back into the house and put her in the living room so she could play with her blocks and teddy bear.

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I came back outside and gave Faline a light smirk, “What are you doing here? How’d you know where I lived?” I asked, though my tone was happy and I was excited to see her. 

“Well, I had asked around campus and they said you lived in Bridgeport. So I came here and it seems that a lot of people know you and I was pointed to here, so..” She replied and I could tell she was a little uncomfortable. “Is she yours?” She asked next and it dawned on me after a few seconds that she was referring to Lucy. 

“Oh.. Um.. Yeah, she’s mine.. Her name’s Lucy,” I replied sheepishly, beginning to get a little uncomfortable myself now. I easily could’ve lied, like I’ve been doing to my sisters and everyone else I knew, but it kind of just came out.

“She’s cute. I never really pictured you as a father,” she added and I chuckled pathetically at myself. “Well, I didn’t mean it like that.. It’s just, surprising, I guess..” She corrected herself.

“No, it’s fine.. I figured that would be people’s first reaction to her,” I replied and she chuckled. 

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“Well.. I wanted to find you because I needed to talk to you, but I can always come back later,” she added and I shook my head.

“No, stay.. It’s okay,” I replied, not wanting her to leave so soon after just getting here. I was still shocked to see her and I wanted to spend some time with her more.

“Well, I don’t wanna talk in front of Lucy, and I kind of have a lot to say, so..” She continued, implying that she should leave and come back sometime that I didn’t have Lucy with me.

“Oh.. I’m taking her to see a new house I just bought, then I’m dropping her off at her Mom’s place, so if you wanted to come along, you’re welcome to.. We can talk after,” I suggested and she hesitated a few moments.

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“Yeah, I guess I could tag along. Do you think Lucy would mind?” Faline asked and I shook my head.

“No, she won’t care. She already complimented your hair, she likes you. If she didn’t then she wouldn’t have said anything,” I reply and chuckle, watching as Faline smiles and nods. I still can’t believe she showed up at my doorstep, had we left a minute sooner I would’ve missed her and who knows when the next time I’d see her would be. As I looked to her more, fun memories with her at college ran through my mind and I couldn’t help but feel the need to pull her inside and upstairs to my room. But, I sighed in my head, knowing I couldn’t with Luce here. “Well, let me get Lucy and her things and we can get going,” I continued and she nodded again, going inside to get Lucy and driving to the new house.

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I drove as Faline sat in back with Lucy, as if trying to get to know her better and I don’t think I stopped smiling once while driving to the new house. They were cute together, I couldn’t stop looking in the rear-view mirror at the both of them, but I admit I was looking at Faline a little more than my little girl. Faline was so beautiful, I loved how the wind from the windows being open picked up her hair and threw it all over her shoulders.

We drove through the city and across the large bridge into a more expensive neighborhood; this house had a gate to keep out the Paparazzi and keep them off my lawn. It was like this every time I got home, getting stopped my people, being asked to pose in pictures.. I didn’t want Lucy to end up in the media and my sisters finding out about her before I finally told them.. I guess I wanted to keep her a secret simply because I didn’t want her to constantly be followed around like I am, media can always have its perks, but it also has it’s embarrassing moments, and I never wanted her to be humiliated on such a public scale. I didn’t have the best reputation, anyways, I’m constantly “On the Prowl” in those tabloids, it’s really irritating, especially when lately I haven’t even been sleeping around at all. I’ve just been spending time with Lucy. But, it was bound to happen; my mother was notorious in Bridgeport for her art, donations, charities, her pure bread horses, everything.

The Realtor had to meet me there since I hadn’t got my key yet and I called to let her know I wanted it. She was waiting for us when we pulled up, walking us in and unlocking everything for us.

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“Showing the wife and little one the new home?” The Realtor asked with a bubbly tone and I chuckled nervously.

“Oh, uh.. Just a friend.. But, yeah, my little one wanted to claim her own room,” I corrected her and I looked over my shoulder at Faline, seeing that her eyes were looking to the flowers and away from me as her cheeks turned a rosy pink. 

“Oh, sorry about that then,” she answered and looked over her shoulder to Lucy, “There’s four very lovely rooms for you to choose from,” she continued with a joyous tone and Lucy smiled, bouncing excitedly in my arms and I laughed.

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We get inside and I look to Lucy, her eyes are huge and I can tell she can barely hold in her excitement. “It’s so big!” She said enthusiastically and I chuckled.

“Sure is,” I agreed, looking to Faline and she had the same expression as Lucy did.

“Well, do they need a tour, or are you going to do that?” The Realtor asked, handing me the keys to the gate and the front door.

“I’d be happy to, thank you for meeting me and giving me the keys. I’ll probably be moving in this weekend,” I reply and she smiles, saying goodbye to all of us and leaving.

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We walked through the home and into another living area; I loved how when I walked into this house I always could imagine the furniture all over and what I wanted to do with it. There was so much potential with this place and I also wanted Lucy and I to make it ours with our own touches. My favorite room in the house was the living area to the right, it had windows lining the walls and it had an amazing view. I was thinking about making some changes though and putting in a fireplace where one of the windows were.

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“Wow!! That room is amazing!” Lucy called out excitedly, looking to the living area and squirming in my arms for me to let her down. “I want this room!!” Lucy called out as she ran into the room and Faline and I laughed.

“That’s the living room, sweets.. There’s not even a door,” I reply but she ignores me, running over to the corner in the room. 

“She’s so adorable Jason,” Faline says with a smile, looking to me and placing her hand on my bicep and I listened to her heels clicking on the wood as she walked away from me and towards the windows in the room. I looked to Lucy and knew she would be distracted by the amazing view for a little bit, so I took this opportunity to walk over to Faline.

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I walked up behind her and slid my arms around the front of her, hearing her let out a tiny giggle and I smirked, “So why’d you really want to find me, huh? Couldn’t get enough?” I questioned softly in her ear in a flirtatious tone.

“You still know how to put on that charm, huh?” She asked a little sarcastically in return and I chuckled, brushing my nose against her ear over her hair, being reminded of our night together back at college again and she smelled just the same; lilies.

I was happy to see you at my door though, I’ve been thinking about you a lot,” I continued, feeling her hands come up and rest on my arms as she let me hold her. 

“Really? I thought you’d just treat me like Bettie or any other girl and get annoyed or something,” she replied and I lost my smirk, not liking that she got that impression from me and I wanted to change her perspective. I never cared like this before, I was never happy when I ran into someone I had slept with and ditched, but with Faline it was different. 

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I felt her beginning to pull from my grip, so I let her go and she turned around to face me, “What’s the matter?” I ask, looking to the concern on her face.

“Nothing, I just.. I kind of feel bad for imposing on you showing your daughter your new house, I feel like it’s something that you should just be doing with her,” she replied and I smirked.

“It’s alright, she doesn’t mind. I know I don’t mind at all,” I answered with a coy grin and she smirks in return.

“Are you sure? I could always go..” She continued.

“Yeah, it’s fine.. Stop worrying about it so much,” I comforted and she eventually nodded.

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“Do you regret coming here or something? Are you uncomfortable around Lucy?” I asked, watching as she gave a worried expression and shook her head.

“No, no, it’s not her.. I’m just, distracted I guess, and I kind of just feel awkward,” she continued and I raised a brow.

“Oh.. Why’s that?”

“Well, because for one,” she hesitated, lowering her voice, “We had drunk sex and never saw one another again, until now, that might be making me feel like this. Plus I know nothing about you besides that you go to the same college I do and you have a kid,” she answered and I shrugged.

“Well, maybe that’s why I wanted you to tag along.. So I could get to know you. Why’d you track me down unless you wanted the same thing?” I questioned with a shy smirk, watching as she broke eye contact momentarily and looked to me again. 

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Daddy, daddy! Come look, huuurrrrrryyyyy!” I heard Lucy calling me from the other room and I couldn’t hold back a wide smile, letting out a laugh.

“Be right there, Luce!” I called back and I look to Faline who soon smiles at me, “Tell you what, let’s just come back here after I drop off Lucy.. I bet she just noticed the pool,” I flirted and cocked my eyebrows excitedly and she giggled.

“I didn’t pack my bathing suit,” she replied and I smiled more, shaking my head.

“That’s fine, you don’t need one,” I answered and turned around to go to Lucy and Faline laughed and pushed at my back playfully. 

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“Daddy, look! There’s a pool! Let’s go swimming!” Lucy called out when she saw us coming in, chuckling at her.

“Maybe when we get all moved in, I didn’t bring your suit, Angel,” I replied and I heard her sigh heavily, putting her hands and face against the glass as she looked at the pool.

“Lucy, don’t you want to pick out your new room?” Faline added and I looked to her and smiled, looking to Lucy and she ran back towards us and into my arms.

“Yeah, yeah! I wanna pick one!” She said with joy and we made our way upstairs.

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“So, which one is your favorite?” I asked Lucy and she thought for a moment.

“I like the pink one!” She replied and I smiled.

“Then it’s yours. But it’s on the third floor, so you’ll still have to be in my room until your old enough, okay?” I point out and she nods in agreement.

“Which one are you picking?” Faline asked and I had chosen from the beginning since I knew Lucy would pick the pink room. 

“I’m taking the yellow one,” I replied with a grin and she smiled and nodded. “Alright, ready to go back home to Momma? I’ll come and pick you up when I have the house all ready, okay?” I said to Lucy and she nodded, ready to go home, though she was a little sad that she had to go back to Lana’s.

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My mind was racing as I drove to Lana’s, wondering if she would be outside waiting or if I would have to go upstairs and have to deal with her. If she was outside, I hoped she wouldn’t see Faline, she would only cause a scene and they’d probably end up fighting or something. Lana was a wild cat, the moment she somehow found out about my first girl that I slept with away at college was a nightmare; even though we weren’t officially together, she still acted like she owned me and I couldn’t do anything that I wanted without hearing her bitch at me. 

g2c6 p40

I think I’ll make Faline wait in the car regardless, I don’t want her to get involved with Lana at all, especially when there was nothing between Faline and I either, but I knew Lana would still freak at the very sight of her. As we drove to Lana’s, Lucy fell asleep in Faline’s arms, napping as we drove. I looked over at them a lot, catching Faline giving me glances that I adored and I knew she had fallen in love with Lucy just as fast as I did when I first held her in my arms. Lucy definitely inherited my charm, that is.. Well, I hoped she was mine.. I grew nervous at that thought as well, the fact that Lucy may not be mine and my stomach started to feel a little sick. But, I looked back over to Faline and I tried to think of better things, like the alone time I was going to have with her after I dropped off Lucy.

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When I got to Lana’s, I told Faline to wait in the car and I brought Lucy upstairs with her bag of things. Lana took the bag for Lucy and threw it behind her on the ground, then took Lucy from my arms when she was in the doorway and practically shut the door in my face without even letting me give a proper goodbye to Lucy. I was infuriated by her behavior; the look in Lucy’s eyes as her mother shut the door in my face broke my heart and I wanted to beat the door down, but I didn’t. I wondered if someone was there with Lana that she was trying to hide for whatever reason..

The drive back to the house wasn’t awkward to say the least. I got to know Faline a lot; she goes to college for Science and Medicine, she has a twin brother named Rocco, and she loves Lucy, which was a huge relief and also a plus. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love Lucy the moment they met her, she was raised well in my opinion and she behaves wonderfully. I told her about my three sisters and Hitomi’s little girl, Helena; I loved talking with Faline because she seemed to open up more and more as I explained my family, I think she really loved that I had a little girl, too. I won her over, I had to of.. 

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The moment we got into my new house, I shut the door and took her hands within mine, pulling her into me as I pushed her more against the wall to kiss her deeply. She moaned in surprise as I instantly deepened the kiss and savored her lips just like I had done back at college; she was such a great kisser, that’s one thing I never forgot about her. She continued to let out pleasure filled moans as I pushed her fully against the wall, not wanting her to be anywhere else but here and I kissed her even if she wanted me to stop. I felt her knee bend and she ran her leg up and between mine teasingly, I pulled my hands from her grip and they ran up her arms and I felt the straps of her dress under my fingertips.

g2c6 p46

Faline then put her hands to my chest, pushing me off of her and disconnecting our lips. I looked to her with a questioning expression and she sighed, looking to me and beginning to explain herself, “I’m sorry, but I came here to talk to you about something, not to be a booty call,” she began and I furrowed my brow.

“I’m not, I-  That’s not what I think this is,” I reply, looking to her with a concerned expression.

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Faline looked to me and shook her head, thinking about her next words as if choosing them wisely, “Jason.. I came here to tell you something, just to talk. I wanted to apologize for running out on you that one morning, and I also wanted to apologize for doing any of that with you in general. I mean, it was fun.. But I never intended to do that with you. Bettie was my friend, but she found out about us and I’ve lost her.. I’m sorry, but it was a mistake, but now we’re paying for it..” She continued and I grew confused, her words hurt and I hated that she called it a mistake.

I bowed my head shamefully, unable to look at her, “Well.. I wouldn’t label what we did a mistake.. And what do you mean? How are we paying for it? I.. Kind of though that today went well when we were together,” I replied with a defeated tone, looking to her again and she sighed.

g2c6 p50

Faline hesitated, looking frantically between my eyes and the floor and I could tell she was nervous, and also worried, “Because, I.. I’m pregnant, Jason..” She continued and my eyes widened, my jaw dropping slightly and she quickly continued, “That’s why.. I didn’t want a kid, not until I finished college.. I was actually coming to tell you and see what you thought about me getting rid of it, I thought you would want the same.. But after seeing you with Lucy; how much you love each other and how good you are with her.. I don’t know what to do anymore.. I was playing how this was going to work out over and over in my head and I was planning on you feeling the same, ’cause I’m not ready, and I didn’t think that you would be either.. But now I can see that you are because you already have a kid and then I got confused, rethinking everything and now I don’t know what to do anymore..” She continued, repeating herself a few times as her words seemed rattled, giving me a worried expression and I continued to look to her in awe. I was shocked beyond belief. Her words stung a bit, but I loved how she was changing her mind the more she saw me with Lucy. Just because of how my mother felt about children, I had always believed that they needed a chance, someone to love, even if they weren’t expected. I hated that she had even contemplated getting rid of it. 

