Generation 4, Chapter 15


NSFW, blood and violence.



I did as Isaiah asked. I stayed home all weekend by myself without visiting him at the hospital, but I didn’t spend my time here sulking and thinking as much as he probably thought I would. I spent most of the days and nights working on the guest bedroom, turning it into a nursery, like he had wanted. I came to the conclusion that since I knew I’d be bringing my baby home, despite telling Isaiah that I wasn’t sure if I ever would be able to, I decided to stop trying to hide it and got the room ready for whenever I would bring him or her home. After selling the terrible furniture that was in here, I used the money I had made, plus a little extra, to redecorate it, giving it new paint appropriate for any gender, a new crib, changing table, toys and a bookcase full of children’s books, as well as plenty of wall art to bring the room to life and to make it look like a child’s room. I was proud of myself by how it looked, I was excited to show Isaiah and I hoped he wouldn’t have any more doubt in his mind that I wanted this as much as he did. But, hopefully by showing him this, he’d know I was serious about a future with him, though maybe I could still convince him to give me a little more time about filling this room with more than one child.


Finally, it was Monday.. I couldn’t wait for him to call me and tell me to come get him, and I couldn’t wait until I could bring him home and drag him eagerly upstairs to show him what I had done. I hope I wouldn’t be too obvious with how happy I was, seeing as I found it difficult to wipe the smile off my face as I looked at all that I had accomplished in a matter of only three days. I wanted him to see how much effort I had put into this, I wanted him to be surprised and proud of me and I wanted to see the same smile on his face as the one he showed in the picture I decided to leave on the new dresser I had bought. 


After scratching off the three-day old dried paint on my skin during my shower, I got dressed and all I did was wait in our bedroom, sitting on the bed and waiting for his call. Over the weekend, knowing Isaiah had broke his glasses, I went to his eye doctor and got a new pair for him, knowing he would need them and wanting to do something nice for him, even if the nursery was nice enough.. I wanted to do everything for him that I could before he got home. I looked around our bedroom, wearing his glasses for fun as I waited and waited for Isaiah’s phone call, tipping my head up and down over and over again, watching as things became focused and then mildly blurry from looking through his lenses. But, my heart instantly lifted when I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket and I knew it had to be Isaiah.


I sprang from the bed, quickly removing my phone from my pocket and answered a little too eager-sounding after about two rings, “Hello?”

“Hey,” I could recognize his voice anywhere.

“Hey,” I replied with relief and a smile, “Are you ready for me to come get you?” I asked.

“Yeah.. I’ll be downstairs waiting for you outside.”

“All right, I’m on my way now.”

“Okay.. Bye..” He answered, a short phone call, but I didn’t expect anything more than that, anyways. I tucked my phone into my pocket, quickly leaving the condo and making my way to the hospital to get Isaiah and bring him home. 


When I got to the hospital, I parked my uncle’s car and I noticed Isaiah sitting on a bench off to the side of the building. I walked over towards him, worrying now of all times if I looked good enough or used enough deodorant, acting as if we were meeting for our first date and I didn’t know why I was nervous, but I was. As I approached him, I saw him glance up and look at me and I couldn’t help but smile warmly when I saw him. I noticed his expression seemed a little questioning by how he looked at me, noticing myself that he still seemed bothered by what we had talked about a few days ago, but I soon saw a smirk on his lips as I stopped in front of him near the bench. 


“Hi,” I began simply and I watched as he held his hand out for me to help him up and I helped him without hesitating. I still hated seeing his face all beat up, but at least the bruises were finally beginning to go away.

“Hey.. You look cute with glasses,” he complimented and I felt my cheeks get warm, embarrassed that I had forgotten they were on my face and I took them off to give to him.

“Oh, uh.. Here.. I knew your old ones were broken so I went to your eye-place and got you new ones.. I wore them so I wouldn’t forget them,” I answered.

I watched as he smirked as he put them on, “Thank you for doing that, it was sweet of you.”

You’re welcome.. Where’s your tie and jacket and all that?”


“They had blood on them and I knew I wouln’t be able to get it out, so I just tossed them,” he replied and I nodded, “You seem happy,” he continued and I was unable to hold back a wider smile.

“I am.. How are you doing? Any better?” I asked and he nodded.

“Yeah, a lot better. Got a pocket full of pain killers to last me a while, so that’s a plus,” he answered and I chuckled.

“Good,” I retorted, a short silence falling over us before I continued, “Well, let’s get you home, yeah?” I questioned and he agreed, escorting him towards my uncle’s car and I helped him get inside of it before shutting his door and going around to the other side to get in and drive us back to our home.


“Who’s car is this?” He wondered as I drove.

“My uncle’s.. I don’t know why he didn’t let me do this sooner, but he let me borrow it so I didn’t have to take as many cabs up to his cabin. Since he can’t drive it, he said I could use it whenever I needed. The cabs drive too slow, so I took it as an opportunity to get to you faster whenever I would need to. And with you hurt, instead of struggling to get in and out of cabs, I can help you and drive you everywhere,” I replied, looking over to him briefly and seeing him smile appreciatively. I continued to watch the road, but my heart jumped when I felt his left hand grab my right and he held it tightly the whole drive home, knowing we still had a lot to talk about, but it felt good knowing that he still loved me enough to want to hold my hand during the short drive.


When we got home, I helped him out of the car, assisting him up the stairs, as well, and I unlocked the door for us to get in. After shutting the front door, I wanted to go upstairs and show him what I had done for him, but I felt his hand grab my waist, looking back at him for a moment and he unexpectedly pulled me into a kiss that completely took the air from my lungs. I kissed him back as hard as I felt he wanted me to, as hard as wanted to, deepening the much needed kiss that I knew he had been waiting for just as much as I was.. When I had left the hospital a few days ago, I feared the worst, thinking that he wanted to leave me, but I realized that this was all just something he wanted me to rethink, and although I was still a little peeved on what he ultimately wanted me to do for his own selfish reasons, to change my mind on the solid answer I had given him, I didn’t hold it too much against him now.. 


I pulled away slowly, feeling his hands holding my hips as he looked to me, “It was mean of you to leave me hanging so badly the last time I saw you,” he pointed out, referring to the rather forceful yet needed kiss I had given him the last time we saw one another and I laughed softly.

“Sorry about that..” I began, but I corrected myself, “Actually, no.. I’m not sorry. I thought you were going to break up with me, you scared the hell out of me, so I wanted to leave on the highest note I thought I could so that you wouldn’t,” I replied and I watched him smirk softly, “But, then I realized you just wanted me to think things over..”

“So.. What did you think about while you were here?” He asked, seeing the worry in his eyes and his smirk leaving his lips.

“I think we were both being a bit selfish last time. You didn’t like hearing ‘no’ and I didn’t even humor you on the subject and I’m sorry about that, but.. Come with me.. Let me show you something,” I implied, taking him by the hand and I guided him upstairs gently, minding the injuries he still had.


“What did you do?” He asked, suspicious of me as I continued to pull him upstairs and then down the hallway towards the guest bedroom instead of our own bedroom.

“You’ll see, just be patient,” I replied, stopping at the door and I pulled him in front of me, “Open it,” I suggested, watching as Isaiah looked back at me with a smile that told me he could already tell what I had done. 


He then put his attention to the door, turning the knob and walking into the extra bedroom and I swore I had heard him stop breathing, watching him stand at the doorway for a long, long moment before finally remembering how to use his legs and he stepped into the room. This was the exact reaction I had hoped for, for him to be speechless, for him to be as surprised as he could be and I think I succeeded. 


“Oliver..” He began breathlessly, seemingly touched, continuing to absorb everything that I had done and I watched and he slowly spun in a three sixty, taking it all in, “It’s.. It’s perfect, down to the last details,” he continued, watching as he slowly stepped over towards the crib and he slid his hand along the railing, “It’s better than I had ever pictured.”

“Good, I had hoped you’d like it,” I replied and I continued to watch him look around the room, enjoying the happiness I knew he felt.


Isaiah eventually looked towards me and I slowly stepped into the nursery, “You did this in three days? ..By yourself?” He asked and I nodded.

“Yeah.. Well, I had to look up some designs online, I’m not that creative, but.. Yeah..” I replied and he smiled.

“But, what does this mean?” He asked and I smirked as I approached the crib, looking down at it as I stood next to him.

“It means exactly what I had told you. I want what you want, maybe not now right this second, or this month, or this year, but.. Eventually.. Let’s just focus on one thing at a time,” I replied, looking up to him and it was the first time that I could tell he finally understood me and decided not to fight with me about it anymore.


“Oliver, I’m sorry for pressuring you. For everything. I was being a selfish prick when I last talked to you and I didn’t mean to make you think I was going to leave you, because I had no intention of doing so. It’s just that I know I’m not getting any younger and I let my jealously get the better of me. Plus, with everything that happened with Thomas, I remember thinking that that was the end.. I was never going to see you again and I.. I panicked.. I-” he stopped himself from talking and I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck the moment I knew he was getting emotional, feeling his arms wrap around my torso in return and he held me tightly. I had never seen him cry before, nor did I ever want to and I noticed he tried his hardest to hold it back, feeling him burying his face into my neck and he took calm, slow breaths to keep himself from letting me see him like that.


“I’m not going anywhere and neither are you. Nothing like that is ever going to happen again, I promise,” I reassured him, knowing that I could keep to my word now that Thomas and his friends had been dealt with and Jody would be dealt with soon enough.

“I love you so much. All I want is to be with you, to have a life and a family with you.. I’m sorry about everything, Oliver,” he apologized again and I smiled appreciatively, slowly pulling out of our embrace so I could look at him and his hands slid down to hold my hips, keeping me close to him.


“I love you, too.. And it’s all in the past now, this room is our future, something to keep us going.. No matter what happens,” I replied and I watched as he smiled again, leaning in towards him and I kissed his lips for a long moment. I know I had said it plenty of times before, I’ve thought about it more than I’ve ever expressed vocally, but I loved this man to a point where there’s no return, no going back, and I’d like to think that even if there were still problems in our relationship, I’d want nothing more than to spend my life trying to fix those problems, as long as it was with him.. It wouldn’t be worth it with anyone else. For as complicated as my life was already, I couldn’t imagine getting through it with anyone else but him. I’d fight a thousand more battles like the one we had a few days ago if it meant they were with him, and although that it sounded even a little crazy for me to think that, maybe even a little unhealthy, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Nothing and no one was going to stand in our way, and I’d see to that personally.


After our kiss, I pulled away from him slowly, but he still held me close and I tried to make the moment a little better, “So, do you still think I’m not serious about this?” I asked in a somewhat chauvinistic manner and he chuckled.

“Not at all. I know I was rushing you and I knew it was wrong.. I know who you are, but that was just me not being me for a moment. I already said sorry, get off my ass about it,” he teased and I smiled.

“Fine, but you need to make it up to me somehow,” I replied and he smiled back, Isaiah seemingly back to his normal, rather persuasive ways again.

Well.. You said you’d take care of me when we got home, so let’s focus on that first, hmm?” He questioned and I laughed nervously.

“You remember that, huh?” I asked and he nodded indefinitely.

Oh yes.. I remember it perfectly,” he implied and I shook my head.

“You’re ridiculous..”


“Nope, not ridiculous, just want you.. Badly. Especially after all of this and what you did for me,” he replied without hesitation, seeing him lean in towards me and I felt his lips kiss my neck, “Is it weird that looking at this room is making me hot?” He questioned into the crook of my neck, continuing then to kiss my skin and I couldn’t help but get a little lost to his touch. I had missed this so, so much.

“Not weird at all,” I expressed with a heave of a pleasured breath as I continued to feel him kissing my neck, wanting to touch him, but even though he had told me before that I could touch him no matter what condition he was in, I was still worried that I’d hurt him, so I tried my best to withhold from doing it too much. It was hard to keep myself under control and hold back, especially when he knew he could get a good reaction out of me by teasing my neck.. I knew it too, and it was working.


But, I knew he’d realize my hesitation eventually, and just like I thought, he did, feeling him pull away from my neck and he looked at me suspiciously, “What’s wrong?” He asked, watching as he leaned in and continued kissing along my chin as he waited for me to respond.

“Well.. I’m sure the doctor said to get lots of rest and not to overdo anything, so.. Wouldn’t, uhm.. That be overdoing it a little?” I implied.

“No, he didn’t say any such thing.. He said I can do whatever I want and I want to do you. Actually, he told me that it’s better to have sex than take the pain meds, ‘as much as you need to’ he said,” he answered and I laughed softly.


“Okay, now I know that’s not true, you can’t fool a medical student.. You could really hurt yourself or even could hurt you.. You just got out of the hospital, I don’t want to have to take you back,” I replied, feeling his lips then near my ear.

“I want to kiss every inch of you. We can do it nice and slow.. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He whispered persuasively before nibbling on my lobe and I wasn’t able to put up much of a fight as my legs grew weak from his words and my body trembled with desire as he teased my ear.

“Y-Yeah..” I agreed with a quiver in my tone and I took hold of his hand, pulling him out of the new nursery and out to the hallway towards our bedroom.


When we got to the bedroom, I led him towards the bed and carefully helped him remove his clothes, undoing the buttons of his shirt as he did the same for me and we removed them quickly, tossing both aside and I then helped him carefully sit on the bed before me. He let out a few groans in pain, though I could tell he was trying to hide his discomfort for the sake of what was happening, and although I wanted to continue, more than anything, I couldn’t help but notice his pain, as well as the huge bruise that hugged his right ribs.

“We really don’t have to, you seem like you’re in pain still, even with the meds,” I acknowledged with concern, but he gave me a look as if I needed to stop before I began and he reached for my black shirt, pulling it up and over my head and tossing it to the ground.


“I can power through any pain, especially when it involves you, and this,” he replied, feeling his hands then grip my hips and he forced me forward, pulling my chest to his lips and I shut my eyes slowly as I felt him kiss my skin. It had been a little less than two weeks since we had touched one another like this, this intimately, and I was sure that he missed it just as much as I did. We went from doing this every day to doing it every few weeks at the drop of a hat the moment I had started going to my uncle’s place and although the everyday aspect was exciting and anticipated, the wait for it and the build up was an entirely different feeling in itself. It was so much more looked forward to, so much more desired and longed for, and whenever we finally managed to find time for it, it was hard to put into words how much more great everything felt.


“God, I missed you so much, Oliver,” he whispered softly against the skin of my chest, continuing to then feel him kiss me everywhere he could and just as I was about to advance the situation, wanting to remove my pants as well as his own, I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket.

“Shit.. It’s my phone,” I let out softly in aggravation, but I then felt his kisses get harder and more forced against me.

“Tell whoever it is to fuck off, you’re busy,” he replied in between his kisses and I chuckled as I pulled my phone out of my pocket with an uneasy hand, reading a text from my uncle and trying to focus a little harder on reading rather than getting lost in pleasure..


‘Fell in the shower, knee gave out on me.. Water Everywhere. Can you come help me?’ 

It read and I knew it was a code.. Goddammit.. Of all the times for Jody’s water to break, it just had to be now.. I needed to leave..

“Fuck..” I let out, both with a sense of pleasure from Isaiah kissing me as well as anger from needing to leave.

“What?” Isaiah asked as he still continued to kiss me.

“..I need to go,” I reluctantly admitted and instantly I felt Isaiah stop, looking up to me as he still held me close.

“Your Uncle?” He guessed in annoyance and I nodded.

“Yeah.. He fell in the damn shower,” I expressed, showing Isaiah the text since it was safe to and to also give him a sense that I still wasn’t lying, watching as he then let out a heavy sigh and put his forehead against my chest.


“Why.. Why now.. Now of all times..?” He stressed in a fake cry against me and I smirked towards his childish behavior, even though I hated this just as much as he did.

“I’m sorry.. We can continue this when I get back, I promise,” I replied, feeling him trying to burrow his forehead into my chest more as I put my phone away to hold him close to me.

“I don’t want you to go. Just let him crawl around in pain everywhere, he’ll be fine,” he somewhat begged and I chuckled.

“You’re cruel..”

“No, I just need time with my love and he’s always cock blocking me. I need you so bad that it hurts more than my ribs do,” he continued in a pitiful tone and I laughed softly, putting my hands to his face and making him look up to me.


“I’m sorry, I want this just as much as you do, but.. I promise I’ll be back tomorrow and I already promised we can pick up where this leaves off,” I replied and he sighed heavily again.

“Fine, fine.. Just hurry back. And I do mean hurry back.. As fast as you can. I know you hate the long drive, but if you can come back tonight, that would be such good news,” he replied and I leaned down to kiss his lips, pulling away only a moment later.

“I’ll do the best I can,” I replied, pulling away from his grip and his hands tried to stay on my hips as long as they could as I went to go grab my clothes.


I threw my black shirt back on, then my green button up and walked towards the door, but stopped myself and looked back at him, “I’m sorry, again.. I really do promise that I’ll be back tomorrow, though, if not tonight.. Just get a lot of rest. I love you,” I made known before I left.

Isaiah sat there on our bed, looking over to me and I noticed he gave a fake smile after a heavy sigh, “It’s okay.. And I love you. Come back to me soon,” he replied and I nodded, hesitating as I looked at him shirtless and I contemplated staying, just for a little longer, but as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t.. I needed to get to my Uncle’s place as quick as possible and I left our bedroom reluctantly after a good, long, hard look at Isaiah, wanting to picture him as perfectly as I could as he was in that moment so I had something to remember and something to look forward to come home to after all of this was over and done with.


Goddammit, this sucks.. This sucks so much. I wanted him so badly, I had been waiting to feel him and taste him again for weeks now.. I hated that when I had came home originally with the thought that I would get to be with him, I find out he was in the hospital and in pain to the paint where we couldn’t even if we wanted to.. It was now just a longer waiting game and I hated it. But, I needed to stop thinking about him, as much as I didn’t want to.. I needed to get my head in the game and focus on what I was driving to, focus on what I needed to do to even be able to get to do everything I wanted to with Isaiah and I needed to focus on getting through all of this. 

“I need to get through tonight.. I need to.. I need to..” I repeated to myself as I drove to my uncle’s cabin.


I arrived at my uncle’s place in about an hour and a half, driving as fast as I ever had to the cabin to get there for Jody’s labor and when I parked the car and stepped out, I could already hear Jody’s whimpering, moaning and crying from the pain she was dealing with from being in labor.. Fuck.. Even with the pep talk I had given myself in the car on the way here, it didn’t seem to help at all.. I had watched as many videos about birth as I could handle, read so many studies, read everything there was to read about it, but still, I felt like I couldn’t do this.. I felt like the moment I got out of the car and knew what I was going to have to do, I felt like I had forgotten everything. I was striving to be a doctor, a great one, actually, but if I couldn’t handle the birth of a child, what the hell was the point of my studies? Maybe after all of this, I should try and figure out what the hell I’m going to do about this, or even if I should continue on this path at all..


I stared at the cabin, continuing to hear Jody’s muffled cries and I hesitated even more.. Could I really do this? I knew what to do, how things worked and even how to handle complications, but as far as looking at what I needed to do, knowing it dealt with plenty of blood and other bodily fluids, would I be able to power through it, or would I just pass out and be no help at all? ..What if I just shut my eyes? What if I just acted blind and went through the checklist in my head as she gave birth? That would help.. Wouldn’t it? It was better than nothing.. I was good at what I did, I knew I could do great things, but if I saw blood, I knew I’d be a goner.. I’d faint.. I’d be completely useless to my uncle and I’d leave him to deal with Jody’s labor himself.. But, I couldn’t do that.. He didn’t know the ins and outs of complications.. An umbilical cord wrapping around the neck, the baby being birthed legs first and needing to be manually turned around, if Jody herself started to flatline.. He couldn’t do it.. Granted, I had never seen a live birth before like I was going to during my residency, but I was better than my Uncle, I knew way more than him.. I needed to do this.. I needed to.


I finally entered the cabin, seeing my Uncle pacing around the kitchen and he looked to me quickly when I had come in, “Finally, there you are. She keeps fucking screaming and it’s driving me nuts, just hurry up and get that damn baby out of her and make her shut the fuck up,” he voiced with annoyance, hearing Jody continuing to groan in discomfort in the bedroom, “Do you know what you’re doing?” He asked.

“Not really..” I reluctantly admitted, growing nervous now that I knew that even if I wasn’t prepared for this, I had to try my best and do it anyways, “Do you have gloves and a towel? I’ll need something to cut the cord with, too.. What about scissors?”

“I have gloves and plenty of towels, but no scissors. I got plenty of knives, though,” he offered and I sighed.

“You have gloves and towels, but not scissors?” I asked a little sarcastically.

“What? I’m a knife-guy.” He replied simply.

“All right.. That’ll do, I guess..” I answered, hesitating a moment before continuing, “I.. I need one more thing, too..”

“What’s that?”

“I need you to help me,” I admitted, seeing his expression going instantly reluctant. 


“Ho-no, no, no, I’m not helping you with any of that. That’s all on you, kid. I don’t do babies,” he replied and I grew a little desperate.

“But, you have to! I can’t do this by myself! You said you would help me until the day I didn’t need you anymore, but that time hasn’t come yet and I need you to help me with this. I can’t do this alone, not with her, not even in general.. I.. I can’t handle blood, I get queasy and light headed..”


“So.. What? You’re asking me to be the one to do it? You’re the fucking doctor here, not me. I don’t care how you get when you see blood, don’t be such a pussy and do what you set out to do! It’s about damn time you get over whatever kind of fucked up fear that is, too, if you ever want a career in this type of shit, anyways!”

“I’m not a doctor yet-”

“And you won’t be if you don’t fucking get used to it!” He argued.

“You just need to help! I can tell you everything you need to do but I just can’t be the one to do it!”

Fuck no,” he said in a voice as if he had put his foot down and there was no changing his mind.


“I-I can’t.. I can’t do this alone,” I expressed in a loss, dropping my view to the ground and I let my body weaken, leaning back on the sofa behind me. My eyes started to water and I shut them, realizing just how much of a coward I was and how alone I was in all of this, but there was no one but myself to blame for it. I looked back on everything I had done, realizing now that I could’ve done so many things differently if I was just a little stronger of a person.. There’s something in everyone’s life that they regret and wish they could do over, I don’t believe there’s a single person out there that doesn’t, but there were so many within my own life that made me feel like I was just never meant for success, I was always meant to fail, to be alone, to be weak, I just didn’t know it until now. Tears fell from my eyes, darkening tiny spots on the fabric of my pants when everything I had realized hit me all at once.


I heard my uncle sigh heavily, stepping over towards me and he placed his hands on my shoulders, “This is no time for tears, boy. When men have something to do, they do it. They don’t fucking cry about it and hope someone else comes in and rescues them. Are you a damsel in distress?” He asked sarcastically and I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“No..” I spoke quietly.

“What? I didn’t catch that.. Your quiet, feminine voice is too soft for me to he-”

“I said no,” I spoke louder and he nodded.

“Well, all right then,” he replied and I looked up to meet his eyes, watching as he became more serious and he squeezed my shoulders a little harder, “This is what you’ve been wanting to do your whole life, this is what all of your schooling is for. Are you really going to ignore an opportunity like this? To be able to deliver a baby before you’re even in your residency? If I were you, I’d be pretty fucking stoked, especially the fact that it’s your kid coming into this world.. Don’t you want to be the one to makes sure it gets here safely?” He asked and it was weird to see him being so caring about the subject, or at least as caring as someone like him could be. However, what he said made sense.. 


I could hear Jody still calling out in pain, moaning and crying in the next room and I was running out of the time I had to get in there and deliver my baby, “A-All right.. All right, I’ll do it.. But, I still need your help, whether you want to or not.. I need more than just two hands,” I replied, noticing a scowl on my uncle’s face again and he let out a heavy sigh as he removed his hands from my shoulders.

“Fine, but I’m not looking at anything or touching anything gross,” he warned.

“All you have to do is take the baby when I’m done, just find a towel you don’t mind getting dirty to wrap them up in and to clean them with.. Are you ready?”

“Are you?”

“No.. But, I don’t have a choice,” I replied, seeing him nod and we got the supplies we needed before going into the other room. 


After slipping gloves on and my uncle finding a knife and a towel to wrap the baby in, he stepped outside momentarily to make a call, I don’t know to who, while I entered the bedroom Jody was in, seeing her lying on the bed, beads of sweat dampening her bangs from her forehead and face, her skin glistening and she continued to moan in pain. I looked to her lying down, her legs propped up and I could see up her dress, noticing she still wore the panties that her water had broke in and I stepped over towards the bed.

