Generation Five Heir Vote!


Three possible outcomes, three possible stories. This is why I need your guys’ help! I have a lot of ideas for all of the boys, but I want you to decide for me because I really can’t choose between them, so pick who you want to read about the most. Study their traits and such, remember their personalities I’ve written in the story (or what little I’ve written about them), etc.. Choose who you think would most interest you.

Below, I’ve listed all of their information; their traits, their faves, zodiac signs and short bios, all the info you need to help you make a decision. Although right now in the story where Generation four leaves off with them still a child/toddlers, I’ve aged them all up to Young Adult and all of their traits are listed below! Since seeing the teens and not the young adults is what the majority of you voted for on this poll, that’s what is pictured below and their young adult versions will be revealed in Generation 5, Chapter 1!

Choose wisely!
This poll will be open for one week and you can vote once EVERY DAY, so everyone technically gets up to 7 votes each.
I don’t know why I’m doing it this way, it just seemed fun haha

I’m not sharing the results until it’s over, either!

This poll will be open for only ONE WEEK

November 8, 2015 (10:00 AM) -to- November 14, 2015 (11:59 PM)



  • Insane
  • Disciplined
  • No Sense of Humor
  • Hot-Headed
  • Over-Emotional


  • Music: Beach Party
  • Food: Potato and Truffle Torte
  • Color: Lime

Sign: Gemini

Lifetime Wish: Jack of All Trades

Story Personality: A no-nonsense, serious (potential) heir that has a hard time taking a joke and with a temper that can be easily triggered, it’s wise to stray away from saying anything that can make him angry. Although there is the potential of him being sweet and caring, if you’re on his good side, there are many layers to the ‘onion’ that is August. He hates making his own choices and doesn’t like being put on the spot, possibly being a prime candidate of indecisiveness, but he’s always convinced he knows what’s good for him in the very end.. Or so he thinks.



  • Insane
  • Athletic
  • Daredevil
  • Commitment Issues
  • Kleptomaniac


  • Music: Island Life
  • Food: Ceviche
  • Color: Orange

Sign: Gemini

Lifetime Wish: Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law

Story Personality: This rambunctious, thrill-seeking (potential) heir lives for things that get his adrenaline pumping and his mind and body active. Whether it’s getting himself and his friends into possibly dangerous situations by running from the cops or maybe even having the time of their lives without getting caught, he absolutely loves it. Although it’s a little difficult for him to stick with anyone or anything, Luca also has no self control when it comes to keeping his hands to himself and it’s hard to stop his urge to have anything that he doesn’t have already.



  • Insane
  • Good
  • Neurotic
  • Great Kisser
  • Proper


  • Music: Latin
  • Food: Grilled Salmon
  • Color: Green

Sign: Aquarius

Lifetime Wish: Super Popular

Story Personality: A caring and lovable (potential) heir with gentleman like qualities, whose heart couldn’t be melted by the cuddle bug, Nikolai? He’ll give you his money if you have none to buy yourself a meal, he’ll give you advice and be there for you when you truly need it, and he’ll always try to protect someone or something he cares about. Although, at times, he can get a little overwhelmed with wanting to keep everyone happy to the point where he forgets about taking care of himself, he’s always ready for the challenge of making you smile. His neurotic nature makes it hard for him to concentrate under stressful, filthy conditions or situations where he feels uncomfortable, but he’ll still try his absolute hardest to concentrate on you before himself.. If possible, of course.

Time to Choose!

Thanks for voting!


– P.S. –
(non tidl and tidl related)

I’m getting a new laptop very soon and I wanted to wait to start generation 5 until I got it. I kind of want to have a ‘fresh start’ for generation five. With that being said, I’m doing a little challenge in the mean time while I wait to get the new laptop and transfer everything and such.

Whoever wins the heir poll, I’m going to be doing a BFC, a Best Friend Challenge. I don’t know if this has ever been done, but instead of a bachelor challenge, it’s pretty much set up the exact same way, but instead of looking for a spouse in the end, the winner (or top two winners, I haven’t decided yet how many people I want) will become the heirs best friend(s) and be featured in quite a few chapters of generation 5! After this poll is closed and the winner is announced, I will be posting the results as well as some information about the BFC and guidelines on how to sign up. I don’t know how fast/slow spots will be filled, but it is first come, first serve (and I will NOT be holding spots for anyone that expresses interest in it now OR before this announcement). There is a certain number of spots open, but if more people are interested in joining, I’ll consider accepting a few more.


17 thoughts on “Generation Five Heir Vote!

  1. I must say, you made this really difficult! Any of the boys would make great heirs. I’m curious to know whose story would’ve been your favorite to write. When the poll is over, will you share that with us? I understand if you’d rather not.

    1. Ikr? It is going to be really difficult to vote! Hmm, and to be honest, I do have a preference of whose story I’d like to write more than the other two, but that percentage of preference is only, like.. 33%, 33% and 34%, so it’s still way too close of a percentage for me to choose that heir instead of doing this heir poll. I strongly believe in “if there someone you want to write about more, than don’t do an heir poll and do what you want”, but with percentages like that, I just had to do the poll haha
      Maybe I’ll share who got my 34% only if they win, how’s that? ;D

      1. Fair enough. Even though August is intriguing (and a cutie), too, I know I’m going to be having Isaiah withdrawals, so I’m drawn to the younger boys. Honestly, I’m sure I’ll be fine however it ends up, considering how long it took me to decide. ;)

  2. Wow. That was a much harder decision than I’d originally anticipated. I read this post multiple times before deciding and even then I feel like the distribution of my preference was 33%, 33%, 34% too! I wouldn’t even be surprised if who I vote for today is different from another day, LOL.

    Also this best friend challenge sounds like a lot of fun! It’s the first time I’ve heard of it too =) I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for it.

    Gah, no matter who wins I’m so excited for the new generation!

    1. Bahaha I’m glad I gave everyone a lot of chances to vote on different days! This decision is hard, I’m glad I’m not the one making it! XD I’m so happy you’re excited for the generation, too, as am I! Whoever wins, I’ll be very happy with <3

      OooOoo, well, with your interest in the challenge, I hope you get a spot when I'm taking spots for it!

      Thanks for voting!

  3. Meka James

    So I’m still behind on reading, but I had to vote anyway. I went with Luca because we Geminis have to stick together. LOL (This is Jazen BTW) The friend challenge sounds fun, hopefully I’ll be able to send in someone. :)

    1. Aww, well good, I’m glad you got to vote anyways! Hahaha nice choice! The results so far are very surprising to me, things aren’t going how I originally thought they would, and that’s very fine with me, but there’s still 6 more days of voting! ;D

      Thanks for voting!

  4. Mmmmm… *faints from August*
    I love how you did their names in the pictures.
    Eeee, how exciting for a new laptop! ^_^ *dances*
    Also… woo for the BFC, I have never seen that done before, I hope you have fun with it.

    1. Aw, thanks, I’m glad you like it! ^_^ Ikr? I can’t wait to get it eeeeeee
      Well, if I get enough participants, I DO hope to have fun with it hahaha
      Thanks for voting!

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