Generation 1, Chapter 6

Attention: *Ahem*.. Seeing as this is a Patriarchy, I was -slightly- displeased with them having a girl, making the story harder for me. >_< But, as my Sims goes on, so do I. I hope you enjoy how I put my own twist on things to make it all add up eventually. Plus, heads up for a very mild sexual scene.


g1c6 p1


Hitomi Lee Dubois is what Sadie named her; I made sure to let her know that I left the naming up to her depending on what gender it was.. A few weeks ago, I had driven her to the hospital and I couldn’t be in the room, walking out of the room and resting my back against the wall next to the door and pulling down my sanitary mask, taking a huge breath and regaining my composure as curious onlookers watched me as I fidgeted with my hands in anticipation. Sadie was in the birthing room and hearing her cries of pain and exhaustion made me sick to my stomach for what I had done to her. I couldn’t be with her; I wanted to be, but I couldn’t be there when and if they would tell me it was a boy.. I don’t know what I might’ve done.. Our beautiful baby girl had been brought into this world, though, and I loved every inch of her. The doctor came out and told me I had a daughter and asked me to come in, Sadie was sweating and out of breath as she held our daughter and she looked to me with a warm smile she could barely muster.. Sadie looked the most beautiful she ever had and I couldn’t explain how happy I was. A daughter.. Something I wanted so badly.. She was finally born. I kissed Sadie’s cheek and forehead and neck, everything I could and hearing her giggle with a short breath, both of us looking down to our little girl, “Hitomi,” is that she whispered to me. Sadie was now my life, my love, the mother of my child; I had to protect her from everything and knowing that I didn’t have a son brought me great courage and strength to do so.. Even though if Hitomi married and our family name would never live on, I wanted her to be happy and live a perfect life. I almost didn’t want our name to live on.. Sadie made Hitomi’s last name the same as mine, but I strangely wanted to do the same to Sadie, my fingertips playing with the ring I wanted her to wear within my pocket.. I wanted to marry her so badly, but it went against everything I had taught myself to stay away from. But, with Hitomi now keeping us bound together, would this ring even make a difference to our connecting with one another, or was it just the governments way of claiming her as my own? She was already mine, and so was Hitomi, nothing could keep me from them now; why did a simple ring matter so much? But, despite what I thought, I wanted her to be fully mine and despite what I thought about a simple piece of jewelry, I knew that she thought of it as so much more, which is what made me so nervous about asking her..

g1c6 p2

The brisk morning air caressed Marrick’s cheeks and he looked to the city that was still lit, even at 5:00 am as he waited for the sun to rise. Sadie and Marrick fought through most of her pregnancy; Sadie wanting him to move in with her and Marrick hating the thought of Sadie being the provider for their new family. His father had always taught him to be and stay strong, take control, and most importantly, take responsibility for your actions; not to mention do whatever you possibly can to make sure you’re family is provided for. But, Marrick hated his father, beside the fact that he agreed with the lessons he had taught him and he wanted to keep Sadie safe; he would do anything for her now and if keeping her safe was to live with her, then so be it. Sadie was wealthy, Marrick had learned that Sadie donated a lot of her paintings because she had already made so much money selling them first. Marrick made a good amount of money whenever he sold the fish he caught, but it didn’t even compare to even one of her paintings value, blowing the money he made on his fish right out of the water.

g1c6 p3

Marrick and Sadie had been fighting about living together, Sadie always giving him the reason that their lives were one now and there was no room for her and the baby at his place and there was especially no room for Sadie’s horse. Marrick hated the thought of succumbing to her and having her be the support for the family.. But, the more she brought it up, the more it convinced him. Sadie mentioned that she lived near the port, the water was close and there was always good fishing, not to mention the grocery store he always went to and sold his fish to was no more than a 10 minute walk away. Marrick would have.. Everything. A good fishing spot, close to a place that loved to buy his catches, the woman he loved, and the baby daughter that he had just had no more than three weeks ago coaxing him into selling all of his furniture and selling his house, finally okay with the fact that he was going to move in with her and their new baby girl. The best thing about it was Sadie had let Marrick build and decorate Hitomi’s room while her crib was in Sadie’s room, seeing as the entire house was designed by Sadie, she gave him that room to make his own for Hitomi and she also let him make changes within the rest of the house to make him more comfortable, not to mention he took the time to upgrade their security system..