“O-Oliver.. Oliver, please.. Please, take me to a hospital.. Please,” she begged weakly, hearing her continuing to let out struggled groans from the contractions as I reached up into her dress and gripped the fabric of her panties that hugged her hips, watching her struggle more as I pulled them down and off her legs, “No, no, no.. Please, don’t make me do this here! It hurts! It hurts so much!” She called out, looking away from her as I sat down to reach up between her legs to feel how far along she was.


“Even if I were to take you to a hospital now, you wouldn’t be able to get any drugs to dull the pain.. You’re too far dilated,” I replied, “It would be stupid to move you, too.. Wouldn’t you rather give birth here in a bed than inside of a cramped car on the side of a road?” I asked and I saw the anger in her eyes.

“A bed that I’m tied to, you fucking piece of shit!?” She yelled with rage and I removed my hand from between her legs, staring at her face that still glistened with sweat.


She continued to yell as I stood from the bed, “How could you!? How could you do this? My brother is dead and I’m stuck in this fucking bed! You fuck! You piece of shit, take me to a goddamn hospital!”

I didn’t reply to her, I didn’t even know what to say in return.. Every time that I looked at her, I felt just as much anger as I did pity. I pitied her for all that she had lost, for how hard she worked at making me hers and still being unsuccessful, how she was in so much pain as she lie in the bed before me.. But, the anger I felt was for how she never let up, she continued to try and make me hers, she continued to torment me, stalk me, she even tried to have Isaiah killed, something so unforgivable that no matter what she could ever think to say in a way of an apology would ever help me forgive her.. I felt.. Invincible.. Now that she was before me, in as much pain physically as she’s caused me mentally and emotionally, knowing that this was going to end tonight, it felt good, in an odd way.. It would all end tonight and it felt truly amazing.


My uncle came into the room and I looked back at him, seeing him wearing gloves of his own and he had a knife in his right hand, “How’s it going?” He asked.

“Fine.. We have a little while before she’s fully dilated, though,” I replied and he put his hand up to stop me.

“All right, no doctor talk and no details, just tell me when she’s ready and when she’s not,” he answered, then noticing him nod his head towards the door, wanting me to follow him out and I did as he had implied, following him out and shutting the door behind me.

“Who did you call?” I asked, “Ezra?”

“Yeah.. And I called Nina,” he replied and my eyes widened.

“Y-You mean Aunt Nina?” I asked in surprise, “I thought she hated you?”

“Yes, Nina, and yeah, she does.. But, she’s the only person I know that can help out with this and won’t ask any questions. She knows better not to. I told her it was a favor for you, not me, so she’ll be here sometime tonight.”

“But.. I still don’t understand..”


“Dumbass, have you ever thought about what’s going to happen after the kid’s born? What, are you just going to wrap it up and take it home to your boyfriend like it’s a stray puppy you found on the street you want to take care of? You don’t think that after all this time of lying to him that he’d ask some pretty good fucking questions after you coming here and then going home with a baby in your arms? Don’t be so fucking stupid.. Nina is coming to help take care of the baby until you can figure out something good enough to tell him,” he explained.

“Oh.. I forgot she had gone into nursing shortly after you two broke up..”

“Exactly.. Not to mention she was born to be a mother, I knew it the moment she held Kat for the first time. She’ll take care of your kid while you figure all of this out. You still want to keep that guy of yours in the dark about all of this, right? You don’t have the idiotic urge to go home and tell him you held this bitch hostage until she gave birth and then you offed her like it was no big deal, right?” He asked sternly and I shook my head.

“N-No.. No, of course not..”

Good.. I told Nina to bring whatever she could for a newborn from the hospital, formula and all that nonsense,” he continued and I nodded, “Now, how much longer do we have until she’s ready?”

“I don’t know exactly.. It could be an hour, could be a couple hours, everyone’s different..”

“Well, let’s hope it’s soon ’cause I’m getting sick of hearing her cry in pain when I’m not the one causing it,” he replied and my eyes widened a little, surprised by his words, though before I could ask him what he meant, I watched as he walked away and left out the back door to have a smoke.


I sat within the living room, nothing but the sound of Jody’s cries able to be heard and I sat there for a good three more hours as I waited. I listened to Jody intently, timing her pained-filled moans and groans from her contractions and I waited until they were roughly between thirty seconds to two minutes apart before knowing it was time and knowing I had to go into the bedroom. All my uncle did was pace around, make small talk that I barely contributed to, as well as taking plenty of smoke breaks as we waited.. I should’ve stayed with Isaiah a little longer.. Just a little bit longer.. Maybe I needed more time with him in order to be better prepared for this.

“Oh, god! Oliver!” Jody cried out and I finally realized it was time, knowing the baby must be coming now and I stood from the couch, looking to my uncle and just from the look I had given him, he knew it was time, as well.

“Finally,” he expressed in annoyance, following me into the bedroom where Jody was.


I made it a point not to look between Jody’s legs when I had walked in, keeping my eyes elsewhere until I reached the side of the bed and I could let my hand do the seeing for me, looking at the top half of her body as I put my gloved hand between her legs once more and checked what was happening, feeling a tiny head breaching and my heart began to race. Not only did my heart race with complete shock at the general aspect of it all, but the fact that my child was almost into this world and it only required a few pushes from Jody in order for them to take their first breath of air and for me to hold them in my arms was overwhelmingly exciting.


“Now what?” My uncle asked as Jody let out a struggled heave of pain, knowing she was already trying to push without being told to, but I ignored my uncle and focused on Jody.

“All right, Jody, just push.. That’s all you have to do and it’s all over, just push,” I encouraged. She looked at me as if she wanted me dead, as if I was the last person she wanted to be in this room for this act, yet at the same time, her eyes read as if I was the only one that could help her, the only one that could get her through this and I gave her an encouragingly fake smile, noticing her eyebrows going softer and she seemed humbled by how I looked at her.

“O-Oliver.. Get me through this, help me.. Please.. Please, help me.. I can’t do this by myself,” she nearly begged and I nodded.

“Neither can I, so I need your help, too. I’m not going anywhere until our baby is born, I promise,” I replied and she seemed better after my words, but her face was still glistening with sweat and she was still in pain, my hand then feeling our child emerging more and I still tried my best not to look. 


A grueling and exhausting half an hour later, we were finally at the home stretch, “Come on, Jody, just one more.. One more push and it’s over,” I encouraged, my hands ready to catch my baby and she pushed hard as I gently pulled, watching Jody take a few more breaths before pushing one last time. I knew she was exhausted.. She could barely breathe, she barely had any strength left and there were a few times where I even thought she was weaving in and out of consciousness from all of her work and all of her pain. I could feel the bed sheets on the back of my hand as I waiting for the baby to come out, knowing the bed was soaked in blood, but I didn’t know how much, all I knew was that this baby needed to come out now or I might just lose Jody and be forced to be more invasive, which was something I wanted to avoid.


With all of Jody’s strength that she had left, she pushed and I pulled one last time, the baby coming out and into my hands and I looked to my uncle who then came over with the knife and cut the cord, “Grab the towel you brought,” I then instructed, hearing the baby beginning to cry and I handed them off to my uncle. 

“L-Let.. Let me see..” Jody said weakly with a quiet tone, but my uncle and I ignored her as I watched him cleaning the baby off as it cried. My hands were shaking, I could barely contain my curiosity for the gender, waiting until he had cleaned the blood and everything else off of them before I could look.. I kept my eyes off of Jody, off of the bed that I knew was covered in blood, fixated on my uncle with his back turned to me.


“You got yourself a baby boy, kid,” my Uncle Gareth announced and I let out an excited sigh, a smile instantly on my lips and I quickly got off the bed as I removed my gloves, stepping over towards him holding my son. I reached up to touch his face and he was so small, so delicate and beautiful and I couldn’t help but feel such a high as I looked at him. He was perfect, and he was finally here with me.

“It’s a boy?” Jody asked, “Let me see him! Let me see him, dammit!” She demanded as the baby continued to cry, my uncle and I continuing to ignore her.

Deal with her, my uncle implied towards Jody, “Then you can hold your son all you want. I’ll go get him cleaned up, Nina should be here soon enough, too, so make it fast,” my uncle instructed and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, nodding to his instructions and I watched my uncle step carefully out of the room, shutting the door behind him.


“You son of a bitch! Let me see him! Let me see him you fuckhead!” Jody continued to demand and her plea got more emotional, crying as she lie there on the bed and I looked to her with the same smile on my face. 

“Not a chance,” I replied, stepping over towards her and I sat next to her on the bed.

“Oliver, please.. Please, let me see him, let me see our son,” she begged as more tears streamed down her face.

“He’s not your son, he’s mine. Only mine,” I replied, watching as her cheeks continued to soak in more and more tears and I even noticed the tears beginning to build up in the curves of her ears, making miniature pools only big enough for an ant. I enjoyed looking at her like this.. I felt.. Immortal. 


“Please, Oliver..” She continued, but I ignored her begging.

“I feel..” I stopped, letting out a healthy sigh before continuing, “I feel so alive right now, so focused and so determined. I feel like I’m never going to come down from how happy I am at this very moment and it feels so amazing. Do you want to know why I’m so happy?” I asked, standing from the bed and I walked slowly over towards the dresser, noticing that my uncle had left the knife behind after cutting my sons cord and I picked it up within my hand. For some odd reason, as I looked at the blood already on it, it didn’t make me as faint as I had thought it would.. How odd..


I made my way back over towards her and I stood next to the bed, still holding the knife, “I’m happy because I finally met my son. I’m happy because I still have the love of my life waiting for me at home. I’m happy that all of this is over and soon I’ll never have to worry about you screwing anything up for the rest of my life,” I continued, looking up at her from the knife and I finally looked towards the bed between her legs for the first time, seeing almost the entire foot of the bed soaking up Jody’s blood and I guessed that she had torn pretty badly, but I wasn’t about to stitch up anything, “Wow.. Looks like you’re bleeding out, so I’ll make this quick,” I said with a little haste.


I held the knife up in front of me more, admiring the blade and I then looked towards Jody, her skin turning pale and each breath she let out was a struggle, “I think it’s pretty ironic.. You do all of these horrible things to me and to the one I love, but in the end, you’re the only one that’s truly lost. You’ve lost your brother, you’ve lost me, and now you’ve lost your son because of your actions.. If you had a chance to go back and redo it all, would you?” I asked, noticing that her blood loss was making her even weaker than she already was and she could barely keep her eyes open, “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter in the end, anyways,” I said with a chuckle.


Quickly, before she died from blood loss, I hoisted up the knife and plunged it deep into the top her chest, seeing her eyes go wide momentarily and her breath caught in her throat. I had plunged the knife directly over her trachea, making it impossible for her to take another breath even if she wanted to and I watched as blood poured out of her mouth and down her chin, looking dead into her eyes and she convulsed only slightly, struggling to try and take a breath before finally, after roughly fifteen seconds of watching her fight to live, I watched the life leave her eyes.


But, it still didn’t feel like it was enough. Her eyes remained open, staring at me, taunting me, still having a hold on me and I reached for the knife I had left in her trachea, now becoming completely erratic and I lost it.. 


“You fucking bitch!” I yelled, driving the knife into her repeatedly and aimlessly, absolutely loving the hard thudding sound the knife made every time it punctured through her chest and I grew sick with enjoyment. I felt blood soaking my hands and spraying on my arms, onto my chest and my face, losing count how many times I had actually stabbed her, though I wasn’t really counting in the first place.. I was just.. Completely loving this.. Enjoying how much she deserved this and asked for this. This was her fate, and this was my destiny.. I knew that now. It was so clear to me.


Eventually, about three long minutes and most likely over fifty stabs later, I stood at the side of the bed, dropping the knife from the clutch of my blood-soaked hand as I stared down at Jody, or whatever was left of her. My breathing was as heavy as it ever was, completely exhausted, arms aching, hands shaking. I slowly came off of my immense high that seemed to take over for a bit and unable to control myself at all, but I soon felt things returning to normal. I don’t know what had come over me, all that I knew was that I felt incredible and it wasn’t until I heard my son crying in the other room that I completely felt myself letting go of everything that had to do with the past.

Finally.. Everything was going to be okay..


A weak smile came to my lips as I continued to pant in exhaustion and now the sight of the blood dripping onto the ground from the bed and covering the hardwood floor made me a little light-headed, “I’m.. I’m free..” I let out in a whisper. My vision went a little blurry, the sound of thick, heavy blood dripping down and hitting the floor, only increasing the already large puddle on the ground and I staggered towards the door.


I gripped the handle with my slick, bloody hand and I took a few steps into the living room, looking at my uncle holding my little boy and his eyes widened.

“Holy shit, Ollie!” He exclaimed, the last thing I remembered before my knees gave out and I fell to the floor.




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Generation 4, Chapter 14, Pt 2/2


“What are you still doing here?” I asked as I approached the vending machine, watching as she smiled.

“I actually thought that you might want to talk to me after all, so I stayed.”

“And why would I want to do that?” I questioned.

“Curiosity, perhaps?”

“..I’m just here to get a bottle of water,” I replied simply.

“Well, then of course, be my guest,” she answered, moving only slightly out of my way and I got my water like I had wanted. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that she kept her smile as she stared at me, watching my every move and I looked to her when she wouldn’t stop.


“Is there something you want to say to me?” I asked, seeing her expression remain the same, beginning to somewhat creep me out a little.

“Have you thought about what I had told you?”

“About going off the record?” I asked and she nodded, “No, not really.. I was a little preoccupied with Isaiah being hurt and in the hospital,” I replied with a little attitude and I stepped away from the vending machine, walking back over to Isaiah’s room and I could hear the detective following me.


“Do you need something?” I asked in slight irritation, stopping before I went back into Isaiah’s room and turning to look at the detective.

“How’s he doing?” She asked about Isaiah and I thought it was a stupid question.

“Really? You just saw him yourself about half an hour ago..”

“I meant your Uncle,” she corrected herself and I hesitated a moment.

“He’s fine.. Still an asshole, but you knew that already,” I answered and the detective humored me with a chuckle.

“The knee still giving him trouble?” She asked next, keeping her innocent looking grin, but I knew what she was trying to do.. Her eyes did a bad job at hiding it.

“Look, I get it.. It’s obvious you read the file, you know what happened, and it’s obvious that you know all about my family and you’re still looking for my Dad, but I don’t know where he is.. I haven’t known for fifteen years, just like everyone else. That’s what this is about, right? Well, I don’t know. Now, please, just leave me alone and let me worry about one thing at a time.. My first priority being the man in this room,” I finished and turned around, grabbing the handle to the door, but I stopped when I heard the detective’s next words.


“I have reason to believe that he’s in town. Pretty close by, actually,” she spoke and I let the handle of the door go, looking back at her over my shoulder.

“What makes you think that?” I asked.

“Well, someone called nine-one-one for Isaiah at approximately ten at night, meaning that the person that called would’ve had to of called right after everything took place last night..”

“So, the one that called is the one that saved Isaiah.. And, what..? You think it was my dad? That’s probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time..”

“It seems to make sense, actually. A father trying to make up for leaving his family behind, his son behind? Trying to think of something for years, anything he could do, without coming straight to you to do it? Like I said before, the kills were vengeful, not the work of a hero, but a father who wanted to protect what his son loved, to make up for everything he did wrong.. Maybe even trying to make right of it all by helping the best way he thinks he can?” She continued, my core beginning to crumble, but I still didn’t want to believe it.


“You’re insane..”

“Am I? Or does it make complete sense?”

“I have no idea.. I have no clue what the hell he’s thinking.. Where he is or what he does.. Or if he’s even alive.. Why the hell are you telling me all of this, anyways?”

“Well, I was hoping I could take you down to the station and show you something. We have a recording of the phone call made to the emergency line and there’s no one else that can confirm nor deny that it was your father, but you can. Your Uncle is completely out of the question and would never agree to such a thing. If we asked Katalina, I can almost guarantee she’d either turn down the offer herself, or call her dad, which would then tell her not to, anyways.. We don’t have a number to call for Camilla and we think that she would consult your Uncle, as well.. So, you’re the only one left that can say yes or no,” she explained and everything she had just said made me angry. She knew about my cousin and my little sister and no doubt that they were both my Uncle’s daughters just by the reasons she had given, but it had also made me angry for a different reason.


I approached her more, speaking softly so only she could hear, “I know what you’re getting at, you want me to help you, but you’re asking me to help identify my dad’s voice so that you can open the case again and put out a search party so you can find him. You’re asking me to be a rat.. That, or eventually, I’ll end up becoming bait for my father so that you can catch him, isn’t that right?” I asked.

“Those are your words, not mine.”

“But it’s exactly what would happen if I recognized the voice and it’s exactly what you would ask of me.. You honestly thought that I’d help you catch my dad? What, do you think that I resent him for what he did? That I’d want justice for what he did to me, to my sister, to my mom? You don’t know anything about me or my family. Murderer or not, I’m not going to help you bring my dad in just so he can rot in jail. He’s not a bad person, he’s just made bad decisions,” I finished and she seemed a little disappointed by how this didn’t go as she planned, “Now.. I’m going to take an example from my Uncle.. Leave me the fuck alone, you goddamn pig,” I ended angrily, turning back around and finally entering Isaiah’s room like I had been wanting to do since I had gotten my water from the vending machine.


I stepped over towards Isaiah, still sleeping soundly in bed and my anger from talking to the detective slowly went away the longer I looked at him. I sat down in the chair next to the bed, uncapping my water and taking a quick sip before placing it down on the floor next to me, taking a slow, deep breath and letting it out heavily. Although I had no desire to say another word to the detective, I couldn’t help but think about what she had said to me. Could my dad really be in town, or was she just blowing smoke? There’s no way, it just couldn’t be possible.. He isn’t that stupid to put himself at such risk even being in the same state as me, let alone the same town.. She had to be lying.


All that they had to go off of when assuming it was my dad was the way they found the body of Thomas and the fact that Isaiah was involved, which then involved me.. Instead of just hitting him once in the head and being done with it, Thomas must’ve got a much worse punishment than I imagined for them to label the kill as ‘vengeful’.. But, it being my dad? No chance in hell. Thomas was an asshole, only meat heads with no brains would follow around someone like him while the rest of us that had our wits knew to try our best to stay out of his way, to avoid getting bullied, to avoid provoking him, because once you did, you’d never get passed the rest of your college days without him hassling you. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone from the college that hated Thomas as much as me took him and his idiot friends out.. Either way, whoever it was, I was in their debt. 


I continued to look at Isaiah, reaching up to take his hand within my own and now that I had a moment to think, I had remembered that he had lied to the detective about knowing what who saved him looked like.. I completely forgot to ask him about it after the detective had left, but, I guess it didn’t matter that much now.. He hadn’t brought it up after the detective had left, either, so it must not’ve been something he felt that I needed to know. Maybe, eventually, I’ll get around to asking him about it.


None of this mattered anymore. All I wanted to do was move forward, help him recover, get rid of Jody and- Wait.. Shit.. I had completely forgotten about the police needing to question her about everything that happened. I needed to get to her before they did, but I didn’t want to leave Isaiah. I promised him I’d never leave like that again, out of the blue, without letting him know where I was going or if he could reach me, but this was important. I couldn’t let her tell the police where she was, I couldn’t risk her telling them about her and I when I had already lied to the detective about our relationship, or lack of one, and I couldn’t let her get caught.. She couldn’t get away with this that easily.. Even if they found out she was a part of this and went to jail, she’d still be able to come back, she’d still be able to haunt Isaiah and I, Jody and I’s child, my entire life in general, and I couldn’t stand for that. I quickly stood up, looking around the room and trying to find a pen and paper, but there wasn’t anything that I could write with. I then noticed the call button, deciding that telling a nurse where I was going would be my best option and I pressed the button.


Within a few seconds, a nurse had come in, one that I had recognized from always checking on Isaiah and I knew she would be perfect to leave a message with, “Everything okay?” She wondered and I smiled quickly.

“Uh, yeah.. Is that detective still out there?” I asked in a hurry.

“No, she left. Do you want me to call her and-”

No, no.. Just curious.. Uh, listen.. I really need to leave and deal with something, but can you do me a huge, huge favor?” I asked and she smiled.


“Of course.”

“Could you check on him maybe every half hour, or every hour? He’ll worry if he wakes up and I’m not here,” I requested and she nodded with a smile, “And, uh, when he wakes up, just tell him that I went to my Uncle’s to get my things, but I’ll be back a little later, okay?” I asked next and she nodded again with a smile.

“Sure, I can tell him. I actually just finished my rounds, so I could just sit in here with him,” she replied and I was so thankful.

“Thank you, thank you so much,” I replied, looking to Isaiah and I bent down to kiss the side of his face as quickly yet as softly as I could, then pulling away and I went to the door in a rush, “Thanks again!” I told the nurse before shutting the door behind me and I made my way towards the elevators so I could leave the hospital.


When I had gotten outside, I looked around for a cab, usually seeing some parked outside waiting for fairs, but when I was looking around, I noticed a car parked in the lot not too far from me, seeing Detective Winchester sitting within it and I quickly looked away, acting as if I hadn’t noticed her, but I knew she noticed me.

“You gotta be kidding me..” I voiced softly to myself, slowing down my pace and acting as if I wasn’t in a hurry. 


Instead of taking a cab, I noticed the underground train station off in the distance, knowing that that was my best shot of losing her and making absolute sure that I wasn’t followed. I walked over towards the stairs, going down quickly and I hopped on a train that was going the same direction I needed to. I got off the train after riding it for about twenty minutes, getting off at a stop I knew was near where I had parked Jody’s car, which I then took the rest of the way to my Uncle’s cabin.


It was around six in the evening by the time I had reached the cabin and I pulled into the driveway, but I noticed my parking spot for Jody’s car was taken by my Uncle.. He must’ve came over to find out about what the detective wanted from me, but he could’ve just called me, so why was he here? After I parked and approached the cabin, I couldn’t help but let my anger return, knowing that Jody was just beyond the door and I didn’t know what I was going to do.. But, one thing I did know was that I wasn’t going to keep up this lie any longer, I wasn’t going to act like I didn’t know what she had done, what she wanted to do, whatever else she had planned for Isaiah if she knew that her plan for him failed.. I was done with it. 


I walked into the cabin and noticed my Uncle sitting at the small dining table and Jody was within the kitchen, “Hey, you’re back,” she said happily, “Your Uncle dropped by, he said this is his cabin, so to thank him for letting us stay here, I asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner,” she continued, but her expression then went a little confused, “Where are the groceries?” She asked. She seemed a little too upbeat for what had happened, but she must not know, they must’ve not called her yet and told her the news.. I made it in time.. Perfect.

“Have a cigarette outside,” I demanded of my Uncle and he nodded, reading my eyes and he didn’t need to be told twice.

“Will do, nephew,” he replied, watching him stand to his feet and he stepped out the back door and left Jody and I alone.

Screenshot-127 (2)

“..What’s the matter?” She wondered, her expression growing worried.

“Where’s your phone?” I asked and she pointed towards her phone.

“Uh, over there on the counter. It was dead so I’m charging it.. Did you try calling me?” She wondered and without answering her, I walked straight up to it and I took it apart, tossing the battery down the sink and turning the garbage disposal on, then throwing the rest of her phone in after, “Hey! What the hell is your problem!?” She yelled angrily.


I shut the switch off when her phone was surely destroyed and I grabbed her shoulders, slamming her against the fridge and she let out a cry in slight pain and tried to struggle out of my grip, “You’re hurting me, Oliver!”

“I know,” I replied harshly and for the first time, I saw her face turning into a genuine worry, maybe even fear, “So, you knew this whole time.. You knew all along that I was still seeing him, didn’t you?” I assumed, watching her face then lose some of that fear and she grew angry like I was.

“Of course. You just don’t get it, do you? I don’t like sharing you, Oliver, I never did, but.. Now that it’s obviously been taken care of, you don’t have to go behind my back anymore.. And, I forgive you, so we can put all of this behind us now,” she replied and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.. This was it, she had finally taken the last step off the deep end.


