Update 3/2/15

Just a little update.

I’m having a hard time finishing up part 2 of chapter 14, as well as getting chapter 15 sorted out, too. I had hoped to have part 2 published already, but there’s just something about it that isn’t sitting right with me, which then completely effects how chapter 15 is supposed to go. These are pretty crucial chapters to the story and I want to get them perfect and be completely satisfied with them before posting them, of course. I don’t want to just publish it anyways since I’m not happy with it, but I’m hoping that I’ll have it all figured out this week sometime and have it posted before the weekend.. But, we’ll see how this week goes and we’ll see if I get my motivation back T_T I’ve been struggling with these two chapters for a few weeks now and they’re still driving me crazy hahaha So, all I ask is for patience and hopefully I can find my way out of this rut very soon.

*whispers* Plus, I started watching Game of Thrones finally and that’s very, very distracting XD

Here’s some outtakes to look at while you wait for the next update.

Screenshot-44 (3)
Screenshot-56 (3)
Ollie’s such a jerk. XD

~ by SimComix on March 2, 2015.

10 Responses to “Update 3/2/15”

  1. Take your time, we don’t mind waiting, especially when we know the wait will be well worth it. XD
    Omg. GoT!! Ahhh I LOVE that show. Haha But, yes, very distracting. So excited the newest season will be out soon.
    Yeah, Ollie is a jerk. Way to kick a guy when he’s already down. Where’s the compassion we all know you to have?! Lol love the outtakes.

    • Good to know that I’m not rushed haha that’s the last thing I need XD
      And ikr?? GoT I’m totally enthralled with lately. I can’t stop watching it. I’m at Season 2 ep 5 and screaming LOL
      And ikr? I took Ollie out of his pose and the first thing he does is laugh at Isaiah LOL such a jerk XD

  2. lol take your time~ I get distracted with good TV shows too lol (Jane the virgin *yes*) it’s cool, I always want to refine chapters before posting them but thanks for the cute pics (lol Oliver in the last one… poor Isaiah… )

    • Hehe thanks, always good knowing that I’m not being rushed on top of my many other thoughts of the next chapters.
      Hmm, never seen that show, I don’t have cable, only Netflix and Hulu hahaha which is why I’m just starting on GoT now XD And don’t give me anymore TV show ideas, It’ll just make this update take longer hahaha!
      Glad you liked the pics haha and ikr? Ollie was such a jerk when I took him out of his pose.. Laughing at his poor bf. XD

  3. Meh, it’s all good. Even the best writers get stuck sometimes, I was gone from Echoes for what, like five months? LOL. I totally understand, and I wish you luck. LMAO at Oliver laughing at Isaiah. Game of Thrones is one of those shows that I walk by the DVD cover at the store, and it calls out “Buy me, even though you’ve never seen me, you know you’d like me.” ROFL.

    • True. Happens to everyone I guess.
      Hahaha yesss, it’s a super good show. I’ve been putting off watching it until now ever since it first came out. XD Finally, though, I managed to start watching it haha

  4. LOL, that last picture. :P

    I hate having writers block. You’ll get out of it soon. It just takes some time. I’ve noticed with me, I find my inspiration from the most oddest things and in the most strangest places, lol.

    • LOl ikr? Right when I took him out of his pose, he ups and does that. Just a jerk. XD
      Doesn’t it suck? I can’t wait for it to pass. Hahaha and I’m the same way. So randomly, being triggered by the simplest things, can drag you out of writers block in a second.

  5. Awe. Those pictures were absolutely adorable.

    Take your time. I know I’m always pressuring you, but I’d happily wait a year between chapters if that’s what it took for them to be at the quality you always provide. I appreciate it so much that you take so much care in your chapters and plot – and things are getting so much more complicated now. lol

    P.S. Omg. Game of Thrones. I literally bought cable again for that show (we even call it my “Game of Thrones subscription” at my house. lol). To be as awesome as George R.R. Martin or even the show writers… *wistful sigh* QvQ

    • Aww, I’m happy to hear you’d wait so long for another chapter. Thanks for all the compliments, too ^_^ I really enjoy putting effort into this story and making it as perfect in words and screenshots as how I see it happening in my head.
      LOL Ikr? I’m finally all caught up and waiting eagerly for season 5 XD

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