Generation 3, Chapter 10

Attention: Heads up, NSFW chapter. A little lengthy as well.


    Gibson’s POV     


It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this relaxed and content. Gareth hasn’t been home in a week since we last saw one another, but we weren’t ignoring each other, he just hadn’t come home yet. It was weird having a somewhat loving moment with him before he left, it was weird of me to act so vulnerable and to let down one of my many walls in order to show him how I really felt, but I was glad I had let myself be that weak. Maybe he’s finally able to understand me a little better now. Everything I said was true though, I never wanted to see Gareth locked up and I never wanted him to live out his life in a place where I can’t be with him whenever I wanted to be. A place like that would change him, and not for the better.. I can’t let him throw his life away.. I know I was being selfish by coming out and saying I didn’t want to be alone, but that’s the thing, even if I wasn’t alone and I was surrounded by everyone I loved, I still would be if he wasn’t there.


I sit on my bed for a few hours, browsing the internet and reading random articles to keep up on current news and stories. However, browsing soon turned into searching, trying to find anything I could on deaths that have occurred within Lucky Palms from the date we moved here until now. There were over one hundred results within the last 5 years, but most of them seemed to be of either natural causes or accidents that even Gareth couldn’t pull off. But, there was roughly twenty deaths that I wasn’t sure about, all of them seemed to be something that Gareth could do, but of course, there was no other information for me to go on in order to be sure it was him.. He is pretty good at what he does.. That, or he hasn’t been killing as much as I had thought he was. I looked up the most recent murder and nothing has happened since that Katherine girl turned up on the shore, and still no leads.. She was last seen at the Spring festival a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t the night that Gareth got involved with her.. “Hmm.. At least he hasn’t done anything since her.

Screenshot-18 (2)

A knock on the front door made me jump, thinking it was Gareth and I closed out of every tab I had open and shut my laptop in a hurry. I stood from my bed and thought for a moment.. It couldn’t be Gareth, he’d just barge right in.. So who was it? I walked down the steps cautiously and peaked towards the door without coming all the way downstairs, seeing Hannah waiting on the other side for someone to answer the door. “Shit..” I panicked a little. I didn’t look presentable at all, but I couldn’t make her wait while I went to change and I didn’t want to ignore her and act as if I wasn’t here.. I guess I had to answer it.


I walked downstairs to the door and smirked when we made eye contact through the glass, sliding it open and coming out of the house to greet her. “What are you doing here?” I asked, looking around the dock and towards the parking lot, trying to see if Gareth was anywhere nearby in case he was planning on coming home at all today, but luckily he wasn’t around.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to barge in like this, I hope I didn’t interrupt anything..?” She said with a sorrowful tone and I shook my head.

“No, no.. It’s fine, I just.. Wasn’t expecting company,” I replied.

“Well, I was in town getting a few things and I thought I’d stop by.. I’m sorry I haven’t called you. I’ve been really busy lately with work.. Today’s been my first day off since we last saw each other,” she answered my first question.

“It’s okay, I figured you were busy. I’m glad you’re here, actually,” I answered and she smiles more.

“Do you mind if I come in? It’s.. Kinda hot out,” she said with a giggle and I froze for a moment, not wanting to be rude and wanting to let her in, though I wasn’t sure if any of Gareth’s stuff was lying around..

“Not at all.. Please,” I said reluctantly, but added a smirk afterwards, gesturing her to come inside and she did so as I followed behind her.


I walked in after her, but I walked faster than her so I could get into the living room first, scanning the room quickly to see if I could find anything of Gareth’s and hide it before she notices. “Oh, is your room upstairs?” She wondered and I was thankful that she hadn’t come this far yet, seeing one of Gareth’s many half packs of cigarettes sitting on the coffee table along with his ashtray and I brought them into the kitchen to shove into a drawer and hide.

“Yeah, feel free to check it out if you want,” I add, seeing yet another pack of cigarettes lying on the counter and I shoved those into a random drawer as well. 


“Cool,” she replied happily and I could hear her going upstairs, letting out a relived sigh now that I had more time to check the whole place for his things without worrying if she’d find something that I couldn’t explain. Jess started barking and my eyes widened momentarily, wanting to let her out of her crate in hopes that Hannah wouldn’t assume that I just lock her up all day, even though I do. I rushed downstairs and to Jess’s crate, letting her out and she bolted passed me to run upstairs and investigate who else was here.

