Generation 3, Chapter 13

     Gareth’s POV     


It’s been about two months since Nina had told me she was pregnant and so far it’s been a grueling experience. I still haven’t come to terms with having a kid, and I still hate the entire idea of it, but Gibson has been supportive and he makes it easier to handle. If ever he notices that Nina’s beginning to be a little too much for me, he distracts her so I don’t make an ass of myself, and today especially I need to be on my best behavior, according to him. He finally talked to his girlfriend about me a few weeks ago and he was pretty depressed for a little while because she was mad that he had both lied to her this whole time, and she didn’t like how he had treated me as if I didn’t exist. I appreciated her sticking up for me and telling him off, it seemed like she really cared about him and knowing his family, so she’s coming over to meet me today. She’s already met Bennu and Bahiti and they love her, so I think I’ll like her as well, but I hope not too much. When I had first seen her a few months ago in Gibson’s bed, I didn’t pay attention much to her face as much as her body, but Gibson will never know how much of her I’ve already seen. He’d flip his shit if he knew I saw her half naked already before even meeting her face to face; he’d think I was snooping on them in order to get a glimpse at his catch, even if that’s exactly what I was doing..


Nina was helping Gibson in the kitchen and whenever her whole body came into view from behind the counter, my eyes always went to her small baby bump forming and it made me uncomfortable, it made he hate her even more and I even felt less attracted to her the more I saw it. Whenever she caught me looking at it, I’d notice her give me an expression that always made her look ashamed for what she had done to me and what she was putting me through knowing full well I didn’t want the damn thing.. But, I took lessons from Gibson and I tried to not make it so obvious all the time as to not stress her out. Apparently it’s bad or something if the woman is depressed or stressed out while she’s pregnant, but sometimes I just couldn’t help it. It was hard to hide how I felt about the whole situation, but I was trying my best. At least she wouldn’t look like this forever, and even though she’s just going to get worse looking the next seven months, hopefully that baby won’t ruin her too much to the point where it’s revolting to have sex with her.. But, I still haven’t decided yet if I want to keep seeing her or not in general after the kid’s born. 


“Gareth, can you not smoke so much around Nina? It’s stinking up the whole house anyways, just go outside from now on,” Gibson said from the kitchen and I sighed, reaching forward and putting my cigarette out in the ashtray on the coffee table. 

“When’s your girl gunna get here? I wanna start drinking already,” I say with little patience.

“She’s supposed to be here any minute now.. And settle down, we’re eating dinner first, then it’s drinks. Don’t get super wasted, either, this is just a simple get together so we can all just- Hang out, have fun and chill together, alright?” Gibson preached and I rolled my eyes, slumping back down into the couch and watching television by myself. “Did you invite Bahiti?” He asked.

“Fuck.. No, not yet.. I’ll do it now,” I replied, pulling my phone out of my pocket and texting her and I could tell without even looking at Gibson that he was giving me a face that said ‘how could you forget’.

“You were supposed to invite her a few days ago, Gareth,” he voiced with annoyance.

“I know, I know.. I told you I’m on it,” I replied, hearing the door bell ring then and I assumed Hannah was here.


“Keep going, Nina, I’ll be right back,” Gibson told her and he walked away from the kitchen to go and greet her. I heard her come in and they talked by the door, though nothing I could make out. I had an assumption that they were talking about me, but I didn’t give it much thought as I continued to text Bahiti. I heard Hannah’s heels clicking on the floor and I looked up from my phone but did a double take when she had come in, my phone slowly slipping from my hands and I dropped it to the carpet, but picked it up quick enough before anyone noticed and tucked it into my pocket without finishing whatever I was doing. Nina came out from the kitchen and introduced herself first, watching as they conversed and I noticed Hannah congratulating Nina on her pregnancy.. I scoffed when I noticed Nina’s excited expression, putting her hand to her slightly prominent stomach and I turned my attention away from them. 


I could hear her heals then walking towards me and I looked back up, my eyes connecting with hers and I stood up as I kept my eyes on her, “Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you had a twin,” she acknowledged and I heard Gibson chuckle nervously, “Hi, I’m Hannah, it’s great meeting you.”

I couldn’t help that my gaze traveled over her body briefly before returning to her eyes and I looked to Gibson, noticing he was watching my every move and I cleared my throat as I looked back to her, “Gareth.. Nice to meet you, too,” I replied, introducing myself and I shook her hand when she offered it to me. Her skin was soft and she was very clean and well manicured, enjoying the feel of her silky skin as it escaped mine after introducing ourselves and I began wondering if the rest of her body was as smooth as her hand.


“Wow, you guys kinda have the same voice, too, how weird,” she said with a laugh and I smirked as I averted my eyes from her and sat back down. I tried to respect Gibson as to try and not stare at her obviously, though I wanted to. I was surprised by how hot of a girl he got and when I looked to Nina, he obviously topped me when it came to which girlfriend was more attractive. 

“Where can I put this?” Hannah asked, referring to her purse and Nina spoke up.

“Oh, you can put it here next to mine,” she replied, Hannah then nodding and walking over towards her to place it on the floor next to Nina’s.


“So, when’s drinks?” Hannah brought up and it caught my attention, looking to her with a somewhat impressed expression and then looking to Gibs.

“Yeah, when is it time to drink, Gibson?” I asked mockingly, taking his own girlfriend’s logic and rubbing it in his face a little.

I noticed him give me an irritated look but it completely changed when he had then looked to Hannah, “I thought we could eat dinner first and then have a few drinks after?” He mentioned and to my dismay, she agreed.

“Yeah, that sounds good. What are you guys making? It smells amazing,” Hannah replied and then Gibson was the one to give me a cocky look instead as I gave him a light grimace. I was glad that Hannah wanted to get down to business as much as I did, but then feeling disappointed when she had agreed with Gibson. She seemed a little high-maintenance based on her appearance, yet her personality was sweet and a little bubbly but with an edge, and I admit that I liked it.


“It’ll be ready soon.. Nina made Gareth’s favorite, Porcini Risotto, and I made your favorite,” Gibson replied to Hannah and I watched her swoon over his nice gesture.

