Generation 3, Chapter 11

    Gareth’s POV     


“Ahhh, fuck..” I let out softly when I had finally woken up, my eyes opening slowly and I needed to blink a few times before I could see straight. I was more groggy than normal, a slight pain in my skull and a headache helped wake me up more. As I looked up at the ceiling, I could tell I wasn’t in my room, nor was I at Nina’s, but I didn’t care much anyways.. I had woken up in stranger places than this before, at least there was a roof over my head this time. 


I went to reach for my pack of smokes but I couldn’t move my arm, looking to my right and saw blonde hair, my eyes following down a female frame sleeping next to me and all she wore was a pair of panties. “Damn,” I complimented. I let out another groan and shut my eyes, debating on whether or not to fall back asleep but something else kept me from doing so. The bed moved on my left and I opened my eyes once more, seeing a second girl with strawberry blonde hair adjusting herself to get comfortable and her hand ran over my torso as well as putting one of her legs around mine. I chuckled under my breath and grinned devilishly, “Looks like I had fun last night,” I said quietly.


My arm was already around the strawberry blonde and my other arm pulled at the normal blonde, watching as she still kept her eyes shut as she rolled to her other side to do the same as the girl to my left. I let out a relaxed sigh, both girls now holding me and I shut my eyes, attempting to try and remember last night as best I could. There were only a few things I could remember; going to the bar, finding these girls and drinking a shit ton with them, then coming back to their place, but after that it’s pretty fuzzy.. Of course, I just had to black out all of the stuff that I actually did want to remember.. I gave my mind a break on trying to think too hard and I decided I needed a little more sleep before I could even think about doing anything else.


I slept for about two more hours, the sound of my ringtone filled my ears and my eyes opened, looking down at my chest and I was still being held tightly by each of the girls’ sleeping grip. I still didn’t want to get up, contemplating whether or not I should see who’s calling me, but I finally decided I should probably get up anyways and get the hell outta here. I slowly pulled my arms out from underneath their necks and sat up, scooting to the foot of the bed and sitting at the edge. I leaned over to my pants that were lying on the floor and removed my phone from my pocket, looking to the ID and Nina was calling me. “Great..” I said sarcastically, wondering now why the hell I got up.. 


“Hello..?” I answered my phone, wanting to get this over with.

“Hey, it’s me..” Nina began and I rolled my eyes, no shit it’s you, I thought with frustration.

“What do you want, baby?” I asked with little interest, rubbing the bridge of my nose as I felt my headache coming back.

“Are you at home right now?” She wondered.

“Yeah, just lying in my bed,” I lied, looking over my shoulder and smirking to myself when I saw the sleeping eye candy that laid in the bed.

“I was, uhm.. Just wondering if you were going to come over later?” She asked and I let out a deep sigh, not caring that she could hear it as well.

“I don’t know, babe, I got a terrible headache right now and I’m not in the mood to really do anything tonight,” I reply.


I could feel the bed moving behind me as I talked to Nina, soon feeling a hand caressing my back in a messaging manner and I shut my eyes as I indulged at the comforting touch. Nina kept talking, which kept me from fully enjoying a calming back rub from one of the girls, “Well, actually.. I was going to see if you want to take it easy tonight and watch a movie or something?” She wondered and I almost forgot to answer her when I felt parted knees on either side of my hips, a pair of hands messaging my shoulders.

“I don’t know if I’m in a mood for a movie, either..” I replied and I could almost feel her disappointment through the phone.

“Well, I just.. I want to talk to you, it’s been a few days.. I’ll make you dinner, too, if you’d like? Whatever you want,” She continued to persist and this was getting a little pathetic at this point. A thought ran through my head and I completely ignored Nina as I thought of Gibson, how long have I not been at the house? A whole week now?


“I don’t know, I got some stuff I need to do,” I replied.

Then come by when your done..?” She asked with her sweet, mousy voice and I forgot to reply to her again as I felt a pair of soft lips beginning to kiss the back of my neck and the set of hands that were massaging my shoulders slid over my waist to the front of my torso. “..Gareth..?”

“I’ll call you back,” I dismissed her and hung up, tossing my phone onto my pants and I turned around to see the arousal in both of the their eyes as they were both awake now.

“Come back to beddd,” the blonde coaxed and I smirked, turning around completely and crawling back into bed with them.

“Alright.. One more time, then I gotta get going,” I reply and they both giggle in excitement.


