Generation 1, Chapter 8

g1c8 p1

Marrick sat on the floor with Hitomi and chatted with her as Sadie sat calmly upon the couch in the living area upstairs, watching them conversing and she loved watching them together. It had been a week since their argument and Sadie had become seemingly depressed since then, Marrick taking notice to her lack of normal excitement and happiness that emitted from her every day and he hated seeing her that way.. It wasn’t the Sadie that he knew and loved. Since their argument, Sadie had been spending a lot more time with Hitomi and giving her every ounce of her attention whenever she could, Marrick wondering now if all the love she had within her was now all going to be directed to only Hitomi rather than both her and him. She wanted more children, but Marrick said no, and he assumed her growing love for Hitomi through the past week and her lack of love towards him was a result of his words and actions. He began to wonder if Sadie hated him or if she even wanted to be with him anymore, causing him to worry and even wondering if he should reconsider his decision.

Hitomi was turning out more and more like Marrick, taking his views on things and almost idolizing him, trying to take after him to make him happy; she agreed with most of his views and teachings anyways. Sadie wasn’t feeling too good that morning, so she mostly just took it easy and watched them play and have fun without her. Marrick was worried for her, giving his attention to Hitomi but continuously taking a break to look over to Sadie and making sure she was alright.

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After a little while, Sadie began to grow ill and she stood up, holding her stomach and Marrick looked to her quickly with a worried face, “You okay?” He asked, watching as she held out her hand and waved it, telling him to stay where he was with Hitomi.

“I’m alright, I just don’t feel good,” she replied, putting her hand to her mouth and feeling the inside of her mouth begin to salivate as if she was going to be sick. “I’ll be right back, I’m okay,” Sadie added and gave him a fake, weak smile with a pale face, only causing him to worry more and he watched as she walked past them and towards the bathroom.

g1c8 p4

Sadie shut the door quietly behind her and Hitomi’s expression grew worried, Marrick now hating that both of his girls were in turmoil, “Is she going to be okay?” She asked and Marrick gave her a fake smile, wanting to comfort her.

“Of course. Do you remember when you were sick a month ago and you didn’t feel good?” He asked and he watched as she nodded, “Well, you got over it, so will Mommy. You’re all fine now, right?” He asked, bringing his hands to her sides and tickling her and she fell back as she squirmed and laughed. Archor walked over to them, calmly staring at Hitomi and soon losing interest, looking towards the stairs as he stood by Marrick.

g1c8 p5

“Stay there, baby girl,” Marrick said softly and leaned in to kiss her forehead, getting up from the ground and walking over to the bathroom door and softly knocking on it, “Sadie? Are you alright?” He asked quietly as to not worry Hitomi, looking back at her and seeing that she was playing with Archor.

Marrick’s attention went back to the door when he heard Sadie’s voice, “Yes, I’m fine, just give me a minute,” she replied and Marrick sighed, not believing her as he then heard her getting sick.

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Marrick decided to give her a little more time alone and he turned around, looking back to Hitomi and seeing that she was about to follow Archor going downstairs. His eyes widened and his heart stopped, “Hitomi!” He called out and rushed to her, picking her up before she could reach the first step down and holding her tightly against him. Marrick looked to Archor as he stood half way down the stairs, looking back at him as if his expression was happy. Marrick’s lips twisted with rage, “Bad dog! You know she likes to follow you, now git!” Marrick demanded and Archor cowered  in fear, his tail going between his legs and his ears falling as he quickly went downstairs and ran to a spot in the house where he could hide. Marrick’s heart was beating hard in fear and he hated how it felt, especially knowing that his fear was caused by Hitomi almost getting seriously hurt, and from Archor’s doings.

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Sadie soon opened the door and came over to them with worry written all over her face, “What happened? Is she alright?” She asked frantically, putting her hands upon Hitomi and brushing her hair lovingly.

Marrick could barely form a smile, “Yeah, she’s okay. She tried following Archor downstairs, but I caught her,” he replied and kissed the side of Hitomi’s head.

“Thank goodness.. Hitomi, you know you need one of us to take you up and down the stairs,” Sadie said with a concerned tone and Hitomi frowned, knowing what she did was wrong, but Marrick was more so mad with Archor than Hitomi. What was he thinking? Marrick thought to himself.

g1c8 p10

Marrick brought Hitomi into her bedroom and Sadie came to the door and stood by it as he set Hitomi on the floor, “Be good and play with your toys, I need to talk to Mommy, okay?” he said calmly and smirked at her.

