Isaiah’s Poses:

  • a_g4c13_isaiah1 – sitting up in bed, holding phone, smiling
  • a_g4c13_isaiah2 – sitting up in bed, holding phone, unhappy
  • a_g4c13_isaiah3 – standing, shaking hands with a VIP
  • a_g4c13_isaiah4 – standing, talking to Thomas and his friends
  • a_g4c13_isaiah5 – standing, talking to Thomas and his friends, angry
  • a_g4c13_isaiah6 – standing, hand on waitress’ back, smiling, talking
  • a_g4c13_isaiah7 – standing behind bar, admiring surroundings, smiling
  • a_g4c13_isaiah8 – standing, talking to Gavin, smiling, brow raised
  • a_g4c13_isaiah9 – standing, talking to Gavin, smiling
  • a_g4c13_isaiah10 – standing, cleaning tables
  • a_g4c13_isaiah11 – standing, looking up at sky
  • a_g4c13_isaiah12 – standing, alone, looking around the parking lot
  • a_g4c13_isaiah13 – standing, talking to Thomas, angry
  • a_g4c13_isaiah14 – standing, talking to Thomas, angry #2
  • a_g4c13_isaiah15 – standing, watching man to his right
  • a_g4c13_isaiah16 – standing, watching man to his left
  • a_g4c13_isaiah17 – standing, looking at boy to his left, surprised
  • a_g4c13_isaiah18 – standing, grabbing friendA’s wrist
  • a_g4c13_isaiah19 – falling back, being hit in the face
  • a_g4c13_isaiah20 – sitting on ground, dazed after being hit
  • a_g4c13_isaiah21 – standing, being held back, looking at Thomas
  • a_g4c13_isaiah22 – standing, being held back, talking to Thomas
  • a_g4c13_isaiah23 – standing, being held back, view towards the ground
  • a_g4c13_isaiah24 – standing, being held back, beaten up, talking to Thomas
  • a_g4c13_isaiah25 – standing, being held back, being kicked in the ribs
  • a_g4c13_isaiah26 – knees/one hand on ground, other hand holding side, in pain
  • a_g4c13_isaiah27 – knees/one hand on ground, other hand holding side, looking right
  • a_g4c13_isaiah28 – sitting on ground, holding side, looking at the body in front of him
  • a_g4c13_isaiah29 – sitting on ground, holding side, looking at the body to his right
  • a_g4c13_isaiah30 – sitting on ground, holding side, looking up and straight ahead
  • a_g4c13_isaiah31 – sitting on ground, arm extended, calling out
  • a_g4c13_isaiah32 – sitting on ground, holding side, wincing in pain, view downward
  • a_g4c13_isaiah33 – sitting on ground, holding side, chin being lifted, looking at Gibson
  • a_g4c13_isaiah34 – sitting on ground holding side, talking to Gibson
  • a_g4c13_isaiah35 – sitting on ground, fainted, eyes shut, head hanging down

Gavin’s Poses:

  • a_g4c13_gavin1 – standing in front of bar, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c13_gavin2 – standing in front of bar, talking to Isaiah #2

Customer Poses (VIPs):

  • a_g4c13_vip1 – sitting in VIP section, shaking hands with Isaiah

Waitress/Coat Check Poses:

  • a_g4c13_waitress1 – standing, stopping three men from entering bar
  • a_g4c13_waitress2 – standing behind Isaiah, looking up at him, worried
  • a_g4c13_waitress3 – standing, smiling, talking to Isaiah
  • a_g4c13_waitress4 – standing, waving goodbye, talking to Isaiah

Thomas’ Poses:

  • a_g4c13_thomas1 – standing by front door of bar, hassling Isaiah
  • a_g4c13_thomas2 – standing, talking to Isaiah, smiling/intimidating
  • a_g4c13_thomas3 – standing, talking to Isaiah, smiling/intimidating #2
  • a_g4c13_thomas4 – standing, talking to Isaiah, holding phone out
  • a_g4c13_thomas5 – throwing a punch at Isaiah, angry, smiling
  • a_g4c13_thomas6 – standing, talking to friend with the hurts arm
  • a_g4c13_thomas7 – standing, threatening Isaiah, smirk on his lips, hands in pockets
  • a_g4c13_thomas8 – standing, threatening Isaiah, no smirk, hands in pockets
  • a_g4c13_thomas9 – standing, winding fist back to throw a punch
  • a_g4c13_thomas10 – slightly bent over, talking to Isaiah, one hand in fist
  • a_g4c13_thomas11 – standing, kicking Isaiah in the ribs
  • a_g4c13_thomas12 – falling forward, having been hit with a bat in the back
  • a_g4c13_thomas13 – sitting on ground, putting hand up in defense, scared
  • a_g4c13_thomas14 – lying on ground, dead

Thomas’ Friend 1 Poses: (A – Unnamed, the brunette)

  • a_g4c13_friendA1 – walking to Isaiah’s left, watching him, smirking
  • a_g4c13_friendA2 – coming at Isaiah, right fist pulled back
  • a_g4c13_friendA3 – on hands and knees on the ground, had fallen down
  • a_g4c13_friendA4 – behind Isaiah, holding him in place

Thomas’ Friend 2 Poses: (B – Unnamed, the blonde)

  • a_g4c13_friendB1 – walking to Isaiah’s right, watching him, smirking
  • a_g4c13_friendB2 – swinging fist towards Isaiah, wrist being held
  • a_g4c13_friendB3 – hunched over, holding arm, in pain
  • a_g4c13_friendB4 – holding arm, in pain, talking to Thomas
  • a_g4c13_friendB5 – standing, holding arm, smirking, watching Isaiah get beat up

Gibson’s Poses:

  • a_g4c13_gibson1 – walking towards the group, dragging a wooden bat
  • a_g4c13_gibson2 – standing, winding arms back, holding bat
  • a_g4c13_gibson3 – standing, after letting go of the bat, arms back
  • a_g4c13_gibson4 – standing, holding bat, arms behind head, looking down at Thomas
  • a_g4c13_gibson5 – standing, holding bat, looking up at sky
  • a_g4c13_gibson6 – bent down towards Isaiah, touching his chin
  • a_g4c13_gibson7 – bent down towards Isaiah, hands on his arms/shoulders, talking



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