Screenshot-32 (2)

I went back upstairs quickly and noticed Hannah still wasn’t on the first floor.. She was probably still within my room, which meant Jess was up there now as well and I hated whenever she was up there.. I could hear Hannah talking to Jess, but I couldn’t make out the words, walking to the bottom of my stairs and making my ascent up to join them and see what they were up to. I came up to find Hannah rubbing Jess’s belly and I scoffed, seeing the mutt begging for attention like she usually did and rubbing her disgusting dog fur all over my clean wooden floor.


Hannah stood up from petting Jess when she noticed me and she looked around my room once more before making eye contact again, “I like your room, it’s so clean,” she added with a chuckle, “The view is amazing, too, just like I thought it would be.”

I smiled at Hannah, “Thanks,” I reply, looking to Jess and I pointed towards the stairs; first things first.. “Go downstairs,” I demanded and she put her ears down, but did as she was told and left. I looked up to Hannah, “Sorry, I don’t like her in my room, she has the tendency to chew on my stuff,” I add.

“Oh.. Sorry, I didn’t know,” she replied with an innocent smile.

“I know, it’s alright, she just wanted to see who was here.. I’m glad you like my room, though,” I reply with a smirk and she walks around my room, seeing her admire it as I watched her.


“Oh yeah.. Well, I have off today, which is another reason why I stopped by. I was wondering if you’d be up for taking me out to dinner tonight like we had talked about?” She asked, facing me from across the room as her fingers dragged over my pile of books and I nodded.

“Yeah, I’d love to. I remember telling you to choose anywhere you wanted to go, as well.. Any idea on where I can take you?” I wondered, walking around my room and making my way towards her slowly.


“Hmm..” She thought for a moment, turning her attention towards my back sliding door and admiring the view, “Do you like seafood? Would The Blue Horizon work? It’s one of my favorite spots,” she replied, looking towards me with a smile and then returning her gaze to the large back porch. 

“Of course, we can go there,” I replied, soon reaching her side and looking out the back with her.


“When do you want to go?” I asked, looking down towards her and we connected eyes. I could barely contain myself, staring at her elegant blue-green orbs and the faint smell of her perfume made my heart beat faster, but she turned away shyly and I watched her shrug.

“Whenever.. You could get dressed now and we could go to my place so I could change, by the time we get to the restaurant, it’ll be around 6:00, perfect time for dinner.. Sound good?” She asked, looking back to me as I still hadn’t taken my eyes off of her.

I noticed her glance at my lips and back to my eyes before I answered her, “Yeah, sounds good,” I confirmed softly, glancing to her lips as well before returning to her eyes and I didn’t want to wait any longer before I could kiss her.. Even without going on a romantic date to set the mood, it seemed appropriate timing now, yet I still didn’t know if I should.

“Well, get dressed.. I’ll wait for you downstairs,” she added with a tone that made my hair stand on end, watching as she then walked passed me and she gave me a flirtatious smirk as she made her descent down the staircase.


I let out a breath of air through my lips, taking a moment to calm myself so I could try and focus on what I should wear. I looked through all of my clothes, focusing mostly on my black attire since this was a formal occasion and I was aiming to highly impress. I ended up picking a black pair of pants as well as a black suit, a white undershirt, and I was tousling between different colors of ties I could wear. I pondered for a moment, looking towards the stairs and calling out to Hannah, “What’s your favorite color?” I called down.

“Umm…” She said loudly, “I like the color lilac a lot, anything really that’s some shade of purple,” she replied, searching through my ties again and soon finding a tie that matched her favorite color.

“It’s already 5:30, are you sure you only need a half hour to get ready?” I call down the stairs as I throw the tie around my neck and begin securing it so it laid nicely.

“Yeah, don’t worry about me,” she replied and I shrugged to myself as I finished my tie, taking a moment to look in the reflection of the glass on the front sliding door at how I looked. Not bad, it’ll have to do for such short notice. 


I dabbed some cologne on my neck and wrists before walking downstairs and going towards the living room in search for Hannah, seeing her standing by the back door, “Ready?” I asked, adjusting my tie a little as she turned around. She stared at me for a few seconds, looking up to her from my tie and I raised my brow, “What is it?” I wondered, a little nervous by how she wasn’t saying anything.

