Generation 3, Chapter 1

     Gareth’s POV     


Waiting for her is like waiting for grass to grow, she always takes forever and is late to hanging out with me almost every time. I told her to meet me here twenty minutes ago and I’m still waiting.. Tapping my foot in frustration, I can’t help but think why I’m wasting time on a girl like her. I just want to fuck her and be done with it, but she’s making it so difficult. We’ve only kissed and it’s already our fifth date, you’d think she’d at least shown me her tits by now. She’s definitely going to be a challenge though, maybe that’s why I’m choosing to be here instead of leaving to go somewhere where I could meet someone just as easily and be in her by sundown. I loved the chase.


However, today is the day I finally get what I’ve been waiting for, either that or I’m through with her. I’ve never had to work so hard before, but that might be because of who she is. She comes off as a prude girl who’s too shy for her own good, but at the same time, she seems willing to do whatever I want besides the obvious. I know she’s crazy about me and I’m counting on that being the factor that doesn’t let her tell me ‘no’ for the hundredth time. I could always threaten to break up with her, that’d probably do the trick..


I see her running in the distance, racing to the Art Gallery where she was supposed to meet me now half an hour ago. She looks pretty decent today, a cut off shirt to show off her stomach, her makeup done and her hair laying nicely down her face. Is that what takes her so long, her damn makeup? “Jesus..” I say softly to myself, glad I can finally get this date started. I was almost about to leave, too, though lucky for her, I don’t give up that easily. 


“Finally.. I was just about to leave,” I voice with frustration when I watch her join me on the outdoor patio of the gallery.

She seems out of breath, breathing heavily through her nose as she gives me worried eyes, “I’m really sorry.. I got here as fast as I could,” she replied, trying to apologize but I was still too irritated to accept it.

“As fast as you could? You’re half an hour late, what the hell were you doing? You’re the one that wanted to come here, anyways..” I continued.

“I-I’m sorry.. Please don’t be mad at me,” she requested pitifully and I sighed, standing from the chair and going to her.


I tried to calm myself down, wanting to try and be nice to her to hopefully get a better outcome for later. Putting my hands to her arms, I brought her closer to me and kissed her cheek softly, watching her blush as I pulled away. “Why don’t you just get ready earlier so you can be on time? Do you wait until the last minute?” I asked with less anger than before.

“No.. I just want to look my best for you. Everything I always put on looks so undone, I don’t want to show up looking bad,” she replied with a quiet voice.

“I’d rather you show up on time with no makeup and in pajamas than making me think I got stood up,” I state with a bland tone, seeing her expression twist into remorse and she nods in understanding.

“I’m sorry..” She repeats and I take one of her hands within mine.

“It’s fine.. Let’s just go in and look around before it closes,” I settle, wanting to end the conversation and make this trip go as quick as possible. 


We barely looked at any art before I had her up against a wall with my tongue down her throat. Even though I’ve done a ton of things with girls in public, each experience still gives me a rush, but in this instance, it was rather lacking. Her shyness and paranoia of getting caught was making her hold back and her mouth barely showed as much enthusiasm as mine did. Even so, I continued, running my hand around her waist over her bare skin and pulling her pelvis against mine. After a short time of making out, I was getting too bored with things since she wouldn’t quite cooperate, resulting in me ending the terrible kiss and my mouth went to the skin under her turtleneck instead. When my hand that had gone around her waist came back forward, I pushed it slowly up her torso and under her shirt, trying to grip her breast but she let go of me and stopped my hand before it could reach.

“Jesus.. Relax a little, Nina,” I pointed out with annoyance, going back to kissing her neck.

“I don’t.. I don’t want to do that in public. What if someone sees?”

“There’s no one else here,” I said softly between kisses, “We practically have the place to ourselves,” I continued, sliding my hand back up her shirt yet she stopped me again.

“Gareth.. Can we actually look at the art?” She asked, letting my hands drop from her completely and taking an angered step back.

“Fine..” I agreed.


I made it more obvious that I was annoyed beyond belief than I should have, but I couldn’t help it. Was this even worth it? I’m so bored and just want to go home at this point. I had walked away from her first and she had to jog a few feet to catch up, taking my hand within her own as if hoping that would make me feel better, but of course I could care less. I could feel her looking at me and it was only making me more angry, I knew she was thinking about what she could do to make me happy again, but what I wanted the most were the things she was unwilling to do. Letting her stew in her thoughts was my own way of torturing her without needing to physically do anything, which actually made me a little happier.

