Generation 2, Chapter 6

Attention: Jason had a burglar before I could get these shots, so I’m sorry if there’s a few things that are different looking, I couldn’t find the same pattern to make everything let alone even remember what everything looked like. But, yeah, as you can see now, I have installed an alarm system.. -_- lol. Anyways, enjoy your read.


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“Are you excited to see the new house today?” I asked Lucy. I was getting sick and tired of this place, I don’t even know why I bought it.. I had a lot of money from my parents, so why did I buy this place, and never even upgrade it at all? The water in the shower was always cold, the toilet always broke, the fridge made all of my leftovers taste bad and the stairs were about to give out any day now; I thought it was time for a change, so I bought a new house. I told Lana and she could care less, and Lucy hasn’t seen it yet, but I was surprising her and taking her to it today. I’ve had Lucy at my place for a month now and I’m taking her back to Lana tonight after I show Lucy the new house.

“Yeah! Do I get to pick out my own room?” She asked with excitement and I smiled.

“Of course you do! You get first pick, angel,” I replied and she smiled happily.

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“Is Mommy going to live there, too?” Lucy wondered and I wasn’t sure how to answer her; I didn’t want to make her upset, but I didn’t know which answer would give her that reaction so I could try and avoid it. But, I just decided to ask her a question instead.

“Do you want Mommy to live there with us?” I asked back. I watched as she thought for a few moments, then shrugged.

“No, not really.. I don’t like the friends she invites over. I like it here, with you,” she answered and my heart melted; I could just hold this girl and never let her go. I was happy with her answer since I didn’t want to invite Lana to live with us, I don’t want to be with her.. But then, other things that Lucy mentioned made me a little weary.

“Who are Mommy’s friends that you don’t like? Why don’t you like them?” I asked, wondering if anyone at Lana’s has treated Lucy badly at all and I started to get angry at the thought.

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Before Lucy could answer me, there was a knock on the door and I hoped it wasn’t Lana. After what Lucy had told me, I never wanted her to go over there again and I wanted to keep Lucy with me. I was starting to get thankful as well that Lana never seemed to want Lucy back whenever she dumped her on me, I loved having her and there were even times when I could swear that Lana would forget that we had her; there was one summer that for all of my 3 month break from college, I had Lucy without ever hearing once from Lana, not even to check up on her. I had to avoid my sisters that whole time, too. Either Lana had full confidence in my parenting skills, or she just didn’t care at all.

“We’ll talk about what I asked you later, okay? Let’s go see who’s at the door!” I say with an excited expression and she giggles as I pick her up and walk to the door.

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Holy shit was my first thought when I opened the door and I was starring at Faline, my heart sank and I grew nervous, why was she here? “Oh.. Faline, hi,” I began, not really knowing what to say.

“..Hey..” She said softly and I watched as her eyes went straight to Lucy.

“Who’s she? She has pretty hair,” Lucy said and it snapped me out of my trance from starring at Faline. Faline smirked to Lucy’s comment and I looked to Lucy.

“Yeah, she sure does.. Why don’t you go inside and play while I talk to my friend, okay?” I asked as I walked Lucy back into the house and put her in the living room so she could play with her blocks and teddy bear.

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I came back outside and gave Faline a light smirk, “What are you doing here? How’d you know where I lived?” I asked, though my tone was happy and I was excited to see her. 

“Well, I had asked around campus and they said you lived in Bridgeport. So I came here and it seems that a lot of people know you and I was pointed to here, so..” She replied and I could tell she was a little uncomfortable. “Is she yours?” She asked next and it dawned on me after a few seconds that she was referring to Lucy. 

“Oh.. Um.. Yeah, she’s mine.. Her name’s Lucy,” I replied sheepishly, beginning to get a little uncomfortable myself now. I easily could’ve lied, like I’ve been doing to my sisters and everyone else I knew, but it kind of just came out.

“She’s cute. I never really pictured you as a father,” she added and I chuckled pathetically at myself. “Well, I didn’t mean it like that.. It’s just, surprising, I guess..” She corrected herself.

“No, it’s fine.. I figured that would be people’s first reaction to her,” I replied and she chuckled. 

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“Well.. I wanted to find you because I needed to talk to you, but I can always come back later,” she added and I shook my head.

“No, stay.. It’s okay,” I replied, not wanting her to leave so soon after just getting here. I was still shocked to see her and I wanted to spend some time with her more.

“Well, I don’t wanna talk in front of Lucy, and I kind of have a lot to say, so..” She continued, implying that she should leave and come back sometime that I didn’t have Lucy with me.

