Generation 4, Chapter 7


Finally, I had gotten around to buying a nice suit for myself and I didn’t need to borrow anything from James. It was a Tuesday evening after class and tomorrow Camilla was going back to France to finish the rest of her year abroad there. We were having dinner together tonight like she had wanted to and I was glad that I was going out with her.. I needed something to take my mind off of the whole situation with Jody. Ever since James and I had that talk at the park, I haven’t really been able to focus on a lot of things, but then again, I haven’t really been able to focus on anything ever since I met her..


“Stop, Oliver.. Just stop thinking about it..” I told myself as I looked at my reflection in the bathroom. I adjusted my tie, buttoning up the few buttons that needed to be done and although I couldn’t see my whole body and how I looked overall, I assumed I looked okay enough.. “Just have fun tonight.. Nothing to worry about, you’re not going to run into her, and you’re not going to think about her anymore,” I told myself as I looked at my own eyes in the reflection. “She doesn’t deserve to be on your mind. Don’t give her the satisfaction of even thinking about her..” I continued, though most of what I was saying were things that James had told me earlier today when he came with and helped me pick out a suit after class. 


I left the bathroom and went to Camilla’s door next to mine, knocking on it and I heard her say I could come in and I did so. I opened her door and looked at her, seeing her doing her hair and I smiled at what she was wearing, “Wow, you look really nice,” I said genuinely and she smiled.

“Thank you, Oliver,” she took a moment to look at me, too, “I can’t even remember the last time I saw you in a suit like that. You look great,” she complimented in return and I smiled.

“The last time I wore a suit was for Grandpa’s funeral. I figured I would buy a new one for a ‘Party Suit’ instead of wearing the one that makes me think of death,” I joked and Camilla laughed.

“Good call,” she replied and I chuckled. 

“Did you decide where you wanted to go?” I asked, watching as she continued to try a few things with her hair, but in the end, she just went with the style she usually goes with.


“Hmm, well.. I’ve been to everything here already, none of the restaurants are that great, anyways, and I didn’t really want to go out of town.. I guess I can’t decide,” she replied, looking to me again from the mirror, “Can you think of anywhere?”  She asked.

I stood there and thought for a moment, leaning my back against the door and all that I could really think of was Isaiah’s bar since she had never been there before, but did I want to go there and face him? I’m sure he’s been expecting my call, so would it be weird if I showed up there when I haven’t done that yet..? It wasn’t as if I was avoiding it, and I supposed that it would be okay since I didn’t have all of his number anymore and couldn’t call him even if I wanted to, so maybe showing up there wouldn’t be all that bad..? I had to show up there eventually to tell him why I haven’t called him, so doing it now couldn’t hurt, right? But, why was I worrying about it, anyways? I barely knew the guy, and it wouldn’t be terrible or weird if I never saw him again, would it..? I guess I should be asking myself do I even want to see him again? ..But, I had to admit that I did.. There was something about him that I liked, how nice and welcoming he was, and how never once did I notice him seem bored when talking with me. 


“Oliver?” Camilla pulled me out of my own head and I looked up to her.


She laughed softly, “I asked if you could think of anywhere to go and you spaced out for, like, four straight minutes,” she said with another laugh and I let out a nervous chuckle.

“Oh, uhm.. Sorry..” I replied, “Well, there’s one place I know you haven’t been to.. It’s new, only a few weeks old. It’s the place I went to on Thanksgiving to get a drink.. It’s a really nice place, there’s a dress code and such.. I met the owner, he was really nice and he didn’t even make me pay for the drinks I got.. He gave me his number, too, since he’s new in town.. He wanted me to show him around, but I uh.. I lost it..” I lied with a soft sigh, not wanting to explain the whole situation to her.

“And what a coincidence that you bought a nice, new suit to go there in, too, since there’s a dress code,” she hinted a little, “What’s his name?” She wondered and I was a little thrown off by her implication, but I ignored it anyways.



“No last name?”

“I didn’t get it,” I replied.

“Well, I guess we’re going there, then. Gotta put a full name to the face that treated you so nice, right?” She questioned and I shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess so..”

“Okay, well, I think I’m ready.. Let’s go,” she said with a smile and I smirked in return, though my heart stared to beat a little faster in nervousness when I knew where we were headed.


I helped Camilla with her coat and we left the house around six, taking a cab there like we did everywhere and when we arrived, I noticed it was a lot more lively than it was on Thanksgiving, but that didn’t really surprise me. I could already hear music playing from the inside and I looked to Camilla who had a large smile on her face, “I’m excited already. It sounds like live music.. Is it?” She asked and I remembered seeing a small stage with a piano and a few other instruments when I was last here.

“Yeah, I think it’s live.. I was the only one here on Thanksgiving so I didn’t see anyone play, but I’m guessing so,” I answered.

“We should dance then, too! This is going to be so much fun!” She said cheerfully and I hated the idea of dancing, but I liked seeing her so happy.. It had been too long since I had hung out with her, and I’ll do whatever she wants just to see her smile. I missed it. Camilla then put her hand to my back and pushed me forward, eagerly walking towards the bar and I grew even more nervous as we walked through the front door.


We stopped at the coat-check and I waited for Camilla to hand in her coat and get a ticket, looking to my right and the music was louder and I confirmed to myself that there was actually live music playing. The place wasn’t packed, but it had a decent amount of people here. When she was ready, I walked in with her and the first thing I did was look to the bar instinctively, looking to see if Isaiah was bar-tending and I smirked just slightly when I saw him. He was tending to a couple at the bar and I wondered if he’d recognize me, “Is that him?” Camilla wondered and I looked to her, nodding ‘yes’ and I watched her smile, “He’s handsome, I can see why you like him,” she hinted and I scoffed.

“It’s not even like that..”

“Then why are you blushing?” She asked and I hadn’t even noticed how warm my cheeks were.

“I-I’m not.. He probably doesn’t even remember me..” I replied and she laughed, watching as her eyes went to the bar.


“He definitely remembers you,” she pointed out and I raised my brow, looking over towards the bar and Isaiah was already looking at me with a grin on his lips. Go talk to him, I’ll get us a table,” she insisted and she pushed at my back a little to help encourage me to walk over. I let out a gentle breath and watched as Camilla walked off to get us a table and I looked back to the bar, seeing Isaiah walk to the end where no one was sitting and I slowly walked up to the chair I remembered sitting in last time.


“Well, hey, stranger,” he began and I smirked.

“Hey..” I replied quietly, taking the seat I had walked up to and I sat down.

“You look sharp, you clean up a lot better than I thought you would,” he said with a chuckle and I returned one as well.

