Generation 2, Chapter 13

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“Do we really have to keep discussing this?” I asked with an annoyed tone, helping Faline clean up the kitchen from dinner as we argued. 

“I just don’t understand why you won’t get rid of her.. She’s messed up your books and even simple calculations that could cost you thousands of dollars. She’s terrible at what she does for you, so why the hell is she not fired yet?” Faline asked back angrily, talking about Miss Chu.

“Yeah, she messes up sometimes, but I usually always check her work or someone else does, I’ve caught all of her mistakes before so I haven’t really lost anything,” I reply.

“Jason, the fact that you or someone else needs to check her work after every time that she does it means that you should get a new fucking secretary, she has no idea what she’s doing. All she does is sit in her office, wasting time and flirting with you. She’s a waste of your time, everyone’s time.. She should know how to do her job after 6 months of working there and not have to be graded like she’s 13 years old.. Didn’t I ask you last month when you were going to get rid of her, too? How many times do I have to ask?” She retorted.

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“I mean, what other reasons are you keeping her on the payroll besides..” She hesitated, beginning to wash the dishes.

I stopped what I was doing, seeing her back to me and watching as she washed the dishes more roughly than she normally would, “Besides.. What?” I asked with a short tone, watching then as she slowed her pace down.

“Nothing,” she answered quickly.

“Faline.. Besides what?” I repeated the question, slowly walking towards her but stopping a few feet away.

“I don’t know.. Maybe besides the fact that you’re probably sleeping with her,” she managed to say through the slight frog in her throat and I heard her sniff quickly at the possible build up of tears. I let out a gentle sigh and walked more towards Faline until I was right behind her, running my hands down her arms and I could feel her jump at my touch, as if she wanted nothing to do with me.

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“Stop what you’re doing,” I softly demanded, hearing her put the dishes down and shutting the water off. I turned her around slowly and she avoided eye contact with me, looking at my shirt instead, “I’m not sleeping with her, I would never do that,” I reassured her, but she still refused to look at me. I brought my hand up and put it under her chin, lifting her head to look at me and her eyes seemed so cold, “I promise you I’ve never slept with her, you need to believe that,” I coaxed more and she scoffed at me, turning back around and continuing what she was doing.

“You don’t know the first thing about what I need,” she answered angrily.

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“What the hell’s that supposed to mean?” I asked with a harsh tone, still standing behind her and waiting for an answer.

“Nothing.. Will you just.. Leave, or go to a different room, or something?” She asked, sniffing quietly again.

“No, I won’t. What the fuck else could I not be giving you? You have this house, the twins, Lucy loves you, money out the asshole, a great job, and you have me, what else do you need? What, is all of that not good enough anymore?”

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Faline stopped what she was doing once more and turned around, her face enraged, “Don’t even start with that bullshit! Don’t make me seem like this terrible bad guy or some kind of person who isn’t grateful for what they have. I’m not Lana, Jason, okay? I’m not going to lie to you and tell you the boys are yours when they aren’t or take all your money or treat you like shit! I’m not Lana.. The boys are yours, and I have my own job, I have my own money and I’m not constantly clinging onto you like you’re this huge sack of money!” She replied, her tone of voice getting louder as she finished and I was boiling over at the fact that she had the nerve to mention Lana.

“Can you get to the fucking point already?” I asked angrily, watching her stare me down and I could feel the rage radiating off of her.

“The point, Jason, is that we haven’t had sex in like, 3 months, maybe even more! I’ve somewhat lost track. But, knowing you, knowing who you were in college and even knowing you after living with you for this long, I know you.. If you’re not getting it from me, where else would you be getting it from?” She asked rhetorically, my expression calming down slightly.

“So, you’re just going off of assumptions then? You’re assuming that I’m sleeping around just because you haven’t gotten any? I don’t know what the fuck your problem is, but if you wanted it that bad, then say something! Woo me, dress in lingerie, wear edible panties, flirt with me instead of berate me all the time! When I’m watching television or in bed, jump on top of me! I don’t fucking care! You’re just so worried about me making the first fucking move so then you just assume the worst when I don’t! ” I retorted with a raised voice.

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“Whatever, Jason,” she replied and I watched as a tear fell from her eye but she turned around quickly back to the dishes in the sink.

I wasn’t done with this conversation, no matter what she would say; even if some of it was vaguely true, she had no proof of it to be accusing me of such things. “Look at our schedules, Faline! I work from 6 at night to 3 in the morning, maybe even longer! That’s 9 or more hours that we’re not together. By the time I get home, I go to sleep and a few hours later, you wake up to go to work. We never see one another besides the hour of dinner time we spend together, feeding us and the boys and Lucy.. This job is hard enough as it is, Faline.. I’m sorry that us not seeing that much of one another is causing you to think that I’m sleeping around, but I’m not! I’m at work! You don’t see me accusing you of anything that stupid, so why is it happening to me?” I kept my voice raised, talking to the back of her head as she furiously washed the dishes. 

I couldn’t keep my voice down if I tried, yelling now, “Have you been reading the newspaper? Is there anything in there about me fucking someone else!?” I watched as her body flinched when I swore at her, “I didn’t fucking think so! I run a goddamn business, I have shitty hours, and I barely get to see my own children let alone you! But, hey, I must be sleeping around through, because you know, I have sooooo much time on my hands to fucking do that!” I finished sarcastically, my hands shaking with rage.

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“What? Now you have nothing to say? No more assumptions jumping around in your brain? Because if that’s not all there is to it, then please, enlighten me on the other amazingly thought out assumptions that you’re accusing me of,” I continued sarcastically, still not hearing anything from Faline but the soft sounds of her sniffling as she weakly washed the dishes. “I’m going to workAt this point, if you have anything else to say, save it, ’cause I never want to talk about this again,” I finally finished, exiting the kitchen and hearing her crying get harder as I got closer to the front door and walked out, slamming the door as hard as I could behind me.

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In the car as I drove to work, I clenched the wheel as roughly as I could, letting go a few times to punch the wheel or the dashboard, anything to help me release this anger. I know I was wrong, I had cheated on her plenty of times with Synthia, but I had never slept with her, ever, and I don’t plan to. If I did, I knew she was the type of person to cling to me, kind of like she already does, but it would be way more intense if I slept with her. She struck me as the type of girl who would ruin my life in order to be with me if we got any more serious. I wiped my forehead, glistening with sweat at the rage I had managed to build up and I loosened my tie a little as I pulled into the parking lot of the bar. I clenched the wheel tightly and leaned forward, resting my forehead against it and taking a few long, deep breathes and my rattled nerves settled after about 5 minutes of just sitting there.

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There was a gentle knock on my driver’s side window and I turned my head slightly to see Miss Chu standing there, looking in at me. “Are you all right?” She asked through the closed window and I sighed heavily, lifting my head from the wheel and rubbing my face. I went to open my door and she stepped back a little, watching me get out and I walked towards the bar without saying anything. “Jas- Mr. Dubois, are you okay? You look.. Stressed,” she said with a somewhat worried tone, trailing behind me at my heels and I refused to say a word.

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I walked through Miss Chu’s office and went to my door, “Jason, can you talk to me? Tell me what’s wrong?” Miss Chu continued to ask, but I still said nothing, walking into my office and shutting the door quietly behind me.

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After I had shut the door, I went to the nearest wall and put my hand up, supporting myself as my entire body continued to shake from the anger I felt. Who was I kidding? I knew deep down that Faline would accuse me of cheating eventually, even if I was able to hide it masterfully or even if I never cheated on her at all, she’d still accuse me since she knew my history. She pretty much said herself that I had probably been cheating on her since college. The first day we actually met, I was sly and flirty, just like I was to every other girl I wanted to get with, yet ever since we moved in together, it’s been the other way around. I don’t go looking for women anymore, they just end up falling straight into my lap without any additional effort on my part. Yeah, I’ve taken up a few offers in the passed, but I couldn’t help myself. I was growing to resent Faline and I felt as if I didn’t need her anymore, despite the twins keeping us together. 

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A few hours passed and I was sitting at my coffee table within the room, consumed with my work when I heard a knock on the door, “Come in,” I called out softly, keeping my head focused on the work in front of me and I glanced up for a second to see Miss Chu poking her head in.

“Jason, there’s someone here to see you.. I think they want a job or something,” she said softly.

“I’m a little busy, but send them in I guess,” I replied with a slightly annoyed tone, putting my eyes back to my work.

I heard Miss Chu again, talking outside of my office as she stood in the door with it half closed, “You’re going to have to make it quick, he’s really busy right now.”

I noticed out of my peripherals another figure walk into the room, keeping my attention more on my work than conducting a simple interview. I took a moment to stop and look up, then back to my paperwork, but.. No.. I had to do a double take, looking back up once more and I felt my body freeze up.

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Bennu stood by the door with Miss Chu, giving me a shy smirk and looking to the ground briefly. I slowly stood from the floor, forgetting how to speak for a few long seconds but I soon snapped out of it, looking to Miss Chu, “Thank you,” I said softly, giving her the ‘go ahead’ to leave but I watched as she stood there for a few more moments, looking Bennu up and down in a resentful manner and I repeated myself a little more harshly this time, “Thank you, Miss Chu..” She looked to me and kept her scowl, slowly shutting the door behind her as she continued to eye Bennu up and down resentfully. The moment the door shut, my eyes went straight to Bennu and I was still in disbelief. She looked incredible, just as perfect as I had last seen her years ago. My heart beat out of my chest and I felt as if it was going to burst out at any moment. My Egyptian beauty in the flesh.“B-Bennu..?”

“Hello, Jazon,” she said quietly in the already silent room, but I heard it as clear as day and my insides melted from hearing her fragile accent after so long of being deprived of it.

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I stepped around the coffee table and walked towards her until she was before me, overjoyed and in complete shock. My hands moved by themselves, unable to resist touching her and they rose up to rest of either side of her neck, observing her face and still unable to believe she was in the same room with me after all the time that’s passed; all this time waiting for her to make some kind of contact with me and she was finally here. I couldn’t help it, in an instant my lips crashed into hers and my entire being felt lighter than air, deepening the kiss without hesitation and I felt her body weaken against mine.

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I didn’t want to let her go, not yet, not after all this time out of pure fear that I’d never see her again if I let go. It took me a good five minutes to drag myself away from her lips, and even then, I still went back for a few loving pecks before it ended completely. “I’ve missed you,” I begin quietly, “I never thought I’d hear from you again,” I continued, planting a few more much needed pecks on her lips. 

“It’s been a long time.. I’m sorry, I can only stay for a little bit.. I need to get back home soon,” she replied.

“Well then come sit on the couch with me, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been,” I answered, letting her go finally but taking her hand and leading her over to the couch.

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“So, how’d you know I’d be here?” I asked first.

“I’ve been looking for work, and it happened to lead me all the way out here. You had mentioned you lived here during one of our visits a long time ago, so I asked around to see if you were still in town. A man told me you owned a bar in town and it lead me here,” she replied, a little smitten that she had sought me out, and even happier that she had found me. Her accent had slightly diminished but I still loved the undertone of it and certain accents on the words she used; it was one of my favorite things about her.

“Oh, yeah.. I had called the club a long time ago and they said you had quit.. Why’d you leave it?” I wondered, raising a brow with my question, genuinely curious as to why she left and why she had never tried to get into contact with me sooner.

Bennu seemed a little discomforted at the question, “That is a discussion for another time,” she replied with a soft smirk, turning her attention away from me briefly.

I decided to change the subject, not wanting to pry, “Where are you living now? Here in the city?”

“Yes, I’m renting a place for the time being, but I’m not sure how long I’ll stay there if I can’t get a job to pay the rent,” she replied with a chuckle, “But I will find work, don’t worry about me.”

“Work here,” I replied without hesitation.

“Jazon.. I don’t know if that would-” She began, but I cut her off.

“You’re perfect for working here.. The drinks, the people, the atmosphere, you know it well. I feel like you’d enjoy working here, plus, you can keep your clothes on. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing your face around more often,” I continued, brushing my fingertips down her cheek a little and tucking a few strands of loose hair behind her ear.

I watched as she shied her eyes away briefly and smiled, “Maybe.. I’ll have to think about it,” she replied.

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“When do you stop working? You should come by tonight so we can catch up more,” she suggested and a burst of excitement flew through me, at ease in her own confirmation that this wasn’t going to be another time where she’d drop off the face of the earth and I’d sulk, wondering for who knows how many more years when I’d ever see her again.

“I actually get out of here every night around 3:00 am,” I replied, watching her expression sadden slightly, but I continued, “Umm.. But, I guess I could try and get out of here around midnight.. Would that work?” I asked, watching her expression turn happy once more.

“Yes, that’s fine.. I live in the Mason Complex, do you know where that is?” She wondered and I nodded, “Just go there and I’m on the 24th floor, first door that you see is my place.”

“Okay, I’ll be there,” I answered, watching Bennu smile and my insides melted every time she did it.

She scooted a little closer to me and put her head on my shoulder, hearing her let out a calmed sigh and I smiled, “It really is good to see you,” she said quietly and I looked down at her, kissing the top of her head and basking in her presence once again.

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Bennu eventually pulled herself up from my shoulder and gave me a sweet smile, “I should get going now,” she said softly, standing slowly to her feet and I joined her, walking her to the door and she turned around before leaving to embrace me, “I’ll see you in a few hours, yes?” She wondered and I smiled, anticipating it more than anything.

“Yeah, I’ll see you later,” I replied, pulling her closer to me and kissing her one last time before she left.

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I took my seat back on the floor about an hour ago and looked down at my work, still not touching it since Bennu had left and I couldn’t get my mind off of her. I glanced at my watch, seeing it was about 10:45 pm and I still had an hour and fifteen minutes to kill before I could leave. I tapped my fingers against my knee, antsy and wanting to just drop everything and go there now, but I didn’t. I listened to the second hand on my wristwatch clicking away and time seemed to be getting slower and slower, so I scooted closer to my work and started back up where I had left off, hoping that my work would distract me from the time and how slow it was going by.

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Around 11:50 pm, I quickly cleaned up my work and shut my lights off, coming out of the room and seeing Miss Chu sitting at her desk. She looked up to me with slight worry in her expression, “Jason, are you okay?” She asked quietly, “Who was that woman that came here earlier? It seemed like you knew her,” she continued and I was already not in the mood for her to be prying into my business.

“Miss Chu, you’re in charge, alright? I’m leaving now, I decided to call it a night. Just make sure you lock up properly and remember to check the place for anyone before closing. Ask one of the guys to help close up with you,” I replied, ignoring her questions and her expression went slightly confused.

“Wait, where are you going? Are you just going home?” She wondered.

“No.. Faline and I got into a fight before I came here, so I’m trusting you to tell her I’m here, but I just don’t want to talk to anyone, and that includes her.. Understand?”

“Well.. Yeah, sure. But what if she comes here?”

“She won’t.. Just tell her that she’ll hear from me when I’m ready to talk to her. She’ll understand and should leave you alone then,” I answered, watching Miss Chu nod in agreement to my request. I pulled my keys out of my front pant pocket and turned around, locking the doors to my office before walking out of Miss Chu’s office and going to my car.

g2c13 p30

The moment I stepped out of the club, I picked up my pace and quickly walked to my car, unlocking it and getting in even quicker. The engine roared to life and I pulled out of the parking lot, picking up dust from the gravel and dirt as I stepped on the gas quickly, speeding off towards Bennu’s place. The excitement pulsating through my body gave me a rush, smiling to myself as I continued to try and convince myself that I wasn’t dreaming. I was mind-blown that Bennu was back in my life once more, happiness seeping out of every pore I had and I couldn’t wipe the shit eating grin off my face if I tried. 

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I got to Bennu’s building in record time and jumped out of the car after parking sloppily in the lot, walking quickly towards the door and into the main lobby. I noticed on the call box that there wasn’t any kind of code you needed to punch in, then looking over to the elevator and pushing the ‘up’ button. The elevator came down and opened, happy that I didn’t need to use the call box this late, yet annoyed a little that this building didn’t have better security; anyone could just walk into the elevator and go to any floor they wanted.. Knowing that made me a little uneasy and worried for Bennu, but there wasn’t really anything I could do about it now, so I stepped into the elevator before the doors shut and rode it up to the 24th floor. While riding the elevator up, I checked my reflection on the steel wall, combing at my hair to settle certain strands and even checking my teeth. The elevator stopped and opened, seeing a white door before I even exited and I assumed it was Bennu’s place from what she had told me. I took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, stepping out and up to the white door, raising my balled fist and gently knocking.

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I waited about 20 seconds, not hearing anything behind the door and I decided to knock again, but a little louder this time and I eventually heard rustling behind the door. The door opened slowly and I smiled warmly when I saw Bennu who gave me the same smile in return, opening her door more to let me in and I obliged. The door shut behind me and I looked to Bennu, her eyes were tired and I started to feel bad, “I woke you, didn’t I? I’m sorry..” I began, taking her hand within mine and watching her smile lightly.

“No, iss fine.. I only dozed off for a moment, I’m glad you woke me,” she replied, stepping up closer to me and wrapping her arms around me as I did the same to her. I bowed my head lower and kissed her lips softly, savoring it for a few moments before I felt her beginning to push me off of her.

I pulled my lips from hers and gave a questioning expression, “What’s wrong..?” I asked, studying her face a little more and she seemed to grow nervous about something, “Bennu, what is it?”

“You.. You wanted to know why I left the club, right?” She asked, her expression beginning to worry me a little as she looked extremely nervous now.

“Um, yeah, I did.. But you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.. That’s fine,” I tried to comfort.

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“No.. You should know.. Come with me for a moment,” she replied, looking up to me and giving a forced smirk, then turning around and beginning to walk down the hallway and I followed her without question. She really was worrying me now, her expression seemed as if she was ashamed of something, fearing that whatever it is she had to tell me was going to make me resent her or drive me away. I watched as she stopped at the end of the hall, opening a white door to another room and walking in. I caught up to her and took a deep breath before entering as well, not sure of what I was supposed to be ready for, but when I looked in, a warm tingling sensation filled my insides.

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I cautiously stepped into the room, keeping my footsteps hushed as I walked passed Bennu and towards the crib within the room. I peaked into the crib and a little girl lie on her back, sleeping soundly and a light smirk ran over my lips. She looked so much like Bennu, it made me happy for her. But, what happened to the dad? Judging by how we act around one another told me that she wasn’t with anyone at the moment and she wasn’t the cheating or home-wrecker type, either; had I told her about Faline and the boys and Lucy earlier, I doubt she would’ve talked to me, or stayed in my office, or kissed me for as long as she did. I could never imagine even thinking about leaving Bennu, so what idiot would? 

“Her name is Bahiti,” Bennu voiced softly behind me.

I stepped away from the crib and took a few steps towards Bennu, the tiniest smile on my lips, “She’s perfect, Bennu,” I said just above a whisper, trying not to wake the sleeping beauty. I watched as Bennu motioned with her hand for me to follow her back out of the room and I did, looking over my shoulder and back to the little girl sleeping in the crib, another smile forming on my lips before I shut the door.

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We stood in the hallway, Bennu speaking up first, “She is why I quit the club, I couldn’t be a pregnant stripper.. I didn’t want her to grow up having a stripper for a mother, either, so I’ve put it all behind me. I enjoyed it, and the money was outstanding, but I couldn’t do it anymore,” she said quietly.

“Why didn’t you ever call me? I’ve told you so many times that you should if you ever need any kind of help..”

“No, I am no freeloader, holding Bahiti with a sad face and sticking my hand out palm up? No.. I got by just fine without help,” she replied. She seemed so strong and independent out of nowhere, guessing that having Bahiti and raising her by herself really did make her a stronger person; I loved it, yet I was still a little disappointed that she had never called me.

“I’m not trying to be rude, and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but, do you know, um..” I hesitated, wondering how else I could word this question without her getting offended.

“Yes, I know who he is.. That’s what you were going to ask, yes?” She answered before I could finish my question, my nerves stabbing my insides like pin needles into a cushion.

“Can I ask why he left?” I wondered.

“He didn’t.. I did,” she replied, looking to the floor for a moment and back up to my face.

“Did he hurt you at all?” I asked my next question, needing to know if he had ever done anything to her physically so I could track him down and kill him myself.

g2c13 p43

“No, never.. Not once,” she said with a smile and I nodded as I let out a relieved sigh. “I’ve known him for a long time, he was always so sweet to me. I don’t know why I left him.. He never even knew about Bahiti, I just packed up and left, because I was scared about what he would say. I was sure that he would want nothing to do with a child, one that wasn’t even planned. I never really took him or what he said seriously, he was a college student just looking for some fun every now and again, so I convinced myself that keeping her a secret would be better in the end. But, I’ve actually grown to miss him, quite a lot, too, and I often wondered if I had done the right thing or not,” my heart started to beat a little quicker; I couldn’t tell if she was talking about me or if she was actually talking about someone else and what I was feeling was simply immense jealousy. Before I could say anything, Bennu continued, “He’s about 6’2″, this brown hair that was always so easy to run my fingers through, and these piercing blue eyes that no one could ever ignore,” she finished with a warm smile, looking at me with intense eyes.

“Bennu.. I-I don’t know what to make of this,” I replied softly, unsure of what to say to her.

“I’m so sorry for hiding her from you, I really am,” she apologized, her voice getting weaker and I could tell I was about to see tears fall from her eyes.. But.. Wait, she kept her from me? 


“Bahiti is yours, Jazon, I’m positive,” she added, my jaw dropping a little at the confirmation she gave to my scattered mind; everything suddenly made so much sense. She had told me the truth after all, she never slept with anyone else at the club but me and quit after she realized she was pregnant; I couldn’t even put into words how shocked and happy I was.

“Umm.. W-When do I get to meet her?” I wondered, a smile I couldn’t contain engulfed my lips as I looked at her.

“Tomorrow morning, if you would like to,” she hinted, noticing the faint lust in her eyes as she looked straight at me.

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g2c13 p46

I instantly put my hand behind her head and brought her lips hard into mine, kissing her roughly and hearing her light moans drove me even more. I reached down to the back of her thighs and hoisted her up, holding her tightly as I pushed her against the wall and continuing our passionate kiss. I felt her legs wrap around me over my hips, helping me keep her body up and I ran one of my hands under her nightgown, holding her bottom and right thigh up and pushing my pelvis against hers roughly. She somehow managed to pry my lips from hers and spoke quietly, “My room’s behind you,” she commanded and I kissed her again, supporting her weight fully as I turned us around and opened the door to her room.

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g2c13 p48

I walked in with her and shut the door with my foot, searching with my legs for the feeling of a bed and my shins hit a baseboard within seconds, sliding my hands up her body as I set her down while simultaneously pulling her nightgown off and over her head. I took a quick moment to catch my breath as I stared down at her, mouth open and heavy breathing as I watched her grip the bottom of my sweater and quickly removing it. She began undoing the buttons to my shirt at the bottom while I assisted with the top ones, the shirt coming off faster and I quickly crawled over her, continuing the kiss as I ran my hand over her pantie line and down her thigh.

g2c13 p49

Bennu undid my belt and pants during our kiss, pushing them down and I sat up momentarily to remove everything completely. I crawled back on top of her and pulled her animal print panties off in less than a second and wasted no time climbing back on top of her and her legs caressed my torso on either side, begging for the feel of me and I didn’t dare waste anymore time. She let out a large gasp of air when I had finally given her what we both wanted in the end and I took my time, kissing her lips more and savoring each unique individual taste of them. This.. This is what I needed in my life; Bennu. I had never noticed it before now, it was always so foreign to me, but being with her now, and especially after the news she had given me.. She was finally the mother of one of my children. This is the most excited I’ve been, even after hearing that from two other women. Bennu’s confession of having my child was already my favorite, just because she was my favorite. I.. I loved her, so, so much.

g2c13 p50

After about an hour of bliss, we finally called it quits to our immense fun and both crawled underneath her covers. I pulled her close to me, flesh against pure flesh and I relaxed completely at the warmth she emanated, kissing the back of her shoulders and neck until she fell asleep to my gentle and calming touch against her. I loved feeling her heartbeat and quickened breathes against my chest and over my hand and arm that held her close; I couldn’t describe how happy I was at this very moment. So this is what love is..

Generation 2, Chapter 12

g2c12 p1

It’s been a few years since Detective Grander was here with his wife; Janelle came by about three times within the first year of me getting Lucy and she eventually granted me complete custody. Lucy is 8 now and the twins just turned 4, Faline had graduated and was already doing great at her job; she was a lad assistant and working her way up quickly. I opened a bar in town a while ago and it was doing really well, there were always people there no matter what day of the week and it was a nice little getaway whenever the kids or Faline would be a little too much to handle; not that I didn’t love seeing them and spending time with them, but everyone needs alone time every now and then, and running the bar was perfect for that.

I feel like I’ve changed so much, I feel good, better than I’ve been even despite living with Faline. Ever since she came home from college after she graduated and got this job, she’s been a little more arrogant than I’m used to. She’s always had strong opinions and she tells me what she thinks and whenever anything is wrong, yet she berates me a little more in the process.

g2c12 p2
g2c12 p3

“Your haircut looks really nice, it’s better than what you had at least.. It looks more like you’re the boss instead of just an employee,” Faline says softly with a chuckle following it.

“Yeah, I’m glad I got it. I think I’m going to keep the scruff though,” I replied, turning around to face her taking a bath in the tub. She was still so beautiful, I still loved her bright emerald eyes mixed with her bright red hair.

“You’d look even better without it, but whatever,” she answered and I gave a slight grimace, “What? I’m just saying you’d look more professional and they might take you more seriously.”

“I think that they respect me enough.. They haven’t treated me in a way that’s anything less than their superior, so it’s fine,” I retorted.

g2c12 p4
g2c12 p6
g2c12 p5

“Why don’t you get better dress shoes?” She questioned next.

“What’s wrong with these?” I wondered, beginning to get a little irritated and wanting leave so I could go to the bar a little earlier than usual..

“Those are so old, they look so plain, too.. You should get new ones.”

“I like these.. They’re comfortable and I don’t have to worry about scuffing them. They look nice enough.. I run a bar, Faline, it’s not like I’m running a five star restaurant,” I replied with a short tone.

“..Still..” She continued to persist and I rolled my eyes gently without her noticing. “Have you fired that secretary yet?” She asked next, throwing me off completely.

“What? No, why would I? She’s perfectly qualified, that’s why I hired her,” I replied in a slightly defensive manner.

“Jason, she’s what, 20? 21? The most she would have is a high school diploma. Not to mention she dresses slutty, always wearing those stupid tights,” Faline continued, but I couldn’t tell if the girl herself actually bothered Faline or if she was slightly jealous.

“Faline, I’m 27 with a girlfriend and 3 kids to look after, I doubt she would ever try anything,” I attempted to comfort.

“Oh please.. She’s not the one I’m worried about,” she said with a blunt tone, glancing up at me and I stared at her as my anger grew.