“Aww.. You made me Salmon?” She questioned romantically and I averted my attention elsewhere as she kissed him lovingly, rolling my eyes to myself as I waited for their moment to end.

“It’s just about ready, come and get it,” Nina voiced softly from the kitchen and I sighed to myself, seeing Hannah and Gibson going to the kitchen first as I sat there still, not really wanting to move just yet. To be honest, even though I hadn’t ate all day, I wasn’t all that hungry, even for my favorite meal.. This whole baby business has taken a toll on me and it wasn’t a good one, it’s made me less excited to do anything really and with Nina around on top of what was on my mind regarding the whole situation, she just made things worse. I could tell by how Gibson acted around Hannah that he was flaunting her a bit in front of me, yet of course not enough on purpose as to make me want her for myself, yet whatever little he was doing was working, unbeknownst to him. You could obviously tell that he liked her a lot and that he was proud of himself to have found someone so beautiful and so much like him.


I sat at the couch a little longer than any of them would’ve liked, yet Hannah was the first to acknowledge my lack of involvement, “Gareth, aren’t you eating?” She questioned and I looked over to the three of them, but specifically at Hannah.

“No, I’m.. Not that hungry right now,” I replied, turning my attention away again and spending time with myself on the couch once more.

“Come on, you gotta eat.. Gibson doesn’t drink as much as I’ve heard you do, I need someone that can keep up with me,” she replied and I looked back, noticing her giving Gibson a humorous expression, coming off as her only wanting to get to know the brother she never knew he had, yet I could tell in his face that he wasn’t okay with the idea at all despite him trying to play it off with a fake smile. I knew he was worried, I knew he hated the idea of her being like me and wanting to get a little drunk to have fun, but she didn’t know our history and why he was acting this way right now. I didn’t know how they were together behind closed doors, I’m sure Gibson got drunk with her all the time to have fun, but when it involved me, I could understand his hesitation.. But, I couldn’t deny her obvious plea to have fun tonight, and especially when wanting to get to know me more; what better than to have a few drinks and loosen up?


“She’s right, though.. You should eat something,” Nina chimed in and I scoffed but no one else heard me, Nina ruining another small moment that I would’ve liked to enjoy. 

“Just eat my portion, you’re eating for two now, aren’t you?” I said in a less parental tone than anyone would’ve taken as such and the room grew silent when Nina lowered her eyes to the ground and excused herself from the room, going to the restroom just passed the kitchen.

I noticed Gibson give Hannah a certain look as if saying ‘this is what I was talking about’ when it came to me and I grew bothered by it a little.. My temper got the best of me when Nina interrupted and I didn’t want to come off that way in front of Hannah, “I’m just not hungry, really.. She should eat more to make sure that baby comes out healthy, right?” I played off with a smile and I saw Hannah smile in return, yet Gibson looked at me with a judgmental expression.

“Come on.. Just a few bites. It’s better to drink when you have something in you beforehand, right?” Hannah persisted and I smirked.

“Can say that again, sweetheart,” I mumbled under my breath flirtatiously and I finally got up, “Okay, okay..” I openly agree and walked to the kitchen to join them.


Awkward wasn’t really the word I’d use to describe dinner, but tense? Fuck yeah.. At least between Gibson and I that the ladies didn’t seem to notice.. It wasn’t my doing though, it was all Gibson. He’s so fucking worried that I’ll ruin anything that happens tonight to the point where if I said literally anything to Hannah, he’d already be looking at me as if I was on fire. 

I cleared the plate that Nina had made for me and I ignored her pretty much the whole time, but not obvious enough to show that I was deliberately doing it.. To my surprise, I actually was trying to impress Hannah for Gibson’s sake.. Well, and also for my own to clear up any shit that he’s told her about me, which I knew he had without even hearing it for myself.


When dinner was done though, I grabbed up everyone’s plates and I took them to the sink, and seeing as Nina was the only one not drinking tonight, I expected her to clean up the mess we made, “Nina, you got this, babe?” I asked, looking to her with a calm expression and I watched her smile, able to tell that she was smitten by me even taking the time to acknowledge her with a smirk of my own.

“Of course,” she said with a loving tone, coming up to me and wrapping her arms around me and I hugged her back with one arm to keep the tense environment down, acting as if everything was fine, but in reality I couldn’t stand her touching me the moment I felt her slightly protruding stomach brush against my side.


I let go of Nina within a few quick seconds, looking to Hannah and Gibson then with a smirk, “Hannah, what’s your poison? Beer, rum, vodka, scotch? We have wine, too, but I don’t know if Gibson wants to crack any of his prized bottles out for a simple night like this,” I offered and I looked to Gibson with a smirk, yet he didn’t return one what-so-ever. I was just teasing him, I wasn’t trying to be deliberately mean, but it was beginning to piss me off on how he couldn’t take a fuckin’ joke.

“Hmm.. What kind of beer do you have?” Hannah wondered and I walked to the fridge to look inside.

“Well, I got some cheap shit.. Or I have a six pack of an IPA that might knock you on your ass if you have more than three,” I said with a chuckle and I looked to her.


I noticed she didn’t take her eyes off of Gibson much, growing a little uncomfortable when I saw her ignoring me and touching Gibson’s leg and kissing him, but she then looked to me with a daring expression and smiled. “Gimme one of the IPA’s, but I just want one so I can try it..” She replied and I nodded, seeing as she then looked to Gibson again, “Maybe we can switch to wine a little later like our first date together, hmm?” She continued towards him in a flirtatious manner and I saw Gibson smile genuinely for the first time since Hannah had gotten here and they kissed once more. I sighed as I watched them, yet I still grabbed her and myself a beer and uncapped them both, pouring them into glasses before finally clearing my throat to interrupt them.


“Here,” I said with little emotion and handed her the beer. 

“Oh, thanks!” She replied happily and took it from my hand. 

“What do you want bro?” I asked and he didn’t really even bother looking at me, paying more attention to Hannah.

“Scotch, on the rocks,” he replied, both of us watching as Hannah left his side to join Nina in the living room after she had finished the dishes. It was silent for a few moments, both of us watching Hannah walk away and the next thing I knew my shoulder was being hit.


