Generation 3, Chapter 20, Finale Pt 2 of 2

Attention: NSFW, blood, violence.


    Gibson’s POV     


The looks on their faces, the way that their arms dropped from holding one another, the sense of a slight fear creeping up their spines, I loved it all. The rain from the storm outside tapped heavily against the roof of the bakery, but the silence within it was deafening as I continued to sit in my chair, staring at them. A small grin sprung to my lips as I watched their discomfort, assuming they were still in shock from seeing me and I decided to repeat my question, “I suppose I’ll ask again.. I wasn’t interrupting anything important, was I? I’d hate to intrude on your alone time together. I would be so embarrassed..” I began with a little humor, though I’m sure they had no idea I was only amusing only myself.


“N-No, of course not.. He was just.. Helping me move around some heavy boxes..” She lied and I chuckled, though not loud enough for either of them to hear, “W-What are you doing here..? Where are the kids?” Hannah wondered about first and I kept my smirk, finding it rather amusing that she continued to deny what I already knew had happened behind that storage room door. She must’ve thought that I had just gotten here.

“They’re fine, they’re at Nina’s.. They’re having a sleepover because I don’t think either of us will be coming home tonight,” I replied. 

“W-What..?” She asked, confused by my words, but before I could answer her, even though I didn’t even plan to, Gareth took a step forward.


“Gibson, this isn’t what it looks like..” Gareth spoke and I laughed.

“It isn’t? Then what’s your excuse for all of this? Do you honestly think I’m that stupid? Oh, wait, that’s right.. Silly me, I always get the sound of you helping my wife move around ‘heavy boxes’ and the sound of her orgasm confused,” I replied angrily with sarcasm and I stood from the chair offensively, Gareth taking a step forward in front of Hannah and I knew that from what I had said, they could assume that I knew the truth now. “Really? You of all people are protecting my wife? From what, Gareth? You’re worse than I am and you know it..” I threatened through my clenched teeth.

“Sounds like to me you’re looking to take that torch and I don’t want that to happen right now. Let’s just calm down, okay..? Let’s go somewhere and talk about this, you and me,” he offered as a compromise and I scoffed lightly.


“Nah, right here is just fine. I’d like to ask just a few simple questions to help speed up this process and to help me understand all of this,” I spoke with a sense of calmness and Gareth lowered his guard just slightly. “Oh, and I’d like the truth the first time, if I have to ask again, well.. Let’s just say you really don’t want me to..” I continued, seeing that I had both of their full attention now. “How long?” I asked in a demanding tone, seeing both of them grow reluctant to answer and they were silent for a few long seconds, though Hannah spoke up first to my surprise.

“Three years,” she replied and just by the look in her eyes, I knew she was telling the truth. My lips parted slightly and I exhaled heavily at the amount of time I had been oblivious until today. I had my suspicious, but I didn’t actually act on them until this past week when I got Ezra involved, and I didn’t get the truth until about half an hour ago from him. But, three years..? Then that meant..


“Camilla’s not mine, is she?” I more stated than asked and Gareth looked over his shoulder towards Hannah, both of us watching as she shook her head ‘no’ and confirmed my assumption. “Is she Gareth’s?” I continued and I watched as Gareth looked to me in confusion and shock, then back towards Hannah. She hesitated a moment, looking between Gareth and I a few times and finally she nodded ‘yes’.

Screenshot-156 (2)

“W-What..?” Gareth asked her, taking a step back and away from her and she began to panic a little.

“I-I.. I’m sorry..” Hannah said in a desperate manner and I looked to Gareth.


“Don’t act like you didn’t know..” I threatened him and he turned towards me.

“I didn’t know!” Gareth replied angrily, staring me down for a moment and his response was actually a little believable. 

Screenshot-164 (2)
Screenshot-160 (2)

Put two and two together, dumbass.. Camilla’s less than three years old and from what I can assume, you’ve been with Hannah a lot more than I have in those years.. You know, while I was working thirteen hour days, babysitting Oliver and Camilla while at my job, the job I was sacrificing my time with them so I could provide for them, all while you two were having the time of your lives,” I replied. I looked down at the money on the table top next to me and ran my fingertips over one of the stacks, “Gareth just comes along and flashes a few stacks of money in front of your nose and you take the easy way, without me.. You take the money, this.. Dirty money, without telling me.. And then, on top of that-” I looked back up to Hannah, “As a thank you for his generosity, you fuck him, leaving me in the dark..” I continued, seeing Hannah break her gaze from me and she hung her head as she cried softly. 

I didn’t know what was wrong with me right now, it still felt as if I was calm when I knew I should be feeling so much more than this.. A nuke had just landed in my lap, yet it seemed as if I was impervious to it.


“Gibson, I’m sorry.. I truly am,” Hannah spoke with a genuine yet shaky tone and I changed my demeanor, my expression growing softer.

“I loved you, Hannah.. I thought you were the one and I thought you felt the same about me. We’d been hurt in the past, we were sick of not being treated the way we felt like we should be, and then.. You threw it away, like it was nothing..” I replied, watching her look up to me again and she stepped a little closer towards me.

“I still love you, I’m just.. I was so confused, I was so lonely without you, but you weren’t there for me! For us! I tried to tell you, I tried to make you see what it was doing to me, but you just kept insisting that that’s what was best for us.. All you did was care about your job..”


