Generation 1, Chapter 10

g1c10 p1

Marrick was still asleep when I woke up and I had managed to slip out of bed without waking him.. He looked so peaceful and sound, I tried my hardest not to wake him; he was such a light sleeper and always knew the instant I woke up, always there to greet me and kiss me good morning. But today was different, he seemed so content, relaxed, his play date with Hitomi and a few of her other little friends from preschool must’ve really worn him out. Sadie chuckled at the thought of Marrick with all the children, watching Hitomi like a hawk and making sure none of the other kids did anything to her. He played with her whenever she wanted her fathers attention and played with the other kids as well, but Hitomi was always within his sights, his protective nature for her causing him to exhaust himself. 

g1c10 p2

Ever since our awful argument six months ago, things have gotten better, his actions have surprised me and he actually seemed happy the first time he felt the baby kick within my tummy. I made him, really.. I had to force his hand on my stomach and he seemed to freeze, seeing a gentle glint in his eye that told me he was.. Excited. Happy.. I wanted to know the gender, but he was adamant on it being a surprise, he almost refused to know. Was he worried? What for..? Today I wanted to take Hitomi out for a girls day; Marrick seemed to have been hoarding her from me, but not intentionally. Still, as happy as it made me seeing his undying love for her, I wanted a day with her as well and I brushed my teeth after my shower, getting ready to have a girls day with my only child before a new life and new responsibility was brought into our growing family. Even being pregnant now, I still wanted more kids, I loved the idea of them, especially knowing that Marrick would be the one to give me all of them. I hoped more than ever that he would warm up to the idea of a big family..

g1c10 p3

Marrick woke up in a panic, sitting up straight and looking to his left, not seeing Sadie and seeing her side of the bed made up nicely. He instantly thought the worst, quickly getting up and throwing the blanket effortlessly into its place neatly, getting dressed and walking throughout the house.

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Marrick searched the entire house over and under, finally ending up in the kitchen and he let out a sigh of relief as he read a note Sadie had left him on the fridge secured by a magnet.

On a girls-day with Hitomi! You looked so peaceful sleeping I didn’t want to wake you.. We’ll be back later, we love you!

    –  Sadie and hItoMi

Sadie wrote, signing her name and looking to the edge of the paper where Hitomi attempted to spell her name as well, but you could tell it was with the help of Sadie. A gentle smirk went across his lips and he was soon at ease, but worry soon went over him as he thought about them out in the city, alone, just the two of them, just the two girls.. She’s pregnant, Marrick thought to himself, thinking of how Sadie had the possibility of going into labor within the next two weeks, that’s what the doctor said a week agoMarrick continued his worried thoughts. What is she thinking? She shouldn’t have gone out without me, I should be with her right now. What if she has the baby and I’m not there? Marrick continued, his hands beginning to shake as he sat in the kitchen for hours. Marrick’s stomach growled, causing him to make a quick dinner, but he had no appetite, causing the dinner to go cold as he went without eating.

g1c10 p11

His worry for where Sadie and Hitomi were was overwhelming, and it grew late. It was almost 7:00pm and he had been without his wife and daughter the entire day, something that wasn’t like Sadie, not as of late; not since they had fixed things after their argument six months ago. Marrick grew irritable and went onto the computer, blindly browsing the internet in hopes of easing his constant thoughts and worries of where they were, still angry with himself that he didn’t accompany them to wherever they went.

g1c10 p12

Archor laid in his bed in front of of the computer desk, “She probably left you,” Archor began and Marrick grew enraged instantly, the thoughts in the back of his head the entire time, but refusing to admit it. But, Archor brought it to light and he hated him for bringing it up.

“Shut up,” Marrick demanded through his ground together teeth, clenching his jaw in anger.

g1c10 p13
g1c10 p14

“Yup, she’s gone, adios,” Archor continued, getting up from his bed and claiming Marrick and Sadie’s as if to prove a point, “You knew it would always end like this, just us, alone. No one else can love us, no one can understand what we are,” Archor continued, cleaning himself with as much pride as his words sounded. Marrick clenched his fists and shut his eyes tightly as Archor continued, “She left you that note to make you believe she was coming back. She had all the money, really.. She can do whatever she wants with it.. Leave you, buy a whole new life for her and Hitomi. She left everything behind to make you believe she was.. Actually coming back,” Archor said in a slightly humorous tone.

“Shut.. Up!” Marrick yelled.