Screenshot-6 (2)

We went up to the second floor and found better art than the first floor, but I was still completely oblivious to it. I only had one thing on my mind and it had nothing to do with this shit. “I like this one a lot, I like the contrast of colors,” Nina said softly and I rolled my eyes without her noticing.

“Yeah, really nice..” I responded quickly with disinterest, holding her by the waist. I couldn’t stop thinking about her skin as my fingers caressed over her hip bone, though I could tell she was a little nervous by how hard I’ve been coming on to her today. I turned my head towards her and leaned down, kissing her cheek and down her neck once again and I could feel her skin getting warm under the touch of my lips. I knew she wanted it, but for whatever reason, she felt she needed to resist me and I was getting sick of it. 

Screenshot-8 (2)
Screenshot-10 (2)

Nina left my attempt on getting her excited and went to look at the next painting, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her wrist and brought her to the wall in between the paintings, holding her there and she looked up at me with a more nervous than frightened face. “Gareth, what are you doing?” She asked quickly though not even trying to free herself, she was too weak and I knew she wasn’t the type of girl to stand up for herself, let alone to me.

“Do you even like me? What am I doing wrong?” I asked with a determined tone, seeing her eyes begin to worry more, “Do you even find me remotely attractive?” I continued and I watched her blush more than I’ve ever witnessed.

It took her a moment to answer, either she was too embarrassed of what she was thinking or she didn’t want to admit something to me, either way I was growing impatient and upset. “Of course I like you..” She spoke in a whisper.

“Then why do you hate when I touch you? Why can’t you just let me if you like me as much as you say you do?” I questioned a little more harshly this time and her head dropped, seemingly unwilling to answer the question and I let out an agitated sigh, pushing myself off the wall and away from her.

Screenshot-14 (2)

“What’s the point of being with you if you’re not willing to do what I want once in a while? I do what you want all the time, I take you everywhere, I buy you anything you want, the least you could do is not act like you can’t stand me touching you. I noticed that even when I check you out, you feel the need to hide yourself from me. Do I disgust you that much?” I continued, I was too pissed off to care now, I wanted answers or this wasn’t going to last much longer.

“That’s not it..” She cooed softly.

“Then what is it?” I demand to know.

“I-I.. I’m just.. Not ready..” She replied.

“Then when will you be ready, Nina?” I asked harshly.

Screenshot-13 (2)

I waited for her to answer, but I continued to hear nothing. I couldn’t tell if she was just shocked by my behavior or too nervous to answer me, but playing this guessing game was getting old fast. “Nina, if this doesn’t let up and you don’t stop being such a prude little girl, I don’t think we have much of a future at all. I need contact with who I’m seeing, you’re making it harder than it needs to be, and I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t even like me touching them,” I state as a fact, hearing a gentle gasp come from her lips and I knew I had finally gotten somewhere with this bitch. Took long enough for her to realize how annoying she’s been. I don’t care what she’s thinking right now though, she could tell me off like other girls might do, but I knew she didn’t have it in her and counted on her caving in to me.

Screenshot-15 (2)
Screenshot-16 (2)

I was surprised a little when she had come up to me and held me from behind, knowing then that she regretted how she’s been acting before she even needed to say anything. “Gareth, I’m really sorry.. Please, don’t do this. I don’t mean to come off like I don’t find you attractive.. I really do, actually. So much to the point you make me so nervous,” I felt her grip get tighter on my hoodie as she continues, “I.. I’ll make it up to you, just please don’t leave me yet,” she requested with a wavering tone. I liked what she said, yet I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant by ‘making it up to me’. Was she going to actually let me sleep with her finally? Admitting that I loved hearing her beg for me wasn’t a problem, I loved it actually, but I wanted to test how far she was willing to let me go in order for me not to leave her. 

Screenshot-6 (3)

I eventually turned around, not wanting to ignore her any longer at the fear of her crying. I didn’t know how to deal with tears, and if she cried, I was gone. I looked down to her face and I could see the sorrow in her eyes by how she had made me feel, though now I felt a sense of triumph that I had finally gotten my way. “After this we should go to my place,” I suggested, though it was more of a strained, excited request and I watched her eyes widen as her cheeks remained a flush pink.

“Uhhmm.. Okay, sure,” she replied with a weary tone, but I smiled and put my hands to each side of her face, pulling her into a kiss. Her lips still felt stiff and I knew she was more nervous now than ever, but I’d make sure that she wouldn’t regret giving in to me.