But, to her surprise, I smirked slightly, “I’m glad that the police still haven’t called you, it would’ve taken all of the fun out of telling you myself,” I said softly, still holding her tighter than she liked and her expression went worried yet again.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Your little plan with your brother? Using him to get rid of Isaiah? ..Well, it backfired, to say the least,” I answered, my smirk growing into a smile and her eyes widened, “He’s dead. You got him killed,” I continued and she was speechless for a quick moment.



Oh yeah, dead as fucking roadkill.. And the best part is that I’m not even exaggerating.. Someone really took their time and made sure that that fucker was dead,” I continued, watching her eyes water as she refused to break eye contact with me.

“You’re lying!” She yelled, trying to jerk her shoulders out of my grip, but she still couldn’t get away from me.

“This is probably where I’d say that I wish I was, but no.. I’m not. Isaiah’s going to be fine. You didn’t accomplish anything, except, well.. Getting your brother killed. I guess there is a plus side to all of this,” I taunted, “You did all of this to yourself.. And you can think about that for however long you have left,” I continued.

“What do you m-” She was about to ask, but she looked towards the back door when my uncle came back inside, assuming he had finished his cigarette.


“Sounds like a pretty heated argument,” my uncle mentioned, shutting the door behind him.

“Do you have any handcuffs?” I asked him, seeing his eyes turn intrigued and he chuckled softly.

“Zip ties work best,” he replied, “I’ll get some.”

“Wha.. What the hell is this?!” Jody asked frantically, finally breaking out of my grip, quickly going over towards my uncle and she gripped his arm, him looking back at her questionably in slight anger and surprise, “Please, you need to help me! He’s going to do something terrible to me, I know it!” She begged and my uncle looked at me.


“My God, is that true, Oliver? Were you really going to do something terrible to this poor girl?” He mocked and I smirked, watching as he gripped her wrist and twisted her around in a split second, holding her with his right arm and a hand over her mouth. Jody struggled a moment, trying to speak through his hand but her words were muffled.


My Uncle then forced her to look at me, him looking at me, as well, “Look at him.. You see how he’s looking at you? I think he’s bored of trying to keep you happy,” he tauntingly whispered into her ear, “You better hope you never go into labor, because after that baby’s born, I don’t think you’ll even be around long enough to name it,” he told her, knowing full well that it was impossible to avoid, knowing that her remaining days of torment were going to come to an end very, very soon. I watched as my uncle then dragged her into the bedroom, hearing her attempting to yell behind the hand over her mouth, her legs kicking and struggling, but he managed to keep a strong hold of her.


I stood within the kitchen, taking a moment to myself and taking a few deep breaths. So this was it.. It was finally happening.. I still didn’t know the whole plan yet, but things were finally in motion and this marked the beginning to her end. No more looking over my shoulder and being afraid of who might be there, no more worrying about leaving Isaiah in the dark or lying, no more problems.. 

“Heeeelp!” Jody screamed from the bedroom, hearing her struggling and knowing that my uncle was most likely securing her to the bed, “Someone help meee!”

“You’re out in the middle of nowhere, sweetheart.. Scream all you want,” I heard my uncle say, but Jody still continued.

“Heelp meee!”

“Jesus Christ,” my uncle then said with frustration and I heard a drawer open and shut loudly, then hearing nothing from Jody and I grew worried.. Did he kill her? He can’t kill her when she’s still carrying my child! Is he mad?! 


I quickly went to the bedroom, seeing my uncle walking out and I looked passed him towards Jody, “What did you do!?”

Relax, I just got some chloroform and it knocked her out,” he replied and I grew less worried, but then slightly confused.

“Wait.. You have chloroform..?” I asked and he laughed softly.

“Don’t let it concern you too much,” he advised and walked passed me towards the kitchen, deciding I didn’t really want to know any more on why he had it, anyways..


So, I take it your done with trying to put up with this any longer. I was getting curious, too.. Did she ever change, like you were hoping?” He asked and I turned to face him, seeing a grin on his lips and I knew all he wanted to hear from me was ‘you were right all along’.

“No.. Just the opposite, actually,” I reluctantly admitted.

“What’d she do that made you change your mind so suddenly?” He wondered and I hesitated a moment.

“She went after something precious to me..” I said softly, turning my attention away from him.

“Well, that’s definitely one way to get on a Dubois’ shit list..” He replied and I didn’t disagree with him, “So.. You wanna tell me why a detective called me today?” He more demanded than asked and I swallowed hard.

“Not really..”


“Don’t give me that bullshit, if it involves me or my family, it’s my business, too, especially if fucking cops are calling me,” he pointed out and I guess he was right, he was the only one that could help me with this and telling him every detail of what was going on helped both of us. I leaned back against the sofa and I began telling him everything that had happened from when I got home earlier today up until I had arrived here at the cabin.. I told him about Isaiah, about what had happened to him, what happened to Thomas and his friends and how Jody was behind it, what happened with the detective, and why I came back to the cabin.. Everything.


My uncle had just finished his fifth cigarette by the time I was done explaining it all, “So, that’s what was precious to you,” he said with a rather uncomfortable scowl on his face.

“Yeah.. I didn’t tell you before because I knew you’d be against it..”

“Well, yeah.. I mean, who the hell doesn’t like good pussy?”

“I’m not saying that.. I like both, it’s just.. I prefer him, that’s all.. I love him..”

“Whatever, say what you’d like. It’s not like I’m the one doing it with a guy, so I don’t give a shit,” he worded in a tone that I didn’t quite appreciate, but at least he wasn’t outraged or threw a huge fit about it.. He was actually taking this a lot better than I thought he would.

“Thank you..”

“For what?”

“I don’t know.. Being understanding, I guess.. And of course, helping me with all of this.. I owe you..”

Pah, you don’t owe me anything, kid. I’m the one who owes your dad. I’m in this until you don’t need me anymore, so don’t worry about it,” he encouraged and I nodded softly.


“And you’re sure that that detective bitch didn’t follow you?”

“I’m sure.. I told you, if I took a cab, she would’ve followed me, but I took the underground train, she has no way of knowing when or where I got off.. I didn’t see her anywhere before I got into Jody’s car and I was constantly checking my rear view mirror,” I replied and he nodded.

“Well, that’s a great thing. It was smart of you not to take that bait, too.. Could’ve done a lot more damage to this family than we needed,” he somewhat complimented and I was happy that I made the right decision, “Still, though.. Might give them a lawsuit anyways just to keep away from us that much more. She still talked to you after I deliberately told her not to.”

“I don’t want to.. I’m so done with all of this.. I can’t wait for all of this to be over and I can just live a normal fucking life,” I stressed and he nodded.

“All right, if that’s what you want,” he understood, “But, if you see her anywhere from now on, and I mean anywhere, knowing she’s watching you, you tell me and I’m bringing her down whether you want to or not.”



For a long moment, silence engulfed the room, both of us surely having a lot on our minds now and possibly being too much to even begin where to start talking to one another, but I thought the silence was almost needed. I thought about what the detective had said earlier, the way Isaiah looked at me before he lied to her about what the person that saved him looked like, everything, really. At the time, the detective’s words were completely unfathomable, there was no doubt in my mind that my dad wasn’t responsible for saving Isaiah, but now that I had a long moment to think about it, as well as hearing my own words coming from my own mouth with explaining to my uncle what had happened, it made more and more sense.. It made me want to ask my uncle whether or not my dad would even try to do something like that, but I didn’t even know where to begin to ask him..


“You look like you want to ask me something,” my uncle spoke and I looked up to him, surprised that he had literally read my mind.

“No..” I replied, but then I had second thoughts, “Well.. Yeah, I kind of do..”


“You don’t think.. I mean, do you think that my dad could’ve been the one that saved him? You obviously knew him better than anyone else..”

“You want an honest answer?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Then, yeah.. I do think he could’ve done that, but, that still isn’t saying it was or wasn’t for sure, so don’t go pissing your pants with joy or anything,” he replied, but I couldn’t help but feel a little happy, anyhow, knowing my uncle had the same suspicion,”And I didn’t know him as well as you think, not his good side, at least.. That’s all on you, boy. So, really.. I should be the one asking you if you think it was him,” he continued and I thought for a long moment. With everything that I had just thought, myself, and even with the help of my own gut feeling, I smirked softly as I looked to him..

“Yeah.. I think I do, too,” I replied, seeing him smirk as well and he nodded confidently towards my answer.


“What do you want to do now?” He asked.

“We wait,” I replied, “Wait until she goes into labor..”

“Then what?”

“I get my baby.. And then, honestly.. I really don’t care what happens next,” I said with a shrug, watching him nod.

“Well, won’t be much longer.”

“Yeah, hopefully.. Do you mind waiting here? You don’t have to stay where you’re staying anymore now that she knows about you,” I pointed out.

“Sure, I’ll keep an eye on her. You going back to the hospital?”

“Yeah.. I’ll be back in a few days, but call me if her water breaks before then..”

“Will do,” he replied and I took out Jody’s keys from my pocket, but my uncle stopped me, “Hey,” he caught my attention, “Gimme those.. Take my car, it’s safer,” he instructed and I nodded, tossing him Jody’s keys as he tossed me his own and I left, making the two hour trip back home to be with Isaiah. These long, grueling trips back and forth were taking their toll on me, already exhausted by just today’s events alone, but it still wasn’t over yet and I needed to power through it.


I got back to the hospital a little before nine at night, making it just in time to see Isaiah before visiting hours were over and I made my way inside and back to Isaiah’s room. I hoped if he was awake, he wasn’t mad that I had left and wasn’t there for him.. I hoped the nurse that I had given the message to told him where I was going and that I’d be back, too.. I’d hate for him to second guess being with me since I kept disappearing on him, especially after everything we talked about together throughout today. My biggest fear was losing him.. I couldn’t lose him after going through so much for him, to make sure that nothing stood between us. I’ve been fighting too hard for this all to be just a waste of time.


I stepped into his room and didn’t see the nurse keeping him company, but instead, I saw Isaiah standing by the window and he turned to see who had come into his room. He smiled when he saw me and I was happy that he wasn’t mad that I had left.

“Hey, there you are. The nurse told me you left and I didn’t think you were going to make it back in time,” he began and I smiled in return as I walked over to him.

“Of course I’d make it, I wouldn’t miss having more time with you,” I replied, “I’m happy to see you walking around already,” I continued and he scoffed.

“I got broken ribs, Oliver, not broken legs,” he teased and I chuckled softly.


“What did you go to your Uncle’s for?”

“Just to get a few things.. And to bring him something to eat because I told him I would when I left earlier,” I made up and he nodded in understanding, “Sorry, I should’ve brought you something, too.. The food here is awful,” I said with remorse.

“Oh, it’s all right, don’t worry about it. I had some, uh.. Soup broth? I don’t know, at least I think it was,” he answered and I chuckled.

“Well, I’ll bring you breakfast tomorrow first thing in the morning,” I offered, seeing his expression turn appreciative.

“So, you went to get a few things? ..Does that mean you’re coming home?” He asked hopefully and I kept my smile.

“Yeah.. I’m going to stay in town while you’re here and until you can come home. Then I’ll probably go back to my uncle’s to get the rest of my clothes and stuff.. Maybe go back a couple times to make sure he’ll be okay without me.. I should be home for good within a week or so,” I replied and he seemed unconditionally happy by the news.

“Good, good.. I’m glad that I have something to look forward to when I get out of here,” he replied warmly.


I watched as he then looked back out the window, seemingly a little troubled and I grew concerned, “What’s the matter?”

“Well, Jody’s due soon, isn’t she? What’s happening with all of that? If you haven’t been in contact with her for a while, what’s going to happen after the baby’s born? You’re going to need to talk to her about it eventually, right?” He wondered, looking back to me with worry in his eyes.

“I, uh.. I’m not sure.. I don’t really want to talk about her, anyways..” I suggested, seeing his expression go somewhat reluctant.

“Sorry,” he said with remorse, and even though I didn’t want him to apologize, I didn’t tell him not to.. I simply kept silent, “Well, either way, I think we should talk about the guest bedroom,” he suggested and I raised a brow in curiosity.

“What about it?”


“Well.. Why not turn it into a nursery? I mean.. If you end up having custody or not, there’s nothing keeping us from making it into one, anyways, right?” He asked somewhat hopefully, assuming he was talking about a future with us, but I still couldn’t be entirely sure.

“Uhm.. Yeah.. Maybe..”

“I’m sorry, I keep feeling like I’m saying the wrong thing,” he replied with more remorse.

“No, it’s not that.. I just.. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, you know? What if I never get custody? What if I never get a chance to bring my kid home? There’s no point in changing that room into a nursery if I can’t..” I replied, even though I very well knew that I was going to get my child one way or another, I was just trying to avoid talking about this..

“Well.. What about us? Even if you can’t bring your kid home that you have with Jody, can’t we change that room into that anyways for whenever we want to do that?” He questioned and I looked to him.

“I thought you were just high on your pain killers when you had first brought that up,” I pointed out and he chuckled softly.


“Yeah.. I remember what I said and I’m sorry about that. I guess I just thought we were at a certain point in our lives, you know?” He replied and his tone held a certain longing in it and now I felt horrible.. I wanted this to go well, being with him while he was at the hospital, but I didn’t want to talk about things like this.. Not now, at least.. I didn’t want to talk about anything depressing and I didn’t want to talk about something I wasn’t ready for, noticing right away that I was making him upset and it already seemed to be turning into something negative when our future was meant to only be positive together, so why did I have a feeling this was going to turn into a fight?


“Stop saying you’re sorry, I’m the one that isn’t ready.. At least I don’t think I am.. It’s just.. Kids, you know? I haven’t even had the chance to get time with mine yet and you want to talk about more already..” I expressed, though once those words came out of my mouth, they sounded so challenging and I regretted them, “I-I mean, I want kids with you, but I’m just.. I-”

“Oliver, it’s okay,” he replied, “I’m the one that’s rushing you. I remember when I was a little loopy that I told you I was jealous. Well, that’s true, but maybe it’s just making me cloud my judgement and I don’t mean to pressure you. I just thought it might be something a little uplifting to talk about, that’s all,” he continued and I sighed softly. I saw this conversation about more children as a fear, whereas he saw it as a dream, something to be excited about..


I looked up to his eyes, “I want a life with you, I want everything with you, it’s just.. I need to get passed this before I can look forward, you know? I don’t mean to put it off and I don’t want you to think I’m not serious about you, but I can only handle one thing at a time.. I want you to get better, I want all of this custody bullshit out of the way, and I just want our lives to calm down a bit before something like that.. I’m.. I don’t know.. A little overwhelmed and nervous..”

“I know you are, and so am I. I’ve never had a kid before, either, Oliver, so we’re in the same boat. Even if you bring your kid home from Jody, get shared custody or whatever, I’ll be just as lost as you are as far as raising a child, so I don’t want you to think you’re alone when saying you have no experience, because I don’t, either. But, we can do it together and what better way to get ready for something like that than to talk about it? That’s all I’m saying,” he answered with a warm smirk on his lips and I eventually felt a little less pressure from his words. He was never one to show nervousness, but him admitting to it made it the tiniest bit better for me, too. However, it was still something I wasn’t ready to talk about and I wished we could just drop the subject.. At least until I can take him home and we can talk about this under our own roof, not under the hospital’s.


“Look, Oliver.. I love you more than anything and this isn’t just some passing thought I had out of the blue. I think that I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready for something like that and I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.. But, I can’t help but feel like every time I say that I love you, or say that I’m serious about you or tell you that I want a future with you, I don’t think you believe me.. Why is that? I want to talk about kids with you, so how much more obvious can I be that I’m serious about you?” He asked and I grew a little frustrated, stepping away from him and I needed to pace or do something to wrap my head around all of this and why the hell we were even talking about it when I thought I made myself clear that I wasn’t ready for it to happen, let alone even discuss it.

I talked as I paced, “I do believe you, I really do.. I.. I mean, you don’t have to prove it.. I know you do and I feel the exact same.. It’s just.. Kids? We’re not even married, we don’t know what’s happening with my baby with Jody, we don’t have the space for more than one, you have your job and I have school almost every day after the summer is over.. No, I’ll be starting my residency and that’s going to take up more time than my schooling.. Things are just so hectic already and we don’t have the time.. There’s a lot of things to think about first, it’s just.. Not smart..” I admitted and there was a silence within the room that lasted longer than I would’ve liked, eventually coming to a stop in the middle of the room and trying not to look at him, knowing that he wouldn’t be pleased by my words.


“Then marry me,” he suggested and I shut my eyes in frustration.. Was that the only part that he heard with everything I had said?

“That’s now the second time today that you’ve said that..” I said under my breath, looking back to him and knowing he had heard me.

“And that’s the second time you haven’t wanted to agree to it,” he countered and I couldn’t help but feel like he was just pummeling me with choices and important decisions that I wasn’t ready for.

“I didn’t say yes or no..”

“But not saying yes is a pretty big no to me,” he continued to rebuttal. I felt pressured when we were talking about kids, but now with marriage on top of it, my shoulders felt heavy and I knew he didn’t know what I was already dealing with with Jody, but without telling him, he’d never be able to understand just how pressured I really did feel with trying to deal with so many things all at once. My cup of leniency was filling up fast and it was only a matter of time before it couldn’t hold any more.


“Well, I guess I have my answer,” Isaiah began eventually when I hadn’t responded and I hated what this was turning into, “It’s passed visiting hours, you should probably go,” he suggested and my heart fall into the pit of my stomach as I watched him step over carefully to his bed and sit on the edge of it, his back towards me. I knew he was upset with me, really upset, but I didn’t know how to fix this. However, I tried to attempt at making things better between us, anyways, even if I had no idea what to say or where to begin.


“It’s okay, really. It was stupid of me to bring up when I was at the peak of my pain killers and it was stupid to bring up now. I should’ve known I’d get the same answer.. I just thought that since you had said earlier that you liked the sound of husband, I didn’t think it would be such a huge deal, but, clearly I was wrong. I’ll just talk to you tomorrow morning,” he replied and my brows furrowed in worry, but I noticed that he didn’t look at me, making it a point to look away from me more so that he couldn’t even see me in his peripherals. He was trying his hardest to avoid me and it was my fault that he felt like this..


“..Isaiah, I didn’t mean to upset you, I really want to do that, but-”

“It’s fine, Oliver. We’ll just talk about whenever you’re ready, like we always do,” he continued, still not looking at me and I knew he didn’t mean his statement to point against me, but it sure as hell felt like it was. Why did he say that as if I was being selfish? Was it really this selfish of me to not want to talk about a certain subject yet? I stared at the back of his head for a long moment, wishing he would face me, but when he refused to do so, I simply stepped away from his bed and made my way towards the door without kissing him goodnight or even saying ‘goodbye’.. I didn’t feel like anymore words needed to be spoken, because the more I felt like I wanted to explain myself, the less he’d want to talk about it and I’d most likely just upset him more.


When I reached the door to his room, ready to walk out, I gripped the handle, yet I stopped myself from leaving. I didn’t want to end the night like this, everything would be so awkward and half-assed the next few days until one of us apologized, but I was so confused on which one of us should be the one to take that step in mending whatever the hell was happening right now. I wasn’t ready for something so solid, something so.. Permanent.. I also needed to understand that children with Isaiah wasn’t going to be even remotely close to having a child with Jody.. I don’t know what I was so worried about, but just from not saying yes to his now second proposal, I made him second guess being with me and that was the last thing that I wanted. I wanted to tell him exactly how I felt and I wanted so desperately for him to understand and to stop pressuring me, but how could I say that in a way that wouldn’t make him more upset?


“No.. I want to talk about this now, I want to get it out of the way,” I expressed towards the door, pulling my hand from gripping the handle and I walked back over towards the bed passed the curtain so he could see me, watching as turned his head to look over at me, “I don’t have a clue on where to even begin raising a child, I don’t have any idea how to be a good husband and I’m still learning on how to be a good boyfriend, which I think I’m always doing a terrible job no matter how many times you tell me you love me or how happy you are. I don’t ever know what I’m doing right, or wrong, and whenever I think I’m doing things at least a little right, they end up being wrong or just completely stupid and honestly, I don’t even know what to do anymore. Having this baby with Jody is making me crazy, seeing you in the hospital is making me scared and worried and now this entire conversation about marriage and kids is making me terrified.. Completely terrified. I’m scared that I won’t be a good dad, that I won’t be a good husband or even a decent person in generalso how can I even think at this point in my life that I’m ready for what you’re asking? For more than what I can barely handle already?” I asked and I could tell in his expression that he was a little angry, but I couldn’t tell if it was anger towards me, or himself.


“Look, Isaiah.. I’m just trying to figure out what you want from me.. What the hell do you want me to say? I’ve already told you that I’m not ready, but you continue to pressure me into these things and I really don’t like it. I can’t handle it.. I don’t want to be proposed to, twice, in a damn hospital.. I don’t want to talk about Jody.. I don’t want to talk about kids.. I don’t want to talk about the future, not now, at least, especially when it isn’t definite, and I don’t want to talk about changing the guest bedroom into a nursery.. Not yet. Okay?” I asked, trying to make sure he understood and by the look in his eyes, I could tell I had officially hurt him..


“Wow.. You make me sound so manipulative.. Is that really the kind of person you think I am?” He asked softly as he stared at me and I felt bad for how I portrayed my words, “What do I want from you..? I’m not using you, Oliver, I’m in love with you, there’s a pretty big difference. Forgive me if I want to talk about a future with you that I’m looking forward to, but by the sound of it, it seems that I’m the only one in this relationship that is.. I remember telling you that you having a baby with Jody made me a little jealous and it kind of made me want to take the next step with you so there wasn’t any need for me to be jealous anymore.. That was selfish of me and I apologize, but you know what? I’m scared, too. You’re not the only one that hasn’t been a father before, I don’t have any idea what to do in that department, either, and I’m a little nervous about being married, too, but I know that being married to anyone else wouldn’t make me the happiest I could be.. I’d only be the happiest with you.. But, there’s one thing I don’t understand,” he stopped briefly and my heart was racing.. Why did I feel like this was only going to get worse?


“What did you mean by how this ‘isn’t definite’? ..Do you not plan on being with me for as long as I want to be with you? Is that why you won’t marry me?” He asked with sadness in his eyes and even if I didn’t intend this, I could tell I had already broken his heart.

“N-No.. It’s not that..”

“Oliver, if there’s any doubt in your mind about us, then I want to know exactly what it is so I can put all of those doubts in their place and so that you can forget about them.. If you’re not serious about this, then what’s the point of going any further?” He wondered and I was beginning to think he was trying to imply the one thing that I didn’t want to happen..

“No! I am serious about this, I’m serious about you, it’s just everything else is what I’m not sure about.. Why can’t you understand that I want all of these things with you, just not right now? Why do we have to discuss it right now? I’m not ready, I told you that..” I stressed.

“Do you think that things won’t work out between us? It sounds like you’re already preparing for it to go bad.. Hell, you won’t even humor me about any of this stuff.. I guess I’m just wondering why you won’t even talk about it with me, but it seems like you’re not even sure about our future together, so I guess I get it now..”

“Stop twisting my words.. Maybe I didn’t want to humor you because I wasn’t ready, I’m not committed to any of that stuff yet, so I didn’t want to give you false hope.. Isn’t that better than lying to you?” I asked, but I noticed his expression had turned more angered after my response.. Shit.. Now what did I say wrong?


“Is that why you keep avoiding the subject of marrying me? You’re not committed? You keep telling me that you want all of that stuff with me, I just can’t wrap my head around why you won’t talk about it with me, then.. Would you just regret everything if you had said ‘yes’ to me?” He asked and I didn’t know how to answer him.. I would regret it if I said yes to him now, just because I wasn’t ready, but I’d be more than happy to say yes when I was ready, however, I felt that even if I explained myself to a point where he’d understood completely on why I wasn’t, there’s no doubt he’d get more upset than he already was.. And, if I said I wouldn’t regret it now, I’d be lying to him and myself.. Either way, that question is setting me up for disaster.

“Why are we even fighting over this? I just want you to get better so we can go home and-”

“At least have the decency to answer the question. I asked if you would regret it, Oliver.. So, would you?” He cut me off and he refused to let the subject go. I guess there was no more avoiding it.

“..Only because I’m not ready at this exact moment in time.. Yeah, I would,” I told the truth, seeing him stare at me for a long moment before looking somewhere else.


“Okay,” he replied simply and I didn’t now how to understand his answer.

“..Okay, what?” I asked.

