TIDL Stuff and a Poll

Hi all :D

Before I go on ranting, I’m working on the next chapter now as far as writing it. It may or may not be the finale, I haven’t decided yet or written that far yet to know for sure, but, with that being said, I’m still looking ahead and planning for the next generation, too, as I’m working on ending the current one.

So, lately I’ve been wondering what I should do as far as the whole process of voting goes for the heir of Generation 5 and I need your guys’ help, since I’ve never had an heir vote yet and I want to know what you all prefer.. I know that I’ve been trying to keep up with the traditional “Dubois face reveal at the end of the first chapter” for each new generation, but since there is an heir vote, I was wondering if you readers would rather see them as teens and go off of that to preserve the whole face reveal thing when they’re young adults (if anyone even cares lol) or, I was wondering if you all want to see what each boy looks like as a young adult when it comes to making your decisions, or if it’ll help in making a decision (so basically, do their looks matter in your decision making? You’re going to be seeing them an awful lot, obviously, so picking a hottie couldn’t hurt, right? LOL)

Either way, it doesn’t matter to me, so, along with all of their information (all 5 of their traits, faves, signs, short bios, etc.), whenever I get around to making the post and the poll for the generation 5 heir vote, do you want the boys as teens and get a face reveal in chapter 1 of the heir who wins, or do you just want to skip the whole face reveal thing at the end of the first chapter for Gen 5 so you can see what each boy looks like to help make your vote a little easier? This decision might seem pointless, but it actually helps me stay organized and helps me prepare better for the next gen in the long run, so I’d appreciate any feedback!

I’ll leave this poll open for a week.



Thank you for voting!

While you wait for the next chapter to be published, I post outtakes as well as random gameplay of TIDL as I get chapters done and you can view it all here.

And, if you’re ever curious to learn more about my characters, feel free to go here and either publicly or anonymously ask me questions about them. I’ve already answered some about Oliver, Isaiah, James and Gibson, so feel free to read those Character Asks, if you’d like, too. If you have any of your own questions or want more facts about them, feel free to ask, or if you just want to talk about TIDL with me, go right ahead. My inbox is always open there on my simblr <3

Thanks again for your input!

~ by SimComix on August 10, 2015.

4 Responses to “TIDL Stuff and a Poll”

  1. I voted. It was kind of hard cause I do get driven crazy when people age the Sims up to YA when they do heir polls because I feel like the element of surprise is taken out, but that’s only cause I like surprises. On the other hand, looks do matter to me when I vote because like you said, we’re going to be reading about them for an entire generation, and staring at a Dubois man is one of my favorite pastimes. LOL. Anyway, whichever one of these options wins, I’ll still be here reading away. ♥

    • Thanks for voting :D Yeah, I figured it was a hard choice, but it was a hard choice for me, too, so I thought I’d just ask to see which everyone preferred. *shrug*
      True, I like surprises, as well, but I wanted everyone to have the option to see them before the generation starts because sometimes their looks can have an effect on who someone chooses. It usually IS always a surprise, but that’s only because I haven’t had to choose between heirs yet >_<
      I was going to show their teen versions in the heir poll regardless, but I just kind figured why not just age them up to YA anyways, but then I was like wait, should I? *has a poll to help me* LOL

  2. I agree with LateKnight, so difficult to choose! Honestly though, like she said, I’d be ok anyway you choose it. Or you could do a combo of the two…if you wanted. That way you still have the surprise reveal but everyone can see who they’re voting for. You know, if you wanted to keep it secret who wins the heir vote. That sounds kind of fun. :) but yeah, I’m good either way!

    • Well, I was going to show their teen versions in the heir poll regardless so readers could get at least some kind of an idea of what they might look like as YA, but then I was thinking “why not just show their YA versions?” But then that would take away the whole “face reveal” thing I do, so I was like “uhhhh now what do I do” hahaha hence, I needed help so I made this poll for readers to help me out a little XD

      Oh, and the results of the heir poll are going to be set to private, so no one will know who is winning the poll until I share the results. But, yeah, either way, there will be pictures of the boys, either as teens or as young adults, so readers get either a general idea or a concrete idea of what the boys will/do look like. Thanks for helping!

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