“Thanks,” I replied with the same smirk I held.

“I didn’t expect to see your face tonight, can’t say that I’m mad about it, though,” he said with a pleased tone.

“I-I, uhm.. I wanted to say sorry for not calling, I lost your number, so..”

“Lost it, or threw it out?” He teased and I made a remorseful expression, “Relax, I’m just messing with you. It was kind of stupid of me to give it to you on something that could be easily lost, anyways,” he corrected himself and I let out a relieved sigh.


“It’s, uh.. A long story, actually..”

“And I’d love to hear it, but it seems that you’ve already got prior engagements,” he hinted, watching his eyes look somewhere else and I looked to where he did, seeing Camilla sitting at a table watching the band playing.

“Oh, no, she’s not.. Uhm.. She’s my little sister, so..”

“Ahh, I see.. Now that I look at her more, she does look like you.. I thought you were on a date,” he replied with a chuckle and I shook my head.

“No, quite the opposite, actually.. She’s a first year student here at the college, but she’s an exchange student who studies in France. She’s just here for a visit, she’s leaving tomorrow, so we’re spending some time together before she goes back,” I replied and he nodded in understanding.

“Well, don’t let me keep you. Go enjoy your time with her, we’ll talk more later,” he encouraged and I smiled.

“Alright.. I’ll see you later then,” I replied and he nodded, watching him walk away to tend to his other customers and I rose from the chair, going to where Camilla had chosen to sit and I joined her.


“Soooo..” She teased and I sighed.


“Was he mad that you lost his number or anything?” She wondered.

“No.. Why would he be?”

“I don’t know.. Just wondering,” she replied, though I wasn’t sure quite what she was getting at, but I chose to ignore it.

“Do you know what you want to eat?” I asked and Camilla laughed softly.

“I haven’t even gotten a menu yet.”

“Oh.. Right.. Sorry,” I replied with a nervous chuckle, seeing her give me a particular smile that I didn’t know how to interpret, but if I were to guess, it’d be joyfully suspicious.


A waiter came over to us eventually and before he even offered to get us anything to drink, he brought over a glass of whiskey on the rocks, “One whiskey on the rocks for the gentleman,” he said humbly.

Oh, uhm.. I didn’t order this..” I said with a nervous chuckle and the waiter smiled at me.

“I know. Compliments of the owner,” he said warmly.


“Aww, that’s so nice!” Camilla said with a cheery tone and I smiled softly when I looked to the drink I had ordered the last time I was here. I liked that he remembered. I glanced over towards the bar and Isaiah already had a smirk on his lips when he made eye contact with me. I felt my cheeks grow warm again and I smiled, watching him then go back to what he was doing and I turned back towards Camilla. The waiter then gave us menus and said he’d be back in a little bit and I looked it over to try and make a decision.


“I think someone likes you,” Camilla said with a devious smile and I looked to her in slight confusion.


“Oh, come on, Ollie.. You’re really smart, but don’t tell me you’re this stupid to not have noticed,” she continued.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about..” I brushed off.

“Ooohhh-kayyy,” she exaggerated and I rolled my eyes, then going back to the menu and trying to decide what to order.


I tried to pay attention to the menu, looking over the seafood section as well as the pasta and steak specials, but honestly, I was a little distracted. I wasn’t even looking to drink tonight, but as I looked to the glass on the table holding three fingers of whiskey and a few ice cubes, I started thinking about Isaiah again and I felt my lips smirk a little on their own. I picked up the glass and stirred it a little by circling the ice around, remembering back when I was last here and I noticed that he still looked at me the same as he did today as he did then, but how would I describe it? I thought about Camilla’s words more and I didn’t think the same as her, but what if she was right? 


I took a sip of my drink and set it down, my mouth burning just a little from the taste and I remember the flavor being a lot worse when I had it last time. I looked towards the stairs and around the room a little, taking in more of the scenery since the place was more brightly lit than on Thanksgiving. My eyes then couldn’t help but glance towards the bar and I looked to Isaiah, conversing with someone and after what I assumed was a joke, I could even hear his laugh over the crowd and the music.


I turned my attention back to the table and I noticed Camilla already looking at me with a raised brow and a smile, “You done staring at your boyfriend?” She teased and I felt my face get hot.

“W-What? Shut up..” I brushed off, turning my attention back to the menu and I heard her laugh.

“Speaking of couples.. I met your girlfriend on Thanksgiving.. Why’d you lie?” She wondered and I looking back up to her in confusion.


“I didn’t lie to you. She’s not my girlfriend.. We went on one date and I never talked to her again because I didn’t like her, I don’t know why she was there that night or even why Kat invited her.. Well, I do know, it was to distract me from Uncle Gareth, but a lot of fucking good that did. Besides, I left before she got there and if I actually liked her and knew she was there, don’t you think I would’ve came back? She’s not- My girlfriend..” I stressed and Camilla gave me a rather shocked expression.

“Wow, uhm.. Alright. I wasn’t expecting you to go on a rant like that, but..” She answered and I was a little embarrassed.. I guess I had kind of snapped at Camilla when she asked me that question..


“Sorry.. I didn’t lie, though.. She’s not my girlfriend,” I repeated.

“Alright, I get it.. Forget I even said anything, okay?” She said sweetly and I nodded, calming down a little more and I smirked slightly towards her. “So, since you’re single, are you and Romeo over there going to go on a date?” She asked with a soft giggle and I felt my face get warm again.

“Stop saying stuff like that.. It’s not what you think,” I said with slight irritation.

“Then what do I call it?”

“Call it nothing, because that’s what it is..”

“Then why does he keep looking at you like he wishes he was sitting here, too?”


“..He’s been looking over here?” I asked and Camilla smiled.

“No, but that got your attention, didn’t it?” She pointed out and I frowned, looking down to the menu and I ignored her.

“..I think I want steak.. What about you?” I asked, changing the subject and I looked up to see her smiling, but she shook her head at me in disappointment.

“Unbelievable..” She said with a laugh, then turning her attention to the menu, as well.


Thankfully, Camilla didn’t mention Isaiah any more during dinner and I wasn’t as distracted as I was when we had first gotten here. We sat at our table, eating our meals and talking for about two hours all together and it was nice to have finally caught up with her since the last time we were together. “I’m way too full to dance anymore.. Why did I think that would be a good idea earlier?” She asked and I laughed.

“Well, you know how I suck at dancing, I’m glad you don’t want to do it now,” I replied and she laughed in return. 

“This was a great dinner, Ollie, I’m really glad we caught up. I’ve really missed you,” she said with a sincere smile and I returned one as well.