“Just.. Okay..” He answered again and I was so confused.

“Isaiah, I don’t know what that means.. One minute I think we’re fine, the next I think you want to leave me, now I’m just-”


“It just means okay and that I get it! Take it however you want,” he expressed with frustration and I knew he’d get upset by my answer, but I didn’t expect him to get this angry, “Do me a favor, though,” he requested and I stepped up closer to the foot of his bed.

“Yeah, anything,” I replied.

“Go home.. I don’t want you to come back to the hospital for the remainder of my time here. I think you need to take some time to yourself, just to think about everything, and I mean everything.. And I think we should just be alone for a little while. I need some time to think, too, so..” He implied and I couldn’t tell if he was only telling me to go home or if he was telling me we should take a break.. A real break.


“A-Are you..”

“No, I’m not doing that.. I just think we need some time to ourselves to think about everything that we want and don’t want, then on Monday, when I can come home, we’ll talk about it all then.. Is that all right with you?” He wondered, looking up at me and I could see how serious he was. I didn’t want to do anything like that.. I knew I wanted to be with him, there was nothing more for me to think about, but what if by Monday he came to the conclusion that he didn’t want to waste his time on me anymore? What if by Monday, I told him ‘yes’ and he would tell me ‘no’..? But, I didn’t think I had much of a choice, I just had to leave it up fate at this point and hope that he’d still want me after the weekend when he was able to come home.

“Yeah.. That’s fine,” I eventually agreed, wanting so badly to make him happy and if this was what he wanted, then I’ll do it.

“All right, I’ll see you Monday, then..” He answered, my heart tingling in my chest and already the nerves about not seeing him over a short weekend made me nervous and scared, especially when he had given us both such a hard decision to make.. Never had I thought we’d be asking ourselves ‘do I truly want to be with this person?’ without coming straight out and saying ‘yes’ immediately, but if I did that, he might think I’m still not taking this seriously, even when I have been this whole time. I wanted to show him that I was listening, that I cared about him needing time, but once I thought about that, I realized he hadn’t done the same for me, the very two things I wanted him to do the entire time I was explaining myself.. He wasn’t listening, he didn’t understand that I needed time, all that he heard were the terrible things I’ve said and it seemed as if he completely blocked out all the good. 


I stepped around the foot of his bed to where he was sitting, putting my hands gently to the either side of his face and I pulled his head up quickly so I could kiss him without him denying me. I felt his hands reach up, grabbing my wrists to remove my hands from his face, but I fought back and refused to let him go. I was angry with him, I was mad that he wanted time to think this over when he wasn’t willing to do the same for me when I had asked for it, but it still wasn’t enough for me to abandon him and if things got worse between us, I wanted this last chance to feel him and for him to feel me, to see how much passion and love I had for him with just one simple kiss. I eventually felt his grip on my wrists lessen, feeling him push gently back into my lips and as soon as I felt he wanted more, I pulled away, looking at him for a moment before pulling myself away from him completely and I walked out of his room without another word.


As I made my way out of the hospital, all I could do was hope that he’d eventually see things from my angle. He was a very understanding person, but why did he refuse to let this go? I wasn’t opposed to having a conversation about what was going to happen later on, much later on, in the future between us, but now was just not the time. I understood that he was jealous, I truly did, because I have something so important to him with someone the complete opposite of him and it must drive him crazy sometimes.. He wants what someone else has with me and maybe he just can’t stand that I share something as serious as a child with someone else, so he wants a baby, too.. Maybe that’s why he insists that I take some time to myself and think it over, because I had said ‘no’ to something he so desperately wants with me. Maybe he doesn’t want time to himself to think if he still wants to be with me, but he wants me to have time to myself to rethink my answer.. He told me to go home, maybe that has something to do with it, too.. I could just be looking too much into it, but then again, was it really that bad of a thing to do that when it came to fixing my relationship?


I checked the front of the hospital when I walked out, not seeing the detective in a car waiting for me like last time and I was glad that I could drive home calm instead of being paranoid and needing to take the train. I hopped in my uncle’s car and went home, going upstairs above the coffee shop to our place and I stood in the hallway for a moment, looking around and not liking how silent it was. I tried to imagine things differently as I stood there, already beginning to somewhat like the idea of coming home to a noisy place with Isaiah chasing around kids with messy mouths from eating and struggling to get them cleaned and dressed..


I smirked softly for a brief moment, picturing a tot crawling down the stairs backwards in diapers and as I glanced over towards the living room, it was easy to picture a movie night, all cozy on the couch with forts made out of pillows and blankets with popcorn scattered about, no doubt some pieces stepped on and spread out on the floor from someone tipping the bowl over. But, still, I couldn’t decide if I was ready for something that hectic.. Or should it really be thought of instead as something to be enjoyed and looked forward to? Embraced, even, like Isaiah did?


I went upstairs and before I stepped into our bedroom, I stopped and looked down the hallway towards the guest bedroom, deciding to take another look at it, just for the sake of humoring Isaiah like he had wanted me to. I walked down the hallway and opened the door, flipping on the lights and the last time I remember being in here was when we had first moved in and thrown some furniture in here to make it an actual room, though it could definitely use some improving.. There was no wall art, an empty dresser, lamps with light bulbs that had only been turned on less than a handful of times, a clean and untouched bed.. It was so boring.. Except for one thing..


I stepped towards the dresser, seeing a picture of Isaiah and I sitting on top of it and I examined it a little further, remembering that he had taken this picture of us after all of our stuff was unpacked and we were officially moved in together.. I had no idea he had taken the time to get it printed and framed.. He looks so happy. I smiled as I looked at it, remembering the day vividly and my cheeks even grew warm as I remembered that our first time together was just minutes after this picture had been taken.. This one single photo held so many memories, I even somewhat felt like he had planted it here for me to find whenever we’d have this argument about children, like he was almost expecting it to happen.. Damn him.. Even when he’s not around to put his persuasion into words, he still finds ways of being persuasive, I’ll give him that..


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Generation 4, Chapter 14, Pt 1/2

Attention: Long chapter, lots of stuff to absorb.
Also, a special guest star, Gerard McClaren, from LateKnightSimmer’s apocalypse/rainbowcy. Thanks again for letting me use the doctor from your story to be the doctor in this chapter!

Enjoy <3



I was happy when I woke up today because I had planned on visiting Isaiah again when I went out to get more supplies for Jody and I. I haven’t gone home as much as I had told Isaiah I would, today being only my third visit in almost five weeks all together and I felt bad about not upholding to what I had told him, but I was surprised to learn that he didn’t seem to mind as much as I thought he would. It was lonely without him and I hated being around Jody more than him, but the past two visits we’ve had were unforgettable and I even kind of liked that we were away from one another, making it seem like we were in our dating days all over again before we moved in together and despite us both hating the separation, it seemed that both of us found a little excitement in it, as well. The first time I had gone out to visit Isaiah, as well as stock the cabin with food and other stuff for Jody and I when we had first arrived here, when I had come back from seeing him, I could tell that Jody was suspicious of me already, which ultimately made me decide that trying to visit Isaiah every few days like I had wanted to would be completely out of the question and I’ve resulted in spending a lot more time with her than him just to make her become less suspicious, but I couldn’t quite tell if it was working or not..


Most of the days, we would just watch television or go on walks through the woods on the large property together, treating it like a camping trip and bonfires seemed to be a favorite for hers when it was late at night before we’d go to bed. We’ve learned little about one another, probably because I was never really willing to share anything with her whenever she asked and the only things I’d usually talk about was how I liked to swim and how I usually always stayed up late at night, either studying or doing nothing at all.. It helped explain to her why I stayed up later than she did and why I usually always slept on the couch without coming out and saying that I hated the thought of sharing a bed with her. Throughout the days together, I just acted as if we roommates and nothing more, mostly keeping to myself and trying to occupy myself without her, but she liked to do the opposite.. Making breakfast almost every morning, wanting to have normal, breakfast conversations, bullshit back and forth about whatever we were watching on the television like a happy couple, just everyday normal things.. She treated this situation like she was six years old and playing ‘house’ with her Barbies, trying to be perfect and I was more like Stretch Armstrong than Ken, getting pulled every which way though not ever enough to a breaking point. But, there was nothing normal about this, and I found it difficult at times to act like everything was completely fine.. I was starting to get worn out and I didn’t know how much longer I could stretch before I just couldn’t take it anymore.


Today, Jody seemed different, however, more chipper than usual, as if she had won a prize or as if she had accomplished something she never thought she’d be able to. She constantly had a smile on her face, continuously talking to the baby under her breath even though I was in the room with her as she did mundane things that no one should find pleasure in doing, but she did. 

“How are you this morning?” I asked, curious as to why she was in such a good mood.

“I don’t know how to describe it exactly.. It’s as if you and I are the only ones left on Earth and we have it all to ourselves. It’s all ours and nothing is going to stop the three of us anymore. We can just be together, you know?” She expressed happily and I grew a little confused.

“What do you mean ‘anymore’?” I asked and she looked at me as she smiled and shook her head.

“Nothing..” She replied, “Are you going to the store today?” She changed the subject.


“Uh, yeah..”

“While you’re out, can you get something special for dinner? Maybe steak or lamb?” She questioned and I didn’t see a problem with it.

“Sure, I could do that.. What’s the occasion?” I asked, seeing her smile more.

“Us, silly. The baby will be here any day now, who knows when we’ll get time alone again like this once they’re born,” she explained, “Besides, we’re only going to be here for a few more days, right? It would be stupid of us to be here when my water breaks, we’re too far away from a hospital.. So, I guess this is somewhat a ‘last supper’ kind of thing,” she implied and I grew a little nervous, knowing that she knew nothing about my intention of keeping her here, but how would I get her to stay now that she assumes we’re leaving?

“Oh, uhm.. Yeah.. Good idea,” I replied, deciding to agree to it just to make her happy.


After breakfast, I went into the bathroom to take a shower, but before I did, I pulled my phone out of my pocket, comfortable enough to check it without Jody trying to snoop on me and I checked to see if Isaiah had said anything to me. I had sent him a text when I had woken up around eight, letting him know that I was planning on coming home today and usually he would’ve texted me back by now, seeing as it was almost eleven, but still nothing.. I wondered if he was still sleeping and I wanted to call him, but I didn’t want to wake him up just in case he was. I decided to wait a little longer, assuming he was still sleeping and I had a good feeling that by the time I’d be done with my shower, he’d have texted me back.


However, after my shower, I checked my phone eagerly now that it was closer to eleven thirty, but still nothing. I didn’t want to worry, I’d feel stupid if I did, but if he didn’t text me by noon, I’d have to call him just to calm my nerves, as well as just to let him know that I was on my way home.. If I waited passed noon, that only meant less time together and there wasn’t much of a point in driving all the way out there if I didn’t at least get an hour with him.


I left the bathroom and sat within the living room, watching television with Jody and after about five minutes on the couch, Jody touched my leg forcefully.

Hey, are you okay? You’re leg is going crazy,” she said with a soft smile and I didn’t even know that I had a restless leg. It must’ve been annoying her..

“Oh.. Yeah, I’m fine.. I didn’t even notice I was doing it.. Sorry,” I replied.


“It’s okay. You seem like you’re waiting for something, or waiting to do something..?” She implied, but I shook my head.

“No, I-I’m not,” I replied, my nerves getting to me and I couldn’t help but constantly want to glance at my phone since I always kept my sound off as well as the vibrate so Jody would never think I was talking to anyone, but I left it in my pocket as I struggled through the urge.


I watched television with Jody for a while longer, constantly glancing down at her hand that she had left on my leg and after about fifteen more minutes of sitting there, still anxious and ready to jump out of my skin, I needed to get out of here.

“You know what? I’m just going to go to the store now.. Get it out of the way,” I brought up, springing up quickly from the couch and walking towards the door.

“Oh, okay. Drive safe,” she replied and I didn’t even bother acknowledging her before grabbing her car keys and walking out the door.


The moment I got outside, I pulled my phone from my pocket and it was a few minutes before noon, but still, Isaiah hadn’t said anything back to me and as I climbed into Jody’s car and started it, I decided to try calling him and I didn’t care about waking him up any longer. As I pulled out of the driveway and down the road, I noticed that his phone didn’t even ring and it went straight to his voicemail.

Hey, you’ve reached Isaiah’s cell. If this is a supplier, please call the bar, it’s much easier to reach me there during business hours. If this is a friend, then just leave a message and I’ll call you back when I get a chance. Thanks.” -beep-

“Hey, it’s me.. Are you still sleeping? What’s going on? I’m on my way home and wanted to give you a heads up, but you’re not answering your phone.. Uhm.. I’ll try again when I’m half way there, but just call me back, okay? I love you.”

I left a message, but that still didn’t calm my nerves like I had thought it would.


Half way home, I tried calling him again like I said I would, but still no answer and I drove even faster the rest of the way home, arriving at my normal spot that I parked Jody’s car at and taking a cab the rest of the way like I had been. I got to the condo around one-forty thanks to my quick driving and I ran upstairs to the second floor, unlocking the door and stepping inside.

“Isaiah?” I called out, listening for a moment, but the condo was silent.


I quickly searched the first floor of our place and ran upstairs next, checking the bedroom and hoping to see him either still sleeping or getting ready for work, but the bed was empty and untouched. He wasn’t home. He didn’t normally ever open the bar before three and he never had anything to do beforehand besides sleep in and get dressed for work, so where was he? And why wasn’t he answering his phone?


I remembered that I had Gavin’s number, Isaiah’s bar manager, just in case of situations like these and I pulled my phone out of my pocket, calling him quickly. I paced around the room and after about three rings, he answered.


“Gavin? It’s Oliver.”

“Ahh, shit..” He let out with a sigh and I grew more uneasy than I already was.

“What is it? Do you know where Isaiah is?”

“He told me not to call you.”

“Well, I’m the one calling you. Now tell me what’s going on,” I demanded.

“Look.. He’s going to kill me for talking you, he told me not to so he didn’t worry you..”

“I was already worried before I called you, so tell me this second just what the hell’s going on or I’ll tell him you deliberately did call me,” I threatened and he sighed again.


“Okay, just don’t let him fire me, all right? I really like working there and if he found out-“

“Gavin..” I warned him.

“Okay, okay! I’ll just tell you everything he told me, which wasn’t much.. Apparently there was some kind of scuffle between him and a few random guys, he got jumped in the parking lot of the bar last night after everyone had gone home.. He’s at the hospital right now and he was forced by the police to close the bar for a few days.. That’s all that I know, Oliver,” he replied and I couldn’t even describe how fast my heart was beating, “Oliver..? You okay?” He questioned, but I hung up on him immediately and raced out of the bedroom and down the stairs to leave the condo and make my way to the hospital.


The hospital was only a few blocks away and I didn’t even think to get a cab, I very well could’ve left our front door wide open and completely forgot to close it, too, but I couldn’t focus on anything else right now. As I ran, barely missing people from knocking them over, I couldn’t contain everything that was detonating in my mind. This was no damn coincidence. Who did I know that hated someone as good as Isaiah? Jody. Who the hell wanted him out of the damn picture? Jody. Who had connections to Thomas, the only guy who absolutely loved to see me suffer and what better way to do it by hurting the one closest to me? Jody. Everything pointed to her. Everything. I couldn’t go a day without her piercing my mind in some way, either living in fear with her, or living in fear of her next move, but this has gone too far. Way, way too far. She must’ve known I lied about leaving Isaiah for her, she must’ve known it the whole time.. I knew I couldn’t trust her having her phone, so why the hell did I give it to her and think she wouldn’t use it to stay in connection with her brother? Why the hell did I trust her? I’m such an idiot.. This is all my fault. 


I reached the hospital’s automatic doors and they couldn’t open quick enough, squeezing through the second it was wide enough for me to and I panted harshly as I reached the front desk.

I took a moment to catch my breath, unable to speak even if I wanted to and the woman behind the counter stared at me until I could talk, “I..Isaiah.. Yamato,” I struggled to speak, “What room?”

“Uhm.. Let me check, hold on,” she replied wearily, glancing at me questionably as she typed on her computer and I still tried to catch my breath after running about six blocks.. Okay, maybe the hospital wasn’t that close, but I had made it here quicker than any cab could.

“He’s in room two-fourteen, second floor. But, you should know tha-” I didn’t let her finish, going straight for the elevator, “Hey!” She called out, but I pressed the ‘up’ button what seemed like eighty times and I stepped in once the doors opened.


Once the doors opened on the second floor, I quickly stepped out and ran down the hall.

Hey! No running!” A disgruntled nurse called out and I lessened my run to a gentle jog, finally reaching room two-fourteen and I touched the door, but took one more moment to catch my breath before I walked in.


I didn’t know what to say to him, I didn’t even know what kind of condition he was in or if he was even awake.. I decided that before I walked in, I wanted to know the details on paper so I could prep myself for whatever I was about to walk in on, looking around until I had spotted a doctor and I stepped up to the first one I saw.


“Are you Isaiah Yamato’s doctor?” I wondered, seeing the man look to me and he smiled.

“Why yes, I’m Dr. McClaren. You must be his husband, Oliver, yes?” He assumed and I was a little thrown off by him saying such a thing, but for formalities sake, I might not have been able to see him if I wasn’t his spouse or immediate family.. Isaiah saying that meant he knew I’d come eventually, and since he was talking, he must be in at least decent condition, right?


“Uh.. Yeah, I am.. Is he okay? What happened?”

“Well, he has a lot of bruising, mostly to this face and torso. Two of the ribs on his right side are broken and we had to give him a few stitches on the inside of his cheek from cutting it on his teeth. He’s on a lot of pain medication, so he might be a little out of it when you talk to him.. He shouldn’t be in much pain anymore, though, as long as he keeps taking the pain killers, which he will definitely want to do. I want to keep him for the next few days, keep an eye on him, but he should be able to come home after the weekend, probably by Monday,” he replied and only a slight bit of relief hung in the sigh I had let out.

“So, I can go see him?” I asked and he nodded.

“Of course.. That is, if he wants to see you. I don’t know how you found out he was here, he told us specifically not to contact you unless he got worse, but I think it’s good that you’re here. He’s been a little, well.. Irritable? I thought being on the pain killers would make him rather happy and transcendent, but apparently not.. Does he not particularly like hospitals? Do they make him nervous?”


“Uhm, well.. He, thankfully, hasn’t needed to be admitted into a hospital for anything serious like this, so I never really talked about it with him.. I don’t think so, though.”

“I see. Either way, hopefully you can bring his spirits up, it really boosts the healing process,” he replied with a warm smile and I nodded.

“All right, I’ll try my best.. Thanks,” I answered, watching as he then continued what he was doing and I turned back to face Isaiah’s door.


I walked to his door and opened it, stepping in slowly and there was a curtain up, blocking me from seeing him at first.

“Go away.. I told you people a million times, I don’t need any more of that stuff you call food here,” I heard him express in irritation and it was nice to hear his voice, even if he sounded annoyed. I slowly shut the door behind me, hoping that he’d be happy to see me, but I knew he’d be mad that I was here since he had been trying to hide it from me. I was a little angry, myself, knowing he didn’t want me to come here and see him like this and for making me so worried, but I didn’t hold it against him since I had done the same thing to him whenever I got beat up at school and I’d avoid him until I didn’t have a black eye anymore.. I suppose we did it for each other, not wanting to hurt one another by having to see us go through any sort of pain.


“..It’s me,” I voiced softly, the room falling silent for a long moment, but, the silence eventually bothered me and I felt that I needed to say something else, “Are you okay?” I asked, not hearing him respond for a few long seconds, but eventually I heard him speak up again.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.


“I told you yesterday that I was probably coming home today, but when I couldn’t get a hold of you, I came out anyway to see what was going on.. I called Gavin and made him tell me, so don’t be mad at him,” I replied, hearing him sigh heavily.

“My phone must be dead in my pants pocket,” he explained himself, “Well, you’re here now, so come out from behind the curtain,” he instructed and although I was nervous to, not wanting to see him in this condition, I did as he said and I stepped around the curtain towards his bed.


Initially, I was in shock when seeing his face all bruised, my heart sinking into my stomach with guilt knowing that this was all my fault and Isaiah seemed to be embarrassed by how he looked, averting his eyes to his lap as he struggled to sit up within the bed.

told Gavin not to say anything.. Just because I hate seeing you like that,” he said softly.


“Like what? Worried? Hating myself because this happened to you because of me? None of this was your fault.. It’s all mine. And I hate seeing you like this, too, but hiding it from me was useless and it only made me worry more in the end,” I stressed and he looked back up to me, his expression a little angered.


“And I’m sorry about that, but this isn’t your fault, either! And that’s exactly why I didn’t want to say anything to you, because you’d blame yourself, you always do. The actions of other people never falls on your back, you really need to realize that,” he argued and it was painful for me to look at him, let alone be criticized and I dropped my gaze from him. I heard him sigh heavily once again, “I didn’t mean to yell at you.. I’m sorry,” he spoke with remorse.

“It’s okay..”


Come over here, I missed you,” he instructed and I wanted to smile, but I still couldn’t as I looked to him, walking over to him and I sat down next to him on his bed.

“I’ve missed you, too.. And you never answered me before.. Are you okay? Are you in a lot of pain?” I asked with concern.

“I’m fine, really. Nothing I can’t handle. You always worry too much,” he said with a smirk, bringing his hand up to my face and caressing my cheek.


I brought my hand up to grab his, pulling it to my lips and I kissed his palm warmly for a long moment before holding his hand against my cheek again, “How can I not worry? Look at you.. Can I even touch you, or will I just hurt you?” I wondered.

Isaiah smiled softly, “You can touch me whenever you want, no matter what condition I’m in,” he confirmed and I smirked briefly, “I’m actually really glad you’re here now, I already feel a million times better,” he said, as if he was finally thankful that Gavin had told me where he was despite him specifically telling him not to and I was happy that Gavin was able to give me the answers I was looking for so I could be here, too.


I then felt his hand leave my cheek, bringing his other hand to the back of my head and pulling my lips into his for a long moment. Every single time I left him to go back to my uncle’s, it almost seemed like an impossible task and I’d start missing him even if I was still in his arms. I wished I didn’t have to keep myself from him, I wanted all of this to be over so I could be with him like I wanted to be so badly, but it wasn’t that easy.. Nothing in my life was easy anymore, but the only one that managed to put back the pieces in the right place in this puzzling life of mine was Isaiah.


He pulled away from me slowly as smiled as he looked to me, “Can I ask you something?” He wondered and I nodded.

“Of course.. Anything.”

“Now that I’m the one hurt, are you going to come home and take care of me?” He implied flirtatiously with a grin and I couldn’t help but chuckle softly, knowing he was trying to cheer me up.. That, or just trying to help me get rid of the worry that was tattooed on my face.

“Even in pain, you still try to find the pleasure in it, huh?” I replied with a smile.

“You know it,” he answered, pulling me back into his lips for a brief moment before pulling away.


“Oh, and, uhm.. By the way.. Husband..? Really?” I questioned and he let out an embarrassed laugh, glancing down at his lap.

“Sorry.. I didn’t think they’d let you see me if I didn’t say that to them, whenever you’d eventually find out I was here,” he replied, looking back up to me with a smirk.

“It’s all right.. I kind of liked not denying it when they asked.. It had a nice ring to it,” I implied and I could tell by the face he made that he was smitten by my words.

“Well, maybe we’ll actually make that happen one day,” he answered and now I was the one looking away bashfully.


But, that conversation was for another time and there were still a few things I wanted answers to, Isaiah seeming to notice when my expression went worried, yet again, “What the hell happened to you?” I asked, Isaiah seeming to be trying to avoid the subject, his view going to his lap again.

“I, uh.. I don’t know..”

“What don’t you know? You were jumped.. And your bar is being closed off by the police? What’s that all about?”

“Well, yeah, I was jumped, but I don’t want you to overreact if I tell you who it was,” he replied and my expression grew questionable.

“Why would I overreact..? Just tell me, I want to know what happened to you..”


“Fine..” He finally caved, hesitating a moment before continuing, “It was Thomas, Jody’s brother, and a few of his friends,” he finally admitted and I knew it had to have been him all along, but I couldn’t even prepare myself for the rage I felt when I heard Isaiah actually confirm it. Anger fueled me when I realized that Jody really was behind all of this.. She must’ve been talking to Thomas on her cell phone without me noticing, knowing now that she probably had Thomas spying on us since she couldn’t do it herself since she was with me. 