g1c6 p4

Marrick took the time to wash the counters and the oven, making the home presentable for the people who bought it from him before they moved in. Marrick spaced out as he thought about his new family; he had never wanted children, he hated the idea of having them and only continuing his despicable genes, but the moment he saw Hitomi, all of those thoughts were instantly washed away and now he couldn’t imagine what his life would be liked without her, or Sadie.. Marrick’s lips twitched into a smirk when he thought of the first day he saw Sadie, standing before the huge city that he hated looking as glorious as ever and at that moment he had never thought he would see her again, let alone even getting her pregnant.. As he thought more, he realized that she had completely changed who he was, even if it wasn’t her intention to. Marrick was a completely different person now and it made him somewhat uneasy as he stood there cleaning; I have a girlfriend, a daughter, and I’m going to be living in the city? What the hell is going on..?

g1c6 p5
g1c6 p6

Marrick had finished cleaning the kitchen and he turned around, the emptiness of his home finally sinking in and he grew slightly sad that he was leaving it all. The moment he bought this house, he planned on living in it until he grew old and he thought he was going to die in it as well, but he was also somewhat glad that that plan had changed. Archor came in from outside and looked around as well, letting everything sink in, too.

g1c6 p7
g1c6 p8

“It’s going to be weird not coming in through that door anymore,” Marrick said softly and looked down towards Archor, watching as Archor’s blue eyes soon met his, both of their expressions slightly defeated. Marrick bent down and patted Archor’s head and Archor soon put his paws up in an attempt to hug Marrick. He was slightly thrown off by Archor’s actions, but he soon put his arms around him and returned the hug with a gentle smirk on his lips. Archor withdrew from the hug and Marrick looked to him, “You ready for this?” Marrick asked, seeing as Archor’s expression seemed to go happy.

“Yeah,” Archor replied..

g1c6 p9

Marrick hadn’t started coming to Sadie’s place until the last few months of her pregnancy to work on the baby’s room, seeing as how he didn’t know the gender he made Hitomi’s room rather bland at first, but once she was born, he and Sadie had made some final touches to make it appear more feminine. Sadie’s house was rather large, same with the barn and also her yard, but Marrick actually really liked it there. Sadie gave the tiny pond she had to him to put any fish he wanted to into it and Marrick loved it, realizing he could take his catches and put them in there, fatten them up more, and even sell them for larger prices.

Marrick and Archor soon arrived to Sadie’s with the last of their things, realizing that this was now their home and Marrick grew slightly nervous as he looked to it all, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. They got out of the car and Marrick looked to Hitomi’s room, seeing Sadie holding her and waving at him with a wide smile on her face. Marrick could’t help by smile at the two of them, seeing Sadie then making her way out of Hitomi’s room and he assumed she was going downstairs to greet him.

g1c6 p10
g1c6 p11
g1c6 p12

Marrick walked towards the door and Archor stayed at his heels, his tail between his legs as he growled at Arnica, Sadie’s horse. Marrick and Archor hated that horse more than anything and he knew that she hated them as well. The first time they were introduced, she had tried to kick and even stomp on Marrick, causing Archor to retaliate and he bit her ankles to help protect Marrick.. They starred at Arnica and she did the same, her ears soon pointing back and she let out an annoyed snort as if she was better than them, hating that they were moving in with Sadie. Marrick felt as if Arnica knew what kind of person he was and the day they their eyes met for the first time, they both knew they would never get along.

g1c6 p13
g1c6 p14

Sadie soon came to the door and walked outside, Marrick looking away from Arnica and at the two of them as a smile began to form on his lips. Archor ran to Sadie on the deck and ran in circles around her, yelping excitedly to greet them and Sadie giggled at his behavior, “Hey, Archor,” she said sweetly, greeting him in return. Marrick walked up to join them on the deck and he kissed Sadie, soon looking down to Hitomi within her arms and Marrick only smiled more. Sadie handed Hitomi to him and he happily took her, lifting her up and playing with her and she always reached for his face in an attempt to touch the stubble on his chin. Marrick chuckled under his breath at her and kissed her cheek, hearing her giggle at the feel on his beard on her skin.

g1c6 p15

Marrick pulled Hitomi close and looked at her, trying to understand how he could’ve made something so perfect and he soon looked to Sadie who was smiling warmly at the sight of them. “Welcome home,” Sadie said sweetly and Archor barked happily, Marrick soon smiling more and looking back to Hitomi. “Come inside, I’ll make lunch. Would you mind putting her down for a nap, too?” She requested and Marrick nodded, continuing to look at his little creation.

g1c6 p16

“Not at all,” he replied and followed Sadie and Archor inside. Sadie went to the kitchen and began making lunch, Marrick slowly making his way towards the stairs to go up to Hitomi’s room.