After getting to relive and remind myself what had happened last night, the girls were sad to see me go, but I got the blonde’s cell number first and only acted like I had added the strawberry blonde into my contacts, though of course I didn’t. I usually always picked the hotter of the two whenever this rarely happened, knowing that they are willing to do threesomes and then I’m able to mix and match the hot ones whenever I’m in the mood for this kind of thing again. As I drove home, I wondered what Gibson might say when I get there, poor bastard has probably been lonely as shit this entire time and I felt a little bad for abandoning him for two weeks. But, hopefully he’s kept busy, what with his job and his books and him doing other stuff.. What else does he do for fun when he isn’t at work or reading? I shrug to myself as I can’t seem to remember what else he does and I pull into the parking lot, seeing all the regular cars there, but I parked next to a purple jeep that I’d never seen before.


I walked down the large dock and reached the house, unlocking the door and coming in slowly and quietly. The house was dead silent which seemed a little odd to me, usually whenever I came home I’d always hear Gibson in the kitchen making food, Jess making noises, Gibson’s music, or even at least the laundry machines running downstairs, but there was nothing. I came into the living room and realized something had changed, “Where the hell are my smokes?” I asked myself, also noticing my ashtray was gone as well and they were replaced with a bottle of wine and two glasses with still remnants of the alcohol left behind inside each one. “Two glasses..?” I asked myself, but it took me only a second to figure out that Gibson must’ve had someone over last night..


I walked away from the living room and went to the bottom of Gibson’s stairs, stopping myself from going up and I thought for a moment. He couldn’t already have a girl over, could he? Even though he’s been saying he’s over his ex, he always still seems a little bothered whenever any talk of girls comes up, it always made me think he still wasn’t over her. But now, it makes me wonder if he was just being a dick that whole time and was playing games with me, bringing up his ex only to make me feel bad.. That asshole.. I sighed softly to myself, “I gotta check it out..” I finally decided.


I slowly made my way up his stairs as quietly as I could, being grateful to whoever had built this place right before we moved here and how the stairs didn’t even creak once when I was walking up. I came up to his half wall and finally to the last step, looking around his room and I came to a sudden halt when I saw Gibson lying in his bed with a bombshell, Gibson wearing athletic shorts and the woman wore her panties and a sweater I recognized was Gibs’, my brow rising in surprise. Sadly, Gibson’s sweater just barely covered her breasts and I couldn’t even have a nice show as I was snooping. I should’ve popped my head in and left already, but my eyes stayed glued on the woman he was with and they traveled from her face down every curve of her body and all the way down to her feet, letting out a quiet “phew” of a whistle subconsciously. Gibson began to show some signs of life as he moved himself a little and I took that as my cue to leave, heading back downstairs just as quietly as I had came up and I went back into the living room. 


I felt my headache coming back and I decided to give myself some ‘hair of the dog’, picking up one of their glasses they had left behind and drinking the warm wine that had been sitting out all night. The taste was terrible, picking up the bottle and looking at the label where I then saw the price tag still stuck on it, “$400 for shitty wine? You’re a fuckin’ idiot, Gibs,” I insulted, putting the bottle back on the coffee table and still continuing to drink it.. It was kind of working, though I wished we had beer somewhere in the house since that’s all I drank last night and it would make me feel a lot better rather than this crappy wine. But, the bottle gave me clues; for how expensive it was, it told me that Gibson would only open it on a special occasion, and he’d never waste what he thinks is ‘good wine’ on a hooker, so the girl in his bed is obviously a date, or even his girlfriend. “Hmm..” I let out softly, beginning to wonder how long he had been seeing her as I sat there alone in silence.


I heard movement upstairs about ten minutes after I had first sat down in the living room, putting down the wine glass and trying to listen to what was happening upstairs. I could hear Gibson’s low voice but couldn’t make out any words, the woman laughing softly every now and then to whatever he was saying. I eventually heard her heals and his heavy footsteps coming down the staircase and I could hear more of their conversation when I got up and moved stealthily closer.


“I had fun, we gotta do this again really soon,” the woman suggested with a joyful tone.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Gibson replied, escorting her to the front door and she turned around to face him, wrapping her arms around his waist, “Call me when you’re free again,” Gibson suggested and she smiled.

“I will, hopefully someone will cancel during the week so I don’t have to wait until next Saturday to see you again,” she replied and I heard Gibson chuckle, putting an arm around her to pull her closer and bringing his other hand up to her face. He pulled her into a kiss and it lasted only a few seconds, but after a moment of standing there after it, they both obviously wanted more, kissing again and this time it lasted longer and was a bit more passionate than the last. I didn’t feel right staring at my brother making out with his girlfriend so I averted my eyes until they were done, looking back to them when I heard the sliding door open and close and I knew she had left then.


Gibson walked away from the door and stopped at his staircase with wide eyes as he looked to me, “Gareth!” He said softly in surprise, “When did you get here?” He asked as if he was nervous about something and I raised one of my brows.

“Jesus, calm the hell down.. I still live here you know, it shouldn’t be that surprising to see me,” I replied and I could tell by the way his expression fluctuated that he was still nervous about something.