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But, I was excited and so happy at this news, I always wanted kids. Well, I expected to have them later in life, but seeing how I already have one and she seems to be making me a better person, I welcomed the thought of having more; especially with Faline for some reason. I wanted her to keep it, I hoped that this time around I would have a son and I wanted to try my best to prove to my father that I could be a better one than he ever was. Some of my favorite things when raising Lucy was teaching her how to walk and talk, her first word was even ‘dada’ and I wanted to experience that again. I stepped up closer and cupped her cheek in my hand pulling her closer to me and smirking.

“I want you to keep it. I’ll help you through anything you might need, I have a lot of room here now, you could even stay here if you wanted, you and the baby,” I answered softly, watching as she looked to me as if surprised by my reaction.

“What? A-Are you sure you want me to keep it? I don’t want to impose on you and Lucy and whatever you have with her mother. I just came to let you know and get your opinion, I don’t want to impose, really,” she continued. I could tell she was nervous and confused, probably surprised by my response still and I leaned in to peck her cheek lovingly.

“This isn’t an imposition at all.. I’m positive, it’ll all work out,” I replied and connected our lips once more.

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I couldn’t wait to get the house set up, I wanted this to work and I felt that Faline was a way better match than Lana and I. I was so excited for this baby and I couldn’t wait until I told Lucy the news that she was going to have a baby brother or sister. It made me want to come clean to my sisters about Lucy, I couldn’t believe I had kept her from them this long already and this new baby made me want to boast about it, too. I started to believe that things were turning around for me, and I had finally met someone that I actually wanted to be around. It felt weird and out of the ordinary, but nice.

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I pulled her upstairs to my room and she went straight to the windows, looking out them and admiring the city view I had as the sun began to set, “Jason, this place is amazing.. The view is gorgeous,” she began, soon looking to me and I smiled.

“Yeah, it sure is,” I replied coyly as I eyed her up and down and she gave me a sarcastic grin, walking back over to me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. “We should celebrate the good news.. Wanna christen the new room?” I asked with a grin and she giggled lightly as I ran my hands up the bottom of her dress. 

g2c6 p59
g2c6 p60

I pulled her dress over her head and threw it to the side, feeling as she undid my jacket and vest as well and I don’t think today could’ve turned out any better.

Despite how Lana had treated me earlier and despite how much I wanted Lucy to be fully under my custody, I knew Lana would never go for it. I felt as if she was using Lucy to keep me on this invisible rope that she was holding with a tight grip, refusing me to be out of her life, yet at the same time wanting nothing to do with me. As much as I wanted to find out her true motives, I’d keep my mouth shut and just hoped I would never fuck up to the point where she would take Lucy. I don’t know what I’d do.. 

g2c6 p64
g2c6 p66

Faline was my new muse. I couldn’t stop thinking about her ever since that night in college when Bettie had brought her over but I never got to introduce myself. She had constantly been on my mind, and now I knew why. I had fallen for her, that must’ve been it. She was fun and sarcastic, so short and cute, not to mention smart, insanely beautiful, she loved Lucy.. And now we were having a child together. My gaze never went outside to the lit up city that was our only source of light, no.. My eyes never left the redheaded beauty that laid before me; the one woman that changed me, the one woman I actually wanted to start a life with.

Generation 2, Chapter 5

g2c5 p1
g2c5 p2

Sunday morning soon came and I got ready, then cleaned up the house a little. I went to Julia’s yesterday to see if she was home like Hitomi had asked of me the night that I got back, but Julia wasn’t home, or she at least didn’t answer the door, so I left. I texted Lana, letting her know I was in town and that I was coming over today to see Lucy; it was sort of last minute, seeing as I’ve been home for a day now and still haven’t said anything to her. But, she said it was okay, and that she wanted to talk to me anyways, so I made my way over there after I had gotten the house straightened up. 

I was a little distracted today, I must admit.. I knew I had to go to the cemetery later on today and visit my parents, but my stomach felt queezy every time I thought about it. It was almost noon and I knew my sisters were probably on their way there already, I just hoped one of them didn’t call me to come there, or called me crying about it; I needed to keep those feelings at bay until I was at the cemetery by myself.

g2c5 p3
g2c5 p4
g2c5 p5

I got to Lana’s quicker than I expected, she buzzed me in and unlocked her door for me. When I reached her condo, I was greeted at the door with her on the phone and not even doing a double take at me; it had been a while since I last saw her and she barely cares. I still loved how she carried herself, my eyes traveling down her and watching as she walked away from me, giggling over the phone. As much as I didn’t want to see her, it was kind of nice to see someone familiar that lived in Bridgeport other than my sisters; I didn’t have many friends here. I heard Lana giggle once more and her tone was flirty with whomever she was talking with, hating to admit that I was beginning to get a little jealous and I cleared my throat. Lana looked to me and then back out the window, holding up her index finger to ‘wait a second’ and I grew angry instantly. 

g2c5 p6
g2c5 p7
g2c5 p8

Was she doing all of this just to make me jealous? I hadn’t come back to visit as much as I had done the passed years I was away at college; maybe she was mad at me. I watched her turn and walk towards the kitchen slowly, as if flaunting her conversation right in my face and I sighed heavily with irritation. Listening to her seductive words made me roll my eyes with frustration and I cleared my throat one more time, grabbing her attention again and she sighed, saying goodbye to who was on the phone and looking to me with a slight smirk.

g2c5 p9
g2c5 p10

“Hi, Stranger. Want to explain to me why I haven’t seen you in over 6 months?” She began to already get on my nerves and I scoffed.

“Phone goes both ways, Lana.. If you wanted me to visit, all you have to do is call me. But, I see that from your conversation on the phone just now, I know that you can see how a phone works,” I replied and she rolled her eyes, already going to a different subject.

“So, been having fun while at college?” She asked sarcastically. I was getting fed up with her tone very quickly and I just wanted to see Lucy and leave already.

“Where’s Lucille?” I asked with a demanding tone.

“Upstairs in her crib, napping. Jason, we need more money,” she replied, changing the subject abruptly again.

g2c5 p11
g2c5 p12

But, I grew concerned, my expression going calm and I wondered if she was struggling at all. I thought the checks I write her every month to help out with Lucy would be enough, but now I wondered if it wasn’t and I began to almost feel guilty. “Wait, why? Are you okay?” I asked.

“Lucy is growing up so fast, it seems like I have to buy her a whole new wardrobe every two weeks or so. All I need is for you to add a couple hundred onto it,” she requested and I hesitated; I never had a problem giving money to Lana for herself and Lucy, but I always got the impression that she was just using the money on luxury items instead of essentials, which worried me as well.. I had bought her this condo when she had Lucy because I didn’t want her to live with me, I furnished it for her, too. Yet, it seemed like she had new furniture, decorations and paintings every time I visited.

“Yeah, of course.. Whatever you two need,” I replied and she smirked.

g2c5 p13
g2c5 p14

“Will you take Lucy for tonight? I have plans and I can’t watch her,” she asked next and I sighed.

“No, I can’t.. I have to go to the cemetery later and I don’t want to bring her there. I’ll have to explain stuff to her that I’m in no mood of doing, not today..” I replied and she grew sour.

“Jeez, you’d think that you’d want to spend time with your own daughter instead of just dropping by whenever you feel like it,” Lana replied and my expression twisted into anger.

“I’m going to college so I can have a good job after I graduate and continue to support you two whenever my parents money runs out.. Since they gave all us kids money.. Because they died. Stop coming at me like I’m ignoring you or abandoning you. I’m going to college for you,” I replied with a matter-of-fact tone.

g2c5 p15

Lana grew a little insulted by how I was making her feel bad for guilt tripping me for whatever reason, starring me down as if to say ‘how dare you’ without muttering the words. As much as I hated how she liked to treat me ever since we had Lucy, it was her attitude and strong opinions that attracted me to her in the first place; the fact that she never wanted anything serious when we first started hooking up didn’t hurt, either. We were so alike, but our relationship was so messed up, I was beginning to believe more and more that opposite’s attract more than like-minds. 

g2c5 p16
g2c5 p17

I wanted to get back on her good side; I was beginning to notice that she was trying to get mad and stay mad at me for whatever reason, so I swallowed my pride and caved into her, wanting to make her regret treating me like garbage when Lucy was right upstairs sleeping. “Come on, stop being like this.. I’m here now, you know I’ll always come back, too. How could I ever forget about you and Luce, huh?” I asked, letting a smile take over my lips and I noticed her expression go less frustrated, looking away from my gaze briefly, but soon looking back. “How about you go let me do my thing and before you leave to do yours, I’ll come pick up Luce?” I ask, compromising for her, “What time are you going out?”

“9:00pm..” She replies and I can tell by her tone and expression that she’s warming up to me again.

“Okay, I’ll be here at 8:30pm,” I continued and I watched her nod in agreement. 

g2c5 p18
g2c5 p19
g2c5 p20

I stepped up closer to Lana and she let a smirk grace her lips as I put my arm around her and pulled her into a deep kiss, but before we could get too into one another, the faint sound of Lucy rattling her cage and calling for me stopped us mid kiss. I pulled away from her and she sighed lustfully, anticipating what we were about to do every time we saw one another and I could tell she didn’t like being interrupted. But, I slowly let go of her and smiled, backing away from her slowly and she kept her eyes on me until she reached the fridge, deciding to make lunch as I went upstairs to my little girl.

g2c5 p22
g2c5 p23

I hadn’t seen Lucy or Lana in over six months, and yeah, I felt bad about it.. But there wasn’t much I could do. It’s such a long drive from Bridgeport to the University, so it’s hard for me to go back and forth at the drop of a hat whenever they may need me, so I often just end up visiting for their birthdays and also whenever I get out of college for the summer. I wish I didn’t have to travel such far distances, but this was the only college that accepted me when I applied to what had seemed like hundreds of others. I was excited to see Lucy, quickly skipping a few steps as I went upstairs.

g2c5 p24
g2c5 p25
g2c5 p26

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” she called to me as I ran upstairs and went over to her crib. Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she was overjoyed, forcing me to give a wide smile and I picked her up instantly and began kissing her everywhere, hearing her giggle uncontrollably at the scruffiness of my beard that tickled her. 

“You’ve gotten so big! And you’re so beautiful, just like your Mommy,” I replied and she giggled more. There’s one thing that has always perplexed me, but I’ve never been one to let myself get distracted from such weird thoughts.. But, to my surprise, it seemed that the more and more Lucy grew and matured, the less she looked anything like me. She looked like Lana, that was for sure, but the one thing that threw me off all the time was Lucy’s eyes; I had no idea where the hell the green came from as I looked to her. No one in my family had green eyes, but then again, Lana might.. I’ve never been brave enough to ask her though, just because she would instantly think that I’m implying that Lucy isn’t mine, and that would just open up a whole new world of hurt. I didn’t want to know, anyways.. For how much time and money I’ve put into this girl, not to mention how much I was insanely in love with her, I’d never bring up such a sensitive subject at the risk of losing her. She was my daughter, that’s what I always kept telling myself.

g2c5 p27

I tossed her in the air and flew her around like an airplane, watching as she laughed but also held onto my hands in the impulsive fear that I might drop her. I chuckled at her behavior, bringing her cheek to meet my lips for another kiss, “How have you been, Luce? How’s your Momma treating you?” I asked, somewhat hoping Lana didn’t overhear the second question.

“Good! Mommy and I go shopping a lot and it’s so much fun! She always buys me new clothes and toys!” She replied and I kept my smile, satisfied with that answer.

g2c5 p28
g2c5 p29
g2c5 p30

“Well, good! I wanna have a sleepover, would you want to come over and sleep at Daddy’s tonight?” I wondered and her face went excited and happy to the point where I thought she was going to pop.

“Yay! Sleepover, sleepover! Did you bring me anything back from your trip?” She asks and I chuckle; I see that Lana has been spoiling her to the point where she’s always expecting to be given things.

I decided not to disappoint her, even though I didn’t bring her anything, “Of course! It’s at my house, you’ll get it later, okay?” I asked and she smiled.

“Ooo! What is it? Tell me!” She asked happily and I let out another light laugh.

“It’s a surprise, you don’t want to ruin the surprise do you?” I wondered, watching as she then pouted and shook her head ‘no’. “Don’t worry, you’ll get it later, I promise,” I continued and she kept pouting, but nodded this time and I couldn’t help but let out another chuckle; she was too cute for words.

g2c5 p31

I brought her downstairs with me and we watched as Lana continued to make lunch. I started thinking about what I wanted to get Lucy for her surprise, but I was having trouble thinking of anything.. I figured I would just stop somewhere on my way to or from the cemetery and grab her a random toy or something. 

“What ‘cha makin’, Mommy?” Lucy asked and Lana didn’t even bother to turn around to answer her.

“Grilled cheese, baby doll,” Lana answered and Lucy grew excited as she bounced in my arms. I had been noticing it for a while now, but as much as I wanted to believe that Lana was a good mother, I felt like every time I was there to visit Lucy, she would shut down and detach herself from us, as if she didn’t know us or care to. She always seemed distracted, and whenever I came by, she always took the opportunity to force Lucy on me so she could go out and have fun. ..I admit, she probably deserved it, since she does have to be the one to deal with Lucy while I’m away at college, but she doesn’t have to act like this in front of me or her. I didn’t like that she didn’t even look over her shoulder to see Lucy and I together; she didn’t care, her mind was already too consumed with her plans this evening ever since I said I would watch Lucy.

g2c5 p32
g2c5 p33

“Hey, um.. I have to get going. I have things to do still since I got back that I haven’t done yet, plus I wanna get the house ready for when Lucy comes over,”  I say to Lana, even though I had already straightened up the house before I left; as weird as it may seem though, I needed to get ready for when I went to the cemetery, I needed time alone to think and prepare myself. Lana looked over her shoulder finally and put the ready grilled cheese aside, walking up to us.

“Are you going to be here at 8:30 like you said? I don’t want to have to put off my plans because you’re late for whatever reason,” she replied and I scowled slightly; I hated when she talked to me like this in front of Luce, it was so demeaning and it made me feel like a piece of shit that couldn’t be trusted.