“Hey, watch it! You’re going to spill my beer.. What was that for?” I asked quietly towards Gibson and he held an angered expression.

“Are you going to get my drink, since you offered so kindly? Or are you going to stare at her ass all day?” He asked with a glare and scoffed.

“What are you talking about? I wasn’t looking at her ass.. Jesus,” I replied as I rubbed my arm.

“Then what were you looking at?”

“Nothing, just.. The carpet.. How many ice cubes do you want?” I asked, walking away from him and getting his glass ready and hopefully changing the subject, but I sighed when he stood up and walked over to stand next to me.


“I’m only going to ask you this once..” Gibson began and I sighed as I uncapped the scotch and poured it into a small glass, “Please, just.. Don’t be you tonight, okay? Don’t compliment her, don’t flirt with her, don’t touch her, just.. Don’t.. Act like she’s Nina, I don’t care what you have to do, just don’t do anything that will make me hate you, alright? I’m giving you a second chance at letting you get to know someone that I’ve taken a liking to in hopes that you won’t sleep with her behind my back, and I want you to be friends with her.. I wanna be able to bring her around without always needing to keep an eye on you, okay? That isn’t too much to ask, is it?” He asked genuinely and I stood there for a moment, thinking. I could tell he wasn’t trying to be an ass and he was only being honest, but he could’ve worded a few things differently at least to make me not feel like such shit about the whole thing. “Gareth?”


“Okay, okay.. Fine. Just, stop watching me like a fuckin’ hawk, alright? I can’t concentrate when you do shit like that. And give me a little more credit than that, huh? It’s not like the last time, I didn’t do that shit on purpose, it just kinda happened,” I lied, but it was for the best, “And come on.. Stop thinking about the past so much, look at her- she’s way better than your last girlfriend, she wouldn’t go for someone like me anyways, she likes you. She obviously likes men who have a good head on their shoulders and a tough spine.. And I’m nothing like you,” I somewhat complimented and gave him a smirk. 

Gibson looked at me for a few seconds, seemingly a little shocked by my words, him looking to Hannah then sitting in the living room and I watched them lock eyes and Gibson grinned. He looked back to me as he held his grin and nodded softly, “Thanks man,” he finally replied and I nodded back, handing him his drink and he took it before joining the girls in the living room.


I stood at the counter a little longer by myself, screwing the cap back onto the bottle of scotch slowly as I listened to them talking within the living room, but I didn’t bother enough to pay attention to the words. I wish Gibson hadn’t said any of those things, granted he had every right to, but the fact that he felt like he needed to kind of bothered me. He didn’t need to be so worried, I wasn’t going to try anything on her with him around, why would I? I’m not that stupid.. Another thing that pissed me off a little is that I’d have to pay more attention to Nina now than I wanted to, just so I could control myself and how much I might wanna look at Hannah. I still hadn’t taken all of her in yet, I still felt I needed to wrap my mind around her more so I could take in every inch of her, but that’s going to be difficult without coming off as if I’m staring.. I’ll just have to do it in doses, I guess.


After a few moments to myself, I came back into the living room and sat on the sofa next to Nina, looking to her as she scooted closer after I had gotten comfortable and sighing softly to myself. For some reason I felt like Nina was a little more affectionate today than most other days, I wondered if it had anything to do with Hannah being around. She had every right to be worried about me when other girls were around, I felt as if she knew at times when I was flirting with someone or blatantly ignoring her to talk to someone else, yet she’s never once complained about it or brought it up to me. Though, even without hitting on Hannah once so far, Nina was beginning to act as if she needed to stake her claim for me for whatever reason and it only made me more disinterested and annoyed by how touchy she was being. 

Screenshot-110 (2)

We all ended up talking for a little while and I was getting slightly buzzed as well as Hannah and Gibson, yet of course Nina was sober since she wasn’t drinking. I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes and not drinking for a while nine months, I actually felt a little sorry for her in that one aspect, though she didn’t seem to mind too much as she watched us all having fun with a smile on her face. But, I was happy when it was about seven at night and Nina decided that it was time for her to leave, she got tired a lot sooner ever since she’s been pregnant, “I’m going to get going I think..” She voiced softly and stood up. I sighed when I knew I’d have to walk her to the door and I didn’t even want to get up, but as she went around the room and said goodbye to Hannah and Gibson, I reluctantly rose to my feet and followed her towards the door.


Nina turned towards me when we reached the door and there was a subtle smile on her lips, yet it was obvious that she was avoiding making eye contact with me and I waited impatiently for her to leave. “So.. I guess I’ll see you soon..?” I asked, trying to break this weird silence that surrounded us and she looked up to me with a nod. “Is there anything else?” I asked, seeing her look away from me and eventually shaking her head ‘no’. I knew she was lying, I knew she wanted me to kiss her goodbye and I knew she didn’t want to leave until it happened, but I wasn’t in the mood to even humor her.

“We never really, uhm.. Talked about what happened.. The night I told you about..” She stopped as she averted her eyes once more and I knew she was referring to when I had hit her. I was in no mood to talk about this now, it was just bad timing and I wanted to continue hanging out with Gibson and Hannah and have fun instead of discussing pointless shit that she determined as a serious matter. She looked back up to me and by how she tried to correct herself, she must’ve noticed the anger and annoyance building up in my expression, “I-I mean.. I know you didn’t mean to do it, I was being pushy and I was practically at your heels when you turned around so harshly, but..”


“If you know all that stuff already then why even bring it up?” I asked blandly and her expression went slightly embarrassed.

“I guess.. I don’t know, even if you didn’t mean it, an apology would be nice..” She asked shyly and I let out a heave of air, not wanting to drag this on any longer.

“Jesus.. Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll see you soon then,” I replied, letting my irritation show a little too much and I watched her eyes begin to water and she turned away. I shut my eyes in more annoyance and took a deep breath in, letting it out slowly and trying to calm down a little. Since my first reaction didn’t work at getting her to leave sooner, I hoped that being affectionate in return would help her get over this shit so she would just leave finally.