“I cared about my job so much because it’s what helped me take care of my family!” I spat back angrily, “I sacrificed so much so that you and the kids could have everything you needed or wanted.. I know I wasn’t there a lot, you made sure to rub that in my face every chance that you could get.. But.. What, you think I liked being away from my family? You think I preferred work? Don’t be so fucking stupid, Hannah.. You’ve known from the very beginning that I wanted children, why the hell would you think I liked being away from them!? From you?!” I continued to yell and she only grew more upset, her expression beginning to show regret and it’s as if my words had finally sunk in after all these years and she realized how unfair she’s been for the first time, ever since these arguments had started.


“..I’m so sorry I’ve been so weak, for everything that I’ve done.. Nothing like this will ever happen again.. I’ll stick it out with you, I want this to work, Gibson,” she replied and I looked in her eyes, noticing the genuine glint they held and I lifted my hand towards her.


“Come here..” I requested and Hannah let out a relieved sigh, he expression matching the same relief and she walked towards me.

“Hannah, wait..” Gareth pleaded, as if sad that she hadn’t chose him over me, but she ignored him completely and continued, stopping in front of me.

Screenshot-184 (2)

I lifted my hand and I gently caressed her face, feeling her warm skin and I watched her shut her eyes, pressing her cheek against my hand a little more and enjoying my touch. I missed touching her like this, in such a sensual and loving way. I couldn’t remember the last time we’d done this.. I studied her face, noticing she was somewhat happy and I watched her open her eyes again, looking up to me with tears still running down her cheeks and I smirked towards her, running my thumb under her eye and wiping the evidence of sorrow away even though her tears kept coming.


“D-Does.. Does this mean you forgive me?” Hannah wondered, hope in her glistening blue eyes and I chuckled warmly with a smirk on my lips.

“Aw.. No, sweetheart,” I replied with sincerity, removing my hand from her face and I reached back into my waistband.


I pulled out the pistol, pulling the hammer back quickly and I put the end of the barrel against the underneath of her jaw, hearing her gasp suddenly when the cold metal touched her warm, delicate skin, “You can ask for forgiveness when you’re in hell,” I replied with a stern, confident tone and her eyes widened in shock, but before she could answer me, a loud, deafening crack of thunder simultaneously roared over the sky as I pulled the trigger. Blood spat upward and decorated the ceiling and I watched as her body went limp and fell to the ground.


HANNAH!” Gareth called out in horror, beginning to run towards her and I pulled the hammer back once more within a split second, shooting Gareth in the left knee and he let out a cry in pain, falling face first to the ground. “Ahhh! Fuuuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..!” He called out in agony, his hands going to his knee and holding it gingerly as I listened to his suffering moans.


I lowered the gun, watching as blood began showing through the fabric of his jeans by his knee and his hands grew shaky as he wished desperately that he could hold his knee to dull the pain, but he couldn’t. I took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly and I tilted my head as I looked down at him, seeing him rocking gently back and forth as he continued to express the amount of pain he was in. 


“Y-You.. You fucking killed her! H-How could you do that?!” He called out, watching him look towards Hannah and his expression began to twist into a gentle sorrow. Gareth began to crawl slowly and he reached out towards her, but before he could touch her, I pulled back the hammer once more and lifted the gun, shooting his hand dead center.


I heard him let out another cry in pain and he pulled it back and coddled his hand against his chest, “I think you’ve touched her enough today..” I said with a stern tone as I watched him lying on the ground in pain, then using his uninjured left hand and his unscathed right leg to quickly push himself away from her body and also away from me.

Screenshot-248 (2)

I looked to Hannah, lying there motionless on the ground as wet, crimson blood quickly pooled around her head. I looked to her legs, admiring them one last time and remembering how much I loved them, but I still felt it was strange that I didn’t feel any guilt for what I had done, I felt more accomplished than anything else..

Just like old times..


I bent down next to her body, reaching out and my fingertips caressed down from her thigh to her mid calf, enjoying her smooth skin that was already beginning to turn cold. “Did you really have to take her from me? Do you even know what love is..? Have you ever felt that before?” I wondered, looking up and over towards Gareth and he was leaning up against the half wall not too far from me, holding his injured hand.

“I-I.. I can’t be sure..” Gareth replied with a struggle through his pain, his voice shaky and uneven.


“You didn’t at least feel it with her? ..With Hannah?” I asked and I noticed him hesitate a moment, though still unable to give me a straight answer.

“I.. I don’t know, okay..?”

“If you don’t know, then you never did.. So.. Why did you? If you didn’t love her, then why? How could you do that to me, even after knowing how much it had hurt me the first time..?”


“I-I.. I don’t kn-“

“Stop telling me you don’t fucking know!” I yelled angrily, standing straight up again and I lifted the gun, pointing it at Gareth.

“Gibs, no! Please! Please, don’t!” He pleaded, holding up his uninjured hand and he turned his head away from me, unable to watch his own brother end his life. “Please, Gibs..”


“I knew.. I knew she was the one and you see one little opportunity to plant yourself in her life that you had no business being a part of! You took advantage of me, of her, of our situation.. You couldn’t just leave me the hell alone, could you!?” I continued yelling, stepping around Hannah and walking closer to Gareth. “So, why? Why did you do it!”

Gareth’s head turned towards me slightly, lowering his hand only a little and looking up to me with a pathetic expression, “..N-Now that I think about it, I-I might’ve been jealous.. I never wanted a normal life like you, I never wanted a wife, or kids, or anything serious at all.. All I wanted was to live with you and do what we do best,” he replied, letting out another tone of despair and adjusting his injured leg just slightly through his pain, “I was jealous of the ones that were able to take you away, so I took them from you in hopes you’d see that I’m the only one you can rely on..”

