Oliver’s Poses:

  • a_oliver1 – sitting on bed, talking to James
  • a_oliver2 – sitting on bed, talking to James, looking away
  • a_oliver3 – sitting on bed, talking to James, angry
  • a_oliver4 – sitting on bed, talking to James, smiling
  • a_oliver5 – sitting on bed, talking to James, worried
  • a_oliver6 – sitting on bed, shocked, looking at Kat
  • a_oliver7 – sitting on bed, looking at James, sad
  • a_oliver8 – standing by window, talking to Kat
  • a_oliver9 – standing, facing window, arms folded
  • a_oliver10 – standing, talking to Kat, angry
  • a_oliver11 – standing, looking towards James
  • a_oliver12 – standing, talking to James, angry
  • a_oliver13 – sitting on bed, eyes shut
  • a_oliver14 – sitting on bed, looking at Jody, talking
  • a_oliver15 – sitting on bed, facing forward, talking
  • a_oliver16 – sitting on bed, looking left, talking
  • a_oliver17 – (not used, taken out)
  • a_oliver18 – lying on stomach, eyes open, getting massage
  • a_oliver19 – lying on stomach, eyes shut, getting massage
  • a_oliver20 – lying on stomach, getting massage, talking
  • a_oliver21 – lying on bed, kissing Jody
  • a_oliver22 – lying on bed, being touched, worried expression
  • a_oliver23 – lying on bed, talking, being touched, worried expression
  • a_oliver24 – lying on bed, naked, worried expression
  • a_oliver25 – lying on bed, head facing left, slapped

James’ Poses:

  • a_james1 – sitting on bed with Oliver, smiling, talking
  • a_james2 – sitting on bed with Oliver, talking
  • a_james3 – sitting on bed with Oliver, talking, angered
  • a_james4 – sitting on bed with Oliver, talking, sad
  • a_james5 – sitting on bed with Oliver, shocked, looking at Kat
  • a_james6 – sitting on bed, looking down at Kat, uncomfortable
  • a_james7 – standing, hands up, getting out of Kat’s way
  • a_james8 – standing, looking at Oliver, talking

Kat’s Poses:

  • a_kat1 – opening Oliver’s door, smiling, popping her head in
  • a_kat2 – lying on bed with the boys, talking, smiling
  • a_kat3 – (not used, taken out)
  • a_kat4 – sitting up on the bed, talking to Oliver
  • a_kat5 – standing, talking to Oliver
  • a_kat6 – standing, talking to Oliver, angry
  • a_kat7 – standing, talking to James, angry

Jody’s Poses:

  • a_jody1 – standing, talking to Oliver
  • a_jody2 – standing next to Oliver, hand on his shoulder
  • a_jody3 – sitting on bed, both hands on Oliver’s shoulders
  • a_jody4 – sitting over Oliver, giving massage, shoulders
  • a_jody5 – sitting over Oliver, giving massage, back
  • a_jody6 – sitting over Oliver, giving massage, touching tattoo
  • a_jody7 – sitting over Oliver, bending down, talking 
  • a_jody8 – (not used, taken out)
  • a_jody9 – sitting over Oliver, bending down, kissing him
  • a_jody10 – sitting over Oliver, reaching back, touching him
  • a_jody11 – standing, hands by hips, removing clothes


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