“I’m gunna go now, I’ll see you later,” I said, turning and leaving the bathroom before she could say anything else.

g2c12 p7

I walked to the boys room and heard struggling from Gibson behind the door, stepping in quickly and seeing what was wrong. Gareth was chasing Gibson around the room making dinosaur noises and scaring him, and although I wanted to scold him for being mean to his twin brother, I couldn’t help but smile at the both of them. They were the best part of my life, my real sons, something that I’ve made; I’d do anything in the world for them.

g2c12 p8
g2c12 p9

“Rawwrrr rarrr!” Gareth called out at he chased Gibson.

“Gareth, quit it! I said I give up! Stooppppp!” Gibson cried out as Gareth chased him.

They both brought so much joy to my life. They got their blonde hair from my mother and I loved looking at them. Gareth got my fathers eyes and he was still the little firecracker I knew him to be since he was a baby, still so fussy and now he’s become rambunctious and almost a little evil towards his brother constantly. Gibson got Faline’s beautiful emerald eyes and her sweet and innocent mannerisms, always becoming a target for Gareth and he loved to pick on Gibson. 

Gibson noticed me as he ran from Gareth, “Daddy! Make him stop! Make him stopppp!” He whined and I chuckled, running up behind Gareth and assisting Gibson.

g2c12 p10
g2c12 p11

“Hey, hey, hey,” I voiced towards Gareth as I picked him up into my arms, “Stop picking on him, how many times have I told you that, huh?” I questioned.

“I just wanted to play, and, and he has to be such.. Such a baby about it!” He contested and I gave him a slightly warning expression.

“I’ve told you before that he doesn’t like how you play, you need to be more nice and be gentle with your brother, alright?”

“But I’m a dinosaur! H-He needs to capture me! I broke loose!” He continued to argue.

I brought him over to the playpen and put him into it, “I know, but stop when he asks you to, okay? He doesn’t like to play the way you do.. Find something else you can both do without scaring him, please,” I requested, kissing his forehead and he ignored me as he sat in the playpen, knowing that this was his ‘time out’.

g2c12 p12
g2c12 p13

I walked over to Gibson after putting Gareth in the playpen and picked him up, feeling him wrap his tiny arms around my neck quickly and he sobbed gently on my shoulder, “I told him to stop! I told him..” He began and I smirked, holding him tightly and rubbing his back.

“I knowww, I know.. It’s okay, stop your tears, huh? He’s not chasing you anymore,” I tried to settle him down as he hugged me. “Don’t let him get to you.. He’s just trying to have fun and doesn’t know when to stop.”

“B-But I told him! He.. He shoud’ve-”

“Shhh shh sshhhh, stooooppp, you’re fine,” I continued to comfort, a smile forming on my lips as I continued to rub his back and calm him down.

“Baby!” Gareth voiced from the playpen and I looked to him.

“Knock it off,” I said with a short tone and he pouted, then turned away from us and I brought Gibson to the other side of the room.

g2c12 p14

I set Gibson down and tousled his hair, waiting for him to smile and he soon did when he had finally calmed down. “I’m going to work now, alright? You two be good for Mommy and your sister and no more fighting, understand?” I said sternly, looking over my shoulder towards Gareth and my words were mostly for him since Gibson didn’t act out as much as he did.

Gibson smiled and nodded, “Okay, bye Daddy,” he said with an excited tone.

I stood slowly and smirked towards Gibson, then looked over to Gareth as I made my way to the door, “You stay in there until Mommy lets you out,” I say with warning and Gareth ignores me, acting like he didn’t hear me and I sighed as I left the room and shut the door behind me.

g2c12 p15
g2c12 p16

I walked downstairs and noticed Lucy sitting on the couch by herself, fiddling with her thumbs and it seemed like she was thinking. It’s been a rough journey for us these past few years after Lana died, but somehow we managed to get through it together. Faline tried to help all that she could, but it was only me that could ever comfort Lucy whenever she would throw a fit yelling for her mother or just acting out in general because she wanted to see her, but as she grew older, she was able to understand it better and better, and Lana doesn’t seem to cross her mind too much anymore. It was a little harder for me, considering every single time I looked at Lucy, I couldn’t help but see Lana in her as well; even with her being gone, she’ll still always haunt me.

Lucy looked up to me when she heard me coming down and she quickly stood up with a smile on her lips; she definitely was waiting for me. “Hey, princess,” I said with a warm smile.

g2c12 p17
g2c12 p18

“Hey, Daddy!” She said happily and made her way hastily over to me, “Um, I have a question,” she said with a gentle nerve in her tone.

“Oh yeah? What is it, baby girl?” I asked, keeping my smile as I looked down to the only girl in my life that I could truly say that I loved.

“Um.. Well, I know it’s a school day, but Cara needs help with her homework and she wants me to come over to help. It might take us a while, so I was wondering if I could just sleep over? We won’t stay up late at all, I promise!” She asked and almost begged. Cara was Lucy’s best friend since she had first entered school a few years ago, Cara also helped more than she even knew with helping Lucy get her mind off of Lana. I thought for a moment and Lucy watched me and waited impatiently for my answer.

“Did you ask Faline?” I wondered.

“Yeah, but she said no because I have school tomorrow, but I already said we’d get to bed on time and we’d get all of our homework done! It’ll be fine, I swear,” she replied, her tone beginning to get a little winy.

“Promise me you’ll call me before you go to bed, and you’d better have all the homework done, no going there just to fool around and what not,” I answered and I watched her nod quickly to my request with a smile.

“Yeah, I promise! Please, Daddy?”

“Alright, fine.. Go pack an overnight bag and I’ll drop you off on my way to work, okay?” I finally agreed and her smile grew even wider, squealing a little to my answer and I let out a gentle chuckle.

“Yay! Thank you, thank you!” She replied and ran passed me and upstairs to her room.

“I’ll be in the car!” I called up to her and I wasn’t sure if she heard me or not, but I continued on and went outside.

g2c12 p19
g2c12 p20

As I drove Lucy to her friends place, listening to her talk about her and Cara, the city, the stars, all I could think about was Faline. I had never gotten around to asking her if she ever wanted to get married, it just never came to mind ever since that one night I found out about Lana. She’s changed a little, and I don’t even think I loved her in the first place, it was just this.. This weird feeling I was having that I can’t describe, but I can’t label it love. Maybe I just cared for her more knowing she was carrying my boys, she was the mother of my children, but there weren’t any other feelings for her besides that. Butterflies in my stomach and weak knees and legs didn’t happen that much anymore, only occasionally; pretty much only when we were intimate, but even that seemed forced sometimes instead of us lusting after one another. There wasn’t really that spark anymore, at least not for me. I still found her extremely attractive, our relationship, however, had turned into this awkward friendship with benefits to me. I can’t even figure out what we are anymore.. Maybe that’s why I still haven’t asked how she felt about getting married, it just never seemed right. One thing I did know though was that she didn’t use me for anything like Lana had. Faline had her own job, benefits, a great paycheck every two weeks, she had no reason to take anything from me, yet she stayed in the house for the boys. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of what I went through with Lana; driving back and forth to pick up and drop off Lucy, it was always such a pain. But, unlike with Lana, Faline and I were on good terms, there’d just be no point in her moving out, even if we don’t love one another. I want us to stay together for Gareth and Gibson’s sake.

g2c12 p21
g2c12 p22
g2c12 p23

After dropping Lucy off at her friends, I drove to the bar and there were only a few cars in the lot. It was a little after 7:00 pm and we had just opened, so people wouldn’t get here for a little while still; most of the people I knew that came here to drink and party often came later, the bar was usually always this dead when it opened every night.

“Hey, Mr. Dubois!” A voice I recognized called over to me from across the room and I looked to the bartender behind the bar and I gave a gentle wave as I walked towards my office.

g2c12 p24
g2c12 p25

I need to go through my secretary’s office in order to get to mine and when I walked in, she started talking before I even shut the door, “Hey, Mr. Dubois, I was going over sales and I noticed that ever since you added the outdoor bar and deck, the income has gone up by 15%, at this rate it should even go up 25-30% by the end of this month. That’s really exciting!” She said happily and looked up from her computer to me. “Whoa, big shot walkin’ in with a nice new haircut.. You look hot,” she said with a devious smile and I chuckled.

“Miss Chu, may I see you in my office for a moment?” I asked, continuing on and walking towards my door.

“Ooooh, of course, Mr. Dubois,” she said softly with a hint of excitement. 

g2c12 p26
g2c12 p27

She followed me into my office and shut the door behind her, locking it quietly as if trying to hide it even though I heard her do it. I walked over to my desk and she began first again, “How are the boys doing?” She wondered, a smirk going over my lips as I pulled out my chair and took a seat in front of my computer.

“They’re doing great, thank you Miss Chu,” I replied and I heard her let out a bored sigh.

“For the billionth time, you can call me Synthia, it’s really not that big of a deal,” she pressured.

“A first name basis is better left alone, I don’t want to get used to it and have Faline stop by or whatever and hear me call you that, she’ll think there’s something going on,” I replied.

She let out a giggle, “Like there isn’t anything going on?” She said somewhat sarcastically and I looked up to her briefly.

“No, there isn’t.. Now, would you please..?” I asked, motioning with my hand for her to take a seat and she smiled as she rolled her eyes, walking over to a chair then and sitting like I had asked.

g2c12 p28
g2c12 p29

“If you had to get rid of someone, who would you pick?” I asked first.

Miss Chu didn’t know what to say at first, somewhat put off by the question, “Um.. I didn’t know you were planning on getting rid of someone, so I haven’t really thought about it..”

“Who’s the first one to come to your mind, then?”

She hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Well.. There’s always Larry, he’s kind of a dick to the male customers and favors the girls, whereas the others don’t do that. I’ve been getting complaints about him actually from customers and other employees,” she hesitated once again, “He has kids though and a wife.. Him being a convicted felon, too, would make it hard for him to find any other job. You were the only one to cut him some slack.”

I thought for a moment, “True.. Have we warned him at all about his behavior? I don’t recall.”

“No, I don’t think so..”

“Well, talk to him about it tonight, I guess that’ll be his first warning.. Who else can you think of?”

“I’m sorry, Jason, I just don’t really see the point in getting rid of someone when profits are obviously increasing.. You just hired someone, too, for the outside bar, why would you get rid of someone?” She wondered.

g2c12 p30
g2c12 p31

“Do you like working here?” I asked her next, watching as her expression grew a little offended.

“Of course I do.. Wait, are you firing me?” She asked quickly.

“No, no, I’m not firing you..”

“Then what the hell is this about?” She asked, and by my lack of response, she continued, “This is about Faline, isn’t it? She still wants you to get rid of me, huh? What the hell is up her ass?”

“Miss Chu..” I said with a slightly angered tone, “Please don’t get upset, I’m not firing you,” I continued to try and keep her calm.

“Then what the fuck is her problem with me, huh?”

“I don’t appreciate the tone, and if anything, you should take all of this as a compliment,” I replied with a gentle smirk. She looked at me as if she was confused at what I was trying to say, so I continued, “She doesn’t like you working under me because she thinks you’re too pretty to be my secretary, she pictures a woman in her 50’s wearing glasses with wrinkles and a raspy voice that doesn’t like to come into my office as often as she pleases.. Like you do. Locking the door is never a good idea, either, especially when you’re not out there.. Where else would you be?” I pointed out. 

Her expression grew less irritated and she looked at me with wanting eyes, her lips curling into a soft smirk, “Well, I’d be more than happy to work on you than under you, if you think that would be better,” she hinted as I watched her bite in the inside of her bottom lip.

g2c12 p32

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” I replied, raising one of my brows slightly. 

I watched as she slowly stood to her feet, keeping her sultry eyes on mine as she took her time walking around my desk, her index finger dragging softly over the glass surface that lay over the wood. My eyes trailed down her body as she moved closer to me and I couldn’t stop looking at her legs once they came into view, darkened and smooth from the thigh high stockings I knew she always wore.

g2c12 p33

My heart started to race a little as she grew closer, her hand going to the back of my chair and swiveling me around to face her. “You seem a little stressed out, sir.. You don’t mind me helping you loosen up a bit, do you?” She asked, parting my legs with hers and she placed her hands upon the armrests of the chair, leaning down and she planted a few light pecks on my jawline and neck.

“Not at all,” I replied between breathes. I watched her hands lift from the armrests and she traced her fingers along the brim of my pants, beginning then to undo my belt, button and zipper.

g2c12 p34
g2c12 p35

She separated her lips from my neck and I watched as she bent down, going onto her knees and she untucked my shirt a little, pulling down the front of my pants gently and pulling all of me out from underneath. I felt her mouth consume me and I let out a soft gasp of air, shutting my eyes and leaning back in my chair as she started out slow. Synthia didn’t get this job solely on her looks and what she could do perfectly with her mouth, it was only after I hired her off of her experience that I realized her full potential and generosity, and although Faline didn’t like her, I didn’t care. I felt awful when I cheated on her at college with Bennu, but something had changed with Faline and I over the years, and the more I thought about it, the less I regretted seeing Bennu. I felt the slightest bit of guilt, yes, but everyone has needs, and Faline wasn’t doing it for me. I loved the thrill with Synthia, just as I did with Bennu the night I had gotten back to my last year of college. Ever since Bennu had left me with nothing, no explanation, no note, no phone call, I felt a slight emptiness in me, something that was gone and I needed to fill it with something else; Sythia’s mouth was a pretty good example.

g2c12 p37
g2c12 p36

The more she did the closer I got, her pace quickening and she eventually brought in the help of her hand to get me more excited. I sat up, putting my hands to the back of her head and assisting her even more, pushing her head and pulling her hair accordingly, letting out soft moans and not wanting her to stop even despite my body refusing me to hold out any longer. Her pace quickened even more and I felt my body light on fire, the sensation flowing through me and I let out one more gasp of air as she sucked the life out of me.

g2c12 p38

I leaned back once again and panted softly through my parted lips, watching Synthia release me and smile devilishly as she stood to her feet and I put myself back into my pants. I secured them as I watched her walk towards the door and she turned to face me as she opened it, “Yes, Mr. Dubois, I’ll get those papers to you right away,” she teased and faked to anyone who may be in her office waiting for her. I smirked softly as she shut the door behind her and I shook my head, standing and fixing my pants the exact way I had left them when I left the house. I opened a drawer to my desk and pulled out a tiny bottle of cologne, spritzing myself a few times and trying to cover anything that might cause suspicion. I sat down in my chair again, sitting there and relaxing before starting any of my work.

g2c12 p39

Synthia and I weren’t anything special, I didn’t love her or have a sweet spot for her or anything like that, we just simply loved to fool around. Synthia and Faline hated one another, I’m sure doing things with me behind Faline’s back only made her more willing to do them just to get at Faline; even if she didn’t know about it, I could tell it gave Synthia this sense of satisfaction and power. Though after Bennu, I haven’t slept with anyone else besides Faline, there just wasn’t anyone else besides those two that I found as interesting or worthy. But, Faline was right to be worried about me, Synthia had this attraction about her that I couldn’t resist. Maybe I just never lost my old habits back when I started college. Maybe it was even deeper than that, but I was in no mood to acknowledge it.

g2c12 p40

I was in my office for a while doing work on the computer and paperwork, hearing the music faintly coming through the walls and looked to the time on my computer; it was almost ten and I still hadn’t heard from Lucy. It didn’t worry me, I was sure that she was safe at Cara’s, but maybe she just forgot and went to bed? Either way, I didn’t like that she didn’t call me. I decide to call Cara’s mother before it gets too late and I end up sitting here until closing still waiting for Lucy to call.

g2c12 p41
g2c12 p42

I stood up to stretch my legs from sitting at the computer for so long, pulling out my cell from my pocket and I looked through my contacts as I paced around the room. I found Cara’s mother and called her, listening to it ring a few times before she finally answered.


“Hi, Mrs. Jones?” I replied; I always felt as if I needed to address her like that because she was a little older than me, though she called me by my first name all the time.

Oh, Jason.. How are you?” She wondered, her tone sounding a little happy to hear from me and I was surprised that she recognized my voice so easily.

“I’m good, I’m good.. I’m just sitting here at work, but I had asked Lucy to call me before she went to bed and she didn’t, are the girls sleeping already?” I asked.

Yeah, they fell asleep about half an hour ago.. I’m sorry, had I known she was supposed to call, I would’ve made her do so.

“Oh no, it’s fine.. It’s not your fault, I’m not mad. Just checking in is all,” I reassured her.

g2c12 p43

There was a short silence that went over the phone, but I quickly thought of something to say, “I’m sorry, how are you? I just noticed I didn’t ask like you had, I feel like a jerk now,” I said with a slightly nervous chuckle.

No no, it’s fine, I’m doing okay.. Doug is on a business trip for a few days; with him gone and Cara at school or over at a friend’s house all the time, it gets a little quiet around here..” She replied, referring to her husband and her tone having a hint of sadness. 

“Ahh, well you’re lucky that it’s quiet. Enjoy it.. My house is far from that, I almost look forward to coming to work sometimes,” I retorted, hearing her giggle over the phone made my lips smile slightly.

Of course, the twins.. Last time I saw them they were just beginning to talk, they must be chatting up a storm by now.. How are those little ones?” She wondered and my smile grew wider as I thought of them.

“They’re wonderful, thanks for asking.. They seem inseparable, yet they fight all the time.. I don’t know what’s going on with them,” I replied and we both let out simultaneous soft laughter.

Well, that’s great, I’m glad they’re doing well..” There was another short silence over the phone, but she broke the silence this time, “If you get done early enough, you should stop by for a glass of wine,” she offered, raising my brow in slight surprise as I paced more around the room.

g2c12 p44

“Um..” I let out softly, hesitating a few short moments as I contemplated my answer, “You know, I’m not going to getting out of here any time soon, I’m here until 3:00 am actually,” I said with a gentle chuckle.

Oh come on.. You’re the boss, right? Don’t you make the hours?” She teased. As sexy as I thought she was, and this being the first opportunity she’s presented to me, there was no way I’d go over there, especially with Lucy there having a sleepover with her best friend; what if Cara or Lucy woke up like they sometimes do for a glass of water and saw me there with her? What if Doug came home early? No, no way, it was way too risky.

“Nah, sorry, Mrs. Jones.. As tempting as it sounds, I’ll have to decline. I still have a lot of work to do here, and the employees are looking forward to getting their hours in. I’d hate to cut them short, so..” I finally replied, hearing a dainty sigh on the other line.

Well, alright.. Rain check, then?” She offered an alternative, and as much as I wanted to drop everything and go over there, I sighed softly in defeat as well.

“Yeah, we’ll see.. Would you mind telling Lucy to call me before she goes to school tomorrow morning?” I asked, trying to change the subject before she could coax me anymore.

Of course, Jason.. Let me know when you wanna take me up on that offer, okay?” She said with a sensual tone that made me regret turning her down even more.

“Yeah, I will.. Have a good night,” I replied, hearing her say the same thing in return and I hung up. I looked to my phone and read the time, it was almost 10:30 pm now and I still had a lot more work to do before I went home for the night.

g2c12 p45
g2c12 p46

The night went by faster than I had expected it to, looking to the corner of my screen and seeing it was 3:15 am; I wondered if I was the last person there. I shut the lights off to my office and went back to the computer to make a few last minute adjustments, then shut that off as well. I made my way out and looked to Miss Chu’s desk as I shut the door, noticing she was still here for some reason. “Why haven’t you gone home yet?” I asked.

“I felt like waiting for you,” she replied with a soft smile and I looked around her office briefly before going back to her.

“Did you talk to Larry like I asked before?”

“Yeah, I gave him a warning, he said it wouldn’t happen again, but we’ll see I guess..” She answered with a shrug.

“Good.. Is anyone else here or did everyone leave?”

“No one here but us, babe,” she replied with a giggle as her eyes danced over me.

“Don’t call me that, it’s weird,” I said with a short tone.

g2c12 p47

“Aww, is someone grumpy?” She teased and my annoyed expression didn’t change.

“You look tired, you should go home and get some sleep,” I retorted with a bland tone. She only waited for me on occasion, but those were the nights she would always try to get me to come home with her.

“Oh, I’m not tired yet..” She answered with a devious grin, “Besides, I got dropped off, I need a ride home.. Would you mind?” She asked, sighing to myself.

“You didn’t ask them to pick you back up when you got off?”

“Well, no, because I haven’t yet,” she said with another lustrous look.

“Call a cab,” I suggested with a harsh tone and her smile faded.

g2c12 p48
g2c12 p49

Miss Chu stood to her feet and my eyes couldn’t help but travel over her as she approached me, “Pleeeeaase?” She persisted, putting her arm around me and bringing her right hand to the side of my face. As much as I’ve tried to turn her down before, she always knew how to coax me into doing what she wanted; well, minor things.. She pressed her body against me and I could feel the stockings on her legs tracing over the fabric of my pants, glancing down at her legs and I watched then as her smile returned, “Don’t you want to take those off with your teeth again? I love it when you do that,” she spoke just above a whisper, making my body respond with a soft quiver at the thought of it. But, I wanted to get home, I was tired, I wanted to see the twins and tell them goodnight even if they were asleep, and I wanted Miss Chu to stop pressuring me.

“Fine, I’ll give you a ride home, but that’s it. Now go wait by the car as I close up,” I finally agreed and she smiled more, letting out an excited giggle as I gripped her bottom and pushed her towards the door. 

g2c12 p50
g2c12 p52

I turned off all the lights and locked the doors, seeing Miss Chu closer to the deck and not by the car like I had told her. I walked up to her and she waited until I had passed her to wrap her arms around the front of my neck playfully, giggling as she did so and I tried to get her free from me. “Come on, get off.. What is someone were to see?” I asked, finally able to loosen her grip and she let go and trailed behind me at my heels.

“What? I’m just having fun.. It’s not like we’re screwing on the pavement,” she retorted and I sighed heavily.

“First of all, we’d never do that here, let alone anywhere else, and second, shut up and keep your voice down,” I replied harshly.

“Jeez, you really are grumpy tonight.. What’s wrong?” She asked as we reached the car and both got in.

I started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, “Nothing, I just wish you’d be more discreet.. I have a lot more to lose than you do,” I said softly with a hint of worry, but I don’t think she caught on to it.

g2c12 p53
g2c12 p54

After dropping off Miss Chu and turning her down at least five times in going up to her place, I managed to get home a little before 4:00 am. I locked the outside gate and the house, looking around the foyer and leaving one light on by the door. I looked upstairs to the second floor and it seemed like the darkest part of the house, giving me slight chills as I walked up. I went to Gareth and Gibson’s room, opening the door as quietly as I could and I peaked in, not seeing Gibson in his crib and my eyebrow raised in curiosity, stepping in more and going to Gareth’s crib then.

g2c12 p55
g2c12 p56

As I walked over to Gareth’s crib, I adored the sight that came before me; Gibson was with him in his crib, sleeping soundly with one another and I couldn’t hold back the sudden smile on my lips, even if my life depended on it. It was always so foreign to see them so calm, let alone sleeping together; I wonder what happened while I was gone for them to want to do that..? As I looked down at them, nothing else was on my mind, and nothing in the world could take away the happiness I felt at this moment. I reached down and brushed Gareth’s hair out of his eyes and he let out an unconscious moan, seemingly irritated that I was touching him and I hummed a quiet chuckle. I did the same to Gibson then, brushing the hair from his eyes as well and cupping his small head into my palm. I traced my thumb over his cheek and he turned his head more, seemingly enjoying the warmth of my hand against his face and I let out a loving sigh. After a few moments of bliss, I slowly pulled my hand away from Gibson and watched as he turned his head back towards Gareth for the warmth that was just taken away from him. I grabbed one of their blankets and covered them, tucking them in on their sides and quietly leaving the room without waking them.

g2c12 p57
g2c12 p58

I walked away from their room and loosened my tie, taking a deep breath in and sighing heavily as I made my way into my bedroom. I tossed my tie on top of the dresser and unbuttoned my shirt, throwing it aimlessly within the room. Faline was sleeping over the covers wearing a pair of white panties and a matching white bra, my eyes traveling from her shoulders slowly down to her feet, admiring her body as she laid. 

g2c12 p59

I quietly walked over to the bed and undo my belt along with my pants in the process, pulling them down and sitting on the bed. I removed my shoes and socks and pulled each pant leg off slowly, slumping over from exhaustion and I sat there for a moment as I relaxed. I brought my hand up to the bridge of my nose and I rubbed the inner corner of my eyes with my index finger and thumb, helping myself relax more and Faline shifted gently behind me.

“How was work?” She spoke quietly, woken up by my presence.

“Fine, busy.. How were the boys tonight?” I asked in return.

“At each others throats, but they got better and then wanted to sleep together, so I let them,” she replied with the same quiet tone, still half asleep.

g2c12 p60
g2c12 p61

I leaned back and laid on the bed, facing Faline’s back and pressing the front of my body against her warm skin. My arm wrapped around her torso and she lifted her head slightly to let my other arm be her new pillow, feeling her scoot her body even closer to me. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the scent of her hair and I relaxed completely, happy to be home after this long night. As much as I loved my college days and seeing my bed full of different woman every week, I had to admit that it was nice to always have someone there waiting for me, and not just any someone; knowing I’d never be alone was a great feeling. Faline’s scent had become all too familiar to me and I felt as if I wouldn’t be able to sleep without her there to hold on to. I lifted my head for a moment and kissed her shoulder a few times, “Are you still awake?” I wondered, listening to her heavy breathing with no response. I let out a soft sigh, kissing her shoulder once more before laying my head back down and slowly drifting off to sleep.

Generation 2, Chapter 11

g2c11 p1

I got up and showered, my mind and body awake and ready for the day ahead of me. I woke up today feeling refreshed, relaxed, and content, something I was normally never used to. I don’t remember going to bed last night, I woke up in my clothes from yesterday and that didn’t really seem normal for me, considering I only woke up in my clothes from the night before when I was at college and too drunk off my ass to care to change before bed. I remembered putting the boys to bed, going into my room after I had called the club with the intent to talk to Bennu, but she wasn’t there. I remember being on the computer and also Lana calling me, but I couldn’t remember what we had talked about.. Sometimes, though a little rare, she would call me and let me say goodnight to Lucy, but only because Lucy would make her. Did Lana call because Lucy wanted to talk to me? Did I tell her goodnight? I don’t know why I couldn’t focus enough to remember though.. I held Gareth in the rocking chair, trying to get him to sleep for his nap like Gibson was, but he was being fussy as usual. 

g2c11 p2
g2c11 p3

I stood from the rocking chair and walked over to his crib, looking to Gareth and he was still pretty awake and deciding against putting him in his crib since I knew he would only cry the moment I put him down. I heard the doorbell ring and I wondered who it could be; everyone I knew that was close to me knew the combination to the gate and could get in, so it had to be someone trying to sell something.. I sighed and looked to Gareth again, “Wanna see who’s at the door with me?” I asked and Gareth wiggled in my arms, “I’ll fix you a bottle while we’re downstairs too, maybe that will get you to sleep, huh?” I coaxed and walked towards the door, exiting out and going downstairs.

g2c11 p4
g2c11 p5

The bell rang once more and I was growing just as impatient as they were, “Alrighttttt, alright..” I said out loud, getting to the intercom and pressing the button to talk, “Sorry, whatever you’re selling I’m not interested,” I say into the panel, then holding down the listening button.

