Generation 1, Chapter 18, Finale

Attention: Ehhh, sorry for the sudden change in the writing. I think I’m going to go to first person now. I don’t know why I start off stories in third, I always end up regretting it.. I thought this last chapter would be better in first, too. Plus, a little heads up; this chapter might be, well, depressing. Read on only if you want to, and it’s probably the longest chapter I’ve written so far.

Also, a little more than half way into getting the screenshots, Julia aged up *rolls eyes*, so she’ll becomes a teen in this chapter, though I don’t really advertise it in the story. Hitomi aged up, too, she’s now a YA but she still looks the same, only taller. Thanks for reading!


g1chap18 p1
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Sadie was in the kitchen, venturing around and trying to figure out what to make me for breakfast. The kids had all gone to school before I came downstairs, unable to face them.. Thoughts that I never could imagine would cross my mind; I had been thinking for an entire week ever since Sadie had confessed to me about taking Jason to a psychiatrist and I was not pleased with what she told me. I was the farthest from pleased. It made me angry. I hated that she had gone behind my back, but as I thought about it more, she was just trying to keep me from thinking about losing my best friend; the best friend that I killed with little to no mercy. What was worse is that ever since I had told Sadie that I would ‘deal with it,’ I still was unable to think of anything so far that I thought would make Jason more accepting at the thought of me. I love him.. I think I do.. As much as a father could love his own son, but I was beginning to resent him simply because he wouldn’t accept me; he was terrified of me and I knew Jason didn’t know why, but I could see it in his eyes every time I looked at him. Oh, how I hated to look at him.

“I fed the kids before they went to school, do you want me to make you anything? Are you hungry?’ Sadie asked me while in the kitchen, hearing her clanging around dishes and pans trying to put something together.

“No, I’m alright,” I replied, returning my attention to the television that I wasn’t even really paying any attention to.

“Alright, I’ll just make something for me. Let me know when you get hungry though, okay?” She asked with a motherly tone and I didn’t reply.

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Sadie’s talking to me as I space out, not listening to her and also not listening or watching the television. My eyelids grow heavy and I soon see darkness, my thoughts consuming me and I began to cringe at what was brought to my mind. My family, my babies, my wife; things I never thought I would have and want so much, yet I couldn’t help in thinking that I would be better off without them, and them without me. I was young and stupid, I didn’t know what had come over me and I changed my entire life in the blink of an eye the moment Sadie came to my door, three months pregnant with Hitomi. I hadn’t realized it then, and not really now, even. I tell her I love her, yet for some reason I feel as if someone like me isn’t capable of doing that, making me wonder if how I feel about her is even love at all, but more of a protective nature for the mother of my children. I’m possessive; Jason knows it, too, always questioning me and almost competing with me for Sadie’s attention. Even though he’s my own child, I feel as if he’s stepping too much into my territory, and he knows it; and enjoys it. 

g1chap18 p6

I hadn’t even noticed Sadie sit next to me after her meal, I must’ve been sitting there with my eyes shut for a while; how long had she been talking with no response from me? 

“What?” I asked, hoping she would repeat whatever she had just said to me and I watched her sigh.

“Marrick? Are you alright? I asked you like, 4 times already?” Sadie said with slight disappointment but I didn’t feel the normal guilt I usually would at the sign of her feeling sad.

“Sorry, I was just.. Thinking,” I reply and she shrugs it off, repeating whatever she had asked me for the fifth time.

“What do you want to get Hitomi for her graduation present? She’s done amazing her entire school career, she’s so smart and she really worked hard. I think we should get her something really special,” Sadie continued and I eventually nodded.

“Sure, I’ll think of something,” I answered, realizing that not only had I become more possessive, but I was a control freak and Jason always liked to throw that in my face, as well.

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Sadie was pleased with my answer as she looked to me and smiled, once again just like numerous times before, letting me handle it. She knew not to fight me, we had been married for over 17 years and I had no idea why I treated her like she was a pet instead of a person; my wife. But, I couldn’t help but feel like she acted like one most of the time.

g1chap18 p9
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“I love you,” I hear her say just above a whisper and I look to her, seeing and believing the look in her eyes and I smirked. I had to admit, for as long as this relationship has lasted, I couldn’t have been more pleased with who I decided to let into my fucked up life. Though, at the same time, I regretted being with someone like her; she was too good for me and she deserved better, much better. I didn’t reply, swinging my right hand over her torso and grasping her hip, bringing her into a kiss that I was sure she wasn’t able to handle. She moaned gently against my lips and I realized it had been a while since we actually had any alone time without needing to do chores or errands when not tending to the kids. 