“I know.. I’m glad we went out, too, before you went back.. But, at least you’ll be here for a few months when summer comes,” I replied and she smiled.

“Yeah, it’ll be nice to be home for a while.”


We received the check and I paid it, Camilla looking as if she was ready to leave, “Well, I think I’m going to head out.. I had fun, Ollie, thanks,” she said with a sweet smile and she rose from her chair.

I rose from mine as well and she came to me for a hug and I obliged, hugging her in return and she pulled away with a smile, “Wait, I can get a cab home with you,” I suggested, but she shook her head.

“No, no, it’s fine.. I’m a big girl,” she said with a giggle, “Besides, it doesn’t seem like your admirer wants you to leave yet,” she hinted as she looked over my shoulder towards the bar.

“W-What?” I asked and she smiled.


“I lied before about him staring at you, but now that we’ve stood up, he knows you’re leaving and I can tell he doesn’t want you to,” she continued and my cheeks grew warm for what felt like the millionth time tonight. “It’s fine, go talk to him. I’ll get my own cab, okay?” She said reassuringly.

“Are you sure? I can go with you if you want, just say the word,” I insisted but she shook her head.

“No, just go. I’ll see you at home,” she insisted in return and I nodded.

“Alright.. Get home safe,” I encouraged and she smiled, walking off then to collect her coat and I watched as she waved to Isaiah and he waved back. 


I noticed Isaiah then look towards me with the same smile he’s held whenever I look at him and I thought that Camilla could be right.. He seemed happy that I had stayed behind.. I walked over towards the bar and took the seat I had sat in last time and he walked over to stand in front of me behind the counter. “She seems like a really nice girl,” he began, assuming he was referring to Camilla and I nodded with a smile.

“She really is, it was nice to catch up with her..” I agreed and he seemed pleased.

“How was dinner?” He asked next.

“Great, I really liked it. You have a good cook,” I replied and he chuckled.

“Well, thank you. I take pride in finding the best for my establishment,” he answered with a grin, “Why’d you stay?” He wondered and I froze for a moment.

“Oh, uhm.. You said you wanted to talk more later, and it’s later, so..” I implied and he let out a soft laugh.

“Touche,” he replied with a grin, “So, you came back here to tell me you lost my number, does that mean you want it again?” He asked and my face went hot, looking down at the counter momentarily with a smirk.

“Maybe.. It was also to see if you even wanted to give it to me again, too,” I replied, looking back up to him and he continued his grin.


“I suppose I could.. Just as long as you promise to take care of it so this doesn’t happen again,” he joked and I chuckled softly.


“Then take your phone out, you can’t lose it if it’s already in there,” he implied and I nodded, taking out my phone like he had instructed and he recited it for me, typing it into my contacts and I was glad that I didn’t have to worry about this anymore.. It seemed to have really worked out coming here in the end.

“Hey.. I close at nine on the weekdays, you willing to hang out here for a half hour until then?” He wondered and I nodded.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Great. You want a beer or anything while you wait? Whiskey?” He teased with a grin and I smiled.

“No, I’m fine..” I replied with warm cheeks and an accompanied smirk, seeing him nod and he walked off to finish up the rest of the time he had left. 


I didn’t mind waiting for him, I actually kind of liked watching him work and interact with his customers, you could tell he really enjoyed what he did.  He talked and joked around with his customers, he also did a few tricks for people that tipped well, like throwing bottles from behind his back and catching them in front of him. With his twelve years of experience, I assumed he had picked up a few tricks, it was just kind of neat to see them in action since I’ve never witnessed something like that before. 


As time passed and the place cleared out more and more, the last of the stragglers left and it was just Isaiah and I once again, just like last time. I watched as he cleaned up the bar, clearing it of all the empty bottles and glasses and he put them all in the sink to soak a little. “Thanks for sticking around,” he announced from across the bar and I could hear him perfectly now that all the chatter and music was gone.

“No problem.. I figured I owed you. I didn’t want you to think that I was ignoring you or anything by not calling, and I guess it’s a good chance to talk a little,” I replied and I watched him smile.

“Oh, it’s alright.. I admit, I didn’t think you’d call and I didn’t think I’d see you again, but I’m glad I was wrong,” he answered and I was warmed by his response.


“So, you’ve been a bartender for twelve years, and I’m guessing you started when you were twenty one.. So you’re thirty three?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Does my age bother you?” He wondered.

“Oh, no, no.. Just.. Making conversation, I guess..”

“Interesting start,” he teased and I felt bad for saying it now.

“I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or anything,” I replied and he brushed it off.

“I was just surprised by the conversation starter being about how good you are at math,” he teased again and I grew embarrassed. 

“S-Sorry, just.. Forget I said anything..” I replied, looking down at the counter top and I heard him walking over towards me.


Isaiah leaned onto the counter in front of me and I looked up at him, seeing him smirking just slightly and I knew I didn’t offend him, though I still felt bad.. I’m terrible at small talk.. “You’re like a puppy that’s just been scolded. These big blue eyes and your pouty lips.. It’s actually kind of cute,” he complimented and my entire face grew hot. I turned my attention away and I heard him laugh warmly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t make you uncomfortable, did I? ..Now we’re even,” he continued and I looked up to him with a shy smirk.


“Can I.. Can I ask you something..?” I asked, watching as he grabbed a sponge and be begun wiping down the counters.

“Of course,” he replied.

“Were you, uhm..” I stopped, wanting to know if ever some of the things he’s said to me have been advances, but I didn’t even know how to begin asking that.. “N-Nah.. Never mind,” I corrected myself and I could see that he grew even more curious to my question when he stopped wiping the counters.

“Come on, that’s rule number one for questions.. Once you start to ask it, you have to, you can’t take it back,” he warned with a smile and I regretted even saying anything now.

“W-Well.. Did you ever, uh.. I don’t know.. Why did you really give me your number?” I asked, watching him keep his smile and he looked down to the sponge he was using.


“Am I that easy to see through?” He wondered, looking back up to me, “I guess you could say I was interested in you..” He continued and I raised my brow as I grew a little disappointed from his choice of words.

“Was..?” I asked softly.

..Am..” He corrected himself and I couldn’t help but smile as I looked away from him, “Is that the answer you were looking for?” He inquired curiously and I didn’t know what to say. It was odd.. I had never felt like this before, but I liked how different it was. It wasn’t like anything with my first girlfriend, nor was it even close to being anything like with Jody, and I was thankful for that.. 

“..Well.. Maybe.. I don’t know,” I admitted, my eyes looking over to Isaiah and I could tell he liked my answer.


