Ezra’s Poses:

  • a_ezra1 – sitting in car, shocked expression
  • a_ezra2 – sitting in car, ducking down to hide himself
  • a_ezra3 – sitting in car, looking towards bakery, worried
  • a_ezra4 – sitting in car, hands on side of face, freaking out
  • a_ezra5 – sitting on ground, lost/worried expression
  • a_ezra6 – sitting on ground, looking at girlfriend, worried
  • a_ezra7 – standing, looking at Gibson, hands up, worried
  • a_ezra8 – being choked, pinned against the wall
  • a_ezra9 – leaning over, touching neck, gasping for air
  • a_ezra10 – standing, worried, being yelled at

Ezra’s Girlfriend’s Poses:

  • a_female1 – down on knees, consoling Ezra

Gibson’s Poses:

  • a_gibson1 – sitting in office chair, angry
  • a_gibson2 – sitting in office chair, looking towards Oliver
  • a_gibson3 – standing, talking to Jaime, hand on his shoulder
  • a_gibson4 – holding Camilla, angry, talking to Oliver
  • a_gibson5 – holding Camilla, angry, holding Oliver’s hand
  • a_gibson6 – kneeling in front of Oliver, talking
  • a_gibson7 – kneeling in front of Oliver, talking, smiling
  • a_gibson8 – walking away from Nina’s, enraged expression
  • a_gibson9 – standing in Ezra’s house, angry, talking
  • a_gibson10 – arm across Ezra’s neck, talking, angry
  • a_gibson11 – standing, worried face, beginning to freak out
  • a_gibson12 – standing, angry, yelling at Ezra
  • a_gibson13 – standing, holding gun, talking to Ezra
  • a_gibson14 – standing, looking left towards Ezra, talking
  • a_gibson15 – arms up, leaning on car, disheveled expression
  • a_gibson16 – sitting, leaning over, looking towards Hannah and Gareth

Oliver’s Poses:

  • c_oliver1 – sitting on ground with Camilla, looking at Gibson
  • c_oliver2 – looking up at Gibson, worried expression
  • c_oliver3 – walking with Gibson, holding his hand
  • c_oliver4 – standing, crossing his arms, angry
  • c_oliver5 – standing, crossing his arms, looking away from Gibson
  • c_oliver6 – standing, crossing his arms, looking at Gibson
  • c_oliver7 – standing, arms out, worried/scared expression

Camilla’s Poses:

  • p_camilla1 – being held by Gibson, sad face
  • p_camilla2 – being held by Gibson, leaning into his chest

Jaime’s Pose:

  • a_jaime1 – standing, looking at Gibson, worried/confused

Hannah’s Poses:

  • a_hannah1 – standing, taking money from Gareth
  • a_hannah2 – standing, holding Gareth, smiling
  • a_hannah3 – standing, shocked, looking at Gibson

Gareth’s Poses:

  • a_gareth1 – standing, holding money in hands
  • a_gareth2 – standing, holding Hannah, smiling
  • a_gareth3 – standing, holding Hannah, blank expression
  • a_gareth4 – standing, shocked, looking at Gibson


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*Most of the car poses are NOT mine and I used OMSP to move them up or down. The poses that Ezra uses that I made are for the Vorn P328 Truck in the vehicles tab. If it does not fall into place like it should, consider using the OMSP.

*Gareth and Hannah’s kissing poses are from another chapter: Gen 3, Chap 17 Poses

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