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Thoughts began to flow through my head once more, ones that made me regret all of this. How could I have been so stupid? I kept having more children, hoping for girls so I would never pass on the Dubois’ cursed trait, but I never realized that any son that Hitomi, Anya and Julia may have in the future could very well pass it on to them, skipping a generation.. Stupid, stupid, stupid! ..Now, with three girls who had the ability to cause the gene to continue, and also getting so deep in this to actually having a son myself.. What have I done? I wanted no children, none, for this very reason, to protect anyone who would get involved with this family and I hated that I only made more and more problems for myself without even realizing it. I had to do something about this.. Hitomi was going off to college soon and same with Anya, not to mention Julia was close to being in high school and I didn’t want to risk one of them getting into anything serious with someone or even for them to have any accidents; I couldn’t handle it, I’d turn over in my grave if I knew this family was going to continue on passed me or my own children..

g1chap18 p14
g1chap18 p15

The day went on and I only worried more, thinking harder now than before as Sadie made dinner and I sat at the table with my children, looking to each of their faces and hating knowing that they remind me every day on how far I really had gone into all of this. I hated it. This isn’t what I wanted at all and now, look where I am. The conversation’s the kids had never caught my attention or made me feel like I needed to give feedback, their voices foggy as I continued to resent them the longer I sat there.

g1chap18 p16
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Julia’s voice was flowing through my ears, though my eyes remained on Jason as I stared at him, surprisingly without him noticing. How was I going to do this? How was I going to set everything right? My eyes soon went back to Sadie, still preparing the food and watching her at the stove, watching as the burner caught fire after a few clicks. The flames popped up, lighting the burner and she began heating the pan she was using to prepare the food and it was as if I was mesmerized by the blue and orange flames.

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“Dad, what do you think?” Julia asked me and I looked to her briefly

“What?” I ask her to repeat it.

“Daaaad! You weren’t even listening,” she whines gently and I smirk with slight guilt.

“Sorry, baby girl. I’m listening now,” I assure her and she smiles but I contiune then to look at Sadie as Julia repeats what she asked me and I still don’t hear it.

“Jeez, Dad, at least pretend you care,”  Hitomi added after Julia’s second attempt to get my opinion on something, snapping out of my trance once again and Anya took the initiative to give her little sister the attention she wanted.

I think it’s awesome you wanna have a big sleepover with your friends, it would be a lot of fun. Hitomi and I can give you girl’s make overs, paint our nails.. It’ll be awesome,” Anya said with a smile and I soon nodded in agreement, Julia finally noticing that I was finally paying attention now and she smiled with joy at my approval. 

“Anything you want,” I added and she only smiled more, giggling with joy.

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Sadie finishes preparing the meal and brings plates for everyone, giving everyone a share of the meal, feeding me first, the children, then feeds herself last. I watch as Sadie doesn’t sit at the table right away, going over to her preparation area and cleaning it up so she didn’t have to do it later. “Sadie, come sit,” I told her and she looked over her shoulder at me with an apologetic smirk.

“I know, I know, but I don’t want anything to stay out too long, it’s so much easier to clean when you get all of the fresh crud off first,” she replied, continuing to rinse and scrub the dishes in the sink and I wasn’t pleased that she wasn’t joining us. For all I knew, and them, this could be our last meal together, should I decide to go through with anything tonight.

g1chap18 p25
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It isn’t until everyone else is finished with their meal when Sadie finally joins us all at the table and there’s guilt on her face when she looks to me, taking in my unwelcoming stare and I feel as if I scolded her without even saying or doing anything. She doesn’t look at me for the rest of the time that she eats.

g1chap18 p27
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“Hey, do you mind if I go to my friends house tonight? I promise to be back before 11:00pm,” Hitomi grabs my attention. Just by her tone of voice and use of words, I knew she was going to try and sneak over to John’s house and that was the last thing I wanted her to do. She noticed the disapproval in my expression and soon fidgeted within her seat, “Pleeeaaassee?”

