Generation 1, Chapter 9

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Two months without intimacy. Two months since the argument.. Marrick thought to himself as he got Hitomi ready for the morning, giving Hitomi a fake smile as he listened to her ramble about unimportant things. He got her changed after a bath and brought her into his room where Sadie was, losing his fake smile instantly when he looked to Sadie. Marrick had noticed over the past couple months, her attire had been changing and she had been wearing shirts and sweaters that helped hide her body, causing Marrick to worry more if she was trying to hide it from him.

“Mommy, look-it! We’re all wearing a type of yellow today! Well, Daddy’s thing is more orange, but close enough!” She said excitedly, Marrick chuckling and holding her closer and she giggled when he kissed her cheek, both of them looking to Sadie and watching as she barely cared. Marrick furrowed his brow and cleared his throat, finally grabbing Sadie’s attention.

She looked over her shoulder and looked only to Hitomi, “You look beautiful in yellow,” she replied and continued painting. Marrick looked to Sadie and he was displeased with how Sadie had changed. Over the past couple months that have gone by ever since their argument, Sadie hadn’t given him the time of day, practically ignoring him and not caring if she did it or not in front of Hitomi. Which, also, Marrick hated because Hitomi had been asking what he did wrong to get Sadie mad at him and he hated how Sadie was twisting her against him in a way.

g1c9 p3

Marrick walked over more towards Sadie and he noticed her look to them out of the corner of her eye, knowingly ignoring them and Marrick only grew more angered by this. “Are you just going to paint all day?” He asked with an uninterested tone, almost slightly sarcastic and she stopped her strokes briefly, but soon continued to brush over the canvas. Sadie finally washed her brush off and set it down, looking to Hitomi and smiling big as she took her from Marrick.

“Let’s go play in your room, huh?” She asked and Hitomi agreed.

“Daddy, come on!” Hitomi called out and Marrick wanted to come, but Sadie’s words stopped him.

“Daddy’s got things to do. Do you want to color, or play with your dollhouse? What do you want to do?” Sadie asked as she took Hitomi out of their room and shut the door behind her, leaving Marrick alone in the room. Marrick was at a loss for words as he stood there within the silent room, looking around frantically for anything he could grab and throw against the wall from the rage he needed to let out, but he decided against it and gripped his hair instead, pulling at it roughly as he wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

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Sadie played with Hitomi for a few hours and soon put her down for a nap, never once hearing Marrick come out of their bedroom and she wondered what he was doing that entire time. She left Hitomi’s room and went outside, deciding to spend some time with Arnica and wanting to get out of the house before Marrick would know Hitomi was napping.  The first thing that Arnica did was nuzzle and sniff at Sadie’s stomach, Sadie smiling but soon losing it when she thought of what she was hiding, knowing she couldn’t hide it from them forever and she grew worried for what might happen.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said quietly to Arnica, hearing her give out a gentle snort and Arnica put her nose to Sadie’s face as if kissing her cheek and Sadie giggled.

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Arnica’s ears soon perked up when she heard the house door open and shut, Arnica looking to Marrick and her ears flew back in disapproval. Sadie knew by Arnica’s reaction that Marrick was on the deck looking at her and she didn’t turn around, grabbing Arnica’s mane and pulling her head down to touch foreheads with her.

“Sadie?” Marrick called out, his tone sounding sorrowful and Sadie looked to the ground, not answering him or looking back at him. Her eyes went to her bedroom window and back to the ground, realizing he had probably seen her out there and she wished she hadn’t been so in the open now.

g1c9 p6

“Sadie, please,” Marrick called to her once more, both Sadie and Arnica hearing the gate open and Marrick walked towards Sadie. Arnica took off passed her, her ears back as she angrily charged at him to protect Sadie.

“Arnica!” She called out, but the entire back yard was Arnica’s bedroom, and never once still did she ever let Marrick come beyond the gate.

Marrick grew nervous and stepped back, soon running out from behind the gate and losing his footing, landing on his bottom and Arnica stopped at the gate’s opening, neighing at him angrily, “Fuck off, you stupid mule!” He hissed at her and she neighed angrily at him once more, warning him to never try that again. Marrick stood from the ground and brushed himself off, frustrated and starring into Arnica’s eyes and she soon walked away to go back to Sadie’s side.

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Sadie watched as Arnica came back over to her and stood at her side, soon looking to Marrick and his expression soon went from angered to defeated, “Can you just.. Come out here, so I can talk to you,” he asked, avoiding eye contact with her as he tried to hide the fact that he was a little intimidated by Arnica, knowing she wouldn’t let him anywhere near Sadie as long as she was within Arnica’s fenced room. Sadie didn’t answer but looked to the ground, Marrick sighing and rubbing his neck in slight frustration, “..Okay.. I’ll just.. Be inside, I guess,” he said with a rather sad tone and slowly walked back into the home.

g1c9 p9

Sadie finally decided to come in, he’s my husband.. I can’t avoid him forever.. She thought to herself and she saw Marrick standing and waiting for her in the living room. Marrick didn’t say anything at first, avoiding eye contact with her and Sadie soon grew remorseful as she looked to his sad face.

