Gen 5 Heir Results! + BFC Info!

Poll Results for Generation 5!


Luca Sukai Dubois won!

Thank you so, so much to everyone that voted! August was winning when the poll first opened, but Luca quickly took the lead after the first day and kept a demanding lead the entire rest of the week!

LilyParker asked if I would share which heir I, myself, wanted to win at the end of the poll and I told her I would answer only if the heir I wanted to win, won, so here you go, Lily! ^_^

I love all the boys equally, but there was one heir (once I learned all of his traits) that I wanted to win more than the other two and that was Luca! It was a 33% – 33% – 34% moment, but for me, Luca was the one that beat out his brothers by that 1% solely based on his traits ^_^

BFC Intro

Now that we’re going into Generation 5 and since Luca won the poll, I thought it would be fun to do a challenge for one lucky Sim to be his best friend! *flails*

I’m getting a new laptop very soon and I kind of want to wait to start Gen 5 until I get it.. I’ve needed to clean out my CC for years and I want it to be kind of like a ‘fresh start’ with my game. So, while I wait to get the new one and set everything up for Gen 5 on it, I thought doing a challenge in the meantime would be fun! Some of you know I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now and here it is! haha if you have expressed interest in joining this BFC before, sorry, but I will not claim a spot for you! You need to read everything below and claim it yourself! Fair is fair!

What is a BFC?

I don’t know if this has ever been done before, BUT, it’s exactly like a Bachelor Challenge, though this is a Best Friend Challenge, instead! I will be doing challenges and group activities and all that jazz you would normally do in a BC, but instead of trying to win Luca’s heart, your trying to get into the one spot available to become his best friend and be featured in Generation 5 with him! *gasp*

How Do I Sign Up?

Well, first, you need to go to the separate site I have made for the BFC! When you’re done reading the guidelines, you can sign up following the link provided at the bottom of the page! ALL of the BFC will be posted on the site that the guidelines link takes you to, it will NOT be showcased here!

If you would like to follow the challenge, please go to this wordpress and follow it!

What Do We Do In The Meantime?

Well, I’ll still be posting random game play of generation four as it still comes to an end, as far as birthdays, the boys aging up, Oliver and Isaiah again up, etc., so you can follow my Simblr to keep up with Dubois stuff! But, I’ll also be working on the BFC, taking contestants, as well as playing the challenge until I can get everything ready to start Gen 5. This set up might take some time to do, so the BFC is to help occupy myself as well as you readers and participants while I get generation five ready to publish chapters! This blog may be inactive as far as story stuff is concerned, but if you go to the BFC website, I will be posting there a lot throughout the challenge!

>>> Let The Challenge Begin! <<<

~ by SimComix on November 15, 2015.

9 Responses to “Gen 5 Heir Results! + BFC Info!”

  1. WOOT!!! I’m so excited he won. I’m nearly done reading gen 4 so I’ll be all ready for when this one starts.

  2. Oh my, I’m so happy! Luca is who I ended up casting the most votes for! It was actually kind of funny, because at first I was dropping votes for Luca and Niko, but after like Day 2 I found myself drawn more and more to Luca’s story even though his story also terrifies the living hell out of me (the potential is seriously there to give Isaiah that heart attack!!!), but because it terrifies me, it also ultimately ended up interesting me the most, and so for the remainder of the days I left a vote for Luca, lol.

    Generation 5, and the BFC, are sure to be super exciting! <3

    • Wooo! I’m glad you’re happy with the results ^_^
      His traits are really awesome and I’m so happy with what he randomly rolled. This generation is going to be wiillldddd hahaha But, let’s hope he really never doesgive Isaiah a heart attack O_O *laughs, then cries*

  3. I thought nothing could sway me away from August, but then I saw Luca’s smoulder and knew he’d be a handful. I guess my votes did go through after all!

  4. Woot — Team Luca! ♥ I can’t wait to meet the YA version of him. He was my first choice as well, and then I decided that either Luca or Nikolai would be fine with me. Fine, as in IhopehelooksalotlikeIsaiah fiiiiiine! LOL. The BFC sounds cool. I’m going to follow it right now.

    • LOLL Yeahhh team Luca! Aw, thanks! I’m glad you like the idea of it ^_^ And don’t worry, a lot of Isaiah went into Luca. Even at toddler age, I knew he was going to be a spitting image of him and he pretty much is XD I can’t wait for you all to see what the boys look like as young adults!

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