“What are you going to be doing? You seem rather excited to go there,” I point out her not-so-subtle way of hiding the truth of where she really was going and she sighed lightly.

“We’re just.. Going to be studying, really.. I have finals in two weeks and I want to be ready,” she continued to lie and it only made me more dissappointed in her; I raised her better than that. But, before I could contest to it, someone else did.

g1chap18 p29
g1chap18 p30

“Yeah, make out finals,” Jason mutters under his breath before following Anya and Julia out of the kitchen and Hitomi’s face turns red.

“Shut up, you little shit!” Hitomi called back and I gave her another displeased expression, not liking her language at the table. 

“Hitomi..” I scolded softly and she sighed.

“Fine, whatever, I’ll just stay at home I guess.. Study here,” Hitomi caved in, realizing her lie wasn’t working out in her favor and giving it up.

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We all sat within the living room, watching television together and I listened to their small conversations while watching the show, all of them giving their own little piece of feedback about the program and I could care less about any of it. As I watched my family enjoy themselves and each other’s presence, I couldn’t help but feel left out; it didn’t bother me, I wanted to be alone anyhow, and it felt like I was. 

“Alright, it’s 10:00pm, go and get ready for bed. You’ve all got school tomorrow,” Sadie said in a loving tone and the kids all groaned, but fulfilled her request and Sadie shut the television off.

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Sadie and I always said goodnight to the kids before they went to bed, Anya coming up to us first and I welcomed her into my arms, “How about you and mom go clothes shopping soon? You’ll need new things when you go off to college, too. Maybe a laptop, as well,” I said with a smile and Anya’s face lit up, giving me the reaction that I’d hoped for.

“Eeeee! Yay! Awesome, thank you! Can we go this weekend?” She asked excitedly and I looked to Sadie who smiled and nodded.

“Yup, let’s go this weekend,” Sadie confirmed and Anya let out another excited.. Noise, squee, or however you want to describe it. We all exchanged ‘i love you’s’ and she raced upstairs, happy as could be.

g1chap18 p38
g1chap18 p39

Julia walked up to us and she had a shy smile; I knew she wanted something, too. “Tell you what, how about when your mom and Anya are out shopping, we can go fishing. My little angler hasn’t been to the lake in a while,” I offered and she lit up instantly.

“Yeah, yeah! You need to teach me how to bait the worm properly again, mine always gets nibbled at and eaten!” She complained and I nodded.

“I’ll teach you a lot of things, anything you want,” I continued and she only grew more excited, hugging Sadie and I and exchanging ‘i love you’s’ again. 

g1chap18 p40
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g1chap18 p42

Hitomi walked up next and she already had a grin on her face, expecting the same treatment that we had given Anya and Julia and it was Hitomi that I would probably hurt the most. “I’m off to college reeeeeaaally soon.. Got amazing grades my entire school careeeeeeeerr,” Hitomi eggs on, hoping her treat would be something deserved rather than just flat out given; wanting to one up her siblings, I suppose.

“Car?” I reply simply and her smile fades instantly, not believing what I said and she stands there in shock.

“You’re j-joking, right!?” She asked hurriedly and I smirked, shaking my head ‘no’ and her jaw dropped.

“What? You’re right. You worked hard, you deserve it, plus you need to get around when you’re at college, don’t you?” I asked and her smile went from ear to ear.

“Oh, my god! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!” She repeated and threw her arms around both of us, hugging us tightly and we exchanged more ‘i love you’s’.

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“What do you want, sweetheart? I don’t want you to be left out,” Sadie cooed sweetly and Jason smirked, shrugging his shoulders.

“Anything you want,” I added and he didn’t bother to look at me.

“I don’t care, I don’t really need anything,” he replied and Sadie and I sighed, looking to one another and trying to think of something for him. “Well..” Jason began again, catching our attention and eager to hear his request. “C-Can I get a puppy? I mean.. It might help a little.. With what I, you know.. See?” He asked, looking to Sadie as if only asking her and she smiles, looking to me and waiting for my approval. 

