Generation 4, Chapter 17


I decided not to go with the plan my uncle had told me to go with in telling Isaiah that Jody had died during the birth of my son.. There had been fliers up around town with her picture on them stating she was missing, so I told Isaiah that after she gave birth to my son, she left him for me to take care of and skipped town. Before I had brought my son home, Detective Winchester paid Isaiah and I a visit to ask a few more questions, but we didn’t, and couldn’t, give her anything she needed as far as leads.. Isaiah had never even met Jody before, or even knew that she looked like, so he was no help to the detective, though since I had been involved with Jody, she asked me a few things that she didn’t bother asking Isaiah. But, I stuck with what I had originally told her, that Jody and I hadn’t seen one another in a while, and even after her brother had attacked Isaiah, I still hadn’t heard from her, nor did I take any measures as far as to contact her. I told the detective that perhaps the death of her brother hit her harder than any of us could imagine and she skipped town.. Thankfully, the detective had already thought that, too, before I had even mentioned it, and she never did find Jody, nor did she come back to ask Isaiah and I any more questions after that.. I still wonder to this day what Ezra and my Uncle Gareth did with her body..


It’s been two years since then.. Isaiah never questioned what I had told him, he just felt a little sorry for my son since he’d grow up without his mother. But, I told him we were all the parents he needed, and I think he was too distracted to care anymore about Jody since he knew I hated her, I knew he hated her, too, for knowing what she had done to me, but most importantly, I think he just really loved that we had a baby in our place now, since he was always a huge fan on having kids. Isaiah and I picked out a name for him together, August Bryce Dubois, and it was great seeing how quickly Isaiah warmed up to him when I brought him home.. It was rather instant, actually.. He even sometimes spent more time with August than I did, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to spend time with him, I just had less time to than Isaiah did with my new job.


Instead of going into my Residency like I had planned to my whole college career, I decided to go into something more personal and less invasive since I still couldn’t handle blood too well.. Just the thought of it after what I had done to Jody made it worse, if anything.. In the end, I had helped Isaiah to the best of my ability in him healing from his broken ribs and he seems to be even better than he was before he broke them.. Spiritual-wise more so than physically, I guess, with how supportive and patient I was through his recovery. I enjoyed helping him so much that when he suggested I go into Physical Therapy instead of becoming a doctor, I thought it was a really great idea. I loved helping people, and although I never became the doctor I had wanted to be, being a physical therapist was a much better outlet for me, and I enjoyed doing it immensely. 


“Oliver, you awake up there?” Isaiah called out from downstairs as I got dressed in our bedroom.


“Come down here, I wanna show you something!”

“All right, I’ll be right down!” I called back, “Are you ready to go already?” I questioned.

“Yeah, we’re just waiting on you!” He answered and I rolled my eyes with a smirk.

I spoke under my breath so he couldn’t hear me, “Well, if you had woken me up sooner, I wouldn’t be making us late,” I said with an accompanied soft chuckle. I had no idea where he was taking August and I today, I guess it was a surprise, but I was pretty excited for whatever it was. Isaiah said it was an all day event that he had planned and I really loved that he always tried to put so much effort in us spending time together despite our busy schedules. 


Just a few months ago, Isaiah and I finally got married. With all of the stress of my new job, especially with Isaiah thinking about expanding and trying to buy another bar somewhere else to open, as well as raising August on our tight schedules, we never really found time to plan a big wedding. It wouldn’t have been a big wedding anyways, even if we did find the time to plan one, but we didn’t bother finding a church, since neither one of us are very religious, and we chose to just do something small and simple in the end. We got married at the courthouse in town on a random Saturday afternoon and Isaiah closed down his bar so we could have a private reception. Camilla came home from France, my uncle and aunt came, as well as James and Kat, and a handful of James and I’s friends from school. No one from Isaiah’s family came, but then again, he was never close to his parents, especially after he had come out.. He only invited his waitresses, his manager Gavin, and a few regular bar-buddies that he had grown a decent friendship with over the few years he had been living here. For our honeymoon, we went to Japan for a week, something I had always wanted to do ever since I met Isaiah and we had a rather unforgettable time there together.. I always knew Isaiah could speak Japanese, but he never spoke it around me, and hearing it for myself in Tokyo and seeing how well he knew everywhere we went was still surprising and impressive.. Also, quite the turn on.. I hoped to go back with him some day again soon.


After I got ready and came downstairs, I saw Isaiah sitting at the computer with August and I took him from sitting on Isaiah’s lap, “There’s my big guy,” I said with a joyful smile and he seemed happy the moment I picked him up. I then looked over towards Isaiah, “You shouldn’t let him sit so close to the computer like that, he’ll need glasses by the time he’s three,” I worried.

“And what’s so bad about wearing glasses?” He asked with a smug grin on his lips and I smirked.

“Nothing, but you know what I meant,” I pointed out and he chuckled, leaning down to kiss him briefly.


“So, what did you want to show me before we go?” I asked after pulling away from our kiss and he sat up more excitedly.

“Oh, yeah! Here, look at her,” he pointed out, bringing up a profile on the computer and I looked at a rather attractive woman with dark blue eyes and black hair.

“What about her?” I asked and he sighed.

“Don’t play dumb, you know what this is for.”

“I don’t want to talk about it in front of Augie, he’ll think we’re replacing him or something,” I replied as I went to the couch and set down August, then walked around the living room, picking up his toys.


“Oliver, he has absolutely no clue what we’re talking about, not for at least another year or two. You said you were ready for us to have a child together but you turn down every surrogate that I show you.. This one seems perfect, though. She’s already had two kids so she knows what pregnancy is like, she’s open to any type of couple looking for a baby, she’s Spanish, so that even gives the kids a chance to learn a new language and that’s never a bad thing. She’s been a nanny since she was thirteen so she could probably even help us out if we’re ever in a tight situation and need someone to watch them.. She has a lot of experience with kids and this type of thing, not to mention she’s completely gorgeous, and how is that not a plus?” He argued a good point.

“I know I agreed to it, but I can’t just look at someone’s profile and say yes or no.. It’s not that easy,” I argued back.


“I’m glad you think that, because I set up a meet with her later today,” he replied and I stopped myself, turning around to look at him.

“You did what?” I asked in a slightly demanding manner and he stood from the computer chair to come over towards me.

“Oliver, I know you’re picky and I am, too, but you’re being a little too picky when it comes to this. I set up the meeting because it’s exactly like you said, we can’t say yes or no just by looking at a profile, but you’ve still been saying no a lot.. We have to meet them in person, right? So, what’s so bad about meeting this one? If you don’t like her, we can keep looking, but please, just meet at least one of them.. If you don’t, how are we ever going to make a decision?” He asked and I dropped my gaze for a moment. I knew he was right, but what I didn’t know was that after I had said yes to looking for a surrogate, I started to hate the idea of dealing with another woman pregnant with my baby.. But, it wasn’t only just mine now, it was both Isaiah’s and mine, which made me that much more nervous and hesitant, even a little protective in an odd way.


“Hey, look at me,” he instructed and my eyes met his, “I know what you went through, but this isn’t going to be like that. This woman wants to give a baby to a couple that wants it, she wants to help people just like you do with your job, it’s just in a different way and for different reasons. The moment she signs the paperwork and the moment she’s pregnant, that baby is ours and she can’t do anything about it. I’m not saying she will, but I’m saying you have nothing to worry about. Look at August, look at where he is now and look how happy he is. Don’t you want more of that? Don’t you want him to have siblings? Not everyone is going to be like Her, Oliver.. You’re not going to go the rest of your life not having another child because you don’t think you can trust another woman who’s carrying your baby, right? Our baby?” He asked and I shook my head.

“No, I won’t.. I’m sorry, it’s just.. It’s taking me longer than I expected to get used to the idea, that’s all.. I’m just really nervous about it,” I explained and he smiled softly.


“I know, but you’re never going to get over that fear if you don’t meet the woman that could be perfect for this.. For us.. Just meet this one and if you don’t like her, we’ll find someone else. It’s as simple as that,” he reassured me and I nodded in agreement.


“Thank you,” he continued, watching him lean in and he kissed me for a long moment before pulling away.


“Besides, she lives around the area I’m taking you two, today,” he continued after our kiss and I grew more suspicious, even though he had just calmed my mind a little.

“..What is that supposed to mean?” I asked and he smiled.

“Nothing, just-” He stopped for a moment, putting his hands to my arms and rubbing them comfortingly, “Just be open-minded today, okay? Promise me?” He asked and now I knew this wasn’t just a family outing, but he had something planned to show me and to convince me on.

“I hate surprises.. I thought today was going to be a family day or something, but now I know you probably want to talk me into something that you know I’ll say no to,” I replied and I could tell from his expression that he didn’t mean for me to figure it out right away.


“Did I mention how much I love you? And how much I love your new haircut and how sexy you look? And how perfect you are?” He tried to butter me up and although I felt my cheeks getting a little warm from his flattery, I still held my reluctant expression, “Please, Oliver?” He questioned and I sighed heavily, now not excited at all about today like I had been so much before, but I still tried to be open-minded, like he had asked.

“Fine..” I reluctantly agreed and he only smiled more, kissing me briefly with excitement, then going to August sitting on the couch and picking him up, ready to leave and I followed Isaiah out of the condo.


We no longer took cabs everywhere and we finally bought a car together, mostly out of convenience. Ever since I took up my physical therapy, I’ve been needing to do a lot of driving, seeing as I sometimes had many appointments within one day, one appointment having the potential of being across town from the next, and a car for me just made more sense rather than spending all of our money on cab fair. I usually would have an appointment in the early morning, get back to the condo to spend some time with August and Isaiah before Isaiah went to work at three, where I would then drop him off, then drop off August at a small day-care, go to another appointment until around six at night, pick up August afterwards, take him to the old townhouse for Kat and James to spend time with him, go to another appointment around seven until nine or ten, then pick up August, then Isaiah, and come home.. I was so busy those days, which were almost every weekend and sometimes weekends, if need be, and we really just needed a car for me to get around.


Isaiah drove the entire way to wherever the hell we were going, which I had noticed from our trip from home, southern Oregon, led into the northern part of California and we followed the coast the entire way, palm trees lining the roads as well as the glorious, blue, clear Pacific ocean to our right.

“Isaiah.. Where are we going?” I eventually asked, still suspicious of him.

“Just wait, we’re almost there,” he replied, looking over to me with a smile that I knew told me he was excited for whatever he had planned, and although I wanted to ask more questions, I knew they’d be as vague as the answer he had just given me.


After another half an hour of driving, Isaiah eventually pulled into a driveway of a rather stunning home. I assumed, as well as hoped, we were going to a nice park for August to play at, or some sort of beach or somewhere for a nice, relaxing lunch, but I was wrong.. I got out of the car and I took August out from the backseat, holding him as I looked at a rather refined neighborhood and when Isaiah had gotten out of the car, as well, I looked to him with a rather confused expression..


