Oliver’s Poses:

  • a_g4c14p1_oliver1 – sitting at dining table, leaning head on hand
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver2 – sitting at dining table, leaning head on hand, talking to Jody
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver3 – leaning against wall in bathroom, looking at phone
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver4 – standing, holding up towel, looking at phone
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver5 – sitting on couch, looking at Jody, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver6 – standing, slightly worried, calling out
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver7 – standing, slightly worried, in bedroom looking at empty bed
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver8 – standing at hospital counter, tired, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver9 – standing outside Isaiah’s door, debating on entering
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver10 – standing outside Isaiah’s door, looking left
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver11 – standing, hand on counter, worried, talking to Doctor
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver12 – standing by door, holding wrist, worried, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver13 – standing, arms out, arguing with Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver14 – standing, holding wrist, looking down at ground
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver15 – sitting on bed, looking at Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver16 – sitting on bed, talking to Isaiah, holding his hand over face
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver17 – sitting on bed, being pulled closer, being kissed
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver18 – sitting on bed, smiling, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver19 – sitting on bed, smiling, looking down
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver20 – sitting on bed, worried, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver21 – sitting on bed, listening to Isaiah, angry
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver22 – standing, angry, going towards door
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver23 – standing, angry, yelling towards Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver24 – sitting on bed, facing away from Isaiah, looking down
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver25 – sitting on bed, looking towards Isaiah, angry/shocked, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver26 – sitting on bed, leaning in to kiss Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver27 – sitting on bed, looking at Isaiah, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver28 – sitting on bed, embarrassed, left hand by head
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver29 – standing next to bed, talking to the detective
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver30 – sitting on exam table, smirking towards Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver31 – sitting on exam table, talking to the detective
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver32 – sitting on exam table, looking down at floor, sad
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver33 – sitting on exam table, looking at Isaiah, intrigued
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver34 – lying down on bed with Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver35 – lying down on bed with Isaiah, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver36 – lying down on bed with Isaiah, talking #2
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver37 – lying down on bed with Isaiah, talking, smiling
  • a_g4c14p1_oliver38 – lying down on bed with Isaiah, looking up at him

Isaiah’s Poses:

  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah1 – sitting up in bed, looking away from Oliver, eyes shut, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah2 – sitting up in bed, looking up to Oliver, angry, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah3 – sitting up in bed, talking to Oliver, smiling
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah4 – sitting up in bed, talking to Oliver, touching his face
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah5 – sitting up in bed, pulling Oliver into a kiss
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah6 – sitting up in bed, talking to Oliver, smiling
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah7 – sitting up in bed, smiling, talking, looking towards right
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah8 – sitting up in bed, looking down at lap, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah9 – sitting up in bed, eyes shut, in pain, holding side
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah10 – sitting up in bed, angry, talking to Oliver, holding side
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah11 – sitting up in bed, being kissed by Oliver
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah12 – sitting up in bed, looking at Oliver, smiling, touching his thigh
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah13 – sitting up in bed, looking passed Oliver towards detective
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah14 – sitting up in bed, talking to the detective
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah15 – sitting up in bed, talking to detective, looking down at lap
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah16 – sitting up in bed, somewhat worried expression
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah17 – sitting up in bed, shocked expression
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah18 – sitting up in bed, smiling while talking
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah19 – lying down in bed with Oliver, smiling
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah20 – lying down in bed with Oliver, smiling, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah21 – lying down in bed with Oliver
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah22 – lying down in bed with Oliver, eyes shut, smiling, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah23 – lying down in bed with Oliver, falling sleeping
  • a_g4c14p1_isaiah24 – lying down in bed with Oliver, asleep

Detective’s Poses:

  • a_g4c14p1_winchester1 – standing, talking, one eyebrow raised
  • a_g4c14p1_winchester2 – standing, holding wrist, smiling, talking to Oliver
  • a_g4c14p1_winchester3 – sitting in chair, talking to Isaiah, left hand up
  • a_g4c14p1_winchester4 – sitting in chair, looking back at Oliver, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_winchester5 – sitting in chair, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c14p1_winchester6 – standing next to Oliver, holding phone
  • a_g4c14p1_winchester7 – standing next to Oliver, holding phone, shocked expression
  • a_g4c14p1_winchester8 – standing, talking to Oliver, embarrassed expression

Jody’s Poses:

  • a_g4c14p1_jody1 – standing, talking to Oliver while making breakfast
  • a_g4c14p1_jody2 – sitting on couch, touching Oliver’s leg, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_jody3 – sitting on couch, talking, watching Oliver leave

Nurse Poses:

  • a_g4c14p1_nurse1 – sitting at front desk, hands on keyboard, talking to Oliver
  • a_g4c14p1_nurse2 – standing, worried, talking to Isaiah and Oliver
  • a_g4c14p1_nurse3 – standing next to bed, giving Isaiah his meds

Doctor’s Poses:

  • a_g4c14p1_doctor1 – standing, looking down at counter top
  • a_g4c14p1_doctor2 – standing, looking at Oliver, smiling, talking
  • a_g4c14p1_doctor3 – standing, looking at Oliver, talking



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