Sadie watches as I nod and she smiles wider, looking to Jason, “Sure, we can do that. I wouldn’t mind a dog, either,” Sadie agreed and Jason smiled.

g1chap18 p49
g1chap18 p51

I knelt down and thought I would try something, holding out my arms and my expression was weak, trying for the last time for my son to give me a chance to show him that I care about him, even if he doesn’t think so. Well, maybe not care, but his constant resentment and cold shoulders were getting on my last nerve. “Just one, that’s all I ask, I won’t ever ask you for another one,” I tell him and he hesitates. “Why do you do this? Why do you shut me out, hate me?” I asked, wanting to know exactly what he thought of me. 

“Why are you doing this?” He asks in return and I’m not sure what he’s referring to.


This.. This being nice and giving us things. It’s like your apologizing for something you did or are going to do, or leaving or something..” Wow, we’re too alike and he knows better than I thought to the point that it almost makes me sick. Jason answered me angrily but I knew then that he cared for me, he just never chose to show it. He was worried about me leaving, or finding myself in trouble. I was slightly warmed by this and I no longer needed the hug; this was just fine.

g1chap18 p52
g1chap18 p53

I rose back to my feet and stood straight, looking down to him and his expression was eager to hear my answer, “I’m not going anywhere, bud. And I didn’t do anything. I guess my concern for your guys’ well-being might come off as strict sometimes, but it’s because I care,” wow, I was a good liar, “I’ll try to back off more on it, but you have to stop walking around like you can’t stand me or no puppy,” I made a deal with him and his expression grew irritated, not liking that I was withholding the puppy until he agreed to treat me better.

“Fine..” Jason agreed and I smirked, agreeing to the deal.

g1chap18 p54
g1chap18 p55

Jason looked to me, his gaze lasting much longer than his normal ones and he was actually able to look at me, “Do.. You think I could go with you and Julia.. Fishing?” Jason asked and I smiled, nodding and Sadie was overjoyed with the huge turn around that Jason had directed himself towards.

“Of course, bud. Whatever you want. Julia and I usually wake up around 4:00am to get there before the sun comes up, think you can handle it?” I asked, knowing how much he loved his sleep on the weekends, but he soon nodded and smirked.

“Yeah, I can do that,” he replied somewhat confidently and Sadie and I tell him we love him, but he goes passed us with a smile instead and goes upstairs to his room.

g1chap18 p56

Sadie and I stay up for a little bit longer after the kids go to sleep, but around 11:30pm we call it a night and head upstairs. We didn’t go to bed right away, instead we tired ourselves out passionately before falling asleep, holding her against me and yet again, falling victim to those lingering, evil thoughts as I drifted off to sleep..


1:36 AM

g1chap18 p57-2
g1chap18 p57
g1chap18 p58
g1chap18 p59

I’m tired. I look at the clock on the wall and it reads around 1:40 in the morning. The television is still on from earlier before we had gone to bed, it’s so irritating but I don’t turn it off. My body is groggy, but able to move itself as I rise from the bed in a desolate manner. I walk to the dresser and put on pajama pants and throw on a shirt. I’m tired.. So tired of this. 

g1chap18 p60
g1chap18 p61
g1chap18 p62
g1chap18 p63

My monotone yet twisted thoughts continue flowing through my mind and I’m tired of this. Of them. Of me and what I’ve become.. What Jason will become and already is.. I can’t. My fingers twist all of the knobs of the burners of the stove, each one not igniting a flame, but I begin to smell the growing scent of gas.

g1chap18 p64

I find an old candle holder and candles. I bring them to the living room and light them all; this will only take about 3 hours. Everyone will still be asleep. Sound. Don’t worry, Daddy’s handling it. He’s handling everything for us all. I won’t let this family name continue. I want to stop it all now. This is the only way to save us all.

g1chap18 p65
g1chap18 p66
g1chap18 p67
g1chap18 p68

1:48 AM


4:48 AM

g1chap18 p69
g1chap18 p70
g1chap18 p71

I toss and turn on my bed, weakly looking to the clock on my bookshelf when I finally awake and it’s almost 5:00 in the morning.. Ugh, I’m so tired.. Why am I up? I stand from my bed and stretch, rubbing my eyes and I stagger towards my window, looking out and knowing the sun was going to come up soon and all I wanted to do was sleep more.

g1chap18 p72
g1chap18 p73

My eyes catch something moving on the ground and I look to it, my eyes widening as I look to Archor, standing by his grave yet again and I wonder if I should go to him. Why is he doing this to me? I look at him a little closer, seeing him not taking his attention away from Hitomi’s bedroom window and I then wonder if he’s trying to tell me something; he’s never given me a sign before, is this the first one?

g1chap18 p74
g1chap18 p75
g1chap18 p76

Screw it. I make my way to Hitomi’s room as silently as I can, coming into her room and turning on her lamp next to her bed. I look out her window and I can still see Archor, “Hitomi… Tomiii!!” I pressure, hearing her soon wake and she scoffs at seeing what time it was.