“Oh.. I’m taking her to see a new house I just bought, then I’m dropping her off at her Mom’s place, so if you wanted to come along, you’re welcome to.. We can talk after,” I suggested and she hesitated a few moments.

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“Yeah, I guess I could tag along. Do you think Lucy would mind?” Faline asked and I shook my head.

“No, she won’t care. She already complimented your hair, she likes you. If she didn’t then she wouldn’t have said anything,” I reply and chuckle, watching as Faline smiles and nods. I still can’t believe she showed up at my doorstep, had we left a minute sooner I would’ve missed her and who knows when the next time I’d see her would be. As I looked to her more, fun memories with her at college ran through my mind and I couldn’t help but feel the need to pull her inside and upstairs to my room. But, I sighed in my head, knowing I couldn’t with Luce here. “Well, let me get Lucy and her things and we can get going,” I continued and she nodded again, going inside to get Lucy and driving to the new house.

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I drove as Faline sat in back with Lucy, as if trying to get to know her better and I don’t think I stopped smiling once while driving to the new house. They were cute together, I couldn’t stop looking in the rear-view mirror at the both of them, but I admit I was looking at Faline a little more than my little girl. Faline was so beautiful, I loved how the wind from the windows being open picked up her hair and threw it all over her shoulders.

We drove through the city and across the large bridge into a more expensive neighborhood; this house had a gate to keep out the Paparazzi and keep them off my lawn. It was like this every time I got home, getting stopped my people, being asked to pose in pictures.. I didn’t want Lucy to end up in the media and my sisters finding out about her before I finally told them.. I guess I wanted to keep her a secret simply because I didn’t want her to constantly be followed around like I am, media can always have its perks, but it also has it’s embarrassing moments, and I never wanted her to be humiliated on such a public scale. I didn’t have the best reputation, anyways, I’m constantly “On the Prowl” in those tabloids, it’s really irritating, especially when lately I haven’t even been sleeping around at all. I’ve just been spending time with Lucy. But, it was bound to happen; my mother was notorious in Bridgeport for her art, donations, charities, her pure bread horses, everything.

The Realtor had to meet me there since I hadn’t got my key yet and I called to let her know I wanted it. She was waiting for us when we pulled up, walking us in and unlocking everything for us.

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“Showing the wife and little one the new home?” The Realtor asked with a bubbly tone and I chuckled nervously.

“Oh, uh.. Just a friend.. But, yeah, my little one wanted to claim her own room,” I corrected her and I looked over my shoulder at Faline, seeing that her eyes were looking to the flowers and away from me as her cheeks turned a rosy pink. 

“Oh, sorry about that then,” she answered and looked over her shoulder to Lucy, “There’s four very lovely rooms for you to choose from,” she continued with a joyous tone and Lucy smiled, bouncing excitedly in my arms and I laughed.

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We get inside and I look to Lucy, her eyes are huge and I can tell she can barely hold in her excitement. “It’s so big!” She said enthusiastically and I chuckled.

“Sure is,” I agreed, looking to Faline and she had the same expression as Lucy did.

“Well, do they need a tour, or are you going to do that?” The Realtor asked, handing me the keys to the gate and the front door.

“I’d be happy to, thank you for meeting me and giving me the keys. I’ll probably be moving in this weekend,” I reply and she smiles, saying goodbye to all of us and leaving.

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We walked through the home and into another living area; I loved how when I walked into this house I always could imagine the furniture all over and what I wanted to do with it. There was so much potential with this place and I also wanted Lucy and I to make it ours with our own touches. My favorite room in the house was the living area to the right, it had windows lining the walls and it had an amazing view. I was thinking about making some changes though and putting in a fireplace where one of the windows were.

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“Wow!! That room is amazing!” Lucy called out excitedly, looking to the living area and squirming in my arms for me to let her down. “I want this room!!” Lucy called out as she ran into the room and Faline and I laughed.

“That’s the living room, sweets.. There’s not even a door,” I reply but she ignores me, running over to the corner in the room. 

“She’s so adorable Jason,” Faline says with a smile, looking to me and placing her hand on my bicep and I listened to her heels clicking on the wood as she walked away from me and towards the windows in the room. I looked to Lucy and knew she would be distracted by the amazing view for a little bit, so I took this opportunity to walk over to Faline.

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I walked up behind her and slid my arms around the front of her, hearing her let out a tiny giggle and I smirked, “So why’d you really want to find me, huh? Couldn’t get enough?” I questioned softly in her ear in a flirtatious tone.

“You still know how to put on that charm, huh?” She asked a little sarcastically in return and I chuckled, brushing my nose against her ear over her hair, being reminded of our night together back at college again and she smelled just the same; lilies.