“Oh, I’m not selling anything, Mr. Duboys.. My name is Reed Grander, I’m a detective at the Bridgeport Police Department. Do you mind if I come in and ask you a few questions?” The man asked and I grew confused, wondering what he could be doing here.

I pressed the talk button once more, “Oh.. Um, sure.. I’ll open the gate and you can park your car,” I replied and pressed the button to open the gate for him. 

g2c11 p6

I peaked out one of the large windows in the foyer and saw a well built man walking towards the door, though he didn’t wear the typical black or blue uniforms I was so used to seeing on cops. As he grew closer to the door, I unlocked it and opened it, ready for him to come in and for whatever reason he was here, I wanted to come off as polite as possible; I was never a fan of cops, hated them, actually.

g2c11 p8
g2c11 p7

He reached the door and came in, shutting it behind him and giving me a warm smile as he removed his sunglasses. He was an older man, I’d guess maybe in his mid to late 30’s, “Hello, Mr. Duboys.. Again, I’m Detective Reed Grander from the department and I was wondering if I could get a minute of your time,” he introduced himself once more and I grew a little irritated by how he was pronouncing my name.

“It’s pronounced Doobwah, actually..” I corrected him.

“Ahh, a Frenchman, my apologies.”

“Don’t worry about it.. Just curious, do you mind if I see your badge?” I asked, wanting to make sure I didn’t just let a random stranger into my home claiming to be someone else.

“Oh, of course, of course..” Reed answers, reaching into his back pocket and flashing me his credentials. Seeing the badge in the flesh made my nerves increase a bit, the golden emblem shining at me and even through all of my wild college days, you’d think I’d be used to seeing it by now, but no.. It still made me cringe at his authority.

“Thank you.. Now, what can I help you with?” I wondered.

g2c11 p9
g2c11 p10

“Cute kid,” he replied, not answering my question and I looked down to Gareth.

“Thanks..” I answered, looking back up to him.

“He yours or are you baby sitting for someone?” He asked next and I raised my brow.

“He’s mine,” I replied somewhat protectively.

“Hmm, how old are you?” His next question came and I gave a gentle grimace.


“So young still to be having children, but congrats. What’s this little ones name?” He asked next and I was already growing tired of him wanting to know my life story; why was he so interested in me in particular?

“His name’s Gareth, his twin brother Gibson is sleeping upstairs,” I answered, my patience growing thin for this man already.

“Wow, twins? Must be a handful,” he added. 

“Well, yeah, any newborn is. They’re only a few months old, too,” I continued and I watched him keep him smile the whole time and he then nodded. 

“Wonderful.. I have a few kids as well. Though, it’s a pretty big age gap,” he replied. I didn’t like this small talk, it seemed forced with him and for some reason I felt like he was lying that he had children, I don’t know why.. Was he stalling until I did something about Gareth? Why is he even here?

g2c11 p11

“I’m sorry, but I’m trying to get this little guy to nap. I’m going to make him a bottle and put him upstairs, you can make yourself at home if you’d like,” I offered and turned around, making my way towards the kitchen.

“Thank you, I will,” he replied with a polite tone and I heard his footsteps slowly walking behind me as I went to the kitchen. 

g2c11 p12
g2c11 p13

I made Gareth his bottle and fed him, watching as his eyes wandered around the room as he drank and this was always my favorite time with Gareth; he was awake, but not fussing since he couldn’t with his mouth full. I chuckled a little as he hiccuped when the bottle was almost done and his eyelids were getting heavy as well, just what I wanted to happen. I had to admit, it was a little difficult being with the boys alone for weeks at a time like this without Faline, she was so good with them and especially Gareth; if he needed to sleep but was being stubborn, all I would usually need to do was give him to Faline and she could get him to sleep in no time. I had more luck with Gibson. Gibson loved both of us, but Gareth tended to be more calm and ‘alive’ when Faline was around.

g2c11 p14
g2c11 p15
g2c11 p16

I brought Gareth upstairs after feeding him and he went right to sleep, then making my way back downstairs and I approached Reed and stood just passed the doorway, standing in the small library Faline had established over the short period of time she had been here; in one year she had almost filled every single shelf with books that she’s had her whole life, as well as plenty of new additions to her collection. Personally, I hate books, it always reminded me of school, and of course I hated school, but having this library to walk through every day to get to the kitchen or the living room was nice; I liked the smell of all the leather bounds and paper, as weird as it may sound. 

“Nice library.. Yours?” He asked.

“No, my girlfriend’s.” I answered, hating that we were back to small talk once more when I was extremely curious as to why he was even here in the first place.

“She the mother of the twins?” I scowled at his question, trying to figure out if there was any hidden meaning behind it, but I answered regardless.

“..Not that it should matter, nor is it any of your business, but yes, she is,” I said confidently, which is more than I could say for Lana. 

“And where is she?”


“Do you plan on marrying her anytime soon? Maybe when she graduates?” Reed asked and I grew a little nervous.. I never really thought about marrying Faline, at least it had never crossed my mind until now. I wasn’t really the marrying type, but then again, I had asked Bennu out of the blue before, so maybe I was? I don’t even know..

“Maybe,” is all I could say and I watched him nod at my response, but still didn’t look towards me.

g2c11 p17
g2c11 p18

“Do you always keep pictures of your ex’s in the books?” Reed asked and it caught me off guard.


“This book, American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, great book by the way.. There’s a picture of you and Lana Hughes. You look around the age of your late teens, you looked happy,” he added and my eyes widened in surprise, yet I glared at him quickly with a grimace.

It astonished me that out of all the books in the entire collection, he had picked the one book where I had put a picture of Lana and I together. He was right, I was 18 and she was 17 in the picture he mentioned, it was just after she had told me she was pregnant with Lucy. Was he that good, or just that lucky to find that photo? “What about it,” I said with a short tone.

“Just an interesting book to choose to hide a picture,” he replied and I was confused; exactly what is he trying to get at? What is he trying to figure out?

“Who said I was hiding it?” I retorted, though it sounded stupid coming out of my mouth. I was hiding it, but only so Faline wouldn’t see it and I could keep it to remember a time in my life where Lana and I actually got along. I can’t even remember the last time I was happy with her like I was in that picture.

g2c11 p19
g2c11 p20

Uh-huh.. Shall we sit?” He continued, ignoring my question once again and we made our way to the lounge area Faline had set up when she decorated her library. 

“So, Mr. Duboys-”

“It’s Doobwah, and just call me Jason..” I answered, cutting him off before he could continue. Was he saying my name like that on purpose to piss me off or something? Because it was working.

“Well, Jason.. How many children do you have?”

“There’s just Gareth and Gibson, my boys.”

“No others?” He questioned as if he didn’t believe me.

“Well, I was led to believe that Lana had a daughter with me, Lucille, but I actually found out a little while ago that she wasn’t mine, so.. It’s.. Just the boys,” I repeated myself, hating that it seemed as if he was trying to stir up some kind of emotion from me by asking such questions.

“I have a boy and a girl.. Ryan is almost 11 now, and Jayda is 8,” he added. Why did this feel so weird? So.. Familiar? It took a moment for me to realize that he was talking to me exactly how Lana’s mom used to talk to me when I was a kid and I first started going to her for help, yet his way was more.. Intimidating. “You’re a good father, Jason, at least from all that I’ve seen and heard,” he added.

g2c11 p22
g2c11 p23

“..What do you mean, heard?”

“You and Lana Hughes were close, yes?” He asked, once again, ignoring my question to him; it was starting to really irk me.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at.. You obviously know who Lana is, and it seems you know more about me than I’m comfortable with.. Though, I don’t think you’re grasping our relationship.. You’re guessing that we were close, knowing full well that we had-” I paused, catching myself at my own words and stopping when I was about to say that Lucy was mine, “Well, it seems to me that you know about Lucy, too, but to answer your question regardless, yes.. We were close.. Ever since we were kids, actually.”

g2c11 p24
g2c11 p25

“Do you have any reason to believe that someone would want to cause harm to her?” He asked and I raised a brow in more confusion.

“Well.. No, not really.. I mean, she might be a little hard to get along with sometimes, but I don’t think anyone ‘has it out for her’ or anything like that. She’s a difficult woman, to say the least, but no..”

“Not even you?” He continued and I glared at him, “Finding out that Lucy wasn’t yours must’ve really made you resent her.”

I was beginning to get worried a little, and also very angered at the way he worded things, what was he getting at? From the way he was making everything sound, it seemed like something happened to her, that or she was just being stubborn again and I then began to feel as if he came here to give me a restraining order. Does she really not want me around Lucy to the point she would go this far though? I haven’t done anything bad to her that I could recall that would make her take such wild actions. “Of course I resent her a little, anyone would.. Wouldn’t you resent your wife if she told you Ryan and Jayda weren’t yours after you put in all the time, effort and money? Hearing them call you ‘dad’ ever since they could talk? Giving them everything and sacrificing so much just to see them happy?” I asked in return and his expression didn’t seem to waver. “But no, I wouldn’t do anything to her.. It would only risk me completely losing Lucy, she’d take her away from me and I don’t want that to happen, so thankfully we’re still on good terms.. Well, the best terms that we can be, I suppose, after hearing news such as that..” I reply. Reed didn’t say anything for a few long seconds, his expression barely changed and he hardly blinked as he stared at me after my answer.

g2c11 p26
g2c11 p27

Reed then went back on the subject of Lucy, something I was finding somewhat hard to talk about, “Lucy is a very beautiful girl, she has a lot of her mother’s features.. I’ve also met with Matthew Hamming today, she looks a lot like him as well,” my heart sank to his words and I sighed.

“Would you mind telling me why you’re here, Detective Grander? I’d like to know that instead of you reminding me over and over that the daughter I thought was mine isn’t.. It’s beginning to upset me,” I suggested strongly and he leaned back a little in the chair, relaxing more.

“Of course, my apologies, Jason.. I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” he said with a smile, changing the subject once more, “Well, under better circumstances, I’d be happy to be meeting all of you today, but I will get to the point, like you’ve asked,” he replied and I was thankful that he finally stopped prying into my business.

g2c11 p28
g2c11 p29

“Jason.. There’s been an incident. Lana Hughes was found dead early this morning.. It appears that she had fell off of her balcony over the railing,” he continued and I was shocked and in disbelief.

“W-w-what?! H-how?” I asked in a panic.

“Well.. We found alcohol in her system and there was a radio that was still on blasting music upon the balcony. We’ve come to believe that she was drunk, maybe dancing, and judging by the heels she was wearing, she might’ve lost her footing and she fell over the railing, landing 30 stories down on the road below.. The surveillance video shows us nothing because the building was being worked on, and the cameras within the lobby and elevator weren’t working, so we have no evidence if someone had come up there and pushed her off and there was no sign of a struggle, thus ruling it as just an accidental fall. The neighbors, too, couldn’t tell us anything, they were either asleep or could only hear her music outside from their windows being open, but nothing more, Lucy was asleep as well.. I’m.. Sorry, for your loss,” he concluded and I was at a loss for words.. I didn’t know what to say.

g2c11 p30
g2c11 p31
g2c11 p32

I slowly stood to my feet, avoiding eye contact with him as I held my twisting emotions inside, “Please excuse me for a moment..”

“Of course, take all the time you need, Jason,” Reed answered and I could tell in his tone he was genuinely sorry for me. I nodded gently and walked towards the kitchen, not knowing how I was going to express myself from the news once I got out of the sight of the detective. 

g2c11 p33

I entered the kitchen and tears began to fall instantly. I couldn’t think. I could barely breathe as I thought of Lana, gone, dead, I’m never going to see her again. I’m never going to touch the warmth of her skin again or see the fire of anger and lust in her eyes when she looks at me.. Ever. The mother of my illegitimate child was now dead, a friend since I was a little kid, someone who’s been in my life for so, so long; gone.. 

g2c11 p34

I staggered over to the counter and put my hand upon it to catch myself from losing balance. I turned around and my knees finally buckled, dragging my back down the side of the counter and I sat on the floor, crossing my foot over the other as I continued to weep. As rough as Lana was towards me, and as much as I didn’t want her to be in my life anymore, I was so torn that she was gone.. I had gotten what I wanted. But, now with it being real, she was actually gone.. I didn’t know what to feel anymore. Now, all I could think about then was Lucy. Jesus.. Does she know? Did they tell her? Where was she, who was she with right now? Was I going to have to tell her what happened to Lana? Do I have to tell my baby girl that her mother is dead..? How will I be able to do that.. 

g2c11 p35

I was in the kitchen for about ten minutes to myself, forgetting completely that Detective Grander was there and I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. I could see out of the corner of my eye him entering the room and he stopped by the doorway, “Are you alright?” He asked.

I shut my eyes and sat there silent for a moment, not knowing how to respond to him. How could I? He gave me only ten minutes to grieve and I still had so much to think about, to miss, to let everything out, but I suppose now was not the time.

“I’m sorry.. I don’t mean to interrupt your mourning, but there are still a few matters we must discuss, Jason,” he continued, my sobbing beginning to let up and I eventually nodded. 

g2c11 p36
g2c11 p37

I was able to get back to my feet, but it was still hard to stand. I didn’t face the detective, I wanted my tears to get until control before I could actually talk to him. It was like an ongoing cycle that I was afraid wouldn’t stop; one tear fell, I would wipe it away, another would fall, again, I’d wipe it away. It seemed to never want to stop.

“I’m sorry, I wish I could leave and give you time to yourself and leave you with your sons, but we need to talk about Lucille,” he continued and caught my attention. Was Matt going to take her, or were they going to let Lucy decide who she wanted to be with?

g2c11 p38
g2c11 p39

I finally managed to control my tears, wanting to discuss Lucy as well and I eventually turned around and walked closer to Reed, “Well.. Does she know what happened to Lana?” I asked.

“Yeah, she knows.. Matt actually told her, because she wouldn’t talk to the social worker. We felt it was better to tell her sooner rather than later.. She would only get scared or worried for Lana,” he replied and I was a little angered that they had made that call, but also relieved that I didn’t have to tell her.

“How did she react? Is she alright?”

“Well, at first she didn’t quite understand, but once Matt finally arrived, someone she knew and was comfortable with, he was able to explain it and she grasped it better. She cried for a long time, wouldn’t really talk to anyone, demanded for Lana even when she knew she couldn’t see her, but.. I’d like to believe that she’s a little better now. Still emotional, yes, but she’s finally stopped crying.. She asked for her dad, which we assumed was Matt, but even after he came she still demanded for him, I can only assume she was referring to you now,” he answered and I wanted to tear up all over again but I managed to hold it in.

“W-Where is she now?” I asked after that, wanting to see her now more than ever.

“She’s outside actually, with the social worker, who also happens to be my wife, Janelle,” he replied and I went to go outside, but he put his hand to my chest, pushing me back to my place, “Please, there’s still something I need to discuss,” he insisted and I stopped, waiting for him to continue.

g2c11 p40
g2c11 p41

“I need to ask where you stand on Lucy’s housing situation.. I’ve talked with Matt and he said he would be open to taking Lucy.. He does have the right to take her from you, since he is her biological father,” I felt my body go numb and I didn’t know what to think.. I wanted Lucy so bad, I don’t know what I would do if Matt took over custody. “However, with him being married, he mentioned that his wife wouldn’t be too happy bringing home a child that wasn’t hers. He’s trying to keep his and Lana’s relationship secret, so he told me to offer you custody. If you agree, then you may have full custody, if you don’t, then Matt will still take her. Either way, she will have a home. So, should I tell Matt that he needs to take her? Or-”

“No, no, no! I want her, please! I want her, I want custody..” I answered quickly, cutting him off from saying anything else.

g2c11 p42
g2c11 p43

I watched as Reed soon smiled and nodded, “I’d expect no other answer from you than that.. Lucy clearly prefers you and cares for you, and you’ve been there for her. I’m sure she would be a lot happier here, too,” he replied and I let out a huge sigh of relief. I was so happy, even despite learning of Lana’s demise. I had always wanted Lucy, I’ve always wanted this, and although I wish Lana was still alive but me have custody of Lucy instead, I was still happy that she was finally all mine. “Well, she’s outside, let’s go get her, huh?” He continued and I nodded, following him out of the house and I couldn’t wait to see Lucy, but at the same time, I knew she was going to cry again over Lana once she saw me, and I hated seeing her cry. It was going to take the both of us a long time to get over this. 

g2c11 p44

As we walked outside, I felt so nervous for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve never needed to comfort Lucy this much, I wasn’t ready for her to be so upset.. What was it going to be like now for her knowing she would never see her mother again? Reed knocked me out of my thoughts as I followed him outside, “We’re going to need you to sign some papers before we leave, they’re just papers saying that you’re taking responsibility for Lucy, and Matt has requested that you let him still be able to visit Lucy every once in a while.. Also, my wife will need to come back here a few times, just to make sure she’s being taken care of. I know you won’t disappoint her whenever she needs to visit, but it’s just mandatory.. You’re technically adopting her, so her visits will most likely only be a few times within the next year, then if she passes you, you have her officially.”

His words confused me a little and I grew more nervous, “Wait, so even after signing these papers, there’s still a risk of her getting taken away from me?” I asked.

“Well, yes, there’s a possibility.. But, if my wife comes over and sees that Lucy isn’t being taken care of, which is something I doubt will happen, considering your background, income, and good housing, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Oh, of course.. Yes, she’ll be well taken care of, I can promise that,” I replied with determinatin and he looked to me.

“I know that,” he reassured me and I appreciated his confidence in me.

g2c11 p45
g2c11 p46

We walk to the driveway and I see a blonde woman, around the same age as the detective and I assumed it was his wife he had been referring to. She held Lucy and she turned around to face us when she heard us coming, Lucy then lifting her head from the woman’s shoulder and looking to me. I was so happy to see her, though the moment she looked at me, her eyes watered within mere seconds and so did mine. She struggled to find words as she reached for me and I went to her, pulling her into my arms as quick as I could and she sobbed into my neck. There wasn’t anything that I could think of to say to her at that moment; she had just found out she had lost her mother, and I my childhood friend.. I wanted to tell her it would be okay, to stop crying, to let her know that we’ll get passed it eventually and things will be better, but I couldn’t; she wouldn’t understand, and I also didn’t want to lie to her.

g2c11 p47
g2c11 p48

Reed and his wife gave us both a moment to reunite and to calm down and I soon looked to them after wiping the rest of my tears away that I wasn’t able to hold in from seeing Lucy so upset. Reed’s wife reminded me of my mother a little, except my mother’s hair was longer and more vibrant, and she had blue eyes instead of Mrs. Grander’s teal green. I sighed softly as I thought of her for a moment, but Reed caught my attention once more, “This is my wife, Janelle, the social worker I mentioned, she’ll be visiting you a few times within the next year, like I had told you.. And this is Jason,” Reed introduced us both.

“It’s wonderful to meet you Jason.. Although my check-up’s may seem like a bother or a waist of time, I still need to do it, though I think I’ll have nothing to worry about every time I visit,” she said with a smile as she looked to Lucy. 

I was happy by her words, nodding and accepting the conditions. 

g2c11 p49
g2c11 p50
g2c11 p51

After signing the necessary papers outside with Reed, they left and we came inside. I checked on the boys before taking Lucy to her room and I spent the whole rest of the day with her. As much as I had done it before, it felt different this time, I felt more at ease with the situation since I didn’t have to worry about getting her home in time to Lana, nor did I have to worry about getting into another fight with her when I drop Lucy off.. I’d never have to worry about something like that again. It felt so.. Weird and wrong to think that way, to think positively of the situation, but then again, I was happy Lucy was all mine now.

It was rough handling 3 children now, especially on my own.. I couldn’t wait for Faline to come visit this weekend, maybe then I could get a breather and stop having to be on my toes going back and forth between the three of them. I fed the twins and Lucy and managed to put them all to bed when it was getting late. The twins were a little hard to handle tonight, since I was juggling with giving them attention now that Lucy was there and I wanted to pay a little more attention to her, just from what she’s been through all day. I wanted to make her day as easy as possible. I let out a long, lazy sigh as I waited for Lucy to fall asleep before leaving her room.

g2c11 p52

I was so exhausted from today, my eyes burned from crying and wiping away the tears so much. After coming downstairs from Lucy’s room, I checked on the boys one last time before going to my room where I laid down lazily on the sofa. I started to think of Faline and I wondered how she would react to all of this. I felt as if how I pictured her response was pretty accurate; first she would probably be happy that I got Lucy after all of this time, she’d probably be happy that Lana was out of my life for good, too, but she would also show me sympathy that she was dead instead of simply ‘gone’. I wished she was only gone; packing her bags and moving away.. I still wasn’t that ready to accept that she was gone forever, just knowing I’d never see her alive again only made me want to see her more, talk to her, call her, hold her..

g2c11 p53
g2c11 p54
g2c11 p55

I sat up slowly upon the couch, crossing my arms and holding myself as my core became weak and fragile. Tears formed in my eyes for what seemed like the millionth time today but I didn’t bother stopping them, feeling them trickle down my cheeks and landing on my knees. I needed comfort, I needed someone to tell me everything was going to be okay. I missed Faline so much, I hated and dreaded the nights that I had to sleep alone and with no one to hold on to and no one to hold on to me. But, I couldn’t call Faline just yet, I didn’t want her to be distracted while she was at college and if I had told her what happened and told her how upset I was, she would probably skip school and come home, but I couldn’t let her do that. Detective Grander’s question ran through my mind once more; “Do you plan on marrying her anytime soon?” Saying ‘maybe’ to his question had gotten me thinking though, and I wondered if it was the right time for this..? I couldn’t take losing anyone else, being married to Faline instead of her being just my girlfriend would probably make her think twice if she ever did want to leave me.. I knew Bennu always turned me down, but she was the only other woman I’d marry before Faline and she had already said no to that question; I didn’t even know where the hell she was.. But, I had children with Faline, I lived with her, I knew she loved me without ever needing to say it, but would I be marrying her for the same reasons? I let out a gentle chuckle as I thought of a few times in our relationship where I knew she wanted to hear those three little words, but I could never bring myself to do it. She never did either, which made me wonder if she was waiting for me to say them first and I wondered if she would even agree to marrying me without either of us ever saying those words.. I guess that’s something I’m just going to need to find out for myself.

Generation 2, Chapter 10

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g2c10 p1

It’s been almost a year and a half since Faline and I’s fight that I didn’t even know we had.. I was so drunk, I had blacked out that night and the last thing that I had remembered was grabbing another beer from the fridge when I got home. Faline told me what had happened the next day and I felt terrible.. I apologized profusely; I’ve been trying to make it up to her ever since, too. Not that she was holding it against me or anything, but I didn’t want to lose her, especially when we had just gotten used to one another and have been pretty much inseparable ever since I went to college.. I didn’t want to lose all that we had created for ourselves, everything that we had created together. I’ve graduated college with my business degree, thankfully; Auturo said he wouldn’t help me, but I actually studied and he noticed, so when it came to test time, we would study together and I’d passed every test with at least a ‘B’ every time. I’m so thankful for Auturo and I’m glad I know him, he’s helped me and my family more than he even realizes.

g2c10 p2

But.. I was unconditionally happy. Faline gave birth right before I graduated to twin boys and we named them Gareth and Gibson. Gareth is a little firecracker already, his personality was so different from Gibson. Gareth was always crying for attention; the moment I put him down, I swear he would notice when I would play with Gibson, and he would get jealous and cry instantly when I held his twin brother.. Gibson was so laid back though, only wanting attention when needed and he didn’t care if I held Gareth more than him; he just sat in his crib and starred at me whenever I would circle their cribs trying to calm down Gareth. So, that’s why while Faline was pregnant she looked bigger than Lana when Lana was pregnant.. Faline was carrying twins, just like Faline and her brother were twins.

g2c10 p4
g2c10 p3
g2c10 p5

After I had graduated and decided to take over caring for the kids, Faline wanted to go back to school and continue her education as well, so she could get a job, too. I tried telling her that she didn’t need to, I still had plenty of money left over from inheriting it from my parents, and I would be working soon anyways to continue the income, but she insisted. Her mindset seemed to always be circling around school and a career, but who was I to stop her from doing what she wanted? I was planning on starting my own business, maybe even opening my own bar in town since that seemed to be the only thing that interested me in owning, or maybe even opening my own restaurant.. I still couldn’t decide. I loved alcohol, but I also loved food, and I had gotten quite good at cooking since I had always watched my mother cook. I still had some of her own recipes in a cabinet in the kitchen. 

After I had successfully gotten Gareth to sleep finally, I picked up Gibson who was still awake. I played with him for a little bit, poking his nose and watching it twitch and he giggled after every time I did it. I chuckled at Gibson, admiring his eyes and how much more excitement and life they had in them than Gareth’s. He yawned in my arms and I smiled, pulling him close to me and rubbing his back, “Don’t worry.. Momma will be back real soon to visit,” I said softly as I hugged him to me, then placed him in his crib and I watched as his eyes shut.

g2c10 p6
g2c10 p7

I quietly walked out of the twins’ room, shutting the light off and closing the door silently. I let out a sigh of relaxation, glad that tonight the boy’s were exhausted enough to not fuss too much when putting them to bed and I gazed out of the windows in the foyer. The lights from the city illuminated the house even more than my own lights were and I wanted to go out for a little bit, but then the boys would be left alone, and I couldn’t do that.. My mind began to wander as I stared at the city lights, feeling somewhat alone and I didn’t like it too much.. Before, I would usually be around my sisters 24/7, then I got closer with Lana and soon Lucy was my muse. Faline then kept me company, and if she didn’t, it was my college friends and Bennu.. But with Faline gone now, and the boys now asleep, I didn’t like not knowing what to do with myself and having no one to keep my mind at ease. I sighed once more, but with more of a sense of grief than relief. I haven’t seen Bennu since I had went to the club with the guys the night I went back to college for my last year. I had to admit, I missed her, a lot; I’ve given her my number, telling her to call me if she ever changes her mind about being with me, but she’s never called once in the entire time I’ve known her since my freshman year of college..

g2c10 p8

I grew desperate, taking advantage of Faline not being here and she wasn’t going to be home until a week from now, pulling out my phone and I scrolled through my endless list of contacts. I hoped that by chance Bennu added her number in, but the more I scrolled, the more discouraged I grew. An idea ran through my head as I looked at the number for Barefoot, wondering if I should call the club and ask if I can talk to her.. A pinch of excitement ran through my body, wanting desperately to hear her voice and I caved in to calling the club.

g2c10 p9
g2c10 p10

I heard the phone ring and I recognized who answered, it was Avery, the black haired girl that Auturo liked, “Hello, thank you for calling Barefoot,” she began and I heard loud music behind her slightly shouting voice.

“Avery? It’s Jason, um.. Dubois.. Is Bennu there?” I asked.

“Jason? Man, you haven’t been in here in a while, that’s not at all like you, sweetheart,” she replied and I sighed.

“Yeah, I got.. Caught up in something.. But, uh, is Bennu there? Working tonight?” I asked once more.

“No, sweetie, you didn’t hear? She quit.. Maybe about a month after you were last here,” she answered and my eyes widened.

“Did she sa.. D-Do you know why?” I asked in a slight panic, wondering why she hasn’t called me at all since then like I had told her to so many times if she left..

g2c10 p11
g2c10 p12

I don’t know why.. She just said she was done and hasn’t came back.”