Screenshot-265 (2)

“Well.. You didn’t realize that it caused you more harm than good, case in point, how you’re lying on the ground now, how my wife, your lover, is dead, and how I’m never going to speak to you ever again after this,” I answered, seeing him look to me and his eyes showed panic.

“What..? Wait.. No, Gibs..” He replied, his tone a little desperate and I pulled back the hammer of the gun, “Gibs, don’t!” He begged as he lie there. 


I heard a roar of thunder crash outside and I shot Gareth in the right shoulder at the same time, hearing him call out in agony after the thunder had passed and he gripped his shoulder in pain. “P-Please, Gibson! Stop this!” He continued to beg and he let out more signs of suffering as he held his shoulder. The lightning following the thunder illuminated the bakery momentarily, watching as the blood already spilled on the floor glistened quickly from the sudden light. Though I still felt bits of anger and resentment, I continued to feel calm, collected, and at ease.. Like this was meant to happen.. Like I was meant to leave it all behind in order to have the normal life I craved so much. I had to leave everything, and everyone.


I quickly walked towards Gareth and bent down in front of him, grabbing the top of his head by his long hair and I forced him to look at me, hearing him continuing to breath heavily and he let out a gentle groan of pain every so often, “We will never be the same again.. I don’t ever want to know that you’re looking for me, and I never want to see your face again,” I exclaimed, putting the gun to his cheek threateningly, “Are we at an understanding?” I asked angrily. 

“Gibs.. Please..” Gareth pleaded once again and I pressed the barrel more into his cheek.


“Do I have to put this in your mouth and pull the trigger for you to understand?” I threatened, seeing him look down towards the gun, then back up to my eyes. He stared at me for a long moment, “You know I’ll do it,” I threatened again.


“..If you meant it, you would’ve killed me already,” he replied, still staring me dead in the eyes and I swallowed hard, unable to comprehend how he was still able to have this hold over me, to still be able to control me even though I was the one with the weapon, the one with the upper hand, the one running this show.

“I hate you,” I replied angrily, seeing his expression change from a slight confidence to a gentle sorrow and his eyes read as if he wished I regretted my words, but.. I didn’t. I put my thumb against the back of the hammer and pushed it forward, clicking the safety on after and tucking the gun back within the waistline of my pants against my spine.

So, this is how it ends. Me being forced to abandon everything that I am, abandoning everyone I know and love and skipping town. I was too much of a coward to turn myself in or risk getting caught, it was in my blood not to, it was the one thing Gareth and I had promised we’d never let happen, and every time we killed together, we only got better and better at avoiding the consequences behind our actions. Why would I let myself get caught now? I was sloppy this time around, my prints are everywhere and I’m even leaving behind an eye witness, but I just couldn’t bring myself to kill Gareth.. Even after all he’s done..

I thought of Oliver, the one thing in this life that I never once regretted and I hated myself for leaving him behind, but I couldn’t face him.. I just hoped he was old enough to understand why all of this had happened, and that I, in the end, wasn’t the one to blame.


I watched as his regretful expression turned into a calmed one from me putting the gun away, though as he watched me, standing up from my crouched position, there, in this silence with him, I knew he could finally tell I was serious. “You r-really mean it.. You’re leaving me, for good this time.. I-I’m never going to see you again.. Am I..?” He asked, seeing him staring up at me and his eyes were filled with regret, despair, and even anger.

“No.. You won’t..” I confirmed for him.

“..I.. I’m sorry, Gibson.. I deserve all of this.. But, I-I’ll do anything.. W-What can I do to m-make it up to you..?” Gareth asked, his voice getting more uneven than before and I knew he was losing a lot of blood. 


“You get to explain to my son why he doesn’t have any parents anymore, you get to tell him why all of this happened and how you are the worst person that anyone could have in their life, you need to make sure that he knows I love him.. And.. And you need to give me a head start,” I replied sternly, seeing Gareth wincing in both pain and the meaning behind my words, “Do you have your phone on you?” I ask and he nods, “If you’re still alive, call an ambulance in ten minutes.. I need to get a few things from house before I leave for good,” I requested and Gareth stared at me for a long moment, as if taking one last look at me, then nodding in agreement to my request.


I turned around and made my way towards the door, but stopped when I heard Gareth, “Gibs, wait..” He said desperately, turning my head slightly to let him know he had my attention, though I didn’t look over my shoulder to see him.

“What..” I asked sternly.

“D-Do you.. Do you really hate me?” Gareth asked softly, letting out another groan in pain as he waited for my answer.


My insides were twisting as I stood there, feeling his eyes on me and I honestly didn’t know what to say. When I had said it earlier, I was saying it out of anger, though now that everything has finally sunk in, looking at everything laid out before me, I didn’t know how to answer him. I hated him for ruining my life, for taking the woman I loved, for causing me to go to such extreme lengths so I could let out this much needed frustration and urge to spill blood, but.. As stupid as I was for thinking this, we’ve been together since the moment we took our first breaths of air and I could never hate what we used to have. His excuse for ruining everything wasn’t just, nor did it make sense, it just made him look even more pathetic than he already was. I pitied him. He’s lost just as much as I have, and he’s about to say goodbye to the one person he’s been so scared of losing this whole time..


I looked back at Gareth and we stared at one another for a few seconds, me not bothering to answer Gareth’s question and I then broke the eye contact we held and looked towards Hannah. I took one last look at her, seeing what I had done and it didn’t take me long to get sick of the sight and I turned towards the door. 