Hitomi frowned and Marrick brushed a few stray hairs out of her face, “I’m sorry,” she said quietly and Marrick grew slightly confused, “For twying to go downstaiws,” she continued as tears began to well up in her eyes and Marrick gave her a pleased smile to try and get her to do that same.

“It’s not your fault, don’t be sorry. I was just nervous you’d get hurt, and Mommy and I want to always prevent that from happening. Don’t follow him around anymore, okay?” He requested and picked her up briefly to kiss her cheek and he set her down again, watching as she nodded and began to calm herself down.

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Marrick left Hitomi to play and came out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him and going to Sadie, bringing her into his arms and holding her against him. Sadie was surprised slightly, Marrick bringing her lips into his and kissing her passionately for seemingly no reason at all. She returned the kiss, but only because she felt like she had no choice and she felt as if he was holding onto her a little tighter than normal, causing her to wonder if something was bothering him. Marrick didn’t know why he felt the fear he did, he was set on not having any more children and the thought of losing Hitomi frightened him. He didn’t want kids, hated the thought of having them, worried about having a son and passing down the insanity that was within them all. But, if he were to ever lose Hitomi for any reason, he hated that he would consider trying for another child but hoping within his whole heart that it would be another baby girl. He hated their kiss, there was nothing to it; no love, no passion, nothing, at least that’s what he felt from Sadie.

g1c8 p13

Marrick soon withdrew from the kiss and Sadie’s blushing rosy cheeks along with the subtle look in her eyes told him that she loved him without her needing to use words, but he still felt as if she still felt off, pained, even perhaps losing her love for him. He pulled her close and brought his other hand to her face, brushing his fingers down her cheek and soon dragging a finger over her lips, getting lost as he looked at her. Marrick’s expression grew slightly angered, causing Sadie to lose the shine in her eyes and she curiously waited to see what he was doing. Marrick thought about how she had been feeling and he feared the worst, his mind beginning to wonder if she could be pregnant again, but he still wasn’t sure. He had no idea how Sadie reacted to being pregnant with Hitomi since she wasn’t with him at the time to experience it and know, soon connecting eyes with her and Sadie felt as if she had done something wrong without her knowing what. “I-I’m going to go.. Lie down,” she said softly, almost in a requesting manner as she gently put her hand to his arm that was reaching to her face and he eventually broke their eye contact, looking to her hand that was placed on him and he soon let her go. Sadie almost skittishly backed away from him, slowly walking over to their bedroom door and entering it, closing the door quietly behind her without a sound.

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Sadie had been in the bedroom for hours, Marrick didn’t see her for the rest of the day and soon the sun had begun its descent, falling over the horizon and he actually felt lonely without her. They saw one another every day, every hour, he felt as if he was lost without her next to him, even with Hitomi in the kitchen with him upon the ground. Marrick sat at the kitchen table, keeping silent to himself as Archor came up to him and nudged Marrick’s hand with his nose, whimpering and watching as Marrick ignored him unknowingly and unaware that anything had touched him. “I’m sorry,” Archor said softly and Marrick just stared into his mug, looking at the tea he had made and watching as it changed red and the steam that rose from it smelled of blood. His mind was playing tricks on him, but he casually stared at the liquid, putting it to his lips and taking a quick sip.

“Go away,” Marrick said in a whisper to Archor, keeping it from Hitomi’s ears and Archor bowed his head in shame, walking back over to Hitomi and she pet him and combed at his fur.

g1c8 p16

Marrick finished his tea as he listened to Hitomi humming happily as she tried to braid Archor’s hair, soon yawning and Marrick looked back, standing and cleaning his glass within the sink. He walked over to Hitomi and picked her up, the same boring, blank expression on his face, “Ready for bed?” He asked her with no emotion, Hitomi nodding as her eyelids grew heavy. Marrick looked down to Archor, his eyes empty and Archor withdrew from him a little, “Come,” Marrick said, walking out of the kitchen and hearing Archor’s claws tapping on the tile close behind him as they walked upstairs.

g1c8 p17

Marrick went into his room first, stopping as he looked to Sadie within their bed with the lights off and their were tissues filled with tears next to the bed on the nightstand. Marrick grew ashamed of himself at the fact that he had brought her to the point of tears, wondering if the way he looked at her earlier was solely the reason for her crying. Why did I look at her like that.. Like I hated her? He thought to himself, growing nervous by his thoughts and decided to leave the room, bringing Hitomi into her room that was next to her parents.