I was happy to see you at my door though, I’ve been thinking about you a lot,” I continued, feeling her hands come up and rest on my arms as she let me hold her. 

“Really? I thought you’d just treat me like Bettie or any other girl and get annoyed or something,” she replied and I lost my smirk, not liking that she got that impression from me and I wanted to change her perspective. I never cared like this before, I was never happy when I ran into someone I had slept with and ditched, but with Faline it was different. 

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I felt her beginning to pull from my grip, so I let her go and she turned around to face me, “What’s the matter?” I ask, looking to the concern on her face.

“Nothing, I just.. I kind of feel bad for imposing on you showing your daughter your new house, I feel like it’s something that you should just be doing with her,” she replied and I smirked.

“It’s alright, she doesn’t mind. I know I don’t mind at all,” I answered with a coy grin and she smirks in return.

“Are you sure? I could always go..” She continued.

“Yeah, it’s fine.. Stop worrying about it so much,” I comforted and she eventually nodded.

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“Do you regret coming here or something? Are you uncomfortable around Lucy?” I asked, watching as she gave a worried expression and shook her head.

“No, no, it’s not her.. I’m just, distracted I guess, and I kind of just feel awkward,” she continued and I raised a brow.

“Oh.. Why’s that?”

“Well, because for one,” she hesitated, lowering her voice, “We had drunk sex and never saw one another again, until now, that might be making me feel like this. Plus I know nothing about you besides that you go to the same college I do and you have a kid,” she answered and I shrugged.

“Well, maybe that’s why I wanted you to tag along.. So I could get to know you. Why’d you track me down unless you wanted the same thing?” I questioned with a shy smirk, watching as she broke eye contact momentarily and looked to me again. 

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Daddy, daddy! Come look, huuurrrrrryyyyy!” I heard Lucy calling me from the other room and I couldn’t hold back a wide smile, letting out a laugh.

“Be right there, Luce!” I called back and I look to Faline who soon smiles at me, “Tell you what, let’s just come back here after I drop off Lucy.. I bet she just noticed the pool,” I flirted and cocked my eyebrows excitedly and she giggled.

“I didn’t pack my bathing suit,” she replied and I smiled more, shaking my head.

“That’s fine, you don’t need one,” I answered and turned around to go to Lucy and Faline laughed and pushed at my back playfully. 

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g2c6 p33-2

“Daddy, look! There’s a pool! Let’s go swimming!” Lucy called out when she saw us coming in, chuckling at her.

“Maybe when we get all moved in, I didn’t bring your suit, Angel,” I replied and I heard her sigh heavily, putting her hands and face against the glass as she looked at the pool.

“Lucy, don’t you want to pick out your new room?” Faline added and I looked to her and smiled, looking to Lucy and she ran back towards us and into my arms.

“Yeah, yeah! I wanna pick one!” She said with joy and we made our way upstairs.

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“So, which one is your favorite?” I asked Lucy and she thought for a moment.

“I like the pink one!” She replied and I smiled.

“Then it’s yours. But it’s on the third floor, so you’ll still have to be in my room until your old enough, okay?” I point out and she nods in agreement.

“Which one are you picking?” Faline asked and I had chosen from the beginning since I knew Lucy would pick the pink room. 

“I’m taking the yellow one,” I replied with a grin and she smiled and nodded. “Alright, ready to go back home to Momma? I’ll come and pick you up when I have the house all ready, okay?” I said to Lucy and she nodded, ready to go home, though she was a little sad that she had to go back to Lana’s.

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My mind was racing as I drove to Lana’s, wondering if she would be outside waiting or if I would have to go upstairs and have to deal with her. If she was outside, I hoped she wouldn’t see Faline, she would only cause a scene and they’d probably end up fighting or something. Lana was a wild cat, the moment she somehow found out about my first girl that I slept with away at college was a nightmare; even though we weren’t officially together, she still acted like she owned me and I couldn’t do anything that I wanted without hearing her bitch at me. 

g2c6 p40

I think I’ll make Faline wait in the car regardless, I don’t want her to get involved with Lana at all, especially when there was nothing between Faline and I either, but I knew Lana would still freak at the very sight of her. As we drove to Lana’s, Lucy fell asleep in Faline’s arms, napping as we drove. I looked over at them a lot, catching Faline giving me glances that I adored and I knew she had fallen in love with Lucy just as fast as I did when I first held her in my arms. Lucy definitely inherited my charm, that is.. Well, I hoped she was mine.. I grew nervous at that thought as well, the fact that Lucy may not be mine and my stomach started to feel a little sick. But, I looked back over to Faline and I tried to think of better things, like the alone time I was going to have with her after I dropped off Lucy.

g2c6 p41
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When I got to Lana’s, I told Faline to wait in the car and I brought Lucy upstairs with her bag of things. Lana took the bag for Lucy and threw it behind her on the ground, then took Lucy from my arms when she was in the doorway and practically shut the door in my face without even letting me give a proper goodbye to Lucy. I was infuriated by her behavior; the look in Lucy’s eyes as her mother shut the door in my face broke my heart and I wanted to beat the door down, but I didn’t. I wondered if someone was there with Lana that she was trying to hide for whatever reason..