“Come with me, I want to show you the upstairs,” he said with a smile, walking out from behind the counter and I watched him with surprise, standing from the chair I sat in and I slowly followed behind him, watching him go up the stairs and I looked up to see a door that led to a different part of the bar entirely. Hesitantly, I walked up the stairs and met him at the top, my expression blank and he furrowed his brows when he looked to me. 


“Stop looking like such a puppy again.. What are you afraid of? It’s just the VIP section. This is where all the old guys come to smoke their cigars and such, a good way to keep all the smoke away from everyone downstairs,, too,” he assured me and I smirked briefly, seeing him pull out a card from his pocket and he slid it over a spot on the wall that blended in perfectly, as if it wasn’t even there and the door clicked unlocked. “Gotta need one of these to get in.. Maybe I’ll give you one eventually,” he hinted, but even though I didn’t know quite what he meant by it, I watched him walk in and I slowly followed behind him.


I was greeted by the strong scent of what I could assume would be Cuban cigars and it wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought it’d be.. The scent was actually oddly inviting and high-class. I looked around the room and it was a lot nicer than the downstairs, something that I was surprised of. I thought the downstairs was nice and I didn’t think his bar could look nicer, but I could see why the lounge was a much better place to be and how it was only meant for certain people.. This is probably where he makes most of his tips.


People come up here to get away from all the noise downstairs,” Isaiah began, “Granted, there aren’t that many people with a card yet to come up here, they have to request one, but once I’m here a little longer and word gets around more, I counting on this room to retire with,” he continued, surprised by his words. 

“You plan on retiring soon?”

“Well, not soon.. But a hell of a lot sooner than sixty-five,” he said with a chuckle and I smiled.

“You seem really well off. Is this where you thought you’d be? Like.. When you were younger?” I asked, seeing him look to me and he lost his smile for the first time tonight.


Sorry.. I didn’t mean to-”

“No, no.. I uh.. I’ve just never been asked that before.. Well, at least not from someone who weren’t my condescending parents,” he replied, watching him look around the room, “I, uh.. I originally wanted to be a lot of things.. You know how we all go through phases and such, wanting to be an astronaut when you were seven, or a firefighter when you were twelve.. Let’s just say I never imagined I’d turn out to be a bartender, but I came to love it.. I guess it doesn’t really matter what I originally wanted in my youth.. This is doing me just fine, and despite what my parents think, I couldn’t be happier with my career,” he replied, looking back to me and I saw him smile again, which made me relieved that he wasn’t troubled by the question I had asked.. I liked that I could assume I was the only one outside of his family that he’s shared that with.


“How long do you plan on staying? We could have a few drinks together if you want..?” He suggested, “I can understand if you want to go home, though, if you have class or something tomorrow,” he continued, sounding as if he wished his second remark wasn’t the one I would choose and I smiled.

“I can stay for a while, if you’d like me to,” I answered and I watched as he looked away from me with a smirk.

“I’ll get us a few beers then,” he answered and I watched as he went behind the bar. “Please.. Relax a little, make yourself at home,” he insisted and I nodded.


I walked around the lounge a little, removing my jacket and throwing it over one of the chairs casually and I stepped over towards the windows. I looked out to the calm snowfall, wondering if it was ever going to stop.. It seemed that ever since the first snowfall this year, it hasn’t let up even once. It was nice to look at, it was relaxing and it helped me keep my cool about being alone with Isaiah now that I knew were we stood.. I wondered if this was a date..? Was this our first? I didn’t mind being here for it, though I wished we could be somewhere else.. I could imagine that he might not like being at work all the time, and the fact that we were still here, I felt as if he was still ‘on the job’.. I felt bad that he was still serving drinks, even though he was officially closed for the night.. 


“What are you thinking about?” Isaiah wondered, being startled a little by his voice being right behind me and I looked over my shoulder, seeing him handing me a bottle and I turned around so I could take it. 

“T-Thank you..” I answered quietly, looking down at the bottle and I took a quick sip of it, “And I’m not really thinking of anything..”

“Oh, come on.. Now I know that’s not true,” he challenged with a smirk.

I chuckled nervously, “I just, uhm.. I was thinking how I felt a little bad that we’re not drinking somewhere else.. We’ve only ever drank together here, and it’s.. Where you work, so.. I guess I feel bad that when you said that one night that all you’ve been doing is working since you moved here, don’t you get a little tired of being here, off the clock at least..?”


“Well, it’s not a weird question.. You could say that this place is still pretty new to me, so I’m not exactly tired of being here yet. Plus, it’s my job. What would be the point of opening a bar if I don’t love what I do and didn’t love being here? ..It’s nice to have a place where I can spend time with someone that I like alone, too,” he hinted with a smirk and I felt my ears get warmer, averting my eyes from his momentarily and I heard him laugh, “You always make this certain expression when you’re flattered, I like it,” he continued and I couldn’t hold back a smile as well as a nervous laugh.


“S-Stop..” I replied, taking another sip from the bottle and I set it down on a table near me, reaching up and rubbing the back of my neck.

“Why?” He challenged.

“Because.. I’m already nervous as it is.. You’re making it worse,” I answered shyly, turning my back to him to hopefully hide my warm cheeks.


“Oooh, what’s this?” He wondered and I then felt his fingertips gently touching the back of my neck, pulling the back of my shirt down just slightly and all of my hairs stood on end. 


I quickly turned around and he pulled his hand back abruptly, “Sorry.. I didn’t mean to startle you,” he apologized and I shied my eyes away once more.

“N-No.. I’ve just been, uhm.. A little jumpy lately, I guess..”


“Oh..? Why’s that?” He asked and I didn’t feel like talking about anything negative at a time like this.. I wanted to enjoy tonight, and if that meant ignoring my troubles for a while, I was going to try my best to avoid talking about them.

“J-Just, uh.. We almost, uhm.. Got into a car accident on the way here tonight, I guess I’m just still a little rattled,” I lied, brushing off my jumpy behavior with a smirk.

“Oh, wow.. Yeah, I noticed the cab driver’s here are a little reckless.. Are you alright?” He wondered with concern and nodded with the same smirk I’ve held. “Good.. Next time I’ll make sure you’re facing me before I touch you.. I don’t want to startle you anymore,” he hinted and I felt my face ignite all over again. I turned back towards the windows and continued to rub the back f my neck again, unsure what to do with my hands and I heard him chuckle softly behind me.. I wanted to know so badly what he was thinking.. Even though he was flirting with me like crazy, I hated not being able to read him and prep myself for his advances. I constantly tried to keep my distance, but the more he complimented me, the harder I found it to avoid. But, I didn’t want to avoid it.. So why was I?

