Oliver’s Poses:

  • a_g4c18_oliver1 – standing, holding box, looking down at it
  • a_g4c18_oliver2 – kneeling, holding box, looking down at it
  • a_g4c18_oliver3 – standing, hands on counter top, looking in mirror
  • a_g4c18_oliver4 – standing, looking down at hands
  • a_g4c18_oliver5 – standing, talking to Isaiah, being touched
  • a_g4c18_oliver6 – lying down in bed, looking at Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_oliver7 – lying on bed, sitting up, talking to August and Luca
  • a_g4c18_oliver8 – sitting up in bed, holding Niko
  • a_g4c18_oliver9 – sitting up in bed, holding Niko, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_oliver10 – standing, hand in pocket, suspicious of Isaiah, smiling
  • a_g4c18_oliver11 – standing, kissing Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_oliver12 – standing, holding Isaiah, staring at his lips
  • a_g4c18_oliver13 – sitting at dining table, talking to Isaiah, smiling
  • a_g4c18_oliver14 – standing in kitchen doorway, arms crossed, looking at Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_oliver15 – sitting on bed, looking at Isaiah, smiling
  • a_g4c18_oliver16 – sitting on bed, smiling, holding picture frame
  • a_g4c18_oliver17 – sitting on bed, not smiling, holding picture frame
  • a_g4c18_oliver18 – sitting on bed, crying, covering face
  • a_g4c18_oliver19 – sitting on bed, hugging Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_oliver20 – sitting on bed, holding Isaiah, looking at him
  • a_g4c18_oliver21 – sitting on bed, kissing Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_oliver22 – sitting on bed, hand by face, facing down, eyes shut
  • a_g4c18_oliver23 – sitting on bed, reasoning with Isaiah, upset
  • a_g4c18_oliver24 – sitting on bed, looking up at Isaiah, talking, upset
  • a_g4c18_oliver25 – sitting on bed, looking up at Isaiah, upset

Isaiah’s Poses:

  • a_g4c18_isaiah1 – standing, touching Oliver’s face, concerned expression
  • a_g4c18_isaiah2 – sitting on bed next to Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah3 – standing, holding Niko
  • a_g4c18_isaiah4 – standing, holding Niko, holding Luca’s hand, talking to August
  • a_g4c18_isaiah5 – sitting on lounge chair, holding Niko
  • a_g4c18_isaiah6 – sitting on bed with everyone, looking at Niko
  • a_g4c18_isaiah7 – sitting on bed, with everyone, looking at Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah8 – sitting on bed, holding Niko, talking to Luca and August
  • a_g4c18_isaiah9 – standing, holding picture, looking at it with Katalina
  • a_g4c18_isaiah10 – standing, holding picture, looking at it, sad
  • a_g4c18_isaiah11 – standing, talking to Kat, looking at her, sad
  • a_g4c18_isaiah12 – standing, acting guilty, hand behind head, smiling
  • a_g4c18_isaiah13 – standing, kissing Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah14 – standing, holding Oliver, talking to him, leg between his
  • a_g4c18_isaiah15 – sitting at dining table, holding Niko, smiling
  • a_g4c18_isaiah16 – sitting at dining table, holding Niko, smiling towards Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah17 – sitting at dining table, holding Niko, looking at Kat
  • a_g4c18_isaiah18 – leaning against counter, watching Oliver blow out candles
  • a_g4c18_isaiah19 – sitting on bed, holding picture frame, looking at it
  • a_g4c18_isaiah20 – sitting on bed, worried, looking at Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah21 – sitting on bed, looking down, talking
  • a_g4c18_isaiah22 – sitting on bed, talking to Oliver, touching his neck
  • a_g4c18_isaiah23 – sitting on bed, talking to Oliver, holding him
  • a_g4c18_isaiah24 – sitting on bed, talking to Oliver, hugging him
  • a_g4c18_isaiah25 – sitting on bed, talking to Oliver, wiping tears away
  • a_g4c18_isaiah26 – sitting on bed, kissing Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah27 – sitting on bed, worried, talking and looking at Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah28 – sitting on bed, talking to Oliver, angry
  • a_g4c18_isaiah29 – standing, angry, arguing with Oliver
  • a_g4c18_isaiah30 – standing, angry, looking at Oliver

August’s Poses:

  • c_g4c18_august1 – standing, looking up at Isaiah, talking
  • c_g4c18_august2 – sitting in kitchen on bar stool
  • c_g4c18_august3 – kneeling on bed with Oliver and Luca
  • c_g4c18_august4 – sitting at dining table, smiling

Luca’s Poses:

  • p_g4c18_luca1 – standing, walking with Isaiah, holding his hand
  • p_g4c18_luca2 – kneeling on bed with Oliver and August
  • p_g4c18_luca3 – kneeling on bed, talking to Oliver, touching his leg
  • p_g4c18_luca4 – kneeling on bed, talking to Isaiah

Niko’s Poses:

  • p_g4c18_niko1 – curled up in Isaiah’s arms
  • p_g4c18_niko2 – lying in Isaiah’s lap outside in lounge chair
  • p_g4c18_niko3 – being held by Oliver, reaching to touch his face
  • p_g4c18_niko4 – being held by Isaiah, lying in his lap
  • p_g4c18_niko5 – sitting in Isaiah’s lap at dining table

James’ Poses:

  • a_g4c18_james1 – standing, holding Parker
  • a_g4c18_james2 – standing, holding Parker, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_james3 – sitting at dining table, smiling

Katalina’s Poses:

  • a_g4c18_kat1 – standing, one hand on pregnant tummy, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c18_kat2 – standing next to Isaiah, talking, looking at picture
  • a_g4c18_kat3 – standing next to Isaiah, looking at him, talking
  • a_g4c18_kat4 – standing next to Isaiah, talking to him, angry
  • a_g4c18_kat5 – sitting at dining table, holding Parker, talking, smiling
  • a_g4c18_kat6 – sitting at dining table, holding Parker, scowling at Isaiah

Parker’s Poses:

  • p_g4c18_parker1 – sleeping in James’ arms
  • p_g4c18_parker2 – sitting in Katalina’s lap at dining table



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