I unlocked the door and opened it, the sound of the heavy rain and thunder greeting me as I walked out onto the deck and I went to the parking lot, getting into my car and driving home as fast as I could. I could barely breathe, my lungs felt constricted the more I drove and my entire body began to shake. I had killed my wife, shot my brother three times and left him to die, and now I was about to pack everything that I could think of that I would need in order to leave my current life behind and I was going to leave my son with no excuse and without seeing him one last time. I felt like I had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, glad that I had dealt with everything accordingly, or at least the best outcome I could think of, yet I still couldn’t get passed the fact that I was abandoning my child because I was too much of a coward to face what I had done and to accept the consequences. If anything, I should be setting a good example by confessing, turning myself in, letting Oliver hate me for killing his Mother, but I just couldn’t bare seeing him again. He was the last person that I wanted to hate me, and although I knew he was going to as soon as he found out what happened tonight, I was too much of a coward to face him and to accept the hate I knew he’d have for me. I couldn’t see it in his eyes, I can’t..


I pulled into the driveway and bolted out of my car, rushing inside of the house and seeing that the inside was completely dark. It felt so weird being here and not being greeted by Hannah, or Oliver, or Camilla, the house was as dead as my life and it was a good representation of what I had lying before me.. Emptiness.. Darkness.. Everything I never wanted..


I sighed heavily and continued to my bedroom, getting out an ‘overnight’ bag from under the bed and I began filling it with my clothes from the dresser, going as quickly as I could. I went to my desk next but stopped, looking at the photo upon it and staring at the family I had created here, letting everything sink in more and I couldn’t stop looking at it. My heart felt heavy and my body needed to rest, pulling the chair out from the desk and I sat down for a moment, my gaze never leaving the picture and I could feel my eyes beginning to water and soon tears clouded my vision.


I hung my head, letting my tears fall into the insides of my glasses and soon falling to the ground when the tears had pooled enough within the lenses. Bringing my hand to my face, I removed my glasses quickly and chucked them angrily with a quick burst of force across the room, rubbing my eyes then with my other hand and clearing the tears away. I ran my fingers through my hair, struggling to calm down and regain my composure, but how could I at a time like this..?

Screenshot-371 (2)

I took a few slow, deep breaths, trying to regain what little composure I had left in me and I stood up, taking the photo from the desk and tossing it into my bag before closing it up. I looked around the room once more, my vision only slightly blurred, but I could still at least guess what every object was and what significance it once held.. I knew I was going to miss this life, I was going to miss everything about it. Despite all the bad that had happened recently, I couldn’t deny that there were some key points within this life that I’d never forget, the happy points.. The days that my brother and I would sit back and relax with a few beers together, telling stories, playing games, or just remembering the past before everything went to shit.. The days I’d spent with Hannah where if she would give me a certain look that only I knew, I swear my heart was going to burst.. The day my son was born and the first squeal of happiness he projected when he saw me for the first time with an accompanied toothless smile.. Those are the little things I’d never forget.


I went to my desk again, grabbing a pen and staring down at a notepad. I needed to say something, anything, I couldn’t just leave without a single word to Oliver.. He didn’t deserve that. The more I stared at the notepad, the less time I had to make my getaway, so I quickly wrote down the first thing that came to mind when I thought of Oliver and I dropped the pen quickly, rushing to my bag and picking it up, then leaving my bedroom and walking back through the house to leave.


One last look, one last smell, and a few last memories came to me as I stopped and looked back at the dark, empty home..


This was it.. Once I walk out this door, there’s no coming back. This was the end of the line for me. I am no longer the same man I was before, I am no longer a part of this life, I no longer have a brother, or a wife, or children, and I am no longer Gibson Aries Dubois.


End of Generation Three

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  1. T_T *wipes tears away*
    My first thought was the red lighting made Gibson’s eyes look demonic, cause of the reflection on his glasses. LOL, which probably matched his mood since he felt nothing.
    Not gonna lie, I totally thought a possible murder-suicide was going to happen when Gibson said “don’t think either one of us is coming home tonight.”It was so creepy of him to make Hannah walk over to him, almost like luring a mouse into a trap. >:D Very clever. It’s too bad Hannah didn’t completely understand Gibson until tonight. Oh well, he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. LOL. I didn’t think he would forgive her since the red lights were going on, hehe. Nice touch timing the thunder with the gunshot, or maybe Gibs was just lucky. LOL.
    I pretty much cringed each time Gareth got shot, and cried a little more, cause I was like deathly terrified one of those shots would be fatal. *cries* As it is, I was so paranoid that I read “hand” as “head” and then was like wait I read that wrong since Gareth was screaming in pain. LOL. I’m happy that none of them were, and really hoping Gareth didn’t bleed out in the bakery. OMG… *cries more*
    Poor Gareth, it was really strange to see him be the vulnerable one since the whole time, he’s been described as ‘the worse one,’ the one who no one dares fuck with, the one everyone’s scared of. As much as I hated him getting injured, I liked that you wrote him more vulnerable, at the mercy of Gibson, in the chapter. It’s wierd because Gibson makes me paranoid when he’s insane, whereas Gareth doesn’t, it’s probably because of the psychological stuff he does.
    I feel like Gibson’s break from reality was a lot less surprising to him than Jason’s. Like every time Jason killed someone, and he’d come back to his normal state of mind, he was like really surprised. I’m guessing Gibson isn’t like that because he has that past with Gareth, where he used to do that kind of stuff, so he’s more accepting of it than Jason was. I feel like even though Gibson tried to suppress the insanity for his everyday behavior, he enjoys it more than he lets on. It’s so sweet to see him thinking of Oliver, but also kind of creepy that he’s so well planned at all of this, again, I think is second nature to him because of his past. Goodbye Gibson, T_T good luck with your new life. LOL. That note, T_T it was so perfect in its simplicity, I really did feel like it was the end.
    Looking forward to sticking with you for many more generations. :) As always, I love you and TIDL. ♥