“Jesus, Jason.. It’s almost 5:00 in the moring! What the hell are you doing?” She asks with a groggy tone and I still haven’t blinked once, keeping my eye on Archor and not giving him the chance to escape my gaze.

“Shut up! Look, look! It’s Archor! Do you see?!” I whisper loudly and I can feel Hitomi rolling her eyes, even though I’m not facing her.

“Oh my God.. Jason, go to bed, you nut,” she continues but I hear her stand and come up behind me.

g1chap18 p77
g1chap18 p78

“What is this nonsense you’re going on… Abo-” Hitomi’s words stop and I knew that very moment that she could see Archor, just as clearly as I could. 

“Am I still a liar?” I ask her teasingly and I don’t get a response. I look back and she has tears in her eyes.

“Wh..What’s.. Wrong with him? He’s hurt!” She calls out quietly, still trying to keep our voices down and not wanting to wake our parents.

“That’s what I’ve been seeing this whole time!”  I argue and she takes my hand, heading for the door to go to the back yard before I could even suggest it.

g1chap18 p79
g1chap18 p80

We walked down the steps and coincidentally, Anya and Julia meet us outside of their room; Julia was such a light sleeper, she probably was still able to hear Hitomi and I talking in her room upstairs. They knew to keep quiet, we were right outside of mom and dad’s room and they knew to ask questions later, following us without question.

g1chap18 p81
g1chap18 p82
g1chap18 p83

We all walked quickly downstairs, completely disregarding the lit candles that were in the living room and we made our way outside; the house kind of smelled.. Weird, too..? Hitomi and I were too awe struck in seeing Archor, while Anya and Julia were too curious about what we were up to to notice either. They followed us outside and Julia was the first to ask questions, “What the hell are you guys doing? It’s five in the morning! Let’s go back inside, it sucks out here,” She stressed and Hitomi motioned with her hand to keep her voice down. 

“We saw Archor,” I start quietly.

“No, not this again!” Anya pleaded but there was no more time to convince them when Archor did it himself, all of us seeing him as we passed the large hay barrels. 

g1chap18 p84
g1chap18 p85
g1chap18 p86

“O-Oh my.. God.. Jason, you really.. Have been seeing him,” Anya finally acknowledged and Julia was speechless. 

“What the hell is going on?!” Hitomi wondered, looking at her long lost and deceased friend. 

Out of nowhere, Archor took off on his feet and dashed for the fence, leaping over it and beginning to run up the hill leading to the city.

“Wait!” Anya called out.

g1chap18 p87
g1chap18 p88

Anya was the first to take to her feet and we all quickly followed, hopping the fence and chasing after Archor. 

g1chap18 p89
g1chap18 p90
g1chap18 p91

Where the hell was he taking us? Why does he always do this? Everything is always so confusing when it comes to him and whenever he decides to show up. I was mind blown that all of my sisters could see him, but it made me feel amazing about myself. I followed my sisters who were faster than me, trying to catch up to them as we ran up the big hill more and more.

g1chap18 p92
g1chap18 p93

The moon was the fullest I had seen it in a while and it was soothing in a way, but as we all reached the top of the hill, our hearts sank in fear and Julia had fell from an immense explosion that happened right behind us. The sky lit up bright for a few moments and we all turned around, horrified and beyond shocked to see our own house up in flames and the entire right side of the home was gone and blazing with fire and smoke.

“W-W-What… Happened!?” Julia cried out and Hitomi fell to her knees after the blast in shock, looking back and I couldn’t even describe what her face read.

Anya burst into tears, unable to handle or even remotely comprehend what had just happened as we all starred in awe and horror as we watched our home go up in flames.