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Archor followed and went to one of Hitomi’s window’s to look out of it, Marrick wanted to take her to her crib, but Hitomi was still awake and she wanted to be with him longer, “Nooo, not yetttt,” she pleaded and gripped his shirt more, not wanting to let go and Marrick sighed. He walked over to the rocking chair instead, sitting down gently and rubbing her back to help coo her to sleep. Hitomi looked up to him with tired eyes, observing his face and noticing that he hadn’t been his normal self since he had ‘talked’ with her mother earlier, wondering what happened. “Are you and Mommy fighting?” She asked and Marrick didn’t move an inch besides to rock the chair.

“No,” he answered simply and stared at Hitomi’s wall, pulling her a little closer and feeling Hitomi wrap her arms around his neck. Marrick sighed for a few long seconds, soon feeling Hitomi fall asleep within his arms and he then looked to Archor who was already looking at him. “Why?” He asked simply.

“Why, what?” Archor asked in return, seeming to raise his brow in confusion and Marrick squinted his eyes slightly towards him.

“You know that she likes to follow you.. So why?” He asked again, watching as Archor stared into his eyes.

“I didn’t know she would follow, you told her to stay and she didn’t. I listen better than she does,” he replied.

“You bite your tongue you liar,” Marrick said, his tone filled with rage as he clenched his teeth, “First and final warning.. If you ever put her in danger again, I’ll kill you with my own hands, don’t you ever dare to forget that.” he warned, watching as Archor wasn’t phased by the threat as he continuing to stare into his eyes eerily.

g1c8 p20

Marrick stood to his feet and held Hitomi close as she continued to sleep in his arms, bringing her to her crib and setting her gently within it. He covered her with her blanket and gave her the stuffed bunny he had won her on her birthday, watching as she pulled it close into her arms as she still thought she was holding on to Marrick. He watched her sleeping, tracing his finger down her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear, so fragile, so beautiful.. How could anyone even dream of hurting you? Marrick thought to himself, shaking the terrible thought from his mind and making his way out of her room, “Get out,” he said to Archor, watching as he calmly walked passed Marrick and he shut the door behind him and Archor. Archor made his way for Marrick’s room, “No, go sleep downstairs,” Marrick demanded and Archor looked back at him, his expression growing sad but he didn’t protest, bowing his head as he slowly walked downstairs and Marrick watched his every step until he heard Archor reach the bottom of the steps and Marrick continued to his room to go to sleep.

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16 Responses to “Generation 1, Chapter 8”

  1. Ooh bring on the insanity. ;) I like how you’ve been making Archor have conversations with Marrick.

  2. Oh, poor Archor, Marrick is taking his crap out on him.
    That was very astute of Hitomi to see that something is going on with her parents.

    • Hitomi is so used to seeing them together that with the sudden change, she needs to know if something was going on. She’s seen her fathers temper before and he tends to ignore Sadie whenever they fight.
      Thanks for reading!

  3. I felt so horrible for Archor. No dog ever wants to hear the words “Bad dog.” :( I fear his insanity is getting worse. His converstations with his dog are becoming more and more frequent. This is getting good…

  4. Uh, oh! Not only does he talk to his dog now, but he also threatens him… I’m so scared for poor Archor…

    And what was that about the tea “turning” into blood?! :o It was nerve-wracking. I’m afraid Marrick’s insanity is getting worse by the minute.

    This legacy is so good :)!

    • Marrick is losing it for sure, and Archor seems to be only antagonizing him more. Marrick’s seeing things, of course it didn’t really turn to blood, but that’s what it looked like to him O_O hahaha
      Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying my legacy! And thanks for reading!

  5. Rut-roh. Marrick’s starting to spiral out of control. Love on the rocks, a pregnant Sadie, seeing blood in his tea and death threats for Archor. It seems Marrick’s only saving grace right now is the unconditional love between a father and daughter.

    • Marrick is only getting worse.. Who knows if the saying “it needs to get worse before it gets better” is true in this case :O
      Yeah, he loves Hitomi very, very much. They’re using Hitomi in a way to keep away from one another, or at least Sadie is more so.
      Thanks for reading!

  6. not sounding good

  7. Poor Archor. I get the feeling that he’s going to be the one to suffer if Marrick continues to spiral. He has to tell someone, or it’s I ky gonna happen faster!

  8. I do thing Sadie is pregnant. She is most likely scared to tell Marrick after the fight they had. I don’t like how Marrick blamed Anchor for the stairs. He was a bad parent for leaving the little girl sitting so close to the steps anyway. And threatening Anchor, sorry I’m a dog lover and his attitude pissed me off.

    • She very well could be pregnant, and that’s true, with how Marrick has been reacting when it comes to having more kids, she would be a little scared to tell him she if she is.
      True, he shouldn’t have left Hitomi alone and blaming the dog was probably just his way out of taking the blame for that. Aww, I love dogs, too hehe <3
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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