I stepped up closer to her and put on a softer demeanor, pulling her close to me and I began kissing her cheek and neck softly in between whispers, “I’m sorry, okay? Don’t cry.. I’m just not in the mood to talk about this when there’s company over and I’ve been drinking.. It’s just not the best time, alright?” I said softly and I could feel her head nodding against my hand in agreement. “Now, go home and get some rest, okay?” I said as I pulled away from her and she continued to nod as she wiped a few tears away. I smirked a little and leaned in once more, connecting my lips with hers for a few long seconds and pulling away to then see her smiling in return. 


“I love you,” she replied and I lost my smile briefly, unsure of what to say back as I looked to her. There’s no way in hell I was going to say it back.. It isn’t the kind of thing that if I don’t feel it, I don’t say it, but even if I did which I doubt I ever would, it’s just not something that I feel I’ll ever be comfortable saying to anyone. The only time I remember saying it was to Mom and Dad when I was super little and that was only when they’d say it first, but I grew out of that after about my sixth birthday.

“I know you do,” I replied, smirking once more and leaning in quickly to kiss her and not let her get any more words in as I then somewhat guided her towards the door and opened it for her to let her out. “I’ll see you soon, babe,” I continued and she gave me a weary smile as she nodded softly and walked out of the house. I closed the door and sighed heavily as I walked back towards the living room, trying to think about how I’m going to do this for seven more months and knowing already it was going to be nothing but torture.


I came back into the living room and I noticed that Hannah had taken a seat on the couch I was on close to Gibson and she perked up when she saw me walking towards them, “Hey, we should play ‘never have I ever’ for drinks, you up for it?” She asked and I laughed as I took my seat back on the couch. I hadn’t played that game since before we moved here when we’d drink under-aged at parties.

“Remember when we used to always play that back in Bridgeport with our friends?” Gibson added with a smile and I nodded.

“Oh hell yeah, I remember those days.. You and me are always the first ones out cause we always got so trashed,” I add with a chuckle and Gibson does as well. I can tell that he’s finally getting a little drunk when I notice his cheeks beginning to flush more, he’s been drinking scotch on the rocks the whole night so far, so I wasn’t all that surprised that he was a little further than Hannah and I. 


“I kinda forgot the rules though, how did you two used to play?” Hannah wondered and I let Gibson take the lead on explaining.

“Well, just think of something that you haven’t done before and say never have I ever blah blah blah, and then whoever has done it has to drink. If no one has done whatever you say, then the person who says it has to drink.. I think those rules are pretty basic and the easiest to follow,” he says and Hannah nods, “That sounds right.. Right?” He asked towards me and I nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, that’s how I remember playing.”

“You go first, Han,” Gibson added and Hannah thought to herself for a moment as we waited.


“Never have I ever.. Flown on a plane,” she said first and both Gibson and I drank.

“Wait, how’d you get here then?” Gibson asked.

“I drove all that way, I don’t like planes,” she said with a chuckle, “Now you go,” she addressed Gibson and he thought for a moment.

“Never have I ever, uhm..” He tried to think and he took a long time to think of something.

“Come on, you could never think of anything, even when we used to play, too,” I mocked slightly and we all laughed.

“Well, I’m sorry that I’ve done a shit ton of stuff in my life, it’s hard to think of things..” Gibson replied, “Hannah, just go again, Gareth and I have done too much,” he encouraged and she sighed teasingly.

“Oh whatever, uhh.. Never have I ever.. Had sex on the beach,” she questioned and I chuckled as I drank and so did Gibson, “Really?! Both of you have?” She questioned in disbelief and we both laughed a little more.


“Okay, okay, my turn..” I stated and thought to myself, “Ahh man.. Um.. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping in the daytime,” I said and only Gibson drank, “No way! When did you do that?” I questioned in disbelief.

“Remember when Bennu and Bahiti went to Egypt about two years ago and we were house sitting? Well you went out somewhere and I had a girl over and we did that in their pool,” he admitted and laughed.

“I never would’ve thought,” I admitted with another chuckle, “Alright, since you’ve done so much, now you have to think of something,” I egged him on and so did Hannah.

“Yeah, come on.. Think of something good,” she encouraged with me and Gibson thought for a moment.

“Well, hmm.. Never have I ever.. I don’t know, um.. Smoked weed,” he stated and I drank as well as Hannah. “I know when you used to do it, Gareth, but really, Han? When did you do that?” He wondered with a somewhat intrigued grin.

“Oh, I was young, like.. Fifteen or sixteen or something, I only did it a few times.. My turn now,” she said happily and thought for a moment, “Never have I ever done stuff in front of my parents without them knowing,” she questioned and both Gibson and I drank with wide grins that we tried to hide, “Jeez, you two really have done a lot, huh?” She asked teasingly with a laugh.


The game lasted longer than I thought it would, but we ended up thinking of plenty of questions that got all of us to a decent drunk and I switched to the floor so Gibson could pass out on the couch, laying his head in Hannah’s lap. What made the game take longer was we ended up telling a few stories along with our confessions and it was a really great way to get to know one another; even Gibson and I had a few stories to share that neither of us knew about. Hannah and I kept talking and drinking slowly as the time just passed the two in the morning mark, though I didn’t want to go to sleep as long as she was still willing to stay up. I’ve never talked to a girl this long without eventually getting them in bed, and I admit it was a little weird for me, but I actually didn’t mind the time we’d spent together already. She was pretty fun.


Hannah brushed Gibson’s hair out of his face and ran her fingers through it gently over and over as he lay there and I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous at the treatment he was getting without him even knowing it was happening. Hannah caught my attention and I looked away from her hand within Gibson’s hair and up to her face when she talked, “So, are you excited to be a Dad?” She asked and I gave a smile that wasn’t very convincing.

“I guess, yeah,” I replied, turning my attention away for a moment and taking a sip of my beer.


“You don’t have to lie, I don’t care.. It’s not for everyone,” she replied and I looked back to her.

“Well, then no, I’m not. I never wanted kids to be honest.. Do you want any?” I asked in return.

“Yeah, I really do, I don’t know when though,” she replied and I watched as she looked down to Gibson as she continued to run her fingers through his hair, “Do you know if, uhm.. Never mind,” she stopped but she caught my attention.