“What are we doing? Who lives here?” I asked.

“No one, but we could,” he implied, pointing towards the ‘for sale’ sign in the front lawn that I hadn’t noticed and I then looked at him as if to ask, ‘are you serious’? But Isaiah didn’t like my expression, Don’t give me that look, you promised to be open-minded, remember?” He teased with a grin and I was still reluctant.. What the hell was this? A new house? Why? I liked where we lived, I liked where things were in our relationship and our little family we had, so why did we need a new place to live?


I walked to the front of the car and looked at the house with scrutiny, which Isaiah seemed to notice, “Don’t look at it like that.. You know I’ve been wanting to expand a little and my kind of bar in this area is a really perfect location,” he expressed and I held August close to my shoulder as he grew tired and comfortable in my arms.

“Isaiah.. I don’t want two homes, I thought we were done with traveling without one another and being apart for long periods of time.. It’s not good for us or for August,” I replied.


“We won’t be apart. Even though my first bar is back in Oregon, the new one here can become my main concern. Gavin has really proved himself, especially after he took over handling the bar while I recovered from my injury and I want to promote him to taking care of that bar while I take care of the one I want here.. It only took us a little over an hour to get here, so even if I had to go to the one up north, even for a little bit, I can be back in an hour if you ever need me for anything. You know I want to expand, so why not in Cali? Right on the coast, at that?” He tried to convince, “This place is big, it has four bedrooms, three baths.. And, it has a pool,” he said with a rather sensual, coaxing tone, knowing that I loved swimming and I started to like the idea a little more, but I still wasn’t convinced.. Why so many rooms?

“How many kids do you want, Isaiah?” I asked with a rather baffled tone, but before he could answer me, a car pulled into the driveway behind us and soon a woman approached us.


“Gentleman! So glad to meet you!” She exclaimed, “You must be Isaiah,” she went to him first and I knew then that he had spoken to her before, at least more than once, to get this kind of showing for a house of this magnitude, “And you must be Oliver, so nice to meet you,” she said next and I finally brought my worried eyes away from Isaiah to look at her and shake her hand, “Well, now that we’re here, let me convince you to buy this house,” she said with humor, an uppity attitude that I didn’t much care for given the mood I was already in, but when I looked back to Isaiah, he seemed extremely happy and I followed a few feet behind them as we all walked towards the house.


Isaiah took August from me when we had entered the house, assuming he wanted me to connect with it all on my own with no distractions and we first saw the kitchen straight ahead of us when we walked in. I didn’t much care for it at all, but I guess it was something we could change if we were to move in.. The dining room was to the right of us as well as a small hallway, then we went down the hallway to the large master bedroom on the first floor with an incredible bathroom. 


After seeing the first floor and me constantly trailing behind Isaiah, August and the Realtor a good few feet, I saw the other three rooms upstairs that were very spacious, something that I liked.. I really loved large, separate rooms, seeing as Camilla and I shared a room ever since she was born.. When my Aunt Nina had taken Kat into her custody and I only saw her on the weekends growing up, I had taken my Dad’s old room upstairs at the dock house where there was no door, just a staircase and an open room, and I hated being woken up late at night by hearing my uncle bring home random girls, usually completely drunk.. I could even sometimes hear what they were doing in his room and with me being a light sleeper, it was always difficult to get a good nights sleep.. I liked my privacy, but never got the chance at having any, so I thought it might be okay for August, as well, and if Isaiah and I ever decided on a surrogate we liked enough to have more kids, they’d really love their own space.. The feel of the entire house, too, was so welcoming and warm, so ‘beach’ like.. It really made me like it, even though I never gave it away in my demeanor in every room we visited when Isaiah would look at me and try to decipher for himself if I was liking what I was seeing.


However, when the Realtor finally took us to the backyard, I fell in love with the pool, as well as the ability to get to the beach easily with an open fence.. There was also a guest house to the right of the lot that would work perfectly for August when he would get older, obviously needing space as he grew from his other siblings, if Isaiah and I were to have any more kids.. But, then again, I don’t know why I questioned so much that Isaiah and I would have more children.. I knew he wanted his own child with me, I knew he wanted a big family, so this big of a house seemed rather perfect, but again, how many kids did he really want to the point where we needed a four bedroom house, plus a guest house? It just seemed like so much room.. Too much room.


The Realtor finished her showing and she left Isaiah and I alone for a while, letting us decide on the house and talk about it together, “So, what do you think?” Isaiah asked with a large smile on his lips as I held a rather blank look on my face.

“I.. I don’t know.. It seems really big, doesn’t it?” I asked, looking over at Isaiah, “How much is it?” I wondered, watching him set down August in the soft grass to play with one of his toys and he then walked back over towards me.

“Don’t focus on the price, just focus on the space and the convenience.. Only a few blocks further down the coast is a perfect location for my new bar, there’s more of a populous in California for you as far as your physical therapy, it’s only a little over an hour away from my original bar and our condo, which we could either keep or sell.. If we keep it and if worse comes to worse and I need to stay for a few days, I can stay at the condo. I know you’re worried about money and distance and everything in between, but it just seems like a perfect fit to me.. Plus, the surrogate I told you about earlier lives no more than fifteen minutes from here,” he replied.


“And what makes you so sold on the surrogate?” I challenged.

“I don’t know, she just sells me, I can’t describe it. Oliver, you’ve said ‘no’ to so many that I’ve showed you, but I think that during that time, too, you’ve showed me what you like and don’t like, and I’ve found a woman that seems the most acceptable to you, plus with her background and everything, it just seems like a good fit. I just think you’ll like her out of everyone that I’ve showed you, since she’s the first one I’ve showed you that you haven’t said no to immediately.. You seem to like very gorgeous, dark haired women with green or blue eyes, and with a little color to their skin.. I don’t know.. It’s just based on everything you’ve said no to, she seems like the one you’d say yes to,” he answered and I hadn’t realized I had been giving him clues to what I had liked the most in a woman when it came to looks.. I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea about any of this..


“I’m sorry..”

“For what..?”

“I mean.. I don’t want you to think I need to be attracted to them in order to decide on a surrogate,” I replied and I could tell from his face that he never even thought that, which made me feel pretty stupid.


“Oliver, that’s not it.. I’m just thinking it’s what you want when it comes to our children. I’m not jealous, if that’s what you’re thinking, and I’m not worried that you’ll like her more than me. I know you love me,” he answered as he wrapped his arms around me.

“..Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.. Know how? Because I’m the only one that can work you the way you like it,” he implied and my face flushed red.

“Shut up..” I said with a smirk and I heard him chuckle.


“Don’t worry about that right now, because I’m sure as hell not.. Just worry about the family we want to start. I look at it more as you wanting our children to be fucking gorgeous, because this surrogate is, not to mention so are you,” he implied again and I smirked as he held me, “Just think about what we’re going to do here.. When we’re home, we can play in the pool or take them to the beach, the neighborhood is really nice and safe and there’s parks everywhere, the school is amazing and we can go to the city as much as we want since it’s not too far from here.. Just thinking about it makes me so, so happy. I want so many kids with you that we’re up to our necks in them,” he continued and I laughed softly again, “Come on.. We can’t live in that tiny condo forever, especially if we want more than one child.. A four bedroom house is perfect, plus a guest house, huh? Not to mention a pool?” He implied slightly, holding me tighter and I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, “We can make so many memories in the pool,” he expressed flirtatiously and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end from his words.


I turned around in his arms, facing him and he still held a smile that I loved, “I’ll try to get used to it, to a big family, but I’m still not sold on the surrogate until we meet her.. Which, actually, brings me back to the question I asked before.. How many kids do you want, exactly?” I asked and I watched as he thought for a moment, still a big smile on his face.

“I don’t know.. Five?” He answered and my expression went blank.

Including August, or not..?”

“..Not..?” He more so asked, testing the water with me, but I knew that’s exactly what he wanted.

“Jesus, Isaiah..”

“Don’t do that! Don’t hate the idea now that I told you a number!” He asked desperately with a laugh and I smirked.

“That’s just.. A lot. I don’t know any other way to say it..”


“How about.. Comfortingly plentiful? Or-”

“Restlessly abundant?” I added and he sighed softly.

“You said you’d be open-minded today,” he reminded and I lost my smirk, feeling a little bad about how I was acting so negatively towards everything, “Just think about it, okay?” He asked and I eventually nodded in agreement, “I love you, Oliver. I love August, this house, this neighborhood, this life.. I don’t want to waste anymore time getting what we want and getting to where we want to be together. Everything that you’re worried about, we can get through it. Do you believe me?” He asked and my smirk returned to my lips.

“I believe you,” I replied and the expression he held was so calmed and adoring, I couldn’t help but lean in and kiss him.


Isaiah was so confident and adamant about all of this.. He had such a big heart and so much love to give, just not enough outlets, and I admit that I wanted to give that to him.. He deserved it, he deserved everything that he wanted and if I trust his logic and his judgement, which I highly did, I knew everything would work out and we could get passed any obstacle in our way. I loved the house, it turned from being a rather big shock to a pleasant surprise in the end.. Now, all I had to get through was meeting the surrogate.


After seeing the house, Isaiah, August and I got back into the car and it was off to a cafe to meet the surrogate, “Are you nervous?” Isaiah wondered as he drove.

“A little..”

“Well, don’t be. Just think of it as we’re the ones interviewing her, not the other way around. Ask as many questions as you’d like, even personal ones.. I’m sure she’d understand and want to provide us with answers,” he replied, “If there’s a single thing that you don’t like, then we can just move on to the next surrogate, it’s not a big deal.”

“I don’t even know what to ask her.. Maybe I’ll just let you do all the talking, you do this stuff all the time with new servers at your bar.. I don’t even know where to start..”

“Well, you’re self-employed, too, Oliver.. What do your patients ask you before deciding on whether or not they want you to do their physical therapy?”

“Nothing, really.. I ask them for their medical information so I can understand what they had surgery on or what they want to achieve as far as their mobility. I then try to cater to their needs to the best of my ability and if they like what I do and if it shows progress, then we stick with making more appointments. It mostly goes off first impressions and a follow-up meeting, then we start the therapy..”

“They don’t just hire you right off the bat with how sexy you are?” He joked rhetorically and I felt my cheeks blush, Isaiah then laughing softly, “It’s the exact same thing in this case, though. You can ask her about her medical history, how sexually active she is, how many partners she’s had-”

“No way, that’s too personal..”

“Not at all! We want to know that. We don’t want her to be getting plowed every weekend by a different person if she’s carrying our baby, or even before she does.. She needs to be clean, too, Oliver.”

“You don’t need to say it so grotesquely.. And I know, but.. I’ll just leave those questions to you..” I answered and I heard him chuckle.