“Where have you been the last week?” He asked, and judging by his tone I could tell he didn’t care, he was probably still thinking about the woman that just left.

“Oh, here and there.. Sometimes at Nina’s, sometimes elsewhere.. I woke up today in a random house with two girls in the bed, so I honestly don’t really care, it was a good morning..” I reply and I watch as he rolled his eyes from hearing my whereabouts.


“Soooo.. Got yourself a new girlfriend, huh?” I asked, watching his expression grow somewhat stiff yet his eyes held suspicion and a hint of anger.

“And what if I do?” He replied with a short tone, noticing I was right and he still got this certain defensive demeanor about him whenever I mentioned his romantic interests.

“Why are you always so confrontational about this? It’s just a simple observation,” I replied.

“Stop talking like that, you just sound like a moron when you try to sound smart,” he retorted and I chuckled at how angry he was getting without me really needing to do anything.


“What’s your deal? I’m just asking questions.. Just curious is all,” Gibson walked passed me and towards the living room, taking his bottle of wine and placing it back within the rack he had hanging by the kitchen.

“About what, exactly?” He asked, though his tone sounded bored.

“That little fox that just left our house, how’d you meet her?” I questioned, seeing him then walking to the wine glasses and bringing them into the kitchen and beginning to wash them.

“Gareth, please don’t start this..” Gibson pleaded and I gave him a confused expression, “Don’t even look at me like that, it’s what you do.. You get to know a girl without even getting to know her yourself so it’s an easy in. But no, I’m not going to let you do that with this one, I’d rather she just continue to believe that you don’t exist,” he replied with an irritated tone.

“Wait.. You haven’t told her about me?” I asked, wondering if I had heard him correctly.

Screenshot-80 (2)

“..No, I haven’t,” he replied with a bland voice, seemingly unwavered by his own words as I looked to him, somewhat in shock.

“What the fuck?! Why not? You’d be in more deep shit if she had seen me here, wondering who the fuck I was when she’s under the impression that you live alone! What would you have said then?” I retorted with anger, waiting a few long moments for a response.

“Maybe I’m a little embarrassed of you, ever thought about that? Maybe even a little intimidated, though I can’t stand admitting it. I don’t want to have to relive you stealing a girlfriend right out from under me.. This one’s different,” he replied.

“And what the hell makes you think I’d do it again?  I already feel bad enough about all that..” I replied with a somewhat defensive tone.

“Gareth, spare me! It’s something I can forgive you for, but I’ll be damned if I forget it.. You have a reputation about you that isn’t something to parade around with and be proud of, you woke up in a bed with two girls that I’m sure you can’t remember the names of and you’re cheating on Nina constantly! You killed off our mother, but Bennu still isn’t good enough for you to take over the role, so you look for solace in every possible girl you can find to fill the hole you have that you made yourself.. I don’t want her to become another one of your victims, whether it’s flirting or worse, and I don’t want her to know I’m related to someone so deranged and unstable,” he replied and I stood there in disbelief. 


“..Jesus, Gibs.. Talk about uncalled for..” I finally reply, seeing him look towards me with remorse now in his eyes.

“Gareth, I’m sorry.. I don’t know why I said all that,” he said, his tone now matching what he held in his eyes, but all I could do was glare at him in anger.

“Well, there’s gotta be truth in some of it, right..? I guess I’ll go and continue to act as if I don’t exist,” I reply harshly, walking away from the kitchen towards the door.

“Gareth, wait!” He stressed, but I still kept walking, “Her name is Hannah!” Gibson began and I slowly came to a stop, wondering if this was some sort of apology, “I met her a couple weeks ago on my way home from work.. She runs her own daycare because she loves kids, she has a dog named Klaus and even Jess likes him. She wants to become a chef, but I think she should open her own bakery because she says making desserts are her favorite part of it all. Her favorite color is lilac, she’s sweet and funny, confident.. And I really, really like her,” he continued and I turned around, “Please, just.. Forget what I said before..”

“I’m happy for you,” I reply with more sarcasm than I intended, “I’m your twin for fucks sake, you can at least acknowledge my existence, asshole..” I finish, turning back around and leaving the house.


I slam the sliding door behind me and I can’t contain the rage that’s building up inside as I make my way back to the car. “There’s literally nothing I can fucking say anymore without this shit happening, why can’t he just fucking talk to me without getting defensive over the littlest fucking things!?” I asked myself aloud as I walked to the car. I got into the car and started hitting the steering wheel and dashboard while simultaneously continuing to yell, “So – Fucking – Stupid!”