“Mom..! DAD!” Julia continued and none of us could even move, we were paralyzed by what we were seeing.

g1chap18 p95
g1chap18 p96
g1chap18 p97

The sun soon rose and the sound of firetrucks in the distance rushing to our home grasped us all back to reality, all of us running even faster back to our home than we had ran to the hill. We all stood outside, mortified, in shock, in disbelief, there was no way this was happening.. No way to describe the extent of our grief and horror as we watched our house burn to the ground in a heated blaze that made us all sweat, all of us knowing our parents hadn’t made it without even needing to mutter the words. Hitomi was hysterical, but was still able to help try her hardest to comfort Anya as she and Julia balled their eyes out as I stood there, still in shock and disbelief.

Had Archor just.. Saved us all?


End of Generation 1

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  1. Holy crap. I really wasn’t expecting that. I thought Marrick was going to leave or something, not blow up their house! Great job Archor! You saved the children! Dang….I just realized there won’t be any more screenshots of Marrick!! :( How will we go on?! And poor Sadie…oh man…I just commented on the last chapter on how much I liked her!
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      -And you are 100% correct with what Marrick was doing. He wanted all of his children to go to sleep happy and die happy. But, (thank goodness) Jason woke up and spoiled Marrick’s plan.
      -Lol omg I love that my story gives you chills! Hahaha I love those kind of reactions.
      -LateKnight Hubby, you better watch it.. -_- lol STOPINTERRUPTING. hahaha!
      -Thank you so so much for reading. :D

  3. Wow, that was an intense finale!
    Well, the whole generation was pretty intense, too.

  4. Jeebus. Wow.

    And all along I thought Archer was evil too… but maybe not. Maybe he’d been protecting Jason all along….

    Wow… those poor kids

    • Yeah, turns out Archor was never really talking to Marrick in the first place, Marrick was just going, well.. Insane lol
      Thanks so much for reading!

  5. Holy cow! Now that’s a finale! WOW! I loved it. You built up the suspense so well. I liked how it went red again, I actually got chills. I also liked the fact you added the time to each picture, that was creepy. LOL. I knew they were gonna die, but I’m glad they went out the way they did. Sadie was such an awesome character and mother, and I wouldn’t want to see her suffer being stabbed to death. I LOVE that archor saved the kids. I knew he was a good dog!!! :) Can’t wait to see Jason’s story!

    • Thanks so much!! The red is to let you know that he’s not himself O_O haha I’m glad you got chills!
      Sadie is so so lovely, I was sad to see her go, but it had to be done. *sniffles* lol
      Yeah, turns out Archor was never talking to Marrick in the first place.. =( He IS a good dog!
      Thanks so much for reading!

  6. Wow, now, this is what I call a generation finale! It couldn’t have ended any “better” than this. That last scene of the siblings following Archor (good, good boy!), knowing what they were leaving behind was really, very, very intense! Great job! :D

    And there I was, naively thinking Marrick would just kill himself or something… Of course, killing his whole family in the process made more sense to him. It was very touching, though, for him to make sure their wife and children would die happy: it shows that he did care for his family in his weird, insane way.

    Oh, and the first person narration worked really well. But you can change as many times as you choose. Having different perspectives goes very well with this story, as it only adds to all the insanity going on.

    Your pics were amazing too :D.

    • *flails about* LOL Thank you so much! I’m so happy you liked this generation’s finale! Yes, Archor was a good boy for showing them all the way out! I found myself having a very hard time deciding if I should leave any children behind, and I just couldn’t.. XD It made me sad to see my founder and his wife go, but *shrug* I feel like in order to end things with a bang, everyone needs to lose someone they love within the story.
      Yes, very true that Marrick at least wanted to see them all happy before ‘dying’.. He did care for his children even despite him thinking so hard that he didn’t, and he really did LOVE Sadie, even though he didn’t know that that is what he was feeling every time he looked at her.
      Thank you, I’m glad first person worked out well.. I start a lot of my stories out in third person and I always end up just switching to first.. I should just stick to first person, idk why I don’t.. I clearly like it more.. XD I’m glad you think different narrations work well with this story, I happen to think so too, especially since there are so many characters at one time XD hahaha
      Thanks so much for reading!! You’re catching up very quickly! :D I really hope you enjoy Gen 2 just as much as you enjoyed this one!

      • Oh, you’re very welcome! I do like your legacy. A lot! :D And there I was, thinking I was reading really slow… I’m glad you think I’m quick. Truth is, I can’t stop reading once I start a new chapter.