    1. Ohh hahaha yeah, he definitely looked pretty scary with that red glare over his glasses, it added a lot more feel to the whole situation I think. It fits haha
      Yup, the whole time he was just putting on a mask to make her think she was in the clear, that she was forgiven, but nope, you’re right, it was a good trap. LOL True, he doesn’t have to worry about her not understanding anymore XD Yeah, she didn’t have a chance when the red is still visible, it only starts to go away when he’s talking to Gareth and getting ready to leave.
      Thank you! I liked the fact that it was raining when I began writing this finale, so I kept it going, and it actually came in handy with hiding the gunfire behind the storm so he could actually have a moment to talk to his brother without the police getting called from a passer-by.
      LOL your paranoia making you read “head” instead of hand XD I’ve known you this whole generation to be a huge Gareth fan, this actually doesn’t surprise me that you were so worried about him LOL You’re right, none of his wounds are fatal, Gibson did that on purpose. Gareth’s a tough dude, I’m happy to share with you that he’ll survive this and he may even make an appearance in generation 4.
      Thank you, I felt it was fitting to see Gareth being vulnerable for the first time in his life haha Losing Gibson hit him harder than he thought it would.. To an extent, he DID lose Gibson, but at least they still somewhat talked.. Now, he’s never going to see his brother again because of the things he’s done, Gibson felt that the only proper way to punish him was to leave him behind, for good, because he knew how much it would destroy Gareth. Gibson is a much more “emotional” murderer than an actual “out for blood” murderer. He used his words and his ability to change his demeanor at the drop of a hat to lure in Hannah, and now he’s killing his brother slowly by leaving him, and everything else, behind. It’ll be all the family talks about, it’ll constantly be around Gareth, haunting him. That’s what Gibson wanted, to ruin Gareth like he’s ruined Gibson. Even though he doesn’t want to leave Oliver, he has to in order to get away from Gareth once and for all.
      You’re right, he took “going insane” a lot better than Jason did, and it’s for the exact reasons that you mentioned. He has his past with Gareth, he’s used to killing people, he’s used to taking lives, and Hannah wronged him, and he treated her no different than any of his other victims. She fucked up. LOL
      Hahaha I’m sure in time, Gibson will find a place to call home. Glad you liked the note, I really loved the simplicity of it as well. He could’ve wrote a novel to Oliver with the things he wanted to say and explain LOL but he didn’t have the time, and to sum it all up, that’s the only message he would’ve left for Oliver anyways. All he wants is forgiveness from his son, then he can finally be at peace.
      Thank you so, SO much for being here with me for the long ride! I always look forward to your comments, and I know all the boys love you, too XD Here’s to another generation come and gone!
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. ceciliayus

    It was better than I thought it would be. And after your previous finales, I’d set my expectation bar pretty dang high!

    Like Late Knight Simmer said, it was fantastic seeing Gareth as the vulnerable one for once. I was always a Gibson girl myself and didn’t care for Gareth at all (Which is why I was so quiet this generation), so that just made my day! : D

    It’s so heartbreaking that Gibson is leaving his kids behind (Camilla may not be his, but he still raised her), and I really do hope that Oliver doesn’t hate him too much. I mean, he probably will, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did, but Gibson always loved him. I kinda think that this was the first time Gibson has truly acted for his own wants. He was selfish before, but was always thinking of how it would benefit those he loved. This is the first time that he’s done something really selfish and put himself before everyone else.

    It’ll be interesting seeing how Gareth deals with all this. I don’t believe for a second that he’ll actually bleed out and die. You can’t kill the devil, y’know.

    1. LOL Yeah, endings are always hard for me, but I’m glad that I pull them off XD I’d hate for them to end dry.
      Hahaha well, I’m glad I made your day! There were a lot more fans of Gibson than Gareth, for obvious reasons, I think LOL I’m glad you liked seeing Gareth at his most vulnerable. I guess Gibson is his biggest, and only, weakness.
      Yeah, Gibson’s leaving his children.. :( True, he’s been selfish, sure, but he always came home at night, and he only wanted the best for his family. You’re right, this is the first time he’s actually putting himself in before everyone else. But, he just can’t take it anymore.. Being around Gareth is toxic, and he’s done being poisoned by him.
      You’re very right, I loved that- “You can’t kill the devil” hahaha So true! Like I told LateKnight, he’s a touch guy.. Gibson didn’t make any of those shots fatal on purpose, he felt it was more of a punishment for Gareth to live with what he’s done instead of taking the easy way out and dying. He may have a hard time walking from his knee getting shot, even after it heals, but he’ll live.
      Thank you for sticking with this story, it really means a lot! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  3. meganmariethomas

    YOU ARE JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    Cant wait for generation 4!