“No, please.. Go ahead, I’m an open book,” I encourage and she chuckles softly.


“Well.. It’s just.. I know it’s too early to tell, and I know it’s too early to be talking about this kind of thing with Gibson seeing as we’ve only been together about three months, so we never have discussed it.. I almost don’t feel right asking you if he wants kids without even talking to him myself, first, but I can’t lie, I am curious..” She continued and looked up to me with slight concern.

“If it makes you feel better, he does. Really badly, actually.. I didn’t want my baby, and honestly I still don’t, but Nina wants to keep it and Gibson even convinced me a little, too, saying he’d help out and he’d love to be an Uncle and all that.. He likes kids, he’d be a good Dad..” I reply and my vision drops to the bottle I’m holding.


“I’m sorry.. Did I strike a nerve? I didn’t mean to,” she adds and I looked up to her.

“Oh, no.. Course not. I was just thinking how badly I need a cigarette,” I reply with a chuckle and she smiles with a nod.

“Do you need another beer?” She asks and I watched as she finishes hers.

“Yeah, tha’d be great.. I’ll be back in a minute,” I reply, standing up and I watch as she gently picks up Gibson’s head to place it on her seat as she stood up, taking her empty bottle as well as mine to the kitchen as I pulled my pack of smokes from my pocket and went out the back door.


I stood outside for a few moments and took a long, deep breath in and the smell of water within the warm night breeze filled my nose, savoring it for a moment before I tainted my lungs with a cigarette. I don’t know what I was thinking, my mind was racing a little too much for me on top of being slightly drunk and all I could think about since Gibson fell asleep was that I was finally glad I could be alone with Hannah. But why? I mean, obviously I wanted to do stuff with her, but I was still trying to fight the urge for the sake of what Gibson said earlier. I just wanted to run my fingers over her delicate neck, maybe even taste the sweet perfume she had on her skin, but as I took a long drag of my cigarette, I tried to push those thoughts out of my head. Sure, I didn’t promise him anything, but he did say no flirting and no touching, two of my favorite things to do when with someone like her. 


The back door opened and I looked over my shoulder, seeing Hannah joining me on the back of the dock and I smirked softly as she closed it behind her. She walked over to me and the sound of her heels clicking on the wood was even more soothing to me than the sound of the water, “Here,” she said softly, handing me my beer and I took it. I watched as she leaned over the edge and looked at the view behind the house, my eyes secretly wandering down her back, over her ass and all the way down to her feet before returning my gaze to the side of her face. “I’m really glad I moved here,” she stated with a calm voice and I took one last drag of my smoke before tossing it over the edge to my left into the water.

“Why’s that?” I asked, though I was pretty sure I already knew the answer.


“It’s just really beautiful here. The weather is always great and relaxing.. I have a good job, I’ve met a lot of great people,” she replied and looked over to me, “Everything just feels.. Right.. You know?” She continued and I smirked, nodding as well. “Don’t you like it here, too?” She asked.

“Well, sure.. Most of my family is here, I get employment occasionally, but the pay is still good for how little I do.. I pretty much get to do whatever the fuck I want,” I reply with a chuckle and she smiles, “Got Gibson and my dog, Jess.. I got everything I need..” I replied, looking out to the water.

“Wait, Jess is your dog? I thought she was Gibson’s?” She questioned and I shook my head.


“No, not even close..” I replied with a chuckle, “Gibson hates dogs.. Jess is my baby, not his,” I add and I watched as her expression twists into confusion.

“Well, that.. Kind of explains a few things,” she replies with a gentle laugh, “When we first hung out, we went to the dog park together because, well.. I didn’t know you existed at that time so he brought Jess to the dog park when I brought my dog and I just assumed Jess was his.. But, it all kinda makes more sense now. When he told me he had a dog, I assumed he liked them, but then I started noticing his apprehension when it came to dogs in general more and more,” she said in a somewhat disapproving manner.

“I think in that instance he was just trying to impress you and have the same interests. I love dogs and Jess is mine, but seeing as he never mentioned me, what else was he supposed to say when wanting to rouse you?” I replied and her expression went softer and more appreciative.


“Do you mind me asking about you and Nina?” She wondered randomly and I looked back to her, my shoulders shrugging slightly.

“There’s not much to tell really.. What do you want to know?” I asked curiously, taking a sip of my beer. 

“Well, I don’t mean to pry or judge.. But the whole night it seemed like you could barely stand that she was touching you. You made this funny face every time she’d even smile at you,” she said with a chuckle and I snickered as well, surprised that he had caught on to all of what I was doing earlier, “I don’t know, I guess I’m just wondering if you hate her or something.”

“I don’t know.. To be honest, I don’t hate her, otherwise she wouldn’t have been here today. It’s just sometimes she can be a little overwhelmingly clingy. It’s extremely complicated.. One minute we could be okay and the next we won’t see one another for weeks,” I reply and Hannah nods with a smile.

“Who’s fault is that usually?” She asked and I raised my brow with a grin.

“Are you implying something, Miss Hannah?” I asked and she laughs.

“No, no.. It’s just from what I’ve seen today, everything seems very one sided, that’s all. I mean, I guess what I’m trying to get at is are you guys even together? Or do you even want to be?” She continued questioning and I thought for a moment. 


I turned around and leaned back against the side, a little closer to her than I was before, “Well, I guess the easiest way to put it is that I’m going to try to be there for my kid, but when it comes to a relationship, I’m keeping my options very open,” I imply softly and take a sip of my beer, looking to her as she stood up from leaning over and I smirked, “Does that answer your question?”

“Yeah, I guess it does,” she replies with a soft smile in return and looks back towards the water, drinking her beer a little. “So, by relationship, do you actually mean fling?” She questioned and I laughed.

“Jesus, Gibson really filled you in on me before you came here, didn’t he? If you know so much already, then why ask?” I wonder.

“He didn’t say anything bad, I guess I just want to know for myself instead of hearing it from someone else. I like to give people a chance on my own terms,” she replied and I nodded, appreciating that she was willing to give me the benefit of the doubt.