Hannah shook her head slowly, “Nothing.. You just look really handsome,” she replied, surprising me slightly and a smirk formed on the edge of my lips. I was more than happy that she was pleased with how I looked, I could feel my chest constricting from slight nerves and it didn’t help that the look in her eyes said that she wanted me. I was feeling pretty damn good about myself right now.


I grew a little more on edge as she walked towards me and her hands reached up, her fingertips beginning to straighten out my tie. I found it hard to form words at the moment, all I could stare at was the smile on her lips as she adjusted my tie to lay nicer, “I like your tie, it goes well with your eyes..” She said softly, a light giggle following after, “I was wondering why you were asking my favorite color,” she added, the tie in between her index finger and thumb and she dragged her hand down it slowly. I nearly keeled over when her eyes met mine with my tie still in her grip, wanting her to pull on it and kiss me like I know both of us have been wanting to do, yet that wish was shattered when she finally let go of my tie and gave a flirtatious grin. “Let’s get going, yeah?” She recommended. I didn’t like how hard she was to read, though one thing I knew for sure was she loved to tease, and I wasn’t sure if I liked that now, either. It was fun at first and I even played along, but now whenever she did such subtle yet erotic implications, it was hard not to act on my inner thoughts wanting me to throw her on the couch and take her right at this very moment. But, I had a good amount of self control and a reputation to uphold that only I cared about, and that was to be a gentleman until the very end. Besides, if I were lucky enough to go home with her tonight, I had plans for her that I knew she’d more than appreciate and I could wait until then.


Hannah went out to her car to wait for me as I locked Jess in Gareth’s room and locked up the house. Driving to her place was a little quiet, but not as awkward as I thought, the sooner our dinner date came the more my nerves began to spike. We arrived at her home and she looked to me in the car, “Come on in, I can’t let you wait in the car the whole time,” she gestured and I agreed, getting out of the car and following her upstairs to the living quarters above her work. I didn’t have time to look around before the smell of sugar cookies and fruity baked goods entered my nose, believing now judging by only the smell that she was a good cook like has said she wanted to become. Hannah faced me and smirked, “The place isn’t as clean as I’d like it, but make yourself at home anyways. I’ll go get ready,” she said in a welcoming manner and I nodded, watching her go into her room and shut the door. 

Screenshot-91 (2)

Hannah had a very tiny home, but it inhabited a very homey feeling and I liked how she had decorated it; it reminded me of a quaint cottage with unique art that went well with the feel of it. I noticed a bunch of cook books stacked on a small coffee table next to her television, looking recently used which is more than I could say for her TV with the amount of dust that clouded the screen and the remote nowhere to be found. I enjoyed knowing she would rather stick her nose in a book than laze around on the couch. I walked around her small home with one hand in my jacket pocket, taking in all that there was to her living room and moving into the kitchen. The counter tops were pristine and nothing was on the floor, though I don’t know why I thought it would be otherwise. I enjoyed it here already, hoping I’d get to return here with her on another night that we didn’t have dinner plans.

Screenshot-99 (2)

Even though I didn’t much care for television myself, I came back into the living room and turned it on, not knowing what else to do. I would’ve read one of the many books that she had, but they were all cook books and I didn’t have near enough patience to force myself to read one of those. It was hard enough already trying to keep my active mind occupied, what with knowing that Hannah was undressing behind a door that was no more than ten feet from where I sat, but I tried to focus on whatever the hell I was watching.. Something about robots and a mad scientist..


I heard Hannah’s door open, “Okay, ready to go,” she announced and I stood up in a hurry, turning the television off and turning to face her. I stopped, frozen in my tracks as I looked to her, make up done and she was neatly dolled up in a halter dress that came down to her mid thigh and off-white pumps that made my Adam’s apple hurt I swallowed so roughly. “Gibson?” She wondered with a chuckle following it.

“Oh, uhm.. Sorry. I’m not used to my breath being taken away,” I replied with a soft tone, witnessing her cheeks turn a light pink and I finally regained my motor functions enough to smile in return. I was excited by the dress she had worn, it was as if she already knew how spectacular her legs were and she had every right to show them off. I’m glad she did. 