“Can I come?” Archor asked, Marrick looking to him and nodding.

“Yeah.. Sure,” Marrick replied and continued to make his way upstairs with Archor to put Hitomi to rest.

g1c6 p17
g1c6 p18

Marrick brought Hitomi into her room and laid her down within the crib, watching as she looked up at him doe eyed and Marrick couldn’t help but adore her. “Go to sleep now, baby girl,” Marrick said softly and he soon noticed as Hitomi’s eye lids grew heavy and she soon drifted off to sleep as Marrick continued to gaze down at her. He quietly made his way away from her crib and looked around her room, taking everything in and soon looking down to Archor who was already looking at him. “What is it?” Marrick asked.

“I like it here, I like her,” Archor replied, wagging his tail and Marrick chuckled lightly.

“Yeah, me too,” he said quietly, smirking towards Archor and they exited Hitomi’s room, Marrick making sure to leave the door open a little in case she were to cry and need them.

g1c6 p19
g1c6 p20

Marrick played with the ring in his pocket as he looked to Sadie, finishing up preparing their lunch. He was silent as he stood there, wondering and hoping her answer to his request would be a positive one. Sadie looked over shoulder and she jumped slightly at Marrick, scarring her a little and she let out a nervous laugh, “Whoa! You scared me,” she began, looking back to the lunch she made and continuing to finish, “Did she go right to sleep?” She questioned, Archor barking softly and happily.

Marrick smirked, “Yeah,” he replied simply, his eyes traveling over her body.

“We have such a good girl,” Sadie cooed quietly and Marrick only smiled more, looking to the back of her head.

Sadie put the ready lunch into a large bowl and set it down, reaching to grab the wooden spoon as Marrick continued, “Marry me,” Marrick said simply and Sadie froze, looking over her shoulder slowly and seeing as his expression was blank yet serious.

“W-Wha..” She began but stopped.

g1c6 p21
g1c6 p22

g1c6 p23

“Will you?” Marrick asked and she starred into his eyes for a few long seconds. Sadie’s cheeks turned a deep pink and she avoided eye contact with him as she soon smiled. Sadie watched as he bent down on one knee and reached into his pocket, soon removing the ring and showing her. “Do I have to beg?” He asked somewhat seriously, not sure how much longer he could wait for her answer, hearing her giggle in excitement and she nodded frantically.

“Of course I will,” she said with a shy smile, looking to him and holding out her hand for him to put the ring on her finger. Marrick let out a gentle sigh of relief and smirked, taking her hand and sliding the ring down her slender finger. She took a moment to look at the ring she now wore, continuing to let out a quiet excited giggle and Marrick chuckled slightly at her giddy behavior. Marrick soon pulled her to him and brought her into a rough and passionate kiss, Sadie let out a surprised moan as he scooped her up in his arms and brought her upstairs.

g1c6 p24
g1c6 p25

The lunch that Sadie had prepared got cold the longer they were within their bedroom and losing track of time. Marrick couldn’t understand how he could feel so strongly for someone, but he couldn’t be happier at the luck that was following him ever since he had met her. Marrick began to warm up quickly to the new life that had been put before him as he gazed into the only sapphire eyes that he loved so much and that held so much power over him.

g1c6 p26
g1c6 p27

The gentle cry that went into their ears from Hitomi in the next room over forced them to finally put an end to their love and fun, Marrick making Sadie stay within their bed as he volunteered to go, “Stay that way, I’ll be back shortly,” he demanded and he heard her let out a sinful giggle. They soon heard Archor scratching at the door to get their attention for Hitomi, “I know, I know,” Marrick called to Archor and he stopped, Marrick walking around the room to gather his clothing. He threw his clothes back on and walked to her room, Archor leading the way proudly and Hitomi’s crying beginning to quiet when she saw Marrick at the side of the crib. “Are you hungry, Hitomi?” He asked sweetly and she wiggled around uncomfortably, Marrick smirking and lifting her within his arms. He walked with her downstairs and made her a bottle, feeding her the whole way back to her room and she soon finished all of the milk within it. “Hungry girl,” he said surprisingly with a smile as he pulled the bottle from her and she cuddled up more in his arms, gazing up at him and smiling when Marrick chuckled towards her. Marrick brought Hitomi to the window and she joined him in looking out of it, Archor then joining them and sitting next to Marrick. “It’s a cruel world out there, but I’m going to teach you how to keep the bad away. No one will ever hurt you, I’ll make sure of it,” Marrick said softly, looking down at Hitomi and caressing her cheek with his index finger, watching as she reached up and gripped his finger within her tiny hands and instinctively putting it into her mouth. Marrick snickered lightly and walked over to her dresser, opening it and selecting one of the many pacifiers that she had and he gave her that instead of his finger. Her eyes soon shut as she sucked on the pacifier, Marrick continuing to caress her cheek and adore every inch of his fragile daughter.