“You’re too cute when you’re shy and embarrassed,” he replied and I rolled my eyes.

“Just drive..”


We arrived at the cafe, about ten minutes from the house for sale, and we waited at our table outside for the surrogate to show up, bouncing August on my knee, “What’s her name?” I asked.

“Cybal Flores,” he replied, “Pretty name, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess,” I answered simply.

“Hmm.. I told her to meet us around two, she’s a little late,” he said with worry.

“She’s already losing points,” I teased and he glared at me and how my optimism was wearing out, “What? Being on time to a meeting as important as this, I think, is pretty substantial..”

“She has two kids, Oliver, there’s plenty of reasons for her to be late,” he advised and I chose to not answer him, taking that time to look away and pay attention to August again.


After about ten more minutes of waiting, I heard the sound of heals clacking on the sidewalk quickly and it sounded like they were headed in our direction, looking up from August and I saw the woman that Isaiah had showed me a picture of earlier approaching us, “Oh, dios mío! Perdóname! I’m so late!” She exclaimed with a wildly Spanish accent, walking straight up to Isaiah who stood immediately from his chair to greet her.

“Don’t worry about it, we weren’t here long. It’s great to finally meet you. I’m Isaiah, and this is my husband, Oliver, and our son, August,” he replied, introducing the two of us, as well, but I didn’t bother to stand and greet her like Isaiah had done.

“Nice to meet you,” I added as we shook hands over the table.


“And you, too!” She replied as she set down her bag, then looked to August and her eyes lit up, “Guau! Look at this little one! He is so beautiful,” she exclaimed towards him and stepped over towards us, bending down and shaking his tiny hand, “Encantada de conocert, August,” she spoke and I hated to admit that her accent, as well as her language, was quite the turn on.. Her picture didn’t do her beauty justice, either.. Seeing her in person, she really was quite beautiful and I started to feel my cheeks get a little warm from her being so close, especially when her sapphire eyes came up to meet mine.

“Why don’t you, uhm.. Take a seat and we can get started,” I offered and she smiled and nodded in agreement, standing from her bent down position and taking a seat across the table from Isaiah and I.


“Finally, we meet,” Isaiah began and it led me to believe that they had talked already, perhaps even a few times before they set up the meeting.

“Sí, finally,” she agreed with a warm smile.

“Well, we can start by you telling us a bit about yourself?” Isaiah offered and she obliged.

“I was born in España, I lived there until I was about seventeen, then I came here with my mother and father and I love the States. I’m twenty five, I had my first child at twenty and my second at twenty two, so they’re still young. August is about two years old, sí?” She asked and I was a little impressed by her guess.

“Yeah, he is.. Good eye,” Isaiah answered, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you married or have a boyfriend?”


“No, neither.. After I had my children with my ex-boyfriend, he grew very physical with me, as well as with them, too. He had a bit of a drinking problem, so I left him and got full custody of my children. The whole situation left me and my children pretty exhausted, so I don’t believe I’ll go looking for love anytime soon,” she said with a weak smile.

I frowned from her story, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I expressed in sorrow for her.

“Yeah, that’s awful,” Isaiah added.

“It’s okay.. I have my children and my life, so I am a lucky woman,” she replied and I smirked to her response, looking over to Isaiah and I knew just from his excited expression that he already loved her to death.


“If this is too strong of a question, then perdóname, but is August from a surrogate, as well?” She asked and I lost the smirk I had just gained.

“Oh, uh.. No,” Isaiah took initiative in replying, knowing I’d be uncomfortable answering, “Oliver had August with a woman be knew, but she left him in Oliver’s care. Their relationship was, uhm..” He tried his hardest to tread lightly on the subject, “Unrequited..? And I don’t dare use the ‘a’ word in my explanation because of how much of a gift August is now, but.. That’s where he came from,” he explained, not wanting to use ‘accident’ in front of August, even if he wouldn’t understand, but I thought he had handled that better than I thought I could.

“Lo siento, I didn’t mean to ask something that brought up bad memories, I was only curious,” she apologized with obvious concern and I smirked, nodding softly to her apology and forgiving her, “He does have those beautiful blue eyes of yours, though,” she complimented and I smiled as I looked to August on my lap, mostly trying to hide the flattery that was written all over my face, as well as adoring Augie’s glorious blue eyes, myself.. Jody had extremely blue eyes, almost oceanic, in a way, almost the same color as mine, but I believed mine were much more bluer, and I felt that August had gotten my eyes instead of hers.. The fact that Cybal realized that made me like her more, in a way..


“Lo siento, again, but.. You two are.. Well.. Sorry if this is straight forward, but, you two are so, so guapo,” she expressed and I knew it had to have meant something nice, looking to Isaiah with a smile on his lips and he noticed how I didn’t know what she meant.

“Handsome,” he translated for me and I felt my cheeks warm in flattery once more with a smirk on my lips.

We all could make some very beautiful children, and you both seem like such nice, caring people, I would very much love to provide you both with what you are looking for,” she continued.

“Well, I don’t want to speak for the both of us right now, since Oliver is a little more difficult to convince, but.. I, myself, couldn’t agree more,” Isaiah said with a noble smile.

“Oh! Actually, I know you requested my medical forms and here they are.. They almost slipped my mind,” she provided, pulling a thin binder out from her purse, “I’m clean, have no STD’s, I’m healthy, my cervix and my womb are actually really healthy, too,” she expressed with a slightly embarrassed giggle, as if she was bragging, in a way, though she was still completely open enough to be honest with us.. I really enjoyed her personality, “Sorry, I’m just proud of my capability.. I’m very ready to give you both children,” she continued confidently.


Isaiah only took a moment to look over the paperwork, but he handed them to me soon after scanning over them, knowing I’d be able to read them a little better given my background and I looked at it a little more closely than he did. I took all the time I needed, making complete sure that she really was a healthy woman and making sure not to look over anything that may stick out or be important. The table was silent as I looked over her history and Isaiah broke the ice, probably noticing that my seriousness when it came to her medical chart was making Cybal nervous..

“Oliver was studying to be a doctor in college, but he chose to go into Physical Therapy, instead.. I don’t really know how to read those charts and such, so he’s the one I trust to let me know if you’re as healthy as you say you are.. Don’t be nervous, he’s just being thorough,” he comforted and she chuckled softly.

“Gracias.. It actually was making me a little nervous,” she replied and I looked up from the chart, seeing her expression a little anxious, but I smiled.

“She’s good, very healthy,” I confirmed and they both seemed pleased by my verdict.


“So, you really do think you can provide us with children?” I asked rather blatantly.

“Sí, I can give you and Isaiah a child, I would love nothing more,” she confirmed.


“But, can you truly give what Isaiah and I want? We have a big family in mind and I don’t want to keep looking for a new surrogate every time we want a child, so I guess what I’m asking is, if we want more than one baby, more than three, even, would you be open into sticking with us?” I asked and I could tell by the look on Isaiah’s face that he liked my question, as well as my contribution to the conversation since I hadn’t been talking all that much.


“Ambos son lo más importante.. ‘You both are what’s most important’,” she translated, “Isaiah has already told me that you two plan on having a large family and I know how stressful it can be to look for a surrogate, but if you like me after this and we have good chemistry, which I believe we already have, I would love to provide you two with what you want. I’m in it for the long run, so it doesn’t matter how many kids you want, as long as I can provide it for you two, I am happy,” she explained and I loved her answer. She seemed very genuine and although I’ve been fooled before by a pretty face and nice words, I felt that she was different and I felt that I could trust her.


“Well, do you have any questions for us?” Isaiah wondered.

“Yes, uhm.. Where do you live now?”

“We live about an hour away up in southern Oregon, but we looked at a house today about ten minutes from here and are thinking about moving,” Isaiah replied, looking to me with a smile and I smirked in return, “So, we’ll be close by very soon.”


“Maravilloso! It is very important to me that you are close by.. Should anything happen to me or the baby, it is good to know that you can be there quickly should I ever need either of you,” she answered, “I was also wondering how much you two were willing to go as far as all of the medical bills, I am able to pay some, but-”

“No, you’re not going to spend a dime. We’ll pay for everything,” Isaiah insisted, “It’s our baby and we’re going to get the best treatment possible to ensure that the baby and you do well through it all.. It’s the least we could do for you since you’re so willing to help us start a family,” he continued and she smiled.


“Gracias, that’s very generous and thoughtful of you,” she replied, picking up her bag on her arm, “If there are no more questions, then I’m sorry to rush off like this, but I need to go pick up my children from their abuelos,” she began, standing from her seat.

“Oh, of course, don’t let us keep you,” Isaiah answered, standing from his chair and I followed his lead in standing, as well, picking up August into my arms, “It was so nice to finally meet you, we’ll definitely be in touch,” he continued and I nodded in agreement.

“Bueno, I look forward to all of this, and thank you for meeting with me,” she expressed.

“Likewise,” Isaiah answered and we watched as she walked off quickly to go pick up her kids.


“Sooo?” He asked my opinion, “What’d you think?”

“I, uh.. I thought she was really nice and I liked her personality, she seemed very genuine.. I like that she’s willing to stick with us, too, if we want more than one kid.. That’s a pretty big deal,” I replied.

“I agree. What else did you like?” He asked, almost trying to imply something.

“Uhm.. I don’t know, her accent was kinda neat, I like the idea more now of our kids being able to possibly pick up another language, if we choose to keep her around them. She was very healthy, too, which is obviously a plus,” I continued.

“Is that it?”


“What else do you want?”

“Well, maybe the fact that she’s drop-dead gorgeous?” He expressed.

“Well, yeah.. That too,” I admitted.

“I think we got really lucky with her. It’s okay to call her pretty, Oliver, I won’t get jealous,” he replied and I smirked.

“I kind of like when you get a little jealous,” I teased and he grinned, joining me as I walked back to the car with August.


After leaving the cafe, Isaiah drove me around the area for a little while, showing me things around the neighborhood for us to do as a family, as well as plenty of places for Isaiah and I to go if we ever needed a date night or some time alone and I liked everything that he had showed me, but I still wasn’t a hundred percent convinced.. It would take me a couple days to decide on everything and fully commit to all of this, unless Isaiah would use his gift of persuasion and I didn’t doubt he’d be able to convince me tonight, if he wanted to. 


We went home to eat dinner, putting August down for a nap on the couch as Isaiah and I ate together and talked more about Cybal and how much we enjoyed her. After our dinner and cleaning up, however, Isaiah seemed to be a little.. Different. It seemed like the more we talked good about Cybal, which is something I thought he’d like to hear coming from me since I’ve been difficult in choosing a surrogate, the more he seemed to give me fake smiles and empty words. What changed, all of a sudden?