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Marrick walked up to her slowly and hesitated, but his hand gently wrapped around her waist and he pulled her into his arms, holding her close and nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck. Sadie eventually gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck, holding the back of his head and both of them seemed as if they had missed one another, acting as if they hadn’t been in contact for years. “Do you still love me?” Marrick asked just above a whisper, beginning to hold her tighter and Sadie felt as if she wanted to cry but she held it in, hesitating before she answered.

“Yes,” she replied with the same, sad, quiet tone, hearing Marrick take a large breath of air through his nose and let it out, sounding relieved by her answer.

“Then where’s this?” He asked, taking her left hand within his and feeling her empty ring finger, feeling Sadie pulling away from him in slight intimidation on how he could react to her answer.

“I just.. Haven’t put it on yet, since I showered,” she replied, trying to make it seem like she didn’t do it on purpose.

“Well.. You’ve been very forgetful on putting it on for a while now, I was just wondering if it was a coincidence or not,” Marrick replied, soon making eye contact with her and Sadie grew nervous by the look he gave her.

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Marrick moved his hands over her arms and pulled her closer, slightly intimidating Sadie and she put her hands up in hopes for him to stop before anything started. “What’s wrong? Why won’t you talk to me, look at me, anything?” He asked, looking her over and realizing that he was beginning to make her uneasy but he didn’t let up. “Are you pregnant?” He asked and Sadie looked instantly to his eyes, her expression frightened and she didn’t want to give him the exact answer she knew he didn’t want. Marrick shut his eyes and let out a heady sigh, continuing to hold on to her arms and he looked to her face, Sadie looking away from him in shame as if she were a puppy being scolded, “How long now?” He demanded to know.

Sadie kept quiet, her tone in a whisper, “I-I don’t know.. A-A month and a half.. Maybe more?” She replied and felt his grip on her only tighten and she let out a gentle moan, “Marrick, please let go,” she requested and he eventually loosened his grip and removed his hands from her.

Marrick looked to the ground, his expression showing that he was thinking hard, “That’s fine, it’ll be okay,” he said out loud while thinking, Sadie getting slight hope, Marrick continuing, “We still have time. We’ll just go to the clinic and-”

g1c9 p13-2

A loud crack filled the silence of the entire home as Sadie hit Marrick’s face with her palm as hard as she could, “You.. Monster!” She yelled and ran to the bathroom close to them, crying as she slammed the door and locked it behind her.

g1c9 p14

Marrick had no words. He stood there for a few long seconds, hearing Sadie crying hysterically in the bathroom as his head remained forced left, starring at the couches and feeling his cheek getting hot and begin to pulsate from the pain she had inflicted upon it. A monster? ..Me? He thought to himself, soon looking to the bathroom and walking up to it, knocking on it and trying to turn the knob but failing to enter. Sadie put her hands to the door, acting as if that would help keep him out even though he could easily break the glass if he wanted to. “Go away! You’re.. I can’t even look at you!” She called out to him, causing Marrick to panic and his hands began to shake, soon his entire body was a rattled mess and all he wanted to do was take back his words.

“S-Sadie.. I,” he began but stopped, convincing himself that he couldn’t say anything that would give her justice in how sorry he was.

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“I don’t care what you say, I’m keeping this baby!” She yelled angrily through tears, “Just go away!” Sadie yelled, causing Marrick to lean against the door and hang his head in shame.

“Sadie.. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, I don’t mean it, I..” Marrick started but stopped, still hearing her crying and it made him weak, hurting him more than anything he could ever remember feeling and he didn’t know what to do. Marrick thought of the first day he saw her, how Archor pointed her out, how the look in her eyes instantly told him that she wanted to know him, but he never expected it to go this far. He never expected for her to be his girlfriend, he never expected a wife, a child, a whole new life that was placed before him so perfectly and he hated that he had possibly messed everything up, not to mention there was another child on the way. “Sadie, please, I’m so sorry,” he continued.

“P-Please, Marrick, not now..” Sadie said back, her words blurred by the door and also the frog in her throat from crying, “Just.. Go,” she finished, Marrick reluctantly pulling himself from the door and starring at it, hating himself and knowing he had caused her so much pain that she didn’t deserve.

“Okay, Sadie.. Whatever you want,” Marrick replied, surprising even himself at his own words. I don’t care if it’s a girl or boy, just please don’t hate me, Marrick thought to himself, calling Archor and making his way out of the home as Archor followed.

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Marrick drove around with Archor for hours, not knowing where to go or where to stop, he didn’t know what to do. Archor was talking to him but Marrick wasn’t hearing a single word, Marrick’s own words repeating in his head at what he had told Sadie, or was about to tell her before he was scolded himself. He had never felt that way before, ever since he had gotten away from his father and his past, he lived by his own choices, rules, restrictions.. This was going against all that he believed and the fact that his love was having another child.. And possibly a boy? He was worried.. Marrick brought Archor to the dog park and Archor played in the pond, still trying to talk to Marrick but he still wasn’t listening.

