Happy Holidays

I rushed to make this post last night so I could post something festive on Tumblr and here, but I completely forgot to post it after I put it on tumblr XD so here it is. I hope everyone had a great Christmas/holiday. <3


Oliver is 48 now and Isaiah is almost 60. They watch a Christmas movie every year before opening presents with the children that still live there. The twins hate waiting, but it gives them all a chance to wake up a little more and get coffee since they drag Oliver and Isaiah out of bed at 6:00am. The twins usually end up falling back asleep during the movie, anyways, because they’re still tired. 

After August, Luca and Nikolai, Petra came fourth, their first daughter, then came the twins later on, Umiko, their youngest daughter, and Jiro, the baby boy Dubois. August, Luca and Niko don’t live there anymore and haven’t for a bit (August and Luca moved out about three years ago, then later on, Niko moved/went to college, so he’s been gone for a little less than a year) but Oliver and Isaiah still put up all of their children’s stockings because they know their boys will be home for Christmas. (also, I don’t know how to count and added an extra stocking lol) After they had less bodies in the house, they did some renovating and changed the dining room into a living room (because I just recently noticed I never made them a living room with a television and stuff haha) so this is where santa threw up in their house and made this the only room that was crazily decorated. Isaiah wanted to decorate everything everywhere, but Oliver couldn’t stand to look at it all throughout the entire house, so they made a compromise. Isaiah went nuts in the new living room with decorations and Oliver only has to look at it when he walks passed it and on Christmas.


Oliver and Isaiah then spend the night together in the holiday room after the kids have all gone to bed. This is also the second Christmas post I’ve made with them haha I can’t believe it took me about a year to do Oliver’s generation @_@ Anyways ~

Merry (late) Christmas from the Dubois!

~ by SimComix on December 26, 2015.

6 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Compromising sweet babies ;___; *incoherent blubbering* I’m more than happy to have spent a year with Oliver and Isaiah. The love they have for each other and their children is timeless <3

    Hope your Christmas was wonderful! ^_^

  2. Naaaw this is sooo lovely! And I love that they had more children XD The Christmas room would be my husband’s ideal I reckon, not sure he thinks very highly of my vomit inducing sparklefest which is my christmas decorations! Lol.
    Hope you had a good one too!!!

    • Aw, thank you! And of course they had more children.. LOL How could I ever stop at just three?? XD <33 Bahahaa my hubs hates decorating.. I wish I could do more ;-;
      And I did have a good holiday, thank you! Hope you did as well :D

      • Haha, of course, three’s far too sensible a number XD And yeah I did thanks, still haven’t taken the bloody decorations down though…I’m thinking maybe if I leave it long enough he might do it? Doubt it, but ya never know!

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