The drive back to the house wasn’t awkward to say the least. I got to know Faline a lot; she goes to college for Science and Medicine, she has a twin brother named Rocco, and she loves Lucy, which was a huge relief and also a plus. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love Lucy the moment they met her, she was raised well in my opinion and she behaves wonderfully. I told her about my three sisters and Hitomi’s little girl, Helena; I loved talking with Faline because she seemed to open up more and more as I explained my family, I think she really loved that I had a little girl, too. I won her over, I had to of.. 

g2c6 p43
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g2c6 p45

The moment we got into my new house, I shut the door and took her hands within mine, pulling her into me as I pushed her more against the wall to kiss her deeply. She moaned in surprise as I instantly deepened the kiss and savored her lips just like I had done back at college; she was such a great kisser, that’s one thing I never forgot about her. She continued to let out pleasure filled moans as I pushed her fully against the wall, not wanting her to be anywhere else but here and I kissed her even if she wanted me to stop. I felt her knee bend and she ran her leg up and between mine teasingly, I pulled my hands from her grip and they ran up her arms and I felt the straps of her dress under my fingertips.

g2c6 p46

Faline then put her hands to my chest, pushing me off of her and disconnecting our lips. I looked to her with a questioning expression and she sighed, looking to me and beginning to explain herself, “I’m sorry, but I came here to talk to you about something, not to be a booty call,” she began and I furrowed my brow.

“I’m not, I-  That’s not what I think this is,” I reply, looking to her with a concerned expression.

g2c6 p49
g2c6 p47

Faline looked to me and shook her head, thinking about her next words as if choosing them wisely, “Jason.. I came here to tell you something, just to talk. I wanted to apologize for running out on you that one morning, and I also wanted to apologize for doing any of that with you in general. I mean, it was fun.. But I never intended to do that with you. Bettie was my friend, but she found out about us and I’ve lost her.. I’m sorry, but it was a mistake, but now we’re paying for it..” She continued and I grew confused, her words hurt and I hated that she called it a mistake.

I bowed my head shamefully, unable to look at her, “Well.. I wouldn’t label what we did a mistake.. And what do you mean? How are we paying for it? I.. Kind of though that today went well when we were together,” I replied with a defeated tone, looking to her again and she sighed.

g2c6 p50

Faline hesitated, looking frantically between my eyes and the floor and I could tell she was nervous, and also worried, “Because, I.. I’m pregnant, Jason..” She continued and my eyes widened, my jaw dropping slightly and she quickly continued, “That’s why.. I didn’t want a kid, not until I finished college.. I was actually coming to tell you and see what you thought about me getting rid of it, I thought you would want the same.. But after seeing you with Lucy; how much you love each other and how good you are with her.. I don’t know what to do anymore.. I was playing how this was going to work out over and over in my head and I was planning on you feeling the same, ’cause I’m not ready, and I didn’t think that you would be either.. But now I can see that you are because you already have a kid and then I got confused, rethinking everything and now I don’t know what to do anymore..” She continued, repeating herself a few times as her words seemed rattled, giving me a worried expression and I continued to look to her in awe. I was shocked beyond belief. Her words stung a bit, but I loved how she was changing her mind the more she saw me with Lucy. Just because of how my mother felt about children, I had always believed that they needed a chance, someone to love, even if they weren’t expected. I hated that she had even contemplated getting rid of it. 

g2c6 p51
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But, I was excited and so happy at this news, I always wanted kids. Well, I expected to have them later in life, but seeing how I already have one and she seems to be making me a better person, I welcomed the thought of having more; especially with Faline for some reason. I wanted her to keep it, I hoped that this time around I would have a son and I wanted to try my best to prove to my father that I could be a better one than he ever was. Some of my favorite things when raising Lucy was teaching her how to walk and talk, her first word was even ‘dada’ and I wanted to experience that again. I stepped up closer and cupped her cheek in my hand pulling her closer to me and smirking.