Isaiah continued, “I was outside throwing out trash behind the bar and he showed up with two of his friends.. He threatened me, told me lies about you, saying that you’ve been with Jody this whole time, then he told me to dump you so that Jody could have you.. But, when I refused, they did this. Or, well.. Just Thomas did,” he implied, talking about his injuries and I only grew angrier the more he talked.


“That bitch..” I said quietly, “That fucking bitch!” I then yelled angry, pulling away from Isaiah and standing from the bed to go to the door.

“Oliver, where are you going? Hey!” Isaiah tried to stop me and I heard him let out a groan in pain from exerting so much air from his lungs against his broken ribs, causing me to stop before I left and I looked back at him to make sure he was okay, but I couldn’t ignore this, I wouldn’t let myself.


“I’m going to kill Thomas, that’s where I’m fucking going!” I yelled angrily, going for the door again, but he continued to try and stop me.

“Oliver, stop!” He said with more demand and I decided to listen, looking back at him again, “You can’t. As much as I like you wanting to avenge me or whatever this is, you just can’t.”

“And why the hell not!? Look at what he did to you! I’ll never forgive him! It’s fucking bullshit and I’m going to kill both of them! I’m going to his place right now and I’m going to-”

“He’s already dead, Oliver!” Isaiah said and I stopped my train of thought, looking to Isaiah with widened eyes and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. 



“He’s dead. I never finished my story about what happened.. That’s why the police are closing off my bar, because it’s a crime scene. I knew you would overreact, I didn’t want to tell you beca-”

“Overreact? If anything, wanting to just kill him is under reacting! Look at you! Bruised like crazy, broken fucking ribs?! Even if he is dead I want to rip his fucking lungs out so he can’t even breath when he’s in hell!” I yelled, none of my words making sense anymore.

“Calm down, all right? Come back over here and sit down,” he asked of me, grinding my teeth together in anger and I didn’t even know where to begin to try and calm down, “Please?” He encouraged, but I couldn’t do it.


“No.. I can’t stand for this. I won’t. It’s all because of Jody.. Because she can’t get over me, so she sends her brother to do this? To threaten what she thinks is between us? The one thing I care about? She still can’t get it through her fucked up head that there is no us, there never was to begin with! She’s gone way too far and I won’t let her get away with this,” I spoke with determination, but he wasn’t having any of it, continuing to try and calm me down.

“Oliver, will you please come over here? ..Please,” he nearly begged and I sighed in aggravation, but before I could walk over to him, a nurse came in with concern in her eyes.


“Is everything okay in here?” She questioned and I couldn’t even answer her, I was too angry to acknowledge anyone else and I turned away from her.

“Yeah, we’re fine, thank you,” Isaiah replied to her with urgency.

“Okay..” I heard her answer, hearing her then slowly stepping back out of the room and the door eventually shut to give us privacy once again.

Screenshot-5 (2)

“You need to calm down or else they’ll make you leave and I don’t want you to go yet. I don’t want you to do anything stupid, either, because you’re so angry. Come over here and lie down with me,” he instructed and I sighed heavily, unable to stop grinding my teeth in anger, “Come on, I know you want to,” he continued, seeing him smirk and he was careful with himself as he scooted over to make room for me.

“You’re not the one that should be so worried about me, it should be the other way around,” I answered.

“Would you just get over here already? Stop being so damn stubborn and comfort the one you say you care about so much,” he taunted, and of course, I caved in to him.


I stepped over to the side of his bed again and sat down, facing away from him and not lying down like he had asked, my leg beginning to bounce restlessly again, “I can’t lay down. I’m way too pissed,” I replied and I heard him sigh in defeat.

“Fine, I’ll let you calm down a little on your own, then,” he replied and we sat in silence for a few long minutes. And, after those few long minutes, only able to calm down a small amount, he spoke again, “If you’re okay with it, can I ask you something again?” He wondered.


“Well, Thomas had told me something.. I didn’t believe him and I don’t want to now, but, I mostly just want to ask because I’d rather hear it from you than him,” he began and although I was still completely enraged, I couldn’t help but grow a little nervous on top of it by how he had worded himself.



Isaiah hesitated a moment, probably working up the courage to ask me whatever it was he wanted to know, “Are you.. Are you seeing Jody behind my back?” He wondered and my heart began beating a little faster.

“Seeing her? As in.. What?” I asked in return, still unable to face him.

“You know, seeing her.. Romantically?” He questioned and I finally faced him with wide, surprised eyes.

“No! God, no! I don’t look at her like that at all! I never even got a chance to be able to before she took advantage of me. That’s one thing you can be damn sure about.. Why the hell would you ask that, especially after my mini freak out? I could never even fathom something like that after what she’s done to me, to you,” I replied, seeing him nod and he looked back down at his lap.


“I don’t know why I asked that, I’m sorry. I didn’t let Thomas get to me last night, I don’t know why I’m letting him now,” he said as if he was disappointed with himself.

“It’s okay.. Is there anything else?” I asked.

“Just one more thing,” he replied, “Are you really going to your Uncle’s place?” He questioned next, looking back up to me.

“Yes, I really am,” I replied without hesitating. It felt really good to finally be able to tell him the truth about something, the way he worded his questions made it easy for me to be able to avoid lying, but I hated that he felt like he had to ask the questions he did..


“I don’t love anyone else but you. You’re the only one I ever want to be with and I couldn’t even imagine being happy with anyone else,” I spoke the absolute truth and I watched him smirk.

“I won’t ever question that again,” he replied.

“Good,” I answered, leaning in to kiss his lips again and just from a simple kiss, I felt a lot better and he helped my anger decrease immensely. The longer we remained lip-locked, softly massaging our lips together, the more I could feel the exhales from his nostrils getting heavier and more stifled and I wondered if he was having a hard time breathing or if he was just getting excited. But, that question was answered when I felt the hand he had on my leg venture up and he gripped the inside of my thigh, causing my entire body to tense up.


I pulled away from the kiss, looking at him suspiciously, “What are you doing?”

“Nothin’..” He replied innocently and I chuckled softly.

“How could you possibly be horny right now?”

“How could you not? It’s been a little over a week since I last saw you and I want to spend time with you. Just trying to make the best of this situation, I guess. You should get rid of some of that stress and pent up anger, too,” he replied, feeling his hand massaging the inside of my thigh softly, but I reached down to relocate it so it couldn’t venture up any higher.


“Well, you’re going to have to wait until you’re released, because hospitals do not get me in the mood,” I answered and he pouted slightly.

“Oh, come on.. Just lock the door and take your pants off. You’re going to have to get on top and do all the work, though, because I’m hurt and can’t move and you need to take care of me,” he teased and I laughed, then leaned in closer towards him.

“I’ll take care of you plenty when we get home,” I teased back and I noticed a spark of excitement in his eyes before I leaned in more and kissed him again.


However, before we could fully enjoy one another’s lips once more, we heard the door to his room open, “All right, Mr. Yamato, the nurse said that-” A woman’s voice spoke and she stopped her words as we pulled away from one another, Oh.. Sorry, gentleman. I didn’t mean to interrupt the healing process,” she implied and I grew a little embarrassed, though Isaiah just seemed angry that she had barged in on our time together.

Screenshot-51 (2)

“What the hell do you want?” Isaiah spoke with aggravation.

“Well, the nurse said that you were awake finally, so I thought we’d get your statement now. You know, just get it over with and get the paper work out of the way so you can rest and just focus on recovering,” the woman replied and I stood from the bed, looking to the woman questionably since I had thought it was either a nurse or a doctor, but she sounded more like a cop.


The woman looked to me with a smirk when I had faced her, “Oliver Dubois, is it?”

“Yeah..? And?” I questioned shortly, not liking that she knew my name already.

“Well, how lucky of me to be able to run into you here so I don’t have to go tracking you down,” she replied and I furrowed my brow towards her in confusion.

“What do you mean? What do you need me for?”

“All in good time, Mr. Dubois,” she answered, then put her attention towards Isaiah.


Can I call you Isaiah? Drop the formalities?” She questioned and he sighed.

“Sure, why not. Let’s just get this over with,” he answered.

“Well, I’m Detective Amelia Winchester. Would you like Oliver to wait outside while we chat, or would you like him present?” She asked and Isaiah looked up to me.

“He can stay,” he answered and I smirked towards him.

“All right, well.. Pull up a chair, Oliver, or sit behind that curtain, whatever you want to do,” the detective instructed and I stepped away from the side of the bed, going over towards the examination table and sitting on top of it. 


The detective grabbed a chair from behind the curtain, pulling it around and towards Isaiah’s bed and she took a seat comfortably, her back towards me and I liked that Isaiah wanted me to stay.. He hadn’t told me everything that had happened in detail and I had to admit that I really wanted to find out.

“Don’t get angry again, all right?” Isaiah said with a grin towards me and I rolled my eyes with a smirk on my lips.

“Oh, you already told him what had happened?” The detective wondered.

“Just the gist of things.”

“All right, well.. Whenever you want to begin, I’m ready,” Detective Winchester instructed, “Just start at the beginning, right after you closed the bar,” she gave Isaiah a place to start and I watched as Isaiah took a moment to himself to remember everything that had happened.


“Well.. Thomas and his friends had showed up before closing time, even. I didn’t know who they were at the time and my bar has a rather strict dress code, so their attire alone wouldn’t get them inside. It was obvious that they had been drinking before they had shown up, too.. They gave my coat check a hard time and I stepped in because her telling them to leave wasn’t good enough. I asked them to leave at least three times. They refused, but eventually they left when I wouldn’t let them in.”

“So, you’re saying that people within the bar could even testify that they were a problem from the start?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, continue, please.”

“Around closing time, my manager, Gavin, had just finished his shift and left. I locked the front doors behind him and the last thing I had to do was take out the trash. I went out back and dropped everything in the dumpster, stood outside for a moment before heading home.. Before I got a chance to go back inside, Thomas and his two friends, I don’t know their names, found me in back by the loading dock. They must’ve been waiting for me or something.. The two of his friends didn’t say much, Thomas did most of the talking. I assumed they were there just for backup,” he began and I got a little angered again hearing Isaiah talk about Thomas, but I tried not to show it.

“Then what? What was Thomas saying to you? Why was he there?” The detective questioned.

“He was threatening me.. Demanding that I leave Oliver so that he could be with Thomas’ sister.”

“And that’s Jody Zepeda, correct?”


“Why would Thomas be willing to do that? What does she want from Oliver?” She wondered next and Isaiah looked at me, as if asking for me to tell him what to say.


“We have history, that’s all,” I butted in, though I made sure to keep her pregnancy hidden, “She’s just a little obsessive and I noticed it right away. I honestly wouldn’t even call her an ex-girlfriend because we never even really talked about dating, but when I called it off and didn’t want to see her anymore, she didn’t take it very well,” I continued.

The detective turned slightly to face me, “Is she still harassing you?”

“Not directly,” I lied, careful not to tell her too much about whatever I had planned for Jody up at my Uncle’s cabin, “But, I’d call sending her brother to hurt Isaiah harassment, wouldn’t you?” I asked in return.


“Yeah, I would. Have you ever noticed her following you? At places you are that she normally wouldn’t be?”

“What do you mean, like stalking me?” I wondered and she nodded, but I wanted to make her, as well as anyone else, believe that I wasn’t involved with Jody what-so-ever, just for the sake of whatever plan my Uncle and I had for her.. In case worse came to worse, nothing that happened to Jody could ever come back to me, like my Uncle had told me, “No.. The last time I saw her was at school, we go to the same college together, but I tried my best to just avoid her completely. I’ve never noticed her doing any of that stuff,” I continued to lie.

“Okay. She still needs to be questioned, as well, we need to see if she was involved in any of this, but we’ll get to that after I’ve spoken more to both of you,” the detective replied and he faced Isaiah once more.

Shit.. If they called Jody on her cell, would she answer? Does she know that Thomas is dead? Would she actually come in for questioning and would she tell them where she was? After we were finished here, I needed to get to her before they had a chance to first.. I just hoped she was smart enough to not answer phone calls from numbers she didn’t recognize..


“Continue, Isaiah,” she instructed and I watched as Isaiah’s view went to his lap.

“After I refused, his friends came at me first, the brunette attempting to hit me but he missed me, then the blonde came next, but I twisted his arm, hyper extending it and he couldn’t do much after that, but then Thomas managed to hit me and before I could do anything about it, the brunette was holding me from behind. It allowed Thomas an opening to take as many hits as he wanted, which is why my face is all busted up, but when he didn’t get the reaction he wanted out of me, that’s when he kicked my face, then my ribs, harder, breaking them. I fell to the ground in pain, unable to do anything and I thought-” Isaiah was forced to stop himself, hesitating a moment.


Hearing all of this was slowly breaking my heart, I could tell that talking about this bothered him, made him uncomfortable and I couldn’t have felt more sorry for him.. None of this would’ve happened if I wasn’t with Jody.. It really is all my fault.

“You thought what?” The detective questioned.

“I thought they were going to kill me,” Isaiah finished his sentence and my view went to the floor, unable to look at him when he held such an innocent and vulnerable expression. I wouldn’t be able to live without him and I knew that as a hard fact, but I was thankful that he had come out ahead in all of this, despite his injuries.

Screenshot-91 (2)

“Well, considering you couldn’t do much, someone came and helped you, correct?”

“Yeah,” Isaiah confirmed and I looked up, unaware that someone had helped him, but that would explain why Thomas was dead now.. Isaiah must’ve had help.

Isaiah continued, “They took out the blonde first, where he landed in front of me, then the brunette, then Thomas was last.”

“Can you describe who it was that helped you?” The detective wondered and I noticed Isaiah look over towards me, hesitating before answering.


“No.. It was too dark,” he replied, looking towards the detective again, “My eyelids and my cheeks were swollen, my glasses knocked off of my face and broken.. Even in good lighting, I probably couldn’t tell you any details, especially without my glasses,” he answered and the detective believed Isaiah’s words, but I didn’t.. His eyes weren’t nearly as bad as he let on, and just with that one look he had given me, I knew he was lying to her.

“All right, but can you at least tell us something? Anything at all would help us greatly. Was it a man, a woman? Did they speak to you?”


“What does it matter? They saved my life.. Besides, I don’t even really remember anything after that, I lost consciousness,” Isaiah defended.

“Because, from the scene we were called to, this didn’t look like self defense or the work of a hero, this looked vengeful. From closer investigation of the boy’s skulls, tiny pieces of wood was found in their hair and skin, even embedded in the bone.. This person used a wooden bat, most likely, if we were to guess the weapon of choice,” she explained and I could tell by the look on Isaiah’s face that they had guessed the right weapon.

Detective Winchester continued, “Whoever it was was ready for this to happen, maybe they’d been watching you for a while, waiting for the moment to help you, waiting for that moment to take his revenge out on these boys. The man already had a weapon with him,” the detective explained and I was confused by such a wild, detailed assumption.

“The man? ..His? How do you know it was a male that did this? I never said such a thing,” Isaiah noticed the detective’s intention, something I didn’t even catch, “And that’s quite the imagination you have, seeing as I don’t have anyone else in my life besides Oliver that would go to such lengths to protect me and he wasn’t even in town last night,” Isaiah put the detective in her place.


“Well, that answers my next question, whether or not Oliver really was in town or not last night,” Detective Winchester replied, then turning back and looking at me, “Is that true, Oliver? You really weren’t in town last night?”

“That’s correct.”

“Anyone that can vouch for you on that?”

“Yeah.. My Uncle. You can call him if you’d like,” I replied, knowing my Uncle would account for me and the detective seemed skeptical.

“I think I will. Do you have anything else to add, Isaiah?” She wondered.

“No, that’s all.”


“All right.. Do you have his number, Oliver?”

“Yeah,” I confirmed and the detective stood to her feet, walking over to me and pulling out her phone.

I recited my Uncle’s number to the detective and before she called him, I made it a point to mention something to her, “He really, really hates cops. I apologize in advance if his temper is especially short with you. He isn’t really that nice of a person,” I said with a nervous smirk and she nodded towards my apology.

“I think I can handle it, thanks,” she answered, calling my Uncle and leaving it on speaker so we all could hear the conversation. I admit, I was a little nervous about her calling my Uncle on speaker phone, but I had some confidence that it would turn out okay.

“You’re about to meet my Uncle,” I told Isaiah and the expression he held seemed nervous like I was.


After a few rings, my Uncle answered, “Yeah? Who the hell’s this?”

“Sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Dubois. My name is Detective Amelia Winche-”

“The fuck do you want, pig? I ain’t got shit to tell you bastards and I haven’t had anything more to say for fifteen Goddamn years.”

“Well, sir,” the detective cleared her throat, “This isn’t about that.. I was hoping to confirm something with you, all I wanted to know is- was Oliver with you last night?”


“Of course he was, where the hell else would he be? You fuckin’ idiots, he doesn’t have anything to do with this and you’ve been hounding my family for years about nonsense that shouldn’t even be brought to light anymore! Don’t you dare bring my fucking nephew into this bullshit when he was only a child when everything happened.” 

My Uncle completely went off and I wished it wasn’t on speaker so Isaiah could hear this.. I still hadn’t told him what had happened between my parents and my Uncle, but I knew my Uncle Gareth was aware that this wasn’t about what had happened so long ago, he was just using it to get the detective to show remorse and to get off my back.

“Now, leave Oliver alone and go jump off a Goddamn cliff, or I’ll claim this as continued harassment against my family who has done nothing wrong if you don’t back the fuck off, you got it?” 


He spoke angrily and I looked towards Isaiah who had a rather shocked expression on his face, finally able to hear the wrath of my Uncle for himself and I wanted to laugh at the detective for how shocked and rather fearful she seemed, but I refrained from doing it..

“Y-Yes, sir.. Thank you for your time, Mr. Du-”

“Don’t ever fucking call me again-” My Uncle replied and hung up instantly.

“Well.. I can’t say that you didn’t warn me,” the detective spoke with an embarrassed chuckle. I was happy that my Uncle knew exactly what was going on without even needing to give him a heads up and the only reason I was glad that it was on speaker was so my lie to Isaiah was completely believable now after hearing my Uncle vouch for me.. It made hiding everything from him a lot easier now that there was no reason for him to question me, but of course, I still felt bad in the first place about lying at all..

Screenshot-130 (2)
Screenshot-122 (2)

“Now that that’s been confirmed, I think I have everything I need. Thank you for your time, Isaiah, I hope your recovery goes smoothly. If I have any more questions, I know where to find you,” the detective said with a genuine nature.

“Thanks,” Isaiah replied, but I wasn’t done yet.. I thought that she wanted to talk to me, but about what?

“Hey, wait.. Didn’t you want to ask me something before? Before you started to question Isaiah?” I wondered.

“Oh, well.. I don’t have the authority to talk to you anymore unless your Uncle withdraws the statement he had just made, which I don’t see happening. He considers us questioning you as harassment, no matter what it’s about, and I don’t need a lawsuit on my hands if I were to go through with those questions,” she replied, “However, if you ever wanted to talk off the record and let me ask you a few questions without you mentioning anything to your Uncle about it, feel free to give me a call,” she continued, removing a business card from her jacket pocket and handing it to me, placing it then within my pants pocket and we watched as she left.


I looked to Isaiah and he still seemed surprised with what he had heard, “Well, that was.. Interesting.”

“To say the least,” I replied and he chuckled softly.

“I see where Kat gets her art of intimidation from, and why you walked out last Thanksgiving and needed a drink,” he answered and I laughed nervously, stepping over towards Isaiah’s bed and taking a seat next to him.

“Yeah, he’s, uh.. He’s pretty brash,” I replied, looking to him for a moment and eventually I lost whatever smile I had, seeing Isaiah notice my concern from earlier returning.


“I’m so sorry this happened to you.. If I was home.. If I was in town when this happened-”

“Just stop,” he cut me off, “How many times do I need to remind you that this isn’t your fault?” He asked rhetorically. 

“I don’t think there’s enough times that you need to tell me that..”

“Stop thinking about it. It’s not your fault, none of this is. Promise me you’ll stop blaming yourself for this.. All this was was immaturity, something comprised solely on selfishness and none of this reflects on to you. Promise me,” he stressed and I nodded.

“All right.. I promise,” I confirmed and I watched him smile softly.


We then heard the door open and a nurse came into our view, “Time for your pain meds again. They’re going to make you sleepy, too,” she began, walking to the other side of his bed and handing him the medication.

“I don’t want them. I don’t want to sleep, it’s three in the afternoon, anyways,” Isaiah contested, but the nurse pressured him.

“Sorry, doctors orders.. And if you don’t take these pills now, you’re going to be in a lot of pain again very soon.”

“Fine,” Isaiah expressed reluctantly, taking the pills anyways and swallowing them without any water.

“I’ll be back later to check on you again,” she said to Isaiah with a smile and she then left the room.


“Come here.. Lie down with me, like I wanted you to earlier,” he invited, smiling softly and I smiled in return, fulfilling his wish and I positioned myself as comfortably as I could next to him, being aware enough not to wrap my arm around his torso so I didn’t touch his ribs. It felt so good to lie with him again, I missed it far too much.


After roughly ten minutes of simply lying together, Isaiah brought something up, “I’ve been thinking about something.. If you don’t want to answer, I completely understand.”

“It’s okay, go ahead.”

“What was your Dad like?” He asked and that wasn’t the question I was expecting.. I thought he would ask about what my Uncle had said on the phone, but maybe, just for the fact that I avoided my past with Isaiah, he knew I still wasn’t quite ready to talk about what exactly happened to my family.

“..What do you mean?”

“Well.. You know about my parents. It’s all work, work, work for them. Always has been and that’s all I really ever knew, but.. I don’t know. Before he left, what was he like? Do you remember it vividly, or not much at all anymore?” He questioned and I thought for a moment.


“He was.. Really great, actually, at least from what I can remember..” I replied.


“Yeah.. He was always there for me.. Camilla, too. He always got me ready for school in the morning before work because Camilla wasn’t in preschool yet and my mom would usually be busy making breakfast.. It was pretty much his job to make sure we were dressed and ready for the day before he went to his actual job. He’d take Camilla to work with him and watch her the entire time he was there if my mom didn’t want to handle her.. He was a manager of a bookstore, he pretty much owned that place when the actual owner wasn’t there, but he still pulled it off, even when watching my sister.. Sometimes I’d go to my mom’s bakery after school when I had a bad day and wanted a ride home at five.. Otherwise, most of the time, I’d walk further just to go to the bookstore where I knew my dad and Camilla were and I didn’t mind staying there until whenever the bookstore closed,” I replied.

“Wow, I never knew that..”

“Yeah.. I usually went to the bookstore because I’d want to take some of the stress off my dad, watching Camilla for him so he didn’t have to worry about her while he was at work.”

“That’s sweet of you. I knew you were a good person now, but you were a good person even when you barely hit double digits in age,” he answered, chuckling softly to myself at the thought of it.

“Well, my mom gave my dad a hard time whenever he didn’t want to bring us to work with him, so I figured helping out with my sister for him would be best for everyone,” I replied, but, little did I know then that my mom didn’t want to watch us most days at the bakery in case my Uncle wanted to drop by..

Screenshot-165 (2)

“I knew you were a fragile person when I met you, but I had no idea just how perfect you were.. You were taking care of your dad and your sister.. And your mother, in a way, even at such a young age,” he replied and I took it as a compliment, which is how I knew he meant it.

“I’m not that fragile..” I defended and he laughed quietly.

“I know, but.. I think that’s why I love you so much,” he hesitated, looking up to him a little and he continued, “You’re so sensitive, but it’s not a bad thing. You’re compassionate, caring, you know what you want, you know what needs to be done. You’re responsible.. I think that’s why you blame yourself with everything that happens to me, because you just don’t have as much control over it as when you were a kid, like being able to take care of Camilla. If you can’t prevent it, or can’t help, like you want to, you feel guilty,” he replied and I couldn’t deny his words.


“Yeah, maybe you’re right..” I replied, realizing he had learned so much more about me just by describing a little of my childhood, “I think this is why I love you, too.. You’re understanding.. You’re the most open minded person I’ve ever met and I can’t even fathom where I’d be without someone like you. You accept everything that comes with me, the good and the bad,” I responded.

“I love you.. So much that I can’t even put it into words, Oliver,” he expressed and I wanted to hug him as hard as I could, but I knew I couldn’t because I would cause him pain.

