Update 6/12/18

Hi all :)

Just wanted to update you guys on what’s going on with me lately. I’ve been very unfortunate lately with getting a good job after quitting the one I had in February. I’m still looking and applying places, but no luck so far, so things have been really hard since then. I don’t have the money that I used to have to be able to pay for my plan on here to allow more space so I can post pictures with the chapters, so I’ve cancelled my plan so it doesn’t renew on its own and make my bank account have a heart attack hahaha There’s technically four days left on the plan, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get all the pictures I need to put into the next chapter in order to post it in time. I’ll try my best so that you guys have at least something to read before I might not post again for a while, but who knows. Maybe I’ll even cut the chapter I have into two parts so I can make it easier, I dunno. I never wanted to start a second blog so I can keep posting because I wanted every generation and all chapters and everything about this legacy to all be in the same place to keep it easy and organized, so I don’t think I’ll do that.. But, honestly, if it’s looking like it might take a really long time to get to that point again where I can pay for the extra space again, maybe I’ll start a new blog and post the chapters there so you all can continue on with the story, then maybe later when I can pay for this blog again, I’ll drag it back over here and post them here so I can keep everything in the same place still. I dunno haha There’s a bunch of “if’s” and “maybe’s” right now, but yeah, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. It just really sucks, too, because the generation is finally starting to take a turn that I’m really excited about (because let’s be honest, it’s boring until they go insane bahahhaa) but, it is what it is.

I hope everyone understands! I’m still very much into writing this story and I still writing chapters for it, but without including pictures, it’ll be boring haha I hope everyone has been well and is having a great summer! See you all again soon, hopefully!

If anyone still wants to keep in contact or whatever else, I’m still on my tumblr at freckled-pixels.

Love you guys!

~ by SimComix on June 12, 2018.

4 Responses to “Update 6/12/18”

  1. I’m sorry to hear this! I do hope you’re able to find something soon. I own a Facebook group called Virtual Me where I help others get a work-at-home job. These are all 100% legit companies, such as Apple, AAA, United Health Group, etc. You can even see those who got hired! If you’re interested, please join! I’ve learned that obtaining employment from these types of positions is quicker than trying to get something on-site somewhere. Here is the link, check it out if you wish! https://www.facebook.com/groups/virtualmewah/

  2. Awww, we’ll be waiting. Hoping it all works out. <3

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