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20 Responses to “Generation 1, Chapter 6”

  1. This is really good! :)

  2. My husband was like that when we first got together. I made more than him, and it really bothered him to be in any way supported by me, though it wasn’t the case at all. Men, lol.
    Anyway, great chapter. I’m glad Marrick is holding it together and getting married.
    I really love the relationship with Archor. And the way Arnica immediately distrusted Marrick, that was a nice touch.

    • Hahaha Yeah, men. *rolls eyes* lol
      And yeah, Arnica knows he’s no good for Sadie, she can read him like a book, and she hates him. haha
      Thanks for reading!

  3. omg. I almost teared up a little bit at the empty house. You described that SO well. It was a neat touch how you added that in about Arnica not liking Merrik. Horses are pretty intuitive animals like that. LOL. As always, I love Archor. If you kill him off I will probably cry. (no joke) I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. You have yourself an awesome legacy here…Still have more chapters to go but I have to go do laundry so i’ll read more later. :)

    • Aww…. That means so much to me.. I’m glad I could portray it well enough for you to feel sad about it.. Lol Okay, not that I like you sad! But yeah, you get it.. Hahaha
      And thank you thank you! So much!

  4. Wow, this is getting really good! I could almost feel I was inside Marrick’s mind, weird as that sounds LOL. He is almost endearing in his insanity, which I’m afraid it’s beginning to show :(. Was the dog answering him back? o.O That doesn’t sound too promising.

    And I love how gently he treats their new daughter, he was so adorable feeding her… <3

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it :D
      And it’s not weird that you feel like your in his mind, I wrote it so you DO feel for the story!
      Yes, Archor answered him O_O hahaha
      Marrick is a good dad. :D
      Thanks for reading!

  5. The proposal was completely adorable :D
    Great story!

  6. What a sweet chapter. Marrick was acting like a normal guy and dad for the most part. Of course, he does still talk to (and get responses from) his dog. o.O Not surprising that Arnica hates / mistrusts Marrick. I wonder if Sadie will pick up on that. She’s been around horses, and Arnica in particular, for a very long time.

    • For the most part, yes, Marrick is acting normal, or at least he thinks he’s getting better when it really isn’t O_O
      Arnica is super protective of Sadie, she hasn’t been around many other people besides Sadie, too.
      Thanks for reading!

  7. Awesome expressive chapter!! You did an awesome job!! I’m definitely continuing to learn from you and a few others who are simply amazing. ;)

    Welcome, baby Hitomi!! Marrick does seem to be doing well, but we all know, danger lurks further down the road. o_O I love at one point that you wrote that Marrick and Archor talked to each other…literally. It was like they could read each others minds, but you actually “spoke” it. That was a nice touch! They are so intertwined! :-)

    • Aw, thank you!
      True, danger is always lurking when you’re a Dubois. O_O
      Glad you liked Marrick and Archor talking, it was a fun part to write haha
      I hope you continue to enjoy the legacy ^_^
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Welcome Hitomi and great chapter

  9. Aww Hitomi is so adorable and Marrick is so gentle with her
    Maybe she can convince him he is a good person and keep him grounded. But madness is a tricky thing. Finally back to catching up! Rose/Sneaky x

    • Glad to see you’re able to catch up again, I hope you continue to enjoy the story. :D
      Yeah, we’ll see how having a new baby girl to take care of changes anything for the better!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  10. Aww congrats on the baby. Glad he got his girl, but since this is a patriarch I’m sure she won’t be an only child. Boy Marrick has sure made a ton of changes in his life. Falling in love, having a baby, and now moving. I do hope they can be happy.

    • Yeah, you’re right, not the only child since we need a son to continue the legacy. True, all of these things lately that Marrick has been doing seems out of the norm, but maybe going out of the norm will do him some good?
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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