“I love you, too,” I replied, feeling his arm that was around me hug me closer to him and there was a short silence between us, then hearing him groan softly.. The medication must’ve started working.


“We should get married. You should marry me,” Isaiah brought up, as if fully convinced that it was the best idea he had ever had and instantly my heart was racing. Where the hell did that come from?

“That was.. A little random,” I said with a nervous chuckle, “Was that a proposal..?”

“Nooo, that would be such a shitty proposal. I want to do it right. Make you dinner, light candles, buy something sexy to wear so you simply just can’t resist me,” he joked and I couldn’t help but laugh softly.

“I look forward to it.”

“You’re going to be such a great dad, too.. I’m jealous.. want kids with you, it’s not fair,” he said with a slight whine in his tone and I kept the smile plastered on my lips.

“I think this is the drugs talking..”

“No waaayy, I mean it. We need at least two or three.. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Or do you want more?” He asked with a somewhat groggy tone. Yeah, definitely the drugs talking.

“Okay, okay.. We’ll talk about it some other time, just get some rest,” I encouraged.

“Fiinneee.. Then tell me more.. More about your dad,” he answered, knowing just by the sound of his voice that not only did the pain pills kick in, the effects of making him tired were kicking in, too, and I knew he’d be out like a light soon.


“All right, uhm.. You know how my favorite color is Spiceberry?”

“Yeah,” he exhaled softly, knowing he’d be asleep before I finished this story.

“This one time.. I didn’t want to go to school because I got made fun of because my backpack was that color.. It was a dark pink, for Christ’s sake,” I continued and he chuckled softly as he grew groggy and tired, but, I still continued, “He noticed I didn’t want to go to school because of it, kids used to call me princess because of the color of my backpack and I told him that.. But, he said to me- Just ignore them, they only do that because they’re jealous of it,’.. I didn’t believe that, because what boy that age would be jealous of a girls backpack?” I said with a soft chuckle.

“I like your pink backpack.. It’s adorable,” he replied quietly, on the edge of falling asleep and I smiled to his words.

“And you know what?”


“I did ignore those guys.. I tried my best, at least, and he was right, they eventually did stop and I managed to get through less stressful schooling. They didn’t have much else to make fun of me for and I did really well in school without the distraction of stuff like that.. I’ve had the same backpack since.. All I really have left of my dad is a handful of memories and that backpack..” I finished.


I looked up, seeing Isaiah completely asleep and I smiled, moving a little closer against him and I held him the tightest I could without hurting him. I was so comfortable just lying with him.. Even though the situation we were in like this, I was even a little, regrettably, happy that this had happened.. Who knew when we would’ve shared what we had together if not for today, like this. Of course, I hated where we were and how hurt he was, but I felt so much closer to him.. We understood one another more than I ever could’ve hoped to, and I thought this every day of my life, but I would be completely and utterly lost without him in my life.


I laid with Isaiah for roughly half an hour, just lying there, completely awake as he slept, holding him until I grew thirsty and I wanted to go get something to drink and I decided to get up.. I slowly sat up, carefully removing his arm from around me and I let it lie upon the bed, standing up and watching him as I made my way towards the door to make sure he didn’t wake up and as quietly as I could, I stepped out of his room and shut the door behind me. I had no intention of leaving, wanting to only grab a bottle of water or pop to re-hydrate as I stayed with him, but when I approached the vending machine, I noticed that Detective Winchester was still here within the hospital.


It’s as if she was waiting for me, looking at me once I had shut Isaiah’s door and I slowed my pace as I walked towards the vending machine.

“Ahh, Mr. Dubois.. Have a few minutes to chat?”


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Generation 4, Chapter 12

NSFW, naughty stuff. Maybe a little graphic for some, idk, so just a heads up. A few different POV changes, too. Hopefully it isn’t confusing. XD



I didn’t wake up alone, but I woke up next to the wrong person.. Jody was still unconscious and the whole feel of the cabin made me miss Isaiah the moment I opened my eyes. I wanted to get coffee like I did every morning, I wanted to set it down on the nightstand next to him as he continued to sleep, I even wanted to climb back into bed and wake him up by kissing his neck and his lips, but it wasn’t an option.. I wondered what he was doing right now, wondering if he had even gotten any sleep, knowing that he would worry about me since I never came home and I wanted to leave and go to him, but I couldn’t.. Not yet.. I didn’t want Jody to wake up alone and panic about where she was, I wanted to be here to explain everything to her and I wanted to be here when I would tell her that I wanted to go into town to pick up a few things, which then I’d take that opportunity to go home.


Luckily, Jody’s head wasn’t bleeding anymore and it allowed me to be able to take off her bandage and dress her wound, as well as clean the blood out of her hair.. Afterwards, I went into the kitchen and looked through my Uncle’s fridge, only finding a case of beer with a few cans missing, a half gallon of spoiled milk, some condiments and a carton of eggs with only three left within it.. I guess either way I needed to go into town and didn’t need to make up some elaborate excuse to do so. I ended up skipping trying to prepare some kind of breakfast and I sat on the sofa for the majority of the morning, watching what few channels my Uncle had but I couldn’t find anything that kept my attention for very long. 


I eventually got bored, looking down to the floor and I noticed Jody’s bag, remembering my Uncle’s words and I completely forgot to clean the mug I had hit Jody with.. I quickly got up from the couch, going through her bag and taking the mug out and bringing it into the kitchen to the sink so I could wash it. I looked at it for a moment, searching the surface of it for any blood and I only had found a little on the bottom edge of it. I quickly turned the sink on, waiting for the water to get really hot to the point where it stung my hands and I scrubbed the mug as best as I could, removing every trace of blood it had on it, using soap and even some bleach to help make sure that it was completely gone. After drying the mug, I went back to her bag to put it back, but first I checked the inside of it and luckily I didn’t see any blood on the inner fabric, placing the mug back within it and closing it shut.


I sat back down on the sofa, continuing to watch terrible television shows as I waited for Jody to wake up and I hoped that she would get up soon so I could leave in time to meet Isaiah at home. Even though I had driven here for my Uncle’s help, I couldn’t help but regret it.. I regretted it all. What exactly did I get myself into? How would I be able to keep this up for as long as I needed to until my child was born, and what the hell was going to happen after the fact? I wanted to go home so I could see Isaiah and to get my phone, but it wasn’t only so I could keep in contact with him, it was also so I could call my Uncle whenever I needed him. I remember him telling me to call him if anything were to happen and I wouldn’t be able to do it unless I went and got it..


As much as I wanted to go home, I needed to try and time myself properly.. It takes roughly two hours to get here, so if I went all the way home and back, I needed to take into account the amount of time it would take me just to drive there and back, also adding on extra time to spend with Isaiah because I knew he’d want to talk to me or even spend time with me and there was no avoiding it.. I’d be gone, at the minimum, probably five hours.. I hoped Jody wouldn’t get suspicious, but I needed to see Isaiah, there was no avoiding it and even though I knew the trip would be long, I’d make it worth it.. Hell, it was worth it just to see him for a few seconds if that’s all the time I would get.


Around eleven in the morning, I heard the handle of the bedroom door turn and I quickly looked to it, seeing Jody opening it and coming out, “Hey..” I said softly, standing to my feet and I noticed her eyes wincing in slight pain as one of her hands touched the back of her head.

“What happened..?” She asked with a groggy tone.


Jody went to step towards me, but it was obvious she felt faint and she stumbled, but I reached her in time to catch her before she could fall.

“H-Hey, whoa.. Careful.. When we were walking to the cabin, a branch broke from a tree and hit you in the head.. I had to carry you the rest of the way and you’ve been out ever since.. You need to get more rest,” I suggested and she looked up to me in slight panic.


“Did I land on my stomach? Is the baby okay?”

“No, no.. You landed on your side, more-so on your back. I’m sure the baby is fine,” I replied and she seemed relieved, “You should really get more rest, though.. There’s barely anything in the fridge and I need to go out and get some food for us. I want you to relax while I’m gone, maybe sleep some more, too,” I encouraged, bending down to grab her bag and holding her as I guided her back to the bedroom.


I set down her bag on the ground and helped her sit back down within the bed, “I.. I remember some of the drive here, but not much after that,” she said softly as she sat down.

“It’s okay.. Memory loss is common with a blow to the head like that. Whatever you don’t remember will come back to you soon.”

“Thank you for being there for me. You really are kind to me,” she replied and I knew that wasn’t true, though I was pleased that she thought that way, especially under the circumstances.

“No need for thanks.. I’ll be back later-” I said softly, but she grabbed my hand and kept me from leaving.

“Wait! Before you leave.. Will you help me change out of this dress?” She questioned, growing a little nervous from her request and I was hoping to never have to see her naked again.

I didn’t want to help her, but I didn’t want to leave and not be here just in case she changed herself and she fainted or fell on her stomach or anything.. I’d feel so guilty if anything happened to the baby and I wasn’t here to prevent it, “Uhm.. Y-Yeah.. Sure,” I replied reluctantly.


Jody held out her hands for me to help her stand and I stepped up to help her, pulling her up and I noticed her look to me with a certain excitement in her eyes that I didn’t much care for, one that I had seen one too many times and moments where she had that look never led to anything good.. It reminded me of the look in her eyes almost eight months ago, right before she took advantage of me.

“Are you going to help me or not?” She wondered, seeing her smirk a little and I swallowed hard as I looked to the straps of her dress. 


I slowly reached up, touching her shoulders and I slipped my fingers under the straps, pulling them down her arms and her loose dress followed effortlessly in suit. The moment her breasts were exposed, I shied my eyes away and I watched from my peripherals as the dress fell to the floor, “I’ll, uh.. Get some clothes from your bag for you,” I offered, wanting to step away from her now exposed self, but her hand grabbed my arm and stopped me from doing so.

“It’s okay to look, Oliver.. It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before,” she pointed out teasingly, but just the mention of it caused me to be even more reluctant to be in her presence than I already was.


“I.. I know, it’s just.. It’s nothing..” I replied, stepping away from her and I grabbed her bag, picking it up to put it on the bed and I opened it to find her some clothes.

“No, tell me. What is? Am I not attractive now that I look like this?” She questioned, seeing her turn towards me in my peripherals again, but I still didn’t want to look at her.


“No, it’s not that..”

“Then look at me,” she practically demanded and I stopped looking through her bag to get clothes for her. I didn’t want to look at her, just being in the same room as her felt wrong and betraying.. Well, because it was.. But, I hoped we could get through this without her making any sexual advances towards me or seeing more of her than what her clothes hid. Why did I think for a second that that was a possibility? 


After hesitating long enough, I turned my head and looked towards her, our eyes meeting and I could see the impatience in her eyes as I still didn’t look down at more of her. Jody then reached for my hand, taking it suddenly and she pushed my palm onto her breast, causing my breath to hitch a little and I grew more nervous as my eyes looked quickly to where she forced me to touch. Her breasts were much larger than before because of the pregnancy and the feel of it wasn’t bad, she was so warm, but my skin crawled with how uncomfortable I was and I turned my view away from her once more. I knew she wanted me to be turned on, excited and willing, but it was just the opposite. 


Jody’s other hand came up to my face and turned me towards her again, watching her push herself up and her lips met mine. It seemed like an act of desperation, her wanting me to want her, but little did she know that it wasn’t ever going to be like that again.


I pulled away from her lips and quickly removed my hand from her breast, putting my view to her bag once more and I knew she didn’t like how I had pulled away from her, but I couldn’t stand it any longer..

“You need more rest and I need to stock the fridge..” I stated, pulling out some more comfortable clothes for her and handing them to her, feeling her eventually taking the clothes from my grip and she quickly slipped on what I had given her, “The store is far away since we’re out here by ourselves, so I’ll be gone a while.. Do you want anything while I’m out?” I asked with a quiet tone, trying to break this painfully awkward silence.


“Fresh fruit,” she stated and just from her tone of voice I could tell she was displeased with what had happened and I knew she was angry with me.

“All right.. I’ll be back later,” I replied, turning away from her and leaving the room.


I checked my pockets to make sure I had my keys before I left and I walked down the long dirt driveway back to Jody’s car, needing to get out of there as fast as I could and I could only hope that Jody would put everything that just happened behind us.. I got in and took out Jody’s phone from my pocket, placing it within the center console and starting her car I had left the keys within. I didn’t know if this was a bad idea.. My Uncle said she was a missing person now and I was the last to be seen with her, so should I really be driving her car without her? As I pulled away, I contemplated playing it safe and parking it somewhere a few miles from town and taking a cab the rest of the way, just in case.. I also didn’t know what to do with her phone. I didn’t want her to call or text anyone, letting them know where she was or what she was doing, but I’d try to think about that later whenever I came back to the cabin.. All I wanted to focus on right now was getting back home and fixing anything that could be troubling Isaiah so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I had until three to get home before he went to work and if I drove fast enough, I could make it there just in time.


I had to think of a good excuse, something that he would believe and wouldn’t question me about.. I needed to think of something like I had told my Uncle, I told him every truth I could besides the fact that the man I lived with was actually my boyfriend. He seemed pretty convinced, too, so I need to think like that again.. I needed to keep Kat and James out of it, too, just in case they were to ever run into Isaiah and Kat would immediately call me out on my lie, maybe not deliberately, but either way, I couldn’t involve them. I could tell him that my Uncle was ill, or maybe he was having troubles getting around the house with his bad knee and needed help, but he didn’t want help from his daughter because he didn’t want to worry her.. Yeah, that could work.. I could tell him about the cabin and how I needed to stay there for a few weeks.. It wouldn’t be for very long, so hopefully Isaiah would be okay with me not coming home for a while.. I’d still try my hardest to come visit him, continuing to tell Jody excuses just so I could, but I just hoped that I could get passed all of this and not have any of it come back to bite me in the ass later.


Isaiah’s POV



I woke up alone, looking to my left and seeing Oliver’s side of the bed untouched, the covers only wrinkled from how much I tossed and turned all night without him. He left his phone behind and he wasn’t here when I came home last night around nine thirty like I had told him. He just.. Wasn’t there.. Where was he? My hand touched his side of the bed, hoping that he had came home during the night while I was sleeping and maybe he had woken up to get coffee for us like he always did, but it was cold, the sheets were absent of life and my gut clenched in worry as I sat there in bed. I usually would’ve been woken up by the scent of hot coffee he had gotten for me hours ago, but I had slept in longer than I usually did and when I looked at the clock, it was almost noon and there was nothing for me on my nightstand. 


He didn’t leave a note, didn’t call me before whatever time he had left to let me know where he was and there was a sense of emptiness in the condo that didn’t settle right with me. When I got out of bed, I looked out the window onto the balcony, but he wasn’t there either. I checked both bathrooms upstairs, went downstairs and checked the living room and the kitchen, but he wasn’t here. I didn’t know what to think or what to do. Our relationship had only gotten better after New Year’s and I didn’t think it was anything I did that would cause him to leave so unexpectedly and not come back, but I couldn’t help but think it was me that had done something. Did I say something he didn’t like before I left for work yesterday? Did anything happen between him and Katalina or James when they were here last night? No, that couldn’t be it.. He wouldn’t have left the place without me if something happened between them, he probably still would’ve been here and we would’ve talked about it when I got home from work, so what the hell happened?


I went back upstairs and went to his phone he had left on the dresser, turning it on and it seemed that he had deliberately turned it off because it wasn’t dead and had a full battery. Why’d he leave it off? It seemed that he had left in a hurry in order for him to be forced to leave his phone behind and I hated that he didn’t have it with him so I could get a hold of him, but I couldn’t wrap my head around why he would deliberately turn it off and leave it behind. Was he mad at me and didn’t want me to contact him? Did he want to be alone? I noticed that he had taken his keys with him, so if he ever came back, he’d have a way into the place, but my mind was going crazy trying to figure out why his phone was still here.


Worrying about it didn’t help me at all so I decided to try and stop thinking about it, placing his phone back onto the dresser and I went to the bathroom to take a bath and get ready for the day so I could open the bar on time. I ended up lying in the tub longer than I normally would, taking care of all the essential things first and I ended up spacing out for a while as I slouched in the hot water, still thinking about Oliver and trying to figure out where he could be. I refused to let my mind take me to situations where he possibly could’ve gotten hurt, nor did I even let myself think of the worse case scenario, but without answers, I feared I might eventually start to think of those things. Because I couldn’t let my mind wander any more where it shouldn’t, I got out of the tub and came back into the bedroom, standing there for a moment and listening to any signs of life within the condo, but there was still nothing, causing me to continue about my day and getting dressed and ready for work. 


Around two in the afternoon, I sat within the living room, not bothering with turning the television on or really even doing anything at all, just sitting, sitting and waiting for him to come home and I hoped that he would show up before I went to work. I hadn’t even bothered with my tie or vest or jacket just yet, or maybe I just let it completely slip my mind.. I was so out of it and it was so unlike me. I wasn’t mad at him, nor was I in a state of panic yet, but just worried. My chest felt heavy, heavy to the point where it was a little hard to breath, but I tried my best to keep as calm as I could and hold back from getting too anxious about him missing. I wanted to stay positive, hoping that everything was fine and that whenever he came back to me, there would be a logical reason behind it that didn’t have anything to do with me or anything that I could be responsible for that would’ve cause him to leave and not come back.. Oh, no.. He didn’t regret moving in with me, did he..?


Half an hour before I had to leave for work, I heard the door being unlocked and I quickly looked towards it, my heart skipping a beat when I saw Oliver coming inside, kicking his shoes off quickly and he seemed panicked and out of breath, “Isaiah?” He called out, standing quickly to my feet and I heard him slam the door shut behind him in a rush and our eyes met when he went to run upstairs, but stopped when he saw me in the living room. 

“Oliver..” I said softly, letting out a relived breath and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him.


We quickly went for one another and we held each other in a warm, tight embrace in the living room, “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been worried, I didn’t know what to think when I woke up without you,” I expressed with concern, just the smell of him causing the weight on my chest to be lifted instantly.

“I know.. I’m sorry..” He replied quietly with remorse in his tone, still feeling him holding me tightly and I knew from just how he was acting that it wasn’t anything that I had done. I was relived knowing that it wasn’t anything regarding me, but I wanted to ask and make sure, anyhow.


I slowly pulled away from him, though keeping my arms around his neck as I looked to him and he seemed more bothered than I was, “Is it anything I did?” I asked.

“No.. No, of course not..” There was a sense of stress in his voice, as if urgent in making sure that I knew I wasn’t to blame for his absence and it felt good finally knowing for sure.

“What happened? I couldn’t even call you because you left your phone behind,” I continued to show concern and I could tell he either didn’t want to talk about it or he was trying to find a way to tell me something that I might not like. 

“I-It’s just.. My Uncle, he needs my help..”

“With what? Is it anything serious?” I questioned, worried for him and his relative.

“Yeah, kind of..” He hesitated, seeing him avert his eyes from looking at me.

“Well, come here, sit down and talk to me,” I comforted, taking his hand and pulling him over to the couch to sit with me.


It’s a long story that I really don’t want to get into, but his knee got messed up a long time ago and it’s been giving him problems recently. Last night he ended up re-breaking it and he didn’t want to worry Kat or Camilla, so he called me instead and I went there to help him out.. He’s got a cast and everything on, but he just needs some help around the house until it can come off, or until he can get the hang of not needing help anymore..” He explained and I could tell where this was going. The reluctance in his voice told me everything and I knew he didn’t come home to stay home, he came back to tell me that he’s going to be gone for more than just one night. I sighed heavily, my view going to the floor, “..What’s wrong..?” Oliver wondered.

“I just don’t like you gone like that.. We only just moved in together and I got used to waking up with you, but now I have to go back to waking up alone.. Your summer break just started and I was hoping we’d get a lot more time together,” I replied, looking back to him and he reached out to hold my hand.


“I’m sorry, but.. It’s the same for me, too.. I don’t want to do this either, but he’s my Uncle, you know? He needs my help.. It won’t be that bad, I’ll come back every few days or so to visit with you, it shouldn’t be for more than a few weeks, anyways.. I’ll be back home before you know it,” he continued, but his encouragement wasn’t really helping. I hated that I was acting like a brat, I felt like a child that was getting his favorite toy taken away for doing nothing wrong and it wasn’t fair.. I felt myself growing so greedy.

“Well, where does he live? Do you really need to stay with him, or can you just get a ride there whenever he needs you?” I asked, though I saw something in his eyes that I couldn’t define, perhaps a sense of relief after hearing my question..?

“He lives more than two hours away.. That’s why I stayed there last night, but I realized I left my phone behind and I didn’t even leave you a note or tell you where I was going, so I had to come back and let you know what happened,” he replied, seeing a smirk form on his lips, but something wasn’t right, I could feel it.


“Well, why can’t you just stay here and go to his place whenever he needs you? Why do you have to stay there?” I asked, seeing his smirk leave his lips.

“Why wouldn’t I stay there? What if something happened and he needed me right then and there but I was here, instead? It would take me two hours to get to him..”

“He’s incapable of calling an ambulance?” I asked almost sarcastically.

“Do you know how expensive an ambulance is? And do you expect him to call one every time he needs to open a cabinet he can’t reach? Not to mention I probably need to help him bathe and go to the bathroom..” He replied, his tone sounding a little repulsed and reluctant, “Do you really want me to spend all that money for a four hour round-trip cab, too? That would end up costing a fortune if I did that every day..”

“I don’t mind paying for it,” I implied, but his expression seemed displeased.

“No.. That’s way too much money.. I don’t even want to be in the cab for that long, anyways.. It’s better if I just stay there for a few days at a time and come home only when I can.”


“Well, he can come here, then. He can have the guest bedroom, it’s not like it’s being used, anyways,” I suggested and he seemed reluctant to that suggestion, too. 

“He’s an old fashioned kind of guy.. He likes his own space, his own stuff, it makes him feel comfortable.. And, uhm..” He hesitated. 

“And, what?”

“He.. He isn’t very supportive of, uhm.. Us..”

“Does he know we live together?” I questioned and he nodded.

“Yeah, he does.. He just doesn’t know that we’re together..”

“So, you can’t even bother to ask him? Keep it a secret, just say the guest room is mine but he can use it and I’ll sleep on the couch. At least then we can still wake up and have the mornings together,” I gave yet another suggestion, but he still seemed reluctant.

“No.. It would still be obvious.. I think it would be worse seeing you and not being able to touch you rather than just not being able to do both.. Then it wouldn’t be temping, either,” he replied and I was beginning to get frustrated.

“Well, quite honestly, I don’t give a fuck what your Uncle thinks. I want you here. At least when you were at school and I was at work, we’d still come home to one another.. Now there’s nothing for me to come home to. I wanted to move in with you so I could come home to you.. Just ask him, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,” I pressured, but he still seemed unconvinced.

“I really don’t want to make him come here, it would be hard for him to move, anyways.. He just broke his knee, Isaiah.. He’d never be comfortable here, anyways, that’s just how he is..”


I pulled my hand out of his grip and chuckled softly as I looked to him, amazed with how much effort he had put into this lie of his, “Wow.. You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?” I asked, seeing his expression somewhat worried and confused, but this had to be the best performance from him I’ve ever witnessed, or at least an attempt at one.


“You know.. The only times you’ve left me like this is when you were hiding something. So, what are you hiding now?” I asked and I could see in his face that he grew nervous, even uncomfortable.

“I-I’m.. I’m not hiding anything.. The last time I left was for a completely different reason and I already apologized for it.. I thought we were past it..”

“We are past it, but this is something else and, I’m sorry, but I can’t help but think you’re hiding something since this has happened before. Just tell me the truth, Oliver,” I insisted.

“I am telling the truth..” He replied, still going with the story he gave me and I couldn’t help but still be doubtful of what he had told me.


I wanted to believe him, I truly did, but something wasn’t sitting right with me. He seemed a little too determined to make me believe him and I didn’t like that every suggestion I had given him was dismissed without even a second thought. I didn’t care that his Uncle didn’t like gay men, I didn’t care that he had broken his knee, either, if he even truly did, and I never really liked the man in the first place, even without ever meeting him, because I knew that Oliver and him didn’t get along, so why did he insist on helping someone he didn’t even like? I understood that he was family, but I’d rather let Katalina take care of her own father rather than make Oliver do it and be forced to deal with him and wait on him when it wasn’t even his responsibility.


