Poses from Generation 3

Please make sure you have read the guidelines before downloading.

These downloads contain many, many poses for some chapters, sorry if it’s a little overwhelming XD

If you are not caught up with the story, these pages may contain spoilers.


Generation 3, Chapter 12 Poses

Generation 3, Chapter 13 Poses

Generation 3, Chapter 14 Poses

Generation 3, Chapter 15
(no custom poses made)

Generation 3, Chapter 16 Poses

Generation 3, Chapter 17 Poses

Generation 3, Chapter 18 Poses

Generation 3, Chapter 19 Poses

Generation 3, Chapter 20, Part 1/2

Generation 3, Chapter 20, Part 2/2

2 Responses to “Poses from Generation 3”

  1. o.O I just looked at these, LOL, don’t know why I hadn’t before.. probably because Gareth was distracting me, but holy wow, you impress me, woman, with the sheer amount of poses you make for all of your chapters. :) <3

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