  4. I don’t even know where to begin. Let me start by saying bravo, that was…so awesome. Like many others have said, it was interesting to see Gibson taking charge like that and Gareth being the weak one. When I saw the red I was like, “Yes! Insane time!” (Is that bad that I look forward to that? lol) *shudders* This chapter gave me major chills. This should be turned into some 10 part movie or series or something like that. I would be so happy!
    Hannah…I really liked you. Why did you have to go mess things up!? See what happens when you break Gibson’s heart!? How foolish of me to think things would go well for a Dubois man.
    Since they were kids I’ve always liked Gibson a bit more so I’m glad he came out on top….or did he? He’s lost everything….D:
    It makes me sad that he’s leaving Oliver. (He’s just downright adorable) And that note! *tears*
    Aww….this is just so heartbreaking, well-written, and beautiful all at the same time.
    It’s kind of odd how in Generation 1, Marrick was so worried about passing on his insane genes but now his descendants don’t even know about the insanity….so it can never be stopped! Unless they kill themselves off, which, we know won’t happen because then there wouldn’t be a story. We can’t have that. XD
    Thank you for providing us with yet another brilliant Generation, I can’t wait for the next one! (I’m anticipating that famous face reveal that you’ve adopted for Generation 4! XD)

    1. Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it :D
      True, for once in his life, Gareth was the one to show his weak side, and his only weakness is Gibson.
      LOL No, it’s not bad XD I’m sure a lot of people are always looking forward to seeing the red, it’s what makes the characters so memorable I believe. Awww, that’s so nice! Haha I’d really love this to be a TV show, each generation would be its own season haha!
      Yeah, Hannah messed up, big time XD Though she was taking the money from Gareth to help the family, she didn’t really need to thank him my sleeping with him.. Hahaha
      Ahh, true.. We think Gibson came out on top, but at the same time, HE feels like he didn’t since he’s losing his son, the one thing in his life he always loved no matter what.
      Aww, thank you for the compliments! This story can be pretty heartbreaking, though at least it has happy points SOMEtimes, right? LOL
      True, none of the heirs after Marrick knew about their insanity. Jason somewhat knew, but he never accepted it. And the twins? Well.. They accepted it a little TOO much LOL
      You’re very welcome, and thank YOU for sticking with this story and showing so much support! It’s greatly appreciated! And oh, there definitely will be a face reveal for Gen 4, I’m looking forward it to as well! XD
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  5. LauraHenry

    Wow. What a great finale! I really enjoy your style and storytelling. Thank you for all the work you put into this!

  6. Awesome finale! I wasn’t sure whether to expect more fight from Gareth or not, but I suppose if Gibson hadn’t been so efficient at disposing of Hannah it may have gone differently. Poor Oliver. I’m very excited to see how he turns out and how Gareth handles everything from here on out. And to see where Gibson ends up.

    1. Thank you! True, it would’ve gone a lot differently had Gibson not killed Hannah so soon into the chapter. Yeah, poor Ollie. He’s going to be pretty broken up from all of this. :(
      I’ll probably touch on Gareth and Gibson sometime during generation 4, maybe I’ll even find a way to involve them someone, but who knows haha its still too early to tell.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  7. What a fitting finale to an awesome generation! Gibs really had Hannah fooled thinking he’d ever consider forgiving her. I knew she was a goner after reading Part 1. I wasn’t sure whether Gibs would kill Gareth, though. I like the way that played out, leaving him to suffer both physically and psychologically.

    Gibson is such a different type of killer than Gareth — so calm, calculating and sinister — so good at messing with your head. Gareth seems to take more pleasure in the physical act of killing, while I think Gibs enjoys the prelude just as much. I love how well you differentiated the twins throughout the story.

    Knowing Gareth didn’t even love Hannah must’ve really pissed off Gibs. He’s obviously incapable of love, but to ruin his brother’s marriage for someone who means so little to him is beyond me. I’ve been wondering how Gareth and Hannah managed to stay together for 3 years. It’s not like he’s ever been Mr. Commitment before. Was it just to prove he could take her from Gibs? Any insight you can share?

    I feel bad for the kids (and for Nina, who’s stuck raising them, I assume). I doubt Ollie will ever forgive Gibs. It’s a shame. They were so close. Gibs was a really good father to his kids, even when he had doubts that Camilla was his.

    Looking forward to the next generation! Long live the Dubois clan!

    1. Thank you! True, Gibson has an amazing way of remaining calm under circumstances that most wouldn’t be able to handle, though at the same time, he didn’t really ‘handle’ it too well since he killed her.. LOL >_>
      You’re right, Gareth is better at physically causing pain, whereas Gibson loves messing with people’s psyche. And thank you, I don’t usually like when twins are identical in every aspect because it’s just not true in reality. Just because two children were born within the same amount of time does not make them the same person, and I wanted to stick with my belief in that when it came to Gareth and Gibson.
      Hmm, well, don’t assume Nina is going to take up all the responsibility. Oliver and Camilla are not her children, she’s not Gareth’s wife, and she’s barely even labeled anymore as his girlfriend, so she has no further responsibilities as far as them. There is still Gareth, Bennu and Bahiti that can easily take care of them, but don’t worry, I’ll touch on that a lot more in the beginning of generation 4. :)
      Forgiveness from Oliver, right now at least, is out of the question, but who knows what could happen as far as his ‘understanding’ of it all when he gets older and is old enough to be able to actually take in everything that happened and to find an understanding about it. I’m still trying to figure out a LOT of gen 4, so don’t quote me on that later LOL things could very well change. I still need to work out a ton of the details and how I want this next gen to play out.