“Can you promise me that you’re telling me the truth?” I questioned, wanting to make absolute sure that if he was, indeed, lying to me, he couldn’t possibly be able to promise me and this was his last chance to tell me the truth, “I don’t want you to lie to me. I’ve told you that I can’t handle you lying to me anymore the day I told you that I loved you, I expected the truth from you from then on and if you’re lying to me now-”

“I’m not.. Please, just.. Just believe me..” He replied, cutting me off from finishing my sentence and he leaned closer, taking my hand within his once again, looking into my eyes, “I’m not lying.. My Uncle needs my help, that’s all that it is.. I know being apart sucks, I hate it as much as you do, but he doesn’t have anyone else. Camilla isn’t coming home for the summer and Kat still has dance classes during the summer, too.. I’m all there is..” He said in a rather sorrowful tone and I even started to feel a little guilty for doubting him and acting so greedy when it came to trying to keep him here with me. I was being so childish and it made me uncomfortable.


“Please.. Don’t think the worst. I know its going to be hard, especially now that we got used to coming home to one another.. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in so, so long until I met you and I want nothing more than to fall asleep with you every night for the rest of my life.. Because.. I-I love you..” He admitted and a sense of shock flew through me as I watched his gaze drop to look at his hand holding mine, “I love you so much.. I promise I won’t leave again like that without telling you and I promise I’ll never make you worry like that again.. All I want is to be with you, to be near you and live with you and to wake up to your sleeping face every morning.. That’s all I want.. I’m sorry that right when my summer break starts, I’m being taken away from you, but.. Stuff like this just happens and I can’t do anything to prevent it..” He looked back up to meet my eyes and his puppy dog stare always made my heart weak, “I’ll have my phone with me all the time and I’ll always talk to you, I’ll be back soon, too.. It’s not like you’re not going to see me for weeks at a time, I’ll be back every few days. Please, don’t be mad at me, and don’t just assume that I’m lying.. Why would I ever make up an excuse to spend less time with you?” He asked, seeing his other hand reach up and he touched my face, my heart racing a little as I looked at him and if I didn’t kiss him this second, I thought I might go crazy.


I quickly scooted closer towards him, pushing my lips into his and he let out a sudden and surprised moan, then feeling his hand go through my hair to the back of my head and he pulled me into him harder. My God, did I love him. I loved him more than anything and I thought I was already crazy for being so in love with someone to the point where it made me so weak and completely stupid. In past relationships, I might’ve thought I was in love, making the mistake on convincing myself at times, but I was delusional back then and they were nothing like this, not even anywhere close and I’ve never been more sure of something in my entire life.


After passionately kissing him for a long moment, I slowly pulled away and I was sure that he could see the love as well as lust I had for him in my eyes, “I’ve been waiting forever to hear you say that,” I replied, feeling an inner, more deeper weight being lifted that had been there since I had confessed my love for him.

“I know.. I’m sorry, I just-”

“Don’t apologize. I’ve been trying my best to be patient and it was worth the wait. I knew you weren’t ready, but.. As long as you truly mean it now, then I don’t care how long it took,” I assured him and I noticed him smile softly.

“I do.. I don’t want you to ever doubt that I do, either.. I love you and I always want to be with you,” he continued and I could see the genuine nature in his eyes.


I pulled away from him a little more and took out my phone, making up my mind that I needed more time with him even though I had to be at work in fifteen minutes.

What are you doing..?” Oliver wondered as I texted the manager of my bar.

“Telling Gavin that something came up and to open the bar without me,” I replied, finishing the text and I placed it back within my pocket, then looking back to Oliver as I stood to my feet and I grabbed his wrist, pulling him up from the couch and I dragged him towards the stairs.

“W-Wait! What are you doing? I need to leave and you need to open the bar,” he somewhat contested, but I continued to pull him along.


“I’m not going to see you for a few days, I need at least another hour with you. And you really expect me to not be completely turned on from what you just said to me?” I asked sarcastically, looking back at him with a devious smirk and I could see his face beginning to blush, continuing then to pull him upstairs and to our bedroom.


I pulled him into the bedroom and shut the door, pulling him in front of me and I looked to him for a moment, taking in all of him and it was difficult to put into words how truly amazing he was. He was so kind, so gentle and sweet, so caring and beautiful.. I loved every inch of him and I loved that he was mine.

I slid my hands around his waist slowly, pulling him closer and I could already hear his breathing getting heavier with anticipation as his eyes danced between my gaze and my lips. I brought one of my hands out from behind him and brought it to the side of his face, pulling him in slowly for his lips to meet mine and I had missed kissing him more than I could express. I was cured of my loneliness from during the night and into the morning, I was cured of my need for him, for everything that he provided for me from just a simple kiss. As I massaged my lips against his longingly, I could tell just from how he kissed me that he wanted to take this slow, wanting to get the best out of all of it and I didn’t want to cut him short or disappoint him by any means, so I tried to go just as slow as he wanted to. He often liked taking our time, perhaps because he was still getting used to being truly intimate with me since our first time was only a few weeks ago when we moved in together, but either way, I always tried to hold myself back from ravishing him like I had been wanting to do.


As we kissed, I slipped off his sleeveless hoodie and threw it behind us, my hands going to the bottom of his shirt next and I slipped it over his head and tossed it back just the same, breaking our kiss for only a moment before coming straight back to locked lips and I then felt his hesitant hands trying to untuck my shirt from my pants. I wished he was more aggressive, even once, but it still made me love him even more for how shy he still was to get me naked despite him already doing it countless times before. I eventually began to kiss him harder as he undid each button of my shirt, almost causing me to get so impatient to the point where I wanted to rip it off and pop the rest of the buttons, but I still tried to keep calm for him. I had been waiting so long for him to tell me that he loved me that I wanted him more than I ever have now that he had finally admitted it, but it wasn’t just about me, and knowing Oliver as well as I did, taking things slow was always the best way to make him feel the most comfortable and to get the best out of everything.


The moment he had finished undoing my shirt, I pulled it off quickly and threw it randomly to the ground, both of us continuing to work our way towards the bed blindly as we kissed. Suddenly, our lips were pulled apart when Oliver unknowingly reached the bed sooner than he had expected and he fell back, instinctively grabbing me and I couldn’t help but laugh as I fell on top of him, my glasses falling off my face, as well.

“So clumsy,” I said with a smile and he gave me a bashful smirk in return.

“Shut up.. No I’m not,” he replied, feeling his hand on the back of my head and he pulled me back to his lips.


As we both refused to stop kissing, I felt his hands venture down my sides slowly until they met the rim of my pants, his fingertips following the brim of them to the front and he undid my belt as well as my button and zipper. I tried my best to pull them down with his help and shake them off my legs quickly, eventually needing to break our kiss and I sat up to remove his pants as well, but my hands stopped before I pulled them down and I could’t take my eyes off of him.

“What is it..?” He wondered with a slightly nervous tone, always wondering what was wrong instead of what was so, so right.

“Nothing,” I replied with a hitched breath, letting one of my hands go from his pants and bringing it up to his chest, watching as my fingertips slid down his torso, “Nothing at all,” I continued, looking up to his eyes briefly and his cheeks were pink, trying to avert his eyes from mine shyly and I couldn’t help but smirk. With his legs propped up over mine, I leaned forward, unable to keep myself from tasting his skin and I kissed down his torso to his sensitive hipbones where I then felt his body quiver under my lips.

“Stop teasing..” He spoke with a soft, nervous chuckle and I smiled as I continued to kiss him.

“I’m not teasing, I’m savoring,” I replied, kissing his hips a few more times before bringing my hands to the rim of his pants again and finally deciding to pull them off as well as his underwear at the same time.



I continued to look over his bare body and I noticed his cheeks were only getting more rosy, “Stop starring..” He said with a embarrassed smile, bringing one of his arms up and his forearm went over his eyes to block him from seeing me ogling him so obviously and I laughed softly.  

“Come on, don’t hide your face from me. It’s my favorite thing to look at when I touch you,” I tried to convince him, but he continued to hide his eyes from me and I smiled as I brought my fingers into my mouth. I’d get him to look at me, I’d get him to be more vocal, too.


I slid my slick digits down passed his obvious excitement and began slowly prepping him for me, watching his mouth open suddenly and I listened as each breath he let out grew heavier. God, he was perfect. Every staggered breath, the way his body squirmed as I touched him, how he bit his bottom lip as he tried to keep his voice in check instead of letting it out like I knew he wanted to. Every little thing. But, as much as I loved watching him and listening to him getting used to every finger I added and enjoying every bit of it, I found it insufferable to continue any longer without taking him completely and I used my unoccupied hand to take off my underwear so I could do just that.


I removed my digits and crawled on top of him, forcing him to remove his forearm from hiding his eyes and I gazed down at him as I finally filled the void between us. After he got more used to all of me, I lifted his legs more and more as much as he could take and he eventually started to let out his voice, and pretty loudly like I wanted, completely engulfed in my love for him than ever before and everything felt a trillion times more intense than any other time prior to this. This was more than I could ever ask for, he was finally letting me be a little aggressive towards him, though I still tried to contain myself from making him do more than he could and the way he panted and moaned sent me over the moon in both happiness and pleasure.


“I-I need more..” Oliver said softly with desperation after a while of me on top of him and my heart raced faster. Without wasting another moment, I sat up, wrapping my arm around him and I lifted him into my lap, a position I found that he greatly enjoyed and I increased everything I was doing, trying to give him exactly what he wanted and the moment I felt his entire body tighten and tremble against me, I knew I was succeeding.


God, you’re amazing,” I stated as fact through a harsh exhale, watching as his face twisted from one pleasured expression to the next and he quickly wrapped his arms around my neck, crashing his lips into mine and we remained like this for as long as we could take it. When I grew close, I reached forward and began touching his hard excitement, wanting to reach the end together and as soon as he came, I didn’t hold back anymore and I reached my max just the same. Together we both stayed where we were for a few minutes, catching our breath as we gazed at one another, mouths open and panting softly and I reached behind to the back of his head, bringing him into my lips for one last passionate moment together before completely separating and ending our intimate time.


After our unforgettable love making, which had proven to be more intense and exciting than I ever could’ve imagined, I slowly got dressed as Oliver showered and changed. As I waited for him to come out of the bathroom, I couldn’t help but look at his phone still sitting on the dresser and I realized I had never asked him why his phone was deliberately shut off after he had gotten the call from his Uncle. I believed his story, or at least I thought I did, but some things still didn’t make sense. If his Uncle had called him and Oliver rushed out to go to him like he had said he did, then why did he turn his phone off, and why did he leave it behind? He could’ve easily stuck it into his pocket before leaving, so why didn’t he? After such an amazing moment with him, I didn’t like still doubting what he had told me, but not being able to fill the holes in his story still made me a little skeptical. I couldn’t decide whether to talk about it with him or not, either. 


I heard the shower shut off and eventually Oliver came out of the bathroom, dressed in new clothes and his eyes held worry as he looked to me, “What’s wrong?” He wondered, but I gave him a smile as I stepped over towards him and planted a gentle kiss on his lips.

“It’s nothing. Do you have to get going now?” I asked in return.

“Yeah, sorry.. I’m gunna grab a few changes of clothes before I leave, but I promise I’ll be back in a few days.. I’ll call you every day, too, so don’t worry about me.. Are you okay now?” He questioned.

“Yeah, just going to miss you, is all. I hope your Uncle gets better soon so you can come home.”

“Me, too.. You should get to work now, it runs best when you’re there,” he replied and I smirked.

“All right.. I love you more than anything, Oliver.”

“I love you, too..” He answered, pulling him into me briefly to give him one last long kiss and I reluctantly pulled away, walking towards the door to leave.


Maybe my love for him blinded me, causing me to want to believe him so badly to the point where I actually did, but after being through this before with him disappearing, I couldn’t help but think there was so much more than what he had told me. The possibility of him seeing someone else came to my mind, but something like that just couldn’t be true, it couldn’t.. There had to be something else behind all of this, but perhaps now was not the time to try and figure it out. He needed to be somewhere, I knew that, but to be with his Uncle? ..Doubtful..


Oliver’s POV


Screenshot-258 (2)

I hated myself.. I hated myself for lying to him, I hated myself for keeping up with this stupid lie, and I hated myself the most for using my confession of love for him just to get him to believe me and take his mind off of me possibly lying.. Granted, I had been wanting to tell him that I loved him for a while now, but not like this.. Not to hide something. But, it was too late now, far too late and I couldn’t take it back. I watched him leave the bedroom and it wasn’t until I heard the front door open and shut that I let my hate for myself show in my expression.

Screenshot-266 (2)

I looked towards the dresser, seeing my phone lying upon it and I picked it up, pressing the button to turn it on, but my screen lit up right away and it was already on.. Had Isaiah turned it on? Shit.. How stupid was I? The fact that my phone was turned on meant that he knew I had deliberately turned it off and I knew then that he was probably wondering why I hadn’t brought it with me, especially after the story I had went with to tell him, but why didn’t he ask me about it? Maybe he didn’t notice something like that.. At least I hoped he didn’t. I tucked my phone in my pocket and grabbed a bag from the closet, filling it with clothes for me to change into for the next few days and I shut off all the lights in the condo except for the one in the hallway before I left to go back to the cabin.


I had parked Jody’s car in a randomly secluded spot, which I took a cab to get to like I had planned earlier, then driving myself to the grocery store a few towns over on my way back and I picked up a good amount of food to pack the fridge with, as well as making sure I picked up fresh fruit like Jody had wanted. I grabbed a few other essential things like a toothbrush, other toiletries, some Aspirin I knew was safe for Jody to take while pregnant and a phone charger since I had forgotten to grab mine from home because my mind was so frazzled.


Driving the rest of the way to the cabin seemed to take forever, my mind not letting me forget how much of a piece of garbage I was for what I had done and am doing to Isaiah.. I can’t believe I chose that time, of all moments, to tell him I loved him just to get out of him catching me in my lie.. Something told me that he still didn’t believe me, but I couldn’t let that worry me anymore. I spent all last night and this morning looking forward to coming home to fix any problems we might have from me disappearing, so I couldn’t let myself continue to sulk after it seemed we had left on a high note.


I sighed heavily in longing as I thought of the sex we had, which was completely intoxicating and I got turned on just thinking about it, but I tried to calm myself of those thoughts as I grew within half an hour of getting to the cabin and I couldn’t walk through the door excited and with a love-struck grin on my face or Jody would surely think something was up. My eyes caught Jody’s phone in the center console, knowing I should give Jody her phone or else she would become more skeptical and I didn’t want to risk it, but maybe it would be better if I did..? Her memory goes back further before driving to the cabin last night and I knew she remembered that she had grabbed her phone, so I couldn’t even suggest that she might’ve forgotten it in order to keep her from using it, but could I trust her having it? ..I thought I might have to.


When I pulled into the driveway, I pulled down the entire road and parked her car in front of the cabin, making my trip inside easier with all the groceries I had as well as my own bag with clothes. I grabbed her phone and put it in my pocket, coming inside the cabin and I brought everything to the kitchen, stocking the fridge with fresh food and the cabinets with canned goods, then taking out a tray my Uncle had and putting down all of Jody’s requested fresh fruits on it upon the dining table. 

“Jody? ..Are you awake?” I called out, waiting a moment to hear anything from her, but it was silent. 


I grabbed the Aspirin I had bought for her and walked over to the bedroom door, slowly turning the knob and opening it and seeing Jody lying on the bed, eyes shut at first, but her eyelids batted open and she looked up to me.

“Hey.. I didn’t mean to wake you.. I got you fruit and I brought you Aspirin if you have a headache,” I spoke softly, coming into the room and sitting next to her on the bed.

“Thanks,” she said bluntly with little emotion, watching her sit up and she took the bottle of pain killer from my hand, taking out two of the pills and putting them into her mouth and washing it down with a cup of tea she already had next to her on the nightstand, then tossing the bottle into her bag.

“Oh, you found tea to drink? That’s good.. The water from the faucet isn’t too good here if you don’t boil it and the milk is spoiled.. I didn’t expect you to drink a beer, either, so I’m glad you found something,” I said with a smirk, but her expression remained unchanging and I grew slightly nervous, “If you’re hungry, let me know and I’ll make you something.. I’ll, uhm.. I’ll let you rest,” I continued, standing from the bed and going to the door, but before I could leave, she stopped me.

Screenshot-344 (2)

“Do you not find me attractive anymore because you’re gay?” Jody asked and my heart began to race.

I looked over my shoulder towards her, “I’m not gay..” I replied.

“Did you have fun seeing him? You were gone for almost six hours, you showered and you changed, too, so you must’ve gone home to him, right..? So, did you have fun seeing him? Did you spend time with him before coming back, is that why it took you so long?” She questioned more and I swallowed hard as I looked to her.

Screenshot-348 (2)

“He was already at work.. And the store I went to didn’t have ripe, good fruit, so I had to look elsewhere, as well.” I lied.

“I thought his bar opened at three? You left around noon so that you could catch him before he went, didn’t you,” she stated and I was surprised as well as enraged that she knew his work schedule, which also led me to believe she knew exactly where he worked, too. 

“He.. He was probably just mad because I left him for you.. Which was why he was already at work when I got there,” I replied, neither of us averting our eyes anywhere else for a few grueling moments and I then watched her smile softly.

Screenshot-357 (2)

“My phone’s not in my bag, was it in the car?” She asked next, getting off the subject of Isaiah and I let out a somewhat relieved sigh. 

“Yeah.. You accidentally left it in there last night, but I brought it in for you,” I answered, reaching into my pocket and handing it to her, “Don’t tell anyone you’re here, okay? No one knows about this place but my family, they’d be pissed if they somehow found out I brought a girl here..”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I think it’s fun we’re here in secret,” she replied and I hoped that she meant her words, “I’m going to sleep for a little while, I’m still pretty wiped out.. I’ll eat something later, okay?” She finished and I smirked halfheartedly, nodding towards her and I left the room, shutting the door behind me.


After I had shut the door, I leaned my back against it, shutting my eyes harshly and I knew I kept thinking that I couldn’t take much more of this, but the more and more that piled on top of my problems, lie after lie after lie, I hated that I was somewhat getting used to it.. I knew I was terrible at lying, but so far there wasn’t a single person in my life that knew the whole truth of anything.. I lied to Isaiah about seeing Jody, I lied to my Uncle about being with Isaiah, I lied to Jody about him, too, I even lied to Kat about everything involving Jody and seeing her Dad without her knowing, even James, my best friend, was being lied to in all aspects of everything involving this goddamn cabin. There isn’t a single person in my life that knows the truth of anything except me.. Things weren’t even close to looking good, but things weren’t looking too bad, either, giving me a little hope that eventually, everything would work out in the end, but there was no way of being sure of that. If I lost everything, the good thing in my life that I wish would stay was Isaiah, as well as my child.. Nothing else mattered and I’d be damned if I’ll let either slip through my fingers.. I wouldn’t let it happen and I’d do the best I could to prevent it.


Jody’s POV



That.. Fucking.. Asshole.. What a fucking liar! He was cheating on me and I knew it! That prick has been seeing that queer behind my back and I didn’t know why. What the hell did he have that I didn’t?! I was having Oliver’s child! I was the one in need of him, not that son of a bitch, Isaiah.. I was fed up with this. I knew Oliver was lying to me, I just knew it.. He had seen that filthy man-lover when he left here and I couldn’t forget it, I wouldn’t let myself. The only way for me to make sure Oliver was mine and only mine was to deal with that piece of shit back in town.


Around one in the morning, I awoke from a long nap and felt very tried, but at least my headache was gone and I listened for a moment to see if I could hear anything coming from the living room, but it was quiet within the cabin, only the sound of nocturnal insects coming from outside. I struggled a little to my feet and stand from the bed, tip-toeing to the door and I opened it as quietly as I could, peaking out just slightly and I saw Oliver sleeping on the couch with the television turned down so you could barely hear it. He was so adorable as he slept, neither snoring nor breathing heavily at all, like an angel napping on a cloud and I wanted to snuggle with him and fall asleep together, but there was something I had to take care of first..


As quietly as I could, I shut the bedroom door again and went to my bag, taking out my phone and I called my brother, Thomas, only a few rings going by before he answered.

Hey, where are you? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I whispered.

Is he there? Are you with him?”

“Yes.. He’s sleeping.”

Fucker.. I still can’t believe you like that nerdy piece of shit, especially after knocking you up like that.”

“Shut up, I love him, and that’s none of your damn business, anyways..”

Whatever.. Wha’d you call for?”


“Did he see him today?” I wondered.

Yeah, he was there. His ‘roommate’ left around three forty five and Oliver left a few minutes after.”

That asshole.. I knew it.. “Well, keep watching him. He’s bound to leave a few more times, either to pretend to go out to get stuff for us or to see him.. Call me if it keeps happening..”

Yeah, I will.. Why don’t you let this fucker go, already? I already scared the piss out of him so he’ll take care of you and the baby, but he’s seeing a guy, Jody.. I don’t think he wants a crazy bitch like you around anymore, so just let him give you child support.”

“No.. I want him. I want him to be mine, completely mine, and if getting rid of that bastard he’s with is the only way, then we’re sticking to the plan. Just keep watching him and call me if this bullshit relationship keeps up, then you’ll have to scare the piss out of him into never seeing Oliver again, or things are going to get much, much worse for him. He only gets one chance to back off.. Let’s hope he takes it and runs.”


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Generation 4, Chapter 11, Pt 3/3


I brought Jody into my Uncle’s home, the one I had lied about, the one I had said my whole family owned, but I knew my Uncle Gareth was the only one that lived here all along.. I had wondered why I had brought her here, why I had driven her car blindly to his cabin, of all places, but I knew that I needed help with this.. I knew I couldn’t handle Jody alone anymore and I didn’t want Isaiah to get involved, so who better than the one man I had always known to be good at dealing with finding one’s way out of trouble? I didn’t know what I wanted to do now that we were here at my Uncle’s cabin and I didn’t know what I was going to tell Jody whenever she woke up, but I knew that I needed to think of something fast.


I had always been suspicious of my Uncle.. I had known that he was always involved in a shady business, but I never knew exactly what kind, I just always suspected he did incredibly illegal things in order to get paid in such huge chucks of cash all at once.. Money that I later on found out he used to give my mother behind my father’s back..

When I was a boy, Katalina and I were playing around the house while he would be gone at night and we ended up playing in his room. I eventually came across stacks of cash in a hiding spot he had while playing hide and seek with her and I had asked Kat where he got all of his money, but even she didn’t know, she was just scared that we had come across it and demanded we put it back where I had found it. I had never asked him in all the years I’ve known him how or where he had gotten it, but I thought it was better not to ask because I might not like the answer.. It made me wonder though, why he lived out here in the middle of nowhere in a crap shack like this when I knew he still had tons of that money hidden somewhere.


I heard footsteps approaching the door, hearing it open and I knew my Uncle was standing behind me, “She going to be okay, Doc?” He asked as he stood in the doorway behind me.

“I’m not a doctor yet, but, yeah.. She might be okay..”

“What’s blondie’s name?”

“Jody.. You’ve met her before, I think.. At Thanksgiving last year,” I replied.

“Ahh, that’s right, she showed up after you left.. She’s your girlfriend, right?” He asked next and I shook my head.


“So, that isn’t your baby she’s carryin’?” He said sarcastically as if he already knew the answer and I sighed.


“..It is.. We’re just not together..”

“My nephew is goin’ to be a dad, huh?” I heard him scoff mockingly, “You’re too young for this shit already..” He advised.

“Not going to argue with you on that statement..” I replied.

“Let her rest. Come out here so I can talk to you,” he demanded, hearing him walk away from the doorway and I reluctantly listened, standing from the bed I sat on next to Jody and I followed my Uncle out of the room, shutting the door behind me quietly.


“Sit down,” he instructed, pointing over towards the dining table and I did as he told, walking through the living room and taking a seat within one of the wooden chairs. I sat there in silence, staring at the table top as I heard my Uncle looking for something in the kitchen and soon he walked over to join me, setting down an ashtray with his pack of cigarettes and he sat in the chair across from me. I listened to him light one of the cigarettes and he tossed the lighter on the table, listening to him take a long drag of it and let it out slowly as I still sat there in silence.


“We ever gunna talk about the elephant in the room?” He eventually spoke, but I didn’t answer him, “All right, I’ll start.. I saw what you did back there,” he continued and my eyes looked up, seeing him already looking at me and I grew nervous, “Didn’t know it was you at the time, but I saw it.”