“Did she tell you to say anything to me? Leave a note or a number?” I asked.

Nah, she didn’t leave anything like that,” she replied, her tone beginning to sound bored, “If that’s all Jason, I gotta get back to work, hun, so..”

“Wait.. Do you know her number?”

Even if I did, Jason, she never told me to give it to you if you just so happened to call, and you’re not getting it, I’m not allowed to give out information like that to guys who have pathetically fallen in love with a stripper.. Bye, Jason,” she retorted with an irritated tone and hung up.

I was beyond angry by her words, “I’m not in love with her..” I said softly to no one, putting my phone back into my pocket and letting out a heave of a sigh. 

g2c10 p14
g2c10 p15

I went to my room and left the light off, sitting on my sofa as my mind raced and the waves I watched from the ocean out my window couldn’t even calm my nerves. I sat there for roughly two hours, just thinking, trying to find an explanation on why Bennu wouldn’t – didn’t call me like I had told her to so many times. Did she really not want to be with me? Every time we were together, it always seemed as if we were feeling all the same things without needing to speak of them, always having the greatest time together and it only made me wonder more why she didn’t want to be with me.

g2c10 p16
g2c10 p17

To distract me from my constant thoughts, I went online and browsed the internet for a while, looking for places around town for sale and trying to figure out if any were a good place to start my own business. I was browsing for a few hours, noticing the time in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and it was almost 11:30pm. I looked to the baby monitor, knowing Gareth too well already and he always made a tiny fuss around now, waiting a few long moments and I eventually heard him beginning to cry, but right after that I heard him making gentle noises again and then I heard nothing. I smiled at his behavior; I always would jump straight to my feet and run to their room, but I’d only wake him from his fake cries and then he’d be up for hours with me, just to trick us in giving him attention. But, eventually I realized what he was doing, and I stopped going to his room every time he did it, he always went back to sleep after crying for about half a minute. Such a fussy boy..

g2c10 p18

My cell rang and I x’ed out what I was doing, looking to my phone and sighing when I saw Lana’s name on the ID. I stood from the chair and let it ring a few times.. I haven’t spoken more than 5 words to Lana ever since her ‘friend’ Matt came over while I was picking up Lucy..

“Hello…?” I answered with a bored tone.

“Hi..” Lana replied.

“Is anything wrong? Are you and Lucy okay?” I wondered, trying to figure out why she would call me out of the blue and late at night. 

No, we’re okay,” she added with the same bored tone that I had answered with.

“Then, why’d you call..?” I asked.

g2c10 p20
g2c10 p19

I’m moving in with Matt, and I’m taking Lucy with me.. He got a job somewhere else,” she continued her bland tone and my eyes widened in horror.


Um.. I’m – taking – Lucy – and – leaving.. Stupid. Did you not hear me?” She questions angrily, and even through the phone I can tell she’s drunk; she has Lucy, too, which only made me more furious that she was drinking while Lucy was asleep.. What if Lucy woke up and needed her, and she was plastered? What if she dropped her? What if she.. Just.. I was furious once again.

g2c10 p21

“What the fuck Lana!? You can’t just up and leave! What would Lucy say!? She would miss me like crazy! But I know for a fact you’d probably just lie to her and tell her some bullshit to make me look bad! Hoping she would just forget me! Am I fucking wrong!? What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yelled. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was so tired of all these surprises she’s been springing on me lately. “You can’t take my daughter away from me!”

I heard her give a gentle chuckle from her drunken behavior to my words, my blood boiling and I felt as if I was going to crush my cell phone as I held it, “Yeah.. Well, I don’t even know why you still label her as that..” She replied and I was at a loss for words.. I.. I couldn’t speak.. Even though she had never admitted it, it hurt me more than ever now finally confirming her words, and confirming my constant assumptions ever since Lucy was born, “Good luck winning her in a court hearing, but, anyways.. You can come by tomorrow and say goodbye, that’s all I’m giving you.”

Wh..What the fuck was happening right now? Have I lost my mind? Did I hear her correctly?? 

g2c10 p22

“Lana.. Baby.. Please.. Don’t do this to me.. I.. I-I know she’s not mine.. But please, I’ve been her father for 4 years.. 4 fucking years! And it was all because of you! Even though we’ve never talked about, I know.. But, that still doesn’t mean I don’t have every right to try and keep her close to me! You’ve tricked me this entire time! I.. I love that girl so much, so fucking much.. Please.. Please don’t take her from me,” I beg her, like I always find myself doing..

g2c10 p24

Tomorrow, 11:00am.. Any later and we’re not going to be here,” she replied and that’s the second person that has hung up on me tonight. I looked at my phone and it shook in my nervous hand as I watched the call end and go to the home screen, my heart racing and I turned on my heal, my entire body hot with rage and I raced towards my bedroom door, running out and I nearly fell down the stairs I was racing so quickly to get to my car outside to go to Lana’s. 

g2c10 p25
g2c10 p26

I drove to Lana’s, though I don’t really remember driving there; one second I was in my room, the next, I had typed in Lana’s code to get buzzed in that she didn’t know I knew and I was on her floor, attempting to unlock the door using one of my credit cards. I was having a hard time thinking, it was almost as if my body knew what to do for me and I felt that even if I didn’t want to be doing this, I was. I finally managed to slip the credit card in at just the right angle and I hear the door make a ‘click’ sound, letting me know that it was unlocked and I place my credit card back into pocket. 

g2c10 p27
g2c10 p28

There she is.. Out on the balcony, dancing with herself and still drunk no doubt. This has never happened before, this feeling in spine, the voice of reason gone and my entire body felt numb. I was mad, so, so mad.. I don’t need this from her anymore. I don’t need her constant torment, lies, her ability to keep me stuck on this invisible leash so tight without ever giving me any slack or room to run. I was her pet, I was her bank account, and I was the idiot that fell for it all. She made a fool out of me and I couldn’t let her do it anymore; I won’t let her take what’s mine.

g2c10 p29
g2c10 p30
g2c10 p31

I walked through the kitchen and opened the door to go outside, the music then becoming clearer and louder, though I couldn’t make out a single word they were saying or even the rhythm; I was too distracted. The door shut behind me but it was still too quiet for Lana to hear, continuing to be oblivious to my presence. I watched her for a little bit, letting her enjoy herself a little more before finally speaking up, “Looks like fun, mind if I join?”

I watch as Lana almost jumps out of her skin and she stops dancing, looking to me in serious confusion, “J-Jason? H-How the hell did you get in h-”

“Do you enjoy hurting me? Does it bring you some sense of solace whenever you hear the pain in my voice? The lifelessness you bring to my eyes when you tell me terrible things?” I asked. She doesn’t answer me and even through the darkness of the night, I watch as her throat bounces from swallowing hard from her nerves. “Well..? Do you enjoy it?”

g2c10 p32

“Wha.. What the hell are you talking about? Y-You need to leave, Jason! Right now!” She voiced in concern and anger, her words over exaggerated due to the alcohol. I was happy when I noticed the intense finger she pointed at me begin to shake slightly, she was scared right now. I loved it. I’ve been fearing this day ever since Lucy was born, that one day she’d take her from me, but no.. That wasn’t going to happen. I moved closer to her slowly and Lana continued to bark orders at me, “Jason, I’m warning you! Turn around and leave, or.. Or.. I’ll call Matt, a-a-and I’ll call the cops, and you can be sure as hell that you’ll never set eyes on Lucy again!” She called out. I stopped about ten feet from her and stare at her angered expression, her words not phasing me in the slightest.

“Are you ever going to answer my questions?” I asked.

“Leave, Jason.. Now!” She yelled again and I was glad that Lucy couldn’t hear anything that was happening out here.

g2c10 p35

My expression was enraged, stepping closer to her now and she grew more scared, putting her hands up in an attempt to keep her distance from me. “This entire time, all this time you’ve lied to me about so many things.. Kept me from the one thing that you made me believe was my own.. You’ve been stringing me along and for what, my money? My own happiness? My life has never been the same ever since you came into it. You’ve been playing me for a fool for too long now, Lana, and I can’t take it anymore. Lucy isn’t going anywhere, but I don’t think I can say the same thing for you.”

“J-Jason, please, don’t come any closer.. Stay away from me!” She began to plead, her mannerism surprising me since I figured she wasn’t afraid of anything by how she’s always so confident and almost proud whenever she knows she’s hurt someone. “I-I won’t leave, okay? Just, p-pretend I didn’t say anything.. I’m not taking her away anymore, alright?” She continued to plead.

“Like I’m supposed to believe that after everything else you’ve ever said to me.. Every time I saw you, talked to you, you could’ve told me the truth, you could’ve prevented this and made everything right.. Hell, I may have taken the news better before. If you had even told me that she wasn’t mine from the beginning, I would’ve still helped you with her.. But, who knows now, right?” I paused for a moment and for once in her miserable life, she has nothing to say, “The moment I leave, you’d get Lucy and get out of the city and as far away from me as physically possible, I can’t let that happen.. Not anymore.. Not after everything I’ve done for you, for her, for putting up with all of your bullshit.. I can’t do it anymore Lana, and I’m not going to let you continue it.”

g2c10 p37
g2c10 p38

I stepped closer, closing in on the gap between us and I watched as her body came to a stop when she had backed all the way into the guard railing. She looked behind her and down, then back to my eyes, terror written all over her face and I couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement flow through me. “I never thought we’d end up like this, honestly.. When I came to your mother for help when I was little, I was a messed up little boy.. I saw things, gruesome things, and she helped me with what I saw. She helped me through my parents death, and I met you soon after they died, she thought you’d be good for me. We were friends for years, Lana, ever since we were kids. We looked out for one another, helped each other through things that no one else could help with. You were my best friend, actually, I didn’t take the time to get to know anyone else as much as I grew to know you. Eventually we grew intimate, and it.. It almost makes me wonder if you knew what you were doing the whole time.. The moment I turned 18 I got the money I had inherited from my parents, and out of nowhere you were pregnant, apparently with my baby, too. But, that was never the case, she wasn’t mine. Now that I look back on it, I can’t remember having sex with you around the time that we should’ve conceived her.. The news just filled me with so much joy that it blinded me, I never once thought she wasn’t mine until she was born, but.. It was better to just accept it than to bring it up and risk losing both of you. After she was born, though.. Everything changed. You grew heartless and cold, it was hard to visit Lucy though easy to convince you to let me buy her things, to let me take care of the daughter you told me I had..”

g2c10 p40
g2c10 p39

Suddenly my hand was on Lana’s throat and I could feel her quick pulse over her hair that was underneath my fingertips. She could still breath, but it was difficult for her to form words, “You’ve lied to me for the last time. You’ve tormented me, used me, and killed me inside from it all, but this where it all stops. I don’t want to put Lucy through this anymore, she doesn’t deserve it. You’re her mother, and I’m not her father, but I’ll be both for her from now on, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. She’ll be very well taken care of.. But nothing will get better until you’re taken care of.” The corner of my mouth twitches into a smirk and with a hard exertion of my strength, I pushed at Lana’s throat and she lost her footing, falling over the rail and I heard her head hit the concrete on the edge of the building and as quickly as I had pushed, her body was out of my sight just as quick.

g2c10 p41
g2c10 p42

I didn’t hear her scream on the way down, the grip I had on her throat must’ve hindered her from being able to use her voice as she fell to her death. A breeze went by and I inhaled deeply, looking around the city and a smile ran across my lips. I couldn’t describe what I was feeling, I still felt numb, I still felt as if I wasn’t even there, non-existent and unaware. But, I felt free.. Excited, exhilarated, ecstatic, and finally, at ease. I let out a gentle chuckle and turned around, walking back towards the door to walk back through Lana’s place and I left without waking Lucy.

g2c10 p43
g2c10 p44

Generation 2, Chapter 9

Attention: Another long chapter, but at least it’s a little shorter than the last one.. A little..  >_> Enjoy!


g2c9 p1

It was next Friday already, a week and a day since I had been with Bennu at Barefoot.. I was on my way home to see Faline, like I told her I would last Thursday when I had left her. I.. I had no words. I was already doing bad in all of my classes, even in the first week of being there. I couldn’t focus, I felt terrible, the guilt eating away at me, and yet.. I still couldn’t stop thinking about Bennu. Why didn’t she want to leave her job? I had made it a point to see her at least 6 times a year, and every time I asked her to be with me, every time, and she still said no.. Why? She knew I had money, she knew who I was and that I could support her without her needing to flaunt herself in such a way, for other men, but.. Why wouldn’t she do it? I wanted her to be mine, and yet, what would I even do if she did want to be with me now? I had Faline.. Thinking back on our time together now, I can’t believe I had asked Bennu to marry me, it came out of nowhere, but the strange thing was that I meant it.

I can’t see Faline, I’m not ready.. I can’t even think about looking at her. I miss her so much, I wanted to feel her growing tummy, listen to it, rest my head against it as I slept, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t look at her without giving everything away in my eyes.. Not yet.

g2c9 p2

I drive more and more through the city of Bridgeport, seeing everything all over again and now it brought out new memories instead of the old; how much Faline and I had wandered through the city together, showing her the sights, getting her used to being around here since she lived with me now. My eyes held back gentle tears as I then decided to go to Lana’s, I wanted to see Lucy; seeing her would get my mind off of Faline. Even though I was driving, I pulled my phone out and quick dialed Lana, her answering in a few rings.

What do you want?” She asked coldly and I was instantly enraged by her words.

“I want to see Lucy.. I’m back for the weekend from college, let me see her,” I demand and I hear her sigh heavily, though she eventually complies.

Fine, but I’m going out soon, just get here quick and get her,” she warned and hung up. Already, I had problems when coming back to this fucking town, despite even seeing Faline first.

g2c9 p3

I get to Lana’s within minutes since I had been driving around her part of the neighborhood for a while, wanting to see Lucy and wanting to avoid Faline as much as possible. It was still light out, but it was getting dark quickly; I had told Faline I would leave early in the morning, but didn’t end up driving home from college until around 2:00pm. I arrived at Lana’s between 5:45 and 6:00pm, taking my time while driving and it didn’t take the normal 3 hours, I wasn’t excited to go home like I should be. I went into her building and already I felt a slight bit better, knowing anything that would happen here would take my mind off of Faline. I buzzed Lana’s residence and within 30 seconds, she let me in and I went upstairs.

g2c9 p4
g2c9 p5

I went up the escalator and went to her door, not bothering to knock as she usually unlocked it before I ever got upstairs. I walked in and noticed Lucy playing with a yellow toy car on the ground and I smiled warmly, so happy to see her. Before Lucy noticed me, I looked around Lana’s place, noticing that she had renewed her furniture, the walls, the carpeting, almost everything. I was infuriated easily once again. What the fuck is this? This must’ve cost her at least a few grand to redo; I hadn’t been here in a few months, Lana didn’t like me coming here for a while after our fight at my place, but I didn’t doubt that it was all worth at least four of six checks I had given her in that time frame alone.

“Daddy! You’re here!” The sound of Lucy’s voice knocked me back into reality, looking to her as she had walked to me and stood about 5 feet from me, looking at me as if confused. She hesitated as she waited for me to give her a warm smile, “Are you okay?” She asked. 

g2c9 p6

I didn’t like that I had left my expression angered enough for Lucy to notice, so once I looked at her, my smile grew wide and I lifted her up, throwing her around and she laughed until I brought her more into my arms and hugged her tightly, “I’m doing wonderful, especially now that I’ve seen my favorite lady,” I replied to her and pecked her cheek repeatedly until she eventually pushes my face away from my stubble tickling her. “How are you, beautiful?” I wondered.

“Good! I missed you! How’s school?” She wondered and I was touched by how she had remembered that I was at school again, I loved how she wanted to know how I was doing as well. Even though I was doing bad, I didn’t want to disappoint her or make her worry, so I lied..

“I’ve missed you so much, too! I’m doing so well I might even graduate early so I can see you even sooner, and I won’t be gone as long!” I replied with a joyful tone, though I knew she wouldn’t remember. I was impressed that she remembered I was even at school, yet she was still at that age where it didn’t matter how long I was gone, she’d miss me regardless and whenever I would show up, is, well, when I would show up..

g2c9 p7
g2c9 p8

I soon looked towards the stairs and heard Lana walking down; I knew she was wearing heels, I could hear them clicking on each step down and although I was angry with her, I knew she looked good without even seeing her whole outfit yet. I could only see a little of her dress, but from what I could see, it got my blood pumping and I felt a little uncomfortable holding Lucy. 

g2c9 p9

Lana came downstairs and I looked her up and down, admiring her shiny silver dress and I forgot to blink for a while. “You look nice,” I attempted to compliment her, the side of my mouth twitching into a brief smirk, but she ignored my words.

“Are you leaving now?” She asked coldly, looking at me, then looking to Lucy and giving a gentle smile at her. 

“Yeah, in a minute,” I answered, obviously checking her out and she scoffed, rolling her eyes and I knew she knew what I was trying to do.

“Jason, come on, knock it off,” she added with an irritated tone, turning away from me, but I knew she was flattered by my gestures. I needed to convince her to let me stay for a little bit so I could get a chance to talk to her about the remodeling she had done, but I had to get on her good side first.

g2c9 p10
g2c9 p11

I can’t help it, the moment she walks away from me I can’t help but stare at the curves of her body, remembering what she felt like against me naked so long ago. My heart started to race a little, watching Lana walk up the stairs and the more she walked up, the more I saw under her dress, which there was nothing there under it. With Lucy still in my arms, I felt a little uneasy and I wanted to follow Lana upstairs, soon walking Lucy back over to the spot she was at when I had gotten here and placing her on the ground again. 

g2c9 p12

“Be a good girl, okay? I’m going to talk to Mommy, you just play with your doll house or something and we’ll leave really soon,” I said with a smile and pecking her forehead.

“Okay!” She answered me and I stood again to make my way upstairs after Lana. The only thing I hated about discussing something important with Lana here was that her room upstairs wasn’t closed in, so if we got into an argument, Lucy would hear everything, and I hated when she heard us fight. But, I needed to talk to Lana about this and get it straightened out.

g2c9 p13
g2c9 p14

I got upstairs and stopped Lana from going into her bathroom, probably just to continue getting ready so she could avoid me. I looked around her room quickly to see if she had made any changes up here as well, but her room was still the same; I couldn’t help but wonder though when she was planning to redo it, too. “Lana, what is all this?” I asked, trying to keep my cool as I brought up the subject.

“What is.. What?” She replied coldly, seemingly annoyed that I was even speaking to her.

“Lana, the living room.. The walls, the carpet, the furniture, how much did that cost you to do?” I wondered, my tone was already beginning to get angered.

g2c9 p15

“Why do you care? You’re never here anyways, it’s not like you live here. I wanted to make it more homey, it looked like shit before,” she replied and it was hard for me to contain the aggravation that crept up my spine.

“That’s not what I asked,” I state with a short tone.

Lana got defensive, “It’s none of your concern,” she pointed out and my blood was boiling.

“It’s not my concern? You’re using my money!” I stress, yet try to keep my voice down, “I give you that money to take care of yourself and Lucy, not for you to go and blow on stupid shit that you don’t need,” I add angrily, “Do you really want me to have to cut down the checks to keep you from blowing it on luxuries?” I threaten a little and I can tell I finally had stepped over the line with Lana; I knew that threatening to take away money would hit a nerve in her.

“You’re a fucking asshole, you know that?” She insulted and I grew even more enraged; how could she even call me that when I’m giving her hundreds and hundreds of my own dollars to feed them and keep a roof over their heads?

g2c9 p16
g2c9 p17

I’m furious by her words, watching as she went to turn around and attempt to go into the bathroom again, but I grab her wrist and twist her back around hard, forcing her to face me. Her eyes widened a little in fear and her chest rose and sank faster from quickened breathes, “Jason, you’re hurting me,” she said in a slight pleading tone, looking to me and asking with her eyes to let her go, but I don’t.

“You better prey that that little girl is always fed, clothed, and cared for with a roof over her head or so help me I’ll take her in an instant and leave you with nothing but this stupid fucking condo you seem to care about more than her. You can get a job and pay for it your fucking self. But, to avoid that from ever happening.. Don’t you ever use that money for anything else extravagant again, do you understand me?” I ask with a harsh tone and I watch as her face twists with different emotions and I can’t tell how she feels about my words.

g2c9 p18

Finally her expression turns angered once more and she jerks her wrist out of my grip, no doubt hurting herself while doing it, but then shoving me away from her, “Fuck you, Jason!” My eyes widen by how she had raised her voice and I knew that Lucy had heard it. 

“Keep your voice down!” I pressured softly.

“No, this is bullshit.. How dare you say anything like that! You only see her a few months out of the whole fucking year and you’re going to tell me that I don’t care for her like I should? Look around, asshole! I’m making this place nicer for us to live in, the fridge is stocked and last time I checked, she has more clothes than she even needs! Don’t ever say I don’t take care of her when you barely ever see her! I’m surprised she even remembers you every time you walk in through that fucking door!” She replied angrily, my jaw dropping slightly. I realize that there’s no winning this argument, there never was; Lana always has to have the last word, and she always makes me feel like I should be to blame at the end of all our fights. She was right though.. I had already came back from college to visit Faline, but I had never came back that quickly from college to visit Lana and Lucy, I always waited about 3 months into the school year before I would even think of coming back for a visit. 

g2c9 p19
g2c9 p20

“I want you to leave, now! I have to be somewhere and I don’t have time for this. You’re not getting Lucy, so forget it! I’ll drop her off at my Mom’s.. Now leave,” she threatened and my heart dropped. Lana went to walk away from me for the third time, but there was no way I’d let her leave just yet, especially after what she had said.

I reached for her quickly the moment she had turned around again and grabbed her hips, pulling her closer and she tried to get my hands off of her, “No no, it’s okay.. I’ll take her, I’m happy to,” I instantly felt pathetic as I began to beg Lana not to keep me from being with Lucy.

“Let me go, Jason!” She yelled louder than she needed to, no doubt wanting Lucy to hear her struggle so she would think badly of me.

Mommy?” Lucy called upstairs and her voice seemed worried, killing me inside and I called down to her.

“Everything’s fine, baby girl, we’re just talking,” I reassured her, though from Lana’s over-exaggeration of a struggle, I doubt I convinced her at all. 

g2c9 p23

Both of us knowing I was the stronger one, I finally forced Lana to turn around and she was back into my arms and I held her against me. My hands wrapped around her tightly and she knew she wasn’t going anywhere anymore; this time around, this discussion wasn’t over with until I was the one ending it. I spoke quietly and my tone was harsh, “Keep-your fucking-voice down,” I threatened again and her eyes tried to avoid mine, as if she knew she had done something wrong but she still refused to voice her defeat. I had never been this physical with her before, I could tell in her face that she was a little scared of what I might do. In past fights, she’s shoved me, slapped me, yelled her heart out, anything to get her point across and the only thing she hasn’t done yet is straight pull a gun out and shoot me. Only once have I ever done more than just yelling and I had tossed her onto the couch to get her away because she was belligerent and wouldn’t stop hitting me; I don’t even remember what that fight was about anymore.. “I don’t need her hating me or worried that I might hurt her due to you exaggerating shit. I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.. I saw all of this change downstairs when I came in, it scared me. I didn’t think you were using the money properly, but knowing now that you guys are still okay, even after the remodeling, it’s fine.. I’m sorry, Lana, alright?” I apologize, feeling stupid that I did, but I had to; she’d milk keeping Lucy from me and I never wanted that, and she knew it.

g2c9 p21
g2c9 p22

Eventually, after keeping her in her place, I see her eyes look up to mine and I can tell that she forgives me, though still doesn’t say anything. I let out a soft sigh through my nose and the corner of my mouth curls up slightly, lessening my hold on her and being able to relax again. I leaned in and gently kissed her cheek close to her lips, trying to comfort her more and to get her to stop being angered with me. I keep one arm wrapped around her as the other then slides down over her ass and then down her leg, threatening to sneak under her dress and I hear her sigh, “Jasonnnn,” she prolonged saying my name in a complaining manner, but I kissed her cheek again and my fingertips felt the bottom of her dress and then skin of her thigh was so smooth and inviting. “Come onnnn, I have to be somewhere,” she continued to coo softly and I smirked more.

“Do you have to go right now?” I asked with a flirtatious tone, feeling her arm wrap around my neck and her other hand came up to caress my face. I never quite understood why our relationship was like this; one minute we’d be at each other throats, the next we’d be all over one another as if the anger fueled us to have fun after a stressful argument. My hand began to make its way up the outside of her thigh and just as our lips were going to meet, the doorbell rang and Lana quickly pulled away from me.

Her expression went nervous, “Will you get Lucy and go now, please?” She asked, her demeanor completely changing and before I could even say anything, she was out of my grip and quickly going downstairs.

g2c9 p24
g2c9 p25
g2c9 p26

There was nothing left for me to do now but follow Lana downstairs and get Lucy and her things. I talked with Lucy and convinced her everything was okay between me and her mother, then looking around the living room again, wondering if I had been out of line at all or if I was right to question Lana about the condo.. I felt a little guilty for how I had treated Lana, but I had to get to the bottom of it and see what she was doing with the money I had been giving her. I looked out the window briefly and noticed it was dark out now, guessing it was around 6:30pm and I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, knowing it was Faline again and I didn’t bother looking at it; I knew it would just be her asking when I would get here, or if I was okay. 

g2c9 p27
g2c9 p28

I heard the door open to Lana’s place and I glanced over to see who had stopped by, guessing it would be one of Lana’s girlfriends eager to go out for the night, but instead, a man walked in. A frown was instantly on my lips and I nonchalantly eavesdropped on their short conversation.

“What are you doing here? I said I would meet you there,” Lana began and her tone was hushed and nervous.

“It’s okay, I thought I’d just come and get you instead,” the man replied, hesitating no longer and pulling her into a kiss. I don’t know why I was so jealous, maybe it was because he got to do it when I didn’t upstairs because he had rang the doorbell; he blocked me from it and it enraged me. The way Lana was acting, too, made me a little weary to go over by them, but I had to leave, Lana wanted me to.

g2c9 p30
g2c9 p32
g2c9 p31

I rolled my eyes when they wouldn’t let go of one another, clearing my throat with an annoyed tone and they eventually separated, looking over to me and I could tell that Lana was uncomfortable. The man looked to me and I could tell he was surprised to see me, probably assuming that no one was here with Lana and Lucy. I walked over to them and I felt as if Lana couldn’t even make eye contact with me.

Lucy looked over to her mother and the man, smiling, “Hi, Matt!” She said happily and my insides twisted, hating that she was so friendly with this stranger and her tone even seemed a little happier towards him than it did for me when I had came in, causing me to hate this ‘Matt’ character instantly.

“Hey, Lucy! How are you, princess?” Matt asked as he looked at her while I starred him down.

“I’m good!” Lucy replied cheerfully.

“Hey, man.. I’m Matt, nice to meet ya,” Matt said to me but I had no words, hesitating as I studied him a little and I couldn’t stop looking at his eyes; they were identical to Lucy’s and I felt as if I was going to be sick.

