~ Update ~

Hello all.

Sooooo, first of all, I wanted to apologize for not having an update out for the past two months. I hate going more than a month without an update, but two months is sooo so long and it bothers me and I’m sorry there hasn’t been an update >_< I have the next chapter all written, I just need to make poses and take pictures (and I think you all know by now that that’s the part that always takes me the longest because I have to make my own and I always make like 87427852 a chapter lol).

With WordPress changing their plans and taking away the individual options, like domain name, extra space, no adds, etc., I was in a predicament for a while because they took away the extra space that I paid for last year (which made me not be able to upload a single picture until I upgraded) and was pretty much forced to either pack up and move TIDL, or buy the Premium plan. Well, it took a lot to convince myself, and with my hubs’ encouragement, I finally went through with paying for the plan and keeping TIDL here at its home on WordPress. Saves me the hassle of moving to a different website, too, even though I didn’t want to spend the money. But, with that all figured out now and that set back behind me, I’m back at trying to focus on getting this next update for the story done. Plus, it’s been a bit of a busy summer, and I’ve also not really felt in the mood to work on this story. My inspiration to keep going was slowly dwindling and I hit a wall for the majority of the two month absence. The whole thing with WordPress giving me an ultimatum, too, kind of weighed me down a bit and made me reluctant to continue with the story AT ALL, but, it’s all figured out and behind me now and I’m going to work on getting this update done finally (now that I can actually continue it by including pictures) so, this week I’ll be working on it a lot and hopefully I’ll have an update out before the end of the week.

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding! I love you guys and thanks for sticking around. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up <333

~ by SimComix on June 27, 2016.

5 Responses to “~ Update ~”

  1. I know how that is…losing inspiration and getting that wonderful writer’s block along with real life stuff in the way. I’m going through it myself at the moment. I’m happy to see you decided to keep striving on and continuing on with this awesomely written story! Like I’ve told you before, this story was a major inspiration for my two stories I have out right now, so I’m happy to see it still here. :)

    • Ugh, ikr? It’s like, I WANT to work on it, but lately can’t seem to work up enough effort to do so D: but, now that I’m slowly getting that inspiration back, it’s exciting to have my game open and get pictures for the chapter, now that I have the extra media space I need to include pics in the chapters XD Aww, thank you so much! That really means a lot to me <3 Keep writing and being amazing, and I hope you get out of your slump soon :)

      • Thank you! :D I have the next chapter written for The Wake of December, just need to get the pictures done too..LOL. I have no patience to work on my own poses lately, so I’ll have to improvise, lol.

  2. Hey! Glad that you figured out that thing with WordPress. That sounds like it was a crazy disaster. O_O
    I know what you mean about hitting a wall. -__- I have stuff written but I just haven’t opened my game and then I don’t want to post the chapter without pictures, then it just doesn’t get posted. *le sigh* I need like a picture prompt to inspire me to open my game again or something. Anyway, I know what you mean, LOL. Didn’t mean to like pour my problems out here in this comment. XD
    Glad you are back at it! You are and always have been my favorite story. ♥

    • Yeah, it really was at the time cause I hate being practically forced into something like that just to get the space back to continue, while also spending money on things I don’t need -___- but it was either that, or move all of this work to a new site and I’m so lazy, like, no way.. LOL Ahh, yeah, picture prompts are always helpful to get you back on your feet with getting pics and stuff for your stories.
      Aww, thank you! T_T I’m glad to be back at it too :D

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