“Yes, I’ll be here. I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” I replied with a cocky smile at Lana, then looking to Lucy and pecking her cheek. “I’ll see you later, okay?” I said to Lucy and she smiled, pecking my cheek lightly in return and I handed her off to Lana, “I’ll see you later..” I added, looking to Lana and giving her a warning expression, my patience wearing thin the more and more she gave me attitude for no reason and I left.

g2c5 p34
g2c5 p35

I got home and showered, changed, and checked myself out in the mirror as if I was getting ready to go to a wedding or something. But, despite my mother not being able to see me, I still made myself look nice for her. I starred at myself in the mirror, taking some deep breathes to try and calm my nerves. I looked to my phone and saw that it read a little after 6:oopm, so I finally decided to leave and get this heartache out of the way so I could see Lucy again later.

g2c5 p36
g2c5 p37
g2c5 p38

I took my time driving to the cemetery and it surprised me a little to still see that it was bright out, especially this late in the evening. I had had the windows down the whole ride there, letting the cool air run throughout the whole car, helping me keep my nerves at bay as I drove closer to something that I knew I still wasn’t able to fully handle; even after all of these years, I hated that I still cried like a baby when it cames to visiting my mother’s grave. I soon reached the gate and put it in park, rolling the windows up and taking a few more deep breathes before committing to getting out of the car.

g2c5 p39
g2c5 p40
g2c5 p41

I walked slowly through the grass, eyeing the other gravestones as I passed and chills started running up my spine, the hair on my arms were standing on end and my heartbeat only quickened the closer I approached their headstones. I finally reached their graves and I stood there for a moment, looking between my mother’s and father’s headstone and I already felt my heart sinking into my stomach.. I could feel my body beginning to tense as my gaze then was fixed on my mother’s stone; I hated reading the dates.. She was too young and still full of so much life and love and all she wanted was to see us grow up and start families of our own. I could only imagine what her expression would be if she had found out Hitomi was getting married, or even when she had Helena.. Her first grandchild.. 

g2c5 p42
g2c5 p43

I couldn’t do it. No matter how hard I always tried to hold it in, I just couldn’t. Tears started filling my eyes and I covered my face even though I was the only one here. I would give anything to go back, I would do anything to just go back to that one fateful night where Hitomi and I passed the lit candles; why wouldn’t we have noticed them? Blown them out? Why didn’t it click that it smelled so odd throughout the living room as it filled with gas. I had convinced myself that Archor was trying to help, trying to save us kids, but why couldn’t he have found a way to save Mom? She was the one that deserved to die the least, in my opinion. There were times when I even wished that I had never woken up and got Hitomi to follow me outside; those times were the hardest to get passed, but feeling no pain at all was so much better than feeling this every God damn year. I then wondered if Archor had a reason for it all, wanting to get rid of my father at all costs in order to save us kids from, well, whatever else he might’ve been capable of..

g2c5 p44
g2c5 p45
g2c5 p46

I felt pathetic; even my daughter and Helena didn’t cry this much as I stood there balling my eyes out like a child that got his toy taken away from him; or, well.. In this case, his parents.. I sometimes wondered what my mom would say to me if she could see how I am now, I wondered if I was a disappointment or if I was going the wrong direction. I wanted to know if she would be as happy to see me like after that one night I had ran off after fighting with Dad and a police officer had brought me home. I had brought her to tears, I remembered, and I hated myself now for ever making her feel that way. I wanted to apologize for anything and everything that I had done that might’ve upset her, I wanted to do so many things..

g2c5 p47
g2c5 p48

After a while of sobbing, I finally managed to calm myself enough to where I could form words without my voice cracking, taking a few moments to clear my throat before finally able to talk with my mother. “Hey, Ma..” I began. I always felt stupid when I talked to her, even if no one was around to hear me; it just seemed so awkward, and I knew she would never respond, but it helped me in weird ways saying everything out loud instead of in my head. I liked to believe that she was watching over me, able to at least hear my words.. “It’s been another year already, huh?” I asked, letting out a pathetic chuckle at myself, “Lucy is doing really well.. Lana is treating her good, for the most part, it seems.. I passed another semester of college, only got one year left.. Then I can come home and spend more time with Lucy instead of being away for nine months of the year..” My voice started to shake again so I stopped, taking a few more deeps breathes.

g2c5 p49
g2c5 p50
g2c5 p51

“You’re probably wondering when the hell I’m going to settle down, huh? Well, not with Lana, that’s for sure.. We’d end up getting divorced within a year, or worse yet, not even go through with the marriage. I did meet one girl though..” I began, thinking of Faline, “I know it’s extremely premature for me to feel like this, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about her. That’s never really happened before,” I continue, my lips twitching a slight smirk but it soon left. “The only thing about that is I have no idea where she’s from, didn’t get a number.. Hopefully I’ll see her again next year for my last semester though.” I finish, moving on to other things. “I’m sure Hitomi has told you how John and Helena are doing, if not, they’re well.. Helena has a little cold or something, but she should be fine in a few days.. I wonder when Dwight will pop the question to Anya, too.. They’re perfect for one another, and Anya wants children so bad.. I wouldn’t mind a few more of my own, but only when I meet someone who’s not Lana..” I let out another soft chuckle. 

g2c5 p52

My tears continued even though I was stable enough to talk, giving in to the pain a little and I laid in the grass and foliage that spread over their graves. I didn’t know what else to talk about, but then again I didn’t feel like leaving yet. Maybe one day I’ll be able to bring Lucy here and tell her everything, maybe one day I’ll be able to bring my future wife here and let her know what I’ve been through, what we all have been through. But, at this point, I didn’t see that happening anytime soon. I could barely contain myself when I was driving up to the gate, how would I ever be okay enough with their deaths to the point where I would be able to talk about it with someone other than Mrs. Hughes, Lana’s Mom? Even with her, I didn’t confess everything I was feeling. I was happy my father was gone, ecstatic almost, but the grief I felt over losing my mother surpassed that happiness by miles and miles that never came to a dead end. 

g2c5 p53
g2c5 p54
g2c5 p55

After a while of just lying there and thinking, I looked to my phone and it read close to 8:00pm, so I decided to leave so I could regain composure before I pick up Lucy on time from Lana’s. “Bye, Mom.. I miss you and love you, I’ll see you on your birthday..” I begin, smirking and wiping a few more tears away from my face. I looked to my father’s grave then, eyeing it with hate and I turn my back to him, “I hope you’re rotting in hell you piece of shit,” I finally say my first words to my father since I had gotten there, then beginning with a slow pace back to my car. 

g2c5 p57

I got to Lana’s with about ten minutes to spare, so I take that time to compose myself more and check myself out in the rear-view mirror, making sure I didn’t have bags under my eyes and making sure my eyes weren’t red from the irritation of crying. I went up to Lana’s and she already had Lucy ready for me with an overnight bag, but when I took a quick peak inside, it had clothes in there for her that would last about a week or two and I grew worried that Lana wasn’t telling me everything. She always dumped Lucy on me the first chance she could get; I didn’t mind Lucy or spending time with her, I just wish Lana was honest with me and would simply ask me to take her for a few days.. Now I knew that she was’t going to take her back tomorrow, and we always played phone tag with one another for weeks it seems in order for me to ever give Lucy back.. Another thing I hated about Lana.

g2c5 p58
g2c5 p59

Lana practically kicked us out of her condo the moment I had gotten there, seemingly already in a hurry for whatever she was doing even though she told me her plans were around 9:00pm.. I brought Lucy to my place and put her in the living room, “Stay right here, okay? I’m going to go get your surprise, it’s upstairs,” I said with a smile and she bounced with excitement. I went and got her a teddy bear that I had bought her on my way home earlier; I felt a little guilty for not getting her something while I was at college like I had said I did, but at least I had gotten her something anyways.. 

g2c5 p60
g2c5 p61
g2c5 p62

“Okay, here you go, baby,” I said with a smile and her eyes widened, already falling in love with the bear before I could give it to her.

“Wow! I love it, I love it! Thank you, Daddy! I’m gunna name her… Ummm..” She thought for a few long seconds, causing me to smile wider as I watched her adorable pondering expression, “May!

“Well, May is a lovely name.. That’s what month it is, too!” I said excitedly and she giggled, “I’m glad you like her,” I continued and kiss Lucy’s forehead. My stomach growls and I realize I haven’t eaten anything since before I went to Lana’s the first time, getting up and making my way to the kitchen.

g2c5 p63
g2c5 p64
g2c5 p65

“Do you want anything to eat, Luce? Are you hungry?” I wondered, looking through the fridge and trying to decide what to eat and also what I could give her even though she hadn’t answered me yet.

“No, I ate before you got me,” she answered and I hesitated.

“Well.. Let me know if you ever need a snack or something, okay?” I asked, grabbing some soup and heating it up for myself. I finished it as she still continued to play with May, I loved that she was so entertained by her and I loved how she always played with the things I got her more the things Lana does.. 

g2c5 p66

After I ate, Lucy and I watched television together and we also watched a movie that she chosen; she chose Tangled first, then she chose to watch Bambi. She eventually got hungry and I had Goldfish in the cupboard, so I fed her those as we watched the movie. The part when the other deer, Faline, comes in when Bambi is all grown up made me think of my own red-head Faline, wondering if I would ever see her again. I looked to Lucy as she watched the movie, wondering if Faline would mind me already having a child if I were to ever see her again and anything would become of us. I wondered why I was thinking about her so much, I knew it couldn’t be love, it was too soon for that, so what was it? 

g2c5 p67
g2c5 p68

I looked down at Lucy when Bambi had ended, seeing that she was sleeping, “Lucy?” I asked quietly, not hearing her respond and I slowly slipped off of the couch, trying my hardest not to wake her and I shut off the DVD player and the television. She was so precious, I wouldn’t know what to do if I never had her with Lana.. I probably wouldn’t be in school, I probably would be getting in trouble more like I used to, and I would never have met Faline. I was thankful for her, I never wanted her to be out of my life. 

g2c5 p69
g2c5 p70
g2c5 p71

I quietly brought her upstairs, holding her close so she could continue to sleep in my arms. I got to my room and went through her overnight bag, changing her into her pajamas. She was awake while I was changing her, but barely, simply sitting there with her eyes shut as her head nodded from side to side from her exhaustion and I couldn’t get over how adorable she was. I put her into her crib and she finally opened her eyes and looked to me, grabbing my hand before I left the side of her crib, “Night, Daddy,” she said with a gentle smile.

“Goodnight, princess,” I replied with a soft tone and kissed her forehead before she fell back and straight to sleep.

g2c5 p72
g2c5 p73

After Lucy had fallen asleep, I got ready for bed as well. I never liked much clothes when going to bed, but since my daughter was here, I thought it was necessary, so I put on a shirt and some pajama pants that I hadn’t worn in years it seemed; I was only thinking that because they were kind of tight and the bottoms came above my ankles. I slipped into bed, watching Lucy sleep for a while and making sure she was comfortable, but by how fast she had fallen asleep in my arms and also in her crib, I smiled, realizing that she probably felt right at home and it made me feel good about myself; as if I was doing something right in my life. My daughter loved me and looked up to me, just the thought of it made me feel as if I could conquer anything. Now I know how my mother felt, the sheer joy of having a child and having them want to be around you, it feels awesome.. But, I also now knew how my father may have felt; all of my sisters, his daughters, loved him. But for me? I hated him, and now I had a reason to. Despite how much my sisters didn’t believe me, I knew that my father was the reason for my mothers death.. I hoped if I ever had a son, he wouldn’t feel that way towards me. I never wanted to give him a reason to, either. Ever.

Generation 2, Chapter 4

g2c4 p1
g2c4 p2

The faint scent of lilies ran through my nose and I sprang up, quickly looking to my left and seeing that Faline was gone. I looked around the room and saw nothing, as if no one had been there or came home with me last night. My legs still hurt a little as I sat in my bed, looking around more and seeing that she hadn’t even left a note, a number, nothing. ..So that’s what that feels like..

g2c4 p3
g2c4 p4

I got up and stretched, picking up my phone from the ground and checking my contacts, wondering if Faline might’ve added her number in, but she didn’t. I hated how she had just upped and left, I wanted to find her and get her number so I could at least keep in contact with her over the summer.. I couldn’t believe I was even considering inviting her home with me, but it’s not like I’ll even have a chance to now. I was completely oblivious to the time, checking my phone once more and seeing that it was 10:15am and I had only 15 minutes to get to my last class of the semester. Shit! And I never got around to doing that homework or even asking Auturo to do it for me! Shit, shit, shit! 

g2c4 p5
g2c4 p6
g2c4 p7

I hurriedly grabbed the pants I had worn yesterday from the floor and threw them on, then ran to my dresser and grabbed a pull over and threw that on too. I stumbled around my entire room trying to put my shoes on and I raced out of the house, noticing that no one else was there and I wondered if they had gone home or were maybe still in class. I got to my last class in record time and took my final, honestly hoping for the best since I hadn’t done my homework. I knew that even if I passed this, I would probably still fail, but I tried my best anyways and I thankfully had time after my final to get the homework I hadn’t done and I finished that, too.

g2c4 p8

I got out of class and let out the biggest sigh of relief I could muster.. The professor held me after class and talked to me about my grades and I thought he was going to say that I failed, but he actually told me how impressed he was with the amount of work I had turned in the past week, and because I did so much extra credit he said that I passed. I thanked him and left, standing outside of the building and I texted Auturo.

“Thanks man.. You really pulled me out of the shit and I passed because of you. I owe you big time.”