“That’s Lucy’s father, Jason, and he was just leaving,” Lana said for me since I couldn’t find the words.

“Oh…?” Matt replied to Lana as if he questioned her.

g2c9 p33
g2c9 p34

I ignored him, I had to; I was ready to put down Lucy and strangle Matt until I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head. I turned around and picked up Lucy’s bag with her belongings in it, “You left your wedding ring on,” I remind Matt and I don’t hear either of them say anything for a few moments. Even though I had no room to talk, since I had cheated on Faline almost 3 times already, but if I was married to her, I feel as if I wouldn’t have acted the way I did. But, now, seeing him with his ring on made me feel bad for whoever his wife was, especially knowing that Lana could give less than a shit about it and it probably gave her some sense of power knowing that he was going behind his wife’s back for her. The whole situation was too much, thoughts about Faline and what I had done to her came running through my mind again, and now this.. It was so obvious. 

g2c9 p35

Matt then spoke up before I walked passed him to leave, but I only looked over my shoulder and not at him, still unable to, “Uhh, hey man.. Let’s just, keep that on the down low, huh?” He asked with a weary tone, a light chuckle following after it.

I ignored him again, going up to Lana and I glared at her, “Say goodbye to Mommy,” I told Lucy in a soft, bland tone, still glaring at Lana and she still couldn’t look at me, leaning in and pecking Lucy’s cheek.

“Be good for Daddy,” Lana said with a happy tone that I knew she was faking for Lucy, her demeanor told me she was still nervous and uncomfortable about being in the same room with the two of us. What was worse was that I felt as if we all felt the same way, but none of us wanted to discuss it. I glared at Lana until she locked eyes with me and I knew she could read what I was thinking, watching as she quickly looked away towards the door and I immediately took my leave, somewhat slamming the door on the way out.

g2c9 p37
g2c9 p38

I got home with Lucy and braced myself for the worst. As I drove here my nerves skyrocketed every block we grew closer and I felt like vomiting when we pulled into the driveway; I could barely take the urge I had to just pull back out and drive to a hotel, but I couldn’t do that. We walked in and I nervously looked around, not seeing Faline and the house was quiet. Maybe Faline was resting? The closer she got to her due date, the more she needed to rest, maybe she was in the bedroom..?

I let out a gentle sigh and looked to Lucy, “Faline is probably sleeping, you should take your nap, too,” I suggested and she shook her head, though her eyes were droopy; she had been dozing off in the car, too.

“I’m not tireddd,” she complained and I smirked, pulling her head to my shoulder to rest and her eyes seemed to shut instantly.

g2c9 p39

I brought Lucy upstairs to her room and changed her into a fresh pair of pajamas, putting her down in her crib and she was already sleeping. I turned on the baby monitor again and slipped out of her room quietly, not waking her and I took my time walking back downstairs to the 2nd floor where my bedroom was. Every step I took down made me want, need, and hope that Faline was sleeping; I still didn’t think that I could face her without breaking down. My emotions are always rattled and depending on what I’m dealing with at the time is when it is its worst or best, and in this case, I’m at my worst right now. I don’t know what I’ll do when I first look into her eyes, look at her growing tummy, hearing how much she missed me when I’ve been nothing but promiscuous.. I don’t know why I felt so guilty, I’ve never had this happen before; maybe it was because she was my first actual girlfriend, ever. That sounds pathetic.. And that’s exactly how I feel right now; pathetic.

g2c9 p42
g2c9 p43
g2c9 p44

I didn’t bother knocking, gripping the door knob and turning it as slow as I could to keep it quiet, then opening the door at the same pace. The lights are off and I, for a moment, think that Faline isn’t home, but as I adjust my eyes to the dark, I see her laying on the bed, napping like I had assumed earlier. A wave of relief goes over me, and yet, my nerves are still attacking me. The sight of her is calming a little, but I hope she doesn’t wake as I walk closer and I stand on the side of the bed, looking at her sleeping without her glasses, her face calm and relaxed; she even had her phone clutched in her hand, no doubt still waiting for me to answer her. I looked to her growing tummy and more tears threatened to fall, but I held them back and quickly walked over to the dresser, turning the baby monitor up and setting it on top and exiting the room; Lucy’s cries would wake Faline if need be, and I had to get out of here.

g2c9 p45
g2c9 p46

I took my car and drove 20 over the speed limit on every street, driving aimlessly and I had no idea where I was going. Over a period of 30 minutes, I led myself unknowingly to the graveyard where my parents were buried and it took me until I put my car in park to realize where I had ended up. Why did I come here? I looked to the dark church, no lights on and I turned off my car, getting out and pressing the button to lock it as I approached the gates. It was always so hard driving here to see my mother, but I felt more comfortable here than at home right now..

g2c9 p47
g2c9 p48

As I approached my parents graves, I looked to my mothers headstone and for the first time today, I felt my body relax and my nerves started to settle; the exact opposite I usually feel when coming here. I stopped a few feet from them and my eyes were fixed on my mothers name etched into the stone, “Hey, ma,” I began how I usually do. “I’ve been a little confused lately.. I don’t know what I want, or who I want. But, I kinda fucked up, big time. Things had been great with Faline, but the moment I go back to college, everything was out of my control. I’m a loose nut that can’t be tightened,” I chuckle at my own choice of words, yet it finally triggers the tears that I had been holding back all day and a tear falls down one of my eyes but I wipe it away quickly. “I have a feeling you’d be disappointed. You raised a little boy well, but I’m not the man you probably hoped I would become,” more tears began to fall, “My little girl..” I pause, “Lucy is oblivious right now, but she’s so smart.. She’ll figure everything out as soon as she gets a little older. She’ll figure out that I should have nothing to do with her, but then what?” I wonder, shutting my eyes and rubbing the bridge of my nose.

g2c9 p49
g2c9 p50

“Jason?” A familiar voice goes through my ears and I quickly wipe my tears away in the dark, looking back and I see Anya is slowly making her way towards me. I’m happy to see her, but I know that she’s mad at me for whatever reason, so I don’t say anything until she walks up and stops next to me, “What are you doing here?” She asks, though I think it’s a stupid question.

“Visiting,” I reply with a monotone voice. There’s an awkward silence that I couldn’t stand, but I didn’t know what to say to her.

“What’s bothering you?” She eventually breaks the silence and asks, but I don’t want to tell her, not until she tells me why she’s ignoring me. It wasn’t a special occasion, nor was it either of our parents birthday, so whenever one of us would come here, something always had to be eating at our brains; something was bothering both of us.

“What’s bothering you?” I ask in return with a hint of aggravation. Anya turned her attention towards our parents graves, silence fell around us once more and I sighed. “Why can’t you just talk to me?” I wonder, though I’m still monotone and it barely even sounded like a question.

Anya still hesitated, taking a moment to think about her next words, “It’s really hard to talk about, Jason.. Especially with you,” she finally spoke up and I looked towards her, wondering what she could mean.

“Why me?” I asked, curious and now I really wanted to know what was bothering her; had I done something to piss her off? I couldn’t think of anything I had done besides that night I had told all my sisters the truth about Faline and Lucy, but I didn’t think she’d be mad at me this long for something like that.. Would she? It wasn’t like her at all to hold grudges.

g2c9 p51
g2c9 p52

“I don’t know, it just is,” she replies and looks to me, her eyes are sad and even through the dark, I can tell she had been crying.

“Come on, Anya.. We used to always talk. You’ve helped me in a lot of ways growing up, let me at least try to return the favor for once,” I admit. I had been a terrible brother, her and Hitomi raised me like our mother would’ve, but it was never the same; I turned into a very troubled child, which is where I am now, except now I’m a troubled man. No.. I’m still only a child, who am I kidding..

“Yeah.. Used to..” She emphasized the past tense and I sighed.

“Are you and Dwight doing okay?” I asked, watching as she looked to my fathers headstone and her expression went somewhat pained.

g2c9 p53
g2c9 p54

“I’m sorry, Jason.. It was wrong of me to walk out on you, Faline, and everyone that one night, but I just couldn’t take it,” she replied, her voice beginning to give out and tears welled up in her eyes. I grew worried as I looked to her, I hadn’t seen Anya cry tears of sadness ever since our parents had died; something must be really wrong..

“It’s okay.. I just wanted to know why, that’s all.. But, if it’s hard for you, then you don’t have to tell me, just forget I asked. I don’t want you to be upset,” I retorted, looking over her face a little again and I noticed she couldn’t fight the tears anymore, seeing a few fall from her eyes.

Anya ignored my words, continuing anyways, “I-I found a ring, in one of Dwight’s pockets when I was doing laundry about 2 months ago.. H-He was going to ask me to marry him, but..” Anya began and I was happy for her and Dwight, though the ‘but’ at the end of her sentence made my heart sink. “You know we work at the hospital.. And one day I wanted to get checked out to see if I was healthy. Dwight wants children so bad.. So bad.. But, I.. I can’t give him any,” she continued, and I was a little confused.

“Why not..? You’re crazy about him.. Do you not want to be with him anymore?” I wonder, watching as her tears got worse and she tried covering her face.

g2c9 p55

“It’s not that.. Mentally, emotionally, I want to give him as many as he wants, I want the same thing.. But, physically, I’m incapable. I’ll never get pregnant, Jason, ever. I’ll never be able to hold my own baby, one that I’ve created,” she continued and I understood now; she’s infertile. My heart sank even more, now into my stomach and I felt terrible for her; that’s why she couldn’t be around Faline, Lucy and I, she can’t have kids, and me already having one and now I’m having another.. Well, Lucy wasn’t mine.. But..

Dammit, a tear fell from my eye as well as I watched Anya cry, the most destroyed I had ever seen her. She cried more when our parents died, but I knew that she cared more about this than anything else now; she loved kids, always did, she was just like Mom.. Exactly like her. She loved children, was so kind and gentle, such a humble and forgiving person, and she had been cursed by being unable to have children? I felt like shit, I hated that I was capable of it and to her knowledge, I had already knocked up two different woman, to her she must’ve took it as rubbing it in her face.. I felt so sorry for her, I was crushed just as much as she was, just because I knew how much she wanted to experience being a mother; she was just like mom.. Just like her..

g2c9 p56
g2c9 p57

I turned towards Anya as she cried heavily by herself, pulling her into a tight hug and tears then fell from my eyes as well. Jesus.. Here I am in her eyes getting ‘so many’ girls pregnant, when she can’t even have one, no wonder she walked out that one night; I didn’t blame her at all for leaving. She had always talked about Helena, Hitomi’s girl.. Ever since she was born, I knew that Anya was jealous, she showed signs as far as not wanting to be by Helena one minute, resenting Hitomi therefore resenting Helena, but then again, every now and then she would hold Helena and almost refuse to give her up once she had her in her arms.. Once she met Dwight, though, her hopes skyrocketed and we all knew she couldn’t wait to marry him and she was ecstatic about possibly having a child with him soon. I.. I had no idea what to tell her, besides the obvious.. 

“Anya..” I said softly, my own voice quivering as I heard her bawling into my shoulder and clenching her fists, gripping my shirt tightly, “I-I’m.. S-So sorry..” I continued and more tears fell from my eyes, holding her tighter and I knew just by how hard she was letting it out, I was the first one to know about it. Hitomi and Julia might know, since my sisters talked with each other more than I talked with them, but by how she was acting, and how hard she was crying, I somehow knew that she came here to let it all out to Mom and Dad, like I wanted to do about Lucy, but we had found one another instead.

Surprisingly, Anya was able to control herself and she continued, talking into my shoulder, “Now that I told him.. Now that he knows I can’t have children, we’ve been getting into more and more fights that would normally never happen.. I-It’s.. It’s as if he’s looking for reasons to leave me instead of coming right now and saying it.. H-He doesn’t want me anymore, I can’t give him what we both want so bad, I can’t give him what he wants..” She continued and cried even more, and I hugged her even tighter, if I even could. My God, I never thought this would happen. I couldn’t describe the guilt and pity I had for Anya; I’d do anything to switch places with her.. Anything. She, out of anyone I know, deserves a child the most.. I can’t even describe what I’m feeling for her right now.. I can’t even imagine how she feels..

g2c9 p58
g2c9 p59
g2c9 p60

I was at a loss for words, all I wanted to do was go to the hospital and beat the living shit out of Dwight; he’d be lucky that he’d already be at a hospital to get treatment fast from the things I would do to him. Anya’s phone goes off and I  feel her pull away from my hug, pulling out her phone and looking to it, tears still falling from her eyes and they splashed onto her phone. “I-I have to go, Jason.. I’m on call tonight and they need me,” she says, the frog still in her throat, “Thank you, for listening.. I’ll talk to you soon, okay?” She continues and I sigh.

“Anytime.. Take care..” I wanted her to stay, to talk to me more, give me more details, but I knew she had to go right to work, so I didn’t keep her from going.. I watched as she wiped her eyes and got rid of her tears and walked back towards the main gate, leaving the cemetery and I could’t help but wonder how her condition came to be; it was so rare and foreign, and so unfair.. 

g2c9 p61
g2c9 p62
g2c9 p63

I look back to my mothers grave and sigh heavily, knowing that she would be devastated to hear such news from Anya if she was still alive; I hate to admit it, but sometimes I feel like it’s better that she isn’t here to witness some of the things we’re going through. “Bye, ma,” I say softly, and although I had stopped crying already, from my own painful realization and also from Anya’s news, I fight back more tears as I walk away and back to my car. I left the graveyard feeling more depressed than I ever have, I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt like this.. Maybe when Mom died? I don’t know.. I can’t go home yet, it’s still early. I looked at my phone as I drove into the city, seeing that Faline had texted me, asking where I was since I had been home and dropped off Lucy. I haven’t answered her all day, not once; had I not dropped off Lucy she would still be under the assumption that I hadn’t even left the campus yet. I drove through the city, admiring my view and I searched for a good bar to go to to get a drink. Or seven.. After my night, no, the passed week and a day, have been difficult. I had drank since then, but I was ready to blackout everything, I needed to forget it all in order to act normally.. Whenever I decided to finally face Faline.

g2c9 p65

I got to a bar and there weren’t many people as of yet, seeing only a few people walking around and drinking, dancing, enjoying themselves as all I wanted to do was drink my depression away. The bartender was.. Okay looking, she wore too much makeup though; maybe it was for her job, but either way, I didn’t care for it. I asked her to make me a drink with vodka, something sugary; I always blackout from vodka, and sadly, I was desperately wanting to do that tonight. 

g2c9 p64
g2c9 p66
g2c9 p67
g2c9 p68
g2c9 p70

Drink, after drink, after drink, I kept putting them down, one after the other. The bartender was hitting on me all night and I barely paid for anything, though I only flirted back to get some drinks for free.  I felt like such a pussy for ordering nothing but stupid girl drinks, but it was the only thing I could think of getting that would get me hammered the quickest. 

g2c9 p71
g2c9 p72
g2c9 p73

When did I get outside? What is this terrible green spot light on me? Where am I? No, I’m at the bar.. Did I pay my tab? The lights from the city are shining behind me and there aren’t any stars, I can see another city in the distance and I feel like the brightness of the horizon is three times as large as it is; its constantly swaying in my vision and I blink hard a few times, trying to focus but I can’t. Did someone say to me a little while ago that they would call me a cab? I can’t remember..

When did I get outside? ..Did I pay my tap? The same thoughts ran through my head over and over and my head was spinning. I could barely stand, gripping the side of the complex and I could feel the cold siding on my fingertips. I reached into my pocket and it seemed like it took ages to pull it out as my entire body continued to sway. A light was blinking green and I read a text message, or tried to.. After about 30 seconds of trying to get my eyes to focus, I managed to read the first few letters of the name, Fal, is all I could make out and I assumed it was Faline. My eyes then tried to read her text, but I couldn’t make out a single word, the light from the phone only hurting my eyes more and I grew even more dizzy.

“Jason?”  I heard a voice call out my name a few times and I eventually turned around, seeing someone I didn’t know coming over to me and helping be towards the curb so I didn’t fall. I recognized the car, it was a taxi, I guess someone did call me one. “Where we goin’, buddy?” The driver asked and I slurred my words, but eventually told him where I lived as my head bobbed in that car.

g2c9 p74
g2c9 p75
g2c9 p76
g2c9 p77

The cab takes me home and it seemed as if I had just shut my eyes for no more than a few seconds and we were already at my house. I don’t even remember punching in the key code to open the gate, nor how I had managed to get out my keys and open the front door as well. My legs brought me straight to the kitchen and I looked at the clock hanging on the wall, but I couldn’t read it at all. I went to the fridge and opened it, looking inside and I noticed that there was beer in there still, grabbing one and popping off the top with my thumb effortlessly and I heard the cap hit the ground, but I wasn’t about to get on my hands and knees searching for it to throw it out. 

g2c9 p78
g2c9 p79


Faline’s POV


g2c9 p80
g2c9 p81
g2c9 p82

I heard a noise downstairs and it sounded like the front door, looking to my phone and seeing that it was almost two in the morning and still I hadn’t received anything from Jason; was that him downstairs? I got out of bed and went to check, hearing a noise then coming from the kitchen and when I reached the doorway, I saw Jason sitting in one of the dining chairs, holding a beer and he seemed bothered. “Jason?” I questioned, watching as he turned his head slowly to look at me. From where I was standing, I could smell the alcohol coming off of him, his eyes looked bloodshot and tired, and he didn’t even answer me when I said his name. “Jason.. Where have you been? ..Are you drunk?” I question next and my expression is worried, watching as his body swayed a little as he sat and I was worried he might fall off of the chair.

g2c9 p83
g2c9 p84

As I went to go walk towards him, he instantly stood to his feet and I watched as he caught himself from falling, turning his back to me and drinking more of his beer; though I doubt he really needed any more. “Jason, why haven’t you talked to me all day? I was worried, I thought something might’ve happened to you,” I tried to talk with him once more.

“I-I’m fine.. As.. As you can see,” he replied in a rough manner and he slurred his words, struggling to talk to me.

“Is everything else okay?” I wondered, happy that he was alright, though I couldn’t help but wonder if something was bothering him to the point where it would drive him to get this drunk and ignore me. I watch him go to the counter and use it as a support to stand, “Did.. You wanna talk about anything?” I wonder as well.

“Jesus, how man-many questions are you going to ask!?” He suddenly raised his voice and set down his beer rather harshly onto the counter; I thought he was going to break it.

g2c9 p85
g2c9 p86

“Jason.. Please don’t speak to me that way. I know you’re, well.. Not yourself right now,” I reply, taking another step closer, though I don’t think that I should’ve.

“Really? What gave that away?” He asks sarcastically and turns his attention away from me, looking at the wall for all I knew and I was growing less tolerable to him by the second. I had never seen him this way before, completely plastered and easily angered, something had to be bothering him. The last time we had seen one another, he couldn’t bare to say goodbye and I knew he didn’t want to leave my side, but now, he seemed like he didn’t want anything to do with me.. I had expected seeing him for the first time in over a week, he would’ve acted different, more excited to see me, just as much as I was to see him.

“Don’t talk to me like that when I’m clearly only worried sick about you,” he continues to ignore me and I feel as if he didn’t even hear the words I had just said, “So you’re ignoring me now, Jason? Really mature.. Is this the kind of behavior you’re going to use when the baby gets here?” I asked, getting frustrated a little.

g2c9 p87
g2c9 p88
g2c9 p89

Jason looks to me and I knew I hit a nerve when I had said that, his expression turns angered and he makes his way over to me as he answers, “Jesus! Isn’t it, a li-little obvious that I don’t want to fucking talk to you right now?!” He yells and my eyes widen in shock, taking a step back as he approaches me.

“Jason, I-”

“And stop saying my fucking name! You sound like a fucking broken record!” He adds and I didn’t know what to say to him, I was in shock that he would act this way towards me when I had just experienced him a week ago not being able to leave me, or let go of me; all I wanted when I saw him was for him to maybe tell me that he had missed me, I wanted to embrace him like we always used to do. 

g2c9 p90
g2c9 p91

After that, I didn’t say anything else, I kept my mouth shut in fear of him only getting more enraged. I had never seen Jason become violent before, and he’s never given me a reason to be scared of him, but the look in his eyes tonight did just that; they scared me. I bowed my head and he walked passed me in a hurry, fed up with me I assumed and I wanted to know why he was acting like this so badly. Had I done something? I did text him a few times today, and call him, but I don’t think I came off as annoying.. It’s not like I called him every five minutes, but every few hours I would ask for an update on when he would be home; I was so, so excited to see him. I woke up from my nap earlier to the sound of Lucy through the baby monitor and I thought that Jason would be around somewhere in the house as well, but he wasn’t, he had just dumped Lucy on me and left. With every fiber of my being, I wanted to know what was running through his head, I wanted to know what could’ve triggered this in him, but then again, I couldn’t shake the thought that maybe something else was wrong with him.. Was I the problem?

Generation 2, Chapter 8

ATTENTION: This chapter is super long and a lot happens.. It’s the longest one I’ve written yet, I hope it makes up for me being on a random hiatus. XD Enjoy.


g2c8 p1

The summer is over, and I’m going back to the college dorm tonight so I can continue my education. Faline and I are still dating, I suppose it’s safe to say that we’re an item now, though it still kind of feels weird saying ‘I have a girlfriend’ out loud. I didn’t mind saying it, I actually liked to, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve said those words, or even if I ever have; I guess that’s why it feels weird. I didn’t want to go back to college, I wanted to stay with Faline and be there for her through her pregnancy like I was for Lana, but she insisted that one of us goes back, and seeing as how I only had one year left and she had two, it was me that was going. I was going to miss her, I was already convinced that I was going to travel back and forth as much as I could, probably every weekend or every other weekend to see her and see how the baby is doing; she moved in with me finally about a week ago. This year was going to be the most difficult for me, but Faline gave me confidence that I could pull it off, and she said she’d even help me with school work if she could whenever I would come home to visit since I’m so lazy and bad when it comes to school. But, I also had confidence in myself, Faline and the baby fueled me to want to try harder; also, I had forgotten until today that Auturo said he wasn’t going to help me this year, so I’d have to try my hardest on my own to pass.


The night before . . .

g2c8 p2
g2c8 p3

Yesterday was hard for us both. My heart hurt it was pounding so hard last night since I had finally told my sisters about Lana, Lucy and Faline. Faline finally convinced me that I needed to tell them what was going on before they found out themselves and then I would be in a huge mess of trouble. I felt like the confession wasn’t going to go smoothly, and it didn’t. I’ve somehow managed to keep everything from them over the summer until last night when I told them everything. Faline was beginning to get upset as well, I was beginning to make her feel like I was ashamed of her since I hadn’t told my family yet about her pregnancy, so to prove to her that I wasn’t, I caved in to finally telling them. Since she was going to start a family with me, she wanted to meet my sisters, and since I’ve already met her parents and her twin brother, she thought it was only fair for her to meet my siblings and to let them know they were going to be Aunt’s; well, they already were for Lucy, but they didn’t know that at the time. Plus, I also wanted to tell my sisters so that Faline wouldn’t be alone while I was gone; she did have her parents and brother, but they lived far away and my sisters didn’t, and I felt like my sisters deserved this chance to get to know the woman I was having a baby with since they didn’t get a chance to with Lana. I haven’t spoken a word to Lana since the night we had that fight and Faline was here; we’ve grown more and more apart ever since that night and it’s been hard to visit Lucy. 

g2c8 p4
g2c8 p5

To say the least, my sisters were in complete awe and shock when I introduced them to Faline and Lucy. At first, they didn’t know what to think, or say, or do, they just stood there, all of their eyes going between Faline, Lucy and I for what seemed like long grueling minutes. Eventually I explained everything to them; how I’ve been hooking up with my psychiatrists daughter since I was 15, how I got her pregnant with Lucy, why I hid it from them, why I’m going to college, when I got Faline pregnant, everything. Faline took Lucy out of the room for a little bit as I explained to my sisters why I kept her from them, I didn’t want Lucy to hear my words and get sad or think that she was an accident; well, even though she technically was, but I didn’t think of her like that after I had first saw her when she was born because I fell in love with her immediately. I told my sisters that Lana and I don’t get along, and I knew they wouldn’t get along with her either, let alone like her even the tiniest bit, so I saved them from a lot of drama that I knew none of them needed in their lives. Plus, with how Lana’s been using my money, I wouldn’t put it passed her if she sunk as low as to ask my sisters for money, too.

g2c8 p6
g2c8 p7
g2c8 p8

Hitomi and Julia took the news the easiest. Julia was happy for me from the beginning and I knew instantly that she liked Faline and Lucy; you could tell she was happy that I was having another baby, too. Hitomi acted as the mother of us all, and although she was disappointed that I had gotten two different girls pregnant that I technically wasn’t involved with at the time, she quickly warmed up to Lucy when she held her and she loved that Lucy and her daughter Helena could be play mates since they were so close in age. Anya, however, wasn’t pleased in the slightest. As I was explaining everything to them all, Anya decided to get up and leave, she couldn’t handle it for whatever reason and I had chased her out of the house to find out what was wrong. She wouldn’t say anything to me, so I just let her leave. She hasn’t talked to me at all today, either, not even to call and wish me luck at my last year of college, like she usually does before I’ve gone every year. Hopefully she’ll come around soon and talk to me..


g2c8 p9
g2c8 p10

It was around noon and it was passed the time that I should have left, but Faline and I have been standing in the foyer for fifteen minutes already, unable to separate from one another. I kept beginning to say goodbye, then end up kissing her for a few minutes, then trying to leave again; it was an ongoing cycle that I wasn’t really against at all. Her baby bump hits my stomach every time I pulled her in and it only compelled me to call all of this college stuff off and stay home with her, but I knew she wouldn’t let me. For only being four months along, Faline’s stomach is larger than Lana’s was when she was around this far into her pregnancy with Lucy, but then again Faline is a lot shorter and smaller than Lana, maybe her stomach just looks bigger because she’s smaller?

g2c8 p11
g2c8 p12

Three hours away is way too far, I don’t want to leave; I wish I had transferred to a closer school before this new year popped up seemingly out of nowhere. The summer was over too soon and I felt as if I had just gotten back yesterday; time was flying by with Faline around to make my days a lot smoother. Faline and I have finally made it outside, yet still can’t separate from one another. Every year so far, I’ve never had anyone to say goodbye to really, I didn’t think it would be this hard. Hitomi, Anya and Julia usually always call me and wish me luck and tell me to be safe on the drive, to call them every now and then to tell them how I’m doing, but I’ve never had someone like Faline to put the thoughts into my head that I shouldn’t go at all and I should stay home. Every second with her on the driveway gets me that much closer to blowing everything off and staying home, but finally, as she gives me one last kiss and throws her arms around me, I know she’s about to finally let me go.

g2c8 p13
g2c8 p14

I can barely pay attention to the road as I slowly pull out of the driveway and begin my 3 hour drive to college. Faline and the house are in my rear view mirror and she doesn’t make a movement to go inside until I can’t see her anymore; I already want to turn around and say that I forgot something, just so I could say goodbye to her once more. What’s gotten into me? Why the hell am I acting like such a dog? I’m always happy and excited to be around her, willing to fetch for anything she should ask for or need, I even put my tail between my legs when I make her upset and what’s weird is that I actually feel bad and want to apologize; I’ve never felt like any girl has ever deserved an apology from me, ever. It’s only Thursday and I don’t have my first class until Monday, but Faline wanted me to go early so I could get used to being back there, and also so I could focus and get my mind into ‘college mode’ so I wasn’t scrambled on Sunday night or Monday morning to get there. I was already planning to come visit her the weekend after this one; I missed her already and I wasn’t even a mile away yet.

g2c8 p15
g2c8 p16

The entire drive to college, all three hours of it, was unpleasant. My stomach felt sick the entire time and all I wanted to do was turn back and go home. Only when I finally got to the dorm did I start feeling a little better, the sight of it calmed my nerves a little as I reminded myself that I wasn’t going to be alone at least while I was away from Faline; Auturo, Sabastian and Dean were all supposed to be here, and I admit that I was a little excited to see them again. I walked into the dorm and listened for a few long seconds, trying to see if I could tell if anyone was home without needing to venture through the entire house.