Archor went to continue but the phone rang, causing Archor to stop cleaning himself and Marrick looked immediately to it and in the blink of an eye he was at the phone.

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Marrick answered it after three rings, wondering if it was Sadie or wondering if it was a false hope.. He shook off his hesitation and answered it, “H-Hello?” He asked, soon hearing a woman’s voice he didn’t recognize, causing him to want to hang up since it wasn’t Sadie, but the moment she mentioned her name to him, his attention was caught and she explained how she had gone into labor about 10 minutes ago and they were finally able to get her to give her a number to call through her pain. Marrick didn’t reply a single word, hearing her ask ‘hello?’ a few times as he was in shock when he realized his fears had come true. I wasn’t with her.. If I miss this, I’ll never forgive myself, he thought to himself, soon dashing out of the home in an instant and making his way to the hospital.

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Marrick got to the hospital as fast as he could, but stopped before he entered..

W-What.. What if it’s.. A boy? What if I have a son? Marrick began to worry, wondering what he had gotten Sadie in to, wondering what kind of doom he would eventually cause her to come to and he wondered if he should stop and turn around.. Leave. Take Archor and go. Anywhere. Back to their old house, back to how things were before he met her maybe?

g1c10 p20

“No,” Marrick said out loud to himself, shutting his eyes and taking a deep breath, letting it out slowly and looking to the glowing doors of the hospital, reminding him of how beautiful and glowing Sadie looked through her entire pregnancy, both with the new child and the last six months he experienced with her pregnant with Hitomi. Every time she gets pregnant, it’s always about three months in until I realize how stunning she looks that way, he wanted to see the glow in her eyes when he would walk into the room. He wanted to know what her expression would be when he walked in to be with her to have their second child, wanting to do better this time and not walk out like he had done when she was birthing Hitomi. Marrick admitted to himself that he was a coward when that happened, he wanted to be there more than anything, but his fear consumed him and he let it take over. He abandoned her. Marrick soon felt ashamed when he had begun to believe Archor’s words when he sat on Marrick’s bed, such hurtful words, but I believed them.. He thought to himself, hating that he had believed such terrible lies. Marrick took to his feet, wanting to prove Archor wrong and Sadie didn’t leave him, she had just gone into labor and couldn’t call. He dashed through the doors, demanding to know where Sadie Dubois was and the receptionist seemed scared, frantically looking through files and through the computer.

The receptionist didn’t bother asking if he was the father as she looked up that Sadie was in the labor room, not to mention the look in his eyes threatened to kill her if she wasted anymore of his time. “Room 16 C, third floor!” She replied quickly, watching as the strange, frightening man dashed away and went to his wife in labor, praying for once in his life that he would make it in time.

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16 Responses to “Generation 1, Chapter 10”

  1. Oh! Archor’s so mean! LOL. I like the way you showed pictures of their house by writing it into the story line.

  2. ooh, juicy. I wonder what Archer meant about what “we” are? Is Archer in on it? Is he gonna go crazy too. lol
    Awesome suspense with the tip dropping, even if it’s a false lead, it keeps me wondering and wanting to keep going.

  3. Awww Archor! Marrick is really slipping into madness quickly. I liked how you started out with Sadies POV, and the note with Hitomi spelling her name was cute. :)

  4. Marrick was really losing his grip on reality there for a bit. Sadie and Hitomi were only out for the day. Hearing his fears voiced by Archor was a nice touch.

    • The more children that are born, the more his fear builds in having a son. Marrick’s a very controlling person and doesn’t like to be left alone really now that he’s had someone by his side for this long.
      And thanks, glad you liked that aspect of the story :D
      Thanks for reading!

  5. He is losing it

  6. Seems like as Marrick takes steps away from his past and towards Sadie that Archor is coming to represent the dark side of him, dividing his personality in two. I love Archor but I don’t like when he’s mean, even if it is only Marrick putting words in his mouth! I hope Marrick makes it in time.

    • True, Archor is definitely bringing out the bad in him, but you’re right, it is just a completely different personality that’s driving him crazy. No pun intended >_> haha
      Thanks for reading and commenting :D

  7. Oh wow. Well sounds like they worked things out so that’s good. Not happy to learn he still hasn’t been honest with her. :( Anchor was kind of an ass with that she left you comment.

    • Haha yup, Marrick still refuses to tell Sadie anything, really.
      Yeah, Archor’s becoming more and more hostile towards Marrick as the years go on and the more kids that are born. He isn’t very nice.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

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