         Isaiah’s POV         


I knew he was lying, it was obvious, but I didn’t pry any more because I knew it was something he didn’t want to talk about. I loved how hard he tried to hide things, it only made him more mysterious and I loved how he tried so hard to keep me from seeing his blushing face. But, I also loved looking at him and him constantly trying to hide himself wasn’t something I’d be able to stand for much longer. I wanted to look at his blue eyes and his cute freckles more, I wanted to make him blush more, too, but I found it hard to enjoy fully when he’s been turning away or covering himself with his long hair. I felt a little bad that I may have overstepped my boundaries when I touched his neck in an attempt to see his tattoo, but of course it only made me want to know more on why he had lied about why it startled him.. He seemed interested in me from what we had talked about earlier at the other bar, the questions he’s asked downstairs and up here so far made me believe he wanted to get to know me as much as I wanted to know him and I liked how that felt, but trying to get him to open up and stop being so shy was proving to be a difficult task.


Was I coming on too strong? If there was a deeper reason as to why he was a little skittish, I didn’t want to pry, but.. With him now facing away from me, I didn’t want to touch him because I was nervous about making him jump again, but I wanted him to face me.. What should I say to get him to look at me again..? I looked down to the beer he had barely touched upon the table by the windows, assuming he didn’t want to drink it, but.. I sighed heavily, unsure of what I should even do. I felt as if I was always supposed to be on my toes around him, and as far as how I’ve been quickly and fluently responding to his questions with subtle flirtation or even blatant obviousness, he reacted just the same.. Shy.. Introverted.. “Cute..” I said softly with a smirk I couldn’t hold back.


I watched as Oliver turned over his shoulder a little and looked to me with the same blushing face that I loved seeing, “W-What?” He asked.. Did I say what I was thinking out loud?

“Nothing..” I tried to recover, “Do you like watching the snow fall?” I wondered, noticing him looking outside a lot since he’s been upstairs with me and I watched as he shrugged.

“I guess.. It’s a little relaxing, isn’t it? Watching it fall..?” He wondered and I smiled as I looked to the side of his face as his view went out the window.

“Yeah..” I replied, watching him still face away from me, but I noticed the smirk on his plump lips, “Very relaxing..” I continued, still looking at him and I watched as he glanced over towards me again, feeling my heart weaken a little each and every time he made eye contact with me. 


I couldn’t describe why I liked him.. When he had first came into my bar, he seemed as if he was a lost kitten coming out from the rain looking for a home, and I gave him a temporary one while he sulked about his Thanksgiving night.. I housed him for fifteen minutes, but even in that short amount of time, I really liked him..

The moment he looked at me when he had came in, both last time and also earlier tonight, I loved the look in his eyes. I loved his initial desperation.. The first time I met him, he looked hopeless, like he wanted company other than the company he had only minutes before he had arrived and I loved providing it to him.. Tonight, he came in with that same look.. Like he needed something, and he seemed happy to see me.. He told me he lost my number, but I didn’t believe that lie, either.. I’d ask about it later since obviously now was not the time, but I thought that despite how much he’s lied to me tonight, it oddly made me more curious about him. For how shy and quiet he seemed, it also seemed as if he had a lot of baggage.. But, if I wanted to be honest with myself, the threat of his baggage didn’t bother me. I wanted to know what it was. I wanted to know more about him..


I didn’t know what to say to him next.. This was the first time tonight that all I wanted to do next was fill the silence with the feeling of his lips against mine, but based on his jumpy reaction, I worried that a kiss wouldn’t happen any time soon.. All that I could think of to ask was if he wanted another beer, which I knew he didn’t since he had barely touched the one he had now, or if I could touch him again, which I already knew, too, would be too much.. So, what do I do?

“You know..” He began first, to my surprise, “I.. I mentioned coming here to my sister because she was bored of the other restaurants.. I mentioned this place was new, and nice, and.. I, uhm..” He stopped, watching as the side of his face was no longer visible to me since he had turned away again, and with what I could assume he was going to say, I wish he was facing me.. “I wanted to come here to tell you why I hadn’t called.. So, I brought it up to her..” He admitted and I smiled softly.

“Is that the only reason..? I told you why I really gave you my number, so why did you mention my bar to her?” I asked, seeing the side of his face once more as he wanted to look at me, but still couldn’t.

B-Because, uhm..” Again with his studdering.. I loved it.. “I.. I wanted to see you again..” He confessed quietly and I was glad that he had admitted it finally.


I stepped towards the windows a little more, setting my beer down next to his upon the table and I faced him, standing in front of him to block the view he had out the window. I could tell I made him more nervous now, almost forcing him to look at me when I knew he wasn’t ready to himself, but after his confession that I had been waiting to hear, I couldn’t let him keep up this wall of his anymore that stood between us. “Can I touch you?” I wondered innocently, watching as his demeanor went even more nervous than I thought was possible, “Please?” I continued, and eventually, after a long few seconds, I watched him nod and I smiled with excitement. He was finally getting more comfortable with me and I was relieved at the fact, even growing the tiniest bit nervous myself.


I reached up slowly and put my right hand to his jawline, feeling the stubble under my fingertips and I drew my hand back a little more, letting my hand stop just under his earlobe and my thumb grazed over it a little. I loved the feel of his hair on my fingertips, seeing his eyes go less shocked and more relaxed and I felt as if he could maybe hear how hard my heart was beating.. I continued to watch his eyes, seeing them go to my lips and then down to my tie, trying to avoid eye contact with me like he usually did and I smiled.


I couldn’t help myself.. I slid my hand passed his ear more to the nape of his neck, feeling his hair between my fingers and pulling him towards me, shutting my eyes when I had met his lips with my own. They were just as supple as I had hoped they’d be and I felt a cold rush of air on my upper lip from him inhaling so hard, no doubt in surprise from what I had done. I had been waiting to do this since I had first met him and I had to admit that I fell in love with his face instantly.. His shy behavior the whole time only made me want to kiss him more, he was too cute for words and I couldn’t stand holding myself back any longer, but somehow I knew that kissing him so abruptly would soon come back to bite me in the ass.


After letting him get somewhat used to what was happening, I deepened the kiss a little, massaging my lips against his a little harder and I knew he liked it.. I knew already that if he didn’t, be would’ve pulled away, but I was relived that he hadn’t yet. I wasn’t done.. I could tell this was the first time he had done something like this, with another man, at least.. His trembling was completely obvious and I thought it was even more adorable that I knew he didn’t know how obvious it actually was.. The moment I attempted to push my tongue in his mouth, I felt his lips separate and it was an open invitation to invade passed his lips a lot more like I wanted. He seemed inexperienced, at least in physical relationships based on how stiff his entire body was, but I wondered how he felt about doing this with a guy. I had been with other men before, but I could proudly admit that none of them made me feel like I did about Oliver. I loved how fragile he was, how closed off and shy he was, even though it might seem odd.. I loved it. 