“You okay?” I asked, watching him wash the dishes and he looked at me with a smile and a nod, but I didn’t believe him, “What’s wrong..?”

“Nothing, I’m fine,” he answered simply.

“I know when you’re lying to me,” I stated with a smirk and I watched him finishing the dishes and turning the water off.

“Oh you do, do you? I didn’t know you were a physical therapist by day, polygraph machine by night,” he joked as he dried his hands.


“You got quieter as dinner went on, not to mention you’ve had this gloomy look on your face the entire time you cleaned the dishes,” I pointed out.

“It’s really nothing, Oliver, it’s just-” He began, but stopped, “It’s nothing.. Do you want any dessert? I think there’s still some pie in the fridge,” he tried to change the subject, but I stopped him from opening it by standing in front of it.

“Please, tell me what it is..”

“I’m just being stupid, don’t worry about it..” He tried to reassure me, but it didn’t work.

“I’m not going to ask again,” I spoke sternly, knowing just from the look in his eyes that he knew there was no use trying to hide it anymore.


“Can I ask you something?” He wondered and I nodded, “How attracted to Jody were you? What made you like her at first?” He asked and that was the last question I ever thought would come from his mouth.

“Uhm.. I-I don’t know.. She was just.. A short, blonde haired, blue-eyed girl, like how most of the girls around here look. She was just cute and I liked her, but her showing me her true colors is what made her hideous.. It might be one of the reasons, too, why I’m okay with moving.. Every girl here looks like her and I’m reminded of her a lot,” I replied and he nodded.

“What about Cybal?”

“What about her..?”


“You think she’s attractive, right?” He asked and I grew confused.

“You said so many times earlier that you weren’t thinking things like this.. Why do you keep asking that? ..Are you really that jealous or something?”

“No.. Well, I don’t know.. You seemed to be getting really flustered around her, that’s all..”

“Sorry, I just kind of get a little nervous around pretty girls, even you still make me nervous, too, though.. Don’t look into it that hard,” I tried to ease his worry.

“See? It’s stupid, I’m being stupid.. It’s nothing, so let’s just drop it,” he answered and I could tell that he was worried about something, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was, or why he was even jealous.


“Isaiah, what’s really on your mind?” I asked, noticing him shut down a little and I grew worried, this wasn’t like him at all.

I watched as he stepped over towards the counter, leaning back against it, “Well, don’t you miss it?”

“Miss what..?”

“I don’t know.. I guess, being inside someone?” He continued and I felt my cheeks get warm.


“To be honest, I don’t really think about it..”



“Not even with me?” He implied and my cheeks grew warmer.

“I-I mean.. It’s not like I’ve never thought about it, it’s just.. Not really that important to me-”

“I’d let you, if you wanted to,” he blurt out and I cleared my throat a little roughly.. I wasn’t expecting this kind of conversation.


“It.. It’s not about that.. This is really what’s bothering you? Because if you’re worried about that, then that is really stupid and you should just stop,” I advised and Isaiah sighed softly.

“So, you’d tell me if you ever wanted to, right?”

“Of course.. Listen.. I look at an attractive woman like I look at a painting, I feel what I feel, but I don’t look at them and immediately think, ‘man, I want to fuck her’.. I only think that when I look at you.”

“I’m not a her..” He said with a sour face.


“You know what I mean, so stop deliberately trying to make this a fight,” I replied with a little warning, “And what about you? Just ’cause I happen to like both doesn’t mean I want both, I want you.. Don’t you think I get a little uneasy like you do when I see attractive guys pass you by and think that you might want to do the same thing to them that you do to me? It’s human nature, it’s jealously, a self-conscious fear, but it doesn’t make it true just because we think it..” I continued and he gave me a concerned expression, reaching forward to grab my hand.


“I never think that, I only want you.”

“And it’s the same for me, so why is this bothering you?” I asked with frustration.

“Because.. I only like men, but you like both.. It’s like having twice the competition, therefore twice the worry,” he continued and I thought he was acting ridiculous.

“Why the hell are you worried? I married you, you don’t have to compete with anyone because I’m already yours.. If I ever wanted to do, well.. That.. Then I’d want to with you, no one else, and with no one else but you in mind, understand?” I stressed and I watched him smirk.


“Let’s do it now, then,” he implied and I felt my face grow hot immediately.

“W-What? Why? No.. August is in the other room and I’m not in the mood,” I replied bashfully.

“Since when are you not in the mood? And we can wait until later, after we put him down in his crib. Let’s just do it-”

“No, I don’t want to,” I replied, pulling away from him and going to leave the kitchen, but he stopped me by grabbing my wrist.

“Oliver, wait! Why? Why can’t you do that with me?”


“Because!” I replied harshly, pulling my wrist from his grip and facing him, “You’re just being insecure and I feel like this is just your way of telling me that if there’s ever a girl I want to have sex with, I can just do it with you while I think of her or something, but I don’t want to think of anyone else when I’m doing that with you, so it’s just not important to me.. I’m not going to use you as my own person fuck-doll or something while I think about someone else! Just stop thinking about it and get over the fact that I could care less.. Seeing you like this is really a turn-off because you’re so worried of me thinking of women instead of you when it’s not even like that at all, and it never has been!”


“Yeah, Cybal is gorgeous, that’s what this is all about, right? You’re jealous? You want to make me happy? But I don’t want to have sex her, and I don’t want to fuck you just because you think I’m deprived of being with a woman, but I’m not.. I don’t give a shit about that.. I obviously like what we do together in bed and I’m perfectly fine with sticking with it, you’re the only person I ever want to do that with, you’re the one that got me to like what we do so much in the first place, anyways, so why does it have to change now?” I asked, seeing Isaiah’s expression full of guilt and hearing August beginning to make a fuss for attention in the living room, most likely waking up from me raising my voice, “You’re being completely ridiculous.. Just drop it, all right?” I finished, leaving the kitchen angry and going to get August.


I picked up August from the couch, holding him close and calming him as I brought him upstairs to his bedroom. After changing him into his pajamas, I thought playing something with him would help me relax a little, “Wanna play something? Hmm? How about we play with your blocks, would you like that?” I asked, bringing him over towards them and setting him down, then sitting across from him on the other side, “Which one goes into here?” I asked, pointing to the square hole and waiting for him to pick the right block, watching him pick up a triangle and hitting it against the wood.


No, no, no, try this one,” I corrected, pointing to the square and he picked that one up instead, putting it to the hole and it fell in with ease, “Good job, Augie!” I expressed happily and he giggled with joy, clapping his tiny hands. August always cheered me up, even if I was still thinking about what Isaiah had said and dwelling on it, spending time with August helped me calm down a lot so whenever I’d eventually face Isaiah again, I’d be able to with a calmed demeanor. 


Eventually, after a while of spending time with August and Isaiah never coming upstairs to spend time with us, it reached his bedtime and I noticed his eyelids getting heavier, picking him up within my arms and I bounced and rocked him gently so he would fall asleep easier. As I stood there, staring at him for a long moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to have all that I did, and especially knowing I was going to have so much more in the near future. Just the idea of having more children was beginning to sound more and more temping and I daydreamed a little about the house Isaiah had showed me today.


After putting August down in his crib and shutting off the lights in his room, making sure to leave on a nightlight, I walked down the hallway and noticed that it was dark downstairs, knowing then that Isaiah was in our room and most likely either in bed or on the patio and I was a little nervous to face him after what we had discussed.. I knew he had felt bad from how he had acted earlier and even I felt bad for what I had said to him, but it was the truth and I really wished he wouldn’t be so worried about my preference in genders.. I never thought it was an issue until now, especially after hearing him tell me all day today that he wasn’t jealous, but in the end, that’s exactly what he was.. Worried, and jealous.


When I entered the room, I noticed that Isaiah wasn’t in bed, nor was he in the bathroom, but when I noticed his wedding ring sitting on the dresser in the spot we always left them in so we wouldn’t lose them while we slept, I knew he was up here and he hadn’t left the condo. When I looked towards the patio, the door was open a little and although I couldn’t see out onto the dark patio, I knew he was out there. I contemplated going to bed and leaving him alone, feeling that he needed to apologize to me instead of the other way around, but I hated going to bed feeling like this, like we weren’t okay.. So, after changing out of my clothes into something to sleep in and after removing my wedding ring, too, to place next to his for safe keeping, I made my way towards the patio and stepped outside.


Isaiah’s POV



Man, did I feel like such an asshole as I watched Oliver leave the kitchen, wanting to stop him and talk to him more, but I knew he needed to tend to August and by his tone of voice, I knew he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. I knew I’d only make him more angry, too, so I didn’t stop him. I made a complete fool of myself.. He probably thinks I’m such an idiot, and he’s not wrong, either. I didn’t understand his logic, really, or even really knew what he liked at all. I knew he liked women, I knew he liked me, but did he like only me, or men in general, as well? I had never asked him so specifically before.


After I had watched him leave the kitchen, the frog in my throat, as well as my shame, keeping me from stopping him, I peaked out into the living room and watched him leave to go upstairs with August. After I had then heard August’s bedroom door close, I went to the wine rack, removing a glass as well as my favorite bottle of wine and I poured myself a drink, knowing that whenever these little arguments of ours started, they’d last about an hour or two until we’d talk things out, so I took that time to enjoy, or try to enjoy, a glass of wine in hoping it would make me feel a little better while I gave Oliver the ‘alone’ time I knew he needed. I didn’t do much at all for a long while, mostly just standing by myself in the kitchen, listening to the television in the other room that was still on the kids channel as I sipped my wine and I kept repeating over and over in my head how stupid I was being.. How paranoid and diffident I was being.. He doesn’t hate me for this, does he?


When about an hour had passed of me dwelling on what Oliver and I had argued about, I finished my small glass of wine, washing out the glass I had used and putting the bottle back into the rack, then shutting off all the lights and went upstairs. I walked down the hallway towards August’s room, putting my ear against the door and I could hear Oliver reading to our little man, knowing he was trying to get him ready for bed, or at least tire him out, and instead of coming inside to wish August goodnight, I left them alone, walking to our bedroom to get ready for bed. 


I first took off my wedding ring, setting it safely on the dresser and I changed into comfortable sweatpants, removing my jacket and button up shirt, as well, to get ready for bed, but I still wasn’t tired yet.. How could I sleep after what happened? I stepped out onto the back porch, leaving the door open a little and I stepped up to the ledge, looking down at the empty courtyard below me and I sighed heavily, hating that this entire time Oliver and I had been in a bad position and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until we fixed this. I knew I needed to apologize, I knew I needed to admit defeat because I was in the wrong, I knew I was, but I still didn’t really understand why. I felt that when I had offered for him to have sex with me in a fashion that he had never partaken in before brought up something in him that made him more uncomfortable.. Maybe it was because I pushed it on him, maybe it was because he was just nervous, but maybe it was because I really was jealous and he didn’t like how desperate I was being. I had never been with a woman before and I never really wanted to be, but I hated knowing that he liked women still when I was a man. I hated knowing I didn’t have something that he liked, so I thought the least I could do was give him that chance to feel what I knew he liked with whatever I had, so I offered being the bottom for once. Sadly, he didn’t take it well at all, which only confused me more.