I pulled back from the kiss, looking at Nina with a calmed and collected face, “Relax, Nina..” I said softly, moving in slowly for another attempt at a half way decent kiss and her lips weren’t as stiff this time. The more I deepened it, she finally let go and I surprising got a decent kiss out of her for once. Her mouth was relaxed and our lips flowed together much easier, only making me more excited and I could feel her cheeks getting even warmer the deeper it went.

Screenshot-6 (4)

Getting her home and into my room was top priority right now, driving home faster than I normally would. I held her hand as she sat in the passenger seat, looking over to her a few times and giving a calm smile to hopefully keep her from getting too nervous, but her hand was more clammy than normal and I knew the closer we got, the more she regretted her decision in letting me have her. But, even though I knew she wanted to continue to tell me no, there was no way she could go back on her word now and expect me to be okay with it. If that was the case, I’d drop her off at the next intersection right now. Somehow I think she knew that, too, which is why she’s being so quiet right now.

Screenshot-13 (3)
Screenshot-15 (3)

After parking my car, I didn’t let her get out so easily, shutting the car off and unbuckling myself. I took hold of her chin and pulled her towards me, kissing her deeply and it was the first time that I didn’t feel her hold back, it was the first good kiss I’ve experienced with her. I pulled away from her slowly, resting my forehead against hers, “Don’t be nervous, I’ll be good to you, Nina,” I reassured her, seeing her smile softly and she then initiated a kiss for the first time. Her kisses were soft and full of love, though I could hardly feel the passion she had and I only thought about getting her inside and into my bedroom.


When I brought her inside, I felt the need to show her off to Gibson, trying to find him and he was in the living room reading a book. Big surprise. “You’re finally home, huh?” Gibson asked, though keeping his nose within his book. 

“Yeah, you remember Nina, right?” I asked, putting my hand to her waist and pulling her close against me, yet seeing him still looking at his book.

“Hi, Nina..” He added, still not bothering to look up at her and I felt a little angered. I often made it a point to him on who I was about to get with, we had an ongoing battle of who could bring home the hottest girl and I think I had won by far, yet he refused to look up. 


“Good to see you, Gibson..” Nina replied, looking to me then, “Can we go downstairs please? I want to.. Well..” Was she going to say ‘get this over with’? No, she couldn’t mean something like that. Maybe she just didn’t like me displaying her like a piece of art at the gallery. 

“Of course, babe..” I replied, “Go to my room, I’ll be there in a minute, okay?” I told her, knowing where she was going since we had been there before together yet nothing happened that time.

Screenshot-33 (2)
Screenshot-34 (2)

After Nina had gone downstairs to my room, my Collie, Jess, came up to me excitedly and I gave a large smile, “Hey, girl!” I began, scratching the front of her chest and watching her fall over to her side in request to rub her stomach. Of course I did as she asked, rubbing her stomach and watching her relax to my touch. “You’ve been a good girl, haven’t you?” I coddled her sweetly.

“She got into the garbage, she pissed on the floor and she ate one of my best books,” Gibson butted in and I scoffed.

“She would never do that,” I defended her, seeing her still enjoying my comfort.

“But she did, she’s done it the passed ten fucking times you’ve gone out and left her for me to take care of when I didn’t even want her in the first place. And I’m sick of losing books. I have a collection going, Gareth, and she’s adamant on ruining it. It’s like she does it on purpose,” Gibson continued.

Screenshot-33 (3)

“Are you just mad ’cause I’m about to fuck Nina and you’re jealous?” I asked while I still scratched Jess.

“Took you long enough,” he contested and I began to grow angry, standing from petting Jess and I looked to him with a bothered grin. Gibson turned into such a grim person with a personality of a jerk. I guess I’m no better, but I’d think by the way he dresses, what he studies and how he presents himself, he looks like a good well-educated, nice man, yet this attitude is the one thing that would throw you off when first meeting him. He’s a complete gentleman towards the ladies, yet if they’re not on the same intelligence level, he can turn into a disrespectful ass in seconds. Him and I always teased one another though, it’s been some of my favorite conversations in the past.

“Gibson, it’s okay.. I get that you’re jealous. You have every right to be. She’s hot, you haven’t gotten any lately, it’s understandable,” I retorted with a sly tone, mocking him.

Screenshot-98 (2)

“Haven’t slept with her yet, so don’t talk shit.. Besides, wasn’t it you who’s been after my girls lately? I have no reason to be jealous,” He replied with a tone I wasn’t fond of, though keeping a sly grin as to play it off. “And she looked a bit.. Apprehensive, didn’t she? You sure that you’re both on the same page with this?” He asked and I squinted by eyes at him.