“Dean?” I called out, not hearing anything in return, “Auturo? Ian?” I called for the others, not hearing anything still and I wondered if they weren’t back from summer break yet. 

g2c8 p17
g2c8 p18

I took this opportunity to call Faline and let her know that I had gotten here okay, I missed hearing her voice, anyways. She picked up after two rings and I smiled when I heard how upbeat and happy her tone was.

Hey, did you make it okay?” She wondered first.

“Yeah, I just got here. How are you?” 

Good, Julia and Hitomi came over to say goodbye to you, but you had just missed them. Hitomi had to leave to get Helena from daycare, but Julia’s been here since, she’s such awesome company,” Faline added with a giggle and I only smiled more.

“Oh, well tell her thanks, I’m happy she stopped by to keep you company already,” I replied.

Yeah, me too, and I’ll tell her.. Call me whenever you want, um.. I’ll see you next weekend though, yeah?” She wondered and her voice sounded a little bashful.

“Yeah, same goes for you.. I’ll see you soon,” I answered and she said okay, but hesitated a moment and I grew a little nervous wondering if she was waiting for me to say anything else. But, she eventually ended the silence and said goodbye to me and we hung up. I stood there for a moment, wondering what that silence was between us and why my stomach was beginning to turn into knots. 

g2c8 p19
g2c8 p20

After I put my phone away, I made my way into the kitchen where the fridge had fresh food inside that wasn’t there from last year, thank goodness; Auturo was always the one to keep track of the food, so he must be here already, just not at the dorm. Despite how much he had gone grocery shopping, I just ended up eating a plain bowl of cereal as I sat by my self, alone in the house and wondering what the hell I should do until the other guys get back. After eating, I was a little exhausted from the trip still and decided to take a nap, going back into the living room and dropping myself on the couch lazily. 

g2c8 p22
g2c8 p23

I woke up alone, but within about 5 minutes of waking up, Dean walked in through the door and he shook my hand as I sat on the couch, “Pleasure to see ‘ya, friend, how was your summer?” Dean asked, taking a seat on the couch opposite from mine. 

“It was good, really good. What about you?” I asked in return with a smile on my lips.

“Same, it was pretty awesome. Sucks we’re back, though, I could’a used another month or so off,” Dean replied with a chuckle and I laughed; I coudn’t agree with him more.

g2c8 p24
g2c8 p25

“Where’s Auturo and Sabastian? Are they back yet?” I questioned, though I already knew Auturo was here.

“Yeah, we all got here today I think except Auturo, he got back on Monday for whatever reason. He’s such a freak about school stuff,” Dean said with a chuckle. “But, we gotta start off the school year right and go out like tradition. What about if we went to Barefoot?” Dean suggested with a huge smile and my expression went blank. Barefoot was a strip club we usually always go to a few times out of the school year to get away from the stress of college stuff, but I, for the first time ever, didn’t really want to go there; I tend to go a little crazy with the guys there.

“I don’t know.. What about just a regular bar? Maybe one in town or something,” I replied and I noticed Dean give me an expression that confused me a little; I couldn’t tell if he was shocked by my answer or if he was contemplating just going to the bar like I wanted.

g2c8 p26
g2c8 p27

“Aw, come on now. We haven’t been to Barefoot in months. Besides, it’s usually you who’s the one suggesting we all go out together first thing, you don’t seem as enthused as you usually are. I thought that was your favorite place, anyways,” he pondered and I sighed. It was my favorite place, it’s really expensive and uptight, but fun; plus, almost all of the girls were gorgeous and even better yet, clean. But, I didn’t feel like changing and looking nice, I was still tired from the drive and I missed Faline, I didn’t want so much excitement on my first night back.

“Well, I’m still tired from the drive. I was just thinking we’d go to a close bar, get wrecked, and walk home or something. At least that’s all I really have in me to do tonight,” I replied and I hear Dean sigh in disappointment, but he continued to press on.

“Come on, man, let’s just go, stop bein’ such a pussy. If you wanted to go and didn’t, you’d hound me until I finally said yes, so come on,” Dean continued to try and sway my answer, and sadly it was beginning to work. “I met someone before I left  for the summer, too. Now, I know we said no datin’ any of the girls from Barefoot, but we started dating before I even bothered to ask where she worked, and she works there, so it ain’t against the rules this time, and don’t you tell me otherwise, neither,” Dean continued and I sighed, finally hearing the real reason on why he wanted to go there tonight. 

g2c8 p29

I finally agree in going to Barefoot with Dean and he calls up Auturo and Sabastian to tell them to meet us there and I go to my room to change and get ready. I could care less that Dean’s dating someone from Barefoot, I wasn’t even a part of that deal that he’s talking about, either, I just happened to be in the same room when they discussed it. I’d still never date someone from there, but that’s only because I don’t date strippers in general, I don’t really know the real reason why. There’s a woman there who absolutely adores me, and I adore her more than anything, but she wouldn’t give up her job to be with me, so I still see her only every now and then. Though, whenever we do see one another, things always tend to get a little hot and heavy quickly.

g2c8 p30
g2c8 p31

A half an hour later, the guys and I all meet up there and we walk in together, the distinct smell of booze and perfume exciting all of our senses and we all grew more alive and ready for the night that was ahead of us. We’re greeted at the door by Auturo and Sabastian’s favorite girls, Avery and Noelle; Avery was the best bartender in town, and the blonde French bombshell was the best at lap dances, but her private dances are what every guy needs to experience at least once in his lifetime. Barefoot was a club with very little rules, but what little rules there were, they take them very seriously; You can’t touch the girls unless they do it first or tell you it’s okay, and absolutely no sex, though everything else is allowed just so long as you pay upfront. 

“Welcome, gentlemen,” Avery began in a sultry tone.

“Bonjour, boys!” Noelle welcomed us with her hard French accent.

“You guys going upstairs like usual?” Avery then asked and Dean nodded with a triumphant smile.

“You know it, doll,” he replied and the girls looked to one another and smiled, giggling as they turned around and lead us passed the red rope that sectioned off the club; upstairs was where the better girls were, though it was a lot more expensive. Luckily, no one ever gets stuck with the bill, we always try to keep our own tabs because we may do things with the girls that isn’t within the group, and the private visits are what makes these girls so much money.

g2c8 p32
g2c8 p34
g2c8 p33

We all followed the girls passed the red rope and I looked to Dean who was looking at his jacket and picking off little specs of lint, trying to look his best and I rolled my eyes, “She’s not going to care if you have some shit on you, you look fine, you can’t even notice the crap you’re pulling off of yourself, anyways,” I berate him a little and he scoffs.

“Fuck off, I’m just tryin’ to look nice for ‘er.. Not everyone has $900 suits for no God damn reason like you just lyin’ ’round,” Dean rebutted and I chuckled.

“Hey, this place is reason enough to own a suit like this, I don’t want to look like a schmuck like you guys,” I teased in return and adjust myself in my attire, fixing the buttons if need be, “Why do you think Bennu doesn’t charge me for the private room visits?” I add quietly as I look around the room and Dean looks to me with a rather impressed expression.

“She doesn’t charge you? ..Have you guys ever, you know.. Broken the rules?” Dean wonders and I can’t help the smile that stretches across my lips.

“Hey man, whatever happens in those rooms, stays in those rooms, yeah?” I ask with a threatening tone but keep my smile, watching as he nodded and understood that we shouldn’t talk about it anymore, though he catches my drift.

g2c8 p36
g2c8 p37

Dean and I continue on to catch up with Auturo and Sabastian and his question echoes in my mind, along with my answer that followed it; Faline would leave me in an instant if she knew what I was about to do tonight, what I do every time I come here, but, she won’t find out, ever. I’ve grown accustom to keeping my Bridgeport life separate from my College life, and so far it’s been easy to do since none of my friends know about Lucy still, and I haven’t said anything about Faline being pregnant either. I admit, I felt a small amount of guilt as I walked up the stairs to the best part of the club, but after I get a lot of drinks in me, I’ll feel better about it all.

g2c8 p38
g2c8 p39

We get upstairs and Sabastian is already talking to Noelle, his favorite lady there. I’ve had private dances from every girl here, but Noelle made the whole dance look like an art form for how perfectly her hips can move. I like a girl who let’s me be the one in control, but Noelle is the exact opposite when it comes to her private room sessions, so after the first time I was with her, I moved on and haven’t had a private room with her since. Don’t get me wrong, she’s one girl I wish I had gotten the chance to break the rules with, but she was a little too dominating for me, she fit better with Sabastian. 

We walked passed Sabastian and Dean stopped Avery, her then looking to him with a sweet smile, “Hey, is um, Bunny workin’ tonight?” Dean asked and I let out a gentle snicker and Auturo kept himself from laughing as well; Auturo and I hated when girls gave themselves pet names.

Avery looked to us as if we were being children, but she kept her seductive grin anyways, “Eyes to the stage, tiger,” Avery replied and we all looked simultaneously to the stage in the middle of the room.

g2c8 p40
g2c8 p41

Avery went to the bar and we walked around to get a better view of the stage that Bunny was entertaining on. Auturo and I thought it would be funny to mess with Dean a little, both looking to one another with the same conniving grins and we both put on personas as if we were analyzing a test subject, and overall just being cruel just because of her silly name.

“Don’t talk to loud, we’ll spook the wildlife.”

“Do you think she travels by hareplane?”

How many carrots do you think she can fit in her mouth?”

“I think I ran over her cousin with the lawnmower the other day.”

“How often do you think she cuts the grass?”

“Do you think she’d freeze up while crossing the street looking into the headlights of a car?”

“Guys, come on, shut the fuck up,” Dean finally chimed in and I let out a chuckle I couldn’t hold back anymore at Auturo’s final comment, this was too fun, and just too funny. I wasn’t very impressed, her pole skills were lacking, she looked like a little girl, and the worse thing about it, she belonged to Dean. If I wanted to take Noelle from Sabastian, I could, because she’s not his girlfriend, but I couldn’t do that with Bunny and Dean; I disliked that a little.

g2c8 p42
g2c8 p43

The music pulsated throughout the room and Auturo and I were just glad that she didn’t hear anything we had said. “Seriously though, Dean, Bunny isn’t her real name, right?” Auturo asked, nudging Dean’s arm and he looked to us.

“What ‘re you, dumb? Course that ain’t her name,” Dean answered, looking back to the stage and not continuing.

Auturo and I looked to each other questionably, then back to Dean, “If Bunny isn’t her name, than what is it?” I asked, both of us starring him down a little until we realized something that made us both start laughing, “You don’t even know her name, do you!” I continued and Auturo joined in laughing with me.

“Yeah I do! It’s just harder to pronounce. It’s in Polish and it means ‘Bunny’. Shit, get off my ass already,” Dean added and as we calmed down our laughing, we could tell he was getting tired of this quickly. Auturo sighed and looked to me, rolling his eyes at Dean not being able to handle our jokes tonight and I shrugged at him in return, not really knowing what else to do.

Bunny’s dance was over and the first person she saw was Dean, a wide smile forming on her red lips and we all eyed her up and down. 

g2c8 p44
g2c8 p45

“Dean! You came!” Bunny called out and jumped off the little stage into his arms, her voice very bubbly and her slight accent intrigued me a little, sounding almost if she was from Mississippi or Alabama. That’s probably why Dean liked her so much, Dean was straight from Texas, and although their accents were somewhat the same, her’s was still a little different; both were from the more Southern states, though. After Bunny had greeted Dean with a huge hug and a few pecks on the cheek, she looked over to Auturo and I, though her eyes ran over me much more than they did to him. “Who’re your handsome friends, Dean?” She wondered, her tone curious and slightly seductive.

Dean looked over to the two of us as he still held Bunny, “That there’s Auturo, and that’s Jason,” Dean answered her and Auturo smirked at her and that was it, looking away and around the club again, but my eyes traveled over her a little longer. I watched as Bunny bit the bottom of her lip just slightly by her lip ring as she looked at me, and she didn’t stop looking at me until Dean had caught her attention again. 

“We’re going in here,” Auturo said and I looked over to him when he motioned his head to another area with a stage that was blocked off a little by the main stage, in a more secluded area most likely for larger party groups. But, the place seemed a little dead tonight surprisingly, so we felt we could sit wherever. I followed Auturo into the other area and Dean stayed with Bunny to talk with her more, or go to a private room, I don’t know. Don’t really care, either.

g2c8 p46
g2c8 p48

Auturo and I sat down and Avery dropped off a few beers to get us started off with. I watched as Auturo eyed her the most out of any other girl there and I could tell he wanted to do things with her, but he often didn’t ask for it. If the girl were to come up to him and ask him, then yeah, he would, but I don’t know if it’s his pride, or just a little weird twitch that he can’t handle and he can’t ask a woman for anything. Maybe girls like that about him though, he’s a mysterious man and even though we’ve been friends for four years now, I still feel like I know nothing about him.

I downed three beers and so did Auturo as we talked and watched a few different girls dance on the pole in front of us, but there was still one girl I hadn’t seen yet, and it was starting to upset me a little. Is she even working tonight? A few girls had come over to me and ask if I wanted a dance, a private dance, and even a private room, but I politely denied them all and they just looked at me as if I was weird for saying no, but as they walked away, I could tell on their faces they knew why I was saying no, and it was because they weren’t the girl I was looking and waiting for.

g2c8 p47
g2c8 p49

But, after 3 girls had came and went on the pole, not satisfying my eyes nearly enough as they needed to be, my caramel-skinned Egyptian walked up onto the stage and my heart began to race a little from her hot pink attire and transparent pink stockings. Her stage name was Cleopatra, for obvious reasons, but Bennu was all that I knew her by and I liked that better anyways. There wasn’t anything about her that I didn’t like; her hair was so dark and long and she threw it around every chance she could, her body was perfect and even her breasts were real which was a huge plus, I wasn’t a big fan of fake ones.

g2c8 p50
g2c8 p51
g2c8 p52

Auturo looked over to me and he could tell that I had found what I wanted, “Still choosing her this time?” He wondered, even though he already knew the answer; I think his way of asking that was a way to see if he could even be with her tonight, but no, I never shared. None of them could touch her, for the reason of me calling dibs on her for the rest of our lives as long as she works there, and also by the fact that she more than likely wouldn’t want to do anything with them anyways if I’m around, which I always was around these guys. 

“Yeah, like always,” I say rather proudly as I tilt my head while watching her, trying to get better views of certain areas as she danced. 

“None of us have been with her in a private room except you, what’s she like? How do you afford that every time?” Auturo asked and I smirked.

“She lets me come for free sometimes,” I reply with a quick wink in his direction and his expression turns to surprise, then eventually turns into complete and utter jealousy as he looks back to her. I lied, but only to not make him more jealous than he already was.. After the first time I was with Bennu, I didn’t have to pay for anything else just so long as she was the one doing it; I do turn down all of the other girls, but it isn’t for the money, I just have the most fun when I’m in the company of my beautiful Egyptian.

g2c8 p53
g2c8 p54

When Bennu was done dancing, her eyes locked with mine and her entire face lit up, “Jazon!” She called out softly and ran over to me, dropping herself into my lap and she put her hand to the back of my head to bring me into a deep kiss. She soon ended the kiss and instantly her lips found my neck, licking and biting at me while slowly grinding her warmth into my lap to excite me more, and of course it worked instantly. Just her scent alone and watching her dance got me excited beyond belief, but now that she was in my lap, I couldn’t wait a second longer for us to go into a private room.

g2c8 p55

Perfect timing, Avery.. She came back over to see how we were doing on drinks, but noticed Auturo wasn’t getting any attention like the rest of us were, setting down his beer for him and I watched Avery as Bennu continued to kiss at my neck and even moving the collar of my shirt and suit to get at my collarbone. Avery leaned over more towards Auturo and I watched as his lips quickly smiled at her, she leaned in more and whispered something into his ear and it was funny to watch his cheeks blush and his mouth seemed to be battling itself on whether to be excited, shocked, intrigued, or all of the above. Avery then took his hand and led him away from the area we were in and I assumed they were going to a private room, which is exactly what I wanted to do this instant or Bennu was going to leave marks all over my neck and I didn’t need that.

g2c8 p56
g2c8 p56-2

I leaned my lips into Bennu’s ear and suggested we go to her room and she finally pulls away from my neck, nodding excitedly and she hops off my lap. She takes my hand and I stand as she then pulls me along, eyeing her body up and down and I already want to start undoing the back of her outfit. Bennu was the only one I broke the rules with, and she’s told me before that she doesn’t do that with anyone else. Even though it seems a little hard to believe, I like to think she’s telling the truth, at least she makes it believable enough for me to not think otherwise. 

g2c8 p57
g2c8 p58
g2c8 p59

We walk out of the area and back into the main room where I see Dean is still talking with Bunny and Sabastian is eyeing Noelle like his life depended on it while she dances around the pole. As Bennu and I approach the others, I only notice Bunny look my direction and she quickly eyes me up and down, then her expression went to slight jealousy when she looked to Bennu pulling me along. I look back to Bennu and smile, seeing her look back at me with wanting eyes and I can hardly wait until we get to her room. 

g2c8 p60
g2c8 p61

We eventually get to Bennu’s room and she looks back at me with another excited smile as she opens the door and I eagerly follow her inside, shutting the door behind me and I can finally relax now that I’m in a room without a security camera on me. 

“Zo, I aven’t zeen you in a vhile,” Bennu begins and her Egyptian accent makes my entire being quake with desire; the best way I can describe it is a cross between Russian and Indian but more soft spoken, often finding her replacing the ‘s’ with ‘z’ in certain words, and even the ‘b’ is sometimes replaced with the sound of a ‘p’. But, I can’t get enough of it.

“Summer break, it’s my first day back though. Had to pay you a little visit of course,” I reply with a soft grin and I can tell her by her expression that she missed me, “Now get over here,” I demand and keep my grin.

g2c8 p62
g2c8 p63

When Bennu got close enough, I wrapped my arms around her and put my hands on her ass, gripping it tightly and pulling her pelvis against mine to show her how happy I was to be with her. She giggled at my actions, “Happy to zee me, huh?” She questioned teasingly and I brought one of my hands up to run my fingers through her hair on the back of her head. I gripped her hair gently and tilted her head back, forcing her lips to meet mine and I kissed her hard, soon hearing her begin to hum moans and her hands ran down my torso to the brim of my pants. 

g2c8 p64
g2c8 p65

I lifted Bennu into my arms and she wrapped her legs around me instinctively as I brought her over to the bed and crawled over her, continuing our locked lips and I grew to hate the fabric that kept me from touching every inch of her skin. I couldn’t remember why I didn’t want to come here earlier, I was actually a little mad at myself that I had even thought that, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else, all I wanted to do was stay in her room until they closed at six in the morning. It even started to bother me that she wouldn’t leave her job for me like I’ve asked her so many times before, wondering what it was about it here that kept her from wanting to leave. Ever since I met her I’ve wanted to make her mine, maybe that’s why I always come back here, even though I know her answer is always going to be the same.

g2c8 p66
g2c8 p67
g2c8 p68

I parted my lips from hers after a while and we both caught our breath and I looked into her bright brown eyes; I don’t know what came over me, “Marry me,” I said first and she widened her eyes and smiled, then laughed as I then put rough kisses on her clavicle.

“Jazon, not zis again.. A zouzand times, no,” she replied through her soft laughter and I gripped her breast somewhat roughly, continuing my lips further down and I did the same thing to the tops of her breasts that she was doing to my neck earlier. 

“Why not?” I asked next, continuing my kissing and my hand then ran over her shoulder and I pulled down the strap of her lingerie, beginning to expose more and more of her breast and my lips followed the fabric as it uncovered her.

“Pecause,” she answered simply, laying her head back and then letting out a soft gasp when my mouth found her nipple.

g2c8 p69

It didn’t take me long to get rid of the fabric she wore that I hated so much, it always looked a lot better laying on the ground, anyways. I was never a fan of taking my clothes off with her here at the club, but only out of fear that we would get caught. It makes more sense for her to be completely naked than me be, but Bennu always convinced me that no one would bother us, insisting I at least take off my jacket and pants, so eventually I worked up the courage to do so.

g2c8 p69-2
g2c8 p70

We got off of the bed to try and make less noise and to try and hide the potentially loud evidence we’d give away to any passerby; if we stayed on the bed it would be to obvious that we were breaking the rules. One thing about Bennu that I especially loved during our private room sessions was that she was, indeed, a rather vocal lover, and I loved needing to cover her mouth or bury his face into a pillow to hide her moans and cries due to what I would do to her. I also loved that her walls in the room were lined with nothing but mirrors; no paintings, artifacts, or even a light switch, just mirrors so I could see from every angle what I was doing to her. One of my favorite things to do was to put my hand to the front of her neck, just under her jaw, forcing her to keep her chin up so I could look at her face.

g2c8 p71
g2c8 p71-2
g2c8 p72

Being against the bed even began to cause noise and the strength of every thrust was causing me to make her begin to push it a little, so I quickly pulled her away from the bed and laid her on the ground, effortlessly continuing my pace and I had to cover her mouth again from her cries, feeling each strong breath escape her nose against the side of my hand made it more intense along with the muffled humming moans she let out. She eventually tried to tell me something, but I kept my hand over her mouth and didn’t let her speak, holding her in place as I soon felt her body quake beneath me and once I knew she was satisfied, I reached my breaking point as well.

g2c8 p72-2
g2c8 p72-3

Bennu had no words, like usual, after we were done and I curled myself around her to lay with her on the ground, wrapping my arm around her waist and pressing the front of her against me. We sat there and caught our breath, not needing to say a word, but once Bennu felt well enough to move, she positioned herself in between my legs and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me for a few long seconds and I never wanted it to stop. 

“Jesus.. What time is it?” I ask after our long kiss.

“Umm.. Ve’ve only peen here for about an hour,” Bennu replies with a gentle giggle following it, “Longer zan uzual. You must’ve mizzed me,” she adds and I chuckled, our fingers then intertwining and my chest felt weak when she then kissed me once more, but less rough and more so savoring it. 

g2c8 p73
g2c8 p74

I realized it was about that time when I should leave before causing any suspicion, so I quickly get dressed and button up my suit, examining my clothes and making sure I still didn’t get anything on them that would leave any evidence. Bennu stood behind me, watching me adjust my attire and I smirked slightly, turning around and reaching for her to pull her back into my arms. “Get dressed and I’ll meet you back out there soon,” I tell her and she nods gently, kissing me once more and I still don’t want to leave her room, but I really need to to avoid getting in trouble. 

g2c8 p75
g2c8 p76

I leave Bennu’s room and shut the door quickly behind me to hide anyone’s eyes from her naked body, but just as I close the door, my eyes meet a set of a darker blue shade than mine and Bunny is standing outside of what I assume is her room next to Bennu’s. “Reeks like sex out in this hallway,” she begins and I looked passed her and behind me as well, hoping no one else heard her comment. 

“Welcome to the strip club business, youngin. What’s the matter? Haven’t even been asked for your first blow job yet, have you?” I slightly insulted back and she raised a brow in frustration.

“I don’t suppose you wanna be my first, do you, sug?” She questioned back and even though I had already had my fill from Bennu, I was intrigued none the less.

g2c8 p77
g2c8 p78
g2c8 p79

I stepped up closer and I watched as her eyes went over me nervously, “I guess I could see what you have to offer,” I replied to her comment with a bored tone and I could tell I was only making her more angered, her expression said it all, and yet, just as I thought I would be forced to bail on her, she gently reached her hand forward and took mine, pulling me into her room and not speaking another word.

g2c8 p80
g2c8 p81

I shut the door behind me and looked around her room, not nearly as impressed as I would be since I had been to Bennu’s, giving her another bored expression. “You can tell that you’re new, you have a shitty set up. It’s not nearly as established,” I critiqued and she took it with a grain of salt.

“Why’d you come in here with me then, sugar?” She asked in return and I scoffed at her.

“Just wanted to get to know the girl Dean’s dating, and obviously she’s a slut,” I insult once more and look down at my suit, adjusting it accordingly and being a slight prick about it.

“Sug, I’m a stripper.. You came here to get entertainment, and I’m here to serve. Yeah, Dean’s my guy, but he knows what comes with this job, and he seems to find a way to accept it. I’d think if he was okay with it, than his best friend should be, too,” she replied.

g2c8 p82
g2c8 p83

“One key difference, Bunny, I’m not paying for shit. If you want to break the rules or give out freebies, get Dean,” I answered with a blunt tone. I watched as Bunny then slipped herself gently onto the bed and I chuckled lightly at the thought that she could get me into bed that easily; I had preferences and needs, but they’ve already been satisfied, I thought it was a pathetic attempt to get me to sleep with her. I watched as she then brought her fingers to the edge of her panties and began to pull them down playfully, yet I still had no interest. “You don’t get things from me that easily, I don’t come here like the rest of them to just throw money at any girl that pays attention to me,” I pointed out her attempt to seduce me, knowing I wouldn’t pay for anything she had to offer, yet I knew by her body language that she wanted exactly what Bennu had received; her room was next door, did she hear everything that was going on?

“You only give Cleopatra over there attention and no one else.. That don’t seem that fair,” she replied with a fake pouting face and I was still bored of her.

“I’ve been a loyal customer to her for years now, of course I’d favor her more of the rest of you,” I point out.

“I’d say so.. You’re the first customer I know of since I’ve been workin’ here that’s stupid enough to break the rules,” she softly threatens and I don’t say anything. I couldn’t tell if she was blackmailing me to get what she wanted, or was just having a weird conversation with me. Either way, I didn’t want to risk her telling her boss anything about Bennu and I, so I complied with her and did the only thing I could think of to get her to keep her mouth shut without having to go to the extent of she wanted me to. I didn’t want to do this to Dean, but I didn’t want her to get Bennu and I in trouble; she’d lose her job here, and even though that’s exactly what I want her to do so she’d finally be with me, I couldn’t do that to her, either.