I stopped punching everything when I noticed I was beginning to warp the steering wheel a little, panting heavily as I sat there. I leaned forward to rest my arms on the wheel and I placed my forehead against my wrists, trying to take slow, deep breaths as I sat there. “I’m an embarrassment, huh? A big fucking disappointment and that’s all I am to you. I’m not even your fucking brother anymore, and to you I don’t even exist,” I continue, shutting my eyes as I sat there in my own rage and sorrow, still breathing heavily from my anger as I was unable to fully calm myself. How was he able to do that? At the flip of a switch he can go from being my brother to my captor and he makes me feel like one of his victims. He is good at what he does, I’ve missed being a team and his words hit harder than anyone else’s.. I just never expected he’d be driven to do that to me. The moment I noticed my bottom lip quiver was the same moment I lifted my head and took a huge, deep breath, refusing to let him get to me enough to the point where I couldn’t live with myself knowing I wasn’t strong enough to hold back a few goddamn tears. I composed myself within seconds though my anger still remained, starting the car and I clenched the wheel as I drove off.


I stopped by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of whiskey, driving then to the park and I got out of the car, making sure to bring the bottle with me. I sat down heavily onto a park bench and uncapped the bottle, taking a large swig of it and placing it down next to me on the bench. I was in a somewhat secluded area, though I was in no way hidden from anyone. I didn’t have anywhere to go, at least no where I wanted to be.. There’s no way I was going back to the house, and I didn’t want to go to Nina’s yet, it was still early, but never too early for a drink. I sat there for a while, maybe about an hour or two while occasionally taking a swig off the whiskey and gradually getting drunker as I sat there deep in thought. 


No matter how hard Gibson explained himself and no matter how hard I tried to understand, I still couldn’t get passed the fact that we’ve been growing apart ever since we moved here. We weren’t the same anymore, we don’t enjoy the same things and our trust in one another has been dwindling from the very moment we bought the house together. What once was an unbreakable bond and friendship was now nothing but selfishness and deception, on both our parts. What made it all change? I can understand him wanting a family, he’d be a good dad, and I understand him wanting to share his life with someone, he’s a good guy.. But, I never expected this to go as far as him replacing me again. Why couldn’t he just have both? Was he really that ashamed to call me his brother? I was losing him when he was with his ex, I slept with her so they’d break up knowing full well that Gibson despised cheaters, but.. What do I do now? Do I attempt at it again and break them up, or do I simply remain a ghost?


It was about three in the afternoon when someone kicked my foot rather harshly and my head bobbed a little, though keeping my eyes shut and continuing to try and pass out on the bench. “Hey, buddy, get up,” a voice demanded and I let out a groan, reaching for my bottle of whiskey but it was ripped from my hands and I heard the cap being twisted back onto it.


“Hey, I was fucking drinking that, asshole,” I said harshly, finally opening my eyes and my vision was a little blurred, but I could tell there were two cops in front of me by the blindingly shiny badge that I despised, pinned to both of their uniforms. 

“Come on, move it, bud.. You can’t drink in the park, that’s what bars are for. It’s a little early to be drinking anyways, isn’t it?” The cop that held my bottle mocked.

“Just leave me alone you fucking pigs, and gimme my fucking bottle back,” I demand but the other cop continues to hold onto it.


“Public intoxication and insulting an officer of the law.. You might as well quit while your ahead, bud,” the first cop threatened.

“I’m not your fucking buddy, pig, now gimme my damn bottle back and leave me the fuck alone,” I repeated myself, standing from the bench and both cops placed a hand upon their guns and I chuckled, biting my tongue and I knew where this was going if I continued..

“We can either arrest you now and take you in for public intoxication, or you can continue to be a smart ass and we’ll take you in for that as well as resisting arrest. Go ahead, take a swing at me, might as well throw assault and battery charges on there, too, huh?” he continued to threaten and stepped up closer to me to show he wasn’t intimidated.

“Don’t tempt me,” I replied with a sly grin. As much as I wanted to take the gun from his holster and hold it in his mouth as I listen to him beg me not to do it before I blew his fucking brains out, even if I am drunk, I still know better.. 

“Turn around and put your hands behind you back, smartass,” He replied.


“Whatever you say, piggy,” I reply, turning around slowly and putting my hands behind my back. I smirked as I bit the inside of my lip, trying my hardest to hold in my anger as he roughly put the cuffs on me and shoved me towards the direction of their patrol car, losing my balance from still being slightly drunk and I fell to the ground, feeling my eyebrow scrape on the sidewalk. “Fuckin’ asshole!” I called out angrily as I heard them both chuckling and I wanted to kick back and break their knees, but before I could act on it, they had me back up on my feet and were escorting me to their car. 