I eventually made my way over towards the hanging chairs and I sat there for about another half hour before I had heard any sign of life from Oliver. From the patio door being open, I heard him come into our bedroom and I peaked over my shoulder through the window to see him looking for something, most likely for me, which made me feel only a tiny bit better, but I couldn’t help but think, too, that he was just looking for me so he could figure out how to avoid me. I watched through the window as he changed out of his clothes into more comfortable ones, but I felt a little like a pervert as I watched him without him knowing, even though he was my husband.. I guess I more so felt like I didn’t deserve to look at him, that I didn’t deserve someone so perfect, especially after how I had treated him.. I was so disappointed in myself, he didn’t deserve any of this, and I didn’t deserve him


When he had looked over towards the windows and the patio, I quickly looked away from him so he didn’t know I had been watching him, a few seconds later hearing him open the patio door and I raised my gaze from the floor up towards him, but then straight back down to the ground immediately in shame. I wasn’t ready to face him yet, I still hated myself and how I had handled things earlier, so I was ultimately just completely embarrassed by how I had acted and I didn’t even know where to start by apologizing.


I watched him from the corner of my eye, seeing him step up to the ledge and knowing he had his back to me, I looked up more, my eyes traveling up and down him, trying to decipher from his body language if he was still angry, as well as just admiring him in general. I had noticed he had lost quite a bit of weight, or at least some of his muscle definition, since he hadn’t kept up with his swimming during the past year or so and he looked so much smaller than I was used to.. I hadn’t really noticed all that much until now.. His frame still had some muscle to it, but he was so much skinnier than I remembered, his body curved in ways I had never seen before and I wondered briefly if this is what it might feel like to look at a woman’s delicate frame and admire it, to lust after it, but in the end, it still didn’t make a difference.. He was still a man and I still loved his broad, masculine body. I loved the curves of his shoulder blades, the small dimples on either side of his spine near his tailbone, his slender neck, his-


“I think August would’ve liked to have had his father tell him goodnight before he went to bed,” he pointed out, blindsiding me from my thoughts.

“He did,” I replied, but after I had answered, I knew that was a stupid thing to say.

“Hmph..” Is all he responded with and I was already off to a bad start.

“I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to come into his room and possibly wake him up more when you were trying to get him to sleep,” I corrected myself and Oliver didn’t respond, “Is he asleep now?”

“Yup..” He answered blandly.

“Did he give you any trouble?”

“Nope..” He answered again just as blandly, knowing he was keeping his answers short and I knew then that he was still angry with me. I knew, too, that I needed to apologize as soon as possible, or else these bland words from the love of my life would eventually kill me inside.


Just from his tone, I knew he was pissed, but I had never seen him like this before.. So serious.. When he looked over his shoulder towards me after a long moment of silence, his brow was furrowed and just his eyes alone, even in this dim lighting, they told me that he was displeased, but more importantly, he looked disappointed.. I couldn’t stand the thought of him being disappointed in me.

“I’m.. I’m sorry, Oliver,” I spoke quietly and I knew I reeked of defeat, the air hanging thick around us, but I hoped he could tell just from my voice how desperate I was to get him back on my side, “I don’t- I-I just.. I can’t explain why this is bothering me so much..” I admitted.


“How long has it been bothering you?” He asked and I was nervous to tell him the truth, but I did, anyways.

“Ever since we met,” I replied and I could tell he was a little shocked by my answer, “I knew you were straight, or at least I knew you’d never been with a guy before, but.. It’s stupid, I know, I just can’t stop thinking about how you might miss it or something, ’cause I know would if I had experienced it and liked it..”

“You’ve never been with a woman?” He asked and I shook my head ‘no’.

“Never wanted to be, really, or ever felt the urge to be.. There’s just always been one thing on my mind as far as relationships, and that’s men. You like what you like, you know?” asked rhetorically, “I want to give you everything, Oliver, and the fact that I can’t drives me crazy.. I guess I just don’t like feeling that you might not want this anymore eventually, like you’ll get bored of me or something because I don’t have something that you like, so what I was trying to do for you earlier was trying my best to do that for you with what I had,” I continued and I heard him chuckle, something that through me completely off, “What’s funny?” I asked a little defensively.


“Guess how many women I’ve been with..” He encouraged and I was a little surprised, actually, that we had never talked about this before.

“Uhm, I don’t know.. Five? Ten?”

“Two,” he answered, “Now guess how many times I’ve had sex, just in general, with those women,” he continued and I shrugged.

“I, uh.. I don’t know, Oliver..”

“Two.. Two times, once with each,” he answered and I was a little shocked.


Now, how many times have we had sex?” He asked, and even in this lighting, I knew he could tell I was a little flustered, a smirk on my lips just by the thought of us together.

“Countless times,” I answered, knowing now where he was trying to go with this.

“Yeah, countless times.. So, what does that say about me?” He asked.

“That you like having sex with me?” I replied and he rolled his eyes accompanied by a smile on his lips.


“Well, yeah.. But, I also love you.. You’re the only one I want to do that with now, you’re the only one I want to be with, and honestly, I haven’t had enough of a woman to even get a chance to enjoy it like how I enjoy it with you. Sure, women are something different than you and I thought I wanted that, and yeah, it felt good, but the first time was awkward, and the second time, well, you know.. But, that doesn’t mean I miss it, I just found something else that I like better, and that’s you,” he tried to explain.

“So, you like women, but as far as men goes, it’s just me?” I guessed and he smirked.

“It doesn’t matter.. You’re what I like, you’re special,” he replied and I chuckled.

“Honestly, it’s still a little confusing, but I guess I get it..”

“It’s like you said before, you like what you like. I still find some women beautiful and attractive, sure, but that’s how I feel when I look at you, too.. I think it’s just more like I found the love of my life in someone I least expected to and I want nothing more than to spend every waking moment with that person, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.. Genders don’t matter, Isaiah, you matter,” he answered and I couldn’t help but smile. He was so sweet, even when I was in the wrong and I thought I should’ve been scolded more for what I did, he was still so sweet to me, which made me feel even worse for treating him how I did.


I stood from the hanging chair, walking over towards him and I reached to touch his face, You’re beautiful,” I expressed and he turned his attention away from me.

“Don’t call me that..” He replied in embarrassment, but I pulled his gaze back towards me.

“You are, and I love you so much. I’m so sorry for earlier.. I’m actually glad we talked about it, though, because I never would’ve known any of this and I’d still be sulking if I didn’t know exactly how you felt,” I continued and he smiled softly.

“I love you, too, and I forgive you,” he replied and I was relieved to hear it, “After talking about this, too, I don’t need any more time to decide.. I’m ready for all of this, it makes me want it even more now.. Moving, a new neighborhood, kids.. Everything.. As long as it’s with you,” he continued, a wide smile stretching across my lips.


“Really?” I asked and he nodded.

“Yeah.. We should get that house, but sell the condo, so that way you’re forced to come back home to me if you ever have to come up here to deal with anything,” he made known with his cheeks blushing a little, happy to hear how he wasn’t okay at all with me being away for longer than needed.

“Anything you want, Oliver,” I happily agreed.

“And.. We should tell Cybal that we choose her, and you should buy that location for your new bar.. I think I’m really ready for all of this.. I don’t want to wait anymore,” He added and his words made me the happiest I had ever been, unable to keep myself from him and instantly pulling him into my lips.


Our kiss grew deeper, though it didn’t seem to go any further than that for a long while, simply enjoying each other’s lips for the longest time and I felt like this is exactly what we needed. Every single time that I thought we couldn’t get any better, each day proved that there was so much more to us than the day before and everything just seemed to click and fall into place as our lives went on. I wasn’t sure if I believed in fate or in destiny, but my love for this place when I was a kid brought me back to it when I was older and I was lucky enough to open my bar just before Thanksgiving.. I was lucky that Oliver chose my bar to come to and sulk about his unfortunate encounter with his uncle, I was lucky that he ‘lost’ my number and came back to get it again, I was lucky that he came back to me after I had scared him away by kissing him only the second time we met.. Maybe fate, maybe destiny, I don’t know, maybe things just happened for a reason, but whatever it was, I was seriously the luckiest man in the entire world.

Author’s Note:

I, by no means, am fluent in Spanish. I took German in high school, instead XD I used google translator and I don’t know how reliable it is, so forgive me if some of the Spanish is butchered or incorrect LOL Also, if anyone has seen the TV series Modern Family, I molded Cybal after the character Gloria from that show, so that should give you a good picture of how she acts and talks. And yeah, I know Gloria is from Colombia and not Spain XD but Spain is one of my favorite countries that I want to visit someday, so I chose that instead.

17 thoughts on “Generation 4, Chapter 17

  1. I don’t know why, but I felt like Oliver just seemed so sad in the beginning of the chapter, despite how Jody is gone and no longer tormenting him. Like there are times that I know he is happy even if he’s not jumping up and down and making it obvious or something, so I think I just felt sad for him a little bit because he’s got stuff on the right track now for the most part, but he was still feeling like he wasn’t completely fulfilled or something. I supposed a lot of Isaiah’s pushing probably contributed to Oliver’s mood, which I can completely relate to. As much as I love Isaiah, he can be a manipulative little shit sometimes LOL, not in a bad way though, but he has that persuasive thing that can be grating at times. Luckily for Oliver, Isaiah just wants to do good, and what he thinks is good for the two of them. I’m glad that Oliver found a profession he could do that wouldn’t cause him to pass out constantly. Poor guy. LOL.

    Describing that Oliver felt uncomfortable around pregnant women was like the understatement of the century, LOL, I can’t even imagine going through something like Oliver did, and then having Isaiah constantly on the hunt for surrogates, almost like he was constantly shoving pregnant women in Oliver’s face. *cringes* *finds Jody’s soul in the afterlife, punches it, lights it on fire* That’s what you get for making Oliver feel like this Jody… Ugh. My god, August… LOL, he kind of reminds me of Gareth, but it’s just his hair, I know he’s got different colored eyes. Also, I need a grownup version of August’s sweatshirt, stat. Yes, it’s a medical emergency. ROFL. I liked that they kissed in front of August, LOL, it really kind of drives me nuts how parents will think they can’t do anything in front of their children, and I liked that they were realizing that August is so small that he doesn’t even know what’s really going on in front of him. LOL.

    I’m going to die from your landscape pictures. Seriously. And that house. Jesus. *falls in the ocean, floats away* LOL I love the for sale sign, IDK why, little things amuse me. I love how August is in the corner of a lot of the pictures when Oliver and Isaiah are off talking. It’s so adorable. LOL.