“So, why all the questions on whether I’m in a relationship officially or not?” I ask and she shrugs.

“Just curious is all, just wanted to know what all that tension was today. You didn’t really open up that much until she was gone. If it’s worth anything, I felt like Gibson may have mistook a lot of your charm for inappropriateness,” she replied, continuing to look out at the water and I raised my brow intriguingly. So she thinks I’m charming? I don’t think anyone’s used that word before to describe me.

“Well, how often do I get the chance to impress someone new? I needed to be on my best behavior in front of beautiful company,” I imply once more as I continued to look at the side of her face.

Screenshot-186 (2)

“Are you flirting with me, Gareth?” She asked with a chuckle, looking back to me and I shrugged.

“Only if you want me to be,” I reply with a sly grin as my sight bounced between her eyes and lips.

“And if I say no?” She challenged.


“Then I might just call you a liar,” I point out with the same grin and we stare at one another for a moment before she looks back to the water. I don’t know what this was or what was happening exactly, but I was willing to bet all of the money I had stashed in my room that she was flirting with me as hard as I was with her. It all made me wonder if she was just another girl that might betray Gibson, or was this girl driving me to be the betrayer? Either way, if anything happened, we’d both be accountable, not just me. I know I shouldn’t do this, or anything at all, but Hannah was just oozing irresistible and if this back and forth flirting continued, we just might make a huge mistake tonight. The more I thought about her and looked at her, the less I thought about the repercussions.


“Why are you staring at me?” She asked, looking back to me and I turned towards her more.

“How can I not?”

“You know what I think?” She asked with a smile.

“What’s that?”

“I think that because Nina isn’t here now, you feel it’s okay to hit on me because there’s no one to stop you. I think you’re actually a pretty lonely guy,” she pointed out with attitude, yet she still held a smile on her plump lips.

“Damn, babe.. That’s harsh,” I teased, “Don’t be so hard on yourself, even if she was still here I’d have no problem doing the same thing I am now. Even if a hundred other girls were here, I’d still be right here.. Drinking a beer with you,” I reply, finishing my beer and setting it down on a table near me, coming right back to where I was but this time a little closer.


“So, even if there were tons of other girls here, you’d still pick your brother’s girlfriend to hit on?” She replied with a cocky smile and my grin began to fall.

“Is this some kind of elaborate ruse or something that you and Gibson concocted to see if I’d hit on you if he passes out?” I ask with a bland tone and she smiles.

“No, of course not. I just figured I could talk some sense into you before you do anything you might regret,” she pointed out and I smirked once more.

“Well, why not do something we’ll both regret? It’s not like I can’t tell what you want to do just as badly, you’re pretty easy to read,” I state and she stares at me a moment before looking back out to the water again.

“Oh, am I? ..And what exactly do you think I want to do?” She asked, taking another sip of her beer.

“You act like you’re doing nothing at all when in actuality, you’re doing so much to the point where it’s almost impossible not to touch you. You can’t deny it, either.. You’re working the same charm you claim that I use myself,” I state and she finishes her beer, walking to the table to set her empty bottle down where I had earlier and she stood in front of me then.


“That doesn’t answer the question still.. I’ll admit, I can get a little flirty when I’m drinking, but that doesn’t mean I’ll act on anything like you so easily will,” she replied with a serious tone and I smiled.

“So you’re waiting for me to do it first, is that it?” I asked and she didn’t respond, giving me an expression as if I was way off, but I knew what she was doing, or rather, trying her hardest not to do. She didn’t know that she was failing at whatever front she was trying to put on. “You know, just because you say you won’t act on it, it doesn’t mean you don’t want it,” I add before stepping closer.


I stood before her and she looked up to me with a certain look in her eyes that I couldn’t quite decode, it was either lust or overwrought, but whatever the case, it was still inviting. I stepped up even closer and she took a step back, but she bumped into the table behind her and there was nowhere else for her to go. “Gareth..” She said softly in a weary tone and I smirked.

I leaned forward and she leaned back, reaching behind her to hold herself up using the table and I used it as well to support myself, leaning in closer towards her ear and the tip of my nose grazed against her cheek, “I would say I’ll stop if you want me to, but I don’t think you do,” I said quietly in a smooth tone, my eyes looking to the side of her face and she turned her head away from me slightly.


I brought one of my hands off of the table and I looked down to her legs, letting my fingertips graze over the skin of her thigh, “Maybe you just need some more-” I stopped, hearing her let out a gentle gasp when I grabbed her leg and pulled it up against me, “Persuading?” I suggested into her ear and I could feel the goosebumps racing over her leg I was holding. I was so close, I could feel the heat radiating off of her and even her breathing was a little stifled within my grasp. My curiosity from before when I wondered if the rest of her skin was as smooth as her hand when we had first met made me grin slightly, knowing now that the skin of her legs was so much smoother and I could feel my heart racing at how dangerously close we were to making this a very memorable night.


To my surprise, I was mistaken, “We’ve been drinking too much.. Nothing about this is a good idea,” she contested and I pulled back to look at her eyes, “Please, let go of me,” she added and I slowly dropped her leg back down and put my hand back onto the table for support.

“What a strange turn of events after such a huge, painfully hot buildup,” I replied, confused a little as I looked to her lips, “You’re not at all even curious about what could happen if I were to move just a few inches closer?” I continued to try to tease and still salvage what was about to happen.

“Anyone would be.. But I don’t want you to,” she replied and my expression went defeated.


I slowly slipped away from her and stood back up straight, finding myself a little surprised that I had so easily backed off like she had implied and I watched her stand up straight as well, avoiding my eyes on purpose, “I.. Need some sleep. You should get some, too,” she suggested and I took a few steps back and I leaned against the wooden railing, putting my hands into my front pockets as I looked to her.

“You won’t mention this to anyone, right?” I asked and she looked up to me.

“Nothing happened, so there’s nothing to tell.” She said bluntly and I gave her a slight grimace.

“Don’t say that all of that was nothing,” I said sternly and I watched as her face flooded with regret and she turned towards the house.