I stepped closer to her and I watched her lips lose their smile, yet her eyes still contained anticipation as she watched me approach. My left hand reached for her right, picking it up gently and pulling her fingers to my lips, kissing them softly as I was unable to hold back putting my lips on her somewhere at least once before going to dinner. “You look exquisite, Hannah,” I voiced with a charming smirk, watching as she broke eye contact and her cheeks flushed a little more. “Shall we?” I gestured towards the door with my right hand, letting go of her hand with my left and placing it on her lower back, escorting her out of her house and to her car.


After a short drive, we arrived at the restaurant and Hannah took the opportunity to put her hand around my arm and I happily escorted her. Coming into the restaurant together with her on my arm made me feel accomplished and proud, happy to have such a catch accompanying me to such a privileged establishment and it made me feel above everyone else. A man in his early fifties greeted us at the door, “Table for two?” He asked and I nodded in agreement, “Wonderful. I’m Branden, I’ll take you to your table and I’ll also be your waiter tonight.. Inside or on our outside deck?” He wondered.

“Outside, please,” Hannah replied, Branden nodded with a smirk and escorted us to the outside part of the restaurant. 

Screenshot-10 (2)
Screenshot-27 (2)
Screenshot-19 (2)

We were seated outside like Hannah had requested and the view was incredible. I had never been here before and as much as it was hard to take my eyes off of Hannah, her in the foreground of such a beautiful background made her so much more glorious in my eyes. Branden asked what we could like to order and I had chosen a shrimp dish while Hannah had ordered grilled salmon and he walked away to put our order in as we talked. I always liked the conversations Hannah and I had, it was never something I couldn’t deal with or was bored talking about, I was surprised when she was so much like me to the point where we’d agree on a lot of the same views about subjects that most would conflict with, but it made me that much more interested in her.

Screenshot-21 (2)

It was only about a half an hour wait before Branden had brought us our food, “Can I get you anything else?” He had asked and neither of us could think of anything that we needed and he left us alone to enjoy our meals and each other. We spent about two to three hours at the restaurant, I had ordered a few glasses of wine for us after eating and we continued to talk and flirt as the night went on. There even came a time where Hannah began sliding her ankle up and down my calf and I couldn’t help my self, needing to touch her skin and she let me caress her knee and upper thigh with my fingertips. After finishing our second glass of wine, my thumb circled her knee softly as I worked up the courage to invite her over, though judging on how the night was already going, I assumed she wouldn’t have a problem with it. “I have a new bottle of wine sitting at home that I still haven’t opened, would you like to go back to my place and help me drink it?” I asked, seeing the corners of her lips curling up into a soft smile.

“Yeah, I’d love to,” she agreed and I grew excited, but also nervous. The easier part of the date was over now as we both stood up and I escorted her out of the restaurant, but the harder part was still to come and I hoped she’d be open to any advance I’d make. It was safe for me to assume that tonight wouldn’t end without finally getting to kiss her, though in the back of my mind, I hoped there would be so much more to come as all of my pent up energy began to rear its head the longer I was with her.


Gareth still wasn’t home and I didn’t expect him to be for a few more days, at least with how long he’s been gone already, knowing that tonight I could enjoy the house alone with Hannah. I got out a bottle of the best wine I had and poured us each a glass, taking a seat on the couch and Hannah took the seat directly next to me. I watched as she crossed her magnificent legs and rested her hand on the inside of my thigh, making my whole body heat up and I took a few sips of my wine so the glass could hide a smile I couldn’t hold back. It was hard to focus on anything she was saying as my eyes constantly glanced at her hand upon my leg, but I did the best that I could, able to reply with short answers yet just long enough to prove I was still paying attention.. Well, slightly paying attention. What was amusing though was how much more talkative and giggly she got after she had finished two more glasses at my place, now four down and I knew she was getting a bit buzzed, but I didn’t like that. I didn’t want her to have anymore, another glass and in my mind I’d then be taking advantage of her, and I wasn’t Gareth. But, there’s no way I could be as bad as him, she’d be tanked if he was the one giving her drinks.

Screenshot-77 (2)
Screenshot-79 (2)

When there was a break in our conversation, I reached for her glass and took it, getting up momentarily to place both mine and hers on the coffee table and I came back to where I was. I put my arm back around her and my hand cupped her shoulder, Hannah giving me a questionable look. I didn’t want to wait anymore, I couldn’t, her presence was overwhelming and I couldn’t keep looking at her lips when she talked knowing I haven’t tasted them yet. “I’ve enjoyed tonight, it’s been a lot of fun, wouldn’t you agree?” I asked.

