Generation 1, Chapter 11

Attention: When am I going to get this Patriarchy started!? >_< Sorry this chapter is rather lacking in text.


g1c11 p1

“Daddy, daddy! I have a sistew!” Hitomi’s voice was like music to my ears, both at her not running out on me with Sadie and also the fact that I had a daughter; another, beautiful daughter. Hitomi ran into my arms and I scooped her up instantly and hugged her tightly as a doctor soon approached us.

Marrick Dubois?” He questioned and I nodded hastily and he continued, “Congratulations, you have a new baby girl,” he continued and my heart stopped, relief falling all around me and I smiled, holding Hitomi tight and asking him if Sadie and the baby were alright, getting lost in my thoughts on the fact that I wanted to ring his neck for seeing a part of Sadie that was solely mine since I assumed he was the one that birthed my new daughter, without me.. He assured me she was okay and I walked into the room and saw Sadie’s glowing face along with a hint of sweat as she looked down to a baby within her arms. 

Sadie looked to me and I didn’t have words for the look in her eyes as she looked to the excited expressions both Hitomi and I gave her. “Anya,” She cooed softly and I kissed Hitomi’s cheek, soon walking up to Sadie and looking down at my new daughter.

g1c11 p2

It was now the third happiest moment of my life, and I smiled happily as I played with Anya in our room, remembering back on the time at the hospital two years ago when she was born. Hitomi was getting older and I didn’t want her to grow up any more, I wanted her to stay the same small size she was. Anya was already growing up so fast and today was her 2nd birthday; I remembered back to Hitomi’s second birthday and she was just as cute then as she was now, I didn’t want either of my girls to grow up. What’s more exciting is that Sadie is pregnant again, about a month in, too. I’ve grown more comfortable with the thought of having a son, I simply just kept telling myself that the girls turned out so much like Sadie, why wouldn’t the boy do the same?

g1c11 p3
g1c11 p4

Sadie joined Marrick in their room holding Hitomi and Marrick walked over to them, planting a kiss on Sadie’s lips and they watched as Hitomi touched Anya’s hand and greeting her. Sadie was glowing with happiness as she held Hitomi and made baby faces towards Anya, making her laugh and Marrick was unable to wipe the smile off his lips. “The cake is ready, is Anya?” Sadie asked eventually. Marrick nodded his head ‘yes’ and kept his smile, watching Sadie begin to leave the room and he instinctively followed her.

g1c11 p5
g1c11 p6

Sadie was always so excited when the girls aged up, always the first one to break out the noise makers and the balloons. Sadie brought Hitomi to her high chair and set her inside, Marrick joining them and bringing Anya to her birthday cake so she could blow out the candles. “Yay! Yay!” Hitomi called out while clapping and Sadie gave excited giggles as Marrick lit the candles, leaning over and helping Anya blow them out.

g1c11 p7
g1c11 p8
g1c11 p9

Anya turned out perfect, Marrick looking her over and noticing that she got Sadie’s long blonde hair, but her face was long like his with the same nose, lips and eyes. “Wow, she looks just like you,” Sadie said to Marrick with a warm smile and Marrick chuckled.

“Yeah, she really does. She has your beautiful golden hair, though,” he replied and she blushed slightly, going to Hitomi and lifting her within her arms from the high chair.

“Now that she’s getting older, she’s going to be going to school with you, and with you being the big sister, you need to look out for her,” Sadie said to Hitomi and Hitomi made a determined expression, understanding her duty and taking it with pride as Marrick chuckled to her behavior.

g1c11 p10

Sadie brought Hitomi over to Marrick and Anya, “Would you mind taking her? I don’t feel too well,” Sadie began and Marrick grew concerned for her but understood, finally aware of her pregnancy the third time around and beginning to understand how it made her feel and act. He took Hitomi with a smile and watched Sadie leave the room, going to the restroom and Marrick made his way upstairs with the two girls.

g1c11 p11
g1c11 p12

Hitomi and Anya played with blocks and colored together, getting along instantly and Marrick watched them play, wondering to himself if he was destined to only have girls and he hated admitting to himself that he was starting to want a boy just as much as Sadie did. It took a long time for Sadie to get Marrick comfortable with the idea of having more children with her, and slowly but surely she was able to get him to like the idea. Sadie even compromised for Marrick, saying that the day they have a son is the day they stop having kids, causing Marrick to be a little weary still, but he soon gave in and agreed. Sadie then insisted they try for more after Anya had reached Hitomi’s age, wanting to keep the children roughly two years apart from one another so they could focus on aging their children up properly in their early years.

Marrick kept his smile as he watched the girls, Hitomi’s genius side coming through and wanting to teach Anya everything correctly with the blocks, showing her which ones went into which slots. Her artistic side came through as well, assisting Anya in telling her about colors and which ones went best to color each picture. But, with Anya being a genius as well, she took Hitomi’s words and absorbed them instantly, catching on and understanding all that her big sister was teaching her.

g1c11 p13

Sadie soon eventually joined in with the family and Marrick was happy to see that she was okay, watching her walk over to the girls and they looked to her with big wondrous eyes. “It’s time for bed, girls,” she announced and they grew discouraged, contesting to Sadie’s word and not really listening. They began to make a fuss, and when Hitomi did, Anya copied her and didn’t want to go to bed as well.

Sadie was getting frustrated and looked to Marrick for assistance and him being happy to help, “What did your mother just say?” He more so demanded than asked, their fathers deep and somewhat scary tone caused them to stop pouting and he walked over to them, picking up Hitomi and then Anya. Sadie took Anya to assist him and tickled her, trying to cheer them up after getting scolded by their father and it began to work.

