Update 1/28/16 | Gen 5 Info

Hello, all :D Just a quick update on what’s going on with the story and also some pictures and such.

Luca’s Best Friend Challenge has reached its end and the winners have been chosen. The two finalists in the end both won. Every challenger did amazing and every creator did a wonderful job making their Sims!


Pia Salves, made by Ceciliayus, and Tavish Woods, made by MsMidnightBlonde, will be featured in the story during Generation Five as Luca’s best friends/roommates. All other challengers from the BFC will be featured in the story, as well, but more so as causal friends/acquaintances/fillers for the story.

As far as the story, I’m working on it and writing it at the moment. I’m aiming to publish the first chapter of generation five on February 21st, since that’s TIDL’s birthday and I get warm fuzzy feelings when I post brand new generation chapters on special occasions, but’s well see *shrugs*

Luca is twenty-three, still living in Sunlit Tides and he’s definitely made a name for himself as a wild card. I still can’t decide for sure what he should do for a job, but hopefully I’ll figure that out soon.

Honestly, I’m such a weirdo when it comes to things being perfect whenever setting stuff up and I think that I’m keeping this house as Luca’s pad with his roommates, but who knows haha some of the decor may change that’s pictured, I’ve already gave the house major edits multiple times so it might happen again, but this is the most recent layout of it. I plan on adding a lot more clutter later on, too. The house they all live in used to be a small lawfirm run by a guy and his two sons, but they sold the place to Luca, Tavish and Pia and they turned it into a home.

Click on pics to enlarge, if you want.


(if anyone wants it, it’s this house)



the outside



Pia’s BMW Convertible


Tavish’s Honda Prelude SiR and Luca’s 1968 Pontiac GTO.





foyer & living room
(basement not pictured because it’s super boring)












back study / living area






Pia’s bedroom









Tavish’s bedroom





Luca’s bedroom





I also thought I’d share some pictures of the three children that came after August, Luca and Niko, as well as some of the new faces we’ll see during the generation. This information and these pictures are mostly to also get you all caught up before generation five even starts so I have to explain less in chapter one XD I’m cutting some corners because of the amount of people that are going to be in Luca’s generation LOL There’s kind of a lot of people that I plan on introducing.


Petra Dora Dubois was the first girl born two years after Nikolai. She’s nineteen where the story starts out and she still lives in Sunlit Tides at her parents house studying to become an Interior Designer. She’s good, artistic, lucky, friendly and a heavy sleeper.


Then came the twins, Umiko Cho and Jiro Andrew Dubois, who are sixteen. She was born two minutes earlier than Jiro, so he’s the baby of the family. Umi is adventurous, brave, athletic and a snob. Jiro is insane, loves the outdoors, hot-headed like his big brother, August, but Jiro has a good sense of humor while August doesn’t. Out of all the siblings, Jiro looks up to Luca the most. They look so much like Isaiah ;-;


AnneMarie Alexander is Nikolai’s girlfriend and they’ve been dating since they were twelve. She’s the sweetest thing in the world and she’s Niko’s world. Her traits are good, friendly, shy, animal lover and hopeless romantic. Had Niko won the heir poll, this is the little lady everyone would’ve learned about, but they’ll still be featured together in Luca’s generation eventually.


And this is Blair Green(left) and Lien Jun(right). Blair was the girl in Generation 4, Chapter 20, Finale Part 1 as Oliver’s physical therapy patient and it becomes evident that she has a crush on August and has for a while during that chapter. When Blair and August are a little older, Oliver kind of sets them up and they work out for a while, but August is such a hot-head that they fight a lot and they’re constantly on and off and on again and it’s just.. A mess, really *shakes head* And, whenever they’re broken up or taking a break or whatever, Lien is the one that he rebounds with. She’s kind of a bitch and hates pretty much all of August’s family because they don’t like her, but August puts up with it for whatever reason until he can get Blair back (though Lien’s oblivious to it every time and she thinks Blair is the rebound bahaha). Had August won the heir poll, these two ladies would’ve been the ones you guys got to read about with him, but again, will still be featured in the story sometime.

Blair’s traits are shy, brooding, loves the heat, cat person and bookworm.
Lien’s traits are grumpy, evil, daredevil, flirty and dramatic.

Anddddd I think that concludes the update since the only one left to talk about is Luca, so yeah XD I’m about half way done writing the chapter, so hopefully I’ll be able to start making poses and getting pictures for it soon so I can publish it on February 21st like I hope to.

Love you all! <3

~ by SimComix on January 28, 2016.

6 Responses to “Update 1/28/16 | Gen 5 Info”

  1. Petra and the twins looks so much like Isaiah! Oh, and I adore the interior design of Luca’s pad! :D Can’t wait to read the first chapter of gen 5.

    • Ikr?? Isaiah’s genetics are strong apparently O_O haha Aww, thank you! I’m glad you like it and that you’re excited for the new gen ^_^


  3. I fucking love your decorating skills, you have no idea. And Jiro? Holy shit. *falls down* What a hottie. I love how you put all that detail and thought into the girlfriends of some of the siblings already, it’s so cool. Your effort really shows, as usual. Just fucking awesome.

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