A few moments later, he texted back, “You’re welcome, and yes, you DO owe me. I won’t help you next year. Ass.” I let out a chuckle and put my phone away, relief pouring over me as I stood there for a moment and let it all sink in.. I passed. 

g2c4 p9
g2c4 p10
g2c4 p11

I decided to wait until later to go home, I wanted to try and see if Faline had any classes today and she was bound to pass by the center of the college grounds sometime. I hoped. I was still angry with her for leaving and not at least waking me, I hated what I was feeling and I wanted to know why she felt she needed to leave, especially for how fun last night was. Did she not feel the same? Was she more drunk than I thought and was ashamed to wake up next to me? My body started to get warm as my anger grew and I tapped my foot impatiently after an hour of just sitting there, waiting. 

g2c4 p12

I sat there for a few hours, the sun started to set and I wondered if Bettie would come out of nowhere again like she did yesterday and yell at me, but thankfully she never passed by. All I wanted was to see Faline at least one more time before I left, I hated that I had no way of contacting her.. That was the first thing I should’ve done last night when she finally told me her name at the fire; name and number, I always try to remember that for the good ones, but I let this one slip. I eventually grew more angry with myself than her.

g2c4 p13
g2c4 p14

I sluggishly got up when I had admitted defeat in ever seeing Faline again, my stomach growled and I made my way over to a bakery. I got a bagel with cream cheese and I thought I would see if the barista knew who Faline was. “Hey, do you know a girl named Faline..? Glasses, red-head, green eyes?” I wondered and I watched as she thought for a moment.

“..No, sorry, doesn’t ring a bell,” she replied and I nodded in acknowledgment, taking my bagel and walking over to a table to take a seat. Well, it was worth a try..

g2c4 p15
g2c4 p16

I ate my bagel slowly, taking my time as I sat there in mourning, sighing constantly to myself at how stupid I was to let this one get away from me. Never once has that happened, and of course it’s just my luck to not get any information from the one girl I’m actually interested in getting to know. Now I’ll never get to. I guess when it comes to the important stuff, I really am absent minded.. 

g2c4 p17
g2c4 p18

I finished my bagel and it was a little after 6:30pm when I decided to go back to the frat house. I hung my head as I walked, continuously looking to my phone and checking it for, well, nothing.. I was surprised that Bettie hadn’t texted me at all, but I was more so relived at the fact, finally my phone wasn’t blowing up from an annoying girl; all I wanted was for Faline to have taken my number before she left this morning and I wanted her to text, call, something. Why was I worrying about it so much? It was strange for me to be so interested, but I had never been on the receiving end of heart ache after a one night stand, and I had to admit, it really sucked.

g2c4 p19
g2c4 p20

I got home and ran into Sabastian; I felt like it had been forever since I last saw him wandering around the house. “Hey, you on your way out?” I asked, watching as he smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, passed my last class and I gotta get to the airport right now. Got a four hour flight back home.. Did you pass?” He wondered and I smiled as well.

“Yup, thanks to Auturo.. Where is he anyways?” I asked.

“Probably still in class, he takes a lot more than we do. But, I gotta run,” he sticks out his hand and I shake it, “See you next semester for the last year?”

“Yeah, see ya next year,” I replied and he nodded, grabbing up his luggage and leaving.

g2c4 p21

I made my way to the kitchen and saw Dean who had a huge smile on his face, “Woo HOO! I passed!” He began and he held up his hand for a high five and I laughed, accepting it and he hit my hand a little harder than I would’ve liked. “Sorry, man.. I’m just excited! Did ‘ja pass?” He asked.

“Yeah, Auturo did a lot of extra credit for me and I even passed my final with a 92%.. I don’t even know how I did that,” I said with a smile, chuckling at myself.

“That’s awesome.. Auturo helped me, too, probably not as much as you, though,” he teased and I shrugged, admitting that that was a pretty accurate assumption.

g2c4 p22
g2c4 p23

“Hey, do you remember anyone leaving this morning from my room? Cute red head, the one from the party a few weeks ago,” I wondered and his eyes lit up, giving me hope that she might’ve said something to him.

“Ohhh, yeah.. I remember! I couldn’t believe you got her..” He said with disbelief and I put my hands up, wanting him to continue instantly.

“And? Did she say anything? Leave me a note, or number?” I asked with hope and Dean shook his head.

“No, she didn’t leave anything for you. She came out and I was making breakfast and she smiled like she was nervous, then kind of just slipped out the back door without saying anything,” he replied and I sighed, “Why? You usually never care.. Though, well.. I can kinda see why you wanted at least a number,” he continued.

“I know, right? I’m so pissed at myself for not getting that..” I replied, sighing once more in defeat, but continuing, “You going home now?” I asked.

“No, I’m staying until tomorrow, I still need to pack and get ready, plus I don’t live too far from the college, so there’s no rush to get home. But, hey, I know you’re leavin’, so you have a good trip back, and I’ll see ya next year, huh?” He said with a smile and I nodded.

“Yeah, see ya man,” I replied and he patted my shoulder as he walked passed me and went upstairs.

g2c4 p24
g2c4 p25

My phone started to ring and I quickly pulled it out of my pocket in hopes it would be Faline, but it wasn’t; it was Anya. Why is she calling? I’m leaving to come home in less than a half hour.. “Hello?”

Hi, Jason.. Are you done with finals? On your way back yet?”

“Yeah, I’m all done.. I’m leaving in about 20 minutes. What do you want?”

..Jeez, just checking up on my baby brother whom I haven’t seen in for-ev-errr..”

“Sorry.. You know what I mean.. But, what did you call for?” I corrected myself.

“Uh-huh.. Well, I also called to let you know that you should go by Hitomi’s when you get home, Helena is super sick and she needs a pick me up to get her mind off of it all.. She adores her Uncle Jason, anyways, it would be great if she saw you,” Anya said with a loving giggle and I smirked. I never minded talking to Anya, the more she matured, the more and more her voice got closer to sounding like Mom’s; there were some subtle differences, but it was still nice listening to her, not to mention Anya looked just like her, too.

g2c4 p26
g2c4 p27

Helena was my niece, Hitomi’s little girl, “Is she okay? Is she in the hospital or anything?” I asked.

No, not right now.. She’s been in and out of it the passed week, but she’s home with Hitomi and John now..”

“Well.. Alright, I’ll stop by there first thing when I get back.. You going to be there? Or Julia?”

Yeah, I’ll be there, but I’m on call at the hospital, so I might be gone before you get here. I don’t think Julia will be there, too. What is today, Friday? We’ll probably just see her on Sunday, on the anniversary of the fire..”

g2c4 p28

I paused for a moment, thinking of my mother again and my heart fell into the pit of my stomach; I hoped I was able to go alone to the grave like I wanted.. “Jason? You there?”

“Yeah, sorry.. I”m going to go pack, I’ll see you in a few hours maybe..” I reply.

Alright, see you later hopefully. Bye Jason,” she said with a sweet tone and I said goodbye as well. Anya was still as nice as ever.. I grew worried for my niece, deciding to hurry up and pack as quick as I could so I could get to Hitomi’s.

g2c4 p29
g2c4 p30

I was mad while leaving, I really didn’t want to leave the campus until I had seen Faline again, but I had no choice, I had to leave and visit Hitomi and Helena or Anya would be on my case. I’m not even home yet and there’s already so much expected of me.. Julia’s not even going to be there, so why do I have to be? No.. I shouldn’t think like that. I know how much Helena likes me and seeing her might even calm my thoughts down since I couldn’t get my mind off of Faline. What if I was never going to see her again? I don’t even know if she’s a Senior or not and this was her last year.. What if it was? What if I wanted one last fling, but so did she, and now she wants nothing to do with me just like how I did to Bettie and all of the other girls? The mere thought of this woman getting the better of me made me uncomfortable and angry.

g2c4 p31

I load my things into the truck and take one last look at the frat house, wondering if I should go back and check my room one last time for any clue I could maybe find that Faline left behind. But, as I look to the house, remembering last night and this morning, it seemed as if she made it a point to not leave any trace of her behind besides the floral scent of her perfume. I sighed, getting into the truck and beginning my long, 3 hour drive home, guessing that I’ll get home around 9:00 or 10:00.

g2c4 p32-1
g2c4 p32-2

The moment I finally get home I walk over to my couch and collapse on it; the car ride was exhausting and I don’t feel like unloading my stuff yet. The only thing that was exhausting about the ride home was that I still couldn’t get Faline out of my head, replaying last night over and over again was beginning to make me angry, too. Why the hell did she leave? Why couldn’t she have woken me up at least..? Faline’s words echoed through my ears.. “I don’t think you could handle it,” she said.. And she was right, I couldn’t.. I wanted to see her so badly. What was worse about coming home was that I had decorated the entire house with mom’s favorite paintings that she kept in the garage.. I loved and hated looking at them.. I let out an aggravated sigh, my phone then beginning to ring and I pulled it out of my pocket quickly, but let out another sigh when it was Hitomi calling.

g2c4 p33

I stood to my feet sluggishly and answered, “Hello?”

Jason, are you home yet? Anya just left, but said you were going to stop by.”

“Yeah, I’m back.. And do you still want me to come over? It’s kind of late.. I could just stop by tomorrow.. But, how’s Helena?”

No, it’s alright. Helena is running a fever and I can’t get her to sleep.. She’ll probably be up for a while if you want to come by?” I thought for a moment and let out a light sigh.

g2c4 p34
g2c4 p35

“Yeah, I can still come by.. Just let me shower real quick and I’ll be over.”

Alright.. Have you talked to Julia lately? Anya and I can’t get a hold of her.”

“Mmm nope.. I haven’t talk to her in a long ass time,” I said with a somewhat sad chuckle after.

That’s not surprising.. But still, it’s weird for her to not at least answer Anya.. Why don’t you go over to her place tomorrow and see if she’s still coming on Sunday?”

I sighed, “Yeeaahh.. I guess. When are you guys going to the cemetery Sunday?”

Anya and I are going around noon, Julia’s supposed to come with us but like I said, I haven’t heard from her.. You should come then, too.”

g2c4 p36

“Hitomi, you know I like to do that on my own.. Besides, I have an appointment already to see Miss Hughes Sunday morning, I don’t know when I’ll get out of it..” I add, hearing her sigh on the other line.

You’re still going to her? It’s been so long, Jason.. Do you really still need help with Mom and Dad’s death?” She asked with concern and I grew frustrated, not wanting to tell her the real reason why I still see my psychiatrist from when I was younger. But, she didn’t know that it wasn’t my psychiatrist I was talking about..

I walk over to the window, looking out to the city not too far from my house, “I’ll just talk to you when I get there, alright? Let me get ready, jeez,” I replied and she let out a groan.

Fine, whatever. I’ll see you soon.” -click-

g2c4 p37
g2c4 p38

I took a shower and changed, soon making it to the city and I couldn’t get used to this feeling.. I never could. I hated coming back to Bridgeport; there’s too many bad memories here. The distinct smell of the city is what bothered me the most; it always reeked of piss and old newspapers; I think that’s the reason why I didn’t live within the city itself. To get to the city, I had to drive down a road that leads to a street that goes to my old house; well, it’s not there anymore, they built a new house over all the fire wreckage, but seeing the actual street name when I drove passed it made me sick to my stomach. It takes me about fifteen minutes to drive to Hitomi’s and she buzzes me in right away.

g2c4 p39

Hitomi unlocked the door for me before I had got up there and I walked in, seeing her by the kitchen table and she smiled, “Hey, long time no see!” She said happily and I smiled.

“Yeah, too long,” I replied and she pulled me into a hug, holding one another for a few seconds and soon releasing. “Where’s little sickly?” I wondered and Hitomi chuckled, looking behind her and pointing her out.

“Helena, your Uncle is here,” Hitomi cooed sweetly and I watched as she looked up from her toy and bounced excitedly on the floor.

g2c4 p40
g2c4 p41

“There’s my pretty niece!” I say with excitement and she giggles when I lift her up quickly and toss her in the air. Helena is so lovely; she got Hitomi’s hair, and her eyes are a mix between Hitomi’s blue eyes and John’s brown ones. They’re really wild to look at, she’s going to be a knockout when she gets older, and I’ll be right beside her to knockout the boys that ever try to mess with her. Uncle Jason, Body Guard, hmm.. I like the sound of that.

g2c4 p42
g2c4 p43

“My gosh, you’re hair has gotten so long, girl! How are you feeling? Any better?” I ask with a smile, checking her temperature on her forehead with the back of my hand and she coughs a few times; she isn’t too warm anymore.

“Yeah, I feel better! I still have a cawff though,” she replies and I chuckle.

“Well, hey.. When you’re feeling better, how about I take you out? It’ll be fun.. But until then, you have to think and decide what you want us to do, okay?” I asked and made an exited expression, watching as her eyes lit up and she made the cutest face.

“Yeah, okay! I wanna get ice cream!”

“Then that’s the first thing on the to do list,” I agree and she smiles.

g2c4 p44
g2c4 p45
g2c4 p46

I loved talking with Helena. She was Brave and Excitable and she always loved to spend time with me since I would let her get away with things that Hitomi and John normally wouldn’t. I like to think I’m a fun Uncle. It amazes me that so much time has passed as I look at Helena, letting it sink in that Hitomi is married and has this little girl, Anya is a surgeon and who knows when she’ll start having kids.. Julia? Eh, she’s not a ‘children’ type of girl. It stills hurts to think about Dad, what he had done to Mom, and what he had tried to do to us.. Helena is my niece for Christ sakes, how could a father do that to his wife? His own children? I would never do something so.. Insane.

g2c4 p47
g2c4 p48

Hitomi came out of her room and I walked over to her, “I’m stealing her whenever she gets better,” I say with a smirk and Helena giggles.

Hitomi smiles and nods, “Yeah, that’s fine, I’ll call you when she’s better,” she answers, then gives me a sly grin and I raise a brow.


“Nothing.. It’s just.. It’s nice to see you with a kid, thinking about settling down and having some of your own after college?” She wondered genuinely and I smirked.

“Not this again..” I requested and she rolled her eyes, agreeing to not talk about it in front of Helena.

g2c4 p49
g2c4 p50

“About Sunday though.. I’m going to my appointment around 11:00am and I don’t think I’ll get out by noon, so you guys just go without me. I’ll go later, I promise,” I begin to change the subject.

“You know, you don’t have to keep wasting your money and going to her, you can always talk to one of us. We went through the same thing, Jason, you don’t have to do this alone with a stranger,” she replied and I let out a gentle sigh; if only she knew..

“I’ll think about it, alright? It helps, and it’s hard talking to you guys because we went through the same thing,” I answered, hearing her let out a sigh as well and eventually nodding.

“Okay, do what you want.. Just know that we’re here, too, okay?” She added and I nodded in acknowledgment. 

g2c4 p51

“How’s John? Where is he?” I wondered.