Screenshot-126 (2)

The drive to the station was short and I was thrown into a drunk tank, alone, to hopefully sober up so I could get the fuck out of here faster. I wish they would’ve let me have one last drink before taking me in.. I laid there bored but still angry, knowing none of what was on my mind was going to leave anytime soon, but I hated thinking about it when I didn’t have a drink I could drown it out with. I decided to sleep, trying to relax in the uncomfortable bed and staring at the bland ceiling and soon my eyelids grew heavy, shutting my eyes and I drifted off to sleep with ease thanks to half the bottle of whiskey I still had in my system.


A loud rattling noise clanged between the cell bars, my eyes rushing open and being pulled out of my slumber instantly and looking to the cell door. “Rise and shine, asshole,” one of the cops from earlier said as he banged his nightstick in between the bars.

Shut the fuck up! I’m awake! Jesus..” I said harshly as I rubbed my head, the sound giving me a slight headache that was worse than the one from this morning.

“Your bail has been paid,” he answered disappointingly and I looked to him, my eyes narrowing in suspicion, hoping that they didn’t contact Gibson; he’s the last person I wanted to see right now.

“..Who paid it..?” I asked with a short tone. 


My expression softened when Nina stepped out from behind the officer, standing there giving me a worried expression. I sighed softly, standing from the bed and walking to the door of the cell, “Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Open the fucking door,” I taunted and he gave me a harsh glare for a few long seconds before finally opening up the cell.


It was obvious Nina wanted to hug me but I walked passed her quickly and I could hear her feet shuffling across the floor as she struggled to keep up, “What happened to your face?” She asked with concern.

How the hell did you bail me out? Wasn’t it a thousand bucks?” I questioned, ignoring her question and touching my wound with my fingers, feeling it still stinging me but the pain wasn’t too much of a bother.

“Oh, uhm.. Y-Yeah, but I had some money in my savings..” She replied.

“Don’t you have to pay a big fee to do that? You just wasted a shit ton of money,” I replied with frustration.

“It wasn’t a waste.. I couldn’t leave you there..” She answered with sympathy.


“And how’d you know I was in there, anyways?” I continued to question.

“I-I was driving around running errands and I saw them putting you into the police car.. I came to the station to see if there was a way to get you out and they told me your bail amount.. I-I was having trouble with the bank for a while which is why it took so long, but I finally got it and came straight here..”

“How long have I been here already?” I asked next.

“Well, it’s about 7:00 now, so 4 hours?” I sighed heavily at the time, wishing that she had never noticed me when she was driving around and I was left here now rather than obligated to go to Nina’s.. 


We walked through the lobby and before we could leave, one of the officers from before stood at the front desk grabbed my attention, “Had to call your lady to bail you out, huh? Does she change your diapers, too, boy?” He taunted and I stopped, turning around and walking back up to the desk. 

“For the record, I didn’t fucking call her because none of you pigs gave me my one phone call, and for another record, why don’t you take that pretty little doughnut eating mouth of yours and suck my fucking co-” Nina’s hand went over my mouth and she pulled me away from the desk as the officer straightened out his back more threateningly.


“I’m so sorry! ..Please don’t listen to him! We’re leaving!” She pleaded, continuing to pull me away and keeping me from saying anything else and I lifted my hands before walking out the door, flipping them off before leaving and Nina attempt to keep my hands down as well.


We got to Nina’s and I sat on the couch within her large living room, letting out a heavy sigh as I shut my eyes and tried to relax after this terribly eventful day. I was somewhat sober again, yet there was still a tiny trace of the whiskey within me and I looked to Nina who was already glaring at me like a disappointed mother, “Do you have any beer, or what?” I asked harshly, Nina popping out of her trance on me and she jumped to my request.

“Y-Yeah, of course! H-Hold on,” she replied, rushing to the kitchen and grabbing what I had asked for. She came back with a beer in hand with the top already popped off and handing it to me, which I took quickly and chugged about half of.


I looked up to Nina who still stood in the same spot as she had when we first arrived and I was wondering why she wasn’t on the couch with me yet so I could attempt to get her in the mood. I tried to avert my eyes from her constant stare, but it was making me angry the more and more she just simply stared and didn’t do anything, “What the hell are you looking at?” I asked, causing her to finally give way and she looked away from me.

“N-Nothing.. It’s nothing..” She replied and I squinted my eyes in suspicion, taking another swig of my beer.

“Then what the hell is wrong with you? Sit down already..” I added harshly and she nodded, taking the seat next to me and I turned on the television.

Screenshot-7 (2)

Well, this was awkward.. I could obviously tell that something was on Nina’s mind, yet she wasn’t telling me what it was and I knew it wouldn’t be out of her thoughts unless I either asked her or distracted her.. There was no curiosity within me that wanted to ask her what it was, anyways, so I resorted to my second option.. I turned towards her and grabbed her hip with my right hand, pulling her closer to me and I kissed her lips harshly without her having a choice. One thing I could always be sure of was when she wasn’t in the mood, the way she kissed bothered me so much and her mouth was always so stiff. It took work getting her to relax and I wasn’t really in the best mindset to even talk to her as if she even mattered, resulting in me forcing myself upon her, but it was starting to be less fun the more she barely responded to me kissing her.