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Archor got out of the water after having his fun and looked to Marrick, noticing an expression he had never seen before upon his face and Archor tilted his head in worry, “She’ll come around,” he said softly.

“Shut up,” Marrick replied, “Let’s go somewhere else,” he added, ignoring Archor and walking back to the car. Archor looked to Marrick with sad eyes, wondering what was so special about this woman even though Archor loved her as well, but he simply thought, why get so upset when there are so many others? Archor was unable to understand the love between humans, constantly curious as to why Marrick liked these people more than him; who had been with him already longer than both Sadie and Hitomi combined.

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“Remember this?” Marrick asked when they got to a small park close to their old home, Archor recognizing the last lit up building that always stood to the right of their horizon at their old back yard to look down on the small lake they were at; about a 20 minutes walk away was their old home..

“Yes,” Archor replied, wagging his tail and looking to the lake and then to Marrick, “It still hasn’t changed, though a lot else has,” he continued, causing Marrick to sigh heavily. “What’s wrong? Sadie was.. So sad, and so were you,” he asked, looking to Marrick.

“I’ve already told you this.. You know my history, I can’t risk having a son,” Marrick added.

“But, you’re the son of someone,” Archor added, Marrick growing discouraged, “Marrick, you’re talking to a dog, how can you explain that?” Archor asked, Marrick’s expression staying the same.

“It always seemed like the type of thing where an owner knows their pet so well as if they know what they’re saying, that’s what you’re talking about.. I know that you’re just looking at me and I’m hearing what I want you to say in my head, that’s all,” Marrick replied, looking back to the lake. “..I’m not crazy.”

“I believe you,” Archor replied, wagging his tail and his expression seemed happy.

g1c9 p25

Marrick soon took Archor home and when he walked in the door, he saw Sadie. Marrick’s heart was in pain instantly, but he soon realized that she did this when he went on fishing trips, always sleeping in the living room for when he would eventually come home. Marrick shut the front door and locked it, setting the alarm and walking over to the couch that Sadie was sleeping on. He bent down to his knees and looked her over, seeing that she was sound asleep and he looked to her growing tummy. Marrick lifted her shirt a little and looked to her stomach, seeing as it was only a little smaller than when he had first seen her pregnant with Hitomi, unconsciously smirking and leaning in to kiss her stomach. He brushed the hair from her face, soon scooping her up within his arms and holding her tightly as he brought her upstairs to sleep in their room.

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Sadie unconsciously wrapped her arm around him and held onto him as he carried her upstairs, laying her in the bed and watching as she instantly cuddled herself under the blanket and her hand searched for him next to her upon the bed, causing him to smirk slightly. Marrick didn’t change his clothes, nor took off his watch or cared to do anything else. He crawled over her while she was under the covers and laid before her, propping his head up as he watched her sleep and her hand eventually secured itself upon his chest, her dreaming mind now knowing he was next to her and her dreaming body was now at rest, making him feel slightly good about himself and knowing she still loved him. She was looking for him, even despite how he had treated her and what he had said. Marrick knew that he had made the right choice in making her his own and he was beginning to welcome the thought of a new baby, caressing her stomach under her shirt as he watched her sleep, and soon, falling asleep himself.

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16 Responses to “Generation 1, Chapter 9”

  1. I loved that bathroom door picture when Marrick and Sadie were on either side of it. Also this is getting more exciting! :)

  2. DUDE! I totally noticed when Archer started actually talking, and I had to double check and re-read to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake! I feel like I’m in on a secret now, though I have to admit, it makes me worry… Poor guy, I’m rooting for him, and maybe a deus ex machina since I have no idea how he’s going to do it :P

  3. This chapter was so heartbreaking and beautiful. I’m glad Marrick is coming to terms with the situation. I hope he and Sadie can get back to the way they were.

  4. This was so sad, but so so good. Poor Sadie. :( I like the details you added about her not wearing the wedding ring, that was very realistic, like something that would happen to a real life couple going through problems.

    • Thank you! I try to make this story as realistic as possible. I like to think that I’m just writing a regular story and the Sims screenshots are only there to give everyone an idea of what’s going on.
      Thank you for reading!!

  5. Most of this chapter was so sad, I had a hard time reading it because of the tears in my eyes (which means it was really good). I’m glad that Marrick finally came around in the end.

    Now Archor isn’t just responding to Marrick, he’s actually initiating conversations and giving him advice, too. o.O

  6. What a sad chapter

  7. Aww dammit, they need to communicate so bad! I’m glad Archor was able to help Marrick sort things out a little (whether he actually talks or not)!

  8. Well Marrick still has a lot to apologize for. He needs to tell her about his history. As his wife, she has a right to know. Hopefully they will talk in the morning.

    • Marrick should be doing a lot of different things, but he can never really seem to get around to doing them haha We’ll see what happens though ;)
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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