“He got back from the Army a few days ago and caught Helena’s bug, so he’s sleeping it off right now. I’m surprised I haven’t caught it yet..”

“Well, let’s hope you do so I can take her off your hands sooner,” I tease and Hitomi chuckles, hitting my arm lightly and I laugh.

g2c4 p52
g2c4 p53
g2c4 p54
g2c4 p55

“Your Uncle is so silly!” Hitomi said to Helena and poked her nose, us watching as she laughed in my arms.

“Hey, I should get going,” I begin and Helena hugs me tighter, “You need rest, Helly, I’ll see you real soon though, okay?” I ask and look to her, watching as she nods and yawns, a few coughs following after as I hand her off to Hitomi. I give Helena a quick peck on the cheek and look to Hitomi, “See ya, Sis,” I say and make my way towards the door.

“Bye, Jason,” Hitomi replies and I leave.

g2c4 p56
g2c4 p57
g2c4 p58

I get home and go upstairs to my room, reminding myself why I both love and hate coming home as I look around my room at all of my mothers favorite paintings that were salvaged from the fire. It calmed me to look at them, but they also made me uncomfortable; a constant reminder that she’s gone. All that my mother ever did was love each and every one of us unconditionally, and she fell by the hands of her lover, her husband, the father of her children.. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.

g2c4 p59
g2c4 p60

I get ready for bed; I’m exhausted and just want this weekend to be over with already.. I come home to visit my parents graves, but there’s other reasons than just that. There’s so many things that I genuinely miss when I go to college.. I do miss my sisters.. I miss my niece, I miss being able to visit mom whenever I want, I miss being able to spit on my fathers grave. But, most of all, I had to admit that I missed Lana, even for how bumpy our relationship has been. But, I’ll try my hardest to not get on her bad side; I had gotten on that side once before and she threatened to keep Lucy away from me, my baby girl that no one in the family, nor any of my friends knew about. I like to keep my Bridgeport life away from my college life. But, I’d hate for Lana to find out about my promiscuous nature while I’m away, then she probably would take Lucy away from me and take away the days I had with her. I just wished that I could get Lucy without having to see Lana; we weren’t even officially together, it was more of a friendship with benefits, that also somehow ended us up being parents, too. I looked around the room at Lucy’s crib and her toys, not ever wanting to see my room without any of it; it would be so empty and baron without her things here..

g2c4 p61

Even for not living directly in the city, I can still hear how loud and lively it all is. It’s so much more different sleeping here than at the college; it’s so noisy here and so calm and quiet there, I found it hard to sleep on nights that we did’t have parties so I had background noise.. I was so used to hearing the sound of the city life my entire childhood, even until I went to college, so it was weird having a quieter surrounding. Mom and I would always go to the city together; it was the only time I ever really had with her without Dad being there since he hated going to the city. Those are some of the best memories I have with my mom..

g2c4 p62

I had never dreamed of starting a family, I wasn’t very fond of the idea of having children. But, when I first met Lucy, I fell in love. My mother would’ve loved to have seen Hitomi get married, have her first child, and I knew she would be ecstatic to see me have my first child.. I had always known her to love children, and had Dad not put an end to everything, I’d probably have at least 4 more brothers or sisters. Ever since I had Lucy though, my entire perspective changed and I wanted even more kids, but not with Lana, and not until I got out of college.. It was hard enough trying to focus on that all while trying to make sure I was keeping good terms with Lana while I was gone, it was stressful trying to keep everything balanced. As much as I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing Lana, I couldn’t wait to see Lucy on Sunday. I just wish I could take Lucy and never see Lana again.. The only ‘relationship’ we could even consider labeling what we used to have together was not a good one. I met her when she came into Mrs. Hughes’ office, her mother, to drop something off and I was around 15 when we started hooking up. Only during the summer breaks from school would we ever have contact with one another. If she was my girlfriend, I feel like we’re the same person, and for how much I’ve technically cheated on her is an almost endless list, I don’t doubt that she’s been doing the same. Yet, it confuses me on why now, ever since we had Lucy, which was also around the same time that Hitomi had Helena, she makes it a point to start fights with me as if we were together, and as if I should care, but I don’t. I only care about Lucy, my family, and now.. My most recent encounter, my red-headed beauty, Faline.

Generation 2, Chapter 3

g2c3 p1
g2c3 p2

My head was killing me.. It wasn’t often that I got hangovers, but wow.. Today was bad. It had been almost two weeks since I last saw or talked to Bettie; we had another party last night to celebrate the end of the semester coming, but I didn’t invite anyone special over, I just took it upon myself to have fun before I went home tomorrow for the summer. Bettie had been calling me and texting me ever since our night together, but I never responded to her. “Uugghhhh.. What happened last night?” I ask lazily, still keeping my eyes shut after waking up on the couch without my shirt.. Where the hell did my shirt go?

Dean was sitting on a different couch, chuckling at my words, “Crazy night, that’s what,” he replied and I tilted my head back more and looked to him upside down.

“Did I do anything stupid?” I asked with a light laugh, my voice kind of raspy and I guess that I was yelling a lot last night.

Dean laughed, “When do we not do stupid shit?” He asked with another laugh and I joined him, chuckling weakly and shutting my eyes again. “I’m guessing you’re not going to class today?” He wondered next.

“Hah! Yeah, right.. I’m just going to go to the class tomorrow and going home after.. It’s my last class, anyways.. What time is it?” I asked.

g2c3 p3

“A little after 2:00pm.. Which reminds me, I gotta get to class, too, today is my last one.. See you later, Jace,” he replied and I stood to my feet quickly but with groggy legs; I think I was still a little drunk.

“Aw, I have to do shit by myself today? I thought you were gunna hang out,” I wondered.

“Well, yeah.. Later, after my class. It’s my last one, I need to pass this final or I’m toast.. See ya,” he answered and I sighed, watching him leave and falling back onto the couch to rest for a little bit longer.

“Good luck on your final!” I called out and I watched out the widow as he gave a single wave but didn’t look back.

g2c3 p4
g2c3 p5
g2c3 p6

I got ready and grabbed my shades, not leaving the house without them since my eyes still hurt from the light of the sun. My head was still pounding as I made my way to a coffee shop in town that I liked, but, it was still closed.. That’s one thing that sucked about living in the college town; everything is run and employed by college students, and half of them never get to work on time, or even make it to work at all.. I sighed angrily when I pulled on the door and it was still locked, looking to my clock on my phone and it was a little passed 2:30pm. I really wanted coffee, and wasn’t in the mood to walk anywhere else since my body still hurt from whatever I did last night, so I sat on the sidewalk and waited for whoever was supposed to open the shop to come and open it already.

g2c3 p7
g2c3 p8

It was a little before three when someone finally came to open the shop and I got up from the sidewalk with a sour attitude when it was the gay guy that always hits on me opening; I think his name is Jimmy..? He gave me dreamy eyes as he walked passed me and I followed him in, “A little late, aren’t you?” I said with anger in my tone and he laughed nervously.

“Well, Jason.. How do you expect me to open the shop when I’m just as hungover as you from last night?” He asked with a flirtatious tone and I sigh with frustration. He began making me my favorite coffee without me needing to say anything.

“You were at our party last night?” I asked with little interest in hearing the answer.

g2c3 p9
g2c3 p10

Jimmy giggled at my question, “Well, yeah.. We played beer pong together, too, you don’t remember?” He asked with another giggle and I rolled my eyes behind my shades.

“Don’t remember, and don’t care to be reminded,” I replied with an irritated tone, watching as he finished my drink and handed it to me with a smile.

“Well, it was fun, none the less.. Thanks again for having me,” he added and I could tell that he was being bashful.

“Yeah… Don’t even remember you being there, but cool,” I said with a sarcastic grin, taking the coffee and he was too infatuated with looking at me to notice that I didn’t bother to pay for it.

g2c3 p11
g2c3 p12

I hung around the coffee shop as I enjoyed my drink; it made me feel a little better and I drank it all in less than ten minutes. After I finished it, I got another text from Bettie, asking where I was and telling me that we needed to have a ‘talk’. I couldn’t help myself as I let out a pathetic chuckle, ignoring her again and placing my phone back in my pocket; I wanted one last fling before I went home, but I didn’t want Bettie. I was done with her, and the sooner she realized it, the better; this was getting to the point where I wish she would just drop off the face of the earth.

g2c3 p13
g2c3 p14

I threw out my empty cup and made my way towards the door, stopping when I noticed fiery red hair being picked up in the wind and my redheaded mistress jogged passed the coffee shop; score.. I raced out of the shop, “Hey!” I called out, but she didn’t stop, nor bothering to even look back. I took to my feet again and tried to catch up to her.

g2c3 p15
g2c3 p16

I finally caught up to her and she looked to me briefly but kept her pace, “Hey, red,” I said with a sly tone as I ran with her, watching as she rolled her eyes and kept going. “Going for a run, huh?” I asked, watching as she continued to ignore me and I was beginning to get a little frustrated. “Mind stopping for a second?” I asked and I heard her sigh even through her panting from her jog.

g2c3 p17
g2c3 p18

She finally stopped when she reached the street, waiting for the walk sign to turn on and she looked to me as she caught her breath, then looked forward again. I wasn’t really used to being ignored, it made me mad a little, but then again I didn’t let it show since I wanted to get to know her. “Hey, I saw you at a party I threw a week or so ago.. I’m Jason Du-”

“Yeah, I know.. Jason Dubois,” she answered for me and I smirked at her already knowing who I was, but then I lost the smirk as I didn’t know how she meant her words.. Her voice was small and feminine, but she was by far the best looking girl I had seen on campus; I was amazed that I had never seen her before.

“Do you have a name, red?” I asked.

“Yeah, Already.. Bored Already..” She answered bluntly and I was a little shocked by her frustrated words.

“Damn, what’s up your ass, sweet thing?” I wondered with a gentle chuckle afterwards.

g2c3 p19

“Excuse me?” She asked with a short tone, “What’s up my ass is that the notorious man-whore of the school is talking to me, and fucked over my friend.. You might remember her.. Bettie? Do you even remember that name, or do you have to search your endless list of women you’ve fucked to remember?” She asked with a sarcastic tone.

“Whoa, whoa.. There’s no need for bitterness, babe. I haven’t fucked you over, have I? What’s with the hostility?” I asked with a sly tone, a little irritated with her words, but now that I’ve finally seen what she looks like, I don’t care how she talked to me, as long as I at least got a name and number out of this conversation. I couldn’t get over how much I loved her hair, she had intense green eyes to accent it even more, too. 

g2c3 p20
g2c3 p21

She turned to me and put on a sarcastic smile, “Oh, I’m sowwy.. Is this the first time you’ve been rejected? ..Must be rough, huh?” She asked and I lost my smirk briefly, realizing this was going to be quite the challenge, but I soon smiled again.

“Come on, babe.. Don’t be like that, you should get to know someone before turning them down so quickly..” I tried to persuade.

“Oh, but I do know you, Jason.. A lot more than you know, babe,” she mocked me slightly, still keeping her smirk and I was getting more and more intrigued by the second the more I looked at her, despite how she was clearly bashing me.

g2c3 p22

I tried something else, deciding to put on a little more charm than I was used to having to do; it was usually a lot easier than this, but this one was going to be hard, it’s tough to get what you want from someone who’s extremely aware of your reputation around campus; especially when it’s a promiscuous one.. “Just gimme a name and I’ll leave you alone.. Running into someone as pretty as you? I’d hate myself if I went home without your name,” I continued, dipping my head down somewhat nervously; her face never changed and I had expected her to at least blush a little, but she didn’t. She was actually making me nervous when I should be making her feel like that. 

She leaned in a little closer and I raised my brow in curiosity, “You’re going to go home hating yourself then..” She replied and I lost whatever grin, smirk or smile I may have had. “Not as easy as you thought it’d be, huh? ..Sad..” She said with another sarcastic smile, almost as if she felt a little sorry for me. “Bye, Jason,” she finished and turned around, running in the opposite direction. 

g2c3 p23

Her attitude was as fiery as her hair as I watched it continue to bounce in the wind as she ran, “See ya, Red,” I replied loud enough for her to hear me, but she didn’t bother looking back. Hmm. It made me angry that she talked to me that way, the whole time she talked it was nothing but attitude; as sweet as her voice was, her words were harsh and bitter. Funny thing was I almost wanted to chase after her, but I thought that in order to get on her good side, it’d be better if I just let her go. 

g2c3 p24
g2c3 p25
g2c3 p26

I walked to the middle of the campus, not knowing what to do with myself since I had slept through my class today, but I had tomorrow to make up for it. I did my homework, so who cares.. Wait, did I? ..Shit, now I have that to look forward to rushing to get it done so I don’t fail tomorrow. First Bettie won’t leave me the hell alone, then Red turns me down, and now I forget to do the homework that I needed to do.. It doesn’t even matter if I pass the final with a 100%, my homework grade wouldn’t be enough to pass me if I don’t turn this in.. Maybe I could get Auturo to do it for me?

g2c3 p27

My head starts to get light and dizzy, so I walk over to a chess table and take a quick seat. I must’ve dozed off for an hour or so, because the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and the sun was setting. I rubbed my fingers over my shut eyes under my shades, waking myself up and I felt a lot less hungover now that I apparently took a random nap. I look at my phone and it’s just before 6:00pm; I had a few texts from Bettie, no surprise there, and also one from a girl I knew in a sorority, inviting me over for a party she was throwing. Fuck it.. Auturo can do my homework, I’ll even throw him a few bucks.

g2c3 p28
g2c3 p29

Jason!” I heard a voice that I was not pleased to hear, looking sluggishly to my left a little and seeing Bettie walking up to me.. Jesus, what is with this girl..? I’ve had a few clingers before, but never this annoying. “Jason, is your phone working? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for weeks it seems.. The end of the semester is already here, where have you been?” She wondered as she walked up to me and my eyes hurt for how hard I rolled them back. Why..? Why now? I was hoping to avoid her until I was miles away on my way home..

g2c3 p30
g2c3 p31

I sighed heavily and she placed her backpack down, “Are you alright? You look drained,” she said in a sweet tone. Is she really this stupid to not realize I was completely ignoring her?