Screenshot-7 (3)

After making out with her for a few long minutes, which was awful anyhow, I broke away from her mouth and gripped the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up and over her head and tossing it on the ground, then grabbing her legs to pull her closer and I draped them over mine. My lips then went to her neck to try and coax her into showing me at least one sign that her body was enjoying it as my right hand went straight to her chest and I messaged her breast with my hand over her bra, beginning to hear her breathing heavier but it still wasn’t good enough for me. My fingers pulled the cup of her bra slightly and my thumb began caressing her nipple, and although her body reacted perfectly to my touch, Nina still wasn’t making any noises like I was used to and I got frustrated all over again.


I stopped, pulling my hand away from her chest and pulling my lips away from her neck as well, looking to her face and seeing her discomfort. “What the hell’s wrong?” I asked with little patience and she looked away from me as she shook her head.

“N-Nothing.. I told you..”

“Well, I don’t fuckin’ believe you. Either like it or tell me to stop and I’ll just fuckin’ go,” I replied angrily.

“No! I-I.. I don’t want you to go..” She pleaded softly, looking to me and I couldn’t take this, pushing her legs off of me and standing to my feet with frustration.

Screenshot-16 (2)

“Then what the hell is it?” I asked, though I could care less, crossing my arms in anger and walking over to the window. 

“I..” She began, but stopped. God, this was so annoying, I wanted her to either let me get some or I was just going to go to sleep without her. She sat there for a few long seconds before finally replying again. “I just.. I wish you wouldn’t go looking for trouble.. Don’t you think that you might.. I don’t know.. Have some responsibilities?” She questioned and I chuckled.

“Looking for trouble? I wasn’t looking for shit, those fuckin’ cops brought me in for just sitting on a bench.”

“Gareth.. I could smell the whiskey on you when I picked you up, and one of the cops was holding a half drunken bottle when they put you into the car..” She called out my bluff and it only made me angrier.

“So what, now you’re going to tell me I should stop drinking, right? Is that one of the responsibilities you’re implying?” I add sarcastically.


“Well, it couldn’t hurt..” She replied and I shook my head slightly as I tried to comprehend where all of this was even coming from.

“And why the fuck are you acting like my Mom right now? It’s like out of nowhere you have a problem with me and how I act when you know damn well that this is how I am,” I pointed out strongly.

“W-Well.. There’s always room for improvement.. Whenever you get the strength to change..”

“Now you’re calling me weak? You’re walking on some pretty fuckin’ thin ice, Nina, you should watch what you fucking say to me,” I threaten and she only replies after a long silence.

“..I-I’m not calling you weak.. I-I’m just concerned.. Do you always want to be like this?”

“If I’m happy, then why the hell not?” I ask harshly.

“Well.. Are you happy?” She wondered in return and I fell silent. Any other day I could answer’yes’ proudly, but after what Gibson said earlier, I wondered myself if I was happy, or even if I ever was. I shook off my doubt and grew angry once more, getting sick and tired of this back and forth conversation that seemed to be going nowhere and I wanted it to be over with.

“Look Nina, either get to the fucking point and tell me what’s wrong with you or I’m leaving and not coming back,” I threaten her again and finally, she gets to her damn point.


“I-I’m.. Pregnant,” she replied quietly and I sensed the joy in her tone.

I turned around and gave a threatening gaze, “What the fuck did you just say to me?” I question with my anger rising, seeing the motherly glow in her eyes quickly disappearing from the mere sight of my expression. She was right to be scared.

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  1. Mmmm Gareth. *faints* Looks like he had a great night. I was going to say it’s too bad he couldn’t remember the exciting parts of the night but the girls woke up just in time, LOL. Ugh, Nina. She’s so needy all the time. Oh Gareth, haha, he got to see more of Hannah than Gibson ever wanted him to. So. Many. Gareth. Closeups. *walks into pole* I made a sad face when Gibson came to the end of that speech he made. :( He can really be mean when he wants to be. *snuggles Gareth in the car* It’s ok, sexy. Sheesh those cops weren’t very nice, not that Gareth was either, but aggravating the situation to provoke the perp to punch you just seems rude. I’m glad Gareth didn’t punch them. Dang, Nina, using part of your savings to bail out a guy who doesn’t like you is just so desperate. LOL. You don’t want to enjoy Gareth, Nina? Fine, move over, I’ll enjoy him. Jeez she really beat around the bush trying to tell Gareth the news, haha, she really built it up so that he’d be even more pissed off when she finally told him. I don’t blame her for being nervous though, I never had any delusions Gareth would enjoy such news, and it would definitely be scary telling him news of that nature. o.O Now I wonder what he is going to do about it.

