Hannah’s Poses:

  • a_hannah1 – standing, head down, looking up, sad
  • a_hannah2 – standing, looking away, sad
  • a_hannah3 – standing, looking at Gareth
  • a_hannah4 – standing, eyes shut, head down, arm across torso
  • a_hannah5 – standing, sad, talking
  • a_hannah6 – standing, sad, talking #2
  • a_hannah7 – walking towards Gibson
  • a_hannah8 – standing in front of Gibson, eyes shut
  • a_hannah9 – standing in front of Gibson, talking
  • a_hannah10 – standing in front of Gibson, wide eyed
  • a_hannah11 – dead, falling to the ground
  • a_hannah12 – lying dead on the floor

Gareth’s Poses:

  • a_gareth1 – standing, looking at Gibson, hands in coat pockets
  • a_gareth2 – standing, looking confused, hands in coat pockets
  • a_gareth3 – standing, arms at side, looking to Hannah
  • a_gareth4 – standing, looking at Gibson, angry
  • a_gareth5 – standing, blank expression, looking at Gibson
  • a_gareth6 – standing, hand out, talking to Hannah
  • a_gareth7 – standing, hand out, yelling Hannah’s name
  • a_gareth8 – on floor, holding knee, in pain
  • a_gareth9 – on floor, holding knee, yelling at Gibson
  • a_gareth10 – on floor, in pain, reaching towards Hannah
  • a_gareth11 – on floor, in pain, holding hand that was shot
  • a_gareth12 – on floor, crawling backwards away from Gibson
  • a_gareth13 – on floor, leaning against wall, angry, holding injured hand
  • a_gareth14 – on floor, leaning against wall, worried, holding injured hand
  • a_gareth15 – on floor, leaning against wall, putting hand up, looking away
  • a_gareth16 – on floor, leaning against wall, putting hand up, looking at Gibson
  • a_gareth17 – on floor, leaning against wall, holding his shoulder in pain
  • a_gareth18 – on floor, leaning against wall, looking at Gibson, gun against cheek
  • a_gareth19 – on floor, leaning against wall, looking at Gibson, talking
  • a_gareth20 – on floor, leaning against wall, looking at Gibson, talking
  • a_gareth21 – on floor, leaning against wall, looking to Gibson

Gibson’s Poses:

  • a_gibson1 – sitting in chair, smirking
  • a_gibson2 – standing, asking questions
  • a_gibson3 – standing, asking questions #2
  • a_gibson4 – standing, angry, touching money on table, talking
  • a_gibson5 – standing, blank expression, talking
  • a_gibson6 – standing, angry, arguing with Hannah
  • a_gibson7 – (not used, taken out)
  • a_gibson8 – standing, hand on Hannah’s face, smirking
  • a_gibson9 – standing, hand on Hannah’s face, talking
  • a_gibson10 – standing in front of Hannah, holding gun to her chin
  • a_gibson11 – standing, watching Hannah fall
  • a_gibson12 – standing, pointing gun at Gareth’s knee
  • a_gibson13 – standing, gun down, looking down at Gareth
  • a_gibson14 – standing, pointing gun at Gareth’s hand, talking
  • a_gibson15 – crouched down, looking at Hannah, touching her leg
  • a_gibson16 – crouched down, looking at Gareth, talking
  • a_gibson17 – standing, pointing gun at Gareth, angry, yelling
  • a_gibson18 – standing, pointing gun at Gareth, talking
  • a_gibson19 – bending down towards Gareth, grabbing his hair, putting gun to his cheek
  • a_gibson20 – bending down towards Gareth, putting away gun
  • a_gibson21 – standing, looking down at Gareth
  • a_gibson22 – standing, looking to side, listening to Gareth
  • a_gibson23 – standing, looking forward, brows furrowed
  • a_gibson24 – standing, looking down at Gareth, blank expression
  • a_gibson25 – sitting in computer chair, looking at the family photo
  • a_gibson26 – sitting in computer chair, hair through hair, glasses off
  • a_gibson27 – standing, holding bag, looking back on things
  • a_gibson28 – standing, reaching down towards desk to write a note
  • a_gibson29 – walking, holding bag, looking to the side

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