  7. I was wondering what Marrick’s plan was going to be. Just leaving his family behind wouldn’t have stopped the Dubois insanity from propagating future generations, so I knew it had to be something else. I should’ve picked up on your subtle hint when Marrick was watching Sadie cooking. He was looking at the stove burner pretty intensely.

    Archor to the rescue! So, not only did he manage to get all the kids out of the house in time, he proved that Jason wasn’t crazy (though he actually is). I wonder whether the kids will find out that Marrick killed Archor or about the family “curse.” Awesome 1st generation. I look forward to reading the next, but for now, I’m out of time. :D

  8. I’m back and finally finished generation one. I had to take a short break for awhile for personal reasons, but I’m certainly glad I came back to this story because oh…my…god. You made me cry!!! I don’t normally cry when I read sad things and this made me cry!!! Wow. What an ending! You are such an amazing writer! Now I’m onto generation two. I’m sure I’ll have to embrace myself for this now that I know what I’m getting myself into, lol. Amazing amazing job!!! Wow. Mind blown.

  9. Yay children got saved

  10. Sad/happy over here. I’m really glad the kids got out and that Archor got to be the one to save them… Perhaps if he hangs around he can help Jason be good crazy instead of scary family homicidal crazy!

    Marrick’s logic is so twisted but believable, at least his kids will have a positive last memory of him and their mom. Poor Sadie never really had a choice. You can’t protect yourself when you don’t know the truth and Marrick was just too good at lying. Even to himself.

    Can’t wait to start Gen. 2 but now I have to go and clean.

    • Yeah, it’s good that the kids got out, but sad for Sadie U_U She didn’t deserve what Marrick did, but you’re right, there was no way for her to avoid it, Marrick really was good at keeping secrets. Glad you’re excited to read Gen 2 :D
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  11. Is it really messed up that I’m almost relieved? I actually thought that everything was going to go WAY worse than that! When Marrick turned on all those burners I was convinced that everyone would go up in flames and that only Jason would somehow make it out alive (since obviously the legacy doesn’t end here, lol). Then Jason woke up Hitomi though….which woke up everyone else and they all chased after Archor and oh my gosh I am so relieved that not everyone is dead!

    I’m obviously still really sad about Marrick and Sadie, but…considering what’s happened in the past….well, let’s just say I’m happy that all the children survived and leave it at that!

    • No, it’s not messed up hahaha I’m not THAT evil to the point where I’d kill literally everyone but the heir LOL I guess I just really got attached to ALL of Marrick’s kids and I really wanted them all to live, and I also didn’t want to play favorites with Jason just because he was the heir. *shrug* Not saying that I never got attached to Marrick or Sadie, because it was so, so hard to write about killing them, but.. I didn’t want it to be a massacre haha
      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

  12. Wow! Marrick was ready to kill them all and Anchor saved the children. I do wonder why. That probably sounds bad, but until that moment he’d only shown himself to Jason.

    Sadie’s died never knowing the truth about her husband. 17 years of secrets that sadly cost her her life. The children will have to take care of each other. They don’t have any other family. Hitomi went from being big sister to ‘mom’. Jason doesn’t know of the curse, none of them do. The fact that the girls could still be carrying the gene is scary.

    • Ghosts, or whatever Archor was, are mysterious in the ways that they work hehe
      Yeah, Sadie’s gone, too, and without ever learning the truth :( Hitomi has a lot of work ahead of her with taking over taking care of the family.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! ^_^

  13. As soon as you mentioned he was drawn to the flame I was like “oh god no!” I was just happy the girls got out. I figured somehow Jason would but was really worried for the girls. Poor Sadie, he should have told her about his family dang it. Now they are all clueless. :(

    • Haha well I’m glad you’re happy the girls got out with Jason, too! Yeah, poor Sadie T_T She deserved to know what Marrick was going through, she’s his wife, he should tell her everything, but I think even if she did tell him, it wouldn’t have changed her mind to be with him or not. The result probably would’ve still been the same.. U_U

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Yeah that’s how I saw it too, but it may have helped Jason more if he had been more open. At least she had her mother’s heart and tried to get him help anyway. She’s probably the only reason Jason was able to be as in control as he was.

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