“We’ll play all day tomorrow, Mommy doesn’t have a thing to do and we can do whatever you girls want,” Sadie added and they soon grew happy, now welcoming their slumber and they couldn’t wait to get to bed.

g1c11 p14
g1c11 p15

The full moon shined brightly into the girls room from behind the clouds as Marrick and Sadie got them ready for bed, deciding to combine their rooms into one and not really wanting Anya to sleep in their room anymore now that she was older. Hitomi didn’t agree at first, wanting her own room and not wanting to share, but Marrick made it clear that that what was happening, so Hitomi just had to get used to it. Sadie changed Anya first into her pajamas and wished her goodnight as Marrick changed Hitomi into hers. “Goodnight, Birthday girl,” Sadie cooed sweetly.

g1c11 p16
g1c11 p17

Marrick brought Hitomi to her crib and said goodnight to her, Sadie and him then exchanging cribs and saying goodnight to the other and exiting the girls’ room, turning the light off and walking to their own.

g1c11 p18
g1c11 p19

The moment they got into their room, Marrick shut the door and brought Sadie into his arms, kissing her passionately and she melted within his grasp. He still enjoyed the occasional forced kiss he put her through simply because of how she always reacted to it, as if it was their first kiss each time and she was still able to make him weak in the knees. Marrick barely ever said those three little words the Sadie adored so much, and he felt as if this was a good time to say it to her, but as he pulled away from the kiss and looked to her, the connection their eyes made said it without him needing to utter a word.

He didn’t mind all daughters, the ones he had now were simply amazing and he was perfectly fine with having more girls just like Hitomi and Anya. Marrick couldn’t wait for their new baby to be born, mostly hoping it was a boy so they could stop having kids, but also wanting it to be a girl and he couldn’t make up his mind; but there was something in the back of his head still constantly screaming at him that once he would have a son, it would be the death of them all.

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15 thoughts on “Generation 1, Chapter 11

  1. Hmm.. I may not be sole commentor, but I can be first commentor. Muahhaha! Ok, enough insanity from me. Seriously, though, I can imagine how frustrating it is for you to want to start a patriarchy and all your Sim keeps having is girls. Double frustrating when your Sim wants girls and you don’t. I read the rules you said you were following, and you say nothing about not wanting to change the gender of the baby before it’s born. So.. in case you didn’t know, if you have Sadie eat apples when she’s pregnant, the chances of it being a boy go up. Some have said apples need to be eaten three times, but sometimes when I make Sicily do it, I swear she only eats one and it’s a boy. I am glad that Hitomi is learning at a young age that you don’t always get what you want. That will be valuable to her when she grows up. AND last but not least, close ups of Marrick always make me very happy. ;)

    1. It is really frustrating.. I’ve totally read about the apple trick before but it never occurred to me to use it. DURR! Hahaha Wow, I should’ve done that from the start, or at least after Hitomi.. Oh well though. In all honesty, I went ahead and checked out what the next baby was going to be and it was another girl.. THREE GIRLS!? Wtf is Marrick trying to do to me, drive me as insane as he is? Haha but I went back to the save I made and went back to before the baby was born. I think I might just use that apple trick now. ;)
      Hitomi is so smart. I let the family go on high free will sometimes and she’s the most interesting one to follow around. Well, besides Marrick, since the shit he does is sooo weird.. Hahaha But I barely ever let any of my Sims on free will unless I’m in between chapters or doing random simming.
      And, with your last remark, I enjoy all those screenshots as well. He’s so good looking.. Haha I always try to get close ups of characters, especially when trying to help show emotions. But, some screenshots are just taken so I can have fun looking at them, like you do too.. >_> lol
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Doh! Another girl. Don’t you hate it when the game doesn’t wanna cooperate! I know it was already mentioned about the apples, but I’d like to add if you have story progression and have it set to balanced for babies born it wont matter if you eat all the apples in the world. I found out the hard way. lol I had too many girls in town, and my sim kept popping out boys no matter how much watermelon she ate. >.<

    Anya is cute though! I like how she is a nice mix between the two. She has his big brown eyes. I could practically feel Marrick's relief about the sex of the baby through the computer!

    1. lol! I didn’t know that about the game, thanks for this! And when that little stupid blue box popped up, “Congrats! Sadie just had a baby girl!” I was like…wtf are you kidding me? lol
      But, Anya is so cute, I agree! I just love her now..
      Thanks for reading!!

      1. By story progression I ment the story progression mod by Naaras industries. Sorry I didn’t mention that. The EA story progression still functions normal on the apple and watermelon trick :)

  3. This was a much happier chapter … until the last line, of course. And, I agree with lateknightsimmer. Closeup shots of Marrick make me happy, too. He’s quite a handsome gent. ;)

  4. I’m glad he has had a fairly peaceful two years with his daughters, seems that he and Sadie are in a better place now. Perhaps even if it is a boy (and for the sake of your patriarchy I kinda hope it is) they’ll be strong enough to cope with the consequences…. Whatever they may be. X

    1. Yeah, it’s been pretty nice for him not having to worry about a son (yet) and he’s happy that he’s able to enjoy his current family situation. True, maybe things will come out better than expected if/when a boy is born.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. jazen

    Aww Anya is a cutie just like her sister. How nice that he was open to the idea of a third and it didn’t result in a fight. Having a boy is a scary thought for him. Wonder what the next one will be.

    1. Yes, having a boy is quite scary to Marrick, though now that he’s noticed he’s been having girls, he hopes that it continues that way so he can get what he wants, girls, and give Sadie what she wants, a big family.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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