“Goodnight, Gareth,” she replied, walking to the back door and sliding it open to go inside, avoiding looking at me as she shut it behind her and she was soon out of sight.


I sighed heavily as I leaned against the wood railing, thinking about what could’ve happened and I was both mad that I didn’t get to taste her lips and mad that I had been played so hard. I hadn’t been turned down in so long when I was so close to indulging and it bothered me greatly that I failed. I had to admit that there was a certain sense of higher accomplishment when it came to obtaining the unobtainable, and the fact that she turned me down but admitted she felt the same only made me want to try harder. At first I was a little mad at the whole situation that quickly flipped upside down right in front of my eyes, but my perspective soon changed when I thought about it and it only made me think of it as a challenge. I’ll convince her one of these days, she’ll eventually be in a position that I’ll make myself as irresistible as she was just now and then we’ll see if she’s able to hold back the urges that I know she wants to act out with me. Even if it takes me forever, I’ll eventually make her scream my name, and if I’m daring enough, none of what I was planning would ever be obvious enough to get caught this time around.

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~ by SimComix on April 9, 2014.

10 Responses to “Generation 3, Chapter 13”

  1. O_O
    Mmmm Gareth. *spills alcohol*
    Oh how cute, a little get together. XD Ugh so much tension going like 42857987 ways. Gareth and Gibson, Gareth and Nina, Gareth and Hannah… hmm… Gareth is the common factor in all of the tension. o.O I guess how could he not be, I always want him when I see him. LOL.
    Ugh Nina. Paranoid little freak. ROFL. Not that she doesn’t have a reason to be, of course she does… but her clingyness… irritates me. XD She’s already having Gareth’s kid, sheesh.
    Mmmm *sees the side of Gareth’s face, dies* O_O The veins in his arm. Holy- *faints* D’awww Hannah and Gibson are so cute! LOL, the way she was playing with his hair when he was asleep. *pinches her cheeks* Adorable thing. LOL. Seems like everyone’s staking their claim here, Hannah smooching Gibson all sexy like and Nina’s annoying hand placement on Gareth. XD
    I played the game with them since I have a Mike’s with me, hehe, and I drank twice. LOL. I loved how they all got to know each other better through that game. Sex on the beach… *thinks of the murder on the beach* o.O
    Really Nina? You love Gareth? You’re wierd. He treats you pretty shitty, dearie. I guess… whatever? ROFL. But then again, I mean, I’m in love with Gareth, LOL. *fans self* I guess I can’t blame Nina, he’s awesome. *is schizo*
    I kept thinking… Gibson’s got himself a dangerous girl with Hannah, because she seems like she could manipulate people very easily, and her seductive side is very much there. The fact that she felt it too is just… poor Gibson. LOL. I hope Hannah isn’t going to break his heart eventually. That being said… HOT. That whole thing with Gareth and her hitting on each other somewhat, Hannah less obviously, but her open ended questions could be taken either way. *raises hand* I think you’re charming, Gareth. *faints*
    Aww… :/ I’m a little sad he’s planning to boink Hannah now, I mean he planned to screw over Gibson’s other relationship cause he didn’t want to lose Gibson, but things are different now, he is going to need Gibson when his baby comes, and given those circumstances, I don’t think Gibson will be completely out of Gareth’s life. Of course, I don’t think for a second he’s not thinking the challenge aspect of getting Hannah is exciting, and THAT’S why he’s doing it THIS time, but… T_T
    LOL I’m just a nerd and I hate when Gareth and Gibson fight cause they need each other. *slaps Gareth, makes out with him*

    • Very true, Gareth is the one factor they all have in common when it come to the tension. He’s like the life at the party, at every party, good or bad LOL
      Yeah, Nina’s still paranoid and brainwashed a little by Gareth, though I’m thinking that might start to change when the baby is born. She’s kinda of alone now, she doesn’t have many friends and Gareth is the only one that she really has in her life, so she clings. And her telling him that she loves him? Sigh, she’s just trying to assure that he still likes her even for how he treats her, especially since she found out she was pregnant. She knows that Gareth’s starting to be a little more stand-off-ish, so she’s trying just a little too hard to get his attention.
      Hahaha yesss Hannah and Gibson are so cute, I really like them together.
      LOL you played the game with them? That’s awesome hahaha ohh yess, the ‘sex on the beach’ ;)
      Very true, Gibson needs to keep a close eye on Hannah as well as his brother just as much. Hannah as the ‘irresistible’ trait, so I needed to make her flirty and she’s not one to really turn down compliments, she enjoys the attention on her, though she’s committed to Gibson atm, so she’s really just one big tease. hahaha She enjoyed flirting back with Gareth and spending time with him, but when he pushed himself on her and tried to make something of it, she wasn’t on board. Too bad for Hannah though that she doesn’t know what she stirred up within him from doing the simplest of things like a little flirting. She has no idea what she just started. hahaha
      Yeah, one minute Gareth is trying to be a good brother and not stare at Hannah for both of their sake, and the next minute when Gibson is finally not there to watch Gareth’s moves, he moves in on Hannah as if Gibson told him to just ‘go right ahead’ hahaha When it comes to any woman at all, Gareth only thinks for himself.
      LOL it’s always hard to watch them fight since they’ve literally been together all of their lives, but I guess part of growing up is eventually growing apart, maybe some time away from one another could do both of them some good. *shrug*
      Thanks so much for reading! <3

  2. Ahhhh so much in this chapter to comment on! *Wipes drool off keyboard*

    First off. Gareth and Nina. Seems like he’s trying to behave himself a little, although I felt bad for Nina when he is repulsed by her small baby bump. Then all that sympathy goes away so quickly when I see how clingy and whiny she is, and I about want to strangle her myself *Rages*

    Hannah, she looks so pretty. The minute I saw what she was wearing I saw it as bait for Gareth. LOL. You know he can’t resist beautiful women!

    That drinking game was awesome! I had so much fun reading it. I knew when Gibs was asleep that something was going to happen between Gareth and Hannah, yet I was hoping that I would be wrong. It must feel terrible to be Gibson and seeing every woman you have feelings for go after your brother or let themselves be seduced by them.