    So… I shit you not, but when I saw the surrogate, and how you wrote her dialogue, I immediately just heard Sofia Vergara’s voice in my head… and then read your author’s note about it at the bottom, and just died. LOL. I’d say, job well done with the surrogate lady. LOL. She really is gorgeous, I enjoy her dress a lot. I also love that August behaved the entire time they were talking with Cybal, sometimes I think authors put in unnecessary toddler whining for no reason, so I’m glad you didn’t do that. LOL. Plus it makes August that much more adorable.

    Hmm… Isaiah’s little fight picking thing he did towards the end was a little uncalled for, LOL, tsk tsk Isaiah. I understand if Isaiah was confused about Oliver, but I think him sort of attacking Oliver rather than telling him how scared he was might not have worked out in his favor very well. LOL. Although I will say that Isaiah making Oliver mad did seem to bring Oliver around to all the changes Isaiah had introduced to him that day, so that’s a good thing. I hope Isaiah eventually becomes more secure with Oliver, he’s a really nice guy most of the time, LOL, when he’s not pushing Oliver till Oliver gets mad (which is hot by the way) LOL. Not being bi or gay myself, I don’t really know exactly how Isaiah’s insecurities feel to him, but I do know that when you love someone, no matter what their preferences are, if you love them, then you just love them. It’s the person you fall in love with, their flaws and strengths, their mannerisms, their appearance, so it would probably be the same thing like just because someone is straight doesn’t mean they like anyone of the opposite gender. I just hope Isaiah learns that someday, I love Oliver and Isaiah together and I want them to be happy. :) <3

    1. Hmm.. Honestly, that’s just how Oliver is.. He’s reluctant to try anything new because every new thing he’s been through, he’s almost been forced into, like his entire childhood, being forced to lose his mother, being forced to live with his uncle, being forced to grow up with his father, as well as all of his experience with Jody. He’s extremely reluctant to try new things because every time he has, like his career path to be a doctor (which proved to be somewhat of a lost cause) as well as everything with Jody, and especially not even realizing that he might like the same gender as him when it came to Isaiah, it’s all been really a slap in the face to him and he’s never been able to prepare himself for any of it. Despite his past, Isaiah has been his rock, really, and speaking for Isaiah, he knows how to push Oliver in the right direction, the direction he knows Oliver wants to go, Oliver is just so reluctant because of his past. Isaiah, I believe, pushes him juuust enough to the point where it isn’t forcing him, but more so getting Oliver used to the idea that it’s okay to want things and it’s okay to get what he wants. Isaiah knows how Oliver works by now, he’s wanted children with Oliver for a very long time, but he waited two years for him to get on board with the idea, and although Oliver is still reluctant, he needs that little extra push that Isaiah gives that lets him know that it’s okay to move forward and it’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes and seek happiness, because he deserves it, but Oliver can’t do it by himself. That might be the reason why you thought Oliver was “sad” during this chapter, he was just reluctant and scared to move forward. LOLL Yess, I agree, Isaiah can be a pushy little shit sometimes, but honestly, it’s good for Oliver, especially since Isaiah knows he wants the same thing as he does, but Oliver just needs that little extra push past doubts and the fear that he has to continue living on a path he wasn’t forced into.. It takes some getting used to. Oliver tends to second guess himself a lot, but Isaiah is one thing he’s completely sure on, so he trusts Isaiah’s judgement, even though it may come off as pushy at times.

      “Describing that Oliver felt uncomfortable around pregnant women was like the understatement of the century,” Omg, so, SO true LOL Oliver is so much more protective now, especially when it comes to not only HIS baby, but his AND Isaiah’s baby.. The boy was stressing out really hard when it came to this.. Probably a reason why he was saying “no” to so many surrogates because he wasn’t ready for what he had been through to perhaps happen again.. He’s so much more cautious and protective now that it involves both him AND Isaiah.. Which also kind of shows how good of a father he’s going to be later on, imo haha

      “*finds Jody’s soul in the afterlife, punches it, lights it on fire*”
      I laughed super hard at that. LOLL
      Aww haha I’m glad that you liked that they kissed in front of August, they always do. I don’t like how parents think that, too, that they can’t show affection for one another in front of their kids.. If I were August, I’d much rather see them being lovey-dovey rather than seeing them fighting. Ugh, and of course August is going to behave at the cafe. Honestly, with this chapter being over 11k words, adding him making a fuss for no damn reason would just be exhausting, at this point LOL so you’re damn right August is behaving XD

      Ahh, the blonde toddler hair hahaha it’s so hard to find toddler hair that’s different, especially ones I haven’t use in this legacy, but I was glad to find this one, because I love long hair so much on Sims and August’s hair is the most recent “new” toddler hair I’ve been able to find. *shrug* It is very similar to Gareth and Gibson’s hair when they were toddlers, too haha
      Awww, I’m so happy you like my landscape pics T_T I thought they were so shitty this chapter LOLLL Omg ikr? I love that “for sale” sign, too.
      Omfg no way… You did NOT think of Sofia Vergara.. But, no, you did *hugs tightly* LOL That’s EXACTLY how I wanted Cybal to be like and I am honestly so, SO happy you thought that yourself as you were reading, because I’m sure it made her more natural and enjoyable, even without reading my Authors note first XD

      Eh, agreed.. But, in Isaiah’s defense, he was never really sure what the hell Oliver preferred, men or women, or both, and like he said, “its twice the competition and twice the worry” because he assumed Oliver liked women AND men, but Oliver is only bisexual because he likes women, but Isaiah is the one exception.. I just feel like if they ever broke up, I don’t think Oliver would find love again in another man *shrug* Oliver was trying to tell him so many times, even during their fight in the kitchen, as well as during the healing process on the patio, that it doesn’t matter the gender, it was just Isaiah that he loved, as a person, but Isaiah has never loved BOTH genders, so it was hard for him to understand and he’s been jealous/paranoid for a while now haha You’re SO right, though.. Isaiah either needed to come out with it right away and tell him that he didn’t understand Oliver’s preference, so Oliver needed to clarify it more, or he needed to just accept that HE was the one “person” in general that Oliver loved and adored. Isaiah just didn’t understand, which is what ensued the argument.

      It’s the person you fall in love with, their flaws and strengths, their mannerisms, their appearance, so it would probably be the same thing like just because someone is straight doesn’t mean they like anyone of the opposite gender.” This is EXACTLY what Oliver thinks, but Isaiah didn’t understand that. Luckily, Oliver cleared it up for him at the end and Isaiah is now passed getting worried and jealous about it haha Oliver’s deep love for him is completely out in the open and Isaiah finally sees that.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  2. Soooo good. ^u^


    I literally just sat here and read this chapter three times. Three hours of staring at these boys is good for the soul I think.

    I’m officially a IDL fiend. ^u^

    I can’t get over Ollie’s new look. O.0 wholly cracker barrel batman – he’s fucking hot. It feels so right though – that his look should change. HE’S changed so much. He’s still the bashful, introverted, reluctant, sweat heart he’s always been – but he’s also finally found some real agency in his life – which is something he probably NEVER had. He’s come together with his family, found a HEALTHY and rewarding relationship, he’s no longer being manipulated by bullies, he’s found a job where he feels capable and successful, and he’s even planning for his future. He looks so different though, it was shocking. You can see a LOT of Gibs in him now.

    I’m nervous about this whole thing moving forward though. I know that they both want the surrogate thing, and I really think having a big family would be good for them. But, I see some troubling parallels between his marriage and Ollie’s parents’ marriage. They’re moving into their future plans before one of them is really ready, they’re both working a lot, and there is a third compromising party involved. That said though – Ollie and Isaiah are VERY different people from Gibson and Hannah. Their relationship is very different too.

    Speaking of relationship – I totally understand where Isaiah is right now. Which, maybe, is a little weird since I am bi. But, he WANTS to have kids with Oliver and he WANTS Oliver to like the surrogate, but WANTING these things won’t change the feeling of inadequacy and doubt that he has. I don’t think he’s really jealous – not specifically of anyone in particular anyway. I think it was just – seeing Oliver blushing and flustered because of a pretty girl was unnerving for him… Plus – even if his worries about what Ollie might be missing sexually might have been a little unfounded – there IS something that a woman can do for Oliver that he can never do, which is exactly why they have to have a surrogate. I pray to GOD that they’re smart enough to use a fertility doctor, and they’re not planning on Oliver having sex with her. They are not the kind of people that could do that without it damaging their relationship – no matter how they approached it. I’m sorta worried that is exactly what they’re planning though – especially since it IS Oliver specifically that they’re planning to be the father… I kinda think Isaiah should be a father too. For fairness’ sake if absolutely nothing else. I’m not suggesting that Isaiah would love his children more than Ollie’s children – or even that they would think of them as Ollie or Isaiah’s kids… But, why have that imbalance in the first place?

    I’m so proud of Oliver. He’s finally moving forward and making plans for the future. I’m so glad that he wants this with Isaiah now, even if it did take some prodding from Isaiah. In a way, Oliver’s still a little too reserved. He doesn’t think forward very much – even without more kids he’s gonna want to get a bigger place. Sure – it’s cozy and all good now that August is just a baby, but you’re gonna want some space for him to grow into – space to play outside and just run around. His thinking about his kids wanting the privacy he never had and about August moving out into the guesthouse as he gets older are HUGE changes for him and it was so good to see that in him.

    Also – these changes are going to come with some new challenges between Isaiah and him. Oliver’s always needed Isaiah so much – to be empowered, to be lead into the relationship, to shelter him from turmoil, to heal him. I worry that it’s going to be hard for Isaiah now. Oliver doesn’t need Isaiah like he did before. He’s stronger, independent, and capable. I worry that is why some of these insecurities are finally surfacing for Isaiah – if that’s part of why he’s worried about Oliver leaving now – because he doesn’t feel like Oliver NEEDS him any more. I feel like there’s a new power balance in their relationship – and it’s over balanced a little. Even the way Isaiah kind-of sprung the house-showing on Oliver shows that. I feel like Isaiah is looking for Oliver’s approval, and doesn’t feel like he has the ability – (that’s not the right word, maybe power is better, but that doesn’t sound right either) – to make these decisions WITH Oliver. It almost feels like Oliver is this veto power in their relationship and Isaiah has to get his permission… Not that these decisions aren’t made together or that Isaiah’s really manipulating Oliver into them, but that they always move at Oliver’s speed and Oliver’s comfort level… Like there isn’t enough compromise. Even the whole thing with Oliver going off with August like that felt like a punishment towards Isaiah. Not that it was intentional mind you – but he did separate them both after the argument, creating a distance and physical separation not only between himself and Isaiah, but August and Isaiah as well. I felt like he shut Isaiah out when he was upset with him… at a time when Isaiah was showing weakness and needed reassurance.

