Oliver’s Poses:

  • a_oliver1 – lying on bed, face down
  • a_oliver2 – knocking on James’ door
  • a_oliver3 – standing, talking to James
  • a_oliver4 – standing, talking to James #2
  • a_oliver5 – standing, worried expression, looking at girls
  • a_oliver6 – standing, holding James’ beer, worried expression
  • a_oliver7 – standing, holding James’ beer, hand on head
  • a_oliver8 – standing, handing a girl the empty beer
  • a_oliver9 –sitting on the edge of his bed, one hand behind head
  • a_oliver10 – lying on his bed, legs off the side, hands behind head
  • a_oliver11 –holding Katalina, taking her to her room
  • a_oliver12 – holding Katalina, putting her in her bed
  • a_oliver13- standing next to Katalina’s bed, looking down at her
  • a_oliver14 – walking to his room, looking at Camilla’s bedroom door
  • a_oliver15 – lying on stomach on bed, eyes open
  • a_oliver16 – lying on stomach on bed, eyes shut

Katalina’s Poses:

  • a_kat1 – standing, hand on hip, talking
  • a_kat2 – standing, one leg back, happy
  • a_kat3 – sleeping, being carried by Oliver
  • a_kat4 – sleeping, being put into bed by Oliver

James’ Poses:

  • a_james1 – standing, holding a beer, smiling, talking to Oliver
  • a_james2 – standing, holding a beer, talking to Oliver
  • a_james3 – standing, holding a beer, listening to Oliver
  • a_james4 – standing, holding a beer, looking at girls, talking to Oliver
  • a_james5 – standing, holding a beer, smiling towards Katalina

Girl’s at the party Poses:

  • a_girl1a – standing, smiling, covering mouth (center)
  • a_girl1b – standing, smiling, talking to Oliver (center)
  • a_girl1c – standing, confused, holding Oliver’s beer (center)
  • a_girl2a – standing, smiling, looking at Oliver (left)
  • a_girl3a – standing, smiling, looking at Oliver (right)

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