“I’m fine, yeah.. Just, hungover a little..” I reply with little care and she grows concerned.

“Oh, maybe you should go home and lie down? I can make you some soup or something?” She wondered and almost wanted to laugh in her face for how pathetic this was. 

“No, I’m fine.. I was actually just going somewhere,” I answered, trying to ditch her again.

g2c3 p32
g2c3 p33

“Oh, where are you going? Did you get invited to Joanne’s party?” She wondered and I hesitated, realizing that Joanne must have invited her too and there was no getting out of this.. She wasn’t going to let up.

“..Uhh, yeah.. She did, I was just.. Going to drop by.. For a few minutes maybe,” I replied and I watched as she smiled.

“I was going to go, too! Let’s just walk together, I feel like we haven’t talked in forever, anyways,” she added, continuing her smile and all I wanted to do was knock her out and throw her into the bushes to get her away from me, it would at least give me an hour or two head start to get out of this situation. 

“Ooohhh… Yeeaahh.. Great idea..” I say with a fake smile, my tone obvious that I hated the idea, but she was too oblivious to notice. 

g2c3 p34
g2c3 p35

She grabbed her backpack and threw it over her shoulder, looking to me and removing my shades for me and I flinched slightly when she did this, “Take those off, silly. It’s getting dark out,” she said with a giggle and I gave a fake chuckle, trying to take them from her but she kept them. “I can just carry them for you in my backpack if you want? They won’t get broken, I promise,” she said with another giggle and the moment she finished zipping up her backpack, I let out a heavy sigh.. I’m never getting those back now..

g2c3 p36
g2c3 p37

We got to Joanne’s and all I wanted to do was drink again, heavily. Anything, I didn’t care.. Beer, vodka, rum, whatever I could find to forget this horrible day. The entire walk to the party, Bettie was nervous and fidgety, wanting to hold my hand, my arm, around my waist, anything, but the bored and tired look on the face the whole walk there probably wasn’t helping; thank God.. She talked and talked, just like back at my party and I swear I couldn’t repeat to you anything that she had told me.

g2c3 p38
g2c3 p39

Bettie was the one that constantly offered to get up and get us drinks, seemingly not wanting to give me the chance to wander off since we were at a sorority and I was pretty sure I was 1 of about 6 guys there.. But, I was getting pretty buzzed like I had wanted, so I didn’t complain too much, let alone say one fuckin’ word since we had gotten there..

g2c3 p40
g2c3 p41

I looked at my phone during one of Bettie’s endless conversations and noticed we had been there for two hours already.. Jesus, how did I sit there for that long? I interrupted Bettie and made up a lie, “Oh man.. Sorry, Bettie.. But Dean just texted me and it doesn’t look like he passed.. I’m gunna go call him, I’ll be right back,” I say with a fake smile and she nods. Finally some peace.. I had noticed that not a lot of people had been going outside, so that was the first place I chose to escape to. Maybe there was a gate that I could slip through and go home.

g2c3 p42
g2c3 p43

I made my way outside and noticed a bright light, realizing there was a huge bonfire going and it only had one person there enjoying it, my little redhead. Well, this night doesn’t have to end too bad.. Maybe she’ll actually tell me her name this time.. The closer I got, the more nervous I grew; I hoped she would give me the time of day that I wanted earlier to talk to her.

“Well.. Is Little Miss Red stalking me after blowing me off earlier?” I begin, watching as she looked over and gave me a flirtatious smile; this is already looking good.

g2c3 p44

Jason Dubois,” she began in a fake french accent and it made me float the rest of the way to her, “Funny seeing you here.. If I’m not mistaken, I believe you are the one following me?” She replied and I could tell she was just as buzzed as I was, or more.

“You going to tell me your name yet?” I asked, keeping my expression blank and genuinely curious.

She gave me a peculiar look, as if trying to read me but having difficulty. “No, you’ll just laugh, it’s childish,” she replied, shrugging and looking towards the fire.

“Childish? How can a name be childish?” I wondered, more curious now than I had been all day.

“Because..” She sighed, looking to me and giggling, “It’s from.. A Disney movie..” She continued, keeping her smile and looking to the fire again, acting as if talking to me was a nuisance. 

g2c3 p45
g2c3 p46

“What’s it from? Which one?” I asked, waiting for her to at least give me a clue. I loved how the fire illuminated her already fiery red hair, I couldn’t stop looking at it.

She sighed, not eager to answer me but she let out a chuckle and looked to me, “The girlfriend.. Of ‘Bambi’,” she finally answered and I raised a brow.

“Umm.. Vixey?” I guessed and she let out a laugh.

“No! ..That’s from ‘The Fox and the Hound’.. ‘Bambi’? The deer story?” She pointed out as if I was stupid for not knowing.

“OH! ..Faline?” I wondered, watching as she covered her face bashfully and nodded, laughing at her own name and I snickered, “That’s cute.. It’s not childish, it fits you..” I continued, flirting with her, but I meant my words; she was adorable and her name fit her well.

“I shouldn’t even be talking to you, Bettie would be pissed..” She said with a nervous laugh, “Who’d you come with, anyone?” She wondered, looking to the fire and her body was swaying gently, realizing she wasn’t drunk, but around the same coherency as me. 

g2c3 p47
g2c3 p48

I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to comb my fingers through her hair and I wanted to touch her skin, taste her lips. I slipped my hand forward, caressing her cheek without caring if she pushed it away, but to my surprise, she didn’t. I completely ignored her question, not wanting to tell her that I had brought Bettie even after her just saying that Bettie would be pissed at her.. Man, I reeeeaaallly hope Bettie doesn’t decide to come out and ruin this for me. “You have nice eyes, green are my favorite, actually. It’s my favorite color,” I continued to try and coax her into letting me in, letting me get to know her, since for once in my life I actually cared about making sure to get her name before anything else happened. Why did I even care at all? Tomorrow, I would have successfully made it through 3 or the 4 years of my college experience without muttering the word ‘girlfriend’ at all..

“Oh, really?” She asked sarcastically, “Just so happens that blue is my favorite.. You’re not wearing contacts, are you?” She asked with a teasing tone and I snickered.

“Nope, all me,” I answered, hearing her let out a smitten giggle and I could tell she enjoyed looking at my eyes almost as much as I loved looking at hers.

g2c3 p49
g2c3 p50

I took a couple steps closer to Faline and she surprisingly welcomed my hands around her waist, “You know, you really are beautiful, it’s amazing how I’ve never noticed you around campus before or I would’ve definitely made an effort to know you sooner,” I continued my flirting, watching her red lips as they smiled at my words. 

Jason Dubois..” She repeated again, shaking her head at herself; most likely in disbelief since I could tell on her face earlier that she probably would’ve never let me get this close if she were more attentive and less drunk, “I’m beginning to see why it’s rather easy for you to get girls,” she said softly and gave a light chuckled after, “I know you’ve been with a lot of girls, but how many women have you been with?” She wondered with a smug grin, and I was slightly confused by her words, but soon figured out that she was insulting me again, and saying all of my past lays weren’t mature, let alone very experienced. Was she hinting that she was better than them all, an actual woman instead of a childish girl?

“Hm.. I don’t know.. Why? Did you wanna be the first?” I asked back with a sly grin and she laughed.

“I don’t think you could handle it,” she replied, still keeping her smug grin and I chuckled; she was difficult to read, and by how she treated me earlier, I still wasn’t sure if she was making fun of me or actually flirting back.

g2c3 p51
g2c3 p52
g2c3 p53

I leaned in more, taking her last statement as a challenge, and I accepted it. “Why don’t you let me take you back to my place and we can test that theory?” I whisper gently into her ear and she lets out a gentle giggle as if we were going to get into trouble. Her hair smelled like lilies and I wouldn’t mind doing it right here and now outside, maybe against the house, the fence, right here in front of the fire, but I couldn’t risk Bettie catching us or I’d lose my chance with Faline. She pulled away from me and her eyes gave me a once over, as if contemplating my suggestion and she looked around, seeing a gate in the fence and she took my hand, quickly dragging me behind her and we slipped out of the party together, leaving Bettie and everyone else behind to wonder where we had gone.

g2c3 p54
g2c3 p55

We got back to my place in record time and the first thing that happened was unexpected, at least to me. Faline grabbed me before I could make the first move and removed the blue button up I was wearing quicker than I could even comprehend and her lips crashed into mine. She was an insanely Great Kisser and I found myself taking my time with her lips as she began undressing me and also herself since I was still too distracted by our kiss. As much as I barely ever talked when it came to stuff like this with girls, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was going to see her after the summer when I got back to college for my last year, I wanted to know if I’d see her again, and I already hoped I would. “What do we do after this?” I asked in between kisses.

“What are you.. Talking about?” She asked in return, “You’re already thinking of after when we haven’t even done anything yet?” She asked with a cocky tone, distracting me a little with another deep kiss.

g2c3 p56
g2c3 p57
g2c3 p58

We stumbled over to the bed with eyes shut and lips still locked, trying not to trip over our clothes on the floor and I tried to continue without coming off as if I was bored with her; I didn’t like the question she had asked me back and I wanted to let her know I wasn’t trying to rush this at all. “I mean.. I don’t know what you know about me..” She kissed me once more as if she didn’t care I was even talking, “You don’t have to leave right away,” I continued, “If you don’t want..” I finished and she stopped the kiss briefly, looking at me and chuckling.

“Relax.. And shut up,” she said with a smile and I was completely thrown off by her words, reminding me of when I was with Bettie and I had told her practically the same thing since she kept trying to talk. I was a little uncomfortable with our roles being switched; I was the one that should be telling her what to do and where to go and when, but as she kissed me again after telling me to shut up, I simply accepted it and stopped talking like she demanded.

g2c3 p59
g2c3 p60
g2c3 p61

Faline and I stayed up for hours it seemed and she even let me keep the lights on. My phone had been going off like crazy the whole time and it was probably Bettie wondering why I had ditched her, but not once did it ever distract me from what I was currently occupying myself with; which was her friend. There wasn’t a position that we couldn’t think of doing and I swear there were even a couple times where we defied gravity; she was a huge ball of sexy and fun all rolled into one and I don’t think I had ever had a better time in that room, let alone throughout all of college in general. The one thing I enjoyed the most throughout all of our fun was that she always had a smirk or a smile of some kind, which only made me feel amazing, like I was doing everything right and I made a promise to myself that this would not be the last time I saw her.

g2c3 p65

I could barely catch my breath, my heart was pounding so fast, my legs were shaking and my hair stuck to my face from the perspiration I had worked up for however long we were doing that for. We both collapsed on my bed and both let out a simultaneous heave of a satisfied sigh, neither of us being able to handle more if we tried and Faline was asleep within minutes. Both of us were exhausted, buzzed, and as I looked over to Faline already asleep, I couldn’t help but let out a triumphant sigh. From her being there for so long, my entire room smelled of her and I found myself taking in the deepest breaths I have all night, looking over to Faline briefly again and smirking slightly. Maybe I’ll invite her to come back to my home with me for a few days or something when we wake up; I didn’t like that tomorrow was my last day anymore and I wanted to see her over the summer even.. I don’t know if I could handle anyone else besides her, I’d get bored too easily.. Especially now after experiencing something as fun as that. The only other girl to make me feel like this was Lana who lived back in Bridgeport.. I wonder what she would say if I brought Faline home with me..

Generation 2, Chapter 2

g2c2 p1

The next day, I go for another jog around noon; the guys and I want to throw a party tonight, which means it’s my job to go out and find ladies to invite. Dean and Sabastian sometimes help me, but Dean usually says the wrong thing to scare them off and it’s up to Sabastian and I to mend things. But, today, I’m on my own. 

Last night was a little rough for me, I couldn’t stop thinking about my mother and what Hitomi said; I hate this time of year just because I knew I had to go home and see my sisters. Luckily no one in the frat house has ever witnessed me upset about my mother, they would only make fun of me since I get so emotional over the situation and I always break down into tears. A lot of nights are hard for me, actually; this party is just what I need to get my mind off of home and back on the campus and school.

g2c2 p2

I run into Sara, a Senior that’s about to graduate and I know that Dean always talks about how hot she is, so I decided to invite her. Sara’s also a well respected rebel throughout the campus, she has the most interesting artwork spread about the town; it’s the kind of thing where you know it’s her, but no one talks about her doing it, because her artwork is really good, and no one wants her to get caught by the cops. She says she might make it, but she might have other plans. She’s one girl that’s kind of hard for me to sway her mind, maybe it’s because she doesn’t cater to younger men.. Hmm.

g2c2 p3
g2c2 p4

And what luck do I have today? Running into the adorable Bettie, sitting in the grass on her laptop. Samantha wouldn’t like it if I talked to her, let alone invited her to the party.. But, I don’t really care, this is the face time I’ve been waiting for.

g2c2 p5
g2c2 p6

I begin to walk up and I know she notices me, but isn’t looking up. Soon enough, she rises to her feet in a hurry and puts away her laptop into her bag, “Hey, beautiful,” I begin, putting on a coy grin and she’s already blushing; this is going to be easy.

“Hey, Jason, I was just.. Getting ready to go to class, I’m running late, actually,” she says quietly and I stop her.

“Come onn, what’s the rush, huh? If you leave now I won’t be able to invite you to my party tonight,” I begin, making her notice that I’m looking at her lips and collar bone in a wanting manner, biting my bottom lip slightly.

Bettie continues to blush as I continue to smile at her, “Oh, um.. Yeah, maybe, but.. I have a lot of studying to do,” she answers and it’s time for phase two of the persuasion. 

g2c2 p7
g2c2 p8

I remove my shades and her smile fades as she stares into the sapphire eyes my mother gave me and her cheeks turn red, “Come on, it’ll be fun. Wouldn’t be a party without you..” I begin to persuade and I put my hand on her hip to coax her more. “My night could be complete if someone as pretty as you showed up,” I said in a flirtatious tone and she touches my arm that’s holding her waist. Damn, Samantha would be pissed if she saw me doing this.. I kind of hope she does, that way I can just have Bettie now and Sam would be out of the picture.

g2c2 p9
g2c2 p9-2

She’s at a loss for words when I begin to play with a strand of her hair, “Uh..” She let’s out quietly, watching me twirl her hair in my fingers and an alarm on her phone goes off, coming out of her trance and she looks to her phone, “Oh no, I’m late! Umm.. I gotta go, but I’ll, um.. Try to make it,” she says with a stutter in her tone and grabs up her backpack and runs off.