“How would you know? You didn’t even look at her. And what the hell are you talking about? I gave her options and she chose, there’s not time for her to reconsider,” I answered.

“I see..” Gibson said with understanding, though I felt as if he knew exactly what I would do if she said no now.. “You’re one sick man, you know that?”

“Whenever you say that I always think it’s your own nice way of telling me to have a fun night, so thanks, Gibs,” I replied and I heard a disapproving ‘hmph’ come from him. “Well, I’m gunna go downstairs, good luck with just your hand and spit tonight,” I teased, seeing him shake his head at me and he picked up his book again, reading it to ignore me and I made my way downstairs excitedly to my bedroom. 

Screenshot-35 (2)

I was more than excited to see what I would be waiting for. I figured she would still be dressed completely, but it wouldn’t take me long to get everything off of her. With each step I took down the stairs, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I wanted to do to her. I know I said I would treat her right and I knew she assumed I’d be gentle, especially because of how prude she’s been acting, but I planned on doing so much more than she was ready for I wasn’t sure if she could even handle it. But I would make her endure through it. She’d love it, crave it, get used to it. Gibson was just jealous, he always was when he saw the girls I was with and Nina was no different. He gets so defensive and turns into a dick whenever I bring someone home.


Upon walking into my bedroom, I could tell Nina was still high strung about coming here with me. The look in her eyes of worry and anxiousness told me she was about to tell me no, changing her mind at the last minute, but I couldn’t let that happen. She’s the first girl that’s gone to such great lengths to make me happy and I hoped in this case, she’d still do the same.


I walked over to her slowly, my eyes running up and down her and I put my arms around her, pulling her close in a gentle manner. “Have I told you yet today how beautiful you are?” I asked softly, watching her lips turn up into a small smile. I needed her to be comfortable, help her feel wanted and needed in hopes of getting rid of some of her doubt. I couldn’t take hearing her tell me ‘no’ again, determined to make sure tonight would happen no matter what.

“Gareth.. I don’t know if-” I cut her off.

“Nina, just relax. It’ll be fun, I promise. Trust me, okay?” I added, feeling her hands come up and into my hair. I leaned down and kissed her lips, I could feel them trembling a little but I didn’t stop. My hands ran up her torso and I hooked the bottom of her shirt with my fingers, breaking the kiss for a moment to remove it and I lifted it over her head. After tossing it aside, I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, putting my lips to hers once more as I slid the straps down her arms and tossed it aside as well. 

Screenshot-73 (2)

I lifted her up gently and put her down onto my bed, taking a step back for a moment and admiring the girl laying before me. “You’re perfect, Nina,” I said with a grin as I eyed her chest, shaking my head in slight disbelief. Her eyes showed she was a little embarrassed, I could tell she didn’t like me starring at her, but I couldn’t help it.

Screenshot-74 (3)

I leaned forward and undid her pants, watching her face twist with emotion and I took hold of them as well as her panties and pulled them down at the same time, “Gareth, isn’t this a little fast?” She said in a quiet panic, watching my hands as I continued to pull her clothes all the way down her legs and dropping them to the floor. 

“Believe me, it won’t be fast,” I replied as I took my shirt off.

“But, Gareth..” She continued to try and oppose, but there was no stopping this now, not when I was this close.

“You wanna do this for me, don’t you? Don’t you wanna be with me, Nina?” I asked, testing her commitment to this and I watched as her face went disappointed in herself.

“Yes..” She answered weakly, my grin then returning and I removed my pants and underwear, putting on protection and climbing on top of her.

Screenshot-73 (4)

As we started out, I’d give her what she wanted first. A gentle lover, one that showed care and safety. Nina was quiet at first, only panting heavily as she struggled to relax under my weight, but the more time I gave her as I dove into her slowly, the more she finally relaxed and tried to enjoy herself. After a while of being gentle, I tried to speed things up a bit and my pace grew quicker, hearing her mouth open more and she let out soft moans in response. Even through this, for as happy as I was when I had finally gotten her, I was still bored with this and wanted to be rougher. I wasn’t used to this kind of pleasure even though she seemed to be enjoying it greatly, but I could hardly say I felt the same. When I felt her body begin to quiver, I went a little quicker in hopes of making her orgasm before I was done with her.