    1. LOL Yeah, he felt like a pretty lucky guy when he woke up XD
      True, Gareth saw more of Hannah than Gibson would approve of, but luckily he doesn’t know hahaha
      Yeah, Gibson can be a little hard to handle and keep up with when he’s capable of saying such cruel things, Gareth is pretty bothered by what he said.
      Those cops were dicks, haha even though they were doing their job, they obv could’ve been nicer about it, especially when dealing with a drunk, and that drunk being Gareth XD
      Yeah, Nina hasn’t really picked up on the things she says that make him mad, she’s still a little oblivious at the fact that he doesn’t care about her at all. She was happy, but the moment she told him and saw his face, she regretted telling him. LOL Yeah, he’s not pleased in the slightest about the news. O_O
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Shadow_Shura

    is it bad tat the first thing that poped in my mind at the end was “Run Nina! Run while you can!” XP in a way i feel bad that gibs was so hard on Gareth but this chapters has been like one big wake up cal for the poor guy. now im just worried about what hes gonna do >>. Even if she is needy nina looks like she has somewhat of a back bone too her shes just afraid to show it? not sure but im really looking forward to seeing what happens next!

    1. Hahaha no, that’s not a bad thing to think, I’m sure others thought the same when reading it XD
      Yeah true, it was a pretty big wake up call for Gareth, a lot of information to take in while everything is only making him more mad, not a good thing.
      I guess Nina has a strong backbone when it comes to taking abuse, since she seems to never be mad at Gareth from what he says or how he acts until, well, this last part. She’s still not the strongest of people, that’s for sure.
      Thanks for reading :D

  3. Oh my goodness! *Picks up jaw off floor* Nina better hide, because the look in his eyes and what he said would cause me to shit myself. HAHA. I hope Gareth is smart enough to not murder her in a fit of rage, because it would definitely come back to him as they have history, and she just bailed him out of jail…. Don’t do it Gareth.

    I had a feeling when Nina started acting strangely after they got back to her house, and she started talking about responsibility that she was preggo.

    But man oh man is she clingy. I can’t see how a woman can act like that, you write her so perfectly cause I want to slap some sense into her, and hug her for comfort at times.

    I’m also a little bit worried about Hannah. Now that Gareth has had this extreme shocking event in his life finding out that Nina is pregnant with his baby, what will he do? Will he go after his brothers woman out of anger. Will he hurt her or just simply take her from him. Gah! I have too many ideas and none of them good, each one more disturbing then the last.

    Great chapter. My jaw is still on the floor btw…

    1. LOL Yeah, Nina better have the common sense to run when seeing the look in his eyes XD We’ll see what Gareth decides to do about this next chapter perhaps.
      Yeah, it’s kinda hard to hide the fact that when somethings bothering a girl like this in a sim story, people assume pregnant XD I was trying to not be predictable, at least I didn’t make it completely obvious though, I hope. Haha God yes, Nina is a huge clinger, she’s rather oblivious to his insults and his uncaring mannerisms though, she was trying to show him that whole time that she cares about him, but he didn’t care enough to even try to see her point, until she finally broke the news plain and simple.
      I’m glad you like how I write her ^_^ she’s kinda fun, I’ve never done such a pathetically submissive personality before hahahaha
      Hmm.. Well, Gareth hasn’t even met Hannah yet, only seen her. Their personalities might work well or they might clash. Either way, for Gareth’s sake, he better not try anything with her around Gibson. o_o
      Thanks so much! I’m happy you enjoyed this chapter :D
      Thank you for reading!

  4. I for one didn’t think what Gibson said to Gareth was all that bad, hurtful yes. Although when he said “I’m related to someone so deranged and unstable” I wondered what he considers himself. It’s not like he’s any different from Gareth, they’ve both killed people. I can understand why Gareth would be upset about Gibson not telling Hannah about him though. But really what does he expect after he slept with Gibson’s last girlfriend? I hope he doesn’t try it again or worse with Hannah. I don’t think Gibson would ever forgive him.
    Nina is way too needy and pathetic and should run while she can. Hopefully nothing happens to her as those two cops would come looking for Gareth in a heartbeat just because they’re dicks and would want to pin it on Gareth no matter what. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

    1. Yes, more hurtful than bad, but Gareth tends to refuse expressing his feels, so he didn’t khow he was hurt until he got to the car, but even then he still denied it. When Gibson said that, he’s in denial as well and he acts as if because he USED to kill people but doesn’t now, that makes him a good guy and his slate is clean. Both boys are so conflicted and confused about what they feel that what they say to one another doesn’t make sense to us, or even to them sometimes XD
      You’re right, Gibson would never forgive him if he did anything with or to Hannah.
      LOL Nina is such a frail little thing that is too clingy for her own good, and yeah, it is really pathetic at times on how she acts towards Gareth. She’s desperate for him to love her and she’s blind to the fact that he doesn’t at all. True, if Nina was killed, the cops would know the first person to investigate. We’ll see what he does though soon.
      Thank you so much for reading! :D

  5. . . . .Run Nina! Run! lol! I’m really holding my breath about what Gareth is about to do. All the scenarios I’m coming up with do not sound good.