“See you tonight,” I say to myself as I watch her run to her class, grinning victoriously as I then put my shades back on and continue my run.

g2c2 p10
g2c2 p11

I had a few minutes before my next class, so I stop by to see Dean in his class before I go. I decided to go today since the only way to pay for the beer tonight was if Auturo bought it, so I agreed to go to class if he would provide it. I have plenty of money I got when my parents died that I couldn’t use until I was 18, but I kept it for myself back home as I only ‘got by’ here at college.

“Hey, I invited Sara, she said she might come tonight,” I begin and a few students look at me when I disturb the class, but don’t bother saying anything to me. Dean stands and joins me in a short conversation as others try to study.

“Nice goin’! Did you get anyone else?” He asks, excited about the possible turn out already and I nod.

“Yeah. Melissa, Ashley, Jessica, and Bettie,” I accentuated the last name and I watch as his eyebrows raise in surprise, and also from being impressed.

“Bettie’s coming?”

“Yup, she will be, and more than once,” I said with a devious grin and I lift my shades to give him a quick wink before walking passed him and I went to leave the room, hearing Dean laughing behind me at my insinuation.

g2c2 p12
g2c2 p13

I go to class and I scope out the room, noticing a lot of guys around that would only dream of coming to this party. My still shaded eyes continue to look around and I notice a girl in the room who was kind of cute, but she’s already sleeping. I chuckle under my breath, remembering her from the last few classes I randomly attended and she was always sleeping; I had no idea why. To me it wouldn’t seem like she could exactly be the ‘life of the party’, so I end up deciding not to invite her.

g2c2 p14
g2c2 p15

Soon a bombshell walks in, Tonya. She would be someone I would love to invite, she was the most popular girl on campus, but she wasn’t exactly the brightest in the bunch. Her body was awesome, and every guy would love to spend just five minutes with her, but she was dating someone of a higher stature that even I was.. Inviting her would probably insult her, not to mention we’d probably hear from her boyfriend and he wasn’t someone that many could fair well against. I’d fight him, I could care less what happened, but I don’t think Auturo, Dean or Sabastian would stand a chance..

g2c2 p16
g2c2 p17

I notice out of the corner of my eye that Tonya looks to me for a few seconds, smirks and looks back forward, unbeknownst to her that I was watching her do it the entire time. That was, interesting, and intriguing, but I still won’t invite her to the party; I’ll continue my search after class..

g2c2 p18

After class, I invited some more people and went home and got the dining room ready by moving all the chairs and table out of the way, then set up the beer pong table. The other guys must still be in class, so I get the house ready by myself and even answer the door for the keg guy; Auturo left me money for the kegs only after I left for class so I wouldn’t take it beforehand, he’s such a tweak. I set up all the kegs around the house and even some in the back yard, it was almost time for the party and I wanted everything to be ready for whenever Bettie showed up.

g2c2 p19
g2c2 p20

I showered and got ready, put the final touches on the place and started the music. It was time for the party and I helped myself to a few cups from the keg as I waited for people to arrive. Bettie was my goal tonight and I hoped that Samantha wouldn’t drop by for a surprise visit, wanting to know why she wasn’t invited but her sister was. The last thing I wanted was sister drama, but I thought Bettie was cute enough to be worth whatever fights could become of all this. I’d be done with Bettie after I had got what I wanted, anyways..

g2c2 p21
g2c2 p22

People started to arrive and Dean and I wanted to play beer pong; he had beat me last time and I wanted to win, while he wanted to keep his triumphant title. When I showered earlier before the party, I must’ve stood in the water for ten minutes, not doing a thing as I continued to think about going back home in two weeks.. I wanted to get juiced tonight, and I also wanted to bury my sorrows away; Bettie would help with that.

“So you really think Sara might come?” Dean asked as I tried to focus on making a cup.

“I don’t know, whenever I invite her she always gives me the same answer and she’s showed up about half of the times that I had invited her. There’s always a possibility,” I replied, throwing the ball and missing the cup, “Ahh, damn..”

g2c2 p23

Dean went next and he made his cup, me letting out a sigh in aggravation and he only smiled happily. “When do you think she’ll show?” He asked next and I rolled my eyes.

“Man, I don’t know.. Just walk around and get your mind off of it, let her show when she wants,” I pressed and he sighed, deciding to calm his worry and continue to focus on our game.

“Ever thought about bringing me back with ya?” He asked and I raised my brow.

“What, like, back home with me? Why would I do that?” I asked sarcastically.

“I dunno, I think it might be fun since you make it seem like all of your friends are here. Might be nice to have someone around that you know other than your sisters.. I wouldn’t mind helpin’ you through that rough time a’yers you’ll have when you visit your folks, too,” he answered and I hesitated before I took my shot.

“Why are you talking like this? Like you care?” I asked with a sarcastic smile.

“Hey man, just a thought,” he added and I rolled my eyes, throwing the ball and making it this time.

g2c2 p24

“Hey Jason, hey Dean,” Melissa came into the room and Dean sighed in frustration at the shot I made.

“Hey, Lissa, there’s kegs everywhere, help yourelf, lovely,” I answered her with a suave grin and she couldn’t hold back a wide smile, nodding and making her way out of the room again.

“See? How d’ya do that shit? Make ‘um all.. Floaty and fuzzy inside. I feel like I just eventually piss them off,” Dean said with a sigh and I laughed.

“It’s an art, man.. Practice makes perfect, I guess,” I replied, cocking my eyebrows and he sighed, rolling his eyes and chuckling at my response.

g2c2 p25
g2c2 p26

I see Dean look towards the door and he smiles, “I think your lady just arrived, she brought a friend, too,” he says with an interested brow.

I smile at his words, glad that she had showed up, but a little bothered that she brought a friend. I always hated when the girls I wanted brought friends.. It either meant that they didn’t feel comfortable where they were, or they were unsure about getting with me; always wanting the friend to tell them what to do, and it sometimes resulted in me not getting them in bed. But, I kept my grin regardless, I just hoped her friend wasn’t hotter than Bettie or else I might just have to change my decision about who I want. 

g2c2 p27
g2c2 p28
g2c2 p29
g2c2 p30

Dean and I stopped our game and we went to the doorway of the living room, watching as Bettie danced a little with her friend. As we watched them dance nonchalantly, I couldn’t help that my eyes went to her friend and the vibrant red hair she had. Hmm.. It wouldn’t be a first for me to invite a girl and then end up with her friend by the end of the night, but after working on getting Bettie alone for so long, and with the chance right in front of me, I hesitated as I watched the body of her red-headed friend.

“Well, go over there.. I’m gunna go walk around and see if Sara’s here yet,” Dean said in a whisper even though the music was loud enough to cloud our conversation from any eavesdroppers. Dean pats my shoulder and walks towards the kitchen to go outside and I wait for my chance, waiting for her friend to leave her to get a drink or use the bathroom before going over to Bettie. 

g2c2 p31
g2c2 p32

Bettie’s friend eventually leaves her side to go get a drink and I never really manage to get a look at her face, but I take this opportunity to go and say ‘hi’ before her friend is there to intervene or hover over our conversation. We chat for a little bit and I get to know her a little better. Apparently her and her sister don’t even talk anymore due to a fallout that happened between the family. She goes into some detail about it, but I barely hear a word of it as I watch her mouth and lips move when she’s talking. Every now and then, I’ll politely nod and give a gentle chuckle whenever I see her smile or laugh after something she says, but for me it’s in one ear out the other as I space out while eyeing her body every now and then. I noticed Bettie look to someone passed my shoulder and I assume her friend is on her way back over, so I leave her and tell her I’ll see her later; I want to have a little more fun and more beer before I handle this fragile little flower.

g2c2 p33

I see Dean and I smile, cocking my eyebrows triumphantly and he smiles back, “All went well, I’m sure?” He asks and I nod.

“Oh, of course.. Who do you think you’re talking to?” I asked sarcastically with a show-off grin and he laughs, “Come on, help me with a keg stand,” I request and he agrees, walking with me outside.

g2c2 p34
g2c2 p35

We walk outside and I noticed the same long haired red-head that came with Bettie, wondering now who had Bettie been looking at for me to feel like I should leave her when the red head was here outside.. Hmm. My eyes soon traveled down her exposed legs, but Dean soon hit my back to knock me out of my spacing, both of us then walking over to the keg and he assisted me as I drank for about fifteen to twenty seconds.

g2c2 p36
g2c2 p37

After the keg stand, he pulled at my arm and looked to his right, noticing someone and I could tell he was nervous. I looked over slightly and noticed Sara had decided to show up and I smiled at Dean, “Hey, this is what you’ve been waiting for, go say hi,” I encourage and she walks towards the keg we were just at.

“Well yeah, but, what do I say, what would you say?” He asks in a panic and I chuckle.

“I don’t know, I just tell them the truth.. ‘Hey, you’re pretty, blah blah blah,’ you know.. Stuff that girls like to hear. It’s not as difficult as you’re making it seem,” I reply and he sighs. 

“What’r you gunna do?” He asks and I shrug, looking over my shoulder at the red head and back to Dean.

“I’m just gunna welcome Bettie’s friend to the party,” I say with a sly tone, Dean shaking his head but smiling at my eagerness to talk to another girl other than Bettie already..

g2c2 p38

As I looked to the red head, the fire from the pit the same color as her hair, my mind went blank and I started to feel like a creep for just starring at the back of her head. Her hair looked as soft as my mother’s was, yet instead of naturally being straight, it had a slight wave to it and it hung off her shoulders effortlessly; I wanted to touch it more than I had wanted to touch Bettie’s earlier. 

g2c2 p39
g2c2 p41
g2c2 p40

As I make my way towards the red head, I can feel my heart begin to race slightly and just as I was about to say something, I hear Bettie calling my name from behind me and I stop, sour-faced and all and I now wanted nothing to do with Bettie since she had ruined my chance at getting to know the red head.. My anger grew and I hesitated, but soon turned around and my expression was blank, then quickly giving a fake smile to Bettie and she walked up to me. Bettie started to talk with me and I then noticed her smile at the red head as she passed us by, going back into the house and I watched my opportunity melt in failure before my eyes. Bettie doesn’t know what kind of punishment she’s in for now.

g2c2 p42

Bettie was suddenly surprised by me taking hold of her in the middle of her talking and pressing my lips to hers to shut her up, though without her knowing that I hated her talking, so much. As much as I looked forward to the chase of Bettie before, this wasn’t that kind of game anymore. Without her knowing that I wanted to talk to her friend more than her, I toyed with her, kissing her deeply and making her seem like she was the only girl at the party that I wanted. I didn’t feel sorry as she hummed in her tone for me to stop the kiss, but I didn’t; no one, no woman, could tell me what to do and I kissed her regardless of her contesting humming, though she eventually accepted it and returned the kiss within seconds.

g2c2 p43
g2c2 p44
g2c2 p45

I can read girls like picture books and after I finally released her from the kiss outside, it was obvious that she wanted me, even if her expression told me she wasn’t fully convinced yet. I took her hand, leading her without a word and I was annoyed by her slightly dragging her feet when I went towards the door to the house. She kept saying my name, along with a few ‘uhh’s and ‘umm’s when I pulled her into the house and then into my room. As soon as I shut my door behind us, I removed my shirt and I watched her eyes widen, “Um.. Jason.. I..” She began but I stopped her words with another kiss as I untied the strings of her dress behind her.

“Stop talking,” I demanded softly with a sweet tone and she held her tongue like a scolded puppy as I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs to raise her dress over her head and get rid of it. Finally, the Bettie I’ve been wanting and working over Sam for for an entire week has finally paid off. 

g2c2 p46
g2c2 p47

Without her saying a word, but me somewhat knowing her timid and hesitant personality, I turn the lights off in my room before removing the rest of her clothes and she let’s me like I thought she would. It wasn’t long before I was over her on the bed and getting exactly what I invited her over for. I was going to take my time with her, make this last a few hours, but she was being punished for intervening when I wanted to talk to the red head; I’d have my way with her and tell her leave soon.

g2c2 p48

This was the last time I was ever going to have contact with Bettie, I’ll avoid her with ease like I do every other girl. Though, I have to admit, with how many girls there are walking around campus that I’ve slept with, it’s getting a little harder to avoid them all. I wonder when Samantha is going to find out about this? Bettie doesn’t notice through her moaning and shut eyes, but I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of her cussing me out whenever she does find out, and I even wonder if I could coax her in to bed one last time after she’s done yelling at me.. I’ve never done something like that before. Maybe it’s time to look for an even bigger thrill than just simply going after different girls every time. ..I’ll let things brew with Bettie for a few days before I try to find Samantha.


PS. The girl sleeping in Jason’s class is supposed to be a random Sim-self of me. I made her a while ago and she ended up being in one of his classes. lol Also, I changed Jason’s eyes to look a little more real, they’re still the sapphire blue, though, of course.

Generation 2, Chapter 1

g2c1 p1

I sat on my bed in my room at the frat house, my absent mind completely forgetting that Samantha was over and hadn’t left yet as she gathered her clothes from the floor. Her presence was known when she cleared her throat sarcastically as she stood behind me, but I didn’t bother to look over at her.

“Hello? Earth to Jason! Are you going to call me later?” She wondered and I rolled my eyes without her knowing.

“Yeah, yeah,” I replied casually, stretching my tired body and Samantha sighed heavily behind me.

That was real convincing, Jason,” she said sarcastically and I quickly grew angered.

“Jesus, get off my ass! I said I would. Don’t you have class or something?” I asked with an irritated tone, already annoyed with her nagging and wanting her to leave.

Samantha grabbed up the rest of her clothes quickly and made her way out of my room, “You’re such an ass!” She insulted before shutting my door harder than I would’ve liked her to.

g2c1 p2
g2c1 p3

It’s been years since the explosion at the house. The explosion consumed my parents room, Hitomi’s, and also Anya and Julia’s room that they shared. The fire spread rapidly, eventually taking my room as well and the firemen managed to finally extinguish the flames before the fire took the garage or spread across the grass to Arnica’s barn. Neither me nor any of my sisters ever saw Archor again after that day..