I slipped my hand around his waist and he flinched, tensing up more than I was comfortable with.. I pulled away and so did he quickly, remorse consuming me and I was disappointed in myself. I was being way too quick with him and I knew he wasn’t ready, but I stupidly forced myself on him anyways. I hated seeing the confused and even slightly scared expression on his face.. Absolutely hated it, and I was the one that caused it.. “I’m sorry, Oliver.. I-”

“I-I, uhm..” He began, watching as he then began stepping backwards away from me. Shit.. I knew this was going to happen.. I was being too selfish and eager.. “Sorry, I-I gotta go..” He continued in a slight panic and I watched as he quickly grabbed his suit jacket he had laid over the back of one of the chairs and he headed for the door.


“Oliver, wait! I’m sorry..” I tried to stop him but I watched then as he threw his jacket on quickly and left the lounge faster than I could say ‘I’m sorry’ again.


I sighed heavily to myself as I sat down on the closest armrest, my anger building dramatically at my own actions and I knew that I was getting ahead of myself when it came to how I acted around him, but why couldn’t I stop? He was obviously uncomfortable by me touching his neck earlier, yet I still pressured him to eventually let me touch him again and now look where it got me. “I’m such a fucking idiot,” I said softly to myself, shutting my eyes and shaking my head in disgust by how I had acted tonight. I wasn’t sure whether to label tonight our first date or not, but even if it was, I did a great job ruining it, as well as maybe ruining another chance to see him again..


I eventually took out my phone and I went to text him or even call him to apologize even more, but my eyes then widened in panic when I realized I had given him my number earlier, but I didn’t get his. “Fuck!” I let out angrily, shoving my phone back within my pocket and I rushed to the door, flinging it open quickly and I ran down the stairs, “Oliver!” I called out, hoping he hadn’t left yet as I then raced through the bar and I whipped open the front door.


I ran out into the calm snowfall of the night, seeing his fresh footsteps in the snow, but when I looked to the sidewalk and towards the street as I ran, the footsteps didn’t lead to him and I slowed my pace as I approached the road.


A sense of depression fell over me as I finally came to a stop and I looked left, then right, seeing the taillights of a cab pulling away and I assumed he was in it, but it was too far now to do anything about it. I stared at the cab’s red lights until I couldn’t see them anymore, putting my hands into my pockets to keep them warm and I couldn’t get passed how heavy and constricted my chest felt, my own guilt and remorse weighing hard down on me and I hated that there was nothing else I could do.. I didn’t know where he lived, I didn’t know what days or what times he went to class, and I didn’t get his number like I should’ve.. I really screwed up tonight.. Big time. 


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18 thoughts on “Generation 4, Chapter 7

  1. *gasp* I was not expecting that!!! I think I am just as oblivious as Oliver since before it didn’t even cross my mind that Isaiah might have been interested in him!

    But another great chapter!

    1. Hahaha glad it wasn’t expected! The first time they met, there was subtle flirting on Isaiah’s part, but they weren’t obvious enough for Oliver to notice. This time around, though, Isaiah came on to him pretty strong and made it a lot more obvious to him, and Oliver even gave back in return. At least they’re somewhat on the same page now. XD
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. My spidey senses didn’t steer me wrong after all! Isaiah IS interested in Oliver. :D Camilla immediately noticed the sparks flying between the guys. I’m glad Ollie was open to his feelings toward Isaiah even though he tried to deny them at first. I hope it was just nerves that made him pull away from Isaiah. I get that it was Ollie’s first time with a guy, but I didn’t feel as though Isaiah was pushing him too far. I guess Ollie has his own timetable. I’m sad that Isaiah is beating himself up over his actions. It does show how much he cares for Ollie, though. Looking forward to the next chapter! I’m dying to know what made Ollie run away. I know he panicked, but was it because he things were moving too fast for him, or because he liked it too much and that scared him?

    1. Nope, they sure didn’t LOL I was going to say in my reply to your comment last chapter to trust your spidey senses, but I thought it might give too much away so I tried to avoid responding to it XD
      Haha yeah, Camilla knows Oliver inside and out, he couldn’t fool her. Although he tried to play off as if he wasn’t interested in Isaiah, he might’ve just not known it himself at the time, or he was just trying not to admit it. The last time they were together, Oliver loved his company, and he also wanted Isaiah’s number again, so that’s why he brought up his bar to Camilla.
      Hmm, well.. His nerves were definitely a factor in him running away, but, it mostly has to do with what ceciliayus said (the comment below). Although it wasn’t in Oliver’s POV, Jody is a very huge factor when it comes to Oliver’s intimacy with someone. She really screwed him up, and although he didn’t mind kissing Isaiah, because he wanted to, too, it was the touching that spooked him more than anything. He didn’t want to risk being put into that position again, so he ran at the first sign of physical intimacy that didn’t involve lip locking. But, what you said, too, isn’t wrong, either. Things were moving too fast, and also because he’s never done something with a guy before.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

  3. ceciliayus

    This is mostly a reply to LilyParker, but for the chapter too.

    I think Ollie ran away because when things moved towards physical, he started thinking about Jody, and it scared him. Pregnant or no, what Jody did will probably affect him for a long time. Especially when it comes to physical intimacy.

    I wanted to smack Isiah when he started getting touchy touchy, but I do hope he can find Ollie again. : ( Ollie deserves someone to make him happy, and I really think Isiah would be good to him. And not only good to him when its convenient like Ollie’s mom was to his dad. It would be a good relationship!

    Camilla cracked me up. Such a good little sister.