“Stand up,” I demand  and her eyes get a glint of excitement in them as she quickly stands to her feet again and brushes her fingers through her hair a couple of times as if it would make her any more appealing.

g2c8 p86
g2c8 p87

I could tell she was a little nervous as I walked over to her and I kept walking towards her until she had backed into the wall and I looked down at her, gliding my finger over her skin from hip to hip. I move my head closer and our lips are about to touch, but I don’t connect them, my fingertips then finding their way underneath the fabric of her panties, “You won’t tell on me, right?” I more so demand than ask her not to and just as she was about to answer me, I knew it wasn’t going to be a simple ‘yes’ like I wanted, causing me to then roughly insert two of my fingers and she gasped at my sudden actions. She went to put her hands through my hair but I grabbed them both with my free hand and positioned them over her head, refusing her the ability to touch me at all. I kept up the rough pace with my fingers and her eyes shut and she couldn’t focus too easily, “You’re not going to tell anyone, isn’t that right,” I confirm once more with a stern tone and I watch as her lips then struggle to speak, “Louder,” I demand and she finally says what I want to hear.

“Y-Yes.. Yes!” She says loud enough for me to confirm and my fingers don’t stop their pleasurable torture in her until I feel her release; I think that might’ve been a new record time for me in getting a girl to cum like that, too.

g2c8 p88
g2c8 p89

I soon pulled myself away from her and walked to her nightstand that had a box of tissues and I took one for myself to wipe off my hand, sticking the dirty tissue then into my suit pocket to dispose of when I went to the bathroom after this. I walked towards the door and she spoke up, “W-Wait, that’s it? You don’t want nothin’?” She wondered and it was obvious in her tone that she wanted me to stay, she even seemed a little insulted that I didn’t want anything from her. 

“Nope,” I answer simply, looking over my shoulder at her and my expression was blank as I waited to see if there was anything else.

g2c8 p90
g2c8 p91
g2c8 p92

I turned around when I noticed her eyes look to the ground and she seemed almost ashamed of what she had done, but then again her face read something else that I couldn’t quite pin point. I sighed softly, “I’m not going to tell him anything. He’d get mad at you, but I’d probably lose him completely. Just keep your mouth shut about what you heard, and I’ll do the same with what happened in here,” I answered simply and she looked up to me, then nodded and I could tell she was still dying to touch me, but I walked out of her room without another word.

g2c8 p93
g2c8 p95
g2c8 p96

After using the restroom and washing my hands, I came back out and went to the area we were before, seeing the guys all there with Noelle and Avery. I’m glad they were all having a good time, I knew I was now that I had seen the only girl I came here for. Sabastian seemed drunk by the way he handled Noelle, Auturo seemed drunk as well, but he had an easier way of hiding it. I stood in the entrance of the area and looked over to the chairs, seeing Dean by himself but the smile on his face told me he was still having a good time despite sitting alone. You could barely have a conversation due to how loud the music always was, Dean looking over to me and he mouthed the words “Have you seen Bunny?” to me and I shook my head with a confused expression, mouthing the words, “No, I was with Bennu” back to him. Dean shrugged and accepted my answer, looking back to Avery on the stage and I did as well, happy that I could still keep a straight face. 

g2c8 p98
g2c8 p99

I then felt a pair of delicate hands wrap around me from behind and a smile spreads across my lips, knowing it was Bennu. I quickly reached behind me and switched our positions, wrapping my arms around the front of her and she giggled playfully. I began kissing and teasing her ear while inhaling as deep as I could, still being able to smell the remnants of myself on her skin and it excited me all over again. She looked back at me and I could tell she was ready for me again, but we never did anything in her private room more than once in a night to avoid even more suspicion; we both got a huge rush out of being secret about what we did. 

g2c8 p100
g2c8 p101

I can feel someone looking at me but I don’t look around, I’m too preoccupied with what I have in my grip and I also hate that I wanted to call it a night soon; we’d been here for almost 4 hours already and I was getting tired. Bunny walked passed Bennu and I and I noticed her look to us briefly, but continue on towards Dean and the first thing she did was lean over to pick up the empty beer bottles that were on the table. Dean stood to his feet and he was excited to see her and I looked at her ass that she was obviously wanting me to, wondering to myself what she was up to in trying to seduce me still when she had seemed bothered by what we did in her room no more than 10 minutes ago. As Bunny talked with Dean, I kept noticing out of the corner of my eye that she kept glancing over at us and all I did was have the urge to rub it in her face more that she couldn’t have what Bennu and I do. Bennu leaned her head back on my shoulder in a relaxing manner and I whispered sweet nothings into her ear all while tracing my index finger back and forth over the hills of her breasts, glancing over at Bunny only once and I liked that her face oozed with jealousy.

g2c8 p102
g2c8 p103

The club is almost completely empty even though it doesn’t close for a few more hours, and it only makes me want to stay longer since I know I’ll have Bennu all to myself, but my need for sleep after this long and crazy day forces me to call it a night. The guys are getting pretty drunk, anyways, and I don’t want them to be stupid enough to drive home. I round up the guys and they say goodbye to their ladies and I come back over to Bennu and pull her against me, “Until next time, gorgeous,” I say to her and lift her chin, kissing her lips a few more times.

“Come back zoon, yeah?” She asked with a hint of hope and I nod in agreement, kissing her once more before pulling myself from her grip and the guys followed me out; laughing, staggering, and reeking of expensive perfume and booze.

g2c8 p104
g2c8 p105

There wasn’t much to do now but take these guys home and go to sleep, I’ll drive Auturo back here tomorrow to pick up his car. I’m intoxicated, but not by alcohol. My red shirt under my jacket spills the scent Bennu and the breeze outside constantly wafts it up and unto my nose as we walk to my car. Sabastian was laughing and stumbling behind me as Auturo struggled to help him. “Jesus, how much did ya’ll drink tonight?” Dean asked, though he had no room to talk as he almost lost his balance but I caught his sleeve fluently and kept him from falling.

Sabastian continued his light laughter, “Noelle and A.. Avery kept making us do shots,” he struggled to say and Dean and I chuckled.

“Ya’ll should stick to beer. Liquor just makes ya a bunch of assholes,” Dean suggested.

“Shut it, Dean, at least none of us are dating a rodent,” Auturo retorted and all of us except Dean started laughing.

“My point exactly,” Dean said with a sour tone.

g2c8 p106
g2c8 p107

We got home and the guys stayed up, having a few more beers while I went to my room to change and go to bed. I got out of my suit and hung it back up to get it cleaned tomorrow, searching the pockets to get my things out and I find the rest of my money, my ID and my phone. I looked through my phone since I hadn’t looked at it in hours and I see that Faline had texted me, telling me about the rest of her day with Julia, and another text hours later telling me how much she missed me already and bidding me goodnight. Everything then rushed back into my head, everything that I had carelessly forgotten at the club; Lucy, Faline, the baby, everything back at Bridgeport that I never wanted to lose. Jesus, what had gotten into me tonight? I knew it.. I knew I was going to go overboard. 

g2c8 p108
g2c8 p109
g2c8 p110

I haven’t even been away from home for more than twelve hours and already I had proved to Faline that I haven’t changed at all. I sat on my bed and just thinking about what I had done to her caused me to feel terrible, the thought of her carrying my unborn child as well and even how great everything was with her caused my lip to quiver. The breaking point to the fall of my tears was when I had glanced at one of my mother’s paintings and I knew she would be so disappointed in me. I was so ashamed, I turn into a completely different person for any and every situation, only thinking for myself and I just didn’t give a fuck about the consequences. Here I thought I had changed, thought I would be good and graduate and things with Faline had made me a better person, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong. 


Guest Starring: Noelle Saint James by LateKnightSimmer

Generation 2, Chapter 7

Attention: A little text heavy. I switched back to third person for whatever reason for this chapter. Sorry it took me forever to write it, too, haha, I was having some hang ups XD Enjoy.


g2c7 p1
g2c7 p2

The whole kitchen smelled of spaghetti sauce and different ingredients, some of the windows becoming dewy from the heat inside the house clashing with the chilly air that came off of the water from the lake behind Jason’s home. He was busy, frantically running from cabinet to cabinet, making sure he had the right spices and noodles for the dinner he was preparing, which was his mother’s Spaghetti with her own homemade sauce. Jason’s mind was racing as he scrambled to try and finish the dinner on time for the company he was about to have in less than ten minutes; he had only ever cooked for Lucy before, but now he was cooking for a date. Ever since Faline had told him she was pregnant, which was about a week ago, they both had agreed to start dating and trying to see if they could get to know one another more since they were having a child together in roughly eight months. He was surprised with himself even, he had had his fair share of flings and one nights stands, but for years he had never dated anyone, let alone label them his girlfriend.  But, Jason was all smiles ever since he had found out the news, beyond excited for the new baby, and he had even finished furnishing the entire house the same weekend that he moved in, wanting everything to be perfect and ready for the baby, even if it wasn’t coming any time soon.

g2c7 p3

The ten minutes he had left was up when he heard the doorbell ring; he had given Faline the code for the gate so she could get in easily, though Jason felt as if she had every right to just walk right in the front door, he had even offered to give her an extra key already. It was her house now, too, even if she doesn’t really want to show it, Jason thought to himself as he let out a chuckle, guessing that Faline still wasn’t really comfortable living with him yet. But, she had every right to turn down his offer; she didn’t really know who he was yet, let alone what to expect when being invited to live with a college frat boy that conquered the campus through means of only sexual encounters, and her being one of them..

Jason looked around the kitchen quickly after he had made up both of their plates, putting flowers in the middle and even being able to go through with lighting candles for their only light source, despite what horrible memories the candles forced him to brood about. “Looks good enough, I guess,” Jason told himself before exiting the kitchen and quickly going to the front door, knowing she wasn’t going to let herself in.

g2c7 p4
g2c7 p5
g2c7 p6

Jason rushed to the living room and kept his smile when he saw her through the glass door, letting her in and instantly his body grew tense and a little nervous, his eyes wandering all over her and he took his time to make sure he took in every detail of how good she looked in her red dress as he shut the door behind her. There weren’t many women who could make his heart stop, but Faline managed to do it rather effortlessly, “Wow, you look stunning, Miss Hubbard,” he began with his signature sly grin and he watched as her cheeks blushed slightly.

“You clean up nice, too, Mr. Dubois,” she replied, Jason unable to wipe the pleased grin off his lips at her comment. Jason wrapped his arm around her instinctively, but Faline kept him from planting his lips onto hers when he had leaned in to do so. “Jason, it’s our first date,” she answered with a giggle to his wandering hands, Jason sighing, and although it took him a few short moments to get the hint, he eventually removed his hands and motioned her towards the kitchen.

“Well, dinner’s waiting, shall we?” He replied with a smirk and lead the way, unable to get her dress off of his mind.

g2c7 p7

The sound of Faline’s heels clicking on the hardwood flooring and the smell of her perfume hindered Jason from hearing Faline’s question, daydreaming about her as he lead her to the kitchen. “Jason?” Faline repeated, knocking him out of his trance.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Jason asked, looking over his shoulder briefly at her with a smirk.

“I asked how Lucy was doing?” She repeated, chuckling lightly towards him.

“Oh, she’s good. I saw her for a little bit today, we went to the park and stuff, but she’s with her mother now until the weekend is over,” Jason replied, continuing towards the kitchen with her.

g2c7 p8
g2c7 p9

Jason reached the kitchen and looked back to Faline, watching as her eyes lit up at the sight she had before her on the table; the candles, the flowers, and the ready to be eaten meal on the table waiting for them. Faline stepped more into the kitchen and smiled, “Jason, everything’s perfect, it smells wonderful. I didn’t know you could cook,” she said with a slightly impressed tone, looking back at him and he smirked, shrugging towards her.

“I learned from watching my mother when I was a boy,” he replied, losing his smirk gradually.

“Well, thank you for this, I love it,” she continued and Jason smiled once more, nodding in thanks and Faline looked back towards the table. Jason was overjoyed that she liked what he had done, yet, now he had his mother on his mind as he smelled the food in the air, reminding him of memories with her. But, as he looked to Faline’s long, wavy red hair, he didn’t want to dwell on such things when he had other matters to attend to; he just hoped now that his mother wouldn’t become a topic of conversation.

g2c7 p10

Jason pulled Faline’s chair out for her and she accepted it, sitting down before him and Jason took the seat next to hers. Faline looked to Jason and gave a soft, yet awkward smirk, “Do you, um, say grace or anything?” She wondered, Jason smirking and shaking his head lightly.

“No. I’m not that religious, I guess.. Do you?” He asked in return.

Faline shook her head as well, “No, not usually.. I mean, only when I go over to my parents place, my mom is super religious. But, uhh, I don’t usually do it either for myself,” she replied and Jason nodded in understanding.

“Well, let’s eat then,” he said with a smile and a shrug, Faline smiling as well and nodding.

g2c7 p11

Jason and Faline ate dinner together and he was happy to find out that she loved the meal, liking that she loved his mother’s recipe and glad that he had made it for her. One thing that surprised Jason was that throughout the entire dinner, they kept each conversation going and enjoyed one another’s company, something that Jason didn’t think he could ever do with a girl. He would never give the time of day to his past flings and hookup’s, but Faline made him laugh, made him smile when he thought he couldn’t, and even made him rethink about what he wanted to do with his life. Jason wanted to complete school now more than ever since he had a baby on the way, realizing he had to provide for more than just Lana and Lucy now, but at the same time, he didn’t want to leave her; he didn’t want to go to school and not see her for months at a time like he had been doing to Lana.

g2c7 p12
g2c7 p13

After they had eaten dinner and after talking at the table for another half an hour, Jason suggested they play pool as he cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen a little. Faline agreed, waiting for him to finish straightening things up as Jason only thought about her more. What would Lana say if she found out he had gotten another girl pregnant? What if it was a bad idea to slip up to Lucy about telling her about tonight with Faline? How would Lana handle him being with another woman and providing for her as well as Lana? His mind was racing, asking himself so many questions and bringing up concerns that he wasn’t ready to deal with yet. All he really wanted was to take Lucy, have Faline and their baby, and ditch Lana completely, but he hated how it just wasn’t that easy.

g2c7 p14
g2c7 p15

After cleaning everything up, Jason made his way over to Faline with a seductive grin on his lips, Faline’s cheeks blushing gently and her lips smirking, “What?” She asked.

“Oh, nothin’.. I’m just a lucky guy to be dating someone so beautiful,” Jason replied, Faline averting her eyes away from his briefly at his compliment, Jason then taking her hand within his own and leaning in to kiss her cheek for a few long seconds.

Faline smiled and looked to him, continuing to hold his hand, “Come on, I still have to beat you in pool,” she replied with a cocky chuckle and Jason laughed.

“You’re going to beat me, huh? What if you don’t? Do I get a prize if I win?” He wondered, pulling her a little closer as he kept his sly grin.

“No, because you won’t win,” she answered with another chuckle and Jason only smiled more.

“You should know that that only makes me want to try harder,” he replied, escorting her out of the kitchen and upstairs to the pool table.

g2c7 p16
g2c7 p17

Jason and Faline started their game and continued their date, though Jason couldn’t help but wonder if she was enjoying herself. “So, is this alright? I mean, I could’ve taken you out, we could still go out, if you want to.. I just thought it would be easier and more private if we stayed in,” he suggested, looking to Faline after taking his shot and she smiled.

“No, this is fine.. I’m having fun,” she replied and Jason smiled, letting out a sigh of relief. “I don’t blame you for wanting to stay in, anyways. This whole city seems to know who you are. When I came looking for you that one day, it seemed like everyone had something to say about you,” Faline continued, Jason growing slightly worried.

“I hope they were nice and not too informative,” Jason said with a slightly worried tone, looking at Faline with hopeful eyes.

Faline laughed and shook her head, “No, nothing too bad, I guess.. How did you become this popular, anyways?” She asked next, Jason swallowing hard and not really wanting to answer her, but, he eventually did anyways.

“My, uh.. My mom, Sadie Dubois, maybe you’ve heard of the name,” Jason wondered and he watched as Faline thought to herself.

“Hmm.. I’m not from around here, but I want to say that I’ve heard that name before. What did she do?” She asked, Faline taking her shot next on the pool table as Jason collected his thoughts.

“Well, um.. She was a painter, a very good one. I have a lot of her paintings in the garage that I didn’t put up yet. She sold a lot of her paintings at first, but when she had gotten into horse breeding, that’s when she started just donating the paintings because she was making enough money off of her pure breads. But that was before I was born, she was already widely known before she met my dad, too, so yeah.. She was very popular. My sisters and I have been in the media here and there throughout our lives, but now that we’re older and on our own, and after both my parents died, we’ve been in the media more and more. It’s a little agitating,” Jason replied, not really wanting to talk about his parents anymore, especially his mother.

g2c7 p20
g2c7 p21

“But, um.. What about you? What do your parents do?” Jason asked, watching as her ball went into its pocket and she smiled happily.

“Well, my mom is just a housewife, she was a stay-at-home-mom when she had my twin brother, Rocco, and I. My dad is a lawyer, but he’s not like, a really well known one or anything, so before you go thinking that he makes bank, he doesn’t,” she said with a laugh.

Jason smiled, soon shrugging and losing his smile slightly, “Well, at least you still have yours,” he added with a slightly mournful tone and Faline lost her smile along with him.

“I’m sorry, Jason.. Do you mind me asking what happened?” Faline asked and Jason’s heart sank as he looked over to her. He hesitated for a moment, thinking back to when he was at the cemetery a few weeks ago visiting his parents graves, remembering that he had even wondered himself if he was going to ever be able to tell Lucy or a future wife what he believed really happened. But, as he looked to Faline, knowing full well that if he could tell anyone, it would only be her, but he still wasn’t ready yet.

“Yeah.. I do, actually.. I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound like a dick, but, uh.. Maybe another time,” Jason finally replied with a sorrowful smirk, noticing Faline smile and nod appreciatively, not prying into it anymore for his own sake.

g2c7 p18
g2c7 p19

Jason and Faline continued their game, Faline winning the first game and Jason winning the next; Faline wanted to play two out of three though, to see who was the overall winner. There were many times where Jason would set up shots for her without her knowing, Faline then taking them and Jason taking every opportunity he had given himself to eye her body that her dress hid from him, especially when she took the more difficult shots that required her to lean over the table. Unbeknownst to Jason, Faline had looked over her shoulder towards him, “Are you starring at my ass?” She asked.

Jason was shaken from his thoughts and looked to her, giving a guilty grin, “Uh, maybe?” He guessed sarcastically, shrugging and snickering under his breath.

“I’m going to win, and you’re not going to get any prize because you’re too distracted,” Faline teased and his grin only grew wider.

“Well, sorry, but I have to win now,” Jason joked back, Faline giving him a look as if she wasn’t going to let him be the victor.

g2c7 p22

As the game got closer to finishing, Jason looked over his shoulder towards Faline as he lined up the shot for the black eight ball, “You know if this goes in, I win, right?” He asked with an eager smirk and she gave a sarcastic smile, realizing now that she was going to lose and would need to uphold to her end of the deal.

“What’s my prize if win?” Faline asked in return.

Jason kept his smirk, “Anything you want,” he offered, “But..” He continued, looking back to the ball and knocking it into the middle pocket and winning, “I can ask you that question now,” he finished with a sly victorious grin.

g2c7 p23
g2c7 p24
g2c7 p25

Faline sighed, Jason putting their pool sticks away and walking back up to her, “So, have you decided what I win? Or can I pick?” He wondered, Faline pondering the question for a moment.

“You could’ve been a gentleman and let a lady win,” she said with a chuckle.

“Call me competitive,” Jason replied and grinned, cocking his eyebrows flirtatiously and wrapping his hands around her back, pulling her in despite if she contested and claiming her lips as his prize. Ever since she had walked in through the door, Jason had been wanting and waiting to kiss her, touch her, anything, and finally he had came up with a way to make sure it would happen. But, their kiss was soon interrupted by the buzzer going off that was located next to the front door, signaling the inside of the house that the front gate or garage had been opened. Jason reluctantly pulled his lips from Faline and looked towards the front door, sighing heavily to himself, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting anyone to drop by tonight,” Jason said softly with a grumpy tone, hating whoever it was that was intruding on their date.

“It’s alright, I’ll wait.. What if it’s one of your sisters?” Faline replied with an understanding tone, Jason smirking towards her and nodding.

g2c7 p26
g2c7 p27

Jason reluctantly left Faline’s side and began walking towards the stairs, seeing through the glass door that it was his worst fear coming to disrupt his date; Lana. The moment she got to the door and before be even began his decent down the stairs, her knocking, yelling, and doorbell ringing was obnoxious to the point where he would’ve known it was her even if he couldn’t see her through the glass. Jason rolled his eyes, hearing his name being called angrily from the other side of the door, “It’s Lucy’s mother. Just, uh.. Stay up here, I guess.. I’m really sorry about this,” Jason told Faline and she shook her head gently with a slightly worried expression.

“No, it’s fine, really,” Faline replied, Jason then walking down the stairs quickly and going to the door so he could stop Lana from ringing the door bell twenty more times.

g2c7 p28
g2c7 p29

Jason swung the door open, giving Lana an impatient frown and Lana barged in as if she lived there and he had locked her out, “Finally you answer the door, asshole, I swear you need to change that stupid code, it takes forever to get in through the gate,” Lana began, her eyes looking around the living area as if judging how he had decorated it. Jason was already not in the mood to deal with whatever attitude Lana was bringing with her, but he looked to Lucy whom she had brought with before getting ahead of himself and letting himself swear in front of her.

“Hey, Luce..” He began hesitantly, “Lana, what are you doing here? Why didn’t you just call?” Jason asked, his tone turning harsh but trying not to make himself too mad in front of Lucy.

“I haven’t been here yet, jeez, the least you can do is give me a tour instead of being a complete asshole. Am I interrupting something?” She asked with a cocky tone, as if she already knew what she was doing. The more Lana talked, the more apparent the reason was for her sudden barge-in and Jason’s blood began to boil slowly.

g2c7 p30

Jason couldn’t believe what he was smelling, Lana reeked of alcohol; her breath, her hair, and even her clothes smelled like rum and whiskey. It took a moment for Jason to notice it fully, but once she was in the house and shut the door, the smell lingered and it didn’t take long at all for him to notice it on her breath. His eyebrows furrowed and his eyes gave a menacing glare, “What the hell are you doing?” Jason more so demanded than asked.

“What do you mean ‘what am I doing’ ? God, why are you never happy to see her? Or me?” Lana asked in anger, Jason hating that Lana always made him look bad in front of Lucy, especially when he was happy to see her, but Lana was too oblivious to realize that it was her that he hated seeing.

“Don’t even start with that.. Have you been drinking? How the hell did you get here?” Jason asked, his voice beginning to rise and filling with more anger that he couldn’t hide any longer. Jason watched as Lana simply rolled her eyes and didn’t answer him, Jason’s eyes widening when he realized her lack of response meant he was right, she had drove to his place drunk. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Lana!?” Jason finally raised his voice, unable to calm down even when he noticed Lucy flinch at him yelling.

g2c7 p31
g2c7 p32

“Jesus, Jason! I had like, two drinks, calm down! It’s not even that big of a deal,” Lana pressured and Jason grew more angered than he could even comprehend.

“Well it doesn’t smell like just two,” Jason pointed out angrily, “Give her to me. Now,” Jason demanded, starring down Lana and waiting for her to give up Lucy. Lana was stubborn and Jason hated how she acted despite if she was with Lucy or not. Granted, he was hardly ever with Lana when she had Lucy, so he never truly knew what she did while she had her, but tonight was a good example of what she could’ve been doing the entire time. Jason was beyond disappointed, worried, and scared for Lucy, he wanted to keep her more than anything, and he wanted this to be the last straw. The longer Lana hesitated, the more Jason got mad.

“No, she’s with me! I have her until Monday. Besides, I just came to meet this incredible woman that Lucy just seems to love so much, so where is she?” Lana’s tone was full of sarcasm and Jason could tell now that she only came here to fight and ruin his night.

Jason ignored Lana’s request to point out Faline, still continuing to focus on getting Lucy out of Lana’s grip, “Lucy’s not going anywhere else with you,” Jason said intimidatingly, stepping up closer to Lana and she looked to his hate filled eyes. Lana had seen the extent of Jason’s anger before; this most certainly wasn’t the worst or angriest she had seen him, but it was getting close, causing her to glare back at him with a hateful expression and she rolled her eyes once more. After Lana decided not to respond, Jason looked to Lucy and his expression instantly changed, smirking towards her, though Lucy was still a little rattled from them fighting and she couldn’t muster up a smirk back; she hated when they fought, and they did it a lot.

g2c7 p33
g2c7 p34

“Come on, Princess, it’s alright,” Jason cooed sweetly to Lucy, taking her out of Lana’s grip and giving Lana a threatening stare, “Wait here, I want a word with you,” Jason hissed, then walking towards the stairs and going up to Faline. This is the last thing that Jason wanted to put Lucy through, more fighting. She had been around it all of her short life so far and Jason hated that he couldn’t even be in the same room with Lana for more than a minute without starting a heated argument, whether it’s about something random or something serious. He had confidence in Lana when she was pregnant with Lucy, she was glowing and excited, happy to be having a baby, his baby, but once Lucy was born, everything had changed and it was as if she had turned into a completely different person. As Jason walked up the stairs, he felt Lucy cowering slightly into the crook of his neck and her grip was tight on his shirt, Jason shaking his head gently for what Lana was forcing Lucy to go through when it was completely unnecessary, not to mention she had put her in danger from driving there drunk.

g2c7 p35
g2c7 p36
g2c7 p37

“Jason, is everything alright?” Faline wondered, though she was able to hear every word the two parents had exchanged. She gave Jason a worried expression, hating that he had to deal with this right now and also hating what Lucy was being put through as well.

“Yeah, she’s just, um..” Jason sighed, shutting his eyes briefly as he thought of what to do. “Will you please take her upstairs to her room? She hasn’t seen it yet, it’ll get her mind off of all this, too,” Jason asked Faline and she nodded without hesitation.

“Of course I will.. Let me know if, uh, you need anything, I guess,” Faline replied wearily, trying to make herself seem helpful, though there was nothing she could really do to ‘help’ with Lana besides getting her away from Lucy. “Hey, Luce,” Faline said with a gentle smile and Lucy looked to her with the same blank expression she had been giving both Lana and Jason, though she was still happy to see her.

“Thank you.. I’ll be back,” Jason answered, looking to Lucy and kissing her forehead for a few long seconds before handing her off to Faline. The moment Faline took Lucy into her arms, Lana started up again and attacked the one thing that Jason was worried about so much and wanting to not get involved; Faline.

g2c7 p38

“I don’t want some random whore touching my daughter!” Lana began and Faline’s eyes widened in shock and anger, but Jason sighed heavily and shook his head, Lana continuing on with her harsh words as Jason tried to distract Faline from it.

“Please don’t listen to her, just go upstairs.. Please,” Jason asked quickly to Faline and she gave a displeased expression, but ignored Lana anyways and went upstairs to Lucy’s room on the third floor. Jason jerked his attention back to Lana and his feet were loud and threatening on the staircase.

“Get her away from Lucy! I don’t know her! I don’t want her holding my daughter,” Lana continued to demand.