Screenshot-74 (4)
Screenshot-76 (2)

After feeling her finally cum, I didn’t let up. I positioned myself in a different manner and spread her legs farther, pulling her thighs and pushing myself into her rhythmically with such force that her moans grew loud and started turning into prolonged wails of either pleasure, pain, or both. I indulged for a long time, my pace remaining the same and Nina began calling out my name, but it wasn’t hard to realize that she was enjoying this less and less as I continued my much needed pace. Her hands gripped the bed in an attempt to keep herself from moving so much, yet it proved to be rather pointless. The force I gave caused her breasts to bounce harder and faster, watching her occasionally grabbing them on her own to help keep them still and lessen the undoubted pain they were in, but this only made me more excited. 


I tried to spread her legs even further, her knees growing close to touching the bed on each side of her and it was then that her wails and moans turned into cries and whimpers. I hated that I was getting close, this was actually turning into the most fun I’d had in a while and I didn’t want it to be over yet. I felt her loins tighten from her body giving release once more, unable to control herself and it was then that I was ready, delving as deep as I could and releasing into her.  

Screenshot-78 (2)

After everything was over, I stood from the bed and walked to my pants on the ground, grabbing a pack of cigarettes from the pocket and lighting one up. I took a long first drag, helping myself relax and regain composure after indulging in Nina. I glanced back at her a couple of times, seeing her sitting on the edge of the bed giving off a feeling of remorse and I sighed. I felt like she might cry after that. I tried to finish my cigarette before I heard the first sign of it and I didn’t have it in me to comfort her or hold her as she pitied herself. I put my cigarette out in the ashtray upon my dresser and pulled out a pair of sweatpants from it, putting them on and looking towards Nina once more, “You can sleep here, help yourself to any of my clothes to sleep in if you want,” I offered, not hearing her respond and I walked out of my room.

Screenshot-97 (3)

I went upstairs and passed the kitchen, checking to see if Gibson was still awake, but I only saw Jess within the room sleeping on the sofa. I had to admit, I wanted to boast a little, rub it in his face that I had gotten some yet again when he hasn’t brought a girl home in what seems like weeks. Was he still mad at me? I might’ve gone a little too far when I took the girl from under him he was seeing a month ago, she slept with me while he was at work and he wasn’t too happy when he got home and saw her walking around the house in her underwear after the fact. 


I went outside and stood on the deck, leaning against the railing as I listened to the water. It was a cool night, cooler than I was used to in this hot climate. Moving here 5 years ago after everything that happened has been a good distraction, I’ve been enjoying myself thoroughly with all the tail that walks around town in small tops and short skirts. It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to think about Bennu, living across town with Bahiti in a large house she had bought in order to be close to my Dad. I was surprised that she’s been staying with him, she has a strong heart and will and she has confidence that my Dad will get better, but I think she’s in for a long and disappointing journey. I doubt he’ll get better. The last time I visited him with Gibson was during Christmas six months ago and he never said a word to either of us. 

Screenshot-97 (2)

None of us have seen Lucy ever since the day Detective Grander was interrogating him, we all were on the other side of the glass listening in on the questioning. After it was over, Lucy left the station and we haven’t seen her since. We guessed that she came to the house before skipping town, seeing a lot of her belongings gone from her room yet not even a note. I missed her. I wanted her to know that I’d still love to see her and see how she’s doing, I want her to know she doesn’t have to talk to or even see Dad if she visited, just so long as she spent some time with us. Bahiti has gotten even more reserved and she hardly leaves the house, losing trust in everyone since her own Father couldn’t be trusted anymore, deceiving us and lying to us that whole time about Lucy’s mom and grandmother. I had no explanation for it, I was just as shocked and confused as everyone else, but I’ve grown to learn to ignore it, he’s still my Dad. He’s still helped me more than he’s ever hurt me and I’m just glad it didn’t turn out any worse.

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  1. Great beginning! Man, he is one closed off guy. I feel really bad for him. He seems to be just going from one thing to the next to try to feel something. I mean he obviously feels since he misses Lucy but he doesn’t really seem to care about much.

    Can’t wait to see what’s going on with Gibson!

    Ilove the pictures of Gareth outside! What world are they in?

    1. Gareth doesn’t really enjoy dealing with or seeing any emotions, especially strong ones. He tends to avoid situations like that at all costs. All he really does with his brother is bicker or joke back and forth, it’s hard for him to open up to anyone really. He cares for his family, though judging on how long it’s been since he’s seen any of them, he doesn’t quite put forth the effort to make his relationship with them any better. He cares, but I suppose just not enough.
      Thank you! Glad you like the pics :D They live in Lucky Palms.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I remember Faline commenting on how Jason was a Romancer in the bedroom. Jason was a womanizer to be sure, but at least he treated women well for the short time he was with them. Gareth is quite the opposite, which doesn’t surprise me. Instead of being a Hopeless Romantic, he’s Evil, and that won’t bode well for the women in his life. I’m sure Nina (who’s very pretty, BTW) is regretting her decision to give in to Gareth. The more he hurt her, the more he seemed to enjoy it. This generation is going to be a roller coaster ride for sure.