    1. Very true, I’m glad you pointed this out. You pretty much too the words out of my mouth before replying to LilyParker hahaha The things she stated are also a factor when it came to Oliver running, but yes, Jody is the biggest reason why he ran.
      Isaiah noticed Oliver’s skittishness from the get go, so he did try his hardest to avoid making him uncomfortable, but, someone can only hold back for so long. Hahaha! You wanted to smack him XD Well, I suppose keep in mind that Isaiah never pried into Oliver on why he was acting that way, secluded and rather closed off, so he really has no idea the true nature on why Oliver ran, which was because of how Jody had treated him before. Oliver lied to him on why he was acting jumpy, but the last thing Isaiah would assume is exactly what happened to Oliver. Isaiah was touchy, yes, but he was still trying to be respectful about it. Him trying to touch Oliver, too, might’ve just also been a natural reaction for him when it comes to kissing someone. And yes, Isaiah could be a really good fit for Oliver, but not if Oliver isn’t willing to open up to him. The only way for him to get passed this is to be honest with Isaiah and himself. He has the potential of ruining a good thing if he doesn’t. :/
      LOL I’m glad you liked Camilla is this chapter, and you’re right, she really is a good sister. :D
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Brother sister dinner. How adorable. LOL. I felt bad for Oliver when Camilla asked him how his ‘girlfriend’ was, and I would have reacted the same way he did, with going on a rant. I can see how Camilla would be confused about the touchiness of that subject since it does seem like an innocent question, but it just shows how everyone in Oliver’s life seems to be so far away from him even though they’re trying to be close to him. I don’t blame Oliver one bit for keeping what happened with Jody a secret since that is not an easy thing to tell anyone without feeling shameful and helpless. However, because it’s a secret, it makes people think he’s somewhat “touchy” about the subject for no reason. *sigh* LOL.
    Ugh, I just love the way Isaiah treats Oliver. He’s kind, a little teasing at times too, when he said “sorry did I make you uncomfortable,” LOL after calling him cute, but overall, I don’t get the vibe I get from some of Oliver’s other friends. Like I know they’re good, and they don’t have bad intentions, but I can’t help feeling like sometimes they enjoy making Oliver feel wierd, and I don’t particularly like that. LOL. Like when Camilla kept hinting that he played for the other team, and he was clearly brushing it off and she just kept doing it, like stoppp. LOLL. But no, don’t really stop, I enjoyed the small conflict between Oliver and Camilla, LOL.
    Awwww… T_T Isaiah… LOL. I feel bad for him, I could literally feel the panic he did when Oliver left and Isaiah realized he didn’t have Oliver’s number. Hopefully Oliver comes around and calls Isaiah after he gets over the little shock that he had because it’s obvious that Oliver likes talking to Isaiah and appreciates how nice he is. Poor Oliver must be so confused now, with him not knowing why he kept avoiding it, but I think Oliver really knows why he avoided it. I’m really mad at Jody for screwing Oliver up so much, now he can’t properly kiss someone without worrying they’ll take advantage of him. Stupid bitch. I thought it was so sweet of Isaiah to just accept what Oliver told him because he saw how nervous he was, even though Isaiah knew Oliver lied. He could have been a complete ass and just kept bugging Oliver about it, but he didn’t, and I love that about him. ^_^

    1. Hahaha yeah, they hadn’t seen one another in a long time, a dinner between the two to catch up was definitely needed for the both of them. True, Oliver as we all know takes time to open up about something, but the more people try to get him to come out of the shell he carries around with him, the harder it is to get the truth out of him.
      LOL Isaiah loves to tease Oliver. He likes making him blush and embarrassing him in a complimenting way is a good way of getting him to do that XD
      Yeah, I get what you’re saying about the other people Oliver knows and how they treat him. All they want to do is help with whatever problems he’s having, but pushing him as much as they do isn’t going to get them anywhere. Isaiah went the better route and left things alone when he noticed Oliver didn’t want to talk about certain things.
      It’s one of those subconscious feelings where he knows why hes avoiding it if he would just think about it for a moment, but part of him really hates thinking about it in the end and reminding himself what he went through with Jody is something he’s been trying to avoid letting cross his mind. But, Oliver will never be able to be happy if he doesn’t learn to open up and accept the fact that there may be someone that he has great potential with because they’re nothing like the person he was with in his most recent past.
      LOL Jody the bitch.. Yeah, he really did mess him up.. But, we’ll see if Isaiah is up to the challenge of helping Oliver get passed it, if Oliver ever gets around to contacting him after tonight. :/
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Eeeee!!! Loved this chapter soooo much!!! And I love Isaiah!!!! I wish Oliver hadn’t run away, but I understand. lol

    Completely agree with LateKnight about how Oliver’s friends treat him. They look out for him but it’s like they want him to be the version of Oliver they want. When Isaiah accepts Oliver completely for who he is.

    I was chuckling the whole time he and Camilla were there together. All of her comments and her little teases about the two of them.

    I had thought it was odd that Isaiah gave him his number and was a little jumpy after the whole Jody thing about it; not knowing if his intentions were good or not, but I was hoping that it was because he was interested. :D Eeeeee again!!!!

    I just hope that he finds Ollie or Ollie returns. I’m happy I’m caught up, but I’m sad now too. :(

    Just have to say again how much I loved this!!!!

    1. Yayyy! I’m so glad you liked it! ^_^
      True, Oliver’s friends are way more outgoing and social than he is, so it’s hard for them to understand why he’s so shy and introverted. Hmm, I think Isaiah’s age has a lot to do with his understanding for Oliver, too.. He’s more experienced with both life and relationships, so that probably comes into factor.. Also, he knows Oliver’s young, he knows he’s never been with a guy before, its obvious XD But it’s also an entirely different view for him, too, because he’s interested in Oliver and wants a relationship with him, but of course James and Kat don’t, so Isaiah is trying his best to understand him for who he is rather than eating at him and MAKING him be that way. He likes him for who he is. Plus, this is a clean slate for Isaiah, he has no idea what James and Kat know, so that comes into factor, as well.. He’ll learn as he goes, if Oliver is willing to share more about himself.
      LOL Camilla is such a sweetheart, I love her and Oliver together.
      I’m glad you’re happy with the result of Isaiah’s intentions! hahaha He’s very interested in Oliver. ^_^ I’m glad you’ve caught up as well! A new chapter will be out soon though! :D
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. AHHHH! MY CHEEKS HURT SO MUCH BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP SMILING THROUGHOUT ALL OF THIS. …well…except at the end there, but…but…even so I still can’t help but smile a bit!

    I love, love, love reading about Oliver and Isaiah. It’s the first time we’ve seen him really opening up a little to someone who isn’t family or James, and even though it’s clear that he’s very nervous about all of this, it’s also completely understandable, given how new it all is and of course, his previous experiences. I think Isaiah is really nice though. I like how in-tune with Oliver’s feeling he was, and even though he couldn’t help but kiss Oliver despite his edginess, I really appreciated how he stopped when he could tell Oliver was truly uncomfortable. Such a nice change from that psychotic witch, Jody!

