Update ~ 9/28/16

Hello all ~


I’m really sorry guys, I’ve been slacking so, so hard with this story, but as you may have guessed, there won’t be an update for September. I have chapter 5 written, just need to make poses and get pics, and I also have part of chapter 6 written, too, but lately (or more like the past few months) I’ve been seriously lacking motivation to keep this story going like I used to. I’ve kind of run into a rut, as well. I know what the ending is going to be and how I want generation 5 to end, I just haven’t really figured out how to get there yet XD

I’ve been busy lately, too. Tomorrow is my birthday, I’m moving into my new apartment this weekend, I have my nephews first birthday bash-weekend-thing next weekend, then the weekend after that, I’m going to a wedding thing, then halloween, and justtttt hjhdakjghka there’s so much for me to do and get ready for and with all that stuff going on, plus my lack of motivation to work on the chapters, I can’t really give a time or date or really even a guesstimate when I’ll have an update out. As of now, it’s just kind of “it’ll get posted when it gets posted”.

Thank you so much to everyone that is still following this story and still looking forward to reading, and also thank you to the new readers and followers I still continue to get, even though I’ve been seriously lacking on this story >_< I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still here, the story is still here, too, and I’ll still be updating it, but I just don’t know when anymore haha I don’t think it’s going to be monthy anymore, though. Until further notice maybe. I don’t know XD

I’m pretty active on tumblr if anyone wants to keep in contact or see what I’m up to. Posting there is a lot easier and keeping up with different sims and stories and such on there is what I’ve been doing while I wait for my motivation for TIDL to come back.

—>  freckled-pixels  <—

Thanks guysssss love you alllllll <333333333

~ by SimComix on September 28, 2016.

6 Responses to “Update ~ 9/28/16”

  1. Well happy birthday!!! :D

    I’m pretty much in the same boat as you with my two stories too. If I’m not working, I’m sleeping, and when I’m not sleeping, I’m staring blankly at the computer screen like O_O….!!! LOL

    I do hope you find your motivation soon, and also congratulations on your new apartment! :) We’ll still be here waiting like you’re dangling cupcakes in the air. LOL, just kidding. No but seriously, we’ll be here, cheering you on in the meantime.

    • Thanks so much! <333

      Ughhh ikr?? It's like the exact same with me. I have stuff to do on the weekends all the time, but during the week, I have work, and then I just want to sleep when I'm NOT at work lmaooo and then when I do sit down at my laptop and am like "okay, i should write or something" I just sit there starring, too.. XD

      Thank you! I'm super excited about moving in ^_^ Glad you and others will still be here whenever I get around to updating this story. I hope you find some motivation soon, too! <33

  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday today! <3

    Not sure if you remember me, but I've been here! Reading silently and not having enough time to comment at that moment :D

    It sounds like you have a lot going on and guess what? That's perfectly okay. There is no need to explain yourself for trying to deal with what life throws at you. Whether it be lack of motivation or a birthday party you may or may not be looking forward to. ;) "It'll get posted when it gets posted." That's all you can say, and we will all be patiently waiting. The Dubois family is amazing and will always hold a dear place in my heart, as they will in yours. If you need to step away for a while to regain some perspective, I'm sure they won't mind and neither will we. [SPOILERS] Just let Luca do his thing with Riley and we'll all catch up some other time. <3

    Onto some more cheery stuff…I'm absolutely loving the story so far. It's just always so damn amazing. I don't know how you do it, seriously. The writing itself is brilliant. Then you bring in these perfect photos that bring the words to life so beautifully that it just leaves me dumbfounded. [SPOILERS] I love Riley. I'm actually from the South and the story she told about her dad broke my heart as I lost my dad to cancer in 2012. She's a keeper. :) And I like how she knows what she wants and doesn't want. Just because she's swooned by Luca…and let's be honest, who wouldn't be?…she still has her own boundaries. OKAY. I should have put that on a chapter comment but…yeah. xD I'm just really hoping she isn't murdered in some horrific way. xDD Knowing you, though, that's exactly what will happen. It'll be sad and horrible and tragic. But necessary. :) CAN'T WAIT!

    You do you. Take care of yourself and don't let your writing become a chore. It's way too amazing to be something you don't look forward to. <3

    • Thanks so much! <33

      Yes, I remember you ^_^ Yeah, you're right, I don't need to explain myself, but I do feel the need to, because you all (followers and lurkers and likers) have always been so loyal and amazing, I think I owe you guys at least an update on what's going on haha but, I do know what you mean, and I appreciate the kind words *hugs* <33

      I'm so glad you're liking it! I'm having a hard time connecting to gen 5 still, so I think that's another reason why I'm like "derp" when it comes to trying to think of what to write. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like the writing and the pictures and just gfhejdfhakj it warms my heart hearing all of this haha I'm really glad you like Riley, too! I'm from the south, as well! Born in Texas ;D I'm sorry to hear about your father, too :(

      Yessss, I love how Riley knows what she wants and doesn't want, I think that's what makes her such a powerful character. Especially how she can turn down Luca (and that's a hard thing to do for anyone LOL)

      "Knowing you, though, that's exactly what will happen." LMAOO GEE, THANKS bahahah! That comment made me laugh a lot. BUT, we'll see what happens.

      Yeah, I'm not updating or really even coming back to my drafts that often because I don't want to force the creativity, and I definitely don't want it to become a chore, that's for sure. I'll just let the motivation come to me whenever it's ready to. Thank you again for the support and kind words <33

  3. Happy birthday again, LOL. I think that you’re doing way better than me, haha I wouldn’t worry about the lack of update. You remember when I dropped off of everything, even Tumblr. Hahaha. XD But yeah, I understand completely. Which you already know. Why am I even writing this comment? LMAO.
    Nah, it’s cause I love you and I like leaving you comments. XD Good luck with the moving in and all of that, woooo, for a new apartment, that’s awesome.

    • Thank youuuu <333 Hahah yesss, I remember. Hopefully the motivation and inspiration to write and get pictures and make poses and such comes back soon, but until then, I'll just wait for it to come back instead of forcing it. ILY TOO! <33

      Oh, and since it's October 6th now and I'm replying to this… HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! <33

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