“Yeah, definitely,” she replied, “I’ve been worried, though.. I didn’t feel like you felt the same, I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me practically all day,” she replied and I was a little surprised, feeling slightly bad now that I had caused her to worry if I had liked her or not.

A small grin formed on my lips, “I’m sorry for making you think that, I’ll make it up to you now,” I replied.

Screenshot-80 (2)

I brought my right hand up to her face, dragging it back to the nape of her neck and I pulled her towards me, bringing her lips to mine and a rush of excitement coursed through me. I could taste the excellent wine on her lips and as the kiss grew deeper, I could taste it more on her tongue. At last, I had finally kissed her, she was finally mine. I’ve known her for such a short time, yet I felt like I’ve known her for years, but either way the payoff was just as sweet and as selfish as this was, I already wanted more.


I finally pulled away from our kiss, panting softly as I tried to contain myself, though as I looked to Hannah, I could easily read she didn’t want me to stop. After the extremely short silence after the kiss, I was surprised when Hannah rose from her seat and threw her leg over me, straddling me and her lips crashed back into mine. This was it, we both felt it and I knew it, already I was crazy about her and I still hung on to the promise I had made myself; nothing was going to ruin this. My hands gripped her thighs in my need for her and they slowly ran up underneath her dress, I could feel her pantie line barely grazing my fingertips and I felt my heart begin to race faster. She pulled away from me momentarily and looked me in the eye, “Take me upstairs,” she softly demanded and I had no reason to contest.


Hannah’s lips pushed back into mine and I lifted her up within my grasp, her legs wrapping around my waist as we continued our passionate kiss and I made sure not to trip as I brought her up to my room. I set down Hannah when we reached my bedroom and she broke the kiss to take off my jacket, tossing it aside and she undid my tie next and threw that aside as well. Neither of us wanted to stop kissing, continuing it and I then felt her fingertips beginning to unbutton my undershirt. I reached behind her and felt the hanging straps from her haulter dress, grabbing hold of one and pulling it so her dress would fall off of her and it slid slowly down her slender body until it hit the floor.


After removing her dress and tossing it aside along with my glasses and shirt, there was something I needed and wanted to do since this morning when I had seen her in my room. “Lie down,” I requested softly and I watched as she smiled seductively, wondering what I was up to though I know she knew exactly what I wanted to do. Eyeing her incredible body up and down before my knees met the floor, I took in just how much more beautiful she was as she laid there, half naked on my bed and I couldn’t explain how much I anticipated and hoped for this. My hands ran up and down her smooth, endless legs, pulling her left thigh to my lips and softly kissing her knee and slowly moving my lips up to her thigh with every sensual peck I gave. I heard her letting out quiet, whispered giggles as my lips tickled the inside of her thigh.

“Gibson..” She let out quietly, her saying my name only compelled me to continue.

“Your legs so are perfect..” I added softly in between a kiss, my lips getting closer to her pantie line and as much as I wanted to keep worshiping her legs, my fingers acted on their own, sliding underneath the only thing that kept me from indulging on her womanhood and slipping them all the way down her endless lower limbs.


I slipped my hands underneath her and gripped her bottom, forcibly pulling her towards the edge of the bed more and she fell back onto my sheets as she let out a gasp of anticipation. Securing both of her legs over both of my shoulders on either side, I kissed the insides of her thighs roughly as I made my way up and up until my lips finally met the warmth of her. I’ve been dying to make her toes curl, make her ache for me, but only when the time was right. I admit it had been longer than I wanted to get another girl worthy enough to grace the soft sheets of my bed, but I’m glad that I had waited until Hannah; she was more than worth the wait. 