    1. You’re right, even though Jason treated women badly when it was all over, the time he spent with them was nothing less than respecting. And yup, Gareth is just the opposite haha He doesn’t care what becomes of his behavior, just so long as he has a good time and gets what he wants. Nina was the perfect target for him. She’s quiet, weak, devotes most of her time to him, cares for him more than she should when it’s only their fifth date and he knew he could get her to give in eventually.
      Glad you like Nina, thank you :D Yeah, she’s definitely feeling a little regret now that she let herself be so weak and cave in to make him happy. She doesn’t know though that the moment their time in bed ended, so did their relationship.
      Thank you for reading!

  3. Yay! I’m so excited for this generation. I like the big reveal to the faces! :) They look awesome. Especially Gareth. Hot. Yum. :D Wow Gareth has some issues. I felt really bad for her, because it seemed like the more he hurt her, the more he got off on it…:( I see a lot of Jason in him with the way he treats woman, except Jason was somehow…nicer….

    Can’t wait to learn more about Gibson, and find out what makes him tick. This generation is going to be wild with the twins and their very different personalities. Can’t wait! :)

    1. I’m glad you’re excited for this generation ^_^ Yeah, it’s going to get pretty wild. XD
      I like the big reveals lately for starting new gens, it’s become a tradition I suppose. I love how they both turned out!
      Yeah, Gareth definitely has some issues when it comes to women. He wanted what he couldn’t have yet, so he used his evil and conniving ways to guilt her into getting it. Sadly for her, it wasn’t as enjoyable as he made it seem like it would be. Yeah, he takes after Jason a little on how they treat women, but Jason’s disinterest in them didn’t happen until after he was with him whereas Gareth just doesn’t care from the very beginning and treats them like shit.
      Glad you’re excited for more! Thanks for reading :D

  4. foreversims97

    I could strangle my email right now for not notifying me until nearly seven hours later that you had posted! URGH! Anywho, onto the comment.

    It makes me laugh at how appalled Gareth is that Nina hasn’t given in to his….amazing looks. xD
    The oh so brilliant face reveal, love it! Gareth turned out very handsome. You’ve made so many beautiful people in this story and they all have their own unique appeal to them. Great job on that!
    Gareth is a very persistent man, isn’t he? Like he said, he loves the chase. It’s as if the fact that she doesn’t want him like that makes him crave her that much more. That scene was very…intense. Poor Nina.
    You have a way of making such horrible, mean characters very likable to your readers. He’s a guy that you hate to love, lol. And I do love him already!
    I really like Gibson as well! He’s very good looking. He kinda seems to brush his brother’s antics aside with little interest in what he’s doing which will be interesting to watch play out. I’ve always kind of leaned towards Gibson so I’m excited to learn more about him.
    A little déjà vu of Archor(sp?) with Gareth’s dog, Jess! I’m glad you brought animals back into the story.

    I can’t WAIT to learn more about them as the chapters continue. Once again, fantastic job with everything! Thank you for writing us such a brilliant story.

    1. LOL Gareth was pretty surprised and annoyed that she hadn’t given into him yet, too XD Glad you liked the face reveal, I’ve really taken a liking in doing that.
      Thank you, I’m glad you really like my creations ^_^
      Yeah, Gareth is very persistent. He just needs to get what he wants every single time and he won’t stop until it happens. Fragile Nina never stood a chance with him, she expects their relationship to last much longer and wished things could just be enjoyed. But, she’s in over her head and her need to be wanted didn’t pan out too well.
      Aw, I’m glad they’re still likable even with the things they do and how they act. It’s good to have a love/hate relationship sometimes XD
      I’m glad you like Gibson as well! You leaning more towards Gibson surprised me, I’d just somewhat assumed everyone would like Gareth more. Yay!
      You spelled Archor right haha And yess, another dog appearance, but I think I’m going to try and steer clear of the whole talking to animals thing since it’s been done before XD
      Thank you so much! Your kind words really mean a lot to me and it makes me compelled to continue writing :D
      Thanks for reading!