    Don’t get me wrong – I understand Oliver being upset. He’s ABSOLUTELY right. The why of the thing is even MORE important then the thing itself. Even if he enjoys being top or wants to do it, if Isaiah is under the mindset that it’s a compromise of HIM for something ELSE then it’s going to hurt them. Even if it’s NOT that to Oliver, it will be exactly that to Isaiah. If that makes any sense. I hope Isaiah can see that – that he wasn’t upset about the suggestion or the weakness Isaiah showed – but that Oliver understood that it would be a sacrifice of the man he loves. He wouldn’t hurt him like that, and he is hurt that Isaiah thinks he would – worse that he’d ASK him to.

    I’m glad they bridged the distance between them before the end of the chapter. These boys are so fricken amazing. I want happiness for them. None of the Dubois men have had a “happily ever after” and I suppose that might be asking a bit much, but if anyone deserves it they do. T,T

    1. *gasp* No way, you read it three times?? Hahaha that’s crazy awesome! ^_^ I’m so glad you enjoyed it that much!

      Ikr? Doesn’t Oliver look so, so different? It’s insane what a simple hair change can do for a character. Yeah, I agree, new changes because he’s changed so much as a person, he really is a lot stronger, even though he’s still a little shy and introverted haha But you’re right, he doesn’t have all of that weight on his shoulders anymore and now with so many of the down’s over and done with, the up’s can finally surface and get this boy on the track to a good life. One that he deserves.

      I wouldn’t be too worried about their relationship. True, they are absolutely nothing like how Gibson and Hannah were, so even if their are troubles, those most likely won’t come for a very long time, or if they do sooner, Oliver and Isaiah have a better grasp on things and would definitely be able to work through it. Gibson and Hannah’s marriage was pretty much doomed from the start when Gareth’s involved in any way haha just Gareth being Gibs’ brother, such a simple factor, is trouble.

      Well, at first he felt like he wasn’t enough for Oliver, since he knew that Oliver still found women attractive an all, but after clearing everything up, he realized that it really doesn’t matter at all. Yeah, seeing Oliver blushing and being flattered by Cybal and her compliments made him a little uneasy, but then again, Isaiah takes compliments with ease and takes compliments graciously, and Oliver, no matter who compliments him, isn’t really used to being treated so well (besides what he gets from Isaiah), so he gets flustered and embarrassed.. He isn’t used to it. When Isaiah noticed, he assumed that Oliver took Cybal’s words as flirting and thought that Oliver liked it passed the point of just accepting the compliment and moving on, he thought Oliver was attracted to Cybal, and although Oliver said that she was attractive, he wasn’t attracted to her, himself, at least not enough to lust after her like he does for Isaiah. He wants Isaiah, that couldn’t be any more clear, but Isaiah just assumed the worst because he never knew exactly where Oliver stood. True, there is something that a woman can do that Isaiah can never, but its the same thing with Oliver not being able to give Isaiah what a woman could, too, so it goes both way with that one. Also, why in all things holy would Oliver have sex with Cybal to impregnate her? LOL Especially after a fight like they had in this chapter? There is absolutely no way in hell Isaiah would let Oliver do that, and with Oliver’s argument, he’d never, EVER do that to Isaiah, either. Oliver clearly stated that he does not want to have sex with Cybal, nor does he want to have sex with anyone else but Isaiah, so why would that even be a consideration? XD Yes, they’re going to use a fertility doctor. And never did I say Oliver was going to be the only father, same with Isaiah. When they go to the fertility doctor, they’re going mix together their “donations”, so that neither of them know who the father is, but it IS at least one of them. So, don’t worry about Oliver and Isaiah favoring one child over the other, it’s going to be completely random, so neither of them will know at all. (also, just for the sake of saying this, Cybal is only in this story for the sake of the story, since men can’t get pregnant in real life, but thanks to the Sims letting that be an actual thing, Isaiah and Oliver will be the ONLY parents involved. Cybal is only here to make the story have that “real life” aspect to it) ;D

      Aww, I’m glad you’re proud of Oliver and how he’s able to make a life for himself now. Actually, Oliver does look forward, a lot, he’s just still hesitant on accepting that he’s really able to be happy now, since he hasn’t been happy almost his entire life and he’s been through so, so much stuff. Once he met Isaiah, things got rougher for him, but Isaiah has been the only thing in his life that he’s been so sure about and has completely loved and wanted to keep in his life. Isaiah’s his rock and is such a huge, supportive person and he let’s Oliver know that it’s okay to hope for things and get what Oliver wants now, without being forced into anything. Oliver wants exactly what Isaiah wants, and Isaiah knows that, but it’s just taking Oliver a little longer to ease into it because he’s afraid. Isaiah helps Oliver by encouraging him with great things, like the thought of more kids since they both love August so much and want more of that, as well as with a big house for room for more kids. Oliver wants it, he just really needs to be pushed a little.
      “Oliver’s always needed Isaiah so much – to be empowered, to be lead into the relationship, to shelter him from turmoil, to heal him.” This is very, very true, however, Isaiah does not think at all that Oliver doesn’t need him anymore. When Isaiah said before that he thinks Oliver will get bored of him, he was talking about their sexual life, not their life in general, because at that time, Oliver still hadn’t cleared up the things that made Isaiah worry. Oliver still completely needs Isaiah, he needs someone to look to for guidance and love and support, and Isaiah is the only one that can give Oliver what he needs. Isaiah isn’t looking for Oliver’s approval, he’s been waiting 2 years, very patiently, for Oliver to catch up and like the idea of having a big family with him and he has already made these decisions with Oliver, a long time ago, he’s just been waiting for Oliver to get to where he is. And, since Oliver came around finally into wanting more kids, a bigger house is a great decision, and without Isaiah’s extra little push that Oliver needs, it would take them longer and longer to get there.
      Oliver leaving Isaiah and taking August with him is also not a punishment to Isaiah, at all, actually.. Everyone needs time to gather their thoughts and figure out how to fix things by themselves, and with Oliver not wanting to yell at Isaiah any more, he heard August crying and took that as an excuse to leave before things got out of control, as well as just being a good father and going to his son. Isaiah also said that he didn’t want to talk to Oliver anymore, either, because they need time apart to calm down and come back into their argument later with more rationality and less anger. It’s a good thing they separated themselves, not any type of punishment or anything.

      Isaiah doing that compromise for Oliver was to just keep Oliver interested in him since Oliver is bisexual. Oliver being the top would give him the sense that he was with a woman and Isaiah doesn’t want Oliver to look for that elsewhere, so he compromised and wanted to do that FOR Oliver, so he wouldn’t go looking for a woman to fulfill that need. But, Oliver doesn’t have that need, Oliver is the bottom for goodness sake hahaha Being the top obviously really doesn’t matter to him since he actually really, really enjoys their sex life and what they do in bed. Being the top has crossed his mind before, sure, but he doesn’t dwell on it or get disappointed because he can’t, he just chooses not to because he enjoys being the bottom. If he ever was the top, it would be because he wanted to try new things with Isaiah to keep their sex life active and exciting, not so that he would be top and think about being with a woman. That’s just not how Oliver works, nor is it how he was programmed. He’s a sweet, fair man, he isn’t that manipulative and selfish to where he’d put Isaiah in that position only to benefit himself.. That’s not how sex between two people that are crazy in love with one another works, at least not for Isaiah and Oliver.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! ^_^

  3. Oh, wow. You know, I didn’t realize how much Oliver looked like his father until I saw him with this short hair-cut. In fact, for a split second I thought it WAS Gibson, and my heart gave a little jump before I realized soon afterward that it was Oliver, haha. Not disappointed though of course because I got the little reunion I’d wanted so badly ^_^ Plus, Oliver looks quite dashing with his new hair! Meeee-ow! *stares for a bit…..* LOL.

    August!! I totally love that name and he’s a real cutie. He seems like such a content little toddler, but I suppose how could you not be when you have two such loving parents?! I hope he likes the idea of siblings though because it sounds like he’s going to have quite a few! XD

    On that note, I love how Oliver and Isaiah are taking such big steps now in moving forward with their lives. I know Oliver had some hesitations about it at first, but I’m glad that in the end he realized that he wanted the same things as well.

    That new home is gorgeous—I’m seriously looking forward to seeing it all decorated, especially because you do such a lovely job furnishing your homes! If I had even a shred of your interior design abilities I would be a very thrilled sim writer! Lmao.

    Cybal seems pretty nice….I like her so far :) Although, when I first saw her face something about maybe her eye makeup reminded me a little bit of Jody, so at first I got really freaked out, but after reading more my hackles lowered, lol. You did fine with the Spanish, though I did notice one pretty awkward-sounding mistake and that was that it should be “Dios mío” not “mi dios.” Other than that one minor thing I thought you did great for not knowing Spanish :)

    Oh man, poor Isaiah though. I actually honestly wasn’t expecting him to feel insecure about this just because he always comes across as so confident and self-assured. Of course, even the most confident people have doubts sometimes, and Isaiah is certainly proof of this. I was a little nervous about the whole conversation too, but I was very happy to see that they came to an understanding of one another in the end. It’s so good that they have this open communication with one another—which, when you think about it, truly shows just how far along Oliver has come considering he used to barely be able to say anything around Isaiah! In general Oliver feels much more self-assured in this chapter, which is really refreshing to see after he’d been tormented for so long by his own uncertainties. Gah! *tackle hugs Oliver* I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! *sees Isaiah* AW, WHAT THE HELL *tackle hugs him too* I JUST LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!!!!!! I’m so excited about seeing their big family together—they’ve proven to be wonderful parents to August and I have no doubts that they’ll be wonderful parents to other children that they have too. Of course, all this makes me wonder what the finale for this generation is going to look like…..could it be that maybe….MAYBE….the curse finally won’t completely fuck a Dubois man over? I remain hopeful…..!!!!

    1. Ikr? Oliver really does look sooo much like Gibson. Haha you thought it was Gibson! XD I can see why. Glad you like how he looks, it’s amazing what a simple hair change can do hahaha

      Aww, happy you like August and his name! He’s soo cute T_T Yeah, he really is a content little guy. He go the insane trait (of course), and he rolled the Disciplined trait. Haha! I’m sure he’ll like having siblings.. Well, he better, because yeah, Isaiah and Oliver are planning on having more than just one together XD True, Oliver is pretty hesitant about everything really, but that’s only because he’s had such a hard life and it seems like, to him, things just go to shit when he does good. But, thankfully, now with Jody gone, and with Isaiah’s help, he’s been able to get back on his feet and things are starting to look up for him again.

      Thanks! You’ll see it all nice and decorated next chapter, I can’t wait to decorate it, honestly.. I hate building, but decorating? I could do that literally all day all the time LOL Aww, thanks! ^_^ It makes me so happy to hear how much you like how I decorate!