      As far as your request for insight on Gareth: I didn’t cover that much of Gareth’s “feelings” towards Hannah because I wanted that to be open to interpretation, I mostly wanted you readers to come up with your own conclusion as far as that, which is why Gareth answered “I don’t know” so many times.. He could never give a definite answer because, well, he DIDN’T know.. Gareth is the type of guy to have never fallen in love, so even if he WAS in love, he probably wouldn’t know it. In Chapter 17, where Gareth is sitting outside of the Bakery and contemplating whether or not to go inside, he was nervous. He doesn’t get nervous often, but then again, he was about to go see his brother’s wife, behind his back, so in that case, I think anyone would be nervous. But who’s to say it wasn’t deeper than a crush? Hannah is beautiful in his eyes and they always had a good time talking to one another.. I was thinking mostly that him answering “I don’t know” was either him really actually not knowing if he was in love with her, or, he was saying that because either way, if he answered a definite ‘yes’ or ‘no’, the outcome could’ve been a lot different, so he could’ve just been taking the “safer” route on how to answer Gibson because he knows him so well. With that being said, still, it’s up to you on how you want to interpret it. If you’re a hopeless romantic, haha, then he probably loved her, but if you can’t even fathom still that Gareth could love anything at all, then he probably didn’t, and was just trying to save his own ass hahaha I hope that this was able to give you a new outlook on how he felt. :D
      Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout the generations, and thanks for commenting! I’m SO looking forward to gen 4! *squeals*

  8. O_O

    I think I read this with my mouth hanging open in disbelief the whole time. What I imagined happening was not even close to this. I figured they were all going to die. I thought he’d kill her, then Gareth, then himself. This is so much better!

    I about freaked out when Gibson called Hannah over to him. That was just, twisted. His response to her when she asked if he forgave her was disturbing in how calm it was: “Aww. .No, sweetheart.” I could just imagine his fake sincerity as he said it. So good!!

    Well, he didn’t kill Gareth but he left him in pretty bad shape. I like how there was a role reversal between them in the end. Although, I still think Gareth is the worst of two evils. That connection between them still evident till the end with his inability to kill Gareth and then Gareth knowing him so well that Gibson admitted to hating him. . .although he did admit saying it in anger.

    One thing that I found myself thinking after reading this, is that death would haven’t been a good “punishment” for Gareth. I thought it would be until now but the one thing that you’ve alluded to during this whole generation is that Gareth has been afraid to lose Gibson. Now he will be separated from him; a more fitting ending.

    Awesome, awesome, generation! Can’t wait to read about Ollie and to see how his story unfolds!

    1. What’s funny is that that ending you said was another option I had and even thought about, but I just couldn’t in the end. That’s too much loss for ME to even handle, I couldn’t do that to you readers, either XD I’m glad it’s better!
      Haha Gibson truly is a master of persuasion, he’s good at getting what he wants when the time calls for it, and at that time, he wanted nothing more than to see her dead. I guess he couldn’t completely control his urge to spill blood after all.
      Yeah, Gareth was the vulnerable one this time around, at the mercy of his brother instead of Gibson at his like in most situations. True, Gareth still is technically the worst of the two still, because even though Gibson turned out to be the cold blooded one in this chapter, it’s all from Gareth doing anyways.. Pretty much everything is his fault, and Gibson’s making him pay the ultimate price this time. Gibson might not completely hate Gareth enough to kill him, but he sure is displeased with him enough to never want to see him again as punishment.
      Thank you, I’m glad it was a more fitting ending to it all. True, the whole generation I have shown that the one thing Gareth doesn’t want to lose is his brother, I felt, too, that this ending was a better fit and a lot more personal and punishing rather than just killing him. Gibson loves his victims to suffer, and now Gareth knows exactly how that feels.
      Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve been with the Dubois for so long and continue to show them your support! ^_^ I can’t wait to start gen 4!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. I knew he would snap! He was always too calm and tended to bottle up his feelings more than Gareth did. Gibson seemed to look more creepier as he got older too, LOL. This was a great ending, and I feel really bad for him! Poor Oliver and Millie…I’m definitely looking forward to the 4th generation! Although Oliver doesn’t strike me as the insane type, I’m sure he’ll inherit it as he ages with having to deal with all of this.

    1. Hahaha yeah, he snapped. True, he managed to keep his feelings bottled up for a lone time, but it all eventually came back around and he couldn’t hold it back any longer. LOL you think he got creepier XD I could see that in a way, he did become a little reserved as the ending chapter approached.
      Glad you liked the ending! Of course Oliver is going to acquire the insane trait, it’s the only trait every heir will for-sure have in order to keep up the insanity, hahaha and yeah, just like everyone else, he’ll reach his insanity at some point, but when? I don’t even know yet XD I don’t really think that far ahead hahaha
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :D

  10. I swear i’m perfectly sane, but damn do I love when your characters go all red walls and the insanity comes out. Maybe its cause i’m a lover of horror movies and books that I enjoy this so much. But I was actually cheering Gibson on when he had the gun up to Hannah. Then when he pulled the trigger I kinda felt bad for her but not really. I feel more sad for the children left behind. Wow what an amazing roller coaster of a generation. I can’t wait to see what insanity Ollie has in store for us. BTW, he reminds me so much of Jason as a kid. Maybe its those bright blue eyes. :)

    1. LOL It’s probably the funnest thing to do in this legacy.. I love writing these chapters. I love horror movies and books, too, they’re definitely the most interesting to me!
      Cheering for Gibson? Didn’t expect that.. Hahaha! I figured everyone would miss and feel bad for Hannah, but I could see how it might be more satisfying to see her get what she deserves, and then some.. >_> haha
      Ahh, yeah.. The kids left behind :( this ending will definitely be hard for them to handle later in life, especially Ollie, of course. He’s already so fragile haha
      He reminds me a ton of Jason, too, wait ’till you see him in gen 4 all grown up, though.. O_O *faints* LOL
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  11. *collapses*

    That was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most compelling, most thrilling, most heart-wrenching generation yet. I swear each one tops the last, leaving me wondering if I’ll be able to handle dear Oliver’s generation. This time though, I go into the next generation excited because you’ve already shattered my doubts about generations twice and Oliver actually seems caring and soft, which intrigues me to no end. It’s very different for a Dubois man…and knowing that caring boy has that dash of insanity…haha, very intriguing indeed.