    Since I love Gibson soooo much, I hope Gareth doesn’t try something with Hannah. Just because I love to see Gibson so happy. But, I won’t be surprised if something happens. All I can say is Gareth better watch out if he messes with her.

    I always love when they interact! It’s so fascinating to watch them talk to each other. They have so many strong emotions toward each other and know how to push each other’s buttons. I just love these Dubois boys!!

    (Going back up to sneak a peek at Gibson. . .Lol!)

    1. LOL True, there are many different ways he could go about dealing with this, though most, if not all, are nail biting worthy XD
      Hahaha Very true, Gareth better think twice before trying anything with Hannah if he wants to, though he might’ve learned his lesson from last time. Who knows with that crazy boy hahaha
      I’m glad you like how they interact with one another, I really like showing how different they are and how their views are anything but the same. True, they really do know how to push each others’ buttons XD
      LOL stare all you like, I know they don’t mind at all hahaha
      Thanks so much for reading!

  6. “W-Well.. There’s always room for improvement…” LOL. Oh god, poor, poor Nina. She’s honestly just so sweet and naive, and yes, a bit stupid too, while Gareth is quite simply a complete arse and probably always will be. Oh, Nina, just run while you still can and pray that your baby is a girl so it doesn’t grow up to push you down a flight of stairs….

    1. LOL I think stupid is an understatement at times for Nina.. XD She’s very naive, you’re right, and she was saying a lot, a LOT of things that just weren’t cutting it for Gareth or convincing him to become a better person. It’s also pretty stupid of her to think that Gareth could change, especially when experiencing his rather strong personality for herself. She’s wishing for a little bit too much when asking him to change haha
      Ahh nice callback with the flight of stairs from gen 2 LOL
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. jazen

    Shit!!! Wow. Okay starting with the end first. Nina…poor Nina I have a feeling this won’t end well. I saw you put a poll up before but of course I’m late with reading. LOL I wasn/am hoping that Gibs won and will be the father to bring in the next generation. Gareth is not going to take that news well and I wonder if he’ll do something to her to get rid of her because there’s no way she’ll abort. She loves that jackass you can tell and having his baby is probably a good thing for her. :(

    Wow… I wasn’t expecting Gibs to tell Gareth all that about being ashamed of him. I knew that asshole slept with Gib’s girlfriend on purpose to break them up. I knew his selfish ass would do that so he could keep his brother. With what he said, about losing him again. He killed his mother because she liked Gibson and he thought Gibs would leave and stay with her? He’s low, really low. He knew why Gibs wouldn’t want to introduce him to Hannah after what he did before. Gareth in a way was asking for that because he hurt his brother and he knows it. He hates that his brother wants a life away from him and he’s contemplating sabotaging another relationship. :( I hope he doesn’t do something to Hannah.

    1. Yeah, Nina is notat a good place with Gareth.. Not that she was before, but it was a lot less serious than this now O_O You’re right, he won’t take the news well, that’s for sure. Sure, Nina is excited for the baby, sure, but that doesn’t mean she’s not scared for it, either, and scared for herself.. She knows Gareth isn’t a good person, but she still has yet to find a reason to completely stop being with him. It’s okay that you missed the poll, too hehe you’ll get to see who fathered the gen 4 heir within the next few chapters ^_^

      Not too surprising, I suppose, on Gareth’s reasoning behind sleeping with Gibs’ ex.. The reasoning is still completely uncalled for, though.. Gibs’ ex could’ve turned Gareth down numerous times and maybe she finally caved in, maybe she was pressured/threatened into it, maybe she did want to do it, who knows.. But, the fact of the matter is that Gareth still did it, no matter what the reasoning behind it may have been. He wants to look good in Gibson’s eyes, but he does shitty things that end up hurting him (eventually) instead. He really doesn’t learn, though. *shakes head*

      Thanks for reading and commenting! <3

  8. That poor girl, I knew he’d regret going back to her but he just has to have his little easy to toy with play thing when he doesn’t want to do any work to get a girl. Hope it’s a girl? hahaha.

    1. Yeah, Nina never quite knew what she was truly in for, but she was in, none the less. Now she may get to see just how bad Gareth’s wrath can get. O_O hahaha yessss, let’s hope it’s a girl XD

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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