Oliver’s Poses:

  • a_oliver1 – lying on couch, moving Isaiah’s hand
  • a_oliver2 – lying on couch, awake
  • a_oliver3 – standing in kitchen, being startled from Isaiah
  • a_oliver4 – standing in kitchen, being held by Isaiah
  • a_oliver5 – standing in kitchen, being hugged, hand by head
  • a_oliver6 – standing in kitchen, looking at Isaiah
  • a_oliver7 – standing in kitchen, being kissed
  • a_oliver8 – standing, worried, looking at Isaiah
  • a_oliver9 – standing, worried, looking at Isaiah’s finger
  • a_oliver10 – fainting
  • a_oliver11 – eyes shut, being caught by Isaiah
  • a_oliver12 – lying in Isaiah’s bed, eyes open
  • a_oliver13 – lying in Isaiah’s bed, looking towards Isaiah
  • a_oliver14 – sitting up, Isaiah’s hand on his cheek, listening to Isaiah
  • a_oliver15 – sitting up, Isaiah’s hand on his cheek, angered expression
  • a_oliver16 – sitting up, looking away from Isaiah, angry
  • a_oliver17 – sitting up, looking at Isaiah, talking
  • a_oliver18 – sitting up, looking at Isaiah as he leaves the room
  • a_oliver19 – sitting up in bed, sad/thinking
  • a_oliver20 –lying in Isaiah’s bed alone, sulking/thinking
  • a_oliver21 – standing behind Isaiah in kitchen, hugging him from behind
  • a_oliver22 – standing, smirking, talking, acting shy
  • a_oliver23 – standing in bathroom, hand on sink, looking at Thomas
  • a_oliver24 – stepping away from Thomas, talking
  • a_oliver25 – back against wall, being choked
  • a_oliver26 – hunched over, being punched in the stomach
  • a_oliver27 – being pushed into a bathroom stall

Isaiah’s Poses:

  • a_isaiah1 – lying on couch, arm around Oliver, sleeping
  • a_isaiah2 – lying on couch, arm around Oliver, sleeping #2
  • a_isaiah3 – lying on couch alone, sleeping
  • a_isaiah4 – standing behind Oliver, hugging him
  • a_isaiah5 – standing behind Oliver, hugging him, talking
  • a_isaiah6 – standing, hugging Oliver, kissing the back of his neck
  • a_isaiah7 – standing in kitchen, looking at Oliver
  • a_isaiah8 – standing in kitchen, kissing Oliver
  • a_isaiah9 – standing in kitchen, talking, looking at finger
  • a_isaiah10 – standing in kitchen, worried, watching Oliver faint
  • a_isaiah11 – down on one knee, catching Oliver 
  • a_isaiah12 – sitting in bed, sulking
  • a_isaiah13 – sitting in bed, looking at Oliver, hand on his cheek
  • a_isaiah14 – sitting in bed, looking at Oliver, hand on his cheek as he sits up
  • a_isaiah15 – sitting in bed, looking at Oliver, hand on his cheek as he sits up #2
  • a_isaiah16 – sitting in bed, looking at Oliver, remorseful
  • a_isaiah17 – sitting in bed, looking at Oliver, remorseful, looking down
  • a_isaiah18 – standing by door, looking at Oliver, talking
  • a_isaiah19 – sitting at kitchen table, being hugged from behind

Thomas’ Poses:

  • a_thomas1 – standing, talking, one hand in pocket
  • a_thomas2 – standing, talking, both hands in pockets
  • a_thomas3 – standing, choking Oliver
  • a_thomas4 – angry, punching Oliver in the stomach
  • a_thomas5 – pushing Oliver into the bathroom stall


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