    *bows down to* You are amazing.

    I think I need to go cry now though because Gibson is gone!! I’m going to miss his character SO MUCH. I can only keep my fingers and toes crossed that maybe he’ll make an appearance later. I also hope that he manages to escape his demons. After his life was torn to pieces by his cheating wife and sadistic twin brother, he deserves peace :( Of course, I’m biased because remember, my love for Gibson STILL grows on an exponential curve that knows no limits, haha. Gibsonnnnnnnnnnn <3 <3 <3


    Amazing…in every sense of the word.

    1. Aww thank you, your words are too kind T_T I’m so, so happy you enjoyed this generation so much. Haha yeah, Oliver is a very different personality that what we’re seen so far, it’ll definitely be a challenge for me figuring out exactly what I want to do with the sweet boy. <3
      LOL Its alright, I don't blame you for wanting to run off and cry somewhere. It's what I did right after I hit 'publish' for this chapter XD Me may make an appearance, but who knows. We'll see if I can find a place to work him in or not in Oliver's generation. True, Gibson does deserve some sort of peace, but without his family, especially without his only child, it will be difficult for him to achieve that. But, again, we'll just have to wait and see, because idek yet where I'm going with this stuff LOL
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of these gens and catch up, it really means a lot. ^_^
      Thanks for reading and commenting, as well <3

      1. That’s actually what I kept thinking too. I really want Gibson to have his peace, but I know that’d be difficult to achieve without reuniting with Oliver especially.

        ….I, um, think he could do without reuniting with Gareth though, LOL.

        I definitely hope you’ll be able to work him in and I’m really excited to see where this goes!

        And haha, nah, it’s my pleasure, thanks for writing it and putting so much time and care into creating such an awesome story!

  12. jazen

    First I have to say I love the red lighting effect you use when the crazy is about to happen. I noticed in the last gen as well. Very cool and adds to that creepy effect!!!

    Woot!!! She’s dead. That bitch really thought they’d be able to work it out??? She was fucking his brother for 3 years because she was lonely?!?!?! She was lying to him, fighting with him, being a bitch and cheating on him for three years. The little girl is Gareth’s and she was still dumb enough to think a sorry and we’ll work it out would suffice. KNOWING that Gareth had done this to him before???? Yeah glad she’s dead!!!!!

    Gareth! Man really. You asked your brother how he could kill her? You tainted her you selfish fuck! You enjoyed sneaking around behind his back, fucking his wife and giving her your blood money. And you are shocked that he killed her???? Really, why because like her you thought you two would be able to work things out??? You fucked 2 women he cared about because you couldn’t stand to just let him be happy. Well now your selfish ass can think about it for the rest of your miserable life. I don’t know if he loved Hannah, but now he can know she lost her life because of him. Now Gareth can spend his life alone knowing he got her killed with his selfish jealous ways. He gets to look into the face of his nephew and a little girl that thinks she’s his niece and know that everyday he’s the reason they don’t have parents. I’m glad in a way that Gibson didn’t kill him, I’m glad he’s left alive to suffer alone. Nina doesn’t even want his washed up hateful ass anymore. I hope he rots in a slow and painful hell on earth.

    Great ending and I am already to start the next gen. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get through it before you start gen. 5. :)

    1. Aww, thank you! I really love doing the whole red lighting effect for insane moments, so I’m glad you like it!

      Hannah was completely delusional in thinking that Gibson would never find out, and once he did, she still tried to make it work up until her very last moments. But, Gibson isn’t as forgiving as she thought he’d be.

      He only asked because he didn’t think that Gibson could kill someone that he loved, but maybe he didn’t love Hannah anymore, or maybe his hate for cheaters outweighed the love he had for her. *shrugs* That’s a huge part, if not all, the reason why Gibson left Gareth alive because Gibson’s more of the one to kill people mentally and emotionally rather than physically. He wants his brother to regret what he did and he wants Gareth to live with it the rest of his life. They were close, ever since birth, but now, they’re practically nothing and it’s all thanks to Gareth’s actions.

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! ^_^ I hope you enjoy reading Gen 4, too!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  13. I don’t think she deserved death but you knew she wasn’t going to make it out of that bakery. She and Gareth knew better than anyone that was something Gibson feared most and the latter was fully aware of what he could do. Gareth was just too selfish to see past his own wants as usual, even at the end of things, as the woman he wanted so badly lay dead in front of him, he’s only concerned with being left behind, that Gibson would never be there for him again.

    1. Yeah, no one really deserves it, but, can’t really be helped sometimes. Especially when dealing with a member of the Dubois family. True, all of it came down to the fact the Gareth didn’t want to be alone, or rather, without Gibson, so he did everything he could to keep him close.. That almost means keeping what’s Gibson’s closer.

      I hope you enjoyed your read so far and look forward to more! Thanks so much for taking the time to read the story and catch up, and thanks for commenting! <3

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