      1. foreversims97

        I love Gareth too but I think I’m interested in Gibson because he’s different. Most nerdy/dorky guys you hear about are the goody goody ones. He’s evil AND intelligent which is a very dangerous combination for a Dubois man to have.

        1. Ahhh yeah, very good reasoning. The unexpected nerd that Gibson is has a rather different twist on the norm. Gibson’s mind is very vast, but he’s still insane, suave, egotistical and outgoing, a little unexpected for most characters that are ‘nerdy’. I think I might have to admit, even though I hate choosing between the two, I’d have to agree that Gibson strikes me as more interesting to learn about as well. :)

  5. Uhhh… wtf, Nina? I put makeup on every day, you know how long it takes? 3 minutes. Yeah. *slaps* LOL ok so it might have been Gareth’s assumption about the makeup… but XD umm, don’t keep ugly clothes in your dresser, NI-na, then everything you pull out will look hot on you. Duh. Nina is pretty though, I love her hair color.

    Woo! Making out at the art gallery. Hot. *fans self* Don’t worry, Gareth, I’ll make out with you in public. *dies* Ugghhh, my heart started beating faster when he was getting angry at Nina in the gallery… I’ll let him push me up against the wall any day… and this is just from seeing the bottom half of his face… *touches Gareth’s stubble, faints*

    *sees Gareth’s face after many agonizing minutes, brain stops functioning, stares, faints for many millennia*
    *gets up, sees Gibson, falls off couch* LOL I love GIbson’s attitude, that’s awesome, the nerdy guy who’s a jerk. I hope he gets over being mad at Gareth though, :(
    *doesn’t know what to expect later, sees Gareth naked, dies a thousand deaths*
    OMFG…. *stares at Gareth’s ass*

    So then Gareth puts his pants on, and I’m like why didn’t I notice the tattoo over his lower back? Aaahhh because I was just staring at his ass. Holy heysoos he’s hot. Ah well you can tell who’s my favorite. Wow. Lucy’s gone. I’m a little saddened by that, considering Jason and Lucy’s history of how he took such good care of her when she was a kid. I do halfway understand, though, since Jason killed her grandma… but he’s insane, so I’m still sympathetic towards him. I’m happy Gareth thinks a little better of Jason than Jason did of Marrick though. It’s good not to hate your parents, even when they’re wierd and fucked up.

    Ugh I love his tattoos. <3
    *snuggles Gareth on the balcony, makes out with him, dies*

    1. LOL It takes me about 5 minutes to do my makeup, therefore not long. But her need to impress him makes her feel rushed, yet she isn’t rushed at all until she makes herself late. I’m glad you like Nina! It took me a while to create her >_> hahaha
      XD Gareth’s adores public displays of affection, especially when it’s with someone he thinks is attractive. He’s greedy and acts as such just to show any prying eyes what so ever that he’s with an attractive woman, even if there’s no one around to witness. A bit of a show-off if I must say.
      LOLL I somehow knew you’d die over Gareth, I just felt it. XD Glad you like Gibson as well! He turned out so handsome. Yeah, he’s very angry with Gareth, his brother crossed the line in his mind and it might take a while before they can be civil again. Starting out the gen with drama between the twins, hard to do for how close they used to be >_<
      Heysoos, I feel like I need to start every response with an "LOL" because man, I can't stop laughing at every new subject. XD I'm glad you like Gareth so much, he turned out sooo good looking. Granted, Gibson and Gareth look very, very similar, yet their personalities are what make them so different and attractive if their own ways.
      Yes, Lucy upped and left. :/ No one's seen her since, but if I can find a place for her in this generation, she could possibly make an appearance. She associates all of them with Jason, so leaving them all was the best choice in her mind.
      Gareth has an understanding for his father, why he kills people since him and Gibs have done it together in the passed, yet he was still surprised to see his dark side after witnessing for himself what a good father he was.
      Thanks so much for reading! :D

  6. eternalmonster

    I’m so conflicted over this story. I still adore it, and your skill as a writer compels me to come and read as SOON as I find out about a new post. I have been known to stop to read your new post in the middle of conversations with my boyfriend – he’s not terribly fond of that. lol :P

    But, I’ve been having reservations about this generation from the beginning. Gareth and Gibson are intense. Unlike the Dubois men that came before them – who eased into their insanity – these boys have been bonkerballs from the very start…

    Part of me feels bad for them, because how terrible would it be to be alienated from the rest of the world. How lonely it must be to be unable to connect with the people around you… It even seems like they don’t connect with each other any more.