“Ohh, God, Gibson.. Don’t stop,” she pleaded softly through her pleasure and I felt her fingers run through my hair and grip it tightly within her balled fist. She made my pulse race, gripping her thighs harder and I loved feeling her legs softly squeezing the sides of my face as I then put more effort into it and my tongue was relentless. This was one of my top favorite things to do when it came to, well.. Anything, really.. Legs were my weakness, but having the privilege to be let in in between the legs of the woman I favored was so much more satisfying. The taste alone sent myself to feel the ecstasy that I knew she felt, I could do this for days on end if she would let me, but there was only so much I knew she could take before she’d want all of me entirely. I knew what I was doing, I had had enough practice and I knew she would beg for me within minutes of this. Every second of her pleasure accompanied by pleasureful moans and cries that filled my ears built me up and although I wanted to do this all night, she finally spoke up like I knew she would, “Please.. Ahh! ..Stop.. I-I need you.. Now,” she pleaded with a raspy tone, her voice already exhausted from what I had been doing to her, but I wasted no time at her request, letting go of her legs and wiping my mouth before unbuckling my pants and getting rid of the last shreds of clothes that hugged my body.


I crawled on top of her and I could see the exhaustion in her eyes already, but I wasn’t about to let her be done with me yet even when she had asked for me. I guided myself inside of her and she let out a large gasp of air that I thought would send her over the edge alone, but as I began thrusting, she struggled to get used to the sudden change from my tongue to my member and her eyes pinched shut as I took her at first. I had been waiting for this ever since I met her, just as I did with any potential girlfriend, but finally getting the chance to experience her for all that she could give was more than I could take and as much as I could usually control myself in these situations, I found myself more attracted to her than normal, growing close to my breaking point even when I wanted to do this until the sun rose. I kept up for as long as I could, but as I heard her continue to let out loud cries and moans of gratification, as well as her panting heavily and saying my name more and more throughout our satisfying activity, I soon felt her insides tighten and at that same moment, I reached my max potential and I held inside of her for a long, sensual moment. I let myself indulge completely in between her quivering hips and I couldn’t hold back, the sight of the tops of her breasts almost hitting her chin made me climax and I watched as she clenched the sheets of my bed and I listened to her let out the last of her moans and pleasureful whimpers. I remained over her for a long moment, catching my breath as she caught hers and I looked down at her below me with a satisfied, small grin, watching as her eyes gleamed with pleasure from the moonlight that snuck into my room and at this very moment, I couldn’t think of anything else but her, nor did I want to. She had now become my everything and I wanted nothing more than to make sure that I’d always see a smile on her face like the one she was making at me now.

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    1. Yayy! I’m glad you get excited for new chapters ^.^
      Hahaha Gibson means to please when in the company of a woman, especially one he likes. Either way he would’ve still impressed her with how he cleans up, but making his tie her favorite color was just a little extra he wanted to do for her. He goes the extra mile whereas Gareth could give two shits.
      Aww thank you! I loved that house when I saw it, I had to DL it! But of course, I redecorated everything, I’m glad you like it! I feel like it suits her, too :D
      LOL Glad you liked the last scene ;D Yeah, you’re very right about Gibson being a giver, something that Gareth would never take the time to go out of his way to do. We haven’t seen how Gibson is with a woman in bed yet until now and I wanted to show how different they are when it comes to THAT, too, like how different they are in most other ways, too. Pretty much the only thing they have in common is being insane/having killed people before, and the fact that they’re twins. XD
      This generation is going to be a little longer than the previous ones, seeing as I have two different heirs, who knows when babies will show their adorable little Dubois faces.. Well, except for me of course >:D MWAHAHAHA XD
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      True, they both have had sex recently, but all the more to make you readers confused and to throw you off >:D LOL don’t hate me..
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      Thanks, I’m glad you like Hannah, she’s a sweet person.
      I’m glad you caught onto that actually, because it was a good observation about him. Even though a lot of people use the term ‘mine’ as a possessive act, Gibson is someone that could possibly take it a little too far. He gets very protective over his things.
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      Glad you liked the huge buildup, I remember getting to this point and flailing because I really love writing romantic settings as well as horrifying ones that include violence. It’s kind of like two things that I love writing about that are on completely different sides of the spectrum hahaha!
      Yeah, things are going pretty well with them. With Gareth being gone, Gibson was able to finally use the house by himself and it really helped in the end that Gareth wasn’t there LOL For how much they’ve been around one another through their whole lives, this little break of there’s proved to be rather beneficial for Gibson.. We’ll see how Gareth is taking the separation pretty soon, as well.
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    1. Yeah, you’re definitely right about that. When a Dubois man falls in love, they fall hard, really hard haha but, they all have very different ways of showing their “obsessive” behavior over/for their significant other. Some boarderline healthy, some overpowering, some violent.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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