    I understand why Oliver left, of course (EFF YOU AGAIN, JODY), but of course I’m really hoping that these two will unite again. Oliver deserves to experience a real, loving relationship–one that’s based on mutual respect, attraction, and a genuine care for one another. And I know we haven’t seen too much of him so far, but I think Isaiah could definitely provide that ^_^

    My only worry now is well….if Oliver likes Isaiah, and he needs to have an heir…well goddamn it does that mean Jody is going to be pregnant?!?! I can’t foresee him having sex with another random girl…especially not after this obvious spark with him and Isaiah so…so…so….NOOOOOOOOOOO *WAILS DESPAIRINGLY*

    And…oh no…oh…oh my god…I cannot…I cannot just GO to the next chapter now! *experiences a sudden crisis* Oh jeez I’ve been SO spoiled so far throughout all of this! Whenever I was sitting here freaking out I took comfort in the fact that the next chapter was just a click away, but now…now!?!? *chokes* *reaches out for salvation* HELP. NO. PLEASE.

    I….*gasps*….eagerly….*chokes* await….the next installment! *final gasp* *clutches heart* *COLLAPSES*

    *comes to for a second* But at least the wait is worth ittttttttttttttttttttt. *passes out again*

    1. Awww! I’m so glad this chapter made you so happy :D I really love writing Isaiah and Oliver together, their personalities are so different and I like writing a flirty/outgoing guy with someone that’s shy and introverted like Oliver. True, like you said, he’s very in tune with Oliver and how Oliver carries himself, Isaiah’s pretty good at reading people, too. With him being twelve years older than him, he has a lot more experience with people and relationships, and wanting to make Oliver comfortable was his number one priority, so when he noticed him getting a little freaked out, he’d stop. He’s just so sweet and he sees how fragile Oliver is already, even without knowing what he’s been through recently.
      Meh, there are other ways to make sure Oliver passes down the Dubois genes, but of course, Jody possibly being pregnant isn’t out of the loop of possibilities. We’ll just have to wait and see. >:D
      Omg yeah! You’re all caught up now, wow! Hahaha aww, I can feel your pain through the screen LOL I’m actually working on the next chapter now after I answer this comment, and it’s almost done, actually. So, the wait won’t be that much longer, I swear! Thank you for taking the time to catch up on this legacy, and I’m really, really glad you enjoy it so much. That really means a lot! ^_^
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. Hmmm, well…I guess I can breathe a LITTLE easier knowing that there’s other ways for Oliver to pass down the genes (and I actually thought of a few myself that still keep Isaiah in the picture…surrogate?! :D), but I still won’t rest completely easy until I know for sure! :X lol

  7. Ok, I’m once again convinced of the importance of reading other comments. While reading this chapter I started to fret even more about the Jody-bun possibility. I kept thinking to myself – God, Isaiah is so perfect for him. Confident and independent, but still sensitive and sheltering, but if little Ollie shacks up with Isaiah where would the heir come from? I shudder to think of the absolute monster that would be created with Dubois blood and that woman…. Then surrogates were mentioned above me and I could have my little fantasy of happily ever after – or at least as close to it as any Dubois man gets – back again.

    Camilla is amazing. She’s so bright and sweet. I wish she was around more for Ollie. She has a way of bolstering Ollie when she’s with him that nobody else can do for him. If James or Kat had teased him that way he would have shut down even harder. And, Camilla didn’t feel like she needed to protect him or do him any charity at all. In fact she inspires him to try and be there for her – to protect her because she’s his little sister – and that’s something Ollie desperately needs, someone or something to be inspired for. He has this massive inferiority complex and it forces him into the box of the weak person he see’s himself as, but with Camilla who looks up to him he can see him self (if even just a tiny bit) as something else….

    Actually, speaking of seeing as something else, seeing Ollie through Isaiah’s eyes is addicting. Now I catch myself just staring at screenshots of either of them and just oogling. Isaiah was already intriguing anyway, and the easy confidence and infectiously flirtatious way he acts is just endearing. But, all of a sudden screenshots that were “adorable” of Ollie before are … well more adorable :D!!!

    I have to admit that I caught on to the flirting from Thanksgiving but I wasn’t sure that Ollie was gay… But, I guess I pined after girls for years without figuring out I swung that way, so que sera sera I suppose.

    1. Ahh yes, reading other peoples’ comments and my responses actually does help sometimes answer questions that more than one person might want to know about. LOL I’ll just let you bask in the idea of a surrogate and let you think of your happy ending. XD I’m still contemplating whether or not I want that to happen in later chapters.
      True, Camilla is really, really great for Oliver to be around. It does suck that she studies abroad and he only gets to see her on major holidays or during summer break when she comes home, and you’re right, if anyone else were to tease him like she did, he’d have shut down a lot quicker without question and he might’ve even left instead of stayed to talk with Isaiah. Camilla and him stuck together all their lives and he always looked out for her as Kat looked out for Oliver, and he still does in some aspect whenever she’s around. Camilla has no idea what’s going on with Jody or his relationships with James and Kat, but she knows him too well to NOT notice the way he looks at Isaiah. They have such a stronger bond than him and Kat, or Kat and Camilla, and it really shows how much they need one another in their lives to keep them afloat. Camilla’s lack of involvement with what’s going on in his life, too, might also have something to do with his ability to open up to her more and actually enjoy himself instead of dwelling on the things that are bothering him. Like you said, he’s able to be someone else when he’s with her.
      Hahaha I’m glad you like reading from Isaiah’s POV, I really, really like writing him.. It gives me a chance to point out just how cute Oliver really is without Oliver calling himself cute LOLL XD
      Ohhh, good, I’m glad you caught on to the flirting for the Thanksgiving chapter. I tried to make it as subtle as I could, but I like when readers still do pick up on it hehehe And Oliver isn’t really “gay” I guess, I’m trying not to give him a specific label.. He still likes girls and finds them attractive, he just so happens to find Isaiah attractive, too, and he’s really the only guy that he’s felt like this for.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. jazen

    Aww Camilla was cute. She slipped that who is ‘he’ in there easily enough. hahaha I like her and she has picked up on something that no one else around him has apparently. He may have been with women before, but maybe there’s some other reason he wasn’t in any big hurry to date anyone else.

    I like Isiah, he’s cute. He sees something in Ollie and I think once Ollie figures himself out, they could possibly be something. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes. Ollie is freaked out right now, even more so since what happened with Jody, but I hope he does go back or at least calls.

    1. Thanks, glad you liked her ^_^ Yeah, she knows Oliver better than anyone else and she really doesn’t care who he dates, she just wants him to be happy.

      Aww, good, I’m happy you like him, he’s a really sweet guy. Isaiah tried to be a little patient with him, but it wasn’t aware of how much patience Oliver truly needed until he flinched when Isaiah touched his hip. Isaiah of course wasn’t going to go further than a kiss, they just met, but Oliver couldn’t be sure of that and being touched intimately like that without him knowing it was coming scared him. But, let’s hope Isaiah is patient enough for Oliver hehe

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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