    But, on the other hand, my heart just aches for their victims – and that’s what they are. When Jason and Marrick hurt people they were collateral damage caused by such inner turmoil. They never wanted to hurt people – were sickened by the idea and tortured by it. But Gareth and Gibson both enjoy hurting other people, manipulating them, using them, and belittling them.

    Poor Nina. She’s so innocent and sweet…. God, I can’t imagine having your first time be like that – and then ending so coldly…. Gareth just stuns me – justifying that if she came then she “liked” it and that’s all he owed her… the idea that if he got her to say yes, then she wanted to and all bets are off – even though he KNEW he manipulated her into doing it, and KNEW she didn’t really want to…

    I really hope nothing terrible happens to Nina. She’s such a sweet girl, I worry about someone as weak as her being hurt like that… Some people would pick up and shake it off, but not girls like her. I just adore her so much….

    Why do I end up falling in love with EVERY character you make. I adore Gibson. I can’t wait to find out more about him – but in a way I’m terrified. What are these fabulous little boys going to do to the world?

    Alright, rant over. Sorry I got so winded.

    1. LOL Sorry to your boyfriend that I distract you XD
      I really loved your comment, it really broke the boys down and showed what they really are compared to their father and grandfather, completely different. Even only into chapter 1, you understand them very well when being showed so little. :D
      Yeah, every person they come into contact with are victims to their personalities. Gareth gets excited by pain, displeasure and death while Gibson tends to get more joy and excitement out of hurting people mentally and emotionally. They’re quite the deadly duo.
      Aw, I’m glad you like Nina, she’s such a little sweetheart and she’s shy to the point where she likes someone else to be in control, though the control that Gareth wants and needs is harmful to her. She ignores and doesn’t care when he belittles her, all she wants is to make him happy and to stay with her, but the things he wants in return will ultimately break her down without her wanting to admit to it.
      Hahaha I’m very glad to hear you like the characters I make so much, I try my hardest to make them all different in their own ways and I love working with personalities I haven’t gone much into yet. It really makes it fun to write.
      Thanks so much for reading!

  7. meganmariethomas

    Okay well I guess I wont be sleeping tonight.

    Gareth and Gibson are actually quite scary. They seem to ENJOY hurting people. But I am going to be reading on….

    I don’t think I could NOT read on

    1. LOL Glad you’re enjoying the story enough to not sleep hahaha
      Yeah, they are kinda scary in a way.. One insane Dubois is scary, but two? And twin brothers for that matter? Even worse O_O haha
      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D

  8. For some reason, I get that serial killer vibe off of Gibson moreso than Gareth, LOL. This was a great beginning! Gareth seems to be a romancer like his father was at that age too. He may have the evil trait, but at least he seems to care about his family still…I guess I’ll find out eventually. Onto the next chapter! :)

    1. LOL Thanks!
      Yeah, Gibson can be just as scary as Gareth, the twins are just scary in general, all the time.. LOL
      True, Gareth has an amazing way with the ladies like his father. Though he was kind of an asshole in this chapter, he still knows how to get any woman he wants pretty much. He’s a romancer, but once he gets what he wants, he’s bored and done with them. haha
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. jazen

    Just when I didn’t think you could give me a slimier asshole you go and give me Gareth. LOL From the beginning his thoughts of wanting to break up with her because she wouldn’t sleep with him I knew he was going to be a real charmer. :( He’s just…wow. The way he was so rough and callous. I do hope that wasn’t her first time because she won’t ever want to have sex again if that’s the case. :( He doesn’t care about anyone, not even his brother. Really he slept with a girl that he knew his brother was interested in???

    Gibson is still more the quiet one, but I have a feeling of the two, I’m gonna hate that brother of is more.

    Aww poor Lucy. :( I can understand why she wanted nothing more to do with them. They aren’t ‘really’ her family since she’s not blood related to any of them. I can imagine that looking at the faces of her siblings that look so much like the man that killed her mother and grandmother would be a hard thing. They took away everyone that meant anything to her. I say they since Gareth killed Faline.

    1. Hahahaha yeah, Gareth has been trouble from the start and nothing’s changed now, that’s for sure. True, he’s a pretty rough guy and he never seems to care about the repercussions to any of his actions. If he wants to do it, he will and there’s not really any room to stop him. No, that wasn’t Nina’s first time, though it was the first time she had ever been treated like that, so it was pretty scary for her.

      Yeah, Lucy didn’t like being around anymore and since she was a never member of the family anyhow and wasn’t related to any of them, she saw it best that she leave and separate herself from the family she’s lived with that pretty much caused her nothing but pain in the end.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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