“I want you to keep it. I’ll help you through anything you might need, I have a lot of room here now, you could even stay here if you wanted, you and the baby,” I answered softly, watching as she looked to me as if surprised by my reaction.

“What? A-Are you sure you want me to keep it? I don’t want to impose on you and Lucy and whatever you have with her mother. I just came to let you know and get your opinion, I don’t want to impose, really,” she continued. I could tell she was nervous and confused, probably surprised by my response still and I leaned in to peck her cheek lovingly.

“This isn’t an imposition at all.. I’m positive, it’ll all work out,” I replied and connected our lips once more.

g2c6 p54
g2c6 p55

I couldn’t wait to get the house set up, I wanted this to work and I felt that Faline was a way better match than Lana and I. I was so excited for this baby and I couldn’t wait until I told Lucy the news that she was going to have a baby brother or sister. It made me want to come clean to my sisters about Lucy, I couldn’t believe I had kept her from them this long already and this new baby made me want to boast about it, too. I started to believe that things were turning around for me, and I had finally met someone that I actually wanted to be around. It felt weird and out of the ordinary, but nice.

g2c6 p57
g2c6 p58

I pulled her upstairs to my room and she went straight to the windows, looking out them and admiring the city view I had as the sun began to set, “Jason, this place is amazing.. The view is gorgeous,” she began, soon looking to me and I smiled.

“Yeah, it sure is,” I replied coyly as I eyed her up and down and she gave me a sarcastic grin, walking back over to me and I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me. “We should celebrate the good news.. Wanna christen the new room?” I asked with a grin and she giggled lightly as I ran my hands up the bottom of her dress. 

g2c6 p59
g2c6 p60

I pulled her dress over her head and threw it to the side, feeling as she undid my jacket and vest as well and I don’t think today could’ve turned out any better.

Despite how Lana had treated me earlier and despite how much I wanted Lucy to be fully under my custody, I knew Lana would never go for it. I felt as if she was using Lucy to keep me on this invisible rope that she was holding with a tight grip, refusing me to be out of her life, yet at the same time wanting nothing to do with me. As much as I wanted to find out her true motives, I’d keep my mouth shut and just hoped I would never fuck up to the point where she would take Lucy. I don’t know what I’d do.. 

g2c6 p64
g2c6 p66

Faline was my new muse. I couldn’t stop thinking about her ever since that night in college when Bettie had brought her over but I never got to introduce myself. She had constantly been on my mind, and now I knew why. I had fallen for her, that must’ve been it. She was fun and sarcastic, so short and cute, not to mention smart, insanely beautiful, she loved Lucy.. And now we were having a child together. My gaze never went outside to the lit up city that was our only source of light, no.. My eyes never left the redheaded beauty that laid before me; the one woman that changed me, the one woman I actually wanted to start a life with.

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    1. Hahaha! Yup, you were right about her being knocked up when she first showed up! XD
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    1. Hehe Jason ^.^ *hugs*
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    1. Haha! Awww, :D
      Julia and Jason took their parents death the hardest, Julia kind of segregates herself whenever it gets close to the anniversary of the fire at the house, kind of like how Jason does, too. His sisters will make their appearance soon enough ;)
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    I’m anxious to see how Jason’s sisters react to the news of Lucy, Faline and the pregnancy. That’s a lot to take in all at once, from a very unexpected source.

    1. Hahaha it only takes that one person to completely change someone around. For better or for worse? Eh, who knows. XD
      Yeah, it will be a lot to take in for his sisters if he ever does decide to tell them.
      Thanks for reading!

  5. Okayyyyy okay, I am beginning to warm up to Jason after having read a bit more from him. There is clearly a lot more to the man that the chauvinistic pig that I met in the first couple chapters, and I’m really relieved to see that.

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    1. LOL I didn’t want to say anything in your other comment, but I felt like you might warm up to him eventually XD But, he still has his quirks..
      Yeah, he’s a great father, and he mostly is because of his experience with his own father.. He learned from the worst, and the worst made him act his best once a child came into his life.
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      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. jazen

    Well kid #2. He is at least a some what good father and his time with Lucy proved it. His sisters will be pissed to find out he already has one child and a second on the way. I wonder if he’ll fight for custody of Lucy now. I hope he does.

    1. Yeah, he really is a good dad and has a lot of patience for children. He’s always liked the idea of having kids, so he was pretty happy to find out that Faline was pregnant. :D
      Yeaaahhh, him keeping something like this from his sisters isn’t going to go over very well, but we’ll see how they react in a later chapter. And things seem to be going ‘okay’ between them, so Jason doesn’t have too much of a reason to want that full custody as of yet, but we’ll see.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! ^_^

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