Instead of listing out every CC item that I use, for the majority of the categories (like hair, clothes, makeup, etc..), I’m going to list the Creators of the CC instead. For some, I find myself downloading multiple things from the same creator, so I think it’s easier to just list them out by Creator instead of every little thing. You might even find stuff from them that you like but haven’t seen used in this legacy, too. For categories that have a lot less CC downloaded (like worlds, houses, lots, skins, etc..), I will link the CC directly for convenience.

Also, keep in mind this page will probably always be under construction haha

+ The majority of everything comes from TSR and Simblr CC Resources +

EDIT: (1-18-16)
I’ve recently started over completely new as far as my game and CC and stuff, so the links to the CC on this page were used for Generations 1 through 4. To help keep better track of the CC I use for Generation 5 and on, I’ve made an inspo/cc-finds blog that you can follow. Most, if not all, of the CC I am using during Generation 5 will be on that page (linked to tumblr) and can easily be tracked with tags. It’s much easier for me to keep track of everything and what not over on tumblr instead of on this page. For the CC that is not linked through tumblr and not reblogable to my CC-Finds page, links will still be added here in the Credits.

—>  Inspiring / CC-Finds Blog  <—

Please note that some links have been removed by the creator, so I apologize if the links do not work.



Community Lots:


– Pose Player 

– You Are Real Skin Mod

– Awesome Mod

– Time/Weather Shifter

– One More Slot, Please!

  • Download OMSP
    (it allows you to put objects/Sims onto it and adjust their height/angle… Use ctrl+shft and click on the ‘omsp’ to up or down the object/Sim)

– Camera Settings 

– Pregnancy Progress Controller

  • Download here
    (only used in this legacy to keep female Sims pregnant longer so I can get the pictures I need)

– No Mosaic








Moles & Freckles:


Since there are literally a ton of hairs I use, I’m going to list out websites where I get my hairs instead of listing out every specific link. With some, the links will send you to the creators of the hairs instead of the general website.


Young Adult Female:

Young Adult Male:







  • Phone by RukiSims
  • Phone by Severinka
    (this phone made my game crash. I managed to use it while I had it for the 3 or less screenshots I needed, so be wiry of this DL)

Misc. Decor:



* There are a ton, literally, a ton of poses I’ve used so far. This is one category that I will not go into depth with and rather than listing out every pose I’ve used since discovering the Pose Player, I’m going to just provide links to pose sites that I use very frequently. Every pose I’ve used in this Legacy can be found at these sites. If there is a pose that you cannot find but want, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will try to find it for you.

Guest Stars!

This is just a section for special shout outs to those of you who have had some of your Sims featured in the story! So far there are not many.. But, I’m willing to accept more Sims if you’d like them to be featured in the story. I can find a way to work them in, or I might even do Special Casting Calls if I ever need a best friend, spouse, background Sims for a party or strip club or whatever.. In case anyone’s interested, just let me know in a comment here. :)

  • Noelle Saint James by LateKnightSimmer
    (featured in Generation 2, Chapter 8)
  • Gerard Anthony McClaren by LateKnightSimmer
    (from her apocalypse/rainbowcy challenge Blink of an Eye)
    (featured in Generation 4, Chapter 14, Pt 1/2)
  • Tavish Salvation Woods by MsMightnightBlonde
    (winner of Luca’s BFC and featured in Generation 5, Chapters 1,2,3,-)
  • Pia Maria Salves by ceciliayus
    (winner of Luca’s BFC and featured in Generation 5, Chapters 1,2,3,-)
  • Ian Michael Stone by Simsered
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters _)
  • Dillyn Renee Beck by Jazen
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters 3)
  • Edith Terese Stringer by bittish
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters _)
  • Raven Nicole Doyle by Francisca
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters _)
  • Anthony Luis Valera by LilyShadowWriter
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters _)
  • Cassandra Lavish by blamsart
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters 3)
  • Ambrose Carlisle Gibbons by PruneJuiceIsForWarriors
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters _)
  • Kaia Sky Williams by Maleeka
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters _)
  • Zachariah Edward Hale by LateKnightSimmer
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters _)
  • Elliot Frederick Dupont by violincat
    (featured in Luca’s BFC and Generation 5, Chapters 3)

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  1. Eeeee! Noelle! <3 Hahah, thank you for the shoutout. :) It's cool to see my name listed here, I think it's cause I'm such a huge fan of your story, that it's like omg, I'm included?! *freaks out* LOL.

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