Hitomi’s married now and is a pretty well known Composer, Anya has a boyfriend, but nothing serious so far; another doctor that works with her at the hospital she works at. She’s on her way to becoming a successful surgeon. Julia has no idea what she’s doing with her life; she doesn’t have a boyfriend and is always on the search for jobs. I feel a little sorry for how shitty her life is. Julia and I took our parents death the hardest, while Hitomi and Anya, though still mourning their death as well, live successful lives and manage to get by seemingly without a struggle.. I’m a Junior in college, trying to get my Business degree and I’m surprised I’ve made it this far.. My grades are always bad and I’m always surprised when I get my report cards back telling me that I passed to the next grade; I barely make it by every time. 

g2c1 p4

Running clears my mind a little, helps me forget things and helps me calm down whenever I’m feeling stressed or angered; which is quite often. The worst days I have are when I think of my mother. When they investigated what caused the explosion, I overheard the firemen talking to Hitomi while Anya, Julia and I sat in the back of an ambulance. He told her that the oven was leaking gas, and something in the living room triggered everything to ignite. The more and more I thought about what he had said, I remembered that when Hitomi and I were rushing out of the house to see Archor with Anya and Julia, I remembered smelling something strange, and when I forced myself to remember more.. I could’ve swore we had passed a candle holder with lit candles.. My mother would’ve never been so careless about something as serious as leaving candles burning, let alone leaving the stove on and they seemed as if they had been lit no more than a few minutes before us passing them to go outside.. The firemen said that it looked like someone did it on purpose. From that moment on, I was convinced my father was behind it all, and I knew in my gut that he tried to kill himself and take us all with him. Why? I still have no clue..

g2c1 p5
g2c1 p6

Even though I skipped class, the University seemed rather empty today; no one walking around, no study groups sitting in the grass, no hacky-sack sessions that I occasionally would join in on while on my runs.. Nothing. It was kind of nice, the silence was rare and soothing, it made my run more enjoyable. I was getting to be rather popular within the campus; a lot of people found out about what happened to my parents, and I was even a little famous because of my mother and how well-known she was for her paintings. My phone was filled with almost all girls, the only guys in my contacts were the guys from my frat house and a few friends around the campus; the ones around campus weren’t really friends, though, I mostly used them to get discounts on things and get into bars easier than everyone else. Right now I’m seeing Samantha, but only so I can get at her younger sister, Bettie; she was the cuter one.

g2c1 p7

My frat house threw the best parties, by far. We would only invite over a few cool dudes we knew and the rest would be ladies; it was normal for the ratio to be one guy to every three girls. Getting into fights was nothing new, either, though a lot of guys tried to steer clear of us. But, we sometimes had party-crashers that would find their way into our parties and they needed to be dealt with, especially whenever it came down to them talking to the girls we invited over. There’s been numerous amounts of ‘swirlies’ given at our place; that’s when you hold someone’s head in the toilet upside down and flush it. I guess we were the most rebellious frat house out of all of them, but still the most known; and sometimes feared. 

g2c1 p8

When I got back from my run, I noticed Dean at the table on his laptop, probably looking at porn instead of studying like he should be doing judging by the stupid grin on his face; his grades were surprisingly worse than mine. He had almost the same personality as me, though less successful when it came to hitting on girls. 

g2c1 p9
g2c1 p10

Auturo was in the kitchen, looking at the books on the shelf and he stopped his browsing to look at me and give me a sarcastic stare, “You skipped class again today, didn’t you?” He asked and I rolled my eyes, though he couldn’t see behind my sunglasses. Out of the four of us that lived at the frat house, Auturo seemed the most out of place, but I liked his attitude and he was smart, so whenever I needed him to help me with school, he would help me. He was a dick about it, about a lot of things, but it impressed me that he was able to focus so well on his schooling and he even brought home chicks that I never thought he could get. He just seemed to fit in here.

“Shut up, today’s class wasn’t even important,” I replied with an irritated tone.

“You know that’s why you fail sometimes.. Your attendence matters for some classes, in this case, this one matters. But, you missed it. Again,” he continued to knock me and I continued to grow annoyed. 

g2c1 p11
g2c1 p12

“Don’t piss him off, Auturo, he ain’t got laid in almost 9 hours,” Dean teased in his smooth southern accent and I lightened my mood a little, Dean and I chuckling and Auturo only grew more weary.

“I’m just looking out for you, you shouldn’t miss this class again. Try to remember to go. Finals are in two weeks and if you miss this class like, two more times you’re going to fail, and you won’t pass this year,” Auturo warned and I rolled my eyes once more, though Auturo now could tell I did from the rest of my faces expression. “Fine, don’t listen to the straight A student,” he finished.

g2c1 p13
g2c1 p14

I smiled and patted his shoulder as I walked to the fridge to get something to eat, “Well, thanks for looking out for me, I think I’ll be okay though. The teacher has the hots for me anyways, she wouldn’t fail me after all the attention I’ve been giving her,” I replied with a smile, walking to the microwave and heating up my meal.

Auturo sighed, “Ugh, I don’t even want to know what you mean by that,” he replied and I laughed once more, Dean laughing as well before going upstairs.

“Where’s Sabastian?” I asked, wondering where the fourth musketeer of our pack was.

“I don’t know, probably in class, like you should’ve done today,” Auturo pressed on and left the kitchen. I sighed once more and grew irritated quickly, but he was already out of the room before I could bicker with him any more. 

g2c1 p15

I ate my meal alone, my mind going absent as I blindly ate my food only to refuel myself even though I didn’t even have an appetite. 

g2c1 p16
g2c1 p17

I took a shower after my meal, brushing my teeth, gussying up and trying to look presentable as I contemplated going out to the bars tonight. I stood there, fixing my hair and trying to make it lay how I like it, and how I know the girls like it. I tried to remember this morning, thinking of what Samantha asked me to do, but the longer I tried to think about it, the less I cared to figure it out and I shrugged it off, deciding to completely wipe her from my mind.

g2c1 p18
g2c1 p19

The more I looked at myself in the mirror, the more I resented myself. My brown hair is one thing that I hated the most and I had even broken a few mirrors in the house when looking into them, my mind forcing me to think of my father and sometimes getting so upset that I lash out and punch the mirror. The only thing that I liked about myself was my eyes, I was thankful to have received the best part about my mother’s many perfect features. She had always been so beautiful, even as she aged, she still had youth in her looks and I never got tired of looking at her. It amazes me to think back to when I was as a child; the mere sight of my father enraged me, but whenever I looked at my mother, it was always a complete mood change and she made me happy again. 

g2c1 p20
g2c1 p21

I don’t have any pictures of my mother, no pictures of the family at all were salvaged from the fire. The only thing that we kept was all of my mother’s favorite paintings that were stored in the garage; I brought a few to my frat house to decorate with, but I leave my favorites and the rest of them at my house back at home in the city. It pained me to look at them, but it also made me tranquil at times; my mother always painted such beautiful, colorful things that anyone could stare at for hours without getting bored. She could project such powerful emotions in her paintings, all of them different and unique in their own way. I noticed that Sabastian had finally gotten around to framing them for me like I had asked, which made me smirk slightly since they looked even better now.

g2c1 p22
g2c1 p23

My mind went blank as I starred at her paintings, but my phone started to ring and I sighed, wondering if it was Samantha calling to yell at me for something stupid, but I was surprised to see that Hitomi was calling me. I let it ring a few times while trying to think of why she would be calling me. I sighed and my insides twisted a little, knowing now what she was calling for and I answered it after about six rings. “Yeah?” I answered.

“Wow, nice greeting, asshole..” She began and I rolled my eyes.

“Wha’d you call for?” I asked.

“Wow, no ‘hey, how are you, haven’t seen you in almost a year?” She asked in an irritated tone and I only grew less amused.

“Hitomi, come on, you do this every time you call this time of year..”

“Then why’d you ask why I called?”

I sighed and didn’t answer, soon hearing Hitomi sigh as well on her end before continuing.

g2c1 p24
g2c1 p25

“It’s the anniversary of their deaths soon.. You know we always go to their grave together,” she finally answered and I stood there for a moment, thinking about what she just said and I hated visiting their graves with my sisters; I liked to go alone..

“Yeah.. I know. I don’t know if I’ll make it on the day, though.. I have finals coming up in two weeks, too..”

“You always have finals around this time and you always give me an excuse! I’m not stupid, Jason, your finals are over a few days before the anniversary. Just say you’ll be there, okay?” She pleaded and I sighed heavily. “Please, Jason? It would be really great to see you,” she continued and I hesitated for a few more long seconds.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I replied.

“GOD, you’re such an ass! ..Mom would be disappointed,” she added and hung up on me, my heart sinking into my chest and Hitomi always knew how to get under my skin and get me to do what she wanted..

g2c1 p26

After collecting myself and getting rid of thoughts about my mother, I left my room and came out to Dean playing pool by himself in the living room, “Aye! Come on now, join me,” he said in his twang. I wanted to go out, but then again I didn’t feel like it anymore after my phone call with Hitomi. 

“Yeah, why not,” I replied with a grin.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!” He replied happily and started a new game for us.

g2c1 p27
g2c1 p28

“You ready for finals?” Dean asked and I chuckled.

“Hah! Hardly. I’ll just get Auturo to give me the answers before I take my final, we have a lot of the same classes,” I replied and he laughed.

“Yeah, that was kinda my plan too,” he teased and gave me a wink. “So who was that sweet lil’ number that left your room this mornin’? Samantha still?” He asked. I could tell he was thinking dirty thoughts about her, seeing as she stormed out of my room half naked this morning and everyone probably got a good look. I didn’t care in the slightest though that he was thinking about her like that, though, I didn’t care about her.

“Yeah, Sam still.. Getting to her sister is harder than I thought. She never invites me over so I can maybe chat with her a little, and we don’t have any classes together so it’s hard to get any face time,” I replied and he chuckled.

“Bettie’s goin’ to be hard to get regardless.. She’s only had a few boyfriends, you could count how many she’s had using one hand,” he answered and I cocked my brow.

“The chase is what makes it all worth it, my friend,” I added and we laughed together.

g2c1 p29
g2c1 p30

“I’ll still never understand how you can keep track of all them girls. At least ten a day try to get your attention and you’re able to putt everythin’ off, makin’ it look so easy all the damn time,” Dean complained a little and I snickered.

“Not all of us can be gifted when it comes to the art of romancing,” I replied matter of factly, Dean’s face getting slightly sour but he couldn’t help but shrug, agreeing with me slightly. “You can have Sam when I’m done with her if you want,” I offered and he looked intrigued, but soon shrugged that off, too.

“Nah, I don’t want your sloppy seconds, man. Maybe I’ll just go for the untainted-by-Jason Bettie,” he threatened with a grin and I grew angered instantly.

“Back off! I got dibs, I’ve been working on this forever it seems,” I reply with a warning tone.

g2c1 p31

“Hey, now, I was just messin’, you know I wouldn’t butt in,” Dean paused, “Not unless she came on to me first,” he continued and I let out a genuine laugh.

“Yeah! Like she would ever do that..” I teased back and Dean grew irritated.

“‘The hell’s that supposed to mean?” He asked with a short tone and I chuckled.

“Calm doowwnn, I’m just messin’,” I repeated his words back to him and he kept his frown, moving on then to a more sensitive subject.

g2c1 p32

“Well.. There’s always one of them three sisters a’yers, I for one have noticed the way that lovely little Julia looks at me.. And Anya? Phew!” He teased and my blood began to boil, giving him a death stare before I took my shot.

Dean then held his hand up and acted as if it was Julia, “Oh, Dean, you’re so cute! I wanna do all the things in the world to you!” He continued in a girly voice, then began making kissing noises as he kissed the ‘mouth’ he made with his hand. 

g2c1 p33

“Dude.. Shut the fuck up before I beat the living shit out of you,” I threatened, only needing to do it once and Dean soon got the picture, securing his hands around his pool stick again and deciding that it was best not to continue on to how he would mimic himself and Anya together next.. He just saved himself a world of hurt; had he mentioned Hitomi as well, knowing that she was married, I would’ve really lost it.

g2c1 p34
g2c1 p35

“So.. What r’ya gunna do after your finals?” Dean changed the subject, though it was just another thing I didn’t want to talk about. 

“Going back home for a little bit probably.. Maybe for the summer, I’m not sure yet,” I replied, taking my shot and missing my chance to make the orange ball in. I sighed heavily after I missed; I was usually really good at this, but my mind was a little distracted at the moment as I dreaded the thought of going home.

“You don’t seem all that excited. How long has it been since you’ve seen your sisters, anyhow?” He wondered and I pondered for a moment. 

“I don’t know.. I haven’t seen Anya since I joined college.. Haven’t seen Julia in two years, and I saw Hitomi last year. A lot has changed, with me and all of them too.”

“Why do ya go home every summer? Why don’t you just chill here since you make it seem like you dread goin’ there every time,” Dean suggested.

g2c1 p36

I sighed, waiting for Dean to take his turn, “It’s.. Kind of a tradition for us all to visit my parent’s graves on the anniversary of the accident. I usually try to avoid them and visit my parents alone, though,” I reluctantly replied, knowing he would only pry more if I avoided the question.

“Oh, I’m sorry, man.. Must be rough,” Dean said with an uneasy tone and I shrugged, acting like I didn’t care about going there.

“Eh, it’s whatever.. Only gotta do it once a year, so it’s not that big of a deal,” I replied with little care and he shrugged, believing my lie and my mind began to wander. I miss my mother so much.. The pain I feel whenever I thought about her is hard to endure, especially now knowing she was murdered by my father. God, I hope she didn’t feel anything, I hoped and preyed that she was fast asleep, unable to comprehend even for a second what was happening to her as she was engulfed in the flames.. I manage to last until our game is over to hold my composure and as soon as Dean wins, I excuse myself to my room where I bury my face in my pillows to help hide my pathetic, gentle sobs as thoughts of my beautiful mother refuse to leave my mind for the rest of the night.