Gibson’s Poses:

  • a_gibson1 – laying in bed, looking up at clock on wall
  • a_gibson2 – laying in bed, looking forward, spacing out
  • a_gibson3 – laying in bed, eyes shut
  • a_gibson4 – laying in bed, one eye open, smiling
  • a_gibson5 – laying in bed, sitting up to pick up Oliver
  • a_gibson6 – laying in bed, holding up Oliver
  • a_gibson7 – laying in bed, giving raspberries to Oliver
  • a_gibson8 – laying in bed, leaning over Oliver, looking at him
  • a_gibson9 – laying in bed, looking towards Oliver and Hannah
  • a_gibson10 – sitting up in bed, looking towards Oliver
  • a_gibson11 – laying in bed, alone
  • a_gibson12 – sitting on couch, watching TV with Oliver
  • a_gibson13 – sitting on couch, Oliver sleeping in lap
  • a_gibson14 – sitting on couch, talking to Hannah
  • a_gibson15 – sitting on couch, watching Hannah leave
  • a_gibson16 – sitting on couch, looking down at Oliver
  • a_gibson17 – sitting on couch, picking up Oliver
  • a_gibson18 – laying on couch, Oliver sleeping on chest
  • a_gibson19 – sitting on couch, looking behind him towards Hannah
  • a_gibson20 – sitting on couch, looking right towards Oliver
  • a_gibson21 – standing, hugging Bennu
  • a_gibson22 – standing, hand in pocket, other in hair
  • a_gibson23 – sitting on lounge chair, surprised expression
  • a_gibson24 – sitting on couch, watching a movie with family
  • a_gibson25 – sitting on couch, looking towards Gareth

Oliver’s Poses:

  • p_oliver1 – standing next to bed, trying to wake Gibson
  • p_oliver2 – standing next to bed, being picked up
  • p_oliver3 – being held up in the air by Gibson
  • p_oliver4 – being tickled by Gibson on bed
  • p_oliver5 – laying on bed, looking up at Gibson
  • p_oliver6 – laying on bed between Gibson and Hannah
  • p_oliver7 – being carried out of the room by Hannah
  • p_oliver8 – sitting on couch, watching TV with Gibson
  • p_oliver9 – sleeping on Gibson’s lap on couch
  • p_oliver10 – sleeping on Gibson’s chest
  • p_oliver11 – sitting on Hannah’s lap, watching a movie

Hannah’s Poses:

  • a_hannah1 – crawling onto bed with Gibson and Oliver
  • a_hannah2 – laying on bed with Gibson and Oliver
  • a_hannah3 – carrying Oliver out of the room
  • a_hannah4 – sitting on couch, touching Oliver’s face
  • a_hannah5 – sitting on couch, talking to Gibson
  • a_hannah6 – standing in kitchen, leaning on counter
  • a_hannah7 – sitting on couch, watching a movie, Oliver on lap
  • a_hannah8 – sitting on edge of pool, looking over shoulder
  • a_hannah9 – sitting on edge of pool, looking slight right
  • a_hannah10 – sitting on edge of pool, looking up at stars
  • a_hannah11 – sitting on edge of pool, looking towards Gareth
  • a_hannah12 – sitting on edge of pool, looking away smiling
  • a_hannah13 – sitting on edge of pool, hand in lap, looking at Gareth
  • a_hannah14 – sitting on edge of pool, 
  • a_hannah15 – sitting on edge of pool, being kissed
  • a_hannah16 – laying on ground, being kissed
  • a_hannah17 – laying on ground, being kissed, being touched
  • a_hannah18 – laying on ground, pushing Gareth off her
  • a_hannah19 – sitting up, pulling away from Gareth
  • a_hannah20 – standing, worried expression, talking
  • a_hannah21 – fleeing, hand over mouth, sad

Bennu’s Poses:

  • a_bennu1 – standing, smiling, holding purse on arm
  • a_bennu2 – standing, purse on arm, hugging Gibson

Bahiti’s Poses:

  • a_bahiti1 – standing, arms out, talking to Gibson
  • a_bahiti2 – sitting on couch, watching movie, Kat on lap

Gareth’s Poses:

  • a_gareth1 – standing, smiling, arms out, talking
  • a_gareth2 – standing, taking Katalina from Gibson
  • a_gareth3 – sitting on lounge chair, picking up Kat
  • a_gareth4 – sitting on lounge chair, Kat in his lap, whispering
  • a_gareth5 – sitting on lounge chair, laughing
  • a_gareth6 – sitting on lounge chair, taking shoes off
  • a_gareth7 – sitting on edge of pool, looking at Hannah
  • a_gareth8 – sitting on edge of pool, talking to Hannah
  • a_gareth9 – sitting on edge of pool, talking to Hannah, smiling
  • a_gareth10 – sitting on edge of pool, leaning towards Hannah
  • a_gareth11 – sitting on edge of pool, hands in lap, smiling
  • a_gareth12 – sitting on edge of pool, straight expression
  • a_gareth13 – sitting on edge of pool, kissing Hannah
  • a_gareth14 – laying over Hannah, kissing her
  • a_gareth15 – laying over Hannah, kissing her, hand on chest
  • a_gareth16 – leaning on side, being pushed off by Hannah
  • a_gareth17 – sitting on edge of pool, hand on Hannah’s hip, talking
  • a_gareth18 – standing, worried expression, talking
  • a_gareth19 – standing, arm out, calling to Hannah

Nina’s Poses:

  • a_nina1 – being pushed into the pool by Kat

Katalina’s Poses:

  • p_kat1 – being picked up by Gareth
  • p_kat2 – sitting on Gareth’s lap, being told something
  • p_kat3 – walking towards Nina
  • p_kat4 – pushing Nina into the pool
  • p_kat5 – sitting on Bahiti’s lap, watching movie

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* For Hannah’s poses (8-19) and Gareth’s poses (6-17), these poses were difficult to get just right along the edge of the pool. I used OMSP, placed each of them on their own, then placed the OMSP’s in the pool and using ctrl + shift and clicking on it, I rose them 50cm’s at a time until they were level with the side of the pool. They do not line up together for the kissing poses, so you might have to play with them a little bit. These poses, I realized, work for not only poolside poses, but bed poses as well, using OMSP again to bring them up higher than the poolside.

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