Update + Announcement 1/31/17

Hello all!

Just popping in to say that I’ll most likely have a new chapter out for TIDL sometime in February. ^_^

Also, I have a new story that I’m working on. Those of you that know me are probably like “omg another one that she’s never going to update?” lmaooo and my answer to that is maybe bahaha I’m joking. But, anyways, I do have a new story that I’m working on and it involves crazzyyyy supernaturals. It was supposed to be a simblr-only story (meant to be only posted on tumblr), but I felt like sharing it with my WordPress friends that might not have a tumblr account, so if anyone’s curious and wants to read it or follow it or what have you, you can find the link for it here!

That’s all hahaha love you all! <333

~ by SimComix on January 31, 2017.

One Response to “Update + Announcement 1/31/17”

  1. Yay a new story!! I’ll definitely check it out. 😁

    Looking forward to the new chapter as well.

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