My view then went back down to the table top, “I didn’t do that.. I-I mean, I didn’t know what I was doing.. It just.. It wasn’t me,” I replied.

“Just can’t help ourselves sometimes, right?” He added and I looked back up to him, seeing him giving a slight grin.

“I didn’t want to do that,” I tried to explain myself.


“Could’ve fooled me,” he answered and I scowled softly, “Anyways.. Tell me why you did that, wha’d she do to deserve it?” He asked and his tone seemed as if she was to blame in this without even hearing anything about her.

“She didn’t deserve it.. I already told you, I don’t know why I did it,” I replied and he scoffed.

“Come on, don’t give me that bullshit.. I’m not a fuckin’ cop or a psychiatrist or whatever they are, so just tell me straight..” He insisted, but I didn’t answer him, “You’re really going to give me the silent treatment like some pissed off broad? There’s obviously a reason you came here, you must’ve thought this was some kind of safe place for you to be, especially after what you did, am I right?” He questioned, but I couldn’t argue with what he had said.. He was right and he knew it.


“I’m not goin’ to turn you in, kid.. So, either start talkin’, or you can go into that room, take your little lady with you and get the fuck out of here,” he warned me, “Last chance.”

Reluctantly, that got me to talk, “She, uhm.. She’s a little unstable,” I replied, not wanting to go anywhere else, especially since I had nowhere to go, anyways, “I met her before the winter.. She seemed nice at first, I liked her a lot, but then she changed.. She showed me a side of her that I wasn’t ready for, a side that I hate and it was too much for me. She took advantage of me, had her way with me, got pregnant.. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve told her to stay away from me, but she won’t. It wasn’t until earlier today that I realized I wanted the baby, but she already said she won’t share custody with me.. It’s either I’m with her, or I’m not.. And if I’m not, I can forget about ever seeing my child,” I explained my situation, looking up to my Uncle and his expression seemed displeased.


“That little lady in there did all that to you?” He asked and I nodded, watching him take another long drag of his cigarette and he let it out slowly, “You should’ve hit her a little harder,” he said with a straight face, something I wanted to believe was a joke, but the look in his eyes told me otherwise. Although my Uncle and I never have seen eye to eye on things and we never really got along, it felt good knowing that he cared enough to get angry about how she’s treated me.


“You really are an idiot though, you know that?” He began again and I sighed, knowing that us getting along was far too much to ask, “You’re pretty book smart, but you’re not a whole lot life smart, are you?” He asked rhetorically. 

“It’s not my fault.. I didn’t know she was this kind of person at first..”

“You need to learn how to read people better, that’s your downfall. Take me, for example. What kind of person do you think I am?” He questioned and I froze for a moment.

“I’d rather not..”

“Oh, come on.. Throughout all of these years you’ve known me, you’ve never been curious about anything? ..Suspicious?”

“Should I have had a reason to be?” I asked and he chuckled softly.

“You tell me,” he challenged and I could feel my heart beginning to race a little.


“Well.. I know exactly what kind of person you are, although I have always wondered something..” I admitted.

“Oh, yeah? What’s that?”

“What did you used to do for a living? ..Are you still doing it now?” I asked and I noticed him smirk slightly.

“That big old heart of yours wouldn’t be able to handle it.. After seeing what you did to your girl, and especially after witnessing how you had reacted after, you couldn’t handle knowing,” he belittled me and my anger rose. I hated being belittled, I had gotten enough of it from Jody and I had been putting up with it from my Uncle for far too long.

“..I’m stronger than you think.”


“Don’t make me laugh,” he mocked, “Tell me.. How did you feel before you bashed her over the head?” He wondered and I felt my heart plummet into my stomach, “Did you feel invigorated? Strong?”

“I don’t remember..” I lied, but the truth was I didn’t want to think about it.. I didn’t like how I had felt. 

“That’s a load of horse shit, tell me the truth.”

“Why does it matter?”

“Call me curious,” he egged on and I fell silent, “You can’t expect me to help you if you don’t give me some sort of insight as to why all of this happened, do you? I know you enjoyed it, you must’ve. You seemed like you wanted to do it, at least,” he assumed.

“I told you a thousand times already, I didn’t mean to do that.. I hate that it happened, I don’t even know why I did it,” I expressed with frustration.

“I didn’t ask how you feel about it now, I asked how you felt about doing it while you were doing it.. Big difference, kid,” he pointed out, but I still didn’t answer him. I hated feeling that amount of rage and I hated how I wasn’t able to have any control over myself..


“It felt good, didn’t it?” He asked and I watched him put his cigarette out. I didn’t know how to answer him, or maybe I didn’t want to.. He was wrong, though, it didn’t feel good.. At the time that everything was happening, it felt right, like it needed to be done, like it as supposed to happen, but that’s not to say that I liked it.

“Look,” he began again, “I know you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, nor are you the shiniest, but I know you’re smart enough to know what you want in your life and what you don’t, and clearly, she’s a good example of what you don’t want.. How do you expect me to help you when I know nothing about any of this, when all your doing is keeping your mouth shut and refusing to let me help you?”

“And why do you want to help me?” I asked, looking up to him with a grimace and he didn’t seem to like how I was acting.


“Listen, you little shit,” he grew angry, watching him lean on the table more towards me and I swallowed hard from his intimidating stare, “You came to my land, you came to my home, you brought that girl with you and it seemed like it was your plan all along to bring her out in the middle of nowhere to do what you did. You’re the one that got me involved.. Anywhere else, you’d be in fucking jail right now because you would’ve been seen because you were too stupid to come here.. But, you know what? You weren’t as stupid as I thought you’d be, you did come here, and you bashed that girl over the head out of anger, because you felt you needed to, yeah?” He guessed and I eventually nodded in agreement.


Finally some progress..” He expressed with frustration, “I can tell now that you didn’t like doing it.. But, you still did and you came here because you need my help and I want to help you.. I can’t let my nephew go to jail for something when he thought he was doing the right thing, now can I? You realize that what you did was assault and battery, maybe even attempted murder, right? I made a promise to look after you and make sure your stupid ass doesn’t get into any trouble.. You did good by coming here and you were right to think that I can help you, because I can.. I just need to know what you want to do about that broad lying in my bed, unconscious from you acting out on something you felt you needed to do, so the sooner you start talking, the better.. For both of us,” he warned and for the first time tonight, I felt that I should take down the wall I kept between us and get the help I had came for.


“All I want is my child.. I don’t care what happens to her, but it would be better if she wasn’t around to keep me from them,” I admitted, watching as his expression seemed a little surprised.

“Are you saying what I think your saying?” He asked and I didn’t even know what I meant by my words, though by the look in his eyes, he seemed a little excited.

“I don’t know, I just.. All that I’m saying is that she gave me two options. One, to be with her and the baby, or two, be with neither.. But, the option I want is one without the other and I know that won’t happen.. All this time she’s been stalking me, trying to stay as close to me as possible, but if I choose to not be with her, she’s going to go to every length to stay away from me and keep me from my baby.. I need to find another solution, one that doesn’t involve her..”

“..Like?” He asked curiously.

“That’s what I need you to help me with..”


“Tell me everything you can about her,” he began and I paid attention to his instructions, “I need to know every detail about what happened with her today, even if it doesn’t seem important, say it anyways.. I need to know who her family is, how close they are, anything they know about you.. I need to know who you talk to and who she knows about, everything, you understand?” He asked and I nodded.

“..What are you going to do with all of this information..?” I asked with a somewhat worried tone and he kept a straight face.

“I’ll let you know whenknow.. Also, every question that I ask, I need you to answer me honestly, you hear me?”

“Yes..” I agreed.

“Yes, what?” He demanded, hating when he always made me answer him properly.

“Yes, I understand..” I replied and he seemed satisfied.


It didn’t take me long to help catch him up on everything that’s happened between Jody and I.. I had told him the gist of things a little earlier, but since he had asked for more detail, that’s exactly what I gave him.. I told him how our first date went, how she acted, exactly what had happened and what she did to me the very next day, every incident with her brother, Thomas, the time I had gone to her ballet practice and she made a deal with me, and everything we talked about only hours prior to arriving here.. The only thing I had avoided talking about was Isaiah and the fact that we lived together.

“Does anyone know she came here with you? Anyone at all?”

“No, I don’t think so.. She lives in a Sorority house, but no one was home when we had stopped there for her to pack a bag..”

“Get me her cell phone, it’s most likely in her bag,” he instructed and I nodded, getting up out of the chair and searching her bag and he was right. I found her phone and brought it back over to him, letting him take it and he quickly looked through it.

“..What are you looking for?” I asked.

“Anyone who she might’ve called or texted today, letting them know that she was meeting up with you,” he replied and I grew slightly nervous.. I wanted to know what he was planning, but I decided to hold off on asking until this was all over with. I watched as he then handed me her phone back and I put it into my pocket for the time being and he continued on, “Good news is she didn’t call anyone at all today and no one called her, and her texts from today don’t mention or even hint at anything regarding you, but, is there anyone you think she might’ve told that she was meeting up with you today that she wouldn’t have contacted through means of her cell phone?”


“Maybe her brother.. That’s all that I can think of, though.. We’ve been trying to keep her pregnancy as secret as possible, I don’t think anyone knows that I’m the dad besides her brother, Kat, James and Is-” I stopped, knowing that my Uncle had no idea I was seeing a man and I knew he wouldn’t approve of such a thing.

“And..? Who else?” He questioned, knowing that I had to tell him the truth, no matter how much I didn’t want to, but I ended up going with what I had told Jody earlier.

“Isaiah.. My, uhm.. My roommate,” I lied, watching as his expression grew curious.

“Oh, he moved into the townhouse?”

“No, I, uh.. I moved out. I wanted to be closer to the center of town, so I rented a room he had vacant,” I explained and he seemed pleased enough with the answer I gave him to not question it anymore, deciding then to continue explaining where I lived, “It’s actually where she was today.. I live over a coffee shop and there’s a courtyard in the center that I can see from my balcony in the back. I noticed her sitting there in the morning, but at the time, I didn’t know it was her.. It wasn’t until later tonight when I went back out onto the balcony that I noticed she was still there and it finally dawned on me.. She was sitting there all day long.. I went down to the courtyard and that’s where we talked, argued rather, and that’s when I drove her up here..”


“That’s not good..” He mentioned with a sigh and I began to worry.

“W-What? Why?”

“How many people were in the courtyard with you?”

“I-I don’t know.. Now that I think about it, I don’t think there was anyone there besides us, as well as the barista’s that work at the shop.. They didn’t seem to really pay any attention to us.. Why does it matter?”

“Because then that’s a lead,” he pointed out, “It doesn’t matter if you think they didn’t notice you, they most likely did, and in this situation, you were the last one to be with Jody before she went missing,” he explained, but I quickly grew confused.

“Missing..? What do you mean?” I asked with worry.

“Ollie, what in the fuck do you plan to do with her now that she’s here? You bashed her over the head with a mug, I’m surprised she’s still alive.. Just take in all the possibilities. Whenever she wakes up, assume the worst, assume she remembers that you did it and it wasn’t simply her standing in the wrong place at the wrong time in order for something as distinct as the shape of a mug to fall onto her head..” He advised and I grew nervous all over again. He was right, what if she knows I did it? “And you know what? If she knows you did it, what makes you think she’s going to want to stay here? What makes you think she won’t go to the police and tell them what you did? It gives her more of a reason, too, to make you suffer and it gives her an excuse to keep your baby from you, especially knowing now that you attempted to murder her.. Therefore, now she’s a missing person, because you’re not really going to take her back home so she can just go straight to the police, now will you?” He asked and my hands started to shake. How did he have all of this planned out already? He seemed to know a great deal about this kind of thing and he knew exactly how to avoid it, making me ultimately think that this isn’t the first time he’s been in a situation like this..

“B-But.. What if she doesn’t know it was me?”

“Even still.. Do you really want everything to go back to the way it was?” He asked and I dropped my gaze, still trying to figure out what he meant by all of this, but I was still playing catch up. All of the information he wanted to know made me think we were going to murder her and dump her body somewhere, but even that seemed a little too far-fetched, even for my Uncle.. 

“Then what exactly are you saying?” I asked, looking back up to him.

“We need to keep her here.. At least until the baby is born..” He advised and my eyes widened, adrenaline running through my veins as well as shock and worry.


“N-No..” I expressed, standing from the chair and slowly stepping away from the table, “No, I can’t just kidnap her and hold her hostage!” I expressed in a panic, “And where the hell do you expect her to have the baby? Here!?

“Will you keep your fucking voice down?” He expressed angrily, “If she hears a word of any of this, she’s going to make it a whole lot more difficult to keep her here..”

“We’re not keeping her here! We can’t!

“We have to because we don’t have a choice thanks to your actions, you fucking genius!” He spoke sarcastically with anger, “Even if we acted as if everything were fine, don’t you think she’d want to go home at some point? Do you really want to let her? Do you really want to let her get away with everything that she’s done to you? If everything you told me is true, you can be sure that that girl hasn’t even shown you what kind of hell she can truly bring. Once that baby is born, it’s going to get worse before it gets better and I know you know that.. She’s going to make you want to do things far worse than just hitting her over the head with a mug,” he warned and it was still so hard to even fathom any of this.. “I know this isn’t something you want, but what’s done is done, there’s no going back now, not anymore.. The sooner you get on board with this, the better it’ll be.”


“How the hell can this be good in any sense, let alone better?! Nothing about this is okay!” I continued to panic, beginning to pace around the room as I talked out loud, “I’m not a murderer, I’m not a kidnapper, and I’m definitely not strong enough to do any of this.. I can’t do it!” I brought my hands to my head, gripping my hair and I couldn’t handle any of this anymore.. I can’t keep this from Isaiah, he can read me better than anyone and the moment I see him, it’ll all be over.. He’ll know something’s wrong.. My eyes then caught sight of my Uncle’s clock and I panicked even more, the fact that I wasn’t home when he got home two hours ago will be enough to make him worry and there’s no avoiding it now.. How am I going to explain all of this to him? Should I even try to? What would he think..? I knew he wouldn’t be okay with it, he was too kind of a person to accept me treating someone like this, even Jody.. No one deserves this kind of treatment.. He’d think I was some kind of a monster..


“Ollie..” I heard my Uncle trying to get my attention, hearing him walk over to me and I felt his hand on my shoulder, “You’re thinkin’ too much.. You need to calm down, kid, unless you want another episode like earlier,” he warned, removing my hands from gripping my hair slowly and realizing that that was the last thing I wanted.. “Look, I got a plan.. It still needs some kinks worked out, but.. We could keep her here until the baby is born.. You could deliver it since you have medical training and you don’t have to do anything, I can take care of the rest. I can get rid of her for you nice and easy, no mess, she doesn’t have to feel anything, you don’t have to watch.. You can just deliver your baby and spend as much time with it as you want while I do my part.. I can make it so nothing will happen to you, none of this will come back to you,” he explained, but just the thought of the amount of blood and other bodily fluids I’d need to be in contact with during the process made my head spin and my stomach twist like a tornado.


“S-Stop.. I-I think.. I think I’m going to be sick..” I replied quietly, staggering to the back door quickly and opening it, walking off of the small back deck and I stumbled into the grass, feeling something coming up and I vomited behind a bush near the house. I couldn’t do this.. No matter how much it made sense, no matter how much it didn’t, I couldn’t do anything my Uncle was suggesting. I wasn’t as strong as I had thought, I couldn’t bring myself to cause anymore harm than I already have.. My body could barely handle all of the emotions I felt and throwing up was the only thing that made me feel even the slightest bit better. 


After wiping my mouth, feeling myself going cold and even noticing my skin turning the slightest bit pale through the darkness of the night, all I could think about was Isaiah.. I wanted to call him, but I didn’t have my cell phone with me, and what would I tell him even if I did call him? That I found Jody stalking me from outside of our home? That I had coaxed her into leaving town with me to be alone with her? To bring her to the middle of nowhere so I could attempt to murder her and I needed my Uncle’s help in order to eventually do that, according to his plan? I knew for sure that I couldn’t tell him the truth, but maybe whenever I left here, I would have thought of a good enough excuse to give him on the way home.. But what kept me from thinking of one now? Maybe I could just tell him that I needed to help my Uncle with something, that it was a family emergency.. But, then he’d ask what the emergency was and I knew that was when I would choke up.. He’d wonder why I hadn’t at least left him a note and I couldn’t think of an excuse for that, either.. 


I walked towards the steps leading up to the deck behind the house, taking a seat and I continued to ponder what the hell I was going to do.. I didn’t want to lie to him, but I couldn’t tell him the whole truth.. Maybe I could just do what I’ve been doing and just leave some parts out..? That’s not outright lying, is it? It’s just.. Withholding certain information.. I needed to do something, though.. I could use my Uncle’s phone to call him, at least just to let him know that I was okay, but I couldn’t do that without him asking a million questions and the moment I would hear the longing in his voice, it would make me break down even more than I already have. I’d much rather be home, lying in bed with him, feeling him holding me as we both drifted off to sleep.. I yearned for it.. 


After I had regained what little composure I could, I stood from the step that I sat upon, slowly walking up them onto the back deck but before I went inside, I heard my Uncle inside talking to someone. I peaked through the window on the door and it wasn’t Jody he was talking to, but he was on the phone with someone.. I couldn’t make out the exact words he was saying, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about exactly who he was talking to, and about what.. 


I went for the doorknob, turning it as quietly as I could and I opened the door to come in, now able to hear what he was saying..

“-and I know we haven’t talked in a long time, but I just wanted to let you know that I might need your help with something..” He paused for a moment, assuming he was listening to who was on the other line and I continued to listen without him noticing me, “Look, I know what he did to get you involved and I can’t say that I still don’t hold a grudge, but you owe me..” He continued, looking over his shoulder and he finally noticed me standing there, “I gotta go..” He exclaimed, pulling the phone away from his ear and hanging up on whoever he was talking to.


I shut the door behind me and he acted as if he hadn’t done anything wrong, “Who were you talking to..?” I asked.

“None of your damn business..”

“I think it is my business.. Based on what I overheard..”

“You mean eavesdropped on?”

“..Was it my Dad?” I asked and he chuckled.

“You honestly think your Dad would talk to me? I haven’t heard from him for as long as you have,” he replied, but something told me that that was a lie.


“You can really stand there and tell me you haven’t talked to him when he put me in your care? He doesn’t even care enough to know how I’m doing?”

“Drop it, kid.. You have enough to worry about as it is, no need thinking about something that doesn’t need to be worried about,” he pushed me off the subject, but I didn’t want to let it go.

“I know you’re lying..”

“Do you now? All of a sudden, after I told you that you need to learn to read people better, you think you can read me just like that? Get over yourself and start thinking about the shit you already have in your hands.”

“I grew up with you.. Surprisingly, I did actually pay attention to how you acted. You and Kat are family and you’re the only two I’ve known the longest to be able to say that when I know how you act, I do know..”

“You don’t know shit.. Now drop the damn subject or I won’t help you anymore,” he warned.

“I know that you try to avoid touchy subjects when you’re lying,” I pointed out and I knew he was growing angry, “At least just tell me who you were talking to.. It makes me a little worried seeing you on the phone with someone asking for favors right after I got here..” I expressed and he sighed heavily.

“You wanna know who I was talking to? I was talking to an old friend.. One that used to do jobs with me.. His name’s Ezra,” he confessed and I thought for a moment.. I knew I had heard that name before, but when? ..Where?


My eyes suddenly widened in surprise, recalling my father talking to someone named Ezra the night he had dropped me off at Aunt Nina’s and the night that he.. No, I couldn’t think about it, I wouldn’t let myself.. 

“So you do know who I’m talking about..” He realized and I nodded.

“Yeah.. I do.. I remember being at the bookstore and my Dad was talking to Ezra on the phone.. He’s the one that was watching you and my mom, right..?” I asked.

“Yup..” He answered simply, though I could tell in his expression that he was a little bothered by the subject. 

“..Why would you want to talk to him?”

“Because, even despite him going behind my back under my brother’s wing, he’s good at what he does and whenever this shit takes a turn for the worse, I need him to help me.”


“You make it sound like something bad will happen..”

“Well, won’t it? Have you come to terms yet with what needs to be done?” He questioned and I shook my head.

“No.. I never will. You’re asking me to do something that I can’t.”

“You seemed to be fully capable in the driveway earlier,” he practically rubbed in, but I cringed at the thought of it.

“Please, don’t remind me..” I requested and he didn’t continue.


I stepped closer towards him more into the kitchen, my view meeting the floor as I contemplated trying one more time to get information out of him, “Can I just, please, ask you a question and can I ask that you’ll be honest?” I asked, my view coming up and he sighed heavily.

“Look, kid.. I don’t know where your Dad is, I don’t even know if he’s still alive, so just drop the fucking subject, will you?” He stressed.

“Actually, I just.. I really want to know if you truly haven’t talked to my Dad ever since that one night..? Has he really never tried to contact you?” I asked with a sense of longing and I knew my Uncle could tell that it still troubled me.

“You just can’t put this shit behind you, can you?” He asked rhetorically with frustration.

“I won’t.. I’ve been left in the dark all these years.. I think I deserve to know,” I replied, seeing him look to me and he seemed to be trying to read me, but I held my determination as I looked back at him.


“Fine..” He replied and a sense of both excitement as well as worry consumed me and I was eager to hear him continue, “He’s contacted me a handful of times.. Usually only once every few years,” he replied and my heart was lifted in an instant.

“W-What does he talk to you about?” I asked anxiously and I could tell my Uncle was still reluctant to talk about it.

“You,” he replied and I watched as he walked over to the dining table, taking a seat within one of the chairs and I quickly walked over to join him, sitting in one of the chairs as well and I was practically sitting on the edge of my seat.


“What about me?” I asked eagerly.

“He just wants to know what you’re up to, how school is going and what not.. But, since we aren’t that close, there isn’t much I can tell him.”

“Well, tell him that I’m doing good in school and that I’m thinking about starting my residency in August! Tell him that I’m having a baby and that he’s going to be a grandfather, and tell him-”

“Whoa, whoa, kid.. I said that he calls once every couple of years, not every fuckin’ year or once every few months.. I never know when he’s going to call, either.”

“B-But.. Don’t you have his number? Maybe I could just call him myself and-” I stopped, hearing my Uncle laugh as if I had just told a good joke.

“You think it’s just that easy? Whenever he does call, it’s from a different number every single time, or even a number that’s blocked and can’t be traced. Have you forgotten that he’s a wanted man charged with murder?” He questioned and I sighed softly to myself. 


“Isn’t there a way that you two could get into contact? What if something bad happened to me? What if I got into a car accident or something and died, would he just never know until the next time he calls? There has to be a way..” I replied, looking back up to my Uncle and I didn’t like the expression he held.

“Sorry, Ollie.. I wish I could give you a better answer, I really do..” He replied and I knew now that he was telling the truth, or maybe he was just that good at lying. 


I couldn’t help it.. As much as I hated crying in front of my Uncle of all people, I couldn’t help the tears that formed in my eyes and fell down my cheeks. 

“Ahh, Jesus.. See? This is why I wanted to leave shit where it stood..” My Uncle expressed as I dropped my head down onto my arm to hide my tears that I already knew he saw, “You’re too fuckin’ fragile, kid.. Crying doesn’t change anything, so stop doin’ it,” he continued, feeling his hand touch the back of my head and he tried to comfort me the best I knew a man like him was capable of doing.. I was broken. I was the most lost that I could ever be and nothing that I needed was here to help.. Not Isaiah, not my Dad.. The closest thing I had for help was someone that I despised my entire life and I doubted it was going to be good enough. I was happy knowing that my Dad still cared and worried about me, but I’d much rather hear it from him myself than hear it from my Uncle. 


“Listen, Ollie.. I know you’re feeling a lot right now and you’re going through a lot that I wish we could avoid, but you gotta buck the fuck up and focus on what’s ahead of you. I know missing your Dad is hard to get passed, but you got a lot of other more important things to worry about right now.. Like that girl in the other room and your kid. Do your best to collect yourself so we can talk more about this, all right?” He encouraged, feeling him remove his hand from my head and I still hid my face in my arm, “Now.. Wipe the tears off your face and take a breath.. Tell me what you told her to get her to come out here with you,” he instructed.

It t