“Shut the fuck up! What the hell is wrong with you?” Jason snapped, finally able to let out his anger and he gripped Lana’s wrist tightly, pulling her away from the door and into the living room with the view that he loved so much.

g2c7 p39

After Jason had forced her into the other room, he turned her around and looked at her with a threatening glare, “What’s your problem? Huh? What the fuck are you thinking driving here when you’re drunk? And don’t even tell me you’re not, I know you too well, Lana,” Jason began.

“My problem? This new bitch is my problem! She’s all the Lucy talks about, she’s trying to take Lucy away from me! Lucy hates me now, and it’s all because of that new whore of yours!” Lana replied angrily, pushing Jason’s hands off from her and Jason sighed with aggravation.

“First of all, she has a name, and second, Lucy doesn’t hate you! You’re her mother, Lana, she could never hate you,” Jason answered, trying to reason with her and calm her worried and furious thoughts, but he found it difficult not to insult her, especially with how she had came over intoxicated. “But.. Maybe if you acted more like a mother instead of a party animal, this wouldn’t be an issue! Look at you, you drove here drunk, with your daughter, how the fuck can you just put her into danger that easily?” Jason continued, “And look at how you act in front of her! Swearing, drinking, belittling me every chance you get.. She’s going to grow up just like you if this continues, and I’m going to say right now that that’s not a good thing,” Jason finished and Lana grew even more angered.

g2c7 p40
g2c7 p41

“Fuck you! I’ve been taking care of that girl for the past three years without so much as you lifting a goddamn finger until you get back from your slut-vacation at college! All you care about is going there to see how many more girls you can sleep with before the year is over and you’re forced to come back to reality with me and Lucy! We’re just a huge inconvenience for you!” Lana replied, Jason’s balling his fists angrily, unable to be sure how much more of this abuse he could take.

“I’ve told you this before! I go to college so I can get a good job whenever I graduate so I can continue to help you two out! So what if I have a little fun at college? It’s not like we’re together, we never were! We just happened to have Lucy together, that’s the only thing keeping me from completely getting rid of you from my life!” Jason replied furiously.

“So, what? We’ve been hooking up since we were 15 and just because we have Lucy now, you wanna get rid of me? Keep Lucy all for yourself? You’d really give up seeing me, the mother of your child!?” Lana yelled back angrily.

“That’s debatable, too!” Jason replied, though the moment those words came out of his mouth, he wished he could take it back; that was the one thing he promised himself he would never bring up to Lana in the fear of losing Lucy.

g2c7 p42
g2c7 p43

C r a c k !  Lana slapped Jason as hard as she could, Jason’s face being forced hard to the right and he felt his cheek begin to burn and throb, “How dare you,” Lana added, Jason continuing to look right and he couldn’t look Lana in the eyes just yet, keeping quiet for a moment like a scolded puppy and simply listening to Lana continue, “What the fuck have you been giving us money for then, huh? Why have you been coming back? Why do you even bother with her if you feel like she’s not yours? If you feel that way then maybe you just aren’t willing enough to continue being her father, since you’re doubting me and your own fucking daughter,” Lana threatened and Jason looked to her finally, giving her a pained glare.

Jason sighed before speaking up, “Look, I’m sorry, alright? I’m just, really angry.. I don’t know why I said it,” Jason lied, but covered it up well to hopefully get  back on Lana’s good side that he seemed to never be able to remain on stably.

g2c7 p44
g2c7 p45

“Just, please let me keep Lucy here. I’m sorry I got angry with you, but I’m not letting you drive her home when you’re like this, okay? I’ll call you a cab and you can come get her tomorrow..” Jason continued, his tone defeated and hating how he always felt like such a coward in front of her, and also hating that he always had to make it seem like she had ‘won’ the argument just to make her happy.

“Damn right, you’re sorry. What an idiotic thing to doubt, I expected better from you, Jason, this is ridiculous,” Lana answered and Jason began to escort her out of the living room and back towards the front door.

“Jesus, alright.. I’m sorry, just go home and get some rest, and call me tomorrow before you come over this time,” Jason pressured, calling her a cab and he waited awkwardly with her outside until it arrived as she continued to nag at him. The moment Jason watched the cab drive off, he let out a huge sigh of relief, soon making his way back inside as he rubbed the side of his head in irritation; How could this night get any worse? Jason asked himself.

g2c7 p46
g2c7 p47
g2c7 p48

Jason made his way back through the home and up to the third floor, making his way towards Lucy’s room and when he got there, he opened the door to see Faline holding Lucy and they were talking with one another. Lucy was giggling from something that Faline had said and Jason couldn’t help but smile, his mood lightened almost instantly as he looked to the woman he adored holding his favorite girl of all. What made him happy the most was that Lucy loved Faline, and he liked that if Faline stuck around, she would be a much better mother figure for Lucy to grow up with.

g2c7 p49
g2c7 p50

Jason shut Lucy’s door and her eyes lit up when she noticed Jason standing there, “Daddy, daddy!” She called out and Jason smiled wide; Lucy was the only thing in Jason’s life that could completely turn around his mood, no matter what he was going through. Her laugh, her smile, the way she looked at him, he loved it all, and he couldn’t wait to experience it more as he looked to Faline next, beyond happy that they were expecting.

g2c7 p51
g2c7 p52

Faline set down Lucy and she ran to Jason’s arms, him scooping her up and planting a kiss on her cheek. Jason looked to her face and she seemed bothered, her eyes beginning to tear and he grew worried, “What’s wrong, Angel?” He wondered, wanting to find out what was wrong and wanting to change her sad mannerism.

“I’m sorry I told Mommy about Faline! I didn’t want her to get mad, I didn’t mean to make you mad!” She began and Jason’s heart sank, hating that she was blaming herself for Lana’s outburst and intrusion.

“Oh, Lucy.. I’m not mad at you at all! It’s alright, really. Please don’t be sad about that, none of this was your fault, okay? No one is angry with you at all,” Jason replied, hugging her against him.

g2c7 p53
g2c7 p54
g2c7 p55

“Now lose that frown, missy,” Jason continued, beginning to tickle Lucy’s sides and she tried to get away from his hand as she soon smiled and began laughing. Faline chuckled and Jason looked to her briefly, loving that she was still there and didn’t leave because of Lana; she was there when he needed her and that was to get Lucy away from Lana, he wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise. Jason had a whole new perspective of Faline, he felt as if things were going to go good for them, and maybe they’d even end up together seriously.

g2c7 p56
g2c7 p57

After Lucy had a smile on her face, Jason and Faline watched Lucy yawn in his arms and Jason smiled, “Are you tired after all of this commotion? Wanna go to bed?” He asked and Lucy nodded her head.

“Yeah. Can I sleep in here tonight?” Lucy asked excitedly and Jason pouted his bottom lip slightly.

“Aw, you don’t wanna sleep in daddy’s room? When did you turn in to such a brave little girl, huh?” Jason asked, tickling her again and she giggled, “Are you sure you’ll be alright?” He asked, not sure if he was ready to let her sleep on her own yet; Lucy had always slept with someone in the same room as her, whether it was at Jason’s old house or over at Lana’s.

“Yup! I’ll be okay,” she answered confidently and Jason smirked again.

“Well, alright.. If you say so,” Jason finally agreed, looking to Faline then, “Why don’t you go wait for me downstairs while I get her ready for bed?” He suggested, Faline smiled and nodded in agreement. “Say goodnight to Faline, Luce,” Jason added.

Lucy looked to Faline and smiled, holding out her arms for a hug and Faline went to her instantly, leaning in to peck Lucy’s cheek as she hugged her, “Night, Faline.”

“Goodnight, I hope you have sweet dreams, Lucy,” Faline said with a wider smile, looking to Jason with an adoring expression before walking passed the two and out of Lucy’s room.

g2c7 p58
g2c7 p59

After Faline had left Lucy’s room, Jason changed Lucy into a set of pajamas and brought her over to her new crib, playing with her a little before putting her down to sleep. “How do you like your room, Princess? I was going to show you when I picked you up in a few days, but Mommy dropped you off a little earlier, huh?” Jason began.

“Oh, I love it, thank you, thank you! Everything is so pretty!” Lucy replied with a wide smile and a giggle.

“Good, I’m so happy you like it, though it’s not as pretty as you! Are you sure you’ll be okay up here all alone? I still have the baby monitor I used when you were younger, I’ll set those up so that if you need anything, you can just call for me, alright?” Jason continued, still a little worried and beginning to feel detached from his little girl already, still weary of letting her sleep alone.

g2c7 p60
g2c7 p61

“Okay, Daddy, I will,” Lucy confirmed and Jason felt a little better, but he still couldn’t get over the feeling of not having her sleeping in the same room as him.

“I’m sorry about Mommy today, and I’m sorry if I scared you at all.. I was just a little angry with Mommy. You know that no one is angry with you, right?” Jason asked one more time, making sure that she was still okay from what had happened earlier with Lana.

“Yeah, I know.. Mommy gets angry a lot, I don’t like it,” Lucy said with sleepy eyes and Jason sighed gently.

“No one likes being mad or scared, but you know that I’ll always be here to cheer you up if you ever get scared or angry, right?” Jason asked, watching as Lucy smiled and nodded, Jason then leaning in to peck her cheek before letting her go to bed.

g2c7 p62
g2c7 p63

Jason finally was able to let her go and put her into her crib, holding onto her hand for a moment longer before fully leaving, “Daddy loves you so much, baby girl, you always remember that, okay?”

“I know! I love you more, Daddy,” Lucy replied with a sleepy yet loving expression.

“Nope, not possible,” Jason answered with a chuckle, “Goodnight, beautiful,” he added, watching peacefully as she laid down in the crib and eventually shut her eyes. Jason walked away from the crib and found the baby monitor in one of the boxes on her bookshelf, setting one of them up on her dresser near the crib and looking to Lucy once more after he had shut the light off and about to walk out of her room, seeing her sound asleep. He loved that it seemed like Lucy was relaxed and happy where she was to the point where she slept so easily and sound, it made him wonder and even worry a little that she wasn’t getting good sleep while at Lana’s place. But, Jason sighed with relief anyways, happy that Lucy was here now and away from her troublesome mother, leaving the door open just a crack and he made his way downstairs.

g2c7 p64
g2c7 p65
g2c7 p66

Jason made his way back downstairs after putting Lucy to bed in her new room, walking in to his room and seeing Faline standing, waiting for him and he smirked. He looked her up and down before she turned around to face him, noticing her blank expression and Jason knew that she was most likely upset a little from Lana barging in. “Hey,” Jason began, the side of his mouth twitching a slight smirk.

“Hey.. Are you alright after all of that?” Faline wondered and Jason nodded eventually.

“Yeah, I’m fine.. I’m just kind of worryed about Lana and how she carries herself in front of Lucy, she’s a bad influence,” Jason replied, hanging his head a little and wondering what he could do about it. If he ever wanted to get custody of Lucy, he could probably win her easily, but the fact that he couldn’t erase from his mind was the possibility of her not being his; if that was the case, Lana would most likely win her no matter what he would say, simply because he isn’t her biological father.

g2c7 p67
g2c7 p68

Jason set the other baby monitor on his computer desk and made his way towards Faline slowly, taking her hand within his, “I’m sorry for how she acted, and what she said to you.. Don’t take anything she says to heart,” Jason tried to comfort, hating that she had gotten brought into Lana unloading her anger with the help of alcohol. Faline smirked, shaking her head lightly.

“No, don’t be sorry, all she did was embarrass herself, I don’t really care anymore about what she said. I was mostly just worried about you and Lucy,” she replied and Jason’s smirk turned into a smile. “Have you ever thought about getting full custody? I mean, her driving here drunk with your guys’ daughter wouldn’t go over well for her, you’d probably get Lucy easily,” Faline wondered, suggesting the alternative and Jason let out a gentle sigh.

“Yeah, I’ve thought about it, a lot of times.. It’s just that, uh,” Jason hesitated, “I’m just not really sure.. If she’s mine. I mean, even if she isn’t, I could never abandon her, but then I probably can’t get full custody since I’m not her real dad, or well.. May not be,” Jason replied, shrugging and losing his smile.

g2c7 p69
g2c7 p70

Faline’s expression went concerned, “Jason, I’m sure she’s yours.. She has the ability to put on the same charm as you do,” Faline teased and giggled, Jason chuckling in return.

“She does, doesn’t she? I don’t know.. Maybe I will fight for her. I really don’t want her to be around Lana at all if she’s going to act like that and put her in danger,” Jason replied, thinking about everything that had transpired with Lana and getting slightly angered again.

Faline brought her hands up to either side of his head in a comforting manner, hoping to cheer him up, “You’re a great father, and you’ve surprised me so much.. I’m actually pretty happy and lucky to have someone like you to be the father of this baby,” she replied, trying to bring his spirits up, and it worked. Jason was touched by her words, seeing the genuine look in her eyes and he couldn’t remember a time when a woman has ever made him feel like this. His heart was soaring, he had never once thought he’d actually find someone he wanted to hold on to, but ever since their first night together in college, it’s been set in stone for him that he was head of heels for Faline. Jason loved hearing that he was a good father, making him feel as if he was doing something right in his life, and although he didn’t hear it from his mother, hearing it from Faline was almost just as satisfying.

g2c7 p72
g2c7 p74

“So much for ‘just a kiss’ on the first date,” Faline said softly through her quickened breaths, giggling as well. Jason chuckled at her words, kissing her cheek and down her neck with a smile on his lips as she continued to let out light giggles from each peck he gave her. Faline’s eyes wandered down to his arms, over his chest and eventually down his torso and legs, observing his rather colorful body and Jason soon noticed.

“The tattoos?” He guessed, watching as her eyes met his and she let out a nervous giggle, nodding to his words and Jason smirked, “Do they bother you?” He wondered.

“No, not really, I think they’re interesting and kind of beautiful..” She replied as she trailed her fingers down his arm and Jason smiled more at her comment; a few girls have complained about his tattoos, but it still didn’t keep them from messing around with him. Though, he liked that Faline enjoyed them. “What made you get them? Didn’t it hurt putting them all over?” She asked in return and Jason chuckled again.

“Well, sure it hurt. I did it all when I was around 18 or 19, before I went to college and before Lucy. I was going through a rough time.. I sometimes do things on impulse, things to make me feel alive I guess, and one day doing all of this to myself seemed like the right idea,” he answered with a shrug.

“Did it help you get over whatever you needed to?” She asked, Jason thinking for a moment. In all actuality, it didn’t, Jason had a rough time growing up without his parents, his mother, nothing seemed to help him calm his mind or make him want to straighten up his life until Lucy was born.

“Yeah, a little,” he lied, though only so she wouldn’t ask any more questions about what he went through. “Are you going back to your parents tonight? You’re more than welcome to stay here if you want,” Jason suggested, his hand venturing down her side and resting it gently on her bare hip; Faline went back home every summer break while in college, and she had been staying there since she had gotten out.

“I’d love to stay, if you want me to,” she replied, looking to Jason and he smiled, nodding excitedly.

“Of course I do,” he replied, reaching up and turning her chin more towards him to kiss her passionately.

g2c7 p75

Jason was always happy in Faline’s presence, she calmed him and made him think of better things. One thing he was thankful for in a way was how she helped him not think of his mother as much; there hasn’t been a single day that has passed where he hasn’t thought of her at least once. But tonight, instead of falling asleep to thoughts that pained him, he thought of what his mother would say now that he thought he had found someone he actually liked. He wondered, no, knew that his mother would be excited for the news of him having another child, and he was sure that she would love Faline as much as he was beginning to.

Generation 2, Chapter 6

Attention: Jason had a burglar before I could get these shots, so I’m sorry if there’s a few things that are different looking, I couldn’t find the same pattern to make everything let alone even remember what everything looked like. But, yeah, as you can see now, I have installed an alarm system.. -_- lol. Anyways, enjoy your read.


g2c6 p1
g2c6 p2

“Are you excited to see the new house today?” I asked Lucy. I was getting sick and tired of this place, I don’t even know why I bought it.. I had a lot of money from my parents, so why did I buy this place, and never even upgrade it at all? The water in the shower was always cold, the toilet always broke, the fridge made all of my leftovers taste bad and the stairs were about to give out any day now; I thought it was time for a change, so I bought a new house. I told Lana and she could care less, and Lucy hasn’t seen it yet, but I was surprising her and taking her to it today. I’ve had Lucy at my place for a month now and I’m taking her back to Lana tonight after I show Lucy the new house.

“Yeah! Do I get to pick out my own room?” She asked with excitement and I smiled.

“Of course you do! You get first pick, angel,” I replied and she smiled happily.

g2c6 p3
g2c6 p4

“Is Mommy going to live there, too?” Lucy wondered and I wasn’t sure how to answer her; I didn’t want to make her upset, but I didn’t know which answer would give her that reaction so I could try and avoid it. But, I just decided to ask her a question instead.

“Do you want Mommy to live there with us?” I asked back. I watched as she thought for a few moments, then shrugged.

“No, not really.. I don’t like the friends she invites over. I like it here, with you,” she answered and my heart melted; I could just hold this girl and never let her go. I was happy with her answer since I didn’t want to invite Lana to live with us, I don’t want to be with her.. But then, other things that Lucy mentioned made me a little weary.

“Who are Mommy’s friends that you don’t like? Why don’t you like them?” I asked, wondering if anyone at Lana’s has treated Lucy badly at all and I started to get angry at the thought.

g2c6 p5

Before Lucy could answer me, there was a knock on the door and I hoped it wasn’t Lana. After what Lucy had told me, I never wanted her to go over there again and I wanted to keep Lucy with me. I was starting to get thankful as well that Lana never seemed to want Lucy back whenever she dumped her on me, I loved having her and there were even times when I could swear that Lana would forget that we had her; there was one summer that for all of my 3 month break from college, I had Lucy without ever hearing once from Lana, not even to check up on her. I had to avoid my sisters that whole time, too. Either Lana had full confidence in my parenting skills, or she just didn’t care at all.

“We’ll talk about what I asked you later, okay? Let’s go see who’s at the door!” I say with an excited expression and she giggles as I pick her up and walk to the door.

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g2c6 p7

Holy shit was my first thought when I opened the door and I was starring at Faline, my heart sank and I grew nervous, why was she here? “Oh.. Faline, hi,” I began, not really knowing what to say.

“..Hey..” She said softly and I watched as her eyes went straight to Lucy.

“Who’s she? She has pretty hair,” Lucy said and it snapped me out of my trance from starring at Faline. Faline smirked to Lucy’s comment and I looked to Lucy.

“Yeah, she sure does.. Why don’t you go inside and play while I talk to my friend, okay?” I asked as I walked Lucy back into the house and put her in the living room so she could play with her blocks and teddy bear.

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I came back outside and gave Faline a light smirk, “What are you doing here? How’d you know where I lived?” I asked, though my tone was happy and I was excited to see her. 

“Well, I had asked around campus and they said you lived in Bridgeport. So I came here and it seems that a lot of people know you and I was pointed to here, so..” She replied and I could tell she was a little uncomfortable. “Is she yours?” She asked next and it dawned on me after a few seconds that she was referring to Lucy. 

“Oh.. Um.. Yeah, she’s mine.. Her name’s Lucy,” I replied sheepishly, beginning to get a little uncomfortable myself now. I easily could’ve lied, like I’ve been doing to my sisters and everyone else I knew, but it kind of just came out.

“She’s cute. I never really pictured you as a father,” she added and I chuckled pathetically at myself. “Well, I didn’t mean it like that.. It’s just, surprising, I guess..” She corrected herself.

“No, it’s fine.. I figured that would be people’s first reaction to her,” I replied and she chuckled. 

g2c6 p10

“Well.. I wanted to find you because I needed to talk to you, but I can always come back later,” she added and I shook my head.

“No, stay.. It’s okay,” I replied, not wanting her to leave so soon after just getting here. I was still shocked to see her and I wanted to spend some time with her more.

“Well, I don’t wanna talk in front of Lucy, and I kind of have a lot to say, so..” She continued, implying that she should leave and come back sometime that I didn’t have Lucy with me.

“Oh.. I’m taking her to see a new house I just bought, then I’m dropping her off at her Mom’s place, so if you wanted to come along, you’re welcome to.. We can talk after,” I suggested and she hesitated a few moments.

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“Yeah, I guess I could tag along. Do you think Lucy would mind?” Faline asked and I shook my head.

“No, she won’t care. She already complimented your hair, she likes you. If she didn’t then she wouldn’t have said anything,” I reply and chuckle, watching as Faline smiles and nods. I still can’t believe she showed up at my doorstep, had we left a minute sooner I would’ve missed her and who knows when the next time I’d see her would be. As I looked to her more, fun memories with her at college ran through my mind and I couldn’t help but feel the need to pull her inside and upstairs to my room. But, I sighed in my head, knowing I couldn’t with Luce here. “Well, let me get Lucy and her things and we can get going,” I continued and she nodded again, going inside to get Lucy and driving to the new house.

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I drove as Faline sat in back with Lucy, as if trying to get to know her better and I don’t think I stopped smiling once while driving to the new house. They were cute together, I couldn’t stop looking in the rear-view mirror at the both of them, but I admit I was looking at Faline a little more than my little girl. Faline was so beautiful, I loved how the wind from the windows being open picked up her hair and threw it all over her shoulders.

We drove through the city and across the large bridge into a more expensive neighborhood; this house had a gate to keep out the Paparazzi and keep them off my lawn. It was like this every time I got home, getting stopped my people, being asked to pose in pictures.. I didn’t want Lucy to end up in the media and my sisters finding out about her before I finally told them.. I guess I wanted to keep her a secret simply because I didn’t want her to constantly be followed around like I am, media can always have its perks, but it also has it’s embarrassing moments, and I never wanted her to be humiliated on such a public scale. I didn’t have the best reputation, anyways, I’m constantly “On the Prowl” in those tabloids, it’s really irritating, especially when lately I haven’t even been sleeping around at all. I’ve just been spending time with Lucy. But, it was bound to happen; my mother was notorious in Bridgeport for her art, donations, charities, her pure bread horses, everything.

The Realtor had to meet me there since I hadn’t got my key yet and I called to let her know I wanted it. She was waiting for us when we pulled up, walking us in and unlocking everything for us.

g2c6 p15

“Showing the wife and little one the new home?” The Realtor asked with a bubbly tone and I chuckled nervously.

“Oh, uh.. Just a friend.. But, yeah, my little one wanted to claim her own room,” I corrected her and I looked over my shoulder at Faline, seeing that her eyes were looking to the flowers and away from me as her cheeks turned a rosy pink. 

“Oh, sorry about that then,” she answered and looked over her shoulder to Lucy, “There’s four very lovely rooms for you to choose from,” she continued with a joyous tone and Lucy smiled, bouncing excitedly in my arms and I laughed.

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We get inside and I look to Lucy, her eyes are huge and I can tell she can barely hold in her excitement. “It’s so big!” She said enthusiastically and I chuckled.

“Sure is,” I agreed, looking to Faline and she had the same expression as Lucy did.

“Well, do they need a tour, or are you going to do that?” The Realtor asked, handing me the keys to the gate and the front door.

“I’d be happy to, thank you for meeting me and giving me the keys. I’ll probably be moving in this weekend,” I reply and she smiles, saying goodbye to all of us and leaving.

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We walked through the home and into another living area; I loved how when I walked into this house I always could imagine the furniture all over and what I wanted to do with it. There was so much potential with this place and I also wanted Lucy and I to make it ours with our own touches. My favorite room in the house was the living area to the right, it had windows lining the walls and it had an amazing view. I was thinking about making some changes though and putting in a fireplace where one of the windows were.

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“Wow!! That room is amazing!” Lucy called out excitedly, looking to the living area and squirming in my arms for me to let her down. “I want this room!!” Lucy called out as she ran into the room and Faline and I laughed.

“That’s the living room, sweets.. There’s not even a door,” I reply but she ignores me, running over to the corner in the room. 

“She’s so adorable Jason,” Faline says with a smile, looking to me and placing her hand on my bicep and I listened to her heels clicking on the wood as she walked away from me and towards the windows in the room. I looked to Lucy and knew she would be distracted by the amazing view for a little bit, so I took this opportunity to walk over to Faline.

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I walked up behind her and slid my arms around the front of her, hearing her let out a tiny giggle and I smirked, “So why’d you really want to find me, huh? Couldn’t get enough?” I questioned softly in her ear in a flirtatious tone.

“You still know how to put on that charm, huh?” She asked a little sarcastically in return and I chuckled, brushing my nose against her ear over her hair, being reminded of our night together back at college again and she smelled just the same; lilies.

I was happy to see you at my door though, I’ve been thinking about you a lot,” I continued, feeling her hands come up and rest on my arms as she let me hold her. 

“Really? I thought you’d just treat me like Bettie or any other girl and get annoyed or something,” she replied and I lost my smirk, not liking that she got that impression from me and I wanted to change her perspective. I never cared like this before, I was never happy when I ran into someone I had slept with and ditched, but with Faline it was different. 

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I felt her beginning to pull from my grip, so I let her go and she turned around to face me, “What’s the matter?” I ask, looking to the concern on her face.

“Nothing, I just.. I kind of feel bad for imposing on you showing your daughter your new house, I feel like it’s something that you should just be doing with her,” she replied and I smirked.

“It’s alright, she doesn’t mind. I know I don’t mind at all,” I answered with a coy grin and she smirks in return.

“Are you sure? I could always go..” She continued.

“Yeah, it’s fine.. Stop worrying about it so much,” I comforted and she eventually nodded.

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“Do you regret coming here or something? Are you uncomfortable around Lucy?” I asked, watching as she gave a worried expression and shook her head.

“No, no, it’s not her.. I’m just, distracted I guess, and I kind of just feel awkward,” she continued and I raised a brow.

“Oh.. Why’s that?”

“Well, because for one,” she hesitated, lowering her voice, “We had drunk sex and never saw one another again, until now, that might be making me feel like this. Plus I know nothing about you besides that you go to the same college I do and you have a kid,” she answered and I shrugged.

“Well, maybe that’s why I wanted you to tag along.. So I could get to know you. Why’d you track me down unless you wanted the same thing?” I questioned with a shy smirk, watching as she broke eye contact momentarily and looked to me again. 

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Daddy, daddy! Come look, huuurrrrrryyyyy!” I heard Lucy calling me from the other room and I couldn’t hold back a wide smile, letting out a laugh.

“Be right there, Luce!” I called back and I look to Faline who soon smiles at me, “Tell you what, let’s just come back here after I drop off Lucy.. I bet she just noticed the pool,” I flirted and cocked my eyebrows excitedly and she giggled.

“I didn’t pack my bathing suit,” she replied and I smiled more, shaking my head.

“That’s fine, you don’t need one,” I answered and turned around to go to Lucy and Faline laughed and pushed at my back playfully. 

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g2c6 p33-2

“Daddy, look! There’s a pool! Let’s go swimming!” Lucy called out when she saw us coming in, chuckling at her.

“Maybe when we get all moved in, I didn’t bring your suit, Angel,” I replied and I heard her sigh heavily, putting her hands and face against the glass as she looked at the pool.

“Lucy, don’t you want to pick out your new room?” Faline added and I looked to her and smiled, looking to Lucy and she ran back towards us and into my arms.

“Yeah, yeah! I wanna pick one!” She said with joy and we made our way upstairs.

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