A Little Delay.

Welp.. This is what I was afraid of.

I checked out the town to make sure it ran smoothly before starting this generation just so I’d know ahead of time if the town was going to give me problems, but recently it’s been acting up and I used Delphy’s CC Cleaner, proving to me that the town’s corrupted and that’s why it’s been being a little fussy. I can’t play the game for more than about fifteen minutes without being forced to quit because it froze. So, that being said, I’m removing Dronningslund from my game and moving Oliver somewhere else. I’ll try and figure out what the hell to do for the next chapter, since I had plans already for it, but those plans are gone now haha. Uhhh I don’t really know what else to say besides that I’m extremely disappointed that I can’t use this town anymore, it seemed like such a perfect fit, but I guess it was too good to be true.

Well.. I might try a few things to see if I can get it to work again, but I don’t think it’ll do any good.

The story is still going to continue, so don’t worry about me calling it quits, because I’m not, but bear with me a little on the change that is going to happen.. I’ll try to think of something besides what I had planned for the next chapter, haha. I was going to bring Gareth and Camilla into the story for a Thanksgiving, but I suppose that can be postponed or even forgotten. But, in the grand scene of things, I’ll still try and do what I have planned to keep the story on track with where I wanted it to go, it just might take a little longer to get there now.

I’m not going to try and download a new town or anything in fear that this will just happen again, so I’m going to use a town I already have and know works. I’m still trying to decide which one to use, so if anyone has any input or anything, I’m trying to decide between these towns that I’ve dwindled my choices down to, since some other towns I’ve either used one too many times, I don’t want to repeat myself with some, or others are being used for different stories of mine.

  • Sunset Valley
  • Appaloosa Plains
  • Riverview
  • Hidden Springs
  • Aurora Skies

Sorry for the delay in the story that’s going to happen, since I need to rebuild everything, redecorate, and change what I had planned completely because of one town messing up. I hope there is little confusion in the end and everyone is able to transition into the new town with ease, and I hope I can come up with an explanation for this in the story itself.

Well.. That’s all I have for now. I’m going to go cry in a corner for a while XD

~ by SimComix on August 19, 2014.

12 Responses to “A Little Delay.”

  1. I love Hidden Springs, I think it is a gorgeous town

  2. I’m so sorry that happened to you! What a major bummer. Dronningslund is a beautiful town and was a wonderful setting for Oliver’s university life. Hey, that just gave me an idea. Could you use the university town as your home base while Ollie’s in school? It would even give you classroom settings if you had any plans for that. When Ollie graduates, you could move him, Kat, James (whomever you like) to any of the towns on your list if you don’t want return to LP.

    • I knowww, it sucks T_T I wish I could still use it.. There are still a few things I’m going to try before completely giving up on it, but let’s just say I’m preparing for the worst.
      And that’s not that bad of an idea, using the actual Uni setting. I was trying to avoid it since I used it in generation two, but at this point, it might just be the best idea to do so still get the whole “college scene” it’s been in. I’ve saved some homes from Dronningslund, too, so I could maybe even add those buildings to help maybe mimic the town so it looks at least a little similar.. Hmm.. Thanks for the suggestion :D

      • You’re welcome. I never would’ve thought of it if I hadn’t literally typed “Oliver’s university life.” Adding some of the homes from Dronningslund would help ease the transition, too. Anyway, you’ll do whatever you feel is best, and I’ll come along for the ride. :)

        I had started experiencing lags in my 100 baby challenge, and it takes all the fun out of playing (and I wasn’t freezing up every 15 mins.). Once I packed up the family and moved to a new town, all was well again. I hope everything works out well for you, too.

        • It’s good to know that you’ll still stick around! :D I’ve chosen Hidden Springs for the time being and I’m liking how it looks with the Dronningslund buildings put into it.. I’m glad I was at least able to save their home, their townhouse alone took me days to decorate T_T hahaha
          Ugh, so true! It really does take the fun out of playing the game, especially when you’re not working on a chapter and you just want to free play. Aww, that sucks that your BC was laggy, I’m glad the move to a new town helped, though! Hopefully I’ll have just as much luck and this won’t happen again.

  3. Aww man, that bites. I’m having computer issues myself so my story is also on hold for a bit. I like all of those worlds, but I personally wouldn’t choose Aurora Skies for a story because it’s not a very big world unless that is what you are going for. Although it is the most beautifullest world in my opinion. Hmm, Appaloosa Plains might be a good world to do the story in with all the animals and such. I honestly really like them all, so whatever you choose will be fine. I hope you can resolve your game issues soon. :/

    • Ikr? Such a great loss because I was in love with that town so much.. Oh no! Sorry you’re having difficulties, too, that sucks :(
      Ahh yeah, I was thinking Aurora Skies, but I decided not for the same reasons, I like really big towns and that was is pretty small. I also don’t really care for how “mossy” and plain it looks. XD I think I just like how the houses look and the waterfalls.
      Hmm.. Appaloosa Plains is a town I really, really enjoy, but I think it might be a little too “country” for this generation. Oliver doesn’t seem like the cowboy type bahahaha XD
      Thank you, and I hope you can resolve your issues, too!

  4. Oh no! That’s awful. That town was truly stunning, but I know you will come up with something amazing. I also think Aurora skies is beautiful, if you have it. But of course its up to you, and depends on what your plans are for this story. Take all the time you need, i’ll read this story no matter what! <3

    • Thanks for all the kind words, it really means a lot! And ikr? It was such a perfect town for this generation, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to happen T_T
      Aurora Skies is beautiful, too, I agree, I think it’s a little too small for what I want though.. *shrug* idk.
      Glad to hear you’re still sticking with the story! <3

      • Of coarse. This story is one of my absolute favorites and I’ll always be reading it. I haven’t played in Aurora skies, so I have no idea about the size, but that’s a bummer that its so tiny. I just looked at pics and it is small. It reminds me of Alaska for some reason though. It’s pretty though. I know you’ll find something perfect. Are you only looking to use EA worlds or user created ones also? I understand if your a little worried about using a user created world as what happened to your last world. I understand all to well how badly it sucks when your game goes haywire. Anyhoo. I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)

        Maybe you can find something close and just keep the house and stuff, maybe people wont notice the scenery change. Just a thought. lol

        • No, I think I’m going to stick with EA worlds, at least for my stories that are important to me, like this one haha I’ll still download user created ones to play in, I just won’t use them for my stories just in case something like this happened again.
          But, before I deleted Dronningslund, I managed to save a ton of the residential and community lots, so I’m putting those in the town I choose to go with so it at least still somewhat resembles the town they were all previously living in. I’m glad I saved their townhouse, too, it took me so long to decorate all of their bedrooms and stuff hahaha so at least I have that going for me.

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