      Aww, that’s good, I’m glad you like Cybal. I think it’s just her eyes in general that resemble Jody a little. I tend to use the same make up for almost all of my girls, but she has very similar contacts to Jody, plus with them being blue an all. That might be it haha Thanks! I used Google translator, but apparently it got some things wrong XD I knew deep down that “mi dios” was wrong and “dios mio” was the right thing, but I trusted the translator, anyways. Thank you for the correction!

      True, he’s a very, very strong person, but you’re right, even the strongest people can have those small insecurities and worries and doubts. Yeah, they have such a good relationship and they’re able to talk about really anything at all together (of course, besides what Oliver did behind Isaiah’s back to the mother of his child XD) Yess, Oliver has come such a long way from us knowing his as this introverted, shy guy, but Isaiah’s has really helped him boost a lot of his confidence and become a stronger person. LOL Your tackle hugs, they loved it XD I’m so excited to get their big family started, glad to hear you’re excited for it, too! *squeals* Hmm, perhaps Oliver might have a happy ending, you never know!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! <3

  4. Oh good, the detective is long gone. I know you said she was out of the picture before, but it’s nice reassurance. And I think physical therapy is a great choice for Oliver. It’s still in the health field, so it’s not too far off from what he was going for. And less invasive is always good. And Oliver’s short hair?! And the baby is a blondie?! *dies from Oliver’s beauty* I miss his hair, but he looks good with this new style! It makes him look older and more mature. I feel like he has grown as a person over these last two years, become a bit more confident and comfortable with himself. He reminds me so much more of Gibson, now. It’s a little crazy.

    Oh, a surrogate. Poor Oliver for feeling pressured by Isaiah. I, ya’ know it’s a big deal and Oliver still has those past memories. It would make anyone more cautious. I love your sims with darker skin and colored eyes. I always think it’s such a great combination.

    Aw, they’re moving to an island paradise. How fun! Or well, CA, I guess. lol Still, love it. What a cute house! Did you make it? And I agree, that for sale sign is adorable. haha Isaiah, sweet talkin’ Ollie with a pool. He knows his man so well. ;) Bahahaha I love the 5 kids, not including August, that Isaiah wants and Oliver’s reaction. Too cute.

    Ok, I think the surrogate it pretty, like I mentioned. But I hate Sophia Varga and now her stupid voice is stuck in my head! LOL I’m going to try not to think of her whenever the surrogate pops up or I’ll end up not liking her either. She seems nice, though. Really helpfully and generous, willing to give them multiple babies. Although I find it odd that Isaiah kept pushing the ‘she’s gorgeous’ thing on Oliver. And then they fight when they get home because Isaiah says he’s not jealous, but he is because he’s insecure. Ugh. Ok, I’m a little made at him, too, but I also understand that he’s insecure and afraid that Oliver may not want him anymore. I think it’s normal to feel that way sometimes. But them to say, ok, let’s have sex now, then? No, I don’t want to have sex with you, I’m pissed off at you, Isaiah. Geez, leave me alone until I can think without seeing red. Ughhhh. haha I love these guys, but man.

    Ok, freaking Oliver with August? *dies again* Why must you do this to me?! I already love Oliver and then him with a kid? It’s not fair! It’s like my kryptonite. It’s just that must worse because it’s Ollie. *sigh* I adore him. And he’s SOoo good with the little bundle of cute, squishy baby! hehe

    I feel so bad for Isaiah. It’s not too often we see his vulnerable side, know of his insecurities. It just sucks that he feels that way because yeah, Oliver can’t help that he’s attracted to women. And shouldn’t it make Isaiah feel ever better because he’s the only man Oliver wants to be with or has been with? But people aren’t exactly rational in these types of feeling of theirs. But of course, they love each other and they talked it out, like they do. I just love these two. SO. Much. <3 I'm excited for their move and Isaiah's new bar and babies!! Lots and lots of Ollie and Isaiah babies! *heart eyes* LOL

    1. Yess, the detective is gone. Thank goodness. True, Oliver still loves helping people and wanted to remain within the medical field, so being a Physical Therapist was a very good choice for him. Hahaha I miss Oliver’s hair, too, just because I’ve been used to it for soooo long, but I really like it short, too. I’m glad you like it ^_^ I like it a lot better now, too, because you can see so much of his cute face and he isn’t constantly hiding those pretty blue eyes of his <3 You're right, he does look a lot more mature and confident now, and yeah, he really does look a lot like Gibson O_O And yes, the baby for blonde hair from Jody, but I kinda like to think that he got his blonde hair from Gibson, instead LOL

      Yesss, they're moving.. Again.. Hahaha Oliver and Isaiah, by far, have been my most active Sims, as far as moving around and traveling, it's a little exhausting, but I'm happy to say they're finally going to be anchored down when they move into this new house. No, I didn't make it, it's actually from a town I downloaded. I just saved the house because I liked it so much and moved it to Sunlit Tides. Hahaha! Yeah, Isaiah really does know Oliver too well, coaxing him with the pool in the backyard XD Then coaxing him into getting the house by telling Oliver just how many kids he really does want hehehe

      Aw, thanks :D I really love the dark hair/light eyes combination, too, it just brings out their eyes so much better. Aww, that’s too bad that you hate Sofia Vergara hahaha I just love her and her role in Modern Family, so I thought she’d be a perfect representation for Cybal. Yeah, she really is a lovey person and is very willing to help Oliver and Isaiah with what they want. Well, when Isaiah kept asking Oliver is he thought she was pretty or not, he was trying to get a worse reaction than he did so that his argument later on in the chapter could have more validation, but Oliver didn’t really give in and he ignored Isaiah a lot of the time when he’d talk about her looks. Isaiah was kind of “testing the water” with saying it so much. Its okay to be mad at Isaiah haha he didn’t take explain himself well enough and instead of just telling Oliver exactly how he felt so Oliver could help him get passed his insecurities faster, he went a different route and tried to be something he wasn’t to make Oliver happy, but it just ended up making him so much more upset.

      LOL Aren’t they just the cutest things ever together? T_T Oliver is seriously crazy about August. Hahahaha your kryptonite XD I laughed at that. He really is good with August, too, such a good dad already ^_^

      True, Isaiah is a very strong willed person and hardly ever hides how he feels or shows his insecurities and doubts, but even someone as confident and collected as him can become like that if it involves something as serious as the one they’re passionate for. You’re right, it should make Isaiah feel better that even though Oliver likes women, he’s literally the only man Oliver’s ever been with and like Oliver said, he’s special. But, it’s hard for Isaiah to see it that way, because he looks at it as something to be worried about instead of proud about. Thankfully, they got around to talking about it and worked everything out, like they always do Hehehe It makes me so happy to hear how much everyone loves these two boys, they’re just perfect together <3 Omg I'm so excited for Oliver and Isaiah babies, too, you don't even understand fdfdahdssgetubsf

      Thanks for reading and commenting! :D <3

  5. haha Yess, it does show off his cute face and beautiful blue eyes more. Gives me more to look at and admire. hehe Oooh, that’s a good way to look at it, that Augie got his blond hair from Gibson! I like that much better. But he looks like a cutie with the blond hair, I guess I just wasn’t expecting it. XD

    Ooh, yeah, it’s a nice house. And it looks great the way you decorated it, too! I went to look at the pictures and left a comment, but then it didn’t post and I didn’t want to type it all out again. >.< But I love what you did to it. And I love the pictures and chairs in the dining room. And the colors of the kitchen. o.o And the guest house. *sigh* haha I just love the way you decorate. And good, I'm glad they're going to settle down now. Traveling and moving is exhausting work.

    Eh, yeah, Idk what it is, but her voice and the way she is in real life, I'm just not a fan of Sofia. I can't watch Modern Family mainly because of her. lol I feel so bad, but yes, not my favorite person. But Cybal's a cutie. *sigh* Oh Isaiah.

    Yessss, Oliver and August are adorable together! Ugh, it's just too much for me. lol Yep, kryptonite. I kid you not, I die. Every. Time. And now with Isaiah and Oliver babies thrown into the mix? Omg, I feel you. Idek how I'm going to survive that. Just…nsvkhsawebg, is right. LOL <3

    1. Omg I never replied to this! >_<
      Aww thank you! I'm happy to hear you like how I decorated their home. I really, really love it and it was super fun to do. Everyone will be able to see it more and in the next chapter, too. Ikr? Traveling and moving constantly is just.. Ugh.. *pulls out hair* LOL
      LOL It's okay that you don't like her, her voice is a little annoying sometimes, I think I just have a 'thing' for people that don't speak good English, I think it's super cute how they sometimes struggle XD Plus, I wanted a different ethnicity to find it's way into the family, and Spanish was the first thing to come to mind, for some reason. *shrugs*
      And omfgggg I can't wait for them to have kids *runs around screaming*

  6. Seera

    Wow. Just wow. I just spent the past 2 days reading your story and the story is so amazing. Even though each heir does something despicable (sometimes marginally understandable), I still feel for them when the shit hits the fan from it. From Marrick feeling like he had to kill himself and his entire family, to Jason accidentally killing his therapist thinking she was his father, to Gareth and Gibson when Gibson killed Hannah and shot Gareth (you had me almost to tears over Gareth maybe dying and Gareth is an evil shit and I don’t cry over stories easily), to Oliver having to deal with the obsessive Jody. I’m dreading the day if Isaiah finds out the truth about how August ended up in Oliver’s custody.

    1. Omg, that makes me so happy! Thank you so, so much for taking the time to read my legacy and get all caught up! That’s so amazing T_T

      Aww *snaps fingers* almost got you to cry! Hahaha XD I’m glad you didn’t ’cause I tend to get yelled at if I make my readers cry hahaha jk, but I’m glad also that you’re able to connect with the characters so much to the point where you were close to doing so. That’s really my main goal, connecting the reader to the character, and it makes me happy when I make my readers cry LOL It sounds awful, but it’s the truth *shrugs* <3

      We'll see if Isaiah ever finds out about what Oliver's hiding, let's just continue to hope he doesn't, for everyone's sake hahaha

      Thank you so much again for taking the time to read my story, and thank you for commenting! ^_^

      1. Seera

        It’s not awful to make your readers cry due to the story. It means you’ve done your job correctly as an author. Whether the tears are from sadness or happiness.

    1. Hehe definitely haven’t forgotten about you guys! Working on the new chapter now, actually, it’s just taking me a long time because I’ve had computer issues, as well as game issues, that I need to get sorted out! I have a lot of characters to pose in this chapter, I’m about half way done with doing poses and pictures, so hopefully I will be able to update very, very soon! :D

  7. jazen

    so much happened in this update. It’s too late for me to properly comment, will have to come back and do it with a clearer head. :)

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