    I got the impression from reading this chapter that Hannah wasn’t as innocent as she looks or acts. She seemed to be enjoying Gareth’s attention, and Im not sure it was just the alcohol making her flirty, she really just seemed to enjoy it, and seemed to be toying with him just a little bit, then pulling back at the last moment. I’m sure she knows that will make Gareth want her even MORE now. Cause now he wants what he can’t have, and that will only make him more excited. Does that make sense? I just woke up so I tend to ramble early in the morning.

    I don’t think Gareth and Gibson’s relationship could survive this happening yet again. My mind is alive with the possibilities at how this could end, which is so exciting, because all of them are twisted and result in MURDER. haha. I can’t wait. :)

    • Yeah, Gareth is trying to behave himself, at least while Nina’s around and Gibson’s there to watch out for her. He mostly does it for Gibson because he offered to help with the baby and Gibson has been trying to keep Gareth from doing anything bad to Nina, too, since she’s pregnant and he knows Gareth doesn’t want it. LOL ikr? Sometimes you feel bad for Nina, but then she goes and does stupid shit so then you don’t care all that much.. hahahaha its a love/hate relationship with her.
      LOL Yeah, you’re right about Gareth being unable to resist. It’s sad that Hannah doesn’t know more about him though to the point where she would know better than to wear any revealing clothing what-so-ever around him hahaha Glad you liked the drinking game, too! Yeah, the moment Gibson passed out, Gareth’s asshole/flirt switch flipped up and he knew then that whatever he’d try, it could be acted out with no prying eyes watching his every move. True, poor Gibson has no idea that Hannah almost fell victim to Gareth’s charm and the fact that she felt anything towards him isn’t a good sign. It’s Gareth though, how could anyone not? He lays on the charm pretty hard when he wants to hahaha
      LOL Yes, what you said makes sense. Hannah has the irresistible trait, so she’s already a pretty flirty person when she wants to be, and the alcohol did help with her being that relaxed around Gareth. She likes attention on her, one of the reasons she usually always comes over with her makeup perfect, cute outfits, high heels, perfume, the works. She takes care of herself pretty well and she likes when people acknowledge it.
      LOL true, most of the ends of these kinds of things end in murder, though we still have a long way to go with this generation, anything could happen along the way. I’m not even sure what’s going to happen in the next chapter, but I’ve already started writing it bahahaha I just work as I go.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :D

  3. O_O Wow. . .just, wow. I have to say I have a new found respect for Hannah for walking away. I know she flirted a little but when it mattered she turned him down. How she was able to do it is beyond me. Phew!

    Nina, Nina, Nina. . .*shakes head at her* If I knew her, I’d try to smack some sense into her. It just amazes me how she doesn’t catch that Gareth isn’t all that interested in her. So frustrating yet so good to read at the same time!

    Gareth. . .I really don’t have words. . .I’m speechless at his smooth delivery. He’s definitely a master of seduction.

    *Kicks Hannah out of the way and places Gibson’s head on my lap. Starts running hands through his hair* :D Now I’m one happy lady!

    I really hope for Gareth’s and Gibson’s sake that nothing happens between Gareth and Hannah. I’m not holding my breath though. :)

    • Hahaha it was a little surprising that Hannah walked away, huh? It was very hard for her too, don’t get me wrong, it’d be hard for anyone to, but she’s still too newly in a relationship and the spark between her and Gibson is still very much there, resulting in her turning down Gareth. I’ve mentioned this in my replies above, but Hannah has the irresistible trait, so she loves attention and she enjoys flirting, even if she isn’t going to go through with anything that she flirts about. She’s a big tease, really. hahaha
      Yeah, Gareth definitely knows his way around women, especially when it comes to trying to get them in bed for the first time. He’s always on his game hahaha
      Oh Nina.. LOL she’s just a mess sometimes, but she’s still kinda fun to write. She’s just so cute and innocent but pathetic and annoying at the same time. Things might start to change after the baby is born though.
      LOLL I knew you’d kick Hannah out of the way and take her spot hahaha!
      Eh, anything could happen. We’ll see just how faithful Hannah can be and see if she really is right for Gibson after all. *shrug*
      Thanks for reading! :D

  4. honestly I’m too pissed to comment properly. Gareth no fucking regard for his brother!!! NONE he has now set his sights on pursuing Hannah even after that talk he had with Gibson. Even after knowing how much he hurt his brother ON PURPOSE last time. I’m just pissed. I’m done! I hope Gibson kills him in a fit of rage because I want to!!! Right now I want to chop off his nuts and shove them down his throat!!!! Yeah I’m pissed.

    Hannah, I’m mad at her too. Seriously, she just went to far. Yes she stopped, but she opened that Pandora’s box. :(

    Nina…girl give it up. That man doesn’t want to be a father and he doesn’t want to be with you. Stop being so damn pathetic and move on. Yes you are having his baby, but leave it at that.

    • LOL I was wondering how you’d react to this chapter XD You really see Gareth at an all-time-low in this chapter, especially after what the twins have been through together.. But, words that are meant to be taken seriously or are meant to improve Gareth as a person seem to just fly in one of his ears and straight out the other. He wants what he can’t have, all the time.

      Nina just really doesn’t see it that way.. For whatever reason, she has this thought in her head that Gareth does have the potential to change and maybe even having a baby would help him get to that change sooner.. But, she’s delusional and a blind man could see that Gareth is going to remain the same person he always has been.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Oh fuck Gareth man, “don’t worry Gibson” “won’t happen again Gibson.” Dude the one thing that keeps you stable, keeps you out of trouble is gonna be out of your life if you don’t wise up. He will never forgive him for that if he keeps on that idea. I’m glad Hannah seems to care for Gibson and didn’t let herself get pulled in by his charm but she did get close enough to wet his appetite.

    • Yeahhh, Gareth’s kind of a liar haha he does whatever he can to keep Gibson close to him, but that also means doing things that keep Gibson away from others. He’s very selfish and manipulative, but we’ll see whenever he finally gets a wake-up call, if he ever gets one. And yeah, Hannah did resist, but she also kind of seemed to welcome his gesture at first. Maybe it was just the booze *shrugs*

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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